Flea market okc

A place for Filthy Casuals to exchange their filthy loot.

2019.01.09 19:34 Another_Minor_Threat A place for Filthy Casuals to exchange their filthy loot.

From Purified water and Canned Dog food to Everyday Legendaries and Scrip bundles,Where another players junk can be someone else's Awesome find,The Filthy Flea Market is here to help you out!

2017.08.02 23:25 Trowaweii Fortnite Flea Market

Screw Epic

2014.05.18 17:35 spicyramyun Buy, Sell and Trade cast iron cookware.

A place for those of us who love cooking with cast iron to seek out new interesting pieces, sell extra found pieces or trade with others.

2023.06.07 15:19 chasindreams22 Flea markets

I am trying to sell some of my daughter’s clothing. I placed a few items on FB Marketplace yesterday but I was wondering if the Barnyard Flea Market might be a better option. Most of her things still look new and I’m willing to give good prices. Does anyone have any experience with selling things there? Are certain Saturdays better than others?
I know there’s that consignment thing at the convention center every so often but I heard it wasn’t worth it for smaller items considering the having to hang/tag every thing.
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2023.06.07 15:03 Long_Ranger1606 Trying to hunt down the artist for this kitty? 😺😺

Trying to hunt down the artist for this kitty? 😺😺
I bought this cat in Italy in a flea market and 8 had to bring him home.
I love the Colourings and he is signed but hoping if anyone can interpret or know the signature as I would love to see if there is any more like him online that i may be able to start a collection? 😊
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2023.06.07 14:43 graylygive430 Luigi Pikachu found in a flea market

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2023.06.07 14:42 Pristine_Gain_8974 If you could have any celebrity as your mentor, who would it be?

What is the most unique item you've ever bought at a flea market and why did you choose it?
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2023.06.07 14:36 Madman3001 Other Commodore stuff

Other Commodore stuff
Saw it on a flea market
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2023.06.07 13:54 moonman_77 Match shirt of FC Rot Weiß Erfurt, Regionalliga Nord 2007-08

Match shirt of FC Rot Weiß Erfurt, Regionalliga Nord 2007-08
HI! I found this shirt at a flea market in Southern Italy, I wanted to ask if anyone knows the players who signed it, I haven't been able to find much on the Internet. I am attaching photos of the signatures and some details (for those interested)
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2023.06.07 11:29 lirumlarum42 A Closer Look at the Changing Landscape of Airbnb for Hosts

Let me share my perspective as a long-term Airbnb host and frequent traveler (5 years hosting, 7 years globe-trotting). As someone who wears many business hats, I always scrutinize Airbnb's updates and features with a strategic eye, keeping an adaptable mindset to roll with the market punches and maintain my business's buoyancy. But speaking of sustainability, I've been noticing some distressing trends on the platform despite its impressive growth statistics:
  1. An Apparent Decline in Guest Quality: I fondly remember my early days with Airbnb, engaging with respectful, considerate guests. Lately, however, I've been facing an onslaught of demanding, rude, and outright challenging behavior. The volume of difficult interactions has alarmingly increased over the past year - not just an occasional bad apple anymore. Negotiating price points and managing unreasonable expectations seems to have become the new normal. Am I running a BnB or a flea market?
  2. Unsupportive Support System: Once upon a time, I could get a helpful operator at the drop of a hat. Now? It feels like I'm trapped in an unhelpful loop with no tangible support. My concerns seem to get dismissed, ignored, or inadequately addressed, more often than not.
  3. Airbnb's Shifting Business Philosophy: I've had the opportunity to work with several tech giants, and there's a trend I've observed: When stormy weather hits, quick-fix strategies are often employed to boost short-term profits, potentially undermining long-term sustainability. I fear we're seeing this at Airbnb.
As hosts, we're left in a tough spot: How do we maintain high-quality offerings while staying competitive in an oversaturated market? Airbnb's silence on this issue is disquieting. Despite these concerns, Airbnb still occupies a slot in my business arsenal. But it's clear that diversifying my strategy is a must. Exploring other platforms, considering independent long-term rentals, or even building our own digital infrastructure for property rentals are options on the table. Transitioning doesn't need to be instant, but action is vital to avoid an unhealthy dependence on a platform whose direction seems increasingly misaligned with my values. Of course, I could be wearing tinted glasses and might be off the mark. I'm here to learn and grow, so I welcome fresh insights and perspectives. What are your thoughts? How are you planning to navigate the winds of change and adapt your Airbnb business strategy? Let's discuss and learn from each other!
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2023.06.07 09:43 madmat305 5 Euro flea market steal (not really)

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2023.06.07 09:05 Aggravating_Oil_862 37[M4F] - Just about 9am where I’m at and looking for friends in similar time zones/night owls

I’m Kyle. I’m 37, work in healthcare, and as the tittle suggests, I’m not in North America at the present time. Don’t know many people where I am and it’d be great to make some friends with a similar wake/sleep schedule as mine. I will be back in NA eventually, for what it’s worth.
Here’s a quick little blurby list about me:
I like to think I’m pretty chill/laid back. Try to be a duck and let the water (shit in life) just bead and roll off my back.
Love going to see live music. Modern rap, EDM, and country aren’t really my jam, but open to seeing pretty much anything else at least once. Love a stadium show just as much as a dive bar.
Speaking of dive bars, social drinker who’s 420 friendly.
Enjoy going to flea markets and antique malls. It can feel like you’re walking back in time and that feeling is fascinating to me!
Don’t play any sports other than on rec/fun leagues these days, but do enjoy getting out and catching a game.
I enjoy reading, and am mostly into history and Star Wars novels. Love the movies/shows as well!
Progressive, child free, and would ideally like to talk with similar (child free part isn’t as important).
Hope anyone reading this has a wonderful day!
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2023.06.07 07:42 whiteflowercottages Best Place For Corporate Offsite Tours in Goa

Best Place For Corporate Offsite Tours in Goa
Goa is where you can enjoy water sports or activities, never-ending parties over a beach, and many more. It is a small state in India renowned for being the party capital. At these places, people like to play volleyball near a beach, go horse riding, and so on.
There are many companies in India that provide a break from the heavy workload to our employees and take the whole team to many places. If you are one of those lucky peoples and you and your organization is planning a Goan trip. Then you are at the right place. Here, I am going to discuss Wihte Flower Resort, the best place for Corporate offsite tours in Goa.
About White Flower Resort In North Goa
There are several numbers of resorts in North Goa. White Flower Resort is known for its beauty, which contains the theme of white flowers, and the location of this cottage in north Goa is excellent. It is near Vagator Beach, famous for late-night notorious rave parties, flea markets, and more.
Reasons to Choose White Flower Resort
• Luxurious Amenities: In this cottage in north Goa, you will get all the luxury amenities like an air conditioner, tv, and many more that will make your stay comfortable. In this cottage, you will never go to adjust any facilities.
• Swimming Pool: You can nap near the pool while sitting on an easy chair. You can enjoy your favorite drink and snacks here in this resort. They also arrange pool parties for their valuable guests and make a total effort to make them feel special and make the trip unforgettable.
• Near Vagator Beach: The location of the resort is near Vagator Beach, which is known for late-night rave parties. By staying in this cottage, you can join the late-night party without facing any hurdle of traveling.
• 24*7 Open Bar: Everyone wants to enjoy their vacations, whether they are with friends or colleagues. White Flower Resort In North Goa has a 24*7 in-house bar facility where you can enjoy the light music while having booze. Scores of liquor brands are available in the bar or this resort.
• Restaurant: A portion of delicious food is the finest way to end your day and make it happy. After a busy schedule in Goa, you can have the delicious cuisine of your choice without leaving your comfort.
• Types Of Room: They provide a Garden view, pool view, and suite room to their guest according to the guest's choice.
Final Words
White Flower Cottages in Goa near beach is a perfectly designed resort that provides all the luxurious amenities within a pocket-friendly budget. This resort is the perfect place for Corporate Offisite Tours in Goa, where you can enjoy many activities with your officemates and make your tour unforgettable.
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2023.06.07 07:25 Beneficial_Tiger_810 Unknown german bag/pouch please help!

Unknown german bag/pouch please help!
Hello guys
I just bought this bag on a flea market near Hamburg Germany.
At first I thought it was for bladed weapons like Sabres or bajonetts, but I'm not sure anymore after comparing it with those online.
It is heavily build with good quality leather and a thick linen like fabric. The liner is made from a softer linen like Material.
It seems there once were two leather straps wrapped around it, now there is just one left.
It is exactly one Meter long and about 15cm wide at the top and 10 at the bottom.
If someone has any idea what it was once made for I would be very happy .
Any oppinions are highly appreciated!
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2023.06.07 06:15 JalgarMX What are these rocks?

What are these rocks?
Some guy Is selling this rock in the Flea market, any idea?
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2023.06.07 05:19 bloobloo06 Hi everyone! where do LOCALS go shopping in Bangkok? I am looking for the food and clothes markets, maybe some second hand/flea markets. Thank u ☺️

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2023.06.07 05:01 ManzBearzPigzIzRealz Need Help Reporting Counterfeits

Need Help Reporting Counterfeits
I contacted this guy asking if he knew they were repros. Ad makes no mention of them being fakes. He responded saying he’s selling them for what he paid. He got ripped off at a flea market. That sucks, but don’t screw someone else over. He got aggressive when I called him on it. This is San Antonio. If you’re so inclined, please report the ad as counterfeit. I’d love to see it get taken down.
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2023.06.07 03:42 Courtney33Stacy Where to look for the 2010-2018 monster high dolls in Portland (specific thrift stores flea markets antique malls)?

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2023.06.07 03:37 Ethereal_Marcelline National & Sheaffers

National & Sheaffers
The little blue one, has the word ‘national’ inscribed on the pocket clip. I found it at a thrift shop a few years ago and know absolutely nothing about it. I haven’t even been able to find led that fits. You advance the led by twisting the brass tip. The green Sheaffer, I found at a flea market this weekend! To advance the led, you twist the green body.
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2023.06.07 03:32 SmaugTheGreat110 Love the diagonal photo. Lovely couple. Found at a flea market in Kentucky. Same type of frame as the previous post. Blue eyes are so haunting in these old photos. 1910s. No inscriptions sadly.

Love the diagonal photo. Lovely couple. Found at a flea market in Kentucky. Same type of frame as the previous post. Blue eyes are so haunting in these old photos. 1910s. No inscriptions sadly. submitted by SmaugTheGreat110 to smaugs_photo_horde [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 03:28 SmaugTheGreat110 Lovely young lady. She was obviously loved for a long time, she is rather sun faded. Found at a flea market in Kentucky. Love her hair. No inscriptions sadly. 1910s

Lovely young lady. She was obviously loved for a long time, she is rather sun faded. Found at a flea market in Kentucky. Love her hair. No inscriptions sadly. 1910s submitted by SmaugTheGreat110 to smaugs_photo_horde [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 03:21 B7ueBeard Fun finds at a flea market

Fun finds at a flea market
Anybody know anything? I’ve never seen either
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2023.06.07 03:21 benign_listener Things overheard at a flea market

“Here, I’ll box this up.”
“No, it’s not unusual for a tenant to pick up their keys a week or even two later than the move-in date. If you can’t be there right on the first of the month most people would rather have the place ready and waiting than arrive in town with all their stuff and have to hold up at a hotel for those few weeks.”
“Who cares if it’s genuine as long as you like it?”
“I wasn’t picked, no. I didn’t want to be because I’d have to take a lot of time off work. The fun part about it though was the judge’s last name was Judge. So he was Judge Judge.”
“I was on a boat.”
“Probably touch up the paint here or there. Nothing crazy.”
“If I was perfect I would date perfect.”
“Make a poster, I’d hang your poster.”
“Just, the thing is, it’s not that I mind teaching. I like teaching. But I want to get a workout in too.”
“Remember, it’s not me doing this now, it’s us.”
“How is it freezing cold in June? Tell me that.”
“The thing is, no one is forcing her to clean. She posted an add for cleaning jobs. That’s why I hired her. I don’t see how that makes me a bad person.”
“I can do fifteen, flat.”
“Let’s remember I have to carry this stuff the rest of the day.”
“Yah, we don’t know where she found those. They don’t even have lenses in them. She won’t take them off. It’s been over a week.”
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2023.06.07 02:31 Lower-Goose-9796 Saw this at my local Flea Market,Look at the price on this.😲

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2023.06.07 02:30 Lower-Goose-9796 Saw this at my local Flea Market,Look at the price on this.😲

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