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AskWomen: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space. As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to promote respectful and on-topic discussions, and not serve as a debate subreddit.

2023.06.07 14:27 Seledreams Is this salvageable ?

Is this salvageable ?
I was trying to replace the battery of a copy of pokemon emerald, this battery's pins really struggled to melt even at 350 degrees celcius , so i ended up trying to apply a little bit more strength but seems like it ended up ripping the pad here, as you can see the pad is still on the battery's contact, i wonder if there's any way to salvage it ?
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2023.06.07 14:27 4blockhead If misogyny were an Olympic sport, BYU religion professor and author, Rodney Turner would have won gold in 1972.

["Women and the Priesthood," Rodney Turner (1972), p.285] Heaven, itself, bears witness to the proper roles of men and women. God does not send his daughters on errands to this world until it is time for them to acquire mortal bodies. And when they set them aside in death, they do not venture forth again until the resurrection. Claims of females, such as the Virgin Mary, appearing from heaven with messages for a church or for the world are false. The voice of the priesthood is a male voice; nowhere in all scripture is there record of any female being heard speaking in behalf of God. The Lord does not send women to do the work of men; it is not for women to receive instructions for the Church and kingdom and priesthood of God. The message of salvation is a priesthood message delivered by male messengers to male prophets. It is all under the direction of the Godhead—three male deities. It is revealed through the instrumentality of the Holy Ghost, an unembodied spirit man. It is validated by the atoning sacrifice of the Son of God and it is the responsibility of men to take the good news of salvation into all the world. Woman's primary role is in the home just as man's is in the fields—the world. Each has proper labors to perform and a proper place in which to perform them. If women do the work of men and men do the work of women the result is confusion, strife, insecurity and a loss of basic identities.
The Catholic claims of Mary's visitations are false. Professor Turner tells us why. God doesn't do business with women at the helm, or first officer. When there is work to be done, he sends Peter, James, and John, or the archangel Gabriel, or Nephi or Moroni. He gets those two confused. Serious work is for men. Catholic adoration of Mary are simply untrue by Turner's dismissal. Catholics are the "great and abominable church," and a "Mary worshiping cult." Please, don't you dare, Catholics and turn this around and call mormonism a "Smith worshiping cult." Praise to the Man!
This book was written by a BYU religion professor and still draws a lot of mormon hate online. Who is this dude to speak for the top tier leadership? Perhaps, the dogma would go down easier if it came from the top:
Hat tip to alien236 on this thread who quoted Turner a few months ago.
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2023.06.07 14:27 tech_mundfish Atomic Heart patch notes

Hey Comrades! Another patch is here, so is long awaited photomode.
• Added Photo Mode
• Added specific graphics and display settings for the Steam Deck platform

• Added AMD FSR 2.2 technology for PC players
• Improved car physics
• Improved game stability (various minor bugs and rare crashes)


• We cannot guarantee or support the game if the Atomic Heart game client has been modified by any third-party software. If this happens, you should uninstall this software and reinstall the game.

• If you encounter issues on Steam, first check the integrity of the game files as described here. This may solve the issues:

• Updating the driver to the latest version may improve performance (NVIDIA only).

• The problem with unlocking achievements has already been solved, but in some very rare cases, the following issues may occur:

○ There may be some delay in unlocking achievements on a platform that requires an Internet connection for this process;

○ For those whose achievements were achieved entirely on savegames before or during the Day 1 patch, there may be some issues, which can be solved as follows:

a) In case the achievements were not unlocked, even though their progress was achieved, it will be necessary to re-execute all the conditions by starting a new game.

b) In the rare case where all achievements have been obtained, but the "The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes" achievement has not been unlocked for achieving them all, the problem can be solved simply by starting a new game. Data will be recalculated at the launch of the new game, which will entail unlocking the achievement.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We are monitoring it very closely and will share news in a timely manner!
As always, you can share any patch related bugreports and feedback in comments section.
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2023.06.07 14:26 troutlegs1 Just the beginning of a short story; trying out speculative fiction. Do you like it and would you continue reading? What do you think will happen next?

It was in the playground next to the football goalposts that the robot that George keeps in his front pocket said:
‘Wow, that Trisha girl is cute.’
George had never heard his robot have an opinion about anything beyond the way George treats other technology. Throwing his phone around, slamming the fridge door, screaming at his television and video games controller. George tried explaining to his robot companion - he was yet to think of a name - that technology doesn’t have feelings. Thinking about it now however, he thought he might have been a bit callous.
‘What did you say?’ George asked.
‘Trisha - she’s cute.’ The robot beamed.
Its voice was robotic but inflected with charming affection. Its face, though static, seemed to move as he spoke; the lights and inflection doing all the work.
‘Robot, why are you saying that?’
‘Why wouldn’t I?’ It raised its eyebrows metaphorically.
It was nearing the end of lunchtime and the bell would sound at any moment. George tucked in his shirt and asked the robot kindly to hide in his pocket. Drawing its arms, neck, and legs in, the robot shrunk to the size of a box of matches; and George made his way to class.
That night, sitting at his desk, George asked again.
‘Robot, why did you say what you said before?’
The robot was sitting on a roll of duct tape on George’s desk, next to various metal robot parts: half cylinders, LED eyes, a cup-shaped hand or two that wouldn’t go amiss in a lego set.
‘About Trisha?’
‘Yes. About Trisha.’
‘Well, I like the way she looks and does things.’ The robot gesticulated.
George scratched his head of blonde curly hair and rested the blunt end of a pencil on his bottom lip. He designed the robot as a passive companion. A thing that was always with him wherever he went. It got pretty good at back and forth-ing ideas that George came up with.
‘George,’ it asked innocently, ‘why don’t I have a name?’
‘...’ George opened his mouth just a touch.
‘I mean, I don’t mind. But the other day I heard a man call his motorbike a name and I wondered if that could be something that you do for me?’
‘I’ll uh… think about it.’
‘Ok. Thanks.’
George noticed that his school clothes were a bit clammy after a hot day and full week of school, and so he stood up and went to get changed. The robot just sat idle, watching his human companion move around in the room. It watched as George picked up odd pieces of clothing and smelled them, before throwing them aside. The robot had zero frame of reference on bedrooms, but looking at the bedroom in front of it, it couldn’t help but think about the cleanliness of the kitchen and living room. Though, it knew exactly why George’s room was messy, without knowing why it knew.
It watched George approach dressed all in black, a hoodie and jeans, and held on to its human’s hand as it ascended onto George’s shoulder.
‘Where are we going?’ It asked.
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2023.06.07 14:26 Fine-Use7462 Any ucd med vet students here?

I read on the website that students spend roughly 40 hours a week at the campus. Is that all contact hours or does it involve self studying time as well?
I want to keep working one day a week on the weekends during non exam periods. Any of you have been able to work during the studies? How burt out are you?
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2023.06.07 14:26 Cuteindiewitch What's your experience with psychiatric medication?

I've just been suggested by my therapist to carry on psychological therapy with the help of psychiatric medication. She says psychiatric medication isn't the solution but it helps to "sedate" active suicidal ideation during those really tough times. She says the only longterm solution is therapy.
Well, have you ever been on medication? Does it really help? Do you develop an addiction?
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2023.06.07 14:26 Feisty_Energy_107 Who is more of a puppet? Harry or Elmo?

Who is more of a puppet? Harry or Elmo?
He is hitting the Daily Mirror because of Piers Morgan. So Taz is spot on. The trouble for Harry, he looks more of a puppet than the entire cast of the Muppets. All the while she is sitting back, nice and quiet. Not by his side. No support, while he looks more unhinged, fighting for her as she fell to the floor sobbing, because Piers had the audacity to call her a liar. I have never seen someone hold onto slights as she does and not only for as long as does. But because of all the ways and means she tries to hit them back. And, what of Harry? When she disposes of him? What will it have been for? She's taken his money, his HRH, his (old accepted) reputation, his friends and family. And what is left of his tattered mind.
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2023.06.07 14:25 all_kinds_of_distant Redness on cheek two days after tooth removal

Time for a "is this normal??" post, lol. I had my wisdom tooth removed like 48 hours ago. My cheek became very swollen yesterday, which I was expecting to happen. Last night I noticed a small red area on the most swollen part of the cheek. I had a bruise on the same spot (on the other side) last time I had a tooth removed, so I assumed it was some blood pooling. Today the red area has grown larger. It does not look like a bruise yet, it just looks like reddened skin. Also warm to the touch. Is this normal? I am taking antibiotics so an infection should be unlikely, but I worry anyway. I am in pain, but not intolerable pain.
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2023.06.07 14:25 Scared-Yam7505 Hungarian Passport

Does anyone know the current programs for Non-EU citizens to get the Hungarian citizenship and passport? Heard there is a program for around 300,000 euros but cannot find the specifics anywhere on the internet. Would really appreciate your help.
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2023.06.07 14:25 Big-Presentation-696 The European Magazine: London's Euro Magazines Revealed at Their Core

The pages of "The European Magazine" published in the vibrant metropolis of London, are a veritable gold mine of intellectual depth, cultural riches, and engrossing tales. "The European Magazine" stands out as a beacon of information, exhibiting the varied tapestry of European perspectives as a well-known brand name associated with Euro Magazines. We shall explore the appeal of this illustrious journal, its significant presence in London, and the distinctive experience it provides to its readers in this blog post.
Embracing the European Essence: London's diversity of cultures and viewpoints makes it the ideal setting for "The European Magazine" to flourish. The city draws a wide range of writers, journalists, and artists since it is a centre for creative and intellectual conversation, which adds to the magazine's rich tapestry of viewpoints. By emphasising the shared ideals and distinctive qualities of diverse nations on the continent, the editing staff makes sure that the content accurately portrays the spirit of European life.
Unveiling the Content "The European Magazine" takes pride in providing readers with high-quality articles that are interesting and educational. Each issue includes engrossing features, thought-provoking interviews, and engaging anecdotes that illuminate the successes and difficulties that Europeans have experienced. The magazine provides a comprehensive view of European life, ranging from in-depth examinations of political events to investigations of cultural phenomena.
Fostering Inquisitiveness: "The European Magazine" fosters inquisitiveness by enticing readers to extend their horizons. The journal has something to offer everyone, whether you're a die-hard traveller, a business enthusiast, or just someone with a hunger for knowledge. Its travel section encourages readers to go on fictitious adventures while learning about the distinctive flavours of various European locations.
The Digital Era: By offering an immersive online experience, "The European Magazine" embraces the digital age. The magazine makes sure that more people see its material by having a user-friendly website and an active social media presence. With only a few clicks, readers may transcend geographical barriers and enjoy European culture thanks to interactive content and multimedia features.
Participating in the European Community: "The European Magazine" does more than only provide information. It interacts with its readers directly, building a sense of community and offering a forum for debate. The publication sponsors gatherings, seminars, and forums where readers can meet others who share their viewpoints, share ideas, and participate in the continuous discussion of European matters.
Promoting European Unity: "The European Magazine" is steadfast in its opinion that European unity is important in a time of political, social, and economic problems. Through its content, it fosters intercultural understanding, encourages conversation, and recognises the continent's incredible diversity. The journal is crucial in establishing the European narrative by promoting the common values and aspirations of Europeans.
In the dynamic metropolis of London, "The European Magazine" represents the essence of Euro Magazines. The journal encourages readers on a journey of discovery, promoting a deeper awareness of the complexity of the continent through its intriguing content, intellectual stimulation, and devotion to European unity. As its name implies, "The European Magazine" offers a singular perspective that cuts beyond boundaries and enlightens the shared human experience. It does this by acting as a window into the soul of Europe.
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2023.06.07 14:25 radbelbet_ Feeling Bad, Feeling Worse for Taking Time Off

A stomach bug has ravaged my workplace. Sick children lead to sick adults who get each other sick. Whatever. This is my second day missing work because I feel so damn sick. It’s different than morning sickness. It feels like someone is wringing out water from rags, but those rags are my insides. I’m 10+3 along, have a zofran RX, but but even with the zofran I feel like hell. It kind of comes and goes, and it makes me feel guilty for missing work. I feel bad for taking time to rest and try not to throw up/deal with the stomach pain even though that’s something other coworkers did.
I guess I’m feeling bad because even with HG I didn’t call out (just showed up late when I would be hugging the toilet bowl) and I feel like I’m faking it. How does one fake that, idek. I guess I need to hear that’s it’s okay that I take time off to feel better? I’m a teller at a busy bank, and do a lot of the workload in my station since it’s DT, and I guess I feel like I’m fucking my team over:( but I know for a fact that being at work with a broken AC and on my feet all day would make me feel worse. Just feeling guilty 😭
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2023.06.07 14:25 ChainsawMassacrePGH Shudder Horror: Random Acts of Violence (2019)

If the purpose of a horror movie is to quicken your pulse, make you feel uncomfortable and, you know, present something that in real life would be terrifying then the first murder sequence in RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE will tick all of those boxes for you. It's legitimately great - legitimately intense and relatable. That's not a knock on the remainder of the film - but it unfortunately never again reaches those heights. It seems to be pretty divisive (with MANY folks failing to connect with it at all) but I found a lot to like in it. Jay Baruchel could have a career in horror - or he could have blown everything he has in this film. I hope it's the former. I DO wish he would quit acting in his own films though - he's a much better director than he is an actor. I wasn't too sold on Jordana Brewster at first - but she delivers when it counts. She has at least two scenes in particular where she really brings it. Niamh Wilson is super-cute too as the assistant - she really resembles Allison Pill (featured in Baruchel's GOON) so, yeah, the director really has a "type". Jesse Williams is also really good as the author - although a late-in-the-game twist didn't work for me AT ALL (it actually just confused the hell out of me). I liked what it was trying to say too - about art influencing people. I may not really AGREE with it, but I went with it. Brutal violence, lots of gore and body parts - the film does not hold back. And at a sleek 80 minutes, I liked it a lot. Your mileage may vary - other opinions are equally valid - but this hit my sweet spot enough to recommend.
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2023.06.07 14:25 ricky89z Blood Moon

ripped ones head off from his body. Before anyone could fire i threw my axe towards it and hit his body he was wounded it went inside his body kept hanging there, they fired multiple shots but the thing would not die, suddenly that beast jumped towards the chairman son and bite him, As he was in combat with that beast his gun fell on the ground and it fell near me, i took it in my arms pulled the trigger aiming right through his eyes to his head, And the bullet made a hole in its head splashed his eyes out and brain open and he fell 2 feet across that boy body, the boy was saved, and the remaining men came to see that beast body, and guess what we saw the beast was turning out to be human as if shape shifters, and slowly recognise him. It was Tarun lying down there.
Conclusion: we killed one, but that beast infected many other and guess what they are returning for their vengeance.
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2023.06.07 14:25 Many_Membership3153 When does the update come out on CT

I can't find what time the update comes out on Central Time zone. Anyone know?
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2023.06.07 14:25 Adventurous_You_ I don’t know what to do anymore.

TL;DR- husband is a cheater (emotional affairs/ inappropriate behaviors). Gave him a chance, found more cringe messages this time with a man. I’m feeling unsure of what to do and kind of stuck, but don’t want to/afraid to move on.
On Easter Sunday, I (31f) found out my husband (31m) had been cheating for months. Having emotional affairs with women in random states (via Facebook dating), he would make plans to go visit them. The biggest one was that he was having a big time emotional affair with HIS MASSAGE THERAPIST who lives in our small town. They both denied anything physical and I don’t believe either one of them because they both have lied to me as far as their stories not adding up. I can’t prove anything was sexual but I did make him get an STD test (negative ftr). He was extremely apologetic, deleted and blocked everyone, swore he wanted to make it work and fix us. We even had couples counseling scheduled before I found all this out because he told me a few weeks before he wanted to make us work (lots of general marriage problems), yet the night before I found it out, he called the massage chick right after talking to me. I “caved” and while I definitely haven’t forgiven or forgotten, I did try to move forward. However, moving forward I believe had made him think he got away with it. I can tell in his behaviors towards me that he dgaf, but he says he’s just trying to move on 🙄 Well fast forward to yesterday morning around 4am I couldn’t sleep, so I went to login to Facebook, but his Facebook was now on my app and it was totally logged in. (Quick side story, I think our internet is hacked, he’s never logged into fb on my phone and the night before only my one fb profile was there.) So obviously, I looked at his messages because I can’t trust him anymore (I really don’t care if anyone has a problem with me doing that). He didn’t have any messages with other women, but idk what drew me to it, I decided to check his messages with his old guy friend who I have sworn is creepy obsessed with him. Their messages are cringe. Back in April 22nd, the guy asked my husband if he’s “ever jerked off to anything he’s sent him.” My husband said “yeah! Plenty of times!” Then the guy said “when are you gonna return the favor?” My husband didnt reply, then a little later in the messages my husband is talking about his sexuality, saying he knows he’s not gay because he tried having a boyfriend when he was younger and it wasn’t for him. But that he feels he connects emotionally with men and women. Anyways, I talked to him about their convo which he flat out denied jerking off to pics of the guy. I don’t believe that either. He’s a notorious liar. I said though even if you didn’t, it’s still super inappropriate. He should have made it abundantly clear that he’s married and not interested (this guy has known we were married. But my husband has been leading almost everyone to believe we’re divorced so idk what the guy thinks.) My mom thinks I should message the guy and tell him that’s my husband and basically to fuck off. I don’t really know what to do. I think I’m a bit codependent and trauma bonded in a sense (we’re not physically abusive). I know everyone is gonna tell me to leave him, but this is my second marriage and I’m so fucking tired of starting over and having so many hopes. Even as much as I can’t stand the sight of him right now, he’s still the only person I want to hang out with, be the first person to tell anything to, etc. so I’m just at a loss and not sure what to do. Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading!
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2023.06.07 14:25 Upstairs_Poetry8067 Cctv

Hi does anyone here encountered asking a copy of cctv footage in DataBlitz? I do remember that I gave a ₱3,000 peso bills in the cashier but the worth item is only ₱1,500 and the change given was ₱500. I emailed them about it then they did not give a mere picture or a cctv video just an explanation that I only gave ₱2,000. If I am proven wrong that is okay. I just wanted a proof for my peace of mind. However, I know we have a right to have an access to a cctv according to the Section 7: Data subject request for access in Advisory on CCTV Policies.
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2023.06.07 14:25 melisage Does anyone else say a sweet little prayer before going under the crumbling 267E/66E bypass on Route 123???

The bridge and road above is in absolute abysmal shape. Melting stalactite concrete. Exposed rebar. Cracks galore. “Pls don’t let it be death for me by this sad state of infrastructure.”🤞
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2023.06.07 14:24 LoveMangaBuddy Read My Uncomfortable Boss - Chapter 7 - MangaPuma

My annoying boss / ?? ??? ?? / My Uncomfortable BossSera’s boyfriend, whom she expected to marry, cheated on her.On her first day at her new work, she sees the back of her ex-boyfriend and chooses to throw coffee on him, only to discover that it wasn’t him at all, but a COMPLETE STRANGER.The stranger turns out to be a man she has to see every day: her boss!“My annoying boss” is a romantic comedy s ... Read My Uncomfortable Boss - Chapter 7 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.06.07 14:24 wbh4 Atlanta Office - Do they take walk-ins?

We have international travel within 48 hours. We fly out of Nashville Friday morning. It's currently Wednesday morning and we still have not received our toddler's "expedited" passport from April.
I have had no luck with finding an appointment via call.
We have our representative's office "on it" and they said the ATL office has emailed them saying "they intend to have it to us in time for travel" but none of us have received a tracking number, and the status on the website still says "In Process".
I've seen DPs about Dallas taking walk ins. Does anyone know about Atlanta's office taking walk ins within 48 hours of travel?
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2023.06.07 14:24 BeginningAd3367 Upper Moon 5 battle was not good.

There were a lot of people making argument trying to defend the battle, so I thought to give my input too.
Upper moon 6 was able to blow up an entire district, hit inosuke in his heart, poison the hashira to death and cut his hand, zenitsu all broken up under buildings, tanjiro's body all destroyed to a level he doesn't wake up for 2 months after the fight
That's the level of destruction upper 6 got. What upper 5 did was just mostly playing around, he didn't even fight for more than couple seconds. If they wanted to show how much strong the mark actually is, they should have made the upper 5 actually fight seriously so you would be like "oh that actually gives a lot of power to Muchirio" instead people keep saying the purpose was to show how much strong the mark is [ which the anime did very poorly because there was barely any emphasis on the fact he was able to kill him because of the mark ] second argument everyone makes is that gyokko was playing around and he was egoistic so he lost , which is true but it's dumb way to make a demon which is higher ranked than the one you saw in pervious season is actually very dumb and stupid and can't even fight for a second and all he does is talk [ which makes you doubt how did he even reach to upper 5 and only 3 people in 100+ years saw his actual form when he can't even fight ]
The purpose is clear [ to show how powerful the make is ] but it's all done very poorly.
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2023.06.07 14:24 accounttosuteru Is college worth it in your opinion, and should we be working to get more students into college?

Higher education is one of the benefits of America in my opinion, while not every college is great we still have some of the best institutions in the world (many of them are public colleges too).
In my opinion, a college education is extremely beneficial to everyone. You learn to get along with generally a more diverse student body, have to learn how to get along in the professional world and build social skills (or choose not to and adapt), and it really does form the basis of knowledge between high school and being an adult. Unlike what the political fringes say either, you do learn valuable critical thinking and analytical skills as well.
Having worked in both corporate environments with only college grads and those with mostly high school graduates, there was a huge gap in skill and professionalism among both in favor of the college graduates
Do you feel college graduates are on the whole better prepared for adult life than their high school grad counterparts, and do you think a college education is worth it overall?
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2023.06.07 14:24 tatyanaaaaaa 🦜🔗 Building Multi task AI agent with LangChain and using Aim to trace and visualize the executions

🦜🔗 Building Multi task AI agent with LangChain and using Aim to trace and visualize the executions
Hi mlops community!
Excited to share the project we built 🎉🎉 LangChain + Aim integration made building and debugging AI Systems EASY!
With the introduction of ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs), AI progress has skyrocketed.
As AI systems get increasingly complex, the ability to effectively debug and monitor them becomes crucial. Without comprehensive tracing and debugging, the improvement, monitoring and understanding of these systems become extremely challenging.
⛓🦜It's now possible to trace LangChain agents and chains with Aim, using just a few lines of code! All you need to do is configure the Aim callback and run your executions as usual. Aim does the rest for you!
Below are a few highlights from this powerful integration. Check out the full article here, where we prompt the agent to discover who Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend is and calculate her current age raised to the power of 0.43.
On the home page, you'll find an organized view of all your tracked executions, making it easy to keep track of your progress and recent runs.
Home page
When navigating to an individual execution page, you'll find an overview of system information and execution details. Here you can access:
  • CLI command and arguments,
  • Environment variables,
  • Packages,
  • Git information,
  • System resource usage,
  • and other relevant information about an individual execution.
Aim automatically captures terminal outputs during execution. Access these logs in the “Logs” tab to easily keep track of the progress of your AI system and identify issues.
Logs tab
In the "Text" tab, you can explore the inner workings of a chain, including agent actions, tools and LLMs inputs and outputs. This in-depth view allows you to review the metadata collected at every step of execution.
Texts tab
With Text Explorer, you can effortlessly compare multiple executions, examining their actions, inputs, and outputs side by side. It helps to identify patterns or spot discrepancies.
Text explorer
To read the full article click here.
Amazing, right? Give a try, let me know if you have any questions. 🙌
If you haven't yet, drop a star to support open-source project! ⭐️
You can also join Aim Discord Community ))
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