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saplings: a place to learn about cannabis use and culture

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2023.06.07 14:15 Vindikator53 Implement passkeys on our own sites

I see dozens of articles showing how we use passkeys to access websites, but I’ve not seen any information on how we code our own sites to accept and use passkeys. Are there any good resources available that discuss this?
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2023.06.07 14:15 No_Satisfaction_1698 Cheap and a practical way of carrying your shoes.

Cheap and a practical way of carrying your shoes.
Carabiners are such a practical tool. Also have one or two on my bag for example sometikes when I wear a helmet i can also put this on my back and other stuff. Always was to stingy buying a skating bag with already around 4 bags lieing around at home....
How are you guys carrying your gear? Would you also use carabiners or is it still to unpractical? I mean you still need to carry your skates since they will be to loose on your back. (great bizeps training)
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Here's my track. I'm looking for ___
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2023.06.07 14:15 OceanStar6 Wanting to transition to mid lane, seeking help

Has anyone recently-ish transitioned from top lane to mid? I've been wanting to change roles and really have like 90% of my experience on top lane Irelia. I'm P4 if that matters, and have about 450,000 points on Irelia across my accounts. On top lane I'm used to fighting hard for early turret plates vs tanks, and scaling vs lane bullies. I typically split as much as I can if they can't match me, but I'm not sure how effective that is in Mid.
Grateful for any tips and advice people might have on their experiences before I dive in
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2023.06.07 14:14 Jehhred Moving jobs - Have you received a job that you were not qualified for?

Saw a thread the other day where people were sharing how their salaries have progressed over the years and overwhelmingly the biggest pay raises were from changing jobs.
I know there will be lots of people in this situation but I'm curious how many people were able to secure jobs that they didn't meet the requirements for but received them anyway e.g. They wanted 5+ years experience and you only had 2. They wanted you to know a specific software or programming language, you said you've done it breifly but in reality have never used it but know you can easily learn on the job.
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2023.06.07 14:14 Quirky-spinach4475 Can’t wait for my dad to die

I’m a 30F and have been in therapy consistently for the last five years. My therapist pointed out that my dad has narcissistic traits, if not NPD itself. My dad is 65 with no particular signs of decline, so I don’t necessarily expect him to die any time soon. But I find my thoughts going back to it repeatedly.
He exhausts me in every way. I saw my therapist yesterday and discussed with her how I realized I was gray rocking him and didn’t even know it. I’ve been doing it for years. It’s so effective for me. I’m glad I figured that out on my own.
But in the last couple years my husband and I have started (then stopped) attempting to buy a house multiple times. My dad is in that business so he feels entitled to be part of our process. My husband and I are also actively trying to conceive.
I know I can set a boundary and not use him for house buying, but I’m not ready for that yet. So I feel like I have to wait until he dies to buy a house. Then I was thinking about all the extra work and boundaries that will have to go in place if/when I fall pregnant and we have a child. Which brought me again to the thought “I almost just wish he was dead so I didn’t have to deal with this.”
I hate thinking that but it’s true. I won’t be fully free from him until he dies. So part of me just can’t wait for that mystery day. I just want relief.
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2023.06.07 14:14 Khilafiah Why is the idea of "working only for the money" disparaged in certain industry?

I'm sure everyone has heard of the adage, "Find a job you love doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
I used to work in tech startups back in 2012-14 and there was the idea that we worked because of our passion, not because of the money. I've been working for non-profit for several years now and I encounter something similar. Salary is secondary to the ideals of espousing something greater than yourself (democracy, human rights, etc).
I'm trying to understand how the notion of working for the pursuit of making money is considered less noble, and by extension, how the pursuit of something beyond that (e.g. passion, "making impact", etc) becomes desirable.
I appreciate any leads in anthro and sociology on this. Thanks a bunch!
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2023.06.07 14:13 Hammbone900 Gen 3 Kindle Not Showing PDF

As it says in the title. I have a Gen 3 Kindle (the one with the keyboard). I use side loaded PDF books on it. Everything I get to the end of a chapter the text disappears and I see blank pages. I don't have this problem on my phone or laptop when I load them on there.
Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?
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2023.06.07 14:13 hearden Golden Vault Conversion: The Murkmire Malevolence (1st-level)

It's been awhile since I played this so this post is quite delayed, but I'm here now with my deeper dive into setting the Golden Vault adventures in Wildemount.
Anthology Conversion (original post)
I'll be covering the following sections — Location, Lore, Experience, Future, and Resources — for the 1st-level adventure, The Murkmire Malevolence.

“You’ve got to steal the Murkmire Stone and bring it back so I can save the city!”


I like the Varkenbluff Museum of Natural History being in a big city — it makes sense for them to then have the resources available to magic-ward the building in the various ways we see in the adventure. A smaller city could have such a museum, but a large or small town definitely not.
For examples of such cities, I recommend Rexxentrum, Zadash, Nicodranas, Port Damali, Rosohna, or Uthodurn.
My personal preference, as well as where I set this the two times I ran it, is Rexxentrum. I just like how having it in the Empire opens up the possibility of tying Cerberus Assembly stuff into it, including Dr. Dannell's involvement and the museum's arcane traps and workings.


With that in mind, this section isn't necessary, but if you're looking to give some flavor to the adventure to make it feel more immersed in the world, as opposed to just a drop-in module, then there's a lot to work with.
Dr. Cassee Dannell, first of all, could be an archaeologist who works for the Soltryce Academy, Hall of Erudition, or the Marble Tomes Conservatory, both being arcane universities. I would say the Cobalt Soul Archives don't work in this case since they're not as much an arcane-focused organization.
Curator Alda Arkin could just be a freelance fence working independently, but she could also be a Myriad fence, using the museum as her cover.
If you're not using the Golden Vault as your group's patron, mages who're interested in the Murkmire Stone — such as Doolan Tversky, Yussa Errenis, Vess deRogna, or Essek Thelyss — could either be hiring the party to grab the stone for them or could be the ones funding the stone's safekeeping for the gala... and then perhaps Alda sneaks it away after the gala to be delivered directly to them. Who knows!


I ran this adventure twice with two different groups. It was pretty straightforward, hence why this post is on the shorter end compared to my other conversion posts. A lot of the additions I made were simply flavor ones, having the PCs know certain NPCs already or being familiar with the museum using the given hooks or expanding on an NPC's written personality to include a brief backstory that helped make them feel less one-dimensional (especially for an adventure that has so many named NPCs).
The two groups I ran were for a oneshot with 5 players and for an anthology series side campaign with 2 players. Both were set in Rexxentrum with the same NPCs quirks and backstories.
The oneshot group was first, so I learned from all of my mistakes with them. Party was warlock, monk, Draconic sorcerer, artificer, and rogue.
I had had their meeting with Dannell in the morning, as the book said, but since the gala was at night, they took that as an opportunity to go around the museum during business hours (the Gemstone Wing was, of course, closed and cordoned off). That let them get the layout of the museum before the gala, as opposed to having to attend the gala and plan at the same time.
Hilariously, the warlock kept trying to get in with the guards as a new hire but wouldn't back down even when the guards told her that Alda hired guards directly herself, so there was no such "job posting" asking for new hires. This almost busted their recon period since Alda got suspicious when one of the guards came to her office saying that the warlock was claiming to be a family friend, too, but eventually Alda got busy and ignored this after telling the guards to shoo the warlock off.
The party left themselves an escape rope hanging from the skylight (the rogue had climbed the building from the outside during the recon portion) and then hid in the bathrooms or the supply closets after the gala.
I accidentally skipped over the part where the animatronic doesn't attack anyone and just jumps downstairs to wreak havoc. Sureth died in this oneshot because she was standing 5 feet away from the animatronic when the artificer activated it from the other side then quickly backed up. The animatronic crit on her, but she got revived at the end of the story by the Golden Vault cleaning things up.
The warlock also was knocked unconscious because (since I hadn't sent the animatronic downstairs and the party was in hiding watching Maryam and the guards fight it) she fled downstairs to create a distraction, and the guards down there knocked her out. She was arrested but I had their Golden Vault handler come by and talk her free.
On the bright side, the artificer did end up in a relationship with Dr. Dannell, who he came into the adventure having an established crush on, so that was cute.
In the wrap-up, we established that the party convinced Dannell to quit her association with the Soltryce Academy and go do research and similar work for the Golden Vault. The museum was shut down for investigation by the Cerberus Assembly and the Crown, and its future of ever being open again was put into question because of the havoc that'd been caused by the animatronic killing Sureth.
In terms of runtime, that group did 6 hours with 1 hour debrief, 3 hours prep, and 2 hours heist/combat.
The anthology group was second and only had two players, so I extra scaled everything down (removed half HP from everything). Part was Clockwork Soul sorcerer and rogue.
Same thing happened with the "early meeting" and "late gala" prep time — they wanted to go in during business hours to recon because there was still a whole day to kill. I've been recommended that, perhaps, the DM should skip from the meeting to the gala immediately, but I think that players might still say "hey, we had all of those hours to kill, we could've been doing recon then, too". In that case, maybe it'd be for the best that Dannell meets with them shortly before the gala so that there's no time to really do separate recon.
The sorcerer and rogue pretended to be on a date, and since this is an anthology connected to my campaign, we had a lot more stuff to work with. (The players were controlling NPCs-turned-PC-sheets that they've met before and are allies with in the campaign; the anthology is basically "what were these characters doing while y'all were not with them?") My favorite part being that they were both nobles, so I played off the idea that everyone knew them... which then made them have to work around the fact that people knew their faces so they couldn't be too suspicious since it'd be too easy to catch and identify them.
The rogue was the eldest child of Watchmaster Brunda Gleshin (and the black sheep of their family), so I had them know Maryam as a former Watch captain who'd retired to take on private museum security (it pays better than law enforcement). There was a lot of snarky back and forth between the rogue and Maryam because of that once they had gone up to scope out the second floor. This was my favorite interaction:
Micha: We'll leave you alone, but nice to see that you've taken up this... position.
Maryam: Mhm.
Micha: I'm sure my mother is very proud of you.
Maryam: Can't say the same for you.
They also set the skylight up for later, mingle at the gala (Watchmaster Gleshin is there, much to the rogue's chagrin), and then make their leave. But they don't actually leave and go in through the basement, fight the mimic, go into the records room and Alda's office and kill Marigold. Then they leave again and head up to the attic to wait for the museum's closing.
They'd previously tried to talk up some guards to see who they could maybe flip during the heist... but then when it comes time for them to come out of hiding, both of them discover that the guards have all changed positions so now the guard set-up they'd lifted is useless.
(This was fully because they chose to come in early and Maryam saw the rogue walking around during normal business hours, so she went and tipped off Alda right before the gala. I thought it was a nice touch since the rogue was acting real cocky and it further emphasized their bad reputation for being a troublemaker around town, that any Crownsguard who knew them would automatically think they're up to something.)
At the end of the day, both heists were successful, although the oneshot group definitely had more chaos going on, likely due to the number of players and the fact that I'd missed the line about the animatronic not causing real people damage. The oneshot group swapped the stone for the replica while the anthology players swapped the stone for a sack of ten pounds of adventuring gear... because it was "more fun". When I pointed out that that meant they'd probably know that the sorcerer and rogue did it since they were the only adventurers casing the museum earlier in the day, the rogue replied, "Yeah. We want them to know! They can't catch us. With what proof?"
I also found that Cassee was popular to flirt with. I mean, she's a dorky archaeologist, so I guess that was written in the stars already. In the oneshot group, as aforementioned, the artificer ended up dating her, but in the anthology group, the rogue tried to flirt with her and ask her out for dinner... but she declined because they were way too boisterous and high energy for her. (In comparison, the artificer from the other group was also shy and quiet like her, so she appreciated that... and his starting hook was knowing Dannell through academics, so there was that.)


There's already future hooks discussed in this adventure, so I won't repeat those. However, I think because of the huge amount of named NPCs in this adventure, there's a lot of opportunities to reuse them later on, especially if you're running the adventures as connected like I am for my anthology group. Could be a nice callback.
The museum guards, if the museum is shut down, could reappear as guards in a later adventure, showing that they had to find somewhere else to work.
Alda Arkin, if her fencing was never discovered, could rise up to do bigger work and be involved with a later heist, such as Masterpiece Imbroglio.
Even Dr. Dannell herself could reappear in a later adventure that has to do with arcane magic or weird creatures (perhaps Markos Delphi has correspondence with her about eldritch horrors?).
I'm currently playing with the idea that Franceena, who the anthology rogue gave the business card of their dueling academy they run to, could have gone and taken those dueling lessons and become stronger over time, reappearing in a mid tier adventure (Vidorant's Vault?) as part of a rival crew. I haven't implemented it yet since I'm also considering using the Thieves' Gallery from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves as a rival crew, but who knows! It's fun to think about, regardless.
As a side note, I also love that Dr. Horthnar Stonecrusher shares a name with Torgja Stonecrusher of the prewritten rival crew. It could be that it's just a happenstance of having the same name, especially since they're both dwarves... but I think it could also be fun if they're related — maybe he's her father and he mentions at the gala how his daughter has run off with some 'petty thieves'? And then she appears later as part of the rival crew!
In addition, I didn't get to implement this because I thought of it after I'd run both games, but I had the idea of dropping foreshadowing objects in the displays to hint at later Golden Vault adventures (similar to the museum episode of Black Mirror, iykyk). These obviously can't all be the MacGuffins of the adventures because those MacGuffins have to be somewhere, but maybe they could be allusions to characters the players will encounter or locations they'll go to.


No third-party supplements were used in either of my runs of this adventure.
My Playlists: Gala / Heist / Combat


My rating for this adventure doesn't change from my original conversion post of the book.

8/10 - simple, effective, and meets all of the three pillars. The anthologies usually don't miss with the 1st-level adventures. I docked points simply because the flavor and setting was a bit predictable, but it makes sense to start an anthology with a classic museum heist.

Overall, it's still very fun, and both groups loved it when I ran it for how 'classic heist' it feels. It's got a lot of potential for future hooks
Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading, and happy gaming!
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2023.06.07 14:13 Beautiful-Path8943 After realising distribution is king. Building can only go so far

Welp! For some time, I've been diving deep into how I can streamline and optimize my lead gen processes, and the things I've discovered have been mind-blowing.
Recently came across a term called "EmotionAI". Wondered if anyone here has jumped on this and started implementing for lead gen? According to Exploding Trends, searches for "emotion AI" have increased by 525% over the past five years. Simply put, the tech turns human emotions into data that can be used to provide more personalized experiences. And we all know that more personalized outreach means more conversions.
As the AI market continues to grow, this will become increasingly mainstream. So, I thought why not share my learnings and real-life examples of how to use some these AI couple with good ol’ chatGPT to generate leads!
Anyway I'll be posting the full breakdown this Saturday morning right here. So, feel free to join me and get your Saturday cuppa ready! See you there.
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2023.06.07 14:12 ShipyardSupply Red Multipurpose Hoses: Quality Products from Shipyard Supply

To ensure safety, productivity, and efficiency in industrial processes, the proper tools and equipment are crucial. The red multifunctional hose is one such equipment that is sometimes disregarded but is essential to many industrial processes. Red multipurpose hoses are adaptable and strong hoses that can be utilised in a range of industrial settings for a variety of purposes. They are frequently used for transfer, suction, and discharge activities and are built to handle a variety of fluids, including air, water, and chemicals. We will go through the advantages of using red multifunctional hoses in industrial operations and give you five ways they can enhance your operations in this extensive guide. Additionally, we'll go through how to select the ideal red multifunctional hose for your provide advice on upkeep and care, as well. Visit us at Shipyard Supply for more information!
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2023.06.07 14:12 NeatCrown In Defense of Lord Bung

Yes, it's clickbaity, but just hold on for a second.
Long time viewer and occasional SCP reader, but not too active on social media.
It's a bit hard to tell what actually happened, as nuance is always lost in all the drama, especially on the internet. Considering Orion and Bung were close, is it not at least understandable that Bung took Orion's side against Kwite? Sure, I think I would have just waited and not burned any bridges, but most people tend to take the side of the accuser.
It's happened with Nairo, RelaxAlax, ProJared (actually, this one was alleged cheating) and now, famously, Johnny Depp. It's happened to many others that I can't be bothered to think of right now. It's an unfortunate result of how accusations are handled by the public, which is itself a result of a history of dismissal of legitimate accusations. It's not right, but it's at the very least understandable. And this is coming from someone that hated that Alpharad immediately tried to memory hole the connections he had with Alex. I've long said to presume innocence before guilt when an accusation comes out, but this doesn't mean to assume the accuser is lying either— It simply means that one should wait for all the information until one makes a judgment. Sadly, this is not common as humans are deeply driven by emotion.
The porn thing is weird, but the content is tame and harmless smut. People are really blowing the thing out of proportion calling it "rape", "fetishization" and similar things. This shit is tame! There are more mainstream things that are much more explicit. The real insult is towards financial supporters. However, as apparently this was leaked rather than officially released, how fair is it to judge, if it was just meant for internal use? This community post from 6 months ago has a scene from the leak, but there's no way the leak was official content. The first minute of it was great, but then it devolved into what feels like a porn parody. I understand why people are mad as the prospect that something like that was funded by donors, but next to nothing of the full story is known! It could have been done on Bung's free time, unrelated to the time spent on Confinement, for all we know.
So many of are complaining about how Bung immediately took the side against Kwite without having all the information, but it almost feels like the same is being done in this instance, towards Bung. The circumstances may be different, but everyone should just cool off, wait a month, and see what happens. This doesn't mean Bung should avoid accountability if it turns out they did do something wrong, but what this does mean is everyone should wait until they have more information.
Thank you for reading, and let's keep it civil! :)
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2023.06.07 14:12 lusided Interview with Rob Stead, Wrexham Club Photographer

You have seen the photos. On social media, matchday programmes, Wrexham AFC’s website. And you may have heard the name: Rob Stead ( on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook).
In the enviable position of being one of the club’s photographers, Rob has a keen eye for capturing iconic moments and a flair for epic compositions, along with an easily recognizable style that stands out from the more customary sports photography.
Small details or bigger picture, Rob definitely has the propensity to be the right man at the right time in the right place—so, I reached out to him with a bunch of questions and he graciously sent me back a bunch of answers.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm 34 years old (about to turn 35) and currently reside in the beautiful North Wales with my young family. I'm a relatively new supporter of Wrexham AFC starting around 2017 when I joined the media team at the club. The first game I attended was a 2-1 victory over Boreham Wood, which of course is the same opponent that Wrexham played to secure promotion to the Football League. I am completely self-taught in photography but completed a media course in college and a performing arts degree at university.

When did you start taking photos and how did photography become your medium? What inspired you to pick up a camera?
I've had an interest in media ever since I can remember, but I took it seriously when studying in college and university.

What was some of your earlier work like?
My earlier work is a bit of everything (you can see if you scroll back through my Instagram page). I wanted to try out as many genres as possibly to see what I enjoyed most.

Who or what have been the most prominent artistic influences so far?
I really enjoy reportage/documentary photography. I'm not keen on posing photos, I prefer to stand back and take a natural shot of the moment.

How did you become a club photographer?
I originally applied to be a volunteer television camera operator at the club back in 2017 and had a fun few years doing that. When the club brought in a dedicated streaming team I decided to move pitchside to cover matchday photography. Previous to this I also was on hand to take photos when new players signed or new kits were released.

What have been so far the most challenging aspects of being a sport photographer?
Getting the shot! Especially if you are working on behalf of any newspapers. You don't want to be missing a crucial shot/goal celebration.

How do you capture the pace of the game? Having to move, follow the action and take photos all at the same time seems quite tricky.
I have a set location to shoot from at the matches and then swap to the other end at half-time. It's all about practice. You have 90 minutes to get a few decent shots so you have plenty of time to practice.

On match day, how your day looks like? What is the process? How many hours do you do?
For a 3pm kick-off match I typically arrive at the stadium at around 1pm to sign in. I then take in the surroundings of the stadium and await the players arriving to take some shots. I then cover the warm-ups and the players coming out of the tunnel. I then move to my position to shoot the first and second half. I send the photos that I take throughout the match to the admin team. I then leave after the post match interviews have been completed.

Can you tell us about your experience on April 22nd? How was before, during and after? Did you feel pressured to capture more moments than usual? How was it in the changing room? How was to hold the cup?
April 22nd won't be forgotten in a hurry! I was pretty confident the team could get over the line and clinch promotion as they have been so strong playing at home in front of the 10,000 strong. When the third Wrexham goal went in, we could relax a little bit before the final whistle which is not something a Wrexham fan can usually do! Following the final whistle, chaos ensued, but in a celebratory way. I managed to squeeze towards the tunnel area to get as many shots as possible before entering into the changing room. It was such a privilege to be in there observing and capturing the moments that followed (and rather wet!) - The trophy was heavier than expected, but such an honour after so many years of being so close.

Related to the previous question, did your experience as a club photographer change your view as a fan? And, on the opposite side of the coin, is it hard to get the perfect shot during a match because you are also excited as a fan? Or do you find yourself being somewhat more detached from the game (or focused in a different way)?
Unfortunately I have to remain somewhat detached from the game as it's going on otherwise I would probably miss the shot! Often I don't know if a shot has gone into the goal until I hear the crowd roar!

Do you edit photos during the game?
I do edit during the game as I need to get the photos up to the club admin team as soon as possible.

What are some of the most important skills for a sport photographer?
Being able to juggle many plates at once and being able to react at a moment's notice is key. Having an understanding of the sport is useful too as you can preempt the next play for example.

You have a very distinctive style—cinematographic, epic, dramatic and yet utterly intimate. You capture very public moments at the cusp of raw human emotion. How do you achieve that?
I couldn't possibly reveal my secrets! 😆

You have a family of your own. How do you balance your personal life with the demands of your position?
My family is very supportive of my position at the club and I can't thank them enough for the sacrifices they make for me to be able to attend regularly.

Have you ever had any accidents during a game?
Nothing to note as of yet! 🤞

Who is your favorite Wrexham AFC player?
It's a tough choice, but I would probably say Luke Young and the former player, Paul Rutherford. Both would give their all for the club and their work ethic is up there with the best I've seen.

What’s your equipment?
I currently use a Canon 1D X with either a 70-200mm or 17-40mm lens. I tend to edit my photos on my phone to begin with as it's a quicker way of submitting the photos to the club.
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2023.06.07 14:12 MemberOfTheBlackRing GPT-4 Issues: Could not extract reply in 5 attempts. Try generating again.

I have the latest version of SillyTavern. I didn't use GPT-4 for a bit as it wouldn't generate anything, but I managed to get one reply which was a lot more descriptive and cohesive than I expected. I'm trying to find a replacement for OpenAI as it's too blunt sometimes.
Now it wouldn't work again, I have no idea how that one time was an exception.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Jebinmel543 Feeling so sad

We had to rehome a dog we rescued because she was displaying increasing aggression toward our other dog. She was good playing with friends’ dogs in our yard but just seemed like she needed to be the only dog in the house. Our older dog was pretty miserable after we got her. He loves toys but we had to take all the toys away because the younger dog had resource guarding issues. We gave it a year of loving her, training her with the help of a trainer and getting her through heart worm treatment. We finally came to the devastating decision that we needed to rehome her. We spent over 4 months finding the right home for her while my older dog lived with my parents. We found a family who would be home with her 5 out of 7 days a week and who had the time and resources to give her an amazing life. They have a social media account where they post pictures of her truly living her best life.
The new owner texted me a question about something and also mentioned that they’re starting e collar training with a trainer because they’re struggling with her prey drive when outside. I feel so sad because I’ve read a lot about the negative consequences of e collars and how it can make a dog fearful or aggressive in unintended ways. I know they truly love this dog, so I tried to gently say why we personally decided not to use one. However, I feel like the owner probably took it as me telling her to parent (which I semi-get because I might feel the same way) and she hasn’t responded.
I haven’t stopped crying for the past day thinking about her being shocked, or worse, her becoming fear aggressive and then them not wanting to keep her. She is the sweetest dog with people and I miss her every day.
I don’t know why I’m posting this but basically just hoping someone will say she will be okay with the e collar training and she won’t be hurt and hopefully won’t become very fearful 😞
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2023.06.07 14:12 treatcare Children are getting depression victims from social media, help them in this way

Children are getting depression victims from social media, help them in this way
Social media has become an important part of everyone's life today. Even so, why not? How easy it has made the world of people. Through this, people can stay connected by staying in another country. Like two sides of the coin, social media has both good and bad aspects. It depends on us what we want to accept. Social media has both positive and negative effects. A recent research has revealed that excessive use of social media is making people mentally ill. The feeling of loneliness increases in these people. Not only this, people are suffering from many other health related problems besides insomnia and stress due to its addiction. Let's know what the study says about depression from social media.


Is social media really causing depression in people?

This research is published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Researchers have claimed that symptoms of anxiety and depression start appearing in people who spend too much time on social media. He also said that when these people reduce their use of social media, the symptoms of depression also decrease.

Four thousand adolescents between 12 and 16 years of age were included in this study. Every year information was taken from these teenagers about how much time they spent on the digital screen. Along with this, he also noted how much time he spent on social media, TV, computer and video games separately.

Professor Patricia Conrad of Montreal University said that more research needs to be done on the ill effects of social media, so that they can be known in depth. Research revealed that teenagers are spending almost nine hours online, which is directly affecting their health. This is the reason that the level of depression among the youth is increasing.

According to a research conducted by the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, people who spent more time on social media showed signs of loneliness and depression. Jordan Young, the coauthor of this research, reported that depression and loneliness were less common among people who spend less time on social media.

143 students from University of Pennsylvania were included in this study. These were divided into two groups. In one group, there were those who continued to use social media as before, others were those who started using it to a extent. After three weeks, they were given half an hour a day to spend on social media. In this, 10 minutes were given for Facebook, 10 minutes for Instagram and 10 minutes for Snapchat. Researchers tracked the data usage of all these students' phones on how much time they spend on each app. The results of this study were straightforward. The group whose people spent less time on social media, their mental health was better than before. Signs of loneliness and depression were seen in people in the second group. Jordan Young stated that even though he was initially like him, the symptoms of depression were much less visible in him by reducing the use of social media.

(People also like to read: IVF Treatment in India )

How to save children suffering from depression from social media

Depression and stress related diseases are becoming dangerous for teenagers. Do you know that a teenager is committing suicide every 1 hour 40 minutes. There are many changes in the body and mind of the child at this age. The average age of depression in children has been increasing in the last few years. In such a situation, you should also allow your children to stay in a range and use social media. Social media can reduce your child's chances of depression. For this, parents should interact with their children from time to time. Go on a holiday with the children and ask them to stay away from mobile during this time. If there are signs of stress in the child, then periodically communicate with them. Guide them properly in every problem.

Not only depression on social media increases the risk of fear of missing out

FOMO means sudden loss: It is also a brain disease associated with excessive use of social media. This problem is very common among the youth. In this situation your child feels nervous while attending social events. The party to which everyone is enjoying, appears to be a nervous side in that party. Foamo-infested teen feels the anxiety. She is scared of going to the social party. They stay connected with other people on social media. According to many research, people living with foam feel that the lives of others are better than them. This affects their physical and mental health. This leads to mood swings, feelings of inferiority, decreased self-esteem, loneliness and increased levels of depression.

Help children with depression and loneliness on social media

People need to be mentally healthy. So spend as much time with children as possible to relieve stress. If the child has any kind of tension, then convince the child to share it with you. It would be better to share all your troubles with someone outside.

The impact of social media is negative because people want to spend most of their time there. By this, they also think more right to share their things with the same unknown people. This can increase the dependency on their unknown person. The front can be good as well as bad. If your child is cheated there, it directly affects their mental health. Such people also start making distance from the society and they do not mind in any work. So always give your child the zone so that he can come and share everything with you. Many times, an attachment to social media can make them very lonely. It is better that you do not let them use social media more from the beginning. Apart from this, if you see any change in their nature or feel in stress, then try to know the reason behind it. Try to remove all the trouble of your child. Consult a doctor if needed.
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2023.06.07 14:12 Beth_SNSInsider Online Banking Market Share, Driving Factors and Market Segmentation Report 2023-2030

Online Banking Market Share, Driving Factors and Market Segmentation Report 2023-2030
Online Banking Market Overview:
The Online Banking Market research report includes information on the industry, product descriptions, business profiles, financial data, and contact information. This analysis includes the history of the global market as well as market forecasts by region, country, and industry subsector. The figures address the market's sales volume, price, revenue, gross margin, trends, historical growth, and projected future growth. In order to accurately depict the predicted market size, the worldwide market analyses and studies consumption, value, year-over-year growth, and development plans for the following years.
Genuine numbers were also independently checked by trustworthy sources in order to achieve a better level of accuracy. Additional estimations were based on interviews and the counsel of seasoned market research professionals. The study report can be used by companies, investors, stakeholders, suppliers, service providers, and distributors to research the market. Research is conducted on global business and marketing trends in order to understand the situation of the market today. It contains thorough statistics for each regional market as well as an in-depth analysis of each sector, population, region, and country covered in the Online Banking Market analysis.
Get a Sample Report of Online Banking Market 2023 @
Online Banking Market
Key players:
  • ACI Worldwide
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Fiserv
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cor Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Oracle Corporation
  • Temenos Group AG
  • Rockall Technologies
  • EdgeVerve Systems Limited
  • Others
Market Segmentation
Analysts looked at data from manufacturers, sales, and production for each region. For the projection period, this section analyses revenue and volume by region. The reader will be helped by these evaluations in determining the revenue model of the major players. The Online Banking study is the result of a thorough investigation into the political, economic, social, technological, and environmental factors affecting regional growth.
Market Segmentation and Sub-Segmentation included are:
By Type:
  • Informational services
  • Transactional services
  • Communicative services
By Software:
  • Customized software
  • Standard software
By Banking Type:
  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Investment Banking
By Service Type:
  • Payments
  • Processing Services
  • Customer & Channel Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Others
Russia-Ukraine War Impact on Online Banking Market
The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is anticipated to have distinct repercussions in various parts of the world. The impact of the crisis on the economy and markets will almost likely be influenced by how Russia responds to Western economic sanctions against it and restrictions on the export of Russian military technology. The impact that would have on global markets is discussed in the paper.
Competitive Outlook
By understanding the manufacturers' global revenue, global price, and global manufacturing output throughout the predicted term, the reader can estimate the footprints of the manufacturers. The major manufacturers in the Online Banking Market are profiled in this section of the study. It aids the reader in comprehending the tactics employed in corporate alliances and market competition.
Key Questions Answered in the Online Banking Market Report
  • How has the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affected different regional markets throughout the world?
  • What are the most effective business strategies for expanding market share?
  • In the sales, revenue, and market share research of the target market, what is the main industry and category?
Table of Contents – Major Key Points
  1. Introduction
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Market Dynamics
  4. Impact Analysis (COVID-19 Impact Analysis, Impact of Ukraine- Russia war, Impact of Ongoing Recession on Major Economies)
  5. Value Chain Analysis
  6. Porter’s 5 Forces Model
  7. PEST Analysis
  8. Online Banking Market Segmentation, by Type
  9. Online Banking Market Segmentation, by software
  10. Online Banking Market Segmentation, By Banking Type
  11. Online Banking Market Segmentation, By Service Type
  12. Regional Analysis
  13. Company Profiles
  14. Competitive Landscape
  15. Conclusion
About Us:
SNS Insider is one of the leading market research and consulting agencies that dominates the market research industry globally. Our company's aim is to give clients the knowledge they require in order to function in changing circumstances. In order to give you current, accurate market data, consumer insights, and opinions so that you can make decisions with confidence, we employ a variety of techniques, including surveys, video talks, and focus groups around the world.
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2023.06.07 14:12 SibeliusFive Having ADHD as a medical student

I wish that people wouldn’t use ADHD as a pop-psychology self diagnosis because I feel like that takes away from people who truly struggle with it in a way that makes daily life harder.
Before med school I never really had a problem with it, and even during pre-clinical years things were manageable. But in the clerkship phase, the time blindness which can manifest as severe procrastination really hurts me. Deadline after deadline makes everything seem like it’s right there on the forefront, yet simultaneously comfortably far away, so that it creates the perfect storm of stressing about how much there is to do, yet being complacent enough to not get started on doing it.
I know all the things that I have to do, but for whatever reason I can never muster up the energy to start doing them until the urgency of knowing there’s not enough time kicks in. I wake up hours before I’m supposed to leave for the day but I still find myself in a time crunch. I get lost reading about extra info on my patients and have to scramble to turn in notes when my seniors ask for them. I put off studying thinking there’s more time, until there isn’t. In situations where my team doesn’t have time to get to know me, they just think I’m lazy and don’t care.
I’ve been on medical therapy for it since grad school, but I don’t think it’s helping very much tbh. Is there anyone else who can relate to this? How were you able to fight through it and perform well?
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2023.06.07 14:11 Shot-Cantaloupe-5416 How can I listen to my husband’s cell phone conversations?

How Can I Listen In To My Husbands Phone Calls While He Is Not At Home?
Is your husband always clinging to his phone and spending more of his time chit-chatting with someone? Or do you find something malicious with his phone calls and there is a lady on the other side of the phone? There comes a situation when you want to ask your husband but feels reluctant, as you know that you will not get a valid response to your queries. Cheating husbands are smart and their minds are filthy enough to fool their wives! They feel the world is blind and cannot draw proof against them. Astrahack567 [](mailto:[email protected]) is the best solution for you
Chill ladies! All the doors are not yet closed! There’re a lot of ways to catch your spouse if he is really cheating on you. We have gathered some ideas to reach the answers to your skepticism.
Listed are some measures through which you can spy on the conversation of the call made by your beloved hubby.
Ways To Spy On Husband’s Cell Phone
1. Let Your Hubby’s Phone Get Tapped!
Phone tapping is one of the most powerful and famous ways to track someone’s call. For this, you need to buy online, a prominent app for phone tapping. You can download the software on the target mobile phone after getting its license. Do remember, you must download the app on your Husband’s (TARGET) Cell phone. Upon the successful installation and downloading procedure, you can start your secret investigating journey. It will work efficiently in stealth mode and will leave no clue for the target user, as after downloading, it turns itself into a hidden mode.
You can hit the nail on head within 5 to 10 minutes of acquiring the license. They (Cheating Husbands) are smart enough to secretly deceive their wives but they aren’t that brainy to know about this plan of yours! Sure shot, they will not be able to understand this till the app turns into something productive for you.
2. Track Him And His Surroundings As Well!
Many times, it might have happened that whenever he’s out and you try his number, it comes out to be busy! And when he picks, you are bombarded with his harsh responses, for instance, he’s at the meeting, do not disturb him he’s busy, etc. Rarely when he answers your calls he says he’s at the office but on a contrary, his background sound says something else. In that case, you need an app that can track his voice along with the sound of the surrounding he’s currently in. Well, Spy apps like ASTRAHACK are one of the agile ways to clear the hazy mirror of truth. It has a shrewd feature that facilitates the option of surround listening, which means that you can now have access to record your hubby’s voice along with that of the surroundings, he’s in the time of answering your or anybody’s calls. Now, catch him intelligently and with strong evidence! [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) [](mailto:[email protected]) is the best solution for you
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2023.06.07 14:11 Sacredchilzz CBD Capsules or gummies instead of cbd oil ? anyone tried ?

Hi all, I got finally diagnosed with Tics last year, so far its only mild-ish, nothing extreme, mostly schrugging, at times m- noises.. touching objects. blinking, etc.etc..
**Bought CBD Oil 5%, 1,5mg per drop to try, so far not seeing much help but at times there has been, the urge to tic is slightly easier to fight against.
I am wondering if anyone tried CBD Capsules or gummies instead of CBD Oil. *btw only on 5th day of using CBD Oil, will keep taking it anyways until bottle is empty and see how it goes.
My psychiatrist prescribed medication but decided against it since the cons outweighed the pros by miles, since for me its not extreme tics.. only when I am driving is my main worry, since taking eyes of road for 1-2 seconds often can result in catastrophy..
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