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2014.11.03 07:45 mjrbac0n A place to shame Safeway for terrible behavior

Every day grocery stores take advantage of people need to survive, Safeway is particularly bad.

2023.06.07 04:57 BritishEric Just got a compliment on my bard coven tattoo in the wild!

Happened as I was getting groceries at my local Safeway. Andro from Safeway if you're reading this, I appreciate it!
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2023.06.07 04:41 thejdam3256 I have severe driving anxiety and it's ruining my life

I (22M) live in a photogenic, good ol' western American suburb, still rocking my childhood bedroom in my parents' house (thanks rent prices). Growing up, I never needed to worry much about transport (or even thought about it at all, really), my elementary school is literally next to my subdivision, and any other place I visited regularly was either a 10 minute walk or 5 minute ride in my parents' cars; there was no inbetween. But, I'm not a kid anymore. I'm in my twenties. I have my own life (even if it doesn't feel like it), responsibilities and expectations. Problem is, I'm severely stunted by my stubborn, infuriating inability to operate a car. I started feeling it a little bit before I got my permit, but I chalked it up to just me being nervous. When I actually started driving, though, I never shook it, never "got used to it," never felt the godawful stress symptoms or negative opinions on it fade in any way. They only got worse and worse and now they're crippling, despite my effort and hours upon hours of forcing myself to do it.
I got my license out of pure spite and luck, and sometimes I seriously consider giving it up and just having a state issued ID so there's no expectation of me to drive. But I shut those thoughts down because I wouldn't be able to completely escape the horrible feelings anyway. In the years since, my intrusive thoughts and nauseating anxiety has bled into simply riding in a car in general, so having the ability to legally drive in an emergency situation would be nice, I guess.
It's difficult to describe how I feel when driving in a way that makes perfect sense to other people because my anxiety (fear? phobia?) is inherently irrational, and that makes it all the worse because the non caveman part of my brain recognizes that. So I guess I'll just ramble and push enter a couple of times when I'm done and maybe it'll make sense. I need to try and justify myself in a medium where I can think about what I'm saying so I don't sound absolutely insane and completely embarrass myself like I've done before.
Cars feel too big. I could be driving the smallest little Beetle or Mini, and the thing would still feel as big as a fucking continent. Even imagining driving one of those huge fuck off death machines called a pickup truck sends me into a spiral. The wheel being off center makes me feel like there's this, like, mass that's stuck to my side and I'm afraid I'm gonna smash into something whenever I turn right. You know that vertigo effect they do in movies? Where they move the camera backwards and zoom in at the same time when looking down a long hallway? That's similar to what it feels like looking across the hood of a car from the driver's seat to me. Like, the hood is so fucking long and it could be hiding anything behind it even though I know it isn't. I guess it makes me look at the road at least. Not to mention backing up, Jesus Christ backing up is a nightmare. Thank god for back up cameras.
Going at any decent speed makes me feel sick. Thinking about how fast I'm going on the highway, especially since I've been outside of a car on it and have seen and felt just how fucking fast a car going 60-80 mph is is insane to me. It feels so wrong. My gut feeling is that I should not have the ability to move something this stupidly big weighing literal tons this fast. I cannot fathom the idea of purposefully going over 100 mph in a car. That feels unreal to me. I genuinely don't think I could make myself do that. I get intrusive thoughts of unwittingly slamming into a median or someone materializing in front of me all the time. Imagining the aftermath of those scenarios make me want to puke. Obviously I try not to do that, but sometimes your mind wanders towards it anyway.
There's also just the general symptoms of anxiety and panic I feel when shit gets really stressful (i.e. the highway or traffic jams). My heart beats a million miles an hour, I sweat like a pig and hyperventilate, the works. I've gotten very good at grounding myself and focusing when it gets bad but fuck me it is always an awful experience.
I guess my brain chemistry is just not built for driving. At least I have a robust, efficient and affordable public transportation network in my city, right? No. This is America, baby! Of course, there's no other transport options near my home. The nearest bus stop is a convenient two hour walk away and the bus routes are shit! :) There is a train station somewhat nearby, but guess what? The route is shit and goes nowhere near where I need or want to go and in other cities no less! :) Biking around the stroads here is a fucking deathwish! There's also no bike lane or even a fucking sidewalk on 90% of the roads here! :) So essentially, I'm fucking landlocked. We bulldozed our cities for these dangerous, obnoxious, expensive machines and that is existentially infuriating.
My life has been completely fucked by this stupid, stupid thing I have. I can't get a job that's even a decent distance away, so I'm stuck doing gig work online and odd jobs around the neighborhood for money (and seasonal work for events that set up near my home). Shocker, it isn't much. I save what I can, but I am very poor because I insist on paying my own way for the things I use. I cannot afford a car and I don't even want one in the first place, but I kinda need one. Hey, at least I'm known as the neighborhood handy man? My parents both work jobs where they can be potentially called in at any time, so I need to schedule car use with them and I need to complete trips fast. My parents are very sweet and understanding and I love them to death, but I hate myself every time I need to go somewhere with one of their cars. Not only does it feel like I'm potentially jeopardizing their livelihoods if I get held up for any reason, but with my rambling you read above, it also feels like I'm signing up to get shot in the gut.
My dating life has been nonexistent since high school. I'm sure it makes a great first impression on someone when you can't go out to see them or if you ask them for a ride to the coffeeshop! :)
My group of close friends, god bless their souls, are also 100% understanding of my situation and have been so sweet by offering me rides to their apartment they share to hang out on the weekends. They're like siblings to me (we've all known each other since elementary school) but, again, it feels so wrong to have to rely on them to go places.
It is viscerally embarrassing when I ask them to go somewhere or to slow down on a back road because I feel gross, so I rarely do.
Honestly, I don't know what to do. I have no clue how to approach or start getting over this outside of just driving. But I think it's fairly obvious that I shouldn't be doing it just to do it. I feel like an insufferable leech and I wish I could just make myself go places. I'm not spending $50 on an Uber to the fucking grocery store. Any advice is very welcome because I'm getting really tired of feeling like a child in an adult man's body. I genuinely want to get better and start my life way after I should've. I want to stop telling my friends, "I'm okay," when I'm clearly not. But I'm very happy to have finally said this out loud to someone in a way I wanted. Thank you. God bless the suburbs.
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2023.06.07 01:51 Various-Ask3371 Is there some kind of a-hole convention going on?

Was doing my weekly grocery shopping last night at the Westside Safeway and there multiple groups of young twenty-somethings or older teenagers roaming about and were generally loud and rowdy. There's been more teens and college students at the store lately, but mostly they are just doing harmless teenagery things.
A particular four-pack of tall early 20-something 'men' passed me cussing up a storm, which I generally don't care about, when one yelled some pretty foul and sexist comments right next to me. I guess he saw a reaction on my face and then started going after me. They were all yelling cuss words at me and it felt rather threatening. I hadn't said a thing to them, yet they felt defensive? I'm a tallish, middle-aged woman who generally isn't scared of things, but I did my best to not react and move on with my shopping. No need for an escalating conflict at the neighborhood grocery store. I wasn't really sure what to do besides that.
While checking out that group rambled up to the self-check out swearing and not capable of ringing up basic items. I guess they saw me smile at that and went after me again commenting on why was I looking at them (not) and mind my own business (was). Then they got into a yelling match with the nice elderly checkout lady who was calmly asking them to behave. The kicker was when one kept saying, "I'm a grown ass man, don't parent me!" Obvious issues there.
It just seems that there was an event or game or convention that had brought many of these groups into the grocery store. I don't think they would act like that in their own town where people could know them. Or am I just clueless and this is standard behavior?
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2023.06.06 21:15 eulogyof $60 of groceries at Safeway in Portland, OR

$60 of groceries at Safeway in Portland, OR
go ahead, clown on me for the ice cream and k-cups
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2023.06.06 20:34 The15hadow00 Is this a real Ferrari 308?

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2023.06.06 20:30 cantthinkofuzername Question about opening hatch (2024 HRV Sport)

I was getting curbside pickup yesterday and the clerk was trying to open the hatch to put my groceries back there but it was locked. I pressed unlock on fob and then also pressed to open the hatch and neither worked. I had to walk to the back of the car with the fob.
What did I do wrong or is this just a bad feature? What if I set autolock to unlock all the doors instead of just the driver side door?
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2023.06.06 16:30 Scary_Forever_6448 Bill to Stop Employees Confronting Shoplifters Passed by California Senate

Bill to Stop Employees Confronting Shoplifters Passed by California Senate
Lawmakers in California are hoping to push through controversial legislation that would ban retail staff from stopping thieves stealing from their stores.
Senate Bill 553, which was submitted by State Senator Dave Cortese, has been passed by the State Senate and will now progress to policy committees in the State Assembly. Cortese hopes the proposed law will prevent workplace violence and protect staff from being forced by their employers to step-in during robberies. But some store bosses are furious about the plans, with the California Retailers Association mocking the move as an open invitation for thieves "to come in and steal."
The political wrangling in California comes just weeks after Home Depot security guard Blake Mohs, 26, was shot to death during an attempted robbery in Pleasanton, California. Other cities in the state are also facing their own problems as they attempt to deal with lawlessness.
San Francisco has been gripped by a crimewave that has seen Whole Foods close its downtown location after just a year of business, with bosses saying they were unable to "ensure the safety" of their staff in the city. Nordstrom followed suit by leaving the city this month, but many smaller businesses have had no choice but to remain, despite attacks on their premises.
The proposed new laws come as stores have blamed shoplifting for hitting their businesses, with Target issuing a statement in November blaming "organized retail crime" for an eye-watering $400 million loss in its profits in 2022.
Cortese, a Democrat representing much of Santa Clara County in the heart of Silicon Valley, told Newsweek: "SB 553 is focused on protecting employees. The bill does not prohibit employees from stopping theft. It does prevent employers from asking non-security personnel to confront a person involved in criminal activity. We don't want rank and file employees to be forced to place themselves in harm's way."
During an interview with Fox 2/KTVU, he said: "More recently, we've seen another spike in retail violence; [At] Safeways, Home Depots, it just seems to be happening every other day... What we're saying in the bill is it's not ok for employers to take a rank-and-file worker, somebody whose job is really something else... and say, 'Hey, you know, if there's an intruder we're going to deputize you to intervene.' People get hurt and often killed that way."
A statement issued by Cortese's office noted that assaults in stores rose during the pandemic, citing 2022 analysis by the New York Times, which found that assaults in grocery stores increased by 63 percent from 2018 to 2020, and assaults in convenience stores grew by 75 percent. The statement added that workplace violence is the second leading cause of fatal occupational injury.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that workplace violence affects nearly 2 million workers each year, with female staff suffering from higher rates of nonfatal injuries than their male counterparts.
A retail security survey published in 2022 by the National Retail Federal (NRF) also suggested the issue may be getting worse. The annual survey of the retail industry's loss prevention professionals found that "retail shrink is an almost $100 billion problem."
According to the survey, retailers blamed "external theft" for the greatest portion of "shrink" at 37 percent, while 28.5 percent was deemed to be the result of "employee/internal theft." The difference was made up by various factors, including processing and control failures. The survey found that 37.9 percent of respondents replied that no associates were allowed to apprehend shoplifters in their organizations.
The California bill, if enacted in law, would require employers to provide active-shooter training to workers, keep a log of any violent incidents, and allow companies to apply for workplace violence restraining orders.
SB 553 is not targeted at—and does not affect—trained security guards. In fact, the bill highlights the need for dedicated safety personnel.
But Rachel Michelin, president of the California Retailers Association, told Fox 2/KTVU: "This bill goes way too far, number one, where I think it will open the doors even wider for people to come in and steal from our stores."
And she added that most stores already prevent ordinary workers from confronting shoplifters, saying that most hire employees specifically trained in theft prevention for that purpose. "It [the bill] says no employee can approach someone who's shoplifting, so even if someone is trained on how to deter someone from doing that, now they're not allowed to approach someone. So what does that mean? We are opening up the doors to allow people to just walk into stores, steal, and walk out."
Newsweek has reached out to the California Retailers Association for further information and comment. Several large retailers, including Target and Walmart, have also been approached for comment about the proposed law.
The bill is currently subject to adjustments as it progresses through the State Assembly's policy committees.
Update 6/6/23, 6:04 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include additional comments by State Senator Dave Cortese.
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2023.06.06 15:23 NebulousASK Words and actions outside your job should be protected from employment retaliation

Everyone talks about "freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences." But for people to actually be free to speak, they can't have economic coercion restricting that speech.
The example I like to use is Jim the grocery bagger. Thirty hours a week he stands at the checkout and bags groceries. He's friendly and does his job well, and you'd never know his politics when he's bagging your groceries.
On his days off, Jim canvases for Bernie Sanders. Or prays at abortion clinics. Or marches with communists in favor of organized labor. Or marches with Nazis against foreign immigrants. Or whatever. The point is, it has nothing to do with his job. And Jim should not be scared that he's going to report to work one day and find he's lost his job because of things he did in his off time that have nothing whatsoever to do with his occupation.
We recognize the value in protecting people from retaliation for whistleblowing or organizing employment action. And we also recognize that people's jobs shouldn't be in jeopardy for their religious beliefs or the color of their skin. I think we need to go much further and say, simply, that if expression or behavior is allowed under the law and is done outside your job, you can't be disciplined or terminated for it.
The main counterargument I've heard is that employee speech can hurt employers, and Safeway shouldn't be tarred by someone's controversial views if they don't want to be. But if speech outside the job was protected, Safeway wouldn't be in danger of cancelation: If an employee was at a MAGA rally or whatever, Safeway could honestly say their hands were tied.
Like with any such law, there would likely be exceptions for those who visibly speak for a company, like senior officers and endorsers. Tesla should be able to boot Elon if he says something bad for Tesla. But Tesla should not be able to fire an engineer or assembly-worker just because they say something mean about Elon in their off time (which, currently, they'd be legally allowed to do).
I really don't care if my grocery bagger is a Nazi in his off-time, and neither should his boss. It's none of our business as long as it doesn't affect his ability to do his job. The law should reflect this.
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2023.06.06 04:18 Lt_PeteMitchell PSA: The elevator at Uptown is FIXED

I haven't been to Uptown in a bit (actually I have, but just for online grocery order pickups from Walmart and haven't left the parkade) and today I went into Walmart and noticed, believe it or not, THE MAIN ELEVATOR WAS RUNNING!!!! Incredible!
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2023.06.06 03:01 ThriftStoreWhores You can only be prepared yourself. You can't convince others to be prepared or evacuate. My story about today:

I woke up to a major hiking trail a fourth of a mile away from me fully engulfed in flames. My city has 2 emergency service organizations that relay information and organize maps and evacuations. I immediately looked at their apps because I smelled smoke and the neighborhood was smoky. Thats how I found out about our trail fire. I contacted my parents who live just 15 houses from me about the current situation & not a single fuck was given. Their reply? "Oh, well. We were just on our way to the grocery store" It wasn't even 5 minutes later, I got 2 notifications stating 2 short streets over were on Level 2 evacuation and 12 homes were evacuated, 2 were on fire We were on Level 1. We have 3 levels here. It goes as the following: L1: GET READY, L2: GET SET, L3: GO!.
I call my parents to say "Hey, we're on Level 1 but just a few houses away, we're on Level 2! Get back home immediately because it looks like we'll be needing to leave quick!" Their reply? "We just got to Safeway & don't see anything. You need to calm down."
So they say to check in on your elderly and disabled neighbors at times like this? So I walk across the street to my 75 year old neighbor's house stating the same thing. I get another notification our level was raised to Level 2. I ask my neighbor if she needs help getting what she needs (and her big ass dog) into her vehicle and she told me "Don't be fucking ridiculous! No!".
I'm pissy at this point and walk to my paraplegic neighbors house who lives with his mom alone. I relayed the same damn story, showed them the same damn maps and levels, etc. His mom can't pick him up. Often they call me to lift him back in his chair or bed. I told him "Hey I'm going to need to lift you in your mom's van if this gets any worse. Do you want me to throw your things in your car?" I GOT THE SAME GODDAMN REPLY FROM HIS MOTHER'S MOUTH AS EVERYONE ELSE.
My shit had been in my truck in my driveway for hours at this point just waiting for level 3 to pop up. Long story short, it took 16 firetrucks from 2 different counties, 3 tankers and a DNR helicopter to put out this fire. Some are still there spraying water making damn sure at this moment.
One would think being almost evacuated last year and have been choking on wildfire smoke the past 8 years during this time, people would be prepared.
MORAL TO MY STORY: You cannot ask people to be prepared or active; even during emergency situations. You can only prepare yourself & help yourself. Oh, and also fuck thy neighbor. They won't care. I'm jaded now.
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2023.06.06 02:47 s317sv17vnv A personal victory today!

While I was taking a walk around my neighborhood today for some exercise, I decided to pop into the public library. I picked up one of the local newspapers and sat down for a moment to read it, and immediately an article caught my eye that a new branch of my favorite supermarket chain would be opening for business nearby (the current closest one is maybe 20 minutes away driving without traffic) It talked about how it would help the community as the previous supermarket in the area had closed back in 2021 leaving residents to have to trek farther out (aka driving) to do their grocery shopping.
The new supermarket won't be the closest one to me (I can walk to one from a different chain that I don't like as much), but it will be way more convenient as it's location is right along my bike route home from work, and it's also going to be in the same shopping center as my favorite takeout spot (for their excellent customer service in making curbside pickup by bike the easiest thing ever). The shopping center itself is actually quite pleasant as there are a lot of dedicated pedestrian plaza areas with outdoor seating and tables, bike racks, a nearby bus hub, and plenty of green space to make it easy to ignore that it's right next to a highway service road. Sure the parking lot gets full, but at least this shopping center is equitably accessible to pretty much every other common mode of transport.
My mom and my aunt also really like this supermarket chain, so I immediately told them the news too. They both drive for errands (I don't blame older folks for being too scared to ride bikes in the streets here), so I did warn them that the traffic around that shopping center would probably become a nightmare with the new addition (the lot entrance/exit is right on the aforementioned service road), especially since they'd have to remove some parking spaces to place cart corrals. Since it's two miles away for us, my mom said she would be fine with just having me swing by on my way home from work whenever she needs something, which I already do with most of our local errands anyway.
My aunt lives even closer to the supermarket, only half a mile, and her response surprised me. She said "In that case, I can just walk there." My aunt - who is notorious in our family for circling around parking lots that aren't even full because she needs to find a closer spot - recognized that walking would be the most efficient option for her! Or, on days she doesn't feel like walking, her husband commutes to and from the city by bus, so he's also conveniently passing by the shopping center just like I do.
It makes me so happy to know that people I know are listening when I point out all the infrastructure issues around us and are consciously choosing options that don't require getting into a car.
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2023.06.06 02:34 Mesmeryze Want to get a new big travel card - between CSR or Amex plat

Current cards: (list cards, limits, opening date)Venture X - 20k - Jun 2022
Marriot Bonvoy Boundless - 10k - 2023
Citi Costco - 10k - 2021FICO Score:
Oldest account age: e.g. 5 yeaers
Chase 5/24 status: 2/24
Income: ~290k
Average monthly spend and categories: * dining ~$300-500 * groceries: $100 * gas: $240 * travel: varies * other: $100O
open to Business Cards: e.g. No
What's the purpose of your next card? e.g. Building credit, Balance transfer, Travel, Cashback Travel
Do you have any cards you've been looking at? CSR / Amex Plat
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card?varies
Hi all,
basically looking to get another travel card. I have the Venture X which has been great since it's basically free after the travle credit + annual reward of 10k points which I have taken advantage of.
I think I want something with a bit more tangible perks for travel ( i like the idea of lounges, taking advantage of stuff at the airport / staying accomadations, etc)
I travel domestically for vacation / leisure would say 3-4 times a year or so, maybe one international trip per year
So I'm juggling between the CSR / trifecta and the Amex. in my mind here's the pros and cons:
Chase Pros:
Amex plat Pros * has centurion lounges at airports I frequent (California / LAS)
Cons * point accumulation seems bad unless you get the gold but would only help me in my dining category
any recommendations would be great. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 02:24 sass_and_grass Food Lion pickup orders

We order grocery pickup often through the Food Lion app and it says “powered by instacart”. It’s very similar to the instacart app with substitutions and order tracking, etc. but there is no place to add a tip. This has always sat wrong with me, bc I always try to tip well but cannot figure out for the life of me how to compensate the shopper. I always give like $5 to the person who loads it into my car when I pull up, but that’s never the same person who did the shopping (I’ve asked). Is this just FL employees who pick everything out and are paid better? I just want to make sure I’m not missing something or a complete twat who can’t figure it out 😬 Thanks to anyone who can help enlighten me!
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2023.06.06 00:47 emilianaaaaaa Review of the HUB Residence (Studio)

Location: 6/10
It's basically as close as you can get to campus, which is nice. Safeway, HMart and a few other grocery stores are only a few blocks walk or a bus ride away. Close to the LRT too, which has its upsides, and (spoiler alert) its downsides. However, the HUB itself is a complete shitshow when it comes to food and the stores there either have a really limited selection, are super overpriced, or both.
Kitchen: 3/10
The appliances and cabinetry are all definitely nice and pretty high quality, however there are some MAJOR flaws to the layout. Firstly, there isn't enough counter space to have a microwave unless you don't use a drying rack or otherwise leave the drying rack in the sink which means you have no room to use it. Second, to even open the fridge you need to stand in the bathroom, which isn't a dealbreaker, but still pretty odd and resulted in my bathroom mat collecting a lot of dirt over time. Thirdly, there also just isn't enough counter space for anything at all, beyond even a microwave. You're forced to use the stovetop to have room for your cuttingboard/etc. or otherwise take it into the bedroom and use the tiny table.
The oven is small and has a heating coil on both the top and the bottom. I have had two Pyrex dishes explode on me in the oven, and my assumption is this is due to the fact that it's basically not possible to get far enough away from the heating coil to not explode. Also, basically every time I use the oven it sets off my smoke detector at least 30 times. These have compounded in me never using an oven, on top of not having a microwave. So I just use my stovetop, which still sets off the smoke detector every couple uses for no discernable reason.
TL;DR these units were not really designed with any kind of even remotely serious cooking in mind.
Bed/Bedroom: 4/10
Calling it a bed is pretty generous. It's basically a glorified gymnastics mat sitting on top of a metal cot. Twin/single bed sheets fit extremely loose, FYI. In terms of firmness I would say the mattress was on the firm side, but closer to the middle. Bed is squeaky, and there's also no real headboard so I had to line my bed up with a wall or else my pillow would slide off the bed 9,082,335 times every night.
There is only one light in the bedroom, and I unfortunately (spoiler alert) wasn't ever able to open my curtains. I will also say that most of the furniture in general is pretty low quality, aside from the armchair. I would genuinely consider the University's portrayal ( one of the greatest catfishes of all time, and am honestly convinced that this has to be in violation of some kind of false advertising law.
Bathroom: 1/10
There isn't a fan in the bathroom and it is genuinely the stupidest idea I have ever seen executed. When I take a shower my entire kitchen gets covered in a light coating of condensation. It causes a lot of the metal in the bathroom (shower curtain, appliance covers) to rust very quickly. Not to mention, there are no drawers in the bathroom, only a cupboard under the sink. But why would you want to even put anything in the bathroom with how humid it gets there after a shower?
Cleanliness: 2/10
Dust collected in my unit at an insanely fast rate. I think it was because the heaters haven't been cleaned in a long time. I admittedly have OCD and am a bit of a neat freak but I basically had to sweep every day or every-other day. And I would sweep up a sizeable amount of dust, too. Enough to fill maybe 1/4 of a dustpan.
It was dirty enough that I threw out a lot of stuff (doormat, bath mat, etc.) when moving out because there was no way I could get it clean again.
Climate Control: 1/10
Virtually nonexistent. Through the winter my unit got below 15 C very regularly and now that Spring has hit I have been burning up to the point that I bought a box fan. I'm also on the bottom floor and can't open my window often for (spoiler alert) reasons, so that was also fun. I should also mention that apparently studio units don't even get ceiling fans?
Mailbox: 2/10
UPS, FedEx, and Amazon will deliver packages to your stairwell door and it will be stolen in less than 15 minutes. Canada Post can deliver to the boxes however I have had maybe 1 of every 4 Canada Post packages ordered get lost for no discernable reason. I had to pay $30/mo for a UPS PO Box and use the Amazon Locker to survive.
Food deliveries like DoorDash, etc. are very hit or miss because the delivery drivers do not like to deliver onto campus because they don't understand the layout. Be prepared to have to deal with really angry and confused drivers calling or texting you. Or your food delivered to the wrong unit. And lots of late deliveries.
Laundry: 4/10
Not enough machines for the sheer number of people living in the HUB. Be prepared to go at really inconvenient times if you want to do your laundry without having to wait an excessive amount of time. It's also pretty exhausting to have to carry laundry up three flights of stairs and all the way to the laundry room, as someone who lived pretty far from it.
The laundry room in general is pretty dirty. People will open your dryer or washer on accident and not restart the machine, pretty regularly. Lots of people leave their stuff in the machines for hours. It's also (spoiler alert) not 100% safe.
Privacy: 6/10\*
Pretty decent, though I have heard people living in the HUB say otherwise very adamantly. I didn't have a neighbor above or next to me so probably take this with a grain of salt. My biggest complaint is that I hear tons of people in my stairwell very late at night who are just walking through it and talking very loudly. There seems to be virtually no sound insulation whatsoever on the side of the room that has the stairwell.
Pests: 8/10\*
Outside of a few dozen fruit flies over my 6 months of living in the HUB, I didn't have to deal with any. Expect that this may not be the case for you, but pray that it is. My understanding is if you live under or even near a restaurant you are going to have mice and ants pretty badly. However, I will also note that I absolutely have seen cockroaches, ants, etc. just chilling out on the mall-level.
Safety: 1/10
OK so yeah, it's awful. I can't open my window because homeless people will come up to the window and ask me for food or money. Someone let a homeless man into the laundry room while I was alone in there and he came after me and I had to physically leave the room while leaving my stuff there for my own safety. I was approached by a human trafficker who tried stalking me for a week or two afterwards. 2-3 times I have heard people screaming (presumably on drugs or having some kind of episode) run into my stairwell to pull the fire alarm. There have been times I've been unable to enter or leave my apartment because people are literally just tripping out in the middle of the stairwell or in front of the door, etc. I've been followed home late at night from the bus stop/LRT station by people who were literally talking about mugging me.
Price: 1/10
Completely unjustified and unaffordable. The unit and the experience of living here is generously worth about 2/3 of the current price, if that. They have manipulated studios into being a monthly lease in order to squeeze every single penny out of you for rent. Not to mention I had to pay $30/mo for a mailbox from UPS to be able to get packages, so it's even more expensive.
Overall Rating: 3/10
\ = I am acknowledging that these rankings are very far outside of the norm of things I have heard about the HUB from other current and former residents.*
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2023.06.05 22:27 LilDawg22 Have any of you ever had a problem with collector plates?

I recently got ahold of a set of original license plates for my ‘68 C10 pickup. In order to use original plates in my state (MN), I have to register my truck with collector plates.
Lady at the DMV tells me that collector plates are only for classic cars being driven to or from shows, and not for ‘general transportation’ (grocery store, work, school, etc) and that the rule is enforced by police. She cited this article:
I’m debating whether I just wanna go back to the DMV in a couple months and get them even though I drive my truck fairly frequently in the summer.
Have any of you guys ever had a problem running collector or original plates on your vehicle?
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2023.06.05 19:00 CeeCeeSays Use or Freeze By

Bought ground beef via grocery pickup on Friday, was surprised to see a really short "Use or Freeze by" date of June 4th (Sunday, yesterday). I didn't use it or freeze it, but would like to cook it tonight. What do we think- safe? Or toss it?

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2023.06.05 18:07 McStabbies Nice little meet this past Saturday

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2023.06.05 17:08 dannsg40 Anyone tried roadie app... Current review it's garbage 🗑️

Hi my blue vest brothers and sisters. I was wondering, what other ride gig package delivery apps have you used?
I have recently tried ups owned Roadie app.... I mean talk about hack job. It uses terms like gigs and trys to act like it's it hip and stuff.
Only first 5 drives so far so, I'm still open to hope it's better than I know.
So for example,
I did a pickup from the airport someone luggage.
Now where I'm from, that's a $20 bill tip. No matter what. That's par. Because we all have been there lost luggage and had it appears on our porch over night. Well, here I was thinking ok.... Base pay is 15.68 or something and I'll get cash from the guy or tiped out in the app.
Apparently, there is NO tips on flight luggage deliveries.... Wow... Ok definitely not worth the 47- 1hour of my time to drive to airport, park , pay 5 dollars for parking that gets reimbursed (wow thanks) and no tip for 15 dollars and pennies.
Ok so lesson learned... If anyone knows of an actual profitable way for airport delivery of lost luggage lmk please. I would think supply but moreover demand would be lucrative.
Moving on, today I finished a whole foods delivery order that rarely I get and was like ok while it takes forever to show in my earnings and potentially get another block id check out roadie.
I'm like sweet a $36.81 one now we are cooking but the. I see the details estimated 45min order ..... Get this .... Heaviest item 500 lbs with 20 different items total weight 2000! Lbs!
Hard pass on that.
Next, damn a 59$ one.... Ok ok.... Large gig. Pick up immediately. TOTAL MILES 120! 242 lbs of 4 tires!
Then my 2 I actually did were a couple of best buys for next to nothing and a Walmart grocery delivery tons of grocery they did a guarantee tip of 5$ but I don't think there was a chance of an additional tip. So it was like 14.57$ or something for 4 stops of groceries.
Am I missing something here?!
How can anyone actually accept those payments and break even?
I don't even understand whose the drivers for this app because unless u live behind Walmart I don't understand how they can offer so little. And I haven't noticed a surge ever yet. Is this a thing?
Finally, I saw something about instant pay is now offered because they listen to the roadie gig drivers blah blah blah you get your pay instantly (I think next business day) for a $2.99 fee!
Which is even more than Amazon flex which is what only 50¢ or free with Amazon flex debit card.
So, I just don't understand what garbage is going on. Anyone else have a positive experience with roadie or any other gig app they have used or are using that might be comparable to flex or whole foods or Amazon fresh?
Something that has surge or rain or snow surge pricing. Because so far roadie is NOT sh*t ..
Anyway, (I put this is flex app because when I got banned I was in a terrible way scrambling for a replacement and think we all should have a backup or 3 in such a situation. Fortunately, I got the bullsht ban reversed on appeals a day before arbitration filing) but I definitely think this is relevant.
Cheers 🥂 🍾
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2023.06.05 16:31 MasterHandSSBU Personally insulting the fans of every NBA superstar and also Chris Paul

Lebron James - The easy joke here is that you are somebody who doesn’t really know anything about basketball and just picked the guy you recognised from Space Jam or adverts, but the truth runs a little bit deeper than that. If Lebron James is your favourite player you don’t even like basketball, you like arguing online. The sad truth is, you desperately crave the facade of friendship that comes with the tribalism inherent to picking a side in a popular argument. You exist only to say Lebron is better than Jordan or Curry or Dwyane Wade or whoever it is you and your gang are arguing about that week. Any game of basketball that doesn’t have Lebron in it is completely worthless to you unless it can be used as evidence about a player that Lebron played with/against. Any game with Lebron in it is a nightmare, because you know if he plays badly MJ fans will make fun of you on Twitter, and to you that’s all that matters.
Steph Curry - To be a Curry fan means that, intrinsically, you are spoiled. Your hands are soft and unworked, your mummy still pays for your groceries and you have a manservant to wipe your ass when you’ve finished shitting. You were raised on state-funded winning and excuses for failure. You would never survive even a day in the wild, you shrink from adversity like a child fleeing the hand of an abusive father and you speak like a ten-year old. You have no place in the dirtier arguments of the NBA, you consider yourself above them. Steph and his superteam have coddled you, made you feeble with his asterisk rings. The thought of supporting a REAL player, somebody you have to FIGHT for scares you too much. You are, and forever will be, bitchmade.
Kawhi Leonard - You will never understand why the rest of us are so jealous of you. Kawhi has his rings, he has his fan love and he has an excuse to retire early and not embarrass you with the sight of having to watch him average 7 points a game for the Grizzlies at the age of 36. You support a basketball player who isn’t. Kawhi is now little more than a myth, a legend of the rings of yesteryear that echoes throughout the barren planes of San Antonio and Toronto. All you, as his trusted liege can do is keep the flame alive for as long as you can. The winds may howl and call him a pussy for his load management but as long as you shelter the flame, and Kawhi keeps conveniently getting injured when the Clippers need him, you will be safe. They will always remember the Philly shot. That’s all you need.
Joel Embiid - He can’t keep getting away with this, right? I mean, you put in WORK to get him that MVP, more work than he did, and this is how he repays you? You remember a time when you laughed at the fans of ringless players. AI, Melo, Lillard, Chris Paul, Harden until he saw the light, all bums. Embiid would get you a ring, he was designed to get you a ring, he had to get you a ring. You deserve a ring. You sat through the rebuild, all those injury problems, Ben fucking Simmons, all because you were promised a ring. And every year you would say ‘we lost because of this thing that isn’t Embiid’s fault, we’ll be back next year!’. And for a while, the public believed you. They bought your tales and your lies. Not anymore. They know the truth now, and they hate him for it. Deep down, you do too.
Kevin Durant - How many times will KD ‘seek a new challenge’ or ‘make the move right for him’ before you come to terms with what he is? He’s a nasty ring chaser, and that’s okay. Everyone would respect you more if you just admitted it. You can cope all you want and justify all his moves by claiming ‘toxic environment!’ or ‘the front office hated him!’ but even you don’t believe that, you just say it to save face. The worst part is, you haven’t heard the worst of it yet. KD has gone remarkably unscrutinized by NBA media as a whole, but when people start to question whether the most remarkable unicorn the NBA had seen since Wemby should have more than two state-funded rings, you might have some explaining to do. Maybe he should have stayed loyal to Oakland. Not OKC though, fuck that place.
James Harden - I want you to find a coin right now and flip it, catch it in your hand and turn it over. Take note of what side it lands on and keep flipping it until it lands on the other side. If you can flip this coin 56 times and have it land on the same side every time, congratulations! You have matched the statistical probability of the 2018 Rockets missing 27 consecutive threes. What this exercise should show you is that God is real and for whatever reason, he hates James Harden. Spare your soul and support a real player instead.
Giannis Antetokounmpo - Nobody has ever enjoyed a Giannis performance without already being a fan of Giannis in the first place. He is perhaps the most consistently boring superstar to watch. He never takes threes unless they’re wide open, he has never had a super interesting or acrobatic dunk, he loves free throws and he makes about 14 barely contested layups per game. He has no dribbling bag and his defence relies on simply being large. He is a boring player, and you know this, because that’s why you like him. Your idea of ‘good basketball’ is simply the person who can score the most points with the highest efficiency. You live and die by the box score because you genuinely think that’s the objective way of saying who had the best game. You could be sat in front of an Excel spreadsheet instead of a Bucks game and have essentially the same amount of fun, because your brain has been programmed to release dopamine whenever it sees three numbers over 10 next to each other. You are boring, we all think you’re dull, and when the rest of us are discussing real basketball we don’t want you anywhere near us because your idea of humour is just saying the jokes that Giannis said again. An Allen Iverson comp would kill you on the spot.
Russell Westbrook - It would be easy to make a joke about how much you miss 2017 and how you pretended it still is to try and stop the pain from setting in, but to be honest I honestly think you do still genuinely believe it to be 2017. For you, time hasn’t progressed at all. You’ve been known to play Despacito and Ed Sheeran when you get the aux and you can’t stop talking about how excited you are for Infinity War to come out. And yes, you do still somehow believe Russell Westbrook is a good player. Despite all your friends and family pleading with you to move on and showing you Youtube videos of that time he hit the side of the backboard, you firmly believe that Russ is still cooking on the Thunder. I can promise you, it doesn’t get better. Wake up now before we lose you forever.
Nikola Jokic. You are a 35 year old white guy with a beard and glasses who would, if asked to, happily pay to get advanced basketball statistics. Your life is filled with words like ‘True Shooting’ and ‘Player Impact Estimate’ that the rest of us couldn’t give a single shit about. You are who KD was talking about when he said people watch basketball through a graph. If I showed you a powerpoint saying that Mike Conley is the piece missing from the Suns to make them chip favourites you would believe me as long as I added in enough bar graphs. You have a poster of Ernie on your wall. You have never discussed basketball without double checking a fact on your phone. When you go to a bar in a city you don’t know you make a big deal about ordering local beers, and if the guy next to you didn’t hear you order it you order it again but louder. You have strong opinions on pirating that nobody agrees with. You are probably a centrist. You have no idea how much I pity you.
Luka Doncic - There are two types of Luka fans, the hollow, soulless Mavs fan who physically cannot talk about his team without saying the phrase ‘We just need to get Luka some help’, and the 16 year old jerker who’s brain instinctively goes ‘Luka Doncic is Devin Booker father’ the second they see his name. Both are equally hard to talk to, but at least the Mavs fan has an excuse for their suicidal demeanour. The jerker is barely even a human at this point, a bag of flesh that surrounds an endless stream of catchphrases and recycled memes. Luka Doncic is Devin Booker father. If you laughed at that for the second time, seek therapy or employment.
Jayson Tatum - Bro I am NOT GAY, I promise but IF I was, IF bro, IF I was then of course I would have sweaty man sex with Jayson Tatum, he’s just cute bro it’s not gay to say that bro it isn’t I swear. What? Tatum’s game isn’t good enough to justify the lengths I’ll go to defend him? He’s not really all that and I only love him so much because I think he’s sexually attractive. Nah bro you’re crazy for that one I won’t lie, just because Tatum’s lips are soft like pillows and I like the way his ass jiggles and I wish the NBA would let him play without a shirt on doesn’t make me gay bro you’re crazy for that one.
Zion Williamson - The Great Zion Debate revolves around a single word; ‘if’. IF Zion was to play regularly, he’d probably be top 3 bigs in the league, but guess what? He doesn’t, so he isn't. That should be a very simple thing to understand, but Zion fans love nothing more than to drag everyone into a world full of hypotheticals and make-believe, where anything is possible except Zion’s shitty conditioning being his own fault. Eventually you’ll be spat out of their portal wearing nothing but a lobster bib and a Jose Alvarado jersey, fully believing that it’s AD’s fault that Zion loves food more than he loves his own mother. After all, you can’t say he plays bad if he simply never plays.
Damian Lillard - Oh fuck you’re so cool man, you’re so cool because the player you support is so loyal man, that just makes you so much cooler than everyone else man. Ignore all the times you’ve screamed for him to be traded because the Trail Blazers are a complete poverty franchise, that doesn’t matter because Dame is so loyal and cool man, Dame time baby let’s go! Let’s fucking go! Who cares that the current state of the NBA would be exactly the same if Dame was never drafted and spent his entire life delivering DnD equipment to Portland’s extensive collective of people who couldn’t care less about basketball, he’s so clutch! Ignore all the red flags and hope the Lakers come through with a trade request. You’ll need post-season success more than you think in the years to come.
Chris Paul - When Chris Paul retires without a ring, which is a near guarantee unless Phoenix fix their shit or he begs Denver to take his dog ass for a season, what will you do? You probably gave up on your hopes of a ring around the same time Harden fans did, but man 2021 gave you hope didn’t it? Just for a second you felt what it was like to support a real player, a real man. Not the banana boat enthusiast who choked leads like they were Bart Simpson, but a player who could maybe win something someday. It must have been nice while it lasted. Then, reality set in. To be honest, I don’t really know who I’m talking to with this one. Chris Paul surely doesn’t have any fans left. He barely even has his own family on his side. Ah well, you’ll always have Lob City. And Kim K.
Jimmy Butler - It’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it. Ever since Jimmy realised he could just blame KAT for all the T’wolves failings you’ve carried on that legacy for as long as you can remember. Maybe if Bam plays better against Denver your beloved Jordan surrogate won’t have to be directly outscored by UDFA’s every night. It’s okay though, Jimmy has ‘fundamentals’. You love fundamentals don’t you, they’re that thing you use when you don’t have any actual arguments to say why Jimmy’s better than the perennial MVP candidate you’ve set him up against for no reason. You can whine and cope and say ‘he makes his teammates better’ but if that were true, wouldn’t he have achieved something in Chicago, or with that very promising Minnesota roster? Surely it must be someone else’s fault. Maybe it’s the leagues for hiring referees. Or maybe it’s KAT’s fault again. Who knows.
Kyrie Irving - Kyrie fans are the rare breed of basketball fan that actually play basketball, the problem is that they think they’re him with the handles and the ankle breakers and the and-ones, but in reality they are complete fucking garbage. I will never choose you to play pickup with unless you are the last option and I will never pass you the ball because I don’t want to watch you bounce it off your own thigh for 20 minutes. And dude, can you please stop talking about the Zionist New World Order or whatever the fuck you saw on Twitter last night? I fucking doubt the guy with the MAGA Pepe pfp has links deep in the US government, so forgive me for not believing that they put aphrodisiacs in the tap water so that we spend all our money on babies, just help me guard their sharpshooter or fuck off. And wear some deodorant fucking hell.
Devin Booker - You know, if a player needs All-Star candidates at every other position on the court just to progress to the Conference Finals, chances are that player isn’t very good. This thought does not register in the mind of the Booker fan, who genuinely believes that KD, Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton isn’t enough help. Your greed knows no bounds and will swallow you whole one day, yet in your lust for power you fail to turn inwards. Where was Booker vs the Mavs that one time? Why did he only score 12 points vs the Nuggets this year? Is he stupid? Does he not know he can play well in big games? No, no, clearly the Suns just need to trade Cam Payne and Ayton for Sabonis or AD or some other top 5 big, surely that’s where the problem lies right? Wait, what do you mean salary cap?
Ja Morant - Oh man I feel bad for you. You’re probably a guy who just enjoys basketball as a spectacle, who doesn’t particularly care about winning or losing as long as you get to watch the most entertaining players in the league pull off the most ridiculously flashy plays. Isn’t that what we all want, deep down? Maybe you were raised on a healthy diet of Vince Carter or D Rose, maybe you just think a guy who can jump over another guy for a bucket is neat, whatever the answer is you’re trapped with this fucking idiot who can’t keep himself out of trouble. Now the team you touted as the most exciting in the league is the most hated in the league, and through no fault of your own you look like a fucking idiot. Worse still, the sheen has come off the Grizzlies young core and now people actually expect them to start winning, probably without Ja. Consider suing Instagram before Adam Silver demands Ja be burned at the stake for his transgressions against his fellow players.
Trae Young - Yes, we all remember that New York series. Yes, we all thought Ice Trae was hot shit at the time. But guess what? That was 2 years ago and Trae has shown no signs of progressions since. Still a liability on defence, still a massive ball hog and still ugly as fuck. Just face the facts and admit that without these rivalries you create, be it with New York or Luka or whoever, Trae would be the most forgettable player in the league. Three point specialists are a dime a dozen in the post-Steph era, and there’s nothing to really separate your fave from Dame or Paul George or De’Aaron Fox or any other number of downtown dwellers. Also like dude, come on, he’s so ugly. Have some self respect.
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2023.06.05 15:58 No_Host_3881 Declined it so fast 😂😂😂

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2023.06.05 14:39 YouthFalse3385 where is the nearest grocery store

When you visit a Giant Food store, you’ll find a spacious and well-organized layout that makes it easy to navigate and find what you need. The store is usually clean and well-maintained, with wide aisles and plenty of signage to help shoppers find their way around. If you need help finding something or have questions about a product, the friendly and knowledgeable staff are always willing to assist you. And if you prefer not to shop in-store, you can take advantage of the online ordering, home delivery, or curbside pickup services that Giant Food offers.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Giant Food and what makes it stand out from the competition.
Store Layout and Atmosphere
Giant Food is a supermarket chain that is well-known for its exceptional product quality and variety. The company takes pride in providing customers with a wide selection of high-quality products, ranging from fresh produce and meats to bakery items and prepared foods. Giant Food sources its products from reputable suppliers who meet strict quality standards, ensuring that customers receive only the best. Additionally, the company offers a diverse range of products to cater to the varied tastes and preferences of its customers. From organic and gluten-free options to international foods and specialty items, Giant Food has something for everyone. Overall, the focus on product quality and variety sets Giant Food apart and has helped the company establish a strong reputation in the grocery industry.
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2023.06.05 10:53 pktrekgirl Does this sound like long covid?

I am a middle aged female, fully vaccinated, including two boosters.
For the main part of the pandemic I socially distanced and used my mask. Kept my bubble extremely small and even got groceries via curbside pickup. Never even caught so much as a cold for 3 years.
In January 2023 I got covid for the first time and it was like a very bad flu. Was sick for 3 weeks. It was rough. Took Paxlovid during this bout; it was horrible but I took it anyway.
In May I got covid a second time, this time I was not nearly as sick; felt like a bad cold. Was sick for 6 days.
Since testing negative and going back to work, I have been coughing a lot; all the time. Additionally, I am tired all the time but have trouble falling asleep. My throat feels like it’s closing up and I get scared I will stop breathing, this makes sleep quality very low. I am totally exhausted.
Have had some brain fog since the first bout in January. I can’t remember when things happened in the recent past and need to write everything down to remember things like instructions and the times/places of appointments. I also forget basic words for things occasionally. I have a very strong vocabulary usually, but I keep forgetting words. Sometimes I worry if I’m getting dementia or something.
I am also itching a lot. Mostly under my right arm but also my calfs and feet.
Finally, I have had IBS for years, but now it’s much worse. I can’t remember the last time I had a normal bowel movement. And I have frequent gas - both farting and even some burping.
I’m worried that I’m sick. Maybe all or partly with long covid, maybe partly with something else.
Anyone know which, if any of these symptoms are long covid?
Thanks for any assistance.
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