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Things you wish you could say to them.

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A place to write a letter you don't intend to send.

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2017.01.30 14:37 smashT Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player co-op-first sci-fi FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. Now fully released!

2023.06.07 14:00 glugglab my(20f) boyfriend(22m) is hornier than me and it’s ruining our relationship

me (20f) and my bf (22m) have been dating a little under a year. when we first started dating, i had a really high sex drive because of the birth control i was on. around 4 months into our relationship, i switched birth control and now my sex drive is gone.
i mentally still want to have sex but i’m never turned on or horny so when i start doing stuff i get really uncomfortable. it also feels like sometimes my bf pressures me into doing things. for example, this morning when we woke up he was really hard from spooning me and his pants were off. hs asked if he could cum on my ass so i wouldn’t have to do anything and i said no. he sighsd and got really cold and went to take a shower by himself.
i went through his phone once also. the first time was because he read my diary and was sad over things jn it about another person from before we met. i checked his instagram likes and he liked a picture of a girl with her ass out with some really sexual pose and caption. i confronted him and he was really apologetic but i went through his instagram following yesterday and he liked a picture that wasn’t exactly like the other one but was very sexual even though she was clothed.
when i confronted him about the second one he started saying stuff like “do you just want me to delete my instagram??” which i don’t!!! i just want him to not like sexual pictures like that especially when i’ve told him how it makes me feel.
us not having sex is creating a lot of sexual frustration for him. i feel bad but i can’t force myself to have sex because it just feels so bad. the birth control also causes me to be really tight and have no natural lubrication so not matter how much lube we use, i end up being in pain for the day after. a part of the reason i don’t want to have vaginal sex is because of that. he’s also got ingrowns on his penis that i don’t like putting my mouth on.
i love him and i don’t want to break up but i don’t know what to do. he says that he feels ignored because of my work and school taking up so much time because i work thursday-sunday when he works monday-friday. i want to spend more time with him but it’s hard since i don’t have a lot of free time. it feels like everything is just going bad and i need help. HELP!!!!
tldr: my boyfriends sex drive is higher than mine and it’s causing problems
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2023.06.07 14:00 AutoModerator [Meta] Subreddit Rules

Subreddit Rules
I. Your post MUST include [H] for "Have", and [W] for "Want". You must also include the platform you're planning to trade in. No Shitposts. Use /RLEMemes for memes.
Good title example: [PC] [H] Pink Zomba Wheels [W] Offers
Bad title example: Anyone want to trade for Frostbite??
You can also use [Discussion], [Meta], [Question], [Auction], [Price Check], and [Store] as tags.
Your item must be able to be traded at the moment of posting, no fake posts. You must own the item(s) and platform(s) you are posting (no posting for friends etc). Trades cannot be influenced on wording (cheap, quicksale, etc).
II. You cannot offer or request money/non RL item exchanges on the subreddit OUTSIDE of the stickied Anything-Goes thread. (Paypal, gift cards, etc). You cannot make wager matches, blind trading posts/trading games, raffle posts, item begging posts, offerequest boosting/coaching services, or account sell/mod anywhere on this subreddit.
III. Whether you are posting an item up for trade, or offering on a post by another user, you MUST keep all conversations out in the open to ensure all users are liable for their actions. No PM’ing or asking users to PM you to negotiate a deal outside of the ATG thread. Listing platform gamertags, IDs, friend codes, or references to negotiating elsewhere is not allowed.
IV. You can only make one post every half hour to avoid spam abuse. Usage of multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of the alt and a 7 day minimum for the main account.
V. Do not harass other users. Flaming (insulting users directly, name-calling, hate speech) may result in a temporary or a permanent ban from the subreddit at a moderator's discretion.
VI. Do not hijack active trades (no trade sniping). If you want to request or offer an item, do it on your own thread or wait until the offer has been declined or completed. This includes giving unwanted advice/tips on another user's sale (no price policing).
VII. Giveaways and blueprint revealing/trade-up streams (or videos) must be planned with moderators before being promoted. Read this post. Streams may only be promoted once per month by active users of the subreddit after moderator review.
VIII. If you were scammed, report them through ModMail with proof. Do not post about being scammed unless you've contacted ModMail for permission and that person has been added to the Scam List. Posting about someone scamming with no evidence or linking their scam list entry will result in a minimum 3 day ban. No witch hunting unless convicted scammer.
IX. If you're having an auction, please read and follow the auction rules.
This subreddit follows Reddit content policy.
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2023.06.07 13:59 Prof_IdiotFace Special consideration for ill health

Hi all, so when i woke up this morning i had a relatively bad stomach ache, but i decided to go in my maths paper 2 anyway. About half way through my paper the pain was incredibly bad and i had to temporarily leave the exam for 20 minutes. The invigilators and first aid think i may have some sort of a stomach bug as someone in my class had thrown up from one just before the exam. I was given the option of either returning to the exam and receiving extra time, or leaving it and allowing the markers to form a mark for it based off my mocks and what'd I'd already done. I chose to return, but i am now curious as to whether i will recieve any special consideration due to ill health in the exam, as i normally do quite well on paper 2. I looked online but can't find much in the way of my situation. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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2023.06.07 13:58 k1p1ssk Will this behavior calm down?

Tl;dr - new young cat is obsessed with getting our older cat to play - all day and night - will she grow out of it or can we do some training with her?
Hi all! New here. Some background/context: We are an adult only household in a rural area. We have 2 neutered male dogs that are older (7 and 13) that mostly keep to themselves. My mom had to give up her 7-9yr old female cat last spring due to some housing changes, and so we took her in. She took less than a week to adjust to our house, and easily settled into a routine. She was never a shadow cat, and does like to be where we are, but she is not a cuddler. She is incredibly docile, too - lets me trim her claws without so much as a meow in protest. The sweetest girl. Sleeps on the bed with us on occasion, but mostly does her own thing.
About 3 weeks ago, we noticed a small cat hanging around our yard. After watching her for a week and having her bound up to us and literally jumping into my arms, it seemed suspicious to us that she was around so much. We did our due diligence, contacted all the local vets, the animal control officer, posted pictures on several lost pet sites and FB pages, asked all the neighbors about her, but nobody claimed her and all signs pointed to her having been dumped, so we decided to take her in and quarantine her until we were able to get her vetted. She came back with a clean bill of health, got her vaccines, has a spay appt at the end of the month, and has been such an incredible love. She wants to cuddle, and play, and explore. She is probably around a year old, and as I said, she is intact, but getting spayed at the end of the month.
We had planned on keeping her separate from the other animals when we weren’t home or when asleep, but it was fairly obvious from the get go that this wasn’t necessary - everyone has been getting along great! Our only issue is that she seems OBSESSED with getting the older cat to play with her. All day and night, she follows older cat around, meowing and purring loudly, bounding at her, and otherwise causing a ruckus. This has obviously disturbed our sleep, but we can obviously just shut the cats out. But I am worried about the older cat getting to rest herself and being able to happily do her thing! We also would ideally not like to have the bedroom door shut as this also means keeping the dogs in or out, and raises a whole other host of issues with them (water access, autonomy for sleep spaces, etc.). So, I’m wondering a few things - will younger kitty kinda “get the hint” eventually and stop bothering older kitty? Could this be an “in heat” thing? Is there any training we could do to help deter her from this behavior? Picture of the lovelies in the comments… Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 13:58 Mumbles76 Local companies that sponsor F1 or J1 visas for internships?

Edit: Not sponsor, bad choice of word, but rather take on foreign students that are on the F1, J1.
Hello, I have a friend who is 20yo, from another country looking to do an internship with a local company here is Boston. I know plenty of local colleges post available internships, but none of them make mention of the potential for foreign students on student visa to take part.
Does anyone know of a way to locate these? (If there even are any?)
I want to help out my friend, but I don't know how to go about looking for these
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2023.06.07 13:58 Alphamale_hunter Don't wine about "chats deleted" if you have nothing to show. And I ain't asking.

So I was browsing a profile (anonymous of course) that was winning on his profile something like "addicted chat deleters skip me or ignore me"
My profile has 3, or 4 pics. If you messaged me it is because you like what you saw. Can you please have the courtesy and common sense to match my pics?
And I not talking about the shape of my body. One time I asked a guy to match my pics and his answer was "I am not a gym rat or muscly like you". This is not what I am talking about!
There's nothing more precious in this life than TIME! I receive at least 30 messages/day from anonymous profiles such as "Hey", "hi", "Nice pics", and "looking?".
I don't have the time of the day to answer everyone asking for the damn pics. If you don't send one with your messages of course your message will be solely deleted with no mercy.
C'mon! Do you really think I will engage in a conversation with something that I am not even sure is what I am looking for and after a considerable amount of time have to abort the operation because it won't work for me?
So, if bothers you fact you only see "message deleted" on your message grid, maybe is time to rethink about your strategy. What are you doing or saying wrong that is making users delete your messages? Or maybe the pic you are using is not a knockout. Change your pic. Close one and clear. Not a landscape pic or with hats and shades.
Hint: a pic showing less than 60% of you is not a pic. The more, the better. Less than what I am showing? You will most likely get your message deleted.
That's also insulting that you have the nerve to show up with nothing less than matching my pics. That tells me very much about you and is also a determinant factor for me to delete your message.
What the fuck? If in the beginning, you start being shady, you will always gonna be a shady person. Let people show themselves. Is a favor that they do to you. That gives you enough reason to not only delete the chats but not open the door for these individuals into your life. Every time I did, I regretted it. BELIEVE ME!
If had listened to my guy before engaged interactions with anonymous/shady profiles that would have saved a lot of mental sanity. Every time I decided to lose the time of the day with individuals like that, I only had a headache. Quality over quantity. I rather receive one message per week/month from a decent person than receive hundreds of headless, torso, close-up dicks, and asses flying on my screen.
"But this is Sniffies/Grindr"
Don't blame the name of the app and use it as an excuse for your lack of manners and respect.
And for the last let me do a metaphor here. Imagine that you work as a recruiter. When you browse for profiles on LinkedIn? Who would you invite for an interview? A complete and updated profile or one that seems to be lost in time/space? If you advertised a position, who would you invite for an interview? The one that uploaded the resume, and cover letter and filled all information requested on the form or that one that submitted an incomplete application?
One time I heard a recruiter complaining she was having a hard time filling a position that was open for months. Do you know what came to my mind?
Probably people are applying for a job, the same way they start a conversation on Grindr, Sniffies, and Scruff. Incomplete information, missing key parts(face pic is like a resume. Would you apply for a job without sending your resume?) And I don't blame her.
If you are not competent enough to understand society's rules, common sense, perception, and courtesy, you deserve a job neither getting laid nor hooking up. You will be on the margin of society struggling, just trying, trying, and getting NOTHING. Because is that you all have anonymous profiles that engage in conversations without showing yourselves deserve. NOTHING in this world.
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2023.06.07 13:58 oshincamus Constantly worried about career, future, don’t know how to get out of the hole I’m in

Been unwell for four years. Refused to accept it was fibro at first as I have over 100 symptoms, found this app and realised others do too. I’m unable to work due to a myriad of stuff. Burning feet to where I can’t stand at all for long. Brain fog. Severe pain in back and legs. ME/CFS. The list is endless. So I haven’t been able to go and do my masters degree. There’s just absolutely no way. I can’t even get the basics like sleep and diet and exercise right.
I wake up every morning and I feel violently sick because I live alone in a horrible town that has nothing in it, and I’m like….now what? Just go and sit on the couch to watch the tv? Can’t do online stuff cos of my shoulder bursitis. It’s just ridiculous every symptom stops me from being able to do anything.
I don’t know what I’m gunna do for a career and I turned 28 yesterday. I feel like I’m wasting my life. The fatigue is so bad I can’t function never mind study or work. I don’t want to live alone in this town with no purpose or goals anymore but I don’t want to die because I want to live just not like this 😭
Can anyone give me any advice on managing my symptoms or getting a bit better or finding a purpose or what I should do daily?
Thank you :(
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2023.06.07 13:58 Ok_Elephant_1554 Can she play

When I was around 2 to 3 me my mum and dad lived in a shared house, it was supposed to be just for women fleeing domestic violence or coming out of prison but my mum knew the landlady so my dad was aloud to live with us at this house.Normally men are not aloud to live in these houses due yo vulnerable women fleeing their domestic abuse. This house had a big shared back garden but for some reason we were the only ones to used it, it had giant trees at the end of the lawn and was all grass, I had a little round frog paddling pool I used to play in by myself. Upstairs lived a women and her daughter they would stand in the window for hours watching me play in my pool. I used to beg my mum could I play with the little girl upstairs as I was lonely playing in my pool by myself but all I would get back is no amy there is no little girl up there, I used to get so angry with my mum for lieing to me. One morning the lady from up stairs was in my kitchen having a cupper with my mum this was the first time my mum and her had spoken I seen this as my opportune moment to ask her could I please play with her daughter I told her I would be her best friend and look after her but the response I got only made me more angry the lady told me she didn't have a little girl who lived with her I knew she was lieing I seen her with her all the time I asked her who was the girl in the window then ? All I got was a sad expression and the lady left my mum and dad never spoke to her again. Fast forward to me being in my 20s I brought this up with my mum and asked her why they wouldn't let me play with the girl upstairs my mums face just dropped and this is what she told me, Amy the house we lived in was for women coming out of prison and escaping domestic violence, the lady upstairs had been released from prison for stabbing her husband to death, the lady had 4 children 3 with her husband and a older daughter about 8 years old from a previous relationship. Tragedy struck them and her 8 year old daughter fell down the stairs in the middle of the night and broke her neck and died. One night a few years after the daughters death the lady and her husband were in a bad place with one another and were drinking and arguing alot. when the husband was drunk he told her that he had infact pushed her daughter down the stairs and killed her it wasn't an accident so she snapped and stabbed him to death her other children were adopted to a family in Australia and she went to prison. My blood ran cold when my mum told me this but straight away everything started to make sense. I still to this day remember what the little girl looked like.
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2023.06.07 13:58 KripKropPs4 The Dark Knight Ascends - A DonkeyKonga Cut

Hey everyone! I realised I never posted my Dark Knight Rises fanedit.
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/828773534
When Gordon looks back at Wayne manor during the speech saying it was worth it, this suggests he knows who Batman is. This was the inspiration for a lot of this edit.
Changelist: - Remove ' youre a big guy! ' - Remove the goon sacrificing himself in the plane - Removed a lot of Gordon's guilt. He feels it was worth it, but the focus isn't on Dent in this cut. - After Gordon get's shot 'Robin' drops by. He tells Bruce that Gordon mumbled after he was shot about a masked man called Wayne. - Gordon knows who Batman is in this edit. - Removed a lot of the bomb timers and left 9 minutes on the clock when Bruce flies away. This because 1 minute isnt NEARLY enough to get rid of a nuke. - Turned the bomb detonation from 5 to 8 months. - Removed the goon punching bruce in his broken back. - Moved Alfred's speech about Bane to after he attacks the stock exchange. Bane's name hasn't been dropped anywhere near the heroes of our story so they can't know his name yet. - Removed the knee brace bit, because it's completely forgotten for the rest of the film - Removed any mention of Gordons letter when Bane frees the prisoners. He now just acts like a dictator causing havoc. - Removed ANY mention of a civilian carrying the detonator because it's stupid. - Removed the high ranking police officer constantly undermining Gordon. This helps the audience relate to him and makes his death tragic. - Removed Talia as the child. She is now only Rahs al Ghuls daughter - BANE IS THE CHILD. Huge important change that completely changes his arc. - Removed Batman giving the clean slate to catwoman, it seems highly unlikely that he could get it after all this. She now asks 'And why should I help you? Maybe I like it this way.' He replied: 'To save the city. Because that bomb is going off.' - Removed Robin becoming Robin. - Removed Talia's horrible acting when she dies lol ( this one hurt a bit because it IS hilariously bad and amusing ) - Add a shot of Bane giving the speech on TV without reading the letter or holding Dents picture for better continuity. - Remove 'So you came back to die with your city?' - 'No. I came back to stop you' and turned it into 'So you came back to die with your city?' - 'No.' - Removed Catwomans girlfriend saying 'this is what you wanted remember?' Catwoman doesnt have alzheimers she knows what she said. She just regrets it. Such silly writing to remind the audience of a line said earlier. - Removed a few lines about the bomb going in X amount of days to make it more plausible that bruce actually had more time to prep his recovery etc.
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2023.06.07 13:56 Savings_Talk7961 Scam- blackmailing

Yesterday, I talked to someone on an app and then we moved to WhatsApp for a video call. Shortly after, things took a turn and I ended up recording the call. The person said they would be back and then started blackmailing me. They took screenshots of everyone on my Instagram and messaged a few of my friends. I didn't pay them any money and told them I would go to the police. They cursed at me and said they would ruin my life. I told them I had given their number to the police and sent them all the blackmail messages. They then deleted all the messages and blocked me.
I thought I was in the clear, but today, a few of my close friends received messages from a Filipino number (+62) with a photo of me looking bad and a greeting. My friends reported and blocked the number. I'm worried if this person will continue to harass me. This situation has really affected my mental health.
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2023.06.07 13:56 SnooKiwis1581 1440p UK Monitors Help

I've been trying to find a 27 inch 1440p 144hz monitor and I'm in the UK. I'd like to buy either from Curry's (a retailer) or Amazon where the seller is not a third party. This is making things pretty challenging.
From what I've researched :
LG monitors are amazing except for their contrast
Gigabyte M27Q-P/M27Q is amazing but hard to find.
ASUS monitors are decent but have a minor issue where when the computer sleeps they have a weird power cycle thing and cause all the windows to be rearranged.
MSI 274QRF-QD : Honestly one of my big contenders. It's currently out of stock at Curry's but went for 299£. Contrast isn't great here but colours are way better. I've heard complaints about the colour uniformity but I don't know if that's a universal thing or how bad the issue is.
Anyone able to add their 2 cents or provide recommendations for ones in the UK.
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2023.06.07 13:56 AdSubstantial6979 [Probably a spoiler] I loved it but somehow.........

It felt like the past years inside the tunnel was actually a wasted time. And I felt bad for Anzu for feeling depressed about the idea that she lost someone she loved and that excruciating feeling that she wouldn't get to meet or see him again. And then poof. He comes back and I guess he'll get to share how he spoke with his sister for seconds while the person who loves him waited for 8 years - and basically spent another 5 years more away from reality.
I mean I loved the animation, pacing and all. Plus Anzu is great. It's just the story for me. And im sorry.
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2023.06.07 13:56 River_Moon Elvanse stopped working even after 6 month break

So I was diagnosed with ADHD in December 2021 and was prescribed Elvanse (first 30mg, then 50mg) which I took almost daily until December 2022. The medication was extremely helpful and like so many others I felt suddenly very calm, emotionally stable and generally more able to do things I couldn’t before. I took a break from the meds the last few months as I was having some health issues that might have been related to my medication (stabby earache anyone?!) or it might also just have been the massive amount of stress I was under (or both).
Two weeks ago my psychiatrist suggested to slowly start taking 30mg of Elvanse again, as I have been quite up and down the last few months… well, mostly down. However, it feels nothing like the first time I started taking them. I’m not getting the mental clarity I did before, but just lots of anxiety and agitation instead. My emotions are still all over the place and it feels like I’m experiencing a really bad drop in the afternoons when it wears off and all I can do is cry for hours. My psych prescribed me Fluoxetine (Prozac), however I’ve had neutral/bad experiences with every single antidepressant I’ve been on before (10 years ago, but still), so I’m quite hesitant about starting them. I’m trying to do all the stuff I’m supposed to do (eat well, workout, meditate), the one thing I’m not able to improve even with the Clonidine I was prescribed, has been my sleep.
I guess what I’m looking for is advice from anyone who has experienced anything similar? I’m worried the Fluoxetine will make everything worse but perhaps I just need to give it a go.
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2023.06.07 13:56 EasyDifficulty_69 Fined for not having insurance on a vehicle that was stolen (reported stolen to the police and insurance and deemed to be lost, so case closed.) This is urgent, please if anyone can help, it would go a long way.

I'm going to make this brief because I just need help.
My partner had her vehicle stolen over a year ago now, she told the police and insurance and we moved on with our lives counting it as a loss. Now she is being fined for not having insurance on the vehicle for specified dates that occur after the date of the theft. We have a police crime number and numerous correspondance with the police dated well before the dates she supposedly didnt have insurance. She's being fined for not having insurance on a stolen vehicle after it had been stolen essentially.
Fast forward to about two weeks ago, she recieves a further steps notice from an enforcement unit saying that they have tried to contact her and the fine has not been paid so now they will take futher action, even threatening arrest. However we recieved zero letters, this could be due to us moving house, but still, they've got her address as she had changed it. They gave her 10 days to pay before anything happened. However during these 10 days she had contacted the magistrates to re-open her case and hear out why she is not guilty. The court still hasn't replied, despite many follow up phone calls. Now the enforcement team have sent another letter stating that the actions will now be acted on as she has made another failure to pay.
What the hell do we do??
We can't just speed the court up, and the enforcement team are being incredibly intimidating with numerous threats.
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2023.06.07 13:56 derder3212 Is ECE 20001 as bad as people say?

I was about to take 2k1 this Spring, but got cold feet and dropped it at the last minute. I've heard horror stories about that class with professors curving down students who "did too well". One such instance was when a friend of mine ranted about how his 90 something final grade became a B+. I've also heard conflicting accounts from people who tell me that the class has gotten better these days, but the occasional ranting from people about this class on this subreddit left me unconvinced. I'm gonna be getting McKinney this Fall. Has anyone ever been taught by him, if so, how was your experience? Am I going to be in for a bad time?
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2023.06.07 13:55 RealCombination3899 My ex called just to ask for our address

So my ex and I use to live together. Yesterday she calls and ask what our address is (I still live in the apartment we got together) because she is trying to get her school records. The only thing is she never went to school here (went to school in a completely different state where she is now) what so ever and why would she need my address to get her records from a completely different state? Also I’m almost positive she knows what our address is or has it somewhere. After I gave it to her she just says ok thanks and hangs up (to be fair I didn’t try and continue the conversation).
She was suppose to be in Rehab but apparently she left and my first question was literally why are you not in rehab so maybe she just knew that’s what we were gonna talk about if the conversation continued. I am concerned she’s gonna just show up I can’t see another reason for he asking for the address other than maybe sending me a letter, giving me back some stuff I gave her I really don’t know. What do you guys think the point of this call was?
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2023.06.07 13:55 stonecloakwand My 33F coworker 40M doesn't like changes

Edit: sorry for typos. I'm on mobile and my nails are longer than I like them to be. I need to file them down a little 😬
My (33F) coworker (40sM) doesn't like new changes...
I work in retail/customer service. I very much likey job, which is surprising these days. My job just had a change in management. With the changes, our new GM (30s. F) is trying out some new ideas to make more profit and minimize waste. The old GM had been there for going on 10 years and decided he was done. Out of the blue he put in his 2 week notice.
With the changes we are no longer allowed to sit down during slow times (we weren't supposed to in the first place), there's a little more work for us I'm regards to putting out specific food items, but it's really not bad at all. I've had way worse jobs. The atmosphere is really laid back, there aren't really any cliques and everyone gets along. Our GM is probably one of the best people I've had the pleasure of working for. They are very understanding and os a human, like the rest of us. They understand that things happen and is willing to work with us. They are the definition of a 'leader' and not just a boss.
Personally, I don't mind the changes. I haven't been there for very long (3 months) and I just do what I'm told and show up when I'm told to. My coworker on the other hand has been there longer. He's been there approximately 6 months.
I asked him a question about the new food items today and he looked at me as if I had a second head. He knew about them from the meeting we all had last week. It was mentioned. He's started making comments about our GM and newly appointed assistant GM (whom I will mention worked very hard for the position and deserves it, imo) about being corporate stooges and that they're sell outs. He also complained that we have more work than the other two shifts now but I think it's justified because we work overnights and get a premium by an extra 40¢.
I'm not sure what to do. I did my best to curtail the complaints with "I'm just doing what I'm told to do, don't shoot the messenger" but I'm really not wanting to listen to any more of it. I also get that it's common to want to complain but it's really not that big of a deal. How should I navigate? The comments do make me uncomfortable because while I like this coworker when we work together, I also respect my GM. They have been nothing but good to us and very understanding.
TL;DR: I (33F) am not sure how to navigate around my coworker (40M) complaining about more work and that the changes the New GM is making being corporate sell outs/stupid changes. It makes me uncomfortable.
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2023.06.07 13:55 MarBitt Masturbation to written porn and erotic stories is no more or less harmful than masturbation to porn videos.

Definitely, if we consider only the effect on masturbating persons and their romantic relationships.
There are understandable reservations against the possible exploitation of real people in the porn industry. It is also possible to question whether or not porn featuring real, consenting people is ethical in general. I don't want to deal with this topic here, and if someone wants to deal with it, please, instead of porn videos in general, compare purely animated porn or AI generated porn with written porn.
Regarding the harmful effect of porn videos, it is often stated that porn:
  1. Can negatively impact relationships. Leads to less sex and less satisfying sex. Maybe, hard to say. Anyway, if someone prefers to masturbate rather than have sex, it doesn't really matter whether they prefer to masturbate over the written sex scene or over the seen sex scene. The relationship suffers the same way.
  2. Can become a bad habit or addiction. Whether it's video or written text, both can become addictive and hard to quit.
  3. Can fuel violence and abuse. I have experienced the most violent scenes, direct rape, non consent situation and the like in written porn stories, not only in fan fiction but also on large websites such as Literotica. If there were written instructions on how to murder people and video instructions, would anyone argue that the written instructions are less dangerous? Or if there are violent groups, echo chambers and the like, are they safe just because the hateful comments are in written form?
  4. Perpetuates racism and toxic stereotypes. Written porn and erotic stories usually include the whole context, which is often attractive to women. But by adding context to the pure sex scene of two young looking people in the sense that he's over a hundred years old, a supernatural predator feeding on blood who has been secretly watching her sleep at night and she's a barely legal schoolgirl who is willing to risk him killing her just so she could have him doesn't make it any less toxic.
  5. Can change a consumer’s brain. Yes, definitely. But that goes for anything we pay attention to. Moreover, if I compare, for example, written and seen horror films, the written ones were more able to frighten and influence me. Because I consciously helped it with my imagination, I directly transferred myself to that situation, saw it, heard it, but also smelled it and tasted it. In contrast, with porn videos, it's much easier to distance yourself if something is disturbing.
I'd love to read your opinions, especially from people who think masturbating to porn videos is more harmful than masturbating to written porn.
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2023.06.07 13:54 foxepower Getting screwed by my hauptmieter (not in a good way)

I have been renting as an untermieter for 9 years, the hauptmieter lives in Nuremberg, I know she makes a few 100 extra euros from me under this a situation, but I like my apartment and it is still reasonably priced.
I am a good tenant and never have been late for rent, and I don't cause a fuss unless certain things need urgent fixing. In general as hauptmieter, Ms X has always dealt with anything to do with the building owners, Covivio. Late last year Ms X missed some sort of payment for a small increase in nebenkosten, and this year I started to get those yellow letters of civil process against her, but also suprisingly in my name also. When I contacted her about this she told me not to worry, assured me it was being taken care of. It kept happening over a few months but she swore her lawyer was taking care of it right up until last month when she went silent.
Now I am being served with a forced eviction in 2 weeks time on June 21st. I am meeting with a mietershutz lawyer tomorrow, but I was wondering if the good people of Reddit Berlin might have some experience or tips on top of this?
TLDR: my absentee hauptmieter of 9 years has been lying to me about unpaid bills and now we are getting evicted, can you suggest any ways to help? 🙏
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2023.06.07 13:54 DruFastDruFurious Childhood trauma reawakened.

On Sunday I got some bad sunburn at a lake (wasn’t much hotter than 20c but we were there all day).
Uncomfortable to sleep on but I thought nothing of it. I knew it was bad sunburn as I’m pale and the burnt regions (shoulders, chest, stomach) all stuck out. I rubbed aloe vera aftersun lotion on it a couple times without issue. My clothes irritated it a bit so I was careful putting clothes on.
Then…2 days after burning. I’m on a work trip to a seaside town. Me and my colleague are sitting by the coast having lunch.
I feel a certain tingle across my pecs and my eyes widen. I start jabbering to my colleague about how it’s ‘happening again’ like the giant from Twin Peaks.
I rip off my shirt, and in a blind panic, I spray after sun with aloe Vera onto the area and rub it in.
It’s only then that the most traumatic memory from my childhood hits me with the full force of an acid/PTSD flashback/Freddy Krueger going ‘remember me?’
I was a kid. I stayed in the hotel pool all day. I was burnt but fine until 2 days later when I collapsed onto the floor of an Irish bar my parents were in, writhing and clawing at my back. They thought I’d been spiked.
They took me back to the hotel, put me in a cold shower then rubbed aloe vera lotion on my back. It didn’t take long before I was screaming and begging for it to stop, thrashing about trying to escape my own body. I hadn’t thought about it for a long long time, but as soon as it woke up in June 2023 I realised it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me.
Panicking, I left all my stuff with my colleague and staggered along the coast, with tourists watching me slash at my skin non stop, doubled over like the hunchback of notre-dame.
A lot of people describe it as the worst pain of their lives. For me it was different to pain. It’s an itch with such urgency and such depth that you’d drop your newborn baby to scratch it. Only for you to find out that sorry, your nerves are malfunctioning and you can get no relief.
Having that cycle of irritation, relief, irritation, relief that you’ve known your whole life be completely blocked is an eye opening horror that a lot of people must only experience during terminal illness or torture.
Your brain flashes up a sentence. ‘This is different. This is a foe I cannot fight’.
If you have not experienced it, FUCK YOU. If you have experienced it, welcome to a dishonourable club. You will get through this with your mind intact with some simple steps.
For me, this has helped a lot, less than 24 hours into Hell’s Itch as I type this.
I took 20mg Loratadine and that got me home from my cancelled work trip without screaming.
I took a 30mg cocodamol tablet that doped me up good and stopped the fear. Doing the same again today.
I was quite dehydrated when it started. Chug it. Your skin needs the resources to regenerate faster and get you past nerve irritation.
Fights inflammation, takes your mind elsewhere, but only smoke weed if you are not panicking.
-Slight pressure from clothing
My gentle dressing gown against my chest seems to deaden the feeling compared to cool air against bare skin.
-Peppermint oil
I bought some. Haven’t tried it yet but will if there’s another wave. Dilute it in a little water and dab on the HI areas.
Best of luck.
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2023.06.07 13:54 Thrower__ AITA (this involves weed too)

Ok so, first of all let me state that yes, I Desk, am underage and the other person involved who we will refer too as Klax (first thing that came to mind) is also underage but I do not know if im doing the right thing. So this story starts 2 years ago when I stayed at Klax's house for the first time from then on I would stay at his house more and more often. And then one night we got a 8th of medical grade weed instead of street weed we started off smoking medical grade so it felt like we were (or however you spell that word) comfortable with weed again and would then at that point have someone buy for us.
Fast forward about half a year into late freshman year Klax's consumption along with my consumption tripled essentially but the weed was making Klax's mental health keep going down and down along with certain family things that wouldntve bothered him before this point. And I am not going to say I didnt have a hand in the weed consumption because I was the stoner friend who knew the people who would let us smoke for free sometimes, I also have a bad history with the law (not with weed but for speeding and other things like unregistered vehicles like quads and bikes and running from cops) so I am definitely a contributing factor as a bad influence.
fast forward a little ways farther we enter sophomore year as basically brothers but now since its summer I dont want Klax to keep smoking and Klax also picked up the habit of vaping (because of me this will play a part as im still thinking what I should do because ive tried everything to try and get him to stop but it seems like ive really just enabled him?). fast forward to now we are like a coal train in a cartoon everytime we smoke and its not healthy for Klax mentally and his parents even though they allow him to smoke theyve been pushing him to stop but Klax keeps brushing it off and saying he's fine.
I definitely think because I am a bad influence think I should distance myself but im planning to grab all of his vape and weed stuff so he doesnt smoke and I do not know whether or not this is a good idea so im turning to you guys in the weed community and the aita community for a little guidance
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2023.06.07 13:54 clovercaby Shark bump?

I was out on the Santa Cruz east side today and I think I may have been bumped by a shark? Details:
A big set came through, I was on a 9’6 log and barely made it over. Readjusted on my board and about 1 min later feel my leash get pulled and then a strong bump at the tail of my board. My partner saw a splash near the tail maybe 8in to 1 ft in diameter. I screamed and paddled over to the peak to be closer to the crowd, maybe 20 yards away.
Once there I tried to just remain fully arms/legs on my board and calm to not make any splashing but within 30 seconds another strong bump at the tail of my board. At this point I decide to paddle in, and paddle the 300ish yards to the exit. My partner didn’t ever see what bumped me and never saw a fin, but spoked none the less. We stayed and watched from shore for 45 min, and didn’t see any seals or otters (or dolphins but let’s be real that truly hopeful thinking).
What do we think? Shark bump? Big fish?
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