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A place for all things hip-hop in the Windy City.

2018.06.10 11:04 laazrakit Hotties in a stadium setting.

Whether at a sporting event, or maybe a concert, women spend time in stadiums and arenas. I wanted a spot to collect photos of them.

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A place for all things Radiohead.

2023.06.07 14:43 Snoo4998 Chance me international ASIAN Male

Demographics: Male, Asian (not China + holds United States passport), 200k+ bracket, tiny international private school, and hooks (URM, first generation, legacy, athlete, etc.) Squash national team reserve (but I suck cuz its a small country) (UMich+UWMadison Legacy) Intended Major(s): Econ/Finance/Business ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1520 (790M) prejected 1550+ in june SAT Toefl: 115
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.93UW no weighted and rank (terrible freshman year due to transition from a public school to an international highschool) (got Bs for art and composition) Coursework: No APs for freshman and sophomore year, took 4 APs (out of 6 offered) (AP Human Geo, APUSH, AP Calc BC, Ap Physics C Mech) took all 4 exams + self studied Micro&Macro (5s for everything but mech), taking 6 APs in senior year AP Stats, AP psych, AP Environmental science, AP World History, AP US Gov, AP Lang + Honors linear algebra and some required stuff.
Never in chemistry and composition honors
Top 5 scorers in my country's economic olympiad chosen to me on the national team and would attend the International Economics Olympiad
National Economics Challenge: overall individual and team scoring gold award in everything
United States Academic Decathlon: Honors Division, Social Science, Economics, art, music, interview, speech awards at the national level
Debate competition (national level) outstanding debater and champion
School play playwright and main actor
Social entrepreneurship competition (national level) finalist
Extracurriculars: Include leadership & summer activities
Squash national team reserve
Co-founder of a cycling club at our school organized a cycling trip around my country sponsered by the gov't (10 members)
Co-founder of a volunteering platform (60+ members)
Head of personnel at a volunteering platform (300+ members)
Co-founder of the Debate club + Vice president (40+ members, small school so this is the largest club)
A summer program at an Ivy (I know it might be a pay to play but I did get 3 college credits with A+ grade)
Internship during the summer at a large semi-conductor related company (not paid)
Helped out family business (small scale realesatate company)
I KNOW I DONT Have research 🥲, it is impossible for high schoolers to find research opps in my country without paying to play
Essays/LORs/Other: Optionally, guess how strong these are and include any other relevant information or circumstances.
Essays should be mediocre cuz i'm a terrible writer (8/10)
Counselor (7/10) Don't know well
APUSH/Econ teacher (9/10) Did excellent in his class and he was my advisor on serveral competitions, so I know him relatively well. One of his fav students
Ivy Prof. (7/10) This one is from the summer class. We didnt work together a lot, but I was top in his class and we did click on several important discussions and topics.
Schools: (No need for aid) (I'm trying to shotgun but Im also trying to shorten the list) (My parents won't sponser me to go to LACs and the Safetys )
ED1: Cornell
ED2: NYU or Emory
EA: Umich
UW Madison
(Reach) BU, BC, Vandy, UCLA, UC Berkely, Georgetown, Wash St. Louis, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Northwestern, JHU, U Chicago
(Target) UCs beside LA and Berkely, UIUC, UBC, Toronto, Northeastern
(Safety): Penn State, Indiana Bloomington, Rutgers
Plz dont dox me and I'm very open to all opinions especially on the college list since I haven't done much college research.
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2023.06.07 14:42 LittleConstruction92 Home Inspection said double-tapped breakers. Is this a problem?
I am looking to buy this home and had a home inspection. House is in the Chicago Suburbs and was built in the mid-90s, with an underground service entrance. Are the double-tapped breakers a concern and how would the electrician fix them? The panel also is full so how hard would it be to add a subpanel? I plan to upgrade the kitchen and probably run conduit and maybe an outlet for an EV charger to an attached garage about 30ft from the main panel.
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2023.06.07 14:41 politelegacy Parking for Arctic Monkeys?

Hi there,
Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere good to park in Norwich ideally near Carrow Road for the AM concert tonight. My Plan A is parking at Riverside but I feel as though that would be taken up quite quickly especially with a high number of people travelling by car. I know Rose Lane and Rouen Road car parks are other possibilities but is there any other good spots that I'm missing?
Many thanks
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2023.06.07 14:40 mulex13 should I continue with our plans?

my ex and I want to go to this concert in october, but it’s in a state 5 hours away. we talked about going together during the break up, but decided that if we go, we’d go as friends. for context, it’s been 3 days since the BU, but it was a healthy one. it was filled with a lot of love and appreciation for one another.
should I still go through with buying the tickets? the tickets go on sale today and I need clarity. my heart was telling me to just buy them and if we don’t go, then I can take someone else to experience that with me.
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2023.06.07 14:40 bobdole4eva PTCGL is genius, hear me out!

First off, so nobody gets the wrong idea, I fully agree with everyone's criticisms of PTCGL, and I share the feeling that the game is just really bad in so many ways.
The reason I think its genius though, is actually BECAUSE of how bad it is.
For contrast, I played MTG for years, and when I got MTG Arena, I no longer played IRL. Arena was good enough that it scratched my itch to play MTG, so I never made any effort to go out and play, plus cards were expensive etc.
When I got back into Pokemon TCG last year, the Live beta had just started. I didn't play much PTCGO because of the cost factor, so Live was my only way to play. It gave me lots of free decks and lots of resources to get started, but it felt awful to play...
So I got up off my ass, found a FLGS that had Pokemon events, and started going there every week. I've since made lots of good friends there, and even attended a Regional and an International Championship!
If PTCGL was an amazing, polished, bug free product, would I have ever been inspired to play IRL the way I have? Probably not! Well played TPCI, well played...
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2023.06.07 14:39 UnlinedTaker 1948 Shocking Chicago Photo. This is also history, and we are in Chicago in 1948. The mother hides her face in shame after putting the children up for sale.

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2023.06.07 14:38 Pinkhillz UPDATE: JNFMIL is telling people I'm pregnant and is booking flights for my due date in June (EXCEPT IM NOT F@$%ING PREGNANT)

Hello.... it's me. The woman who posted over new years that's FMIL claimed she was pregnant and due in June 2023, despite not being pregnant.
Well it's June! And would you all believe that I do not have a new born child in my arms? It would be very concerning if I did since I've been knocking back espresso Martini's every week for the past few months.
So JNFMIL fortunately did not show up on our doorstep on June 1st with bells on and ready to snatch away my "newborn". I think a family member that visited over April might have squashed her pregnancy theory, since we bar hopped and I was visibly not pregnant. Way to ruin the suprise.
HOWEVER. She will be in our state later this year. She called FDH over mothers day and advised him of her pending trip, and expressed her excitement for him to show her his house, where he works and his favourite places to eat. Very cute itinerary FMIL. FDH reminded her that she will not be staying with us and she isn't welcome in our home after how shes treated me (as it's also my home), but he's willing to grab a coffee with her.
He hung up shortly after. I told him he should have said "we'll be busy with a new family member at that time" and i will buy a pet rock and do maternity photos with it. Hes boring and didn't agree with my idea. Boooo. (Side note- maybe FDHs sense of humour is really the just no... just saying lol).
Anyways after the call she continued her pity screamo concert to an array of family and friends. FSIL called to tell me that FMIL has apparently been talking to her for weeks about telling FDH about the trip, and despite FSIL trying to reign in her expectations of him being at her beck and call as a personal tour guide, she was still totally blindsided by him saying no to her. This woman is delusional. Also, she claims this is a work trip. She's worked at the same company for 2 decades and never had a work trip here. So that's very convenient timing...
TLDR: still not pregnant but am considering adopting a pet rock before FMIL visits our state. Thoughts on names?
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2023.06.07 14:37 Unable_Ad_2901 Help with using Logic Pro X as a sound mixer for a live performance

I'm in desperate need for help with some technical stuff for an outdoor live concert at a festival in a month.
A little background; we are a band who are throwing a random concert at a festival. At this concert we will be using the instrumentals already recorded for our studio versions, which means that we will only need to live mix our vocals. We have two vocalists. We will be using two SOUNDBOKS gen 2 speakers for the sound as it is outside and will be using a M-Audio USB audio interface to get the mics into Logic Pro X.
Is this at all possible to do in Logic Pro, and if so, how do we best do it? Are there any other sound mixers for computer or iPad that are better?
All help is welcomed xx
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2023.06.07 14:36 No_Way9382 TIL in 1981 George Thorogood and the Destroyers completed their "50/50 Tour", in which the band played shows in all 50 US states in 50 days. In fact, they played a concert in Washington, D.C. on the same day that they performed a show in Maryland, thereby playing 51 concerts in 50 days.

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2023.06.07 14:34 Leather_Echidna_4371 Cant rich people have anything nice anymore?

Now that Path of Exile 2 is coming up it's gonna allow Pauper supporter pack players to bask in the glory that is us core (and I do mean core) supporter pack players, can we not have but a small concession now that we must share town space with disgusting plebeians? I feel that in any times of Queue the game should recognize the greater tithe that we have paid, recognizing us as the true poe fans. In addition to that, perhaps a damage multiplier against bosses in comparison with lower supporter packs in boss arenas. (thinking 10 percent per lower supporter pack, nothing unfair or unreasonable) I also feel as if we should be able to collect tax from these welfare supporter pack folk, perhaps in the form of divines each time us high end players have the misfortune of crossing their paths.
Plebian supporter pack players need not respond, your opinion is unimportant here.
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2023.06.07 14:33 StatementVarious6894 Any luck filling script in Chicagoland?

Any leads on pharmacies in the Chicago suburbs that are filling wegovy 1mg? I’ve called around quite a bit the last two weeks and have had no luck.
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2023.06.07 14:32 Annual_Peak1_2_3 Key West

I saw Bob for the very first time in Lisbon on Sunday. He was fantastic and I shedded a tear when he began because I couldn’t believe the great man was right within my sight. The concert was amazing, and his band are superb. I kind of knew what he was going to play but was nicely surprised with Gotta serve somebody. Anyway… Key West is my favourite off Rough and Rowdy Ways so I was really excited to hear it live but was left somewhat disappointed. It just didn’t carry the same emotion, and it felt like Bob just sped through it. Black Rider on the other hand was superb and that is probably my least favourite song on the album.
Jimmy Reed no words can describe how good this was.
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2023.06.07 14:31 _TASTE-THE-WASTE_ This thing lives with us on Earth!

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2023.06.07 14:30 Salty-grt 💩
Elsewhere, conditions for summer interns in the beating heart of capitalism at Citadel seem quite impossibly sweet. They are getting paid $5,000 a week, being given free accommodation in Chicago, New York or other financial centres, and kicking off with a week-long offsite in either Palm Beach (for the hedge fund) or Fort Lauderdale (for Citadel Securities). While they’re bonding in the sunshine, they will also be matched to “buddies” responsible for mentoring them and trained in how to “act like a leader – even as an intern”.
Obviously, the extreme attractiveness of this program means that it’s almost impossible to get on to it. There were 69,000 applications this year, up 65% on last year, and although it’s a large program by hedge fund standards, there are about 300 places (an acceptance rate of somewhat less than half a per cent). The good news is that it’s not all about academic excellence – being a chess grandmaster or a special forces soldier can also be a way in.
Perversely, of course, that very exclusiveness is part of the attraction of the program. Citadel recruits from top universities worldwide, and it is likely to appeal the most to people who are really driven to try to get things simply because they’re the most prestigious of their kind. It’s unlikely that there will be anyone at the party in Florida who applied because they thought it was the company that makes Warhammer figurines.
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2023.06.07 14:29 ToeMurky3484 Healer impact and SS balance

Had a thought and interested to see what people say. Obviously healers have been complaining a lot about how they feel with the new patch, as well as the low interest in them as an unthankful job. From what I’ve read on here with many different opinions it comes down to not being able to make a difference in the game and having to rely on your dps to secure any kill. Well, possible solution time. What if we take CC such as fear, cyclone, poly, incapacitates etc away from dps and give them solely to the healers. DPS would keep their micro cc, stuns, silences, knockbacks etc but lose their big fight control CC used to secure kills. Give this to healers so they have a meaningful impact on every game as if they don’t get CC off dps will be unlikely to secure kills without getting their opponents out of position. I feel like this would give healers a role in every SS match as well as 3’s and 2’s without ending with crazy infuriating things like fistweavers out dpsing people in that specific role.
Basically it would remove long form CC from dps and give every healer a Cyclone type CC they can use. I feel like this will also make arenas with a healer on each team feel like the healers are fighting each other as much as the dps are in order to out play their mirror.
Anyway, just wondering how much people would like or hate this idea and why they think it will or won’t work.
Just FYI this also allows for dampening to be less effective and less nessesary and both damage and healing output to be potentially boosted as long as classes can kill inside a 6 second window but healers can also heal through all dps without any interrupts. I think this will also increase the mana and positioning battle. Should also make healers more fun to play and maybe reduce Q times
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2023.06.07 14:26 NoblestOfTigers A numerical ranking of how optimistic each fanbase should be about their team, based on 8 metrics.

I decided to create a system to rank each team on a scale of 1 to 100 on the level of optimism they should have about their team. Each metric is graded a little differently, and I have an explanation for each below.
Last WS App. (# yrs) Pts LCS App's last 10 Yrs Pts Last 100-win Season (# yrs) Pts MVP/CY/ROY winners last 10 Pts Last Playoff Series Win (# yrs) Pts # Playoff App's last 10 Pts Winning Seasons Last 10 Pts Last Winning Season (# yrs) Pts TOTAL
Tampa Bay Rays 3 8.0 1 1.67 2 9 3 5.00 3 7.0 5 5 6 6 1 10.0 64.63
Baltimore Orioles 40 -5.0 1 1.67 43 0 0 0.00 9 0.0 2 2 3 3 1 10.0 14.58
New York Yankees 14 0.0 3 5.00 4 7 2 3.33 1 10.0 7 7 10 10 1 10.0 65.42
Toronto Blue Jays 30 -3.0 2 3.33 never -1 2 3.33 7 1.1 4 4 6 6 1 10.0 29.73
Boston Red Sox 5 6.0 3 5.00 5 6 2 3.33 2 8.5 5 5 6 6 2 7.5 59.19
Minnesota Twins 32 -3.2 0 0.00 4 7 0 0.00 21 0.0 3 3 3 3 4 0.0 12.25
Detroit Tigers 11 0.0 1 1.67 39 0 3 5.00 10 0.0 2 2 3 3 7 0.0 14.58
Chicago White Sox 18 -1.3 0 0.00 106 -1 2 3.33 18 0.0 2 2 2 2 1 10.0 18.79
Kansas City Royals 8 3.0 2 3.33 46 0 0 0.00 8 0.0 2 2 3 3 8 0.0 14.17
Cleveland Guardians 7 4.0 1 1.67 6 5 3 5.00 1 10.0 6 6 9 9 1 10.0 63.33
Houston Astros 1 10.0 6 10.00 1 10 6 10.00 1 10.0 7 7 7 7 1 10.0 92.50
Oakland Athletics 33 -3.4 0 0.00 21 0 0 0.00 3 7.0 5 5 6 6 2 7.5 27.68
Los Angeles Angels 21 -1.2 0 0.00 15 0 5 8.33 14 0.0 1 1 2 2 8 0.0 12.67
Seattle Mariners never -6.2 0 0.00 22 0 2 3.33 1 10.0 1 1 5 5 1 10.0 28.92
Texas Rangers 12 0.0 0 0.00 never -1 0 0.00 12 0.0 2 2 3 3 7 0.0 5.00
Philadelphia Phillies 1 10.0 1 1.67 12 0 1 1.67 1 10.0 1 1 2 2 1 10.0 45.42
New York Mets 8 3.0 1 1.67 1 10 4 6.67 8 0.0 3 3 4 4 1 10.0 47.92
Atlanta Braves 2 9.0 2 3.33 1 10 3 5.00 2 8.5 6 6 6 6 1 10.0 72.32
Washington Nationals 4 7.0 1 1.67 never -1 3 5.00 4 5.6 4 4 7 7 4 0.0 36.53
Miami Marlins 20 -1.0 0 0.00 never -1 3 5.00 3 7.0 1 1 1 1 3 2.5 18.18
St. Louis Cardinals 10 1.0 3 5.00 8 3 1 1.67 4 5.6 7 7 10 10 1 10.0 54.03
Pittsburgh Pirates 44 -5.8 0 0.00 114 0 2 3.33 10 0.0 3 3 4 4 5 0.0 5.67
Cincinnati Reds 33 -3.6 0 0.00 47 0 2 3.33 28 0.0 2 2 3 3 2 5.0 12.17
Milwaukee Brewers 41 -5.2 1 1.67 never -1 3 5.00 5 4.1 4 4 6 6 1 10.0 30.68
Chicago Cubs 7 4.0 3 5.00 7 4 3 5.00 6 2.6 5 5 6 6 4 0.0 39.50
Arizona Diamondbacks 22 -1.4 0 0.00 24 0 0 0.00 6 2.6 1 1 3 3 4 0.0 6.50
Los Angeles Dodgers 3 8.0 6 10.00 1 10 6 10.00 2 8.5 10 10 10 10 1 10.0 95.65
San Francisco Giants 9 2.0 1 1.67 2 9 0 0.00 7 1.1 3 3 5 5 2 7.5 36.61
Colorado Rockies 16 -0.2 0 0.00 never -1 0 0.00 5 4.1 2 2 2 2 5 0.0 8.60
San Diego Padres 25 -2.0 1 1.67 never -1 0 0.00 1 10.0 2 2 2 2 1 10.0 28.33
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2023.06.07 14:26 Buyyours How can you figure out how much used heavy equipment is worth

How can you figure out how much used heavy equipment is worth
How can you figure out how much used heavy equipment is worth?
Whether you’re buying or selling, knowing how much secondhand heavy equipment is worth is critical to a successful transaction. Thousands of firms are in one of two positions. The first scenario involves a company that no longer requires a piece of heavy equipment and wants to sell it but is unsure of its true value. In the second situation, a company wishes to purchase heavy equipment without paying more than is necessary. Here’s a fast equipment value guide with all the details you’ll need, including how to assess the worth of secondhand heavy equipment.
Understanding Equipment’s Fair Market Value
Estimating the value of secondhand equipment is not as simple as it may appear. Sure, you can look on eBay or other sites to see what similar items are selling for, but that doesn’t tell you what they’re actually selling for or how long it takes for the equipment to sell in general. Getting the true worth of secondhand heavy equipment, whether it’s machine tools or tractors, is a little more difficult and necessitates insider information from someone who works in the selling of that equipment on a regular basis. Finding a used machinery dealer that is actively selling similar equipment is often the best approach to determine the true value of your machinery or equipment. In contrast to someone’s internet asking price, the dealer will be able to tell you what the market worth is today. When determining the value of, or making an offer on, your heavy equipment and machinery, they will evaluate market conditions, similar equipment available, previous auction sales, and a variety of other criteria.
What Factors Influence Heavy Equipment Prices?
Equipment values are influenced by a variety of important elements. It’s not easy to figure out how much used heavy equipment costs, but it’s a lot easier once you know what to look for.
First and foremost, you should research the typical lifespan of the piece of machinery you’re interested in. In other words, it refers to the length of one’s life. Depending on the type of equipment you’re contemplating, this is sometimes measured in years and other times in hours. Some manufacturers are known for producing high-quality equipment that can be anticipated to endure a long period, whereas lower-quality equipment wears out and breaks down much more quickly. As a result, if the piece of equipment you’re considering was badly constructed and has been in use for more than ten years, it might not be a suitable investment. On the other hand, if the machinery is in good condition and has only been used for 5 years, it could be a terrific deal.
While the predicted equipment longevity is significant, it is not the only factor to consider. If overused or exposed to the weather, even the best-built gear will break down or operate poorly. Look for indicators of environmental (exposure) damage or abuse from incorrect or excessive use when inspecting the equipment. If either is discovered, the value of the machinery plummets. The value of heavy equipment is complex, and it should be established with care. The following are some of the most common elements that influence values:
  • Age
  • Availability of like Equipment
  • Condition
  • Continued Support/Parts availability
Finally, remember to factor in the worth that thing will have to you once it is in your possession and performing the function it is capable of. You may choose to spend a little more than the market for a system that is widely available or close to your location because the benefits may greatly outweigh the expenditures.
Now that you’ve learned about some of the most significant aspects of used heavy equipment pricing, it’s time to look at how to calculate fair market value.
How do you figure out how much used heavy equipment costs?
When searching to buy secondhand heavy equipment, you’ll want to know what the fair market value is. If there are no mitigating conditions, fair market value refers to what someone would normally pay for the same object. For example, if you urgently require a forklift and there is only one available used forklift in your area, and the seller is aware of this, they may be able to offer it for a higher price. Fair market value is an estimate that refers to the equipment’s natural value and is based on the assumption that there are no extenuating conditions. Knowing the fair market value is vital if you don’t want to overpay, as you would have anticipated.
How can you figure out what an item’s fair market value is? By contacting a certified equipment appraiser, abbreviated as ‘CEA’. A professional appraiser is the best person to determine the worth of heavy equipment. Certified equipment appraisers have years of experience and know-how to accurately evaluate used machinery using all of the tools available, including past auctions, independent sales, and market demand. That is if a seller claims a piece of old equipment is worth $70,000 but a professional equipment appraiser claims it is worth closer to $50,000, trust the evaluator.
Helpful Hints
If you’re seeking to sell some secondhand heavy equipment and want to obtain the greatest price, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances.
First and foremost, you should make a concerted effort to clean the equipment and make it pristine. Clean the area surrounding it as well; the cleaner your workspace is, the better you are believed to care for your equipment, and therefore the more valuable it will appear, making any flaws less destructive to its perceived value.
You should also film the device in action and upload it to YouTube. Demonstrations are preferable to videos since they may be viewed at any time.
Make sure you understand the true worth of your machinery and the factors that influence that value. It’s critical to understand that in order to negotiate properly and win, you’ll need to know how low you can go in terms of price without harming yourself.
If you’re buying a machine or heavy equipment, you’ll need to know the same thing, because any request for a price reduction or concession should be accompanied by substantive reasoning, such as “Well, the factory no longer supports this model” or “This control is obsolete and must be upgraded before it fails in production to avoid costly downtime,” and so on. Whatever your justification for requesting a price reduction, it should be supported by a thorough understanding of the equipment and market value, never by statements like “Well, that’s just what I believe it’s worth.”
Finally, whether you’re buying or selling, the most critical element is that you interact with a qualified and reputable machine dealer.
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2023.06.07 14:25 man_liek_Sean_UU Card Levels

Love clash royale until about arena 15 where the card level disparity skyrockets... nothing i can do against lvl 13 cards with my level 10 ones 🤣 Dont have a solution for jt but this is the 3rd account I've tried to "focus" one deck with and each time its this same point at which i (as a f2p) cant win games consistently. My highest level card is my cannon which i have managed to get to 12, i have a few 11s and mostly 10s in my deck. I have kept this deck as same as possible in order not to waste cards or gold and yet here i am... what is the solution? What am i meant to do? Cant win games, cant get chests, cant level up.
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2023.06.07 14:23 Masterclass_Space_ Best SAT preparation in New Jersey

Looking for the Best SAT preparation in New Jersey, San Francisco, and Chicago? Know why your Freshman Year GPA Matter? Exploring the Impact on College Admissions and Academic Success.
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2023.06.07 14:21 exbbhunbot Pittsburgh recs!

Hey 💜 I’m going to Pittsburgh next weekend to see Taylor! My husband and I lived in Morgantown for a couple of years, so we’ve been to Pitt a handful of times, mostly with purpose. We’ll have a few days in town before the concert.
What are some must-see’s in Pittsburgh? Husband loves craft beer and casinos (I’ve hear there’s a casino near the stadium? That’s where he plans to be while me and bestie are at Tay). While I love bud and can’t really drink anymore.
Also, it’ll be our first trip away from our 13 month old!!!
So please, give me all the amazing recs!
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2023.06.07 14:20 Independent-Sand213 Lord of the Rings concert

Hi! Ich verkaufe zwei Tickets für den Konzert “Herr der Ringe und der Hobbit”. Separat sind die Karten 79e, aber für beide geht 150e. Es finded hier in Graz am 30. Juni statt. Falls du interesse hast, melde dich nur!😊
Hey! Im selling 2 tickets to a concert “Lord of the rings and the Hobbit” here in Graz. One ticket is 79e but i can do both for 150e. It is on 30.6. Hit me up if u r interested! 😄
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2023.06.07 14:16 WannabeBellaC [Chat] [Friendship] Vibrant 19-Year-Old College Student Seeking Meaningful Connections and Adventures!

Hey you,
I'm a vibrant 19-year-old college student eager to connect with like-minded individuals and embark on exciting adventures. If you're ready to explore life's wonders together, let's dive right in!
About me:
I have a deep thirst for knowledge and love exploring various topics, from philosophy to science and everything in between. Reading is my beloved escape, and I'm always on the lookout for captivating books across different genres. Share your favorite authors or recommend a mind-bending novel we can delve into together. Creativity fuels my soul! Whether it's painting, photography, or any other artistic expression, I'm passionate about exploring different forms of art. Let's discuss our creative endeavors and perhaps collaborate on a project. I have an adventurous spirit and love discovering hidden gems in both nature and the city. Let's plan thrilling escapades and uncover the beauty of the world together. What I'm looking for:
Open-minded individuals who are curious about life and eager to engage in thought-provoking conversations on various subjects. Engaging conversationalists who can discuss diverse topics and enjoy exchanging ideas. College students who understand the importance of balancing academics and embracing the joys of youth. Let's support each other through the challenges and celebrate the successes together! Photography enthusiasts or models who want to capture special moments and create beautiful memories together. Music lovers who appreciate different genres and enjoy exploring new artists. Let's swap playlists and attend concerts to experience the magic of live music. If you share my curiosity and zest for life, I would love to connect with you! Leave a comment or send me a message, and let's embark on this thrilling journey together.
Looking forward to meeting you all!
Em P.S. If you have a furry friend, they're more than welcome to join our adventures!
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