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My Charges and probation somehow disappeared??😂

2023.06.07 09:05 TreeBeard_47 My Charges and probation somehow disappeared??😂

So long story short.. I got a DUI and Felony possession charge in October of last year. They sent my “substances” that were on my person to the lab and said I would hear from them in a month or 2 when lab testing was done to dictate what I would be charged with (it’s was some scale btw❄️) but in the midst of that I went to court for the DUI. Had a public defender for the DUI and it got continued twice and the third time was told I had to do the 3 day hotel stay, 3 days in county, and pay my fines. I showed up to the scheduled hotel program and I wasn’t on the list. And then went to turn myself in to do my 3 days in jail and they said I wasn’t on the list for that either. I called the courts and they say they have no record of me ever being charged with anything whatsoever. I tried to report to my PO and they denied me because I wasn’t on his list of probationers. My lawyer I was going to use for the “possession” charge says he’s never heard of a pending drug charge either and he’s very reputable with these people so basically WTF IS GOING ON?😂 has anybody else encountered a situation like this?
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2023.06.07 06:38 Embarrassed_Rate_481 Battery on Leo, didn’t do it, but police report says so

Hey, I’m out on bond reading books and browsing trying to find out what to do.
What happened briefly: An officer arrested me for trespassing even though I was trying to get bank statements and leave. Im at the bank at like 4:59, this lady has called the cops but there’s fraud, so they finally get my statements, I head to leave and still get arrested. Cops let me go and give me back my belongings but don’t give me police report & don’t give me my statements of which i went the whole process to get. They say they don’t have them, I ask for the police officer supervisor comes back and says “oh so you won’t leave ?” And I’m like no I just called you over here, to ask if you could retrieve papers. Arrested. Cops drives me to county jail in a garage, (unbeknownst to me) he tells me “I’m free to go” while I’m in the back of the police suv handcuffed, then I ask for the hand cuffs to be removed and the police report (if im free to go). He puts on gloves and drags me out of the vehicle where I’m striped of my clothes, put on a leg handcuff and beat until I bled on the floor. The officers tase me, and won’t let me give myself up. I turnover and put my hands up but they still beat on me. They then tried to pick me up and put me in a wheelchair. In my haze of being beaten & being scared to be taken somewhere with no camera, (I didnt know I was in a jail), I dropped my weight to the ground and tried to get them to just stand me up. I truly was scared for my life, they continued to beat me and then while protecting my face. With all these officers on top of me, An officer punches me then claims I bit. A nurse came by, asked if I could get up and I said not with all these people on top of me. They got up and I went to the hospital. Chargers of 1st degree assault on officer dropped down to battery on Leo.
My question is, I have mental health history, but im truly not guilty but am afraid the tussle of the wheelchair thing and the statement on the police report basically saying another corrections officer “saw” me bite him is worrisome that I will be set up. The officers went to the hospital with “bite lacerations”. This is totally bogus and there will be no video evidence of me biting an officer. I’m a first time offender. I have a public defender but I’m wondering how “as law” when you get to court is a police report or an officer lying and saying I bit them?
Is it true, they would need saliva or can I request for samples of something? When an officer body cam isn’t red, does that mean it’s not recording audio? Can I submit my phone video recording of the trespassing for trail? If I allow myself to testify/be testified, can prosecutors pull up my mental health history, or is allowed to search out court orders or my records? Even though nothing was wrong with me, officers were just having a bad day, I annoyed them by filming our interaction and tirelessly trying to get my statements.
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2023.06.07 04:37 Impressive_Sherbert3 When I worked for the Barnetts (pre-Natalia)

Overall the general consensus was people wanted to hear my story. I am going to share it and you can take it for what it’s worth as I don’t have any tangible proof. (Minus the screenshots from 2019 I posted on my original post when I contacted my friend who worked with me at the Barnetts)
So like I said my story is not anything mind blowing.. it’s mainly to give insight as to what Kristine and Michael were like and what I’m only assuming they are like to this day.
This is a bit of an edited comment I made on another post. I have added to it since I have watched the documentary.
I have not spoken to them in years but even back in the day when I “worked” for Kristine I felt uneasy. My friend and I both did . To the point where we were thinking about contacting social services.
Kristine had an in home daycare in her house. My friend I would go there after we got out of school (we were seniors in high school). It was a good job for an 18 year old who loved kids to have. We thought.
But we would get there and want to play with the kids and the kids would all be in high chairs or these little zipped up hammocks/cocoons where they could not get out. I called it “baby jail”.
She kept the kids sitting in high chairs and the cocoons for hours until around 5PM when pick up time started then she would let them get out and play and act like daycare teacher of the year. My friend and I hated it. And when we tried to take the kids out to play with them Kristine would freak out and tell us we could just go home with no pay if we didn’t follow her rules.
Michael rarely came out of his room .. and if he did Kristine would barely acknowledge him. He would slink down get some food and go back up stairs. He always look disheveled. He was either in his room or not at home. (At Work I assume?)
In my opinion Jacob was always so smart. He used to take popsicle sticks and matchbox cars and he would “build” the interstate out if Popsicle sticks and have his matchbox cars travel on his popsicle stick hwy.. he knew all the exits and names of streets. (It was interstate 465 for anyone familiar with Indianapolis)
She would also let Jacob play with toys in the playroom on the floor while the other kids had to sit strapped into high chairs for hours.
Wesley was little and Ethan wasn’t born yet.
Also. I in believe in the documentary Michael talks about how wealthy they were? If I’m not mistaken? Where I grew up (Carmel Indiana) was right next to Westfield Indiana where the Barnetts lived. We lived in the wealthiest county in the state but that being said.. the Barnetts didn’t live super nicely or extravagantly like he said they did.
They had a 4 bedroom house and it was nice but not anything crazy. They didn’t have excess of stuff. Unless that came after I left. But the house they showed on the documentary.. that was the exterior of the house I went to to work at
None of this financial stuff matters but it just provides context to the fact that Michael and Kristine were frequently lying or exaggerating.
I don’t recall a Lamborghini or any luxury cars either but again that could have come after I left. I watched the show and someone mentioned the Cadillac.
I actually wondered if they were getting money from Jacob making appearances prior to him being an adult. But I don’t have confirmation for that.
In my opinion, Kristine always wanted Jacob to be her meal ticket. He was practically a genius and she pushed him hard. I’d I recall correctly he went to college as a kid and was a math genius. I think he even had a TED Talk.
Kristine was very unsettling and weird and made me feel uneasy like she was unhinged and could go over the edge at any minute. But she had this really sweet soft spoken voice that fooled you. It creeped my friend and I out.
I don’t have a lot to say ab Michael. At the time he seemed like Kristine’s bitch. He really never came out of his room and when he did he was whine to Kristine and would complain. But I never had any direct interactions with him.
That’s all I have, sorry it took so long to post. I just switched to night shift as a first responder and my sleep schedule is a hot mess. I guess my takeaway was when I heard the news .. that my friend and I were validated in our weird guy feelings about Kristine. I never dreamed of a story that extreme and bizarre. But I knew Kristine was not right in the head.
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2023.06.07 04:09 Darren716 Post WWE NXT 6/6/2023 Show Discussion Thread

Winner Loser Match Finish Stipulation
The Dyad and Ava Diamond Mine Hitting Ivy with the Schism mask
Blair Davenport Dani Palmer Falcon Arrow
Baron Corbin Trick Williams End of Days
Mustafa Ali Joe Gacy 450 Splasha
Eddie Thorpe Damon Kemp German Suplex (Kemp's foot was on the rope)
Scrypts w/ Axiom Dabba-Kato Roll-Up after a distraction from Axiom
Thea Hail ~20 other NXT Women Superstars Last Eliminating Dana Brooke and Cora Jade NXT Women's Championship #1 Contender's Battle Royal
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2023.06.07 03:34 Mrs_Wahl AITAH for not wanting to be around my husbands best friend when he visits..

I haven’t said all of this in years so forgive me if it’s hard to follow. But lmk if it is so I can fix it. And I am on a cell. But..Here we go..
When I graduated high school in 09 I started going down the wrong path. Honestly I was doing the most.. My aunt stole my new car, which was a graduation present, in order to convince me to leave our hometown and move in with my sister who lived in another state.
I ended up dating her husbands brother. He gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too was a gift.
I was a naive 18 year old. I could not fathom someone would cheat on me. Much less cheat on me at the degree this man did.
I admit I took drugs. However he would get me to take more drugs than I had originally so I would pass out and he could go out.
On one occasion I woke up to find him and my car gone. I called a coworker in the middle of the night to help me. We drove around for a bit and found my car parked at a grocery store. He had been arrested for drinking and driving. The thing is my sister and his brother bought me this car so I could get to school and work and bring him to work. He was not allowed to drive it. He also worked for another family member so the next morning I called and lied saying he was very sick so no one would know what happened. I don’t remember why but one of his family members looked up the jail roster, told my sister and then my sister proceeded to sell my car. (Even then I understood their reasoning. If he were to hit someone they could be sued.) Eventually he got fired from his job because they found him passed out on drugs. All of our bills were suddenly on me, while I was in college working part time. Without a vehicle.
Somehow I managed to keep us from being homeless.
Then one night he has a sort of party at our home. For some reason I pass out. When I come to he is fist fighting a strippers boyfriend. Years later I realized he was doing inappropriate things with stripper while I was unconscious on drugs. Anytime I questioned his actions he always had a solid excuse. This man had the audacity to tell me he should cheat on me because I accused him all the time. Anyways the cops were called. We got evicted. His best friend came to drive him back to their hometown to party and continue to be a POS and I ended up moving into school housing. I hated how unfair it was.
It is quite embarrassing how I did not realize what was going on. We did break up for a while due to LDR. But got back together and lived together again for a short time.
That summer I took time off school to be with him. While both of us were staying with his best friend I found girls’ panties in his room. Best friends girlfriend tells me they’re hers. So I calm down. (Best friend doesn’t remember this) This is just an example of how things were always explained away.
One night his phone went off in the middle of the night. Not my best moment but I went through his phone. He could not deny the cheating anymore. I left the next morning. I think we were together for two years maybe three all together. Even though we have family ties we had not even spoken since.
Fast forward to 2017. Best friend ended up working in my hometown. I seen this on social media and invite him to hang out. Best friends ask ex if he cares. Nope. Did not care. But his girlfriend, the same girl who texted him the night before we broke up almost a decade previously, she cares very much. They don’t talk for 6 years. They broke up after she found evidence of cheating on his phone.
My now husband contacts him and they start taking again. Husband wants to fly him out here (we moved across the country less than a year into our relationship. For married a year later and now we have a 4 year old).
Here’s the thing. I planned to not be around when he visits. I don’t mean rent a hotel or anything. But I don’t plan on hanging out with him. My husband says he’s in a very bad place after the break up and that might make him feel unwelcome. I’m not one to ignore the elephant in the room. I’m going to name that motherfucker. So forgive and forget and hangout. Or forget and make myself scarce?
Edit to add they’ve been best friends since they were 8. Ex has lived with husband multiple times. Best friend actually used to not like me. He did not understand why ex was dating me since he slept with anyone he could. My husband already in love with me when ex said he couldn’t be his friend if he was with me. Like I did him dirty or something.
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2023.06.07 02:16 GeneralGrievous66383 Am I wrong for telling my wife her job sucks and is unnecessary

my (32m) wife (30f) got a job at the end of last year doing corrections at our small rural county jail. It was supposed to be a 3 or 4 day a week ( day shift l part time gig. Just something to make a little extra money and get her foot in the door ( she wants to join the sheriff's department ). The schedule worked well because my job has super crazy hours and our kids school schedule is a little weird.. I do traffic control and my hours are anywhere from 10-16 hours a day usually starting at 4AM. For most of our marriage she's been a SAHM and she was so awesome in it. Having 3 kids all under the age of 11 made her working difficult. So I was happy for her when she got a job that worked around that and something she seemed genuinely interested in. However, her job has become such an intrusion into our lives and I hate it. About 3 months ago they randomly stuck her on 12 night shifts working 3 or 4 days a week ( they'll even call her to work a day shift on her off days if someone calls off ). So she's working full time hours without the full time pay or benefits. And it's gotten to the point where I'm left doing nearly 100% of the household chores. I'm not mad about doing the chores. I'm peeved that she doesn't help with ANYTHING anymore. I've become Mr Mom on top of working 60 hours a week. I don't have an issue picking up the slack. But my wife has made her job her #1 and only priority and I resent her for it. So we got into a fight and I told her her job sucked and I'm tired of it being her #1 priority. She said I was an AH for trying to diminish her " career ". I told her that a job shouldn't take priority over family and that hers wasn't even necessary ( I make between 32.45 and 41.89 and hour plus OT for anything over 8, and all our benefits are through my job ).
So, am I wrong for telling her her job sucks
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2023.06.06 23:33 agmbibi Considering returning to Lost Ark, should I ?

Hello there, I've completely stopped lost ark mid january with a roster 8 (1550, 1520x2, 1500, 1460x3, 1445). It was mostly the gatekeeping who turned me off. Wasting hours in lobby for content I was easily farming and busing multiple times a week since release, definitely broke me.
I loved LA as it is one of the best game I've ever played, so I'm slowly considering a comeback but I want to make sure I'm not going to stop for the exact same reason in 3 weeks.
For example as a concern : Do people still want overgeared player just to be jailed at vykas gates, while gatekeeping titled players ? Would my favourite alt (a 1520 swiftflux sorc) going to be gakept away just because of my engravings ?
And if at this point you still tkink I should come back, can you please answer a few more questions :
How much time will I need to catch up ?
Are there some new catch up mechanics to reach a good alt park ?
What is the alt park spot right now ? Am I going to be able to do all the raids on my roster 6 without much investments ?
I guess Akkan is next to be released, do we have a date ? If so would I've time to reach 1600 for HM ? Otherwise, is 1580 a reachable goal ?
Thanks for reading me and your time.
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2023.06.06 19:07 Background-Writer610 GPM PROBATION [GA]

Does anyone on here deal with Georgia Probation Management? If so what's your experience with them because mine has been SHIT. Thier reviews on Google are low as shit but honestly well deserved. Mainly dealing with Forsyth County but I'm just curious of anyone else's experiences with this shitty ass excuse for a Probation office.
I got arrested for violating probation every tho I did everything they'd asked of me. Spent 8 days in jail and now I'm on probation again but totally feel like I have PTSD from the whole experience bcuz they quite literally NEVER answer anyone
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2023.06.06 18:25 Whey-Men A new study led by researchers at the American Cancer Society (ACS) associates higher county-level jail incarceration rates with higher cancer death rates. Although incarceration has been linked to poor community health outcomes in the US, few previous studies have examined cancer outcomes

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2023.06.06 17:02 TemporaryCity The Derrylin Fire

On 27th February 2018, Crystal Gossett, 45, also known as Denise Gossett, died at a fire at her rented three-bedroom bungalow on Molly Road, in Derrylin, a remote village in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.
Her son, Roman Gossett, 16, also known as Edward, died too, as did his sister, Sabrina Gossett, 19, also known as both Elektra and Diane, and Sabrina’s 16- or 18-month old daughter, known as Morgana or Morganna Gossett or Quinn. The English family had lived in the bungalow for over a year, having moved from Doncaster, England, and then Tralee in County Kerry in Ireland.
As black clouds billowed, Tommy Fee and two neighbours beat through a door and window to try to save the family. Fee was the landlord and still suffers flashbacks. As the emergency services arrived, another man was noticed standing outside. This was Daniel Sebastian Allen, also known as Samuel Quinn, who was at the time 27 and who lived with the family.
Today, Allen’s been convicted of the murders of the three youngest victims and the manslaughter of Denise. His original claim was that he was innocent, then that he lit the fire as part of a suicide pact was formed between him and the two adult women, and that the youngest two were already dead. On the day of the trial, he admitted guilt for the murder of the three youngest. The case for a suicide pact with Denise, at least, was “acceptable to the prosecution.” Due to the guilty pleas, the prepared evidence was not heard.
The family are survived by Samantha, the older sister of Edward and Diane, who lived in Birmingham, England with her husband James Dickens. Other than James or the landlord, nobody seems to have known those who died.
Although this case is now closed, so many questions remain. Why did it take so long to establish the names of the victims? Why was Allen living with them? What grounds are there for a suicide pact being acceptable? Why does Allen’s fake surname align with one of the names of the baby, when the landlord refers to Denise as “the partner” in an interview? What was actually happening behind closed doors in this remote village?
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2023.06.06 16:12 Unlucky_Bottle_8557 DS-160 Immigration Question for Visa Renewal

Please help! I am filling form DS-160 to renew my student (F1) visa. The form has this question. “Have you ever been arrested or convicted for any offense or crime, even though subject of pardon, amnesty, or other similar actions?” Last year, I had a traffic court that I missed by mistake. That resulted in a Capias/arrest warrant issued on my name. Before getting arrested I walked into the county jail with cash on my hand and bailed myself out. I don’t know if this is considered an arrest? If I answer yes I can add an explanation but that comes with complications and longer wait time. If I answer no then that’s a high risk if this was considered an arrest. What should I answer?
Note I am on OPT and I got my STEM extension last week!
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2023.06.06 14:38 HighDerp Do you fake caring about kids or parenthood depending on the situation?

I understand that this sub is die-hard/ loud and proud "I will never be a parent! 🥳" but I'm curious if any of you are willing to speak about the times where you didn't say what you truly felt.
I have a couple of examples, and one is extreme.
  1. At work. I work a government job and I am by FAR the youngest in my field. I am at least ten years younger than coworkers getting paid the same as me. Most people here have children. It's the perfect job for families. You get pension, it's stable, it ends at 4pm, and the cost of health insurance for a family is the same as an individual.
I pretend to love to meet the kids they bring in on "bring your kid to work day" even though I HATE that day and nothing gets done. I'll gush over coworkers' kids to humanize myself. I'm a woman in IT, and in a middle management position. I'm most likely to be seen as bossy or resented for something that is assumed. I'm INTP and can be seen as cold/calculated by acquaintances. I can tell that the mothers and fathers I was nice to with their children have become considerably more friendly with me since the interaction a couple of months ago.
I'm getting scheduled for a Bisalp soon (recently approved) and my boss is only aware that I'm going to take a few days off for a "minor abdominal surgery" in passing conversion.
  1. Survival. I have c-PTSD from a traumatic childhood of all three types of abuse. When my survival instinct kicks in, I resort to fawning to keep the peace.
Last year I was arrested and booked into county jail. All charges dismissed and expunged; it was an unfortunate misunderstanding. I've never been arrested before, and I've never even had a parking ticket. Regardless, I was in a small cell with two metal benches and 3 other women. All three women had children. All three women were arrested on violent charges. One was actively on hard drugs and was sobering up/going through withdrawals. My mom was manipulative and a heavy drug addict. I took a note from her book.
In order to get trust and seemingly also safety, I bonded with the mothers that all talked about their children. I said I had a 14 month old daughter named Alayna and I was worried sick about her because my boyfriend is a tool and I haven't gotten my phone call after 12 hours of being there. I was worried she wasn't being fed, and nobody knew where I was.
Since there was little discussion outside of children besides "I didn't do shit, or the victim deserved it!", I felt this was the only level I could "relate" to them on.
They shared their food with me and were kinder to me after the fact.
I don't regret doing it, but I do feel icky.
Again, I know many of you are loud and proud about your childfreedom. What has happened where you have pretended otherwise? Is there a situation in which you would, if you haven't already? I am expecting the "I used to, but now I don't!" comments, but I'd like to hear your story about the societal pressure.
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2023.06.06 07:10 moderatenerd I think I am done with this career

It's clear I am doing something majorly wrong, or I just don't have the experience/smarts that IT teams are looking for (I've been told this by a few).
I always seem to go in circles at this career. I graduated with a degree in MIS in 2012.
I couldn't find a job right away, it took about a year and that was after working in the shipping department when they decided to "Give me a chance." But I got fired after trying to change too many things.
Then in about a year I got a job as IT technician at a non profit charity and the most advanced thing they had there was their windows servers which I couldn't touch much due to consultants. Literally my first task was changing IP Addresses and installing microsoft office on about 25 PCs, by hand! I became the system administrator while my boss watched youtube videos all day and so I automated myself out of that job and wanted more money.
I applied and applied and applied in 2019 and it still took me about a year to find another job, in October I got to experience what it was like working at a hell hole MSP that served law firms!!!! Let me reiterate, it was HELL! I lasted 3 months and the last month they literally had me moving boxes and furniture!
My friend from the charity got another job at the county jail and in 2020 he told me that the other IT guy left, so they need someone. I applied and went through about 3 referrals and had to do all the BS interviewing and pointless tech exam. Granted I have about 5 years of experience at this point, way more if you count my side consulting. I got one question wrong on the test and they hired someone else.
Fast forward mid-covid, dude quits and my friend let me know. I right away emailed my now boss and she took me to dinner and offered me the job in January. Its a very very easy IT job that consists of monitoring and analyzing the systems. If something breaks I have to fix it, but usually can do that within 15 mins. Otherwise I'd have to call someone. There are a bunch of backstabbing politics that goes on in the jail that I hate and my skills are getting very rusty.
So here I am been applying and applying and applying since April of this year. I've gone through the final stages of 17 different companies all with varying excuses about why they don't want to hire me. I make connections on linkedin with recruiters, apply to jobs then a day after they accepted my linkedin request I get a rejection letter.... I've got three different resumes since I would like to do either cyber or programming as well and am teaching myself these things but nobody is biting yet again. I since taught myself to code in python and received 7 entry level-ish certifications.
Here I am an able bodied person who just wants to work for a livable wage, ideally the six figures I was promised by my college and what I thought I would be making at this point in my career, but no. I am ten years into a career that has shown me very little upward mobility. Just more of the same BS.
I don't even know where to go from here because if I get another job, I will also be starting at the bottom of where ever I end up. Even in retail positions if you stay at some job for 11 years you are bound to show some advancement, most likely assistant manager making about the same amount of money I am making myself.
How the f did I get into this mess of a career and HTF do I get out of it? I generally love talking and helping people but I want a more respectful job than an IT grunt or retail worker. Any ideas? Thanks for all who reply to my rant.
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2023.06.06 06:04 jouneitx Suggestions on how to handle this. I thought it was criminal, but apparently not. Civil matter?

Location: Harris Co, Texas
I have the neighbor from hell. They were nice enough when they moved in around 10 years ago, but within the first 2 years I caught the wife trying to kill our dogs in the backyard by throwing rat poison back there. I have no earthly idea what pre-empted that. I went over to talk to her about it and she S C R E A M E D "f you bitch mother fucker" and kept screaming until I left and called the police. We were not exactly friends, but were well more than cordial right up to that point. The cops came, and she denied it until they showed her video evidence caught by the very edge of my security camera. She was written a ticket. Both dogs survived.
Since then, it has gone downhill fast. She stole a package off my porch, and was caught red handed by the police - but the case was dismissed as they fought it and the officer did not show up to "qualify the body camera footage or his report" which is insane. My tires were slashed. My trash cans stolen. Things have been thrown through my windows several times.
I have spent ungodly amounts of money on home security cameras, but they stay just out of sight from them. I can catch audio of it sometimes, but never fully catch them in the act since the incident with my dogs.
They have installed multiple cameras in their yard right at the property line pointing directly at both doors of my home. I thought this alone was an invasion of privacy, but according to the officers that have come out, it is not. If I step one foot outside... they come running out screaming, threatening, cussing, etc. Every time. And I mean EVERY time I step outside, they come running out within seconds. They have installed floodlights pointing right at several windows of my home (including my master bedroom). There is only 20 feet separating the two homes, so to say it is bright is an understatement.
Last week, they decided to get one of those huge steel pipe wind chimes. I have learned to phase them out as much as possible, but the sound from it kept me up all night. I went to ask if they could please at least take it down in the evening, and was met with the same cussing, screaming, etc. So I called the police again. They came out and agreed that it was a bit excessive, but they wouldn't come to the door, so the police said there was nothing they could do and to try calling during the day. I did, and that spiraled out of control quickly.
The cops asked them to remove the windchime after 10pm or they may get a ticket, and they told the cops to go f themselves. I have no idea how that much was allowed, but it went further as the couple immediately stormed past the cop running at my house screaming they would kill me. I thought SURELY that this would be the final straw. The cops would do something. You cannot just make a threat like that.
But, they let it go. MANY officers showed up, and I was simply told it was "said in the heat of the moment" and that next time we would both be going to jail (I am still not certain what I did, but regardless, they apparently made up something to tell the cops).
Last night, I am woken up at 2am by what sounds like the Notre Dame bells in my eardrums. I look outside, and fully lit - to make sure I could see them - is now 20 of the wind chimes, and an industrial shop fan (those really tall ones that blow a ton of air) knocking them around. I call the cops, and the neighbors won't answer their door, and they tell me there is nothing I can do.
Today when leaving for work, I have them start the usual bs of screaming, cussing, flipping me off - added with turning the water hose on me as I am trying to get into the car.
I fear for my safety, and apparently cannot get the sheriff to do anything about it, even when done right in front of them. I have tried finding a lawyer to either take a case of harassment or get a protective order, but cannot find anyone to take this case. My life is being turned upside down, and I do not want to leave my dream home (on top of it being a bad financial decision at the moment) I have been in for 18 years, because of these two - but this has to come to an end.
Someone, anyone, help. I don't know who to contact or what to do. I would have thought that this was more than enough to justify a criminal harassment case, but according to our sheriff, it is not. I have tried hunting down civil attorneys, and cannot find one either through my own search or referral services for our county. So what is the best means to handle this? What type of lawyer should I be looking for, or is there another route I should go?
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2023.06.06 05:17 Possible-Fox3570 AITA For Turning My Friends Against Another Friend For Doing Drugs

I (20F) have been friends with my best friend "Stacy" (20F) for 10 years now. Obviously like all friends so we have had our ups and downs, but that was all when we were younger. I was one of the only friends that stood next to her and helped her through her first pregnancy when we were both still in high school. She then got pregnant a year after we graduated. I helped her get a job at the place I was working at they offered both of us manager positions. She turned it down but I accepted. I eventually left and went to a better job in the field that I am studying in college now. She was halfway through her second pregnancy when I left.
That's when I started noticing issues but didn't say anything. For instance, she became very distant from me and wasn't really talking to me unless she needed something. She did have the baby about 2 months early and he stayed in the hospital for a little bit for having breathing issues but eventually, he did go home. She does not know who the father is. She is saying that the guy she is letting see the baby is the father. If he is the father, then he is not suitable to be around the baby but obviously, that's not my place to say, then he got her pregnant right before he went to jail. He was in for her whole pregnancy and then some. The first time I met him was around Christmas and didn't like him right off the bat.
I stopped by her house for something a few months ago and her mom told me that DSS was involved in something but I didn't tell my friend about because I saw it as something that if she wanted me to know she would have told me and I'm completely understanding with that stance.
A month goes by and I go to her neighbor's house to pick my sister up because she was over there with her friends that lived there. My friend never liked those people. I found it weird that she was with them, and again I didn't say anything. When we left my sister asked me when my friend was moving and I told her that I never knew my friend was moving. My friend never told me she was moving.
By the time I got home which was about 5 minutes at most, I went to text my friend and she had already removed me from all social media and she didn't have a phone number for me to text.
Weeks go by and I don't hear from her so I think we don't have a friendship anymore. I have her family on Facebook and talk to them often. They didn’t know that "Stacy" wasn’t speaking to me. A few weeks after not hearing from her a family member had posted saying that "Stacy" tested positive for meth and that DSS let her write the kids off to the new boyfriend's mother (the kids have different dads) who she nor the kids have ever met. Before she did that though she removed her mom off of that paper because she was convinced her mother and I told DSS about the meth. We didn’t. We didn’t even know about it until "Stacy" tested positive.
The day after she tested positive she and the boyfriend’s mother rented a U-haul truck and packed everything up of theirs including the kid's stuff. And the next day moved to Texas which is where the boyfriend and his family are originally from. Since the boyfriend was released from jail he can’t leave the county let alone the state so she is living with her kids and a bunch of people she doesn’t know in a state she doesn’t know. She does not speak to her family or me anymore. She still has her family on Facebook though and she just announced that she is pregnant with her third child.
I went to see her mom recently and she told me that “Stacy” had become very abusive to her oldest child who is 3 now both verbally and physically but absolutely loved the new baby. “Stacy” had also moved out of her mom's house, left the kids with her mom, and moved into the neighbor's shed.
My main concern is that DSS didn’t do a background check on the lady that she gave the kids at the DSS place after taking them from her mother. The lady that has them now has DUIs and charges for child endangerment. How DSS didn’t see this we don’t know.
A lot of people have been reaching out to me and asking how “Stacy” is doing, including her old co-workers. Nobody knew anything. All they knew was that she had to move suddenly. So when they ask I have been telling them the honest trust. She is on meth. And that she is pregnant again and still using it.
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2023.06.06 02:18 Brilliantly_Bipolar Why You Should Only Commit One Crime At A Time

As we all know, multitasking is overrated. So, if you plan on becoming a career criminal, it's always best to keep it simple and only commit one crime at a time.
After all, quality is better than quantity.
Therefore, even if you think of yourself as a criminal genius, you should never try to steal a car, rob two banks, and murder five people in one day.
If you are still unconvinced, let's look at some real-life criminals who learned this lesson the hard way.
Don't leave home without your license plate!
In the summer of 1993, two police officers patrolling Long Island's Southern State Parkway decided to stop a 1984 tan Mazda B2000 pickup. Was it because the driver was a serial killer with a dead woman in the truck? Nope, but that didn't help things. Police officers initially targeted Joel Rifkin for one simple reason: his vehicle was missing a license plate.
Perhaps knowing that things wouldn't end well for him, Joel decided that instead of pulling over for the cops, he would take the scenic route. Unfortunately for him, his road trip would end roughly 20 miles later when he ploughed into a utility pole on Old Country Road in Mineola, New York.
Eventually, it would come to light that Joel had killed 17 women between 1989 and 1993. Like many other serial killers, Joel's preferred targets were sex workers. Joel would hire a sex worker and have sex with them before strangling or bludging them to death. Once dead, Joel often took the extreme step of dismembering and scattering his victims' bodies to hide their identities.
Let's jump forward a couple of years to 19 April 1995.
An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, Charlie Hanger, was on duty on this sunny spring day when he saw a rusty, yellow 1977 Mercury Marquis travelling north on Interstate 35 without a license plate.
When the patrol trooper pulled the car over, he encountered a well-groomed young man behind the wheel. The driver, a 26-year-old man, was dressed in military boots, a T-shirt with a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it, and a windbreaker. I'm assuming he was also wearing pants.
As was standard procedure then, Hanger ordered the driver out of the car. Once outside, Hanger informed the motorist that he had stopped him for not having a license plate.
The patrol trooper began questioning the driver and asked to see the car's bill of sale and insurance information. Neither was in the driver's possession. Things were not looking good for the driver. Still, it managed to get even worse when the driver informed the ever-sceptical Hanger that he was driving across multiple states because he was relocating to Arkansas and needed to bring more of his possessions with him. The car, however, lacked a suitcase and a change of clothing.
Sensing that something definitely didn't smell right; Hanger asked to see the man's driver's license. The driver reached into his pocket and brought out a Michigan license bearing the name Timothy James McVeigh.
However, when McVeigh reached for his license, his windbreaker tightened, allowing Hanger to see the outline of a gun underneath his jacket. In those days, it was against the law in Oklahoma to be armed and concealed.
The trooper arrested McVeigh for carrying a concealed weapon and transported him to the Noble County Jail, roughly 75 miles from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Only 90 minutes had passed since the bombing earlier that morning.
After that, the puzzle started to piece itself together. Timothy McVeigh would be put to death less than a decade later for perpetrating the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people, including 19 children.
Sticking with the traffic theme, you want to ensure you are the epitome of a perfect driver if you're also a murderer. Randy Kraft learned this lesson the hard way in the early morning of May 14, 1983. At 1:10 in the morning, two California Highway Patrol officers in the Mission Viejo area of Orange County spotted a Toyota Celica driving erratically on Interstate 5. After noticing an improper lane change, the police officers signalled for the car to stop, assuming the driver was impaired. Kraft came to a stop and got out of the car, dropping the contents of a bottle of Moosehead Lager on the ground as he exited the vehicle. Officer Michael Sterling observed Kraft's undone jeans and subjected him to a sobriety test, which Kraft subsequently failed. At this point, Sterling's partner, Sergeant Howard, shifted his focus to the individual seated in the vehicle's front passenger seat. As Sergeant Howard approached the car, he observed a young guy in the passenger seat with his eyes closed and a jacket partly covering him. There were a few empty Moosehead beer bottles and an open bottle of Lorazepam pills at his feet. Sgt. Howard tried to rouse the passenger, but he had already passed away...
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2023.06.06 01:19 Old_Heart_7780 June 8 Status Conference re: Junior

Curious what will be discussed at this Fridays Status Conference in Juniors case. Obviously the status of his guilty plea filed recently in the motion put before the court by his new attorneys. Also his sentencing I suspect. I wonder what else?
I had a thought and wanted to share. Junior is pleading guilty to 25 counts of CSAM and obstructing Justice. Serious stuff. He’s pleading guilty to all of it with no promises. Nothing. He’s literally throwing himself at the mercy of the judge, whom I assume will be deciding his sentence.
There’s always been talk of whether Junior made this, or that, deal with respect to Abby and Libby’s murders. I think he gave law enforcement a statement regarding his involvement in the murders, and what he knows happened that day in Delphi. As incredible as that sounds, I think it’s nothing new to this guy. Look at what he did that day they raided the house he shared with his dad. He immediately started talking to the FBI agent that interviewed him that day. He told her he knew he had a problem. He acts like he didn’t know he was breaking any laws, but we all know he knows he was breaking laws by exploiting the underaged girls for photos and videos. But here he was talking to the FBI agent and admitting he knew it was a problem— essentially saying I’m guilty. I’m sure he was given his right to an attorney and he agreed to keep talking. I’m also sure they have it all on tape, including his disastrous polygraph examination he agreed to take. I suspect he honestly had no clue the kinds of questions they would ask him. He failed twice when asked if he knew who killed Abby and Libby. They knew right then and there he knew— he knew the killer.
So here he was on February 25, 2017 admitting to the the CSAM they were finding on those devices seized from inside that house. No worries about where each device was found inside that house. Whether it was an old iPhone 4 found in his dads bedroom (I’m speculating), with his dads DNA and greasy fingerprints all over it, or they found it in his bedroom. He’s not waiting for the investigation— he’s telling the FBI agent yeah those are my old devices I’m guilty- I promise to stop. Incredible stuff.
Now fast forward to August 2022. The 2 year anniversary for Juniors arrest is fast approaching. Junior is all comfortable living on Cheetos, Twinkie’s and county jail food. Most guys would be screaming to get out— not Junior, he’s now this quasi celebrity criminal with everybody in the county pedo pad fawning over him— filling him with his favorite orange puffed treats. Making me think of that Zach Bryan song Something in the Orange roll around in my head..
It'll be fine by dusk light I'm telling you, baby
These things eat at your bones and drive your young mind crazy
But when you place your head between my collar and jaw
I don't know much but there's no weight at all
(I love Zach’s lyrics)
Investigators needed a statement from Junior. He readily admitted to all the CSAM—no attorney necessary. There was never going to be a trial— he’s on tape admitting his crimes that he knows he committed He’s a unique criminal— he pled guilty with no promises back on February 25, 2017. Now all they had to do was get him to talk about Delphi. He hadn’t been as forthcoming to investigators with what he knew about that day. They knew he knew something. They also knew his biggest fear was taking the full blame for the murders of Abby and Libby. Just read his post arrest interrogation transcript from August 19, 2020 and you will know what I’m taking about.
Last August 2022 investigators lit a fire under Juniors ass (sorry for that visual). They stoked the proverbial fire— they lit that match. The investigators decided Junior needed some shaking up— he was too damn comfortable living in a county jail. Who knew that would happen. He could easily wait out three-four years, and by the time they get to a trial— he’s already done his sentence. He walks out of jail and they lose their leverage. He’s back where it’s harder to get him to talk— which has been the plan of arresting him and getting him alone for all that disgusting CSAM found in the house shared by both Junior and his daddy. Keep him away from his daddy’s bad influence. That was the plan.
They created the ruse about someone having looked up that Marathon gas station. Not only that— but the FBI lost all the security video from that day. No way to prove he was never there that day— that thought had to rattle through Juniors head. He’s going to take all the blame for the murders— it was his biggest fear. investigators played him like a cheap fiddle and he never knew it. Create fake story— tip the MS couple— shake Junior and get him to talk. There had to have been a undercover man in that county jail stoking that fire- and giving Junior lots of Twinkies.
It worked and just like he did with the CSAM— he made a statement with no guarantees from anyone. Sound incredible? It happens all the time across this country. Junior is throwing himself on the mercy of a judge— who I suspect will soon sentence him for the CSAM. And possibly someday for his involvement in the murders of Abby and Libby. No 12 of his peers from a local pool of jurists— just the judge deciding his fate. It’s possible his chances are much better with an impartial judge— than risk judgement by a group of moms and dads, sisters and brothers and of course grandparents who aren’t going to be very forgiving.
10 days and we get a new look at Allen. My money says he’s still all mopey and depressed..
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2023.06.06 01:13 Snappa93 Immigration / criminal catch 22

Hello everyone, I'm posting here on the off chance someone might have some useful recommendations but I know it's a long shot.
In 2016 I was charged with a DWI after my college graduation. I had lived in the states for a total of 17 years and this was my first and only criminal case. Single biggest mistake / regret of my life.
It took two years, but it was finally "resolved" and I was sentenced to 3 days in jail minus time served, so 1 day.
This is where it gets twisted. I am not am American citizen; my time living there was spent under a myriad of different Visas. I was also planning on moving to Mexico, my home country, right after graduating.
By the time my sentence was passed, I was living and working in Mexico and all of my Visas had expired. I attempted to renew my tourist Visa to go turn myself in, this was denied due to my DWI.
Three years ago I married an American citizen, we've been together since 2018. Real marriage, no BS.
Of course it's absolutely essential that I resolve this somehow, but it seems impossible. Immigration lawyers tell me to talk to criminal lawyers, who then say to talk to immigration lawyers. Some have asked for a minimum 5k retainer with no promises they can actually do anything.
If anyone know or can point me in the direction of some way to resolve this, I am open to anything. This happened in Travis County, Austin TX, if that matters.
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2023.06.06 01:06 Snappa93 Immigration / Criminal catch 22

Hello everyone, I'm posting here on the off chance someone might have some useful recommendations but I know it's a long shot.
In 2016 I was charged with a DWI after my college graduation. I had lived in the states for a total of 17 years and this was my first and only criminal case. Single biggest mistake / regret of my life.
It took two years, but it was finally "resolved" and I was sentenced to 3 days in jail minus time served, so 1 day.
This is where it gets twisted. I am not am American citizen; my time living there was spent under a myriad of different Visas. I was also planning on moving to Mexico, my home country, right after graduating.
By the time my sentence was passed, I was living and working in Mexico and all of my Visas had expired. I attempted to renew my tourist Visa, which was denied due to my DWI.
Three years ago I married an American citizen, we've been together since 2018. Real marriage, no BS.
Of course it's absolutely essential that I resolve this somehow, but it seems impossible. Immigration lawyers tell me to talk to criminal lawyers, who then say to talk to immigration lawyers.
If anyone know or can point me in the direction of some way to resolve this, I am open to anything. This happened in Travis County, Austin TX, if that matters.
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2023.06.06 00:57 Here4theGB 5150 Lifted, Broken Neck

Hi everyone,
I recently sustained a pretty horrific injury in the Bay Area - I destroyed my disc between c3/c4 and underwent a fusion. Unfortunately, it was self-imposed, but I am wondering if I have a case as I'm looking at ~200k in medical bills.
The events leading up to this that are prevalent: I experienced a drug-induced manic episode which culminated in me breaking the window of a cafe. I was arrested (I did not resist) for misdemeanor vandalism and first taken to a hospital where I was diagnosed with acute psychosis and poly-drug substance abuse. Looking at my post-care notes, I do not see a reason why my 5150 hold was lifted - my thoughts are scattered, I couldn't remember my own birth year / said I was on the streets for months which was not true. They just say "5150 hold lifted." I was on a police hold as well, but still think what happened next could have been avoided if the 5150 was maintained. I had one non-violent prior manic episode 12 years ago which should have been in my records as i was hospitalized for it, but potentially they were unable to pull anything up.
I was taken back to the police processing facility and put into a cell with no cellmates. I have never been to jail before. The police were antagonizing (told me I shouldn't drink the water, that I was potentially going to prison even though my charge was a misdemeanor, said weird stuff to me about the food), I was unable to sleep and still losing my mind. I was still clearly psychotic to any of the officers - when I did try to sleep it was on the floor under my cot and I wouldn't eat and hardly drank anything. I also cleaned the floor of my cell with my shirt and tried to read a book upside-down.
This is tough to write and I'm sure read, but I wound up trying to kill myself by swan diving off of the stool in my cell onto my head. I was taken to a different hospital and thankfully the surgeons saved my life / mobility. A civil rights lawyer in the area indicated he would take my case on contingency, but it has been a month and I haven't heard a word for him.
Feeling pretty helpless / lost with what to do next... I am struggling to understand what kind of lawyer I even need here as I am unsure whether I have a case and if so, would it be against the hospital, police, county, or state?
P.S. The first thing I did after leaving the hospital was go to the cafe and paid the owner for the damages to his window. He signed a piece of paper I had typed up indicating the damages were paid for and agreeing to not press charges. He indicated he was not going to regardless, but I still hired a local lawyer for the charge as it went to the DA. Given my no-priors record and job history / community involvement, it sounds like it will get dropped.
Thank you for any advice!
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2023.06.06 00:46 Here4theGB 5150 Lifted, Broken Neck

Hi everyone,
I recently sustained a pretty horrific injury in the Bay Area - I destroyed my disc between c3/c4 and underwent a fusion. Unfortunately, it was self-imposed, but I am wondering if I have a case as I'm looking at ~200k in medical bills.
The events leading up to this that are prevalent: I experienced a drug-induced manic episode which culminated in me breaking the window of a cafe. I was arrested (I did not resist) and first taken to a hospital where they diagnosed me with acute psychosis and poly-drug substance abuse. Looking at my post-care notes, I do not see a reason why my 5150 hold was lifted - my thoughts are scattered, I couldn't remember my own birth year / said I was on the streets for months which were not true. They just say "5150 hold lifted." I was on a police hold as well, but still think what happened next could have been avoided if the 5150 was held. I had one prior manic episode 12 years ago which should have been in my records, but potentially they were unable to pull anything up.
I was taken back to the police processing facility and put into a cell with no cellmates. I have never been to jail before. The police were antagonizing (told me I shouldn't drink the water, that I was potentially going to prison even though my charge was a misdemeanor, said weird stuff to me about the food), and I was unable to sleep and still losing my mind. I was still clearly psychotic to any of the officers - I did try to sleep it was on the floor under my cot and I wouldn't eat and hardly drank anything. I also cleaned the floor of my cell with my shirt and tried to read a book upside-down.
This is tough to even type, but I wound up trying to kill myself by swan diving off of the stool in my cell onto my head. I was taken to a different hospital and thankfully the surgeons saved my life / mobility. I am struggling to find a lawyer here as I am unsure whether I have a case and if so, would it be against the hospital, police, county, or state?
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2023.06.05 22:55 kasutori_Jack 2023 r/baseball Power Rankings -- Week 10: Quest for #1 Tightens, Pirates More Seaworthy than Mariners, Tigers Drop Their Guard and Cleveland Picks It Up, Astros Back in Top 5

Looking for Around the Horn?
Hey Sportsfans — it's time for Week 10 of baseball Power Rankings: Happy first Monday of June, everyone! Hopefully you've paid your rent, paid your bills, and sent us our monthly check to keep your favorite team higher than they deserve. Have a fabulous Monday!
Every voter has their own style / system and the only voting instructions are these:
"To an extent determined individually, you must take into account how strong a team is right now and likely to be going forward. You must, to some degree, give weight to the events and games of the previous week."
TRANSPARENCY: This link will show you who voted each team where and has added neat statistics!
New Voter Chance: Are you a fan of the Dodgers? We received tepid response last week and are still looking for a new Dodgers voter. I'll be reaching out to Dodgers shortly to help with the search. -- apologies for the delay. Check out this link to see how to apply!
If something is a little messed up, feel free to pester me let me know.
Total Votes: 29 of 29. Technically a perfect vote?
# Team Δ Comment Record
1 Rays 0 Why replace writers with AI when the Rays bullpen has proven to be the most cost efficient way to generate drama in 2023? The team doing so well makes it hard to complain, but Jason Adam also makes it so easy, yanno? Happy pride month y'all! In other positive news, Glasnow has looked good if not otherworldly in his return, he'll look to continue finding his groove. Yandy Diaz also hit a quintessential little league homerun, which should make everyone everywhere happy! 42-19
2 Rangers 0 hahahahaha offense go brrrrrrrt. Big week this week with a series against the struggling Cardinals and then the big weekend matchup against the Rays. Ending another month on top of the division and we are having fun! 38-20
3 Braves 0 Horrid start to the week by losing a series to the Oakland "Triple A's" (don't @ me...I heard their own annoucers call them that), but we salvaged the week in AZ thanks to Eddie Rosario playing OUT OF HIS MIND and capping off our weekend with a go ahead Slam in the top of the ninth on Sunday. We are banged up on the hump, but are pushing through. If this is a rough patch, I am happy. First up this week is the Mets. A very important series to get it all back on track. 35-24
4 Astros +2 Crucial series win against the Angels to finish off the weekend. Saturday's game was a lot of fun, aside from the top of the 7th inning - but we don't talk about that. Let's talk instead about how Alex Bregman's grand slam, 4-walk day can be 100% attributed to his wife throwing out the first pitch (it was Girls Night Out) and Bregs subsequently skipping the photo op with her to finish his warm-up. 35-24
5 Dodgers -1 35-25
6 Orioles -1 Alternating wins and loses all week this past week. Losing two out of the last three series is not great. I then thought about it and obviously the Orioles can't win every game and can't win every series, so thinking they can, means I have more confidence in this team than I have in a very long time. Aaron Hicks has been a pleasant surprise filling in for Cedric, batting .455 with an OPS of 1.208. Even though the fans were severely against getting him, he seems to have been the right move so far. The next six games are against Milwaukee and KC, hopefully we go at least 4-2. 37-22
7 Yankees 0 Another strong road trip, another handful of injury questions. Is Nestor really hurt, or is this a “get right” phantom stint? Will Judge need IL time? Wtf’s Bader’s situation? In better news Stanton, Kahnle, and Donaldson are back, and Rodon is set to face live batters. It would be really fucking cool if we could get off the IL merry-go-round though. 36-25
8 Blue Jays +1 Very nice bouceback week(ish) after our AL East foes took us to Pound Town, with series wins over Minnesota and Milwauke (Algonquin for "the good land") before sweeping the Nye Mets. Bassitt continued to build on his '23 legend by nearly throwing another CGSO while his wife was going into labor in another country. Vladdy lasered his first HR not off a shitting-his-pants position player since May 4th, and still hasn't hit one at home, which is WILD. Belt overcame DFA screams from dipshits after an abysmal April (.519 OPS) with a hero-ball May (.940 OPS). Big tests coming up, tho, with HOU, BAL, MIN, and TEX next on the docket. Someone throw an irradiated spider at Manoah or something. 33-27
9 D-Backs -1 The Diamondbacks had a decent week, sweeping the Rockies in four games and coming within one out of taking two of three from the Braves. Alas, the Diamondbacks' bullpen is still the Diamondbacks' bullpen. Additionally, Geraldo Perdomo's abysmal peripherals are catching up with his early-season performance, and third base remains a question mark, as Josh Rojas still doesn't have a single home run on the season. 35-25
10 Twins 0 A 4-3 week, including another series win against the reigning WS Champions! The lineup still isn't consistent though and we're being carried by our good pitching. There's time to fix those issues as the summer goes on, especially in the AL Central where we don't have a lot of competition. 31-29
11 Brewers +2 In the words of noted Brewers fan Tom, "i don't understand how each day the lineup can look worse than the day before, like each day feels like rock bottom then it gets even worse somehow" That's pretty much Brewers fandom opinion of the Spring Training esque lineups Milwaukee is trotting out day after day. Somehow the team was 4-2 in the last week though. (Thanks Reds). Also, Reddit effectively kiling third party app support is terrible, and might actually be the thing that gets me to leave this Californian Hotel. 32-27
12 Red Sox 0 You know, I liked baseball more when we weren't .500. Losing Chris Sale to the injured list right as we get Whitlock and Paxton back is cruel but predictable. Our rotation has a lot of talent, but lacks the stamina to actually go deep into games. Houck, Whitlock, Pivetta and Kutter are all decent to really good 1st/2nd time through. Pair them up and have them each throw ~3-4 innings and you've basically Frankenstiened two 110 ERA+ starters! CHaim hire me please :) 30-29
13 Pirates +4 The Pirates had a miserable May. The pitching went from excellent to merely good while the offense was put on life support. The Bucs, who were 20-9 at the end of April, had dropped under the .500 mark on Memorial Day. Since then, the Bucs have won 5 straight — 2 against the Giants to pick up the Pirates' first (and only) series win in May, and then a sweep of the Cardinals for the first time since 2018. Yeah, the Pirates are only 31-27, but that puts them just a game out of first in the NL Central. Not bad considering where this team stood a week ago. 31-27
14 Angels 0 When he has been on the field and not getting into it with fans or wasting away on the injured list, Anthony Rendon has been a quietly solid presence in this Angels lineup. Slated to return back to the lineup within the next couple days, the team could use a boost in the middle part of the order, especially with runners on. 31-30
15 Mariners -4 A Mariner is a person who works aboard a watercraft as part of its crew, and may work in any one of a number of different fields that are related to the operation and maintenance of a ship. The profession of the Mariner is old, and the term Mariner has its etymological roots in a time when sailing ships were the main mode of transport at sea, but it now refers to the personnel of all watercraft regardless of the mode of transport, and encompasses people who operate ships professionally, be it for a military navy or civilian merchant navy, as a sport or recreationally. Up next: 2 @ Vedder Cup bros, 3 @ Troutanis 29-30
16 Mets -1 Since my last update, we swept the Phillies and we got swept by the Blue Jays. This is a weird Mets team who I think may just be pretty mediocre, though I suspect they'll stick sneak into the playoffs. Our record is back at .500 and we have the Braves in Atlanta next, which is not the kind of shit you want to see. Omar Narvaez will likely return from the IL this week, creating an interesting roster crunch which shouldn't be interesting at all, since current backup catcher Tomas Nido has an OPS of .278. 30-30
17 Marlins +1 Sweepy has been busy so far this year. The fish complete their 4th sweep of the season on the visiting A's, reports are sketchy but apparently he was last spotted saying "Mets are over rated". We'll get further clarification on what he meant by that next time he resurfaces. Sandy is going through it right now, if im being honest i think hes working through some mechanical issues cuz hes still lowkey struggling with location. His last outing was fairly good save one inning where he allowed a bunch of runs but he is slowly improving. Very slowly. The his week the marlins are gonna host the royals, followed with a trip to south side chicago. 32-28
18 Giants -2 The Giants went 2–4 with two 1-run losses. Normally losing a series to both the Orioles and Pirates would be problematic, but in the New Age, both teams are good and the Giants played hard 80% of the time. They are 5–7 in 1-Run Games, and 1-2 in extras, and with a +1 Run Diff (18th in MLB, -5 spots) they are slightly underperforming expected W/L Record. The Giants will be without Joc, Yaz, Conforto, Estrada, and Bart until tomorrow (expected), and Alex Wood is the latest casualty – gone for 12ish days. The rotation, led by Cobb, Webb, and Disco, will rely even more on the bullpen which usually means Jacob Junis (yay!) and Manaea (: / ). Cleaning up their act some, the bullpen ERA is now 20th in MLB (+3) and the whole staff at 15th in RA/G (=). The inconsistent offense, hampered by injuries and some mini-slumps, sits at 14th in RS/G (-2). Giants fans must hope a return to health will boost the bats, the younglings liven back up, and the bullpen holds the line @ Coors Field ( : / ) and vs the question-mark-of-a-team Chicago Cubs. 29-30
19 Padres +1 It was the first game at Petco for my Niece and her Father. He'd long written off the Padres, as a team of nobodies that would never try to win at a sport that ultimatley rigged for markets that weren't in San Diego County. As a sign of goodwill from my Sis, his ex-wife, they had amazing seats, down by the first base side, that were each in the triple digits. Over the last few years he'd gotten into the sport for the first time since '98, and for my Niece, it was the first time following any pro sport in her life. They sat down at their beautiful seats, had a couple of 'dogs, and by the third inning, San Diego was behind 7-0. Sigh. The Padres average 39k at Petco, ranking 5th in the majors in attendance. They have a 13-17 record in those games. 27-32
20 Guardians +3 I was on vacation this week, so I haven't been as aware of baseball as I should be. I did go to two games at Camden and two at Nationals Park while on my trip. The Guardians won a series against the Orioles and split one with the Twins, so now I'm being optimistic and will probably embarrass myself again. Also, I hope the Reds ranker is doing okay. 27-32
21 Phillies -2 What a miserable week it was to be a Phillies fan. They salvaged a 2-4 record by winning the weekend games against the Nationals, but were dreadful all week in games that were just close enough to keep your hopes up. The Phillies are currently 4.5 games out of the 3rd wild card spot with 3 other teams ahead of them. Trea Turner, who you'd think would have one of the highest floors in the league, is hitting .232 with a dreadful .276 OBP. Alec Bohm hit the IL, which means the infield regularly includes one or two of Josh Harrison, Kody Clemens (who's actually been quite hot the past few weeks), and AAAA quality Drew Ellis (who went 3/3 with 2 walks and 2 home runs on Sunday). The bats and pitching have completely died, but that's thankfully set the stage for Nick Castellanos to do what he does best. This week: a homestand with 3 against the Tigers and 3 against the Dodgers. 27-32
22 Cubs +2 This week was a much needed bounce back for the Cubs, as they took 2 out of 3 from both the Rays and Padres. Unfortunately, the week was marred by yet more struggles in the clutch and with RISP as well as Justin Steele's injury. Steele is out for at least 2 starts with forearm soreness, and will be dearly missed as he has kept the Cubs in game after game. The Cubs continue their West Coast road trip this week with sereis against the Angels and Giants following today's game in SD. 26-32
23 Cardinals -2 The Cardinals should be playing better, they aren't. They've been bad all season. Short of collective epiphany that sees them 30 up in their next 40 (lol, doubt it) there's no useful information I can put in this box past "Fire John Mozeliak." 25-35
24 Reds +1 It finally happened boys. After just a month of being separated, she gave me official divorce papers. I think she’s made it abundantly clear she has no interest in fixing things, and you know what? I get it. It’s alright. She told me straight up that she didn’t feel anything between us anymore, and no amount of therapy or counseling is gonna fix that, whatever was there is gone. She’s felt like that for a while, I just refused to see it, I was in denial. But i’m not anymore. I’m free, I am once more ready to set sail on the ocean of loneliness until I find land. I hope I can find land. I gotta find land. How we’ll divide time between our son is yet to be determined, but I know we’ll find a good compromise. I’m just…happy that the air is clear. No more pretending to enjoy each other's presence, no more fake smiles to mask our emptiness. No more. Anyway, let’s talk Reds baseball. We had a good road trip where our offense managed to shine but a horrid home series where we got pantsed by a division rival. The front office just refuses to throw the fans a bone. We continue to give playing time to people like Will Benson and Stuart Fairchild, all the while prospects like Elly De La Cruz and Christian Encarnacion-Strand are tearing up AAA to the point where there’s really nothing left for them to do. Both had problems with their Walk%, so what happened? The last couple weeks both have significantly improved their walk rate. They have nothing left to do in AAA if you ask me and plenty of the fanbase. Imagine if both can be successful in the MLB, what kind of boost of energy that would give to this team while they’re still in striking distance of the NL Central crown. Our starting pitching is still a major liability, Graham Ashcraft has just flat out forgotten how to pitch. The Bullpen is still keeping us in games and our offense can be truly clutch at times, but consistency is one thing we’ve lacked all season. Consistency, consistency, consistency. It’s not here. But with an injection of young talent, things could definitely turn around, or I guess you could say something that’s become a bit of a motto here in Cincinnati and with our recent ownership groups: We’re just a couple years away. 26-33
25 Tigers -3 RIP Riley Greene. RIP Eduardo Rodriguez. I guess the White Sox walkoff on Saturday where a Jose Cisnero pitch domed the home plate umpire for a wild pitch was emblematic of this week (shrugs). As a side note, man is this linup brutal, sporting a team slash line of .226/.302/.349 for the season. Yikes! This week: 3 at PHI, 3 vs. ARI. 26-31
26 White Sox +2 The AL Central being so competitive/non-competitive is the worst thing for the White Sox right now. Despite being 9 games under .500, they are only 5.5 games back in the division. They're stuck in limbo right now. In any sane world, they would already be selling parts, but in all likelihood, they'll have to sell some of the future at the deadline, only to go on a cold streak in mid September, finish 8 games out in the division, and make this awful season feel even worse. 26-35
27 Nationals -1 Rough week for the Nats losing 5 of 7 and getting even worse news with the announcement of Strasburg being shut down from all physical activity. While I can't speak for all Nats fans, I can speak for myself: Stephen Strasburg has absolutely nothing to prove. I genuinely would be ecstatic for him to ride off into the sunset without throwing another pitch before unvailing a statue with Zim on the corner of Capitol and Potomac. 25-34
28 Rockies -1 No Blurb Submitted 26-35
29 Royals 0 Congo rats to Scott Barlow on notching his 50th career save. And congo rats to Aroldis Chapman for rebuilding his career and being a trade chip. The Royals are going to fuck up the return, but at least he can get something back in another couple of months. I'm looking forward to surgery so I can be too drugged up to give a shit about this team. 18-41
30 Athletics 0 More a question than a curse, how could hell be any worse? 12-49
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