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AMZN finally going for more customers

2023.06.07 13:07 CaptAmericaCaveman AMZN finally going for more customers

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2023.06.07 12:42 Rockout80s Is this type of filter good when air quality is bad due to smoke from wildfires?

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2023.06.07 12:41 acaciadepot How to know about the Solid Acacia Flooring?

Looking for a flooring option that will transform your home? Consider solid acacia flooring. With its unique appearance and durability, it's becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Easy to clean and maintain, acacia wood offers a dynamic texture and excellent resistance to damage. It's a top choice for those seeking long-lasting, high-quality hardwood flooring.
Know more: https://acacia-depot.mystrikingly.com/blog/how-to-know-about-the-solid-acacia-flooring
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2023.06.07 12:40 Rockout80s Is this type of filter good when air quality is bad due to smoke from wildfires?

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2023.06.07 12:40 Rockout80s Is this type of filter good when air quality is bad due to smoke from wildfires?

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2023.06.07 12:33 LeaveANiceNote "Thank You" episode personal response

So just today I listened to the Thanksgiving episode where the guys talk about little gestures that changed their perspective on life and asked us to post our own stories to the sub so I decided to go ahead and post this now anyway even though it's not thanksgiving at the moment.
So Who Killed Markiplier had just come out and I honestly really enjoyed it and decided to do some character cosplays. I did Jim, Tyler the Butler and Damien. I decided to wear them out to a few conventions and the guy's LA tour show. However being an obvious cis woman doing cosplays of male characters got me a lot of side looks and whispered comments. My friends online were supportive but seeing a live reaction of people who supposedly had similar interests to me kinda hurt.
Then the kicker happened at Vidcon when I went in my Damien outfit. I walked up to an area Mark was doing a sponsorship thing at, he wasn't there or anything but right there in a gigantic flat screen tv was a fan/attendee. A guy shaking Mark's hand. A guy who did the same Damien cosplay I did but he did it 10x higher quality than me. I started feeling a lot of negative emotions all at once. Shock and realization that what I thought was a good cosplay really wasn't. The sinking feeling that a woman shouldn't have bothered cosplaying a male character when a male can do it so much better. Imposter syndrome, like do I really belong in this community if all these in-person people had a negative reaction? Idk if imposter syndrome is the right term since cosplaying in general is literally being an imposter for fun, but I digress. And then the employees at the booth saw me kinda standing there staring at the TV and gave each other these looks and whispers. I felt a little mortified at possibly being pitied by the employees and speedwalked away. I looked down at my crappy little plastic cane with a home depot doorknob superglued to the top and started thinking, "man, I am a cringe loser who attached to these youtube characters way too hard."
I also wore it to a different convention and was having similar reactions from people. Tried explaining what it was to this one guy and he was like "Oh yeah I know what that is. I see." Just kinda dismissive. I was feeling really down and right at that moment I was walking down the main aisle of the convention. Those of you who've been to cons may know that the main aisle is often an overcrowded river of people flowing very fast in two opposite directions. Suddenly, I felt my arm being grasped. A girl going in the opposite direction had latched on to me and shouted over the din of the crowd, "OH MY GOD! I LOVE YOUR COSPLAY!!" I barely managed to get out a "THANK YOU!!" before she was swept away by the current of people.
All it took was that one person, that 3 second exchange to entirely shift my perspective. Maybe I wasn't such a cringe idiot loser. Maybe I didn't have to be good at cosplay to enjoy it. Maybe I could be free to express myself even if it gets me labeled as weird or gender non-conforming. Maybe I could feel like I really do belong in this community. I forget what movie it's from but a quote I thought of at the time was "no cause is foolish if there is but one fool left to fight for it" and I kinda felt like that. My cosplay wasn't foolish if it made at least one person happy and excited. :)
If on the offchance she's reading this post- I don't know your name. I couldn't pick you out of a lineup. But you changed the entire way I felt about myself in general with that one little gesture. I'm still working on my self esteem issues and am now going to therapy. But occasionally when I run into a mental roadblock I remember the rush, the high during those 3 seconds where I felt truly appreciated and remember that I am a person who is worthy of love and I have you to thank for that. So, I guess all that's left to say is...
Thank You.
p.s. I included some pictures of the cosplays in this post on the off-offchance that y'all might like to see them. :)
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2023.06.07 12:01 mhasson_alpha Need Day laborers to unload furniture

I’m moving to Naperville and looking for day laborers to help unload furniture. I can find day laborers in my area near Home Depot, Are there specific hardware stores in Naperville where I might find day laborers?
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2023.06.07 11:55 UltimateMastermind Like a crackhead

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2023.06.07 11:51 acaciadepot Embrace Nature: Get Exquisite Natural Acacia Flooring

Embrace Nature: Get Exquisite Natural Acacia Flooring

If you're looking to infuse your living space with the beauty of nature, consider opting for exquisite natural acacia flooring. Acacia wood is renowned for its stunning aesthetics and unique grain patterns, making it a popular choice for homeowners seeking a touch of elegance and warmth.
Natural acacia flooring captures the essence of the outdoors, bringing the charm of natural wood indoors. Each plank showcases the intricate and distinctive grain patterns that make acacia wood truly exceptional. From subtle swirls to bold knots, the visual appeal of natural acacia flooring adds character and depth to any room.
In addition to its captivating appearance, natural acacia flooring offers remarkable durability. Acacia wood is known for its strength and resilience, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Whether you have a bustling household with pets and children or frequently entertain guests, natural acacia flooring can withstand the demands of daily life without losing its beauty.
Another advantage of natural acacia flooring is its versatility in design. It seamlessly complements a wide range of interior styles, from rustic and farmhouse to modern and contemporary. The warm and inviting tones of acacia wood create a welcoming atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens.
Maintenance of natural acacia flooring is relatively straightforward. Regular sweeping or vacuuming, coupled with occasional damp mopping, is usually sufficient to keep the floor looking pristine. Additionally, acacia wood is resistant to stains and scratches, reducing the need for frequent refinishing.
When selecting natural acacia flooring, it's crucial to choose a reputable supplier to ensure the highest quality. Professional installation is also recommended to ensure proper fitting and longevity of your floor.
Embrace the beauty of nature and transform your space with exquisite natural acacia flooring. Its timeless appeal, durability, and versatility make it a worthwhile investment that will bring joy and elegance to your home for years to come. So, step into nature and embrace the allure of natural acacia flooring today. For more detail visit at: https://www.acacia-depot.com/
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2023.06.07 11:20 OldForkBehindMyStove John Wick VS The Man From Toronto

The Man From Toronto is sent to kill John Wick. John Wick is informed of TMFT and wants to kill him as well.
Round 1: Hand to Hand fight. Fight takes place in John Wick’s home. They can use objects around them as weapons.
Round 2: Both are equipped with a pistol with a suppressor (movie suppressor so basically no sound is audible when shot) and three magazines. Each magazine holds 12 bullets. Fight takes place in a crowded city street. Both don’t want to draw attention to each other. Who is most likely to find the other first and be able to kill the other without getting noticed by many people. The civilians are very oblivious. If being noticed is inevitable, then who is most likely to find the other first and kill them.
Round 3: Any weapons besides explosives. Whoever can take out the other first wins. Fight takes place in a container depot. There are containers all around. Both must be moving around constantly. If one stands in the same place for 30 seconds, they die immediately. They have to move at least 10 feet away from their last location within those 30 seconds. If they immediately return to the last area and remain for 10 seconds, they die. However, if one of them gets trapped in an area by the other, these rules are disabled for the trapped person until they escape. Both are aware of these rules.
Bonus round: Round 1 scenario but John Wick does not know about TMFT. TMFT gets 3 days of prep and is given all the details of John Wicks home. TMFT is not able to just explode his house. He must use a pistol, shotgun, or SMG. He can however make any equipment to protect himself if needed (like armor, shield, etc.) He can’t make any equipment to use against John Wick (like Molotovs or a harmful gas).
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2023.06.07 11:10 AttractiveBulldozer In Python. ERRNO 9 due to spi.xfer2 command from SpiDev library. Communication between RPi 4 and Arduino Mega1280 alike from DFRobot

Hello, python folks. Originally this post has been made on Stack Overflow, but due to no response, I am sharing this question on reddit as well. Here is original post, if you are interested.
General Context: I am working on project where the SBC (in my case, Raspberry Pi 4) has its pins protected from possible short-circuits due to the sloppy wiring; those pins are protected with microcontroller (in my case, it is an analog of Arduino Mega 1280 from DFRobot). The idea is that RPi tells microcontroller what sorts of actions on the I/O should be done, and in case of the short-circuit, microcontroller gets damaged instead of RPi, thus protecting RPi and its pins.RPi and microcontroller communication Context: The communication is done through SPI. RPi and microcontroller are connected through CIPO, COPI, CS and SCLK (for old-fashion folks, the first three are MISO, MOSI and SS). Software wise on RPi I am using python with SpiDev and time libraries, and on microcontroller I am using Arduino IDE with SPI.h library. The communication utilises encoded byte signals, where first 5 bits determine the pin, 6th bit tells whether the pin send High or Low signal, 7th bit determines whether the pin is Input or Outputand 8th bit always stays 1 to insure that the command is taken into action.
How does the code work? The following code consists of list, array and two functions. The list, that goes from pin 0 - 27, is there to tell the 5 bits used to find the pin used. tx_pin array is there to connect the function SendSignal with the earlier mentioned list (is this an extra step? possibly). Function SendSignal just as the name suggests send the signal from RPi to microcontroller; the function demands to specify what pin (PIN) to use, to Input or Output it (IO), to keep High or Low (HL) and whether the to take the command into action (AI, earlier mention 8th bit; keep it as 1). Later the arguments are connected together into one byte as the tx_data variable. At the end the tx_data is sent as the signal through the rx_data = spi.xfer2(tx_data). Later on the function, the pin state is printed on the separate text document. Before all of the text document shenanigans, there rx_data awaits for the microcontroller to send back a specific byte signal (1 aka 0b00000001) in order to confirm that the two devices are still communicating with each other. DebutTeste is the function that checks whether there is communication between two devices or not. It uses the SendSignal fucntion to repeatadly send signal until it receives an answer from the microcontroller.
How is it working so far? Fortunately, all of the code done is functioning. It has been tested beforehand.The code for sending byte signal:
import spidev import time spi = spidev.SpiDev() spi.open(0, 0) spi.mode = 0b00 spi.bits_per_word = 8 spi.max_speed_hz = 1000000 ComState = 0 AntiSpamComState = 0 pin0 = '00000' pin1 = '00001' pin2 = '00010' pin3 = '00011' pin4 = '00100' pin5 = '00101' pin6 = '00110' pin7 = '00111' pin8 = '01000' pin9 = '01001' pin10 = '01010' pin11 = '01011' pin12 = '01100' pin13 = '01101' pin14 = '01110' pin15 = '01111' pin16 = '10000' pin17 = '10001' pin18 = '10010' pin19 = '10011' pin20 = '10100' pin21 = '10101' pin22 = '10110' pin23 = '10111' pin24 = '11000' pin25 = '11001' pin26 = '11010' pin27 = '11011' tx_pin = [pin0,pin1,pin2,pin3,pin4,pin5,pin6,pin7,pin8,pin9,pin10,pin11,pin12,pin13,pin14,pin15,pin16,pin17,pin18,pin19,pin20,pin21,pin22,pin23,pin24,pin25,pin26,pin27 ] def SendSignal(PIN,IO,HL,AI): tx_data = [int('0b' + str(AI) + str(IO) + str(HL) + str(tx_pin[PIN]),2)] rx_data = spi.xfer2(tx_data) print (rx_data) global ComState if rx_data != [1]: ComState = 0 print("COMMUNICATION ERROR! RETURN SIGNAL LOST OR CORRUPTED!") else: ComState = 1 print("Signal Stable") if IO == 1: TIO = 'Input' if IO == 0: TIO = 'Output' if HL == 1: THL = 'HIGH' if HL == 0: THL = 'LOW' new_line = f'PIN INFO: Pin = {PIN}, {TIO}, {THL}' with open('/home/RPiUseDocuments/Prog/SPI/SPI_StatusDoc','r', encoding='utf-8') as file: lines = file.readlines() lines[PIN] = new_line + "\n" with open('/home/RPiUseDocuments/Prog/SPI/SPI_StatusDoc', 'w',encoding='utf-8') as file: file.writelines(lines) def DebutTeste (): global AntiSpamComState while ComState == 0: time.sleep(0.5) SendSignal(0,0,0,1) OFFcommunication_line = 'Communication State OFF' if AntiSpamComState == 0: with open('/home/RPiUseDocuments/Prog/SPI/SPI_StatusDoc','r', encoding='utf-8') as file: lines = file.readlines() lines[28] = OFFcommunication_line + "\n" with open('/home/RPiUseDocuments/Prog/SPI/SPI_StatusDoc', 'w',encoding='utf-8') as file: file.writelines(lines) AntiSpamComState = 1 ONcommunication_line = 'Communication State ON' with open('/home/RPiUseDocuments/Prog/SPI/SPI_StatusDoc','r', encoding='utf-8') as file: lines = file.readlines() lines[28] = ONcommunication_line + "\n" with open('/home/RPiUseDocuments/Prog/SPI/SPI_StatusDoc', 'w',encoding='utf-8') as file: file.writelines(lines) AntiSpamComState = 0 spi.close() 
The Issue:
Creating and using a python module for sending byte signal. I imported the first mentioned code to the new script and tried to use its SendSignal command; as the result, I receive Errno9 on the rx_data = spi.xfer2(tx_data) section.In the new script I imported the first code - import FirstCode as FC and then used the SendSignal command as FC.SendSignal (0,1,0,1). It didn't work, I got the earlier mentioned issue. After, I added the libraries that I used in the first code, so I imported spidev and time libraries. That brought no effect. After, I added the variables, list, array and spi parameters (such as spi.open(0,0) before using the function, unfortunately - nothing. In all cases, I get the exactly same error. I receive Errno9 on the rx_data = spi.xfer2(tx_data) section. Reminder, the first code by itself works! Please, help.
Edit: Fixed some Code Block issues on Reddit. The text appeared weird; especially when I used the # in my code comments.
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2023.06.07 10:27 vayaconleah What can I do with a text in which my dad admits to buying drugs?

This is probably a long shot, but a week ago, my dad told me that he bought a bunch of Norco from some guy at Home Depot. I was horrified, knowing that pills can be counterfeit and having known two people who ODed after purchasing opiates laced with Fentanyl.
I told him to never do it again and all he did was make excuses. He's an addict, thought not to opiates (yet) and I'll do everything I can to dissuade him from buying pills again, including trying to send him to jail. I know there are drugs in jail too, but I can't just do nothing.
I have a series of texts in which I reference Norco by name and he says he bought "those pills" to help me but the threw them away. Should I even bother letting the police know?
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2023.06.07 09:39 Fast-Commercial2241 Swapping Blocks at the Depot

Saw something interesting last night when picking up my Block. Waiting for my 3.5 Hour Cage I'd told one of the guys I had a 3.5 Hour Block but someone else turned up with a 3.5 Hours Cage with only 3 Parcels on a cage. Now at my Depot that only means one thing - at least 75 Miles to first drop and then spread out deliveries and probably travelling home after the Block Time is finished i.e. in your own time. Probably a 150+ mile round trip. Before he could even get close I said 'it's OK - the other guy is bringing my cage'. I ended up with a local route finished in less than 2 Hours.
Whilst I was waiting to leave I could see a commotion going on between a few drivers about the 3 Parcel Cage that had been given to one of them - they seemed to be laughing and pointing at the address on one of the parcels as if to say 'I'd reject that'. I carried on watching but it turned out one of the other drivers had offered to swap his cage with the guy who had the one with 3 Parcels. The Depot Staff duly carried this out and both parties were happy. I can only assume that despite the (probable) distance, the driver who did the Block probably lived near or in the general direction of the final drop. Possibly someone from further away who maybe did a few Blocks that day from that Depot and decided it would be worth his while to take it as it was on the way home.
So all's well that ended well, but I was watching to see if the original guy was going to reject the 3 Parcel Cage and whether the Depot Staff would send him home unpaid, which is usually what happens if anyone tries that at my Depot.
It's happened to me once before when the guy next to me asked if I'd like to swap as his deliveries were where I lived and vice versa - so we got the Depot Staff to swap the cages. I believe they can only do this if neither of the Cages has had it's route scanned by the drivers. It happened to me another time and agreed to swap with a guy but I'd already scanned the Route Card so we were told we couldn't swap.
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2023.06.07 09:05 Fast-Commercial2241 Flex back to Normal

I've just done 24 Hours in 7 days for the first time since Christmas (my normal job and social life normally gets in the way so only been doing 10-15 Hours a week since Christmas).
So £540 for 24 Hours work paid into my Account today (Surge Rates only). Less than I would normally expect as usually 24 Hours at Surges of £20+ per Hour should bring in around £600. However due to one being a 'just for you offer' at less than £20 per Hour but too good to turn down and a couple hovering around £20 per hour I ended up with less than normally possible. Pretty sure if I'd held out I'd have made the £600 but juggling leaving work with trying to grab a Block to pick up at the Depot 40 mins away on the way home sometimes you just have to take a decent Surge Rate even if not over the £20+ per Hour mark.
I know all Depots are different but my Depot(s) have suffered the same as all the others since Christmas with too many Drivers, not enough orders and few Surges. So the question is - Have we finally turned the corner this year?
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2023.06.07 09:01 collotennis What are the key takeaways on a DEF 14A for you?

My understanding is to know how much does management pay it-self obviously and is pay truly tied to the company’s performance.
What I was looking at:
  1. Summary compensation table
  2. comparing to net profit and how closely correlated it rises and falls with net profit?
(q) what other financials figures do you compare to the compensation table?
  1. share ownership % for Mgt Do they have skin in the game and do they tend to sell shares right after vesting period?
  2. Stock compensation
  3. restricted stock grants over generous option packages as its restricted can be more tied to performance metrics.
  1. Too much stock options obviously will dilute existing shares outstanding so would be good to compare to see level of share buybacks to counter balance?
(Lastly I read that home depot is a great example for fair Mgt compensation for shareholders, it mentions -
“looking at the executive level, you basically have five different variables or components that contribute to total compensation for executives.
“base salary. That's the only fixed component of executive salary at Home Depot. It's a flat amount of cash.”
“Then you have a variable portion of cash salary that's tied to operating income, and some business metrics like operating income, inventory turnover, return on invested capital”
“The variable cash portion of that salary is tied to very important operating metrics for the health of the business for that year. Then you have performance-based restricted stock. That's looking at other operating metrics like operating profit. The executives will only get shares if they meet their hurdles for operating profit. Then you have stock options. Again, those are tied to other metrics”
“Then, performance shares, which are based on three-year averages for operating profit, return on invested capital, inventory turnover”
I appreciate any feedback, I’m trying my best to understand in making a better decision.
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2023.06.07 08:12 WhiskeyScotchRocks Hi everyone new Monstera owner

Hi everyone new Monstera owner
Hi everyone! New here so learning as much as I can.
So I rescued this guy at a local Home Depot recently as it was looking sick and cast off. After reading posts here I realized it had been in too much sun there, and was getting sun scorched in my windows. I also changed its soil to the miracle grow tropical plant mix and added 1:3 perlite. I have it under a grow light 8-12 hours a night and it gets light indirect during the day. I want to switch to a terracotta planter but they were out of the big ones lately.
Anyways- how is my plant looking? Any tips on fertilizer? Or basic care I might not be doing? I live in southern Louisiana so we are pretty humid
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2023.06.07 08:06 thinkingstranger June 6, 2023

Far-right Republican representatives from the House Freedom Caucus today launched a battle against House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), accusing him of violating the agreement he made with them in order to get their backing for the speakership. Angry at the passage of the deal to suspend the debt ceiling and keep the United States from defaulting, they blocked two bills today and apparently have decided to oppose all legislation that comes before the House unless McCarthy puts in writing what they understand to be the deal they made.
Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) said: “The end game is freedom, less government, less spending.”
If the far right is trying to dismantle the federal government, the White House is working to advertise the effects of its use of the federal government for the American people.
Today the administration unveiled a new website called “Investing in America.” The site tracks both the public infrastructure and the private investments sparked by the laws like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act, breaking those investments down by category.
While the Republicans since 1980 have claimed that tax cuts and deregulation would spur private investment in the economy, it appears that Biden’s policy of public investment to encourage private investment has, in fact, worked. So far, during his term, private companies have announced $479 billion in investments under the new system, while the government has directed more than $220 billion towards roads, bridges, airports, public transportation, addressing climate change, and providing clean water. The website locates and identifies the more than 32,000 new projects underway.
The site also highlights the high rates of employment in the U.S. and the addition of new manufacturing jobs, as well as lower costs for prescription drugs and health insurance.
Separately, the administration noted that its plan for migration across the border is “working as intended.” The pandemic-era Title 42, put in place by Trump in early 2020 to stop the spread of COVID, went out of operation at midnight on May 12, and while Republicans insisted the reversion to the normal laws governing immigration would create a crisis, in fact unlawful crossings have dropped more than 70%. Still, the administration emphasized yet again today that Congress must address “our broken immigration and asylum system.”
While President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are returning to the traditional idea—embraced by members of both parties before 1980—that investing in the country benefits everyone, much of the Freedom Caucus has thrown in its lot with former president Donald Trump, who calls the Democrats’ ideology “communism.” So convinced were Trump’s supporters that Democrats should not be allowed to govern that they tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election.
One of the key figures in that attempt was Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, who as a representative from North Carolina was a founder of the House Freedom Caucus (along with Representatives Jim Jordan of Ohio and Ron DeSantis of Florida, among others). As Trump’s chief of staff, Meadows was close to the center of the attempt to keep former president Trump in the White House. His aide Cassidy Hutchinson provided some of the most compelling—and damning—testimony before the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol.
Meadows refused to cooperate with that committee and was found in contempt of Congress, but the Department of Justice declined to prosecute. When he seemed largely to drop out of public view, there was speculation about his role in the investigations into Trump’s role in the attempt to overturn the 2020 election.
This afternoon, Jonathan Swan, Michael S. Schmidt, and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported that Meadows has testified before a federal grand jury in the investigations led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. It is not clear if Meadows testified in the matter of the election sabotage or in the matter of documents taken from the White House when Trump left office, or both. One of his lawyers refused to comment but told the New York Times reporters that “Mr. Meadows has maintained a commitment to tell the truth where he has a legal obligation to do so.” I cannot help but contrast that statement with one from another American leader seventy-nine years ago.
On June 5, 1944, General Dwight D. Eisenhower was preparing to send Allied troops across the English Channel to France, where he hoped they would push the German troops back across Europe. More than 5,000 ships waited to transport more than 150,000 soldiers to France before daybreak the following morning. The fighting to take Normandy would not be easy. The beaches the men would assault were tangled in barbed wire, booby trapped, and defended by German soldiers in concrete bunkers.
On the afternoon of June 5, as the Allied soldiers, their faces darkened with soot and cocoa, milled around waiting to board the ships, Eisenhower went to see the men he was almost certainly sending to their deaths. He joked with the troops, as apparently upbeat as his orders to them had been when he told them Operation Overlord had launched. “The tide has turned!” his letter had read. “The free men of the world are marching together to Victory!”
But after cheering his men on, he went back to his headquarters and wrote another letter. Designed to blame himself alone if Operation Overlord failed, it read:
“Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.”
The letter was never delivered. Operation Overlord was a success, launching the final assault in which western democracy, defended by ordinary men and women, would destroy European fascism.
A year later, General Eisenhower was welcomed home as the hero who had won World War Two. But for all those noisy accolades, it was the letter of June 5, that he wrote in secret, alone and unsure whether the future would find him right or wrong but willing to take both the risk and the blame if he failed, that proved his heroism.

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2023.06.07 07:48 Kermit6100 I have no maidens but i love home depot!

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2023.06.07 07:20 kyyv Am I crazy?

Searched the couch for change. Found change in the car. Returned some things to Home Depot left over from a project for a refund. Sold some things on Craig's List. Delayed grocery shopping by using everything in the freezer. Did not pay my credit cards in full like normal and only paid the minimums. I delayed a dental appointment one month, so I would have cash this month. In all I put together about $1,500. On Monday, I bought 6,226 shares at .2392. Am I crazy? No. This was no big sacrifice. If this does not pan out, so what? If BBBYQ moons, OMG, what might those shares be worth?
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2023.06.07 07:09 Lopsided_Advisor_251 What do you think about my deck?

What do you think about my deck?
Ok guys be brutally honest and don’t be mad if I can’t make any of your changes if suggested. I’m not a contractor, just needed the deck replaced and have construction knowledge from years ago in high school and working for my dad. This is what I got and I want opinions and construction criticism(not a spelling mistake, just a solid dad joke about the construction of my deck.)
Old deck was rotting away and was painted over by previous owners of the house. Posts were not actually connected to the floor anymore. Framing was 24” on center and a few joists were rotted out so I guess 48 on center in 1 spot.
I changed it by doing 16” on center and joist hangers and hurricane ties. Pressure treated hem fir and plan to do 2x6 Doug fir construction lumber from Home Depot and stain/ seal for the top.
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2023.06.07 06:34 toad-nips Mystery houseplant from Home Depot

Mystery houseplant from Home Depot
Have had this guy for a hot minute and he’s been rather hardy, I just wish I knew for sure what he was. Home Depot card just said “hello my name is houseplant” 😪 super helpful I know. Looks like some kind of dracena but I’m not 100% sure as he’s still kind of little, would appreciate any feedback
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2023.06.07 05:44 MaryNope Dad's Journey Has Come to an End

I wanted to share my dad's story in hopes that it helps someone else. This is going to be long, but I need to get it out and I feel like you guys understand. I've commented a few times, and posted myself once.
Dad's story began months before we knew he was sick with loss of feeling in his hands which he chalked up to be diabetic peripheral neuropathy, vision changes, growing anxiety and sense of doom, and extreme tiredness. He's 68 and has had a quadruple bypass, prostate issues, anemia, afib, you name it. At the end of February he was helping me replace vanities in my bathrooms and could barely walk across Home Depot without needing to stop for a rest. His gait was so slow, he was almost shuffling to walk. He said he had been feeling like "everything took one big step to the left." On March 9th, he woke up and tried to get out of bed but fell on the floor. My stepmom took him to the emergency room where he went in for a CT scan and MRI. They found a plum-sized tumor on the right side of his frontal lobe. Two days later he went in for craniotomy/resection and the tumor was removed almost entirely. He received the GBM diagnosis a day later. Two days after that, he was released to a rehab hospital where he spent five days doing PT ad OT. He was so hopeful, but so sad. He worked his butt off to be able to put on shoes, get dressed, go to the bathroom, bathe, and get in and out of a vehicle so that he could go home. He never regained full mobility and needed help mostly with toileting. He was released ahead of schedule. He was elated and told me to gun it out of the parking lot before "someone realizes they made a mistake and make me go back inside."
The oncologist was encouraging and positive, his tumor was methylated, and all signs indicated he should have plenty of time left. He and my stepmom had just sold their house and bought a new one 200 miles away, so they opted to use American Cancer Society resources to cover an extended stay hotel during his 6 weeks of treatment. He wanted to stay with me, but worried about sharing a bathroom with my 7 year old while taking chemo. The risk of exposure was a concern, plus my house is so small. By this point, he was also not eating much because he said food tasted repulsive. This aversion to food only got worse as he started treatment. My stepmom nagged him constantly to eat. I think it is the one thing she felt like she could control so she fixated on it. After radiation and chemo started, he was constantly exhausted. He slept so much and ate so little. He either had constipation or diarrhea. He told me he was so tired of the constant stress from my stepmom, and feeling like he was going from one issue to the next with no relief. He hated being dependent on others. He started to require help peeing because he couldn't control his stream and would make a mess. The defeat he felt when I had to help him put on his pants and clean up after one of his accidents. He cried so much and seemed so sad and so lost. I assumed we didn't have a lot of time, so I was sure to clear the air on old issues, and I made sure to tell him every day how much he is loved, how much he is appreciated, and how much he matters to our family. My stepmom was showing signs of caregiver burnout and started to act like she resented his needs. I asked her to bring him to my house every day. If she asked for help, I dropped everything to help her. She kept mentioning putting him into a nursing facility, threatening to put him on a feeding tube, and treating him like he was a child who couldn't think for himself. I finally had to tell her that if she didn't start treating him with compassion, she needed to leave. Dad was miserable, but when he was with me we talked, I teased him, he smiled a little. He said how much he appreciated being treated normally because everyone had started treating him differently. I just wanted to make sure that whatever time he had left was filled with the good things in life, that his suffering wasn't made worse. She kept telling him to stop feeling sorry for himself and was annoyed when he cried. He saved his falling apart and grief for when he came to my house. I held him and consoled him. My turn to scare away the monsters after all the support he gave me throughout my life.
Two weeks ago, his oncology team became alarmed at his lab work. His kidney function had rapidly deteriorated and his white and red blood cell counts had dropped. My stepmom insisted on leaving that appointment to take him to their primary care doctor to look at a wound on his foot that had grown. She is blaming the oncology nurses for not alerting her to the labs, or stopping her from leaving. If you couldn't tell, she can be stubborn and controlling. She feels someone should have seen he was dropping into the danger zone for kidney function and blood production long before then. The primary care doctor told her to disregard the sore and go straight to the emergency room. I rushed there to be with them and sat with Dad all night. They immediately stopped the chemo pill and called his oncology/radiology team to notify them. He had two weeks left of treatment and had been looking forward to regaining his energy and sense of taste. We had been making plans for what he wanted to do when he got home. Camping, fishing, etc. In the hospital, he was so confused. He kept grabbing my hand and asking me if he was still alive. He said he felt like he was slipping away and about to go to the other side. I asked what he meant and he said the room we were in was a machine-created construct, that he wanted to sleep, but he didn't want the big sleep. The doctors said his kidney function was slowly improving but his blood counts remained low after two platelet and 7 blood transfusions. His bone marrow had essentially shut down completely. I left for my nephew's high school graduation on Friday. On Sunday morning, my stepmom called and said the doctors didn't think they could do anything else. Dad was not responding to treatment and they couldn't keep him. I said, "it is time to go on Hospice and it is time to bring him home." She made him record a video telling all of us he agreed to go on Hospice. My sister and I drove 200 miles to get to the hospital to sit with him. Now he was rambling and extremely confused, talking constantly, and he had developed the gurgling cough. A nurse asked if we had other siblings and we said yes. "Do they know they need to come see him right away?"
On Monday, May 29th, medical transportation drove Dad 200 miles from the hospital to his home. When they arrived, Dad was more confused and uncomfortable than ever. My stepmom was insisting people wear masks and was fussing around about things that, in retrospect, made no difference, but allowed her to control the situation. We let her do it because everyone copes differently. Dad was set up in the living room and the Hospice nurse came to assess him. He was exhausted and mostly sleeping after getting pain meds. The nurse told us she would be surprised if he lived through the night. She also said that kidney failure may be one of the better ways to die because it isn't painful, you just get more and more loopy as the toxins build up, and then you go peacefully. My aunt arrived and he instantly woke up and started talking. We gathered around him and shared our love, cried with him, held him, told him he was finally home and everything would be ok. He gave each of us little nuggets of personalized love. Called each of us by his nickname for us. It was a beautiful gift to receive that closure. Unfortunately, as the evening wore on he kept talking constantly and became more and more agitated. He said some really crazy stuff. My stepmom gave him more pain and anxiety meds. We sent everyone home to sleep. He didn't stop. She got me up at 1 AM and said she couldn't sleep and couldn't stand the talking and needed to sleep. So I spent the night comforting him, stopping him from pulling out his catheter and trying to get up. The Hospice nurse returned and immediately started morphine, Ativan, and Haldol. He finally slept. He woke up very briefly throughout the day and asked for water. We spent the evening praying with and singing to him. On Wednesday he was completely comatose and the coughing got worse. I whispered to him that I knew there was so much more he wanted to do, but that his body was tired and it was ok for him to go if he wanted to go. The Hospice nurse told us to increase the frequency of meds and told us to prepare. At 10:30 PM, my aunt ran to tell me to come quickly. At 10:40 PM, he took 3 long, deep breaths, and then he was gone.
Weeks ago I asked him what he wanted people to remember about him and pushed record on my phone. He thought for a long time. He cried. He thought some more. And then he said, "I just want people to know they are loved. At no cost to them."
I don't know if this will help anyone. Everyone's case is different. We thought we had more time. I was not in attendance at all of his weekly lab reviews, so I have no idea what was discussed. What I will say is if your loved one was already in poor health, had comorbidities like heart disease and diabetes and anemia before their GBM diagnosis, have a frank discussion with the oncology team about whether or not they are healthy enough for chemo. It might have made a difference for my dad. Get nursing help or Hospice involved early so you can focus on supporting them emotionally while a professional supports their medical needs. My stepmom declared herself his nurse and neglected his emotional needs and downplayed his suffering. He needed support and instead got lectures about crying too much and not eating enough. Please talk to your loved one like they are normal. Don't talk down to them or treat them like they are different, and please make the most of every second you have with them.
Also, f*** glioblastoma.
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