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2023.06.07 15:29 DnWeava TIL KCMO city proper is served by 15 school districts including at least 13 public high schools that are outside of city limits.

So I always find it fascinating how anytime the city proposes spending money there are going to be a ton of social media comments calling for that money to be spent on the schools despite the city government having nothing to do with schools so I don't know if these people just fundamentally don't understand how school districts and funding work but it got me curious how many different school districts/high schools you could go to while living in KCMO proper.
I counted 15 school districts come into city limits on the KCMO parcel viewer map website which has a school district layer you can turn on (KC and Center school districts the only 2 that are entirely inside KCMO), with over half the northland served by high schools that aren't even in the city. The craziest part of the school districts maps that I found is if you live in the new apartments at the old metro north mall (which is in clay county btw) your high school is all the way out in Platte City 15 miles away WTF and there are 2 school districts that come into the city limits yet don't cover a single house.
This list could be incomplete but here is the list of high schools that I found serving KCMO city proper.
Northland in KCMO
Park Hill; Staley; Oak Park; Winnetonka
Northland outside of KCMO
Platte Co HS; Park Hill South; North KC; Liberty; Liberty North; Kearney; Smithville;
South in KCMO
Lincoln Prep; East; Central; Northeast; Paseo; Southeast; Center; Ruskin; Manual Career Tech Center (I think this is a high school?);
South outside of KCMO
Raytown; Raytown South; Truman (Independence); Blue Springs; Lees Summit North; Lees Summit West; Belton (no houses in area); Blue Springs (no houses in area);
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2023.06.07 15:28 BobYuman I have a friend visiting from Canada for a week and need places to go

For more info we’re both 18 and I have a car. I don’t really have a lot of money right now so preferably cheap spots. I know we’re already going to go to malls and the beach (idk which one yet). I have been in Florida for less than a year and I haven’t really explored around. I would really appreciate suggestions I forgot to say we’re in Palm Beach county close to the airport
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2023.06.07 14:42 whiteguyexperience Judge Scherer to resign, commission finds misconduct during trial

On June 2nd Honorable Elizabeth A. Scherer, the judge who presided over Broward County Case Number 18001958CF10A, (State of Florida v. Nikolas J. Cruz) was recommended for a formal reprimand based on her actions during the trial. The commission that oversees the conduct of state Judges called the Judicial Qualifications Commission found that Scherer’s conduct was partial to the prosecution. The commission found the following:
§ Chastising the defense when they announced they were concluding
§ When the defense raised concerns about comments that were directed towards them during the victim impact statements.
§ Accusing a defense attorney of trying to threaten her children
§ At the conclusion when she hugged and embraced the prosecution team
Judge Scherer announced in May that she would resign her position as Circuit Judge for the 17th Judicial Circuit effective June 30.
The official formal charges and reprimand can be found here:
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2023.06.07 14:31 stingy2020 Is battery back worth it?

Sorry, subject should read: Is Battery Backup Worth It?
The installer I was hoping to use told me that a battery back up is just a luxury item that adds to the cost with minimal ROI since my utility company does net metering at 1:1 ratio. I live in Polk County in Central Florida. I wanted to have a battery backup with the solar panels. Solar only costs ~30k but with battery (they prefer FranklinWH) it came out ~$45k. Not sure it makes sense but our purpose is to power some appliances and outlets during blackouts and if no blackout, to use battery power at night when solar is not producing. He said, blackouts only happen a few times a year and my utility has 1:1 net metering credit so usage by battery at night does not really make any significant effect. For all of you solar experts and experienced Redditors here, Are there any other advantage to having a battery backup to justify spending ~$15k? Thanks.
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2023.06.07 14:26 Noblesse311 Character Concept [110]: HMS Conqueror (S48)

Royal Navy

Repeat Valiant/Churchill-class Nuclear-powered Attack Submarine (Submarine in-game)

The third and final ship of the Churchill-class (also known as the Repeat Valiants as it featured many internal improvements, but outwardly looked about the same as the preceding Valiant-class Nuclear-Powered Submarines) HMS Conqueror) was ordered on 9 August 1966 and was laid down at the Cammell Laird Shipyard at Birkenhead, at the time in the County of Cheshire, England, on 5 December 1967. She was launched on 28 August 1969 and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 9 November 1971, the final nuclear-powered submarine to be completed by Cammell Laird. (all future Royal Navy submarines would be exclusively built by Vickers Shipyard)
Conqueror’s career between commissioning in 1971 and the Falklands War in 1982 was largely uneventful, with the only thing of note being the replacement of her Type 2001 sonar array with a Type 2020 version and a Type 2026 towed array that could be let out and retrieved sometime in the late 1970s. It was also around this time that the sub would be captained by Cmdr. Chris Wreford-Brown.
Upon the outbreak of the Falklands War in April 1982, Conqueror would be among many British submarines that were deployed to the South Atlantic (including sister ship HMS Courageous), departing Faslane Naval Base in Scotland on 3 April, and arriving at the Falklands exclusion zone on 24 April, exactly three weeks later. She was tasked with scanning the area for Argentine shipping, in particular, Argentina’s light aircraft carrier ARA Veinticinco de Mayo (formerly HMS Venerable). On 30 April, Conqueror spotted the Brooklyn-class Light Cruiser ARA General Belgrano (formerly the USS Phoenix) sailing southwest of the Falklands outside of the exclusion zone. However, with 25 de Mayo approaching the islands from the north, the commander of the HMS Hermes task force, Rear Adm. John “Sandy” Woodward, fearing a pincer attack between the two ships, requested permission from his superiors to sink Belgrano. That permission, after some debate, would be granted by Adm. Sir John Fieldhouse and the order to engage was sent to HMS Conqueror, in the interim, Belgrano would retire from its attack vector and head west, a move that made later events incite controversy, although both Belgrano’s captain and the Argentine government would acknowledge that the attack was a legitimate act of war.
On 2 May, Conqueror would launch three Mark 8 torpedoes \1]) at Belgrano, with two of them striking the ship and exploding. Twenty minutes later, the cruiser was rapidly sinking and abandoned by her crew. General Belgrano was unable to send a mayday signal, due to electrical failure and poor visibility, which meant that the two escorting destroyers, ARA Piedra Buena (formerly Sumner-class USS Collett) and ARA Bouchard (formerly Sumner-class USS Borie) would not find out about Belgrano’s sinking until hours after the latter sank, taking 323 men with her. The sinking of the Belgrano was a notable one, as it was the second time since the end of World War II that a submarine sank an enemy warship \2]), but it was the first (and at the time of writing only) nuclear-powered attack sub to do the deed. The Bouchard was also believed to be hit by Conqueror’s third torpedo. Though Conqueror would not again fire her torpedoes in anger, having had to evade the efforts of the Argentine Air Force (FAA) to locate and sink the submarine, she would spend the remainder of the war helping the task force by using sophisticated monitoring equipment to track FAA aircraft. Belgrano’s sinking also shocked both the Argentine people and military junta, and contributed to the Argentine Navy’s role being significantly reduced for the remainder of the conflict, and in turn, contributed to Argentina’s defeat in the Falklands War.
After the war, HMS Conqueror would return to Faslane flying a Jolly Roger, a customary act of Royal Navy submarines after achieving a kill. Said Jolly Roger would feature an atom, a cross torpedo pattern, a dagger and the outline of a cruiser, representing Conqueror being an SSN, the weapon used for the sinking, the secretive nature in the operation and the hull type for the kill respectively. This banner can be found at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport in South East England.
Her post war career would also see some notable moments. Later in 1982, Conqueror would take part in Operation Barmaid, an operation to raid and capture a Soviet passive towed scanner array that was towed by a Polish-flagged vessel. Conducted as a joint Anglo-American operation just outside Soviet territorial waters, the sub used cutters affixed to her bow to shear off the 3” (76mm) thick wire before silently returning to base on the Clyde. On 2 July 1988, Conqueror collided with the Dalriada, an Army Sail Training Association yacht. Its four crewmen would be rescued, but the yacht sank.
Conqueror was decommissioned on 2 August 1990, with the submarine’s periscope, captain’s cabin and main control panel joining her Jolly Roger at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. At the time of writing, she is currently housed at Devonport, County Devon, one of twenty nuclear subs housed there by the Ministry of Defense awaiting final disposal.
\1]: While HMS Conqueror was equipped with the newer Tigerfish torpedoes, the Mark 8, a venerable design dating back to the interwar era, was far more reliable and used instead.)
\2]: The first instance would occur during the Third Indo-Pakistani War eleven years prior when PNS Hangor, a Daphné-class Submarine used by the Pakistani Navy, sank INS Khukri, a Blackwood-class Frigate in an instance that also marked the only instance to date of an Indian Navy warship sinking to enemy action since independence in 1947.)

A conqueror is a person who conquers.


Stat Spread:
As a nuclear powered submarine, Conqueror sports a superb Torpedo Stat (S), a decent HP stat compared to their WW2 counterparts (B) and a superb speed stat (A). As a Cold War submarine that has no guns, she has no firepower stat.


Conqueror (S48) could be best described as someone who has a Sugar-and-Ice Personality (or in Anime jargon, a Kuudere). On the outside, she is cold, aloof and professional, dedicated to her missions and largely keeps to herself. Once one gets to know her better, she shows herself to be more optimistic and warm, if a bit socially awkward.


Conqueror is depicted as a girl in her mid-teens with golden yellow hair tied in pig-tails that extend down to her elbows, and ruby red eyes. Her attire is largely inspired by the equipment utilized by the Special Boat Squadron (now known as the Special Boat Service) during the early 1980s, and in particular during the Falklands War. She wears a black skin-tight one-piece wetsuit that covers her entire body, with the cut offs being around her hands and halfway down to the calves of her legs. Among her equipment is a snorkel on her right shoulder, though not worn, and comes with a L9A1 Browning Hi-Power pistol in her left hand. In addition, Conqueror wears a red crystal around her neck in the shape and style of Phoenix’s tie at the end of her hair, symbolizing a prize for sinking her in the Falklands War.
Her rigging is largely the same as her submarine model, but functions as a one-man Submarine Delivery Vehicle for which she rides on top, with the control mechanism being on two handles on each side of the sail (akin to how I-56 operates her rigging)

This sub was suggested to me by u/A444SQ, I hope you enjoyed this rendition of Conqueror as I did making it.
The historical HMS Conqueror (or rather the last iteration of her) is a fascinating ship and one that I figure would be deserving of its UR spot given its single defining achievement. But this would also be my first UR submarine (at least my first not named Alicorn which is OP even by Ace Combat standards) and with nothing to base it on, it's difficult and might actually be a bit underpowered by comparison. It is what it is I suppose.
As always, if you want to suggest a ship or retrofit in the future, please leave it in the comments below, you can also reach me via DM's to make your suggestions as well. We're returning to Operation Weissenburg next time with Tier VIII Battlecruiser, a design dating to March 1918 but was depicted by WeeGee to be developed in 1944, with their take on Schnelle Großekampfschiffe 4531, KMS Zieten.
Link to the list of ships
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2023.06.07 14:12 ChasKy53 Woman Arrested in Fatal Shooting of Neighbor in Florida

Woman arrested in fatal shooting of her neighbor in Florida

Susan Louise Lorincz, 58, was arrested on charges of manslaughter, culpable negligence, battery and assault in the fatal shooting of Ajike “AJ” Owens.
June 6, 2023, 11:26 PM CDT / Updated June 7, 2023, 1:01 AM CDTBy Phil Helsel
A woman accused of fatally shooting her Florida neighbor in a dispute that involved the slain woman’s children was arrested Tuesday, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.
Susan Louise Lorincz, 58, was arrested on charges of manslaughter with a firearm, culpable negligence, battery and two counts of assault, the sheriff’s office said in a statement.
Lorincz, who is white, is accused of fatally shooting Ajike “AJ” Owens, who was Black, through a closed door in Ocala on Friday night, according to the sheriff’s office.
Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing the Owens family, and others have demanded an arrest, and they raised questions about race and Florida’s “stand your ground” self-defense law.
Woman arrested in fatal shooting of her neighbor in Florida (nbcnews.com)
America has come to this, and it saddens me. This happened over the neighbor's kids playing in an empty lot next door to her. She shot and killed the neighbor lady through her steel front door. Thank goodness it seems the authorities have decided that the 'Stand Your Ground" laws in Florida probably do not justify this shooting. Would she have shot her if she was white? I have to wonder. America has become so violent it sickens me.
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2023.06.07 12:34 easternmorningstar New City Hall under construction in 1964 with the Registry of Deeds and Land Titles building still there on the left. credit: City of Toronto Archives

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2023.06.07 08:49 VerniGreen Prisoner stripped of his constitutional right to marry by the DOC

My fiancé is in state prison and we had set September 2023 as our date to get married for over a year. Back then, you could get married twice a year, once in the spring (in April) and in the fall (in September), when the register of deeds would be present to check on your spouse’s identity.
In January, I reached out to the county’s register of deeds who gave me September 23rd as a pending fall date for weddings. I then started getting papers together and reached out to my homeland’s Consulate (I’m not a US citizen) to get the certificate I needed to then get my marriage certificate transcribed in my homeland.
In March, the DOC changed the wedding policy. It states than inmates are allowed to get married but there will be no celebration. Except it needs to be solemnized to be valid… the DOC came up with an illegal policy.
In April, the Register of Deeds told me they had reached out to the DOC to let them know they would no longer deliver licenses for prison weddings and that the policy needed to be revamped.
In May, I emailed the Secretary of Corrections to discuss the subject. She forwarded me to the Director of Prisons who assured me that the policy had been “ran through their legal counsel” and that it was “legal”. I asked her if she could explain me how to proceed to get married because I felt like something was missing… so she forwarded me to the DOC’s general counsel, who finally told me the policy was indeed “not compliant with State statutes”.
We’re three months and 16 days away. The DOC’s general counsel doesn’t answer my email anymore, and in my last contact with the Register of Deeds yesterday, there was no progress made.
I got the certificate from the Consulate dated April 18th and it’s valid for a year, meaning the fall date is my only change to get married because I have to redo the fastidious process (money wise and time wise) that it was to get it.
We believe that we’re getting “punished” because of the DOC’s incompetence and that he’s being stripped from his constitutional right to get married.
Should I “threaten” to sue to pressure them into revamping their policy faster? Should I contact a lawyer?
Thank you for reading this book 😬 and thank you for your help!
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2023.06.07 07:19 CanisDay Settlement with NANT

(Sorry Kim...you must have called it an early night!) ;)
-Another indicator we are on the way to exiting BK:
-Posted Summary below....seems like both parties are "walking-away". Don't think it affects our claim against the Catch-and-kill against PSS! This may free up PD1 ( Socazolimab ) developmental work or further news with Lee's Pham/China Oncology Focus - just speculating about SRNE ties in China?
-Hearing June 29/2023 at 1pm
-Cut and paste summary below:
Docket 810:
" Motion for Entry of an Order Approving and Implementing Mediation Settlement and Granting Related Relief Filed by Debtor Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. Hearing scheduled for 6/29/2023 at 01:00 PM at telephone and video conference. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit A # (2) Exhibit B # (3) Exhibit C # (4) Exhibit D # (5) Exhibit E # (6) Exhibit F # (7) Exhibit G # (8) Proposed Order) (Peguero, Kristhy) "
Stretto: https://cases.stretto.com/public/x228/12086/PLEADINGS/1208606072380000000042.pdf
Settlement Summary
  1. Debtors’ Settlement with the Nant Parties—Payment or Mutual Releases. The Settlement has a toggle framework whereby the Debtors can either (i) raise sufficient funds to irrevocably pay the more than $175 million owed to NantCell and NANTibody (on account of their two respective judgments) (the “Nant Payments”) or (ii) elect to not make such payments and “walk away” with a full “divorce” from the Nant Parties.
  2. In the payment scenario, referred to in paragraph 9(i) above, the Debtors have agreed with the DIP Lender, the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee, and the Equity Committee that they will not make the Nant Payments unless they have secured committed financing (without material contingencies) to pay each of (i) the DIP Facility, and (ii) unless otherwise agreed in 3 The summary of the Settlement set forth below is subject to the more detailed terms of the Order. In the event of any inconsistency between this summary and the Order, the Order shall control. Case 23-90085 Document 810 Filed in TXSB on 06/06/23 Page 4 of 12 5 US-DOCS\142224284 advance in writing by the Unsecured Creditors’ Committee, all allowed general unsecured claims in full in cash on the effective date of a chapter 11 plan of reorganization (a “Plan”).
  3. In the walk-away scenario, referred to in paragraph 9(ii) above, (i) the Debtors and the Nant Parties (including their respective Related Parties) will mutually release their pending litigation matters and all other claims and judgments against each other, including the approximately $175 million owed to NantCell and NANTibody; (ii) the Debtors will convey all of their ownership in NANTibody, NantCancerStemCell, LLC, and NantBio, Inc. to those respective entities (and Sorrento’s membership, directorship, and any other rights in those entities, as applicable, will be canceled); (iii) NantBio will pay the Debtors $1.5 million; and (iv) NantCell and the Nant Parties will obtain a full release of the Debtors’ royalty rights with respect to the PDL1 antibody that is the subject of the April 21, 2015 Exclusive License Agreement between NantCell and Sorrento. In short, the walk-away would be a full divorce of all relationships between the Debtors and the Nant Parties (and their respective Related Parties), so that both sides can continue operating without needing to interact with each other, thereby minimizing the prospect of future litigation.
  4. This toggle framework will allow the Debtors to preserve optionality in the near term and determine the most value-maximizing path forward, as they continue their ongoing sale and financing marketing process. The implementation of the Settlement with the Nant Parties (i) will be effectuated through the Plan if the Plan is effective on or prior to July 14, 2023, or (ii) if the Plan is not effective on or prior to July 14, 2023, will be effectuated prior to and separate from the Plan pursuant to the Order.
  5. Plan Support. Upon the entry of the Order, the Nant Parties agree to support and vote to accept the Plan (and will take no actions that could interfere with or delay confirmation of Case 23-90085 Document 810 Filed in TXSB on 06/06/23 Page 5 of 12 6 US-DOCS\142224284 the Plan or that support any competing plan), provided that the Plan contains (i) the terms of the Settlement and all of the terms and conditions contained in the Order, (ii) no terms and conditions inconsistent with the Settlement or any terms and conditions contained in the Order, and (iii) only such other terms that are acceptable to the Nant Parties to the extent any of them are affected by any of such other terms.
  6. Post-Judgment Discovery Related to the Approximately $125 Million Owed by NantPharma. The judgment debtor examination currently scheduled for June 14, 2023 in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles (“Los Angeles Superior Court”) shall be adjourned by agreement of Sorrento and NantPharma to the earliest date available in Department 14 of Los Angeles Superior Court, on or after July 20, 2023. Nothing in the Order shall affect any party’s rights or obligations with respect to (a) the subpoenas duces tecum previously served on NantWorks LLC (“NantWorks”) and Nant Capital LLC (“Nant Capital”) (save for the requirement to provide oral testimony on June 14, 2023), or (b) the written discovery requests previously served on NantPharma; provided, however, that NantPharma, NantWorks, and Nant Capital will not use the adjournment of the judgment debtor examination or anything else in the Order as a basis for any motion or argument to quash, modify, delay, or limit their responses to the subpoenas and written discovery.
  7. Other Litigation. Other litigation proceedings4 between the Debtors and the Nant Parties will be unaffected (until any releases are effectuated by the Order, if applicable). Nevertheless, if, at any time prior to July 14, 2023, the Chief Restructuring Officer of the Debtors (the “CRO”) determines in his sole discretion that it is not expected to be reasonably possible for 4 Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. vs. NantCell, Inc., et al., Case No. 19STCV11328, Immunotherapy NANTibody, LLC, et al. v. Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc., et. al., Case No. 19STCV18304, and Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. v. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Case No. 20STCV08789 (each in Los Angeles Superior Court). Case 23-90085 Document 810 Filed in TXSB on 06/06/23 Page 6 of 12 7 US-DOCS\142224284 Sorrento to make the Nant Payments, the CRO will promptly give written notice of this determination to counsel for the Nant Parties at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP and counsel for the Debtors at Latham & Watkins LLP, whereupon Quinn Emanuel and Latham & Watkins shall meet and confer to, and exert their respective best efforts to, minimize legal expenses and costs to be incurred thereafter in any and all pending litigation between their respective clients.
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2023.06.07 07:02 KarEssMoua All my socials, from Beginners to Masters!

All my socials, from Beginners to Masters!
Hello everyone,
I wanted to share with you all of my social outposts, with MY ratings and comments about it, so depending on your level, you can choose which one you wanna play, although all of my outposts are considered as brutal. From all streamers/players that played my outposts, they all said that I have a very unique kind of building (though I suck at exterior architecture, but I promise you this is different inside). All of my maps are speedrunnable, so feel free to try it!
If you don't want to read anything and play any of my outposts randomly, feel free to type Twitch.KarEssMoua to find all my maps.
DISCLAIMER: None of my maps are mazes / killboxes / death alleys
Hope you will have fun! :)

Difficulty : Normal

1) Badger Lee is a short map, perfect for beginners to discover some tricks and how to use your environment. It's also my first prestige 10 map that I built during the beta.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy
2) District Heights is even shorter than Badger Lee and can focus on high pressure if you are a fast player. However, running it slow will also be a challenge for new players.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy

Difficulty : Challenging

  1. Swans Island is a small map with more or less the same length as Badger Lee. It includes more sneaky traps and play with the environment more than the two previous ones. It is a map that I made with my viewers. A challenging map for beginners, where veterans might find this map surprising but generaly easy.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy
2) Rhinebeck did more kills than I expected and exceeded my expectations. It's a mix of two playstyles, which I won't spoil so you can discover it by yourself.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium
3) Osage City is a challenging map for beginners and medium players, that will require your focus during the whole run. More focus on mental pressure, you will have to deal with traps waiting for you at any corner.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium
4) Citrus County is a map with a spicy entry that can be a real challenge for new players. More focused on action with sneaky traps and the use of the grappling, enjoy a map where you can use your environment to protect yourself or jump into the fight and slay everything in sight! Also, you might different paths!
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium

Difficulty : Hard

  1. Mower County, Osage City' sister, pushes the concept of mental pressure further, pushing you to make a mistake. If you are a new player, I would recommend to play Osage City before jumping in Mower County.
Speedrun difficulty : Medium to Challenging
2) Howells is a messy map (if you already played some of my other maps, you know what I mean), and intends to confuse you in a packed environment. You might be surprised how you can die in this one. The lack of raids has been due to the MM issues we had before.
Speedrun difficulty : Challenging
3) High Hill is going to mess up a bit with you. Mixing all the previous combinations, I tested out a new way to build. I'm not gonna lie, I struggled a bit to build this map, but the outcome has been pretty satisfying! The lack of raids has been due to the MM issues we had before.
Speedrun difficulty : Hard

Difficulty : Extreme

  1. Twin Peaks, Grand Lake Stream's little sister is going to confuse you and bully you for a bit. Get ready to be lost into madness and get shot at from any direction.
Speedrun difficulty : Hard to Very Hard
2) Hannibal is brutal. There is no other words. Going slow or going fast, this map is going to give you hard times and will press you to the limit, using a high mental pressure combined with deadly traps. Only one misstep and you are gone. Definitely not recommend for new players, or only if you would like Hell as a tutorial.
Speedrun difficulty : Extreme
3) Grand Lake Stream is an old map that I built during the beta and reworking with time. With an initial 15,7 kill ratio (lowered by social unfortunately), this map counts more than 2 000 kills (official + social). Grand Lake Stream made it tough for a lot of raiders, hoping to get to the genmat and leave this madness behind them. If you wanna dive into an unique kind of madness, this is your way to go. Grand Lake Stream is going to offer you the challenge you need, most of the time. This is also a nostalgic map that I cherish way more than any others.
Speedrun difficulty : Very Hard to Extreme
Thanks for reading, HF!
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2023.06.07 04:54 IntrepidAd1955 Future condemnation

Would Lauren Lee Lastname be a viable boys name without massive ridicule?
I know it's been more of a girl's name for a while, I know of one male Lauren and have vague memories more of them historically the county that I live. I really don't even know many female Lauren's outside of the one in my class growing up.
My Dad's name was Laurence "Larry" who past away two years ago. He was great man and a fantastic dad who readily accepted as his son. I don't really like the idea of using an exact name but like the idea of a similar name, it feels like it would still allow him to be his own person with having to fill shoes, and I don't think I could use Larry in my daily life yet without sobbing twice a week. Also using my Dad's middle names are out because they are already used.
My wife wants James Laurence Lastname. My middle name is James and I'm not a fan of it and hearing her use James two weeks ago for a week was awful.
It also leaves out my biological father who over the last decade I have slowly grown close to again. I want to include him I want to show him that he has become Dad too... but he will know his grandson.
I never took Larry's last name. It never seemed needed I was his son he was my dad. His first born is my older brother. His brothers and sisters are my aunts and uncles. I want my boy to have an easily grasped tie to one of the most important people in my life that sadly he will not meet. Yet I fear that the world will ruin this tribute and connection I'm trying to make.
With clearer eyes. TLDR Is Lauren to much of a girl's name now to use as boy's name with ridicule.
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2023.06.07 04:41 Maleficent-Act7972 Can skateboards be murder weapons?

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2023.06.07 04:30 Scary_Forever_6448 17-year-old Florida girl stabbed 15 times before attacker cuts his own throat

17-year-old Florida girl stabbed 15 times before attacker cuts his own throat

A 17-year-old girl was stabbed more than a dozen times, along with her mother and a bystander, in broad daylight in a Florida parking lot.
The incident took place at a Ponte Vedra Beach restaurant Saturday afternoon on June 3 in front of a crowd.
Afterward, the 18-year-old suspect started to "steadily" cut his own throat, according to an arrest warrant.
17-year-old stabbed 15 times: Arrest warrants says girl stabbed 15 times in Ponte Vedra restaurant before suspect sliced his throat
Four people stabbed: Four people taken to the hospital after stabbing at a Ponte Vedra Beach restaurant
Here's what we know so far.

Who was injured in the attack?

The family identified the daughter and mother as Madison Schemitz, 17, and Jaclyn "Jacki" Roge, 43, of Ponte Vedra Beach.

Who was charged with the attack?

Spencer Ross Pearson, 18, was charged with two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder and one for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Did Madison Schemitz know the suspect?

Four people were stabbed at Mr. Cubby's Wings, 150 Valley Circle in Ponte Vedra Beach about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office said.
Schemitz had broken up with Pearson a couple of months ago. They had been classmates at Ponte Vedra High School where she played softball and he played football.
The arrest warrant said Pearson began to follow and harass Schemitz in April. On Saturday, Schemitz and her mother met some friends at Mr. Chubby's Wings and saw Pearson seated at another table.
“He was threatening her safety," said Tatiana Cruceta, Schemitz's oldest sister. "My mother was looking to get a restraining order against him so this was definitely premeditated. This was definitely something that he had planned.”

What happened at Mr. Chubby's Wings?

St. Johns County sheriff's officers work the scene of a stabbing attack on Mr. Chubby's Wings in Ponte Vedra on June 3, 2023.
As the family headed to their vehicle, Pearson was seen charging toward them.
One of the victims told investigators Pearson held Schemitz with one arm and stabbed her about 15 times. As her mother tried to stop him, she was stabbed in the forearm and leg.
A bystander who tried to get Pearson off Schemitz was also stabbed.
That's when Pearson sliced his own throat, telling witnesses he was trying to kill himself, according to the arrest warrant.

How badly were Schemitz and Roge injured?

Jaclyn \"Jacki\" Roge with daughter Madison Schemtiz. The two were attacked June 3, 2023, in a stabbing by the daughter's former boyfriend Spencer Pearson at Mr. Chubby's Wings in Ponte Vedra Beach.
Cruceta told First Coast News that although Schemitz couldn't feel her legs due to spinal wounds, the family is confident she will recover.
Their mother suffered some cuts to the face, forearm, hand and thigh but is recovering.

Who was the bystander who jumped in to help?

Kennedy Armstrong told Times-Union news partner First Coast News that he heard people yelling in the parking lot and saw a man stabbing two women. He said it was all a blur, but he just wanted to get the man off of them.
After it was over, he discovered his right hand had been cut severely, damaging an artery and several ligaments.
"You see two girls in trouble getting attacked by a guy, I would hope most people would do the same. Kudos to the mom, I think she's the real reason that girl is still alive," he said, adding that his friend Jimmy Stepp also helped.

Roge pleads for privacy, thanks Kennedy Armstrong for his actions

“I would please ask for privacy at this time but ask everyone to pray for my daughter. She is the strongest, most amazing person I know.
"We owe huge gratitude to that young man Kennedy for saving Madison’s life and to the incredible trauma team, neurosurgeons and hospital staff at Memorial Hospital.”

GoFundMe page set up for Madison Schemitz, Jaclyn "Jacki" Roge

A GoFundMe has been set up for Roge and her family, with a goal of $100,000 for medical expenses, unforeseen expenses and to help support the family until Roge can return to work.
As of June 6, $80,000 had been raised.

Where is Ponte Vedra Beach?

Ponte Vedra Beach is a seaside community and suburb of Jacksonville in St. Johns County.
Contributors: Florida Times-Union Metro Editor Scott Butler and First Coast News.
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2023.06.07 03:12 239Deal 📣 Study: Prices Way-Up or Way-Down Across the US ~ Up 11% in FL down 10% in CA 📊

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2023.06.07 02:31 hag_teats Habibi is owned by a sex offender: PSA FOR Tourists

Habibi is owned by a sex offender: PSA FOR Tourists
Reminder: this piece of predatory garbage was guilty, and IS REGISTERED. He assaulted a 10 year old girl.
Now he operates a restaurant directly across from a children’s dance studio in the Cherryland plaza.
Do the right thing and don’t put a dime in this creature’s pocket.
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2023.06.07 02:07 QuintusCinq Simcity Buildit Mayor's Pass Season 31 - Fabulous Florida (Florida Summer Vibes) - Tiers, rewards and points per tier / Additional info on War Vu-pass and the planning of future seasons and design events

The following list gives an overview for the 31st mayor's pass season Fabulous Florida - Florida Summer Vibes, of Simcity Buildit, which runs for 6 weeks, starting on Wednesday 7th of June 2023. The mayor's pass has 42 tiers for the free and premium passes. The premium-plus pass, which was introduced during season 21, has 52 tiers.
A premium pass or a premium-plus pass can be bought at any moment during the season. When the season ends, the option to buy is closed at the same moment.
When buying a premium pass, the player has to choose between the 'basic" premium pass and the premium-plus pass. It is not possible to "upgrade" from a premium pass to a premium-plus pass once the premium pass has been bought.
Buying a premium pass or a premium-plus pass will immediately unlock all premium/plus rewards of the tiers that already have been finished at the moment of buying. The premium plus pass will also unlock the next 5 tiers (for more specific info: read the premium plus section).
The first 16 seasons were officially numbered. Uptil season 16 the reward items in the mayor's pass specialisation section were numbered according to their original seasons. Since the 17th season these numbers have disappeared. In stead of the season number the name of the season is now shown in the building information.
The unique new reward buildings are indicated in bold in the rewards columns.
Most other rewards are the same as, or comparable to rewards from previous seasons. For a few seasons in a row now, the free pass rewards for tier 4 and tier 26 are swapped each new season, but this season it is the same as last season. This season the war cards rewards are the same as last season; usually the war cards change each season.
The number of unique new buildings from the free pass has steadily gone down since the mayor's passes were originally introduced.
The free pass gave 5 unique new buildings since season 3 (when the seasons were shortened from 12 to 6 weeks). But since season 7 the free pass only gave 4 unique new buildings. Since season 11, the number of unique new buildings for the free pass is further limited: now you only can get 3 unique new buildings.
Tier points
Starting in season 30 the points per tier were different from previous seasons. It is expected that this season the points per tier will be the same as in season 30.
The list contains the number of plumbob points that are needed for each tier and the rewards from the free pass, the premium pass and the premium-plus pass.
Double points week
In the previous mayor's pass seasons there was a "double points week" in the last week (which only lasts 5 days because the season ends when the 6th Contest of Mayors (CoM) week ends). During this week, the regular assignments as well as the milestone tasks give double points.
Lightning CoM week
During season 25 there was a "Lightning CoM week" in week 5 for the first time: each CoM lasted 48 hours, and there were 3 CoM's during this week. Each CoM had 20 tasks less than the usual amount, and the targets for the milestones were lower (as well as the points for the milestones). But adding those 3 CoM's together, there were more tasks to complete and more points from milestones to gain, than during a regular week.
The Lightning CoM week wasn't repeated during seasons 26, 28 and 30. Lightning CoM weeks did return in the 5th week during seasons 27 en 29, this time with 2 CoM's that each lasted 72 hours. In season 27 the second Lightning CoM had double points; probably due to a mistake by the developers.
Based on this pattern it is considered likely that there will be a lightning CoM week again in the 5th week of this season.
Free and premium pass
In the table below, "tier points" indicate the number of plumbob points needed to get to the indicated tier from the previous tier. "Total points" gives the number of plumbob points from start upto the indicated tier.
Calculation for the weekly average points: Taking the double points week into account, the "weekly av." number indicates what your average weekly plumbob points score should be during the first 5 weeks and double that amount in the final week, if you want to reach that tier by the end of the season. To get to tier 42 you will need 87k during the first 5 weeks and 175k in the final week.
Premium-plus pass
There is no weekly average calculated for the tiers of the premium-plus pass, because the average that you need depends on when you buy the premium-plus pass.
Buying it at the start of the season will let you advance the first 5 tiers (14,000 points). Buying the premium-plus pass at a later moment will let you advance 5 tiers from your position at the moment of buying.
Unfortunately this isn't the case at the end of the tier track. When you don't buy the pass when you have reached tier 42, you will still accumulate points but you no longer advance in tiers. Bying the premium-plus pass after reaching tier 42 will first advance you to tier 47. Then the extra points that you may have got after tier 42 will be taken into account and (if you have enough) will advance you further in the tiers.
Going from tier 42 to tier 47 will only save you 145k points. It is more profitable to buy the premium-plus pass when you have reached tier 37. That will bring you to tier 42, saving 194k points.
Taking the double points week into account in a six week season you need 136k weekly and 272k during the double points week to reach tier 52, when you buy the premium-plus pass at the start of the season. When you buy it immediately after having reached tier 37, you need 110k weekly and 221k during the double points week to finish tier 52.
When you are only interested in the new buildings (aiming at reaching tier 40), you could buy the premium-plus pass after having reached tier 35. Then it takes 50k weekly and 101k during the double points week to reach tier 40.
Additional info
- Pictures of the new buildings in this season (31) and of new buildings from (design) events and limited time offers during this season can be found in our subreddit for pictures of limited time buildings: https://www.reddit.com/SCBI_Buildings/
- The new season was discussed in this topic.
- A video of the new buildings in this season (31) and other upcoming buildings can be found here
- An updated chart of the War Vu - pass tier points can be found here. The Vu-pass tiers were changed during Mayor's Pass season 28.
- The most likely future planning for upcoming seasons, design events and war vu-pass periods till the end of 2023 can be found here
Tier Tier points Total points Weekly av. (calculation includes double points week) Free pass rewards Premium and premium-plus pass rewards
1 2000 2000 <600 3000 simoleons Oceanside Drive
2 3000 5000 715 Llamawood Urban Art 100 SimCash
3 3000 8000 1440 Deed: City Expansion
4 3000 11,000 1570 10 Temporary Storage Boost 5000 NeoSimoleons
5 3000 14,000 2000 20,000 Simoleons
6 3000 17,000 2430 3 different War Items 10 Temporary Storage Boost
7 4000 21,000 3000 20 Platinum Keys
8 4000 25,000 3570 20 SimCash 1000 Regional Simoleons
9 5000 30,000 4285 1500 War Simoleons
10 6000 36,000 5140 Sunscape Bridge
11 4000 40,000 5715 Lake (This was a new reward building uptil season 10) 4 Llama Speed-Up Tokens
12 4000 44,000 6285 10 Golden Tickets
13 5000 49,000 7000 Deed: Mountain Expansion 2 Lake
14 5000 54,000 7715 Deed: Beach Expansion
15 6000 60,000 8570 60% Sale on SimCash 5x3 Vu Items
16 6000 66,000 9430 20 Comic Hand War Cards
17 6000 72,000 10,285 Small Palm Tree Forest 20 Golden Keys
18 7000 79,000 11,285 3x3 City Storage Items
19 10,000 89,000 12,715 SimCar Racetrack
20 11,000 100,000 14,285 Cypress Swamp (this was a new reward building in the seasons 3 - 6 and has been since season 11) 10 Temporary Storage Boost
21 9,000 109,000 15,570 7 Cheetah Speed-Up Tokens
22 10,000 119,000 17,000 Silver War Chest 7000 NeoSimoleons
23 11,000 130,000 18,570 3x3 Mountain Items
24 12,000 142,000 20,285 Lake 1 of each War Item
25 13,000 155,000 22,145 20 Platinum Keys
26 14,000 169,000 24,145 3x3 Area Expansion Items 5x3 Area Expansion Items
27 15,000 184,000 26,285 60 Mellow Bellow War Cards
28 14,000 198,000 28,285 10 Golden Tickets 5x3 Beach Items
29 17,000 215,000 30,715 Fort Danielson
30 20,000 235,000 33,570 2 Small Palm Tree Forest (this was a new reward building uptil season 10) 3500 Regional Simoleons
31 18,000 253,000 36,145 2 Palm Tree Forest
32 20,000 273,000 39,000 10 Common War Cards 24,000 NeoSimoleons
33 23,000 296,000 42,285 15 Temporary Storage Boost
34 27,000 323,000 46,145 15 Golden Keys 80,000 Simoleons
35 30,000 353,000 50,430 5x3 City Storage Items
36 32,000 385,000 55,000 3x3 Area Expansion Items
37 32,000 417,000 59,570 50 Platinum Keys 15 Golden Tickets
38 33,000 450,000 64,285 50 Golden Keys
39 37,000 487,000 69,570 Adventure Kingdom
40 39,000 526,000 75,145 Sim West Quarter 50 Platinum Keys
41 37,000 563,000 80,430 13 Cheetah Speed-Up Tokens
42 48,000 611,000 87,285 1400 SimCash 10,000 War Simoleons
Premium-plus pass extra rewards
43+ 25,000 636,000 10 Golden Tickets
44+ 25,000 661,000 10x3 Mountain Items
45+ 30,000 691,000 10 Cheetah Speed-Up Tokens
46+ 30,000 721,000 3500 Regional Simoleons
47+ 35,000 756,000 10,000 NeoSimoleons
48+ 35,000 791,000 5X3 Area Expansion Items
49+ 40,000 831,000 30 Platinum Keys
50+ 40,000 871,000 20 Hissy Fit War Cards
51+ 45,000 916,000 30 Golden Keys
52+ 50,000 966,000 10,000 War Simoleons
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2023.06.07 02:04 CelesteDobbs Rise Up John Wesley Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618

June 6, 2023
Rise Up John Wesley Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618
The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies Now representing John Dobbs attorney Mr. Reres Sr. Update: By Mrs. Celeste Dobbs
The world-famous political prisoner King U combats Florida's hidden Antebellum policies John W. Dobbs, Florida inmate no. C00618 aka Universal aka King U I'm a political prisoner based on 4the fact that my imprisonment is not by legal construction. But instead based on the preferences of people who have obtained social and public support by trickery. And this support has the effect of placing them with the full might of the U.S. Government enforcing their favors and my illegal detainment. An unconstitutional union of Florida officials are secretly exercising Antebellum practices and are using intimidation amongst their peers to exercise their wills. King U John W. Dobbs John W. Dobbs Florida DC# C00618 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Orange County case# 48-2006-CF-015201-O The listing of events is compiled from several of John. Dobbs’ prior efforts to get justice. The uncontested facts hold that: Petitioner and his then girlfriend Deann Washington were visiting the State of Florida, when they stopped at a topless bar called Thee Doll House. Inside the club the couple met William Troy IIII and briefly engaged in a not at all hostile, but not quite polite conversation.
At closing time, the couple left the club and sew Troy with 3 or 4 other men, they were intoxicated. Petitioner’s vehicle and the vehicle transporting Troy’s party was parked six parking spaces apart. One or more from Troy’s party yelled to the couple something to the effect of they needed security to walk them out. Initially the statement appears lighthearted. John is entering his car when Troy’s friend and employee Andre Blanco starts to approach the passenger side of the couple’s vehicle. John’s girlfriend being the passenger, points out that one of them is walking over. John asks her to stay in the car, leaves the driver side, and walks around the back of the car to meet him. When Andre Blanco arrives, a fight initiated between them which all parties and witnesses perceive as a fist fight. The fight takes place close to the rear passenger side of John’s vehicle. Almost instantly. Andre Blanco is Knocked down and Francisco Gotay approaches John evades the punches and strikes Francisco Gotay with what all parties and witnesses perceive as fists. After being knocked down Andre Blanco swiftly recovers and attacks Petitioner from behind. John’s girlfriend exits the vehicle and enters the fight to help John, as Anthony Riollano and William Troy IIII approach. The couple hears someone yell ‘get her ‘ or get the girl.’ It’s around this time that one of them appears to get seriously injured and John concedes to starting to use his pocketknife, as Deanna Washington is grabbed by Anthony Riollano and tossed to the side ending her feeble attempts to ward them off. Next Riollano goes after John approaching John from behind, while he was confronted by at least one other of Riollano’s party, grabs John from the side by his shirt collar and strikes him on the head and neck several times. As members of his party feel they are unable to continue, Riollano, not knowing why the fight has stopped, but recognizing that it has, stops hitting John. Both Blanco and Gotay notice they are bleeding and don’t know why.
John gets up and the couple get in their car, and William Troy falls to the ground due to stab wounds. Andre Blanco and Francisco then realize they were stabbed. As the couple leaves the parking lot a truck, they believe to be occupied by one of their assailants try to run them off the road. Hanzel Holiday a valet from the club across the street, was not a witness to the incident, yet claim to have struck John’s vehicle twice in order to run the couple off the road, because his supervisor, Phillip Allen Westfall, the valet for Thee Doll House told him to stop their car. On third attempt Holiday notices John with a gun pointed in the direction of his attack, so he stops pursuit. William Troy died as a result of his stab wounds. John received multiple injuries six cuts. While John claims to have seen one of them swinging something shiny, which he perceived as a knife, and security for the club, Justin Idle, claims to have seen one of the men hitting John with what he believes may have been a key. All witnesses deny seeing John with a knife during the altercation. John, the only African American male in the fight, was also the only man arrested, and accused of a criminal act. Blanco, Gotay and Holiday each have multiple felony convictions, Troy had been convicted of battery on a law enforcement officer: and on the night of the incident Blanco was on probation. John who himself had one prior felony conviction, alerted the arresting office of his self-defense claim. Sign his petition on amku.org
Thank You
 Frequently Asked Questions 
If Florida ‘ Stand Your Ground Law ‘ is equally available to citizens under Florida jurisdiction some of the questions that arrive basic on the evidence are:
1.) Why was he the only man arrested for a fight that all witness sworn stated as a fist fight between him and a least 4 intoxicated men who relentlessly approached him?
2.) Does race have anything to do with it?
3.) Does he have the right to protect his girlfriend for what can be reasonably preceded as acts of aggression?
4.) How is it possible to find he didn’t act in defense of himself and his lady, when no reasonable evidence existed that the men who approached them might no harm?
5.) If the statement (you need security to walk you and your girl out) can be perceived as a threat how is it not evidence of his innocent?
6.) Why wasn’t Andre Blanco arrested for violating; for his part in the altercation being that he was dunk and on probation in a state were mere police contact usually results in violation?
7.) Why did the prosecutor allow Andre Blanco to change sworn statements from proceeding to proceeding without explanation?
8.) If the only evidence of aggravated battery against Andre Blanco comes from actions, Andre Blanco testified there was no evidence of, until after Blanco ran up grab him by the back of the neck and started hitting him; How is that not self-defense?
9.) If the only evidence of Aggravated battery against Fransico Gotay comes from actions Gotay testified occurred only after Gotay ran at him swinging to hit him; How is that not self-defense?
10.) If the only evidence of aggravated assault against Hansel Holiday comes from actions Holiday testified occurred only after Holiday was attempting to strike his car and run him off the road for the thirty time; How is that not self- defense?
11.) If Andre Blanco testified that immediately after being hit with what seems like a really hard punch, Blanco gets up runs grabs him by the back of the neck and starts hitting him; and, Fransico Gotay testified that immediately after Blanco falls from being hit with a good punch, Gotay runs up and starts swinging at him. and, Riollano testified that at the time that Riollano approached him and started hitting him in the neck and head, he was still fighting at least one of Riollano’s friends. And, William Troy enter the fight sometime in between. How can they say the fights were one on one.
13.) Why were Fransico Gotay, Anthony Riollano, and Hanzel Holiday treated by the State Attorney’s Office as if their attacking the couple at the couple car was lawful when they claim to have no knowledge of why the fight started or who throw the first punch; Thus, no knowledge of whether they were in the right or wrong?
14.) How is it that he was convicted of murdering William Troy and his conviction is upheld when the only evidence is that William Troy was the 3 or 4 men to enter the fight against him, and his claim to have stab Troy in self-defense?
15.) Why was the jury led to believe that he had to try to avoid the danger before he had the right to stand his ground?
16.) Why wasn’t the State required to answer any of these questions on appeal?
17.) Why wasn’t he granted an Evidential Hearing basic on any of his claims in the Federal Court?
18.) If the police was called before anyone was believed to have been stabbed and Deputy Herbert Mercado testified at the Adversary Preliminary Hearing referring to him as the victim twice.
Doesn’t that mean that the recordings of the 911 calls that were destroyed were evidence of his actual innocents?
19.) Does this mean that Florida law enforcement knows that he is innocent?
20.) Does the wealth of William Troy’s and Anthony Riollano’s family's have anything to do with it.
21.) Is there a conspiracy to deny a innocent man his rights?
22.) If a white man fought off 4 or 5 drunk black men, who told him he needed security, and surrounded him and his girlfriend, outside his car in the parking lot of a strip club, at 2:00 in the morning; Wouldn’t he be a hero?
23.) Are Clerks of Court being paid to sabotage cases in Florida. a.) A Clark of the court filed the unsigned Charge Information. b.) On Direct Appeal they was no judge signature on the ‘Denial .‘ c.) It was a Clerk who allowed incorrect DOC number to remain on his docket for months despite the number of complaints. d.) It was a Clerk of Court that removed 15 pages of his ‘Argument' from his petition for Federal Habeas Corpus. e.) And now the Clerk of Court who denied his State Habeas Corpus without any reason again in the Direct Court of Appeal.
They didn’t put the initial provocation instruction in George Zimmerman jury instruction.
 Read proof of his innocents on his website 
americanmekinguniversal.org and/or amku.org read court transcripts, and subtitle; Must Read, John's story in his own words " American Me Law vs. Law Enforcement " and give him an emergency release. Too many Florida officials are manipulating the system solely for their own personal prejudices and then having justice denied to avoid lawsuits. A favor for a favor tradition, Regardless of constitutional propriety. Many have gotten more severe sentencing when facts are manipulated at trail. Some were just been plain railroad. This system within the system is so embedded that the Feds are scared to touch it, especially because of the financial ramifications. A federal investigation is sorely needed, men like my son who have been ignored and lack opportunities to received justice in Florida that only money can buy. Thank You
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2023.06.07 01:45 capnsven Looking for good Senior Community

So my parents are both 80 and stairs have become a problem for my mom so she’s wanting to move.
I feel like they’re too young to head into an “independent living” type place but I think it would be great if I could find someplace that is like an apartment or a condo that has a community center. My mom really needs to be able to make some friends wherever she is living.
I know these type of places are everywhere in Florida, but is there anything like that in this area? Preferably west side up to Tri-County area.
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2023.06.06 23:48 ryanvgates School Safety Town Hall Meeting on Monday, June 12, 2023

The Broward County School Board and Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Interim Superintendent invite students, parents, staff and community members to a School Safety Town Hall Meeting on Monday, June 12, 2023, at Plantation High School, 6901 N.W. 16th St, Plantation, Florida 33313. Doors open at 5:30 p.m., and the meeting starts promptly at 6 p.m. The event will be livestreamed, and the public can share questions or feedback on Twitter @browardschools.
The town hall provides the community the opportunity to share feedback on important security initiatives, including the use of clear backpacks and bags beginning in the 2023/24 school year, implementing a unified dress code at schools and the installation of metal detectors.
The community’s feedback will inform the School Board’s vote on the use of clear backpacks, scheduled to take place during the Regular School Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2023.
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2023.06.06 23:41 legalthrowaway2456 Florida - HOAs - Solar Panels Denied

Evening LegalAdvice!
Hope some people can offer their interpretation and opinions on the solar panel protections of home owners in Florida HOAs.
Initial Background:
I put in an HOA ARC request for solar panels in my HOA. The request came back denied as “solar panels are not allowed to face the street.”
I am already under contract for the solar panels and the company assures me the HOA can do no such thing. The system covers all 4 sides of my roof in order to obtain a 100% offset, and removing or moving any such panels will be detrimental to the performance of the system.
Current law:
Please see Florida Statute 163.04, http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0100-0199/0163/Sections/0163.04.html
I pulled some info out of it:
"A deed restriction, covenant, declaration, or similar binding agreement may not prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting solar collectors, clotheslines, or other energy devices based on renewable resources from being installed on buildings erected on the lots or parcels covered by the deed restriction, covenant, declaration, or binding agreement"
"Such entity may determine the specific location where solar collectors may be installed on the roof within an orientation to the south or within 45° east or west of due south if such determination does not impair the effective operation of the solar collectors."
Current ARC Guidelines:
The location and design details for solar collectors shall be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee. A solar collect shall not be installed on any lot unless it is an integral and harmonious part of the architectural design of a roof structure. Solar collectors shall be located on a roof exposure shielded from view
from the street, adjoining lots and Common Areas to the maximum extent possible. Solar collectors shall be flush mounted and installed parallel to the plane of the roof. Under no circumstance may solar collectors extend above the ridgeline of a roof.
Initial thoughts:
As it stands, the arc guidelines are very generic and mention nothing about facing a street, but that it should be shielded from the street to the maximum extent possible. Nothing explicitly about the street. Additionally, some of the homes in the community (half) have their main roof line facing the street (south), so banning such placement on the south roof directly goes against Statute 163.04. My thoughts are this is grounds alone that the “no street placement” is an incorrect ruling regardless of the direction it faces on some homes. Also, some homes face south and must be required to allow panels on the south side, so the point is moot.
Possible interpretations of law:
As it states that an entity may determine the location IF it does not affect performance, we know they have some say. However, I do believe that because moving a panel reduces performance then it is covered. However, one could possibly make the argument that so such panels needed to exist in the original design as “You do not need 100% offset” though I think that is a weak argument.
Two asks!
  1. Do you believe my interpretation that I am protected due to a reduced performance is correct?
  2. If my appeal denies, and I am correct with #1 (I have a leg to stand on) would the next move to be to sue/cease and desist the decision, or move forward with the install and sue after the install if the HOA comes after me?
Thanks all!
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2023.06.06 22:58 fatvegancrybaby Where to find Railroad Valuation Sheets (New England)

Does anyone know where you can find old railroad valuation sheets? Some of the county registries have them but the one I'm working in for this project does not. Any help appreciated (Hampshire County Massachusetts, Boston & Maine Railroad, Section 5, sheets 85-97)
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2023.06.06 22:46 ItsMyrnaBoo Wha wha wha whaaaaaa

Wha wha wha whaaaaaa submitted by ItsMyrnaBoo to OfficialTinyDinyMatt [link] [comments]