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Cannabis Store Near Me 6ixotics

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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The official subreddit for NFL football cards and football card collectors!

2023.06.07 15:30 ClickbaitKillerApp Clickbait Killer Extension for summarizing links with ChatGPT

I created this extension to make my browsing of news aggregators and social media far faster. It's called Clickbait Killer as the original idea was to resolve clickbait as quickly as possible without opening the page, but it can be used for summarizing any article,
Just right-click or long-press on any link and click the new context menu option "Summarize Link". It's also possible to summarize the current active tab page by clicking the extension icon.
Summaries are created with ChatGPT and then cached on a CDN as part of the backend so for other users summaries of the same page will be retrieved very quickly.
So while initially summary creation with ChatGPT may take a few seconds, once a user base builds up it will be very fast and you won't need to worry about ChatGPT rate limits. It will still be very usable until then.
Summaries are stored separately by language so users and can create and retrieve summaries according to the language of the browser.
There is a rating system also so low-rated summaries will be removed from the CDN and replaced by higher quality ones.
I hope you will give it a try and let me know what you think:
Install for Chrome:
Instal for Firefox:
Install for Edge:
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2023.06.07 15:29 isameed "Pindi" Looking for hostels Near Bahria Phase 4

Hello, Redditors!
I recently got offered a job in Rawalpindi near Bahria Phase 4, but I'm completely new to the city. I find myself in a bind as I need to find a hostel within a week, but I don't know anyone here to ask for recommendations. This is my first time in Rawalpindi, and I could really use some assistance during this challenging period.
If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any hostels in the area, I would greatly appreciate your help. I'm looking for a safe, affordable option with a comfortable living environment. Any insights, recommendations, or advice would be incredibly valuable to me.
Thank you all in advance for your support and kindness. Your help will make a significant difference in helping me settle down and focus on my new job. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any information or suggestions. Your help is truly appreciated!
Warm regards,
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2023.06.07 15:29 vagitarianqueen Unsure which watch to choose

I bet you get asked this a lot. But I tried searching the sub and I am still unsure.

I have currently fitbit Versa 2, but since they're now pushing us to use Google accounts, I want to switch. Some of my friends recommended me Polar and Garmin, but I am leaning towards Polar since their apps and products can be set to my native language which is a luxury. I am ok at English but still prefer my own language.
So, I am very broke but my aunt offered to buy the watch for me. I am super grateful, but I don't want to ask for anything super expensive so I first though about Unite because I could find one on sale for 99 €. But after reading this sub many people seem to think it's bad? I am not very sporty, but I do exercise regularly. For me sleep tracking is most important tho, rest of the data I just use for motivation to move. Sports that I do are: weight training 4 times a week, yoga once a week and some form of cardio once a week. On top of that I also walk a bit but I don't really count walking 2 km to the grocery store and back as an exercise.
Would Unity satisfy my needs or should I get a more pricey model? Also how does polar watches fit to smaller wrist? I have tiny wrist (13 cm) and when I was younger I had some polar sensor that came with a watch that was horribly bulky. This was around 10+ years ago tho so I guess all has changed.. :D
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2023.06.07 15:29 ceterispari Packaging looks different to website?

Just received CC. Packaging (tamper proof bag) looks diff to online/unboxing vids. Eg don’t trust verify is not 3d. Serial number different size to online website. Ordered from official CK store. Can anyone advise/let me know if this is legit? Did CC change their packaging?
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2023.06.07 15:29 RandyBoBandyPanda Panic at a thrift store

I went to a local thrift store today determined to look at dresses and find something I could wear for me at home. I got so nervous and scared I could barely even look at the woman’s clothing. I look very masc, I have facial hair, but I felt overwhelmed worrying the few old ladies in the store were looking at me. I wanted so badly to be able to look and buy something but my nerves won’t even let me take this step. How am I ever going to do more? How am I going to live as me if I’m afraid of the judgement of random old women while clothes shopping? I’m frustrated with myself.
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2023.06.07 15:29 PlaceOwn9493 Should ai just quit?

Ok, hear me out.
My employer employed a young man from the Middle East (same nationality as the owner). He was muddling through but needed some guidance at times. I was the one he attached himself too when requiring help, understanding etc would come to my store just to feel included I think - the issues started to arise about 2 months ago when he called one of my staff fat, & suggested women should do more cleaning, if you catch where I am going with this. My store is primarily made up of women. We had a tiny verbal argument a few weeks ago over a few things, inclusive of that and HIS safety. He's interfering with things when I'm not there now also. Observing my staff & making them feel scrutinised.
So he came into work a few nights ago, I am working & organising prices and locations with my 2IC on the phone - he starts touching the safe & doesn't think I'm paying attention.
He presses buttons. Beep. Nothing. He starts pressing buttons and plays around with it until.. he backs off and wanders away. I go out to the office, and I hear an incessant beeping. I ask what it is AND THIS GUY PRETENDS HE DOESN'T KNOW. The young man I'm training assumed it was the till & he'd done something to cause it. The other manager starts fiddling with the till, suggesting things it could be.
I go to the safe & I'm like 'OK so why is THIS beeping then', he's trigger the security in the safe, and it's flashing a warning. Ok, so we've all stuffed the code before & usually you can wait 5 min and try again. NOT THIS TIME. I can account for mistakes and general silliness, but somehow, he's triggered the safe to completely lock down. I dont have any way of accessing the safe, the change & and can not do nightly banking. He completely denies it until I say that I saw him, then and only then did he concede. After 11 hours of work, I was pretty aggravated. It causes me more work & I have a way to access the safe without the owner & he lives over an hour away. So I called him an idiot & told him to stop interfering or use his words. Why the hell is he touching it ANYWAY?! I didn't scream or yell, but I did swear.
I get home later & he's sent me text messages that include if you think you're the only one who can raise their voice your miataken(angry texting I assume) & Next don't even think to stand in my way BY any shape or form I can escalate this. You know that
u not going to have a chance to do that again to me
I have this all on camera. I took this as a threat and addressed it with the owner who brushed it off as a bad day for both of us & that he wasn't threatening. Just that he was saying he could be rude, too. Which even on the face of it is a threat to be rude?
Am I overreacting & acting out of anger? Am I being a bully?
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2023.06.07 15:27 MediumCalendar1234 Weird new "policy"

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2023.06.07 15:27 Hindraous Recently picked up a used Trident

Recently picked up a used Trident
Formbot 300 Trident build was purchased Nov '21 and finished Jan '22. It has nearly 4000 hours on it. The PO ran a business snd needed a larger print bed. He put it together well but klipper needs a lot of work. He got it printing and never updated it. Makes sense for a business owner. I've updated klipper and I've been optimizing all the configs, this is my first experience with Klipper so I'm taking my time. He did also have the SB/CW2 toolhead for me to install and a Klicky probe ready to install. I just received a HF 0.4 Revo nozzle. It's got LEDs, nozzle brush and a filament runout sensor. Other than CANBUS what mods should I do? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Oh I also know I should get a kinematic bed kit. I am also highly willing to accept any advice on klipper. I have installed KAMP, ran Ellis test_speed snd found some reliable speed settings that are too fast for the normal Revo 0.4 nozzle. I've been working on the fans but I still want to revamp the LEDs, filament runout sensor. Currently trying to understand the coding behind the LCD screen and change colors for different printer states lol Thank you for your time everyone
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2023.06.07 15:26 SupersiblingzYT Easiest 500k ever

Easiest 500k ever
I was in a hurry extracting in Farmland because my phone was at 2%, I was near an extraction then a T5 guy ambushed me. He shot my legs and I couldn't move, I decided to fight back and unexpectedly killed him. Looted his body, took painkillers, and extracted. Moral: Rush the extraction to get a squad wipe
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2023.06.07 15:25 baalaifarara scooter got stolen

Hi everyone,
I hope you all are well!!
I just got my scooter 🛵 stolen in front of Betty's burger chapel street. It's a honda dio 110 black. I usually do uber in the evening and this time i forgot my key on the ignition and one guy came and rode it off. I reported it to the police and I have no idea if insurance will pay me off as the key was on the ignition and i was 5 meters away and that's what i reported to the police. Is there any chance cc TV from any nearby store help in those circumstances??
Please let me know if anyone see the scooter anywhere.
The regi is: 2Q3NY 🥲
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2023.06.07 15:25 ThrowRA20000123 I (23M) need advice on the relationship I am in with my girlfriend (22F) for 6 years now. I have no romantic feelings anymore and i would like end the relationship but I feel too guilty and too much in debt to her to do so. What can I do?

Hey all, first of all even though this is a new account, I am still super grateful that there is a place to put my thoughts into words and I appreciate every help. I also want to apologise in advance as this will probably be a long post:
My girlfriend and I are in a relationship for nearly 6 years now. We share an apartment since roughly 2 years and I value her a lot as a person and as a friend. Sadly I don't feel like i can keep up that relationship on my side anymore. I have less romantic feelings for her than ever before and have an ever growing wish for "freedom". That often leads to me being annoyed or wishing to do things alone. While I struggle with those feelings, I feel guilty since she invested so much emotionally and in other ways into the relationship, in me and our future.
From the beginning on she felt way stronger about our relationship than I did, but I mostly try to shove that thought to the side. Since puberty I do struggle a lot with my feelings and I was hoping that it would just take time to develop this feeling of strong love. We also talked about it before getting together and she was okay with that. So we engaged into a relationship while taking it slowly and dated. It feels comfortably being loved and cared for, but sometimes it seems to be very uneven as she mostly is more invested on the emotional side than I am.
In those 6 years I had a few very dark moments in my life where she supported me a lot. She was there to listen and comfort me while I was sliding in and out of emotional lows several times. For that reason the relationship for me feels even more uneven and I got the feeling that I owe her too much to end the relationship.
Since around a year I started to have less romantic feelings about her and I don't feel overly attracted anymore. My girlfriend seems to love me as much as she did at the start of our relationship, what makes me feel even worse. I tried to talk about it with her and even told her that I want to end the relationship for those reasons. She started to cry very hard and could not understand what I said. She said that she couldn't live with out me, that I was the only support she has and that our relationship is not as uneven as I feel it to be. While I may not have romantic feelings for her I still cannot see her that sad. My heart dropped to the floor, but I tried to continue. We spoke for a long time until evening. The next morning the feelings of guilt totally overwhelmed me and I offered to try again. Even though I didn't know if that was the right thing, we continued with our relationship and I simply hoped once again that the feelings would catch up with me.
This is nearly a year ago and I didn't have the heart to express my feelings again. We continued as normal, but we started to have less sex. While we both still have the desire for (it just doesn't feel romantic to me anymore) I cannot really go for it. It feels like taking advantage of her as long as we are stuck in this situation and it doesn't help that she drops more and more hints that she is missing it. I mostly let time pass by since then as she was occupied with master school for half a year and I didn't want to put any further stress on her. I still wanted to support her as much as possible in this phase and tried to give back at least some of the support she gave me in all those years.
Now that this phase is coming to an end I am just feeling lost. I don't want to hurt her and I value all the things she did for me, but I still don't think that I can continue like this for much longer. It simply doesn't feel right and somehow I don't have the strength to end it. I feel very unfair towards her, even though the last time we talked about it, she assured me that its not. I simply don't know what to do and I cannot lift the feeling of debt towards her no matter how often she says there is none.
I hope you have some ideas or at least a rough direction for me as I feel very lost right now. How did you guys overcome such situations? Did you have any similar situations?
Thank you for reading that far. If anything is unclear, please feel free to ask. English is not my native tongue and some sentences may be hard to read for that reason.
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2023.06.07 15:25 abetterrorygilmore copycat friend

I (21 F) met this new friend (20 F) last year in uni because we were sharing classes. We befriended two others Alice and Gina, both names are fake (21 F and 20 F) since all four of us were sharing classes. Let's call the toxic friend Claire. So, for context, I grew up in an upper-middle-class household, went to an all girls private school, summer trips, I rarely ever look at the price tag unless its a luxury purchase, and my family (distant relatives and aunts and uncles) is considered to be somewhat part of 'high society' in where I'm from, and I am very blessed to be brought up this way and I love to give and offer people little things (like paying for lunch or coffee, giving them snacks, small little gifts if they wanted something at the store, and they couldn't afford it). And I do that to keep on my grandfather and father's legacy of generosity. I attend a public but distinguished university while most my friends from high school go to a private university. Where I'm from, university is completely free, and the give you around 266$ USD monthly for four years. So, most people prefer attending public universities for these perks. Now, you could assume that many people from different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses attend this university since it is free and pays students.
Alice, Gina, and Claire all went to public schools, but Gina comes from an upper-middle-class family and is very similar to me when it comes to beliefs and connections. Alice's father is pretty famous, so you can assume that she's doing well for herself too, but her parents rarely pay for anything regarding her since she has many siblings. Claire on the other hand, comes from a lower-middle-class family (which none of us care about tbh), and according to her she's always 'broke'. Usually, Gina and I take care of the bill when we go out to eat or when we get coffee because we know about Claire and Alice's situation, and we don't want them to feel belittled.
Lately, Claire has been seeing me and Gina talk about similar experiences about visiting different countries, luxury items, fancy restaurants , etc.. I could feel Claire envy the friendship that was growing between me and Gina. Claire started talking about HER experience in traveling, yet, she mentioned that she has never traveled before. Another thing she kept talking about was how much she hated certain luxury brands because 'she doesn't like their leather' or 'it's too cheap'. None of us minded her new personality we just thought that she was trying to blend in; therefore, we tried avoiding these topics when we are around her.
Claire got a boyfriend (24 M) who is studying to become a pilot and lives in a small town. He boyfriend is a butthole. They have been on again off again since she was in high school (creepy dude dating a high schooler I know). He is only with her because of the sexual tension, and she is the only girl willing to do anything with him. All my social media accounts are private and I only accept people that I know. Recently, I got a DM on instagram from a fake account calling me beautiful and he would love to date me. I instantly blocked the account out of respect for my boyfriend, and I am assuming it is Claire's boyfriend because of what she told me the next day. Claire and I were walking towards our class and she said "Hey, my boyfriend thinks you look mid". The only way he would see how I look like is my instagram profile picture. I found it creepy tbh, but Claire kept telling our friend group about how her boyfriend thinks I look. I found that weird.
Personally, I have had friends who did the same things in the past, so I brushed it off. After that incident, Alice reaches out to me while we're on break and tells me that Claire is using my name on twitter spaces to meet people. Remember when I said my family is considered high society? The people Claire talked to knew who I was and my family is, yet she kept pretending to be me. She was talking about my trips during the summer, my obsession with F1, my exes, how 'sad I felt after my dad died', and many more details I haven't even mentioned to her nor are the correct (some stories about how I hooked up with girls when I was in high school, BUT IM STRAIGHT idc about anyone's sexuality, but THE LIES).
I pretended I didn't know just to see how far she would go in her little skit. I cut my hair and got layers, she did the same but she has curly hair so it always looks messy. I bought a new laptop, she wants to but couldn't afford the same one I bought, but bought a new one regardless. I bought an iPad, she did the same. I listen to certain artists, she started listening to them, I organize my schedule in un around my schedule (piano lessons, appointments, Grand Prix, and etc..) i and take classes with profs that like me and I've taken with before, but she copies my exact schedule and blames me for 'shitty classes' and 'shitty times'. I've been a F1 fan ever since I was a kid because of my father. I've been to multiple GPs with him and created amazing memories. She started watching F1 recently and only cheers for Carlos Sainz because "he's hot". I didn't mind it until she started talking about how she loved attending GPs as a kid. Gina was confused when Claire said that and asked her who her favorite driver was as a child, she answers "anyone in Ferrari", Gina asked if it was Logan Sergeant. and Claire says "yes! he's my favorite!" absolute silence after.
A few days ago, she missed the bus, and I offered to drive her back home, she refused because she lived a 40 min drive away from our uni. I kept telling her it was fine and I did not mind at all, and my aunt lives in the same area and I was planning on popping in for a visit anyway. I wasn't, but I didn't want her to feel bad for me dropping her off. She agreed. We get into my car (a Benz I've been driving ever since I was 17), and she starts complaining about how 'this is the cheapest car she has been in'. I nodded and smiled because I didn't want to comment on anything. The whole car ride was her talking about her luxurious trip during the break, which was all fake. When I dropped her off, her house was humble, and she mentioned that she still lived with her family and the house was rented. I never asked, but if you are going on extravagant and luxurious trips you could afford to own the house at least.
After that happened I went home and texted her about our group project that was due later that week she was the only one who didn't do her part. She said she'll do it later that night, I told her its okay just add it to the slides whenever she's done. At 2am, she keeps spamming the group project's group chat saying that she has stomach ache and cannot do the work (btw she's dramatic her stomach ache is caused by the food that she eats and multiple doctors told her that when I took her to the hospital). The students in the group project felt bad and told her to do her part later. She kept crying saying that she was too stressed and has more important things to take care of, but no one was getting the hint that she wanted someone to do her part. I emailed my professor telling her the whole story, and the professor replied saying that Claire will not be graded unless she does her end of the bargain. I read all Claire's texts and didn't reply because I was sick and tired of her act. Later, she tweets about how her 'friend is toxic and only cares about herself' all because I didn't text her 'Get well soon!! xx' like wtf.

Honestly, I just what to know what to do, like, she's toxic towards me, and she's always copying me and pretending to be me. One idea I had was to call my lawyer and just sue her for pretending to be me, but I'll need some sort of proof. I just want to know what to do when it comes to her copying me, if I should drop her or not, and if I should, how do I drop her?

(pls ignore typos and punctuation mistakes I'm tired af)
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2023.06.07 15:25 Cheap_Carob_6860 The differences in our [34M] [28F] sex drives is becoming a deal breaker. What should we do?

I read and was told online that men in Muslim countries commonly have sex with other men due to sexual repression and gender segregation, where women are unavailable
I was also told the women in those situations don't have sex with other women anywhere near as commonly
This made me think that male sexuality depends almost solely on the sexual availability of women while female sexuality depends on so much more than the sexual availability of men
I asked my psychologist, parents and sister. They said that it would be a minority of men who would do that and that in most cases (like prisons) women do it with other women as often, even more. My psychologist said she worked in both men's and women's prisons and that the women do that with each other much more than the men do it
What do you think?
Because if it's not somewhat equal between men and women and if it is so one sided, then that puts me off men as a gender completely because it would show that women like men more, in a more well rounded way and that take sex away and men turn to men. So their attraction and interest in women is paper thin.
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2023.06.07 15:24 KlayRozan11 Week 1 of MCC Player Cards

Week 1 of MCC Player Cards
Thank you so much for the support! This series gave me my first 100 upvoted post, and nearly have 4 of them just from this series now. (2 of which are within 5 upvotes of 100) I am really glad you guys like the cards and I plan to continue them as far as I can, plus with another suggestion from someone (i forgot sorry)for a different ranking system.
This is week 1 done of them, and decided to make a recap and show them all at once, I will try to do that each week incase you miss one. Thank you for all the love!
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2023.06.07 15:24 AutoModerator Biaheza Dropshipping Course (last)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
You will learn how to:
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.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets).
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2023.06.07 15:24 Prize-Treat-9820 19m for 30 or older

Any older pervy men wanna use me with a group of your friends in or near warren Pennsylvania
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2023.06.07 15:23 Masonchiropractic Chiropractor Near Me

Chiropractor Near Me
At Mason Family Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Mason provides chiropractic treatment service for family and pediatrics and pregnancy in Fishers, Indiana, and nearby areas. To schedule a consultation, call us at 317.577.9558.
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2023.06.07 15:23 Clear-Cauliflower901 Encountering yet more problems

So my nearly 5 year old Romanian mix has developed another behaviour which I'd like to get some opinions on. My mother usually sits and plays on her tablet whilst she is watching television which never really got a response from him. Recently, she has gotten back into colouring books and ever since then, he will sit and stare at her, ears pricked up and will whine. It's not a "pain" whine but it's quite consistent and it's annoying her which I can understand. This seems ridiculous to me but can this be some form of a trigger? Can it be the noise of the pens? She'll stop foe a few seconds and he'll immediately bring his two front paws up to get petted like he usually does and then when she goes back to colouring, sooner or later, he'll do it again. Any advice or opinions would be welcome because I'm baffled by this.
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2023.06.07 15:23 thepakistaniprincess AITB for wearing a bikini?

Ok so I (F24) recently went on a vacation with some of my girlfriends. It was going to be a fun trip where we did a lot of fun things but when we got to our hotel I realized that I had left my swimsuit back at home. Now for most people it wouldn't necessarily be a problem but since I'm a Muslim woman it's kinda a big deal as I can't just go to the store and buy a modest swim suit, not to mention I'm the only Muslim woman in my friend group that wears a hijab and tries to be as modest in clothing as possible. Well one of my friends who is around the same size as me had a new bikini that she decided to give to me so I could enjoy the day at the beach. It wasn't the most modest bikini but it also wasn't. Totally revealing so I felt fine wearing it. We had fun and overall the vacation was a blast but when I got home I got a call from my mother (F50) who started berating me for wearing a bikini. She said that I was being immodest and that the only thing that I had done right was wear my hijab. I argued back saying that it was about the only thing I could do without ruining the vacation. We continued arguing back and forth and she said that I should have just stayed modest and stayed in the hotel or something as to not be immodest around other people. Now I'm starting to wonder if I am TA? Link to what the bikini looked like to potentially help out:\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x&context=3 EDIT: so it's harder to just not listen to my mother because I live with her and rely on her and my father for financial help currently.
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2023.06.07 15:23 OzoneLifer why I started this community

I have been using emulators for about 8yrs now. I used to play nes and genesis on my computer growing up but I never knew they were emulators. Well I have played almost every popular ps1 and Gameboy games that have come out. I truly enjoy retro gaming but the 1 aspect I have rarely enjoyed Is multi-player. One day I was at a friend's house and I asked if he wanted to battle me in pokemon. I had 2 androids both with emulators on them that allowed for multi-player. One phone had pokemon fire red and the other leaf green. We had a blast playin even tho I knew all of my pokemon and he didn't kno which 1s were available once he got his team it was so much fun. Another thing with emulating pokemon is you miss out on trading which helps evolve certain ones. Currently I'm using RetroArch which has an app in the Google play store and apk available on its website. RetroArch allows for co-op multi-player gaming by creating lobbies that u and ur friends can connect to and play 2gether. Right now I'm playing pokemon white on NDS bcus I have never played it b4 and I hope by time I get to the end I'll have some strong pokemon to battle someone with or trade with. Join the community let's grow and play together!!
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2023.06.07 15:21 LiterallyImMeNotYou Google retaliating against developers for class action lawsuit??

I've had an app on the Google Play store for over 3 years without issue. Within weeks of each other, I received an email saying I am entitled to money from a class action lawsuit from Google. And another email saying my payments have been suspended and they need more information.
My app is a habit tracker app. All payments are made from the Android app, to Google, and they are supposed to pay us monthly.
I have submitted over five times now. Their question is:
Add details about the activity on your account. Then share your relationship with your buyers, and the business reasons for recent payments they've made to you.
Most recently I submitted this response:
This is habit tracker app, called [name].The only payments we receive are from users who want to upgrade to a premium membership, which will get them an ad free experience, and access to a premium chat group where users can talk to others who are quitting. This app has been in the app store for over 3 years without issue.
Memberships include $25 for lifetime access, or $7/month. Previous upgrades included $2/month for ad free only. Please note their country's exchange rate may vary in the exact price they pay.
And in less than an hour I receive this email:
We can't verify your payment information for the following reason(s):
•The rationale doesn’t explain the source of funds.
Please fix these issues and re-submit your information.

Like... wtf does that mean?? Is it only a coincidence they are having to pay us for this class action lawsuit AND are now refusing to pay us money users think is going to the developers (which btw I had nothing to do with the lawsuit. I just received a random email informing me I'm entitled to money - I don't have anything to do with the actual lawsuit).
Has anyone else experienced this issue and actually resolved it? I'm so mad I'm at the point I'd rather pull the app from the Google Play store, instead of allowing Google to profit off my hard work. Google and Apple are bullies and have a clear monopoly. They give literally 0 rational or directions, force you to only use their payment processor and pay 15-30% (most processors charge 3%), and can just take your money for no reason, if they decide they want to.

For those who don't know about the lawsuit - this is what the email explained:
In this class action lawsuit pending against Google, Plaintiffs claimed that Google monopolized (or attempted to monopolize) alleged markets related to the distribution of Android OS apps and in-app products, and engaged in unlawful tying conduct, in violation of U.S. and California law.
If you are a U.S. app developer that has earned not more than $2,000,000 per year selling apps and digital content in the Google Play store, you are entitled to an automatic payment ranging from $250 to amounts exceeding $200,000.
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