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2023.06.06 20:21 InJustic3_ One of the best gnar games I've had in a Min
the herald fight with a 5 man stun, I jumped out of my chair
got countered picked and lost lane to an irelia but made the most of it in teamfights
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2023.06.05 22:54 Fetus_Of_The_Whore Please some help on completing/correcting my mid conter pick list.

If they pick Ahri > I pick Yasuo or Ziggs
Diana > Ahri / Orianna / Annie
Akali > Zed / Ahri / Ziggs
Vex > Ahri / Zed / Fizz/ Annie
Fizz > Ahri
Zed > Fizz
Ziggs > Twisted Fate / Zed / Fizz/ Yasuo
Lux > Zed / Fizz
Kennen > Zed / Fizz
Brand > Zed / Fizz
Yasuo > Brand / Vex
Irelia > Ahri / Brand / Vex/ Ziggs
Swain > Brand
Katarina >Ahri / Ziggs
Orianna > Zed / Fizz / Twisted Fate
Ekko >?
Karma > ?
Zoe >?
Yone >?
Kassadin >?
Morganana >?
Thank you so much, I'm not very familiar with all these new champs and new items so this list may look weird, but I remember that i used these counter picks 9 months ago and they got me to high Emerald before i stopped playing.
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2023.06.02 21:11 Latter-Shopping5010 how to counter malzahar?

DUDE I TRIED EVERYTHING, his waveclear is soooo good, i cant match it
he deals a LOT of damage lategame, i tried everything, poke mages, wind brothers, >>>irelia<<< NOTHING BEATS IT idk what to do, and even if he is behind he is still good in a tf because of his ult
im probably just bad, but idk, it seems way too strong to me, what do i do in order to counter it?
yes my pool is large.
"urr durr you should play a small champ pool" no
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2023.06.01 21:55 TheLonelyLoaf Advice against some hard matchups

I've been enjoying Kayle a lot more now that she can auto in ULT but then I got to encounter the holy trio of counter picks nasus Jax and irelia
Who do I permaban and then what should I do against other two?(or is it so bad you just dodge?)
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2023.05.31 06:08 Buhreedo What change would make her a better top laner and a worse mid laner?

Imo top is where she rightfully belongs, it’s where she was played from day 1 and nobody likes playing a mage and getting run the fuck down by yet another hyper mobile skirmisher. In this thread I go over why I believe her top lane presence has shrunk down in favor of mid and what I think can be changed to turn this around. That said, I’m not saying she shouldn’t be allowed in mid lane, you’re allowed to play the game however you want, I just think this champ is at their healthiest state as a proper top laner, which in turn makes her a viable mid laner, not a champ who is best in mid because she cheeses mages and a situational top to counter pick cheese with. Top lane bruisers typically get some kind of free stat sticks, like resistances, armor pen, etc. Pre rework she got tenacity (and while not free, she had true damage which as you know is strong against tanks, who go top lane). That’s why I think jaksho makes your life so much easier, she has the damage and sticking power by default so that item allows you to not die in 1 second in a team fight. On the flip side you’re forgoing a fighter mythic for a tank one and losing damage because of it, making her late game fall off more than it already does. If we compare this to Jax, his ult is what it is to allow him to do what he does best and not get blown up. Difference between them being that he gets resistances from AD, allowing him to build AD every item while not making any sacrifices in terms of defense thanks to his ult. If they don’t get free stat sticks, top laners are also typically still useful for at least something even if they’re giga behind. Darius has a wide pull, garen has an %hp execute, flora’s entire existence, and so on. Irelia has a 0.75s stun. Her ult is almost entirely just damage since the disarm was removed. Total feast or famine champ. If you disagree with that because I used juggernauts as an example, let’s take a look at top lane divers, Camille and renekton. Camille can jump onto the back line from a screen away and point and click to single out a high priority target with ult, while also getting a free shield. Even in a 1v1 her obscene true damage allows her to murk anyone, no matter how tanky. Irelia gets invalidated by plated steelcaps and frozen heart. No mid laner builds that item though. Renekton can shred armor for free with E and tank twice as much damage thanks to his ult and Q. Irelia brings nothing to the team if not already fed.
Perhaps the least considered facet of her mid lane favor is her complete dependence on BORK and lack of a mythic that really fits. Bork is solely a damage item and as such her durability takes a hit. I wouldn’t have a problem with that if it didn’t impact her defense, just take a look at riven, Jax, and Aatrox who turn their AD into defense. Hell, she even needs it to oneshot minions. As for mythics, you can find a glaring issue with each of them. She doesn’t use the movespeed or slow from stride, your rhythm gets messed up by any sheen item, she doesn’t use the cdr or active from gore, guinsoo’s is just trolling, and jaksho does no damage. Personally, I’d make it so that Bork wasn’t a necessity, still great for damage but not required to do damage. That might even be a Bork thing and not an irelia thing. I don’t know how to make this change without making it op, so I leave that point up for discussion. At the end of the day, she’s still my favorite champion and she is by no means a bad character. even if she’s just a worse version of jax
Edit: I just learned that she wasn’t always dependent on Bork (didn’t play around that time) and her core items instead were trinity, titanic, Sterak’s. I don’t know how or if this would buff top and nerf mid, but in my very biased opinion I would love for it this to be meta again. I believe what made the change to bork was a nerf to her passive onhit damage and a buff to the attack speed, promoting more onhits. Here’s a gameplay vid of her when her rework just dropped
View Poll
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2023.05.30 16:24 Easy_Kaleidoscope673 Good champion pool for aatrox player?

I usually play jungle and top just went down from plat 1 to 2 and kinda new to laning and I love aatrox like look at these... but then aatrox can't get rid of those 1v1 engage monsters like olaf, irelia, jax and pantheon (in my skill level) if I make 1 mistake on kiting both all in and poking... so What top champions counter these? I'm thinking on playing warwick, yorick? or am I playing against them wrong? I do try to dry them at range and then engage at somepoint but jesus these mosnter just press 1 engage and beat the shit out of me with AAs on 100% vs 50%.
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2023.05.28 10:08 TWT_MMMMM I hit Diamond after playing for one and a half years. Here is what I learned.

Hello everyone,
I started playing ranked in January 2022 (season 12) on NA. I had little to no experience with MOBAs prior to League of Legends (the only MOBAs I played before was Vainglory, a mobile game I used to play with my friends in school during lunch, and Heroes of the Storm for less than 10 hours), but I had a history of grinding out competitive games throughout my entire life (StarCraft II, Overwatch, Valorant). When my friends started to play League, I decided that it would be my next game.
I do admit that I probably have a gaming addiction (over a thousand hours on every game I listed above), and I played almost 2500 games in season 12, and little over a 1000 games this season.
Hitting Diamond was my goal at the beginning of the season for me. First, my university’s League team has a new requirement of being at least Diamond to try out (I guess they didn’t want a bunch of gold-elo players like me during the beginning of the school year trying out again). Second, it’s been a goal of mine to be an e-Sports player since I was in middle school. I heard someone (I think they are a caster) say that if you don’t reach diamond by your second year playing, you have no shot at going pro, so I made it my goal to hit diamond by the end of the season. I actually promised myself that I was going to quit the game if I didn’t hit diamond, but I did, so I guess that doesn’t matter anymore.
Anyways, here’s what I learned/what I wished I could have done (as a Mid laner):
  1. CS! CS! CS! When I first started ranking, I was placed in bronze. Wanting to improve, I watched a lot of guides on YouTube, and all of them seemed to say the same thing: focus on CSing. I took this to heart, and I make it my goal to maintain 8 cs/min before plates fall in each of my games. This is also one of the reasons why Irelia was my first main (the other one being when I was playing ADC when I started to play the game, my friends and I got absolutely stomped by an Irelia player, and I was like why is that champion zooming across my screen).
  2. Play the champ if you can’t seem to counter them. Akali was my perma-ban for the longest time. Ridiculous amount of damage in her E, and a get out of jail card with her shroud. Then, I started playing her, and I realized that her waveclear is non-existent early game, and she gets hard-countered by some champions in mid. Also, it helped me learn her side of the Akali-Sylas matchup, so it got way easier for me to beat her whenever I played Sylas (champion I picked up after Irelia).
  3. Learn matchup-styles (?). This is kind of a basic thing that almost every guide on YouTube tells you. If you’re melee into range, conserve your health until you hit your power spike (usually level 3), if you’re mage vs. mage, have better control of the wave and your mana, etc.
  4. Roam more! At a certain point, I was consistently beating my laner. I was ahead in cs, tower plates, and maybe a solo kill in lane, but it seemed like I didn’t know how to close out the game. I was afraid of roaming as immobile mages (like Viktor, who is my go-to mage), especially this patch, where assassin junglers are everywhere, and I am pretty bad at jungle tracking (imo), so I started to play roaming champions like Galio and Pantheon. I decided that since I am bad at using my lead as bruisers/mages, I would just help secure leads for my teammates instead. I think this is what got me into diamond.
  5. Ping your teammates, not yourself. No, I don’t mean bait pinging the players, but I mean question mark your teammates lanes instead of yours if you think your laner is roaming/rotating. I secondary bot lane most of the time (usually sup, but I actually mained ADC when I started playing the game), and it is a lifesaver if you see a bunch of giant question mark pings in your face rather than small question marks on the right corner of the screen.
  6. Play fowith your jungler. Especially this patch, since youmuu’s is getting abused by carry/snowballing junglers. Jokes aside, playing for your jungler helps their mental out a lot, although I still hate junglers when they want to coinflip the game for scuttle crab. This means roaming with your jungler, pushing out waves right before objectives spawn, warding enemy jungle, etc. I think the best games I’ve had is when I have perfect synergy with my jungler, and the two of us just run around the map causing havoc everywhere.
There’s a lot more things I learned/wished I could have done better, but the points above were my main takeaways. My goal for the remainder of the season is to reincorporate mages back into my champion pool (I’ve been spamming Galio and Pantheon), and hopefully hit masters. What should I do to hit my goals?
Here’s my
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2023.05.22 01:43 Minute_Ad_4308 A survey on irelia's toplane stance

What do you think of irelia toplane? Those who play top, what matchups do you find hard to her?
Nowadays, everyone deals mixed damage, so I feel irelia needs to build jak sho to counter both types of dmg and stay afloat overall
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2023.05.21 23:10 Dumbydumbgrump 73% win rate to diamond (29 wins / 11 losses). Conclusions about build and tactics

73% win rate to diamond (29 wins / 11 losses). Conclusions about build and tactics
Hello Irelia mains, I want to share my conclusions about the game for Irelia from my experience on the smurf account on the West server. And actually, before somebody tells that it is farming on inexperienced players, I want to emphasise that only first 10 games were against silvegold/platinum players. Another 30 were against diamond players and most of them against D2 and D1 players. And my main account is in diamond right now. I want to share my experience mainly to inspire you to practice and progress and that it is possible to win many many games with Irelia,
32 games on midlane (22 wins, 10 loss) 8 games on toplane (7 wins, 1 loss) Fun fact - 9 loss games are on the red side. Maybe it is a coincidance. Then this coincidance is very suspicious. I didn't lose any game because enemies were better. I lost all 11 games because allies were forcing surrender and defeat by their decisions and behaviours.
Champions I ban and i ask to ban: Kha zix / Eve / Kayn These champions are too strong and snowball too fast. Also I hate invisible/wall ganking champions which can oneshot you and there is almost no counter play to that.
Runes: -Conqueror -Triumph -Alacrity for duels and skirmishes / Tenacity against heavy CC teams but they have strong AD ---champions -Last Stand - Bone plating as a default / Second wind if i will go doran shield against passive or harrassing champions like Vex Ziggs etc - Unflinching as a deafult / Revitilise if I know there will be many shields and heals like utility support Sterak GD.
For the midlane my consistent approach is:
Early game (laning phase): - General strategy is to force enemy out of lane. You don't have to kill him. Because the main goal is to push canon wave as fast as possible under enemy turret and by this strategy take down 3 plates before 14 minute. Finding proper approach against each match up is crucial. It is gonna create set up for the mid game. Of course there are many other elements and strategies implemented so don't neglect proper trading, spacing, positioning, wave managment, vision etc. Just the main idea is to take down 3 plates before 14 minutes.
Mid game (14 minute - 20) : - Since turret is on low HP enemy is mentaly forced to defend it. I can abuse homeguards since 14 minute and keep forcing enemy to defend mid turret. However in most cases it is gonna be a mage so mage is gonna clear fast anyway. Tho with proper timing and canon wave its gonna force him to stay mid for a short moment. It allows to take control over the map, roam, and play around other objectives and support allies. So i ignore enemy midlaner until he makes a mistake easy to punish (like pushing mid turret).
Late midgame (20-25 minute): - If everything went as planned (I have advantage and i can control map with my presence) I try to find an opening to do baron. Usually it is catching enemy on R Flash. My goal is to force baron as early as possible. And that's all. I do everything to make possible to take baron during this time
If game prolongs then its all about experience because every game is different and there is no one universal appraoch.
(toplane is just suffering. I have no strategy )
1) Goredrinker - I really like to combine it with frozen heart sterak and wits end. It is good item overall and because meta shifted into more assasin oriented, fast damage output, it is great to turn around fights with activation.
2) Trinity Force - When I am winning game and I want to finish fast and basically stomp the game. More usefull as toplaner than mid. But still. If I get far ahead i will go trinity and play most game solo to destroy all the turrets.
3) Divine Sunderer - When enemies build tons of HP and GD seems like its gonna tickle enemies rather than impact fights. It's good against beefy champs who likes to lock you down with CC. Then in between CC one Q can deal much dmg and heal you up and deal with these high HP champsion.
Legendary items:
3 items I buy all the time almost every game:
1) Frozen Heart - Against AD comps, great in current assasin AD meta (ghostblades)
2) Sterak - great combination with GB and tenacity, great for teamfights
3) Wits End - Just very strong item for her
Situational items:
1) Ravenous Hydra
2) Abyssal Mask
3) DeathDance
Examples of full build: (most games end around 3-4 items)
Evaluation by Mobalytics:
Most important tips for Irelia main: 1) Save flash for R+Flash 2) Don't spam E and W, use them wisely to achieve specific thing on lane. It is high mana high cooldown. 3) I don't mind dying as long as my death has big impact on the game. That's why I have 5 deaths a game. I can see opportunity that I can win something for my team and sacrifice myself instead of playing passive.
My common mistakes:
1) Forgetting about team needs. Sometimes I focus too much on resources and I forget that allie also might need gold to finish item. And such thing might be very influeancial overall. 2) Using flash to get a random kill. Later on turns out I would need flash for more important situation. 3) Not respecting champions damage. There are moments that I don't respect enemy champion enough I take uncessary trade and it makes laning quite hard especially on toplane 4) Failing Q and E.
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2023.05.21 18:00 Legatt Ban and Backup for Bronze

Hey, I've been stuck in bronze 1 trying to primarily focus on Yorick. I need help with:
  1. A consistent ban for Bronze. I know the advice is always irelia but TBH tryndamere stomps me MUCH more often. Different bans (bronze/silver appropriate) or advice for trynd are welcome.
  2. A good backup for Yorick if he's banned or picked first. Ideally one that can counter him if he's picked but not strictly necessary. Mundo has filled the braindead HP void Tahm Kench's nerf left behind. I also enjoy Lillia, Nasus, and way back in the day, Renekton, but none seem to have Yorick's massive push potential or ability to obliterate a backline with an E when fed.
Truth is, in his current state, I feel like Yorick is too powerful to be in the game unless I'm playing him. But people have learned to counter the shovel brother. Halp.
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2023.05.17 03:47 Flowerotica Is my champ pool complete?

Hey, currently playing in high Gold / low Plat lobbies. I started as a jungle main but returned to midlane after forgetting this role existed for 4 years.
I'm looking to make my champ pool more adaptable to certain team comps, without falling into "jack of all trades, master of none" traps.
My current OTPs are Anivia (when my teams lacks CC and waveclear) and Kindred (don't judge the off-meta pick, I have an insane winrate and stats on them). I'm currently learning Vex to cheese-counter Irelia OTPs.
At first glance, I lack strong engage, but assassins really aren't my cup of tea.
Sooooo, what am I missing? What classes / champs would complete my pool?
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2023.05.16 19:56 DM_ME_YOUR_HUSBANDO When considering going AP or AD, don’t just consider what damage types your team deals, consider what items your opponents want to build

This post is assuming you are good at at least one AD and AP champ each, don’t first time a champ in ranked just for team comp.
If your team has 4 AD or 4 AP, it’s obvious you should go the opposite, otherwise everyone on the opposite team can build Plated Steelcaps or Mercury Treads and get a big advantage. But if your team has 3 AD champs, it’s not as obvious. MR tends to be more effective than armour* so I would rarely recommend going 4 AP 1 AD, but it’s a similar principle for if you should go 3 AP 2 AD.
What you should also look at is what items the enemy champs will want to build. If they have mages or AP assassins like a Morgana or Fiddlesticks, those champs will want to build Zhonya’s almost regardless of your team comp, so you’ll get more value out of extra magic damage than extra physical damage. Mages in general will rarely build MR unless you have enough magic damage or CC for them to justify merc treads.
ADCs are the opposite. They can often fit in a hexdrinker or wits end into their build for MR, but their only good armour option is Guardian Angel, which isn’t a particularly good item until mid-late game team fights.
AD fighters like Vi or Irelia and AD assassins like Zed and Talon have a lot of flexibility. They can build Death’s Dance for armour or hexdrinker for MR as needed. But you can still consider boot preferences. Steelcaps are best against teams with not just physical damage, but auto attacks specifically. They’re better as a counter against Yi-Quinn-Tristana than say Talon-Jayce-Lucian. Merc Treads give tenacity that reduces CC, so they’re better against e.g Sejuani-Annie-Veigar than Rumble-Kassadin-Kayle. So you can predict which boot type your opponent will want, then choose the opposite damage type.
Tanks have the same boot considerations as fighters. But they will also usually build resists second and third. If they are a top lane tank, they will probably have to match your top laner when they split, so if you have the opposite damage type as your top laner, they’ll have a tougher time itemizing. You don’t want so much magic damage the enemy top can safely build Force of Nature second, but you also want someone who can hurt them if they build Sunfire Cape second.
Enchanters don’t usually build any resists, but they can build a Mikhaels if you are havy magic damage.
Tank supports usually build thornmail or Zeke’s Convergance, but if your team is very heavy AP they can build Abyssal or Force of Nature and be very tanky.
This also all goes in reverse. If they enemy team is heavy AP, you’d be better off going an ad pick like Tristana mid than a mage so you can build hexdrinker. If they’re heavy AD, you’d be better off going an ap pick like Lux so you can build a Zhonya’s.
Don’t put too much weight on this, you should always play champs you know and never counterpick yourself in lane, but it’s something to keep in mind. Especially if you’re playing a champ like Kayle or Twitch that have viable AD and AP builds, go decide whether you should build a bork or a nashors.
tl;dr: Predict what defensive items your opponent will build before the march even starts
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2023.05.13 10:20 relaxicab223 Seriously, why no honors for jg????

I went 12/1/6, got 4 drags, 2 heralds, and baron. helped take first tower in every lane, got inhib down in mid lane with a single herald to shut down irelia. camped yone to keep irelia from snowballing, countered hecarim invades and ganks, and saved multiple teamfights with amumu ult, and had most damage in the game out of both teams.
Not. One. Honor. I really don't understand it but hey, that's jungle baby.
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2023.05.13 01:35 Definitively-Weirdo Why is Tristana so Popular (4.4)?

Good morning, afternoon, evening or whatever.
I was busy trying to complete the "side quests" or however those things who give you Icons are called, and I noticed something because of the multiregion task: TRISTANA WAS INSANELY POPULAR, on 3 different decks. Why? After thinking it for a bit I think I've came to quite the conclusion.

Sergeant syndrome

You know that champion everyone writes off as terrible just to see it's not that bad and is only noticed due to certain elements? I call it Sergeant syndrome because of Vanguard sergeant, the 33 who was always good but people wrote off because it was uninteresting. Well, Tristana is definitely in that category. Her problem was not that she's bad, it never was if we think about it as a champion after 3.2, more about her being incredibly bland and outclassed by Poppy in most elements but reach, something Bandle doesn't need anyways due to their insane tempo potential. That's also why no one plays Darius or Yuumi.
Do you remember early 2022? Because I do, it was the era of broken after broken. After everyone lost their minds for Megatee because Minimorph has to be the most overrated spell, during the nerfs of THE 60% WINRATE Ahri/Kennen (And reddit says AziIrelia's 54-55% was more busted) and doing nothing to Pantheon, they introduced the second most powerful champion of all time in Gnar, as well as Broadwing, Gleaming lantern, the toxic Papercraft dragon, A joke of a champion and yet another good Pump spell for Pantheon when it was a tier 1 deck in Yuumi. Between 3.2 and the empire of Mono-Shurima, there it was a deck above all else in that patch: TRISTANA YORDLES IN ARMS.
If I remember correctly it used some of the newly released Fae Package like Gleaming Lantern and Grandfather Fae, as well as controversial cards like Loping telescope, Gnar, up until then the overlooked Yordles in Arms, the nerfed Mayor, Buster Shot and some OP cards at the moment like some copies of Broadwing in some versions, unnerfed Brightsteel protector, the still unnerfed Sharpsight, Pokey stick because Bandle and Golden Aegis because demacia. It was just a way too efficient midrange deck who could ramp easily, have great tempo, not run dry, weave without problems a potential +24+24 and if necessary, cheat its way to victory with a 0 free Loping Telescope discovering a busted epic outside their region. The deck got ignored after some nerfs to the telescope, Gnar and Sharpsight because the Lulu one did not got nerfed and apparently broadwing wasn't a suitable replacement despite being the best Demacian card at the time, then it got officially killed in 3.6 due to Yordles in Arms becoming a conditional FOR DEMACIA!, which is a terrible maindeck btw; meanwhile the 3.6 changes to spells buffed Pantheon significantly.
The deck kinda looked like this btw; don't remember the details because I was more of a Taliyah/Ziggs player at that time: [[CQBQCBAAAIBACAAJDUEAKCRAN52HRBIBUYA26ANXAEAQGBIKOCCADIIBAEAQCBAI]]

Critical buff mass

After 3.6 happened Bandle was basically ruined outside cheese with Papercraft dragon, with that and Gleaming lantern, as well as the busted duo of Broadwing + Brightsteel, got nerfed at the same time in 3.10. Because Bandle was terrible they buffed some cards if they could stick the landing. Most of them didn't but some are relevant for this.
I'm counting here 18 buffs for these 3 archetypes combined; 7 general buffs, 2 for Noxus, 4 for bilgewater and 5 for Demacia. That being said, there were 6 relevant nerfs, 2 to Noxus and general, 1 to Bilgewater and 1 for Demacia. In that sense Bandle Gunners were just the straw who broke the camel's back, because the non-noxus versions would likely be already viable the day rotation happened, and even the Demacian deck could have been decent in 3.21 (Although 4.0 would put it in obscurity).
Why wasn't it discovered before then? seems like a clear case of Trump Syndrome. If you played Hearthstone you might now who I'm talking about, the mayor of value, who has a serious problem of disregarding the board just to get meaningless card advantage instead of trying to contest the board as showcased by his, and I quote, "INSANE MAGE DECK" getting a below average performance in arena for him (5-3 when his average is 6.30-3), while his "Trash Shaman" got good results because it forced him to play tempo in a game mode who rewards tempo and board over a win-more value plan. What card could have possibly caused such effe- Captain Yordle. Yup, that was the main issue, that we as community kept playing a card that was 4 mana backro in an aggressive deck, with no way of discount, immediate effect or a multiregion tag, forgetting that this card worked on Lulu decks because of burst summoning and elusive Poros, is a wonder why we kept playing it over Tanor of terror or Bandle Commando. Another big issue is that Tristana is bland, making her unappealing to deck build around, and doesn't help the fact she's kinda selective with her support.

Tristana Core/Options

Tristana: Lots of impact, lots of attack and she gives it to her allies as well as to herself. She's simple but effective in multiregion decks, although outclassed by Poppy back in the day due to giving the board resilience despite needing protection.
Teemo: The good old reliable, the 11 elusive multiregion. Is mostly used as our 1 drop and as removal magnet.
Bandle City Mayor: MANA CHEAT, REEEEEEEEEEEEE... In all seriousness, is a backro who creates both a multiregion and is a face of the old ones with attack, at the cost of 1 extra mana. Is just an amazing card for any multiregion strategy, and is arguably the most buffed card from rotation due to the increased quality of his pool.
Grandfather Fae: The best multiregion card period, because it creates two bodies without any action and even gives attack to your owls. Is just a reliable card who curves a bit too well but nothing game breaking.
Blastcone defendeBandle Commando/Grumbleslug: You need 2 of these 3. One creates owlcats on nexus strike and is elusive, other can gain either barrier or impact and is a multiregion Fae, and the final one is good stats for the cost + attune. For what I've been able to garter, Bandle commando is popular on all 3 regions but only mandatory on Bilgewater, Grumbleslug is not useful in Bilgewater but kinda mandatory Noxus and Demacia, and Blastcone defender is mandatory in Bilgewater, popular in Noxus and optional in Demacia.
Tanor of Terror: 2 Multiregions for your plan, and with impact nonetheless to chip the opponent's nexus. Is just an easy way of getting Tristana the wide board of multiregions with impact she loves or just guaranteeing her turn 5 level up.
Bandle Gunners: The reason these 3 decks are popular, those are "giants", becoming cheaper the more multiregions you play, having stats akin to a slightly undertuned 6-drop, who is difficult to interact with due to spellshield and to chump block due to impact. This card is just stupid.

Gnar: Once the most oppressive card available, is now a 2-of only in the Bilgewater version because he benefits from the bilgewater cards and they do benefit from Gnar's pokey stick, while the others want a bit more tempo on the 4 mana slots.
Group Shot: Used in Bilgewater and most Demacian variants to deal with 1 mana units.
Pie Toss: Used in Bilgewater to control the board and remove threats, but in most cases it's undesirable compared to Group shot.
Byrd, the bellringer: Another fancy premium 1 drop, only useful in Noxian decks. It seems like it's the best performing 1 drop there because there's a lot of good 2 drops on this deck to follow.
Protoporo: A much worse saboteur but this has multiregion which gives it synergy with Tristana. Use if you're not convinced of Saboteur and only on Noxus.
Wandering shepherd: They're both multiregion and can help Tristana or an elusive ally. Is not mandatory in Bilgewater but it kinda is in Noxus and Demacia to have at least 2 copies.
Buster Shot: Used in most Demacian Variants and some Bilgewater ones to neuter stuff like Samira or a greedy Tristana. I would highly recommend it in Bilgewater over wandering shepherd because of Fizz/Samira being the best deck of the format.
Puzzling Signposts: Used as a 1-of in a lot of Bilgewater versions and some Noxian ones, is useful tech in case of ruination or the demacian variant of this deck.
Prize fight: Used to put enemies in range of Group shot or pie toss.
Piltovan Castaway: The second-best improviser, is quite handy for a multiregion deck in Bilgewater and usually replaces Wandering shepherd.
Eye of Nagakabourus: Used to refill your hand while not losing board presence. Not mandatory.
The King's court: The top end on Bilgewater decks, serves the purpose of both enabling pings and to make some of your board unblockable due to Brash.
Pirouette: A ping + a stun, which is already good enough at 2 mana, but it becomes kinda busted on plunder. Used in most Noxus decks for openings.
Brother's bond: A dual buff, used on some versions of Noxus for surprise reach and to have favorable trades.
Might: 3 Mana give Tristana overwhelm. Kinda mandatory on Noxus decks as a 3 of.
Legion saboteur: The premiere 1 mana aggro card, of course is useful for an aggro deck as a generic good 1 drop, even though is not a multiregion like Protoporo.
Whirling death: Used in some noxus variants because of how impact works when attacking; it's fundamentally another way of achieving attack strike.
Ionian Hookmaster: Used in most Noxian versions to have something to do in the later turns.
Form up: Used in almost every demacian version both as reach, survival and trades.
Combat cook: The best multiregion after the nerfs to Ionian hookmaster and Shepherd, is both a good value tool if he falls on combat and just solid tempo, even without the help of Tristana or the mayor he appreciates.
Fish fight/Cataclysm: Mostly used as an alternative to Group shot and buster shot, is an amazing tool to use equip and your Tristana. Speaking of the devil...
Bloodcursed Harpy: Used instead of Tanor of Terror to give a surprise rally and to just make your board beefier in the lategame and is just incredibly difficult to deal with, although the 6 mana is a significant cost the card is worth it.
Cataclysm: Used as either a way of rally + pickup or as a way of dealing lots of impact damage with Tristana. It needs Harpy to be useful.
Champion's strength: The fusion of "FOR DEMACIA!" and Relentless pursuit, is basically the best finisher for every fast board based deck even after the nerfs, and the reason you even bother with Demacia to begin with.


The slowest, more value-oriented of the bunch and the most popular atm because it's completely new. It has Teemo as a 1-of and prefers Gnar due to the stick and the pickup of mega Gnar, uses a lot of pings alongside Price fights, has spell disruption, Eye of Nagakabourus to draw and even uses the King's Court as a top end because is quite difficult to block a swarm of Brash owlcats.
Is a slow midrange deck, who wants to trade early on and win in lategame via having more units than you, with a wide board who has decent size and is difficult to block due to the aforementioned trades, brash, impact and removal, one of the best checks to Frostbite and the other versions of Tristana, with an even matchup against Fizz Samira and Karma Sett, but quite bad against Nasus and other Samira decks.
The most aggressive of the tree, and the one who is decaying a bit. It has lots of burn and reach with overwhelm, regularly uses more 1 drop than Teemo (Protoporo and Legion saboteur), lots of 2 drops and has quite low interaction, with the few ones being more of an opener to allow your board to attack around them.
Is reminiscent to the old Bandle burn of the latter half of 2021 and the Might Tristana of 3 months ago, which means it's an aggro style, now using multiregions, easy to use but like with all aggro decks, not very difficult to counter once you know what it's doing and stop trying Poro decks. It wins hard against Karma and Predict but is kinda even or negative against most other top dogs, including the other Tristana decks.
The "balanced" version, the latest to be discovered, the one who resembles the Yordles in arms deck and also the most effective. It uses buffs, rally, a moderate amount of removal and combat cook to have more board presence, with variants more focused on either equipment or on reliable removal.
This deck is what I would call fast midrange, a deck with some interaction and lots of tempo with the option of either playing beatdown aggro or regular midrange on mulligan, but not both at the same time; that flexibility both from playstyle and having 2 variations might explain that high winrate. Loses hard against Samira, but beats almost everything who tries to beat Samira, as well as almost every non-meta deck and is, again, a great counter to Karma, as well as the newly prominent Nasus.

How to nerf the decks

I think there's an easy target every variant uses: Bandle gunners. I would remove Bandle gunners spellshield so it becomes manageable for slower decks who would need to remove this kind of threat; besides, spellshield doesn't fit Bandle City's motif period, that's more of a Targon and Shurima thing (although it should also be more prevalent in Demacia), nor is having powerful lategame threats. Grandfather Fae is also overtuned but there's no way of nerfing it without ruining the card. Another suggestion would be nerfing Champion's Strength, because that spell is still stupid if you have a board, something Bandle is too good at and is easily exploitable in the future; maybe removing the scout aspect so it's better used on the opponent's turn.
Now, do we want to nerf this? YES, WE DO. They're overtuned (Except Noxus) and have some of that frustrating factor that incentives nerf even on numerically balanced decks.


I'm going to be honest, even though overtuned, I was kinda missing this kind of deck for Bandle, them being the ones who swarmed the board and exported wincons from other regions, instead of being from behind, relying on spells and random summons to stabilize and slowly winning in the lategame, although that might be my bias towards high tempo midrange playstyles (What did you expect from someone with a Gwen icon?).
If you look at Bandle's cards it's clear their intention is to have a swarm strat, just like how Demacia wants a robust board and to attack, Shadow isles to kill the board, Targon to go tall on the long run, Piltover&Zaun wants to snipe your units with spells, Ionia wants you bald for pulling your hair due to not letting you play and Shurima wants... something I guess. Bandle has ramp-like mana cheat, are great at creating tokens, being good at small stuff but not really having a regional wincon outside level 2 Champions, and some reliance on backro to setup monstrous boards; a hybrid of Bilgewater and Shurima in a sense.
And that's it, I guess. Farewell and I'm still amazed at how utterly busted Samira is. She's our new Katarina and I don't think there's an easy fix for such card, although making Flair focus and Samira demanding 6 other cards to level up should be a good start.
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2023.05.12 14:17 Dumbydumbgrump Meta problems with Irelia from experienced player perspective

Hello fellow Irelia mains,
I am over 2 million mastery Irelia main, roaming in Master Tier on EUW, with many games on this server (top 20 or top 10 of number of played games)
Irelia is supposed to be snowballing champion relying mostly on high skill mechanics as you all know.
My problem with this champion mainly is that she falls off quickly and it’s not that much rewarding as other scaling or snowballing champions.
Typical snowballing champions are assassins. They have high have damage output early on, and this damage is applied very quickly. Assassins synergies with lethality and magic penetration what allows them to stay relative in longer game, and burst singular squishier targets.
Typical scaling champions are relatively weaker early on but their abilities scales with time, resources, items and enemy champions.
And it’s kind of balanced in the game. If you play properly with these types then you will be highly rewarded.
Irelia doesn’t feel this way. Not only you have to be highly mechanically skilled but also she is a snowballing champion which is weaker than most champions early on, to “balance” mechanics potential. But mechanics are limited by low mana pool and she doesn’t have regen. So she needs to be passive and wait for items like scaling champion. But Irelia it’s not scaling and she is not made to play passive.
Don’t get me wrong, she is a very strong champion, which allow to abuse every enemy mistake. This is what this champion is about.
The problem is that there so many easier champions to play with better stats that if enemy plays relatively properly, Irelia cannot use her strong features. And even if they are weaker early like Kayle or Nasus, they will just outscale.
He must use tons of mana, or rather her mana pool is relatively low. Her damage is flat - so it’s easily countered by defensive items. As a bruiser she should have abilities scaling with her or as an assassin type champion all abilities should scale with items. She does neither.
Crit doesn’t work for her Penetration doesn’t work for her Health doesn’t scale with her
Only flat AD slightly improves passive, Q and W.
Passive should be the strongest feature. But it’s not because you have WW, Tahm Kench, and Morde who can deal more damage with their passives.
She needs always to build BotRK. However she doesn’t scale so for example any Tank with Sunfire can beat her in 1v1.
And also champions like jax, poppy, Gwen, Gragas, Morde. How are you supposed to use your features while they can press one ability and out damage her, which also has got shorter cooldown then any Irelia ability and there are 3 more abilities dealing damage.
There are many issues with her which can addressed. And it makes too balanced champion, that she doesn’t find place in the game. And buffing her in any way would create unbalanced champion in hands of skilled players.
Irelia should be like Gwen or Jax or Katarina All abilities should scale with the champion and items or amplify one strong feature (like using passive with Kata)
If she is focused on movement and AA with passive then logically every ability should apply on hits and her passive. Mana should be replaced with energy. And her movement speeds should be higher. Or get boost to MS from skills.
She needs to be pushed a bit into one category. To be bruiser or assassin or scaling champ etc. Because she doesn’t belong anywhere she doesn’t find good place in the game.
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2023.05.11 18:25 Martin_FN22 What’s a good champ to 2-trick with Quinn?

I want smt to pick vs hard counters like irelia and Malphite in top. I’m currently considering Vlad top but idk.
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2023.05.10 19:04 Emberily123 Why are ADC’s and support expected to constantly help jungle?

I mean I get why but why do some jungles get so pissy? The other day I was playing ADC and I went to leash but it was being invaded so I left and told my jungle to leave it since pretty much the entire enemy team was there. We were playing with a Kaisa and a Yuumi which isn’t great for countering an invade. Anyway, Yi got really pissed because we went back to lane instead. I’m sorry I didn’t VOLUNTEER me and Yuumi to die so you could get one fucking camp. No I’m not going to take on Volibear with only Yuumi. It’s a stupid idea. I barely got away the first time!
Later Yi went to get drake and asked me for help but I couldn’t. I was pushed basically under turret. I could barely farm and needed to prioritise lane. Midlane Irelia not only had lane prio but was ahead in terms of kills. Her enemy wasn’t even in lane when Yi was going for drake. Yet she didn’t try to help and instead yelled at me for not going. Why? Fucking why?
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2023.05.10 18:43 imanoob777 Do you think Riot should bring back previously removed gameplay mechanics from the game?

I think many times, Riot out of "lazyness" straight up removed core/fun mechanics from several champions instead of finding a right of spot by tweaking some numbers.
In my opinion all champions should somehow be unique by having a unique playstyle. Even if it means that some of them are hard counters to others.
The list goes on:

There's something that i missed? Please Share
View Poll
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2023.05.10 05:32 John_Hobbekins Carry toplaners are unusable atm

Akali literally unplayable: shit pickrate in High Elo, zero pro play presence shit pickrate in mid Elo shit winrate in any Elo (that actually lowers the higher you go, as a supposedly high skill cap champ)
Irelia same: bad stats, no pro play presence, still better then Akali
Gwen kinda ok, but should be a tank counter and is rarely played in tank meta
Fiora is ok
Kinda sad tha I have to resort to picking Rammus, Sion, Zac and Maokai toplane if I actually want to win the game effortlessly, game is tank meta right now because fighter and AP bruiser items are horrible
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2023.05.08 18:46 eXtreme206 The Worst Matchups in League of Legends

To find out what the biggest counter picks per role are, i tried to normalize the winrate for each matchup by factoring in the overall winrate of the champions involved, so it can roughly be compared against each other. To have a better sample size, this includes data from multiple patchs, but generally speaking this shouldnt be a big factor for most matchups. Only matchups with at least 10000 games are included. Data was taken from (Ranked, Plat+, all regions).
So what are the worst possible matchups you could play? The tables below show the champion and its counterpick (with their overall winrate in brackets) and how often the matchup was played and what the actual winrate (for the first named champion) was in the end. Since most of the matchups are from Top Lane, i added separate tables for other roles

Top 25

Rank Champion Counter Lane Games Winrate
1 malphite (51.58%) sylas (49.62%) top 45754 44.79%
2 yorick (48.78%) irelia (49.83%) top 17589 41.90%
3 drmundo (50.84%) gwen (49.66%) top 18137 44.85%
4 rammus (51.28%) lillia (49.54%) jungle 12647 45.68%
5 illaoi (50.32%) yorick (48.78%) top 20062 45.60%
6 tryndamere (49.76%) malphite (51.58%) top 22455 42.80%
7 vladimir (50.41%) malzahar (50.22%) mid 29493 44.78%
8 irelia (49.83%) warwick (51.02%) top 11522 43.61%
9 malphite (51.58%) sion (50.21%) top 61487 45.96%
10 renekton (48.09%) illaoi (50.32%) top 20679 42.83%
11 malzahar (50.22%) aurelionsol (50.52%) mid 19684 44.58%
12 drmundo (50.84%) irelia (49.83%) top 16448 45.80%
13 irelia (49.83%) jax (50.25%) top 55827 44.56%
14 chogath (50.40%) gwen (49.66%) top 12983 45.66%
15 malphite (51.58%) drmundo (50.84%) top 23916 45.63%
16 kayle (50.17%) irelia (49.83%) top 16276 45.36%
17 garen (49.72%) kayle (50.17%) top 16546 44.70%
18 kayle (50.17%) nasus (50.21%) top 16965 45.08%
19 malphite (51.58%) chogath (50.40%) top 34465 46.19%
20 sion (50.21%) gwen (49.66%) top 35056 45.68%
21 alistar (49.68%) swain (48.98%) support 11331 45.84%
22 quinn (51.89%) malphite (51.58%) top 10645 45.45%
23 volibear (47.77%) jax (50.25%) top 13562 43.00%
24 tristana (51.63%) yasuo (48.96%) mid 10376 47.74%
25 jayce (49.39%) rengar (52.16%) top 17575 42.85%

Other Roles:


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 rammus (51.28%) lillia (49.54%) 12647 45.68%
2 lillia (49.54%) kindred (50.45%) 16365 44.81%
3 sejuani (49.34%) lillia (49.54%) 15175 45.57%
4 masteryi (50.53%) elise (51.31%) 30643 45.38%
5 elise (51.31%) amumu (51.33%) 24847 46.20%
6 masteryi (50.53%) shaco (49.92%) 29205 46.85%
7 sylas (48.50%) poppy (49.66%) 13067 45.51%
8 lillia (49.54%) rengar (50.45%) 11353 45.87%
9 zac (51.25%) lillia (49.54%) 21678 48.46%
10 diana (49.12%) masteryi (50.53%) 34248 45.55%


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 vladimir (50.41%) malzahar (50.22%) 29493 44.78%
2 malzahar (50.22%) aurelionsol (50.52%) 19684 44.58%
3 tristana (51.63%) yasuo (48.96%) 10376 47.74%
4 zoe (50.57%) malzahar (50.22%) 11003 45.70%
5 aurelionsol (50.52%) fizz (50.42%) 41072 45.67%
6 akshan (52.29%) yasuo (48.96%) 22063 48.83%
7 leblanc (47.74%) malzahar (50.22%) 19778 43.56%
8 syndra (48.96%) katarina (49.62%) 47232 45.25%
9 kassadin (51.12%) tristana (51.63%) 23827 45.51%
10 zed (49.48%) malphite (51.99%) 37993 43.74%


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 nilah (51.92%) xayah (51.04%) 26554 46.43%
2 twitch (51.60%) nilah (51.92%) 15433 46.01%
3 sivir (49.97%) twitch (51.60%) 28359 45.28%
4 tristana (50.76%) nilah (51.92%) 15146 45.83%
5 samira (50.57%) nilah (51.92%) 37054 45.81%
6 samira (50.57%) veigar (52.39%) 12485 45.46%
7 samira (50.57%) xayah (51.04%) 159794 47.00%
8 jinx (51.10%) yasuo (50.48%) 10716 48.35%
9 jinx (51.10%) ziggs (51.74%) 12026 47.13%
10 ziggs (51.74%) kaisa (50.07%) 13810 49.54%


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 alistar (49.68%) swain (48.98%) 11331 45.84%
2 morgana (49.13%) twitch (48.45%) 10959 46.66%
3 nautilus (49.98%) taric (52.48%) 21088 43.85%
4 nautilus (49.98%) rell (52.29%) 16466 44.12%
5 leona (49.46%) morgana (49.13%) 29719 46.97%
6 velkoz (50.75%) yuumi (47.79%) 13706 49.50%
7 xerath (50.51%) yuumi (47.79%) 33376 49.34%
8 yuumi (47.79%) nautilus (49.98%) 81641 44.73%
9 amumu (51.68%) braum (49.59%) 10653 48.76%
10 velkoz (50.75%) pyke (50.28%) 12623 47.32%
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2023.05.07 23:54 milkieroses Midlane options for when Irelia is picked?

Hi, I'm an Irelia mid player. I've been a norms only player for years but would like to try out ranked in the future and just OTP Irelia. The only other mids I know how to play are Diana and Neeko which aren't good into Irelia. I would like to learn maybe one of her counters mid when she gets picked, what would be some good options? I saw on Cassiopeia has a high winrate against Irelia, would she be worth to learn or any better suggestions?
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2023.05.04 09:26 LULALIVRECADEIA Everyone is getting new items and new builds, but nobody talks about riot killing lethality sion.

The Lethality build for Sion is the most famous and popular off-meta build in the game. In the past season this build had a win rate of around 46%, and even then, approximately 20% of Sion games were played with this build. However, due to a recent nerf to his passive, the build's win rate has dropped to 42%. Additionally, in the next patch, the dash from Prowler's Claw will be removed and replaced with damage that Sion cannot even use since he lacks invisibility or a dash ability.
Lethality build for Sion is significantly different from the tank version and can feel like playing an entirely different champion. Playing against Lethality Sion build may be frustrating, but the reason why some players may consider the Lethality Sion build toxic is not necessarily because the champion itself is toxic, but rather because it can counter certain champions. It's all a matter of perspective. If you were to ask an Irelia, Jax, Aatrox, or Kled player about the build, they would likely tell you that it's very weak. However, if you were to ask the same question to a Teemo, Jayce, or Gangplank player, they may say that it's the most overpowered and toxic thing in the game , there are many other champions in the game that can also be annoying to play against, such as Teemo, however, this alone is not a valid reason to delete the champion from the game.
One argument against the Lethality Sion build is that players who use it tend to die frequently. However, this is not surprising since even at its peak, the build only had a 46% win rate. Any champion at that level of weakness is bound to struggle and die frequently, especially a toplaner who is often isolated. The Lethality Sion build is not the problem, but rather a symptom of Riot's lack of balance. While some players may argue that the build should not be in the game, the reality is that it is already widespread within the Sion community and is one of the most popular builds. Therefore, Riot's decision to change the build is controversial and has left many players feeling disappointed and ignored.
If you go to the DirtySionMains subreddit, you will see that I am not the only one dissatisfied with the changes.
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