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Why Did It Have to Be Mormons

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Because it's funny.

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2011.10.06 03:01 iarespiff Digital Painting

Welcome! The purpose of DigitalPainting is to nurture growing artists. Be prepared to receive constructive critique on your art. Be active and participate in the conversations, give critiques! Being able to recognize and give constructive criticism will mark your growth as well as help others! Have any questions? Stop on by the infamous Wobbly Wednesdays!

2023.06.07 14:35 LodarII Why do doctors only talk to the mom when talking about the child?

Hey all, I'm (37M) in Canada (originally from Europe) and I noticed that whenever my wife and I go to the doctor with our baby, the doctor will only talk to the mom (and actually move their body towards her, as if he's having a private conversation). First I thought it was just our doctor, but since we've had to go go multiple specialists and they all so the same. I asked my wife if she noticed this too, and she agreed that it was kinda weird.
Is Canada really still this far behind that they don't understand that the husband also plays a part in the child's life? It's really frustrating to me as I help in the house with chores, change diapers, feed the kid, go to every meeting and overal just contribute. All I really ask for is for doctors to start understanding that if the husband joins, he probably wants to be part of the conversation.
To give an example: if the child needs a cream against eczema, the doctor wills say "mom, please make sure you apply this daily".. why not "mom and dad..."?
Hopefully someone can shed some light on this :).
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2023.06.07 14:35 DecayingPumpkin Trying to reconcile/Over reacting?

At this moment, I really don’t need anyone that’s just going to tell me to leave the relationship.
My husband cyber cheated on me in some random chat room about a month ago now. I decided to stay and try to work it out because he wanted to go to therapy and figure out what’s going on. Mind you, he did this while I was four weeks post partum.
Everything hurts. And last night he said he was gonna come home right after work and that he wouldn’t stop by target so he could get home faster. I called him and he said he was “finishing up at work” but it wasn’t true. I told him to send me a picture of work and he said “I will as soon as I finish up with joe(his boss)” I decided to double down and said I wanted a picture proving he was still at work right now.
Then it came out that he went to target and he was going to just lie about it. Like he was gonna go by his work to snap me a picture of it to keep his lie going…
I’m just lost. Why lie about something SO SMALL? He said he didn’t wanna get in trouble for going to target anyway after we discussed him not going. But how hard is it to say “hey I decided I needed to run to target. I’ll make it fast.” ???
I feel like he’s completely changed since we had our kiddo and that sucks a lot. It’s obvious to me that he’s going through a lot mentally but I can’t lie when I say I sit here wondering how long I’m supposed to take the lying.
Do I just buck up and accept that he’s a liar? Am I over reacting to a lie about going to target? Like maybe lying about that isn’t that big of a deal?
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2023.06.07 14:35 rymdoyle Need help please

I downloaded the new amd driver 23.5.2. Then bored into safe mode and used DDU like I have always done. It restarted and I tried installing new driver only to be met with an error saying
"Error opening file for writing C:\AMD\WHQL-AMD-Software-Adrenalin-Edition-23.5.2-Win10-Win11-May31\Bin64\7z.dll
Click Abort to stop the installation, Retry to try again, or Ignore to skip this file"
I have no idea why it's doing this.
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2023.06.07 14:35 TiredOfGrowing Did I almost have a stroke, or did I green out? Trying to quit, please scare me away from this poison.

I’ve been trying to take a break from smoking and of course quit completely, but I am having a tough time and I know you all are too.
I just wanted to ask if anyone has felt what I was feeling last night, because I truly thought I was going to die from a stroke; I’m in my 20s and have been smoking since I was very young (15).
I bought a very strong vape to try and get away from my bong and ‘taper’ so I can have a chance at stopping my addiction.
I was told this was the strongest vape and as a bong-preferred person I bought it for that reason.
Unfortunately I took too much, as usual, and inhaled once through the whole thing for about 5-6 seconds until the light went off. I felt fine, a bit giddy, and I usually smoke to sleep so I got inside the covers beside my partner.
Okay, now cue the strangest and most uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever felt in ALL my years of smoking; the top-right of my heart area was burning and stinging, so all I felt a lot of panic and fear and just went through the motions of ‘I’m dying right now and my partner has no idea’. Then finally after an excruciating couple of minutes my body started to vibrate and I felt very, very hot. I can’t say I was scared of this sensation, it felt powerful and I truly it was like ‘sinking into lava’.
I finally fell asleep because it was intense. I woke up 4-5 hours later with an incredible headache, so I took Advil and went back to bed. I was in and out of sleep. I woke up hours ago, had coffee and now I feel completely normal.
Was this a panic attack? Did I green out? Could I really have had a stroke? I had so much pain in my heart I really kept apologizing to myself for doing that to my body. I hope I don’t smoke tonight at all. I am really afraid this will kill me because I am skinny and have been damaging myself for so long.
Anyway, just looking for some words or wisdom and comfort.
My partner is unaware of how weed affects people and doesn’t understand, so I cannot share this or they will not fully grasp it. I know this community will, and hopefully will scare me away from ever touching that vape again.
For the record, it is a legal vape, bought through OCS here in Ontario.
Thank you for your time.
TLDR; I smoked a very strong vape after quitting for a couple days and had heart pain and possible fever?
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2023.06.07 14:34 YourMuscleShop-2023 How to optimize your cycle by increasing your Injection frequency.

Did you know injecting high doses only Once or Twice a week can be one of the main reasons for side effects?
Our bodies always want to stay in balance. So doing our best to mimic the daily release of hormones will keep hormone levels stable and consistent. The more fluctuations and highs and lows you have, the more issues you may run into -acne -mood swings -stress -anxiety -high estrogen -high blood Pressure
Try this! On your next cycle, break up your once or Twice week dose into seven daily smaller injections.
Take daily notes before and again for four weeks with smaller Injections.
www dot yourmuscleshop dot to Contact us though Telegram : t dot me/yourmuscleshopofficial
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2023.06.07 14:34 Sroni Dragonfly [5]

Credit to SpacePaladin15 for coming up with this amazing universe.

Memory transcript: Starfreighter operator Cli! from Sillis, Date: [Standardized human time] September 11th, 2136

“If at any point you try to trick me, I will burn you to ashes. Am I understood?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Said !ar!, his legs shaking, but I wasn’t one bit better off, I was terrified to death, frozen in place. We’ve never had a weapon pointed at us. And it tuns out, it is a terrifying position to be in.
“Then start talking”. Said the old exterminator lady.
“We’ve been searching for a place to build us a custom adapter, and we’ve found this place called ‘Electronics Abound’, where a very bored female venlil pointed us to this store of yours.” I said with shaking voice. I was moving my hand towards my bag slowly for the connector, when she jerked the flamethrower in my direction, and shouted at me.
“Hands where I can see them! How do you know the expression ‘gold-pressed latinum’?”
“The female venlil told us to tell it to you. She said you can help with our problem. Can I show you?” I asked humbly.
“Give me the bag!” She shouted at me.
I took off my backpack and threw it at her feet. Handling the weapon with one hand, she reached into my bag with the other one. She rummaged in it for a moment, then brought out the CNCQ connector. The moment it was out of the bag, her eye was glued to it, looking at it as if she has just witnessed the founding of the Federation. “Where did you get this?” She turned to us and said, while holding the part.
“In our ship’s spare part compartment.”
“I am going to ask you a simple question. If you give me the correct answer, you will live. If you don’t…then lets just say I will have a lot of cleaning to do. So tell me, what exactly am I holding in my hand?”
“Ni!ita, please help us, this female venlil in front us tells us she will burn us to death if we wont identify the connector part.” I said out loud.
“Who the damnation are you talking to?” Replied the venlil, turning more hostile at my question.
“It is a universal CNCQ connector for a Type 3 socket, manufactured probably between 180 and 200 years ago in !errigan’s electronics factory on Sillis, if I remember correctly on an island just off the coast of her domain.” Said Ni!ita to me. It was an exhaustive answer, I hope it will be enough for our aggressive venlil.
“Ma’am, it is a universal CNCQ connector for a type 3 socket, manufactured on Sillis about 180 years ago in an electronics factory just off the…” I tried to repeat the lines Ni!ita told me, but Kelra interrupted me.
“It seems you know way more of this item than I do. But I do know that part of what you’ve said is the correct answer. Sorry that I’ve spooked you…”she said, as she turned off the flamethrower and put it down onto the floor”…but the codeword you’ve just told me implied you were coming to capture me. You seem to know more of this item than even the exterminator office. So, you’ve said you’ve found it in a compartment of your ship. Am I correct by assuming you are flying a non-federation standard starship?”
“Yes, you are.” !ar! replied.
“Okay. Do I assume correctly that you have a CNCQ module, to which you would like to connect something, maybe a datapad?”
“Correct, again.” I said.
“So you have a ship capable of interfacing with a CNCQ module. Why would you want an adapter for it then?”
“It is not for our CNCQ module, it is for an other we’ve found.” I explained.
“So you have 2 modules? How did you get a second one?”
“Cli! found in on Venlil Prime at the starport, it was lodged into an engine pod of a shuttle which collided with it in space.” !ar! said to her.
“I see. And why would you like to connect it to a datapad, when you could connect it to the ship?”
“We don’t want to connect it to the ship, we don’t trust her enough.”
“Her? I am confused. Are we still talking about the computer core of your ship?” Kelra said, probably just as confused, if not even more, than when we were told of CNCQs a day ago.
“Maybe it would be better if you’d tell us how do you know about this technology, and what do you know about it, before we attempt to explain our situation.”
“Would you like some fresh-baked strayu, or some fruits for the tale? Maybe a glass of water? Anyway, my story begins about 30 years ago. “She begins, as she goes up to the cabinet in the room, and fetches 3 glasses on a plate, and wanders over to the sink. “I was a young lass back then. Both my parents were exterminators, so it was natural that I also aspired to be one. But I had dreams, I wanted to see the galaxy, it was not enough for me to prowl the sewers and fields of Venlil Prime. So I’ve signed up for service, and thanks to my heritage, I was easily accepted into the exterminator fleet as a mechanic. You know, the fleets that are dispatched to untamed worlds to cleanse them of predator taint, to turn the planets into habitable paradises.” She put the glasses down onto the table in front of us, and then went back to the cabinet to take out some fruits. “I rose quickly in the ranks, Iin no small part because of my knack for recognising patterns. I’ve provided plenty of observations about predators and their behaviour that my contribution could be actually felt on the quality of work we did as a team. This, naturally, resulted in promotions not just in rank, but in responsibilities. I was given my own ship after only a scant 6 years. As the wave of colonization efforts died down, our focus changed, and so did my duties. We were tasked with finding battlesites, prowling through wreckage and removing arxur taint, and, if possible, retrieving casualties.”
Kelra stopped for a second to drink a little water, then went on. “But everything changed on that fateful paw. We patrolled this very system’s outskirts, when a dark object appeared on our sensors. They barely picked it up, we would have missed it if it didn’t reflect so much light, and the system thought it discovered a new star in the distance. After a quick error checking, we recognised it was a ship, and not a new star. It didn’t tumble much, drifted in the endless void silently. I gave the orders to go in for visual check, which we did, and what we had seen was unlike what we’ve ever seen. The craft looked neither federation nor arxur, it was oddly organic in shape. I have sent out teams to scour its hull for an entry point, and to evaluate the possible design purpose of the ship. An agonizing claw has passed before the first reports started coming in – it was clearly a weapon of war. An incredibly amount of missile launchers covered its surface, all empty, with some point defence lasers dotting its hull. A team has found an entry point, though they didn’t had to look very hard, practically the ship was broken in half. I have ordered the teams to rotate back and sent fresh teams into the derelict. I will never forget what I have seen on the camera feeds of my troops, tilfish corpses littered the inside, heaps upon heaps of dead, frozen tilfish strewn everywhere. By the time the ship was completely investigated, we’ve counted over 20000 dead. That sight, the memories of that day will haunt me for the rest of my life.”
Kelra stopped again, clearly in great emotional distress, and I could see tears forming in her eyes.
“You don’t have to continue Kelra.” I tried to persuade her to stop, but the put her paw up, and went on.
“I do, I have to. Someone has to know, and you, at least partially, are privy to the truth. I don’t think any better candidate will come my way anytime.” She took a deep breath, and continued.” In that cursed ship, my team found a single piece of machinery still being powered. It was fed by some kind of emergency power source we could not locate the source of. It was the computer core, or CNCQ, as you might know it. I have no idea why the designer of the vessel dreamed this craft up this way, I can not fathom why one would want to keep a dead ship’s core powered, but I guess that question will stay unanswered. Anyway, we decided to extract the core, and mark the craft for salvaging. The dead crew has been collected and incinerated in our drivecones’ exhaust.” She stopped for a moment, thinking about the memories and the feelings they’ve awoken inside her, then continued. ”We’ve spent the next months trying to interface with the computer core, which eventually resulted in the gadget now you seek. I am willing to part with it, but in exchange, I would like to take a peek at your computer core.”
We sat across her in stunned silence for a long moment, weighting if that would be a wise idea. For what exactly are we endangering ourselves, a custom piece of cabling so that our stowaway can talk to the world?
“Cli!, you are in deep distress, I can feel it, what is the problem?” Came Ni!ita’s voice out of nowhere in my mind.
I tried to recall the story I’ve been just told, so that she might understand the reason for my anguish.
“You should ask her why the existence of this adapter is dangerous. It makes no sense. A crucial piece of the bigger picture is missing. A more important question is, why is she afraid?”
Those were very good questions. Ni!ita seems to be very good at paying attention to details, and noticing inconsistencies. I decided to ask them from Kelra.
“You are an observant tilfish, Cli!, those are perfectly valid questions. I am willing to give you some details as a show of faith, and to sweeten the deal, I will give you the computer module after you’ve fulfilled your end of the deal. Is this acceptable for you?”
“We can agree to this Kelra.” Said !ar!.
“The adapter is a piece of technology that allows connection between federation systems and a technology that is deemed dangerous by the federation. Though I think the protocol itself is a remnant of a conflict that has been scrubbed from the records of the federation. The information we’ve discovered in the core pointed to a conflict between the tilfish and the Federation, before you’ve been officially found by the Federation. The ship was fleeing Sillis, and it was pursued by a Federation suppression fleet. The core must have been damaged in some way, as we could not extract much from it, apart from navigation data and some damage reports, despite it being full of information. I am in potential danger, because I am in possession of this information. I know, because I know the regulations, some I’ve even helped write. Now its your turn.”
“You can not take a look at the CNCQ modul you would like to investigate, because it is not our decision. It is, after all, her body, not ours.” I told her in confident tone.
“Whose decision? What are you talking about?” Asked Kelra, apparently being very upset about what I’ve just told her.
“Its Ni!ita’s decision, she lives in it. The CNCQ is not a computer core, you see, it is a housing of a virtual brain of a long-dead tilfish queen. Among other things.” I explained her.
“Are you pulling my tail? This is a sorry excuse for a joke. There is nothing in my computer module!”
“You’ve just said, it is full of data. Yours, and our original, are essentially coffins, of a long-dead tilfish’s neural transcript. The one we’ve found on Venlil Prime is still alive however.”
“Lets assume I go along with your outlandish explanation. Why do you need the adapter?”
“We basically made a deal with her. We will not leave her on the scrapyard if she does work on the ship. Considering her…disabilities, she is unable to do any physical work, and we are reluctant to hook up her to the ship. So, we thought if we gave her the means, she could be our logistician. She could scour the digital world for work more efficiently than us. If you give us the adapter, we can prove this to you.”
Kelra thought for a very long moment, confusion was clearly wrecking her mind. It would be wrecking ours too, if we were subjected to such a situation she was pushed into. On second thought, we were in her position just a paw ago. Hm, how easily one’s world view can change in short amount of time. Suddenly, she got up, and walked to the cabinet in the room, she leaned inside and pushed something, after which a hidden compartment revealed itself in the wall opposite us. She walked up to it, and retrieved the adapter, and her CNCQ module.
“Lets go to your ship, then.” She said with determination in her voice. Then she walked out of the office into the store, and we heard the door unlocking. “Are you coming or not?” She asked from us, practically shouting from the street. I’ve jumped up and ran after her, with !ar! right behind me. By the time we’ve caught up with her, she was almost at the corner of the block.
The walk back to the ship went in silence, we did not talk, at all. Her knowledge of the city was evident, as we’ve walked considerably less to the starport now, than how much we did earlier today. But the night still caught us outside, by the time we’ve reached our ship the starport was bathing in blinding artificial lighting, projected from floodlights dotting the tarmac. We approached the ship from the front, and Kelra’s eyes shot wide open at the sight of it.
“Is this your ship? It does not look like a Federation ship, at all. In fact, it resembles the ship I’ve encountered all those years ago.” Kelra said, while gawking at our craft.
“It is indeed very different. Actually, we are having a lot of problems finding parts for it. I guess you can imagine, it is not a common ship in Federation space.” I added.
“May I have a look inside?” She asked.
“Well, we have walked around here, it would be rude from us not to let you on board.” !ar! replied.
We all walked into the ship via the crew ramp, and headed to the storage room where Ni!ita “lived” currently. Kelra handed !ar! the adapter, and he connected his datapad to the module with it. For a few moments, nothing happened, then Ni!ita’s began speaking to me.
“Hm, interesting gadget. Is this the famed ‘datapad’ you’ve connected to me? The software is…difficult. I have to be careful while talking to it, as if I was walking on eggshells, made of extra-brittle glass which have already been broken but is still in one piece. Extremely sloppy engineering. Oh dear, the amount of unnecessary protocols, the duplicate lines of code, the pointless bloatware…do you truly need a live update of the weather on all federation planets? And why am I bombarded with articles, like ‘14 symptoms of predator disease’ or ’21 ways the Federation keeps you alive without you knowing’?”
“What now?” Asked Kelra from us. “Is it working? I would like to speak to her. Can we talk somehow?”
“Hello alien!” Came a voice from the speaker of the datapad. The most soothing, feminine, smooth voice I’ve ever heard, it made the hair on my body stand upright, and even Kelra’s wool has straightened a little. A chilling feeling ran though my body, from my head to my abdomen, sparking a feeling of happiness and joy from every cell of my body, as if they started dancing at the same time.
Kelra’s mouth hang open at the unexpected voice. She looked around, looking for the source, but she found nobody. “Hello, mysterious occupant of the CNCQ module. I am Kelra.” She said to the datapad, after she confirmed that the voice could not have come from any other place.
“Greetings, Kelra, I am Ni!ita. Thank you for your generous gift adapter. Finally, I can do something else, other than chatting with these 2 drones, they are quite boring, frankly.”
“What and who are you?” Inquired Kelra.
“I am Queen Ni!ita, the neural transcript of queen Ni!ita from Sillis. I am a Command and Control Queen, or CNCQ. And who are you, Kelra?
“I am a former ship leader and exterminator.” Said Kelra.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, and aliens in general. It is my first time, but I suppose the rest of my kind met yours almost 2 centuries ago.”
Kelra froze at that comment, probably thinking back to the corpse-filled ship. She must have been thinking wether she should tell her story to Ni!ita or not. The Federation did not meet the tilfish under pleasant circumstances.
“Well, Kelra, do you believe us now?” I’ve asked from Kelra.
“I do. It is incredible. In my wildest dreams I have not though this was the purpose of the module, this also explains why the ship was designed to keep the module powered no matter what. And since you have the proper equipment, maybe you could look into my module also, probably it would reveal more than what I could dig up with my improvised tools.”
Kelra spend the next hour chatting with Ni!ita, carefully navigating around the topics that would expose the Federation’s involvement with the ancient tilfish. They discussed technology, culture, especially music. Ni!ita was extremely interested in venlil music. But the time came when she had to go back to her life.
“Thank you for your warm welcome, but I must be going now, my daughter must be worried sick. May I have your contact so that we can stay in touch, Queen Ni!ita?” Asked Kelra.
“I don’t have any objections. And, please, call me Ni!ita, no need for long-forgotten, meaningless titles.” Replied Ni!ita. Kelra went over to the CNCQ module, and sent over her contact. Then she turned around, thanked us for our hospitality, and left, leaving her own module on the floor by the door.
We looked at each other with !ar!. This has been a tiring day, and we haven’t even secured a new job for ourselves. Suddenly, it dawned on me, Ni!ita can now take over that role from us.
“Ni!ita, since you now have the means to do some work for us, how about you start looking for a job for us?”
“I have already done it. We will depart in the morning.”
“Wow, you are fast.” Said !ar! surprised.” Would you please fill us in?
“I’ve managed to secure a contract for you, for the short-term future. A roundtrip between 3 locations, though the end of the roundtrip is Venlil Prime. I know you have an aversion to that place, but still, it pays very well.”
“That’s great news! What will we be transporting?”
“Titanium, steel and aluminium sheets and profiles, processed lithium and a myriad of other metals in smaller quantities. The full container amount will be loaded, each to their full capacity here, on every round. At the next stop we will be loading food, machinery and building materials.”
“What’s the fee?
“A nice round 40 million credits for a single round.” Ni!ita said, like it wasn’t a fortune in and of itself.
“Ok, this is too nice to be true. What is the catch? What is the third stop, Wriss?” I asked jokingly.
“No. It’s a planet called Earth.”
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2023.06.07 14:33 Qinetique Early stages of mild gastritis but still worried and many questions

I had sudden onset severe upper stomach pain about 6 weeks ago. Possibly food poisoning or possibly fatty food. I was taken to the ER and it was considered that I either had gastritis or possibly gallstone induced pancreatitis. Received immediate pain relief and various diagnostics (bloods etc but no scans). Had my abdomen examined by various doctors with no obvious bumps or hard areas.
Since then I’ve had dull LUQ pain, sometimes worse sometimes not. Blood tests, urine, bowel movements are ok.
Went to see doctor again last week. Was examined by member of surgical team. They said no obvious issues other that mild LUQ. Was prescribed 20mg omneprazole and have been taking for just under a week. Discomfort still there but no active stabbing pain. They didnt think an emergency scan was necessary. They did advice endoscopy if it continues.
I am lucky to have good insurance and have an appointment with a world expert in Gastroenterology (luckily I stay close to a top medical school) but I won’t get to see them for another 4 weeks.
So the things are: dull pain, occasional bloat but stats ok. My stools are a bit yellow but i think that could be more due to omneprazole and changed diet than anything else.
  1. Has anyone else had as I’ve described? With the very sudden onset and the ongoing symptoms? Can one flare up lead to chronic gastritis?
  2. What should I do in meantime? I have cut out alcohol, red meat, cheese, chocolate, acidic food, NSAIDs etc and have a low fat diet. Anything else i do?
  3. Anything i should take? E.g. supplements.
  4. Exercise- I’ve avoided everything since this (except for walking). Can I go back to the gym?
I am aware the above sounds mild compared to the agonies some have here but I want to do everything I can to remedy this or mitigate it.
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2023.06.07 14:33 moreganohh Programmed to feel guilty when I put in the same amount of energy as my Nmom.

Lately I've been fighting hard against the feelings of guilt that pop up when I don't initiate interactions with my Nmom. She has consistently wanted attention my whole life (I'm assuming her whole life, I cannot confirm past my own experiences), but refuses to put any effort in to get it. It's to the point that the rest of my family also believes it's my job (and theirs) to maintain a relationship with her. She very, very rarely initiates any interaction between her and I, but when we go extended periods without talking (or if she just feels like someone else has gotten more attention than her) she'll whine to my sister until my sister calls me and tells me to call my mom (my mom knows I have a hard time resisting my sister's guilt trips). My brother and sister both talk to my mom first thing every single morning (as is expected of them), and tell her absolutely everything. She's great at grilling people to get all the information she wants in a way that comes off as interest... It's really just data collection to use as manipulation. She needs to know if her children are paying more attention to anyone else to guilt them into paying more to her. It has been a really hard fight, but I've gotten to the point where I only call her once a week at most now. We do still text almost every day because of a group text she and my sister force me to take part in, though my sister is busy on weekends so Friday-Sunday is usually pretty quiet. I'm assuming it's because my mom won't text me directly otherwise and she knows I won't text her as much now, so she leans on the excuse of my sister sending pictures of her kids to both of us to keep conversation and contact going between us. When I asked to stop the group chat, her exact response was "but the group chat is what keeps me going every day". So I'm supposed to sacrifice my mental health and productivity to make sure she maintains contact with me, great. After that my low contact defense line became "I'm trying really hard to be productive and my phone is a distraction, so I won't be on it as much." Which definitely buys me time to put off responding, but still leaves the expectation on the table that I will eventually respond.
I've greatly reduced the amount of effort I put in, but it still weighs heavily on me in the form of guilt. I'm tired of being the only one putting in effort, just to be manipulated by the effort I do put in. It's so much work to filter absolutely everything I tell her and to resist her intense questioning. Lessening contact has been my only way to get some relief.
I keep hoping that some day she'll drop her manipulation tactics and just want to interact in an honest way, maybe even drop the expectation that I have to put in so much effort... But I know that will never happen. Even after the very long conversation I had with her about how she's codependent on her children, she didn't change a thing, though she did acknowledge that I was correct. 32 years of manipulating me into thinking it was good that we were ultra close has made it so hard to fight for my autonomy and independence. I've seen her for what she really is now though and that keeps driving me forward in my quest for freedom from her manipulation. I don't owe her anything.
Thanks for reading my rant!
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2023.06.07 14:32 VIVAAQ Theory FNAF FINAL

Hello Here, I thought about the theories of fnaf, you don’t have to make it strange. Gam didn’t show the Bern ladder In DLS FNAF 9, it’s more likely that it won’t be there, but everything is possible there is a theory that in the final of the fnaf. will die
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2023.06.07 14:31 Avid_Hiker98 Option Flow Trading 101

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice. Everyone trades with different goals, on different time frames, and has a different risk tolerance. Trade your own account and DO NOT blindly follow others into a trade.
What is Option Flow Trading?
Flow trading is my preferred style of trading. Simply put, you look at options trades that are being placed and use it to help make determinations about where a stock might be headed (or if it may stay range bound). You look at various calls, puts, the size of the trade, and the timeframe of the trade.
Option flow can (but like anything in life/trading, doesn't always) work if done correctly. Think about it- there are professionals with way better technology, way better research, way better algorithims than we will ever have access to. Lets say they have information that a certain stock will trade to XYZ price. Well, they can profit off of that by buying the underlying options- and that's what we follow. This is the "smart" money.
Just Follow the Flow?
Not blindly. Remember, options flow show us the order but NOT THE WHY. Yesterday someone posted about NVDA July $500C being bought. Great! But what if that trader is short 12,000 shares of NVDA? On a 0.06 delta trade, that's a perfect hedge. The reality is we do not know what the intention of the trade was. Maybe it was a long bet. We don't know.
Then What's the Point?
Like everything, option flow trading is a TOOL. Nothing more. Identify where the smart money is positioned, and incorporate the other techniques to select high probability trades with positive reward/risk ratios.
An Example of What I Look For:
Yesterday, I went long NFLX out of the money calls. Why? As I posted many times, the technical setup was superb. The stock was consolidating its gains after a move up and ready for the next leg.
But why now?
They were buying longer dated calls for a few days. But yesterday I saw something very unusual. Someone came in and sold 100x weekly $425 in the money puts for $27 each while the stock was at $397. Selling puts is a major bullish sign that someone thinks the stock is going to go higher, and go higher quick.
Today we woke up to two street high price target upgrades. Hmmmmmm.
Let's look at the Boeing (BA) weekly chart. This is one of the most beautiful bull flags I've ever seen. More often than not, bull flags DO resolve to the upside, hence the term bull, after the moving averages catch up to the price.
Well, on Friday, June 2, the "smart" money observed the same thing I did. They came in and bought a few million dollars worth of calls.
Yesterday (June 6th) BA got some negative news and the stock sold off -3%. Subsuquently, the "smart" money dumped all their calls for a 7-figure loss.
Does this mean the stock won't go up? Who knows. What it means is this trader was betting on immediate upside in the stock based on the technical pattern and that did not happen. This trader capped his/losses and moved on.
What I Look For:
As previously stated, option flow trading IS NOT a holy grail; it's merely a tool.
  1. Find a few stocks you like, learn how they trade, learn how the premiums move, study it. Become familiar with 10-15 names.
  2. Find a few chart patterns you like and have success with. I know Yolo_sense is a "super duper mega breakout" guy. I love that pattern as well! It has a high success rate, moves quick, and often goes higher than you expect. I also love trading bull flag breakouts- I've had a lot of success with them, but doesn't mean it's for everyone. Find what works for you and stick to those 2 or 3 setups.
  3. Then, after you've found a setup you believe in, look at what the "smart" money is doing. For anything OTHER THAN WEEKLIES (swing trading for a few days / weeks), I like to see multiple repeat orders into the same strike, same expiration, and I want to see the IV increasing. This shows the buyer wants to get in.
If you see a consistent bull setup, you see option flow that supports your thesis, you should take the trade.
There's no way to backtest all this since that would be literally hundreds of millions of trades. However, in 2020 I started tracking my P/L in Excel. Using this method I've found that ~ 63% of the trades I take are profitable.
  1. Black Box Stocks- great service. Great people who run this. They live stream the entire session and give commentary on what they look for, why, and how it works. I would recommend this for beginners.
  2. Options Hawk- I used Joe's premium service for 6 months. Ultimately, there is too much information for my need, but he is le crem de le creme of the options flow world. Spend a week in his live chat studying market dynamics and flow with him and you will learn more than trading yourself for a year. Very expensive, but cannot vouch enough.
  3. Cheddar Flow- This is just the one I use, but they're all the same. Just need some type of consolidated option flow platform to navigate all the trades. Once you know what you're looking for you don't need an expensive service.

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2023.06.07 14:31 manydreams_ Here we go again me f 31 gf f 34

I have been in rough place in my relationship. Fights cheating we sat and spoke said our peace said what was wrong and missing agreed to actively work on it. I said to her that if this relationship is to work they cannot be in contact. I asked her last week of they spoke she said the other person phoned her but didn't pick up. I saw that they actually spoke few days ago and my gf was asking her to send her message on a different platform. I want to approach it Yet again. If u think its not OK to talk why pick up and why message her ? I dont even know why and what to say. I am tired and done with this constant lying. Cannot get a minute to relax when it comes to the stability or lack of looking for advice please
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2023.06.07 14:31 FinneganFroth I feel like I'm stuck and about to graduate a MS student who doesn't deserve it

A little context: I'm in my third year as an assistant professor at a small R2 university in the United States. Part of my tenure requirements are that I must graduate a minimum of 4 graduate students before I go up for tenure. I run a relatively productive lab (10 graduate students), have brought in millions of dollars, published way beyond my minimums, and meet all teaching standards to meet tenure. The only mark I haven't met is graduating 4 students. In fact, I haven't graduated any yet due to all the roadblocks from COVID given that I started this position on January 2020.
Fast forward and this summer semester sees my first two students looking to defend at the end of June. One of them is a rock star, an incredible person, and is going to do so well in our field; I'm so very proud of them and everything they bring to the team. The other, the one in question, has been an absolute nightmare.
Since day 1, they have been incredibly combative, argumentative, and just generally not a nice person to be around (yes, I know, red flags were everywhere but I was a first time professor, this was my first hire, and at the time I had no mentorship whatsoever from my fellow faculty members to avoid this issue at the start). It's very clear that they don't respect anything about me, which is fine, I have thick skin. But they flat out refuse to do anything I tell them to do for their thesis (and frankly, for their proposal for over 2 years).
I have sunk a significant amount of my startup into this student's project and will likely get nothing out of it with regards to publications. Again, not worried about the pubs as there are plenty elsewhere. However, I just get frustrated thinking what could have been. I've tried to be as patient and empathic as possible; the student does have mental health issues, which they've told me multiple times. However, they have not formally reported that to the Student Affairs office, and half the time I feel like I'm getting taken advantage of (I try not to go down that route, we all have our internal demons). Yet, when consequences did come their way (I pulled their tuition coverage [not their stipend though] for a semester as they did not meet proposal deadlines), they filed for discrimination charges and tried to get me fired.
Yada yada, lots of troubled background stories and whatnot, but here I am, looking at sincerely a BAD thesis. I'm asking them to do some very simple and basic analyses (species richness as a response variable in their experiment), and they claim they won't have time to do that given the defense deadline even though this was agreed upon in the signed proposal. I've spoken with my Chair and Dean, who just tell me "to graduate them and get them out of here", which to me is so frustrating. It's clearly hurting the morale of my other students, who work their asses off and constitute an amazing team. I'm stuck asking myself, "Do I maintain my standards and fail this person and let them go?" or "Do I bite the bullet, look at the long game (getting 4 graduated students to keep my livelihood), and just socially promote this person even though they have not met my requirements as their advisor?".
Either way, this person is gone at the end of the summer semester. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.07 14:30 Grocery-Pretend Batch Render

Hello together,
I have a seemingly simple task but cant figure stuff out on my own.
I've built a scene with one asset which has some lights put on it as emissive materials in different parts.
What I want:
Render multiple images of the same object in one go.
Each image shows a different part of the asset light.
I can control which part is lit by switching through my view layers.

What I do right now:
Render the first view layer.
Switch manually to second view layer.
Render second view layer.
Switch manually to third view layer. etc..

I dont want to spend all the time to set up the compositor with input node 1 for render layer 1, input node 2 for render layer two etc.
Is there a simple way to batch render -
  1. each view layer in one go and output the view layer each to single images?
  2. set up multiple scenes in which the view layers are activated respectively and render the scenes one after another in one go?
  3. another way?
Hopefully you have an idea, I'm stuck somehow..
I did not find a nice free addon to achieve this.
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2023.06.07 14:30 Unable_Mood295 Suddenly stalls/shuts off with no warning and restarts without a problem

I have a 2014 Passat and recently had some work done in the ac. About two weeks later I noticed the car shut off with no warning while idle in a parking spot. No engine light came on. I put in park and turned ignition off then restarted with no trouble at all. Then the other day I was backing out of my garage and when shifting out of reverse to drive it did it again. Engine light on that time. Again, no warning and it restarted with no problem. Any idea what is causing this? I don’t own a scanner but will get one if it will help. No one around here works on VW so I had to drive over an hour away for a friend to work on the ac leak
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2023.06.07 14:30 Professional_Yak2807 Why am I good at accents?

Both myself and my brother, as well as my dad, are really good at accents. Some are better than others, but we seem to have a an ear for subtle differences in voice. My best mate, however, is terrible at accents - any attempt he makes comes out as almost exactly the same no matter the country of origin. Is there a researched reason behind this? Is it genetic or learned? (Btw my family are not bilingual and I did not grow up in a diverse area/full of different accents etc.)
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2023.06.07 14:30 dired1 Looking for a "overview" video for statistics (for dummies)

Hello everyone,
I was hoping I could quickly drop this here, and maybe one of you knows something.
After having finished two modules, one in my bachelor and one in my master, I think I understand the principles of statistics, but it still feels hard to me to understand analytical methods and results-sections of other people's (not done from scratch by myself) paper, unless I try to comprehend it by googling everything (again, from scratch).
I think besides exercising, which I am always trying to do if it's in scope of my tasks, it would give me a great boost to hear one or more than one person explain statistics like I'm five from scratch, with a lots of examples, in the form of a video. Or maybe a video series if it's "more" than a dry university lecture - if the professor would give lots of examples from experiences. Or maybe even an (educational) video game, if something like that exists I guess it would be best for me.
Do you know something like that?
It should cover about these topics
Hope it's okay to ask this here
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2023.06.07 14:30 Toastedbagel98 Torp problems on CL

Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell my why my Cl's never seem to want to fire there deck torpedoes dispite having ample opportunity to do so. I tryed everything from having no formations to having them set to aggressive at all ranges, there ark of fires are set to cover the whole body of the ship. I do not have this issue with DDs. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 14:30 DamonF7 Average stop/hour speed in a rural/urban mixed route?

I’m fairly new. I’ve been delivering for maybe 2 months. I have a hard time completing 140 stops but I’m able to do 130. I tend to average 20-25 stops per hour in a rural/urban mixed route. The only thing I can think of is that I’m taking my breaks. I don’t mind this job itself but my DSP telling me I’m not fast enough every shift is killing morale.
I get congratulated for finishing my route on days when I get 110-120 stops and ridiculed when I didn’t finish 140 but did 130. My sorting method is fine and I’m spending less then 5 seconds searching for packages at most stops. I don’t spend too much time at each stop and I drive the speed limit and take my breaks.
I get discouraged that despite this I see people on here doing 180 a day. Are these just all urban with small driveways? I thought 20-25 stops an hour was a good benchmark. I don’t think I can physically do anymore. Most of my time is driving between stops and I can’t do anything about that.
How many stops/hour should I be aiming for? Am I just eventually going to get fired because of my route?
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2023.06.07 14:29 airttq Adapted from a school newspaper

As a user of Twitter. After two years of pandemic tweeting, we’ve finally returned to the events that have defined Twitter since it first opened its doors. But there exists a sharp delineation between the pre- and post-COVID eras of Twitter’s history.—a shift within Twitter’s culture. I can sense this change in myriad ways: in our academic culture, in the language I hear in the halls, in the way we interact with one another across grade levels and cliques and even between students and faculty. For the most part, I sadly can say that I have watched Twitter’s student culture degrade over the course of my four years within these walls. Whether due to COVID or shifting teenage culture at large, the sense of community at Twitter has diminished, and this disruption manifests in different ways. An uptick in students cutting Regents, Honors, and AP classes alike, belittling and bigoted language shouted carelessly in the halls, and a lack of concern for our fellow students have all damaged the community I once saw at Twitter. But I know that this shift does not define our school, and that we can recalibrate our culture, moving away from this nastiness and towards a cohesive community. Given our school’s standing as one of the best high schools in New York state, and our fealty to “the grind,” the prevalence of cutting seems like a paradox. While cutting has never been a non-issue—and our school has never been perfect—the level of cutting we’ve reached as a student body this year has surpassed that of past years, a dubious distinction to be sure. This year, however, classes that students would never cut in the past, like AP English Language, found themselves missing students. In my own science class, one desk remained conspicuously empty each week, and a rotation of seniors and juniors routinely disappeared. In my freshman year, I had hardly ever heard of my peers skipping class; now, even freshmen cut. This issue has moved beyond simple high school mischief; it’s grown to seriously disrupt classes, harming the education of the class as a whole. While some teachers, like my science teacher, have taken steps to reduce cutting—including harsher punishments for frequent cutters—teachers can only do so much to assuage this problem on their own. Real change comes from within the student body. We must realize the way our actions, however fun and good-natured they may seem in the short-term, are harming our education and our peers. Outside of the classroom exists another, more insidious way in which we hurt each other, something less outwardly outrageous than cutting class but even more ubiquitous: an increase in harmful, hateful language exchanged between students. This year, I personally faced some of the worst misogyny of my life within the walls of Twitter; unfortunately, even that experience pales in comparison to what I hear students say when they think no one else is listening. Almost every day I hear a remark shouted carelessly in the halls that makes the back of my neck prick. My stomach churns at the casual homophobia, sexism, and racism I observe. Students calling each other “gay” as an insult, students speaking disparagingly of the girls in their class, students using racial slurs to mock their “friends.” Even when in faculty-supervised spaces, nonblack students use the N-slur casually, as if it were just another “bad word” and not a relic of a deeply racist past. Even more prevalent is the almost-constant appropriation of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) by nonblack students in our school. AAVE is its own language with different grammatical structures and rules, not “Internet slang” to be parroted mindlessly. This behavior is inexcusable everywhere—especially so in a purportedly “No Place For Hate” school—and its prevalence within Twitter troubles me deeply. This is not to say that our school has ever been perfect in the past; I’m not claiming that language in poor taste and issues with homophobia, sexism, and racism did not occur pre-COVID. But on a personal level, I cannot imagine the deluge of belittling remarks I hear today happening only four years ago. The sheer saturation of this type of language shocks me. This is not the Twitter High I grew to love. That version of Twitter died in the pandemic, halfway through lockdown. Something changed in the year-and-a-half we spent away from our school and from each other. And whatever broke did not fix itself last year, either, despite our best efforts to “return to normal.” More than anything, COVID isolated us from our peers and our teachers; we seemingly all grew meaner in that absence. The echoes of involuntary isolation and a lack of human connection and the leniency of our remote year still inform the ways in which we interact with one another. Isolation and an increased reliance on social media during that time have made us forget the value of human interaction. We’ve become blind to the personhood of those around us, and so we treat each other cavalierly without ever pondering the impacts of our actions. And that lack of mutual recognition, more than anything else, has bred the culture of toxicity that has come to define my final year at Twitter. Beyond COVID, the reasons for this general nastiness are as layered as they are varied; too many exist for me to name within this piece. But, ultimately, these causes matter less than the situation they’ve created. We should focus less on what led us to this point and more on what will lead us out.I can see this glimmer of mutual recognition reemerging at Twitter. It is up to us to reach it; we all have a part to play in this. Teachers, especially, act as stewards of the student body and can guide us towards the feeling of compassion and understanding that we have lost, But it is up to us, the student body, to fully change for the bettter. It is our behavior that defines our culture, our behavior on which we live or die. As cliched as it is, we can create a paradigm shift; we can value our academic and personal lives equally, and we can have fun while doing so. A helpful and healthy school culture is built on mutual appreciation. So realize and respect the effort your teachers put into teaching. Look at your friends and treat them with kindness. Move away from the hurtful and towards the beautiful. I am leaving in a month; I will not be here long enough to benefit from an improved student culture. But I believe it is worth continually reaching for. So reach for it.
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2023.06.07 14:29 abdulhakim1501 [FL] Today I learned through a HireRight background check that my husband never technically graduated trade school

In 2011 my husband "graduated" trade school, or so we thought hence the quotation marks.
He was signed up for an elective at the end of his course that he decided to drop. At the time he went to the school admin, requested the drop and believed he had done everything necessary to graduate.
He was recently offered his dream job and had a HireRight background check that showed a discrepancy regarding his education. He called the school to ask why they said he never graduated and as it turns out when he dropped his final elective he never officially requested to graduate.
They confirmed to us he is eligible to graduate, it's literally just paperwork that needs to be filed. He did send HireRight his transcripts but the report still says he didn't graduate which is technically the truth.
Will HireRight forward his transcripts to the employer? Should he preemptively send an email saying, "Hey, I'm a dumbass and I'm filling out the forms now to officially 'graduate'?"
It seems like it would be petty to reacind a job offer over this but I'm a bit concerned.
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2023.06.07 14:29 ProfessionalType9480 Options trading class/community in Singapore

Did anyone tried options trading class for https://www.optionpundit.com/ or from https://www.piranhaprofits.com/ ? is it worth money to take it. I have seen their reviews and also their ads where people showing only success trades. Would like to know anyone from reddit community took their classes and really benefitted ?
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2023.06.07 14:29 jazi_stew i really hope she doesn’t ignore this anymore than she already has because it’s embarrassing

deleting the comments? uploading as usual? ig what would really push it would to be uploading a vlog. she can get away with pushing out content that has been scheduled, i just really won’t understand if she uploads a vlog. i don’t understand any of it tbh but i just don’t see how she could ignore it in a vlog about her life, or should i say her kids’ vlog.
more drama channels need to be addressing this, the “charities” as well as everything else that’s come to the surface recently. i was a fan up until about 7-8 months ago maybe more, when it was coming up to her annual live stream and I never received my prize for donating from the previous year. then i just discovered more and more and I haven’t touched her channel since, I can’t bring myself to do it. i hope that the more she continues to ignore it the more people talk. we can’t let this die out like the last times.
and just to everyone else who’s been affected by her, I’m sorry. I was never apart of her toxic twitter army as i’m not one to defend people who don’t even know i exist. but to the people who have even under her thumb for years, i hope you’re okay.
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