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2016.08.11 20:35 RoddyB_7589 New Cajun Cards!

Hey guys, as a volunteer for Freshmen move in on Sunday, and moving in early, I found out something interesting that current students here should know.
So due to UL Lafayette's transition to the new Banner database, which can be seen on the sidebar as the new ULink link, there's going to be new Cajun Cards (student IDs) that everyone is going to have to get.
Essentially, if you're a student that got a Cajun Card prior to this school year, assuming Freshmen received them already, go visit the Cajun Card offices in Room 125 of the Student Union to get them.
If your Cajun Card does not look like this around mid-semester the current Cajun Card you may have will deactivate. There will be a mass email prompted beforehand, but to save you guys from long lines in the Student Union, its best to handle this as soon as you're on campus.
I'm not quite sure how it'll affect graduated students, but for everyone currently here, it's something you'll need to know!
EDIT: Also, you'll have to get a new picture, they won't keep the current one you might have.
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