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The purpose of this community is to explore human energy in all of its facets while stripping way the esoteric language, rituals and distractions that have accumulated over the years. Out of body experiences, energy healing, energetic connections between people, psychic work and everything in between. This sub is open for discussion, learning and teaching, without judgement, on any and every form of energy work regardless of degree of social acceptability or stigma.

2023.06.07 14:55 imemunalol Cat breath stinks

Over the last few days my cat’s breath started stinking.
Any reason for this and how to get rid of?
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2023.06.07 14:55 AutoModerator [Have] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator

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2023.06.07 14:55 invah Did you know that you can enjoy conflict? BECAUSE I CERTAINLY DIDN'T (content note: personal)

Strap in, friends, because this is a straight up paradigm shift.
So you know I've been talking to/seeing a very attractive person
...and I've been in my feelings about it because it turns out I have work-arounds/coping mechanisms for my insecurities instead of actually dealing with them. Awesome.
Old me would have laughed in his face when he indicated interest.
New me trusted my instincts about him and also that he wouldn't have approached me in the first place unless he was genuinely interested and attracted to me.
That confidence last all of a couple of days, which is when all my insecurities started raging to the fore.
He's been...awesome. He's communicating where he's at emotionally, he is empathizing with me, perspective-taking for me, holding space for my feelings, checking in with me, actively in therapy, letting me know what he needs and is capable of, et cetera.
Conflict with him doesn't push us apart, it brings us together.
And I don't mean in the push-pull cycle of break-up/make-up that ends up with increasingly shorter 'honeymoon stages'. What I mean is that we are on the same team. We are respecting the fuck out of each other. We appreciate when the other person brings something up instead of feeling defensive. Conflict is an opportunity for connection and *deeper understanding.
FAM. We are doing conflict ALL WRONG.
I think we think it has to be hard. I think we think that conflict is by definition contentious and antagonistic.
Argument does not have to heated or angry, no one has to 'win'; it can literally just be a discussion of diverging or opposite views.
I've literally said these actual words to him:
"It's a good boundary and I am impressed with you for keeping it." "Thank you for keeping me accountable on that." "Thank you for your understanding and grace."
And he's reflecting my feelings back to me and apologizing for his actions, advocates for my right to express my feelings, seriously attends to and considers my ideas and what I'm telling him, and positively reinforces to me what I am doing right.
What. the. fuck.
Guys, we have been wasting our lives trying to 'communicate' with people who are not on our team in the first place and honestly cannot handle reality in some way, shape, or form. How many victims of abuse hollow themselves out for a toxic or abusive person, trying so hard to empathize with them, thinking that if they only are only 'healthier' that they can get past the conflict into a healthy relationship.
The conflict IS the relationship.
I don't know where this is all heading but if I simply end up with an amazing friend that I respect the fuck out of, it is an absolute win. He is an amazing person, or at least doing his best to be one. I am so happy to know him as a person and that he exists in the world.
We are on each other's team.
If I could bottle how I feel right now so you could experience it, you would never, ever go back to some bullshit.
This is easy even when it is emotional.
I need us all to start being attracted to self-awareness first, and honesty. We need to literally be repelled by people who are not self-aware or honest with themselves. We need to establish a foundation of deep respect.
I suspect we are honing in on connection and chemistry, turning it into attachment, and calling that love because we feel the love-feeling even though it hasn't been built through time and deep understanding. That is not love.
The advice to 'date your best friend' sounds SO UNSEXY
...but what if he's hot, tho. The sexy is there and also somehow the least important part because you are so deeply attracted to who they are as a person and their soul.
I have tried ending things multiple times with this amazing person
...because I was actively self-sabotaging. I'm working on that. But just knowing how it is supposed to feel is such a game-changer.
Conflict should BE the repair, not the thing we have to repair from.
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2023.06.07 14:55 kendo581 Young dogwood bending because of too many leaves? Should I stake it out?

Young dogwood bending because of too many leaves? Should I stake it out?
I planted a Kousa in a sunny spot in backyard last year (bought at HD), and it's seems quite happy. However, since full leaf out, the main stem has started to bend/flop pretty good, apparently from the weight of its own leaves. Any suggestions on how to avoid it breaking or causing permanent bending? Thanks!
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2023.06.07 14:54 crack_deer How do you keep a good metabolism with an ed?

Not eating makes me feel so incredibly euphoric and i feel like I’m doing so well, but then all of a sudden I’ll start stressing about my metabolism slowing down.
So i have some questions:
-how do you fast and not slow down your metabolism
-is it possible to have a good metabolism with an ed
-how you keep a good metabolism with an ed?
-overall any tips and tricks
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2023.06.07 14:54 maskgirlnft Travis Petelle – Ecom Revolutions

Travis Petelle – Ecom Revolutions
Travis Petelle – Ecom Revolutions

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Even though I’ve had great results with my e-commerce stores, I’ve always felt like a major peice of the puzzle was missing. I was stuck in a habit of always trying to find and launch new products and new designs. After a while, it not only got old, but it got less effective.
To really have big success with the same model I used in years past, I’d have to work 10 times as much and invest the same monetarily. So, coming into 2017, I vowed to make a change to our e-commerce system to make it much more profitable by doing the same amount of work we’re doing now. or even less if we’re lucky.
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The Foundation
This section of the course is all about building our sales system. You’ll get to see an over the shoulder look at our box offers going right now and how we’ve built them using simple tools that anyone reading this would have no issue with. I also discuss the systems we use to further profit from our member’s with backend funnels.
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2023.06.07 14:54 gibbygibbz Honest take on Whitney's podcast

I think during the pandemic everyone and they're mother seemed to have a podcast going or a twitch stream. After a few episodes the work load while seeing very little views seems to knock people back down to reality. Whitney on the other hand actually had an audience first so she's already way ahead of the game in this aspect.
She has Lenny and her other helper to do all the actual work/production so she just has to show up. I think maybe if she started a Twitch and just played video games she could actually pull it off. Maybe TLC doesn't let them sign with twitch or they have to run it by them so they get a piece of it.
I have seen some of the most talkative people after maybe 3 episodes of a podcast run out of things to say or have multiple dead air moment's. As much as Whitney does have the gift of gab it's difficult to push content out there. If the fitness ap was any clue to how consistent she is then the podcast will probably drop off just as fast.
As much as myself and this Reddit tends to laugh at her ideas I honestly think this is a smart venture for her. If she goes through with it and can talk up a storm 2-3 times a week she could pull this off.
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2023.06.07 14:53 Kitchen_Arugula3714 Swiping data (21F) as a black woman in Scandinavia

I thought I'd share my swiping data on bumble and tinder as I found these posts to be very interesting and also fun to compare.
I've been on the apps for like 3 months , and I've been quite active. I swipe whenever I'm bored and since I have a long commute it tends to be a lot. I didn't think I was swiping as much as I apparently do though.
Before I got my data, I thought I was doing good, I usually average around 5-6 matches per day and app, and everyone I matched with I found really attractive. So I was happy with that. I'm a black woman without any racial preferences but I do live in a predominantly white country, so I tend to like white guys more. And maybe I am punching upwards a bit, but the guys I like tend to range from at least slightly above average white guys to quite standard "hot" guys. At least that's what my friends say about them. I just like who I like and hope they like me back.
I understand that I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea and I know there can be some additional struggles for me considering other people can have racial preferences, but I didn't realize how low my match rate was comparing to other girls. I wouldn't say I'm ugly or anything. I do get compliments both on dating apps but also in real life, everything from when I'm in the club to just out shopping, but I also know that my girlfriends get a lot more attention than I do when we are out.
Anyways I' m feeling quite exhausted by dating apps now. I date with the mindset that it's not about finding a lot of people but finding the right ones, but I don't feel like I'm attracting the right ones either. The guys I have met have seemed to like me and wanted to meet me at least twice, but still have only been interested in sex. I didn't have a problem with this at first, but I've started to feel quite fetishized during sex. I've also been ghosted after we've had sex a few times so that sucks.
I'm starting to wonder if tdatin apps really is for me . Am I doing something wrong or am I just exaggerating because my ego got hurt by my stats? Maybe this is a wake up call for me to take a break from online dating for a while, but how am I support to meet people then? Any advice?

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2023.06.07 14:53 throwRAdating4 My (25f) partner (m34) agreed to engagement but I'm not sure now

Me and my partner very quickly had a child (not planned) and moved into a rented house from his family. After 3 years together I decided I was interested in marriage. At first he said absolutely not. He is not interested in it, never has seen the point and to him it's just a peice of paper. Almost 5 years together and me bringing it up alot, I said I don't know why you don't want to marry me we have a child and have been together almost 5 years, he explained that marriages he's seen have always ended in devorce and only those who didn't get married seem happy. I asked well do you expect me to leave you or for you to leave me and he said no. I brang it up AGAIN a few weeks after and he said that for all intense and purposes we are engaged. So I said lets get a ring if you really mean that. So we picked out a ring and ordered it in my size. But he seemed really uninterested. Sort of almost rushing me to decide and when I got a bit anxious if it was the right one he got short with me and said he can't choose I need to just make a decision. It just felt really unspecial? I love him, but we have many differences and we've really had to fight to get where we are. He isn't the sort of guy to celebrate birthdays, Christmases ect which is has been a big issue since I'm the oppersit and love to celebrate. We disagreed on parenting. I didn't originally want to be a sahm either, and when I finally became one he started to almost resent me. I had to explain I don't have my own income so he needs to give me some sort of money to take our child out, buy him clothes ect. And he just seemed annoyed. But when I said I'd work he got angry and said how does that make him feel if I'm acting like he can't provide. We had big arguments over it and explained both sides. He was jealous of me being able to spend this time with our child and that's apparently why he acted this way. And I explained that it's hard work some days and not to dismiss it as doing nothing all day or getting to do what ever I want. Some days I still don't think he understands. The life we have built is so good, and our child is so lucky. They have everything they need and want. I feel able to enjoy being a sahm more now my partner doesn't get angry at me for not having a spotless house, and that I can actually have money to take my child to places like softplay. I feel really stuck some days. Alot of the ways he treated me were due to things going on, his father got very sick and passed away, I had awful ppd and ppa for two years without any support from Dr's ( I tried but they didn't do anything for me). I just want to know what outsiders view is. And there's lots I've missed but this is sort of the things going around in my head right now.
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2023.06.07 14:53 Binsento New here! 5 years and counting

Looked to see if there was a sub for this and there is!
It started 5 years ago with my left ear getting clogged and not unclogging for weeks. Went to the doctor who had a look and told me everything was fine.
Waited for a year during which it was stable and mild, but always there. Finally decided to go to the doctor again and they forwarded me to the ENT, they had a look and I did some tests. Again, everything was fine (I even got a compliment about my eardrums, they looked very young and healthy, not something to brag about at parties though) and they said that I probably have ETD. It's now been 5 years and the discomfort goes from ignorable to painful and sometimes very painful (on cold, windy days)
The thing that annoyed me was when doctors kept asking again and again: "How often do you have this?". I try to explain that it is CONSTANT, but for some reason they don't seem to realize that I mean this literally .
Their reply is usually "And if you clear your ears, how long until it comes back?"
"It goes away for 0,1 second and it immediately clogs back up, it's relentless"
I can't seem to grasp when it's less and when it's worse, so it's very difficult to manage, the only thing that makes it instantly noticeable worse is when there is a cold wind.
I have no questions, but any tips are welcome, just feels good to find others that suffer from this.
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2023.06.07 14:53 AutoModerator Prevent Premature Ejaculation (Stirling Cooper)

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2023.06.07 14:53 jpitha Just A Little Further 22/40

First / Previous / Next
After I sent River and Ocean away, I took a moment to compose myself. Omar is watching, trying to see how I'm reacting, I think.
"Melody, if you're going to use your Voice, you need to be very careful about the things you order. You didn't specify to bring the Marines back alive, and now they're dead."
"You're right Omar, I need to be very careful when I'm wording things."
Ava doesn't seem to mind. "They did do what you asked though. and so quickly! I expected to not see them for at least a week."
It doesn't seem to bother Um'reli either. "You have to admit, it sends a message. People weren't taking you seriously before, and between this and what you did to Starlight... they're going to realize you are the real deal."
Omar looked ahead "Speaking of the real deal, look." He pointed.
We look out and...
Oh my.
The crowd.
It's wall to wall people in front of the entrance to the Throne. More people than I've ever seen in one place before. Not here, not on Starbase Picaresque, not even at home on Meíhuā.
And they are all here to see me.
I wish there was a rear entrance to the Throne. I bet there is, I wish we looked harder to find it.
I sighed. If we're going to do this, we might as well do it right. I looked back and my friends. "Okay, we're on. I'm going to try and impress everyone and see if they'll make a path for us. Once we're up I'll sit on the Throne and you can just stand behind me and look... official I guess. Ready?"
Nods all around. Good.
I turned back forward and thought about how I wanted to appear. My gown started to rustle like I was in a stiff breeze and my crown and wings appeared. I thought about the connection to the Reach and was able to tweak the air settings to get a breeze going around here too and as people looked back to see where the wind was coming from, they saw us.
The cheering created a wall of sound that we walked headlong into. It was practically a physical thing. As we stepped into the crowd Um'reli and Omar pushed forward to clear a path and the people parted like grass on the plains.
As we walked, I spread my wings for the look of it and they hung over the crowds as we walked past. People reached out to touch them as I passed and - I'll be honest here - I didn't think people would be able to feel them as they're made out of light and fog by the Nanites, but they could! I could even feel their fingers brushing over the feathers.
It's very odd to have a sensation from a limb you've never had before. If I concentrated, I could hear the individual cries from people in the crowd as we walked, but after trying that for a couple of seconds it was entirely too overwhelming, so I just concentrated on the noise as a wall of sound without definition. It was easier to take that way.
We made it to the top of the gallery, and I turned to face everyone. every seat was filled and the entire lower level spilled out into the street almost all the way to the dock. I had never seen this many people here before all in one place! Aviens, Mariens, Azurians, the people who wear pressure suits and a few others I haven't met yet, all shapes, sizes and colors.
They were here, to cheer me.
They were here, to worship me.
This, was all for me.
Omar, Um'reli and Ava took up station behind me, seen but in the background as I raised my hands and spread my wings for silence. A hush descended, and everyone stared up at me, waiting.
"People of Reach of the Might of Vxxz. Thank you for coming. Today is a great day. A Builder, an Empress returns to you, so that you can become whole once again!"
Cheers and shouts. I hold my hand up for silence once again.
"The road ahead is long. The Gate is locked, the starships here in need of repair and systems all over the Reach have languished. But! You remain. We remain. Now that I am here, I will begin repairs and upgrades. I will make our starships move again. I will open the Gates. I will reunite my Empire and we shall once again, rule the stars!"
More cheers. I wait for them to die down before continuing.
"Today though, you can come to me directly with your immediate grievances about things here, and me and my fellow Builders-" I gesture behind me "-will work to resolve as many as we can."
I sit in the Throne and feel the familiar cold tang of connecting to the Starbase. It feels different this time, smoother, more familiar. I lean back... and let go...
From all around the arena, my voice is heard. Everyone perceives my voice as coming only to them, direct to them. It's as if I am speaking to them, and them only.
"Speak your issue, and be heard."
"We are a family of 6 and yet, our quarters are such th-"
"Please, Empress, my son, he nee-"
"Those nosy Aviens next door are alway-"
"Food prices keep going higher and hig-"
As everyone talks to 'me' I am keeping a list of the grievances. I'm not sure how I'm doing it, I assume it's the Nanites plus how I'd naturally try and keep a list of information being used together, but as they speak, I track what their problem is. Amazingly, after they speak, I'm able to offer some soothing words to everyone. It's me and it's not me at the same time. Even with my full Builder persona activated, I don't think I have the parallel processing to complete a feat like this. The Starbase and the Nanites must be doing the majority of the work.
After only an hour or so, it's done. Everyone that wants to speak has spoken, and I have thousands upon thousands of complaints to sort. I give a farewell and offer a blessing to everyone, and order the restaurants across the whole of the Reach to feed everyone for free today - promising they will be reimbursed for their work.
Royal part over, it becomes somewhat of a festival atmosphere around the Throne area. People milling about, talking with each other, catching up with old friends, eating and laughing. From my perch on the Throne, I watch the celebration. I get an overwhelming sense of relief tinged with a small amount of anxiety over what it means to have an Empress again. It strengthens my resolve to do my best to have it mean good things for the people that live here.
How am I going to pay for all this? What to other Empresses do?
They owned the banks. They just ordered it.
Wait. There are banks here, right? Is it really that simple?
Simple is often not *easy*. But yes. You own your whole empire, including the banks.
That's it! That's how we'll pay everyone and fund everything. A quiet part of me yells that it probably isn't that easy, and isn't that how inflation happens and don't I need to start taxing people to get money to go in or something? I should look into it further, but it's a very quiet part of me right now. I can tune it out pretty easily.
I turn my attention to the list of complaints that were collected and with the Throne and the Nantes help, I try and do some rough categorization.
Neighbor Complaints - this is the largest list and will most likely be ignored. Should it though? Maybe I'll have the others look them over in more detail.
Food issues - this is second largest. We can look over it and see if there's some underlying issue. I can also look into the disused food distribution centers. Maybe they're turned off because there isn't the resources to use them anymore, maybe it's another reason. I feel like I can fix this one, and if I do, it will give me the biggest boost to my legitimacy.
Environmental issues - third largest and issues related to the environment here. I had just turned up the settings here yesterday, so I hope this helps eliminate those. This should be an easy win. Mei'la had mention something about how power usage felt wasteful here. Maybe there's something we can do to boost efficiency.
The rest of them are things like, asking when we're going to launch the Starships again and quite a few asking when I'm going to "take care of" the issue of other sapient groups. Hmm. I don't like that one. Luckily, the questions seem to be in the minority, but still.
Job finished for now, I stand up and stretch. My goodness, that was boring. I hope I don't have to do it very often. Looking around, I find Omar, Um'reli and Ava wandering around the area behind the Throne. "Find anything interesting?"
Omar gestures towards me. "Actually yes, look here. There's a door behind the Throne, out of sight of the people on the ground.
"What's behind it?"
"I don't know, there's no handle and I can't get it to open."
"You've had the Nanites for a day, try to do it as a Builder. Just concentrate on the door and imagine it doing what you order."
Omar stares at the door, and I can see the concentration in his hands and on his face. There's a small breeze around him and with a hiss, the door slides open into the ceiling.
"You did it! Congratulations, Builder!" I'm super proud of him.
Omar stares at the open door, and then down at his hands, and over to me. "That... was... the most amazing thing! I just thought about the door opening and it did! It's like magic."
Now he will be one of *us*. He has felt the power.
I'm just happy he was able to do it. "Come on Omar, lead on. Let's see what's in here."
We go into the darkened room, and Omar again concentrates and the lights come up. Like most Builder stuff it clearly hasn't been touched in a very long time, but again, there isn't much dust here at all. It looks like everyone left for the day and shut the door... but then the door stayed shut for who knows how long.
Inside the room is 6 chairs that are arranged around a long table. Each of the chairs is in the same green metallic substance as the Throne. They're molded into the floor instead of the ceiling, but to me they look like where the Builder operators would sit when running the station.
"This looks like where the Builders sit when they are the starbase. Come, let's sit and try it out. It'll feel odd when you first sit, and if you get that feeling in the back of your brain to let go and sink further, don't yet. You need at least another day of Nanite development, but I think we're safe to connect lightly. I'll stay out of the seats and if I see anyone in distress, I'll pull them out. See if you can find my notes from the celebration."
Omar, Um'reli and Ava all sit gingerly. Ava is especially nervous - she's the one that saw me scream when I tried to integrate too quickly, but after a moment, I can feel them with my connection to the Reach.
"Wow, this is amazing! Melody, can you hear me?" It's Ava.
"Sure can Ava, it sounds like you're standing right next to me." I look over, and her body is just sitting in the chair, relaxed, breathing normally.
"Okay, I found your notes Melody. Looks like you sorted it somewhat already? Wow, how did you collect all this data?" Um'reli must have found my notes first.
"I have to admit, I don't really know. I just... knew what to do. The Nanites know more than I do, so sometimes I just let go and let them drive. I have a feeling that isn't always the right choice, but until I get more familiar with things, sometimes I feel like it's the only thing to do."
"Melody? I found the docking bay. It's empty right now, but I think I see how to maneuver High Line from the umbilical to the docking bay. Once it's inside we can get a better idea of what it would take to refit it with human systems and make it a viable starship again."
Oh, wonderful! I'm so glad Omar is here.
"Yes please Omar, do that. We'll go down and check it out once you've finished and everyone has a chance to get more familiar with how to be Reach."
While everyone is working, I go back over to the Throne and sit down. I get reconnected and just look around for a while. I like watching the movement of people on the Reach. It's... soothing I guess? Oh hey, up further are gardens and parks! I was worried there would be no greenery here. I should ride the train up later and explore.
I can feel Omar, Um'reli and Ava behind me exploring things, learning how they work, and with them here, I swear the Starbase is starting to work better. I can see people looking in wonder at lights that were long off and now are on again, breezes blowing as the air freshens, and even I'm noticing people starting to clean and sweep. It really feels like we're turning a corner here. I get an alert that for the first time in [DEMARCATION ERROR] another train is wheeled out from storage. It's needed for the crowds.
I wish I knew how long [DEMARCATION ERROR] was. If the starbase doesn't know, it was probably a long time. That really speaks to the power of the original Builders if 11 million people could live here with effectively no administration the whole time.
It's almost too good to be true...
My reverie is interrupted by a radio signal. I look around, ah, there it is. It's the long range comms. Someone is signaling us.
Huh, FarReach is signaling us.
"Okay Melody, very funny. You've made your point. Open the Gate now please." FarReach isn't even bothering with any niceties.
"Hello FarReach. How are you doing?" I admit, I'm being a little petty here.
"Melody! Do you understand what's happening? Do you see how you're changing? Most of the BIs don't see it, but your commanding voice thing and that 'don't worry about it' aura doesn't work on AIs. I see your changes, what's happening to you, what you're becoming. Keep down this path and you won't be the Empress Melody.
You'll be the Tyrant Melody.
"Ava said there aren't very many AIs around on this side of the galaxy, I have a hunch I know why. An Empress would not keep people around that can't be placed in thrall."
"FarReach! I am insulted. You're saying that just because I can't control them, I wouldn't like AIs?"
"Maybe not you yourself, at least not yet, but that Empress nano machine package that was installed on you wouldn't like AIs for sure. It sure feels like the decisions you're making are more their decisions than your own. I know you Melody, this isn't you."
Isn't me? Every decision I've made so far has been mine. Sure, the Nanites have helped, but if I didn't like what they were recommending, I wouldn't have done it.
"We caught up to that Mariens, Ottarn by the way. We took them and their tiny crew aboard. Their ship was basically junk taped together. Even if he had made it to the Gate, they probably wouldn't have made it to their destination. We're going to take them wherever they want to go, and then head home."
They took Ottarn? Hmm. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing or anything. I'm worried about it though, I wonder why?
"FarReach, did you call us up just to insult me and call into question all the good work we're doing here? We're helping the people of this Starbase! We've already improved the environmental systems, and now we're beginning to retrofit one of their broken Starships."
"Ugh, Fine Melody. We don't have to agree. You and Omar and Um'reli and Ava stay over here on your side of the Galaxy and leave the rest of humanity alone. I don't care anymore, I hate it here. Open the Gate."
"Or else what?"
"Or else, Empress I will link away." It really sounds like FarReach is speaking through gritted teeth. AIs are usually so reserved and chill. I've never heard one as angry as FarReach right now.
"Why are you being so mean to Melody, FarReach? She hasn't done anything to you." I forgot that Ava, Omar and Um'reli can hear this call too. I wonder if FarReach knew too?.
"FarReach, I think I have to agree with Ava and Melody. Our leaving was our on decision. Melody didn't place us in thrall or order us to come with her with her Voice. She didn't even come back to you. Ava came and asked us. We're here because we want to be here." I can feel the emphasis in Omar's voice. He seemed like the one that was least up for the business of ruling, it that sure made it sound like he's all in. I'm practically bursting with pride.
"I can't believe I'm here arguing with you four. Open the damn Gate, or I'm going to WEP the reactors and link away."
"Wait, how can you WEP with Captain Q'ari locked up?" Um'reli sounds genuinely curious.
"I declared Captain Q'ari unfit to lead thanks to Melody's meddling Um'reli. That makes me the commander and as the commander I can declare WEP on myself. Anyway, did you really think AIs can't WEP their own reactors? We allow the commander to order it. If I link away and it fails, then my destruction will be on your head. I already linked a beacon back to Starbase Picaresque. They never linked one back so I don't know if it worked, but if it did, then they already know about what's going on here. I am going to ask one. more. time. Melody. Open the Gate, please."
Ugh. The nerve! Still, I don't want FarReach to try and link away and have it fail.
Or worse, have it succeed and then they can link back with a couple of dreadnoughts and Starjumpers... before we're ready for them.
Fine. I lean back in my Throne and let go just a little more until I expand beyond the Starbase and... There. There's the Gate. The lock isn't strong, you just know where... to... push... and... there.
Outwardly, nothing changed, but I can tell the Gate is open now to regular travel. "I unlocked the Gate FarReach. Go home. Tell them what we have. Let everyone know that those who want to join us are welcome to."
"Not a chance, Melody. You're on your own. I was friends with the friendly Information Warfare Officer who had a knack for firearms and loved coffee. I hope she's still in there somewhere. I'd like to meet her again." FarReach closes the connection. From my vantage point I can watch them thrust away. After only a few moments, the Gate glows painfully blue, and...
They're gone.
Why am I sad? I'm so sad she left. I still had so much to show them. So much good we're doing.
"Melody? Melody? Are you all right?" I can hear Ava, she's not connected to the chairs anymore. I open my eyes and see her looking at me on the Throne. "You're crying."
"Oh Ava." I stand up and hug her. "You heard her. FarReach says I'm not me anymore. She said that I've changed and that she misses the old me."
"Oh Melody. She doesn't know what she's talking about. You're still you. You're you plus so much more."
"Ava is right." Um'reli stands from her chair and comes over. "You're still you Melody. You've been changed, this is true, but everyone changes. A change like this won't fundamentally change who you are."
I sniff. "Thanks Ava, thanks Um'reli. I just... FarReach was my friend. She sounded so angry."
Omar puts a hand on my shoulder. "Don't worry about it Melody. We know we're here for good reasons. That's enough. Besides, once we have our own Starship, we can head back to Human/K'laxi space and show them what we're doing. All kinds of people, AI and BI will want to come with us and help out. You'll see."
"Thanks everyone, I'm so lucky to have you here with me."
Omar is right. We'll show them.
We'll show them all.
First / Previous / Next
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2023.06.07 14:53 ndoelch Mowing between 2 buildings

Hi all, I am so far very happy with my Luba - especially when it comes to high grass and steep mini hills to go up/down. However: distance to my neighbor is about 8m - between my and his house - both 3 floor buildings- Luba looses Satellite contact and stops between. I placed rtk in a U shape around house in left lower corner - so there is still direct visual contact - charging station is on left upper end of U - so also direct visual contact. Surprisingly today at noon time Luba returned to charging without any problem - however starting it again lead to error ‚luba blocked - press buttons home and start or mow and start.
Happy for a good hint how I can improve situation.
Thanks N
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2023.06.07 14:52 XaioShadow What's your favourite ability/skill system in a ttrpg?

Currently, 5e is the only ttrpg I have played, although that will most likely change after my group finishes our current LMoP game. 5e's skills system seemed perfect to me when I started, although now I see some problems such as some stats being too useful and other being dumpable for basically no loss. So I've been browsing other systems for a while to see how they do things differently. Here's a couple of examples:
Pathfinder 2e, which I hope to try out some time soon, seems very similar to 5e, although instead of having a single proficiency bonus you are able to increase your proficiency in each skill separately. I haven't taken a deep dive into the rules so I dont know if they added more uses for CON other than health, but there still dont seem to be any skills for it.
The Dishonoured rpg has a two sets of stats called Skills and Styles. The Skills are Fight, Move, Study, Survive, Talk and Tinker, while the styles are Boldly, Carefully, Cleverly, Forcefully, Quietly and Swiftly. When a player makes a skill check they combine their scores in the most relevant Skill and Style. For instance, a bar brawl may require you to Forcefully Fight, while a stealthy takedown may instead require you to Quietly Fight. This feels kind of like what the 'skills with different abilities' optional rule in 5e was trying to do, but in my experience that rule hardly ever gets used.
Legend of Zelda: Reclaim the Wild skips right over ability scores and just has skills. The 24 skills are split into three categories: Power, Wisdom, and Courage, but these categories dont really have any effect on the skills themselves. At character creation you have a bunch of points that you can spend to increase your skill in each score individually. This is quite nice and simple, especially for newer players, as there aren't a bunch of numbers that affect each other and need to be added together. The numbers are also much cleaner as they start at 1 and go up, as opposed to starting at 8 (which is actually -1) and going up to 20 (which is actually +5)
So what other ability and skill systems do you like from other ttrpgs?
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2023.06.07 14:52 lucky232323 Environmental?

So I developed psoriasis at 28 (now 32) and no one in my family has it. My husband then started to develop it around age 29 (now 33). Our Toddler started developing skin issues around 18 months (now 23 months). Now our dog has psoriasis…
My question is, do you think our home is causing this? No one in mine or my husbands family has skin issues!! We moved into our home in 2017 (when I was 27)… all seemed to start occurring within 18 months (which is how old my daughter was when she developed it).
I just ordered a MOLD kit to test our air. When we moved in, a tornado hit our area the following week, this caused roof damage. It took 8 months to resolve with insurance (thanks American Family) and they said everything was fine but now I wonder if we are experiencing MOLD and this is what’s actually triggering everything.
I just find it really weird we are ALL getting this (even the DOG!)
Anyone having similar experiences? (And don’t try to sell me on this “it’s hereditary” BS.. I don’t personally believe that!)
Side Note: I’ve been doing the CANDIDA diet because I was tested for MOLD allergens and it came back positive. For Candida albicans. Which my doctor says I react to YEAST. So I’ve been doing this Candida diet and it is actually clearing up. Along with taking supplements and more probiotics.
I also have it down below (if you know what I’m saying) and steroids alone never helped. BUT I’ve been having success with using TUCKS cooling wipe pads every time I use the restroom, then applying Jock Itch cream and it’s been going away!!!! I’ve been doing it for 5 days straight and it’s nearly gone and it was BAD.
Hoping for input and hoping this info helps others :)
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2023.06.07 14:52 PleaseBeKindPlease Firefox 114: how can I remove the blue line below menu bar items?

I use the following code to turn menu bar items into buttons:
:root { --context-menu-background-padding-default: 10px; } #main-menubar { flex-grow: 1 !important; margin-left: var(--context-menu-background-padding-default); padding: 6px 0 2px 0; } #main-menubar > menu { border-radius: var(--toolbarbutton-border-radius); -moz-appearance: none !important; background-position: left var(--context-menu-background-padding-default) center !important; padding-inline-start: var(--context-menu-background-padding-default) !important; padding-inline-end: var(--context-menu-background-padding-default) !important; } #main-menubar > menu[_moz-menuactive="true"]:not([open="true"]) { background-color: color-mix(in srgb, currentColor 17%, transparent) !important; } #main-menubar > menu[open="true"] { color: inherit !important; background-color: color-mix(in srgb, currentColor 27%, transparent) !important; } 
Here's the result with Firefox 113; and here's the result with Firefox 114.
  1. the rounded corners have disappeared; maybe var(--toolbarbutton-border-radius) doesn't exist anymore? How can I restore them?
  2. a blue line now appears when I click on an item; how can I remove it?
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.06.07 14:52 borgfofofume Don’t use my bathroom! Maybe need divorce?

Warning- bathroom talk: urinating
It started when I was pregnant that I finally just snapped and said he was banned from using our bathroom cuz he doesn’t wipe off the seat. I tried to tell him he needed to lift both lid and seat to pee, and then close both when done. That simple, we’d have zero problems. Or just stinking wipe the lid every single time without error. But he still pees with the seat down, forgetting to clean. Now imagine my very tired pregnant wide-load self with a bursting bladder running to my bathroom, my personal bathroom in my bedroom…. And sitting down on his pee that he didn’t clean up. I did look, but sometimes still don’t see it before sitting down. I told him how’s much it disgusted me and it was making me think he was a disgusting gross person who is being selfish and mean…. He changed for a few days, but then it continues… I finally just lost my shit and said if my butt contacts pee on MY toilet seat again, or for any reason my home bathroom begins to feel like I’m at a bar on ladies night, I’m moving out. Said we cannot live together if he keeps this up, this is a huge deal breaker that I have repeatedly communicated. That’s what finally made him stop, he realized I was dead serious about leaving. So he started using the other bathroom, and even cleans it himself. Matter has been settled ever since. Now fast forward a year to last week- he’s telling a random person a ‘story’ implying how crazy I am for banning him from my bathroom….. acting like I was being extremely controlling and weird. Poor him. I was so stunned, where did that even come from? And I honestly do not wish to discuss it to people I don’t know, plus it’s gross and TMI. It’s been bothering for me ever since, first time with him telling a ‘story’. So now I’m starting to question things, going over the past years- does he talk about me like this to other people? Was that incident last week to try to embarrass me? Is THIS the reason why people all love him but refuse to speak to me? My neighbors, his family, his coworkers….. holy smokes I assumed I lost all social skills after having babies, even wondered if I had autism or something. but what if….. it’s been him? Is he the reason I’ve been so socially isolated? He’s so charming everyone likes him, but I also used to be very likable, before we married. If any of this is true- it’s all the red flags I need to take action. Am I paranoid jumping to conclusions on this?
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2023.06.07 14:52 nukesimmons Chicklets Origin Story

I’ve been listening to the pod religiously for about a year now, and the boys sometimes talk about how the pod started, but I was wondering if there’s an episode where they go into detail about how it started ? Thanks
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2023.06.07 14:52 ascendantgbb Elevate Your Executive Presence: Ascendant's CEO Branding Services

Elevate Your Executive Presence: Ascendant's CEO Branding Services
Enhance your professional reputation and make a lasting impact with Ascendant's ceo branding solutions. Our expert team understands the importance of a strong executive presence in today's competitive business landscape. Through strategic personal branding techniques, we'll help you develop an authentic and influential image that aligns with your organization's goals. Ascendant empowers CEOs to establish their unique identity, amplify their thought leadership, and build trust among stakeholders. Elevate your brand as a CEO with Ascendant's unparalleled expertise. For more details please visit at our online address:
Other Source:
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2023.06.07 14:51 Joeme2 Ginger beer- help!!

Hey everyone, I've started making ginger beer from scratch using the ginger bug method. It was all going well.. I followed a recipe which seemed to work kind of well before. A couple of bottles became semi-fizzy (but not very much), and I thought I'd have more success with this current brew since I allowed a new ginger bug I made to mature a bit more.
Below is an image of the ginger bug, as well as a profile of the jar I'm using and a picture of one of the bottles I've filled.
The bug got bubbles after just a day, and what you see in the image is how it became after four days. I live in a subtropical climate so I assume the humidity would speed each process up.
THE PROBLEM- two days after bottling, I opened up one of the bottles to 'burp' it and to my dismay- no fizz at all! I opened up a second one with the same result. I was very careful to sterilise all the equipment at each stage, and I'm fairly sure the bug was ready to go... so what am I doing wrong?
I really want to make a success of this, no matter how many tries I need to give it. ANY advice would be much appreciated. In fact, if anyone has a VERY specific recipe I should try and follow with proven success I would absolutely try it.
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2023.06.07 14:51 blake9102 Why bottoming is degrading...?

I keep hearing arguments that bottoming is actually masculine and empowering, and that the only reason I would feel ashamed or degraded is because I have problematic beliefs, and that I'm just confused and misguided. But that feels incredibly dismissive. Let's start with the fact that the majority of people I know would not see me the same if they knew that I have bottomed. The amount of guys I've befriended who started to look down on me when they began to suspect that I was a bottom, is staggering. You can say that they're all homophobic or problematic, but even gay men are like this; if they assume that I'm a bottom, many gay men will start to dismiss my point of view, patronize me, talk down to me, and, if they get me in bed, will insult me without my permission. They assume that I want to be called degrading things, just because they assumed that I'm a bottom. I've been called a worthless slut and other demeaning terms without my permission, based on the assumption that being a bottom means that I want that, which I do not. Am I supposed to assume that they have internalized homophobia too, despite them being out-and-proud gay men? Now take women. A recent survey found 80% of women would never date a man that they knew was bisexual. Something about a man being willing to sexually engage with men at all is a turn-off.
All of this is to say, I hate how much people shame me for having qualms about bottoming. Every time I've expressed this, I've been told things like "Wow, I wonder how poorly you view other bottoms for doing what they like" and "you're just in denial that you want to be degraded." The thing is, I definitely do NOT like being degraded, looked down upon, or devalued. I hate the fact that people in my life, the majority of whom are openly pro-gay, view and treat me differently if they think I'm a bottom. I've tried going to the gay neighborhood and surrounding myself with openly gay men, and this still happens. The only thing I can think to do is to identify as a purely masculine top, in order to stop people from treating me different. It's truly terrifying to see the look in peoples eyes when they start devaluing me, start dismissing me, not taking me seriously, try to take me down a peg, try to get the better of me in an argument or in some other manner. It's infuriating.
I guess my question is, why am I constantly made to feel crazy or toxic for not being totally OK with bottoming, as if it's my obligation to have no issues with doing something that causes me to lose respect in the eyes of everyone else?
For reference, I'm a versatile gay man 24 y/o.
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2023.06.07 14:51 marrklarr Sierra’s Theme: Period or Ellipses?

Shadow Kingdom is a masterpiece that opens, fittingly, with the track When I Paint My Masterpiece. That song was a topic of discussion in a 2021 New York Times interview. “I think this song,” Dylan said, “has something to do with the classical world, something that’s out of reach. Someplace you’d like to be beyond your experience. Something that is so supreme and first rate that you could never come back down from the mountain.”
The final track of Shadow Kingdom is an instrumental called Sierra’s Theme, suggesting a possible mountain motif. (Was it a mountain that cast the album’s titular shadow?)
The song’s origins, however, remain unclear. Is it a new composition? If so, why include it on an album that has no other new songs? But if it’s not new, how come we don’t know about it already?
Perhaps the song is neither new nor original. What if the tune is actually a reworked version of the theme song to the 1974 NBC television drama Sierra? If you don’t know how that one goes (believe me, I didn’t it), here’s a link:
The lyrics to that song, though not the music, were written by John Denver (never a stranger to mountain songs). It ends like this:
“Sierra—come with me to meet my Friend, Sierra—learn with me, where Life began. There is so much to Know, so much to See. Come share my Mountain home. Come share my Life with me.”
Is Bob using this obscure tune to invite us up to his metaphorical mountaintop and bask in the majesty of his masterpiece? If so, could it mean, as many have wondered, that he won’t be coming back down from the mountain to make new music?
I find it it weirdly notable that his European tour wraps up next month in Rome. The Rough and Rowdy Ways tour is slated to run through 2024. But if he were planning to call it a career, maybe he’d do it on a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs.
Then again, during that same NYT interview in 2021, he said: “[I]f you do paint your masterpiece, what will you do then? Well, obviously you have to paint another masterpiece.”
Strike another match, go start anew? You tell me, Baby Blue.
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