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This is a subreddit created for the discussion of sake. This includes posting news stories, reviews, and etc. Discussion of other Japanese alcoholic beverages is also allowed (e.g. shouchuu, awamori, amazake, etc.).

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Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

2023.06.07 13:47 stormin666 Citrix local printer redirection to RDP session is not working

we have problem that local printers are not redirecting to server which users accessing via RDP shortcut from Citrix. User turn on RDP shortcut from Citrix -> RDP starts on one of our terminal -> user connect to remote server and there is the issue - printers are not redirected.
If I try to RDP into this server withou Citrix, printers are redirected well.
If I connect via RDP shortcut from Citrix, printer are not redirected, in Event Viewer there is:
We use RDP shortcuts via Citrix on many servers, on all of them printer redirection working well. This one server is issue, but when we try to RDP to this server withou Citrix, printers are mapped well.
Thank you for your help.
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2023.06.07 11:10 southtown84 Too much visual information in Starcraft 2 casts.

To be blunt, off the top of my head, I maybe the breaking point was when they decided to have unit icons overlaying each building to show what is currently in production - like the production tab wasn't plenty. I can't remember when that came about, but I think SC2 was easily the most watchable during the WoL days.
You can see where I'm going with this. I like the strategy as much as the next guy but I seriously value a cinematic, immersive experience just as much, and I really don't think you can argue that they've strayed too far into pure nerdrom. It's way too hard to admire the core art now, to appreciate units and buildings exploding in different ways, etc. And of course I really hated those underwater maps that GSL may still use, with the goofy physics where everything floated offscreen.
I'm barely in touch with the scene at all, but last I checked, it seemed to me like GSL was in serious trouble but ASL is doing fine, and I seriously want to believe it's because of what I'm writing about here, even though I'm sure it's for any other reason. Like maybe people subconsciously realize how much more watchable Brood War is because it doesn't have all this shit on screen -- and the casters do just fine narrating what's going on. It seemed like even the music tracks got seriously screwed up in GSL around the time LOTV came out.
What do you think? Think someone at GSL will see this and go, "my God, he's right!"? Is Tasteless gonna see this and make a case for me? ;)
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2023.06.07 09:11 Demonitized-picture Terraria Multiplayer completely busted mid playthrough

I've looked goddamn everywhere, tried everything multiple times and still got jack squat when trying to solve this so I'm gonna ask here and hope to god someone else had this issue and solved it
So, mid way through a Tmod loader playthrough with some friends, i was having some connectivity issues, no biggie. eventually they do a server restart because enabling shared map was murdering the connection and once i tried to join back, unlike other times where it might take a moment to say lost connection it just instantly did so after inputting the password
que normal debugging, disabling mods making sure that my firewall isn't doing anything to no avail, so I verify integrity of the games files (both terraria and Tmod) and that solves nothing, then i check to see if this affects normal terraria as well and sure enough, completely bricked. Instantly get a lost connection on the same version as the host without fail or any indication that it might just connect beyond there being a password.
So i go and uninstall and re-install both, and the issue persists. again i check my firewall and windows defender. nothing. port forwarding, nothing. update my network drivers, nothing. outright change my network drivers, nothing. This doesn't affect anything other than terraria and it just happened mid playthrough.
if anyone has a solution, please give me something to try.
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2023.06.07 07:02 KarEssMoua All my socials, from Beginners to Masters!

All my socials, from Beginners to Masters!
Hello everyone,
I wanted to share with you all of my social outposts, with MY ratings and comments about it, so depending on your level, you can choose which one you wanna play, although all of my outposts are considered as brutal. From all streamers/players that played my outposts, they all said that I have a very unique kind of building (though I suck at exterior architecture, but I promise you this is different inside). All of my maps are speedrunnable, so feel free to try it!
If you don't want to read anything and play any of my outposts randomly, feel free to type Twitch.KarEssMoua to find all my maps.
DISCLAIMER: None of my maps are mazes / killboxes / death alleys
Hope you will have fun! :)

Difficulty : Normal

1) Badger Lee is a short map, perfect for beginners to discover some tricks and how to use your environment. It's also my first prestige 10 map that I built during the beta.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy
2) District Heights is even shorter than Badger Lee and can focus on high pressure if you are a fast player. However, running it slow will also be a challenge for new players.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy

Difficulty : Challenging

  1. Swans Island is a small map with more or less the same length as Badger Lee. It includes more sneaky traps and play with the environment more than the two previous ones. It is a map that I made with my viewers. A challenging map for beginners, where veterans might find this map surprising but generaly easy.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy
2) Rhinebeck did more kills than I expected and exceeded my expectations. It's a mix of two playstyles, which I won't spoil so you can discover it by yourself.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium
3) Osage City is a challenging map for beginners and medium players, that will require your focus during the whole run. More focus on mental pressure, you will have to deal with traps waiting for you at any corner.
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium
4) Citrus County is a map with a spicy entry that can be a real challenge for new players. More focused on action with sneaky traps and the use of the grappling, enjoy a map where you can use your environment to protect yourself or jump into the fight and slay everything in sight! Also, you might different paths!
Speedrun difficulty : Easy to medium

Difficulty : Hard

  1. Mower County, Osage City' sister, pushes the concept of mental pressure further, pushing you to make a mistake. If you are a new player, I would recommend to play Osage City before jumping in Mower County.
Speedrun difficulty : Medium to Challenging
2) Howells is a messy map (if you already played some of my other maps, you know what I mean), and intends to confuse you in a packed environment. You might be surprised how you can die in this one. The lack of raids has been due to the MM issues we had before.
Speedrun difficulty : Challenging
3) High Hill is going to mess up a bit with you. Mixing all the previous combinations, I tested out a new way to build. I'm not gonna lie, I struggled a bit to build this map, but the outcome has been pretty satisfying! The lack of raids has been due to the MM issues we had before.
Speedrun difficulty : Hard

Difficulty : Extreme

  1. Twin Peaks, Grand Lake Stream's little sister is going to confuse you and bully you for a bit. Get ready to be lost into madness and get shot at from any direction.
Speedrun difficulty : Hard to Very Hard
2) Hannibal is brutal. There is no other words. Going slow or going fast, this map is going to give you hard times and will press you to the limit, using a high mental pressure combined with deadly traps. Only one misstep and you are gone. Definitely not recommend for new players, or only if you would like Hell as a tutorial.
Speedrun difficulty : Extreme
3) Grand Lake Stream is an old map that I built during the beta and reworking with time. With an initial 15,7 kill ratio (lowered by social unfortunately), this map counts more than 2 000 kills (official + social). Grand Lake Stream made it tough for a lot of raiders, hoping to get to the genmat and leave this madness behind them. If you wanna dive into an unique kind of madness, this is your way to go. Grand Lake Stream is going to offer you the challenge you need, most of the time. This is also a nostalgic map that I cherish way more than any others.
Speedrun difficulty : Very Hard to Extreme
Thanks for reading, HF!
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2023.06.07 00:58 Inevitable-Feed6364 a second dora's rescue in mermaid kingdom/dora's rescue in mermaid kingdom 2.

a second dora's rescue in mermaid kingdom/dora's rescue in mermaid kingdom 2.
so,what if dora and boots went back to mermaid cove to see maribel but they learn that she is gone again,however after searching for over half of the episode based on map's coordinates,they finally find her and reunite in a group hug where maribel reveals that she was preparing to head up to the surface to have a slumber party with dora and boots(this isn't like the little mermaid with king tritons racism). ursula arrives and tells them that she's free to spread pizza to the world. the episode ends with dora,boots,and maribel in bed together at dora's house,and after telling the viewers bye,the three fall asleep and with that,the episode ends.
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2023.06.07 00:08 Ephemeralperennial17 What is the best way to simplify a ggplot with 10 factors?

In short- I am looking at how the storage environment (STORE) affects the quality of winter squash. I measured 10 different varieties of winter squash (CV), over the course of six months (DATE). The question I am asking is, how does the storage environment affect the quality of winter squash over time, and by variety?
The quality parameters I measured were soluble sugar (Brix), Starch (Starch), dry matter (DM), interior color (LavgI) (AavgI) (BavgI), Exterior color (LavgE) (AavgE) (BavgE). L*a*b* are measurements of color. L=Lightness, a= red/green on a spectrum, and b= yellow/blue on a spectrum. LAB info
I have two storage environments- PGC and THG.
In each storage environment, I had the same 10 varieties of Squash randomly distributed in bins, and would remove 4 of each variety each month (REP).
So, My response variables are: DM, Brix, L*, a*, and b* interior, L*, a*, and b* exterior, and Starch.
My explanatory variables are STORE, CV, and Month. I also measured AvgRH and AvgTemp within each storage unit.
One of my committee members suggested getting rid of 10 lines and only having three to simplify things for the viewer. He suggested that I group varieties of squash that have similar attribute together.
I am thinking he means if a certain variety has a dry matter content of 10-14%, 15-19%, and 20%+, create groups for them, which would mean I have 3 lines on my line graphs representing varieties instead of 10. I could do the same for the other quality parameters.
Can any one help me understand how to:
  1. create new factors with my existing levels of those factors in r?
  2. use those new factors to create ggplots?
  3. I am open to other suggestions you may have outside of what I have asked if you think it may work better.
This is the code I have been using:
WSD %>%
group_by(STORE, CV, DATE) %>%
summarize(avg = mean(DM,na.rm = TRUE)) %>%
ggplot(mapping = aes(x = DATE, y = avg, group= CV, color= CV)) +
facet_grid(~ STORE) +
geom_line() +
theme_minimal() +
labs(x='DATE', y='Mean DM', title='Linear Regression Plot') +
theme(plot.title = element_text(hjust=0.5, size=20, face='bold'))

I uploaded a screenshot of my data, if there is a preferred way to share just lmk and I will edit.
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2023.06.06 23:04 b-machine A different way to show your 3D models

I hope this post doesn't break any rules.
Recently I launched a new AR website. It's main goal is to give a different way to show 3D models. It's completely free to use and I'm making this post, because I need real users to try it out and get some valuable feedback.

How it works

You claim a spot on the map. To be able to claim a spot, you have to sign up. The default radius of that spot is 1m, but it can go up to 5m. Inside that spot you can place a model, which can be translated and rotated in any way. For now, it's limited to one model per spot, but multiple models will be supported in the future. The maximum amount of time you can claim a spot is 1 week, because I want this to be more dynamic.
Spots are visible on the map and anyone in close proximity, can view them. Every spot also gets it's own QR code, that links directly to the spot. The idea is, to print the code and place it at the spot, in the real world and anyone that scans the code can instantly view the spot.

Why a website and not an app

There are multiple reasons for that choice:
** while it does work on any browser, the AR functionality is not supported in most of them. The website is using the WebXR framework and all of them, except Google Chrome, don't support the latest standards. But since Chrome is the default browser for Android devices, all of them support it. Safari also doesn't support WebXR and because of that, if you have an Apple device, you have to view AR content with WebXR Viewer app. I wish they added support, especially now with Vision Pro
The announcement of Vision Pro is also the reason I'm releasing it now. I wanted to do it later, but the announcement is generating some hype around AR, and I want to use this opportunity to maybe get a bit more exposure.
The website is still in development, basically it's an MVP, so you might encounter some bugs. If you do, I would be very grateful if you report them. Right now you can't send feedback directly throough the website, I didn't have time to implement that yet, so please post a comment here or DM me directly.
Here's the link to the website: https://with.ar
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2023.06.06 22:58 Youremomgeiy Recently got back into cod zombies, now I'm looking for people to play with

Recently I started feeling nostalgic for bo2 and previous games (which I used to own on ps3) so I decided to get bo3 on pc since it has most of the maps from the previous games too. Now I'm looking for someone to play with, whether it's doing the easter eggs, custom maps, custom maps, some kind of challenges or just vibing and having fun. I also have plenty of other games, including terraria, sea of thieves, keep talking and nobody explodes, overcooked, starbound and some other ones which I'm also down to play if you'd prefer those. Pc only though (unless there's crossplay for a game we'd be playing) and I'm from Europe but my sleep schedule is whack because of my job so it doesn't really matter where you're from.
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2023.06.06 22:02 helotan Dev diary 1

Dev diary 1
Hi, this is our first Dev Diary for Utahpot.js. We hope you will enjoy it.
This will be a regular feature in our community to keep you informed about our development process.
Dev Diary 1
  • First of all, we have finally completed our Proof of Concept (PoC) - a 3D model viewer. You can check it out by following this link: https://saerafi.github.io/UtahPot/. It can display basic OBJ 3D models in your browser.
  • The most significant feature of our viewer is the basic lighting. Implementing it was the most challenging part, and we are still encountering some optimization issues. It took us nearly two weeks to implement it. Firstly, in order for the lighting to work, we need to have vertex normals. These normals are calculated by 3D modeling software and are written in an .obj file.

  • The next step is the most fun and difficult part - adding basic light logic in the shader and correctly writing it to the GPU memory. Of course, we made mistakes along the way, resulting in numerous errors and unexpected results. The main reason for this is working directly with the GPU buffer, where precision is crucial. Even a two-byte mistake can lead to unexpected outcomes, such as a teapot with a rainbow texture or the entire scene disappearing without any errors in the console.

  • Nevertheless, we have made progress, and our next step is to fix all the bugs and implement the logic of light, not only for diffuse color but also for specular and roughness texture maps.
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2023.06.06 21:04 turuturu94 crashes in dangerzone?

Today csgo crashed me playing dangerzone, exactly the ember map.
There are no logs about it in the event viewer.
Someone else happens?
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2023.06.06 20:20 igorekk handpicked for Berlin in May (mostly startups/career related)

After skipping April, here are some inspiration snippets from Berlin, Germany and wider. Career and other cool insights. Here is March.

Week of 1st (May)

  1. 🤔 Do you know any shortcuts/tips/tricks on how to get an appointment at Ausländerbehörde? If so, please share in the comments or drop me an email. Thank you so much!
  2. 🚃 Lost something on public transport? Here is the website to deal with it. It will be sold at an auction if you do not pick it up in 6 weeks. These are done quarterly, and see you at Auktionshaus Beier in July because I need some AirPods.
  3. 🚗 Germany is extremely dependent on the automotive industry and their exports. Don’t quote me on that, but the big ones make roughly 1/3 of their revenues in China. Now, look at these charts and think: What sets modern cars apart? What does it mean for Germany? Soon, the brand will be the only differentiator.
  4. 🙌 Pragmatic Engineer (Gergely Orosz) gave me a nice shoutout tweet. A must-follow if you are interested in tech/engineering. One of my recent favourites is this interview with Steve Yegge, which is full of interesting insights.
  5. 🤖 If you are like me, you maybe feel worried that your ChatGPT prompt game is weak (especially after reading all those "prompt influencers" milking the trend on the bird app). A while ago, I even linked to a “Prompt Engineer” as a future profession. But according to Ethan Mollick's Guide to Prompting, we do not have much to worry about. In a nutshell: just try things out and then repeat.
  6. 📦 eBay-Kleinanzeigen, one of the best German websites (😅) with 40M monthly users, will finally rename to Kleinanzeigen on 16.5 after being sold to Norwegian classifieds specialist Adevinta in 2021. Most of it will stay the same; I am delighted my “Top Zufriedenheit” status will also be migrated.
  7. 😔 Bad news: N26 is laying off 71 (4%), Knister Grill (Munich) insolvent; Flink shrank for 8k (down from 21k!) employees since April 2022.
  8. berlin choice of the week: activists vandalized a few luxury shops on K’damm, and of course, the commentariat delivered again on all sides of the spectrum. Also, BVG has a new type of tram that looks like a car. 😅
  9. ✈️ This week I learned that BER Terminals 1 and 2 are connected. You can use any security control to access gates at both terminals.
  10. 💬 Briefly: SellerX (Berlin) is rumoured to be in a sale process; HelloFresh and Delivery Hero are, unsurprisingly, growing slower: check their Investor Relations pages for details and take it with a pinch of salt; Bosch plans to purchase TSI Semiconductors' assets for $1.5 billion to enhance its semiconductor business with silicon carbide chips; Finn (Munich) CEO Max-Josef Meier resigned after harassing several female colleagues on a company event.

Week of 8th (May)

  1. 🚂 If you have decided to take on €49 ticket, Exberliner prepared a nice list of suggestions for excursions from Berlin. Worth a save!
  2. 🤑 Here is a summary of research on money and happiness. I like Nick’s conclusion: Increased income is associated with greater happiness for lower-income individuals. For high-income, unhappy individuals, further income is unlikely to increase happiness. For high-income, happy individuals, while more income could enhance happiness, the effort required may not be worth it.
  3. 😔 Bad news: CleverShuttle (Berlin) insolvent; Shopify 20% of employees (most of German org).
  4. berlin choice of the week is an interesting Reddit AMA from an U-Bahn driver from a year ago.
  5. 💬 Briefly:
  6. Getir wants to own them all and is reportedly buying Flink—enjoy it while it lasts;
  7. Tier reportedly selling itself;
  8. Vice News, a former alter news source loved by millennials and eventually copied by everyone, is in serious trouble;
  9. TeamViewer from Ba-Wü posted 13% YoY growth (151M);
  10. SAP wants to enter LLMs with an investment into Aleph Alpha—it will surely be expensive;
  11. Lilium (Munich) needs/wants to raise €250M;
  12. founder of once-hyped Gorillas, Kagan Sümer, is building something new in HealthTech called Mirror (no website yet);
  13. his other three colleagues founded meal-as-a-service for restaurants, Tasty Urban.

Week of 15th (May)

  1. ✌️ Here is another reminder to check out my article with 40+ questions you can ask at the job interview. Disclosure: not written by ChatGPT!
  2. 👻 Like all the startups beyond Series B, Bolt also plans to become profitable soon, specifically in the next 12 months, and then IPO in 2025. They might also do payments? More at Reuters. Meantime, Lyft, another Uber competitor, is firing 1100 employees.
  3. ⚡️ Remember all those predictions on the Russian gas and the collapse of Germany? Here is an interesting article about the concept of substitutes in economics (the fallacy: “When the average person thinks about a 40% reduction in natural gas supplies, they implicitly assume that each natural gas-dependent industry must cut its usage by 40%.”), but it is also worth reading the comments for differing opinions (= free markets are BS.)
  4. 👀 Besides your burgers and curries, Lieferando started to deliver 100 different MediaMarkt products inside the Berlin ring (useful if you urgently need a phone charger or a phone, lol? and bad for their competitor Arive). Food & high margin product delivery is probably here to stay, but groceries? I think not.
  5. 📚Blinkist, a Berlin-based app that always felt like cheating to me, was bought by Go1 from Down Under; nobody asked me for my opinion, but a good time to exit with all the Generative AI knocking on the door! Now I should probably go back to my book.
  6. 🌊 Have you ever heard of Seaflooding? Me neither, but it reads like a great idea. Flooding parts of the Sahara to reduce the ocean levels? Plus, make some energy on the way? Let’s do it!
  7. 👟 Adidas is stuck with €1B worth of Yeezy sneakers since the man lost his mind, but, amongst other batshit crazy stuff, found a purpose in antisemitism. They plan to sell them gradually and partially donate the proceeds. (€, 🇩🇪) What a problem to have.
  8. ⛴️ Exberliner delivers again! Berlin has plenty of ferries; I see myself using some in the summer. This article also made me think I need a “handpicked Berlin bucket list.”
  9. 😔 Bad news: nobody is publishing news about layoffs anymore! There are three options: 1) all layoffs are done; 2) all layoffs are silent; 3) nobody is laying off. I vote for 2). Infarm leaving Berlin & Europe; okäse (Köln) insolvent.
  10. berlin choice of the week is this DDR map of Berlin from 1988; comments deliver as usual.
  11. 💬 Briefly:
  12. swedish Northvolt plans to build a battery gigafactory in Schleswig-Holstein (and employ 3k people) with support from the state and Bund - careers;
  13. Revolut’s CFO is leaving, which is never a good sign, especially after problems with acquiring a banking licence in the UK. On a more positive note: they will start to sell ETFs via Berlin’s Upvest;
  14. Trivago, the troubled aggregator of the aggregators, changed almost their complete board;
  15. VW will restructure Cariad, its software arm, replacing its CEO with Peter Bosch (ex-Bentley);
  16. Google did not release Bard in the EU because of GDPregulation worries;
  17. Unstoppable Finance (Berlin-based crypto play) wants to get a banking license in 2024;
  18. Mobileye will do automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions for Porsche;
  19. FS Italiane ordered 40 locomotives from Siemens worth €300M;
  20. Rheinmetall is planning to start production in Ukraine.

Week of 22nd (May)

  1. 🚴‍♀️ If you have ever wondered how many bikes pass a certain checkpoint in Berlin, you have your answers here. (via this post on berlin)
  2. 👀 I found out about Himmel Unter Berlin, an exclusive invite-only exhibition. I did enter the waitlist, but if I could be your +1, please let me know. 🙏
  3. 💸 After eight years of rental price caps, landlords (incl. mine) just seem to love ignoring the rules and ask for too much rent! (🇩🇪) Analysis of 6K cases in 2021 shows that 98% were overcharged. Hah.
  4. Bitpanda, an Austrian crypto investing platform, jumped on the AI hype train and will invest $10M in an AI chatbot. Ok.
  5. In Saxony, AfD’s Sebastian Wippel brought the topic of chemtrails to the state parliament. What’s next, Flat Earth?
  6. Sifted reports that Bolt is close to buying Tier. There are still some micro-mobility companies left, but I am still unsure how such a seasonal business can be profitable long-term. Bolt is betting on many horses, and only time will tell if we will still see so many scooters lying around in 2 years. Related:
  7. ☝️I previously recommended Matt Levine and his Money Stuff, and this week he wrote about blitzscaling of Uber being possibly illegal. The VC-subsidised “winner takes all” mentality caused partial destruction of competition and could be considered predatory pricing. Worth a read (second chapter)!
  8. 😔 Bad news: nothing to report. So instead, data from last week’s poll: 26% (41) of voters know 10+ people laid off since April 1st, and 38% do not know anyone. The rest (36%) are in-between. Hard to draw conclusions, but clearly, silent layoffs are happening.
  9. berlin choice of the week is a flat directory of smaller real estate companies. Good luck if you are on a search now.
  10. 💬 Briefly: Tesla will start spending on marketing (inevitable with all the competition); ThyssenKrupp wants to IPO its hydrogen unit Nucera (careers) in June for 4B; Cara Care founder Jesaja Brinkmann ALSO behaved inappropriately towards female colleagues at a party in December and is OUT; Intel also wants to invest in LLM developers Aleph Alpha from Heidelberg; after Mercedes also VWis leaving Russia; DB ordered 73 new ICEs (🇩🇪) for €2B and wants to hire thousands—careers; ATU was hacked (🇩🇪)—I wonder if my car data is LOST or STOLEN.

Week of 29th (May)

  1. 📉 Germany is, because of a second negative quarter in a row, officially in a mild recession (GDP fell by 0.3% for the last quarter). Well. On the other hand, some startups (esp. renewables) were hiring extensively last year, as the analysis of Sifted shows. To me, Helsing from the Sifted list sounds promising, but ask them if they have a product already. Careers.
  2. 👎 Most of the Google/Amazon/other reviews are useless. First, a lot of them are fake and second; they can be bought, and third, they are skewed because the majority of people never review.Gergely Oroszdid an extensive analysis of Glassdoor reviews after layoffs and I think the whole thing proves the point that looking at them is useless and a waste of time.
  3. 💩 OpenAI founder Sam Altman said they might pull ChatGPT out of the EU because of the regulation shortly after he also told US regulators that AI should be regulated. I guess only his regulation is the correct regulation?
  4. 🛒 Instead of selling itself to Getir, Flink raised €150M from existing investors (they took a haircut to the highest valuation at €2.5B, now at around €1B). In addition, they are letting 100 employees in HQ go and are pulling out of France after their €100M Cajoo investment (🇩🇪, €). On top, Aldi Süd will experiment with delivery around Mülheim (🇩🇪) this July. Are you bullish or bearish?
  5. ☝️Big organisations are often arrogant and inefficient. It recently happened again to Microsoft, as reported in this anecdote where Satya Nadella scolded his R&D team. Another good lesson that the size and throwing money at things often doesn’t work.
  6. 😅 One of the weirdest political debates I have seen since in Berlin is around the closing of Friedrichstrasse for traffic. Now it will be open again from the 1st of July. But hey, what is the point of just closing a street without planting trees and making it much more pedestrian-friendly? They did it in many other cities, and it worked. Half-assed attempts make no sense.
  7. ✈️ Here is a longer profile in German of Ryanair and its success (🇩🇪) after their annual report. They are profitable, are expanding their fleet and want to hire 10k.
  8. 🧨 Before joining N26, you might want to read this great analysis from Miriam at Sifted. Bullish or bearish?
  9. 🐟 Here you have an Insta post of some of the best lakes around Berlin, which you should pair with this temperature monitoring when the time comes. From my perspective, the time is not here yet.
  10. I tried what3words a couple of times, and I remember thinking, “Wow, what a great idea”, before going back to using Google Maps. This week I learned they burned £119M to generate £2.5M in revenue in the last six years. What a time to be alive. This, kids, is what a vitamin looks like instead of a painkiller.
  11. ☄️Great news. There is probably no imminent danger of getting erased by an asteroid: We still have at least 1000 years left on Earth unless we destroy it ourselves first!
  12. 😔 Bad news: Circus (Hamburg, 35/25%); Meta 6000 (unknown for Germany); Moss(Berlin, 30), Flink (Berlin, 100).
  13. 💡 Speaking of layoffs: I have previously linked to “how to act” guidance, but it was not as good as this LinkedIn post from Mayuri Reddy. Read it and share it.
  14. 🇹🇭 I have never been to Thailand or Thai Park yet, and this is changing soon; Exberliner has tips on what to eat in Thai Park. I am going with Pad Thai. See you around!
  15. berlin choice of the week is this discussion about Pfandpiraten and how much they can earn. Fascinating! “They estimated that about 928,000 people actively collect Pfand in Germany. Of them, 56% make less than 4€ a day. Of them, 28% collect enough that it is their primary income.”
  16. 💬 Briefly: Solaris Bank is raising fresh money (€50M); Klarna moved its goal to reach profitability this summer to “this year” and is reportedly “on track”; Flix is expanding like there is no tomorrow: India will be its 42nd market; Neeva, a Google search ads-free alternative full of ex-Google execs, is no more; Meta was fined a record €1.2B for illegal data transfers from the EU to the US beating the previous record of €746M by Amazon.
-------- You can get these weekly. Thanks for reading and feedback.
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2023.06.06 19:54 turuturu94 crashes in dangerzone?

Today csgo crashed me playing dangerzone, exactly the ember map.
There are no logs about it in the event viewer.
Someone else happens?
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2023.06.06 17:25 Maeno-san LF friends in these vivillon regions: archipelago, jungle, meadow, ocean, tundra, savannah. My region is modern 9420 8654 7983

LF friends in these vivillon regions: archipelago, jungle, meadow, ocean, tundra, savannah. My region is modern 9420 8654 7983
map of vivillons: https://www.google.com/maps/d0/viewer?mid=1Qg1CTqpOv0QLUVFRNW5svHNplRtAzWU&ll=-4.508859825857134%2C-66.13329550667831&z=2
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2023.06.06 16:06 Dear_Tomorrow_ No clip map explorer?

I am currently working on a project for which being able to view Hitman maps from all kinds of perspectives would be immensely helpful. Ideally I am looking for something like noclip.website or the Silent Hill Level Viewer https://www.moddb.com/downloads/silent-hill-level-viewer-202. I know that there used to be mods that allowed you to no-clip ingame but afaik those don't work anymore and while doing it in in active mission would be better than nothing I would prefer being able to look at static versions of the map like on noclip.website and in the SH Level Viewer.
submitted by Dear_Tomorrow_ to HiTMAN [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:08 Joeedomi Reality is setting in.

Blizzard get your money, content creators get your time and views, what you get is a eye candy game filled with so much chores and a mediocre story that you didn’t care about and skipped through. By the time you are done with the chores, you start to see the true colour of the game.
The aesthetics are good, good job to the art team, but the game itself was poorly designed. The gameplay is smooth but pale, no zoom zoom thrill, no tactics, no excitement, just plain repetitive, boring and tedious. Every encounter looks and feels the same. A worse than D3 endgame, a worse than D3 and D2 build diversity. Even with the Lilith altar been permanent and account-wide, when the season come, are you willing to go through all of it again?
There were many red flags but your wishful thinking blinded you: when the devs talk about players wanting an active play style minion build; when the devs say map overlay affect game experience more than a full screen map; when guides from content creators with early access are everywhere and players would be at a disadvantage to not follow; the race; the monetisation…You should know the designers are out of touch. They might be passionate about their job, about success, but not that much about the game.
Bravo to the Blizz PR team, they really teamed up with the content creators well creating the hype and a win-win situation for themselves. You should know that people always speak from their own interest. Generally speaking, no content creators would like to speak negative about the game after investing so much time, money and efforts in making guides, no content creators would want to turn their potential viewers away when the opportunity to gain is this big.
The game may still worth the money depends on how much you value your time and your experience with the game. It is also ok jumping on a bandwagon just to have some fun once in a while. But if you want better for future games, if you want to be better respected time and money-wise, if you don’t want to be exploited again, maybe resist your content cravings, your game addictions, your urge to be able to feel that dopamine hit in a game just a little bit, take a while to think before you decide to blindly support similar products in the future.
submitted by Joeedomi to diablo4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 10:16 Hardback__Writer RU POV Ukrainian forces recently conducted an attack on Berkhivka, entering the outskirts. Russians later managed a counterattack. Also, Novodonets'ke has been recaptured by Russian Forces, following AFU assault. -Suriyakmaps

RU POV Ukrainian forces recently conducted an attack on Berkhivka, entering the outskirts. Russians later managed a counterattack. Also, Novodonets'ke has been recaptured by Russian Forces, following AFU assault. -Suriyakmaps
Russo-Ukrainian War. Day 467/468:
Image 1:
Situation north of Bakhmut: Yesterday Ukrainian Army advanced south of Berkhivka reservoir and reached the dam and the southern houses of the town (dark blue line). However, Russian Army counterattacked and forced it towards the reservoir.
Image 2:
Situation southwest of Donetsk: Following the withdrawal of Ukrainian Army the town of Novodonets'ke/Новодонецьке was retaken by Russian Army.
Map: [ https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1V8NzjQkzMOhpuLhkktbiKgodOQ27X6IV&ll=47.75882591560751%2C36.950711009378196&z=13 ]
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2023.06.06 07:46 Diligent_Peach3210 my first horror story :D

The story you are about to read is fake and will send chills down your spine viewer discretion is advised
I was about 8 at the time this incident happened it started when I was playing jailbreak with my friend I was on a Skype call with him, and it was normal I had just escaped the prison, and I was going towards the gun store and when I got there I grabbed a weapon and was ready to rob the bank but when I got there the Skype call cut out, and I was very confused I tried to open Skype, and It presented me with an error and I continued playing when suddenly the leaderboard went blank but when I tried to leave it would not work I even tried alt + f4 that didn’t work either did Task Manager and I started to freak out, and I started driving around the map when I saw something it was a completely black figure and suddenly one of the buildings unanchored like someone went into the games code and unanchored one of the buildings I felt extremely uneasy when that happened, and I felt an urge to keep playing I started driving away as fast as I can from the city then the road got deleted, and suddenly I realized that figure was not a person it started chasing me faster than my cars speed I decided to hide in the waterfall but whatever that figure was it knew where I was, and before I knew it the terrain disappeared and right then I had an idea I could shut off my pc but when I tried it did not work, so I had to keep playing I tried to get out of my chair, but some force kept me in my chair I started to cry cause this was so scary I typed in chat "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" it responded "your pain amuses me" I knew then that it was benefiting of my pain and I finally fought the force and started running outside as fast as I can, but then I saw a black shadow in everything I saw, and I smashed my pc when I got back into my house I also burnt some sage I still have nightmares about that day, and it always sits in the back of my mind haunting me
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2023.06.06 07:16 reconcommando Symbology by Related Data

I will start this by saying I am a gis noob, but I've spent a good chunk of my time over the past 2 years in ArcGIS Pro desktop and ArcGIS Online creating feature layers and maps for some asset management. I'm looking for some insight to solve the following problem:
I have a feature layer for assets with a 1:Many related table for a recurring maintenance task, all hosted in ArcGIS Online.
My goal is to generate symbology in an Online Web Map at the points from the feature layer, based on a field in the most recent record for that feature on the related table - particularly the date the task was completed.
Right now, the only way i have been able to do this, is by creating a join in the ArcGIS Online old map viewer between the feature layer and the related table by most recent record, and saving that join as a hosted feature layer view. However, this join locks all the fields on the host feature layer from being modified (cannot add or delete fields, domains, etc.) which makes it a PITA when I need to modify fields & schema. Is there another way to accomplish my goal without creating this join? Should i be rethinking how i am utilizing the related table? Am I just an idiot? Any and all advice/ suggestions welcome! Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 03:48 BL_TP RTAB-Map not detecting/using connected Realsense L515

L515 properly connected to pc, camera is detected and usable in Realsense viewer but not in RTAB-Map. I selected the source as RGB-D > Realsense L515 > Realsense 2 but it gives me a "Camera Initialisation failed".
Pastebin of error logs: https://pastebin.com/ujBMS14q
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2023.06.05 23:55 slayer1189 [US- NY] [H]SwitchXbox360,PC,DOS,Terraria,Prima,American Wasteland,Gundam,Forza7,WIi Sports [W] Paypal

Prices do not include shipping, really depends on what you get and how far you are thank you. send a message if you want to see more pictures of an item.

Name System Price Condition Picture
Wolfenstein II Switch $20 CIB Case
SD Gundam CrossRays Switch $50 CIB Case
Pioneers of olive town Switch $20 CIB Case
Diabo 3 Switch $25 CIB Case
Terraria 3DS $25 CIB Case
Zelda Majoras mask 3D prima game guide 3DS/Prima $30 Used Guide
Tony Hawk American Wasteland Xbox360 $30 CIB with manual Cover / Back / CD
Gundam 2 Dynasty Warriors Xbox 360 $32 CIB Front / Back / CD
Crash Bandicoot n sane trilogy Xbox one $20 CIB Case
Forza 7 Xbox one $25 CIB Case
Need for Speed Underground 2 Ps2 $25 CIB Case
Wii Sports WII $20 CIB-Manual
Animal Crossing City Folk Prima Guide And game Wii / Prima $25 CIB/Used Game and Guide
Sim Town PC $20 CIB - Manual Game and manual
Dune 2000 PC $50 Sealed Game
The Lord of the rings CD DOS $20 CIB - Manuals and map Game and manuals

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2023.06.05 23:10 Hardback__Writer RU POV Recent AFU assaults result in the capture of Novodonets'ke south from the Shaitanka River. Also, Russian forces manage to secure the town of Neskuchne and repel an attack towards Urozhaine. -Suriyakmaps

RU POV Recent AFU assaults result in the capture of Novodonets'ke south from the Shaitanka River. Also, Russian forces manage to secure the town of Neskuchne and repel an attack towards Urozhaine. -Suriyakmaps
Russo-Ukrainian War. Day 467:
Situation southwest of Donetsk: Ukrainian Army launched new offensive in this area and managed to recapture the town of Novodonets'ke/Новодонецьке. It's important to note that Ukrainian troops took control over positions in the grey area during the last days, which allowed later to launch the attack from the southern shore of Shaitanka river. Meanwhile the town of Neskuchne/Нескучне was fully secured by Russian Army and Ukrainian attack towards Urozhaine/Урожайне was repelled.
Map: [ https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1V8NzjQkzMOhpuLhkktbiKgodOQ27X6IV&ll=47.76656358212125%2C36.93283688533569&z=12 ]
submitted by Hardback__Writer to UkraineRussiaReport [link] [comments]