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2013.04.26 05:19 FragTheWhale Useless Yet Interesting Calculations

And they said math has no real world applications

2023.05.30 22:52 AddendumPublic7370 Question about Suffering and Love in Committed Partnership towards Marriage

Question about my current partnership, when we are in a covenant with the Lord at the spiritual level, I feel like sometimes turbulences such as the timing is off or something gets triggered, such as small things and recovery periods happen such as separations periods. Like when my partner is busy, I am free, and when I am free, she usually never knows that I am free. Why is this happening? In the beginning, there were a bit of fights that hurt each of us. But now like I feel things become more stagnated but deep down for some reason, my faith is overpowering it by remaining persistence at what our future is hold. Like I know sometimes the lord when I pray to him, he answers me and tells me to be patient. I know but my heart keeps on hurting at certain times throughout the day, it’s random like a heartache. Please can someone let me know what may be happening?
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2023.05.30 22:51 chachasusu Getting obsessive over a relationship again

So I have a lot of problems with abandonment. A lot. My ex husband cheated on me and left me for another woman and it’s done some damage on me. More than any other breakup. I took some time for myself and met a great guy. Of course I fell for him instantly. But I would never tell him that. In my opinion everything has been going good for 4 months which I’m very proud of.
However, I had to leave on a trip for a month, which I’m currently on and was pretty sure he was going to end things with me. He didn’t. But we talked about “what we are” and I wasn’t super happy with the outcome. He told me that since our first date he hasn’t been seeing anyone one else (this made me happy) but I asked if he was happy with that. He said “I think so.” Which just bothered me a lot. I fee like he should know if he’s happy being exclusive or not after 4 months? Or maybe he wants to be open idk. He said he doesn’t want to promise me anything because he isn’t certain of anything between us (when talking about being more serious). I get this because we were both thinking about moving when we met and now it seems like things might have changed. I said I was happy to keep doing what we are doing but inside I was annoyed.
Although I can logically see where he is coming from. Not wanting to move fast and have all the info about where things are headed for both of us before jumping into something. I guess the other part of me just wants the fast crazy obsessive love. The love that all my other relationships were like. Crazy and fast. Moving in, getting married taking trips. I barely met one friend at 4 months lol.
I feel like his actions don’t match his words. Like when we are together he seems obsessed with me but says he isn’t certain. It makes me crazy because I’m far away in another country now. Even though he has been texting me everyday I’ve gotten obsessive over the frequency of them. Worrying what he’s doing or if he’s over me. He doesn’t really ask me lots of questions and doesn’t want to video call often. Wondering if he’s gonna break up with me the second I get back (that is how my husband divorced me).
I know he has a life but sometimes I wonder if I’m making up the distance or if he’s really becoming distant. Should I just end it before he does? Should I stop putting in effort so he gets the hint? If there is one thing I hate more than becoming obsessive it’s dating games.
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2023.05.30 22:51 euroshowoff What makes a good high-school catcher?

I watch a lot of Trevor Bauer’s YT channel, say what you want about him but some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth makes sense to me. One of the things he mentioned was training for what the next level does great. My son who will be turning 13 this summer plans to try out for high school fall ball. (He will be in 8th grade) I’m wondering what standout qualities separate one high school catcher for another? Defense, arm strength, IQ, hitting, throwing etc?
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2023.05.30 22:51 HauntingPangolin1965 Tell me about Lexapro and your sleep (?)

I have been considering Lexapro, but I already have very bad sleep maintenance insomnia due to hormonal stuff. I have tried other psychoactives in the past that have triggered even worse insomnia (sleep onset insomnia). What is the story with Lexapro? Overall, do most of you sleep more or sleep less while on it? Does sleep change at different doses?
I tried Trazodone for sleep and it actually triggered bad insomnia too. But it is a different class of drugs (SARI) and it is not really intended to be prescribed for sleep. They prescribe it off label, so it's kind of a crap shoot.
I know I need an antidepressant for mood regulation and anxiety, but so many of them trigger worse insomnia for me. I was hoping maybe Lexapro wouldn't...
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2023.05.30 22:51 StrangeObserverF always relapse when i get a job

i’ve had trouble with employment in the past, and i’ve noticed that my amount of self harm is directly tied to wether i’m employed.
everytime i’ve had a job, part time or full time, i’ve relapsed with my self harm and it would continue to get worse over time until i quit (and often would immediately be able to stop self harming).
work is often really tough for me and i’ve broke down crying during shifts multiple times over very small things. every job i’ve had has made me miserable and super anxious even after my shifts.
if something goes wrong like a customemanager yelling at me it just fuels my self loathing and addiction to self harm.
i come home from work so overwhelmed and feel like i deserve pain for not being strong enough to handle my job without breaking down crying or feeling like i need to escape.
everyone else i work with seems so much stronger than me and more mentally stable. i feel inadequate for not being at their level of functioning and feeling so anxious.
you have to work to survive, so i can’t keep quitting my jobs because of this. although, it genuinely feels like the only option to keep myself safe at times.
i’ve tried talk therapy and cbt therapy but i feel like it never really helped me that much. i feel so hopeless right now i just don’t really know what to do anymore or if i should even attempt to stop.
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2023.05.30 22:51 OldRedditt Posted this diet trick (with downvotes before), but determined to help others this may work for!

34 years old and have had Crohn's since 13 years old. I have been able to stabilize my Crohn's by eating beans. That's right freaking beans. For 20 years I searched endlessly for a diet and behold it was the cheapest and mass-produced product out there.
For those of you who will tell me "the skin bothers my stomach." I blend them all the time when I have been off my diet and puts me right back feeling normal.
This does NOT mean refried beans. I'm talking the boring pinto or black beans you can get in a can or make yourself (which is what I do in a pressure cooker to get them EXTRA spongey).
If it helps, bananas and rolled oats also help for me (rolled oats with hot water not milk).
This does not mean beans in a burrito at Chipotle. This diet is rice + beans + protein (chicken, steak, etc.)
I am also on Stelara but with this diet I have gone without for months and have had no effect. Diet is everything with Crohn's. I've rarely met people who have found a miracle drug that allows them to go back to eating a pre-Crohn's diet.
Hope this helps.
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2023.05.30 22:51 Bwgmon Thought exercise: Games that are, in some way, similar to Kirby

I've been curious about this for a while, so I decided I'd go ahead and make a thread for it.
So, what games do you know of that are, in at least some form, similar to Kirby? Games having at least one noteworthy characteristic that, while not necessarily the same, can at least give off similar vibes, such as with the artstyle, tones, core gameplay mechanics*, or overall personality.
\Core gameplay mechanics such as copying enemy abilities, converting enemies into helpers, each game in the series having an 11th-hour over-the-top mechanic, etc. Things Kirby is famous for.)
To give some examples, here's the ones I've come up with:
The Adventures of Lolo series is probably the most obvious, being a set of games produced by HAL themselves. The gameplay is nothing like Kirby, but the character aesthetic is very close, to the point that HAL took no issue putting Lolo and Lala (and I believe Blocky also originated there) into a few Kirby games.
The Legendary Starfy is another series that comes to mind. While it's a bit less combat-oriented than Kirby (if memory serves, levels usually revolve around trying to solve some kind of puzzle), the artstyle has a similar saccharine vibe.
A few more, pushing much closer to the limits I've considered:
Several Castlevania games, most obvious of which would be Aria of Sorrow and Dawn of Sorrow feature a mechanic where the protagonist can steal souls from monsters and add their abilities to his repertoire. While it's not really Copy, this is the kind of thing I mean by being similar but not the same. Nearly every Igavania/Metroidvania has this feature on some level, but Soma's games are the most notable for this, I think.
Stretching to the absolute limit would be the Mega Man and Mega Man X games, where defeating bosses will almost always give you access to one of their attacks. (some spinoff series might count, but I feel most of them divert their upgrades too far from the "powers you gain are directly tied to what you fought" aspect)
So, with that said, I'm curious to know what everyone else would consider when they think of "games kinda similar to Kirby." I want to see how far the thought process can be stretched and just how many games people consider that fit the bill.
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2023.05.30 22:50 ProfessionalTossAway Any streamer recommendations?

Hi all - newbie here seeking advice. I searched for threads here but most posts I found are much older than the past month.
I started playing at the end of last season. Currently I'm ~5.5k MMR and I was almost 6k but suddenly I'm losing every game. All my strategies that were working great are suddenly useless. I assume it's because everyone has figured the meta out but I clearly haven't. I'm out here sucking d*ck like it's my favorite pastime.
Are there any streamers I can watch to learn how to play better? Other than dogdog?
Dog is great but from all the vods I've watched on YT, he doesn't explain what he's doing or why. Sure, he has dialog about "this is a bad idea" or "no that would be a bad idea" but he doesn't seem to explain why it's a bad idea, or why the choice he made is a good idea. I need to know the logic behind decisions, I don't need to memorize hundreds of one-off situations and the best decision in that specific situation. Does that make sense?
I know the basics like "don't roll (or barely roll) before turn 7-8" and some others, but even while practicing those rules religiously (with some exceptions) I still bleed out wayyyyy too fast most games.
Thanks for reading, I hope y'all can help me.
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2023.05.30 22:50 Many-Incident2615 Ways to make MyCareer better

Just a couple personal opinions. What are some things you’d like to see change in MyCareer to make it better?
  1. Your Myplayer can be given an actual other than MP. Like your actual name if you wanted.
  2. Your player starts out at a 70OVR when drafted (what top prospect 1st round pick is a 60ovr??)
  3. The storyline is better, you have a good thorough backstory, with options you can pick that will take you down different storylines and career paths.
  4. Make cutscene shorter and skippable the first play through.
  5. Get rid of the neighborhood/city. Shits kinda lame.
  6. Give us the option to be a first rounder, destined for greatness, or pick an underdog, late second rounder who has to work his way up.
  8. Injuries: your player shouldn’t be invincible, no human is. A few ankle sprains or even major injuries would add some realism to the story and game.
  9. The game actually acknowledges big games. Why does nobody say a word when you score 105 points in a game?
  10. Stop adding a trade storyline every year. I don’t want to be traded, that’s why I picked the team I play for, because I wanna play for them.
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2023.05.30 22:50 throwaway_my_s0ul Financial Guilt for "Ruining" my Husband's Life

Hey guys. I'm over 30 days into my divorce. We currently still live together and have not told the kids or his parents.
I'm feeling really really guilty today about initiating the divorce. No matter the reasons why I'm leaving, the guilt won't go away. I have this pit in my stomach and I feel like throwing up.
Reasons: Sexual coercion
Does not contribute to any household chores and argues why he shouldn't have to despite us having two kids and us both working fulltime.
Sexual incompatibility and not caring whether or not I am.able to finish. Sometimes using his insecurity to blame.me for taking too long.
Verbally abusive to the kids and I. Throws temper tantrums that scare us. His own parents are scared of him.
Controlling and does not like me spending time with other women/men.
Does not like me having a job because it makes him feel emasculated and insecure.
Anyways, so originally we owned our home with no mortgage. We were fortunate to buy it with cash when we got it. He wanted to still keep the family home since he believes hes done nothing wrong and shouldn't have to lose everything because I'm the one wanting this.
He took out a HELOC, paid off all our mutual debt including my car and then gave me my cut of the house equity from it.
I do all the finances and ran the numbers. According to the child support calculator, he should be paying at least $800 for both of our children. Now that he has a mortgage when we never did before ($1200/mo), after all bills and stuff, he will have about $700 left over each month for anything else. There's no way he can afford child support.
I am looking at rent/mortgage for about the same amount of $$ ($1200) because there are no apartments in my area and Im trying to reduce the change on the kids as much as possible.
He complained last night that he won't have enough money to fix his truck and can't take the kids anywhere. (AC is broken) but he has an expensive sports car that can't be driven very far. We always used my car. I know some.of you will tell me he should sell his car. Should he have to since this is my decision?
I don't mind charging him less CS, but some of it isn't up to me, it's up to what a judge will accept. He offered around $200/mo which would leave him $500/mo for gas and food.
Hes very upset with me saying if I just communicated my needs, then we could work this marriage out and I wouldn't be taking him for everything he has.
I have not wanted to go after his 401k, his savings, his two cars, I left him the house. He can have all the household furniture..none of it is enough because he just wants me to stay. But I cant.
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2023.05.30 22:50 SauceAuBeurre ROAM plan in Madagascar thoughts

Hello guys, I'm moving this summer in Madagascar. When I'm about to move on somewhere, the first thing I look at is Internet services. And in Madagascar, Internet is really bad. So, I've looked for an alternative solution, and Starlink had my attention. I've read a lot about it the last few days but there is still some informations I can't get.
First of all, I saw that using ROAM in zones that starlink isn't available is very controversial. It will work sometimes, sometimes not. Did anyone try it in Madagascar ? If yes, does it work well ? Like what is the average speed and latency ? If no, can I try it and return it if it doesn't work ?
Thanks for your time reading and answering me.
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2023.05.30 22:50 PromotionIll2879 3rd Poodle?

We have two toy poodles at the moment. One male and one female. I’m wondering if anyone had any advice on getting a third. Does anyone have any suggestions on what sex the dog should be, If it should be from the same parent dogs as one of the ones we have or completely different parental dogs?
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2023.05.30 22:50 SlinkySlekker Neighbors’ visitors park in front of my home. Problem is, where they are parking is not on the street — we paid to pave over our flower beds, creating a setback from the street for our own additional parking spaces within our property line.

Just curious how others would handle this. My family home is on a private road, in a gated community, for the past 45 years. Very quiet neighborhood where most people have lived for decades. I know I’m very lucky to live where I do, and it’s 100% because of my father’s hard work, proper planning, and buying before the gates went up.
We’re in the mountains, don’t have sidewalks or street lamps, lots of bears, mountain lions, bobcats, etc., and everybody keeps themselves to themselves. The privacy of my neighborhood is as much geographical as attitudinal.
The neighborhood was almost destroyed by forest fires a few decades ago, and our house burned down, like every other person here. Because of fires & rock/mud slides, we realized we could be cut off and unable to leave our driveway in the back, in the next emergency. So when we rebuilt, we paid a lot of money to pave over our flower beds out front, which was about 6 feet set back from the road.
People keep parking there, which is odd, considering how little we, as a community, bother each other. If you have a party, you either shuttle guests in, notify your neighbors, or instruct visitors to park on the side of the street that has ZERO houses.
It never bothered me, because they’re our “in case of emergency or when the rest of the family visiting” spots. But I’m my mother’s caregiver, and she is s preternaturally territorial. She’s told the neighbors that we don’t want strangers parked in front of our house for hours at a time, especially because they’re literally trespassing on our property. We are the only house with a set-back, and private spaces in front. Anyone parking there can see that they are on our property, because our mailbox still meets the private road.
Recently, crime is creeping closer to our community — never a problem in the past b/c of our relative isolation. When my mother told me that she experiences low level fear and uncertainty to have unknown stranger parking in front of our house, I suddenly got it, and it’s beginning to annoy me also.
What would you do? She’s against “tacky” signs, but last night, I ordered “Private Property: No Parking” 6 x 12 signs I can place close to our curb — if she lets me. I inherited the house, but I’m determined to defer to my mother out of love and respect. She CANNOT abide these parkers, and occasionally will email around asking whose car it is.
I’m staying hers after she passed, and I’m kinda stressed about this weird issue. The old neighbors we’ve always known and shared private sensibilities are dying or downsizing. More new people apparently means more boundary testing. I’m a lawyer, and realize I’m 100% within my rights to tow their friends, all day every day, but I’m also a good neighbor who appreciates the introverted sense if community we’ve always had here.
I want it to stop for quite a few reasons, but mainly, I want our boundaries respected. Yes, our spots are next to the road, but legally and visually are not street parking. I’m intense and aggressive by nature (helps w/being a trial attorney), but I love this little oasis of peace and do not want to upset the balance we’ve always had. But it’s starting to piss me off, now, so I’d truly appreciate other perspectives on this.
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2023.05.30 22:50 alion94 Concerns About Toddler's Development - Seeking Advice

My wife and I have been feeling a bit concerned about our 18-month-old son's behavior lately and we thought we might share here and get some insights. We've noticed certain actions that have us questioning whether these behaviors are typical or if we should be concerned about potential signs of autism.
Our son has a habit of rapidly opening and closing his fists while looking at his hands. This isn't just when he's excited, but it's something he does consistently throughout the day, especially when he's running around. This resembles the “open shut them” segment of his favorite show, Ms Rachel. He also does this if his hand gets caught in a shirt. Almost like he’s wondering where his hand went. When he has a toy, he doesn't display this behavior. Instead, he holds the toy and sometimes jerks his hand as if he's playing. He loves to run with his toy as well.
Another thing we noticed is that he doesn't consistently respond to his name. However, when he doesn't appear to be occupied with something else, he tends to respond better. When I raise my voice, he usually always looks. He's mostly referred to by his nickname and we realized that we've not been particularly deliberate about teaching him to respond to his name.
He doesn't point at objects, but he does bring items he wants to us. He has never really been taught to point. We are not sure if this is typical or if we should be encouraging him to point more.
On the positive side, he does have consistent, developing speech. He says words like "momma", "dadda", "yeah", "more", "uh oh", "papa", "swing", "ball", and "purple", and he tries to have conversations, although they don't make much sense yet. When he’s talking to people or us, he does make eye contact and engage in the conversation. He also engages in what seems like imaginative play, saying "rawrrr" while playing with his dinosaurs, and he seems to understand what his toys are supposed to do. For example, he plays with his toy cars on their tracks and knows that he can sit in a toy car. He even brings his book over for us to read and then sits on our lap.
I'd like to note that he does have moments of frustration where he might throw his train toy or water bottle off the table, but it doesn't go beyond that.
We are aware that every child is different, and we plan to discuss our concerns with our pediatrician soon. In the meantime, if anyone here has any similar experiences or insights to share, it would be greatly appreciated.
TLDR; Our 18-month-old son exhibits some behaviors like hand-flapping, not consistently responding to his name, and not pointing at objects, that have us worried. However, he also shows many positive signs of development, such as verbal communication, imaginative play, and understanding of how his toys work. We are seeking advice or similar experiences from this community while planning to consult with our pediatrician.
Thank you in advance for your input.
TLDR; Our 18-month-old son often opens and closes his fists while looking at his hands, particularly when he's running around or if his hand gets caught in a shirt. He's not consistently responding to his name, although we've primarily used his nickname and haven't explicitly taught him to respond. He doesn't point, but brings items he wants to us. On the plus side, he's developing speech, shows signs of imaginative play, and understands how his toys work. He occasionally acts out in frustration. We're consulting our pediatrician about these behaviors, but would appreciate any insights from this community.
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2023.05.30 22:49 Blueseapearl Does anyone know what songs are going to be played at the Asbury park NJ concert?

I know it’s the everything went numb anniversary so the discography should be obvious, but does anyone know if it’s just the full album or will some there be some other song insertions from other albums in there.
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2023.05.30 22:49 FuriousBone The X670 situation with my planned build

Hello, I am getting a new PC and I worked down the components for it. But looking at all the issues with the X670 motherboards and ASUS's approach to it is not that good. One of my issues is that I don't have many motherboard options for the X670 chipset where I am, most of the options are ROG motherboards and entry-level from MSI and Gigabyte. Any suggestions for this situation? Should I wait it out and see what happens or just get everything and use the new BIOS update?

CPU: Ryzen 7 7800X3D
Cooler: DEEPCOOL LT720
RAM: KINGSTON DIMM DDR5 64GB (2x32GB Kit) 5600MT/s KF556C40BBK2-64 Fury Beast Black
Storage: KINGSTON 1TB M.2 NVMe SKC3000S/1024G SSD KC3000 Series
GPU: ASUS NVidia GeForce RTX 4080 16GB 256bit ROG-STRIX-RTX4080-O16G-GAMING
PSU: CORSAIR RM1000e 1000W CP-9020250-EU
Case: Lian Li pc-o11d-rog

Any suggestions for the build are welcomed. Thank you.
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2023.05.30 22:49 global_godess Introduction 🫢

Once upon a time in a quiet little town, there were two siblings named Alex and Emily. They had been living together since they born and they have done every adventures together. Their friendship blossomed over the years, as they shared countless laughs, supported each other through ups and downs, and formed an unbreakable bond.
As they entered their teenage years, Alex and Emily discovered new feelings stirring within them. What had once been innocent friendship began to evolve into something deeper. Yet, they were both uncertain and afraid to jeopardize their cherished family.
One summer, the town held a grand fair, filling the streets with colorful lights, joyous laughter, and a sense of adventure. Alex and Emily decided to embrace the festivities together, hoping to distract their hearts from the growing complexity of their emotions.
As they strolled through the fairgrounds, their hands brushed against each other. A shared glance passed between them, carrying a weight of unspoken desire. That night, under a starlit sky, they found themselves drawn closer. They sat on a park bench, their hearts pounding in unison, and finally, they mustered the courage to kiss each other.
After the kiss (and maybe some more 😏) with trembling voices, Alex and Emily spoke of their love, unsure of what lay ahead. Fearful of the potential consequences, they sought guidance from those they trusted most. Their families, although surprised, recognized the authenticity of their connection. They can’t encouraged the young couple to follow their hearts, reminding them that true love do knows bounds…..
After a while they should move out from their hometown because of the bullying and lack of sympathy. 💔😭
Embracing their newfound romance, Alex and Emily navigated the challenges of a relationship with maturity and respect. They understood the importance of open communication, trust, and the need to maintain their “only family” that left.
As they continued their journey through life, their shared living space transformed into a sanctuary of love and warmth. Their home became a reflection of their bond, adorned with photographs, mementos, and cherished memories. Their new friends who didn’t know anything at all about their past and loved ones marveled at the profound connection they had built, admiring their unwavering support for one another.
Years passed, and Alex and Emily faced trials and tribulations as any couple in family does. But their solid foundation and unwavering love carried them through. They celebrated each other's achievements, held each other through tears, and found solace in their shared dreams and aspirations.
Their love story, once born from being siblings, had flourished into a love that was deep and profound. They were grateful for their unique journey, understanding that it had shaped them into the people they had become. Together, they embraced the future with open hearts, ready to create a lifetime of happiness, adventures, and cherished memories as partners in love and life traveling around the world 🌎
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2023.05.30 22:49 SeizureSucks Documenting SEEG Experiance

I am a mom documenting SEEG experiance on behalf of my 15 year old son. Hoping this will provide insight and aid other families with similar concerns.
Day 1 - Checked into the hospital at 5:30 AM. Anesthesiologist met and asked few questions to clarify allergies and other pre existing conditions - which are negative for us.
Our Neuro surgeon met with us to explain what will be done . 2 hrs of prep work involving shaving my son hair, mapping the electrode position using the robotic tool to insert them precisely . She informed most electrodes will be in his left side with 1 in the center. A CT scan will be done post op to ensure no hemorrhage, fluid build up etc.
They put IV and shortly a general anesthesia to make him feel light headed . My son asked few questions and was slowly taken to the operating room and while the parents were sent to the waiting area.
Exactly after 2 hrs, we got a text to confirm they are ready for surgery. We received notifications every hr from them updating on the progress. It took 3 hrs for the surgery to be completed.
Our surgeon and epileptologist who recommended this procedure met with us to explain next steps. Total 8 electrodes were inserted , 7 in the left frontal lobe and 1 in the center. He will not be given seizure meds from tonight. He will be given steroid and antibiotics which will be tappered off in the next few days to ensure there is no infection. Pain meds will be given on a need basis.
We were taken to meet him in PACU, when my son was able to hear and talk but was very tired due to meds. He drank apple juice and vitals were monitored. He mentioned abt head pain… rated it at a level 4 in the 1 to 10 range. We were taken into the EMU unit in the next 15 minutes where we will be spending the next few days hoping and praying to get seizures so they can capture info.
Our neurologist visited us and made him move hands, legs, eye movement, verified pain levels and informed that for tonight he can rest as usual since he will be on meds effect. Starting tomorrow he will have more tests to baseline his cognitive skills - reading , math etc along with flashing lights and other things to see if they would cause seizures.
He was allowed to eat anything he wants, however he was too tired to eat, had few bites of rice and 1 small ice cream . He does wake up for checkups and goes right back to sleep.
Hope this helps. I will update this thread as we go. Please keep my son in your prayers and hope that he gets the seizures soon enough so we can go home and feel better and hopefully get some positive info on possibly attain seizure freedom.
Note : cause of his seizures is focal cortical dysplasia in the left suculus close to his speech area. Docs want to identify the seizure onset zone and get additional j fo to provide further recommendations .
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2023.05.30 22:49 Edith-Silvas-Simp Slightly worried about my friends romantic life

So, I was calling one of my best friends the other day and she was going through old memories with me. Important note: She’s gay, and is the kind of gay that only likes girls. I’m gay too but I only have a slight preference towards girls. Regardless, she started laughing hysterically as she realized the condoms our school had given to her at the beginning of last year were still in her drawer. She had thought she had thrown them out a while ago but never did.
And I was like, “well, that’s fair. You’re gonna throw them out now though, right?”
And she was like, “mmm, I don’t know!”
I sort of raised my eyebrow at that and just called her strange then sort of moved on. But I know she’s pursuing a relationship with one of our friends, a girl named Carly. And I can’t help but think, if Carly really does like my bestie back, as I think she probably will, I think that her keeping condoms with her could be cause for concern.
Because think about it, she’s claiming to be exclusively attracted to women and so someone whose in a relationship with her seeing that she has condoms on her? Their immediate thought will not be, “oh, yea she’s definitely keeping the condoms around because she thinks it’d be funny to do so!” The normal immediate thought to have would be, “were you lying to me about your sexuality?” Which could very easily also lead into her gf thinking she’s cheating, because again, why else would a lesbian in a lesbian relationship have condoms on her, unless the thought of replacing her gf with a guy is coming to mind? Or already has come to mind?
Maybe I’m just insecure but that’s absolutely the first thought that would enter my brain if my lesbian gf had condoms on her, and I talked to my gf about it and she agreed it’s strange.
But what do you guys think? Is it something that I should bring up my worries about with my friend? There was some awkward stuff that happened with us over spring break that I don’t wanna get too into but we’re mostly past the awkward phase of our relationship and back into a comfortable friendship now, which is why I’m just worried to bring up something that would make her uncomfortable—then again, I guess part of my goal is causing her brief discomfort at the idea of her future partner feeling the way me and my gf feel about this whole thing and hoping that discomfort inspires her to throw the things away. Or become honest with us about her sexuality if that’s where the conversation leads.
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2023.05.30 22:49 sydni_x Has anyone here ever spent summers/lives in New York/New Jersey? How does the summertime compare to Nash?

Hi all!
I’m going to be graduating soon and leaving for a job that is likely in the NE. I’m looking around at the New York and New Jersey areas and a little bit in Boston. My question to anyone who has experience spending time in both places is…how does the Nashville/TN summer compare to the NY/NJ summer? I keep hearing that NY/NJ summers are hot/sticky but…surely not to Nashville levels right?!
Thanks all very much in advance!
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2023.05.30 22:48 breyer_fan_girl My story

[TRIGGER WARNING: I was underage when this took place] Hello, everyone. I don’t know why I’m posting here, four years after it happened. I still feel guilty about this incident to this day.
When I was 16, I had a boyfriend. He was very physically pushy, to the point that I thought I was a lesbian because I was so afraid of him touching me and so repulsed by it. However, I did care about him deeply and thought that it was all my fault, that there was something wrong with me.
The first major incident is when I gave him a blowjob, and I told him not to facefuck me, but he did. I started to cry and he asked what was wrong and I said it was making me bleed and I just wanted it to be over. He continued to facefuck me until he finished. The next day, I wrote him after calling a friend, and he said I had hurt him because my teeth had hit him while I was crying, so we were both at fault.
The second incident was in a taxi. I had made out with him previously (I usually never did because I was afraid of him but he pressured me). He got into the cab with me and started shoving his hands in my pants and inside of me. I yelled for him to get off of me, but he wouldn’t. I kept pulling his hands out of my pants. He didn’t stop and fought me for it. I just remember the icy feeling when e stuck his hands inside of me. I ended up hitting him several times before her got off of me.
A little while after this he talked to me about having sex alone in his flat. I was afraid and I asked him how does he know that he won’t rape me, to which he replied that I could tie him to the bed to stop him. He also threatened to kill himself if I ever left him.
I just still feel so bad about this. Everyone told me about how much he loved me. My parents still ask about him. I once called him a rapist and my mother said not to call him that and wait until I’m older to decide what he is. I wasn’t perfect at this time in my life either, however I just feel like I shouldn’t be upset about it because look how many people have worse stories than me.
I’m sorry for this long rant, I just still have so many negative effects and I am tired of him living in my head and wondering if I a m crazy.
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2023.05.30 22:48 lady_irish175 Dumper reached out to talk about a show

Ok what’s your thoughts on this…. Guy I was seeing for like 8 months broke up with me about a month ago. Very amicable split but he knew I didn’t want it, however I didn’t beg or chase.
I did end up reaching out to him over the weekend to see if he was able to move back home and find a spot. Very nice conversation and ended it at that.
Today he texted me asking if I watched the last episode of a series we were watching together before the split and it turned out we were both watching it at the same time, so we talked back and forth for over the entirety of the show talking about it and cracking up.
I personally would love to reconcile. Does anyone think he is warming up to the idea? Or just being friendly? We haven’t had additional conversation since the end of the show.
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