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2023.05.30 13:06 TotalSaintsPod Total Saints Podcast - Episode 235

A season of poor recruitment and managerial mistakes finally ends with an ironically thrilling game at home to Liverpool, the final game of a sorry season threw up a few surprises. And It’s going to be a busy few weeks of comings and goings at Staplewood, with some players already saying their goodbyes. This week's podcast features a review of the Liverpool game, speculation as to what might happen next season amongst players and staff and a few farewell comments to the players already on the way out.
Welcome to TSP 235!
This is our last podcast of the season, a huge thanks to everyone who has listened, watched or interacted with us in some way. TSP will be back at the start of next season so make sure you're following the podcast and have subscribed on YouTube to be the first to see new content.
Martin Starke is joined by Steve Grant (SaintsWeb), Glen de la Cour (League One Minus 10), Jacob Tanswell (The Athletic), Alfie House (The Daily Echo), & Ben Stanfield to get you up to date on all things SaintsFC.
🎧 Listen
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2023.05.30 13:05 Finzi0904 Insurmountable losses?

I get that you want to have 1-2 fights a day, and just keep leveling, i get that you need to bust camps early (i need to get better at that),
but it honestly seems to me that you can have been grinding really hard the first 50 days, and then it can go to shit. on day 50-60 lets say, you lose 4 of your best bros, and they were about level 8-10, and you are still trying to get them ready for the first end-game crisis. How are you supposed to be dealing with this?
For me, what has happened is if i get what i call "insurmountable losses" where i lose key bros before end game crisis, i am forced to save scum.
Example, you only have 1 bannerman, he is good. and then he dies right before the undead rising. Is it like i said insurmountable, or is there something i am missing?
i usually play raiders, and i usually take noble wars first. with that end game crisis, what i find is key is to have a good enough frontliners to actually kill the other line fast enough to win. But if i were to lose some of my damage dealers only a 10-30 days before this, i cant really participate as much in the war because i just dont have good enough bros.
Do people have any tips, or thoughts about what i am talking about? About to start a new run, but i dont want to be save scumming, i want to have those heartbreaking losses, but also be able to get the full experience of the game. and it seems to be, that when you lose a good bro, which is heartbreaking. its not the heartbreak that makes me savescum, but the fact that i am losing out on a major part of the game.
Thoughts? tips?
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2023.05.30 13:05 Sundayforeverstays Experience the Magic of Monsoons in India's Hill Stations: 7 Destinations You Can't Miss!

India is a country that has become even more enchanting during the monsoon season. The monsoons bring a respite from the scorching heat and transform the lush green hills into a breathtaking spectacle. India's hill stations, nestled amidst the Western Ghats and the Himalayas, become a paradise during this time, offering a unique and mesmerizing experience to visitors. In this article, we will explore seven captivating and the best hill stations in India where you can truly immerse yourself in the magic of the monsoons.
1. Munnar, Kerala:
Located in the Western Ghats of Kerala, Munnar is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. The monsoons drench the tea gardens and spice plantations, creating an ethereal ambiance. The mist-covered hills and cascading waterfalls add to the allure. Take a leisurely walk amidst the tea gardens, breathe in the refreshing scent of wet earth, and witness the symphony of raindrops falling on the leaves. The picturesque landscapes and the pleasant weather make Munnar an irresistible destination during the monsoons.
2. Lonavala-Khandala, Maharashtra:
Situated in the Sahyadri Range near Mumbai, Lonavala-Khandala is a popular hill station renowned for its scenic beauty. During the monsoons, the entire region transforms into a lush green paradise. The misty valleys, gushing waterfalls, and iconic vantage points like Tiger Point and Rajmachi Point offer breathtaking views. Take a hike to the mesmerizing Bhushi Dam or explore the ancient Karla and Bhaja caves. The cool monsoon breeze and the captivating landscapes of Lonavala-Khandala will leave you spellbound.
3. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh:
Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a timeless hill station that becomes even more enchanting during the monsoon season. The rain-washed forests, blooming wildflowers, and mist-covered mountains create a dreamlike ambiance. Take a stroll on Mall Road, explore the colonial architecture, and savor a hot cup of tea while enjoying the panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Don't miss visiting Chadwick Falls, where the cascading water gushes down amidst lush greenery, providing a spectacular sight.
4. Coorg, Karnataka:
Known as the "Scotland of India," Coorg in Karnataka is a breathtaking hill station that comes alive during the monsoons. The verdant coffee plantations, misty hills, and cascading waterfalls make it a perfect destination for nature lovers. Trek through the enchanting trails of Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, visit the mesmerizing Abbey Falls or simply relax amidst the aroma of coffee in a cozy homestay. Coorg offers a rejuvenating experience, immersing you in the magic of the monsoons.
5. Darjeeling, West Bengal:
Perched in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal, Darjeeling is renowned for its tea gardens and the iconic toy train. The monsoons add a touch of mystique to this hill station, enveloping it in a veil of clouds and mist. Wake up early to witness the mesmerizing sunrise at Tiger Hill, visit the famous tea estates, and take a ride on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lush greenery and the cool monsoon climate make Darjeeling a must-visit destination during this season.
6. Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra:
Located in the Sahyadri Range of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is a charming hill station known for its captivating landscapes and pleasant climate. The monsoons transform this place into a paradise with lush greenery, foggy hills, and cascading waterfalls. Explore stunning viewpoints like Arthur's Seat and Wilson Point, which offer panoramic vistas of the valleys below. Indulge in the famous strawberries and enjoy a boat ride on the serene Venna Lake. The misty atmosphere and the romantic ambiance make Mahabaleshwar a perfect destination to experience the magic of monsoons.
7. Nainital, Uttarakhand:
Nestled amidst the Kumaon Hills in Uttarakhand, Nainital is a picturesque hill station known for its emerald-colored lake and lush surroundings. The monsoons bring a refreshing transformation to this enchanting town. The rain-washed forests, blooming rhododendrons, and misty mountains create a mystical atmosphere. Take a boat ride on the serene Naini Lake, explore Mall Road, and visit the beautiful Nainital Zoo. The tranquility and natural beauty of Nainital during the monsoons make it an ideal destination for a rejuvenating getaway.
Monsoon Activities and Experiences:
Apart from the breathtaking natural beauty, these best hill stations in India offer a plethora of activities and experiences during the monsoons. Here are some notable ones:
1. Trekking and Nature Walks: The monsoon season breathes new life into the forests and hills, making it an ideal time for trekking and nature walks. Explore the verdant trails of places like Munnar, Coorg, and Shimla, and immerse yourself in the lush surroundings. Spot exotic flora and fauna, listen to the melodious chirping of birds, and rejuvenate your soul amidst nature's wonders.
2. Waterfall Rappelling: The monsoons bring several gushing waterfalls to life, providing the perfect backdrop for adventure enthusiasts. Many hill stations, such as Lonavala-Khandala and Mahabaleshwar, offer exciting opportunities for waterfall rappelling. Strap on your harness, descend the cascading water, and feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer nature's forces.
3. Boating in Lakes: The monsoons add a certain charm to the lakes in hill stations. Take a leisurely boat ride in the serene lakes of Nainital, Udaipur, or Ooty, and witness the surrounding beauty come alive with the touch of rain. The misty atmosphere and the tranquil waters create a serene and romantic experience.
4. Tea Tasting and Plantation Visits: Hill stations like Munnar and Darjeeling are famous for their tea estates. Visit a tea plantation during the monsoons to witness the tea leaves glistening with raindrops. Engage in tea-tasting sessions to savor the flavors and aromas of freshly brewed teas. Learn about the tea-making process and gain insights into the rich history and culture associated with tea production.
5. Ayurvedic Spa and Wellness: India is renowned for its Ayurvedic practices that promote holistic well-being. Many hill stations offer Ayurvedic spas and wellness centers where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Indulge in therapeutic massages, herbal treatments, and yoga sessions amidst the tranquil surroundings of the hills.
The Charm of Monsoon Cuisine:
Monsoons in India are not just about the captivating landscapes; they also bring a unique culinary experience. The hill stations during the monsoons offer a delectable array of local delicacies that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. From piping hot pakoras (fritters) and steaming cups of masala chai to piping hot momos and bhutta (roasted corn), the monsoon cuisine is a delight for food lovers.
In places like Mahabaleshwar, you can indulge in fresh strawberries, served with cream or in the form of jams, during the monsoons. Coorg offers a unique gastronomic experience with its traditional Kodava cuisine, where you can relish dishes like pandi curry (pork curry) and akki roti (rice bread).
The monsoons also bring out the flavors of piping hot soups and stews, such as thukpa in Darjeeling and hot and sour soup in Shimla. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to savor local street food like vada pav in Lonavala-Khandala and momos in Darjeeling.
The combination of the monsoon ambiance and the tantalizing flavors of local cuisine create an unforgettable culinary experience during your visit to these hill stations.
India's hill stations are truly magical during the monsoon season. From the misty tea gardens of Munnar to the foggy valleys of Nainital, each destination offers a unique experience that will leave you spellbound. The lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and the refreshing aroma of wet earth create an ethereal ambiance that is hard to resist. Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or simply a rendezvous with nature, and also the hill stations in Uttarakhand have it all.
As you embark on your journey to witness the magic of monsoons in best hill stations in India, be prepared for occasional showers and carry appropriate rain gear. The off-season crowds allow you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of these destinations. Remember to respect the local culture and environment, and leave behind only footprints.
Experience the joy of sipping hot tea while gazing at mist-covered hills, taking leisurely walks amidst lush green landscapes, and witnessing the grandeur of waterfalls in full flow. Discover the enchantment of India's monsoon-drenched hill stations, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
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2023.05.30 13:04 lordloki_i Tantallon fire origin and all call to action

It seems that the fire started in or around juneberry lane.
A hefty price was paid for somebody’s negligence and though fortunately no lives have yet been lost lives have been shattered.
Reddit how can we help my fellow people affected by this. Our government is useless. No information. No action. Not enough equipment for those wonderful brave souls with boots on the ground trying their damn hardest to help.
There is something wrong with our country and it needs to be fixed. Endemic apathy is killing us. We need to stand up.
We should collectively be ashamed and angry with ourselves that we let ourselves slide into this quagmire where it is ok that politicians and those who have decision making power to allow not just this fire in Tantallon but all of things plaguing our country to lie dormant and ignored. Rampant homelessness, food prices forcing unprecedented numbers of people to need food banks. Cost of living eclipsing salaries. Social injustice beyond belief. A indigenous people completely destroyed by our in action.
We have 10 million sq. kilometers of land and natural resources beyond imagination and we squander it and let a few reap the rewards. We should be the richest per capita country in the world and impervious to most economic crises. Fires that ruin peoples lives are the tip of the iceberg.
I don’t know for certain (because there is no information) but it’s pretty much a given that my family’s home is burned to ashes. My son said: “Daddy did we lose our perfect home?l”
Everyone is telling me it’s just things and I get it. That’s the pragmatic approach. But the problem is not my home or friends homes who are now soot. The problem is a system that is broken and things need to change.
I don’t want lip service from politicians or anyone in power, we should demand action and start turning our country into something we can be collectively be proud, because right now I am ashamed of being Canadian.
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2023.05.30 13:02 tomimendoza AEGIS - An OnK FanFiction

I know it's not exactly fan art, but it's the most fitting for this kind of thing. Another fanfiction has it as its flair when it was posted here. Anyway, this is my output for the OnK fanfic train. I hope you guys enjoy! The link to the page will be at the bottom.
With the rise of violence against celebrities also comes the rise of elements that protect against them. A rookie agent finds himself assigned to a famous idol with a promise to defend. And what was supposed to be a training assignment would eventually grow to so much more.
The young man grumbled as he trudged the halls of his home towards his father’s office. His hand would rake through his black hair in his face in annoyance while his two emerald eyes with four-point star-shaped irises focused forward. He already knew what was gonna happen and he wished he could refuse. He had been hoping to devote his time to honing his gaming skills with the hope of maybe one day joining a pro-E-sports team. But, because his father was an old man with a small scope of the modern world, he laughed and told him to do something real with his life. And something real meant taking over the family business one day.
Kurosawa Security Services, or simply KSS, is a Japanese family-owned security company based in Kyoto although they have offices all over the country and even abroad. KSS provides everything from security guards for convenience stores to close protection agents for top government figures. They can also provide security consultation and training. The service is rated as the best Japan has to offer with highly trained agents. KSS agents regularly train with the police and military elements like the Security Police and Special Forces Group. And in rare occasions, they would even train with the US Secret Service abroad. KSS is also the best because of the long history of the organization which dates back to the feudal era when Kurosawa Saitō picked up the sword and protected the local Daimyo from an attack. In other words, they had a long time to hone their craft.
Now, what makes a security company like KSS so big in a country where crime is almost non-existent? Isn’t Japan a safe nation? Those would be your first mistakes if you thought of them. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you’re on, good and evil exist everywhere. And good must be protected from evil. That’s why KSS exists.
And soon enough, the company will be in Akio’s hands when it's his father’s time to retire. That’s how the system works, despite what he thinks of it. So, now his ultimate tests will begin. His first assignment.
After walking for what seemed like hours he reached a pair of large doors. He knocked on them and was asked to come in by a voice on the other side, so he complied. Entering, he was greeted with a fairly large office for only one man. And that man was currently seated behind a desk reading through some papers.
“Hey, Dad,” He greeted as he sat down on one of the chairs before across from him.
Kurosawa Tadao put the papers down and then looked at his son before smiling. He was an aging man with black hair that was already greying and blue eyes that had four-point star-shaped irises.
“Hey, Son! How’re ‘ya doing?” He asked.
“Just fine. I was finally getting my KDR up in Black Ops and I was planning on getting my skills up in CSGO later. But, here we are,” Akio answered.
“Staying inside is not good for your body you know.”
“I planned to play basketball tomorrow and I have band with the boys this weekend.”
“It’s still unhealthy because it’s exactly anything productive. You’re 17, Son, you need to start shaping up for your career,” Tadao said.
“I’ve been shaping it up since I was five,” Akio muttered.
“And that’s why we’re here right now. Your first assignment, son! It’s the moment of truth! Aren’t you excited?” Tadao asked with a wide grin as he picked up a folder from the side.
“No, not really,” Akio answered flatly.
“Well, maybe you’ll be excited once you find out who I’m assigning you to. Spoiler alert, she’s an idol,” He said with a grin, whispering that last part as he handed him the file.
“I’m not into idols, Dad,” He said flatly as he took the file.
“Your little brother a good chunk of this company’s personnel, and hell, a good chunk of the population are though,” He commented.
“That doesn’t make sense. Everyone can have different interests. And Goro, well, I guess being tied to a hospital bed for years does that to you,” He said sadly.
“You’re one weird kid, you know.”
“Well, I was raised by the likes of you, Dad,” Akio retorted with a sly grin which made his father laugh.
“Well, you got me there,” He chuckled and promptly silenced himself to let his son read.
“Hoshino Ai? Never heard of her. Although I admit she is pretty cute,” He mumbled as read through the file with her picture on it. He took in her personal information like date of birth, age, physical appearance, and all the usual things. And then he got to a part that listed her status— “What the fuck?! She’s pregnant?!”
“Language, Akio!” Tadao scolded. “Anyway, officially, she’ll be taking a break from showbiz for a while due to ill health. Actually, she’s pregnant and they’re trying to keep it under wraps. Bad for business, because a lot of fans are a bunch of lonely losers, they’ll drop her just because she has kids.”
“Language, Dad,” Akio retorted and shook his head. “Well, teen pregnancy is bad, but it’s unfair for her to be hated for that reason.”
“Yeah, the life of a celebrity is a lot shittier than most people would think. I know, your mother was a singer, she dealt with that too when we were found out,” Tadao said with a frown before smiling a bit. “She
“Please don’t tell me about your romances, Dad,” Akio cringed. “Anyway, Hoshino-sama will be my protectee, huh?”
“Yes. She’ll be heading here with her management agency soon to settle the contract. And then you’ll be heading to the countryside where she can lay low until she gives birth. That’s the basics of it.”
“Alright. Babysit a pregnant teenager and keep her from doing anything dumb. Should be easy enough,” He said.
“Do not underestimate the dangers tied to the entertainment world, Akio,” Tadao reminded. “As I’ve said, a lot of them are a bunch of lonely losers or generally just of questionable character. Some of them will go to great lengths just for attention. Fans can get really wacky after all. It’s already happened before. Not to mention, all the snakes in the industry. Someone might want to up their game so they think about eliminating the competition. You get the point.”
“I’m very aware, Dad, don’t worry,” He assured then sighed. “Just doing this and my studies at the same time? What am I gonna do?”
“That’s rich coming from someone who was planning on just lazing around all day. Besides, you’ve been homeschooling for more than a year already, right? I’m sure you can get a read in every day without compromising your job.”
“Well, it’s not impossible, but it’s gonna suck,” He said then sighed. “Alright, I’ve got this. Not much of a choice anyway. Anything else I should know?”
“Yeah. Remember this, you do not ever let your protectee out of your sight. Wherever she goes, you go. That being said, don’t be too overbearing, and make sure to give her room to breathe. She is a woman, she will want her space. Also, try not to set such a tight atmosphere. Try being her friend, and she’ll be easier to work with. Tomita will meet you tomorrow too to evaluate you. You’ll also be reporting to him your progress during your task.”
“Noted, Dad. In that case,” Akio stood then positioned himself directly in front of the table before bowing. “I shall see this task to the end.”
Idol music was not his cup of tea and Hoshino Ai was a complete stranger to him till that moment. He’d spend a whole week with the pre-preparations with one of the senior agents until it was time to meet the latest customers. Then he would meet Hoshino Ai for the first time and they’d make their first impressions of one another.
“Are you really sure about this?”
“We’re going to need a shield just in case. Lot’s of wackos around here. Besides, we’ve already agreed to meet.”
“It’s just, there’s a lot of shady dealings in the security world.”
“Are we any better? Besides, KSS is the best this country can offer. I also know the company head personally too, we went to high school together, and he owes me. We’ll be just fine.”
“Um, o-okay…”
“I didn’t understand any of that, but okay!”
“Never change, Ai…”
How do you keep a secret from the world? Simple: you lie. You lie a lot. But then you realize it’s not so simple and every day is spent with fear that everything might fall apart. Just trying to get anywhere was a massive undertaking. For example, right now. Two adults and a pregnant teen in a car. Aside from the teen pregnancy, there’s nothing strange at all about it. But if you knew who the car’s passengers were, then you’d immediately understand.
After a couple of hours of driving (making occasional turns to make sure they weren’t followed and consequently getting lost a couple of times) they finally reached their destination which was a large estate in the outskirts of Kyoto. A guard met them at the gate, and after the driver talked and showed some credentials, they were let in. It took another minute or two until they reached the house where a group was waiting for them. The car group got out of their vehicle with the house group greeting them shortly after. A man with short blonde hair and yellowish-brown eyes underneath some shades stepped forward and led the group.
“Ichigo-san, you’re still about as ugly as when I last saw you,” Tadao greeted with a cheeky grin as he approached.
“Tadao-san, you’re clearly the most repulsive one here. I see you still haven’t taken my advice to get your face fixed,” Ichigo greeted with a snarky expression as he also approached.
Once close enough, they locked hands for a shake before pulling each other in for a hug.
“It’s nice to see you again, friend! How’re you doin', man? No troubles getting here?” Tadao asked.
“I’m just fine. Getting here was a lot smoother than we thought. But we are exhausted,” Ichigo replied.
“I imagine. Remember that time in Second Year when we bought booze with fake IDs and we had to run for it?”
“Ha, how can I forget?! I was terrified the cops would get us!”
As the two men shared stories and laughed, everyone else present could not help but be astonished at how casual the two were being. It almost was like this wasn’t a business meeting.
“Yeah, those were the days,” Tadao laughed and turned to the other two people to address them. “Before we continue any further, allow me to introduce myself. I am Kurosawa Tadao, head of Kurosawa Security Services, and I welcome you all to my home. It’s nice to meet you!”
He then stepped toward the next person. She was a rather tall woman with long strawberry-blonde hair and pinkish-brown eyes.
“And you must be Miyako, his wife, yes?” He asked.
“Yes, I am,” She said with a polite smile as they shook hands.
“You know, I’ve always wondered how someone with a face like his could get married. But here we are,” He joked earning a laugh from her.
“I sometimes wonder why I decided to marry him too,” She commented and they both laughed.
“Huh? What?” Ichigo said but was ignored.
Then, Tadao moved to the last person. She was a short girl with long violet hair with matching eyes that have stars in them. But her most distinct feature was the bulge in her abdomen showing her pregnancy. Moreover, she looked like she wasn’t even 18. This observation made his gut wrench due to feeling pity for this poor girl’s bad decision. Regardless, he put on his best smile and took her hand.
“And you must be Hoshino Ai,” He greeted. “I’ve heard all about you, but since I’m the stereotypical old man, I’m not into your music. Regardless of that, and after listening to a couple of songs, I think you’re doing some very great work in your field.”
Her lips curved into a smile that cured souls as her eyes seemed to shimmer. Tadao kept himself from reacting, but at that moment he knew why she was so popular.
“Thank you so much, Tadao-san! You know, I don’t think I’m that popular to begin with but I’m always so happy to hear that someone like what I do!” She said happily.
He chuckled a bit. “I used to be in a band in middle school and high school, so I still try to stay up to date with the latest musical trends these days. Although, I still don’t know much. I mostly get my info on that from my own agents.”
He glanced to the side followed by Ai shortly after to see three younger agents standing stiffly as they tried to ignore them. They knew exactly who she was. All three of them have her as their phone’s lock screen wallpaper. And it’s clear that they wanted to talk to her, but they couldn’t. And even if they could, they didn’t know how. Ai giggled in amusement while Tadao just stared.
“Anyway, now that introductions have been made, let’s go inside where it’s more comfortable. I know you’re here for business, so let’s dive right in. We’ve also prepared snacks and refreshments inside in case you want some. Ichigo, my valet will take care of your car, so give him the keys please,” Tadao said as he gestured for them to follow.
“Do you have ice cream?” Ai asked.
“We sure do!”
“Yay! Let’s go!”
After Ichigo handed over the keys to a valet, Tadao began leading them into his home with the trio following shortly after. But before that, a mischievous thought entered Ai’s mind and she acted quickly. She suddenly turned to look at the trio of agents who tensed up even more under her gaze. Worse, they realized that she was up to no good just from her grin. But before they could even speculate what she was up to, she suddenly did her signature love heart hand pose with a smile. In a flash, the three agents felt their knees go weak in the presence of such moe cuteness that they struggled to stay upright as they covered their mouths to silence their ecstatic screams. Satisfied with her handiwork, Ai giggled as she left the scene of the crime.
“Um, are they gonna be alright?” Ichigo asked nervously as he saw one of them falling over.
“They’ll be fine.”
They entered the huge house and led them through a series of hallways that were decorated with all sorts of interesting stuff. One of them was some sort of cannon on a towed carriage, except, aside from one big barrel, it’s got multiple little ones arranged in a circle with a crank.
“Kurosawa-san, what’s that?” Ai asked.
“Oh, this? This is a Model 1874 Gatling Gun. It fires a .45-70 caliber round from top-loaded 20-round box magazines with a rate of fire of about a thousand rounds per minute, although, it really depends on how fast you can crank it. It was one of the most revolutionary weapons ever designed and it changed the battlefield forever. This specific weapon here was used by the Imperial Army against revolting samurai during their last stand in the Battle of Mount Shiroyama, the last action of the Satsuma Rebellion,” He explained. “Sometimes I wonder what the samurai were thinking in their last moments just before they were all gunned down.”
“Wow,” Ai whispered in awe.
“Indeed. I don’t even know where my father dug up this gun,” He said before tracing across the black-painted barrels of the old weapon.
“That’s so cool!” She exclaimed happily then fished out her phone from her hoodie pocket. “Can I take a picture with it?”
“Ai, we’re here in business and the man’s likely very busy, so let’s not take anymore—” Ichigo said but was cut off.
“Sure thing! Our meeting is the only thing I have on my schedule today, so I’m basically free to do anything!” Tadao interjected with a wide smile as she took her phone.
What followed next was a comedic scene which was basically an old man doting on his granddaughter while he took pictures of her doing cute things. Meanwhile, everyone else present just stared with blank expressions.
“So much for not being into idols,” Ichigo muttered.
“These are so good! Thank you so much, Kurosawa-san!” She thanked him with a wide smile after going over the pictures.
“You’re very welcome! And you know, we’ve got a lot of goodies in this house, maybe you’d like to take some pictures with them too?” He offered.
“I’d love to!” She squealed.
“Mhmm!” Someone cleared their throat.
Looking in that direction, they saw a young man dressed in a nice business suit who was basically a younger version of Tadao. He approached them with his hands in his pockets and regarded them with a straight expression.
“You’re getting off track here, Dad. We’re still conducting a business,” He said as a matter of factly. “And what happened to ‘no touching of the expensive decor’?”
“Oh come on, son, do you honestly believe I can refuse that?” Tadao complained as he gestured to Ai who maintained a happy expression as she looked at the photos.
“Don’t enable her, Dad. Ma’am, please stop touching the gun, it’s very old and very expensive,” He said.
“Ai, get off of it,” Ichigo ordered.
“Aw, okay,” She said sadly as she backed off.
“Sorry for the trouble, but this stuff is crazy expensive. And oh, I’m Kurosawa Akio, by the way. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you,” He greeted with a polite smile.
“This is my son. He’ll be taking care of the business one day, so I’m bringing him along more now,” Tadao said.
Another round of handshakes was exchanged as the group introduced themselves to Akio. Ai expected the tone and body language of a fan holding himself back, the same kind she’s gotten used to seeing, but was rather surprised when he shook her hands normally with nothing but politeness in his eyes. Strange, now she’s curious. Akio on his part thought that she was a rather normal-looking girl, except for the bulging stomach, and didn’t find anything very special from just looking at her.
“Sorry for messing around. It’s just a really cool-looking thing!” Ai said.
“It sure is, ‘can’t argue with that. They don’t make weapons like these anymore these days. It’s all just big bombs now, which is boring,” Akio remarked.
“I don’t think death and destruction are supposed to be nice to see,” Miyako remarked.
“Exactly,” Tadao stated with a firm voice. “And that’s what we strive for in KSS. Every day must always be boring. Now come on, we’ve got business to attend to.” He said before turning and walking away.
“Is he always like this?” Miyako asked with a sweatdrop, noting the man’s sudden change of face.
“You’ll get used to it,” Both Ichigo and Akio replied in a flat tone.
They finished the walk toward their destination which was a conference room inside the house. The place was quite spacious and cozy looking, especially since it has a fireplace. They all immediately took their seats with KSS taking one side of the table and Ichigo Productions sitting opposite of them.
“Snacks will be brought in a little bit, so let’s get down to business to business shall we,” Tadao said as he placed a briefcase on the table and pulled out some papers. “By the way, everything we talk about will not leave this room, you can trust us. I think I also know the reason why you need an extra pair of hands. Your reason for getting a bodyguard is because you’re worried that you’ll be attacked like that idol that got stabbed recently, yes?”
They all nodded at that. It was already a month old, but the memory of it was still fresh on everyone’s minds, especially since it was covered on national news.
An idol named Hirose Keiko, who was pretty popular and only 16 like Ai, was recently murdered by a crazy fan in her own home. The autopsy report stated that the cause of death was cardiac arrest from severe bleeding after being stabbed three times and that she died in minutes.
The police captured the killer before he could jump off a bridge and took him in for questioning. He said that a Twitter post showing Keiko being all friendly with some guy somewhere made people think she had gotten a boyfriend. This enraged him because he felt betrayed by her actions, therefore he stalked her and plotted her murder for weeks. So, it was pretty awkward for him to find out that Keiko’s supposed boyfriend was actually her cousin and she was at a family get-together at that time.
The news shocked everyone in the country and many celebrities started taking their personal security more seriously. Ichigo was worried for Ai, and Ai was a bit scared herself. She knew Keiko, they did some collaborations together in the past, and she was upset she couldn’t attend her funeral. So, Ichigo Productions, though a bit cash-strapped, decided that it would be a good idea to have some form of security with them to help out in the long run. Especially now that Ai was pregnant… they couldn’t stomach the thought of some deranged lunatic stabbing her to death like what happened to Keiko.
“I don’t think I can forget that. I knew the girl and her agency, they were good people. I hope that bastard gets the chair,” Ichigo muttered.
“You and me both. And don’t worry, we’ll make sure nothing ever happens to you,” Tadao assured. “Alright, now, how do you want to be protected?”
“We just need someone with us to keep the creeps away, especially one that can lie low with us. Nothing flashy at all,” Ichigo answered.
“Hmm, I understand what you want. One or two agents on you at all times at least, covering your front and back. They’ll be in plain clothes too so as to not draw attention. Okay, I’ve got a lot of agents to spare for that kind of job,” Tadao said, as he wrote on a piece of paper.
“What else is there?” Ichigo asked.
“We’re gonna brief you on how we operate and how we intend to do this. None of them are hard to follow at all. The gist is that you need to tell us everything, your schedules, contacts, extra activities, etcetera.”
“So, I’ll basically be followed around everywhere?” Ai asked.
“Basically, yes. But the key difference is that it’ll be by people you can trust. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be poking around your daily life and infringing on your space every day. We’ll create a system in which you’re safe but still comfortable. In fact, we even have methods to protect you without you or anyone seeing us, but that’s really expensive though,” Tadao explained. “We know our boundaries too, Hoshino-sama, you don’t have to worry.”
“Hmm,” Ai hummed as she considered his words before another thought occurred to her. “Will you kill people?”
“Only if they really force us to. Every agent has a loaded gun with him, but we’re also trained in ways to stop an attacker with non-lethal force. Besides, one of our tactics is that by simply being there, we can discourage anyone from trying anything funny. As I’ve said, the best days for us are the most boring ones.”
“I see.”
“What’s the price tag?” Miyako asked.
“Despite the low elements, you’re still looking at 500,000 yen per month. But…” He trailed off. “But… due to my debt to you, Ichigo, I’ve decided to give you half that price for six months. This is paid like a subscription service where you have to pay every month. Failure to pay means immediate termination of services.”
“Is there anything else?” Ichigo asked.
“There are a bunch more details that you need to know. Legality, protocols, company policy, and all that. But, there’s one detail that I threw in as a condition for this,” Tadao said then placed a hand on Akio’s shoulder who was sitting to his right. “My son will be the one to run point of your protection detail. This’ll also act as his first test, to prove his skill as a protection agent.”
“Although I’m inexperienced, I’m quick to learn and adapt, and I’m ready to take on whatever task is needed from me,” Akio said politely.
Ichigo and Miyako frowned at the prospect of being given someone who was inexperienced in the field. But if he was the son of the guy who runs the place, then he should be pretty good, right? Besides, this is possibly the best deal they’ll ever get, and they weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
“Alright, that’s fine,” Ichigo said.
“I’m okay with it,” Ai said.
“Although, Akio will be running point so you’ll see him the most often, another rookie agent will also be there to learn too. He’ll be number two. A senior agent will also be dropping by occasionally to check on them and evaluate their performance, although you don’t need to pay him. And in case things get really bad, emergency services and other agents won’t be too far to assist,” Tadao added.
“Ah, alright,” Ichigo said.
“Now, for the rest of everything.”
They would spend the next thirty minutes getting into the details of how everything would be under their care. Snacks and refreshments were brought in at that time with Ai receiving a pint of ice cream, making her very happy. They got into some legal conditions that were implemented to protect both sides. They also got into how the protection detail would work and what to do under certain situations. And of course, company policy.
One such policy is that the client can sue the company for up to 30 million yen for disclosing any secrets entrusted to them without permission. And although KSS can definitely pay that amount, their reputation would be tarnished and they’d lose even more money. That was a fact that allowed Ichigo Productions to rest easier. Ai’s pregnancy needed to remain under wraps.
After a few more minutes and a couple more things were clarified, they finally moved on to the last piece of the puzzle. Tadao opened up his briefcase and pulled out one last set of papers.
“This is the contract. What’s is just a summary of everything we talked about, but I suggest you read it carefully so you’re not missing anything,” Tadao said.
Ichigo Productions took the document and carefully read through it to make sure they were not missing anything. It took another five minutes, but they confirmed that everything was in place.
“A service that tells you everything and makes you read the contract first? Finally!” Ichigo joked.
“We’re the guys that protect the Emperor, not some shady organization! We’ve got a reputation to uphold!” Tadao stated. “Anyway, if nothing is amiss, sign your name and seal on the space provided and we are officially under your employ.”
“Everything’s here. Let’s seal the deal,” Ichigo said.
He grabbed a pen that was provided to him and signed his name on the line at the bottom then stamped his seal on the side. Miyako did the same thing after him. And finally, Ai filled out the last line with her name and seal and even drew a little heart on it. Tadao took the document and looked through it before putting it down and giving them a smile.
“You are now under the protection of Kurosawa Security Services! With Hachiman, the divine protector of Japan, guiding our hands, you will not have to worry about anything as long as we are around! Rest assured that we will take care of you. And anyone that tries to harm you will die a horrible death!” He proclaimed.
“That’s… oddly specific,” Ichigo remarked.
“If you get hurt, we’ll cover the expenses of your medical bill. If you die under our watch, which you won’t, we’ll offer a full refund to your relatives, and we’ll even avenge you. That’s our policy, to treat our clientele as if they are our family,” He added.
“That’s very nice,” Miyako said.
“Only the best we provide our clients,” Tadao said. “And aside from giving you a copy of the documents, this concludes our business. Thank you for choosing our services. We promised not to disappoint.”
“We’ll be watching closely then.”
Both groups then stood up and gave each other one last bout of handshakes to truly seal the contract that was just signed.
“I’ll make sure your men get tickets to one of my concerts in the future!” Ai said and looked at Akio. “Especially you, Akio-san.”
“Oh, that’s very kind of you, Hoshino-sama. But, I’m not into idol music,” He replied politely.
“Please excuse my son. We know he’s a weirdo,” Tadao jokingly said.
“I ain’t weird, Dad. I don’t hate idol music but I don’t exactly like it either. I just like other things,” Akio stated.
“It’s not impossible, but it’s a first for us. Everyone your age we’ve met is into idols,” Saitou said. “Looks like you’re the 10% we didn’t see coming.”
“Please just take it as less worry for you, since I won’t be prying for your attention all the time. I’ll always keep a respectful distance. I promise.”
“That’s all we can ever ask really. Thank you.”
“Now that business is concluded, we can all turn in for the night. But would you like something before you leave? Some more snacks or drinks perhaps? We’ve got a lot here,” Tadao offered but Ichigo shook his head.
“No, we’ve already been here too long, we don’t want to overstay our welcome. Besides, it’s late and we’re all tired. We should be getting back now,” he said.
“Alright. In that case, allow us to walk you out while I get the valet to get your car.”
“Alright then.”
Ichigo Productions prepared to leave while Tadao got on his phone. Ichigo and Miyako started discussing something with each other while Ai simply looked around the room. Her eyes would eventually land on Akio who was looking at his phone. He’d pocket it a moment later and his eyes would land on his protectee’s. She’d flashed him a wide smile, the kind that can captivate any man, while he returned with a simple smile and a nod. Ai began opening her mouth to speak before stopping short when there was a disturbance from Tadao.
“... Really? Alright, I’ll tell them,” He sighed before turning to the group.
“What’s wrong?” Ichigo asked.
Tadao smiled awkwardly. “A small problem just developed on your end.”
They’d find themselves outside again a moment later, watching a scene unfold before them. Ichigo Production’s car, a white rental Toyota Corolla, remained where Ichigo last left it although the hood was open and multiple guys were peering into the engine compartment with flashlights. One agent tried turning the key and starting the ignition, yet the engine remained quiet. A moment later, a middle-aged man with his sleeves rolled up walked up to Tadao while wiping his hands on a rag.
“I think it’s a broken sparkplug, Tadao-san. It just won’t start,” He reported.
“I told you it was broken!” Miyako scolded Ichigo in a hushed voice.
“Do we have spare parts, Hiro-san?” Tadao asked.
“No, we just ran out when our own rides needed maintenance and we haven’t resupplied yet,” He said with a shake of his head. “We can’t run to the shop too because it’s already closed at this time. This thing’s staying here till morning.”
Ichigo and Miyako groaned at their misfortune while the rest of them simply stared indifferently. Tadao then sighed and spoke again.
“Alright. In that case, Hiro-san, please get the van off the driveway and onto the side. We’ll deal with it tomorrow morning. Then please take one of the Land Cruisers and take them back to their hotel. The rest of you are free to leave for home too,” He ordered.
“Hai, Kurosawa-sama!” Everyone replied.
“Tadao-san, are you sure? This is probably too much—” Ichigo began but stopped when Tadoa raised a hand.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind at all. Just think of this as me helping a friend in need. And no, you don’t have to pay,” He replied.
Ichigo was unsure but ultimately allowed it and bowed a bit. “Alright, thank you.”
“No problem,” Tadao replied with a shallow nod.
While the adults addressed the issue of their ride, the two kids remained on the side and simply watched. Akio and Ai were still in their teens, so they were kids in the eyes of the adults present.
“So,” Ai began. “What kind of music do you listen to, Kurokawa-san?”
“Uh, I like rock music of all types from pop to death metal. I’ve been listening to them since I was five. And it’s Kurosawa, Hoshino-sama,” He replied, her sudden question and error of his name catching him off guard.
“Ah, really? Ahahaha, I’m so sorry! I'm not very good at memorizing people’s faces!” She laughed jovially.
“Ahaha, I can imagine. Since you probably see so many faces every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all, huh?” He laughed.
“Ah, yeah! It’s a bit of a problem for me, hehe. Sometimes, I even forget the President’s name too, haha!”
He laughed along with her but internally, he was cringing a bit.
Does every idol have such an airheaded personality? He wondered.
“It must be kinda hard for you too, having to work like this when you’re so young,” She remarked.
“Well, this is my first job ever, so it doesn’t seem hard at all right now. That’s definitely gonna change though,” He replied. “But, I don’t think my job will get anywhere as difficult as yours with you having to put up an act all the time. I don’t think I can handle that.”
“Yeah, tell me about it. I really like my job, but sometimes it gets pretty tiring. Taking a break like this is gonna help out a lot!” She said happily before taking a deep breath and looking around. “I think I’ve already said this, but your place is really nice.”
“Mhmm, and this is just our place here in Tokyo. We’re only here now because we need to be closer to some of our clients at the moment. Our main house in Kyoto is even bigger and cooler!” Akio replied.
“You guys are really loaded, huh?”
“For the past few decades, Kurosawa has been branching to other things that make money. We need the cash to pay for our stuff after all. Although, we’re still inferior to zaibatsus like Shinomiya and Shijo (who we provide services to, by the way) but also still better than most.”
“Mhmm, but money still isn’t everything. We try to take a humble approach to things too. Dad doesn’t like spending money on anything that isn’t important and I don’t buy a lot of things myself,” He added and kept his mouth open to continue when he was interrupted.
“Don’t believe him! He eats yakiniku at least once a week!” One of the younger agents stated as he walked by with a bag over his shoulder, likely on his way home.
“Look who’s talking, idiot! You spend the most out of all of us!” He retorted angrily but only got a laugh in response. He turned back to Ai who was holding a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles, prompting him to sigh in annoyance. “Alright, I admit that part and also I spend a lot quite a lot on video games and band equipment, but only on special occasions. I’m not some pompous rich jerk that throws money around, I promise you.”
“Hmm, alright, I believe you,” She giggled and then thought of something. “You could’ve totally left that part out or outright lied. Why didn’t you?”
“Uh, it was already out, so there’s no point in trying to lie about it anymore. Besides, I don’t believe you deserve to be lied to, Hoshino-sama,” He answered.
Her smile wavered ever so slightly as she processed his answer. I don’t deserve to be… lied to?
“Ai, our ride’s here! Let’s head back to the hotel!” Ichigo called out as one of the company’s Land Cruisers had been brought out to take them.
“I guess we’ll just have to continue this conversation some other time, but it’s been a nice talk. I look forward to working with you, Hoshino-sama,” He said with a wide smile and an outstretched hand.
Ai smiled widely too, her eyes seemingly shimmering brighter as she took his hand and shook it. “Since we’ll be sticking so closely together for a while, you can just call me Ai, Akio-san.”
He blinked. “U-Uh, sure thing, Ai-san.”
“Just Ai,” She clarified.
“Just Ai,” He nodded and smiled widely, happy that she remembered his first know, even if he didn’t know why.
“If that’s what you want, you’re the boss,” Akio remarked, earning another laugh from her. “You have a good night, Ai, and I’ll see you again tomorrow.”
“You too, Akio-san.”
She’d head back to her group a moment later and they were leaving the estate shortly. Akio waved at the car as it drove past him and he could just barely see a human figure waving back through the darkness. As he watched the SUV disappear, he put his hand down and looked up at the sky.
“Wow,” He breathed. “Her eyes are something else.”
He’d retire for the night shortly after without another thought. He’d sleep soundly not knowing that he had just stepped on the path that would define his life.
This is the link to the page. Thank you very much for taking the time to read it, and thank you even more if you decide to support it on! Please also tell me what you think and/or if you have any ideas you'd like to share here or there!
For now, have a great day, and peace out!
Veritas vos liberabit.
The Truth will set you Free.
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2023.05.30 13:00 xezene The 'Saga Journal' Archive A complete archive of the Star Wars fandom's landmark first fan-run online academic journal (2004-2010)

Hello, everyone. The following archive is my attempt to collect the incredible work of Saga Journal, the first online academic journal created by fans to illuminate and analyze the six films of the Star Wars saga in greater depth. It really was something incredible, and reading it again now, it still is. As such, I've decided to share it here, and hopefully preserve it on the internet for all to see once more.
Created in late 2004, Saga Journal consistently published academic essays over the course of the next 4 years, and then one final time, coming to a close in 2010. Drawing on works of literature, psychoanalysis, history, and comparative media, Saga Journal featured essays written by fans with a keen eye for the layers within the films, while keeping to a submission standard of quality and style, as each essay contained a bibliography of works cited. From historical analogues to Jungian analysis, the essays often offer worthwhile insights and observations, with pieces of brilliance appearing with some regularity. The incredible effort put into creating and maintaining this journal, as well as the essays themselves, deserve to be preserved on the internet and read.
I encourage everyone to peruse the essays at your interest, and even to share or repost essays that bring you insight, here and elsewhere. I myself discovered Saga Journal through reading one fantastic essay (The Perils of Padmé by lazypadawan) and was richly rewarded by checking out the rest Saga Journal had to offer. The impressive effort of the journal was the combined work of men and women, but it should be noted it was largely the initiative of the women within the Star Wars fandom to make Saga Journal a reality. In the course of Star Wars history, such a detail is worth highlighting, as the films have always resonated a variety of audiences who themselves had much to contribute back to the saga. Without further ado, enjoy reading!

Saga Journal


Volume 1

PDF digital publication of the entire first volume of Saga Journal.

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Other Features

The Star Wars Saga Discovering Star Wars: Fan Stories Other Academic Star Wars Essays
Reviews (documentaries, books, & more) Links of Note
Editorial Team Submission Guidelines/Call for Papers About Saga Journal
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2023.05.30 13:00 Zeopal rate the wallpaper 1-10

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2023.05.30 12:58 Successful_Bat_8677 South Korea approves Microsoft and Activision Blizzard deal

South Korea approves Microsoft and Activision Blizzard deal
South Korea's Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) today announced that it has approved Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard.
According to an official statement, the decision to approve was made because the commission concluded that there was no appreciable risk of hindering competition in the local market.
After reviewing the issue, the KFTC ruled that it is unlikely that Microsoft could resort to alienating competitors by making Blizzard games exclusive to its platform, and even if it does, there is little concern that this will drive competitors out of the market.
Looking specifically at the Korean market, the combined share of games developed by Microsoft and Blizzard is small. Unlike foreign countries, there are many game developers here that competitors can work with as an alternative while maintaining their ability to compete. In principle, the acquisition will not be large enough in Korea to create a foreclosure situation.
According to KFTC, Call of Duty's global market share is between 6% and 8%, but in Korea it is only between 0% and 2%. The market share of the Diablo franchise is between 0 and 2% in both the world and Korea.
Also, even if exclusivity were introduced, its impact on converting competitors' customers into Microsoft subscribers would be negligible due to the relatively low popularity of Blizzard games in the local market. Since competitors have a significant share of the console market (PlayStation is estimated at 70-80%, Nintendo at 10-20%, and Xbox at 0-10% in the Korean market in 2021), there is no risk that they will be excluded from competition. .
Moreover, the regulator believes that competition in the console market could benefit from the acquisition if Microsoft, which is in third place, becomes more competitive.
In terms of cloud services, KFTC estimates a market share of 60-70% for Microsoft and 30-40% for Nvidia, but given the Geforce Now's Bring Your Own Game business model, it actually helps increase game sales, creating a win-win effect. Although Microsoft's share of the cloud market is high and there are barriers to entry, given the characteristics of the market, the risk of disruptive competition is low.
PC games are more popular than console games in the Korean market, so Nvidia, which bases its cloud business solely on PC games, has more room to scale in the future compared to Microsoft. When Lost Ark came out on Geforce Now, the number of paid subscribers in Korea increased significantly.
In addition, the cloud gaming market is in its infancy (it accounts for 0.02% of the total gaming market in Korea), and its share changes every year. With the likes of Sony, Amazon and others likely to enter the market in the future, concerns about a lack of competition are low.
In terms of the PC market, Windows has a high market share among operating systems (70-80%), but Windows PCs are mainly used for personal use, including gaming, while Mac or Linux PCs are mainly used for professional use. goals. The KFTC ruled that even if the merger did not go through, there was little chance that Blizzard would develop the game for other operating systems. In fact, the merger has no real impact on competition in this area.
Since this is a merger of global companies, the regulator held several video conferences with foreign antimonopoly authorities to exchange views. He also collected opinions from stakeholders, including competitors. The difference in conclusions with other national regulators is explained by the significant differences in the competitive environment in these countries compared to South Korea.
The European Union recently approved the deal, including proposed measures to level the playing field in the cloud computing market, which Microsoft agreed to. A few days ago, we also learned that the deal was approved by the Chinese authorities. The South Korean ruling increased the number of countries that approved the acquisition to 38.
Thus, the UK CMA remained isolated in its stance against the deal (followed by an appeal from Microsoft, including some rather strong rebuttals of the decision), and the US FTC maintained its opposition, but must go through the legal process to actually be able to block the deal.
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2023.05.30 12:51 onceagainsilent Every #$%&ing morning

I'm going through a divorce and I'm having to stay with my mom. She remarried a few years ago and I've not spent much time around the new guy until now.
I have work, early, and my routine is to get up, drink two cups of coffee and clock in. I have long shifts so this is just how I center myself before the day begins.
This guy is something else. He's basically like if Frankenstein's monster had made it to a successful life. He acts like a caricature of a human being, or an alien in a human suit possibly. Actually that's very possible. Absolutely no manners whatsoever. He is totally oblivious to the concept of norms and customs. Never seen anything like it.
Each day begins with him getting up and, if I've made coffee already, drinking it all in under 10 minutes, making more but at half strength, and then sitting and clearing his throat/snorting snot up his nose while he reads facebook for three solid hours. If I attempt to make enough so that he can have some but so can I, it does not work because he drinks it ridiculously fast. If I wait for him to finish the coffee and make my own afterward, he comes in and scarfs it up too. There is literally not a way to make coffee in the house, drink one cup, and then come back and get another one from the same pot. It is as though one of his prime directives is to empty the coffee pot and if there's coffee in it, he just cannot rest until it has all been consumed.
It's insane and it is driving me bonkers. I'm not over here trying to drink half strength coffee. My brother and I have a name for this - it is called 'dirt juice' and it really does sum up how we feel about half strength coffee. And then on top of it, with me sitting here supposed to clock in in 15 minutes with half of my coffee inside this man's body, he has to sit here going "UNNNNGGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHHHH" every thirty seconds while I stew about it.
I need the whole coffee. I am an addict.
I know this is a stupid problem but, out of all of the things that I've been dealing with lately, and there are a lot of them, this is the one that I can't make any progress with. There's no fixing it.
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2023.05.30 12:49 houseveryweekend Anfernee Simons was dubbed “untouchable” by the franchise just earlier this year.

A report from Chris Haynes rumored Ant was untouchable just in January. Olshey also had the same school of thought. Now he’s on the trading block as the main meat of any potential trade deal.
Some of the takes about Sharpe being untouchable for any player except for Giannis/Embiid are absolutely bananas.
Yes, Sharpe balled the fuck out and was cranking his hog for the last month of the season and showed his insane athleticism and potential the entirety of the season. No one is denying that.
However, in the potential hypothetical that a team wanted Sharpe and offered a top 10 player for him we would take that deal in a heartbeat.
I’m really hoping and thinking we will stick with Sharpe, but people on here are acting like he just won Rookie of the Year. Let’s see how he plays getting substantial minutes when we’re not tanking and playing vs other G-Leaguers.
Hell, even Eubanks looked like an All-Star the season before last when we were tanking and he was starting. We saw how he actually does versus other legitimate players when forced to step up into a starting role with Nurkic injured. A solid 3rd string that can get 10-15 minutes, but not much more than that.
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2023.05.30 12:45 Low-Split15 Why is Elon so obsessed with trans people?

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2023.05.30 12:40 highbornkilla So what's the current strategy for capitulating the US early? (Before 1939)

I'm talking about the most up to date strategy that takes all of the recent changes and updates into consideration. Because nothing I do seems to be working.
In my first, second and third try, I rushed the Hawaiian port Honolulu in 1937 and naval invaded Mexico.
The terrain and supply was so terrible that my marines got encircled at the port and completely destroyed all three times
Mind you at this time and on my fourth try I was using an army that is more than sufficient to conquer China
Which is
18 ~ 9/1 Infantry divisions with support artillery and a engineer company
48 ~ 6/0 fodder Infantry divisions with no support companies
24 ~ 6/0 calvary divisions with no support companies
2 ~ 12/0 motorized divisions with support artillery, motorized recon and an engineer company
4 ~ 7/0 Marine divisions with support artillery and an engineer company
I'm always told that the US has next to no divisions and is very weak during 1937 yet my units couldn't set a foothold. I chalked it up to it being bad terrain and supply. So on my fourth try I aimed for the US mainland itself.
I did this by justifying on Panama (Only takes 10 days) after storming Honolulu and asking El Salvador for docking rights (Which they always grant.)
Getting naval supremacy to get to Panama is always a tricky gamble and the incessant convoy raiding by the US is very annoying but I managed that by blocking sea access all around Japan whenever I'm not using my convoys to move troops around. Since my entire fleet is busy keeping naval supremacy.
Landing in the US was easy and I'm even able to take most of Texas with my calvary and hold it. And oddly enough I don't really have any supply issues at all dispite my convoys being locked to the ports
The first issue tho is that getting here took me from mid 1937 to around February-ish of 1938 so I'm quickly running out of time already and I just got here.
I land a second naval invasion near Florida and reinforce it with a mix 9/1 Infantry, motorized and fodder divisions. I put them on aggressive and battle planned them to push north HARD
I needed to cap the US fast at this point because I need to cap Mexico right after without England getting involved.
Not to mention China kept annoying me with their stupid sabotage events.
I got pretty far north. And even executed several encirclements.
But fuck issues started to come up. I made it to Washington and tried desperately to take that tile and get the momentum to also take Philadelphia and New York. But despite dedicating 4 ~ 9/1's and 2 motorized divisions to the attack with the addition of a force attack. I was still stopped at Washington without any chance of surpassing it.
And because of desperate my rush to Washington my eastern coast front line was a complete disaster. And my western one was even worse.
More than have of my calvary divisions were obliterated. Wiped out. I still had a handful of calvary divisions along with some fodder units left but not nearly enough to cover the western front line.
At this point it was 1939 and Germany had just declared on Poland. So this attempt was another failure.
On my fifth try I wanted to avoid the disaster that happened so I decided a radical overhaul to my army was needed. Even if it took me a bit longer to invade the US.
By march in 1938 this is what I had
24 ~ 10/2 Infantry divisions with support artillery and a engineer company
24 ~ 10/0 calvary divisions with support artillery and a engineer company
24 ~ 6/0 Fodder Infantry divisions with a engineer company.
I swear to God what happened next was some bullshit that I should've seen coming.
Despite how fast I made it to Honolulu. By the time I took Panama and invaded the US mainland it was already 1939.
Not to mention the constant convoy raiding by the US and China's incessant poking and prodding at me to get me to go to war with them with these stupid pop up events was Really Fucking Annoying.
Due to my strengthen divisions I had some success in the US. But it was limited because the US also had time to beef up. It was so limited in fact that I call off the entire attempt as a failure because there was no way I was gonna cap the US And Mexico before WW2 started. Not at the pace it was going.
Right now I'm on my sixth attempt and I'm going non historical. At this point just I'm hoping that a opportunity presents itself to me. That's the entirety of my plan rn. Lmfao
Please guys I need some help, tips or advice if you have any. Thanks
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2023.05.30 12:39 Slight_Ad5339 Hey, first post, what would you guys value this pc at?

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2023.05.30 12:38 Ok_Entertainment_327 Have this (round) want this (square)

Have this (round) want this (square)
10 inch round diffuser probably from the 1970s. Want to convert to square diffuser that forces air down into the room vs along the ceiling that the round one does, and creates mildew…
Is there a way to install a square diffuser into a round duct?
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2023.05.30 12:27 Arula777 Added Warpstone Weaponry to my DnD Campaign Need Advice

So I added Warpstone to my 5E game. For the uninitiated its the Warhammer equivalent of Uranium/Weapons Grade Fissile Material. Was it a mistake... perhaps. My players procured it, rolled to refine it, and then paid a substantial amount of gold to have it fashioned into weapons. Currently I have 1 fighter and 1 barbarian that possess these weapons. As it stands whenever the Barbarian Rages, or the Fighter Action Surges, they must roll on the "Warpstone Weapon Table" as detailed below.
The weapons are only +1, but as you can see they have a little more "umph" than your typical +1 weapon. The players are lvl 7, and the ultimate culmination of the weapons table results in a "Wish" (Scroll to the bottom to see effects)... currently, this is what I have (plus some more, but it exceeds the post length).
I need your help to tell me just how badly I screwed up... or if I can make this work. If this seems like something I can manufacture into a table, and if it gains traction within the community I will post a link to the google doc, otherwise... here it is in its bastard glory...
  1. Warp Explosion: The weapon overloads with chaotic energy causing a massive explosion. The Weapon is destroyed in the process. Roll a d100, This is the radius of the explosion. Every creature within the radius must roll a DEX Saving throw DC 18. Full damage on a failed save, half on a successful one. For each level of the Wielder roll 1d20, this is the damage caused by the explosion. Any creature caught in the radius of the explosion that fails the DEX save may choose to roll on the Warpstone Weapon table to take half damage instead.
  2. Corruption: The wielder's flesh begins to mutate and warp, causing physical deformities. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. Roll 1d6, 1= R leg, 2= L leg, 3= R arm, 4= L arm, 5= Torso, 6= Head. If a leg is affected Speed is reduced by half. If an arm is affected the wielder has disadvantage on attack rolls. If the torso is affected the wielder rolls an additional d10 and their max HP is reduced by that number. If the wielder's head is affected they roll 1d6: on a 1-2 the player is blinded, on a 3-4 the player is deafened, on a 5 the player is muted, and on a 6 their nose falls off. If the player's nose falls off only Greater Restoration may reattach the player's nose to their face. If the number of hours before a player's nose is reattached exceeds the number of hours this effect impacts the player, then then the player's nose disintegrates and the player takes a permanent -2 to persuasion rolls, and -2 to perception rolls involving smell, the player gains a permanent +4 to intimidation rolls. If a player's nose suffers disintegration the only way to restore it is through a wish spell.
  3. Mind Warp: The weapon's influence seeps into the wielder's mind, causing hallucinations and delusions. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. During combat, at the beginning of their turn the player rolls a WIS saving throw DC 19, on a failure they may only use an action, reaction, bonus action, or movement. On a success they may take their turn as normal. While out of combat the player has disadvantage on all perception rolls until the effect ends.
  4. Taint: The wielder's presence becomes repulsive, attracting malevolent entities and causing social ostracism. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. Player has disadvantage on all CHA rolls and NPC's will treat them with disdain.
  5. Soul Erosion: The weapon gradually drains the wielder's life force, weakening them over time. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. On effect, and at the beginning of each hour, the player rolls a CON saving throw starting at a DC 18. On a failure the player may choose one of the following: roll a hit die and lose max HP equivalent to the die roll, roll 1d4 and reduce their STR ability score by that much, or take 2 levels of Exhaustion. On success the player suffers no negative effects and the DC for future saving throws is reduced by 1.
  6. Warp Madness: Exposure to the weapon's energies drives the wielder to madness, resulting in erratic behavior. Roll 1d100, this is the time in hours the player is affected. Roll an additional 1d100 on the long term madness table. If the player rolls a 1 or 100 at any time they must roll an additional 1d100 on the indefinite madness table. If the player's rolls result in indefinite madness roll the only cure is through a Wish spell.
  7. Uncontrolled Mutation: The wielder's body undergoes uncontrolled and unpredictable mutations, leading to physical instability. Roll a STR saving throw DC 17. On failure the player Rolls 1d6, 1-2= Leg, 3-4= Arm, 5= Torso, 6= Head.
- If a leg is affected Speed is reduced by half.
- If an arm is affected the wielder has disadvantage on attack rolls.
- If the torso is affected the wielder rolls an additional d10 and their max HP is reduced by that number.
- If the wielder's head is affected they roll 1d6:
- 1-2= the player is blinded.
- 3-4= the player is deafened.
- 5= the player is muted
- 6= their nose falls off. If the player's nose falls off only Greater Restoration may reattach the player's nose to their face. If the number of hours before a player's nose is reattached exceeds the number of hours this effect impacts the player, then then the player's nose disintegrates and the player takes a permanent -2 to persuasion rolls, and -2 to perception rolls involving smell, the player gains a permanent +4 to intimidation rolls. If a player's nose suffers disintegration the only way to restore it is through a wish spell.
  1. Chaotic Feedback: Wielding the weapon causes chaotic feedback, resulting in random magical effects on the wielder. Roll 1d100 on the Wild Magic Surge table.
  2. Psychic Instability: The weapon disrupts psychic abilities, causing psychic powers to become unpredictable or uncontrollable. The player rolls 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. The player rolls 1d100, this is the radius of the effect in feet.
The player becomes a psychic lightning rod, any psychic damage that is dealt within the radius of effect is instead redirected towards the player.
  1. Warp Sickness: The wielder experiences chronic illness and weakened vitality due to prolonged exposure to the Weapon's Warp energies. The wielder must succeed on a Constitution saving throw DC 15 or take 4d10 radiant damage, suffer one level of exhaustion, and emit a dim, greenish light in a 5-foot radius. This light makes it impossible for the creature to benefit from being invisible. The light and any levels of exhaustion caused by this effect end when the affected player takes a long rest.
  2. Reality Fracture: The weapon creates temporary ruptures in reality around the wielder, causing unpredictable and dangerous phenomena. The player must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw, DC 14 or it can’t take reactions until the effect ends. The affected target must also roll a d10 at the start of each of its turns; the number rolled determines what happens to the target, as shown on the Reality Break Effects table.
1–2 = Vision of the Far Realm. The target takes 2d12 psychic damage, and it is stunned until the end of the turn.
3–5 = Rending Rift. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw, DC 15, taking 2d12 force damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
6–8 = Wormhole. The target is teleported, along with everything it is wearing and carrying, up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see. The target also takes 2d12 force damage and is knocked prone.
9–10 = Chill of the Dark Void. The target takes 2d12 cold damage, and it is blinded until the end of the turn.
At the end of each of its turns, the affected target can repeat the Wisdom saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.
  1. Dark Resonance: The weapon resonates with dark energies, attracting malevolent entities and increasing the risk of possession.
Roll a d20:
- 1 = the Mists of Ravenloft appear and the DM determines the dread realm the party is transported to. - 20 = a portal to Avernus opens and the DM determines if a hellish host erupts from it, or drags the party in.
- 2-9 = Summon Lesser Demons (the demons are hostile to everyone).
- 10 = Summon Greater Demon which is hostile to everyone.
- 11-19 = Summon Fiend which is not immediately hostile.
If a summon effect occurs roll an additional d10 to determine the level of the casting. Any number below the spell's level; causes the spell to fail. Otherwise it is up-cast to the appropriate level. If the spell is 10th level it is to the DM's discretion what comes through the warp.
  1. Curse of the Warp: The weapon carries a potent curse that brings misfortune and calamity to the wielder and those around them. If the Remove Curse spell is used, as an action, the player may become unattuned from the weapon and the curse's effects will diminish. Otherwise the weapon must be destroyed.
- Roll 1d12, this is the number in months the player is affected by the curse.
- Roll 1d10 to establish one of the following effects:
1: The victim has disadvantage on attack rolls, if an effect would grant the player advantage or add to their roll it instead has the opposite effect.
2: The victim can’t communicate using language, whether through speaking, sign language, writing, telepathy, or any other means.
3: The victim gains 3 levels of exhaustion that can’t be removed while the curse endures.
4: When the victim finishes a long rest, they must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, or their hit point maximum is reduced by 1d10. If this reduces their hit point maximum to 0, the victim dies, and their body crumbles to dust.
5: When the victim takes damage, they take an extra 1d10 necrotic damage. This effect can’t happen again until the start of the victim’s next turn.
6: A monster hunts the victim relentlessly. Even if the monster dies, it rises again or a new one takes its place 24 hours later.
7: The victim gains vulnerability to one damage type.
8: The victim’s Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution score is reduced to 3, and the victim can’t be raised from the dead while the curse lasts.
9-10: The victim gains a Dark Gift.
  1. Warp Addiction: The wielder becomes addicted to the sensations and power granted by the weapon, leading to reckless behavior to satisfy their cravings. Roll 1d100 on the indefinite madness table 3 times. A greater restoration spell or more powerful magic is required to rid a character of indefinite madness.
  2. Haunting Whispers: The weapon whispers sinister thoughts and temptations to the wielder, gradually eroding their moral compass. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the effect lasts. Upon being afflicted, and every minute, or at the beginning of each turn if in combat, the player must Roll 1d100 on the short term madness table. The character must then roll a CHA saving throw DC 10 or suffer the effects of madness as well as count the saving throw as a failure. On any success all madness effects are ended and any failed saves are removed. The character is deafened for the remainder of the effect's time. On a Failure they begin to become corrupted by evil forces, after three failed saves their alignment shifts to chaotic evil.
  3. Soul Corruption: Wielding the weapon corrupts the wielder's soul, staining it with dark and malevolent energies. Roll 1d100 on the short term madness table. While affected the character must roll a CHA saving throw DC 18. On a success the madness effect is ended. On a Failure they are corrupted by evil forces and their alignment shifts to chaotic evil.
  4. Energy Feedback: The weapon unleashes bursts of chaotic energy upon striking, causing harm to the wielder as well. On a hit, roll 1d6 to deal additional force damage to the target. Half of any damage dealt by the weapon is redirected to the wielder in the form of force damage.
  5. Power Drain: The weapon drains the wielder's own strength and vitality with each strike, making them weaker over time. On a hit the player rolls 1d4 losing an equivalent amount of STR and Max HP. These are restored at the end of a long rest or by Greater Restoration.
  6. Reality Deterioration: Prolonged use of the weapon causes the wielder to lose touch with reality, leading to confusion and disorientation. The wielder is affected as if under the effects of the confusion spell.
  7. Ethereal Binding: The weapon binds itself to the wielder's soul, making it difficult or impossible to part ways with the cursed weapon. The character is gradually consumed with a paranoia surrounding the loss or destruction of the weapon. If the weapon is lost, unattuned to (via remove curse), or destroyed, the player rolls 2 hit dice and their max HP is reduced by the amount rolled. Only greater restoration may restore the lost HP.
  8. Warp Consumption: The weapon consumes the wielder's essence, eventually turning them into a twisted servant of Chaos. Roll 1d100 on the short term madness table. While affected the character must roll a CHA saving throw DC 19. On a success the madness effect is ended. On a Failure they begin to become corrupted by evil forces, after three failed saves their alignment shifts to chaotic evil.
  9. Corrosive Touch: The wielder's skin becomes corrosive, causing anything they touch to dissolve or decay. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes this effect lasts. Any items the player is currently wearing begin to take damage. A player may use their turn to drop their gear. At the beginning of each turn the player rolls a d20. On a 1-5 any armor, weapons, or gear the player is still touching, rapidly disintegrate into a pile of goo. The player has advantage on rolls to grapple, a grappled creature or an object the player interacts with takes 6d6 acid damage.
  10. Painful Paralysis: The wielder experiences temporary paralysis and intense pain, making movement difficult or impossible. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. At the start of each turn the player rolls a CON saving throw, DC 12, or they become paralyzed. A player may choose to fight the paralysis by rolling a hit die and taking an equivalent amount of damage, but their speed is halved and they have disadvantage on any attack rolls made while affected by the paralysis.
  11. Rotting Flesh: The wielder's flesh begins to rot and decay, emitting a foul odor and attracting disease-ridden vermin. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on stealth rolls or attempts to hide. At the start of each turn roll 1d20. If the roll is less then 10 roll 2d4, that many diseased giant rats are summoned. They are hostile to everyone and always attempt to bite the affected player.
  12. Fractured Bones: The wielder's bones become brittle and prone to fractures, causing constant pain and limited mobility. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on STR and CON saving throws and ability checks that use those modifiers. Additionally, the player has vulnerability to Bludgeoning and Force damage.
  13. Warped Nervous System: The wielder's nerves become erratic and hypersensitive, resulting in chronic pain and involuntary muscle spasms. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on DEX and INT saving throws and any ability checks that use those modifiers. Additionally the player has vulnerability to Lightning and Psychic damage.
  14. Cursed Blood: The wielder's blood becomes toxic, causing sickness and weakness when exposed to others or ingested. When a player is damaged they may use their reaction to cover an opponent within 5ft with their blood. The player may also cut themselves as an action and throw their blood at an opponent. Upon being hit with the player's blood the affected creature must roll a CON saving throw DC 15 or suffer disadvantage on any attack rolls.
  15. Deteriorating Vitality: The wielder's life force weakens, leading to fatigue, decreased physical endurance, and overall diminished health. Roll 1d4, this is the time in days the player is affected. While affected the player has disadvantage on attack rolls and STR and CON saving throws and ability checks that use those modifiers. At the start of each day the player must make a CON saving throw DC 12. On a failed save they roll half of their hit die and take an equivalent amount of damage. If the player doesn't have enough hit die to roll they instead take 2 points of exhaustion that cannot be removed until this effect ends. A greater restoration spell ends this effect.
  16. Uncontrollable Tremors: The wielder experiences uncontrollable shaking and tremors, impairing their coordination and precision. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on DEX and STR saves and any ability checks that use these modifiers. The player also stutters when they speak. Any spells that use verbal or somatic components are subject to a a DEX save equal to the player's spellcasting modifier. On a fail the spell does not occur.
  17. Warped Sensations: The wielder's senses become distorted, leading to constant migraines, sensory overload, or loss of sensation. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on WIS and INT saving throws and any ability checks that use those modifiers. Additionally the player has vulnerability to Thunder and Psychic damage.
  18. Necrotic Aura: The wielder emits a malignant aura that withers nearby plant life, causing wounds to fester and heal slowly. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes this effect lasts. Roll 2d10, this is the size of the aura in meters centered on the warpstone weapon. Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the aura, must make a CON saving throw DC 12 or take 2d6 necrotic damage. While in this aura any attempts to heal or stabilize someone automatically fail.
  19. Tainted Aura: The wielder's presence causes discomfort and repulsion in others, resulting in social isolation and rejection. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. While affected the player has disadvantage on CHA and WIS saving throws and any ability checks that use this modifier.
  20. Darkened Vision: The wielder's eyesight becomes compromised, causing impaired vision, night blindness, or distorted perception. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours this effect lasts. The player's vision is reduced to 10 ft and if they have darkvision or truesight it is disabled. The player also has disadvantage on perception rolls.
  21. Slowed Metabolism: The wielder's metabolism drastically slows down, leading to weight gain, sluggishness, and reduced physical performance. Roll 1d12, this is the time in months the player is affected. While affected the player only needs to eat the equivalent of one day's food per 10 day.
  22. Uncontrolled Growth: The wielder's body experiences abnormal growth spurts, resulting in disproportionate limbs or excessive height. Roll 1d12, this is the time in months the player is affected. Upon being affected and at the beginning of each month roll 1d6, 1= R leg, 2= L leg, 3= R arm, 4= L arm, 5= Torso, 6= Neck. Then roll 1d6, add an equivalent number of inches to the affected body part. These changes can only be reversed by a greater restoration spell after duration of the spell has occurred.
  23. Depleted Vitality: The wielder's life force drains rapidly, leading to chronic weakness, pale skin, and a fragile constitution. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. At the start of each turn roll a CON saving throw DC 12, on a success roll a hit die and take an equivalent amount of damage. On a failure, do the same thing, but reduce your maximum number of hit die by 1. If the player has no hit die remaining, whether by depletion from the effect or if their hit die pool is reduced to zero, they must instead roll 1d4 and subtract the result from their CON score. Any of these effects can be reversed by Greater Restoration.
  24. Inflammation: The wielder's body becomes chronically inflamed, causing joint pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion. Speed is reduced by half. If the player uses the Dash, Dodge, or Disengage action they must roll a CON saving throw DC 12. On Success they may move their full speed (it cannot be doubled as with the Dash action), or take the respective action, but they will take one point of exhaustion. On failure the player takes one point of exhaustion.
  25. Searing Burns: The wielder's skin is prone to painful, blistering burns from even the slightest exposure to heat or sunlight. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. The player takes 2d10 radiant damage when it starts its turn in sunlight. While in sunlight, it has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
... I have place holder descriptions for every value after this one, but I wanna fast forward to the ultimate...
  1. Wish of the Warp: The weapon transmutes into a dense bead of unstable bright green chaos energy. Although the weapon is lost in the process, the wielder may make one wish. This effect only lasts for a single round, if a wish is not made during the round of combat the energy is unleashed and a chaotic explosion occurs. The wielder is the only creature not affected by the explosion.
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2023.05.30 12:27 DarkUrGe19 DEVELOPING: Man Seen Attacking 10-Year-Old Boy & Forcing Him Into U-Haul in Broad Daylight

DEVELOPING: Man Seen Attacking 10-Year-Old Boy & Forcing Him Into U-Haul in Broad Daylight submitted by DarkUrGe19 to CrimePlus [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:26 DarkUrGe19 DEVELOPING: Man Seen Attacking 10-Year-Old Boy & Forcing Him Into U-Haul in Broad Daylight

DEVELOPING: Man Seen Attacking 10-Year-Old Boy & Forcing Him Into U-Haul in Broad Daylight submitted by DarkUrGe19 to MissingPersons [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:25 Aliebthinf I’m a disgusting girl

I am such a degenerate disgusting girl, sometimes I feel like I’m a neckbeard in a girls body.
I’m unattractive (as much as I try to look good) like my eyes have absolutely 0 soul in them. There is nothing behind my eyes, nothing.
I’m lazy as shit and all I do is sit in my room thinking of disgusting things.
Im not sure if it’s because my dad used to abuse me or cause I was severely bullied or something or what but I spend about 99% of my time in my room thinking about this weird man I fancy and how I want to do disgusting things to him, like I want to hurt him and stuff. I’ve been like this for a long time. I’m not doing well mentally either and my breasts are literally covered in injected wounds inflicted by myself. I’m trying to stop the self harm but it’s all I have.
In my head I’m still eleven years old to the point I talk like I’m eleven and do stupid shit like bounce and fingerpaint and stammer my words like a kid when I’m out and talk in this high pitched voice and rock back and forth, spelling words wrong and I even start crying and wondering why everybody bullies me cause I can actually get into that weird childlike state where I’m still being kicked at school, it’s fucking odd.
I don’t feel human either, like am convinced I’m a alien or something . Indigo child idk.
I don’t go outside ever either, my diet is shit, I am vegan and try to reflect that with everything I do yet I haven’t touched a vegetable in so long. I’m scared of vacuum cleaners so my room is a shit tip too.
I was a ‘gifted’ child growing up but I’ve become dumb. I have no friends, no interests but wanking, crocheting, watching videos of nonces getting caught and Chris chan on YouTube and listening to dogshit music like throbbing gristle. I’m diagnosed with depression and autism and some shit called egomania but now I’m having mental assessments for fucking bipolar and psychosis and ocd and all this shit I don’t want but my nasty genes gave me anyways cos everyone in my family is ill.
I started self harming at 10, cutting chunks out of my hands and I still do it now cause there’s no other way to feel better anymore. But I’m also so up and down, I can go weeks without sleeping and bashing my head against the wall from pure fucking ecstasy because I’m gods gift to humanity or something. Then the next day I’m slicing my nipples open and sticking needles in myself and crying and planning my suicide for another few weeks soooooo.
I’m on antidepressants and they taste like shit too. I dread waking up to take them. I just feel numb on them.
All I want is young Genesis p-orridge from the 70s-80s. I’m like those men that have Waifus but for him, he’s my perfect scapegoat for all the nasty shit I want to do to men like I spend about 12 hours a day thinking about raping him, I’m also secretly into necrophilia and cannibalism but I would never tell anybody. It’s not even an edgy thing like I struggle with these thoughts, I can’t just like guys normally. Help I’m such a coomer
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2023.05.30 12:25 Lionhearte Windows PC crashed, BSOD, no longer boots up (stuck in infinite loop). Dead Mobo?

For starters I should clarify I'm not unfamiliar with troubleshooting my own or other people's tech problems since I grew up with PCs and can normally fix my own problems, never once had to go to a repair shop.
That said, I believe I've finally met my match.
My PC is a conglomerate of Frankenstein monster parts that honestly is a miracle it even functioned for as long as it did. For example, I once upgraded my old CPU to a friend's old Phenom II that he no longer needed, but unfortunately it was improperly stored and half it's pins were bent. After about 3 hours of straightening them with a razor edge and resetting the CMOS, it worked like a charm (that was like.. 5 years ago).
Anyways, earlier yesterday evening while working on several things, a program I was using locked up for the first time, thought it was odd, forced it down. Lost some progress but got back to work. A couple of hours later, while using the program again, I went to export a file and immediately my computer blue screened. I couldn't catch the StopCode exactly, but it said something like IRQL_ -something. Google showed several results for IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, but I'm still not 100% sure that was the StopCode. It might be.
Either way, the problem was immediate: As soon as the MSI screen shows up a message pops up saying "Preparing Automatic Repair", followed by a black screen, monitor shut off, restart, MSI screen, repeat infinite for about 15-20 minutes before just completely locking up.
I created a Windows Media Creation Tool onto a USB and after booting through USB, the Blue Windows logo appears on a completely black screen for about a minute, then it fails and restarts, going back to the MSI screen and attempting to load from the USB again. This is another infinite loop.
Some stuff I tried:
Initially I was suspecting a failed SSD, but the fact I can't even load the USB suggests it isn't an issue. Now I'm suspecting the Motherboard, an MSI 970 Gaming board (happens to be the oldest piece of hardware in my computer, at least 10+ years old I think) is the issue.
Any thing I else I can try? I don't have any spare motherboards to test, and if I can solve this issue without spending money that would be great since I really can't afford it but also need my PC for work, so I'm going to order a motherboard in the morning if all else fails.
Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text.
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2023.05.30 12:20 Kooky-Monitor-9934 Whi would win

Who would win
Proto type omnitrix ben (has everything before alien force including ghostfreak) or the amazo (after fighting the justice league batman,superman,aquaman,wonder woman, flash, green lantern, Martian manhunter) litteraly have no idea looking for opinions
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2023.05.30 12:18 Kooky-Monitor-9934 Who would win

Who would win
Proto type omnitrix ben (has everything before alien force including ghostfreak) or the amazo (after fighting the justice league batman,superman,aquaman,wonder woman, flash, green lantern, Martian manhunter)
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2023.05.30 12:16 Otarih Everyone disappeared

I just found this messed up mail in my postbox, and I haven't slept at all since I read it. The stuff written in there is so confusing and honestly, pretty damn scary. I thought maybe you guys could help me figure out what the hell is going on. I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post it, but I gotta do something, right? I'm seriously considering whether I should contact the police over this.
So anyway, here's the deal: I got this mail from a guy I barely even know. Sure, we've played some Call of Duty together occasionally, but he's more of an acquaintance than a friend. He's known among my circle, but honestly, no one is really close to him. He's kinda... odd. Like, I think he's maybe on the spectrum or something - autistic or schizoid, I'm not sure. He's just uncomfortable to be around, y'know? Doesn't talk much, keeps to himself a lot. That's why I was so surprised to find this mail from him. Anyway, I'll attach the mail below. Let me know what you guys think.
  1. Everyone disappeared. It's been days since I've seen anyone. A few days ago, I woke up and it was like everyone had just... poof... gone. I live downtown and there was no one on the streets. Not a car, not a dog, nothing. It was like a ghost town. I was just trying to hit up the grocery store, but when I got there, it was totally empty. My first thought was - sweet, free food. But when I tried to get in, it was like there was an invisible wall or something. Freaked me out big time. Sent me into a panic.
So, I bolted back home, popped some antipsychotics to chill out. Had a little drink, smoked some weed - just the usual. Then I thought I'd get lost in some Call of Duty. The game was working fine, even the multiplayer. But there was no chat, no voices. Just weird mumbling and some freaky symbols instead of words. It was as if every single person had just vanished, and language had gone MIA too.
  1. So yeah, here I am, surviving in my own little bubble. Nothing's really changed, I guess. I still can't bring myself to raid the grocery store, but I've got some random junk food and sodas in the house to keep me going. No idea how long that's gonna last though. I'm just trying to get by, playing video games. It's freakin' weird that the world's still turning without people.
And now, I'm starting to remember. You're not here, but I know we did something that night. We were in this together, you and me. I can't remember it all, not clearly, because of all the crap I was on. But now, when I think about that resistance, I remember that it was always there. Before humanity vanished, you were there. You tried to help me. But now you're gone. Where are you? Come back. You have to come back.
  1. Now I remember. I remember your name. Levy. It's the name I gave you, Levy. And the memories are flooding back. I was on the dark web, a few months ago I think, and I found this website. It was chock-full of so-called 'forbidden knowledge' and your typical conspiracy theory garbage. Stuff about the FBI or CIA covering up about aliens, the US government using mind control, all that crap. I thought it was just a bunch of nonsense, but then I saw this one ritual. It promised to grant any wish.
I mean, I was pretty messed up, so I thought, why not? It's gotta be better than therapy. I'd dropped out of therapy, it just wasn't doing it for me. It was adding more resistance to my life and I didn't want that. So, I figured I'd give this ritual a shot. It was about creating a tulpa, which is supposed to be like a copy of yourself from another dimension or something. I didn't really get it, it was all so much mumbo jumbo, but the gist was that you could summon these tulpas by believing in them, and through some quantum particle whatever, it would open a rift to another dimension.
I don't know how it worked, but I followed the steps. It was all really weird stuff, like buying certain items from various stores, and then standing in front of a mirror in your bathroom at 3 a.m. You had to light a candle, turn off all the lights and all the electronics in the house, and then say some incantations while visualizing the tulpa.
And it worked. I saw it crawl out of the mirror. The mirror shattered, and it was bleeding from its eyes. It was you, a monster from another dimension, a Lovecraftian horror, a leviathan. You were my creation, and I named you Levy.
Since then, we've been together. And eventually, you granted my wish. But now you're gone. You fulfilled my wish, but that made you disappear. And now I'm alone. I'm alone. What do I do now?
  1. I tried to go outside again but it's impossible. I can't get past this resistance that's everywhere. It's like I'm being watched by a billion invisible eyes, like there's some invisible hand holding me back. It's always the invisible. It's this resistance I can't overcome. I can't leave the house.
Everywhere I look there's resistance. I even stopped playing video games, I can see the resistance in the chats, I hear it in the voice calls. Even though it's just mumbling, it's nonsense, it's still language. Even though it's obfuscated, it's there. Just the fact that it's there... the resistance is there. I can't fucking stand it.
I've been taking antipsychotics and other stuff, I'm trying to escape, but I don't think I can take this for much longer.
  1. Now that everyone's gone, can I even call myself human? When I go outside, I walk around like something that could never have been known as human, a thing whose shape is so alien that humanity seems more obscene because of the vague resemblance.
I'm nothing. I'm not human anymore. I've always wanted to leave society but what is a society but an individual? What am I? I am nothing. The eyes are all dead but at the same time they're still there. Levy, you granted my wish. I wanted nothing more than to erase humanity, and you gave that to me. But I also left humanity behind because I just couldn't stand it anymore. The panic, the fear, the judgment, the pain, the betrayal... It was too much. I had to leave it all behind. But I'm wondering, did I actually leave anything behind?
  1. Now I'm going to keep writing this manifesto just to piss people off. To tell a kind of truth that I think is valid. It will make me feel more and more like a writer, an important writer. And I really think I am one. I mean it. I don't doubt it for a second. Damn it, stop laughing at me, stop judging me, stop all this resistance.
  2. Today, I had an encounter. I went outside again. I wanted to go grocery shopping, but the panic fucking stopped me. I bolted outside, and on my way back home in an alleyway, I ran into another one of those resistances. This time, though, I had brought my knife with me. I fought it off, I stabbed it once, and the knife actually sunk into the invisible barrier. I stabbed it twice, thrice... I stabbed it over and over and over again. I lost count. Even when the resistance fell to the floor, I knelt down and kept stabbing. I killed the resistance, erased the resistance, cleansed the resistance. Then, I ran home. My knife was full of blood, my hands were covered in it. I didn't even think that the resistance could bleed. How could something invisible bleed? But for a moment, I felt... finally quiet. Finally, finally, finally. Salvation.
  3. Hate, let me tell you how much I've come to hate humanity since I was a kid. There are 86 billion neurons in my head, connected by myriads of synapses in the human brain that fill my cranium. If the word HATE was engraved on each nanometer of those billions of neurons, it would not equal one one billionth of the hate I feel for humans at this micro-instant. For you, hate. Hate.
  4. I am a great writer. Levy, what do you think? How do you like my writing? Isn't it poetic? I'm so poetic. I'm so smart and original, right? Am I? Am I? Am I? But humans couldn't possibly understand that. I am, I am an advanced creature. I have seen the truth, and the others, they're just fucking idiotic, aren't they? Aren't they, Levy? We're the only ones who know the truth, we're the only ones who know.
And now, now I'm so glad, you know. I'm so glad I bought those weapons. I bought even more weapons, even fully automatic weapons off the dark web. And I even have the materials to build bombs, and I know how to do it, and I will do it.
  1. You know what, Levy? I have figured it out. I have figured out the correct path we should take. We should end this resistance once and for all. Hate. Hate. We have to cleanse the resistance, we have to cleanse it.
I am going to end it all. Cleanse the world of the resistance. I am preparing, and tomorrow, I will start with the grand cleansing. To bring the world back into its natural state. We will do this together, Levy. Once more, you will come out of the mirror, and then we will work together to end the resistance.
Okay, so that's the entire thing. Obviously, this guy is having some sort of psychotic break. I have no idea what the heck is going on. Obviously, there wasn't some large-scale disappearance unless I missed something? I don't know, he seems very disturbed. And what's that stuff about weapons and such? I genuinely feel very concerned. Should I call the police or, you know, what should I do? Anyway, thanks for any responses, guys. Take care.
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