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2023.03.20 23:53 slvttypixie Update on tiktok live

Hii so I started going live around a week ago on tiktok with 14k followers on that account. I have since gone from 22% to 7.8%.
I have gone live around 6 times not including the times that I was live and wasn’t at a good number of viewers so I ended and restarted the live to boost it to more people. It has also gotten me more followers on my other platforms boosting engagement then getting my content on those platforms to more people.
I have a week long 70% off sale for St. Patrick’s Day but I haven’t been able to be live other than once since doing that and have gotten around 20 new subs with said discount whereas when I could go live more frequently without the discount I got around 50 new subs.
I now have a warning on the account that I use to go live on from people reporting and if I get another violation I could get that account taken away. I have two other accounts but they only have around 100 followers. I waited many months after passing 1000 followers on tiktok to go live so this is your sign to as soon as you get 1000 go live it’ll boost your engagement and get you more subs.
I’m a faceless creator and have trouble coming up with ideas for what to do on live so I’ve typically just been talking to viewers with something on that has a lot of cleavage showing and have music playing in the background. Sometimes I have also played hangman with the viewers. I have noticed I get more viewers later in the day/night rather than in the afternoon/evening.
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2023.03.20 23:53 chungopulikes [question] can’t figure out if I have a problem with my truss rod or my bridge saddles.
Had this in storage for about a year (unfortunately not in a case or anything) it was my very first guitar, a squier strat, and I decided to use it for my first attempt at taking it apart and cleaning it and doing all the maintenance myself. It went pretty fine. Except I sort of neglected the bridge, I didn’t take any of the saddles off and clean them or the screws. My issues are; 1. my low E(6) string is always about 5-7 cents off on intonation, and I can’t lengthen the string anymore but it’s still sharp enough that playing anything past the 12th fret sounds crappy.
  1. My G string buzzes when I bend anywhere past the 12th fret and almost becomes a dead note especially on 14-16 bends. Basically have the exact same issue with the B string.
  2. My high e(1) string, for some reason, when I bend it, anywhere, it sounds like the wood in the neck is, creaking? I’m not sure how else to really describe it, I tried talking a video and recording but my mic doesn’t pick it up. I can compare it to either a really tight string being stretched, or slightly creaking wood I suppose. Any and all help is appreciated!!!
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2023.03.20 23:52 Objective_Group2646 Prove that I'm a noob.

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2023.03.20 23:52 Gloomy_Rub5074 An upgrade or a downgrade?

I have a i7 11700k,z590 msi gaming edge mobo paired with an rx 6900 xt and I have the chance to replace the processor and the mobo with an ryzen 7 5800x3d and b550 f asus gaming. The gpu rest the same. What are your opinions on this? It is worth it or not?
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2023.03.20 23:52 KiraWinchester H: trades (list below) W: AA/SS/1S melee or apparel offers

Wish List: Teslas below, AA/SS/1S melee, and rare apparel/masks
I still need the following Teslas: GS/50L/15r,,, H/50c/25,,, Jug/50c/25,,, Med/50L/15r,,, Troub/50c/25
Complete Trade List: (Thank you for your time browsing this huge list!!!)
FIXERS: AA/25/15r,,, AA/25/15v,,, AA/50c/15v,,, AA/50vhc/25,,, AA/50L/25,,, AA/AP/25,,, AA/E/Dur,,, Ari/25/15r,,, Ari/E/15r,,, Ari/E/25,,, B/25/15v,,, B/50L/25,,, BAP/25,,, Exe/50c/25,,, Exe/AP/25,,, Exe/E/25,,, F/50c/25,,, GouE/25,,, GS/25/25,,, GS/50c/25,,, GS/E/25,,, H/50c/25,,, Jug/50c/25,,, Jug/AP/25,,, Junk/25/15r,,, Junk/50c/15v,,, Junk/50c/25,,, Junk/50L/25,,, Junk/AP/25,,, Junk/E/15v,,, Med/25/25,,, Med/50c/25,,, Med/AP/25,,, Mu/AP/25,,, MS/50c/25,,, N/AP/25,,, N/E/25,,, Q/25/15r,,, Q/25/15v,,, Q/AP/25,,, Q/E/50,,, St/50c/25,,, St/AP/25,,, St/E/25,,, Su/50c/25,,, Su/AP/25,,, Su/E/25,,, T/AP/25,,, TS/25/15r,,, TS/25/15v,,, TS/50vhc/25,,, TS/AP/25,,, V/AP/25,,, Z/25/25,,, Z/E/25
HANDMADES: AA/E/15v,,, Junk/25/15r,,, MS/E/25,,, Mu/E/25,,, Mu/50c/25,,, Q/50vhc/25
HEAVY WEAPONS: AA/25/90 AGL,,, AA/25/15r Cryolator,,, As/25A/90 Fatman,,, B/E/Gho 50cal,,, B/25A/90 Missile Launcher,,, B/50vhc/90 Missile Launcher,,, B/50L/90 AGL,,, Exe/50c/15r Flamer,,, Exe/25A/90 Gatling Plas,,, Exe/E/25 LMG,,, Q/25/15v LMG,,, Q/25/Dur LMG,,, Q/50L/90 Minigun,,, TS/50vhc/90 Broadsider,,, TS/25/15r Gatling Gun,,, TS/25/15r Gatling Laser,,, TS/25/25 LMG,,, TS/E/25 Minigun,,, V/25/15r 50cal,,, V/25/25 Gatling Gun,,, V/50L/90 Harpoon Gun,,, Z/E/90 LMG
MELEE: AA/SS/1S Death Tambo,,, AA/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, AA/40P/1S Gulper Smacker,,, AA/SS/1S Pole Hook,,, AA/50c/15v Power Fist,,, AA/SS/1S Super Sledge,,, Ari/SS/1S Shovel,,, Ari/SS/1S Sledgehammer,,, As/40P/1S Chainsaw,,, As/40P/1S Drill,,, B/SS/1S Bowie Knife,,, B/40P/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, B/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, B/SS/25 Gulper Smacker,,, B/SS/25 Meat Hook,,, B/SS/1S Power Fist,,, BSS/1S Power Fist,,, Exe/50c/1Sv Power Fist,,, Ext/SS/1S Drill,,, GS/SS/1S Chainsaw,,, I/SS/1S Death Tambo,,, I/SS/1S Golf Club,,, I/SS/1S Power Fist,,, I/SS/1S Super Sledge,,, Jug/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Junk/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Junk/SS/1S Security Baton,,, Mu/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, Mu/SS/1S Power Fist,,, MS/SS/1S Shishkebab,,, Su/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Su/SS/1S Spear,,, Troub/SS/1S Bowie Knife,,, Troub/SS/1S Golf Club,,, V/SS/1S Combat Knife,,, V/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, V/SS/1S Mole Miner Gauntlet,,, V/SS/1S Pole Hook,,, V/SS/1S Sledgehammer,,, Z/SS/1S Fire Axe,,, Z/SS/1S Knuckles,,, Z/SS/1S Pipe Wrench
RAILWAYS: AA/50vhc/25,,, AA/E/15v,,, Ari/25/15r,,, B/50vhc/25,,, B/E/15r,,, B/E/90,,, F/50c/25,,, F/E/25,,, GS/50c/25,,, H/25/25,,, H/50c/25,,, I/25/25,,, I/50c/25,,, Junk/E/25,,, Q/50L/15r,,, Q/50L/90,,, Q/AP/25,,, St/50c/25,,, Su/25/25,,, Su/E/25,,, TS/50L/25,,, TS/50vhc/25,,, TS/50c/15r,,, TS/AP/25,,, TS/E/Dur,,, V/25/25,,, V/50c/25,,, Z/E/90
TESLAS: AA/25/15r,,, AA/50L/15r,,, AA/AP/25,,, B/25/25,,, Exe/25/15r,,, Ext/25/15r,,, F/25/15r,,, I/25/15r,,, Q/AP/25,,, TS/25/15r,,, TS/25/25,,, V/25/250,,, V/25/Dur,,, V/50L/15r,,, Z/25/15r
AA/E/25 Assault Rifle,,, AA/25/25 Assultron Head,,, AA/50c15v Crossbow,,, AA/50L/25 Enclave Plasma Rifle,,, AA/25/25 Gamma Gun,,, AA/E/15r Hunting Rifle,,, B/AP/25 Compound Bow,,, B/25/25 Gauss Rifle,,, Exe/50c/25 Combat Rifle,,, Exe/E/25 Hunting Rifle,,, Exe/E/25 Lever Action,,, F/50c/15v Thirst Zapper,,, Gou25/25 Lever Action,,, Junk/50c/25 Enclave Plasma Rifle,,, Mu/50c/25 Crossbow,,, Q/50c/25 Assaultron Head,,, Q/25/15r Combat Shotgun,,, Q/25/15r Plasma Rifle,,, St/50c/25 Crossbow,,, TS/25/15r Combat Rifle,,, TS/50c/25 Combat Rifle,,, V/50c/25 Bow,,, V/AP/25 Crossbow,,, V/50c/25 Gauss Rifle
ARMOR: Aristocrat's Heavy Robot left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Assassin's Heavy Raider left leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Assassin's T-45 right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Auto Stim Raider Power left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Auto Stim USA right arm with AP/WWR,,, Bolstering FSA chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Bolstering Sturdy Combat left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Bolstering Trapper chest with AP/Cavalier,,, Bolstering Trapper right arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon Raider Power right leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon Robot chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Chameleon USA chest with 7%LED/Cavalier,,, Chameleon USA left arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Cloaking Raider Power right leg with 7%LED/WWR,,, Mutant's Excavator left arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Mutant's FSA chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Nocturnal Excavator right leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Nocturnal USA right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Overeater's Excavator right leg with luck/cavalier,,, Overeater's Heavy Robot chest with +25 Rad Resist/Sentinel,,, Overeater's T-60 left arm with +25% env resist/WWR,,, Overeater's T-60 left arm slowed hungeWWR,,, Overeater's USA chest with slower hungeSentinel,,, Overeater's USA left leg with Agility/WWR,,, Overeater's USA right arm with Endurance/Sentinel,,, Regenerating Heavy Raider right arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Troubleshooter's Marine left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Troubleshooter's Sturdy Metal right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Heavy Raider left arm with Luck/Cavalier,,, Unyielding Metal chest with AP/HDT,,, Unyielding Robot right arm with Agility/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Sturdy Leather left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Trapper right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Unyielding Wood left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Vanguard's Excavator right leg with Intelligence/Cavalier,,, Vanguard's Heavy Leather right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Vanguard's Heavy Robot right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Vanguard's Raider power right arm with 7%LED/FDC,,, Vanguard's Sturdy Robot left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Vanguard's Sturdy Robot right leg with 7%LED/WWR,,, Vanguard's USA right arm with AP/Cavalier,,, Vanguard's Wood chest with Strength/Sentinel,,, Zealot's FSA left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Zealot's USA right leg with AP/WWR
PLANS: Assault rifle,,, Barbed walking cane,,, Baseball bat rocket,,, Baseball bat searing puncturing rocket,,, Bear arm,,, Bear arm heavy mod,,, Boxing glove lead lining,,, Camo Backpack,,, Cave cricket tube,,, Civil war era suit,,, Civil war era top hat,,, Confederate hat,,, Deathclaw gauntlet,,, Dense marine armor torso,,, Dense trapper armor torso,,, Fire station bell,,, Flannel shirt & jeans,,, Halloween skull mask,,, Hatchet electro fusion,,, Junkyard fountain,,, Machete sacrificial blade,,, Meat Tenderizer,,, Nuka Girl area rug,,, Pepper shaker,,, Pitchfork Flamer,,, Protective lining Marine underarmor,,, Puncturing pole hook,,, Radioactive barrel,,, Raw cement barricade,,, Scorchbeast queen plushie,,, Scorched tube,,, Sheepsquatch staff,,, Shielded lining casual underarmor,,, Shielded lining Marine underarmor,,, Skeleton costume,,, Skiing outfit,,, Sledgehammer heavy searing sharp rocket,,, Small vault girl statue,,, Snallygaster plushie,,, Spiked walking cane,,, The Fixer,,, T-60 BOS knight paint,,, TV Aquarium,,, Ultracite emergency protocols,,, Undershirt & jeans,,, Vintage water cooler,,, Witch costume,,, WV state bird rug,,, Yao Guai tube,,, Cranberry Bog Healing Salve recipe,,, Fasnacht donut recipe,,, Fasnacht sausage recipe,,, Formula P recipe,,,Stimpak Diffuser recipe,,, Tato salad recipe
APPAREL: Asylum Uniform Pink,,, Clean Spacesuit,,, Emmett Mountain hazmat suit,,, Fasnacht Craxy Guy mask,,, Fasnacht Deathclaw mask,,, Fasnacht Raven mask,,, Grey Fishermans Overalls,,, Hunter's Long Coat,,, Longshoreman Outfit,,, Straight Jacket Clean,,, ,, Winter Jacket and Jeans
CHEMS: Addictol: 145,,, Berry Mentats: 288,,, Buffout: 1366,,, Calmex: 292,, Daddy-O: 965,,, Day Tripper: 510,,, Disease Cure: 385,,, Mentats: 1000,,, Overdrive: 450,,, Psycho: 2527,,, Psychobuff: 1241,,, Psychotats: 1009,,, Super Stimpak: 2500,,, X-cell: 302
FOOD: Canned meat stew: 45,,, Salt: 1394,,, Spices: 841,,, Sugar Bombs(w/rads): 239,,, Pepper: 1375
Enclave plasma aligned flamer modx2,,, Enclave plasma aligned sniper barrel mod
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2023.03.20 23:52 Ethereal_Sol I am a first-time builder, any feedback is well appreciated!

My budget is 1.5k USD. I'm planning to use the build mainly for gaming, and blendecoding on the side.
[PCPartPicker Part List](

**CPU** [AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 3.4 GHz 8-Core Processor]( $189.00 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE ARGB 66.17 CFM CPU Cooler]( $40.90 @ Amazon
**Motherboard** [Asus TUF GAMING B550M-PLUS WIFI II Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard]( $159.99 @ Amazon
**Memory** [G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory]( $59.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Western Digital Black SN770 500 GB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( $39.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Western Digital Blue 3 TB 3.5" 5400 RPM Internal Hard Drive]( $49.73 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [Asus DUAL OC V2 GeForce RTX 3070 LHR 8 GB Video Card]( $569.99 @ Amazon
**Case** [Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case]( $123.88 @ Amazon
**Power Supply** [Corsair RM750e 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply]( $99.99 @ Amazon
**Case Fan** [Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB ELITE 47.7 CFM 120 mm Fan]( $24.19 @ Amazon
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$1357.65**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-03-20 18:52 EDT-0400
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2023.03.20 23:52 thebundok Mac won't boot - Frozen on loading - too many corpses

Late 2014 27" Retina running 11.7.2 BigSur. 3TB Fusion drive. My wife says she walked in this morning and her computer said it experienced a fault and needed to restart. Since restarting it's been stuck at about 50% progress bar.
I have booted into recovery. Disk Utility would not repair with First Aid on either the disk, volumes or container, presenting the following error:
Running first aid on "Macintosh HD-Data" (disk4s1) Repairing file system. Volume was successfully unmounted. Performing fsck_apfs -y -x/dev/rdisk4s1 checking the container superblock checking the fusion superblock checking the EFI jumpstart record checking the space manager checking the space manager free queue trees warning: unable to read apfs keylocker ranges: no such file or directory checking the object map checking the fusion data structures error: btn: invalid key order (170) oid 463308 / 0xib 0 / level 1 / flags 0x4 previous key: 0x00040000012ec677 current key: 0x0004000000a1d886 next key: 0x0004000000bad609 Fusion data structures are invalid The volume /dev/rdisk4s1 could not be verified completely File system check exit code is 8 Restoring the original state found as mounted File system verify or repair failed. : (-69845) Operation failed... 
I then booted into verbose mode and ran into the "too many corpses" errors. Found the thread suggesting to rename the mbr_cache. Attempted to do this step, however I ran into the same issue that many others in the comments had where it just comes up as:
mv: rename ./mbr_cache to ./mbr_cache-old: No such file or directory 
I even "pwd" to make sure I was in the correct directory. Did an ls -la to list all files even hidden. Nothing shows up in that directory. Some comments suggested that this is because the mbr_cache needs to be created and "all you have to do now is reboot!" But rebooting still gets to 50% and stalls. Let it sit for over an hour and no progress.
Others have suggested this is because the drive isn't mounted and to go into Disk Utility and mount it, however the only option I have in Disk Utility is to Unmount, so they're obviously already mounted.
We have backups, though through poor timing of coincidences the most recent files/changes as of the day before weren't backed up. If we had to restore/reformat we'd probably be okay, but I'd really rather not go that route.
Can anyone else suggest any other tips I could try before going nuclear?
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2023.03.20 23:52 StormsRider [For Hire] I will do your Java homework/exams/programs. Respond 24/7, ready for urgent requests, Java homework help Reddit, Java exam help Reddit

I have a lot of experience helping students with their Java programming courses. You can hire me to do your java homework, exams or any kind of Java work you are not in the mood of doing yourself. ​
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2023.03.20 23:52 FocusLoud8015 My My Fun And Crazy "Scuffed" Mcc Ideas

What do you think would be in the "Scuffed" Mcc?
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2023.03.20 23:52 Zealousideal_End_978 How to solve the Primaris/Firstborn "problem"

There's much discussion about the future of firstborn marines - heightened with the teasers of new Terminators - so I thought I'd give my two cents about what I think should happen
I'd be fascinated to hear what you think - do you have any better ideas, and/or what do you think GW will do?
Overall, my plan aims to do three things:
  • Minimise models becoming obsolete (keeping us oldies happy)
  • Maximise new sales for GW (keeping their accountants happy)
  • Simplify statlines & offer more flexibility (keeping everyone happy)
Step 1:
Remove "Primaris" keyword, just make everything Codex Astartes. Fluff-wise, perhaps they develop a "primaris-lite" upgrade which doesn't increase height...or perhaps all the remaining first orn at this point are veterans.
Bolters become bolt rifles, and everyone gets at least 2 attacks base...there's little difference between them already; easy enough to tidy up. Primaris can exist in lore, but there's increasingly little point of it making a difference on the tabletop
Step 2:
Give Primaris units a bit more "tactical" flexibility in terms of weapon options. The current lack thereof is a major bugbear, and I can't see the point. A basic squad of marines needs one chap with a proper heavy weapon to take on alcomers...not the pea-shooter grenade launcher they currently have. Over time weapons can be added to all boxes, but in the meantime an upgrade sprue or two should suffice
Step 3:
Using the above two steps, most units can now be trimmed down to a smaller number of statlines, each with a decent mix of options. Non-exhaustive list of rejigged units below
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Librarian
  • Chaplain (All with a basic statline, with standardised bonsues if biker, phobos, terminator or jump)
  • Tactical Intercessors (as tacticals but add the grenade launcher as another heavy weapon option)
  • Veteran intercessors merge with SiB sternguard vets
  • include the plastic dreadnoughts in the main codex
  • maybe combine all the boxnoughts into one statline, with venerable/ironclad being simple upgrades
  • Apothecaries/Ancients/Champions each combine to a single statline (obviously)
Fast Attack
  • Bikes & Outriders become one and the same (IMHO I'd allow a choice of either specisl weapons or chainsword & devastating charge. And max squad size of 6)
  • Attack Bikes & Land Speeders are a tricky one. I love them; they obviously can't sensibly be proxied/merged with ATVs and storm speeders. If they can find a place in HH then maybe there's an argument for keeping them as seperate units? If not, then alas Legends may be the place for them
Heavy Support
  • if a tank has a plastic kit in 30k or 40k, then include it in the 40k codex (as with the dreadnoughts - and please remove the 1CP cost). If the only LR & Predator kits become the 30k ones then so be it.
  • merge sniper scouts with eliminators, perhaps? (Basic scouts can stay as elites/troops)
  • IMHO they should redesign the silly desolation squad as gravis, and put them alongside eliminators
  • [potentially controversial]: hellblasters merge with plasma/melta sternguard vets - becoming more generic "all-special-weapon" marines as a counterpart to devastatodesolation heavy weapon squads
Step 4:
Future releases hereafter
Release Primaris-sized versions of remaining firstborn marines. There aren't many; just please keep to existing weapon loadouts, there's no need for a repeat of the silly desolator upgunning. There aren't many to do:
  • Jump Pack power armour marines (Vanguard Vets & assault marines. N.b. I've just checked...suppressor squads, the only 2W primaris jump infantry, have disappeared from the Webstore??)
  • Sternguard vets (keep the awesome togas)
  • Terminators (we know they're coming already)
  • heavy weapon intercessors (as both devastators and as part of tactical intercessor squads)
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2023.03.20 23:52 Goodelss Best modpacks with an end goal?

Looking for some of the best ones (preferably in newer versions of MC and not like 1.7) which have a big progression with an end goal.
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2023.03.20 23:52 LuveLemon How did we recieve the dias form the 7 day monthly card

How did we recieve the dias form the 7 day monthly card
I dunno if this is a stupid question but I don't recall getting the dias for 7 days, I checked the daily rewards and mail. Did they give it at once maybe when we collected the 7day card?(bc I didn't check how much dias I recieved when I collected it) But then it wouldn't really be a 7day card ifykwim. So yeah just wondering about this. (Also to clarify I don't mean the 7day card itself. Just how they sent it out for the 7days) Just smt I've been wondering..
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2023.03.20 23:52 Double-Koala-5086 The average marriage lasts 7 years. For those who have been together longer than that, what’s your secret?

What would you do if your parents didn’t like your partner?
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2023.03.20 23:52 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Program (Complete Latest Updated Course) + More

Iman Gadzhi Agency Navigator for 25 USD
There’s also an Iman Gadzhi 7 courses bundle on our store
Hello & welcome to my online website :
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I am the owner of the site and am using reddit platform to reach out to any potential buyers who are interested in paid courses for cheap.
Today’s course is Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator 2022 Updated.
The course has all the sections from the original. And also has an updates section that also includes the iman gadzhi Q&As videos & the attachments in form of PDFs.
Here's the list of the bundle :

If you purchase the bundle I'll provide

as a free extra
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2023.03.20 23:52 kara0214 Removing Guest NCL?

I have a situation that I can't find answers to anywhere online.
My brother booked a solo room on Norwegian. At the time, the cost for his solo room was around $1500 total ($599 cruise fare). A few weeks ago, a friend decided that they were going to go. We called and added him into the room, but the fare had nearly doubled to $1,029 (Please see image for cost breakdown.).
Now, the friend does not have the money to go on the cruise. He is looking to not have to pay at all. No payments have been made aside from the $125 deposit at the initial booking. If we were to remove the friend, would my brother still be expected to pay the full current price, or would he be reverted back to his original price? I know there is the worry of a solo supplement, but I'm just a little confused since he was originally solo, but with a much lower rate.
Cruise sales in mid-August. Any advice is appreciated!
Top is my brother's original fare, bottom is friend's fare
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2023.03.20 23:52 ilovemrbelvedere COVID brought me my first recurrence in years - on my BUTT

Hi! So I am just getting over COVID and was blessed with my first herpes recurrence in years (had it since I was in High School and I'm mid 40s now). I honestly wouldn't think twice about it except that it's in a new place for me - on my actual butt. Which is... awkward. It looks terrible (pink/red - larger area irritated than I would think) but feels (to the touch) like my other recurrences have felt. I was put on 500mg Valtrex 2x day for 7 days, but I read that the typical dosage for recurrence is 3 days.

  1. Any reason to keep taking it beyond the 3 days that y'all know of? (This was TeleHealth so....)
  2. The (less than 4) blisters have already dried up (it's been 3 days). I'm OK to stop looking at it right? If it was in my usual area I would just ignore it as soon as it was dry, but because it's visible and so irritated looking I keep looking at it expecting it to be gone and it's not. But I can trust that even with COVID it'll heal right? Like a week or so more maybe?
  3. Anyone else had a recurrence in a totally new spot after years of the same exact usual suspects?

My health anxiety right now dealing with the second bout of COVID plus this is pretty high so supportive comments welcome!
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2023.03.20 23:52 therobohumanist Do you feel like social anxiety is a curse?

If you have been struggling with social anxiety for a long time, you feel like you tried almost everything and just cannot win over it, I wanna offer you a new perspective that can help you start kicking it's butt from now on!
First, you wanna change your mindset about social anxiety (what you think and believe about it)
Start thinking about social anxiety as a game with levels. (Just like a videogame)
Now everyone is at a different level. Your starting level is level 0, and this is individual. I started at a very severe level. I couldn't speak to people, I would always worry about people looking at me and judging me about any little detail (sounds like you are at a similar level here)
Now it's important to understand that you wouldn't go from level 0 to level 10, but you build yourself up. You wanna build up: - your confidence (that's your armour) - social skill (charisma) - ability to overcome fear (better control over your character) - knowledge about your character and the game(intelligence)
(In the brackets are video game metaphors)
For me it was something like this in the course of 9 years: 1. Waking up at 5 am to go for a run and take a cold shower 2. Learning about psychology and programming for myself 3. Smiling at strangers in public 4. Talking to people on social media 5. Starting video calls with people on social media 6. Introducing myself to girls on the bus on my way to school 7. Joining groups of friends in public 8. Giving away free roses 9. Making videos and going live on social media 10. Speaking on an open mic 11. Doing free hugs 12. Hosting an open mic event 13. Selling sunglasses to tourists
And at this point I am exploring my next levels 🔥🔥
Important to say that each of these level were incredibly difficult and I failed many times. I had to push myself through shaking, nausea, gotten rejected hundreds of times, awkward moments not knowing what to say next, embarrassing myself...
But I always kept going, ever since my first decision that I am not gonna live like that anymore and I will do anything in my power to become happy and confident!
Last thing I am gonna say is that if you wanna improve fast in any video game, you watch tutorials or you get someone who is really good at the game already to teach you!
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2023.03.20 23:51 Bamboozleprime Settled a LLC debt with the original company/owner of the debt, can debt collectors still push to sue the LLC?

So my LLC went totally defunct (no assets) but was in debt for $7,000 to another company. Since our company email went down due to shutting off our google services, they couldn’t get a hold of us and they didn’t mail invoices either and sent the debt to a commercial collection agency.
Once the agency reached out to us, I immediately realized what had happened and contacted the original company we owed the debt to.
I talked to them and explained the situation, the person I talked to was their Accounting SVP and he was super understanding. We exchanged many emails and he told me on email that they are going to issue a credit memo and that we owe them nothing.
I don’t have the credit memo yet, but I do have the Senior Vice President of their Accounting department telling me on email that we owe them nothing.
Can the debt collectors still push to sue us for the money?
If they do sue, is the evidence I have enough? Or should I push to get a copy of the credit memo?
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2023.03.20 23:51 Sparrow5109 Why am I getting so many boosters?

I've been playing ranked for the new season and I keep getting renown boosters. I'm wondering if anyone here knows. I have 3 7 day boosters, and 4 1 day boosters. I'm so lost. Is this a glitch?
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2023.03.20 23:51 OldPersonHerder My husband (M34) and I (35F) have 3 dogs. The one that he brought to the relationship bit my finger so badly last week that I had to have it partially amputated and I need help navigating how we address it while minimizing hard feelings around his beloved dog.

This is a tough one and I know it seems cut and dry but it always helps me to crowdsource my life advice, so here goes:
We’ve been together for three years and got married in October 2022. Very happy and emotionally safe relationship so far. We each brought one dog to this union, and adopted a third together last year.
His dog, Sally, is a 45 pound female Border Collie mix who has been an amazing dog for about 8-9 years and was his ride or die prior to me. Never shown any aggression whatsoever before about 2 weeks prior to this incident. My dog, Bob, is a 12 pound toy Aussie who I have had for 7.5 years, and our adopted dog, Patty, is about 25 pounds, a year and a half old, female, and some sort of Collie mix. They have all three been together for a year now and seemed like a good pack.
A week or two before the bite happened, something in their dynamic changed, and Sally started showing aggression toward Bob when he would get annoyed with Patty and even make the slightest growl at her—she wants to play nonstop and it is tiring. Bob has never bitten/lunged/anything more than a little growl at Patty. After a week of Sally showing small signs of annoyance or aggression, it escalated to Sally viciously attacking Bob when all three dogs are present and I am there, even if there was nothing obvious to me going on. That’s just it—all three dogs have to be there and so do I. She went after Bob 3 times total.
Right now, my brother has kindly agreed to keep Sally while we figure it all out. I’m understandably very distrustful of Sally now, for both myself and my beloved Bob, and fairly traumatized from her literally biting the tip of my finger off and costing us several thousand dollars between the ER, surgery, and hand therapy. I think Patty is definitely part of the problem with the dynamic, but why now?
I guess my real question is, where do I start for guidance on safely reintegrating Sally into our family, or how do we know that all three dogs together won’t work? A dog behavior expert or more training for Patty to try and calm her down? I love Sally, too, and it’s hard to explain how much my husband loves her. I’m definitely seeing my therapist for my own issues surrounding this but would love some advice on how to handle the dogs. Part of me thinks one needs to be rehomed and in my opinion it’s only fair for that to be Sally, since she hurt me so badly. But I’d like to explore all our options.
I appreciate anyone reading all of this and giving me genuine advice.
TL;Dr: One of our dogs bit me while attacking another of our dogs, and this dog who bit me was my husband’s first love. I ended up getting the top half of the bitten finger amputated. Is the only choice to rehome one of the dogs?
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2023.03.20 23:51 KirbyTheGodSlayer I just caught up to the manga and here are my thoughts about all the rounds in the Ragnarok

Round 1 (Lu Bu vs Thor)
I liked it a lot. It was the first round and did its job quite well by introducing us to all the basic mechanics of the tournaments. It may have been somewhat predictable because it was quite obvious that the humans weren’t going to win the first round but I still thought that it was really enjoyable. Lu Bu’s backstory was pretty cool and so was his attitude and supporters, Thor was okay but nothing that great or spectacular about him outside of his living hammer. I would give it a 7/10.
Round 2 (Adam vs Zeus)
I know it’s not an original opinion but this is one of if not my absolute favorite round in the series. I love everything about it from how unpredictable it was to how well-crafted the characters were. The way they took Adam (from the Bible) to represent was so unexpected yet so perfect and logic. His philosophy, abilities and backstory were on point and I almost cried when he died. Zeus was pretty entertaining to watch as a fighter although I do feel like he had some solid plot armour with his blood perfectly hitting Adam’s eyes rendering him vulnerable but that is just a nitpick because Adam’s death was my favorite in the whole series. I would give this fight a solid 10/10.
Round 3 (Sasaki Kojiro vs Poseidon)
This fight is somewhat controversial but I am definitively a fan of it. I know this is probably the most predictable fight in the whole tournament but that doesn’t make me like it less. I thought this was a beautiful way to give humanity its first win. It is simple yet effective with a looser surpassing a perfect winner. Sasaki was a pretty interesting character and his abilities were really amazing. Poseidon was alright but I must say that he pretty much just a cocky asshole. (Even if that is most likely intended) Poseidon’s death was also incredibly satisfying to watch. I would give this fight an 8/10.
Round 4 (Jack the Ripper vs Heracles)
I think that most people would agree with me that this fight was masterfully well-written. The opposition between Jack the Ripper who represents the worst of mankind and Heracles who represents the best of mankind to the point where he even ascended to godhood was just genius. It wasn’t really a predictable fight although I was convinced from the start that Jack would end up killing Heracles and making him his prey. I loved the way they portrayed Jack the Ripper in this fight too making him appear menacing and being a fighting genius who always has tricks up his sleeve like how he lied two times about his actual divine treasure. Heracles was also pretty cool because of how the fight kind of challenged his love for humanity and ability to stay brave and kind and how he still succeeded in both of these things in his death. I also really appreciate how original the fight was with it taking place in a copy of London. I would give this fight a solid 9/10.
Round 5 (Raiden vs Shiva)
I can’t say that this fight is one of my favorites. I know it has its fans but I simply didn’t like it as much as most of other fights in the series. There is nothing wrong with it but there is also nothing particularly good about it either. Shiva had an okay backstory and same goes for Raiden but none of those hit me too hard. (That doesn’t mean they are bad though) The fight itself was okay but nothing stood out to me really. I would give this fight a 6.5/10
Round 6 (Buddha vs Zerofuku/Hajun)
I really loved this fight. I know some don’t really like it which is fair but I loved it. Buddha betraying the gods was such a great twist to me since I felt like it was weird that he wasn’t a human fighter since the beginning. Buddha’s character is just incredible and I like everything about him like his backstory, his abilities, his philosophy, his fighting style and his personality. Zerofuku had an amazing design and the plot twist of him becoming Hajun was pretty cool. The actual fight was absolutely amazing in this round. I have seen some people say that Buddha’s win was plot armour but I disagree with that statement because Hajun would have lost anyway due to how scared he was of Buddha’s determination. The Volund with Zerofuku that Buddha had was really hyped and his win felt really earned. I would give this fight a 9,5/10.
Round 7 (Qin Shi Huang vs Hades)
This is arguably the most controversial fight in the series and I honestly am part of the people who don’t particularly like it. Hades‘s abilities were incredibly boring and his fighting style felt way too similar to Poseidon. It even goes deeper than that for me because the lack of interesting abilities from Hades made me realize that it was another Greek god fighter another Asian fighter so I was even more bored. (It is part of what makes me like Round 8 so much.) Qin Shi Huang was an okay character but I wish he was more accurate at least to some degree to his real life character because he really has nothing in common with him outside of the name and the feat of having united China. While some might answer that it is the case for every human fighter, I would personally disagree because the other characters still felt somewhat inspired from their real life counterpart. This fight was just pretty boring and Hades felt pathetically weak for a Chief God. I would give this fight a 5/10.
Quick thoughts on Round 8 (Nikola Tesla vs Beelzebub)
It’s amazing. I love everything about it and Tesla FTW.
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2023.03.20 23:51 Gloomy_Rub5074 An upgrade or a downgrade?

I have a i7 11700k,z590 msi gaming edge mobo paired with an rx 6900 xt and I have the chance to replace the processor and the mobo with an ryzen 7 5800x3d and b550 f asus gaming. The gpu rest the same. What are your opinions on this? It is worth it or not?
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