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Dance Hits Kx5, Kaskade & deadmau5 March 2023

2023.03.20 22:37 Low_Understanding525 Dance Hits Kx5, Kaskade & deadmau5 March 2023

1035 - Tiësto, Tate McRae .mp3
21 Reasons (feat. Ella Henderson) - Nathan Dawe, Ella Henderson .mp3
365 (Thr33 6ix 5ive) - HoneyLuv .mp3
Afraid To Feel - LF SYSTEM .mp3
All By Myself - Alok, Sigala, Ellie Goulding .mp3
All Or Nothing - Topic, HRVY .mp3
Apollo - Original Mix - Charlotte de Witte .mp3
B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) - Edit - Eliza Rose, Interplanetary Criminal .mp3
Bad Memories (feat. Elley Duhé & FAST BOY) - MEDUZA, James Carter, Elley Duhé, FAST BOY .mp3
Baianá - Bakermat .mp3
Beg For You (feat. Rina Sawayama) - Charli XCX, Rina Sawayama .mp3
Big City Life - Luude, Mattafix .mp3
Black Mascara. - RAYE .mp3
Children - Radio Edit - Deborah de Luca, Robert Miles .mp3
Chill Like That - Sunday Scaries, PiCKUPLiNES .mp3
Chromatic - Anti Up .mp3
Clap Your Hands - Kungs .mp3
Deep Down (feat. Never Dull) - Alok, Ella Eyre, Kenny Dope, Never Dull .mp3
Delilah (pull me out of this) - Fred again.. .mp3
Do It Better (feat. Zoe Wees) - Felix Jaehn, Zoe Wees .mp3
Don’t Let Me Let Go (with ILLENIUM & EVAN GIIA) - Dillon Francis, ILLENIUM, EVAN GIIA .mp3
Drugs From Amsterdam - Mau P .mp3
Escape (feat. Hayla) - Kx5, deadmau5, Kaskade, Hayla .mp3
Everything Goes On - Porter Robinson, League of Legends .mp3
Ferrari - James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa .mp3
Forever And A Day - LP Giobbi, Caroline Byrne .mp3
Give It To Me - Full Vocal Mix - Matt Sassari .mp3
I FEEL LIKE DANCING - Hardwell .mp3
I Was Made For Lovin' You (feat. Nile Rodgers & House Gospel Choir) - Oliver Heldens, Nile Rodgers, House Gospel Choir .mp3
I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta, Bebe Rexha .mp3
In The Yuma (feat. Aatig) - Chris Lake, Aatig .mp3
Just Say - Coco & Breezy, Tara Carosielli .mp3
Kernkraft 400 (A Better Day) - Topic, A7S .mp3
KILL DEM - Jamie xx .mp3
Lay Low - Tiësto .mp3
Let You Go (feat. Kareen Lomax) - Diplo, TSHA, Kareen Lomax .mp3
Like Wooh Wooh - Radio Edit - Rnbstylerz .mp3
messy in heaven - venbee, goddard. .mp3

Serotonin Moonbeams - The Blessed Madonna .mp3
Stay the Night - Sigala, Talia Mar .mp3
Summer In New York - Sofi Tukker .mp3
Tell Me Why - MEDUZA Remix - Supermode, MEDUZA .mp3
The Drop (feat. Azteck) - Dimitri Vegas, David Guetta, Nicole Scherzinger, Azteck .mp3
The Sign - CamelPhat, Anyma .mp3
These Nights - Loud Luxury, KIDDO .mp3
Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future) - Fred again.., Swedish House Mafia, Future .mp3
Twin Flame - KAYTRANADA, Anderson .Paak .mp3
Water - Bicep, Clara La San .mp3
What You Say - Young Marco .mp3
Where Are You Now - Lost Frequencies, Calum Scott .mp3
Where You Are - John Summit, Hayla .mp3
Woke Up in Love - Kygo, Gryffin, Calum Scott .mp3
Words (feat. Zara Larsson) - Alesso, Zara Larsson .mp3
World, Hold On - FISHER Rework - Bob Sinclar, Steve Edwards, FISHER .mp3
Worlds On Fire (with R3HAB & AuRa) - AFROJACK, R3HAB, AuRa .mp3
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2023.03.20 22:36 AutoNewsAdmin [Politics] - No joke: Jon Stewart would 'win in a slam dunk' if he ran for president, Howard Stern says

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2023.03.20 22:31 Beneficial-Key3961 Why is it recommended a lot on here to not let surgeon push back lower jaw ??

Hi all! Have been lurking on this thread over a year. Guess I should have asked this awhile ago considering I’ve already had DJS 5 days ago on 3/15. But as I scan threads I notice a trend of lots of commenters saying don’t push lower jaw back….why? I had an overjet of -5 mm and not sure the rest of the numbers but bite was pretty severe. Surgeon said I was a top candidate of DJS to split the difference in movements on top and bottom jaw. Surgery went well, I’m so swollen beyond belief and in pain but granted it’s only been 5 days. My skin on my face does feel a little leathery when I touch it and I am still not quite sure what to do with my tongue with my new mouth but other than that no issues really. I think I’m breathing better because last night I had a solid 5 hours of sleep before I woke up whereas before surgery I used to wake often due to thirst from mouth having to stay open to breath. So does anyone know why so many are told not to do the bottom movement on surgery? I know it’s already done and nothing I can do now but wondering if I should watch for certain complications to develop?
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2023.03.20 22:28 omniscientclown Last week I had a diabetic seizure due to hypoglycemia. Here's my experience and what I learned

Hi all! Last week I had a very scary experience with a low blood sugar, and I'd like to share my experience and also maybe issue some warnings. To start, I am 26F and have had T1D since I was 4 years old. Overall, my bloodsugars are mostly controlled (A1C~6.5). I am on the Medtronic 770G pump/sensor. However, at the time of this event, I was not wearing the sensor as I had lost my transmitter during travelling a week or so prior and hadn't gotten around to ordering a new one. This is the first time I had an experience like this in my memory. This will be long but it's important to see how easily this can happen and how to avoid mistakes that can lead to it. When I google information, it seems like sometimes a diabetic seizure can just be mild symptoms like confusion, sweating, but mine progressed into a full-blown seizure. (Read for some more information.. I feel like I’ve never been formally educated on this in all my years of being a diabetic)
So last Thursday night my blood sugar was high 200s and not going down after bolus, but then I realized I had to change my site anyway so maybe that's why. Changed site, gave a little more insulin, kept checking every 30 mins-1hr or so and it was now in the 300s and not going down. At this point I decided to change my site again and lo and behold, the tube was bent and not even in my skin. Put on a new site, gave the amount of insulin to treat >300 BG since I knew I hadn't gotten any insulin for hours at that point. It was late and I was tired, so I waited until I knew for sure my BG was going down before I went to sleep. It was going down so slowly, but once it hit 240 around 1am I was too tired and knew it would be fine as it's obviously going down. I put a juice by my bedside in the event I overcorrected since I ALWAYS wake up when my bloodsugar gets too low while sleeping.
Well, not this time. The next time I woke up was around 4 am to 4 paramedics in my room. My partner had to fill me in on the details and thanks to him this all turned out okay. So I guess around 3:30am, my partner woke up to me banging my arm on the nightstand (I was laying on my side). He said I was thrashing pretty violently, and while he has no prior experiences with seizures, he assumed that's what was happening. I wasn't coherent and my eyes were open but not looking at anything. So he got up to check on me and I was half hanging off the bed, so he moved me more on the bed and then realized how sweaty I was. That's always a big indication for me that my bloodsugar is very low. So at this point he did figure I was having a seizure, but then also realized my BG was low, but at this point he hadn't put everything together. He checked my BG.. he actually tried to do it in my upper thigh at first because my arms were moving too much. Didn't work though but he did get it from my finger. My meter just read "Call 911" instead of giving a number. So here he said that within 40 seconds he learned low blood sugars can cause seizures! What a great way to learn, through experience lol. He said I thrashed pretty violently for maybe like 5 mins, then eventually it changed to smaller tremors and during this whole time I was in/out of consciousness. So he called 911 as the meter instructed, and medics were there within 4 mins.
Here I should point out, that yes, this would've been a good time for a glucagon treatment. While I do have one, it was expired, and my partner didn't exactly know where it was. So instead of wasting time looking for it, while he was on phone with the operator he put some sugar in my mouth to let it soak into my gums (note- at this point I wasn't fully seizing anymore and I was still on my side, and since the sugar melts he figured it was safe enough to put in my mouth as it wasn't much. I'm still not sure if this is the best idea, but we plan to get a sugar gel in case it ever happens again).
So once the medics arrived, they gave me a glucagon shot (at least we assume, my partner wasn't sure and was overwhelmed) and some glucose gel. After this they checked my BG and it was 20! So it must have been even lower before that. I think the lowest my BG has ever been is like 35ish? I guess at this point I was cooperating but still mostly out of it, and I don't remember this. I started coming to a couple of minutes later and I thought I was dreaming that there were medics in my room. Then I realized I had a terrible, sweet taste in my mouth, and I scratched my nose and felt sugar around my mouth. At this point I realized it was not a dream, and I am being treated for a bad low. I started communicating with the medics and my partner at this point, but no one necessarily told me everything that happened. Then they gave me an IV of some clear glucose liquid. I remember it took awhile for them to find a good vein and I also remember not feeling it at all. Then they started asking me questions (Name, date, who's the president, etc) and I was able to answer. They said this IV is supposed to raise my BG really fast and then I need actual food to keep it up. To give you an idea, it went up to 350 while getting the IV, and within a couple minutes it was already back down to 240ish. I had a couple of granola bars (I was starving at this point, wanting to do a low binge). At this point they also explained I had a seizure due to the low blood sugar which definitely surprised me. Medics stayed a couple more mins to ensure I was stable and offered to take me to hospital, but at that point I was all there and my BG started equilibrating, so I declined. I talked to my partner for a little bit and he gave me the rest of the details about how he woke up, the actual seizure, how my dogs would be terrible medical alert dogs because they slept through the whole thing (lol), etc. Then I quickly fell asleep.
The next day I woke up with a BG of 460 so my day already started off feeling lovely hah. But once that was fixed, I was physically exhausted and had a headache all day.
Now that it’s been a few days, I’ve had time to reflect about all this. It was weird the first day or two because I didn’t remember or wasn’t conscious for the worst of it. So it almost didn’t feel real? Or didn’t feel that scary, even though I knew it was a scary situation in general. I’m very thankful my partner woke up and was able to help because of course we don’t wanna think about the worst that could’ve happened.. What really scares me is if I was alone that night for some reason. We’ve lived together for 2-3 years now, but before that I lived alone (no roommates) for 2 years. Over the years I’ve been with him, he has of course become familiar with diabetes and understands most of the signs of high/low bg (like the sweating from that night), and I’m also glad I had taught him how to check my bloodsugar. He also knew it was best to get any kind of sugar in me as possible, and we had previously discussed that you can use plain sugar because it melts and absorbs into the gums. However, we had never formally discussed an action plan if something like this happened, probably because I never thought about it happening like it did. Like he knew about the existence of the glucagon, but didnt know where I kept it or how to use it if he had found it.
Another thing that could’ve prevented this was me wearing my sensor. I must admit that I go through phases of wearing it for awhile, then not wearing it for a while, and it cycles like that. I want to reiterate that every other time I’ve gotten a low bloodsugar while sleeping, I wake up. Usually in a puddle of sweat, starving. And to be honest, it doesn’t seem like the issues the night before should’ve caused me to drop that low. I didn’t think I’d given myself too much, and it was previously dropping very slowly. I guess it just dropped so fast that I didn’t wake up in time? So I guess I put a little too much trust in my body. The day after this happened I ordered a new transmitter, which should arrive tomorrow. But each night I am so anxious about going to bed, afraid it could happen again. So I have a feeling that going forward I will be much better about wearing the sensor, no matter how annoying it is.
So after all this, I guess I have some advice for my fellow T1Ds:
  1. Make sure your friends, family, partners, etc. know what to do in a situation of either low or high blood sugar. Make sure they know your tells, let them know where you keep snacks/juice, etc. I’ve always been really good about doing this, especially if I meet people in a new situation where no one knows me. In addition, having a formal plan for anyone you may live with, telling them how to use glucagon, etc (this is where I realized the obvious shortcomings of not having a formal plan).
  2. Keep a glucagon on hand in an easy to find place, not expired, and make sure someone knows how to use it!
  3. On that note, keeping a glucose gel is also good, as it may be easier for someone to administer. Also much easier to carry around with you in pocket/purse. You can also encourage people you’re around a lot to keep some on them. I’ve never actually used these but will definitely get some. If someone is unconscious/unresponsive due to a low BG, this is a very easy way to get sugar into them safely, instead of trying to get them to eat or drink something.
  4. Wear the damn sensor if you have one. They’re annoying as hell but I suppose they can truly be life saving, especially if you live alone!
  5. When in doubt, just call 911 (or your country-specific emergency line). Low blood sugars are common occurrences that are easy for them to treat. I didn't even have to get an ambulance or hospital bill and was fully treated at home. But also, of course go to the hospital if you need to!
If you stuck around this long, thank you for reading! I hope your nights are full of good bloodsugars!
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2023.03.20 22:24 Editring We've actually gone full no-contact and I have no way of contacting him

So much has happened. Feel free to look through my posts.
But we no longer work together, and being in person was the only way to have contact. Knowing our work relationship was ending, we got him a secret phone that he was going to keep hidden in his truck. And he was going to call me with it when he was driving alone
2 days after his last day at work, she woke up early, grabbed his truck keys, thoroughly searched his truck, and found it. She had been fine-tooth-comb searching every part of their house for the last several weeks and she finally found something
He called to say goodbye for now. His voice was cracking during the call and it sounded like he was crying during several parts. This man is stoic af. I was floored to hear this much emotion. He said that they are going to set a time, like 3 months, and that at the end of the three months of counseling and no contact with me, see if they want to stay together
He said he doesn't think they will work. That this is the closest we have been to being together. Not that I should have to wait. He understands if I've had enough.
Because our old boss wants to start something new and hire oth of us, before all this happened we had planned to tell him about us, so that is not a surprise if we end up together. He said he's still going to tell our old boss. I asked if I could tell our old coworker and my closest friend. And he said sweetly that I could tell whoever I want.
Before we said our goodbye, he told me that he loved me. For the first time. So sad and so lovely at the same time
So. This is it for now. I have no way of knowing how he is doing except through others. This is why I need to talk to my friend. Everyone will assume we are in contact because we were so close. But I need her to tell him if anything happens to me, and vice versa. And I would like to know if he's doing ok. If he got an offer for a new job. Little things.
In the meantime I got promoted into an impossible role at work with little support. So i will bury myself in my job and raising my son for the time being. In some ways the timing is perfect because I really don't have free time right now
I just hope that's not the last time I hear his voice
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2023.03.20 22:23 uraqtpi2me First written work: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Here's my first written work, based on Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
Before the scene, as well as the beginning of the scene:
The scene:
The dialogue I wrote for Ramona is made up by me, not her actual responses in the movie. Scott's lines have also been pre-adjusted by Winnie to make it work better as a monologue.
Who am I? I am Scott Pilgrim, 22 years old. I am dating a 17 year old Chinese girl named Knives Chau who goes to a Catholic high school. People judge me for dating a high schooler. I've lost feelings for her as my eyes are now set on Ramona Flowers. Breaking up with Knives is too hard for me right now because it hurts so much to be alone. But I won't let that stop me from getting with Ramona. After all, she is my dream girl. By the way, I'm in a band and I share a bed with a gay roommate. I've been dumped about a year ago and I haven't had a haircut ever since; I've been cutting it myself. I think my hair looks too shaggy and I worry what others think about it. The drummer in my band is another one of my exes.
Who am I talking to? Ramona Flowers, my dreamy American crush who has been on my mind this whole week. She works at Amazon and I ordered a package just so she would show up at my door. I must get a date with her. Unfortunately I'm a stranger to her and she is a very closed off person. This will take some convincing.
Where am I? I am in my house in Toronto Canada, standing at my front door looking at Ramona. There is snow outside.
Objective: I must get Ramona to go on a date with me.
S = Scott Pilgrim (me) R = Ramona Flowers
[I go to the bathroom in my house to pee. When I walk out, I am in a high school hallway. I see Ramona skating past me down the hall.]
S: Hey!
[I chase her. Around a corner, I see her standing in front of my front door, which is covered in snow. She reaches in her bag for a package. I wake up. I jump out of bed and run to my door. Just as I begin to open it, Ramona rings the doorbell. She is standing right in front of me.]
R: uh. Scott Pilgrim?
(This is the moment I've been waiting for. Ramona is right here on my doorstep. Now's my chance to ask her out. But first I should greet her, because otherwise I would seem weird.)
S: Hi.
R: You must be Scott Pilgrim.
(If I asked her out she might say no and that would hurt really bad. Maybe if I just tell her I was planning on it then she will let me know if she is interested.)
S: I was thinking about asking you out, but then I realized how stupid that would be.
R: why are you telling me this?
(Shit, this is awkward. But I can't let her leave without getting a date with her. I must ask her directly.)
S: So do you want to go out sometime?
R: I don't even know you. Why are you asking me?
(Maybe if I tell her she was in my dream she will think we are soul mates.)
S: I just woke up, and you were in my dream.
R: What happened in the dream?
S: I dreamt that you were delivering me this package.
R: why?
(I can't tell her that I had planned all of this out. That would appear creepy. Oh no... I guess I'll just hope for some sympathy...)
S: Is that weird?
R: Yes; I don't even know you.
(Wait. She might not even know who I am. Maybe if she knew then she would go out with me.)
S: You don't remember me, do you?
R: No.
(She doesn't know. I should remind her.)
S: We met at the party the other day.
R: were you the Pac-man guy?
(Oh no. She probably thinks I'm a weirdo for that. I must make her think it's not me.)
S: No…I wasn’t the Pac-man guy.
R: I could have sworn it was you.
(If I admitted to it then she would think I'm a liar. I have no choice but to adamantly double down.)
S: Not even.
R: then who was he?
(I have to make something up or else she will catch me in my lies. But if I'm too specific she will know it isn't true. I also want to distance myself from the imaginary guy so she doesn't think I'm weird like him.)
S: That was some total ass.
R: and you?
(Oh shit. There's no way I can keep this up. I'll just say something generic that she can't disprove.)
S: I was the other guy.
R: just sign for your package already.
(I can't let her leave. But I need to at least acknowledge her request so she doesn't think I'm rude.)
S: Look…I know you need me to sign for that- whatever it is.
R: please do.
(Shit, what do I say to make her stay? I guess I have no choice but to be upfront.)
S: But if I do, you'll leave.
R: you're annoying me.
(I don't know what to say, I'd better jusy go with the flow so she doesn't get angry.)
S: Okay.
R: I'm waiting.
(Wait. I can't let her go now after all of this effort. She said no to a date, but maybe I can get her to hang out with me and try to turn it into a date.)
S: Well, maybe, do you wanna hang out sometime?
R: Why should I?
(I want her to get comfortable with me enough to date me. But I need to find a casual way to say it.)
S: Get to know each other.
R: why YOU?
(She seems to think I'm not worth her time. Maybe I can make her feel like I'm doing her a favor.)
S: You're the new kid on the block, right?
R: so what?
(I need to make her think she will benefit from hanging out.)
S: I've lived here forever, so there are reasons for you to hang out with me.
R: reasons?
(Shit, I don't really have anything to offer. I can't make an awkward pause. I'll just tell her what I want.)
S: I want you to if that's cool.
R: not convincing.
(That didn't work. I need a real reason for her to agree. She's itching for my to sign my package. Maybe I can use that as a bargaining chip.)
S: If you say yes, i’ll sign for my package.
R: fine. what's the plan?
(Yes! Now I should try to impress her with my band performance at our hangout so she will want to date me.)
S: Come to this first round of this battle of the bands thing.
R: Why that?
(Now's my time to appear cool so she'll want to date me.)
S: I have a band.
R: are you good?
(If I say we're good she'll think I'm arrogant. So I should say we're bad. Reverse psychology, right?)
S: We're terrible.
R: that isn't appealing.
(Maybe if I use the magic word she will agree.)
S: Please come.
R: fine. See you there.
(I should get her phone number so I can keep her accountable as well as flirt with her so she'll want to date me.)
S: Oh wait, can I get your number?
R: sure.
(I should let her know how much I appreciate it so that she'll think I'm a gentleman.)
S: Wow... girl number...
R: um...
(That was awkward. I should wrap it up and get our date confirmed before I mess it up.)
S: So yeah. 8:00?
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2023.03.20 22:21 ThrowRAAnon143 My mum brought home furniture and I can hear them knocking

Sunday morning rolls around and my family and I get ready to head to the markets as per our weekly ritual. When we arrived we parked and head into the racecourse where the markets were held.
We were walking around for about 30 mins or so before my mum found an antique stall. She fell in love with a wooden TV unit.
It was beautifully stained oak wood, with stained glass on the side cupboard doors and solid oak on the front cupboards. As soon as she saw it she bought it instantly and got her now, ex husband to take it to the car, it was too heavy for any of my sibling and I to help, so we all ended up going to the car.
Once the unit was loaded in and my mum was satisfied it was well hidden and safe, we headed back to the stall as my mum had seen a bookcase and chest that looked to be a set with the unit.
We arrived back at the same spot but the stall had disappeared. My mum asked the neighbouring stalls if they know where the antique stall had gone and everyone said the same thing: “There are no antique stalls here.”
Defeated and confused my mum decided that that was it for the markets and we headed home.
First night the unit was brought into the house, I heard loud knocking coming from the living room. It grew louder an only continued for about 30 seconds, but was enough to make me sleep under my blanket the rest of the night in 30°C.
Next morning after walking into the kitchen to get ready for school feeling like death, I saw that my older brother and mum had similar tiredness as me.
I was too tired to ask, but thankfully my brother did it anyways and come to find out they both heard the exact same knocking from the night before. It happened daily.
2 weeks later, it got worse. At around 2/3am the couples of weeks after, I saw a figure standing in my doorway looking away from me. Took my chance and slipped under my blanket again. This continued happening and the figure kept creeping closer and closer every night I awoke.
2 days later my mum encountered a man in a wheel chair sitting at the end of her bed staring at her and her ex, watching them sleep.
On the same night my my older brother saw a woman float past his room at the back of the house facing the backyard with only her upper half, the window was only on the top 1/3rd of the wall, so about 3-4 meters above ground.
My mums ex didn’t believe her until he woke up one day in the middle of the night, this has now been about 3 days after my brothers sighting. That was the final straw for us.
We found a new rental within 2 days and left everything behind. To whoever moved in after us, we hope you made it. We hope you were able to stay hidden. We hope you were able to stay quiet.
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2023.03.20 22:19 rainierirainieri Voters Guide For Real People (Taken from Nextdoor)

Surprisingly good content on Nextdoor. The post:
Let's laugh at local politics.
"Unpolitically Correct Voters Guide for Real People"

*Much like Tucker Carlson's TV show, this post is for entertainment purposes only. (Side note: my lawyer is also Tucker Carlson's lawyer and he told me to say that so I can't be held accountable for being legally braindead)*
Wayne Williams - Do you love water restrictions? Do you love traffic? Do you love the establishment? Do you love puppet politicians? Then you'll love Wayne Williams. Directly in the pockets of developers, Williams is the choice for anyone who wants unregulated growth that will force those in charge of our water infrastructure to make difficult decisions when our supply reaches a critical point. In his defense, he may actually be a good guy but a ventriloquist dummy is only as good as the person with their hand up his ass.

John "Tigger" Tiegen - You know that family member that ruins every thanksgiving dinner with endless schizophrenic rants about the deep state? This is who they would vote for if they weren't so woke to know that the voting machines are being controlled by the spectre of Mao Zedong. But they know a workaround to ensure their candidate gets into office: drive around with flags flying from their truck. And obviously if that doesn't work then the back up is just claiming election fraud.

Kallan Rodebaugh - The only good candidate. Not tainted by any Facebook narratives. Doesn't attack his opponents. All campaign donations go to Springs Mission. He has way better hair than any other choices. Can lift more than any other choices.

Daryll Glenn - This is the only candidate who will end the COVID lockdowns that Obama has inflicted on this country. Okay, sure, they have ended, but he'll travel back in time and end them. And sure, Obama isn't in office, but anyone who likes Glenn knows that Obama is teamed up with George Soros and Bill Gates to implant 5g chips in the populace and control them. Glenn will also fight back against the controllers of the Jewish space lasers that have been the cause of wildfires. Voting for him gets you a coupon code for MyPillow, so that's awesome.

Yemi - You know that warm fuzzy feeling you got when you voted for Obama because of all the hope and change and what not, then under Obama we drone struck a Yemeni wedding and it and we all were just like, "yeah, I definitely believe that I'm a leftist by voting for that" and then you were all like "orange man put kids in cage, I'm voting against him" and then the new guy just got nicer kids for the cage and you were all like "yeah, that's awesome I definitely think I'm a leftist for that"? Remember? Pepperidge farm remembers. Well, you can revive that feeling of neoliberal fetishistic disavowal by voting for a guy whose business was involved in wage theft and ignored sexual harassment allegations. Thank God (who he has personally spoken with, so there might be some collusion there) his supporters are telling people he wasn't to blame for those incidents because I haven't seen any evidence of him addressing the issue and clearing the air.

Christopher Mitchell - Finally, a candidate who has briefly skimmed the cliff's notes of the Constitution and is running a campaign based on a 4th graders understanding of said Constitution. He claims he'll handle things objectively, which, one can very well infer from reading about him that his version of objectivity will hew so close to subjective that you'll question the definition of either term. Also, wtf is the cowboy revolution? Does that mean this guy owns a Ford f-150 that's never left concrete?

Andrew Dalby - The dude took out a $400,000 loan for his campaign and his largest expenditure, the largest single expenditure among any of the candidates, is a $275,000 transaction to Dark Money Advertising LLC. The joke writes itself folks. A true caricature of politics. And listen, as a straight white male, I'm just as excited as the next straight white male for the possibility of the ideals in Handmaids Tale being the law of the land, but dude, chill. Side note: When Yemi claims he talked to God he was actually talking to Dalby.

Lawrence Martinez - I feel like if I try to add any coherent thoughts to this guy's platform, people will accuse me of being involved with his campaign. Considering that incoherence has been the preference for the executive branch of our federal government since 2016, he should be the frontrunner. But it's very likely that reading this is the first time you've heard of him.

Sallie Clark - The "i WoN't vOtE fOr cArEeR PoLiTiCiAnS" crowd aren't voting for her, so that is one out of two good things going for her. Of the viable candidates, she's probably the best choice when it comes to the real issues Colorado Springs faces (the ones Wayne Williams will make worse). But, as evidenced by her attack ad on Williams (which, by principle I don't vote for candidates who run attack ads) which juxtaposed Williams as someone who would dare reach across the aisle in bipartisan fashion, she is representative of the plague that is American entertainment politics. In a race that is supposed to be non-partisan, she has assured us that she is a conservative republican who is fine with alienating an entire voting demographic. I also heard a rumor that she talks to Margaret Thatcher with a Ouija board but I can't prove that.

Jim Miller - Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from schools. Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from playgrounds. Jim Miller will increase the distance that sex offenders can live from Chuck E Cheese. That's pretty much the platform. Oh, he doesn't like potholes either. We can all get on board with that, right? Just deport the pedos to Teller county and fix the potholes? We should probably just vote for this guy.

Longinos - You know that joke, "How do you know if someone's vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you." Well, that's how Longinos is with his military career. And just like any panhandler that makes a dubious claim about being a veteran on their cardboard sign, he knows it's a strategy that works in this setting. He also makes the noble claim that he is the candidate for "the people" while being adamantly against everything half of "the people" want. He'll get up to 3% of the vote, which will at least beat Tiegen so that's fun.

Strand - Again, this is probably the first time you've heard of him. I think at this point it's probably a waste of time to waste my breath on someone all of us just heard of today because of this post. (The joke is that you all should have heard of him but he's been pushed far aside in this election)
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2023.03.20 22:10 tonnie_taller Republicans torch Biden veto of bipartisan ESG bill: ‘Good luck explaining this one’

FIRST ON FOX: Republicans tore into President Biden’s first veto that stopped a bipartisan bill removing a new Labor Department rule encouraging retirement fiduciaries to consider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in their investments. Biden’s first veto came against a bipartisan bill striking down the administration’s new rule promoting the woke ESG ideology, … Continue reading Republicans torch Biden veto of bipartisan ESG bill: ‘Good luck explaining this one’
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2023.03.20 22:04 Matt8992 My experience that got me over my fear of flying.

I'm 33 years old. My first flight was at 19 to Haiti. I wasn't scared at all because I was on a big plane, middle row, middle seat, sitting next to the girl I liked. So I didn't think anything of it.
After that, I got a job as a crime scene cleaner and started flying A LOT. I had the A+ Companion pass with Southwest, and I knew many SW flight attendants well because I flew so much. I imagine my first year as a crime scene cleaner I took well over 100+ flights. I did this for 5 years so I can't imagine how many times I've been in a plane. Every flight I was scared. Scared so much that I did the following:
  1. Read a book about airplanes
  2. Read a book on being a pilot
  3. Took a few flying lessons
  4. Went to school for mechanical engineering and minored in aerospace engineering.
Even with all of that done, I was still terrified of flying and I realized that it was really just the anticipation up to the flight and the idea of not being in control of what was happening with the plane. Well, I just got a new job that requires me to travel out to some of our other offices and new sites being built. So, I've been flying a little and on top of that I recently started Therapy (for unrelated reasons) but my fear of flying came up so my therapist suggested I do the following:
  1. Put on headphones and close my eyes before taking off.
  2. Take deep breaths and imagine I'm just in a car or on a bus.
  3. Recall the facts that I know about airplanes and how they're built and the extensive training of pilots.
  4. Be present with my physical body and make sure not to tense up, just relax.
  5. Most importantly: Think about what I am going to be doing when I land and how I am looking forward to it.
So, one of my recent trips to Denver: I did all of the above and it helped a lot.
While I was in Denver I got REALLY sick: food poisoning. I was so sick that I missed my second flight to Phoenix and ended up laying in the hotel bed. I was so dehydrated, nauseated and lightheaded that I couldn't get out of bed. The freaking hotel WOULD NOT LET ME RENT THE ROOM ANOTHER NIGHT. They said they were booked up. I told them I could not get out of bed, but they told me I had to leave. I started to have a panic attack because I was about to be homeless in Denver, halfway across the country from where I live so I called 911. They took me to the ER where I spent 6 hours being rehydrated and treated for high heart rate, low blood pressure, vomiting and diarrhea Eventually, I got out of the ER and had an extremely bad migraine and still so weak. My wife was awesome and found me a hotel room elsewhere so I took an Uber there. I slept from 6PM to 7AM. I woke up multiple times and had to use the bathroom and take meds to not barf. Also, my headache would not go away.
When I woke up at 7AM I was so ready to be home - back in Atlanta. I bought the earliest flight I could which was at 10:00AM and went straight to the airport. I was still so tired, headache and just ready to see my wife and son again. I got to the airport, got on the plane and I was in a middle seat. I laid my head back, put on a comforting song (for the sickness, not the flight) and I was so happy to be on the plane because of point 5 above: I was thinking about where I was going and what I would be doing. I was going home and would be in my own home and my own bed. When I tell you that I almost cried tears of happiness when I felt the plane lift off the runway, I mean it. I was so relieved to be heading home. Nothing about the plane ride scared me and nothing about the turbulence scared me. The pilot even came over the speaker to let us know that Atlanta was experiencing bad weather and that he already let the flight attendants know to take their seat asap. They would have to collect trash after we landed. Usually I would have been shitting my pants, but I was just so relaxed and calm that none of it bothered me. I was thinking about home and seeing my bed.
Ever since that flight, I have not been stressed at all getting on a plane. No fear, no anxiety, nothing. I actually feel relaxed sitting in my seat and feel at home in the air. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think all of the above really helped me a lot.
I am really hoping that none of you have to go through this to get over your fear of flying, but it helped me and I hope you find your right moment!
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2023.03.20 22:03 cbb88christian Negotiations Underway 2

(Author here, didn't realize I put an apostrophe in the first title. RIP, it's there forever now)
First Next
Date: May 3rd, 2235
"My what?" Tom asked, completely confounded.
Surrender? Is this alien actually asking for my surrender? The poor thing is shaking like a leaf, He pondered.
"Y-Your surrender. I'm here to accept it... Accept it from your leader or leaders specifically," Teresh stuttered, the device around their neck blinking blue with a robotic voice delivering it in sterile English.
"Okay, well... can we talk about that after you get medical attention? You look to be wounded," Tom explained, seeing a bit of dark red on its neck.
It looks more superficial than anything, not a deep cut. That knife though, did he try to stab himself? Tom analyzed, falling back on some of his training.
From what Tom could make out, the creature before him was bipedal like himself. Looks to be around four and a half feet tall, tops. Almost no muscle to speak of, clearly not a very physically strong species; or individual at the very least. The alien resembled a large avian in many ways, though it had two arms in addition to two sets of wings. What really stood out to him was the aliens face. It was shockingly human in many ways; in that it was able to express itself with the movement of its eyes and shorter beak. Tom was clearly able to see fear in its eyes, the slight shake of its feathers. Even more interestingly, it had a crown of feathers around the back of its head that dipped up and down, with its green feathers even shifting colors on occasion. He had thought it was the lighting at first, but it seemed this alien possessed some kind of camouflage ability or similar. Good lord, the biologists were going to have the discovery of the millennia when they got to him.
However, for now, he needed to assess the situation. Starting at the beginning:
The alien hailed all available frequencies and made no attempt to hide itself. It wasn't aware of the local electromagnetic fields so it's message was garbled and self-contained. The craft it arrived in didn't look to possess any weapons, and it freely complied to relinquish its ship. It is terrified of me to an extent, that much is obvious. At some point recently it had cut itself, either accidentally or an attempt to take its own life. Lastly, it is here to accept my surrender, or the surrender of humanity.
With all this in mind, Tom came to the most probable conclusion: Wherever this alien is from, it was sent here to perform this task but without any aid or support from armed forces. Meaning that it is considered expendable in some way or belonging to a pacifist organization. If I can discern what entity or government sent it here, we can begin to form a strategy for the defense of earth if need be.
While he was thinking, the alien was still shivering and terrified. Mustering a weak, "I will accept aid if you offer it. As a diplomat, I simply ask that you do not maim, brainwash, or torture me. It will not reflect well on your species."
He seems to think that we're a cruel, violent race for some reason. He's not entirely wrong, but I doubt he knows our history, Tom surmised.
"Again, not going to hurt you. If you'd allow, I'd like to take you to our medical ward. I can take care of that wound for you, if you'd allow," Tom relayed, keeping his tone calm and steady.
"W-What of the others, how do I know you will not attack me once I'm surrounded?" Teresh chirped.
"I'll get them to wait in the bridge. All I ask is that you put the weapon away. I won't be armed either," he replied.
He could see the gears in the alien's head turning. Building a repour with Teresh would help make the process easier. He'd could get Ally and Maxim to head back to the bridge, but man the comms so they could record and monitor everything. Cleaning and helping them with their wounds should build a level of trust, one that he can use to discover more about the alien.
"That is... equitable," they paused for a moment, "I accept. Just please make the others leave first."
"That's, that's great. Thank you Teresh, I'm happy to help you. Just set that off to the side, and I'll make sure it's just us," Tom replied, letting his posture ease.
Still facing Teresh, Tom slowly backed up and then out of the ship. Despite the other two wearing their helmets, he could tell exactly what they were thinking.
"The hell's going on? You've been in there for ages. Pilot dead or something?" Maxim asked. His voice reverberating inside their helmets.
"This ship too, computer had nothing on it. New model, old model?" Ally asked. She had a data pad in her hands and was tapping at the screen.
"Guys, I need you to trust me on this. You need to get to the bridge and shut off all comms. Nothing in or out. Keep this ship impounded and get on the cams and record everything that happens in med bay," Tom spoke rapidly but concisely. There was a pregnant pause in the air.
"Tom, what's going on?" Maxim asked, sounding worried.
"Haven't heard you talk like that in ages, what-?" Ally began.
"This is a matter of national security. I need you both to trust me. Man your posts, radio silence. Understood?" Tom interrupted, putting on a stern voice.
Seeing the man come back into his own, the two straightened their posture and saluted out of pure muscle memory. Delivering back a: "Sir yes sir!"
"At ease, now get the hell out of here," he commanded. Watching the two jump up and head for the door.
How long's it been, four, five years? He asked himself, shaking his head.
Tom climbed back up into the ship, just in time to watch his crewmates exit through the far door. He glanced over and saw Teresh's knife on the ships controls. The alien now standing and holding their neck with one of their clawed arms. It still looked terrified of him but was mustering up courage as far as he could tell.
"Are you ready?" He asked, holding out a hand.
"Y-Yes, thank you," Teresh replied. Slowly stepping forward, the click of his talons echoing through the ship.
Click, click, click, click.
With a great deal of hesitation, the alien eventually held out his other hand and allowed Tom to take it. Now slowly leading them both out of the ship and into the greater cargo space.
"You're doing great. The medical bay is on the right-hand side of the ship. I'll escort you up to the door, then take you down a few hallways to get there. Does that sound agreeable to you?" Tom asked again, making sure to keep his tone steady.
"It does. I will cooperate as long as my safety is assured," Teresh answered.
"And it is. I give you my word," he replied.
"Your... word?" They replied.
Right. Different species, different metaphors.
"It means my honor, my trust. My… respect. If that makes sense," he explained.
Their eyes widened, something seemed to garner recognition, "Honor, yes. I understand. I will take your... word."
"Good, thank you Teresh," Tom replied. Letting out a breath inside his helmet.
He had no idea what kind of eggshells he was walking around. This was completely out of his depth. He was just going to do his best to remain as civil and neutral as possible. No more metaphors or complicated concepts just in case it might cause offense. They are a diplomat after all. Best not to muddy earth's politics so early in its new development.
The two began to travel towards the side of the ship. Tom turned the valve on the rough metallic door, and it let out a hiss, the door slowly opening. Not the best first impression of humanity. His ship wasn't the prettiest out there but damn was she dependable. Never a problem he couldn't fix or a mission she couldn't complete. Tarva never disappointed. She could, however, use a new coat of paint.
Much of the interior was varying degrees of brown or gray. They passed through several closed doors, vacant crew rooms or extra storage. The lights tracking their progress as they went, some flickering ever so gently to show its age. This went on for another fifty to sixty feet, before Tom opened the door at the end of the hall. Entering into a small white room, fit with two cots, a cabinet full of OTC meds, and a few IV's. He had no clue what effect the drugs would have on the alien, so best to avoid those for now. Instead, he gestured towards the cot on the side.
"Please, sit. I'm going to grab some gauze and medical tape. It should be enough to stop the bleeding," he explained, watching Teresh clamber up onto the cot.
He actually couldn't help himself from smiling under his helmet. It was adorable, but he knew that was an inappropriate attitude to have for the present situation, so he suppressed it for now. Teresh sat with their skinny avian legs hanging of the side and waving like a child's, which was even more adorable than before. He turned towards them with the gauze in hand.
"If you're uncomfortable, you could apply it yourself. It just might be difficult considering..." Tom explained, only to see Teresh put up a claw.
"I will be fine. You may administer aid without worry," they offered, though he could still see them shaking from here.
It was then that Tom had an idea, though it might be a bad one. The alien seemed frightened by his helmet, he could remove it and hope it made the interaction easier. However, if there were any microbes present it may be disastrous for the human race. Maybe he'd be even more terrified of his human appearance. Admittedly he wasn't the most handsome guy, but he was more concerned that he may perceive him as some kind of "predator species" or something similar.
Biting his tongue, Tom decided to play it safe and slowly stepped towards Teresh. Once he was in front of them, he began to dab the wound with gauze before covering and taping it. He wasn't sure what kind of effect alcohol would have on their biology, so he kept it away for now. Once outfitted, he could see Teresh's breathing begin to slow, and become calmer. The avian gave him a look, the feathers around their head turning a deep blue.
"Thank you, Tom. I will not forget this," Teresh said, giving him a feeling of pure pride.
"I'm happy to help anytime. I hope this is the start of something great," he replied, exhaling.
"Yes, I think so too," Teresh affirmed.
Thank God I can still do something right in my life. Now, I need to make sure Ally and Maxim haven't lost their minds and contact an old friend. Things are about to move really quickly at home. He pondered.
"I'm going to step outside a moment to contact someone who can get us where you need to go. Do you mind staying there for me?" Tom asked.
"Of course, do what you need to. I'll do whatever it takes to get my mission done," Teresh replied, his translator concluding his speech.
Mikael had just finished making breakfast. A small bowl of corn flakes, a side of toast, and half a glass of orange juice. It was what he considered the most luxurious breakfast. He sat down at his table and looked out into a beautiful vista. Neo Washington may have had the most pretentious name he had ever heard, but the colony itself was a wonder to behold. Set on the moon, is was the first permanent settlement outside of earth's atmosphere. Even though the job could be an absolute bore at times, the view was well worth it. He could pick out almost all the continents from where he was. Sometimes catching a passing satellite, green and red blinking lights in the distance. He took his spoon and hand and went to take the first bite of breakfast.
Zzzzz! Zzzzz!
"Ugh," he groaned, his face curling into a scowl. "It's my day off. What could it possibly be."
With a click, his holo-projector whirred to life. Seeing a familiar face appear, a light blue sheen over his features. Mikael cleared his throat, "Tom, why are you calling me on my day off? I was just about to enjoy my cereal, and you know how much my breakfast means to me."
"Sir, this is an emergency. I need you to authorize an impromptu docking as soon as possible," Tom replied.
"What? On the base? You should still have clearance to land," Mikael asked, confused.
The hologram fizzed for a moment, reforming into Tom's exasperated look, "Sir, I need to dock at the private hanger."
"Why in God's name would you need to do that? I hope you know my clearance isn't something to be tossed around willy nilly," Mikael continued, growing increasingly frustrated.
With a huff, Tom looked him right in the eyes and replied, "Sir, I need that clearance as soon as possible. This is a St. Louis situation sir."
Now that, that caused him to pause. It was a code word that he and only few others knew. There were only a few scenarios that afforded such severity. He knew Tom wouldn't exaggerate something of that nature, he was serious.
"My ship is out for maintenance, dock in hanger 10. I'll meet you there," Mikael concluded. With a nod, the projection shut off and he sighed.
Never a dull day in my life... he reflected.
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2023.03.20 22:02 immortalis88 Equipment matters

I know it’s obvious, but I wanted to share my story.
I’ve owned an entry level Paradigm 7.1 system for over 23 years. Music sounded wonderful, but as many experience in their own setups, dialogue was weak during movies. We would always have to turn it way up…then some explosion would happen and damn near blow our eardrums 🤣
Well, at the end of last year I decided to go ahead and start a complete system overhaul, beginning with the center channel. This will ultimately be ‘my final system’ so I’m not cheaping out - and since I’m 44 and we’ll into my career, I can afford to step my game up much higher than I did with my original system.
My original setup was a mix-matched system consisting of Monitor and Cinema series speakers, including a 10” sub. Over the years I’ve powered it with different Sony and Onkyo receivers - most recently being an Onkyo TX-NR696. I never knew that when manufacturers advertise their watts per channel that it was only for 2 channels driven. So up until somewhat recently I always thought I was getting 100 watts to all 7 speakers… 🤦‍♂️
When deciding what to upgrade to, I was so happy with my Paradigm experience I went back to them. I saw the Founder Series and began researching and liked everything that I was reading. Although not their top-of-the line offering (which was WAY out of my price range), they definitely weren’t cheap. I decided to give them a try and see how much of a difference this level of speaker made in my room.
I got the 90C from a local dealer who gave me 10% off a display model. When I got it home and cabled up, I threw on a movie and was immediately pleased at the clarity of the dialogue. Music was substantially fully and I was pleased. So I decided to continue with building out a Founder Series set. Next up was the L/R channels to finish the front stage and I pulled the trigger on the 120H towers. I found an out-of-state dealer that could take better care of me than the local guy, and although I got a great deal…I never thought I would spend this much money on speakers in my life. This hurt the bank account…
The 120’s came in and I hooked them up…holy shit. Going from a set of Studio V3 bookshelves to these was a MASSIVE step up. I couldn’t wait to put them through the paces with Ford Vs Ferrari, Edge of Tomorrow etc. Music sounded crystal clear and effortless at high volumes. I was pleased.
Next I was going to do the sub. However after talking with my new dealer he told me the biggest upgrade I could do for my system wasn’t any specific or set of speakers - it was to get rid of the Onkyo and upgrade my receiver. I was skeptical and talked myself in and out of an AVR upgrade multiple times. I mean, how much better could a next level AVR actually make my system sound over my trusted Onkyo? But he convinced me it should be my next step, and eventually I listened.
I was going to wait but there was a sale recently at Anthems website for their AVRs and processors so I jumped on it and scooped up an MRX1140. I figured this will give me access to 16 channels and let me grow into a large ATMOS setup over time along with the ability to go 8k when prices eventually become reasonable.
The MRX provides 130w of amplification for 5 channels driven and 60w to the remaining channels. When this thing arrived and I hooked it up….Holy Fucking Shit!
This AVR woke these speakers up to a level I didn’t even know was possible. I FaceTimed my wife and I was just laughing - I told her about my experience and how stupid I felt. When she came home I played a song for her that she’s heard multiple times already on the new speakers and she goes “Oh my God!”
It was so loud. My house was shaking like never before. And again, I just began to laugh uncontrollably. Now I’m working my way back through all the movies and music I watched and listened to while testing out the new speakers 🤣
Now the sub will be next (most likely with Christmas bonus money cause I’m still paying off the 120’s for a bit, lol)
I never knew what I was missing out on by using an entry level AVR.
TLDR: the level of gear you purchase makes a huge difference.
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2023.03.20 21:58 theblackjet76 Does Beet's family hate Howard and the show?

That's the story I've heard. People like Sean and various handlers were in charge of Beet for years. His family was not a fan of Howard Stern so did not really know about Lester being famous from the show. Apparently every time he came on he was given excessive alcohol and drugs such as meth and crack cocaine. The sober Beetle was not like the one on the air. Drinking to excess and hardcore drugs would be bad for anyone but especially so to someone in Beetle's condition. Beetle was also being exploited by his handlers as they were taking the money he earned from bachelor parties and appearances. Like giving him 10 bucks out of a 1,000 and a couple of beers. Then Sean died and a relative of Beetle's is now in charge of him. No more drinking or drugs and no more Stern show or as little as possible. That's why he's been on once in like 5 years and he acted very differently when he was on. Can someone clarify if this is true or add any details?
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2023.03.20 21:51 Ancient-Medicine-471 Whatever is up above definitely hates me

I (15,m) like to identify as a christian, but I'm starting to question if there is a God and if I should continue anymore. Like many others, I would never harm myself, because I am too scared. But it would be nice to just run away and see where the wind takes me. Little backstory here, when I was 11 my dad died, car accident that left him paralyzed and I had to watch him slowly suffer and die over the course of half a year, whatevs. Of course I loved my dad, and to this day he's my hero (despite him apparently being a bad person? idk) but a large number of people have either no dad or a dad who passed away before the age of 11. After my dad died, I began receiving a survivor's benefit check every month, around $800 a month, meant to support me. I lived with my dad's sister, who used the money for pills, yeah. I moved in with my sister (28) so this pill funding would stop, but I did not expect her boyfriend to be abusive, the house to be infested with roaches, multiple shootings to occur in the area, and food was very rarely in the fridge. We also had a roomate who was addicted to heroin, his infant son was usually in the room and I slept in the room across from him, yeah...

I could go on and on about the atrocities of the house but no need, soon after the a heroin induced rampage from the roommate that involved me getting stabbed with a fork and my sisters douche boyfriend getting his head slammed into a table, I began making plans to move out. My mom was the sweetest woman ever, she was unfortunately very unhealthy from the time I was born until Feb. 10th, a month or so ago (God rest her soul). She got very confused from a combination of minor dementia and liver cirrhosis, the latter leading to her untimely passing. One of her final requests prior to the final months of her life (in which she was too confused to talk for herself) was for me to got live with her brother (whom I thought was in jail?) in Texas. Texas meant leaving all of my friends and family in the dust, as I lived in Georgia, but with school already up in flames (As I failed 9th grades due to horrible depression, anxiety, and I'm sure many undiagnosed illnesses as I haven't been to the doctotherapist in over a year) I decided screw it, I'll move. I hated leaving my sister and dying mom behind. My mom passed 2-3 weeks after I left, unfortunately once she got confused she started to beg for me to stay, she wanted me to be with her for her passing, she was unable to think about my living situation and happiness, which of course you can't blame her she was literally dying from toxic buildup in her brain. I had a flight to catch, and my last memory is visiting her in the nursing home while she was in a almost fetal state, the only phrase she was able to say was "I don't love y'all" she repeated this over and over, almost screaming, eventually she calmed down enough to finally switch to "I love y'all".

Also, a little before she died I had my gallbladder removed. Really painful for anyone wondering. So now that made 2 horribly abusive households, horrible mental health, morbidly obese, no gallbladder which means constant diarrhea, fatty liver, no energy, no parents, no sister besides facetime, and about to start a brand new life in Texas, what could go wrong?

It is currently week 9 in Texas, living situation is a lot better, love my family here so far but today was kind of traumatizing which led me to post here. My uncle and aunt argue A LOT, my uncle has just been fired because he slept for a week straight, btw I kept the entire house clean, managed school, and was responsible while he was dead in bed that whole week. Yet once he woke up, straight back to criticizing every thing I do again. He LOOKS for reasons to take my phone (which is my only way to contact my sister and friends) "ground" me, and yell at me. Today it was because I didn't say hello to a guest who visited, which was apparently rude? (or maybe I'm just horribly socially awkward?) This is kinda trivial given my life in Georgia, but it affects me a lot given I'm insanely hormonal and emotional (BECAUSE OF my life in Georgia and puberty or whatever). I cry about 5 times a day, could be over any little thing. I have horrible PTSD and because of this I get too attached to people I enjoy being around to the point they yell at me to give them space. I just don't know anymore, a lot of people would be able to take this situation but I feel like I am way too scarred from my childhood to manage anything anymore. I am seriously debating making a bag to last me a couple weeks and leaving, seeing where freedom gets me. Putting a person with horrible structure issues and a lot to be sad about in a household resembling nothing but bootcamp usually doesn't go well. Mind you I am writing this from my room, as I have been grounded for the hello incident mentioned earlier, so I may be a little extreme. I understand running away is illegal (duh), but my birthday is April 13th, these next few weeks could be a good time to slowly take supplies so I can make a bag, and get out of here on the day of, would probably be the best birthday I've ever had (I usually spend them crying because my sister didn't have enough money to get me anything and she got mad when I pressed too much, selfish, I know). I think my way of thinking is really selfish, I love my family here but I cannot mentally handle any of it, and they have a very old-fashioned way of thinking, so they think I just need to tough it out.

I'm just exhausted man.
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2023.03.20 21:48 Psychological_Hall42 McDonald's clown madness.

I will tell you my story, I had to be strong to finally tell it here, you see, I recently started a new job at a McDonald's in downtown Buenos Aires, only 20 minutes from my apartment, I was no longer in a very good economic situation.
A few weeks ago something truly tragic happened: my neighbor murdered his wife. He barely knew them, but judging by his loud arguments every night, I couldn't help but think that because of my impotence he had a part of a guilty feeling.
That night, when I was lying in my bed, I couldn't stop thinking about the idea of ​​someone being killed just a few meters from where I was. When I finally began to fall asleep, I opened my eyes, and realized that I was inside my neighbor's apartment to witness the aforementioned murder. But instead of the murderer, there was a hunched creature, wearing the uniform of Ronald McDonald's mascot. It was even smeared with paint, imitating the colors of the classic clown.
I could not move. The thing's huge teeth sank into the elderly woman's flesh, letting out a loud growl. Then I woke up, panting and covered in sweat.
A few weeks later I began to suffer from insomnia. After the routine, at nightfall, as I headed home, I felt like someone was following me, breathing down my neck, almost on my heels, literally. Then the blows sounded, I felt a sharp pain and everything was wrapped in darkness.
I woke up strapped to a bed in a bright hospital room. I instantly panicked. I yelled, but no one came. A dark figure standing in the corner of the room seemed to be staring at me.
I was sleepy. A long, clawed hand stretched out in front of my bed, and that big-toothed grin. The smell of rotting meat and blood filled the air in the room. It had long greasy red hair, the creature smeared with clown paint, drawing the image of the costume from a familiar nightmare.
He stood on my bed, staring at me until he finally walked to the other side of the room. Blood ran down his fingers as he wrote on the dimly lit wall. Then he approached me, and before it was all over, as I knew it would be, I could faintly read the message on the wall: "M."
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2023.03.20 21:46 AlphaMale1738 I wish I told you

I remember when I first met you. Actually no I don’t because it was my 21st birthday and I was blacked out drunk. But that’s normal because it was my 21st birthday right? Everybody does that. I remember when I met you a second time. Well not everything but bits and pieces of it. But that’s normal because it was Friday and I am 21 so everybody does that right? I remember when I met you a third time to go downtown and dance the night away. Well not everything but bits and pieces. But that’s normal because it was a night club and everyone does that right? I felt ashamed after that night and assumed you hated the sex we had so I decided to never text you again. Oops I texted you again here and there. I was drunk each time actually. That was until a few months back when I texted you with the intent to see you again. So you met me at a new restaurant and we talked and it was nice. Do you know what I did before meeting you? Well I sat in my house and had a little too much to drink because I was nervous and wanted to seem outgoing and funny to you. You looked so cute that night. I wish I told you that more. The rest of the night was a blur. Apparently I ran away and left you. I’m sorry. I woke up and you called me. You were hurt. I said I was sorry. I meant it. I guess there’s a pattern here that you noticed but I wouldn’t give up. I left to return to school against my wishes and was terrified to tell you because I knew I’d lose you. I handled it the worst way possible and for that I’m sorry. You kept telling me you hated me and I responded reasonably to try to hide my emotions. But in reality I was hurt that I had hurt you and could never see you again. Well you know the rest of the story. We got in touch again and I even went to go see you. Did I tell you that was one of the best weekends I’d had for a very long time? Even if I didn’t get to see my friends? It’s because you were so important to me at that moment. I wish I told you that but I didn’t want to seem weird or too attached. Things were ok for awhile. I fell in love with the way you’d call me even if just for five minutes to check in. Or tell me that you were sorry and just having a bad day and didn’t want to talk. That meant the world to me. I wish I told you that. I remember when I felt lonely at the bar and you immediately wanted to call me. That meant the world to me. I wish I told you that. You taught me how to open up little by little and there were some small ups and downs. Then I came home for break with so much determination to see you. I wanted to tell you I loved you right before I left because I couldn’t help it. But well I told you at a bar because I was drunk and felt like I was going to explode if I didn’t say it. Sorry about that. I was never mad you didn’t say it back. I hope you know that. I said it because I felt it and really did mean it. There were no ulterior motives. I promise. So after that I met your friends and we had a great st patty’s day and we saw each other before you left to go to your concert except we both know that’s not what happened. I messed up and you ended it Sunday. I messed up bad. It was my fault. I told myself I’d never hear from you again. But I did. My heart rate shot to the moon when I saw your number pop up on my phone on Monday at 6:30 pm. But it wasn’t what I thought it was. That’s okay, I’m not mad at you. Two days later you texted me to come over. The entire day I knew it was too good to be true. I was angry but not at you. I was angry at myself. So you cancelled. I was destroyed. I waited all day just to see you. Maybe I deserved the feeling I was left with after you blocked me. You texted me again with the sweetest tone. You wanted to hang out after your plane landed and I fell for it again. I fell for it after you rescheduled twice. Then you didn’t reschedule at all. Here we are now and I’m not mad at you. This was an important lesson that I’ll hopefully look back on after I improved and have become a better person. I need to learn to love myself before I can love you. And for that I am sorry. But man, does this hurt. I’ll miss those short calls you gave me or those videos we’d watch that pop up in my social media that I would send to you only now I can’t. It’s the little things that hurt the most. I miss you and was lucky to have you. I wish I told you that more.
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2023.03.20 21:32 curiousriverwwc [LFA] Kylk Sluga, Dragon-Touched Human Stars Druid of Calamthir the Elder

[LFA] Kylk Sluga, Dragon-Touched Human Stars Druid of Calamthir the Elder

Kylk Sluga, Guardian Monk and Stars Druid of Calamthir the Elder
Dragon Isles Character Context: Kylk Sluga
Kylk Sluga is a 40-year-old Dragon-Touched Human Stars Druid and guardian monk of Calamthir, the Elder, an adult Gold Dragon on the island of Chelestrov.
Sluga's features are dark, weathered, and striking, his expression set in a stern, discerning frown. His golden hair is short and sweeps back, and despite the kempt look of beard and hair still manages to look wild. He wears a brown hide shirt of regal look, and a deep amber cloak draping his shoulders. His collar is pinned with a shed dragon tooth, and his cloak is adorned with shed dragon scales from his patron.
As a child, Sluga began developing draconic features - his hair began growing out a dull gold, his green eyes became flecked with gold, and shimmering golden scales began to form on his high-cheekbones and on his ears. Revered as dragon-touched by the people of his village as blessed, Sluga grew up with much attention on him. He was praised as chosen by The Elder, and told that he should go to find Calimthir at the center of the island. Sluga did not like the added attention, and hid his true feelings about the changes. However, as he grew, he did feel a sense of duty and obligation both to his people, and to The Elder, to embrace the essence instilled in him.
As a young man, Sluga made his way to the lair of The Elder, looking for guidance and to learn more about his new features. Under other guardian monks of The Elder, Sluga began to form a connection to the Weave and develop himself for service. His connection to the Weave felt strong and primal, and developed his mind and body to withstand mental and physical duress. After years of training and work, Sluga earned the title of Kylk, or Fang. As a guardian monk of The Elder on Chelestrov, or Jaw Island, Sluga carries out his work for The Elder sometimes helping to protect and cultivate the island, and at other times acting as an agent or envoy in The Elder's name.
Recently, Calamthir, the Elder, was attacked by a group of heretics bent on his destruction. Although that attack was repulsed, in part due to Sluga and other Fangs' aid, the cultists did manage to find Calamthir the Elder's son on another part of the island, and so Calamthir the Younger was slain. Grimly, Kylk Sluga has been tasked by The Elder to find who was responsible for the attack, and to exterminate them. He is to learn as much as he can while is away, so that The Elder and other dragons might disseminate information between the islands for their protection.
Recently, Sluga tracked the assassin known as The Weaver of Shadows to a place known as The Quiethold in a small town next to a large graveyard, which had been tarnished and marked by the cultists who now settle there. With the help of four travelers, he managed to sneak into the Quiethold disguised as a member of the Twilight Shadows cult. Although they were ambushed by that assassin deep beneath the Quiethold, Sluga managed to kill his quarry and escape the Quiethold with his life.
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2023.03.20 21:24 Mediocre_Bus_3566 Is this Sexual Assault or Infidelity?

I (27M) have been dating my GF (29F) for 3.5 years, and we've been living together for the past 2. She truly is a wonderful person; kind, compassionate, funny, beautiful, educated, and successful. We have so much fun together, want the same things in life, and have many of the same hobbies. She is the first GF I've ever had that I both love to spend time with (like a best friend), and at the same time am extremely attracted to.
That said, she had a bit of a traumatic up-bringing, and has always had issues with substances. Years ago when she was younger she had a problem with coke for a little while. She kicked that successfully and never touched it again. But her problem lately is more with alcohol. She doesn't drink every day, but sometimes she will use alcohol to self-soothe when life gets hard. When this happens, she sometimes has trouble stopping and has gotten WAY too drunk on a couple of occasions. She doesn't intend too, she just doesn't know when to stop sometimes, and she's a petite woman.
Anyways, fast forward to about 5 months ago, she was out of town for a sporting competition (staying in our camper). Her grandma died while she was away, and she performed very poorly in the competition. She called me afterwards in tears, so embarrassed about how she did. The day after the competition there was a wrap-up party and she went with her girlfriends. She started drinking by herself before even meeting up with the girls because she was embarrassed and anxious. She probably started drinking around 3 in the afternoon, then met up with the girls around 5 or 6, and then went to the party around 9. By the time she got to the party her memory gets fuzzy. She remembers being at the pre-drink with her friends, arriving at the party, dancing with the girls, and then the rest is black.
She woke up the next day in our camper by herself, but she immediately had a terrible feeling that something bad had happened. She had a couple flash memories of this guys face, and this guy kissing her but no idea where it happened, how they got there, or how she got home. Lets call this other guy "Nate". She immediately told me in tears that something "bad" happend. Ofcourse I wanted to know more.
She then texted Nate the following messages. She originally deleted these messages because she was scared of losing me - so its safe to say that she didn't shape these messages thinking that I was going to be reading them - they are her genuine words. She only told me about these messages a couple of weeks later and recovered them upon my request.
Her: "Heyy I’m so sorry to be doing this. I am trying to piece together last night. I don’t remember much but I have a sinking feeling…. I can’t hide anything at all from my boyfriend so I told him I think you tried to kiss me when we were outside but I stopped it (which I don’t think is entirely true…?) and that I got a ride back to [neighbourhood] with you and walked home from there. Can you please text me back when you get this. I feel like such an awful human being and I am so sorry, I know this is not a cool message to be receiving"
Him: Hi, dont be sorry! I am sorry that you have that sinking feeling. Would you like to chat on the phone instead? I’m just driving back from dinner but could call you quickly.
[she calls him, no answer]
Her: Don’t worry about calling me back, thank you for the offer to chat. I honestly don’t know if I want to know the details. I have responsibility in the matter I’m sure. [my boyfriend] doesn’t deserve that. Can we please please keep this between us? I don’t know WTF happened but it shouldn’t have. I want to be honest but I’m scared he will never forgive me and he is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. I told him I texted you, I would never ask you to lie for me, and there’s no pressure to text me back. I really hope the truth is that we kissed, I stopped it, I walked home. :( "
Him: "OK i’m sorry I missed the call. Speaking outside of you and I, I tend to believe that sometimes these types of things happen and while they are obviously unfortunate and create hard things to overcome in a relationship, they shouldn’t have to mean you can’t be together anymore. It sounds like you love him very much from reading the above and I would be very upset if last night meant the undoing of that. You’re a very kind and amazing person and I hope everything between both of you works out, truly."
{Conversation deleted}
The next day she calls him again and tells him she needs to know WTF happened. He said that they walked home from the party together, ended up in another friends house, hooked up on the couch, and then she left. He said they made out, he had his hands down her pants, he went down on her, and then got up to put a condom on and then when he came back he said she looked visibly uncomfortable and said she wanted to leave and "just want to be in my own bed", at which point she left. Apparently she was only in the house for 20 or 30 minutes, and they werent hooking up the whole time, so whatever happened was breif. She was a mess when she heard this. She genuinely could not believe it was true and remembered none of these details. She told me all of this and was crying.
As for "Nate". He has known my GF for almost 10 years. They used to work together and kept in touch as friends from time to time. He has tried to pursue my GF before we were dating but she never allowed his advances. She is adament that she never had any romantic interest in him ,and that if she wanted to hook up with him, it would have already happened. When I read back through there conversations, they used to ask each other to hang out quite often (before we were dating), but my girlfriend said this was because she thought he was a friend and when she was new to town she thought he would be a good way to meet people since he was established and one of the few people she was familiar with.. they rarely ever actually hung out, she usually bailed. She often referred to him as "pal" "dude" or "friend" in her messages. Maybe women can comment on this, but if she was actually interested in him, she probably wouldn't have bailed on him over and over again? And she probably would have already hooked up with him? (It'd been 10 years after all). Also, in reading there conversation, it was obvious to me that this guy had eyes for my GF. He was being flirty and she failed to recognize that. She thought he was just being friendly.
Also, for the record, there was no flirting or texting prior to this party. It was just a coincidence that he was there and according to her friends that were with her they weren't even interacting all that much. My GF has one memory of talking to him when she first arrived, but she said there was no part of her that wanted to hook up with him or had eyes for him at all. She was alone at the end of the night and this guy lived in the same area so It makes sense that she would walk home with him - she thought he was a trustworthy friend. Not sure how they ended up in the other house. But its possible that she just went in to use the bathroom since she was staying in our camper which doesn't have one. I'll never know.
Her friends who were with her that night all confirmed that she was visibly intoxicated and seemed very very out of it. I've seen her in this state before, and I know how she was feeling that day, so I believe it.
THEN a week later I literally almost run into the other GUY. It was as if the universe wanted me to talk to him. I really feel that way because he lives in a different city and the odds of us running into each other where we did was really low. I had a mini panic attack and then approached him and said we need to talk. I told him I was very upset and that my GF couldnt remember everything and I wanted to know what had happened. He told me everything. There was nothing pre-planned or pre-meditated. He told me about the phone call he had with her where she told him she couldnt remember anything and he felt really awful about what had happened. I could see by the look on his face he realized he had done something wrong. He didn't mention ONE thing about my GF initiating anything, or being all over him or anything like that. Even by his own discription it didn't sound consensual to me. He said that she made it super clear to him that I was the most important thing to her and that what happened was a huge mistake. He kept telling me that he thinks I should "bury" it if I can.
Anyways, this incident seemed to have shaken my GF to the core, as much as it has me. She immediately quit drinking alcohol cold turkey (6 months sober since this incident) and is seeing a counsellor regularly. She seems genuinely distraught whenever we talk about it. She immediately cut this guy out of her life and never wants to speak to him again.
She is adament that there was no consent and no intent, but at the same time, she also doesn't remember much of anything. She has no idea what the conversation was that led her into the house.
If there was a spectrum with sexual assault on one side, and cheating on the other, I feel as though this would be much closer to the sexual assault side. Sometimes I don't know how to act. My GF may have been sexually assaulted by someone she thought she could trust - then why do I also feel like I've been cheated on.
My GF doesnt call it "cheating" but she also doesnt call it "sexual assault". She says she was "taken advantage of" and she made a huge mistake by getting herself that drunk and putting herself in such a terrible situation.
I’m not proud of this, but one night I was feeling paranoid and I looked through her phone. I wanted to see how she described the situation to her best friend. I figured, maybe she would lie to me, but she wont lie to [her best friend]. Anyways, the messages to her friend were the exact same as what she’s telling me "I’m in utter disbelief that this happened", "no part of me wanted to hook up with this guy", "I need to quit drinking" "I ruined my life for nothing" ect.
Do you support my decision to stand by this woman?
She told me right away and I would have never found out. She is adament that it was not consensual, no part of her wanted this, and it was a HUGE mistake. And perhaps most importantly she quit drinking alcohol for good. Perhaps she needed a "rock bottom" type of event to really make a change.
I wish I could stop thinking about it.
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2023.03.20 21:13 AnaWolfbay1412 Florida’s new ‘Don’t Say Period’ Bill… To stop girls from talking about their periods.

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2023.03.20 21:13 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 629

The Dauntless

“Oh wonderful. So our predictions were completely accurate?” Admiral Cistern notes.
“More or less sir, granted the worst case scenarios we sent the men into on the simulations did NOT happen, but there was a more or less total outbreak of hostilities between the gangs.” Private Stream answers and Admiral Cistern thinks.
“How responsible is project Phoenix Fire?” He asks.
“If you listen to the man’s own reports he’s responsible for everything from the Hindenburg to last night’s unrest to the sinking of the Titanic. He’d fit original sin in there as well if he thought we were a big enough sucker for it. At worst all our man did was accelerate an incredibly volatile situation. To him the gangs being almost impossible to infiltrate and unwilling to even contemplate bringing someone new in meant they were defensive and stable. What it really meant is that each gang was hyper paranoid and just looking for an excuse. Whatever he did was at most the straw that broke the camel’s back.”
“For someone who claims intelligence it’s rather stupid of him to miss that.”
“He is intelligent, but he has an ego sir. A big one. He’s been at the sidelines of society and judging the movements of peoples for centuries. Growing contemptuous and disdainful over everyone. He has learned a lot and is very capable, but he’s so cynical and dismissive of others he always settles on his first assumption and never leaves it. Sometimes it’s right, other times it’s far from it. It’s how we were able to jump on him so easily. He was so convinced that his safehouse undetectable. But to be honest... he’s not all that good at hiding them. The ones he’s set up on level eight we’ve had to cover up further.”
“I see... what’s your assessment of him?”
“We’ve observed him in action. He’s vicious, opportunistic and patient. Fine traits in a field agent, if we can carve away his arrogance, complete apathy to the death and suffering of others and outright scorn for the mental capacity of other people he might make a decent person. Unfortunately he seems to think we only have control of him because we got lucky and while he knows some ways to get us to do what he wants us to, he can’t seem to understand that we’re perfectly aware of what he’s doing.”
“So you’re saying the man needs to be humbled?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“Yes sir.”
“I’m not comfortable setting people up for humiliations and possible torture.” Admiral Cistern says politically.
“There’s little, if any need for that sir. He’s already had his first taste of humility. He has nearly died in the pursuit of the goals last night and has learned quite clearly that our insistence that all agents on the field wear at least a low profile armoured vest is a very well reasoned and intelligent idea.” Private Stream explains and Admiral Cistern huffs somewhat in amusement.
“How bad was it?”
“Point blank plasma shot. It melted through the first metal layer of the plate, burnt the first ceramic layer, slagged the second metal layer and cooked the second ceramic layer and then heated up the final metal layer red hot. This saved his life as it was right over his heart.”
“So our design works even with point blank plasma shots?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“Yes sir, but it will only take one shot at point blank range, and only from a low yield weapon. If his opponent had a plasma rifle then we would have a very dead Carib to deal with.” Private Stream answers.
“Hmm... it’ll do for now, but we’ll need to keep R&D on it.” Admiral Cistern notes. Then a coffee mug is placed to his left by another Private Stream and a third steps up to put a small tray of donuts next to it. “You’re getting good at this.”
“Sir! Thank you sir!” The Streams reply just before the door opens and Ambassador Nikta Tal walks in and pauses.
She then takes a big meaty pinch out of her thigh and blinks. “No, no this isn’t some strange fetish dream.”
“Fetish dream?” Admiral Cistern asks as she walks in and the Private Streams vanish.
“Oh you know, going airtight and still needing to use my hands for something.” She answers and his eyebrows go up. “Oh like you haven’t had little dreams of a horde of bouncy green sisters doing every nasty little thing with every part of ourselves.” Ambassador Tal says and there’s a faint pink blush across Admiral Cistern’s face. “There’s a blush, I know I got you.”
She saunters fully into the room with the secretary outside looking in with wide eyes. A stern glance from Admiral Cistern has the door close as Ambassador Tal smiles.
“So... new recruits are nearly finished.” She says walking up, a distinctive bounce to her bottom with every step.
“Soon to take the oath of the Undaunted.” She continues as she hops up onto his desk and he stands so she doesn’t completely tower over him. She still bends over to give him a very good look into her cleavage. “Big cunning man is getting the sons and daughters of Centris loyal to him and his ways.”
“I do what I can.” He says very aware that the glistening black gloss over her lips not only matches her hair but from the way her tongue flicks over it she clearly either likes the taste or is eager to put it to use.
“And I’d like to do something I can. How open is your schedule?” She asks and he pokes a button on his desk.
“Free up my next two hours.” He orders his secretary. Before the confirmation comes he’s already contending with Ambassador Tal’s tongue in his mouth.
“Uh sir you have a uhm....” Doctor Samuel says as he sees Admiral Cistern enter and notices the black smear on his jaw. Then he spots the Ambassador Tal applying more black lipstick and smacking her lips together.
“I’m aware.” Admiral Cistern states. “You wanted to see me?”
“Yes sir. This way please.” Doctor Samuel states, not mentioning that he had expected to see the Admiral an hour ago. It’s no mystery what’s going on. Not in the slightest.
“We have had several interesting tests and the initial trials with the hologram technology have proven very successful. Coupled with the prediction algorithms and we’re ready much sooner than expected when it comes to releasing fully immersive AI environments.”
“I saw the training programs. It looked fairly well done already.”
“Somewhat, we’re adapting entertainment systems to do this Sir. We didn’t have any real psychological profiles or proper interaction integration beyond injured and needs assistance or up and fighting.”
“Ah, so you’re saying the test lacked the ability to include diplomacy and intimidation as options.” Admiral Cistern notes.
“Just be careful with this tech. The Synthetic Ascendance often protests if you make a character in games like this too realistic.” Nikta says and Admiral Cistern looks at her in confusion. “Well think about it! Who plays those games more or better? They get way too involved in them and there’s more than one case where they’ve accidentally copied bits of themselves into it and had digital kids that way! Lots of fun scandals.”
The particular pronunciation of fun spoke volumes.
“Anything you’d like to get off your chest?” Admiral Cistern asks.
“But I just got the bra back on!” She states and he rolls his eyes. “But no. Just typically whine whine whine, oh your new holo-complex might have the programming required for this or that and it can be abused in this or that way and I’d rather you not have something then there by any risk at all that any citizen of mine get caught doing something they shouldn’t.”
“Sore subject?”
“Annoying subject. Bruel is a Frontier world. We need less regulations to thrive not more. Also, it’s not like we actually listen, but then some paper pusher comes screaming into my office and threatens sanctions they can’t enforce or trade embargos with nations and polities that aren’t trading with Bruel to begin with and it’s just so annoying.”
“Ah, those types.” Admiral Cistern says sympathetically. “Unfortunately necessary. Nitpickers are annoying, but needed, preferably where there’s a lot of nits to pick.”
“Nitpicker? Nit picker? An interesting way to describe the pedantic, detail obsessed and idiotic.”
“That’s basically what it means. Someone who focuses on unimportant details to the detriment of everything else.”
“As fascinating as the linguistic conversation is I do have some more for you than just the holo-training updates.”
“By all means.” Admiral Cistern states and Doctor Samuel looks quickly to Ambassador Tal and then turns to lead them in.
“As you know, we have been studying many, many differing types of weapons. So many in fact that many soldiers have taken to using compressed space techniques to carry their entire armouries in the equivalent of cigarette cases. This has been a very useful stopgap method and one I heartily encourage continued use of. But the issue is that there are numerous Axiom effects which can and will cause such things to effectively detonate. A disruption of the expanded space finds a soldier quickly buried in their concealed armoury.” Doctor Samuel explains.
“Have you found a solution?”
“We are working on a morphic weapon prototype. It is incredibly Null Vulnerable, but unlike many other Null Vulnerable techniques it’s merely disabled rather than destroyed when disrupted.” Doctor Samuel says.
“How did you do that? Is it carved in khutha?” Ambassador Tal asks.
“Lined with khutha Ambassador. We have an aluminum frame that has carved out areas lined with a thin khutha layer. This keeps the device lightweight and effective.” Doctor Samuel states as he leads them into a weapons range. Being operated by a scientist are several weapons in two different clear configurations. A long range laser and a short range plasma spread burst.
“Meet the Mark One Shift Rifle. Currently it has two modes. A short range plasma burst that spreads out in a cone three five meters long and wide. And a medium range burn laser effective out to twenty meters. It can freely shift between the two configurations and the shifting feature even works in Axiom Poor environments.”
“I see.” Admiral Cistern says taking up the weapon. “How does it work. Is it this small lever on the side?”
“Yes, you pull it out to unlock the shifting. Shift it to the desired configuration and then push it in to lock it again. The weapon will not fire while unlocked.”
“Smart safety feature.”
“One we implemented a little too late. I have a scientist in medical for the rest of the day.” Doctor Samuel states.
“I wasn’t informed about any injuries.”
First degree burn and nerves sir. We’ve had worse coffee spills. He’s getting some ointment and a day out of the lab to calm down before he really hurts himself.” Doctor Samuel explains and Admiral Cistern frowns a little as he shifts the weapon into another configuration. There’s a red aura around it now.
“Red is the plasma burst. Yellow is burn laser.” Doctor Samuel states.
“It’s a little clunky. The change was slow and required a bit more force than expected.”
“We’re working on that sir. Right now the best way around that is to give the muzzle a swing while it shifts.” Doctor Samuel advises.
“And light up half the room? No thank you doctor.” Admiral Cistern says pulling the weapon into it’s laser configuration. “Still, this will take a slight bite out of the sheer size of armouries that our boys are lugging around.”
“Our eventual hope is to get all formats of energy weapons stacked onto a single stock. Couple that with a pistol, a knife and their armour and our boys will be ready for just about any minor skirmish the galaxy over without the risk that an Axiom disruption will render someone vulnerable or your munitions easily stolen.” Doctor Samuel says.
“Hmm... still I think we’ll go with a hybrid style. Easily modified weapons in arm’s reach, but still having a moderate to large number of weapons to increase the firepower and versatility.”
“So more Doom Eternal than Jak and Daxter.” Doctor Samuel asks and Admiral Cistern just blinks at him. “Videogame references sir.”
“Doom Eternal? What kind of game is that?” Ambassador Tal asks.
“One unimaginably angry super-soldier against an unending horde of demons. And the demons are rightfully terrified of him.” Doctor Samuel explains.
“... I want to play that.” Ambassador Tal says with a big smile.
“It shouldn’t be too hard to do that.” Admiral Cistern replies.
“Can we?”
Private Stream pointedly does NOT laugh as he brings in the latest report of what Moriarty is up to. It’s rather difficult as Ambassador Tal has embraced her inner gremlin and is sitting on the floor with a game system set up and giggling like a lunatic while she glorykills a baron of hell.
“Thank you Private Stream.” Admiral Cistern says as he takes the paperwork. The man had clearly just finally had a moment to sip his coffee and here he was with more work.
“You’re welcome sir.”

First Last
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2023.03.20 21:07 ProPatria92 [220306] Santander Performing Arts Center concert in Reading, PA. Thoughts/review on concert, Meet & Greet, venue switch, etc.

I did a detailed writeup on my very first concert experience last year which was seeing Dreamcatcher's Apocalypse: Save Us concert in Reading and I got a positive response so I wanted to do it again for this concert. Hopefully this will help future Insomnia going to their first Dreamcatcher concert that are anxious about what to expect. Writing all this down is also a nice way for me to look back on the experience in the future. This is gonna' be another long read, don't think I can just TL;DR it so feel free to skip around to specific sections if you like. If you want to check out my previous concert writeup you can find it here:
I don't think there is too much to say here, Ticketmaster is already garbage about scalping bots and they continue to show their incompetence with this fuck up. It caused myself a good amount of anxiety like everyone else. I decided to wait till the day of the concert to see if they'd send the extra email with my printable ticket. Well that never happened, so I was debating calling Ticketmaster or just risk trying to pick them up at Will Call. That's when I saw people suggesting to make a separate new Ticketmaster account to transfer my tickets to. Lo and behold, it worked! Seriously, shout out to those suggesting that and whoever figured it out, real life saver! The only silver lining was that my seating got bumped all the way up front (third row specifically) smack dab in the center. So I can't complain too much but it sucks to everyone that got bumped out to much worse seating.
Concert Prep
Since attending the last Dreamcatcher concert in July, which was my very first ever concert experience, I've since seen Kard in Atlanta and Pixy, AleXa, and Rolling Quartz at Otakon in D.C. Not a veteran by any means but I've got a bit more experience going now. I work night shifts during the week so my sleep schedule is usually trash trying to readjust to days over the weekend. I woke up on the day of the concert at 3am and began doing some prep work. Charging my lightstick and battery brick (for charging phones), getting my ticket sorted, checking where I want to park once I get there, etc. I bought some equipment to attach my phone to mongmonie so I can record parts of the concert while keeping another hand free if needed. My original plan was to use all my lightstick extensions and use it as a sort of monopod setup for recording the whole concert. A few things made me change my mind, the first was that I couldn't find a clear answer on if extensions would be allowed at the concert, then there was the fact that my seat got changed and I felt like I'd be blocking people's view with it (plus I'd have to break it down every time we had to sit). It would've been a more ideal setup in a PIT area in the corner where I wouldn't be blocking people. I had planned on using a completely separate phone to record the whole concert so I cleared up a bunch of memory on it, but in the process managed to brick my phone 😒. So I had to resort to using my primary phone. Anyway, I felt like I somehow spent 10hrs. doing concert prep, not sure how lol. It was time to finally head out. It's only an hour and a half drive for me, think I left the house around 2:30ish in the afternoon.
Arrival in Reading
I arrived in Reading around 4pm. Reading Parking Authority recently switched to gateless parking which I've never used before. I downloaded the ParkMobile app before I left. When I got there it only let me pay for a 30min. increment on the app, so I used that time to get a bite to eat since I hadn't eaten anything all morning. Once I got back to the parking garage I noticed the little kiosk where you can pay for the full day, so that's what I did. After that I walked down the street to the venue so I could grab my VVIP bracelet which only took less than 5 minutes since there wasn't a huge line for it at the time. I wanted to chill in the short line forming outside the venue and chat up some Insomnia but decided I should probably go back to my car and get some rest since I had been up since 3am (shoutout to the Insomnia with the same Seven Spirits hoodie that I had who said hi to me on the way back though). After getting a bit of rest I went to go line up at the venue, the weather was a really nice mild day (55℉/13℃) with thankfully no rain like last time! There were so many nice Insomnia handing out banners and freebies in line. One was handing photocards/polaroids and asked me my bias, said I couldn't choose so just give me a random one, when I opened it up it was a choccy milk Gahyeon polaroid! Even if it wasn't official I got so hyped seeing that, haha. Someone else was handing out some cute DC anime stickers, this time I specifically chose Dami since there were only two of those left (person behind me snatched the last one). I signed the Dreamcatcher Reason flag while in line, it's super unfortunate they couldn't end up giving it to the girls! The line started moving around 6pm and moved pretty quickly, I was in the doors past security by 6:15pm.
Santander Performing Arts Center Venue review
I grabbed a Blue Moon and waited in the merch line. This venue was pretty small so they only had one spot to setup the merch table. The line was super long and wrapped around the entire venue starting on the first floor and leading up to the merch table on the second floor. The line moved at a decent pace considering how much it zig-zag'd around the place, shout out to the staff that were straight up sprinting around the line making sure to keep it orderly and moving it around so people didn't have problems accessing the rest of the venue. I got my merch by 7pmish so I waited in line for maybe 40min. There isn't too much to say about the venue itself, you can pretty much see the whole lobby in that pic I posted while waiting in line. There were easy to find bathrooms on a level lower than the ground floor, there were big signs to point you in the direction of each seating section and staff were great about helping people find there correct seats. For some reason the staff here felt even more proactive with helping everyone than the Santander Arena (though everyone there was also very friendly and helpful). I got seated at 7:05pm and the first thing I noticed was how cramped the seating was. Sitting down my shoulders were touching the shoulders of the people sitting to both sides of me, I feel like plane seating didn't feel as cramped. Once I got seated, the Insomnia next to me noticed my camera setup to record the concert and we had a nice conversation about photography and the gear we each use. Also talked about the messed up ticket situation with the venue change. One of my goals was to talk to more Insomnia this time around so thank you to the dude that chatted me up as I'm terrible at starting conversations myself but once I'm in it I could talk forever, haha.
The Concert
Once again, I noticed everyone's fits being on point at the concert. So many people with cool outfits, custom clothes, some people were wearing outfits that matched certain Dreamcatcher stage outfits, etc. Shout out to the bunny costume guy hyping everyone up before the concert! One thing I might've messed up on was footwear, whenever standing and jumping I could feel my feet killing me. I'm used to standing all day at work in these shoes, so I think it was the jumping up and down that really did it for me, not as comfortable as the UltraBoosts I wore last concert. Anyway, it was easy enough to ignore since the concert was so awesome! I was practically front row, which I never thought I'd get a chance to do. I'm really short for a guy, so I always worried about not getting a good enough spot in the PIT to see over people. Most people in front of me were taller than me but it wasn't a huge issue for the most part. The members entered and the hype begun, seriously never thought I'd get to be this close to them! One of my slight complaints from the last concert was that I am a bit nearsighted and it was hard to make out the members faces from where I was seated (although I know them well enough to pick them out on their gait alone). Now it was like seeing them in glorious 8k, and they all looked gorgeous! The setlist was so good, finally #justiceforWHAT! Plus getting to see the 'YOU AND I' choreo complete with props and Dami's awesome staff spinning! Everyone sounded so good and I was surprised that the acoustics sounded really good in such a small place not really designed for the type of music being played. Even during the songs with choreo you could here each member through the backing track at least a few times here and there. Like last time, the members I noticed really punching through the backing track the most were Siyeon and Dami. You can tell Dami goes all in on her raps at these concerts, to the point of bending over like 70° in order to really belt them out with as much power as possible. Also, OH MY GOD 'Reason' went as hard as I hoped it would live. They are pushing their vocals so hard during that song and the "woah" chanting parts get everyone so hyped. It was a fantastic idea to have the encore be all three fan songs. Celebrating Dami's birthday was so fun! Sua announcing herself as Dami's B-day present and her just ignoring it was hilarious, also Sua giving Dami the rights to being the Queen™ of Dreamcatcher while celebrating her birthday had me dying. I don't remember what song it happened during but at one point I'm pretty sure Yoohyeon's timing was off in one of the choreos and she completely bumped into another member (think it might have been Gahyeon but I don't recall) it was really cute as she quickly brushed it off with a smile. I thought I had recorded this part but can't find it so now I'm gonna' have to check other fancams to make sure I'm not going crazy, lol. During the last goodbye talks, Gahyeon cried saying she wasn't feeling well and hoped that it didn't show in her performing (it didn't, she did great!) and other members were tearing up too. It honestly feels so heartwarming as a fan getting to see Dreamcatcher's sincerity in their faces and words up close and personal, I'm surprised I didn't cry myself. Jiu especially goes the extra mile with her genuine facial expressions that show gratitude on the deepest levels. Another thing I loved about Jiu was her crowd control abilities, especially when it came to getting everybody to wave their lightsticks in synchronicity. Speaking of the crowd, I was pretty disappointed by the shrieking banshees that yelled over the members when they were talking. It's honestly super rude and makes the fandom look bad, it sucks that there isn't much you can do about it but to try and tell people near you to be quiet. You could see Dami was visibly annoyed by it and continued to make a shushing gesture at the crowd while pointing at the member currently talking. It doesn't help that the members also enabled the behavior by responding to a few people yelling things to them so that lead to others trying to grab their attention, it seriously got out of hand. Other than that slightly souring the experience, I still had a wonderful time. I will end this section by mentioning the only member I have yet to talk about here and I will will simply leave it with this; Handong's orange hair omfg?! 👨🏼‍🍳💋
Meet & Greet, Hi-Touch + Group Photo
After the concert ended, everyone started to line up for the VIP and VVIP M&G event. They lined up the VIP first since they were just doing the hi-touch. The VVIP participants were all seated and wherever you sat was basically the order they were going to have you go in with each row of seats being a section for the group photos, this way anyone in groups that wanted to stick together for it could figure out their order beforehand. Staff was great at giving everyone instructions and getting everything in order as fast as possible. I was so exhausted after the concert with running on little sleep that I just about snoozed off while sitting and waiting my turn. A weird thing I noticed was that I was seated towards the back of the venue and the seating seemed to be spaced out a bit better than where I sat for the concert. Anyway, it was my sections turn for the hi-touch. I kind of knew it was going to go by too fast to even get out anything meaningful so I tried to to be anxious about what I was going to say. The line moved so fast that when I got to the members I barely got to say "hi [member's name]!" in fact I remember getting to Sua and I think Siyeon was right before her and I called her Shua by accident cuz' I was trying to nail saying She-yeon previously, I felt so stupid but it is what it is, I'm laughing at it now looking back on it 😂. I also remember Jiu was first in line and I realized I gave her a pretty hard high five and ended up toning it down with each member till I got to Dami last and barely touched her hand. It was over as fast as it started, it went exactly how I thought it would but still left me a little disappointed. That was made up for with the group photo. As I waited back in line for the group photo, and was slowly approaching the line seemed to stop for a bit longer than it was before. It seemed that there was a group way ahead that didn't want to be separated for the group photo so they were looking for a single person to fill in the last spot. I stepped up and volunteered so we could get the line moving again. The staff were appreciative since they were on a time crunch, the people in line were happy to not get separated, and I got to skip like 30 people so win-win for everyone. That wasn't the best part though. Since the members were also waiting for a minute or two they all had their direction focused on the last person waiting to come up the stairs and that was me! Jiu gave me a very warm and cheery "hi!" as she was closest and was who I was going to sit in front of, needless to say my heart melted and I gave her an equally ecstatic "hello!" right back. I was going to ask her to do like a heart or something with me but since they were waiting I didn't want to hold them up any longer and decided to just quickly get seated so they could take the photos. Photo only took a sec and they we got up to let the next group in. I was the last person in line so I kinda' got selfish and took my time saying a few things to the members as we left. I got to look each one in the eyes and tell them what a great performance they put on, how cool they are, etc. Also told Gahyeon to feel better, and Dami was last so I got to personally wish her a happy birthday as well! Honestly made the VVIP package super worth it. I grabbed my VVIP merch on the way out and left the venue feeling great. The temperature had dropped quite a bit but it honestly felt really nice having the cool air hit my face after being packed like sardines for over 2hrs. I don't remember what time everything ended exactly but I headed back to my car by around 10:30pm. The drive back was a bit stressful as I was exhausted and we had a freak blizzard come out of nowhere. I didn't see anything about snow on the weather forecast for the day so I was surprised, but it was manageable for me since I live in the area and drive an AWD Forester with winter tires.
Final Thoughts
I got so busy with work, then my router shit the bed, then the great Reddit outage happened, then was busy at work again. I've been meaning to post this much sooner, it's crazy that it's already been two weeks since the concert. I surprisingly didn't get the usual post-concert depression this time, I think it was because this concert felt waaaay shorter to me for some reason. I kind of equate it to the feeling you get after watching a movie for the second time, you know what to expect and what scenes are coming next so the movie feels much shorter on the second watch-through. Everything straight up just felt like a 5min. dream to me it went by so fast. So it's a little sad in that sense but I still felt a feeling of fulfillment overall. Also, I thankfully didn't catch COVID this time so pretty happy about that .I should mention that masks were encouraged but not required, even for hi-touch/group photos. I wore mine all concert and for the hi-touch, but took it off for the group photo so I could see my face in the pic. I talked about my seating position off to the side giving me this weird feeling of disconnect from the performances last time, and this time felt much better as I was front and center and got to make lots of eye contact with the members the whole concert. I have no real regrets this time around, but my goals for my next concert are to talk to even more people and I kind of want to do something to give back to the community like the kind Insomnia that hand out cool freebies at the concerts. Not sure what I'm going to come up with yet but can't wait to get the creative juices flowing. Also, since I talked about photography with the Insomnia sitting next to me, it got me thinking about getting a press pass to shoot a Dreamcatcher concert in the future. I don't know how difficult that would be as an amateur with no real professional portfolio to speak of but it would be amazing if possible! I have to head off to work now, I'll probably fix some formatting to make this more readable and add other tidbits I forgot to add once I get off work.
Thank you to Dreamcatcher, DCC staff, Santander Staff, and all the wonderful Insomnia for another great and memorable experience!!
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