Renaissance all inclusive aruba


2018.12.26 22:35 katieidk DarkAcademia

A place to connect with other Dark Academics. Dark Academia is an aesthetic and subculture dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. For pleasure and for life. It incorporates Gothic and vintage style elements, as well as references to ancient Greece, Rome, and the Renaissance.

2023.05.30 14:10 hippikon97 hi all, yesterday the video clip of my band (Cremisi) was released, it is Ancient Wonder, a song from the EP Iustizia released last October, concerning the bonfire of the vanities of the Renaissance era, take a look at it and please give feedback, thanks for attention
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2023.05.30 14:02 Affectionate-Creme79 NOT ALL odd numbers have an "e" in them, Here is your proof.

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2023.05.30 13:57 Transact_Bridge Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS

Build the Right Payment Stack for Your SaaS


Businesses must pay close attention to the payment infrastructure they choose to adopt in the quickly changing Software as a Service (SaaS) market. For customers to be happy, to generate income, and for a business to succeed overall, a payment procedure must be simple and safe. A solid payment stack, supported by a dependable payment software solution, becomes essential in this situation. In this post, we'll examine the crucial factors to take into account and the procedures to follow in order to create the ideal payment stack for your SaaS, with an emphasis on selecting the best payment software.
Transact Bridge aims to help you expand your company in India so you may take advantage of the largest market in the world. Every business finds India to be the most alluring market since it is the largest centre for commercial activities. We typically help you by bridging the gap between India and your company. The hassle-free experience and our depth of knowledge in India speak for themselves. Businesses are eager to attract Indian clients, Transact Bridge is glad to report, given their expanding requirements and reliance on the internet.

Understanding the Value of a Payment Stack

The set of tools and services that a SaaS company uses to manage payment processing is referred to as a payment stack. It includes merchant accounts, payment gateways, security measures, and interfaces with other crucial technologies. An effective payment stack guarantees smooth transactions, reduces friction, and provides a superior user experience. You may simplify payment procedures, reduce risks, and realise the full potential of your SaaS company by installing the appropriate payment software solution.

Identifying Your Payment Needs

It's important to evaluate your particular payment needs before constructing your payment stack. Take into account elements like price tiers, currencies, and the ability to accept payments from abroad. Subscription models (one-time, recurring, usage-based). Additionally, consider any particular industry standards or compliance laws that may apply to your organisation. You may choose the best payment software solution to suit your needs by being aware of these requirements.

The Best Payment Software Solution

Transact Bridge
Transact Bridge is the team of professionals that brings your business to India since success in expanding markets needs skilled guidance. Transact Bridge specialise in localization for emerging markets. This implies that we are fully committed to providing a versatile, all-inclusive payments solution that maximises reach in emerging countries and generates new income streams. Your increased success rate and client retention speak for themselves as the payments become simple. Transact Bridge accepts UPI, Net banking, NEFT, RTGS, and Card payment as well.
Reliability and Security: Security should be given top consideration when choosing a payment software solution. Make that it adheres to industry standards like PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and has strong encryption and tokenization features. In order to avoid any negative consequences on your company from payment processing interruptions, look for a supplier with a proven track record of dependability and uptime.
Integration: Your payment software should be easy to connect with your current SaaS infrastructure. In order to effortlessly integrate payment capabilities into your platform, look for APIs and developer-friendly technologies that make integration simple. Important elements like synchronising client data, managing subscriptions, and invoicing should be included in this integration.
Flexibility and Scalability: Since your company's needs may change over time, it's critical to select a payment software solution that can expand with you. Make sure the solution can manage higher transaction volumes, accommodate a variety of payment options, and modify to fit changing company models. You may serve a larger consumer base while accepting their preferred payment methods if you use flexible payment software.
Reporting and Analytics: For analysing your payment performance, spotting patterns, and maximising revenue sources, comprehensive reporting and analytics tools are essential. Try to choose a payment software system that provides real-time reporting, scalable dashboards, and thorough transaction analytics. With the help of this information, you'll be able to decide how to proceed with your business and spot potential problems.

Working together with Payment Gateway Providers:

To finish your payment stack, you must interface with payment gateway providers who streamline transaction processing. Pick reliable payment gateway partners that meet the demands of your company, accept the payment methods you want, and have affordable prices. Redundancy may be provided and the risks related to downtime or technical difficulties can be reduced by cooperation with many payment gateways.

Continuous Optimisation and Maintenance:

Creating the ideal payment stack is a continuous process. Monitor and improve your payment systems constantly to improve user experience, boost conversion rates, and lower churn. To keep your payment software solution current and compliant, keep up with market trends, new payment options, and security procedures.


For your SaaS business to succeed, you need a well-thought-out payment stack that is supported by a reliable payment software solution. You can give your consumers a flawless payment experience while generating the most income by comprehending your payment requirements, selecting the appropriate payment software solution, working with reputable payment gateway providers, and ensuring constant optimisation. Future continuous development and consumer happiness may be ensured by making investments in a robust payment infrastructure now.
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2023.05.30 13:50 _Tim_the_good French Monarchist breakup of the French Tricolour Flag, this flag ought to still be covered in fleur de lis to indicate that we really want monarchy back though, what's more is I also still prefer the past royal flags than this tricoulour one

French Monarchist breakup of the French Tricolour Flag, this flag ought to still be covered in fleur de lis to indicate that we really want monarchy back though, what's more is I also still prefer the past royal flags than this tricoulour one submitted by _Tim_the_good to monarchistvexillology [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:31 Impossible_Anxiety90 Unveiling the Essence of Cultural Artefacts at New York Fashion Week

Unveiling the Essence of Cultural Artefacts at New York Fashion Week

New York City is a melting pot of cultures, where fashion takes center stage during the renowned New York Fashion Week (NYFW). This prestigious event not only showcases the latest trends but also serves as a platform for celebrating cultural artefacts.
Cultural artefacts are tangible and intangible expressions of a society's heritage, reflecting its traditions, values, and aesthetics. NYFW embraces this concept by incorporating diverse cultural elements into its runway shows, presentations, and exhibitions. Designers draw inspiration from various cultural influences, infusing their collections with a rich tapestry of stories and craftsmanship.
The intersection of culture and fashion is particularly evident during NYFW, where designers from all corners of the globe converge to present their creations. They pay homage to their roots, showcasing unique textiles, patterns, and designs that represent their cultural heritage. Traditional craftsmanship, passed down through generations, finds a place on the catwalk, breathing life into cultural artefacts.
New york fashion
Fashion shows during NYFW are more than just glamorous displays. They serve as a catalyst for cultural exchange, fostering dialogue and appreciation for diverse backgrounds. Designers use their platforms to challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and celebrate inclusivity. By incorporating cultural artefacts into their collections, they redefine the notion of beauty and style, transcending geographical boundaries.
The influence of cultural artefacts at NYFW extends beyond the runway. It permeates the entire fashion ecosystem, from street style to editorial shoots. New York City becomes a vibrant canvas, where individuals express their personal style by embracing cultural diversity. Fashion enthusiasts from all walks of life don traditional garments, experimental ensembles, or modern interpretations of cultural attire, showcasing their individuality and appreciation for cultural heritage.
Ny fashion week
Moreover, NYFW presents an opportunity for emerging designers to make their mark in the fashion industry. Many talented individuals from diverse backgrounds leverage this platform to introduce their unique perspectives and cultural narratives. Their creations infuse the fashion landscape with fresh ideas and alternative viewpoints, challenging conventional norms and expanding the boundaries of creativity.
As NYFW continues to evolve, there is a growing emphasis on promoting sustainable and ethical fashion practices. Cultural artefacts play a crucial role in this movement. By highlighting the value and significance of traditional craftsmanship, NYFW encourages designers and consumers alike to embrace slow fashion, supporting artisans and preserving cultural heritage.
New york city fashion week
In conclusion, New York Fashion Week is more than a mere display of clothing trends. It is a celebration of cultural artefacts, weaving together diverse influences and narratives into the fabric of the fashion industry. From traditional craftsmanship to contemporary interpretations, NYFW showcases the power of cultural exchange and its impact on shaping the future of fashion. As we eagerly anticipate the next edition of NYFW, let us embrace the beauty and significance of cultural artefacts, uniting fashion enthusiasts from around the world in a shared appreciation for diversity and creativity.
visit us :
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2023.05.30 13:26 ohgodwhyalwaysme [Explorer] BO3 Rogues: The Anti-Anti-Rakdos Deck

First time doing a write up and doing it on mobile, so apologies if there are any formatting issues. Also I’m not the most updated with the meta, so my experiences are purely anecdotal and may not be the most accurate.
This is my first time getting to mythic rank ever since I started playing in 2019, mainly because I don’t enjoy the grind and I usually stop at platinum to switch to Historic Brawl. However, I really enjoyed the play style of Rogues and managed to hit platinum pretty early on, so over the course of the month I slowly made my way up the ladder, usually playing 1 or 2 matches every other day before finally reaching mythic with a 29-7 record (1 match wasn’t recorded because I accidentally closed Untapped).
Out of the 7 losses, 5 were to Rakdos Midrange, 1 to Boros Convoke, and 1 to Greasefang. As you can see, Rogues does pretty badly against Rakdos, although I find the matchup to be interesting and the games to be very close (most of my games went 1-2). With such a terrible matchup against a meta deck, why play it? The main reason is because the deck does well against the decks that try to go bigger and over Rakdos (e.g., Keruga Fires, Mono Green), so you can probably call it the anti-anti-Rakdos deck. The deck is also capable at playing at instant speed 90% of the time and our threats/answers are much more efficient than that of control decks, making them a good matchup for Rogues as well.
Rakdos Midrange: unfavored
Even though untapped shows my record as 1-5, the one win is against Rakdos Sacrifice (which I don’t have enough experience playing against and won’t comment on) so in reality I am at a 0% win rate against Rakdos Midrange. Basically, the deck has efficient answers (Fatal Push, Bonecrusher) and threats that are built in 2 for 1s (Trespasser, Fable) that makes it hard for the Rogues deck to keep up with. The nail on the coffin though is Kroxa. A recursive threat that weakens our entire game plan (threats, answers, card draw) changes this match up from slightly unfavored to outright unfavored. Adding 2 Into the Story in the sideboard didn’t help much for me, especially when there were times I lost 8 life because of 4 mana Sheoldred. You could probably try to change the deck configuration to outgrind Rakdos (4 mana Sheoldred and Into the Story maindeck), but it makes the deck clunkier and I personally prefer the play style of my current list anyway.
Keruga Fires: favored
Playing against a deck full of >3 mana cards makes this an easy match up for Rogues as you can use the first couple of turns to develop your threats and out-tempo them, ending the game before their big cards come online. Even their most common sweeper, Temporary Lockdown, isn’t the most effective against Rogues because you could just EOT bounce with Brazen Borrower and make a lethal swing. Post-board they may bring in Supreme Verdicts, so it’s just a matter of not overextending. As long as you can keep Fires of Invention off the board, the Keruga Fires deck usually only has enough mana to deploy one threat/answer a turn, which we can hold up counters/answers for while we chip away at their life total with our creatures.
UW Control: favored
Both the Rogues and UW Control decks are looking to play at instant speed, but Rogues has the upper hand with a heavier threat density and more efficient answers. Postboard makes it even more favored for us as we drop dead removal while the control deck has to keep them in, and it’s just a matter of playing around Verdicts. The only thing to watch out for is a turn 2 Rest in Peace, which is back-breaking, but thankfully for both times it happened to me I had a Spell Pierce at the ready.
Mono Green: favored
The Mono Green matchup feels similar to Keruga Fires, although Mono Green has the potential to be a lot more explosive. If you have a Fatal Push for a turn 1 Elf it is probably correct 99% of the time to do so. The cards I’m most concerned about in the match up would be Karn and Cavalier, so I try to always keep up counters against them.
Greasefang: roughly equal(?)
I’ve only played the match up twice and went 1-1, so I’m not exactly clear who is favored in the matchup, but I imagine it’s draw dependent and that it gets better for the Rogues deck postboard. The interesting thing is that both decks want the Greasefang deck’s graveyard to be filled, so it can often come down to drawing the right threats/answers against each other. Faerie Mastermind is also huge against Raffine’s Informant, turning their loot into a draw for us. Postboard, we get more targeted graveyard hate and efficient removal through Ray of Enfeeblement.
Mono White Humans: unfavored
Even though I won 2-0 against the Humans decks I faced, I believe that the matchup to be unfavored especially with the addition of the Aftermath card Coppercoat Vanguard, which pumps and grants ward to other Humans. Coupled with Thalia, this can make our removal inefficient. Ray out of the sideboard definitely helps, but probably not enough.
Creativity Decks: favored
I’ve faced Izzet, Rakdos and Grixis versions of Creativity, and find the decks to be too clunky to beat Rogues. Just always keep a counter up for Indomitable Creativity and it feels like you’re up against a subpar control deck.
Boros Convoke: unfavored
The newest kid on the block, I find the deck to be very difficult to manage especially if they drop an early convoke creature on the board. The deck goes wider than the Rogues deck can manage and if it gets more popular, it may be correct to start adding Crippling Fears to the sideboard.
In the mirror, the most important things to watch out for IMO is knowing when to time your spells and what your role is in the match. I believe this version is also more favored as it’s a lot more streamlined compared to the ones I’ve seen from my opponents. I’ve seen lists that play Invasion of Amonkhet, which I don’t believe is good enough, and 4 mana Sheoldred, but I find these cards to be too clunky. Having mainboard Cling to Dust also makes this version of the deck better in the mirror as you can turn the threshold off for the opponent.
Card Choices
I ported a version of a pioneer decklist I saw on Twitter to explorer since 100% of the cards are available, although I did swap some cards that I felt fit my play style better. I won’t talk about all the cards, but here are some notable inclusions.
[[Faerie Mastermind]]: The newest addition to the deck and what I believe makes this deck more viable than before, it presents an early clock and card advantage all in one package. Getting to deal twice as much damage as the Enforcer and Thought-Thief early on without the eight card threshold makes the Rogues deck a stronger tempo deck. The activated and triggered ability makes this card a live draw even in the late game, and is especially strong against cards that loot (Fable, Informant).
[[Spell Pierce]]: This card has overperformed for me, as many decks look to be mana efficient and play on curve. Initially a one-of, I added a second and have been satisfied with its performance.
[[Cling to Dust]]: The flex slot in my maindeck, it has performed reasonably well for me, although it could be correct to replace this with a higher impact card like Into the Story, 4 mana Sheoldred, or Kaito.
[[Jace, the Perfected Mind]]: To be honest, I kind of doubted this card’s utility and considered replacing it with more copies of Kaito or Into the Story, but so far Jace has been pretty decent. The most common ability I use is the the -2, although the +1 isn’t flashy or seemingly powerful, it has been useful with slowing down opposing threats. If the game goes long enough, getting to -2 and draw 3 feels unbeatable.
[[Sheoldred]]: The reason why I had to specify 4mana Sheoldred in the sections before this is because this version plays the newest 5 mana one. I usually bring it in against the grindier match ups and flipping it basically guarantees a win.
[[Darkslick Shores]]: Another new addition from the latest set alongside Faerie Mastermind, you can never underestimate the power of good painless mana fixing. This land is secretly one of the better additions even if it’s not a flashy addition.
[[Change the Equation]]: Against decks that play red or green, this is basically a better counterspell. I initially had 2 in the sideboard, but cut 1 for Into the Story.
[[Into the Story]]: This card is glaringly missing from the maindeck and was even originally not even in the sideboard (I only added it in a futile attempt to fight against Rakdos Midrange). I have to admit that its omission may actually be a mistake and might not be the most optimal choice, and should probably replace the Jaces. However, Jace getting to come down on turn 3 and stay on the board as a threat is an advantage over Into the Story. It might even be correct to swap the sideboard Stories and the mainboard Jaces. Will definitely continue testing more to see which is better.
TLDR: Rogues is good against decks that try to go over Rakdos Midrange (Keruga Fires, Mono Green) and control decks but terrible against Rakdos Midrange itself.
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2023.05.30 13:25 iwebdatascrape What is the Importance of Scraping Yellow Pages Business Directories?

What is the Importance of Scraping Yellow Pages Business Directories?

Hardly there are any fields in the business world where web scraping has yet to make its existence. Companies usually decide what type of data they require depending on the objectives and the cases. The same is with Yellow Pages. It is a business directory encompassing all vital information related to multiple business types. So, how to collect information from Yellow Pages? For example, if you are running a business and looking for potential leads, you can extract contact information of any businesses in the Yellow Pages. Scraping Yellow Pages Business Directories will help aggregate complete information from different business types and use it for designing own. You can use Yellow Pages data scraping services to have your business database for marketing purposes.
Let's first understand Yellow Pages in Detail.

About Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages are businesses' telephone directories, where the businesses are organized category-wise. This online search service helps businesses to connect for several cost-effective marketing purposes. The concept came into existence in 1883 when a printer in the US lacked white pages and started printing on yellow pages. Soon, it led to the official yellow pages book publishing. This telephone directory, meant for businesses and organizations, includes business names, contact details, and addresses.

Importance of Yellow Pages in Today's Business?

You can easily find more local and regional businesses using the Yellow Pages instead of the mainstream search engines. Yellow Pages provide easy access to several services or businesses that sometimes do not appear in the Google search. The results on the search engines depend on the relevance to the search terms, but, in the case of Yellow Pages, it shows results based on geographic areas. If you are willing to have better local reach for your business, it is advantageous to advertise on the online yellow pages. Web scraping will enable the best out of the Yellow Pages advertising.

What is Yellow Pages Scraping?

It is one of the convenient marketing data extraction services. It helps retrieve business information from the Yellow Pages directory to enhance sales engagement. The process extracts highly relevant and updated information based on the client's requirements.

Role of Yellow Pages Scraper in Scraping Data

In general terms, a web scraper is a tool that collects data from multiple websites. It identifies and converts the HTML data into a readable format. Web scraper, however, is a perfect solution for businesses that require to extract bulk information from the web. Extract Yellow Pages Data For Local Business to collect information from business directories. Scrape Yellow Pages Business Directory to search and extract data like location, contact information, etc.

List of Data Fields

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Phone Number
  • Business Name
  • Business Website
  • Working Hours
  • City
  • State
  • Email
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Fax Number
Significant industries data can be collected from Yellow Pages using Yellow Pages API are:
Medical Centers
  • Dentists
  • Services Offices
  • Body Corporate Managers
  • Manufacturers
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Commercial Property Managers
  • Child Care Centers
  • Accountants
  • Call Centre Services

Yellow Pages Scraping – Key Features

Below are some significant features that adhere to the Yellow Pages web scraping.
It helps scrape the lead information.
Help scrape targeted businesses and contact details depending on the required search results.
Extract keyword-based information.
It helps in extracting emails and can retrieve data in the necessary format.
It can scrape latitude and longitude for the right business location.

Yellow Pages Data Scraping – Benefits

As we have covered the key features of Yellow Pages Scraping, let's now understand the benefits of scraping Yellow Pages data. Several companies offer professional business directory data scraping service. iWeb Data Scraping is one among them.
Helps Getting Business-Oriented Data: Seeking help from experienced data scraping service providers, customers can avail of all-inclusive business-oriented information about their targeted companies for marketing and sales.
Helps Extract Business Contact Information: You can build your database using contact information with several business commercial categories.
Helps Extract Cost-Effective Competitive Data: Use the data scraping service with updated information to get a competitive edge over your competitors.
Gains Customer Engagement: As Yellow Pages have the option for the customers to leave reviews, you can scrape those reviews using the Yellow Pages data extractor and use them to make enhancements to your service or products with sentiment analysis. It offers the best solution to scrape leads from Yellow Pages. Using reviews, look for the competitors' businesses and the service types they are offering.
Prices Data Extraction: Extracting price data will give you an idea of the market's pricing range for similar services. Scrape deals and discounts to have better marketing strategies and overrule your competitors. Easily track the price changes from your competitors and respond promptly without losing customers.
Find connections: Scrape Business data to find the connections better. Looking for providers for any products or services becomes extremely easy.

Why Need to Scrape Yellow Pages Data?

Every day several new and latest businesses get registered on Yellow Pages. Getting details about those businesses is only possible using Yellow Pages scraping. The scraping services offer data extraction at regular intervals to provide updated information. Our scraped data get structured in the best possible ways for your business. We offer exceptional solutions to create your email list for marketing purposes or generate business leads. Using our email blaster tools, quickly connect with thousands of users.


Thus, in this blog, we have covered every detail of Yellow Pages, its importance, and the need for Yellow Pages scraping. As a business owner, you must be ready to get notified as a strong rival. And this is only possible if you are holding the best-tailored planning. Web scrape Yellow Pages data with an advanced Yellow Pages scraper to obtain vital business information. The scraper has the potential to generate data for impactful analysis.
So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to rule the leading online marketplace now!
For more information, get in touch with iWeb Data Scraping now! You can also reach us for all your web scraping service and mobile app data scraping requirements.
know more :
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2023.05.30 13:16 Beautiful_Notice794 Pet friendly cancun

Looking for all inclusive resorts in Cancun and surrounding areas that are pet friendly preferably family friendly but open to adult only TIA
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2023.05.30 13:16 Downtown-Cap210 What to expect with the Derma roller and thread lift?

After rolling, the skin may:
Be red for several hours, some of the timeless
Feel like a sun-related burn
Expand at first (extremely minor)
Feel like your face is beating and the blood is circling
Less normally, takes a chance with include
Dull or light spots on the skin
Lines on the face (“cable car track” scarring)
Mouth blister discharge up
Enlarged lymph hubs
Individuals frequently botch the minor enlarging they experience for the blue phenomenon, however, the plumping impact you see at first will die down within a couple of days. In any case, as referenced prior, continued rolling has super-durable outcomes!
There will be some minor erythema (redness) for around 2 or 3 days, and the skin could begin stripping. If this happens, do whatever it takes not to pick at it! The stripping will tumble off normally over the long haul.
Hardened steel versus titanium derma rollers
Dermaroller treatment in Bangalore accompanies either hardened steel or titanium needles. Titanium is more solid since it’s a more grounded combination than tempered steel. This implies the needles will endure longer and the sharpness will not dull as fast.
In any case, tempered steel is innately more sterile. It’s additionally keener and dulls all the more rapidly. Treated steel is what clinical experts, tattoo craftsmen, and acupuncturists use.
In any case, in every practical sense, the two kinds will finish similar work.
Dermarollers can be viewed on the web. You don’t have to overcomplicate things and get a costly one. The less expensive ones will turn out great.
A few organizations likewise offer all-inclusive bundles, offering both roller and serums, even though their items might be pricier than buying everything independently.
What’s in store after a thread lift in Bangalore
Recuperation after an effective thread lift is very negligible. While there might be some noticeable expansion and swelling, you can return to work immediately assuming that you’d like.
Results ought to be evident just after the strings are established, yet you might see more in the long periods just after they are embedded, as enlarging and swelling begin to die down.
Results from a thread lift aren’t intended to be extremely durable. Fruitful impacts ordinarily last from 1 to 3 years. Like other dissolvable dermal fillers, for example, Botox, the strings utilized in the method will ultimately be consumed by the tissue under your skin.
After a thread lifts, you can continue your typical daily practice. Your supplier might prompt you not to rub your face energetically and to try not to rest on your side in the underlying weeks following the system.
The American Culture of Plastic Specialists prompts that you skirt your day-to-day cream for the initial not many weeks after a thread lift, and lay down with your headset up to try not to turn over onto the recently positioned stitches.
You’ll likewise be encouraged to keep away from saunas and extreme focus exercises for the main week or so after the thread lift is performed.
Planning for a thread lift
After talking with your supplier and booking your arrangement, you might be given a few rules for do’s and don’ts to get ready for your thread lift in Bangalore.
Illuminate your PCP regarding any meds you’re utilizing preceding your technique
Attempt to unwind and stay away from stressors the night before your arrangement
Avoid any realized irritation triggers in your eating routine
Drink liquor the night before a thread lift
Take blood-diminishing prescription or nonsteroidal calming drugs (NSAIDs, for example, ibuprofen, multi-week before your thread lift
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2023.05.30 13:07 thehighcoven The High Coven: small, friendly & chill clan - NA/EU [PS4] [PS5] [PC] [XB1]

The High Coven is a new clan comprised of friends who want to build a relaxed, inclusive space for Destiny fun!
We play all aspects of the game: pve, pvp, gambit, raids, IB, flawless runs etc. We are not a KWTD group and are happy to guide any activities.
Our server is an LGBTQ+ friendly space with zero tolerance to hate speech or bullying. We game to have fun but we also have a space to discuss the world news and events that matter to us.
We're looking for clanmates who want to be part of building a community while making friends and chilling in Destiny.
To join, please reach out below and we can send the discord link. We have a 3 week period where we get to know and play with you before we vote on whether to invite to the clan - it's gotta be the right fit for you and us.
See you starside, guardians!
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2023.05.30 13:03 thehighcoven Join the High Coven! NA/EU, all platforms, small ,chilled & friendly clan

The High Coven is a new clan comprised of friends who want to build a relaxed, inclusive space for Destiny fun!
We play all aspects of the game: pve, pvp, gambit, raids, IB, flawless runs etc. We are not a KWTD group and are happy to guide any activities.
Our server is an LGBTQ+ friendly space with zero tolerance to hate speech or bullying. We game to have fun but we also have a space to discuss the world news and events that matter to us.
We're looking for clanmates who want to be part of building a community while making friends and chilling in Destiny.
To join, please reach out below and we can send the discord link. We have a 3 week period where we get to know and play with you before we vote on whether to invite to the clan - it's gotta be the right fit for you and us.
See you starside, guardians!
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2023.05.30 12:56 thehighcoven Join the High Coven! NA/EU, all platforms, chill and friendly clan

The High Coven is a new clan comprised of friends who want to build a relaxed, inclusive space for Destiny fun!
We play all aspects of the game: pve, pvp, gambit, raids, IB, flawless runs etc. We are not a KWTD group and are happy to guide any activities.
Our server is an LGBTQ+ friendly space with zero tolerance to hate speech or bullying. We game to have fun but we also have a space to discuss the world news and events that matter to us.
We're looking for clanmates who want to be part of building a community while making friends and chilling in Destiny.
To join, please reach out below and we can send the discord link. We have a 3 week period where we get to know and play with you before we vote on whether to invite to the clan - it's gotta be the right fit for you and us.
See you starside, guardians!
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2023.05.30 12:55 vineekegwu OGzClub

The OGz are devoted DeFi supporters, and it's important to note that all of our processes are carried out on-chain. This means that complete transparency, traceability, and decentralization are at the core of everything we do. We believe that the true potential of DeFi lies in its capacity to offer financial freedom and inclusivity to everyone.
$OGZ #TheOGzClub #Gem #Binance #ETH #Ethereum #MemeFi
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2023.05.30 12:52 magicnish DoD Civilian eligibility for America the Beautiful Pass

Hey everyone! A coworker of mind recently told me he acquired a free annual “America the Beautiful” pass by showing his CAC at one of the distribution locations.
When asked about whether it’s open to all DoD members or only active duty/veterans, my coworker said that that the description seemed inclusive.
The eligibility reads:
“Current U.S. military members and dependents in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard as well as members of the Reserve and National Guard. Former U.S. Military are eligible, however their dependents are not. Gold Star Families are also eligible. Applicants must show a valid Common Access Card (CAC), military ID (Form 1173), Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC), Veteran ID Card, Veterans designation on a state-issued U.S. driver’s license or identification card. You can get these passes at the visitor center or online at the USGS store.”
Is obtaining the pass considered an act of stolen valor or was my coworker eligible and I’m over analyzing this?
Thanks for your time!
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2023.05.30 12:42 Learners__Ink What is integrity project management?

Integrity project management refers to the practice of managing projects with a strong emphasis on ethical behavior, honesty, and adherence to moral principles. It involves conducting projects in a manner that upholds integrity, transparency, and accountability throughout the project lifecycle.
In an integrity-driven project management approach, the focus extends beyond achieving project objectives and encompasses ethical considerations as well. It involves ensuring that project managers and team members consistently act with honesty, fairness, and professionalism in their interactions with stakeholders, clients, and the broader community.
Key aspects of integrity project management may include:
  1. Ethical Decision Making: Project managers are expected to make decisions based on moral principles and ethical guidelines. They should consider the potential impact of their decisions on all stakeholders and make choices that align with honesty, fairness, and integrity.
  2. Transparency and Communication: Open and transparent communication is vital in integrity project management. Project managers should promote a culture of transparency, where information is readily shared, and stakeholders are kept informed about project progress, risks, and any issues that may arise.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with stakeholders in an inclusive and respectful manner is a crucial element of integrity project management. This involves seeking input, involving stakeholders in decision-making processes, and considering their perspectives and concerns.
  4. Risk Management: Identifying, assessing, and managing risks is an integral part of project management. In an integrity-driven approach, project managers should be proactive in identifying ethical risks, such as conflicts of interest, and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.
  5. Compliance and Legal Considerations: Integrity project management involves adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. Project managers should ensure that projects are executed in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and they should promote a culture of ethical behavior within the project team.
  6. Accountability and Responsibility: Integrity project management emphasizes personal and collective accountability. Project managers should take responsibility for their actions and decisions, and they should encourage team members to do the same. This includes accepting accountability for any mistakes or failures and taking appropriate corrective measures.
By adopting integrity project management principles, organizations can foster a culture of trust, ethical behavior, and social responsibility. This approach not only promotes successful project outcomes but also contributes to long-term sustainability and positive stakeholder relationships.
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2023.05.30 12:30 suresh9058 How To Find And Fix Accessibility Issues In React ReactJS Tutorials

How To Find And Fix Accessibility Issues In React
In This Video, We Explore Web Accessibility in React, Emphasizing Its Importance in Creating Inclusive Web Experiences. Developers Will Learn How to Find and Fix Accessibility Issues Using Various Tools and Techniques. Topics Covered Include Semantic Markup, Keyboard Navigation, and Aria Roles, All of Which Contribute to Best Practices. For More Frontend Web Development Content Visit My Channel #RETHINKINGUI
#accessibilityinreact #issuesinreactjs #reactjs #frontenddevelopment
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2023.05.30 12:29 clementheng Single Room near UCSI

Single Room near UCSI
Clement 60162202886
Room Detail:
Uniqueness of this room n house
1) 5 min walk to UCSI uni 2) 2 min walk to LRT/ MRT bus station, banks, shops n restaurants. 3) CCTV for safety n cleaniless 4) Spacious Sky Garden 5) WiFi 800 mbps 6) Solar Heater. 7) Water Dispenser : Hot n Cold 8) All local Chinese Students with majority females. 9) Fire Extinguisher in every floor 10) Newly n fully renovated house n rooms. 11) Modern n full cooking facilities n washing machine. 12) Fully furnished rooms with wardrobe, bed, mattress, table n chair. 13) Rental inclusive of all utilities, wifi, repair n maintenaice except room eletricity. 14) Super Safe, Comfortable and Clean.
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2023.05.30 12:28 vacationsbyshelly Experience the Beauty of Alaska Cruise Tour - VACATIONS BY SHELLY

Explore the wild beauty of Alaska with VACATIONS BY SHELLY. Our all-inclusive cruise tour includes all meals, entertainment, and activities. Experience breathtaking glaciers, fjords, wildlife and more on our luxury ship.
Visit here:-
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2023.05.30 12:27 Edgrade32 Choosing the Right Business School in Mumbai: Factors to Consider


Are you considering pursuing an MBA in Mumbai? With a plethora of business schools to choose from, finding the right one can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the essential factors to consider when selecting a business school in Mumbai. By understanding these key considerations, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your career aspirations and sets you on the path to success. So, let's delve into the world of business schools in Mumbai and discover how to choose the perfect one for your MBA journey.

Accreditation and Reputation

When evaluating business schools in Mumbai, it is crucial to assess their accreditation and reputation. Look for schools that are accredited by recognized bodies. Accreditation ensures that the institution meets certain quality standards and follows best practices in business education. Additionally, consider the reputation of the school in the industry and among employers. A reputable business school can enhance your credibility and open doors to better job opportunities after graduation.

Program Specializations

Different business schools in Mumbai offer a variety of MBA specializations. Evaluate your interests and career goals to determine which program specializations align with your aspirations. Whether it's finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or operations, choose a school that offers strong programs and faculty expertise in your chosen field. A specialized MBA program can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your desired industry.

Faculty Expertise and Industry Connections

he faculty of a business school plays a crucial role in shaping your learning experience. Research the qualifications, expertise, and industry experience of the faculty members. Look for professors who have relevant industry experience and a track record of research or consulting work. Additionally, consider the school's industry connections. A business school with strong ties to the corporate world can provide valuable networking opportunities, internships, and guest lectures from industry leaders.

Alumni Network and Placement Opportunities

The strength of a business school's alumni network and its placement record are key indicators of the school's effectiveness in preparing students for successful careers. Explore the alumni network and find out how engaged and supportive they are. A robust network can offer mentorship, job referrals, and networking events that can accelerate your career growth. Additionally, examine the school's placement record to gauge the success of its graduates in securing desirable job offers. Look for schools with strong corporate connections and high placement rates.

Infrastructure and Facilities

Evaluate the infrastructure and facilities offered by business schools in Mumbai. Consider factors such as classrooms, libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, and student support services. A well-equipped campus with modern amenities can contribute to a conducive learning environment and enhance your overall educational experience.

Global Exposure and Exchange Programs

In an increasingly interconnected world, global exposure is highly valued. Look for business schools that offer international exchange programs or partnerships with foreign universities. These programs provide opportunities to study abroad, immerse yourself in different cultures, and broaden your global perspective. International exposure can enhance your understanding of diverse business practices and expand your professional network.

Affordability and Financial Aid

Consider the cost of the MBA program and whether it aligns with your budget. Evaluate the availability of scholarships, grants, and financial aid options offered by the business schools in Mumbai. Financial assistance can alleviate the financial burden and make pursuing an MBA more feasible.

Student Life and Culture

Lastly, take into account the student life and culture at the business school. Consider factors such as extracurricular activities, clubs, and student organizations. A vibrant and inclusive student life can contribute to your overall growth, networking opportunities, and a well-rounded MBA experience. Look for schools that foster a collaborative and supportive environment where you can engage with fellow students and participate in activities that align with your interests.


Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Choosing the right business school in Mumbai is a crucial decision that can shape your career trajectory. By considering factors such as accreditation and reputation, program specializations, faculty expertise and industry connections, alumni network and placement opportunities, infrastructure and facilities, global exposure, affordability and financial aid, and student life and culture, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your goals and aspirations. Remember to thoroughly research and visit potential business schools to get a firsthand experience of the campus and interact with faculty and students. With careful consideration and evaluation, you can select the perfect business school in Mumbai that sets you on the path to success in your MBA journey.
Edgrade is an innovative online platform that provides a wealth of resources and information to help students make informed decisions about their educational journey. With a focus on assisting students in finding the right colleges, courses, and career paths, Edgrade offers comprehensive listings and detailed profiles of various educational institutions.
By utilizing Edgrade's user-friendly interface and extensive database, students can easily navigate through the abundance of options, shortlist their preferred colleges, and access valuable insights to make the best choices for their future. Edgrade is a trusted companion, empowering students to embark on their educational endeavors with confidence.

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2023.05.30 12:27 ProfessorAnode Typical vet bill for cat with broken femur

My 16 year old cat broke his femur today. The vet estimate for surgery, all inclusive, is $6,500 to $8,500. I live in CO. Is this a reasonable amount of money?
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2023.05.30 12:10 gomezjulie345 Top 10 Proven Strategies for Building an Inclusive Nonprofit Organization

An inclusive nonprofit organization is one that values and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its operations. We will discuss the top ten proven strategies for building an inclusive nonprofit organization. Read this article to know more.
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2023.05.30 11:52 Automatic-Office-964 AITA for not going to my sister's destination wedding since she had a problem with me staying at a different resort.

I can't handle children for long periods of time. I don't hate them or anything. I just get stressed out being around them.
My sister booked her wedding at an all inclusive in The Dominican Republic that was family friendly. A bunch of her guests will have kids and there will be other kids there.
I said I would go but I would stay at a different, adult only, resort nearby.
This caused an issue because she gets a better deal on her wedding the more guests she has staying at the same resort as her.
She said I had to stay at her resort. I said no thanks. She got my parents involved and they said I needed to suck it up for a week.
Hard pass. I would have to spend the week in my room other than the ceremony. I can blow a few grand on Lego and have a better time than that.
So I'm just not going.
My sister and my parents are upset that I'm choosing my mental health over her wedding. They did not say that. It is just how I feel about the situation.
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