Mavis tire employee login

I want to get rid of the domain login for our 4 employees office

2023.05.30 13:54 agent_fuzzyboots I want to get rid of the domain login for our 4 employees office

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2023.05.30 13:30 PrinceHeinrich I want to get rid of the domain login for our 4 employees office

Hello folks!
Formerly in our company we had like 10 employees before I got here almost 2 years ago. Now we are 4 employees (including me).
The situation at the workplace
I am focusing on everything IT-related. They have set up a domain network with 4 windows machines and one windows 2012 R2 server. The employees login through the domain meaning its dependent on the server to work.
- Every employee has access to the other employees computer (except for mine)
As some of you know Windows Server 2012 R2 is about to reach its end of life and so does the software we run on it.

Suggestions needed
Why even bother logging in through a domain at all? Why cant I just setup each computer individually with local accounts? Going with a server is just overkill and its just consuming alot of power (and is also getting very warm in my office). The software that the server is providing with the other users basically just needs a visible-over-network folder. Meaning I can just "share" a folder in the network with a smaller, not so hot running but modern computer running windows 10 and just share the folder with the other windows 10 machines.
I think the server solution for us is just too much work and pointless in our current situation. Are there any concerns about turning the logins of my employees into local accounts?
I didnt know who to turn to and reading this reddit has helped and inspired me alot for my workplace and I really hope it fits with what the community is about
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2023.05.30 13:05 blackcherry71411 Talking to Kids About Money Australia I Familosophy

Talking to Kids About Money Australia I Familosophy
Family is (hopefully) for life. If the family business starts to interfere negatively with the relationships in the family, then there is imbalance. Family businesses are challenging because of the overlapping of family, business and ownership (known as the “three circle model”). Researchers from Harvard have extended this into four “rooms” by adding in the board room.
Because family members wear multiple hats, are in multiple circles, or sit in multiple rooms, they need an awareness of how those roles influence the decisions they need to make. Father or boss? Director or cousin? Manager or owner?
Watch here (
It’s most important to be able to have open and trusting conversations about needs of the business and expectations of the family. Those are underpinned by the core values and the common values across both personal and professional life. Each successive generation should ask why they are in the business. Successful family businesses foster a sense of stewardship among all members of the family (no matter what their specific roles).
Making multiple roles work requires setting boundaries between work time and family space. Conflict will happen, so rather than “fake harmony” (see previous article), the ability to communicate, deal with issues, and have “constructive conflict” is essential.
Some kind of a conscious separation of ownership and management is very helpful. Avoid having “too many chefs in the kitchen”. Family members who work in the business should be recruited and evaluated with the same criteria as anyone else. And “don’t hire whom you can’t fire”.
Consider This: Do family members involved in your family business understand the different hats they wear? Have you ever had to performance manage a family member employee? Do you have the governance structures to deal with conflict?
Are you looking for advice on how to make your family business in Australia ( operate better? David Werdiger is the number one choice when it comes to Australia family owned business protocol ( help. Mr. Werdiger is helping hundreds of family owned businesses pass the torch using his famous Australia Familosophy techniques (
His market in Australia ( is two-fold:
Scenario #1: The older generation wants to work with the younger generation, bring them into the company, teach them how to run things, and then retire from the office, but not the income.
Scenario #2: The younger generation wanting to jump into the family business, but to be able to contribute and be heard, and not having to “wait their turn” before they can begin to help run the business.
Visit David’s Website at: ( or his GMB site at: (
Purchase the Familosophy book at (
Learn more about Familosophy at (
For a Free Newsletter, You Can Sign-up at : (
Source: (

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2023.05.30 10:32 Kebecorp Creating a Positive Work Environment: The Power of Team Bonding Activities

Are you tired of a dull and uninspiring work environment? Do you feel like your team lacks the motivation to excel and achieve great things? If so, it's time to consider the power of team bonding activities. Not only can these activities provide a much-needed break from the daily grind, but they can also help foster a positive work culture that encourages collaboration and productivity. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of team bonding activities and share some fun ideas to help you create a more engaging work environment. Join us as we take a closer look at the impact of team bonding on workplace morale, and how Kebe Corp. can help you incorporate these activities into your company's culture.
Kebe Corp is a company that understands the importance of creating a positive work environment. They believe that team bonding activities are an effective way to promote collaboration, communication and a sense of unity among team members. Research has shown that such activities can increase employee engagement, improve productivity and reduce turnover rates. Team bonding activities can range from simple icebreakers to elaborate team-building exercises. However, the key is to choose activities that are fun, challenging and foster a sense of belonging. Kebe Corp believes that by investing in team bonding activities, they are investing in their employees' well-being, job satisfaction and ultimately their bottom line.

Kebe Corp appreciates the significance of creating a positive work environment to boost employee morale and increase job satisfaction. One of the ways businesses can foster a positive workplace environment is through team bonding activities. Team bonding activities in Canada are opportunities to increase communication, foster teamwork, and create a cohesive and collaborative environment among staff members. These activities can be planned both inside and outside of the company. They can include activities such as escape rooms, adventure courses, and team-building exercises that aim to build relationships amongst employees. The benefits of team bonding activities extend beyond just improved staff morale, increased communication, and better teamwork as they also encourage employee retention and increased productivity. Overall, companies should prioritize team bonding activities in Canada to help employees feel more connected to their work, colleagues, and create a more positive work culture.
In conclusion, team bonding activities are not just a fun way to spend time with colleagues, but they also have numerous benefits for the workplace. By promoting collaboration, communication and a sense of unity among team members, these activities can lead to increased employee engagement, improved productivity and reduced turnover rates. At Kebe Corp, we strongly believe in investing in our employees' well-being and job satisfaction by providing opportunities for team bonding. By doing so, we are building a stronger team that is committed to achieving our organizational goals, and ultimately contributing to our bottom line. We encourage all organizations to consider the benefits of team bonding activities and make them a regular part of their workplace culture.
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2023.05.30 09:14 OkParamedic9070 Forgot password

How do I reset my employee password login??? I simply forgot and I hate how I can’t or simply can’t find the reset password option. And I think I might’ve blocked my account? Help please!
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2023.05.30 08:55 Dedsec6613 Help my employees are draining my business!!

I need some help. This has been going on for almost 3 years and I’m trying so hard to solve the issue but nothing seems to work. For context, this is my parent's business and I help them run it when I have time from work. We have three businesses, a cafe/cookie shop, a bakery, and a local food shop. The first business was the cafe which was when we transitioned from a home bakery to a proper store in 2021. We didn't have proper documentation of finances until August 2022 (I know how stupid this sounds but keep in mind both my parents and I have no semblance of a business background or knowledge). We have been losing money consistently since we opened our first store, and every time we try and investigate the issue we always hit a dead end. I found out there were a lot of deleted items from orders, and when an accountant saw that he told me that the amount of deleted items is not normal. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we also had supplier trucks coming in by droves every day from morning to evening nonstop. When we would question the employee responsible for placing orders with our suppliers he would tell us that this is what the bakery or cafe staff requested and show us a long ass list of requested items. We got to a point where we have around 100,000 in credit with our suppliers. The businesses are all my mom's hard work to provide us with a better life and get us out of my dad's debt. She is so exhausted and has been working herself to the bone since 2011 when she started from home. She was hoping that by opening a store she’ll be able to have more money to support us, recently she'd been having health issues from neglecting herself for so long. I'm so worried about her and frustrated and tired of going through the same discussion and questions with them every day. Where is the money going? What are we doing wrong?!
Sorry if the post doesn't make sense I typed it on my phone while at work after my Dad called me about even more deleted items...
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2023.05.30 08:07 SaltyMuskrat I think it's over. I made it out alive. She could have killed me. What happened? THIS IS MY STORY. (Long read warning)

It’s Memorial Day 2023 and at my job sitting in my office as the store manager of a retail box chain. The couple deployments in the big green uniform during the mid 2000’s cross my mind only once or twice and I cant decide how I feel about that. With the old big 40th birthday not but but a couple years around the corner, the southern beach town where i live and spent most of my childhood hasn't quite woken up yet. But here i am feeling something I hadn't felt in a long time. I feel surreal. That or I’m in shock.
I confronted my narc over her lack of commitment last weekend, after another game of midnight twister. Twister never was a issue with us, probably some of the best games ever played. Yall get it.
We have been in this long slow death spiral for over a year now but this feels like the end. I demanded to know why I was good enough to fuck but not good enough to be in a relationship. She spouted off about some lie she made up that i told. Then last Thursday, she again ask me to come over. I stand my ground and say no, that if I’m not good enough to tell your ex fiancé that i exist then I’m not having sex with you. Friday I look on Facebook and she hadn’t blocked me again but here’s she’s posting a picture of her packed truck headed where? You guess it……the northern state where “ex-fiancé” lives. You gotta be shitting me what’s wrong with this lady ? How long had that been planned and she left without saying a word. By now I’ve gotten to be an expert detective among other things. She's from a northern state The fiancé had lived with her down here a few years before moving back. Evidently She always went to enormous lengths to keep me away from the rest of her life. Now the whole house of cards is falling down. I basically call her a liar that there is nothing on between them. She went up there to help a relative move a few weeks back didn’t answer a single call or text all weekend. Completely ignored me. He was there with them the whole time. I asked why did the engagement end years back? Her answer left me utterly astonished. “I just didn’t love him like i I should have.” What the fuck does that mean? Whys he still around? Tell me all the whole truth. That was Friday and communication ended immediately and haven’t heard from her since. She hadn’t blocked me yet but will not respond. .Just silence as I slowly realized that every single thing she told me was all a lie. All the crazy accusations out of now where, all the lies she’s told her family about me were all in fact things she’d done to others or was doing to me. I learned early on in this what "projection" meant and the first time I told her I think she was doing it , she counter punched like she been holding a UNO reverse card up her sleeve. As the full weight of who this person actually was hit me, everything spiraled for me into the worst feeling of betrayal and despair I’d ever felt. This woman that i loved more than I’ve ever loved the one who promised me so many bullshit promises. The one who claimed to my friend and would never leave , had finally evolved into something i didn’t recognize. Something that was evil and dangerous. Boy i was so naive.
Let me tell you how this all began. We were both employed at the same outlet mall. I am in my mid late 30’s , she’s a bit older than me. Early mid 50’s. Blonde. Not a lot but enough tattoos and piercings to make you look twice. She was no super model but her body always had kinda driven me crazy.Right curves in all th right places. But the age difference could raise a eye nethertheless, I had always kinda had a crush on this lady but never really made a move. Just couldn’t draw up a play. Life went by and I eventually found my self living in what looking back was my PARADISE. My parents divorced in my early teens and my little brother and sister and I kinda never gained a sense of direction for many years. I found mine on a bus to to Fort Benning. If I was going to be in the Army, I couldn't tall the future grandkids i had that i changed the oil on humvees. It was Infantry for me and with 2 years of hugging my mom bye I found my self in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan. It was every thing you imagined it could be and more and i still sometimes kind of think to myself you went through some shit over there in the valley that 98% of people would never even dream of doing. And made it out relativity unscathed . Couple busted lips and a good old TBI to take with you but soldier on. My career really started trending upward after the first tour ended and I began dating a girl from near my hometown. Not too long after that we get married on the courhouse steps out of fear the next phone call could be a mission. 5 months later my convoy is just stepping outside the wire when the Red Cross Message comes in. Car Crash. Your wife. Her brother. Drunk driver crossed center line. Hit them head one while they were stopped at rural stop sign. No survivors. That's the first time my soul detached from my body.

The army at the time was big on taking these resiliency classes and preaching resiliency and over the years it kinda became my mantra. Life went on and seemed like I had made something out of myself I became engaged to beautiful woman who had been through thick and thin with me the past few years. She was what we call "good people " down here. She absolutely adored me and was totally out of my league. Grew up in the Florida Keys, ACC Division 1 Athlete, she made life look easy. We had a 2 story house at the end of the cul de sac. We had a large group of friends. She was the Coach of the church dance squad, I willed that softball team to 2 consecutive "playoff" appearances. Life was good.
Then about 5 or 6 months before our wedding date her first, my second chance, and that's when this our story here really kicks off. By the way huge southern wedding. It was amazing even though i was becoming stressed about all the constant planning, I had finally been promoted to management and was becoming burnt out. This lady,who would become my narc, these blonde hair woman with a free spirit who I'd known for some years ,one day she just, she just looked different. I can't describe it but there was something drawing me in that I felt powerless to stop. I remember the first time we locked eyes, we just held the stare for what seemed like forever until we were both out of breath and then looked at each like "WTF was that" I felt like electricity flowing through my body. A few weeks go by and we starting to find ways to be closer to each other until one day our hands actually grazed and it felt like every nerve in my body exploded. Life as I knew it at least, effectively ended that day. She had her hooks in. Didn't take me long find my self sneaking out the house in the middle of the night into her bedroom. The passion, the intensity was so great that I thought there's no way that cant be real. It was the most intense thing I'd ever experienced. I was totally wrapped before too long. As the wedding date loomed and my fiance became more and more suspicious, the narc would start planting these fantasies of how we could be together. Oh yea she was totally aware I was taken. We could buy a camper go out west raise goats. Runaway sounded good. We spent our days fantasizing about running away together and staring into each others eyes. In the back of my head I already felt like this was my person. What do I do? Looking back those were that last days of innocence. I had no idea what was to become. My narc had all but flat out said if you want me you know what you have to do. The wedding comes and it the best day of my life. I do a pretty good job of not thinking about the narc. We actually go a whole week without seeing each or speaking. I almost thought to myself , " Well you' ve done a really shitty thing but your married to a really good woman so lets move on as best we can.
I lasted 3 weeks.
My narc tells me that as long as I am living under a roof with my wife, she will have nothing to do with me. Next thing you know I'm standing in our kitchen with my bags in my hands and the stupidest look on my face. I still cant explain why but the draw to this narc woman had me powerless. My poor wife lets me go she still doesnt know for sure whats going on and I tell her I just need some time I'm staying with a friend. I shack up with the narc and for the next week things are good. all things considered. This is around the time where I start to blow through red flags like I'm in a stolen Ferrari on Miami Blvd. The narc has family coming down from up north, a baby shower for one of the narcs daughters. The fact that narc is a grandma never bothered me. this is the first time hear abut the ex. Hes not the father of her daughters but he "raised them" and they consider him pops. I was very shocked and didnt have a clue what to say when I was told I needed to find a place to stay for the next 2 weeks, not enough room for everyone. I landed on a friends couch utterly confused and when i heard her daughters and her screaming because my employee name tag had been found in narcs bed, somebody might see it , I should have run far and fast then. I eventually made my way home, walked in the door and broke down in tears confessing it all to my wife. She told me we can work through this we will go to counseling whatever it takes. The one thing that was non negotioable was i was to leave my job immeditaly. I felt helpless- I wanted my wife I was already missing my old life by then. But I was making more money than I'd ever imagined I would and I come up from square 1 seven years ago, how could I tell the man who hired me the GM who would become mentocoach figure to me? I just couldn't. Narc catches wind I'm back home and one morning I'm out in the middle of this mall and she comes beelining towards me and right into front of EVERYONE delivers a left jab, right hook combo that would have made Teddy Atlas proud. I didn't flinch or wince I simply dropped my head in shame, saying I deserved that while she runs off making this strange guttural crying/screaming noise. What was I supposed to do I had no where else to go? Knowing what I know now, I was witnessing r my first narc rage. Things eventually calm down over the next 3 weeks but my wife had grown tired of waiting. I was around this narc everyday. been She moved back to Florida, giving me a month to find a place to live. I haven't seen her or spoken to her since AND that's not my choice. I think about her almost everyday and honestly I'll never forgive myself for breaking her heart the way I did. She was innocent and never deserved this.
I cannot understate how woefully unprepared for this I was. I was extremely naive, I had no clue what narcissism meant, I thought it meant you liked to look at yourself in a mirror.I never realized the dangling of the carrot or the manipulation and the complete total inability to admit wrong or have any form of accountably all were tied together , at least until much later .Now my narc starts saying we can only be together if I have my own place. Next thing you know I've found one and moved in. Man these carrots are actually quite tasty. Now begins a looong 4 5 months where she would accuse me of cheating or lying or some reason for us to not be officially a couple. But she would keep a trove of men she flirted with on social media , go out with with i don't think she slept around but definitely wasn't right.The double standard from hell. Life became a constant cycle of hot cold hot cold to the point where at any given time I had zero idea of whether so considered us to be together at that time or single. One of her go to plays was to dare me to walk away, but by then my entire network of family and friends had really zero desire to have anything to do with me because they had all been at this very expensive wedding not even a few months ago. I found a place to rent further inland , a little place out in the country. She had isolated me now, I just didn't know it, and honestly by this point I was becoming more desperate and desperate to make us work. I've sacrificed everything because i truly truely believed in her and us. I would have done anything she asked and i many times I did. Midway into last fall, I started noticing things that I dunno made me notice things. Something wasn't right.
  1. She never once not one time ever said those 3 words. I love you I said them every time we got off the phone. To this day I've never heard her say it
  2. Every holiday, every single one she would find a reason where I wasnt allowed to come over and be with her and her family. LIttle did I know the smear campaign was starting to fire on all cylinders.
  3. The accusations of lying and or doing something I wasn't supposed to were becoming more frequent yet even when I would prove to her I was telling the truth, she never once has has said I'm sorry , I was wrong.
Red flags are more like advisories right?
Things progressed to the point where I start going to counseling/therapy because she has me so convinced I'm bad person. She accuses me of not going to appointments even when I Facetime her sitting beside the doctor. It amazes me to this day that no one could see her true colors. She is so good its downright dangerous.
I spent Christmas this year completely alone. She had her family and the usual flock of buzzards, hang arounds. By now I was getting the stretches of silent treatment. I was at my lowest of lows, Isolated, alone, lonely .......going down a dark road real fast. Same pattern of discard bring you back discard. I didn't even know who i was anymore by this point i was losing weight. I could hear the people whispering. She was killing me from the inside.
One thing finally happened that I'll never forget as long as I live. Her birthday had come aroud and since my narc conviently found a reasson as to why I couldn't come I begged for her to take the presents I had gottten with her. She put them in her car and drove away. I didnt think about it again until a week /later, I walking out the back door at work and here she is, at the dumpsters throwing the still wrapped birthday presents. I ask her what the hell? you didnt give them to her? What the hell ? WTF?? The answer I got as she looked me dead in the eyes sent a cold chill down my spine.
"I didn't give her the presents because I figured you would try to take em back just to hurt her." Stunned I muttered with what I am now sure was a face full of shock and disgust..."Honey she is 5 years old." I truly shocked me that a human would think of such a horrible scenario.

I didnt speak to my narc for a couple days after that. Another week, another brand new hot shot therapist looking for save the world. I have never been comfortable with the idea of therapy, I have too much man macho I guess. Its just always kinda been taboo. Nevertheless I finshed jabbering and she immediatly reaches in her desk and passed me a little pamplet. "Read this" she says. I look down -"What is a narcissist and are you in a relationship with one? By the time i finshed reading it, I was straight ugly crying on her floor. It felt like a MAC truck hit me square in the sternum. I was devestated. Literllaly every single bullet point I could point at and say yes. Its like hamy narc had this pamplet memorized and was running it like a well oiled machine. It finally was all making sense. Maybe Im not a horrible person after all?
I began to distance myself from her at this point and she went the tried and true method of total discard which inevidebly turned into full blown lovebombing which would lead to a steamy night together which she would then sabatoge. Rinse, wash repeat. The first trip back home she took I never could get a answer as to why i was ignored all weekend, she made me ignore her how dare you ask forget it happened. Same ol bs. Whch brings us back to today where this story began. I finally concluded that this is how every relanship my narc has ever had has been like this. Alll family turmoil all made even more sense. Her lies have become near constant and I realized the first thing she ever said to me was a lie. Not only do I think I'm begginning understand what she is and what I became to her, I think she could be one of most dangerous kinds of these individuals the world has ever seen. She is still somewhat popular, nobody around her would ever have a clue. But I can see through it now. And she will never change because I have finally accepted the fact that she psychsilly cannot change. Her brain cant evem acklowdge things like being wrong. It breaks my heart that i feel so in love with someone who is incabple of love and thats when I realized I have to walk away.
This ended up being way more than I expected but once i started typing it just kept flowing out. I guess her spidey sense must have gone off because within the last hour she has began sending me messages on social media. Not her phone no but social media.
I replied simply are you going to ignore the elephant sitting over there?

She replies "What are you talking about?"
She cannot change.

I think I will struggle with this past year and a half for the rest of my life. This was something I was totally unprepared for. I think I can see light glimmering on the horizon and I feel grateful to understand what actually happened and I could have very easily given up, succumbed in, but I survived it.
It is what people like us do. We pick up the pieces, dust the dirt off and keep going.
Yesterday was yesterday
Tomorrow is a brand new sun.

Also one last thing.....if your ever feeling down or sorry for yourself give u/StickFigure a listen. I don't think I'd be here if weren't for his music. He literally saved me life.

Ramble over good night
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2023.05.30 06:30 AbbreviationsSoft226 Super for financial hardship?

Hi All,

So apparently I don't qualify to withdraw super for financial hardship because I don't receive payment from the government.

A little backstory. I am a full-time perm employee, earning about 100k before tax, you may be wondering why you need to withdraw super due to financial hardship. well, don't want to include many details because my situation isn't that common... but let's say from something that isn't my doing, I am severely in debt, divorced, and living on about 20$ a week to eat. What are my options here? I have no assets whatsoever (not anymore at least) and I am boarding, not renting, I did not know super during covid 10k thing, but yea that's my fault. what are my options to get some of my super (about 200k balance), I need about 15-20k to get out of this debt now (after 3 hellish years) I know its close but its gotten so severe and it put a huge toll on my mental health to survive this long on this, I just want this done, and super is MY MONEY! why can't I use it to get out of this situation? I sometimes think of just getting a quote from the dentist and taking out money and just not using it for the dentist. I'm this tired of this situation. /rant.
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2023.05.30 06:11 PinkBegonia0705 Why am I embarrassed about being sexually assaulted?

I (27F) have actually been sexually assaulted twice. But everyone, including the therapist I've been seeing for 7 years, only knows about the first. The first guy was my ex-boyfriend. He was emotionally abusive throughout most of our almost 3 year relationship. (4 days away from a full 3 years is when I dumped him). But somewhere around the beginning of the first year, he started to become physically abusive. He raped me because he felt I wasn't giving my body to him enough. Even though we were literally doing it twice a day for like 5 out of 7 days in the week. I became so physically and emotionally tired that even now, nearly ten years later, I still struggle being sexually intimate with my husband. However, there was a second guy after my ex but before my current husband that sexually assaulted me. And I've never told anyone about it because it's so fucking embarrassing. After I dumped my ex, I felt miserable. I was making reckless decisions. I went on tinder and matched with a guy there. I have nothing against online dating, I actually met my husband through OKCupid and we have been married for 3.5 years. Together overall since January 2017. But I have rules when it comes to online dating. The first and most important being that I will only meet in a public space. I always do what I can to avoid ever being in a situation where I could be abducted. And if I get hurt, there will be witnesses. So how did I get sexually assaulted when I followed my most important rule? Because I was 19 and a fucking moron. We met at the mall, and I allowed him to take me outside. I thought it would be fine, he seemed nice. But then he took me to a secluded area meant for employees to have their lunch outside. But it was empty. No one was there. And he bent me over and started shoving his fingers inside me from under my skirt. It felt disgusting. I didn't want it but I didn't know what to do. I was scared and in shock. He forced the fingers of his other hand inside my mouth. They tasted gross. I hated it. I didn't escape until he tried to force my head down to suck him off. I refused. I don't even do that for my husband now because I have so much trauma around it. I pulled away from the guy as soon as I saw him whip out his dick and I told him this was too fast. He seemed upset, but luckily an employee came outside so he had to stop and pretend nothing happened. I was saved. I got away from him as fast as I could and hurried back inside the mall where there were witnesses. But when I did, I just felt like every single pair of eyes was on me. I felt like everyone in that mall was judging me. Shaming me. So I never talked about it. And now it's been about 8 or 9 years since it happened. And I still feel embarrassed.
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2023.05.30 05:14 McNasty-801 How do GMs get their crew motivated?

I’ve been a GM for a year and a half now and I’ve found that my employees are starting to get burnt out and tired of making sandwiches everyday. How do I get them motivated again?
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2023.05.30 04:25 meganld2010 Trader Joe’s has the best employees of any grocery store

Trader Joe’s has the best employees of any grocery store
I know someone made a similar post recently, but I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and hype up Trader Joe’s employees as well. I went grocery shopping after the gym today, I was tired and sweaty and not particularly social. When I went to check out I realized I had something in my cart that I didn’t actually want so I went and put it back on the shelf while my cashier rang me up. When I came back they gave me this pretty little bouquet and thanked me for being such a considerate customer. It totally made my day!
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2023.05.30 02:40 lonestartexan84 why i left pactiv/evergreen corp

i wanna say sorry for my bad grammar. English isn't my first language
I am writing this so no one can go through what I went through at pactiv/evergreen corp. It is a good job but it has its issues of how this company is run. there is no communication, lack of training, stressful manual labor, management isn't their or not doing the rightful things that a manager supposed to do, injuries that could been prevented, too many favoritism and sexual favoritism, lying about pay and bonuses, and last rudeful and disrespectful of race and homosexuality behavior.
I have worked here at pactiv/evergreen for sixteen years and stayed at a OP-B+ position for the last ten years and was trying to step up another job position (OP-C). I was lied to and cheated when they posted a listing for a job I tried to apply for but lied too and was given to another employee who didn't fit or have the skill set for that position. It also goes to apply for vacation. I have applied for vacation two to three months ahead of their 24-36 hour applying period to be approved by team leaders. and once it does get approved, a few days before i start getting ready for my vacation. i got a notice from my team leader that my vacation has been removed due to someone "already submitting" before me which is a lie. while that person who apply that same day i request for vacation would be approve the day before then it 24-36 hours approved period which they scratch me off the list even if i had a form that been written and document. and when going to H.R. I still can't get my vacation even if I show them the paper that my team leaders sign off for. they would say to me "WE WILL TALK ABOUT THIS SOON WITH YOUR TEAM LEADER AND TRY TO FIX THIS ISSUE". By the time they do that I am forced to idle call in or cancel my plans for vacation which half of the time i had to call my hotel to cancel my room or idle cancel my plane tickets because of this.
As far as the training process that we do at my job when we get a new hire, we are supposed to train them until they're finished and recognize their duties and package sign off of the position they will be doing. and the training would last about three to four weeks on their first package, but! We are not able to do that because once they know the basics they would get pulled off from me or anybody else that isn't finished with their training and get thrown on a line without being told what to do. expecting them to learn fast as they go, which at the end of the day or middle of the day they would idle or quit or we will be faced with a recall of the product that is being made (which is the team leader's fault not the new hire). and this happens most of the time. and that is how injuries happen too.
Team Leaders and Management do and do not work on the duties that they are supposed to do. most of the time they would disrespect you because in their eyes, you're only a number then a person. I was called and judged about my abilities when working on my line. they would tell me to pick up the pace, why are you slow, quit messing around and work, you don't need a break yet, you can't do this or that kinda crap. yet if i do good at my job it isn't enough. It breaks my heart when you do the job duties you are supposed to do yet with someone else who isn't on the team leader or manager hate list would get a better response and let them do light or small work duties. and never get questioned about their abilities because half of the time it is a flavosexual flavor with the team leader or manager which isn't right. and they are the ones who get the pay rise to upper job positions benefits then the person who deserves it more then them but you're fighting against a group then one person. I had the opportunity to move up because of the skill set I have learned and earned from the years I work here but when someone does a flavor for that team leader or manager. I get put aside and give an excuse why I can't move up or the position is filled by someone who is fit for the job then you. All the while that person who took that job position doesn't know what they are doing and i also be told to "help" (which is another way to say i am doing their job but you won't get paid for it), all while they take a hour long break or be on their cell phone. And they get all the credit then me who did their job for them.
Back in march of 2023, when the company had to cut staff down due to over staffing of employees in my group and the issue of the drawback of companies dropping pactiv/evergreen due to demand being slow and inflation, we lost three companies due to that issue. I was pick out and i knew why. The years and the things I did and do was going to be an issue for me. Also I was the only one who was reporting stuff like this not to management, team leaders, safety guy, and H.R. personal. But the big headquarters. They would respond to my emails and tell me
what was wrong and what wasn’t right. And they will be the ones to fix this issue which they did.
So instead of sending them an email to the headquarters of pactiv/evergreen corp of why i left before they can fix what is already too late. I am going to post it online on social media so everyone knows how bad this company is and how they treat temp workers and full time employees in the hands of who they put in charge of that company. They are the ones who are getting higher pay, time to be at home with family, exotic vacation trips, bonuses pay that we earn but they are taken away from us employees. All while they sit in their office do nothing but complain of how those lines are not running full time when the workers are tired and hurt while being verbally abused by their own team leaders who are in the same scam with the managers. And that is why I am leaving that place.
I know I am starting all over again since I am working with a different company. But I hope I do well with them. Funny things about it, the company I am working for already knows how bad that place is when they took a tour of pactiv/evergreen. And told me that place is a huge OSHA nightmare waiting to be called on if something bad ever happens and get shut down for it. What I am going to miss is the people who I used to work with. I feel kinda bad leaving but i had too since my heart isn’t in the right place. And they knew it too since that was what we were going through from this shit hole of a company. I gotta start over on my pay, benefits, and 401k. (which i was close to my twenty year mark which woulda been good on my retirement). But my goal is to work at this new place and get hired on and be pushed to do better than what pactiv/evergreen didn’t see in me. And in the year 2024 of spring time I will go to school for solar technician and have a great career path in that field. I hope I meet my goals and be happy again with my life. And now since ya see what i have to go through with pactiv/evergreen in temple,tx. At least ya know what to expect if you get hired on as a temp with them.
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2023.05.30 02:27 randomanonbcgeudude5 BCGEU loses 5% real wages per year on average

I was bored this weekend and did a bit of napkin type of math.
Looking back to 1978 at BCGEU wage increases, average housing sale prices in Victoria and the general inflation rate for Canada each year I came up with some interesting figures to help me become even more depressed.
One of the most interesting things I found was that BCGEU employees lose 5% salary per year compared to inflation (even after the salary increases) when averaging the salaries and inflation between 1978 and 2022.
This means, a step 3 admin 24, if kept with general inflation should be making ~95k per year in 2022 (made 73k) a 30% difference!
Now its much worse if you compare it to the cost of the average detached home. If wages kept up with the increases of the avg. sale price for a home in Victoria, an admin 24 step 3 would be making $413k per year... or 565% more.
Both of these are not exclusive to BCGEU employees of course, average wages similarly are decreases every year compared to inflation and even worse compared to housing costs. But what is the point of paying union dues when they are so clearly failing union members?
The BCGEU messaging in the last round of negotiations changed their messaging so drastically to agree to the ridiculously horrible deal. While members did vote to ratify, many (most?) members seem to defer to the BCGEU leadership assuming they are actually negotiating properly on their behalf. The incredible change in messaging from COLA to "educating" members about the proposed deal, where BCGEU leadership folded immediately to accept... well you draw your own conclusion regarding that.
The real question is, what can we do about it? If we cannot even negotiate from a position of power (collective bargaining as a union), is it time to throw in the towel and just give up and accept our ever decreasing wages?
P.S. I'm happy to share the Excel, as long as I can do so anonymously, suggestions for a file share service that doesn't require signup, login, or limit downloads/expire are welcome and I will make use of such as a reply/edit to share my "napkin" math.
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2023.05.30 02:18 JulioBravoLeon How long can I drive my car with these issues?

How long can I drive my car with these issues?
I just took my car to a safety inspection and they told me these are the problems my car has. I just bought it used 2 weeks ago and it was driving well until I started hearing a weird noise on the right rear side which I thought it was the bearing wheels. It turns out it is suspension. I’m just wondering if it is safe to drive it to my mechanics which is 20 km away from my home
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2023.05.30 02:06 kayleystas Recording Payroll JE

Hi! Either I’m really tired or I need to study more lol. If I’m recording the biweekly payroll expenses for an employer (not an employee) in a journal entry, would I debit the payroll expense accounts (salaries, benefits, taxes, etc.) and credit accrued payroll or the bank account? I’ve been stuck on this all day because it says payroll tax is recorded on a cash basis and payroll is paid from the bank account biweekly. This isn’t for an actual company it’s part of a homework assignment. Please no hate, I feel dumb enough lol. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 01:32 Impressive-Tree5022 Is it legal for my employer to cut my salary pay due to a situation out of my control?

Hopefully this is the right place to ask. I’m a salaried employee and my job provides me with a work vehicle as my position is on the road 4 days a week and 1 day a week in our office. On the 19th, my work vehicle started making a howling noise. I spoke with my boss and he cleared me to take it to the dealership for diagnosis. The dealership called me and stated the wheel bearings in both fronts were bad and needed replaced immediately as well as the front tires. The only catch was it wouldn’t be until the 23rd, 4 days after I brought it in, that they would be able to even get the parts. I let my boss know and he advised to use my personal car to just go into the office until they got the vehicle fixed. The dealership called me on the 23rd letting me know they received the parts but the car wouldn’t be completed until 12 on the 24th. Finally, I got the call at 11 on the 24th that my work car was ready to be picked up. I had the car back in my possession no later than 12 on the 24th and proceeded to resume my normal work day out on the road. An hour into my drive, the howling noise started back up again. I pulled over and called my CFO to explain what was going on. I then drove another hour to the office my CFO was currently in (he was a mechanic previously and requested to look at the car himself). He could not figure out where it could’ve been coming from and said to take the car back to the dealership and show them the video I got of the noise. I went back to the dealership at the end of the day and they proceeded to say that when the tech test drove it they didn’t hear the noise. They suggested bringing it back when the noise started again (it didn’t make the noise from the time I left my CFO to the time I got back to the dealership). I relayed that information to my boss who was furious and told me to take it back the next morning to have them safety check it again. The next morning on the 25th I dropped it off again (this day was my normal 1 day in the office). They determined it was a back brake squeaking and I had the car back same day. On the 26th and 27th I was back out on the road doing my normal duties and some special events for Memorial Day weekend. By my job description, I did not complete all of my normal responsibilities for 3 days (22nd-24th) because I lacked the use of my work car, however I did everything I possibly could do remotely plus some extra work that was not in my job description. My main concern is them cutting my paycheck because of this. The car has been driven by three people before me and I know the last person who drove it before me ran it into the ground so something mechanically going wrong doesn’t surprise me. However, something like this is out of my control and my employers control and we do not have any spare vehicles at my home office or my second closest office to me that I could’ve used in the meantime. I actually don’t believe any of the offices have anymore spare vehicles. The vehicle that they opted to purchase is no longer produced and they have not decided which model they are going to purchase next. I guess my biggest question is would it be illegal for them to cut my pay due to the circumstances? If it helps, I work in the state of Maryland.
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2023.05.30 01:20 unknownpull Fell into depression due to work related stresses

Is it ok to leave without another job lined up? I'm still very young and has my whole life ahead of me, but the toxic culture has negatively affected me tremendously. I tried to talk with my supervisor, but she just tells me I'm experiencing minor issues and I need to self reflect. I tried telling her how the other employees have hurt my feelings, and she just tells me that those employees are going through a lot right now. She also got mad at me for telling one of those employees how they've made me feel, and the person I described is not the person they know and if they did hurt my feelings, it's not intentional, and a lot of it is just my perception. I'm just so tired of this treat ment and the denial, and I'm extremely depressed at this point. I haven't had time to apply for other jobs, but I thought I could just quit and allow myself to take some time off and then start applying.
I'm concerned that I won't have any references for the job. I'm concerned about the gap in employment. I'm concerned that this issue of not finding another job before I am offered another will come up in the interview. I don't know what to do.
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2023.05.30 01:00 kamixkaze How long did it take you to get a promotion?

So I’m a legal assistant in NYC, but I’m not exactly doing legal assistant work. I’ve been doing some, but most of my work is admin work. And I’ve been at this firm for 9 months already, and have gotten a stellar employee review last month.
I work at a midsized firm, and my managing attorneys/supervising attorneys are really great. When I was hired I was told there will be room for me to move up in the company. But it’s been so long already, and I’m ready to move up.
My firm is hiring some new people (temporarily I think) for the summer and I was told that by a coworker that our managing attorney told her that if I’m ready to move up and start doing things, then they’ll have one of the new hires take on the role that I’m doing now, so I can eventually start doing ONLY legal work.
But I’m sorta confused on what to do. The job itself is cool but I’m so tired of not doing actual legal work, and the PAY is so so so bad. I have to live paycheck to paycheck. And I’m not really learning any legal stuff from the paralegals that work in our firm. So i started teaching myself stuff last week…
I say all of this to say… there have been talks of me getting the chance to do some actual legal work. But it seems like I need to get on top of my supervising attorney and let her know. But at the same time, I know the salary isn’t great. I spoke to another legal assistant in my firm, and she told me that instead of just leaving flat out, maybe I can try letting the attorneys know that I want to move up so they can have me do actual legal work, and get a bit of a better salary. But at this point I’m over my firm and have been applying to new jobs like crazy and have a few interviews lined up.
I don’t know if it’s worth waiting anymore or if I should just cut my losses and find somewhere new, where I’ll be paid a livable salary, and where I’ll actually LEARN and be taught stuff. Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.05.29 23:54 Formal_Pea9167 I Watch Paige's Week At Home Blog So You Don't Have To, I'm Serious The Vlog Is Like An Hour Long Don't Do This To Yourself

A day late but we're here, my little cheeto eaters! Remember as always to grab your bingo cards and let's get our little long weekend slumber party going. This whole fucking thing is FORTY MINUTES LONG, you're all lucky that my sibling who was supposed to spend the day chilling at my place has apparently forgotten that plan.

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2023.05.29 23:23 MoonSt0n3_Gabrielle My managers keep changing store policies and it’s making me look incompetent in front of the customers

One day I’ll be trying to return an SD card, and one comes over like “woah you shouldn’t be doing that it’s open”. So I’m like oh okay I know that for next time
So next time a customer tries to return an open SD card I’m like “ah sorry can’t, y’know, store policy” and another manager walks over like “no you can do the return we’re within the 30 days” and so the client is mad at me because I was the oh so mean employee denying them their money back.
Like do a meeting, make up your mind and pick one or the other and then tell us. But make up your damn mind, please, I’m tired of being contradicted when I’m just doing what the last one told me. It’s an endless loop of confusion and me looking like a dumbass in front of customers
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2023.05.29 22:56 weirdgarbage123 Should i leave my job?

Ive had my job for i think about 4 years now i work for a small buisness run by an old family friend, i love my boss and work environment the problem is because its a small buisness my paychecks are sometimes late usually not more than a day or two so its not a problem but buisness slowed down and then it started being a few weeks late and now its been several months since my last paycheck this is the 2nd time ive had to go this long without pay. The 1st time this happened i had 2 other jobs so money wasnt an issue and she did pay me back in full, I am the highest paid employee and also one of the last to get paid im usually fine with this but during these months ive had to watch all the other employees still get their paychecks or at least partial ones while i havent seen any of what im owed. I went on a leave of absence for a few months due to personal reasons and am due to return next month my boss assured me id get my pay during my leave and theyd use my leave to catch up on my backpay but ive been told throughout my leave various reasons why its getting pushed back and now been told not until sometime next month. me and my s/o spoke and he is fine with me quitting, id like to keep my job but im tired of not getting paid this job is the best job i can do with my circumstances so a different job would be hard to find but im not sure what to do i love the job, i love my coworkers, i love my boss, and she seriously works hard to make sure all the employees get what they need and deserve and her being a family friend who has helped me out a lot is why im hesitating so do i quit or wait and see what happens?
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2023.05.29 22:40 Hazel_Rah1 Fantasticland - aka Lord of the Flaws

Fantasticland, a novel sold on the premise of “Lord of the Flies in an amusement park,” was one that I’d seen recommended frequently and was quite pumped to read. The idea is solid, the after-the-fact interview style is engaging and the concept of young adults murdering each other after a societal collapse seemed like a can’t-miss. It missed, though.
I won’t recount the plot, as it’s a quite simple one, but the gist is that employees of a fictional amusement park, intentionally left to tend to the park after a massive hurricane floods the surrounding area, devolve into tribes and begin murdering one another over resources. Again, a somewhat plausible (albeit familiar) scenario and seemingly one that would deliver.
But the author just wasn’t up the the challenge. The interview format was a good idea and feels tailored for an adaptation. The true crime/found footage/mockumentary quality of it would translate well to the screen. But my main issue was in the overall sameness of the characters. Apart from one or two, the characters melt together and form a singular whole of the same opinion with the same style of gallows humor for almost every one.
Clearly inspired by Stephen King (he even name drops him at one point), nearly every character speaks in that 23-skidoo-how-do-you-do, rip-roarin’, eye-rolly style that King pulls off by the skin of his teeth. I got so tired of every person lauding the central monster character while simultaneously lambasting him. You could argue that staff that works alongside one another would talk similarly, but it was just so much of the same (from the employees to the managers to the custodians to the National Guardsmen) it ended up sounding like the author just didn’t have the chops to create unique, individual voices. And they sounded like what a 40 year old thinks a 25 year old talks like. Not to mention zero character development. There was just none.
Plus, nearly every chapter referenced some phrase or action mentioned in the previous one. Again, the format could allow for this, given the in-book writer organized the layout, but it all just felt too pat. Too convenient. The book would have worked better if events were moved around maybe or looked at from unique perspectives (sociologists, crime scene investigations, etc).
And then, the reasoning behind the whole thing, that kids without their phones will just turn into murderous savages was laughable and truly felt like a generational gap misstep. Maybe the whole thing was satirical, but it felt like a drunken observation turned into a half-baked story idea that could’ve used tons more research and beta readers.
All critiques aside, I think it would make for a good film or short-form series - if someone else tackled the writing. I’m usually not in favor of plot changes in adaptations, but I really think it would work better if a more accomplished writer tweaked some things. Also, it’s an easy read, so there’s that for some fun escapism. It’s a shame that the author didn’t flesh things out more. There’s greatness in it.
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