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2023.05.30 12:17 dotteddoctor School List Review (Reapplicant)

Last cycle: 519-522 MCAT 3.9x GPA, IL/Midwest ORM, public state school
400 hours clinical (CNA @ nursing home, volunteering @ free health screenings)
1800 hours research wet lab (1 pub, 1 poster)
400 hours volunteering (tutoring at elementary schools, spreading awareness about vaccines)
1 leadership role org
No IAs/red flags
Applied Jun 25, submitted secondaries early through late August to 29 MDs (hurt me a lot probably). School list wasn't top heavy but included some OOS-unfriendly public schools that I probably didn't have much chance to begin with.
Result: 6 II -> 5 WLs
This cycle, I have added
400 hours research (3 posters, senior thesis, 1 award, 1 leadership position)
80 hours clinical volunteering
100 hours volunteering (food bank, tutoring)
100 hours shadowing
2000 hours clinical anticipated (PCT @ large hospital)
Reworked personal statement
Will submit by first week Hoping to complete all secondaries by end of July
This time, will apply to 45ish MDs (also 8ish DOs but will decide those later):
Umissori Kansas City, MO
Rosalind franklin
Mayo clinic
Wayne State
Albert Einstein
USF Morsani
Kaiser Permanente
Case Western
Stony Brook University
Ukansas, Kansas City, KS
UNebraska COM Omaha
Wisconsin School of Public health
Uarizona Pheonix
NE Ohio Medical University
Ohio State
Umissouri Columbia, MO
Medical college of Wisconsin
Thomas Jefferson
Oakland Beaumont

Thank you for the help. Much appreciated!
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2023.05.30 09:34 ChickenAndDew Progress pride flag made of paper cranes

Progress pride flag made of paper cranes
I found this when I went to Stony Brook University earlier this month for their cherry blossom festival.
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2023.05.30 08:16 fall2023abcdef Fall' 23 My Admits and Rejects - MSCS

Posting my admits and rejects for Fall 23 for reference for future applicants.
My profile
GPA 8.6/10, B.Tech in CS from an NIT (till 6th semester) from India
GRE 334 (170Q, 164V, 5AWA)
Work Ex 2-month web developer intern at a startup, 2 months as SDE intern at an American bank (Fintech)
Research Papers 0 , no significant research experience
SOP Above average (got it reviewed from my seniors pursuing MS)
LORs 3 Academic LORs
Projects, hackathon Decent projects, one hackathon win
Extracurricular Decent, part of some technical clubs

Admits & Rejects
ASU MS CS Admit, I applied in September and got an admit within 20 days because of their rolling admissions. This is why I didn't apply to my other safety schools.
Stony Brook MS CS Admit, Applied in November, got an admit on 15th March
GaTech MS CS Reject, Though they said they will "consider me" for their Shenzen (China) campus if I applied there
TAMU MCS Reject, Got a reject in May
CU Boulder MS CS Reject
UCI MS CS Reject
UMass Amherst MS CS Reject

I have finalized SBU MS CS. This sub has helped me a lot during the whole grad process, so thanks everyone. I'll try and pay it forward.
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2023.05.30 06:36 immasleeep What is your opinion on NCSU vs SBU for MCS?

I wanted to get the opinion of current students. Especially for AI/ML courses?
SBU - Stony Brook University MCS - Master of Computer Science
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2023.05.30 03:43 Longjumping-Diver867 Is Stony Brook really that bad?

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2023.05.30 03:42 SayakoHoshimiya Any position for research and/or teaching in formal sciences?

Just got my employment authorization. Due to the social and political situations in my country of origin (well I'm an asylum seeker from China) I don't really have any degree/credential/certification and probably will not have one for a while until I get a PhD from where (most likely CUNY, starting from next year).
My backgrounds are mostly in mathematics (algebraic geometry), but I said formal sciences in the subject because I also know some computer science and other stuffs one would classify as such.
Right now I live in Stony Brook and probably will be taking on some teaching from the math department here. Anyone wants to hire me to do something please DM or email to [email protected]
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2023.05.30 02:34 Beneficial_Sir_725 Finalizing School List - Please Help!

Stats: 4.0 GPA, 516 MCAT
ORM; NJ resident
~1,500 clinical hours through EMT, volunteer and paid + good LOR
~400 clinical hours through volunteering at nursing home; award for involvement
~1,500 non-clinical service hours as COO and co-founder of a nonprofit focused on addressing disparities in community health education, org has grown a lot and made a nice impact
~1,500 leadership hours: president of two student organizations (one that I co-founded; both are tied into my clinical experiences), RA, TI, intern for nonprofit related to clinical volunteering, etc.
~2,500 hours research + 1 4th author publication + thesis project with 2 awards + poster presentations + great PI LOR
~75 hours of shadowing
Taking 1 gap year to do part-time research and part-time patient care tech
My MCAT is definitely low for the top medical schools as an ORM, but again thinking about shooting my shot to more holistic ones. I also tried to do a decent amount of research on mission fit and in-state bias when narrowing down the list. Let me know of any other mid/low tier schools I should add... I would be comfortable applying to up to 45 schools. I feel super shaky with this list lol. Thank you!!
  1. Johns Hopkins University
  2. Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
  3. Duke University School of Medicine
  4. Stanford University School of Medicine
  5. University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine
  6. Yale School of Medicine
  7. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
  8. University of Michigan Medical School
  9. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  10. University of Chicago Division of the Biological Sciences The Pritzker School of Medicine
  11. University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine
  12. Emory University School of Medicine
  13. Ohio State University College of Medicine
  14. Case Western Reserve University
  15. Boston University Aram V. Chobanian & Edward Avedisian School of Medicine
  16. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
  17. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  18. Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
  19. Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  20. University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine
  21. Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
  22. USF Health Morsani College of Medicine
  23. Georgetown University School of Medicine
  24. Tufts University School of Medicine
  25. University of Connecticut School of Medicine
  26. Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University
  27. Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University
  28. Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
  29. Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  30. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
  31. Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
  32. Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo
  33. Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine
  34. Saint Louis University School of Medicine
  35. Drexel University College of Medicine
  36. The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
  37. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
  38. Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University
  39. Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine
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2023.05.29 23:59 balefuleidolon EASY SolarEdge Wifi Solution

Trying to do research on this topic brought up so many conflicting and confusing results so I took the plunge and tried a 3rd party wifi bridge and it surprisingly worked, like almost plug and play easy. No need to buy the official gateway device, no broken zigbee, no paying the installer hundreds of dollars, no setapp needed, no more cell contract. This is for North American customers that don't get wifi included.
Inb4 "WhY nOt UsE eThErNeT???" Of course Ethernet is the best option if possible but my inverter is in an awkward location where that is impractical. Zigbee is unreliable and the cell contract is absurdly expensive and rumored to be on its deathbed. This is a $25 solution that will take an hour of your time to permanently resolve. Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician or solar installer so I have no technical knowledge this at your own peril
Here's the bridge I bought:
Installation instructions
  1. Set up the wifi bridge device on a computer with an ethernet port
    1. Follow directions in the manual for Bridge + Repeater mode
    2. Note after set up, the ip address to log in changes, and to get in again you will have to ping it in the command window to get the new address. Instructions are in the manual but hard to find - it's the red text labeled Remark 2.
    3. Beware the device has a security vulnerability so make sure to turn off the hotspot repeater after setting up. In short, there's a default admin password presumably for debugging that can bypass the login, so just turn off the repeater to ensure it can only be accessed by hard connection.
    4. Test the device to make sure the connection works. It will work on any other device as plug and play after the initial set up.
  2. Inverter installation
    1. Shut off both the emergency power switch and the inverter itself
    2. Unscrew both exterior panels with hex screw
    3. In the upper section, find an ethernet port and USB port next to each other at the bottom of the circuit board
    4. Put the device in the bottom section and feed the ethernet and usb cables up the hole into the top section and plug them in
    5. Replace panels, turn the switches back on, and wait about 10 minutes for the bridge to boot up
    6. Connect with the regular monitoring app to check inverter status. It automatically switches to Ethernet mode. Done.
Nearly all the posts in this sub talk about requesting access to Setapp as an installer but I did not need it. My cell network is spotty in my area so the monitoring app used to update like every 2-3 days. After installation I see updates every half hour now! Anyway, let the installer comments saying I did it wrong roll in...
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2023.05.29 22:57 kgopher15 Need help narrowing school list, c3.70, 514

Hi everyone! Here is my app and potential school list:
cGPA and sGPA: 3.70 cGPA and 3.55 sGPA, upward trend
MCAT score(s): 514 ( 127 / 127 / 129 / 131)
State of residence: MN (ties to WI but that's it), ORM female
Clinical experience (volunteer and non-volunteer):
1000+ hours medical scribe, combined FM and EM 2900+ hours and counting as uncertified medical assistant. Includes administering injections, rooming and obtaining vitals, submitting med prior auths, occ scribing
Research: ~30 hours in bench research, nothing significant
Shadowing: 30 hrs in FM, 20 hrs in EM, 20 hrs in neurology, 70 virtual hrs
Non-clinical volunteering: 45 hours (and counting) in a homeless shelter- played with children during ‘activity times’ 130 hours with underserved youth - played games with children, worked through creative writing assignments, occ hw help
Other: 220 hours as upper level Biology TA ~3500 hours as a barista shift lead 30 hours as a secretary in a pre-health club ~45 hours in university student government- created informational brochures/presentations on student housing/food opportunities, presented said information to student groups virtually
Relevant honors or awards: Dean’s list for 4 semesters
Hobbies: Tennis, reading, playing violin
I'm primarily interested in community service and social justice-y schools, but am not sure I have enough hours for either. I'm focused on neurology as a specialty, but am aware this may change in medical school. Not that interested in rural medicine or rural locations (I'm a big city gal at heart). Here is my list and thanks in advance!
UMN TC, UW Madison, University of Iowa, Medical College of WI, Cincinnati, Wayne State, Oakland, Wake Forest, Loyola, Stony Brook, Virginia Commonwealth, Quinnipiac, Western MI, Boston, Tulane, Georgetown, Hofstra, Emory, Tufts, Temple, U Arizona??, Drexel, U Vermont, George Washington, Cooper, Brown, SLU, Creighton, Burnett, Miami, NOVA MD, Baylor, Hackensack, Einstein, NYMC, Albany, Rochester, Vanderbilt, Brown
Reach Schools: Kaiser, Northwestern, Pritzker, USCF, USC/Keck, Dartmouth
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2023.05.29 20:23 jimbobbypaul Ranking the Top 131 FBS Programs of the Last 40 Years: 88. South Florida

Main hub thread with the full 131 rankings
I’m not sure how many people know this, but South Florida is still one of the newest programs in football, having played their first season in 1997. They quickly moved up to Division 1 in 2000, and have enjoyed solid results until the program tanked under Charlie Strong and Jeff Scott recently.

Best Seasons and Highlights

1. 2007: 18. South Florida: 9-4 (21.403) 2. 2016: 18. South Florida: 11-2 (20.264) 3. 2002: 23. South Florida: 9-2 (18.097) 4. 2017: 27. South Florida: 11-2 (14.048) 5. 2006: 31. South Florida: 9-4 (11.641) 6. 2008: 41. South Florida: 8-5 (5.130) 7. 2009: 45. South Florida: 8-5 (3.687) 8. 2001: 44. South Florida: 8-3 (2.101) 9. 2010: 45. South Florida: 8-5 (1.096) 10. 2015: 56. South Florida: 8-5 (-0.167) 11. 2003: 53. South Florida: 7-4 (-2.213) 12. 2005: 44. South Florida: 6-6 (-2.247) 13. 2011: 71. South Florida: 5-7 (-11.987) 14. 2018: 86. South Florida: 7-6 (-16.665) 15. 2000: 73. South Florida: 7-4 (-19.194) 16. 2004: 88. South Florida: 4-7 (-30.918) 17. 2019: 106. South Florida: 4-8 (-32.112) 18. 2014: 100. South Florida: 4-8 (-33.728) 19. 2012: 102. South Florida: 3-9 (-37.577) 20. 2013: 110. South Florida: 2-10 (-48.131) 21. 2021: 121. South Florida: 2-10 (-50.018) 22. 2020: 126. South Florida: 1-8 (-50.872) 23. 2022: 130. South Florida: 1-11 (-59.645) Overall Score: 8403 (88th) 
It’s actually pretty amazing that South Florida has a winning record in the FBS. They’ve gone just 8-37 over the last 4 years (134-98 if we don’t include them). Nearly 50% of their seasons have had 8 or more wins, and they produce about 3 NFL players every 2 years. Very solid program who’s having a rough patch, but could return to sleeping giant status soon. Notable NFL players include Jason Pierre-Paul, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Marlon Mack. Consensus All-Americans were DL George Selvie in 2007 and all-purpose Brian Battie in 2021, who returned 3 kicks for TDs, on just 20 returns.

Top 5 Seasons

Worst Season: 2022 (1-11 overall, 0-8 American)
Man, they’ve fallen far. On the bright side, they can’t fall much further than this. Head coach Jeff Scott was in his 3rd season, and ended up going just 4-26 in his (almost) 3 years with the Bulls. It wasn’t totally his fault, he had to clean up the mess Charlie Strong left behind, and while there were signs of improvements, but they weren’t winning close games, usually an indicator of poor coaching. USF lost 28-31 to #18 Florida, 24-28 to #24 Cincinnati, and 39-46 to #22 UCF, so it wasn’t like the Bulls were totally destitute. Former Baylor QB Gerry Bohanon, who led the Bears to a 12-2 record in 2021, started the first 7 games, throwing for 1070 yards 6 TD 6 INT with 386 rushing yards and 3 TD on 6.4 YPC. Backup Byrum Brown flashed potential, throwing for 5 TD 1 INT with 5.8 YPC on the ground. This team didn’t win a game against an FBS opponent, as they beat Howard 42-20. They were the 2nd worst defense in the nation giving up 41.2 PPG, but scored a respectable 28.0 PPG.
5. 2006 (9-4 overall, 4-3 Big East)
Remember QB Matt Grothe? That’s a throwback name. The freshman QB took over in 2006, in USF’s 2nd year in the Big East. USF played fine throughout the year, the season going about as expected after a 7-4 start. A game at #7 West Virginia to play Pat White and Steve Slaton seemed like a guaranteed loss, but at least USF was going bowling. On the contrary, the Bulls shut down the WVU spread offense, winning 24-19 in a huge upset. This would start a few years where the Bulls consistently terrorized West Virginia, beating them 3 times over the next 4 years. USF dominated the bowl as well, beating East Carolina 24-7. The season was an announcement that the Bulls were coming, with a young talented QB, plenty of potential being in a BCS AQ conference, and being located right in the middle of a recruiting hotbed. Grothe completed 64% of passes for 2576 yards 15 TD 14 INT, and ran for another 622 and 9 TD. The defense was very good as well, giving up just 16.9 PPG. Momentum was building for 2007.
4. 2017 (10-2 overall, 6-2 American)
When the Big East broke up in 2013, USF ended up in the American, a non-Power 5 conference. They made the most of it, at least initially. 2017 USF entered the year at #19, coming off an 11-2 year, and looked to compete for a New Years 6 bowl with new coach Charlie Strong. This team featured senior QB Quinton Flowers, arguably the most electric player in college football. But despite all the talent and expectations—the team’s performance on the field was underwhelming. They started 7-0, but only moved up 2 spots to #17 because of their play. In week 2 they were tied 17-17 with Stony Brook in the 4th quarter, and beat up on mostly weaker competition, with their toughest opponent having been Temple. They did get their first ever win over a Big Ten school though, beating Illinois 47-23. With a 34-28 win over Tulane, USF set the AP era record for most consecutive 30+ point games, with 24 straight, beating 2011-12 Oregon. Fast forward to the end of the season and USF was 9-1 and #22, facing #13 UCF in the War on I-4. Despite everyone overlooking USF (9.5 point underdogs), Quinton Flowers did EVERYTHING he could, throwing for 500+ yards and rushing for 100+ yards and 5 total TD. Still, UCF won 49-42 on a last minute kickoff return TD. USF still finished the year with a respectable 38-34 win over Texas Tech to finish 10-2 and #21 in the AP Poll.
Flowers threw for 2911 yards 25 TD 6 INT, with 1078 rushing yards and 11 TD on 5.5 YPC. He finished his career as USF’s all time leader in total yardage (11,796). There was talent around him as well—RBs Darius Tice and future NFLer D’Ernest Johnson split time, combining for 1739 rushing yards and 18 TD. Marquez Valdes-Scantling was the leading receiver with 879 receiving yards as well as 108 rushing yards.
3. 2002 (9-2 overall, Independent)
This was USF’s 2nd full year in the FBS, and they definitely came ready to play. They opened with 30+ point wins over both FAU and NIU. After getting blown out by Arkansas, they held #2 Oklahoma to just 239 yards in a 14-31 loss, maybe the Bulls’ most impressive defensive performance of the season. They wouldn’t lose a game afterwards, winning one-possession games against North Texas, Southern Miss, and Memphis. Despite a 9-2 record with wins over Urban Meyer’s 9-3 record Bowling Green, Sun Belt champion North Texas, and one of the top C-USA teams in Southern Miss, USF was not selected for a bowl because of their Independent status. Pretty insane, as I had them as the 23rd best team that year. QB Marquel Blackwell had a great senior season, throwing for 2590 yards 18 TD with just 3 INT, and ran for 5 more TD. The defense gave up just 18.5 PPG and featured future NFL players LB Kawika Mitchell (2nd round pick), DE Shurron Pierson (4th round), and DB J.R. Reed (4th round).
2. 2016 (11-2 overall, 7-1 American)
QB Quinton Flowers and coach Willie Taggart announced themselves to a national audience in 2016. Picked to win the AAC East, USF came in with offensive firepower, beating Syracuse 45-20 in week 3 and losing 35-55 to #13 Florida State a week later. An 11-2 season included wins over #22 Navy, 8-5 Memphis, and South Carolina in the bowl. USF had the best Group of 5 offense in the country, averaging 43.8 PPG with a stacked backfield of Flowers and RBs Marlon Mack and D’Ernest Johnson. Flowers won AAC POTY, throwing for 2812 yards 24 TD 7 INT, with 1530 rushing yards and 18 TD on 7.7 YPC!! Mack put up a 1st Team All-AAC season, rushing for 1187 yards and 15 TD on 6.8 YPC, while Johnson added 836 yards and 13 TD from scrimmage. Even the receiver room was stacked, with future NFL draft picks Rodney Adams and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Taggart turned the great season into a job at Oregon, and the rest is history.
1. 2007 (9-4 overall, 4-3 Big East)
Every die-hard college football fan knows the 2007 Bulls. In just their 11th year of existence, they were #2 in the country. In fact, 5 of the 6 computers that made up the BCS ranking had USF at #1. So how did it happen? People thought USF would be good heading into 2007, but not this good. After beating Elon in week 1, they headed to Auburn to face the 17th-ranked Tigers. LB Ben Moffitt recalled the experience and how USF wasn’t perceived as a threat to fans: “It’s a weird experience. You ride the bus in, and they’re all waving at ya, and they’re all, ‘Good luck, good luck.’ I was like this is different, but OK.” Later in the night, down 20-23 in OT, QB Matt Grothe fired a game winning TD on 2nd and 9 to walk out of Jordan-Hare with one of the upsets of the season thus far. Now ranked #23, USF disposed of another Power 6 school in North Carolina, 37-10. That set up a home game against #5 West Virginia, with the Mountaineers looking to get revenge for last year on their way to a national title. Media members recall the crowd being so loud that night that the ground shook underneath their feet, in a 21-13 USF upset victory, to beat a top 10 Mountaineer team for the second straight season.
Suddenly, USF was thrust near the top with college football royalty, moving 12 spots up to #6. After spanking weaker opponents FAU and UCF, they had made it all the way to #2. In the country. A frusturating Thursday night game against Rutgers saw the Bulls squander a 7 point lead toward the end of the 1st half, and commit 10 penalties in a 27-30 loss. USF would fall off a cliff afterwards, losing consecutive games to UConn and Cincinnati to fall out of the Top 25. They finished strong though, averaging 48 PPG in their last 3 wins against Syracuse, Louisville, and Pitt to finish 9-3. There were rumors that the USF players were hungover for the Sun Bowl against Oregon, but the rumors turned out to be unfounded, the truth lying in the talent of first year Oregon OC Chip Kelly, who changed up his game plan to avoid USF Consensus All-American DE George Selvie. The Ducks won 56-21, and RB Jonathan Stewart ran for a Sun Bowl record 253 yards.
USF finished the year 9-4 and 4th place in the Big East. While they finished unranked in the AP Top 25, I had them at 18th for impressive wins over West Virginia and Auburn. Matt Grothe had another fine year, throwing for 2670 yards 14 TD 14 INT, with 872 rushing yards and 10 TD, and would go on to be USF’s all time total yardage leader. DE George Selvie put up a 1st Team All-American season with a whopping 14.5 sacks and 17 TFL. Overall, this was a pretty stacked team. 8 players were drafted, including 5 picks in the first 3 rounds.

5th Quarter

15 years after being ranked #2 in the nation, USF is now in a weaker conference, has gone 4-26 the previous 3 years, and rival UCF has been invited to the Big 12. Where did it all go wrong for USF? And do you remember some of their players such as Matt Grothe, BJ Daniels, and Quinton Flowers? What do you remember about that #2 ranked Bulls team and the 2007 season?
If you appreciate the effort, please consider subscribing on substack!
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2023.05.29 18:48 redratus Which carrier do you use? (Suffolk)

I’m in Suffolk (Smithtown/Stony Brook) and use Verizon but in a lot of the parks and beaches I go to I always have zero reception . Super annoying bc I often set up a mobile office in my car and need internet but most of the time I have one LTE bar or an SOS lol (esp around West Meadow)
Anyone have better luck? Which carrier do you use and how is your reception?
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2023.05.29 17:37 Powerful_Stop4837 Email

Anyone else got this email I'm assuming this a scam of some sort?
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2023.05.29 17:24 mochaboo20 How packed will parks like Stony Brook, Letchworth or Grimes Glen be today?

I haven’t been to these parks on Memorial Day. I just want to take a hike by water but I’m curious if these spots will be packed on this holiday.
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2023.05.29 17:22 SomeJerkOddball Final Polling Numbers from 338 - May 28

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2023.05.29 17:14 L_angiedraws Hey guys plz chance me for t30 schools!! I feel like my ecs aren’t exactly cohesive with my major and I don’t know what I am doing

Demographics: female, Nyc, NY, arts high school, Asian, first gen low income
Intended Major(s): debating between fine arts (my strongest suite) or poli sci
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1440 (retaking or test optional)
UW/W GPA and Rank: UW 99. 21, my school doesn’t rank
Coursework: (this year) ap lang, apes, apush, (last year) ap world, (next year) ap comp gov, ap stat, ap chinese
Awards: scholastic art and writing gold key 2x, honorable mention 3x, silver key 2x, congressional art competition 1st place (this year, work will hang in capitol) and 2nd place (last year, work hung in congresswoman’s dc office), celebrating art high merit 5x with publications
School newspaper president
Entrepreneurs club director of outreach and events
Mentoring organization chapter manager for my school division and co president( next year).
Hope club co president
Internship at art studio as teaching assistant where I help middle school kids better art portfolio for specialized arts high school
Art show team internship
Did art commissions and made over 1k with social media presence of 5k followers
Badminton club
Model un member
Have to take care of siblings and household work( my parents are away at work and I’m often left alone to take care of everything and they come home late)
Have not written yet, but my idea is that I want to write about how my parents are away at work and I’m often left alone to juggle between academics, ecs, and taking care of my siblings and the house. I wanted to write about this one incident where my house flooded and my parents were away and how I took charge.
Schools: Far reaches Cornell Columbia Yale Upenn Nyu Duke CMU Jhu Brown
Reaches Barnard Emory Vassar Northeastern Swathmore RISD Boston uni Boston college University of rochester Cooper union
Targets Stony brook Binghamton University of albany University of buffalo Parsons
Safety St johns Baruch Hunters Sva
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2023.05.29 17:03 roselia4812 3.43/510 URM. Do I have a shot this cycle?

State of residence: • Ties to other states (if applicable): New Jersey with ties to NY and MA
• URM? (Y/N): Y (mixed woman but identify as Black) • Undergraduate vibe: [Rural T20 that is an Ivy] • Undergraduate major(s)/minor(s): Biology and Society • Cumulative GPA: 3.43 • Science GPA: 3.32 • MCAT Score(s) (in order of attempts): 510 (only 1 attempt) • Gap years?: 1 • First application cycle? (If no, explain): Yes • Specialty of interest (if applicable): Radiology • Interest in rural health?: Yes 
Extracurricular Background:
• Research experience: 50 hrs over the sophomore summer in a gut microbe wet lab. • Clinical experience: 100 as a clinical volunteer at doctor’s office will be 1000+ in gap year • 50hrs virtual shadowing • 250 hrs non clinical cumulative (did Means for Wheels over sophomore summer, CrisText in freshman summer, Did volunteer work in Paper Airplanes and currently in ENGin as an English tutor volunteer) Will be 1000+ projected. • Was a Vice President in Public Relations in Clss Councils. 50 hrs in club. • Did four years in Biology Scholars Program. Approximately 200 hrs in Club. •2 pub (1 as editor and 1 a writer) in Healthcare magazine club. Approximately 50 hrs in club. • Did running for most of undergrad for 250 hrs •Did TAing in Gen Chem. 100 hrs. •LOR: 1 from ethics prof, 1 from biology prof, 1 from biochemisty prof, and 1 from physics prof for 2 years. •PS: 8/10 RN. Talks about how dealing with my chronic disease and feeling neglected by the medical system helped me to realize that I do not want other patients to feel the same way I did. Doesn’t sound like a sales pitch or jumps around a lot like Dr. Gray said in his book and vids. 
School List:
Harvard, Columbia, Weill, mayo, Mount Sinai, University of Rochester, Dartmouth, Albert Einstien, Stony Brook, Jacobs School, NY Upstate, Suny Downstate, Albany, Zucker, Penn State, Rutgers RJW, Rutgers NJ, Hackensack, Cooper, Brown, Temple, UPitt, NYMC, Maryland, Tufts, Georgetown, BU, Quinnpiac, Vermont, GWU, Meharry Medical College, Morehouse School of Medicine, Howard University
Should I apply for DO if I have not intentions of getting into it? My mom says if I only get into Rowan for DO then I can apply again and leave the school but I feel that is too expensive for a decison like that. I am not in a position to do another gap year financially as my parents constantly remind me thar I am a girl and I am delaying my good years for school and since I am the oldest I have no person to stay with if I do another one. So it is this year or bust.
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2023.05.29 11:12 alaska_2794 Is Stony Brook really that bad?

I recently started reading through this subreddit after enrolling at Stony Brook University for this Fall and noticed a lot of negative comments about it. As a background, I was homeschooled and have struggled in high school. I also know I have decent social skills because I previously worked at a job that required these abilities. Since I would be among plenty of people all the time at the university, I was very excited to start there. However, after reading all the posts, I have gotten incredibly depressed and am not looking forward to anything at all. Tbh, I'm not sure what to do at this point.
edit: This comment section is enough for me to know that I made the right decision while choosing my uni. Although I can’t thank each one of you in the comment section (since this sort of blew up;)), you guys are amazing and I can’t wait to join y’all there this fall:))
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2023.05.29 09:01 The_Transcendant On the wild rose: Alberta's last fifty years and its next few hours

On the wild rose: Alberta's last fifty years and its next few hours
Tomorrow. Canada will see one of its wildest elections in recent memory, tomorrow. Even for an American dominated sub I’m surprised it’s fallen this far under the radar. In short, it’s very important, very divisive and very, very close.
Alberta is a really unique case because politically speaking, it’s so far removed from the rest of the country. Alberta separatism, while still fringe, is finding more and more popular support over there. Conservative votes are so concentrated in Alberta and in the rest of the rural prairies that the CPC actually won the federal popular vote in both 2019 and 2021 despite losing badly to the Liberals in terms of seats, which are what actually matter. Nearly every one of their regional stereotypes hinges on how right wing they are. Alberta is built different.
To show why this is I’m going to go over the political history of the province and what has lead up to now.
It is the people who govern, or at least we say. And it goes without saying who has governed Alberta for the past 80 years. Like the western United States and the other prairie provinces, Alberta started out as a stronghold of progressive populism, but in 1935 the right wing populist Social Credit party took power from the left-wing agrarians, and held it uninterrupted until 1971 when they lost to the Progressive Conservatives, who would govern for even longer. Alberta has only changed governments 5 times in its history.
This kind of de facto one party system can only exist for a reason, and the reason was oil. The oil boom began at the tail end of the Socred days. The urbanization that oil caused is what brought the PC’s into power, and the insane amount of wealth that oil conjured is what kept them there eternally.
And I do mean insane. During oil booms, literally anyone could find an oil rig job paying six figures; hamlets became small cities and small cities became metropolises of over a million people. Take Calgary, the biggest city in the province. It is more sprawling than a well planned city, yet it’s ranked the third most livable in the world, chiefly because of how much rainbow fucking monopoly money it sees. So Alberta had no qualms with becoming a petrostate - why would they? They became one of the richest places on earth.
The PC’s were far from radical; they threw their billions at public works, and they weren’t particularly conservative socially. They never really made anyone mad. Sparing 1993 (when they still kept their 50% + 1), the PC’s never faced any real opposition from the left, right, or centre, top, or bottom. Remember, we are talking about decades.

This is 1975, but this isn't anything special. They all looked like this in the early PC era.
This did change, though. Think back to whatever the Tea Party was in the US; what it stood for, what ignited it, what kept it burning. As the PC leadership grew stale and moldy, straying from “true conservatism” by deficiting hard and lobbing vast sums of money back at the oil industry, the hard right went “fuck it” and left. In 2008, The Alberta Alliance, which had exactly one representative, merged with the Wildrose party (named for Alberta's designated flower), which had exactly zero, to create a real conservative alternative.
They ultimately failed to build any real sort of momentum in the 2008 provincial election. Their leader and sole MLA, Paul Hinman, lost re-election and stepped down. In their 2009 leadership election, lobbyist Danielle Smith took his place. Now Alberta was deep into the Great Recession, and the party was genuinely optimistic now, because PC premier Ed Stelmach’s popularity was tanking among the right. In a Calgary by-election that year, Paul Hinman ran and won in a seat that had been held by the PC’s since 1969. This was a W that gave the Wildrose party the momentum and legitimacy that they desperately needed.
Every 30 or 40 years, we get tired of the government that’s in power and we sweep them out and we look to a new alternative. I think we have an opportunity to catch one of those historic waves.
- Danielle Smith, upon being named Wildrose Alliance leader. I straight up ripped this shit from wiki but it encapsulates it all better than anything else I could write.
In 2011, the ever more unpopular Ed Stelmach resigned and was replaced by scandal-plagued Alison Redford. There was another election to come in 2012, and Wildrose was leading. Looking at every poll taken right up until election day, the Progressive Conservative hegemony seemed to be coming to an end. Then came the casting of the ballots, and the results were a fat fucking almost-nothingburger for Danielle Smith (who definitely wasn’t free of controversy herself). Her party was largely confined to the province’s southern rural areas - god-fearing, gun-toting and ram-ranching even by Alberta standards. The PC’s were down from 72 to 61 seats in the assembly while Wildrose, still the official opposition, was 10 points behind them in the PV and only won 17. Many of those seats came from the re-election of former PC MLAs who crossed the floor during Stelbach’s term.

2012. If polls were right, most of this would have been green and Danielle Smith would be in charge a decade earlier.
In 2014, the PC dynasty became the longest lasting in Albertan history. Also in 2014, Alison Redford resigned from the premiership with an 18% approval rating, being succeeded by cabinet minister Jim Prentice. The walls were falling in for the party, but as fate would have it, they were for the Wildrose party, too. Ten of their 17 MLAs, including Danielle Smith, defected to the PC Party citing concerns with Danielle Smith and her leadership. In 2015, when Prentice’s poll numbers actually looked okay for the first time in a while, he called an election. In short, a momentous fuck up.
Both the Progressive Conservatives and the Wildrose party (now led by Brian Jean) were stuck in an endless cycle of chimpanzeenian shit flinging, and they divided the dominant right wing vote almost perfectly in half. Neither of them would win. Neither would the Alberta Liberal Party, the only non-conservative party with any legitimacy. Nay, after the 2015 election the majority in the legislative assembly was held by Rachel Notley’s social-democratic Alberta New Democratic Party. The NDP They, by virtue of being left of centre in Alberta, had been a meme party until the day they weren’t. They swept the capital city of Edmonton and (with an insane amount of protest voting and vote splitting, as they only got 40%) picked up dozens of seats in Calgary and the rurals. Needless to say, a big deal this was.

2015. Without near-perfect Wildrose/PC vote splitting, most of those Calgary and northern seats would not be orange.
The PC party, Alberta's forever governors, had been relegated to the humiliating time out corner of third place. The Wildrose party became the official oppositing to the ANDP's governing majority. Notley and her party got adjusted to the position as well as they could have; oil prices were collapsing and the time, so her government put an intense focus on public works and on desperately needed diversification of what was basically resembled a Gulf State economy. She governed as a competent centrist, shying away from anything that could be seen as anti-capitalist or environmentalist. Alberta's NDP government openly clashed with neighbouring British Columbia's NDP government over the Trans-mountain pipeline, which shipped oil from the sands and wells in Alberta across the Rockies to ports in greater Vancouver. In American terms, she was a Blue Dog. She understood what she needed to do to win in her province.
Regardless of what she did, though, she was not in any position to win. In 2017, the Progressive Conservatives elected Calgary MLA Jason Kenney as they leader, who ran with the intent of uniting the two right wing parties. This had happened on the federal level in 2003, and it led to Calgary's Stephen Harper being Prime Minister for over a decade after a long period of Liberal rule. Kenney did exactly that, and won the leadership contest of the new United Conservative Party with a wide majority.
This was all happening while Justin Trudeau's federal Liberal government, which had just recently buried Harper in a landslide, was suffering enormous backlash in western Canada, mostly due to policies like his carbon tax, but also due to being Fr*nch and secretly Fidel's son. The 2019 federal election was fought largely on the environment and Greta Thunberg, and the federal Conservatives won unprecedented margins in the prairies, nearing 90% of the vote in some rural Alberta and Saskatchewan seats. The 2019 Albertan general election happened months before "how dare you", but it was much the same. Notley put up as much of a fight as she could, but the UCP still swept and won the PV by over 20 points.

2019, a 20 point UCP landslide. If the federal NDP did this well Jagmeet would be PM.
It seemed as though 2015-2019 was just an aberration, and the newly formed UCP would govern for another half century until the next Wildrose saga. Kenney was governing exactly how a leader of a PC-Wildrose merger party would be expected to govern, and he wasn't facing much opposition from the centre right or the far right. Then COVID hit. Compared to most other premiers in the country and most other countries on earth, Kenney imposed moderate restrictions: a public health emergency and a vaccine passport. He tried to promote staying home, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated. He did this, however, while travelling out of province for the holidays. Decidedly not a good look.
The former Wildrose wing of the party was pissed, to say the least. Over the span of 2021, he faced a barrage of attacks from hard right rural MPs in his own party, and bled continuously more support to QAnon-adjacent Alberta independence splinter parties. By now, the NDP had a considerable lead in provincial polls. In September of that year, his own party agreed to hold a no-confidence vote against him in the following spring due to him refusal to resign or abolish all COVID restrictions. He won that no-confidence motion with 51% percent of the vote, but resigned anyway in disgrace. It was Over.
Running to replace him were hard right Brian Jean, hard right Todd Loewen, hard right Travis Toews, and of course, hard right Danielle Smith, who pretty narrowly beat Toews. A display of where the UPC was already heading, any moderates were more or less irrelevant in the race. Danielle Smith, once the undisputed leader of Alberta's Wildrose far right, was now its premier. And for the most part, she spends her days comparing vaccinated people to nazis (she half assed an apology to be fair) and whining about the WEF. I can fairly confidently say that she's insane, at least by Canadian standards if not by those of America. (I can give more examples of goofy shit she's uttered but I want to sleep right now).
Have I mentioned that Alberta has a slight conservative tilt? You could definitely tell if you looked at opinion polls, where the UCP now has a very slight edge over the NDP despite Rachel Notley clearly distancing herself from the left, feuding with the federal New Democratic Party. I honestly believe that there's a large percentage of people in Alberta, maybe even close to 50%, who will start violently convulsing if they're forced to check a ballot for a left-leaning party. People who genuinely, truly believe that Notley is a tyrant and a communist.
This brings us to now. A dead heat election between the UCP and NDP, uncannily similar to the 2020 presidential. The polarization and Americanization of our politics is rearing its ugly head. It's tearing so many families apart. These kinds of elections, be it Notley vs. Smith, Trump vs. Biden, Hobbs vs. Lake, all have this kind of desperate vibe. I'm sure you can feel it. You notice the desperation in the air if you went to Alberta anytime in the past couple months. I know a few people in Alberta, and I can almost sense it emanating from them.
I've heard quite a few anecdotes about lifelong conservatives with, like, Margaret Thatcher figurines in jars, who are voting for their local NDP candidates this time around because they look at the present UCP and see only an imported brand of lunacy. There's another side, I'm sure, but I won't pretend to see it. I have no idea how this will pan out, and I don't know if I want to know. I'm typing this around midnight because this shit is just wild. It should not be like this. But this is how it is, and only time will tell what happens next.
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2023.05.29 07:13 Shadow-Browser Profile Evaluation fall 2024

CGPA: 8.2/10 (Dean’s List for best outgoing student)
Undergrad: Comp Science from tier 2/3 University(from India) Did a lot of community work(including starting a popular, active non profit org) Was pretty active in many extra curricular, co-curricular clubs
Work Exp: ~3 years( founding & Senior SDE At a well known Silicon Valley startup )
Internship: 6+ months in various starups
GRE: 306 (Q160 V144) Ik it’s pretty low, will retake if mandatory
Toefl: 102/120
Papers published: 1
Relevant projects: 4
LORs: Pretty good ones from HOD, Dean(undergrad); CTO, Team Lead(Professional)
SOP: Trying to write a stellar SOP
Here’s my list: Columbia, Cornell, NYC, UIUC, UM CP, UW madison, USC, NEU, Stony brook, UNC Chapel Hill
Targeting T30 universities. Please let me know what you guys think of the list!
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2023.05.29 03:23 strazyeeby Where did it all go wrong (international student got rejected from all my options lol)

so basically, I'm an international student and I understand most universities have lower acceptance rates for international students compared to local students, WHICH IS PERFECTLY FAIR AND FINE WITH ME NO PROBLEM.
my stats are as follows, North African, A*AAC (4 A Levels, the C was due to me being in a bad mental state which happened due to my grandma getting cancer furthermore almost all universities in the world only require 3, we dont do gpa at my school)
my most relevant ECs are: Responsible for Logistics and Finances at a relatives bakery start-up through sourcing to coffee shops. Was part of the high schools "organizer team" where I participated with a team to do stuff such as a fundraise fun day where we made 35k to put towards our graduation costs (average salary was around 70k per year at that time so we made good money), hosting a local orphanage at our school for an after school event, and setting up our graduation, CS Club, Web Dev Club. Working on launching a sustainable eco-friendly clothing brand and a couple of fillers ill be fr such as chess and researches about importing solar powered water pumps, and solar panels to my grandmas village. Considering the school doesn't provide any sort of ECs I do or participate in, I would think its not a bad line up of ECs!
My PS was about how I grew up as a third culture kid and then when I was forced to go back home I didn't know how to fit in and with whom I should identify with however with time I used fashion designing to resonate to me where I would design clothing pieces that are influenced by different cultures (Middle Eastern and Western mainly) and how that represents me in how I was brought up as a combination of different cultures type of thing.
now I realize my application isn't as strong or as perfect as a lot of other people, and without a doubt there is much more talented individuals and who simply did more and cause way more change out there and my application shouldn't get me into places I applied to like Columbia, Rice, and Cornell, (I even requested finaid and they are need aware) however I was expecting something from SUNY (stony brook) , Rutgers, and maybe Bucknell. (no finaid requested) I say this because me and my friend applied ED1 to NYU-AD and we thought my application was stronger than his but he got a full ride and I got rejected, we say that cause he literally didn't want to go to NYU AD but only applied cause i forced him to, and my grades are better + ECs so he didn't put any effort into his application, I'm so happy for him promise he even chose to England instead.
I would love to apply again for the spring semester (i assume since all fall deadlines are up atp) however I am very lost what should I do? is there any sort of college advisor you would recommend to overview my application and recommend where I should and shouldn't apply because I already took a gap year to reapply and just very lost about where to go and where it all went wrong.
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2023.05.29 02:12 OneAcadia3659 activities on campus

Hello, im taking summer courses at stony brook and was wondering if theres anything to do on campus to make friends or just general entertainment.
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2023.05.29 01:10 PropertyComfortable5 activities during summer session

is there any activities happening during the summer at stony brook. trying to make friends to cure loneliness
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