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2023.05.30 13:31 rankthefred My official winners and losers list post-finale

I’ve used a letter grading system for this, A-B means they came out positively affected, C means they either don’t care or where barely affected. D-F means they were negatively affected.
Connor Roy: A+ Conheads rejoice!! In some crazy way Connor ends the show not only as the happiest kid, but probably the happiest main character in the show. The last we see of Connor is him living in one of the best apartments in New York, in a seemingly happy marriage (somehow) and we also discover that he was actually closer to his dad than we originally believed, as we view the tape of the dinner weeks before his death. Only slight negative is Kendall still not Acknowledging who the real eldest boy is.
Marcia: A+ Here comes the money baby!!! Her family will never have to work a day in their lives because she had to put up with some old bloke for a few years. Fair play and Godspeed to the might Marcia, she no longer has to deal with those shit kids and can instead focus on those crucial shopping trips to Milan.
Mattson: A+ Flawless victory. He came, he saw, he conquered. Just as the Vikings pillaged England, Mattson has pillaged the Roy Family. He laid out a plan and it was executed perfectly. No more spoilt brat Roy children!!
Tom: A Viva la Tom baby!! He pulled it off the crazy son of a bitch!!! In all seriousness Tom got pretty lucky that Mattson happened to chose him to take over, but you won’t see him complaining!! He probably should be an A+ but I’m knocking him down to an A because his boss wants to fuck his wife
Carolina: A Pretty random but well done to Carolina. She wanted Hugo gone, and managed to get both sides to agree to it!! Win win either way for her, but it was a nice confirmation when Tom shrugged off Hugo at the end of the episode
Greg: A- RIP the quad. While he gambled on a team switch and it didn’t pay off, Greg and his child-like charm still managed to pull off a move up the corporate ladder at Waystar (or so I assume). Loses points as if he didn’t try his Judas style betrayal, I suspect his position in the company would be much more favourable.
Gerry: B Gerry’s position in the company is essentially unchanged from the first episode. She gets a B as Mattson winning means she keeps her position at the company. Also no more weird stuff with Roman (hopefully)
Sandi: B She got the deal she voted for through, all power to her. Not much else to say except her dad still has herpes (“I think we started that rumor”)
Stewie: C Perfect equilibrium for Stewie. His vote didn’t go through, but I doubt he was ever really team Kendall, and he ended up shaking Toms hand and saying he always wanted him to win anyway. It’s probably just a good thing his money is no longer in the hands of those three idiots.
Ewan: C- I wish I was Ewan, he truly could not give less of a shit. C- because his vote didn’t go through, but I’m sure this effects him little.
Frank and Karl: C- The two best characters on the show. They’re getting fired, which isn’t great, but I’m sure they’ll take their golden parachute and retiring to the many beaches of the pacific and Caribbean. In all honesty it’s probably a good thing that they’re getting fired, as their blood pressure had to be high from dealing with all of those idiots.
Shiv: D+ Shivvy, honey, what is going on in that little head of yours?? Shiv has probably ended up the best of the core 3, who are all gonna be ranked pretty low since they pretty much have no family now. Shiv came into the episode wanting the deal to go through and it went through, so I guess that counts for something?!? Atleast her husband has the role so she could probably get some good puppetry going. Also slight gain because Mattson wants to fuck her and he’s hot as.
Hugo: D Fucks sake Hugo. Stuck to Kendall and it all fell apart. Carolina played him like a fiddle and now he is unemployed. Not a lot of positive things going on for this guy; weird neck, daughter insider trading and now without work. A very strange character indeed.
Roman: D Fucking hell this guys been through the wars. His vote didn’t go through (Unclear what his real opinion on that is, but it probably wasn’t as negative as Kendall’s). Much like Kendall however, he ends the show unemployed and with no-one around him. His only positive points really are coming from that small smirk at the end of the show. He is finally free.
Logan: D- He’s dead, so that’s probably not very good. But the deal went through which he wanted , So D-, because he’s still very much dead
Kendall: F Jesus Christ. Peak Shakespearean tragedy for our old friend Kendall. 3/4 of the way through the episode this was looking like a deadset A+, now he’s left with no friends, no family, no power AND he had a full-on 7 year old scrap with his younger brother infront of everyone. You are not the eldest boy Kendall. Ironic that both Logan and Kendall were left with just Colin at the end (A+ for Colin).
Peter: F- His pitch for what I’m sure was a terrific business idea was ruined by those spoiled piece of shit kids, and his cheese now has a distinct Roman flavour to it. Poor bastard
Add characters I missed or retail in the comments please!!!
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2023.05.30 13:30 Decent_Culture3991 My AI Playground the ultimate AIO Website

Hi Guys,
I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on recently . I've created a website powered by OpenAI's stable diffusion, AWS, and other technologies that offers a range of exciting features. This is my first public project i've done. I have a background in back-end development (mainly PHP using laravel) So i'd love for you to check it out, whether you're looking for text-to-speech capabilities, an AI coding bot, or a treasure trove of over 60 templates, my website has got you covered - i hope. Anyone who puts reddit in there username, i'll happily unlock all features to help me test!
Text-to-Speech: Transform any text into high-quality speech with just a few clicks. Perfect for adding a professional touch to your videos, podcasts, or even audiobooks.
AI Coding Bot: Say goodbye to coding woes! With the AI coding bot, you can get assistance, suggestions, and even complete code snippets for your programming projects.
Chatbots Galore: Explore a collection of 15 powerful chatbots, each designed to assist you in various tasks. Whether you need help with SEO, crafting engaging YouTube scripts or creating compelling Amazon product descriptions, these chatbots have got your back.
Versatile Templates: With over 60 templates to choose from, you'll never run out of ideas. From crafting captivating social media posts to generating SEO-optimized content, the templates cover a wide range of topics and industries.
I'm really excited about this project and would love to hear your feedback. If you have a few minutes to spare, please check out the website and let me know what you think. Your thoughts and suggestions will be incredibly valuable in shaping the future of this platform. - Feel free to explore all the features and experiment with the chatbots and templates. Don't forget to drop a comment or send me a message with your thoughts—I'm all ears!
Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I look forward to hearing your feedback
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2023.05.30 13:29 Then_Resolve3112 More central apneas after a week of Expiratory Muscle Strength Training

I have been blowing on balloons for a little over a week now. I have had very little central apnea events (~9 events on average per night) occur the over the past week, but last night I got 21 CAs recorded on OSCAR. All of them happened within a 4 hour period.
I have EPR set to 3 on my ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset. My pressure is set to 8 minimum to 8.8 maximum. I opted for EPR at 3 because it greatly reduced my flow limitations (now consistently 0.00 at 95%) However, despite all this for almost two months, I still feel horrible and my high blood pressure still hasn't dropped (every other cause for my high BP has already been ruled out).
I started blowing on balloons over a week ago out of desperation to fix my sleep. I had a hunch that maybe strengthening my breathing muscles such as my diaphragm would help my CPAP therapy be more effective. I went from usually having 13-23 CA events per night to having just 5 - 13 CA events per night over an entire week. I'm not sure whether to attribute this decrease to my balloon exercises as the change happened overnight, but I noticed that my morning blood pressure has gone below the usual 120/80 over the past week (though, it goes back to ~130/90 in the afternoon and evening).
My morning blood pressure today after that one horrible night of 21 CAs is in the 120/80s again.
I have a theory that my exhalation efficiency has improved over the past week such that the EPR level I'm currently at is now detrimental to me. I have read that EPR can cause CAs because of flushing out too much CO2. Would I be correct in thinking this? I'm contemplating reducing my EPR level or just turning it off entirely. I'm afraid my flow limitations might increase.
How should I proceed?
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2023.05.30 13:29 TigerHeart_J Question: What really killed the vessels in the abyss?

I always assumed the king just dumped the vessels in a void hole and they all died from fall damage. But uhh you see, the knight has no fall damage in hollow knight.
Even from the birthplace flashback, we can tell that the knight has fallen from a great height after pure vessel went out with TPK. That didn't crack the knight as a vessel. When the Knight fell from Howling cliffs, he also wasn't harmed.

I'm thinking the same thing for other vessels (like broken vessel, greenpath vessel and the ones in nosk's den) also didn't die of fall damage when the pale king yeeted them down the abyss. Then what killed them? Those are my theories:
  1. The void itselfThe void, which is hostile to the knight, might be hostile towards other vessels too. If that was the case, maybe the king didn't even plan on killing vessels that brutally since he built the lighthouse to keep the void at bay. (well until the lighthouse failed and the void killed everyone)This is kind of likely? because void can be seen leaking from hollow sibling shells.The pale king killed them himself
  2. The king's guardsOr maybe the kingsmoulds cracked their skulls by wacking with the hook thing? Perhaps most vessels are struck and fell into the abyss. The ones that wern't struck managed to escape?
  3. Or this has something to do with the knight's capesomeone in hk discord told me their headcannon of each vessel having a cape which does different abilities, eg the mothwing cloak. I personally don't agree with this, but maybe the knight's cloak simply has feather falling IV.
Thanks for reading all that, I wish to hear your ideas in the comments!
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2023.05.30 13:29 djdylex Cat hasn't been eating or drinking for weeks, vet can't figure out what's wrong

Hi, this has been a total mystery to me and the vets.
About 3 weeks ago my outdoor cat came in looking terrified and was running away from us and hiding. She stopped eating or drinking and was breathing rapidly. She had been slightly off color the week or two before.
This happened in episodes at first, she would be bad and then would start eating again and would seem fine. It started getting worst however and soon she refused all food and drink and we had to start force feeding her using a syringe into her mouth.
The vet thought at first it might be something psychological, but we realized it could be something dental as her breath had been extremely bad and she started drooling and was pawing at her mouth. We tried her on anti inflametries at first which seemed to help for a day, then we had her have a dental cleaning as she had plaque and gingivitis which definitely improved her dental symptoms. she didn't require any teeth out.
She was eating lots (had to take food away haha) after the operation and an anti nausea injection but now she has gone back to how she was before: having to force feed her and she has gone down from 2.8 kg to 2.1 kg.
She is still interested in food, but just goes up to it and stares at it. She's not worsening so to speak but is just refusing food and drink. She has also had some bloody stools and has had a few issues with falling over, and slightly unsteady on her feet when walking. The vet says there is some intestinal thickening but not enough to be very concerned about IBD.
We are now considering other options with the vet like a head x-ray as her jaw is crunching when she eats and she still paws at her jaw occasionally. Other option is to see an internal medicine specialist
We live in the United Kingdom.
I'm I tears about this, the worst is not knowing what is actually wrong. If anyone has any ideas or advice about what's going on or what to do that would be amazing.
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2023.05.30 13:29 home-parrot Friend's future MIL wants to take control of the wedding

Just a small story from my friend(let's call her Elli) who is going to marry soon and her MIL is just a big headed moron. So for the context, the wedding is in Eastern Europe so organising a wedding and traditions might differ, the religious ceremony is something big(orthodoxy duh) and godparents for the wedding are important. Me and my husband have been asked by her to be the couple's godparents(with the future husband's-FH- consent).
Now, having married myself before the plague, I still have some organisational knowledge and a grasp on traditions, -even though they may differ from a region of the country to other- and I happily help the bride to be with advice and opinions.
Her MIL is a nightmare. Mysoginistic to the boot, having her own image of what a woman should do(do all housework and taking care of the kids, all the while the men at home do nothing). Fortunately, the FH is the kind of person that shares the housework and knows and accepts Elli's more work-oriented mindset.
MIL has two sons, the golden child(smallest, Chip) and FH and does not know how to insert Chip more into the wedding. Elli and Chip have a bad relationship, spawned from his entitlement and bad behaviour around her(too much to tell). So at first she wanted him and his Gf to sign as witnesses at the civil ceremony. Elli rejected the matter from the start, stating that she wants to ask people who are closer to them to do it(Fh's cousin and his gf). Also MIL wanted Chip to drive her from home to church(he is a reckless driver who had the permit suspended multiple times). She refused immediately. Not only she is afraid of his hazardous driving but we all know the couple drives with the godparents. She still insists of having her baby boy "included" in the wedding. He is already invited as guest but it is not enough. He HAS to have an active role, as MIL sais. Even though both the bride and groom do not want him as anything other than a guest.
Then there was a discussion about bridesmaids. I told her that bridesmaids should be girls, friends to whom she feels close to(she was one of my bridesmaids). Incoming MIL asking her how could she not ask random village girl no.1(will use many NPC titles) to be one. "I do not even know this girl." "Yes, but I DO". The best thing about Ellie is that she is stubborn and does not budge. Next, the dress. THE DRESS. Bride has her own style, already wants something flowy, layered but in a style akin to Firefly Path dresses, not necessarily white. Think about fantasy elves' style. Incoming MIL: How? A wedding dress HAS TO HAVE CIRCLES AND GLITTERY ACCESSORIES. Princess style with beads. She hates that style.
And not only the bride's dress is the problem but her mother's way of dressing as well. Cause the MOB is going to wear a tux or a costume with pants and jacket. How could she not wear a dress? "Cause she's free to wear whatever makes her comfortable and confident" was Ellie's answer.
I am many words into it and have many more things to share like MIL wanting to renovate a room in her home with 10k euros to make it of use to the bride(they are living at in law's house until theirs is finished building) or wanting one specific band.
At some point, I joked with Ellie to organise two weddings: one for her and one for the MIL. A second wedding whe MIL is the bride and does whatever she wants. After that, I concluded that with marriage comes the curse called Mother in Law. I am not on best terms with mine but she never said anything about my wedding, actually asking for my approval for her gowns and was extremely civil at my wedding. For that, I am thankful
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2023.05.30 13:29 Faithhal The Outlast Trials

Chaos. There is no alternative term for it. The teammate who just walked up to me turns out not to be a teammate at all but is instead – inexplicably – their maniacal evil twin who plunges a knife into my guts. Some huge dude is stomping around, waiting for an excuse to fly into a rage if you move even an inch. Even though I already know that running will never work for me in this situation, I try to run, grabbing the film reel in the process. However, a nun mannequin is doing something so ridiculously un-nunny in the middle of the table that I stop to admire it. Despite the fact that the Outlast games aren't known for their subtlety, she's not acting the way I think she is, is she? However, after my teammate's evil twin stabs me once more, I fall to the ground.
I invest a ton of energy in The Outlive Preliminaries staggering about, lost and apprehensive, slipping about in the ruby scatter that covers each square inch of this spot, shouting and running and shouting some more as detestations yanked from a Ronald McDonald fever dream leave afterward, shrieking for my blood. ( Pretty much) All of them has their own specific weakness - the colossal fella can't dodge into the midsection high paths; But do you think I'm remembering that as I crash down the corridor, detonating every mine and smacking into every sound alarm, the greedy gasps of my pursuer hot and heavy in my ears? The night vision dude is blind when dragged into the light. I'm barely able to think here, and I can't think rationally. This is why, when I emerge pale and shaky at the conclusion of each trial, the men in white coats behind the frosted glass always seem so disappointed in me. They don't appear to be bothered by the fact that for someone like me, who tries so hard to keep quiet but has been steadily revealing myself ever since Snake first met Meryl, emerging is the victory.
For more>>
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2023.05.30 13:29 Brimmy6 Earn $25 of Bitcoin by depositing $100 for 30 days at Nexo

Nexo is a cryptocurrency finance platform, created in 2018, that provides instant savings interest and cryptocurrency-backed loans. Nexo is accessible via website, Android and iOS apps and is one of the best cryptocurrency referral offers available.
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Nexo offers a minimum of one free cryptocurrency withdrawal per month so if you deposit crypto, you will not pay a fee to withdraw it. There are never fees for any GBP withdrawals to your bank account.
I have been using Nexo for several years and so far they have stood the test of time as they have shown that they are operating a sensible and long-term business model. Despite other crypto startups failing during the current bear market, Nexo are growing from strength to strength in terms of the product that they offer. Alongside the savings products and crypto-backed loans, Nexo has an exchange so that you can swap between tokens easily and a credit card that pays cashback on spending and uses your cryptocurrency deposits as the credit limit. In certain circumstances, these purchases are also interest free.
Referral Program T&Cs and scroll down to XII. Nexo Referral Program
Platform Fees
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2023.05.30 13:29 New-Restaurant9744 Sleep paralysis

Has anyone dealt with sleep paralysis while having been on the tapes and while in a focus?
Was having a discussion the other day about sleep paralysis with some people and then got the sudden idea to try to "corrupt" one of the creatures that comes with REBAL and just the light energy we utilize.
The following night, after doing intro to focus 12 to refine and refresh, i dont think i actually completely left focus 12, (i definitely didnt drop past focus 10) I got up and locked my door and immediately fell asleep. Despite only having sleep paralysis once, I was locked into a constant nightmare slipping in and out of consciousness of what is best described toy story but in a horror format.
Throughout the whole night I was getting hit by the same fear I felt the first time I had sleep paralysis seeing a tall shadow man open my door and stare at me, something I can only describe as primordial.
This time however, I was both unconsciously and consciously controlling my REBAL, expanding and contracting as if it was battling something, i was conscious of my body reacting automatically to cycle energy in and out as it got used. My REBAL and energy composition seemed to evolve from pure yellow during this (I've mentioned my color before) to primarily yellow with light energy, similar to starlight from shining galaxies being thrown in randomly.
My eyes were forced away and my body kept getting into uncomfortable positions, none painful, just uncomfortable. I was not able to influence my body during this time. My cat was also right next to my head and while she is very irritable, never moved once until the end, when I was finally able to move, see a dim light at my window, and hear my window close slowly.
It's just odd.
If it wasn't hallucinations, did I piss something off possibly that it attempted to teach me a lesson?
Edit: I did forget to mention that the fear seemed to be getting forced out by an intense feeling of love as well, so it was just constant fluttering between fear and love.
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2023.05.30 13:29 onenottthetwo Car just got repo’d, but it didn’t….

Need serious help with this one. Yes, I’m an irresponsible loser for getting so behind on my payments, I get it. I was getting ready to leave this morning and as usual, was sitting in my car for a bit before driving off. Tow truck driver behind me reverses and hooks my car as I’m sitting in it. I started honking to let him know I was in it but he didn’t unhook. When I get out, he lets me know he’s here to repo my car. Not even sure how he found me as I’ve been homeless and staying with a friend at unregistered address, but of course I know they have their ways!
Anyway, by the Grace of God he was in a forgiving and generous spirit and maybe felt bad for me? But he eventually dropped my car and let me go, not before taking pictures of my car hooked to his truck.
I left my apt and saw him sitting outside the gate, surely just waiting for another moment to strike. They definitely have my work address so Im sure they’ll be trying there next. I will be dedicating my entire next paycheck (get paid the day after tomorrow) to a car payment. It should be about $1200 which is equivalent to 3 months payment.
It is currently 5:30am and my lender doesn’t open until 8a. I am sitting in my car at another apartment complex about 20 minutes away from where I was found. Waiting anxiously until 8am so I can call Ally. What are my options?
What usually happens in this case??? Obv they will give me answers at 8, but until then can anyone enlighten me, best and worst case scenario?
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2023.05.30 13:29 ShellMan417 Making teen understand money

Hello all,
My wife and I are fostering a teen boy, 16, but emotionally closer to 14. He’s a great kid, but he doesn’t seem to get money. What I mean is, he just came to live with us and wants some very expensive items for his room, specific furniture and a gaming PC to be exact. He asked us for $1500. We are teachers and explained that summers are our leanest time, but that we will gladly let him use his foster stipend for his room. We haven’t received anything for him yet, but we should start within a couple of weeks. We can easily meet his actual needs without anything from the stipend, so giving it to him is not an issue. But, making him understand this is tough, plus the existence of the stipend is making him not want to get a part time job. He thinks his stipend is going to be huge, even though we told him it will be around $500, he thinks it will be much more. Anyone else deal with this/have advice?
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2023.05.30 13:28 viixian long time "high elo" overwatch player swapping to paladins (temporarily), my perspective and would like feedback ^__^

i've already seen a couple threads about overwatch players swapping to paladins but i wanted to give my perspective and maybe get some feedback from other paladins players (; ω ; )
for context i peaked 4400 and peaked at rank #31 in overwatch 1, i peaked gm1 and rank #282 in ow2. with the recent news about PVE being somewhat cancelled and ow devs listening to casual players which QUITE LITERALLY killed ow1 along with horrid new characters, awful balance changes, and oh god dont get me started on the 3+ year long content drought.
i played overwatch since release, actively scrimmed, streamed, played in community tournaments and open division.during the content drought in ow1 during maybe december 2021 to october 2022, i swapped over to valorant for a bit. valorant was fun and a learning curve, but i quickly went from a silvegold player to an ascendant 2 player. i got extremely bored of valorant and when the ow2 beta dropped, i swapped back over.
i was honestly initially excited and had a blast the first 3 weeks of ow2 being released, but i was immediately disappointed with new events coming out and no new skins, other skins and content from years ago being rereleased in blizzard's sloppy job of giving us "content", once again awful balance changes, season 2 elo inflation, awful matchmaking thats been going on for months at this point, an overall horrible competitive system, and of course the announcement of no PVE.
it has been a major disappointment and i've been incredibly bored. im a freelance artist and a streamer, so overwatch was my main content aswell as my outlet outside of work.
me and another friend who is also high elo + my boyfriend decided to try paladins.i will say that i dont expect a multimillion dollar somewhat polished game like overwatch, and i have played paladins in the past, but that was around 4+ years ago and i didnt really remember much.
the first day we played the client kept freezing and crashing, my friends client kept crashing aswell and some games our textures wouldnt load at all despite us having higher end pcs.
we quickly grinded lvl 15 and got enough characters for ranked in a 2-3 day period, but within some of these matches, we actually ran into 3 different cheaters who were just hard locking. i want to clarify aswell that we are somewhat "aimers" (sounds cringe as hell im so sorry T__T) so we do know what cheats look like, and we also received a notification the next time we logged on that someone was punished.
we did our placements and during these placements it was really hell. 2 afks in the first 2 matches we played, despite the afks someone on our team didnt like that we weren't playing "meta" (I was playing rei, my friend was playing vatu) and despite us having stats higher than the whole lobby, the 3rd match we had with this guy he intentionally banned our champs, so we were forced to play other characters that we still ended up doing well on and winning lol.we lost another game and won another.
we placed silver 4 which was fine, but we noticed after placements that our matches were incredibly easy to the point we were in queue for 10-15 minutes at a time but our matches would last about 5-8 minutes.
i ended up skipping to gold 4 and so did my friend, but as we kept playing more ranked, we noticed an influx of people who will purposely ban your hero pool, a LOT of dcers and afkers, and most of all oh my god why do people whine so much in this game? its to a point where its worse than ego inflated plat overwatch players lol.we've had so many people whine over team comp and during one of my games on stream, someone flamed in the select screen for me picking rei, then 1 minute into game apologized to me because i kept him alive.
overall in our 2-3ish days of grinding comp & our last few days of playing the game, i've noticed these main things
-game overall lacks a lot of polish and refinement, movement feels a tad bit clunky aswell as aiming feels kinda slow.-it is blaringly obvious the skill ceiling isnt very high for this game, but nonetheless its still fun.-so many afks/dcs, not sure why but it is extremely frustrating. typically they dc before the round starts when you're buying items. why doesnt paladins include a match cancel system for these dcs/afks like overwatch?-tp gain feels very low. despite skipping ranks the usual amount of points i get is 15/16. not sure if thats a lot of tp but compared to valorant's system (19+ usually for a win) and ow's rank up system, i feel i have to play an insane amount of matches, and these matches usually include insane stats like me going 12/2/34 with 100k+ healing & 40-50k dmg on rei.
-game client is overall horrible, takes a very long time to load up. it has also sometimes frozen on load up, which has happened to my friends aswell. game has also crashed mid game, or freezes mid game.its overall extremely frustrating and it made me realize how fast the overwatch client loads up and how quickly you can queue lol.
-ranked select and ban system is very time consuming. i think putting character bans up to 1 person is kinda troll aswell. i think if there was more a team vote system it would be a lot more fair, and after having someone purposely ban our mains a couple games in a row, it was extremely frustrating.
-almost no one using voice chat? ive noticed little to no one has used voicechat in any of our matches at all. not sure if its just cus we're starting in low elo, but the only people who have used voicechat in my experience are people who have open mic on who didnt know, people who only use mic to flame/complain (and its really not usually flame its just someone going "heal me you bitch" or "why the fuck arent we on point") or people who say 1 or 2 things then dont say anything for the rest of the game. also alrdy dealt with some weird sexist ppl but thats to be expected and i rly cba to care.
-crossplay is kinda a mistake. my best guess is that they implemented crossplay because of low player population, but honestly crossplay in any competitive game is just a mistake. unfortunately pc players will always have the upper hand compared to console players, and the few console players we have had were just awful, not to mention weird and toxic.
i will say overall there are a lot of things that i do like, such as passive healing, and not a lot of "game changing ults" that stress you out the whole game. while there are what i like to call "braindead" heroes/characters, thankfully nothing even close to moira seems to exist. overall huge majority of the characters feel great to play and nothing feels incredibly broken, or "unfair". nothing necessarily feels hard to counter either.
i cant help but feel sad though for paladins, as i really feel with a great dev team and a bit more resources and a higher budget, this game could bring in a lot of is blaringly obvious how unpolished and sloppy this game feels, especially to experienced fps players. you would think with all these years it would be a bit better by now, but despite that issue in itself the game is not that bad.its definitely been more fun learning paladins than playing in the current state of overwatch right now.
character kits are actually also pretty fun and interesting for the most is monetized in a really nice way, a lot of content and really nice skins, icons, etc are out. wish overwatch did more of that, and it seems a lot of fanart is implemented into the game which is really nice to see as a freelance artist.
overall those are my opinions on paladins, im going to keep playing and maybe give another update within a week or so!if there is anything you'd like to educate me on or give me more info about, please do.if theres any other high elo ow players swapping over aswell, let me know im very curious lol.
also overall if paladins had a higher budget, devs fixed stuff and made some quality of life changes, aswell as fixing their client (ffs) i think this game could take over ow2 at the moment. ദ്ദി ˉ͈̀꒳ˉ͈́ )
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2023.05.30 13:28 Top-Paint-9564 My primary school had the dumbest policies on punishment and let my bullies exploit them

As I have grown up and progressed into adulthood I have realised something about how school policies work
For the most part they are not actually designed to help children but rather to protect themselves from parent’s who could complain or sue etc
In school I was a typical quiet nerdy kid. I was the only boy who didn’t like sports and would rather do maths. This made me the easiest target for all of the bullies in my class. I was bullied pretty much every day from year 1 up to the day I left and the teachers were fully aware of it and exactly who was doing it
My parents complained frequently but nothing ever happened. They would ask why I came home every day with bruises and why nothing was being done. They would always make up some lie or excuse
One boy in my class bullied about 5 different kids and it got to the point where there were multiple sets of parents all complaining about the same kid and saying if they couldn’t stop him doing it then he should be expelled. All of them got the same response ‘we can’t expel a student if they are only bullying one person’. Not only is that the stupidest policy I’ve ever heard but it was also a lie because they knew he bullied more than one
But the worst bullying I got was from a group of 3 boys who in my 5th year discovered they could beat me up and then get me in trouble for it
This is because the school had a ‘side with the majority’ rule. If 3 students beat me up and then complained I started it then I must be guilty. Because there’s 3 of them and 1 of me. 3 people can’t possibly all lie.
It didn’t matter if I was the one with bruises. It didn’t matter that I had tears streaming down my face and the bullies were trying not to laugh. It didn’t matter if I protested my innocence and cried until I nearly vomited. I got the detention and they got off free
The worst part is I could tell the teachers knew the truth. One teacher would try and comfort me and calm me down but still say that I had to be the one who was punished
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2023.05.30 13:28 YuhJordan Some of my fav beat drops of all time from Yb🔥

Some of my fav beat drops of all time from Yb🔥 submitted by YuhJordan to NBAYoungboy [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 13:27 RandomCoGo New wild player made to diamond five

I actually begin to play wild 3 days ago when i just made a nice pure paladin deck:
### racist paladin
# Class: Paladin
# Format: Wild
# 2x (1) Righteous Protector
# 2x (1) Sanguine Soldier
# 2x (1) Sinful Sous Chef
# 2x (2) Class Action Lawyer
# 2x (2) Disco Maul
# 2x (2) For Quel'Thalas!
# 2x (3) Alliance Bannerman
# 2x (3) Boogie Down
# 2x (3) Funkfin
# 2x (3) Seal of Blood
# 2x (3) Stonehearth Vindicator
# 2x (4) Jitterbug
# 1x (7) Anachronos
# 1x (7) The Countess
# 1x (7) The Leviathan
# 1x (8) Lightforged Cariel
# 2x (10) Lightray
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone
Almost Flawless before reaching diamond 5 but then the difficulty drastically increases, I have to study so i am not going to grind for legend
This deck is basically brain dead if you get use to it, just keep Boogie Down,Disco Maul,Stonehearth Vindicator, its very high chance you draw 1 drops at beginning, you can keep some in ur hand if you wish, especially if you have some divine shield combo or alliance bannerman with sinful sous chef.
I feel like purator is very good in this deck but i don't have him, so i use alliance bannerman. Jitterbug is extremely good at draw cards, a bit too good. The leviathan feels a bit unnecessary but i just put it in cos i have him. Lightray sometimes is trolling so hard, i dont think i have ever clutched using lightray but it is some nice add-on. Just pray don't draw both at begining.
I really wanna flex that I am actually a free to play player (cos obviously i am brock and in highschool) I got Anachronus, leviathan and cariel from packs in the same week!
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2023.05.30 13:26 Cb081313 My husbands behavior is concerning me

My husband (27)and I (26F) have been together for 10 years in August married for 7 in October. We have 3 kids (4, 2, 6 mos) Let me start off by saying I don’t mind my husband going out 1x a week for a few hours of time with his friends. Or even more than that. But whenever i say I’d rather him come home instead of staying out later, his reactions can be so intense. Basically I feel like I’m willing to drop whatever I’m doing to come home if my husband needs me or call off plans with friends if my husband needs me. But he’s not willing to do that for me. The only hobby I have is going to the gym 3 days a week for an hour and a half max. I bring our oldest to the gym daycare so he only has the boys. I have mom friends but they are busy being moms so we text and call a lot during the week but physical hang outs are usually playdates with our kids but that really doesn’t happen often. Where as my husband goes out atleast once a week for 5+ hours at a time with his friends from high school I mentioned prior. (none of his friends are married or have children.)but Typically 8 hours. As well as him going to gatherings with these friends while I sit at home with the kids. (I used to be included at these gatherings but now he goes without me.) I rarely ask him not to go because I know how important his friends are to him. I’ve gotten to a place where I no longer feel included and that I’m a ball and chain he wants to get away from. The last event we went to together was last May with our 2 kids and me being pregnant and when we had literally been there 10 hours and I told him it was time to go, he literally threw a fit and was angry at me for wanting us to go home. Then arguments about him staying out till 1-2 am when he said he’d be home by midnight. And then this evening he went out and was later than he said he’d be again, when he called and said he wanted to go get dinner with his friends (it was 8:30 at this point, he was out for over 5 hours.) I asked if he could go next time because I wanted to have some time together cause I got all 3 kids to bed, he angrily said “why? we are together 24/7.” (Not quality time as we are caring for our kids) And when I explained I wanted time he said “you’re fucking insane.” And that I need to “give him a valid reason to come home.” I feel like I shouldn’t have to give him a “valid” reason..? I’m there at the drop of a hat but it’s pulling teeth for him to do the same. Maybe I’m too sensitive I don’t know. Sorry this is so long. Thank you. Tl;dr
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2023.05.30 13:26 ohgodwhyalwaysme [Explorer] BO3 Rogues: The Anti-Anti-Rakdos Deck

First time doing a write up and doing it on mobile, so apologies if there are any formatting issues. Also I’m not the most updated with the meta, so my experiences are purely anecdotal and may not be the most accurate.
This is my first time getting to mythic rank ever since I started playing in 2019, mainly because I don’t enjoy the grind and I usually stop at platinum to switch to Historic Brawl. However, I really enjoyed the play style of Rogues and managed to hit platinum pretty early on, so over the course of the month I slowly made my way up the ladder, usually playing 1 or 2 matches every other day before finally reaching mythic with a 29-7 record (1 match wasn’t recorded because I accidentally closed Untapped).
Out of the 7 losses, 5 were to Rakdos Midrange, 1 to Boros Convoke, and 1 to Greasefang. As you can see, Rogues does pretty badly against Rakdos, although I find the matchup to be interesting and the games to be very close (most of my games went 1-2). With such a terrible matchup against a meta deck, why play it? The main reason is because the deck does well against the decks that try to go bigger and over Rakdos (e.g., Keruga Fires, Mono Green), so you can probably call it the anti-anti-Rakdos deck. The deck is also capable at playing at instant speed 90% of the time and our threats/answers are much more efficient than that of control decks, making them a good matchup for Rogues as well.
Rakdos Midrange: unfavored
Even though untapped shows my record as 1-5, the one win is against Rakdos Sacrifice (which I don’t have enough experience playing against and won’t comment on) so in reality I am at a 0% win rate against Rakdos Midrange. Basically, the deck has efficient answers (Fatal Push, Bonecrusher) and threats that are built in 2 for 1s (Trespasser, Fable) that makes it hard for the Rogues deck to keep up with. The nail on the coffin though is Kroxa. A recursive threat that weakens our entire game plan (threats, answers, card draw) changes this match up from slightly unfavored to outright unfavored. Adding 2 Into the Story in the sideboard didn’t help much for me, especially when there were times I lost 8 life because of 4 mana Sheoldred. You could probably try to change the deck configuration to outgrind Rakdos (4 mana Sheoldred and Into the Story maindeck), but it makes the deck clunkier and I personally prefer the play style of my current list anyway.
Keruga Fires: favored
Playing against a deck full of >3 mana cards makes this an easy match up for Rogues as you can use the first couple of turns to develop your threats and out-tempo them, ending the game before their big cards come online. Even their most common sweeper, Temporary Lockdown, isn’t the most effective against Rogues because you could just EOT bounce with Brazen Borrower and make a lethal swing. Post-board they may bring in Supreme Verdicts, so it’s just a matter of not overextending. As long as you can keep Fires of Invention off the board, the Keruga Fires deck usually only has enough mana to deploy one threat/answer a turn, which we can hold up counters/answers for while we chip away at their life total with our creatures.
UW Control: favored
Both the Rogues and UW Control decks are looking to play at instant speed, but Rogues has the upper hand with a heavier threat density and more efficient answers. Postboard makes it even more favored for us as we drop dead removal while the control deck has to keep them in, and it’s just a matter of playing around Verdicts. The only thing to watch out for is a turn 2 Rest in Peace, which is back-breaking, but thankfully for both times it happened to me I had a Spell Pierce at the ready.
Mono Green: favored
The Mono Green matchup feels similar to Keruga Fires, although Mono Green has the potential to be a lot more explosive. If you have a Fatal Push for a turn 1 Elf it is probably correct 99% of the time to do so. The cards I’m most concerned about in the match up would be Karn and Cavalier, so I try to always keep up counters against them.
Greasefang: roughly equal(?)
I’ve only played the match up twice and went 1-1, so I’m not exactly clear who is favored in the matchup, but I imagine it’s draw dependent and that it gets better for the Rogues deck postboard. The interesting thing is that both decks want the Greasefang deck’s graveyard to be filled, so it can often come down to drawing the right threats/answers against each other. Faerie Mastermind is also huge against Raffine’s Informant, turning their loot into a draw for us. Postboard, we get more targeted graveyard hate and efficient removal through Ray of Enfeeblement.
Mono White Humans: unfavored
Even though I won 2-0 against the Humans decks I faced, I believe that the matchup to be unfavored especially with the addition of the Aftermath card Coppercoat Vanguard, which pumps and grants ward to other Humans. Coupled with Thalia, this can make our removal inefficient. Ray out of the sideboard definitely helps, but probably not enough.
Creativity Decks: favored
I’ve faced Izzet, Rakdos and Grixis versions of Creativity, and find the decks to be too clunky to beat Rogues. Just always keep a counter up for Indomitable Creativity and it feels like you’re up against a subpar control deck.
Boros Convoke: unfavored
The newest kid on the block, I find the deck to be very difficult to manage especially if they drop an early convoke creature on the board. The deck goes wider than the Rogues deck can manage and if it gets more popular, it may be correct to start adding Crippling Fears to the sideboard.
In the mirror, the most important things to watch out for IMO is knowing when to time your spells and what your role is in the match. I believe this version is also more favored as it’s a lot more streamlined compared to the ones I’ve seen from my opponents. I’ve seen lists that play Invasion of Amonkhet, which I don’t believe is good enough, and 4 mana Sheoldred, but I find these cards to be too clunky. Having mainboard Cling to Dust also makes this version of the deck better in the mirror as you can turn the threshold off for the opponent.
Card Choices
I ported a version of a pioneer decklist I saw on Twitter to explorer since 100% of the cards are available, although I did swap some cards that I felt fit my play style better. I won’t talk about all the cards, but here are some notable inclusions.
[[Faerie Mastermind]]: The newest addition to the deck and what I believe makes this deck more viable than before, it presents an early clock and card advantage all in one package. Getting to deal twice as much damage as the Enforcer and Thought-Thief early on without the eight card threshold makes the Rogues deck a stronger tempo deck. The activated and triggered ability makes this card a live draw even in the late game, and is especially strong against cards that loot (Fable, Informant).
[[Spell Pierce]]: This card has overperformed for me, as many decks look to be mana efficient and play on curve. Initially a one-of, I added a second and have been satisfied with its performance.
[[Cling to Dust]]: The flex slot in my maindeck, it has performed reasonably well for me, although it could be correct to replace this with a higher impact card like Into the Story, 4 mana Sheoldred, or Kaito.
[[Jace, the Perfected Mind]]: To be honest, I kind of doubted this card’s utility and considered replacing it with more copies of Kaito or Into the Story, but so far Jace has been pretty decent. The most common ability I use is the the -2, although the +1 isn’t flashy or seemingly powerful, it has been useful with slowing down opposing threats. If the game goes long enough, getting to -2 and draw 3 feels unbeatable.
[[Sheoldred]]: The reason why I had to specify 4mana Sheoldred in the sections before this is because this version plays the newest 5 mana one. I usually bring it in against the grindier match ups and flipping it basically guarantees a win.
[[Darkslick Shores]]: Another new addition from the latest set alongside Faerie Mastermind, you can never underestimate the power of good painless mana fixing. This land is secretly one of the better additions even if it’s not a flashy addition.
[[Change the Equation]]: Against decks that play red or green, this is basically a better counterspell. I initially had 2 in the sideboard, but cut 1 for Into the Story.
[[Into the Story]]: This card is glaringly missing from the maindeck and was even originally not even in the sideboard (I only added it in a futile attempt to fight against Rakdos Midrange). I have to admit that its omission may actually be a mistake and might not be the most optimal choice, and should probably replace the Jaces. However, Jace getting to come down on turn 3 and stay on the board as a threat is an advantage over Into the Story. It might even be correct to swap the sideboard Stories and the mainboard Jaces. Will definitely continue testing more to see which is better.
TLDR: Rogues is good against decks that try to go over Rakdos Midrange (Keruga Fires, Mono Green) and control decks but terrible against Rakdos Midrange itself.
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2023.05.30 13:26 Faithhal Starship Troopers: Extermination’ Offers an Immersive Experience (PC)

Troopers on Starships: Elimination, created by Offworld Businesses, expects to convey an activity pressed and vivid experience set in the Starship Officers universe. The game tries to give the genre a new spin by combining tower defense and first-person shooter gameplay. Players will end up smack in the center of the 1997 faction exemplary battling a 8-legged creature danger all in a center FPS experience. While the game does a good job of capturing the excitement that the franchise is known for and providing players with a variety of playstyles to choose from during the multiplayer experience, it stumbles in a few areas that may hinder the game's longevity and replayability.
The Starship Trooper: Killing qualities lies in how its might interpret what it needs to be: a bug-butchering fest. It gives fans of the franchise a satisfying and immersive experience by putting them in intense battles with hordes of bugs. Players are dropped into a bug planet with 11 other players and told to go nuts as soon as they are equipped with a weapon and added to the mobile infantry. As you fight through floods of tenacious bugs highlighting five distinct sorts, the game prizes you with a feeling of achievement and development by opening new weapons, gear, and advantages with three special classes.
Counting three unmistakable classes - Attack, Stronghold, and Backing - changes it up and takes care of various playstyles. Because each class has its own abilities, players can approach encounters in different ways, bug or not. Whether you favor running and gunning, standing firm on down cautious situations, or offering vital help to your group, there's a class for you. In addition, the player's first drop of power will feel very different throughout the leveling process depending on their choices because the progression system is customizable.
For more>>
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2023.05.30 13:25 MotorSpread3739 Tea Franchise under 1 lakh

Chotu Chai is a sensory experience that transports you with every sip. This is a place where our makers know you by name and remember your favourite chai.
Chotu Chai is a differ from others by our unique and authentic ingredients. Every sip you drink is a drop of purity and quality. We process tea and other ingredients under hygiene conditions and see that there is a quality check before it is out for our chai lovers. +91 95050 97474
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Chotu Chai Mr Tea Building K N R Grand Hastinapuram Hyderabad 500070 Telangana…
Tea Franchise in Hyderabad
Chai Franchise
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2023.05.30 13:25 notareddituser54321 (GOTD) what encounter can i get the cloak from?

i have every peice of loot from this dungeon but can’t get the damn cloak to drop, can i farm last boss for it or do i need to do second encounter until it drops? cheers
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2023.05.30 13:23 ExpensiveRecord998 M19 from the UK looking to meet new friends! [friendship]

Hi All i am 19m from the UK, I’m not comfortable sharing my name right now until I get to know you better :)
I’m looking to form some friendships and hopefully talk day to day about how our lives are going. In most regards I’d say im an average guy, I like playing video games occasionally along side your typical shows although my friends have been getting me into some anime’s.
I’d like to think of myself as a bit of a nerd as I work in IT and enjoy most things you’d typically associate with someone who works in that field such as DND and Star Wars 😂
My biggest personality trait is definitely that I ride motorcycles that’s most of the pictures you’ll see on my social media haha
Anyways I look forward to hearing from you all don’t be afraid to drop me a message! Tell me a bit about yourself I’d love to hear your hobbies 😄
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2023.05.30 13:23 Hillsy7 Train automation idea - Can it Work?

Hi All,
So I'm pretty new to Astroneer and I've been really enjoying it so far. I'm looking to start my first automated factory and set up a simple rail loop to visit 7 Extractors around Glacio. The Idea was to grab what I need from each and deliver it to home base when I can restock my factory elements.
Simple in theory: 1 Train pick up at 7 locations, drop off at 1......(I'm happy just having it running forever so I don't need "calling" logic)

The issue I'm seeing in is that if 1 of my resources is used much more than the other, any storage on the train can get filled with other resource types, meaning that when it's needed there's no spare capacity to pick up.
My first instinct was that I can put resource cannisters on the train to partition my storage.....But I can foresee a problem where the cannisters need to turn off dispensing at a resource station, but allow dispensing at the output....which seems easy, but how would I turn on/off dispensing for all my cannisters when arriving and leaving the delivery location?

Again, I'm pretty new to Astroneer so if there's a solution that is logic light, I'll award bonus points!
Thanks in advance!
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