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2023.05.30 23:00 ginomachi I volunteered for an expedition to get off death row. I never should have entered the Sea of Green.

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2023.05.30 23:00 petersonmd Sold our house and downsized to an apartment. We’re so much happier.

tl;dr: A few months ago my wife, 18 month old daughter, cat and dog sold our 2400sqft house and moved into a 1050sqft apartment. Everyone is happier, we have zero regrets and realized homeownership was the cause of a lot of our stress.
A little backstory, my wife and I have owned single family detached homes for the last 11 years. We were in our most recent home for 3 years. It was a hundred year old American four square style house in a street car suburb of a medium sized city. We had shops, restaurants and a great elementary school within walking distance. A separated bike lane one street over leading downtown. Sounds like millennial heaven right? We always thought we would be in a house and neighborhood like that if not that exact one.
After our little one had a lead exposure scare (her levels are ok now) my wife and I really evaluated what we wanted out of our living situation. We both realized that even before we had our lead scare, all the stuff that comes with owning a home, especially an older one, stresses the fuck out of us. We dumped so much money and time into projects and chores and we didn’t really have anything to show for it. So we decided to sell. Once we said it out loud, a weight was lifted.
Now that a few months have passed i feel like I have a better sense of what I want for my family. I grew up in a single family detached house so for me that was always the default for raising kids. Now, I’m not so sure anymore. I’m not ruling out owning another house, I’m just not going to force it. We lucked out on the timing buying that house. Our interest rate was crazy low and it was right before the market went bonkers. So our rent is more expensive than our mortgage but when you factor in all the extra shit you have to pay for and higher utilities the price difference isn’t much different. If we put our equity into a high yield savings account it’s basically a wash. More importantly we’ve gained so much more time to spend together as a family and lost so much stress.
I know everyone’s situation is different and I’m lucky enough to be able to own a house these days. I also realize this is very middle class American centric. But think it really important to do what’s right for you and your family, not what you think you should be doing. If that makes any sense.
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2023.05.30 23:00 Princess__Kylie Talla Lowther, Lady of Lowton

Discord Username: DrGoose53#5737
Character Name and House: Talla Lowther
Age: 29
Appearance: Talla Lowther
Gift: Gossiper
Skills: Courtly (e), Deceiver, Shipwright, Scholar
Talent(s): Cyvasse, Hairdressing, Dancing
Starting Title(s): Lady of Lowton
Starting Location: feast
Family Tree: Family Tree
Alternate Characters: Santolhal Lowther
Character Name and House: Santolhal Lowther
Age: 22
Appearance: Santolhal
Gift: Admiral
Skills: Sailing (e), Cautious / Maimed (leg)
Talent(s): Fishing, Drinking, Ropework
Starting Title(s): Lord of Lowton
Starting Location: feast
Family Tree: Family Tree
Talla Lowther
Talla Lowther was born in 178 AC to Robert and Meredyth Redwyne. For years, Talla was the only child between the Redwyne heir and his wife, and so relished in the unending swarming of attention and spoiling. She served, what seemed like, as a lightning rod of everyone’s adoration and focus. Both parents doted on her and spoiled her, and even her grandfather, the stern and proud Lord Bertrand, would make her fall into fits of giggles as he told her tales of what her future will hold for her.
Her first tragedy in life would come early, soon after she turned four, Meredyth had passed away rapidly and without much warning. At such a young age, Talla was rightfully devastated about the loss, but Robert had done well in keeping Talla’s spirits up as well as possible and providing her every luxury and source of happiness money could buy. For the next year and a half, Robert and Talla were as close as a daughter and father could be. Despite losing her mother, Talla’s life and eccentric personality had rebounded rapidly and she had proven herself to be quite the brilliant child. No matter the subject, Talla would be easily able to grasp whatever her maesters and tutors had placed before her, and, much to Bertrand’s delight, had found herself a natural in all mannerisms a “true” lady of court would need to perfect to survive the politics of nobility. Every so often, she’d hear the whispers from those commonfolk around her or her father and grandfather of what quality of man she’d end up giving her hand to.
But for reasons she had constantly failed to understand, the once supportive and loving Robert had begun to slowly and consistently distance himself from his eldest daughter. No longer would Talla enjoy Robert’s company nearly constantly, hours a day would turn into passing promises for another time, to simple remarks together as they came in random contact with each other. Before long, the only time she spoke to her father were awkward moments together when they still shared dinners together. It was during these awkward times she learned of Delena, the woman who would come to be her new step-mother.
Her first half-sibling would be born shortly after, and she’d be forced to bitterly watch as all of the attention and spoiling that she’d come to enjoy focused solely on Robert's new family. As confused and hurt and frustrated as she was, Talla fell in love with her new siblings, all of which came in almost a rapid succession. She was particularly close to Ryam, her eldest half-brother, the new heir to House Redwyne as Bertrand passed away.
Despite her efforts to win back Robert’s affections and love that she’d sorely grown to miss over the years, their relationship dwindled to nothing more than nearly constant bickering and arguments. Talla would spend as much time as possible away from home, worried this next fight would be the one to push Robert to punish her by marrying her off to some low house or disgusting man now that he had other daughters to pawn off for his gain. Though she cherished her time with her half-siblings, Talla tried to find happiness outside of Ryamsport, traveling to and fro between the various towns and settlements of the Arbor. It was in these travels that she would meet the Lowther family, and in particular, Santolhal . The young Santolhal had been pushed into Lordship of his house with the recent death of his father. Talla had seen the Lowthers before, mostly involved with her family’s fleet, but this was the first time she truly spent time around them outside of family business.
By 202 AC, Talla quickly found herself infatuated with Santolhal. Strong, handsome, and caring, Santolhal had won over her heart nearly instantly, and Talla no longer cared to travel anywhere without Santolhal at her side. In 203 AC, Talla risked bringing Santolhal with her back to Ryamsport with her to ask her father to take the Lowther’s hand in marriage. She expected an argument with Robert, with the winter ravaging the Arbor no doubt giving an extra massive burden to Robert’s worries, but Talla did not expect the gravity in which he would push back against her betrothal with Santolhal.
Hidden behind closed doors, the two of them screamed and cursed each other in arguments that spanned days, and by the time she’d left Ryamsport, Talla and Robert’s relationship would be permanently and irreparably destroyed. Talla would find herself no longer welcome within Ryamsport and separated from her half-siblings she loved so dearly, but it was worth the pain, in her mind, as she traveled back to Lowton with Santolhal and a promised marriage.
Talla was now Lady Lowther of Lowton and for the first time in over a decade she felt happy. Barely two months into her marriage and new life, a letter bearing a tragedy would arrive in Lowton. Robert Redwyne had succumbed to the winter that had been decimating the Arbor much more harshly than ever before. The man she’d loved with all of her heart, and then hated for reasons she could never explain, was dead. She would never get the closure and reconciliation that she did not realize she needed so badly. Robert’s death crippled Talla much harder than she’d come to expect, and she was near inconsolable by anyone for some months after until Ryam himself rode out to Lowton in the swarming snow to personally welcome her back into the family she missed so dearly.
From then on, Talla’s life would come to stabilize itself again. In 204 AC, her first son, Sarrolhal, was born, and with Santolhal at her side as always, the three would enjoy frequent trips between Lowton and Ryamsport.
Santolhal Lowther
Santolhal Lowther was born in 185 AC to Zalhal and Floris Lowther. House Lowther’s situation could be considered unique among Westerosi, as Zalhal was born and raised in the Summer Islands before meeting Floris, the last living member of the Lowther family, and settling down on the Arbor. Zalhal worked as a contracted privateer who helped hunt Stepstone pirates alongside Westerosi kingdoms from time to time before marrying Floris and taking the Lowther name as his own.
For such an action, the Lowthers, already a small family that had suffered greatly over the years and slowly dwindled to near extinction, faced public disdain and scrutiny for some time. As the years passed and Zalhal proved himself capable of accepting the Seven and the Andal way of life, Santolhal and his siblings only faced minimal discrimination from only the most hard headed of people.
Zalhal was an elderly man by the time Santolhal was born and treated his children more as soldiers to train than children to love. Besides any affection they would receive from Floris, Santolhal and his siblings would have an incredibly strict and controlling father until his death in 199 AC. Zalhal would often serve in the Redwyne navy, with Santolhal behind him from the time his son could handle the waves. Santolhal felt peacefully at home on the ships his father brought him upon, and would rarely be allowed to be spared from taking part in any job the crewmen had to do. Though he hated his father for it at the time, he’d come to realize the harsh treatment is what helped him become the renowned sailor he is today.
Floris passed away when he was young, and his father would follow suit a decade later, leaving the young fourteen year old boy the new Lord of Lowton. Santolhal shirked from his new lordly duties, leaving the matters of the state to the councilmen and women his parents left behind. He’d much rather spend his days out on the sea instead of remaining cooped within stuffy keeps and manors, a mindset he holds close even now.
In 202 AC, he met Talla Redwyne in his home city and the two would click together instantly. Talla was the source of affection and love that he’d been lacking since a baby, while he gave her the validation she craved. Despite the winter, the two went to Ryamsport for Talla to speak to her father, but more importantly for Santolhal, to meet her half-siblings. Seeing the way Talla interacted with them contrasted dramatically with the way his family was, for as much as they loved each other, himself, his brother, and his sister struggled showing affection towards each other.
After the disastrous meeting in Ryamsport, Talla and Santolhal married, and a year later his son was born. That same year, however, Santolhal fell from rigging high atop a mast during a storm, having refused to order those beneath him to do a task he himself would not do. Though he was rushed back to Lowton, the maester could not fully fix his wound and he would forever be stuck with a painful limp in his right leg.
Janal Lowther: Brother. Skill: Architect
Tosa Lowther: Sister. Skill: Footwork
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2023.05.30 22:58 josephstephan90 Hooked on painting these guys, and still trying to find the perfect color scheme and recipe. What do you guys think of this?

Hooked on painting these guys, and still trying to find the perfect color scheme and recipe. What do you guys think of this?
All of this experimentation in preparation for the Lord of Iron mini, which I plan to be as close to perfect as possible.
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2023.05.30 22:57 AMisanthropicMagpie At Any Cost Emperor Belos vs Lord Viren (The Owl House vs The Dragon Prince) Re-upload Updated Connections + Potentials in comments

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2023.05.30 22:57 3435taptapTT I feel deeply uncomfortable in groups and I feel like I "don't belong"

I could be getting along fabulously with someone but let another person show up who I also get along fabulously with (and they also get along fabulously with each other) and suddenly I freeze up. I'm really a one-on-one type of person, and I'm kind of okay with two others being around, but any more is a crowd.
I think part of my issue is that I get overstimulated with too many voices and too much movement going on around me, but the bigger part is that I feel like everyone in the group likes each other more than they like me. Like they tolerate my presence but they don't particularly seek it out. I feel like they have more in common with each other than I have with any of them.
Even if someone talks DIRECTLY TO ME, it feels like I'm being asked a trick question or being tested somehow - and like the real answer is don't answer, don't engage, or keep it short if you must engage.
I'm worried about being the most abnormal one in the group and being the odd one out. I think this might be because my role in the family when I was a kid was basically "the bad guy" - difficult, disagreeable, selfish, ruins everything for everyone, makes people's lives miserable (even though I was like, 12 lol, apparently I was that powerful).
A third part is that I'm afraid. I have a hard time trusting people because I come from a high-conflict family who pretends to be civil most of the time and then all hell breaks loose at the drop of a hat. When I'm surrounded by others, my brain seems to think that the encounter will proceed like we're in Lord of the Flies.
And because CPTSD has me developmentally stunted and because I'm apparently an immature child, all of this makes me "sad." I think I'm judging myself for having emotions right now come to think of it.
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2023.05.30 22:57 1335deborah2010 DUMAIN, :BOYET, lord attending on the Princess of France

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2023.05.30 22:56 SockDear Build Ideas

Okay! So, with your guys' help, I decided finally on which diety to follow, and have now completed dawnguard. It's given me a lot to think about and see, and I think my playstyle will be changing a bit. I've unlocked all of the hemomancy spells, and honestly, want to make a build around it. But have, no idea where to begin for being solely hemomancy/darkness build. (Was heavily invested in nightblade early, bit saw the glaring issue of, well.. range) ((combat is hard for a glass Canon stealth build lmao))
Currently, a mistborn vampire lord Breton. Which tips would you guys give me for spells to fit the theme? Any standing stones, armors, etc, would be even better. Was thinking of a heavy armor, forgo a weapon, and use purely spells to be drain tanking/blood spells go brr kinda style. Any help though, massivdly appreciated. (:
Thanks guys <3
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2023.05.30 22:56 anjumahmed What mature themes are posted about in r/dril?

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2023.05.30 22:56 MuffinPuff I'm so unhappy with the way food delivery apps determine distance.

So many of the restaurants in my local apps say 3.5 miles, 5 miles etc from pick-up to drop-off, but it's just not true. Half of the restaurants featured in app are nearly in an entirely different city, but they're still labeled as nearby spots.
I learned quickly. It really upset me to realize my driver had to come 7, 8, almost 10 miles outside of their usual routes AND THROUGH HEAVY TRAFFIC to bring me food, because I trusted the apps supposed distance. I will never make that mistake again.
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2023.05.30 22:55 StarryeyedDeadinside Feeling really hopeless

Feeling really hopeless
I've just lost everything and now my phone has been broken, which was my only access to anything of the real world now that I'm homeless. I'm spiraling into a depression that I'm afraid I won't come back out of. I do stupid temu links trying to get free stuff off that stupid website like air mattresses and bags that are secure. I've been trying to utilize the food banks but they're so far away and since I'm a loser with no car I can't just go and all the ones in my town are only open on specific days. Just when I think it can't get any worse it does. I really just want to give up. A friend I've made in the homeless community is sitting with me and she's just joked that I'm only feeling so tragic because I'm hungry. I hope she's right but I'm afraid she's not. I am asking, begging, anyone please help me. Please God somebody hear me... If I could just walking to a restaurant or fast food establishment and sit down in the air conditioning and enjoy a good hot meal I will probably faint with happiness. Nothing would be better in this world right now except maybe a motel room but that's too expensive. Please someone help me. I just want to get something to eat I'm not asking for anything else.... You have no idea how appreciated you will be if you even consider thinking about me.
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2023.05.30 22:54 -butter_dog- I finally transitioned

I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I wanted to let you people know that I finally came out to everyone and then I have successfully transitioned into Christianity. I've never been happier than I have been now following the Lord. There was a Jesus shaped hole in my heart for a while and now it has been filled and I feel so much better. I hope the same for all of you people.❤️❤️
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2023.05.30 22:54 WhiskeyRanting RDA Recap - May 29, 2023

SilverKappa here. I don’t have it in me to look for a funny image to use for the intro today.
This is the RDA Recap.
Jimmy Whispers – “Ice Cream Truck/Stray Dogs”
2nd Grade – “Teenage Overpopulation”
Louise Post – “What About”
Kate Miller-Heidke – “The Last Day On Earth”
Juliana Hatfield – “Don’t Bring Me Down”
Tina Turner – “We Don’t Need Another Hero”
Dire Straits – “Sultans of Swing”
Neil Cicierega – Guide to the Lord of the Rings
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – “Gila Monster”
CHVRCHES - “Graffiti”
Joe Satriani – “Satch Boogie”
AQUA – “Barbie Girl”
Tina Turner – “Acid Queen”
Nouvelle Vague – “The Killing Moon”
The Cure – “Why Can’t I Be You?”
Band-Maid - “Sense”
Christopher Lee – “Name Your Poison”
Ruby Haunt - “Foolproof”
STORY 1: Multimillionaire's alleged plot to escape from a Florida jail and return to France unravels
STORY 2: A lawyer used ChatGPT and now has to answer for its 'bogus' citations
STORY 3: Black bear takes 60 cupcakes from US bakery, scaring staff
STORY 4: Man arrested for airdropping naked photos to strangers
STORY 5: Pa. man in jail after nearly burning his house down trying to kill spiders
STORY 6: India official drains entire dam to retrieve phone
Dominic Noble – The Fellowship of the Ring ~ Lost in Adaptation
Talking Heads – “And She Was”
Sonic Youth - “Incinerate”
Weird Al Yankovic – “Hardware Store”
Lionel Richie – “All Night Long”
Magdalen Rose – Why are Millennials Becoming Hobbits?
Tina Turner - “Goldeneye”
The Romantics – “Talking In Your Sleep”
Joel Haver – Trent is way out of line this time.
Yellow Magic Orchestra - “Rydeen”
Nirvana - “Silver”
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2023.05.30 22:54 LordJord30 Help with numerous artists scrobbling

Help with numerous artists scrobbling
Hey everyone, over the last few days songs with more than one artist have been scrobbling as both (or more) artists instead of the primary artist, which is what lastfm has done for years prior.
As you can see on the screenshot, praise the Lord has saved as both an A$AP Rocky and Skepta song, this makes it a completely different song and it's really annoying. Is there any way to get lastfm to go back to just recording the song for the primary artist?
I have lastfm pro but I don't want to have to edit every single song I listen to
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2023.05.30 22:54 katrilly Shots fired by Evans Bank?

Anyone hear shots fired by Evans Bank in North Buffalo, in the plaza next to Starbucks on Delaware? It has a healthy food store in the same plaza, the Starbucks is by Game Stop, T-Mobile... Right by the corner of Delaware and Hinman or so. Guess something went down over there earlier.
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2023.05.30 22:54 Boring_Drop_1006 CEO Of Flowplay responds to ourworld return requests

Someone on the POWR discord posted a screenshot of a convo they had with Derrick Morton (ceo of flowplay).
I am copying and pasting the conversation:
Player: “Hey Derrick! It's been awhile. Although u didn't get back to me I'm not going to take it personally. But I do have a question, what's up with r the OurWorld Facebook account? It seems to be active... are we coming back friend?”
Derrick Morton: “Still on our list but nothing definite yet” Derrick Morton President, FlowPlay Creators of Vegas World, Casino World, 7 Seas Casino and Live Game Night 877-FLOWPLAY -- Toll Free
Thoughts? Do you think ourWorld may make a return..?
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2023.05.30 22:52 AddendumPublic7370 Question about Suffering and Love in Committed Partnership towards Marriage

Question about my current partnership, when we are in a covenant with the Lord at the spiritual level, I feel like sometimes turbulences such as the timing is off or something gets triggered, such as small things and recovery periods happen such as separations periods. Like when my partner is busy, I am free, and when I am free, she usually never knows that I am free. Why is this happening? In the beginning, there were a bit of fights that hurt each of us. But now like I feel things become more stagnated but deep down for some reason, my faith is overpowering it by remaining persistence at what our future is hold. Like I know sometimes the lord when I pray to him, he answers me and tells me to be patient. I know but my heart keeps on hurting at certain times throughout the day, it’s random like a heartache. Please can someone let me know what may be happening?
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2023.05.30 22:52 didsomeonesayqueso County Donegal County Mayo Food Recommendations

Hi! I will be meandering my way from Letterkenny to Galway over a few days and was hoping to get some restaurant/pub recommendations in County Donegal and County Mayo. My group hopes to visit places like Mt. Errigal, Slieve League, and Downpatrick Head. Although, we are leaving this part of the trip open, so recommendations all over both counties are welcome. We do have one pescatarian in our group, so seafood and/or vegetarian recommendations would also be nice! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 22:51 Archives-H I volunteered for an expedition to get off death row. I never should have entered the Sea of Green.

Before I begin my story I must maintain that my sentence to death was a wrong and vile thing to do. I maintain that I am not a killer. I did not kill the schoolchildren the authorities decided to hang me for.
My sentence to death, I must maintain, is a huge misunderstanding. There must be forces out there against me, who conspired to put me in prison for this very experiment, this accursed expedition.
I am not deranged. I am not insane.
The man in the odd multicolored sweater paid me a visit a week before my scheduled execution date. “You are the former schoolteacher Chet Adami?” he asked, polite, offering me a plastic cup of coffee.
I nodded, taking a sip. “I didn’t kill those kids,” I reiterated, for about the thousandth time. “Are you the uh, priest guy? That comes before-”
He shook his head and waved away the guards. “My name is Canopy Hydrangea,” he introduced, extending a hand. I shook it. “I understand you may not be guilty, despite what the state believes.”
I nodded. “Finally, someone who-”
He cut me off. “I’m not interested in your story. Whether you die or not is of no consequence to the people I represent,” he continued. “But I am here to offer you a deal. There’s a place the people I represent need exploring, and I need volunteers.”
He produced a sheet of paper and a pen. “This agreement,” he clasped it into my hands, “has you join a team of expendable, uh, volunteers such as yourself on this expedition. You get in, get the things we need, and get out- and you’re free for life.”
This was better than dying in prison.
I asked him what place this was that I’d be sent to. He told me I had to sign the form first. “I’ll do it, then,” I cheered, signing the document.
He smiled and patted me on the shoulder. “We’ll even give you a whole new identity,” he offered. And with that, he seized the document away from me and left the building.
Within hours I was blindfolded, sedated, and transported. When I awoke I was strapped to a bed in a helicopter, with four others beside me, all beginning to wake up.
The man who’d offered me the deal was there too, sucking on a lollipop while rearranging documents and photographs.
These images, I assumed, was the place they wanted us to explore. They were mostly all aerial photos, a sea of endless green and the occasional bird. And yet, there was more- images of impossible landscapes, dreamlike beings.
“Ah, you guys are awake!” he clapped once, and walked over.
The next few moments were a flash as he re-injected us with some sort of blue, wriggling substance. It was cold, and I swear it pulsed inside my arm.
Then we had landed, and the group was quickly taken inside a compound. We were freed and sat down in some sort of meeting room. More people were inside.
A blue haired lady joined the man.
“Welcome, volunteers,” he announced, pointing to a projector. “You are all, save for one, prisoners on death row,” he reminded. “This offer today is simple- you enter the forest, travel to an outpost we have recently lost contact with,” he turned on the projector, displayed a bright red cylinder labeled ‘SYSTEM RECORDER-A32’, “and recover this data module.”
The woman spoke next. “Easy, right?” she counted us. “We’ll provide maps,” she gestured to tablets. “But this forest is different.”
They proceeded to explain the reason they need ‘volunteers’ for the assignment then.
We were on an island somewhere in the Java Sea. The island had a massive forest in the center, one that at first glance seemed as normal as ever. This changed when an international mining company sent in a team of geologists to determine if there was anything of note beyond the forest.
This team never returned.
Nor did a second team, armed with weapons. Or an environmentalist group that ventured in to document new species. So then the organization our recruiters had come from entered the forest.
We were on the outskirts of the forest, at a place they were calling Ake Base.
Over the past month, they had begun to map the forest and determine why so many hadn’t returned. The reason was illogical- the forest was bigger than the island itself.
Drones that ventured in should have come out the other side- yet remained inside the forest, encountering bizarre phenomena and creatures undocumented.
Every so often, the forest would slope downwards, revealing a new layer with new and distinct ecosystems.
“Recently though,” Canopy concluded, “we’ve lost contact with several outposts in the third layer to eighth layers.” He changed the slide to one of the lost outposts, standing alone amidst a vibrant, alien forest. “You enter the forest, get to your team’s assigned outpost, get back out with the data and you’ll be set for life.”
“Does anyone choose to rescind their agreement?” the woman asked. “It’s either death, or this, and frankly, your chances here aren’t that better.”
There were some who raised their hands. “Hell no!” a man shouted. “I’m goin’ back to life!” The woman had them taken away. We heard gunfire outdoors. No life row for him.
Whoever they were- they were serious about this.
They started to call out names and assign teams.
My team, was small, four of us. There was a mercenary named Leo who kept talking about the food the organization had brought us. He seemed pleasant, charismatic, and I almost forgot he was a criminal.
There was a scientist called Anya who, as she joked, was ‘serving infinite life sentences’ for crimes against humanity. She was given the codes and a booklet of things to watch out for in what they called the ‘Sea of Green’.
Then there was Gail. She was quieter than the three of us, and had an almost eerie vibe to her. She didn’t tell us what she’d done to get here, but she was there nonetheless.
Thankfully, we were given the closest- and safest outpost. A little place in Layer Three, marked by the map as only a few hours walk away.
We set off the next day.
The forest, in the beginning, seemed to almost invite us in. The birds chirped and danced, unafraid of mankind. We even fed them the nuts we’d been given as breakfast rations, which they seemed to enjoy.
About an hour in, things changed. The light from the sun barely pierced the canopy, and at times, we had to utilize our flashlights to see what was in front of us. Leo took the lead, hacking away at the branch and vine in front of us.
The forest was starting to look like a jungle- and yet, as we traversed it never seemed to choose which one it wanted to be.
“Wait!” Anya hissed, as we crossed a stream that seemed oddly familiar. She read from the booklet, then to the map on tablets we’d been given. “We’ve made a circle.”
Leo shook his head. “That’s impossible,” he insisted. “I don’t remember turning.”
“Yeah,” I agreed, catching up from behind.
Anya shared the booklet. “It’s one first phenomena researchers encounter,” she explained. “This place plays tricks on us- we need to follow the stream.”
“But then,” Gail pointed out, “we’d be going in the wrong direction.”
“Trust the book,” Anya concluded. We followed the stream then, and the path started to grow denser, as if the forest hated us for traveling further. But the path was right, and the forest changed as we journeyed.
An hour later the forest had changed. It had sloped downwards a bit, inviting us to the second layer of the maze. The trees seemed higher, and the light was now gone completely.
This was when we started to hear it. Click-click.
“What was that?” I asked, turning. Click-click.
Anya rushed through the book. “It’s not documented.”
Click-click. And then we saw lights in the distance, lights that as we continued walking, were revealed to us as bulbous fruit on the trees that glowed an eerie electric blue.
Click-click. “You sure it’s not in that book?” Leo questioned, switching his machete out for a gun. Click-click.
The clicks were getting louder, each one sending a jolt of uneasy fear down my spine. We moved closer together now, fearing the unknown that were in these- A bush in front of us rustled. Leo aimed his weapon.
A deer- no, something like a deer popped out, gently squawking. It was… wrong in every sense, but it seemed more occupied in chewing a flower than us.
The small creature had the antlers of a deer, yes, but it also had the face of an old man. Not to mention six fists full of thumbs at the end of its legs. It inspected a glowing fruit with it’s odd thumbs.
“Ew,” Gail commented, disgusted. “What the hell is that?”
Anya didn’t have time to look for answers before a black, insectine limp shot out of one of the bulbous fruits and impaled the deer-thing. It screamed an all too human scream and struggled.
We backed away- and by then, the noise was overwhelming. Click-clickClick-clickClick-clickClickclickClickclickClick-clickClick-click. They erupted from every single one of the bulbous fruits, and things began to pour out of them.
The limbs, see, were attached to a head. The a simple sphere that opened into buzzsaws of teeth that grotesquely clicked as they opened. The face-deer only screamed as the clicking creatures devoured it.
“Run!” Leo reminded, shooting as some started to near us. “Run!”
That shook us out, and we ran, terror in our very veins. They seemed more interested in the fallen deer than us- but we still ran until we could no longer.
Actually, it was until I fell off and entered the third layer.
A weight appeared on my chest and I fought it off, thinking I was about to die- but the soft, furry creature atop me jumped off. It wasn’t one of the clicking monsters.
And then I realized the third layer was bright. The trees themselves were glowing now, not the insect fruits of before. And there were a whole host of new, bizarre creatures.
The thing I’d pushed off was some sort of rabbit, covered in glowing blue stripes. If layer two had been a forest of darkness this was it’s very opposite.
In the skies there were ribbons of glowing creatures- thin kites on an unseen wind. The trees were alive with all sorts of furried friends, darting here and there and eating odd colored berries that didn’t seem real.
Anya pointed and spoke, “Look!” It was the outpost, in ruins.
“But what attacked it?” Gail murmured, as we walked over.
We entered through a hole in the wall. The place was oddly peaceful, calming, now home to bioluminescent little ants that dotted the place. Occasionally, one or two of the face-deer would appear, licking the dots up with twin tongues that emerged from it’s too-human face.
“Cute,” Leo joked, picking one up and stroking it. It screamed back at him, chilling and he dropped it. “Never doing that again.”
The place was… too peaceful. And- “what happened to their bodies?” I posited. “If they were attacked- where’s their blood? Their corpses?”
Anya shrugged. “It is odd- perhaps they got devoured.” She gestured to the many oddities around us. “But you’re right, there should be bones, at least.”
This was when we heard the screaming. And all of a sudden every single creature retreated away, disappearing from view, save for the tiny ants inside with us. The screaming was a cacophony of voices, realer than the ones we’d heard from the face-deer.
“I think we need to go,” Leo whispered, holding out the red ‘data module’ in his hands. “Now.”
The screaming got ever closer, and the trees in front of the outpost, beyond a window, started to shake. “I concur.”
We were backing away when we heard the squelching of something loud and heavy. Turning around, we saw the screaming creature we’d heard. It was massive, fleshy, and filled with tiny gaping holes, some filled with eyes, all rising, breathing as one.
I nearly threw up. But that was for a different reason.
The holes were one thing. But the screaming, severed bodies of dozens of people attached the the eye-full monster was another. They screamed and screamed, their bodies unneatly joined and sown into the creature.
It sniffed the air and walked over to the glass, looking in as we hid. “What is it?” I squealed. “What the hell is that?”
The face of a victim in military clothes appeared at the window, screaming, face slowly popping, skin repairing and being digested all at once. Anya flipped through the pages. “They called it a Fleshweave. It absorbs bodies and eats them that way.”
That would explain the lack of bodies we’d seen.
The window shattered- and the thing began to force itself on it, flesh turning to churned cylinders through the window. The bodies, crushed further, screamed some more.
So we ran as the beasts fell into the room with a plop. And despite it’s heavy, gluttonous form it charged forwards, faster than it looked.
Out the outpost we went. I felt a meaty hand hit me and then I fell. It stalked towards me, but a gunshot from Leo burst it’s pus-ridden hand, covered my in grotesque, viscous liquid.
I picked myself up and ran from the screaming thing, up the steep slope and climbing onto the second layer.
I fell again, but Anya caught me, helping me up.
Leo did the same for Gail- but she slipped and fell back into the third layer. The thing approached her, all of it’s pulsing eyes upon her. “Help me!” she bellowed. “Don’t leave me-”
Leo prepared to jump down- but it was too late. The Fleshweave simply picked her up and it opened it’s skin, forging her into her body- er, her top half,- it severed the rest.
“Go!” I snapped, dragging the mercenary to action. The creature behind us lifted itself onto the dark forest and continued to follow.
Gail, merged with the other unfortunate bodies, screamed. I almost stopped in terror from the sound, but flight-or-fight forced me to continue.
Click-click. We found ourselves back in the center of the abode with the insect fruit. And the insects were clearly attracted to the stench of decay the monster emanated. Limbs emerged, and the face-beetles jumped up and swarmed the creatures.
I don't know if the creature was killed by it. I only remember Gail’s face as the insects started to pick her body- and so many others like her- apart.
The way out seemed harder than going in, but we made it. We survived. We reached the outpost and handed our data module to the man who’d offered us the deal. “Impressive,” he congratulated. “You’re the first team back.”
“I want out now,” I panted. “Back to real life.”
He patted me on the shoulder and gave me a sad smile. “According to the world you’ve already died by suicide in your cell,” he informed. “See, there’s a way the people I work for have operated so cleanly for the past few centuries.” He paused and took a step back. “We can’t afford loose ends, see, and you’ve shown us you have the guts to survive Bandai La- er, the Sea of Green.”
I took a step back, panicking. “What do you mean?”
He sighed. “We can’t give you a new life and risk exposing our operation here,” he explained. “And we still need ah, expendable people to lead us to whatever’s in the center of the island.” He handed me a can of soda. “Welcome to your new life. The Company really values your dedication as a treasured employee.”

But I don’t want this. I was promised freedom. And they can’t keep me from exposing them- I’ve typed this up and Anya did something to the tablet so I can receive and post things online.
I’m not sure if this’ll work. But if it is: I’m on an island somewhere in the Java Sea. There’s a forest that goes on forever and I’m being held as some sort of explorer by some Company.
Find me. Before I die.
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2023.05.30 22:51 Alternative-Fox-8523 I'm a slut.

When I was 14 I wasn't getting enough attention from my parents,I was pretty much all the time on my phone,there I met a very beautiful world of "internet" which of course surprised me with very older guys than me who assured me they would give me "love and affection" which of course didn't come at the right form or shape.Casually I would talk with 19 guys at the same moment and the word "I love you" full filled my broken soul,it made me so happy but after a little bit I wanted more and more of that!!sadly time pass and I realized in the hard way these guys were not after for my love but instead for my body.
Till my 17 I still was craving that kind of form of love and that's when I met my first boyfriend,things were fine but again it did not end well since he was craving other things than me and it hurts me in many ways,it hurt a lot but I grew into wanting that feeling again and that's when I turned again to internet and met "Brand". He would understand me so well,he would stay up the whole night with me and comfort me,speak me,love me.I loved him so much but my jealousy started growing back to it and I left him.I didn't wanna hurt him with my nonsense brain,he wouldn't want someone from the other part of the world.
I am 19,I finished my first year of university and started working as a pastry chef,I put an end to all of this nonsense and decided to leave it back.I started working as a pastry chef in the biggest restaurant in my town, paying was good, coworkers were fine and there I met my chef.Chef started flirting me and getting closer to me,at first I accepted it and loved the affection/attention I was getting but then I remember the past expirience and kinda back off from him,that's the moment he didn't accept it and he became a monster to me.He bullied me throughout daily at job for my appearance,my weight,my work's progress and everything.
I tried striking a conversation with my parents but they were to busy with their problems,once again only internet was there for me,I tried speaking up for me and of course they would give me love and affection which would turn again to something I didn't like but this time it ended worse.One of the people I spoke had a conversation about my activity with someone else and they started calling me whore and "slut",next day at work my chef said "look at you,look at your body,you look like a fucking slut.What you gonna do at your life huh? Shake your big tits and cry?"
This post is just a cry for help,there's nothing that can be changed.
I just feel extremely lonely and noone would understand me at this rate
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2023.05.30 22:51 DirectionMysterious9 Dairy Free base, but not vegan

Dairy Free base, but not vegan
Hi friends! New here. I’m looking for a good recipe for a dairy free ice cream. Doesn’t have to be vegan, just no cows milk dairy. Eggs are okay too! I tried swapping equal parts 1:1 cashew milk and coconut milk into a standard crème anglais base recipe (courtesy of Melissa Clark, NYT) with 6 egg yolks and folded in strawberry purée. This recipe was cloyingly too sweet, so I significantly bumped up the salt. It needs some tweaking for flavor balance. Wondering if a different sugar would be the right call? The texture was just okay… not super creamy which is what I’d love to achieve. Has anyone tried Any advice you wonderful experts have I’d greatly appreciate.
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2023.05.30 22:49 Obversa If phoenix feathers are incredibly rare and sought-after, then where does Ollivander get the phoenix feathers for his wands from?

Sure, we know that Ollivander used two phoenix feathers from the same phoenix - Fawkes - for the wand cores of Harry Potter and Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort), respectively. However, Ollivander uses three wand cores - dragon heartstring, unicorn hair, and phoenix feather - and other wands besides Harry's and Voldemort's also have phoenix feathers. Where did Ollivander get these feathers from?
Phoenixes are native to Egypt, India, and China, so does Ollivander have to order them? Or does he take a special trip to Egypt, India, and China every year to collect his own phoenix feathers? Assuming that phoenixes have to give their feathers willingly, and Fawkes only gave two feathers, that means he would have to source his feathers from multiple phoenixes, and not just one phoenix.
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