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2021.07.15 18:56 Successful-Wasabi704 Steam Deck

Dollar-for-dollar, the best ally money could buy.

2023.05.30 23:21 Rooster2202 [WTS] G45 Comolete OEM slide

Title says it.
Zero rounds other than test rounds if Glock does that. All OEM G45 (same as Glock 19 Gen 5 slide)
$335 shipped
Venmo preferred. PayPal if you must
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2023.05.30 23:21 Far-Conversation1359 CICO newbie here: calorie calculator results seem high??

Quick background: 26 y/o woman, 5ft4, CW is 172 lbs. After an injury that left me totally sedentary and reliant on takeout for a while, I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and am looking to lose ~30lbs.
I used the Mayo Clinic calorie calculator to calculate my maintenance calories. I selected the “somewhat active” option (“light to moderate activity such as walking or gardening 2-3x/week”), as I go for 45 min brisk walks 3-4/week and wanted to underestimate my activity a bit to be safe.
It said that my maintenance intake is 2100 calories a day, meaning that to lose a pound a week I can eat 1600 calories/day. This feels… very high for someone as short as I am, especially since I’m not doing any vigorous exercise atm.
I corroborated this estimate with the LoseIt app. They gave me an even higher number: 1691 calories/day. I would be thrilled with this, because that’s super sustainable long-term for me.
To those more experienced with CICO: Does this sound off? I’m used to having to eat ~1300-1400 to lose weight, and the other posts on here written by shorter women lament about not being able to lose a pound a a week without dipping below 1200.
Any advice appreciated!
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2023.05.30 23:21 notlikethatglue All I ever hear

All I ever hear is we could have been so much better if only We could have made it if only... you. It would have been like this if only You missed out you would have had the best thing ever but... you.
What about YOU?
Does anyone even think like that anymore?
Is there any more accountability whatsoever, self-reflection? Has image worship, Taylor Swift, Instagram and literal pop culture dumbed the masses down to a total narcissistic self-absorbed Blob of unaccountable shit that can't put the camera down and can't get out from in front of the mirror?
I mean for real I thought of this saying and it's the truth.
" like smearing shit all over yourself to prove that you're more of the shit than the other shitty people around you."
Yeah people might be pretty and safe face with unaccountability and projection and have delusions of grandeur that they confuse for self-love and they might be pretty on the for the most part nowadays what I'm seeing is 'your soul smells like shit". I speak these words for myself also to try remain humble. Good for the goose in terms of projecting thoughts like this should be good for oneself too..
Last thing..What if there is no other lives...? Quit trying to rationalize and justify your way out of shit and your weakness and fears by saying "maybe in the next life" ....don't try to drag somebody out with that s*** because you're too much of a scared ass to be in their face and real with you not wanting to be with them. Be brave. A bunch of scared ass lovers of self is what this world's turned into it's sad.
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2023.05.30 23:21 DiddyKnight Any plans to rework the Hawks Cockpit visibility?

Many fighters have decent Cockpit visibility like Gladius, even Mustang, Ares or Talon etc. And then there is the hawk.
Bad mobility, bad crosssection and probably the worst Cockpit of all the fighters. I really would like to use that ship. But it's not fun at the current Iteration compared to a gladius, or even the bigger fighters.
Also why does Meter thick struts?
Are there any plans to rework that awful cockpit?
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2023.05.30 23:20 ultrapomme need help for finds the name of a manga

I'm looking for the name of a manga where the story is the best player of a video game like raid shadow legend. and one day he goes in the game with a new account except that there is a guy who controls the base. and he does all his possible not to die and become the strongest.
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2023.05.30 23:20 authorshannonreber Fairy Tale Retellings

It feels like all Hollywood does is remake old movies and butcher books. I'm tired of it. I wish they'd come up with something new. But sometimes, in books, it's SO much fun! One of my favorite fairy tale redos is a Cinderella retelling by an author named Rachel Morgan. (FANTASTIC series that I highly recommend!) I've also recently found a Hansel and Gretel retelling that was really good. But when does the book industry become just like Hollywood?? Is there a difference? Are books exempt from the overtelling rule? Every story has probably been told thousands of times over the years, but we authors keep writing. What do you think? Are books different just because it's the reader's unique imagination that gives us what we like and don't like? Or are we all just repeating, rewriting, and retelling over and over, then over again? Thoughts? Feelings? General emotions???
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2023.05.30 23:19 therapyguy2019 40 [M4F] Massage for discerning woman

This is for you. Yes, you the soccer mom, the executive, the college student, the housewife, the expecting mom. This is a special offering for the woman who wants nothing more than to be Pleasured! My gift to you is a pleasurable very sensual yoni massage. This type of massage is just for YOU and YOUR pleasure. Let me bring to you a comforting yet sensual experience that will have you as the focus of my attention. I will lead you to explore your sensual side with an unhurried and complete massage that brings your mind and body together.
The goal of the Yoni massage is not solely to achieve orgasm, although .this massage could lead to mind-blowing orgasmic experiences. The goal can be as simple as to pleasure and massage your yoni. From this perspective, the receiver can relax and doesn't have to worry about achieving any particular goal. When orgasm does occur it is usually more expanded, more intense, and more satisfying. It simply allows the receiver to enjoy the massage and relax into herself. Through being present, attentive, accepting, and caring I create a sacred space where a healing energy emerges. Please do not worry or express the need to see that I am satisfied because you are my focus! Allow yourself to indulge in your own sensory pleasures 100%. When was the last time someone paid full attention to you?
I do this because I love to please women.....any age....any shape....any nationality....just be of an open mind to fully receive selfish pleasure! I'm able to travel to you. If you are still reading this and are interested please contact me to arrange your will be so very satisfied! I'm a CMT and skilled in the art and practice of Yoni Massage.
In your reply please put in the line "willing" so that I know you are real.
Thank you and have a wonderful day!
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2023.05.30 23:19 Desperate-Bullfrog59 Losing grip of my sanity

I have endured physical and mental abuse since a Child and it has crept into my adult life my mom treated me like shit because of my father so I hated her even resented her I don’t know what a mothers love feels like when my father got out of prison I was so excited to meet him I couldn’t wait to find love from a biological parent and not just my grand parents soon as he got out I found the cold truth he put a gun to my head he tried to fuck the mother of my kids he spat on my dreams of finding tht support I needed just basically fucked up my head I can’t love my kids the way the should they be loved i am emotionless when my daughter tries to show me love it’s like I push her away and it kills me inside she deserves better then me Ik she does I find no satisfaction from hanging with friends any more everything around me is falling apart I’m struggling to keep the bills paid Ik if I die they’ll receive $$ from my insurance it’s so much at once I feel like ending it
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2023.05.30 23:19 RoninM00n [WTS] Selling my collection. Niche and Designer. Some Brand New in box and some unboxed like new. (Bottle)

[WTS] Selling my collection. Niche and Designer. Some Brand New in box and some unboxed like new. (Bottle)
Only stuff that's new in box or ones I've just kept as backups for my collection and haven't worn. Some of these are discontinued gems and all of them are well reviewed by the community. Any questions or want pics of batch codes, etc, please message me and I'm happy to answer.
If you can find any of these for a lower price I will beat it. I'm trying to sell these for local pickup near Newark, DE but I will drive a reasonable distance for a transaction. I'm willing to ship if the actual shipping cost can be compensated. Shipping would make more sense if someone wanted a lot of these.
100 ml Laolu LTD Edition Man in Black Essence RARE full (Bottle) Bvlgari: $91
100 ml Reflection Man (Bottle) new in box Amouage: $151
100 ml Sculpture Homme (Bottle) Nikos Parfums new in box: $8
100 ml Bright Neroli (Bottle) discontinued! New in box-Ferrari: $48
100 ml Vetiver Essence (Bottle)full- Ferrari: $25
97 ml Reflesso- Trussardi (Bottle): $20
100 ml Reveal for Him (Bottle), new in box- Calvin Klein: $30
98 ml Uomo (Bottle)- Roberto Cavalli $30
100 ml Steel Sugar (Bottle) new in box- Aquolina $9
97 ml Him EDP (Bottle) discontinued! full- Hanae Mori: $90
100 ml Detour Noir (Bottle) new in box- Al Haramain: $25
100 ml Maahir Legacy (Bottle) new in box with carrying bag- Lataffa $27
100 ml Star Men Nebula (Bottle) new in box- Fragrance World: $27
124 ml / 4.2 oz Nuit D'Issey Parfum (Bottle)- Issey Miyaki: $60
95 ml Uomo (Bottle)- Salvatore Ferragamo: $20
99 ml Uomo Signature EDP (Bottle)- Salvatore Ferragamo: $21
100 ml L'homme Ideal EDP (Bottle)- Guerlain $70
100 ml Hawas (Bottle)- Rassas new in box : $30
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2023.05.30 23:19 DigitalMediaLolita Stitched cards without a die cutter?

Does anyone know of a way to get started with stitched cards if i don't have a die cutter? I have a Brother Scan n Cut (digital cutting machine like a cricut or silhouette).
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2023.05.30 23:19 letstalkaboutbras [SELL][US] Destashing intensifies! More new items from drugstore to high end makeup, skincare, & brushes 👀

Hello again!
Payment via PayPal G&S. Shipping starts at $4.50 for a small item depending on zip and increases with weight (USPS). Shipping from the East Coast. $10 min before shipping preferred. All item conditions are noted and pictured best as I can. Most are brand new.
Please don't ghost. It's okay if you change your mind. NIL based on timestamps. Note that I have some of these items listed on other platforms as well and will adjust the availability accordingly.
I'm very careful to keep my makeup clean and protected, keeping original packaging where I can. Smoke- and pet-free home. Always masking. See this wonderful feedback from previous buyer 1, 2 and 3 as references 😊
  Please comment below before sending a Reddit chat since I can't see those on mobile.  
New only: Dior beige mitzah, Rose Montaigne or Pink Corolle mono eyeshadows. Trestique Summer Glow & Go set from Boxy. Try me on Sephora Lipstories balms (I already have shades 07 and 08 and a couple others), must be sealed.
Mascara - $10 $9 for all  
Lips - New
Lips - Swatched or Gentle Use
Fragrance & Body
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2023.05.30 23:19 Kaesv04 [USA-WA] [H] Gigabyte Vision 3070 (White) [W] Local Cash, Paypal

Selling a white 3070. This card has been used for both gaming and mining. Due to people being afraid of mined cards, I'll offer a years warranty, so if it breaks I'll send you a new one or a full refund. Comes with original box.

Asking for 320 shipped or 300 local cash, shipped will be by paypal invoice ONLY

Local is 98335

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2023.05.30 23:19 funnyguy99207 First-time AGR: Am I taking advantage?

I (single 45M) have been working in a college bar for just over 2yrs. I get hit on nightly by multiple women, young & around my age alike. I've never acted on anything with a customer until recently, due to my not wanting to "sh*t where I eat".
Recently, a 21F customer came in at the beginning of my shift and, while stone sober, told me she's had her eye on me for awhile and wanted to shoot her shot. I told her that if she was serious that she'd be waiting for me in the parking lot at 3am & we could go get breakfast at Denny's. Guess who was waiting for me?
Over breakfast, we got to know each other a bit better, and she wound up coming home with me. Since then (8wks ago) we've been screwing 5-6 times a week.
Last night, she tells me that she's been telling her college friends about me... and now 6 (yes, 6!) of her friends have asked her to "put in a good word for them" to me. I asked if she'd be mad, but she said to go for it since we're not "official" or anything. She even said that a couple of her friends had asked her to be there to join in.
My question is: Should I be banging that many of my younger customers? Or does it make me appear to be predatory? I'm confused, yet quite titillated to find that I'm appealing to such a crowd... but hesitant for the fact that it could affect my job. Any advice?
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2023.05.30 23:19 Biokrate Information on song "Es isch kei Soelige Stamme"?

Hello, I recently came upon a song in Swiss German called Es isch kei Soelige Stamme, specifically a cover by a band named The Dead Brothers. I initially asked for a translation on translator since Google Translate has a tough time with Swiss German, but no luck yet there either. However, since then I realized this seems to be a tranditional folk song from Switzerland, I assume?
I am wondering what the content (and context) of the song is. The band that covered it has macabre themes, so does the song talk about death? Is it a well-known song or have you heard it before?
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2023.05.30 23:19 COMMUNISM_69 Internet doesn't work but only for me, tried multiple fixes nothing worked.

I've had Internet problems for 3 days now and idk why, what's even weirder is how only I have Internet problems and no one else in our house has.
I'll start from the beginning, I was playing an online game (Rainbow six siege) on my PC 3 days ago with a friend and my brother, my ping was good but for some reasons I had packet loos, jitter and was thrown out the game constantly.
The weird thing is that my brother, who lives in the same house, had no problems with the Internet at all, so it has to do something with my PC/Internet connection.
I have one of those Internet "dongles" that u put into an USB slot.
But anyways I tried restarting my PC, didn't work, Then the Internet, didn't work, I reinstalled the game, didn't work, I then tried some simple fixes like like updating my drivers, using a different USB port and uninstalling the new drivers
I also had a blue screen of death which said KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION
My Internet has been normal for months and now all of a sudden it just won't work no matter what I do, but only on My PC.
Does someone know what the causes of those problems could be? It's really annoying not being able to play games, but whats worse is that I actually study online so this is a massive inconvenience.
Note: I just used the Software tag but I'm not into PCs so idk what Tag to use for Internet problems.
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2023.05.30 23:19 Bozzzler Error 73 UK

Please help. I am getting Error Code 73 while logging into Disney Plus through my Samsung TV.
'This is the result of attempting to access Disney+ from a country/region where service is currently unavailable. If Disney+ is available where you are located, possible causes include: Using a VPN in a supported country/region.' running a VPN and in the UK. Recently upgraded to Fibre Broadband but it did work with this until a few days ago.
Any suggestions?
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2023.05.30 23:18 yellowmelly CTO - Lumby Days Car Show Pinup contest

The CTO - Lumby Days Car Show Pinup contest is meant to be fun and provide an opportunity to share the culture with everyone.
For those of you who are new to Pinup, here is some information on what Pinup is and what to expect as a contestant.
Being a Pinup is an artform that showcases the vintage style and personality of the contestant
You will be introduced and maybe asked to answer a question, some examples of questions are: What's your favorite 1940s or 1950s band or music artist? Who is your favorite Pinup model? What is your favorite 1940s or 1950s movie? Do you have a favorite 40s or 50s song? If so, what is it?
A fun part of many contests is bribing the judges. THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, but can be fun. Some examples of bribes gifted to judges are: Homemade crafts or treats, retro nicknacks, swag from causes or businesses you support, anything goes and it does not need to be expensive. If you decided to participate in this tradition you would give your bribe as you are introduced and are walking up to the host. (There will be three female judges)
You will be walking on grass so you may want to take that into consideration when choosing your footwear.
Prizes have yet to be decided and will be awarded at the end of the contest.
We hope everyone has fun and enjoys this event
For registration and more information please email [email protected]
caption caption
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2023.05.30 23:18 devilfern Mirena IUD efficacy past 5 years? I'm now on my 6th year & feeling nervous

For starters, I've had a pretty positive experience with my IUD. Getting it put in was pretty painful, but after the first 2 weeks I felt great. I pretty much stopped getting my period 3 months in. That was in 2017.
I had to switch gynecologists due to moving to a new state. The doc I managed to find is...not reassuring. She's very brusque and businesslike. When I mentioned that I was coming up on 5 years after my Mirena had been put in, she said "oh the FDA approved it for 7 years! No need to worry about that yet!" and breezed on past it.
I have started to sporadic "mini" periods again. I never know when or if I'll experience actual bleeding, or if I'll get whack PMS symptoms or cramps. I've been pretty all-over-the-place with my cycle symptoms, like being a teenager again. Honestly it kind of sucks. I did some googling around and found that the Mirena device is now approved for up to 8 years. Does that count for older ones as well, or just ones being newly made? The information I've been able to find has not really helped, and I can't for the life of me get an appointment with my GYN to get my questions answered. Earliest I can see anyone in the practice is next month...great.
Is anyone else dealing with weirder cycles after using a Mirena device for a while? I'm hoping I'm not the only one out here.
Edit: wrong flair!
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2023.05.30 23:18 godjustendit Is this possible? I think the way my brain handles serotonin is still a little messed up

I can't be sure if it's because I took antidepressants for six years starting from when I was 15 or not. It has been about six years since I have stopped taking antidepressants. But I still deal with constant acid reflux.
During the time I took antidepressants, I would try to tell people that I felt sick and they would constantly tell me it was my anxiety. :/ Except, I had many gastrointestinal problems during this time. I even got a colonoscopy for them because I kept having to go to the ER (about five times) due to extreme stomach pain. They found no issue, though. Said nothing was wrong with me. Because I was autistic, the counselor I was seeing for autism kept telling me to go on a gluten free diet because there is some correlation between gluten sensitivity and autism or something. I have no idea if this is true. Those diets never did anything for me.
I ended up figuring out when I was about to have stomach issues and just drank a shitton of water whenever my stomach hurt. It kept me from the ER. Maybe I just couldn't tell when I was dehydrated back in the day. The issues stopped happening almost entirely when I stopped my antidepressants, and what do you know? My antidepressant caused almost every single symptom I was having that was dismissed as "anxiety".
They prescribed me shit in ways that I found out later they should not have done. I had sleep issues (to be fair, this has been the case all my life, but serotonin does not help with this) and they gave me melatonin. They didn't want to give me sleeping pills, which is great, because I knew they were addictive and didn't want them. But they just had me take it all the time, when you're supposed to do breaks with them for better results. Nope. They also made me take an acid reducer all the time. You're not supposed to do that. I was having a bout of intense acid reflux the other day so I bought OTC acid reflux medicine one day and was shocked that they specifically told you not to take it more than 14 days at a time every four months on the box. I looked it up and it's bad for you to take it all the time, and I cannot remember feeling better taking it all the time either. But they prescribed it anyways. And they prescribed me it because the antidepressants gave me acid reflux and now I still deal with it 24/7.
Everything I do now that gives me "good chemicals" makes me feel sick. I lay down and I get a headache. I feel nauseous when I play video games. I can get sick for hours if I'm not careful while playing games. If I eat, I get sick. If I don't eat, I get sick. You know, it goes on. Can serotonin mess with how the brain processes these chemicals this long-term or is it something else?
I cold-turkeyed my meds because I had been taking them so long that they plain stopped doing anything for me. I didn't feel any different. I now know that this is really dangerous and you shouldn't do that. But do you think that cold-turkeying could also cause these problems after this long? I have ADHD and I feel like that also may be part of the the problem. I strangely feel like I'm "overdosing" on "good chemicals" all the time, and it makes me feel sick all the time. It happens almost every time I try to do something I enjoy. I even looked up if you can get serotonin syndrome when you're not on meds and/or if you have ADHD.
I can't say if I know what the cause of this is. It may not be the antidepressants or other meds I took at all. And I can't say I've been flawless with my diet all this time, but I've definitely improved, and I just don't feel like I should feel like crap all the time with how I've been living, all things considered. Has anyone had similar experiences?
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2023.05.30 23:18 Dull-Row-9594 I’m scared of having special interests

(This is just a vent btw)
So, I’m gonna go straight to the point. My whole life I’ve had special interests that make me happy and keep me going. However, I developed severe OCD in the middle of my teen years and it made me doubt my interests, see problems with them, etc etc. Because of that, I stopped doing many things I like (I wouldn’t even watch YouTube videos of my favourite creators so that the OCD obsessions wouldn’t be triggered) and that just made me feel miserable. Thankfully though, I was treated and I’m finally starting to recover from that (although I still deal with OCD on the daily basis). Since I’m recovering, I began to develop special interests again, one of them being a movie that I watched with my parents. I loved it so much that I couldn’t stop singing its songs and talked about it a lot with my mom. She’s a great mom and my best friend; however, sometimes she does things that hurt me. When I was talking with her about this new interest I had, for example, she said something that made me extremely sad. She told me “You don’t need to obsess over everything you like. Talk about something else, it’s just a movie”. Those words might sound like nothing but they made me scared to have special interests, because I act weird and the OCD is trying to take over again. At the very least, now I’m scared to share my interests with her because I don’t want her to judge me.
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2023.05.30 23:18 New-Astronaut-4719 W8 Form

Hey all,
New to trading here, and live in the UK
Been asked to fill out a W8 form and it's really confusing, does anyone have 5 mins they could help me with if they've done one before?
Massively appreciated!!
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2023.05.30 23:18 StewpidEwe Have my triannual dental cleaning tomorrow and dreading how painful it’s going to be

I used to never have dental problems but I’ve been plagued with horrible gum inflammation and mild recession for the last 3 years due to autoimmune disease. Bad bleeding and pain that my dentist said isn’t justified by how little plaque I have.
Also just found out two weeks ago that I have high cortisol levels and am waiting for more lab work to come back. I wanted to start taking prednisone before my next dental appointment but after finding out about high cortisol I’ve been taking ashwaghanda, meditating, and trying to get my cortisol down. Idk how much good it’s going to do for tomorrow.
I hate the water sprayer. It freaking hurts just like a waterpik does for me. I would rather them use the metal hook tbh. It got so bad last year my dental tech put numbing gel on my gums to clean. It helped two cleanings but last time the inflammation had worsened again and I ended up begging to get Novocain injection which was terrible. My dental tech is sweet as can be but she doesn’t have as gentle a hand for needles as my dentist does. So she jabbed it into my lip and it hurt something awful and seemed to not uniformly numb both sides of my mouth.
Anyway, literally dreading tomorrow and I think it’s undoing all the work I’ve tried to get my cortisol down lol. I know I’m going to bleed and I know it’s going to hurt. Idk what I have on hand that might help. Maybe my muscle relaxer? Just pray for me 😭
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