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Here we are addicted to creating and playing with slime! You may post videos of slime related stuff, as well as ideas, recipes and pretty much anything else that has to do with slime.

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Welcome to /ASMR! This subreddit was created to share videos that elicit this sensation (either intentionally or unintentionally), as well as discuss and try to understand this fascinating physical reaction.

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2023.05.29 00:40 SlimeMastersTX Slime Sensation: Exploring the Viral Trend that's Satisfying the World!" 🌟 Get ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of slime! Discover how slime became an irresistible viral trend, capturing hearts across social media platforms. From satisfying ASMR videos to creative slime recipes

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2023.05.28 16:52 Slimebase3 Coloful clay, with makeup slime!! #satisfying #asmr #slime #subscribe #m...

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2023.05.28 16:52 Slimebase3 Coloful clay, with makeup slime!! #satisfying #asmr #slime #subscribe #m...

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2023.05.28 03:43 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-05-14 to 2023-05-20) [Discussion]

No eatingslimekinetic sandmagnetic ballsstop motion cookingnoisy reaction/comedymarbles<2 minuteanimatedchiropractic

Views Channel Video
619976 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 【ASMR】今すぐ眠りたい人向け😪10種類+の最強トリガー(囁き声/TASCAM mic)
562991 Gibi ASMR ASMR | Whispered, Sleepy Ear-to-Ear Triggers Requested by My Mom :)
554642 Gibi ASMR 4K ASMR | Professional Stress Removing Treatment for Mid-Year
537413 Brazilian Adventure WILD CAMPING - Relaxing on the beach and cooking outdoors CAMPING GIRL ASMR
486067 Moona ASMR For People Who ACTUALLY Don’t Get TINGELS 😳 АСМР
452736 W Magazine Karol G Explores #ASMR | W Magazine
448550 Nanou ASMR ASMR - You Will Fall Asleep To These New Triggers!
404522 랄랄ralral 100% 애드립 찜질방 ASMR (ENG)
367976 ASMR Wan ASMR Fast At The Mall 🏬 (ZOOM H5 MIC)🎙️
364583 ASMR Glow [FIXED] ASMR This is How You Relax Tonight 💤 Deep Relaxation
354581 Vito ASMR ASMR Very Satisfying Wood Soup for Sleep 제목은 포근한 나무수프 소리로 하겠습니다 근데 이제 얼음을 곁들인
338879 Patra Channel / 周防パトラ 【ASMR】脳ぞくぞく!なのにものすご~く眠くなる。睡眠誘導。不眠解消・タッピング・囁き・耳塞ぎマッサージ Sensitive Triggers for DEEP Sleep【周防パトラ】
328485 Gentle Whispering ASMR Galaxy S23 📱 Soft Spoken Unboxing ASMR
311843 FrivolousFox ASMR Ultimate Ear Eating ASMR 🔥 ~ Lipping, Nibbling, Licking, Kissing, Scratching, etc.
289099 Jojo's ASMR Worlds Best ASMR Video
265611 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Mouth Sounds ❤️(“goodgoodgood” + hand movements!)
261872 Makayla ASMR ASMR Getting Something Out Of Your Ear P3 👂🤏🏽 ASMR School Nurse Role-play
258719 beebee asmr Hand Sounds ASMR ( Fast & Aggressive Finger Snapping, Flicking, w/ Mic Gripping & Mouth Sounds +
250051 랄랄ralral 수지엄마 뒷담화 아이스방 ASMR (ENG)
225826 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Doing Your MakeUp! (Wooden Triggers)
225703 Amouranth ASMR RED HOT ASMR! LICKING TILL YOU LOSE | Amouranth
223800 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR In Bed, Maid Pampers You 😴 Hair Brushing, Skin Care, Personal Attention
214948 ASMR Suna 꿀꿀선아 ASMR 친구가 해주는 헤어커트✂(조금 자르려다 40cm 넘게 자름ㅋㅋㅋ)선명한 머리 자르는 소리,HAIR CUT SOUNDS,
213391 Clareee ASMR ASMR around my CAMPUS (super public)
207794 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 【ASMR】脳がとろける20種類+のゾワゾワトリガー🤤(2h/囁き/タッピング/耳かき/耳マッサージ)
203913 [ASMR]nara_나라 ASMR(Sub✔)진성asmr 까칠한 주인의 숙련된 면도 실력 바버샵 상황극 cold-hearted master's skill in shaving / Barber Shop RP
199384 Mol ASMR. ASMR duerme en menos de 10 minutos con ASMR español
194878 ASMR Twix ASMR✨I got HAIR Playing, Combing, Hair Braiding and Aroma Therapy in Japan by MY SIS (SOFT SPOKEN)
193945 Macoto ASMR まこと。 🔴[ASM雑談] 鼓膜を塞ぐ、耳がゾクゾク💗ゼロ距離囁き、耳ふー、耳マッサージ Ear Massage, Whispering, Tingle【1300万円機材KU100/Vtuber】
193607 Mol ASMR. ASMR roleplay para dormir diseñador de modas ASMR español
193235 Moonlight Cottage ASMR Exploring Vintage Toys | ASMR (soft spoken)
192944 ASMR Cherry Crush ASMR 🍒 Hot massage and mouth sounds // Super Sensitive
189953 Cherie Lorraine ASMR A Mischievous Mistress 😏 | ASMR RP
188146 ラトナ・プティ -Ratna Petit -にじさんじ所属 【ASMR Binaural】今夜は熟睡 睡眠誘導💤吐息・囁き【ラトナ・プティ/Ear Blowing eamassage /lie down】
188022 Ale ASMR ASMR PARA DORMIR en menos de 10 minutos te hago MIMOS Ale ASMR
187996 Lizi ASMR ASMR In Dark! You Close Your Eyes And Enjoy the 360° Sounds!
183067 Alexandria ASMR ASMR doing your spring makeup (fast & aggressive, mouth sounds) 🌷🌸💐
182649 Lizi ASMR ASMR The Most Relaxing Hearing Test! Soft Spoken Personal Attention
182073 Diddly ASMR ASMR Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes
178670 Mare Ch. なぃとめあ-耳舐めおばけ- 【耳舐めASMR】シゴクの舐め技でイイトコに当たりまくる♡ 耳塞ぎ/KU100/Vtubeear licking/귀 핥기/舔耳【唾液バブルサウンド 】
176652 Ale ASMR asmr COSQUILLAS en tu ESPALDA atención personal para dormir Ale ASMR
176570 ASMR KittyKlaw АСМР 🤤💖 СПОРИМ ТЫ УСНЕШЬ на 11:11? 💤 ASMR I'll Help You Fall Asleep in 11 Minutes 😴
176229 SRP ASMR ASMR: Personality Analysis deep dive
176070 Dong ASMR ASMR for people who are DYING for SLEEP
168987 Macoto ASMR まこと。 🔴[ASM実写カメラ] 耳が暖かい♡リアルすぎる囁き吐息♡耳ふー、マッサージ Ear Massage, Tingling【1300万円機材KU100】
168706 ASMR Crush on 9 ASMR을 잘 모르는친구에게 알려줬습니다
167923 ASMR Anil Çakmak ASMR Therapy For Young Customer In Real Barber Shop (sleep easy)
164821 Sunjos asmr ASMR 3dio deep ear attention + rain sounds! 🌧️
162232 Semide ASMR [ASMR] Head to Toe Assessment with @ChilibASMR *Improved Audio* (Real Person Medical Roleplay)
162167 Catplant ASMR ASMR - Foxy lady gives you a haircut ♥️✂️ barbershop tingles! (year of 1969)
152639 Sarah Lavender ASMR ASMR | Sleep in 25 Minutes 💤🤍
152550 ASMRmpits ASMR | Spitty SPIT PAINTING YOU Into a Marvel Character! + Stuttering, Tongue Swirls ( roleplay )
151071 ASMR Glow ASMR Relax, I Take Care of Everything ✋ BEST TRIGGER EVER OMG
148894 ASMR KALI Je fais vibrer ton cerveau ~ ASMR chuchoté
146784 SassySounds ASMR ASMR For People Who Have 0 Attention Span 💤 Trigger assortment for sleep
144893 Somiii ASMR ASMR EN ESPAÑOL | XL Nail Tapping + FAST Hand Sounds, Mouth Sounds, Hand Movements & Finger Flutters
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2023.05.25 21:43 Thin-Progress-2009 ASMR - Zeitlupe für 100% Entspannung mit Slime und Sanduhr Sound

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2023.05.24 01:00 viralvideosandshorts relaxing ASMR new video with slime playing original voice Enjoy this bes...

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2023.05.23 21:21 OhanaSlime PRIDE/LITTLE MERMAID RESTOCK!

Here's the restock menu! I was trying to do the restock yesterday, but Canva was glitching so bad, that it literally took almost 20 hours to complete the entire restock list. Thanks @canva you're really worth the $15 a month 😑 Special thanks to @bleuslimess @auntyslime and @slimeypallets for your help with these slimes! #slimerestock #newslimes #newshop #newslimeshop #etsyshopowner #shopifystore #shopifyseller #underratedslimer #smallbusiness #underratedslime #slimes #fyp #fypシ #adultslimer #OhanaSlimeCompany #slime #slimevideo #iloveslime #AdultSlimer #slimeshopreview #supportsmallslimeshops #supportsmallbusiness #slimeasmr #asmr #asmrvideo #slimevideo
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2023.05.21 20:33 Slimebase3 #shorts Mixing random cute things into SLIME!! #short #asmr #music

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2023.05.21 20:32 Slimebase3 #shorts Mixing random cute things into SLIME!! #short #asmr #music

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2023.05.21 17:00 Fluffy_unicorn_SH Text to speech emoji Roblox (Asmr slime) channel in the comments

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2023.05.20 23:06 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-05-07 to 2023-05-13) [Discussion]

No eatingslimekinetic sandmagnetic ballsstop motion cookingnoisy reaction/comedymarbles<2 minuteanimatedchiropractic

Views Channel Video
948121 랄랄ralral 클럽 기싸움 ASMR
856954 랄랄ralral 국밥집 기싸움 ASMR
739470 시리TV Shili ASMR 한국 속눈썹펌 | 속눈썹 샴푸 | 눈썹왁싱
544133 Jocie B ASMR ASMR Fairy Gives You a Spring Makeover 🧚‍♀️✨ (fantasy roleplay, layered sounds, spa rp, pampering)
530432 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん ASMR|あなたに高速メイクアップ!💄💨(囁き/マウスサウンド)
493005 Gibi ASMR ASMR | the most gentle up-close ear brushing for sleep (whispered)
422179 Patra Channel / 周防パトラ 【ASMR】寝ないで耐えられる?眠くてたまらず寝落ちしちゃう!不眠解消・耳かき・囁き・耳塞ぎマッサージ Sensitive Triggers for DEEP Sleep【周防パトラ】
409609 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Relaxing Spa Roleplay!
397423 Luna Bloom ASMR Follow My Instructions + Games!🌈🎠 ASMR (eyes closed optional half way through)
371317 Moona How many triggers will YOU guess?👀 [ASMR|АСМР] pt2
364425 Gentle Whispering ASMR ASMR Bliss: 1 Hour of Triggers, Whispers and Stories
343716 Vito ASMR The Perfect ASMR Video 유튜브에서 가장 나른하고 졸린 ASMR 1위
337455 asmr zeitgeist ASMR 8D SOAP SPA 🧼 Satisfying Triggers for Deep Relaxation and Restful Sleep [Ear to Ear]
336730 beebee asmr ASMR for ADHD | FAST Paced Aggressively UNPREDICTABLE Triggers ( Pay Attention/Focus, Mouth Sounds )
336432 ASMR Anil Çakmak ASMR | DEEP SLEEP With Asmr Barber Massage (fast sleep) @VolpeWhereAreYou
326736 Gibi ASMR ASMR | So I Got a Lot MORE Tattoos...
326016 ASMR Anil Çakmak REAL BEAUTY ASMR MASSAGE | Female Barber Massage In Real Barber Shop
321632 ASMR Twix ASMR I traveled BACK to HIGHLY REQUESTED SALON to try ANOTHER MENU in Japan (Soft Spoken)
311499 FrivolousFox ASMR ASMR Pencil Noms, Tracing & Trigger Words (Ear to Ear Whispers & Mouth Sounds)
310584 [ASMR]nara_나라 ASMR(Sub✔) 학교 보건실에서 잠들기3💊(상처치료 상황극) school nurse RP 3
295894 TomASMR ASMR IN THE STREET (In Los Angeles)
290848 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Triggers I hate!
289999 ATMOSPHERE Ladies, Vampires, Theatre and More. Victorian Gothic Mysterious Atmosphere (ASMR)
285682 FrivolousFox ASMR 100% SENSITIVITY INAUDIBLE WHISPERS [ASMR] [Intense, Natural Mouth Sounds & Hand Movements]
284590 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] Doctor Scalp Check and Eczema Treatment
280058 Alexandria ASMR ASMR Toxic friend gives you a facial at her salon (everything is an extra cost!?!)
268706 uise iu.憂世いう ❤︎ ASMR / KU100┊ぐっぽり舌であつくなっちゃう💗お耳ふぅふぅ濃厚耳舐め♥ [ はむ/マッサージ/ear cleaning/ear licking/Mouthsound ]
261593 ASMR Glow Slowest ASMR (Ear Cleaning, Spa, Doctor, Scalp Exam, Tailor)
261026 강유미 yumi kang좋아서 하는 채널 [ASMR] 도믿걸 햄버거 먹방
257569 Amouranth ASMR Making You TINGLE Til You Lose | Amouranth
250005 edafoxx ASMR THE ASMR COLLAB: 21 Roleplays in 21 Minutes with Your Favorite ASMRtists!
246621 ASMR Anil Çakmak ASMR SLEEP PILL 💊 Asmr Head Massage In Real Barber Shop
243323 ruby is ASMR better on a $10,000 microphone?
239777 Jojo's ASMR POV: tingle dealer sells you PRIME (ASMR)
226254 Valeriya ASMR ASMR Cozy evening with me
224810 Kewas ASMR [ASMR] a DETAILED 'Unintentional' Full Body Examination of Back, Legs & Abdomen | Real Person ASMR
217092 ASMR Twix ASMR I got Scalp Comb Massage at Home in Japan (Soft Spoken)
209939 Goodnight Moon ASMR Plushie Workshop (customizing your design, unintelligible, face adjusting)
209072 Celaine's ASMR ASMR FALL ASLEEP in 10 MINUTES or LESS 👀 ASMR FOR SLEEP! Light Test, FOCUS, Chaotic, or 5 Minutes💤
208970 Macoto ASMR まこと。 [ASMR] 1300万円機材🎧本気で寝れる癒しの熟睡音。癒し/囁き/耳かき/マッサージ Triggers for Deep Sleep【睡眠導入/KU100】
208053 Diddly ASMR ASMR I bet I can give you tingles
203006 Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN 【KU100 ASMR】 Maid ASMR ♡ Brushing and washing your hair!
202043 valoulette asmr. brewing sleep potion.🧙‍♀️🧹 𖤐☽︎ 𝖜𝖎𝖑𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖆'𝖘 𝖈𝖔𝖟𝖞 𝖈𝖔𝖙𝖙𝖆𝖌𝖊 𖤐☽︎
199984 Mol ASMR. ASMR roleplay peluqueria con Feid Ferxxo ASMR español
198827 beebee asmr ASMR | My All Time Favorites Fast & Aggressive ASMR ( Body, Skin, Clothing Triggers, Fav Products +)
190470 ASMR Bakery ASMR 10 Addictive Triggers for DEEP Sleep (No Talking)
188713 Mol ASMR. ASMR para los que ya no sienten ASMR español
186818 skye ASMR ASMR TIME TO SLEEP 🤍 whispers, personal attention, doing your makeup & positive affirmations
185847 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Intense Aggressive Mic Triggers: Fluffy and Foam Covers, Mic Pumping, Scratching, and Tapping
183323 Lizi ASMR ASMR Caring Doctor Cranial Nerve Exam. Soft Spoken ~ Medical RP
178588 esteASMR ASMR / 😪 JYP와 스트레이키즈 전담 원장님에게 힐링 마사지를 받아 보았어요 팅글 가득~
177731 Mare Ch. なぃとめあ-耳舐めおばけ- 【ASMR】ママπ圧ぱふぱふスリスリされて絶頂期とつにゅー♡ はみっ/バブみ/心音/安眠/Vtube수면유도/掏耳朵【全肯定ばぶみるく】
174791 Jinx ASMR ASMR | Playing With Your Face ♡
173906 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Teaching You Spanish 🌹🌙 (soft spoken)
169407 ASMR Glow ASMR Spit Painting You (Intense Mouth Sounds)
166076 Dong ASMR ASMR Professional Inaudible Mouth Sounds
164207 Macoto ASMR まこと。 [ASMR] 音圧が凄い!耳が喜ぶ極上音質。囁きお話/耳かき/マッサージ/睡眠/作業 Massage, Tingle, Sleep【1300万円機材KU100/Vtuber】
163799 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Fast Hand Sounds for Relaxation & Tingles (Salt and Pepper, Finger Snaps and Flutters, Rambles)
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2023.05.17 04:09 Late_Stock_1355 Asian pre-med who failed calc first sem 😛

Demographic and faq: - Asian female - highly competitive Bay Area school - will not Qual for finaid - no hooks - applying premed, aiming for T20s, ivies, UCs and a few CSUs
Stats: - 3.83 unweighted as per first sem jr year transcript - 36 on act - 5s for seven APs (3 self studied, school doesn’t offer APs til jr year)
Additional info: - I had solid grades 9-10th grade (just one B), but first semester of jr year, I got diagnosed w a disease and my parents were going through a divorce, which took a heavy toll on my suicidal dad’s mental health. There was a LOT going on in just those couple of months, and whenever I wasn’t in the hospital (missing school) getting treated, I was trying to take care of my family first and foremost. I chose to prioritize my health and my dad over my grades, so I got a C in AP calculus BC and a B in another subject (good news is, getting an A in all subjects, even calculus, this semester!!!). I cant even fully bring myself to say I regret doing so terrible academically, because I know I would not be able to forgive myself if I didn’t intervene in my father’s actions… However, I do have a sinking feeling that those two grades alone will just invalidate my application, and that I have no shot at the schools I dream of attending. After reviewing my ECs, please share your honest thoughts and how I can come across as a caring, empathetic human through my story, rather than someone trying to cover up their grades by giving excuses.
ECs: 1) Supervising autistic family member’s ABA and Speech Therapy sessions (10-12hrs/wk, 52wk/yr, 7yrs) —> involved in lessons and work with mentors to teach sibling new words and their usage, but mainly focus on developing social skills. These sessions have taught me that skills that seem like second-nature to me may not come as easily to people with special needs. This is where my passion for neutodiverse inclusion and support stems from, and it’s a big part of my motivation to be a caring, Empathetic doctor.
2) Youth Ambassador for a national organization that is centered around neurodiverse inclusion in sports (2hwk, 52 wk/yr, 1yr) —> has opened pathways for me to engage with adults that have special needs, and learn from them about what I can do in my community to create a more supportive community for neurodiverse individuals. I’ve also gotten the chance to meet athletes and celebrities that work with this organizations and learned how they use their influence to expand love and support for people with intellectual disabilities.
3) Organized 2 healthcare conferences (10hrs/wk, 6 wks/yr, 2 years) —> reached out to healthcare workers from various specialties, and medical students, to be guest speakers. This conference (which took place on zoom) served to make it accessible for high schoolers to learn about the path to becoming a surgeon etc, as well as to talk with and ask questions directly to a professional to better understand what it’s like to work in their field. As a young woman in STEM aspiring to work in medicine, I always wished I had something like this so I could better understand the "petals" and "thorns" of studying to work in medicine I figured creating an event like this would not only fulfill my curiosity, but would benefit many others as well. We had over 300 students attend the first conference, and 500+ the second time!
4) Presented research at an international conference in Japan, won an award (14 hrs/wk, 30 wks, 1 yr) Research was about brain tumors, and in all honesty, it all happened unintentionally. In 10th grade I started reading about neuroscience topics if I found myself with some free time in class, and the summer after 10th grade, I dug deeper into a niche area of neurobiology and ended up producing a research paper under mentorship. I submitted it to an international conference and got accepted! The cherry on top was winning the award too! Very unexpected, and I wouldn't have even dreamed of it in 10th grade! It feels surreal that I got recognition for this :D
5) Internship with dentist (10 hrs/wk, 5 wks, 1 yr) Not related to neuroscience or neurodiverse inclusion at all, but I wanted to explore other areas of health as well. I came across an opening for this internship and thought it offered a lot of cool things that I wouldn't otherwise get to experience in high school. I learned how to take and interpret x rays, the nitty-gritty how certain procedures (crownings, root canals) are performed, and I was also taught about what kind of information is recorded in patient history and how it is all organized. During downtime, I would organize paperwork.
6) Officer of Club: Best Buddies (5 hrs/wk, 40 wks/yr, 3 yrs) Spend my free periods at school with the special needs students. I’ve seen how hard it is for my sibling to socialize with his peers, and it made me wonder how others with special needs feel. Best Buddies is aimed toward dismantling the gap between students who are and are not diagnosed with autism by having students spend time together during free periods. Favorite memories: teaching a student how to play piano, advocating at the district-level to plan a Special Prom (because students with special needs are not allowed at Prom, which robs them of a key high school experience, I felt strongly about this issue and wanted to organize a prom for these students).
7) Officer of Club: Leo Club (3 hrs/wk, 40 wks/yr, 2 yrs) Service club. I reach out to organizations to organize 3-4 service events per month. Compared to last year's totals, in just one semester I helped increase member count by 73, service hours by 923 hours, and funds raised by almost $600.
8) Taekwondo, 3rd degree black belt (8 hrs/wk, 48 wks/yr, 10 yrs) State-level competitor, several 1st place achievements. Assist in teaching classes of younger students twice a week.
9) ASMR Channel (2 hrs/wk, 25 wks/yr, 1 yr) As an insomniac, I watch asmr (ie massage asmr videos, not the slime etc ones haha) every night to fall asleep. I started creating asmr content for fun, hoping to help others relax the same way I've been able to through these videos. Not super successful yet (1k subscribers, ~30k total views among 15 videos), but I might put this on my application simply because it's just something I enjoy :)
10) Kpop dance covers (1 hwk, 52 wks/yr, 1 yr) Just another activity for fun, a creative outlet. I have a youtube channel for this as well, 30k subscribers and 1 million views (crazy...). Just another addition to my application that is meaningful to me, but not something impressive. I actually know some campuses have dance cover teams, so I want to talk about how I look forward to being a part of those communities on campus!
11) Not an activity or anything, but I got waitlisted at SSP (I WAS EXPECTING A REJECTION!!!). What does that say about the quality of my application and rec letters?
Essay: - Honestly, I'm still not certain about what I want to talk about in my essay, because I feel like there's SO many things that make me who I am. However, I am considering including this narrative in part of my essay: My family (Indian) speaks Konkani, which is a very uncommon language unless you go to Goa. In most parts of India, people don't know what Konkani even is. Every time I visit my grandparents in Goa, I feel so at home because I can just talk in Konkani all the time, rather than being stuck in a limbo between English, Konkani, and Hindi at home. I also have severe eczema, which becomes full-blown everytime I visit Goa. Everytime we travel there, we have to go to the pharmacy to get steroids to numb the sensation. I pinch my nose as I walk to the pharmacist, the streets lined with vendors selling smelly fish (I'm allergic to fish so I'm sensitive to the smell too). I'm basically thinking of having the narrative set in Goa, and talk about various experiences that reflect on me and my experiences with my family. I'd talk about my eczema, my sibling (and helping them acclimate to the new setting), meeting strangers that I instantly connect with and how they feel so familiar because we can converse in Konkani, etc.
Extra: - To Scholar Grade: thank you so much for reviewing this. The way I describe my ECs in this chanceme are not the quality that I'll use in my applications, and the way I've written my essay topic seems underdeveloped compared to what I am crafting in my head. However, taking into consideration the depth and impact (on others and my own identity) of my ECs, where do I stand in terms of applying to T20s? How can I make my application better? Thank you again!
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2023.05.17 01:39 M1nt22 oh no the mukbang animators got em

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2023.05.16 08:01 Significant_Neck3827 Fidget Slime Kit! Sensory Play

Fidget Slime Kit! Sensory Play
Beat the stress with sensory Fidget toys & antistress satisfying slimes ASMR, The two viral things together in one game for some crazy satisfaction. Try this new fidget slime challenge for some extreme oddly satisfying ASMR triggers. Slimes and fidgets have been the crazy trend for the longest time to beat the stress and keeping your minds and fingers busy. Try unique combinations of slime and and enjoy mixing fidget toys into slime using amazing particles for stress and anxiety relief. Keep your brains focused and fingers busy with fidgets and slimes together along with realistic ASMR triggers including ASMR crushing and antianxiety crunching of objects to visually soothe your senses. Enjoy mixing makeup, glitters & fidgets into slime to create amazing combos. Try the fidget slime challenge, bursting particles into slime using famous popping pop it fidget toys & simple dimple, enjoy asmr clay ball cracking for sensory soothing relaxation, putting frozen honey jelly in bottles and guess the color slime challenge in this amazing new fidget toy maker slime game and keep your brains and fingers busy for hours! Instead of watching satisfying & relaxing slime videos and fidget toys compilations enjoy this interactive sensory play game in which you can create these viral trends in your mobile device and publish your toy haul videos on social media to become famous!
Download now on android devices:Fidget Slime Kit! Sensory Play
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2023.05.15 16:26 Slimebase3 Satisfying slime ASMR, Flamingo LIPSTICK and MAKEUP mixed into CLEAR sli...

Satisfying slime ASMR, Flamingo LIPSTICK and MAKEUP mixed into CLEAR sli... submitted by Slimebase3 to Slime [link] [comments]

2023.05.15 16:26 Slimebase3 Satisfying slime ASMR, Flamingo LIPSTICK and MAKEUP mixed into CLEAR sli...

Satisfying slime ASMR, Flamingo LIPSTICK and MAKEUP mixed into CLEAR sli... submitted by Slimebase3 to u/Slimebase3 [link] [comments]

2023.05.14 21:36 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-04-30 to 2023-05-06) [Discussion]

No eatingslimekinetic sandmagnetic ballsstop motion cookingnoisy reaction/comedymarbles<2 minuteanimatedchiropractic

Views Channel Video
1675430 랄랄ralral 눈을 왜 그렇게 떠? 카페 기싸움 ASMR
965305 랄랄ralral 클럽 화장실 기싸움 2탄 ASMR
749275 Gibi ASMR 4K ASMR | Breaking Your Tingle Immunity with Unexpected Ear Tickles (Whispered)
717398 Moonlight Cottage ASMR Back to the Hair Parlour | ASMR Edwardian Roleplay (shampoo, brushing, haircut, hairstyling & brows)
606421 랄랄ralral 여배우 기싸움 인터뷰 (공사장 ASMR)
599545 ASMR Wan ASMR Fast iPhone Camera Tapping & Scrathing for Sleep 📷
516833 TomASMR ASMR In Area 51
485383 Gibi ASMR ASMR triggers that are just *chefs kiss* (whispered)
476235 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 深い眠りのためのASMR理容室😴💈(ヘッドスパ/シャンプー/シェービング/肩のマッサージ)
409910 Jocie B ASMR ASMR Tingly Mouth Sound Triggers 💋 (spoolie nibbling, teeth tapping, spit painting, whispering)
400726 Jojo's ASMR ASMR for people with LITERALLY 0 attention span...
392200 Jojo's ASMR This ASMR trigger will AMAZE YOU and put you to SLEEP 🤯
392042 わんこそばOne-Co Soba Noodles 【ASMR】1$ Tapeball 【急げ】ついに100均でテープボール用テープが販売されたぞぉおおおお!!!!
382556 beebee asmr Mouth Sounds ASMR (wet/dry ) | Hand Sounds/Movements, Fast & Aggressive Triggers
378688 Luna Bloom ASMR ASMR Eyes Closed Cranial Nerve Exam 😌 (with a touch of chaos) 🧚🏼‍♂️💤
378227 Gentle Whispering ASMR ASMR | Gentle & Light Touches 🌙 Whispers
365163 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] Sleep in 25 Minutes ~ Intense Relaxation
349473 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Trigger Words!
341006 Coromo Sara. ASMR ASMR for Those Who Want a Good Night's Sleep Right Now 😪 99.9% of You Will Sleep / 3Hr (No Talking)
335114 Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN 【OFF COLLAB】 Kronii + Fauna + 1000x Sensitivity Microphone 【KU100 ASMR?】
317140 beebee asmr ASMR | Fast Aggressive Fabric Scratching, Body Triggers, Jewelry Sounds, Nail Tapping, Mouth Sounds
311533 Luba from Ukraine Homemade Sausage Cooked on Fire l Kielbasa ASMR
300086 edafoxx ASMR ASMR click this if you don‘t know which asmr video to watch, k thanks :)
292780 Patra Channel / 周防パトラ 【ASM2時間】耳かき多種類で最高に気持ち良い!耳回りから鼓膜まで!声少なめ・寝落ち推奨!Deep Ear Cleaning Penetrates the Brain【周防パトラ】
286843 Jinx ASMR ASMR | Mic Pumping + Cupped Whispers ♡
272260 ASMR Bakery ASMR Scratching Through Your Brain | Invisible + 3D Triggers (No Talking)
262987 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Spit Painting on You (Wet Mouth Sounds/Personal Attention)
260571 FrivolousFox ASMR ASMR 💋 1 HOUR of Soft Kisses & Fluffy Massage ~
260483 지읒asmr 지읒asmr} 니들이 좋아할 것 같은 소리
253710 Timur Doctorov Live ASMR Intense neck and head massage by Anastasia
253526 Lowe ASMR ASMR But... I'm Jojo ASMR
253118 Mare Ch. なぃとめあ-耳舐めおばけ- 【耳舐めASMR】ムリヤリ♡耳のナカを舌がうねうね這いずり回るッッ♡ 耳塞ぎ/KU100/Vtubeear licking/귀 핥기/舔耳【回転ドリル舐め】
252085 KatieASMR ASMR TSA Security Check - Fast & Aggressive [Real Person] Role Play w/@MadPASMR - Triggers to RELAX
248204 Dong ASMR ASMR for people without HEADPHONES...
246795 Macoto ASMR まこと。 [ASMR] これは虜になる!寝れる鼓膜グリグリ、ゼロ距離囁き、耳ふー、耳マッサージ、 癒し Ear Massage, Whispering, Tingle【KU100/Vtuber】
242794 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR May I Sketch You? (+ Compliments) | Wes Anderson Inspired | Quirky & Fun 🌵📖
236345 Mol ASMR. ASMR vendedor roleplay para dormir agente de viajes ASMR español
229769 Anny ASMR ASMR ESPAÑOL / ¿PUEDO TOCAR tu CARITA? + REVIS0 TODO TU CU3RP0 + Inaudible (muy relajante)
228461 Yarify ASMR ASMR DONCELLA ✧ te lavo, cepillo y corto el cabello, mi Lady 💖 RP
227370 Diddly ASMR ASMR Mouth Sounds at 100% Sensitivity
226093 M2 [팅글썰롱] ASMR로 듣는 '이펙스 백승&금동현이 서로 자랑하고 싶은 것은?' | EPEX 백승&금동현 편 (ENG SUB)
217389 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Trigger Tier List!
217153 Jojo's ASMR ASMR click this if you don't know which asmr video to watch tonight :)
216756 benio店長 / ASMR屋さん 登録者100万人いくまでASMR😪🎉
215104 Catplant ASMR ASMR - A Lovely Girl gives you a Cranial Nerve Exam 🩺 (soft-spoken - whispered)
214976 健屋花那【にじさんじ】KanaSukoya 【ASMR】GWなんてくそくらえバイノーラル配信【健屋花那/にじさんじ】
213283 goshakartsev Эльдар Джарахов | ASMR
205551 TOKYO ASMR MASSAGE ASMR 表参道の高級理容室で最高のおもてなし【ヘアカット・ヘッドマッサージ・肩マッサージ・シャンプー】
204562 Goodnight Moon ASMR Unpredictable Triggers (Magazine Chiropractor, No Tingles Until, Personal Attention)
201815 ASMR Glow ASMR Follow my Instructions for DEEP SLEEP 🌙
199784 YSF [✨Very Spicy!✨] Mafia Boss Finds You Home Alone... [Boyfriend ASMR]
198957 無口 Mukuchi ASMR 【ASMR】JKが指耳かきするよ。 耳ふー多め
198553 anna dreamy ASMR ASMR NOOB VS PRO VS HACKER
196915 Margo's ASMR ASMR Lower Body Massage ( Follow-Up Appointment)
195780 Momota ASMR 【50分】ゼロ距離囁きで気持ちいい指耳かき【ASMR】
193751 Ephemeral Rift Go To Sleep | ASMR
191964 ASMR Bakery ASMR Guaranteed Sleep Using Your Favorite Triggers 3 Hr (No Talking)
submitted by Hayate-kun to asmr [link] [comments]

2023.05.13 06:43 OhanaSlime ANOTHER SALE

It's time for a make room sale!! #newslimes #newslime #clearanceslime #saleslime #newshop #newslimeshop #etsyshopowner #shopifystore #shopifyseller #underratedslimer #smallbusiness #underratedslime #smallbusinessinstagram #slimes #fyp #fypシ #adultslimer #OhanaSlimeCompany #HonestReview #slime #slimevideo #iloveslime #AdultSlimer #slimeshopreview #supportsmallslimeshops #supportsmallbusiness #slimeasmr #asmr #asmrvideo #slimevideo
submitted by OhanaSlime to Slime [link] [comments]

2023.05.11 14:47 Slimebase3 Slime ASMR, mini donut LIPGLOSS and glitter mixed into green slime!! #as...

Slime ASMR, mini donut LIPGLOSS and glitter mixed into green slime!! #as... submitted by Slimebase3 to Slime [link] [comments]

2023.05.09 21:16 Lyra_langleyfalls (F4M) Lamia Coils And Embraces You

Hey everyone! Once again im posting a script i have written and recorded for my youtube channel. This is a lamia one, ive never written anything about a lamia before so id say its not the best but if you'd like to use it go ahead!
I dont mind if you make if f4a or m4a or anything like that. you can change the script however you like i dont mind. All that i ask is that you LINK MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL in your description :3
My YouTube channel is TrashPandaASMR
Heres a link:

I would highly suggest doing some snake noises and stuff just to fill it out. Personally I recorded this slowly and almost sleepily? I've posted this on my channel so you can check out what I mean. But if you want to record it differently then totally do! If you're struggling for snake sounds (like i did) try looking up sounds of guts dragging or slime sounds :3
For me this script was 10 minutes.
Also id really love if you shared your video if you do choose to record it so i can see!

Mmm what do we have here?
You should know better little humans, than to crawl into a snake's den.
Heh heh heh
Quite now, the more you struggle and scream the tighter ill coil.
Mmmm aren't you cute.
It's not often I get a human willingly crawling into my humble abode.
Ah i see, so you slipped in because of the rain.
Mhm mhm mhm how unfortunate for you. And here I was thinking I'd have to go out hunting for food this evening.
Mmm lucky me, I could just swallow you up now.
Haha i told you to stop struggling little one. You don't want me to coil too tight now do you?
Mmm you're quite warm. How long have you been out in the rain, tiny human.
Tut tut no wonder you're so toasty, you've probably gone and caught yourself a cold out in that rain.
Whatever were you doing out there in the first place? This deep in the first is dangerous for weak ones like yourself, especially without a weapon.
Ha! You don't care.. You almost make it sound like you wanted to get harmed.
Oh… I see.
Did something bad happen to you human? Did somebody hurt you?
Well… regardless if you tell me or not I will let you stay here until the rain goes off.
Maybe my cold blood will help your fever too.
Hm? Ha ha you are a silly little one.
You think i'd actually eat a human? No, that cannot be done.
Why? Well haven't you heard, lamia are practically half human. My upper body is that of a human girl. It would practically be cannibalism to consume you.
Oh we just say it to scare off humans. As i said before it's dangerous for them this deep in the woods.
My i've heard all sorts of stories about those damn spider people capturing people in webs and the like.
Hm, why coil around you? Well you see tiny humans, to lamias humans are kind of like hot water bottles, or teddy bears.
Just something fun to coil around for a while.
It brings us comfort I suppose.
Well, that is surprising. I've never heard of a human finding being coiled comforted before.
I didn't know humans would enjoy such things.
Such odd creatures you are.
I want to know more about what you like…
You like the coil because it makes you tingly? Hehe i see
In that case… i'm not going to let you go. Ill make you feel better, tiny human.
Tingly and warm here in my den.
If you just relax and stay here with me i will coil around you all night.
Ill keep you safe here away from all your troubles outside.
You're so warm and squishy.
You'll tell me if I squeeze too tight right darling?
Mmm good. You're so comfortable, I should hold humans captive as cuddle buddies more often.
Or maybe I should just keep you as a permanent one!
Seriously though, you shouldn't run out in the rain like that, you're lucky you fell into my den so i could help you.
Don't worry, you're safe now.
I'll take care of your, you can relax
So comfy
Yawn and mmm and slither and stuff
submitted by Lyra_langleyfalls to ASMRScriptHaven [link] [comments]

2023.05.09 13:48 Slimebase3 Relaxing SLIME Makeup Mixing creates ASMR!! #スライム

Relaxing SLIME Makeup Mixing creates ASMR!! #スライム submitted by Slimebase3 to u/Slimebase3 [link] [comments]

2023.05.09 04:27 Hayate-kun 60 most-viewed ASMR videos on YouTube last week (2023-04-23 to 2023-04-29) [Discussion]

No eatingslimekinetic sandmagnetic ballsstop motion cookingnoisy reaction/comedymarbles<2 minuteanimatedchiropractic

Views Channel Video
887614 Moona ✵WARNING✵ this ASMR will get you HIGH (on tingles) / АСМР
655632 Gibi ASMR 4K ASMR | Choosing & Changing Your Eye Color
522636 시리TV Shili ASMR | Jungle Full Body Massage | Balinese Flower Bath
454953 asmr zeitgeist ASMR WOOD SOUP + Other Sleep & Tingle Inducing Triggers from Ear to Ear [All Natural | No Talking]
447938 Latte ASMR ASMR Dermatologist Facial Treatment (Dermarolling)
427690 ASMR Anil Çakmak SLEEP ASMR | Best Asmr Ear Massage In Real Barber Shop (ear, scalp, head, arm, hands, neck)
416367 Jojo's ASMR [ASMR] I Will Send You $1,000 If You Don't Get Tingles...
387872 Goodnight Moon ASMR 1920s Jewelry Store (soft speaking/whispering, gossip, gift wrapping)
381828 ASMR Glow ASMR Twin Mouth Sounds! ✨
368063 Tingting ASMR [ASMR] Drawing Features on Your Face
309223 ASMR Cherry Crush ASMR 🍒 Follow My Instructions with your Banana 🍌
298530 Kabuyama VA {Kissing}{Moaning} REVERSE YANDERE ASMR - Sneaking Into Your Crush's Bed {M4A}
290949 beebee asmr Comfy Cozy ASMR | Chill Mouth Sounds, Hand Movements, Skin Scratching +
280118 ASMRmpits asmr | 1 Hour of Spit Painting ( triggers vary )!
277923 Anny ASMR ASMR PERO en TODO mi CU3RPO + SPIT PAINTING intenso + VOZ NORMAL (muy relax)
275222 Nanou ASMR ASMR - Super Relaxing Triggers (with echo)
269893 Scottish Murmurs ASMR ASMR FOR MEN (you won't be disappointed 😏)
256321 Jojo's ASMR 99.99% of YOU will sleep to this ASMR (No Talking)
247605 ASMR Share ASMR Ear massage & Ear blowing Tongtong | 周童潼
238655 FrivolousFox ASMR 30+ Min. of Pure, Crisp Whispers (ASMR)
238466 Lizi ASMR Fastest ASMR Medical Combo (Eye Exam, Ear Exam & Cleaning, Cranial Nerve Exam, Therapist, Scalp C)
236191 Coromo Sara. ASMR ASMR Sleep Well in 35 Minutes 😴🌙 (No Talking)
233063 [ASMR]nara_나라 ASMR(Sub✔)메이드바버샵💈 숙면을 위한 1대1맞춤 서비스 상황극 Maid Barbershop's 💈 personal service for a good sleep
230053 Tiptoe Tingles ASMR ASMR Fast and Slow Mouth Sounds, Tongue Clicking, and Hand Sounds (Rambles)
228238 Dong ASMR YOU will sleep to this ASMR at exactly 5:50
225523 esteASMR ASMR / 😪 깊은 잠을 위한 중국식 마사지 팅글 가득한 풋케어
225515 Mol ASMR. ASMR tu asmr favorito para dormir ASMR español
219630 Ceres Fauna Ch. hololive-EN 【KU100 ASMR】 Comfy ASMR for you! ♡ Ear cleaning, heartbeats for sleep & relaxation ♡
219410 Semide ASMR ASMR Head to Toe Assessment with @ChilibASMR (1 Hour Real Person Medical Roleplay)
214457 valoulette asmr. pov: you fell asleep first at the sleepover. 🤫😈 [Custom Video for Adam]
212851 ASMR Bakery ASMR for People Who Like REALLY Intense Triggers (No Talking)
207099 릴파 lilpa 릴파의 첫 ASMR
207087 Trisha Paytas ASMR ASMR Cleopatra Does Your Makeup
206944 Lila Asmr ASMR Roleplay tu mejor amiga se te declara
205577 ASMR KittyKlaw АСМР Кроляндия 🐰✂💇 [ Стрижка, Чистка ушек, Массаж, Проверка глаз ] 💉💊 ASMR haircut, massage, clean
204890 Amouranth ASMR ASMR KITTY PLAY | You will tingle uncontrollably
204341 uise iu.憂世いう ❤︎ ASMR / KU100┊愛情たっぷり💗奥までゆっくり気持ちよくなろ? [ はむ/マッサージ/Vtubeear cleaning/ear licking/Mouthsound ]
203423 Starling ASMR ASMR BS Cranial Nerve Exam ( Roleplay for Sleep and Laugh lol )
202796 ASMR Glow ASMR For the Best Sleep Ever 🌙 Tucking You In
199275 ASMR Wan ASMR Doing Your Makeup 👄 While You Laying (Soft Mouth sounds/no talking) ACMP
197958 ASMR MOOD АСМР 💙 ТВОЯ НЕЙРОСЕТЬ 💙🤪 Виртуальный Ассистент | ASMR Neural Network
196833 FrivolousFox ASMR ASMR until you fall asleep... (underrated trigger edition ❤️)
194988 Celaine's ASMR ASMR Detailed Cranial Nerve Exam & Vestibular Assessment 👩‍⚕️ DETAILED Ear, Eye Exam Hearing Test
194675 FredsVoice ASMR 💈✂️Luxury 2 hour Haircut & Cut Throat Razor Shave 💈ASMR💈🪒
186332 Vito ASMR ASMR Very Satisfying and Relaxing Soap Cutting 자, 오늘은 비누 자르는 소리좀 들어볼깡
186308 Cherie Lorraine ASMR ASMR Roleplay: The Southern Barber ✂️
171477 3D Sound Studio Is this the next level of ASMR? 2 (Wear Headphones, Close Eyes)
169286 Amy Kay ASMR ASMR Erm, There's Something on Your Face... I'll Get It! 😊 Whispers in Your Ear, Personal Attention
165259 Yarify ASMR ASMR ✧ MASAJE CAPILAR con sonidos de AGUA 🌊🐬✨ BLUE YETI
164373 Ale ASMR asmr SPIT PAINTING muy INTENSO + Mouth Sounds Ale ASMR español (:
162890 Léa Chipie ASMR: POUR DORMIR PROFONDÉMENT AVEC UNE SIRÈNE..😍🧜‍♀️ (intense asmr)
submitted by Hayate-kun to asmr [link] [comments]