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2023.05.30 23:04 KEEPCARLM Funny how you dominate a match but got one lucky goal and receive messages after about how lucky you are.

It blows my mind how blind some people are to how football works and it makes you wonder how truly out of touch people are who complain about scripting and the likes.
I just played a guy who did nothing just passed the ball around midfield doing pointless skill moves going nowhere. He scored two cross goal pass goals because he's got prime Eusebio and prime Pele up front and apparently they are impossible to mark. He had 6 shots in total.
I won 3-2. I had 20 shots, hit the crossbar 3 times including from a point blank range volley where the ball then came off the bar and his player tripped over the ball and scored an own goal. It was a lucky goal, but also unlucky as there's genuinely no reason the volley should hit the bar when I only tapped shoot...
Anyway to me, I've won the match fair and square and move on with my life. Then I receive this sarcastic message telling me how undeserved the win was (I translated the sarcasm) and that the game let me win.
I'm not sure what planet this guy is on but he concedes one unfortunate goal and suddenly the game let me win, despite dominating the game entirely. One of his goals came from my player I explicitly misplacing an easy pass too... Obviously he doesn't notice that!
So my overall point is that so many people bang on about how the game is unfair and scripted but I think a lot of people have their heads so far up their own arse they can't even remotely detect when they have been bested fair and square.
If I bombard your goal for 90 minutes I'm making my own luck, if every attacking chance has a 10% chance of something lucky happening as a result then I'm more likely to get that luck by having more attacking chances.
It's like how Lampard always scored deflected goals, it looks lucky but ultimately hes so effective at shooting players used to panic block his shots resulting in bad block attempts. You have to realise football is also about making your own luck. Conceding one lucky goal in a game you where dominated in is not the game hating you.
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2023.05.30 23:04 Chemical_Dare_5351 Feeling unsure

I’m just rambling here. Things aren’t what I thought they were. Up until a few years ago I was living life on autopilot. Never questioned a thing. Things just were what they were. And now, everything is different. It’s so surreal being inside a body. It’s so uncomfortable. Looking out, everything seems to not be real. I’m trying medication and meditation but after a quick slip up with thc they go back to feeling unreal. It makes me feel like things would be better if death came more quickly. I know in the moment I would feel it all slipping away, and I would be terrified about what’s next. If anything. I want to feel connected to my body and my spirit like before. But not like before. I want to feel good in my skin. I feel as if though I was actually alive and not in some pseudo false reality. And if I do make it to that, I want it to feel really, not some sort of simulation. It seems like the further I go on, less seems to make sense to me. I need something. The gurus I have say I don’t need anything, but I can’t seem to drop the ego. If I drop the ego will everything just fall away. I hope so and I hope not. The way I’m feeling can’t be conceptualized into words. I’m trying my best. I’m supposed to be studying. I really need help. Is help gonna come from an outside source or is it gonna come from me? Are the two even really all that different? Philosophy says no, my mind says yes, and my heart is unsure.
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2023.05.30 23:04 boundless_laurels Broke up with my (27f) ex (27m) because he chose the other woman. How do I move on

Me (27f) and my ex (27m) were together for 5 years and broke up over the weekend because he lied to me about a coworker I asked him not to get involved with.
I knew there was something going on months ago and I told him it made me uncomfortable and he told me he would stop talking. He gaslighted me into saying she was just a friend and made me feel like I was just insecure and jealous. I tried to trust him and gave him the benefit of the doubt but then the seeing her at work turned into flirting over teams. Turned into getting her number. Turned into texting her while he was at home with me in secret.
The final straw was when he didn’t tell me she would be at the work drinks. He was with her all night and texting her into the early mornings. When I brought it up he tried to cover it up again but I needed to trust my gut and end it for good.
We were together for 5 years and had the most amazing relationship up until last year when he started this new job.
I know that people can fall apart as they grow but I was always so communicative with him about how I was feeling and every time I raised concerns he told me he wanted to be with me. I trusted him and he lied and snuck around even more.
It kills me to know he chose her over me. I hate knowing that while I’m here hurting from the pain he’s caused he is getting closer to her.
I’ve been back and forth with myself these last few days questioning “why wasn’t I enough, what did I do wrong other than love him” and I’m starting to come to the realisation that it’s not a me issue.
I know that I will move on and find someone who will treat me right and will choose me but it doesn’t take away the emptiness that has been left in my life.
I don’t even know what I’m trying to achieve with this post but I feel like I have no one to talk to anymore. I’ve lost my best friend, the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wish I could remember him as the guy I fell in love with but all I see now is anger for the disrespect he has given me with the lies.
Need advice from people who have had a similar issue happen. How did you move on?
TLDR 5 year relationship over because he chose his co worker that he was sneaking around with. Looking for advice on moving on.
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2023.05.30 23:04 ThrowRAspitefulmagic My (25M) girlfriend (27F) has issues with me having a female best friend (25F). In need of suggestions for how to move forward.

My girlfriend and I have been dating since the beginning of this year. She has a lot of insecurities, and as time goes on I see her slowly slipping out of those insecurities which makes me very happy. This is someone I fully intend on spending the rest of my life with. The one thing that hasn’t seemed to make any kind of improvement though is her feelings about my female best friend.
I’ve been friends with this person since I was 12. We have been in and out of friend groups together, seen each other go in and out of romantic relationships, and have stuck by each other’s side the entire time. We’ve never dated, never had any kind of romantic connection ever throughout all of these past 13 years. She’s someone I hold very close to my heart, but in very much the same way I would a family member. It’s worth noting that my best friend is also in a committed relationship and has been for over a year now. A bit of extra context, I live 45 minutes away from my best friend and I hang out with her and her boyfriend once every few weeks when we have free time. My girlfriend, on the other hand, lives on the other side of the country. I am east coast, she’s west. We have plans to meet in August, but have not yet met in person.
Back in March, I introduced the two for the first time. I was out with my best friend and called my girlfriend on the phone, and had the three of us talk over the phone for about five minutes. It seemed to go really well, and afterwards my best friend added her on instagram and the two of them began communicating there. They talked for a bit over the course of a week or so, and it ended with my girlfriend sending a wall of text about a bunch of stuff, mainly talking about tattoos as that is something they both enjoy a lot. My best friend heart-reacted the message but never actually responded. My girlfriend took that very negatively and now assumes that my best friend doesn’t want anything to do with her, since there has been no other direct message communication.
My best friend has struggled with her relationship with social media for a long time, and has told me many times how stressed out she can get with messages from people piling up on her. She also works 60-70 hour work weeks on top of juggling hobbies on the side like DJing, going to the gym, etc. It is very hard to get a hold of her sometimes, with me having to double and triple text her sometimes just to get an answer about something. I have to admit it is very annoying sometimes, but it’s just something I have to deal with and I can put my feelings aside knowing that she is busy, is a naturally forgetful person (gets dates and times wrong pretty often) and struggles with a lot of personal issues. I tried explaining all of this to my girlfriend after she brought up not getting a response from my best friend, and she got very upset at me for defending my best friend’s actions.
Since then, I’ve tried to not bring up my best friend to my girlfriend as often as I can, as I could tell there was some tension there. Though my girlfriend will ask about her from time to time, and I always answer openly and honestly as there is nothing to hide. My girlfriend always ends the conversations with something to the extent of, “I don’t like her and I don’t dislike her. She just doesn’t matter at all to me.”
I’ve hung out with my best friend a couple of times since they talked on instagram and she always talks about my girlfriend, asking how she is, talking about how cool she seems, and how she wants to get to know her more. Having known her for as long as I have, I know she genuinely wants to be friends with my girlfriend but gets very stressed out using social media and meeting new people in general.
Just recently there was another instance of my girlfriend bringing up my best friend in conversation, i.e. asking if we had any upcoming plans, and I mentioned there was an event we were going to next weekend that we’d been excited about for a couple of months. After talking about how excited I was to finally go, she again responded with something like “I just don’t really care about her at all, I’m extremely indifferent about her and what she does.” I tried to talk it out with her again, explaining that she really does like my girlfriend and that she wasn’t intending to be mean by not responding to her on instragram, despite it coming off that way. And once again she accused me of being defensive and of making excuses for my best friend’s actions instead of validating her own feelings. I asked where we should go from there, what she thought the solution could be. After my girlfriend said that she doesn’t know a solution, I offered some. Specifically, I suggested that we could organize an online game night with me, my girlfriend, my best friend, and her boyfriend, so that the four of us could interact more and that might make my girlfriend a bit more comfortable. She didn’t seem very interested in that option. The conversation sort of trickled out without a solution and we’re back in this weird spot of her feeling a certain way about my best friend and my spending time with her.
I am now coming to reddit for suggestions. I thought that facilitating a time for all of us to spend together would be the best route to take, but as I said my girlfriend doesn’t seem to want to. I feel super uncomfortable now even texting my best friend, let alone hanging out in person. I also haven’t told my best friend any of this, since from her perspective she really likes my girlfriend and doesn’t think there is any bad energy between the two of them. It feels like her ideal solution is for me to stop talking to my best friend altogether, though she has never verbally suggested that. They both matter a lot to me and I don’t want to have to get to the point of needing to choose between the two of them. What do I do from here?
TLDR: My girlfriend had a weird interaction with my best friend on instagram and assumes that my best friend doesn’t like her. I try to explain that my best friend suffers from social anxiety related issues, and that she tells me all of the time how much she likes my girlfriend and wants to be better friends with her, but my girlfriend just accuses me of defending my best friend’s actions and invalidating her own feelings. In need of advice.
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2023.05.30 23:04 Chai_09 What are some ways I can invest my current savings as I am new to investing.

Currently have £10,000 in my current savings. I earn £30k a year and was wondering what is the best way I can invest my savings so it can grow as I want to use it to buy a house so I can put it on rent and where to put savings each month from income?
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2023.05.30 23:04 migzanity Bobo nung HS. Comeback ngayong College?

Gusto ko lang mag rant. (i'm not sure if this is a rant but let's go.)
Mula nung Elementary hanggang sa SHS lalo na nung JHS, sobrang baba ng mga grades ko. halos 75 average and 75 sa ibang subj. Lalo na nung JHS na every quarter ina-announce nung adviser namin 'yung rankings and ako nasa pinaka-mababa. in other word, ako pinaka-kulelat. It's like I don't give a f*ck, ine-enjoy ko buhay ko. But then I realized na nung panahon pala na 'yun, ako pinaka-bobo samin, ako pinaka-laging jina-judge & saakin walang tiwala ang teachers. lahat ng judgements nasakin.
But now, I'm in college na and My GWA is always 3-3.3 or something. nagtataka lang ako, na sobrang tamad ko ba talaga nung elem,jhs at shs ko? na kahit sa madaling subject ay mababa ako.
The fun part is, 'yung mga tinatawanan, niyayabangan, inaasar ako nung shs. They're now having a grade lower than 2.5. Look how the tables turned 'no?
Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to get that 4 and for a Latin on my graduation!
Share ko lang.
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2023.05.30 23:03 Tomrr6 Disable and Enable TeleportInteractor? (Interaction SDK)

I'm trying to make it so the player cannot teleport unless they are in the center of their play area. I have a system that detects the player's location, then sends Disable() or Enable() to all the relevant interactors (on each hand: Teleport Interactor, Turner Interactor, and the Best Hover Interactor Group in their parent). However, this does not seem to do anything.
I tried an alternative solution that just Activates or Deactives the "LocomotionHandInteractorGroup" parent outright. This actually does stop the player from teleporting at unwanted times! However, it gets really janky. UI is floating all over the place! This is fixed by jiggling your hands a bit, but that's too janky and confusing for the player.
The way I'm detecting the player's location is by using the TransformActiveState and ActiveStateUnityEventWrapper scripts from the FirstHand demo.
Any tips on how to properly stop the player from teleporting? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:03 why-do-i-have-a-name im so funny

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2023.05.30 23:03 SteinerScoutLance 30 [M4F] Ontario/Anywhere - Gentle Giant & Nerd Seeks Cat Ladies, Gamers & Geeks

Hello ladies! I hope you are having a nice day, and if not, that you find someone who can bring a smile to your face! I come to you looking for a consistent chat partner with whom I can hopefully develop an emotionally intimate relationship with. I’m open to anything that happens, but not looking to rush into anything. Let’s just chat, spend time together and see where it goes?
I’m very left leaning, child-free and emotionally available. I’m a tall, hairy and chunky boy, happy to provide pictures of myself and my cats on request! I love board games, television and film, history, animal care and food of all kinds. I am a big proponent for being active in local community support organizations and do my best to be a faithful friend. I’m far from perfect, but making other people laugh or smile is what makes my day!
I currently have three foster cats who take up a lot of my time, as I am working on socializing two of them who were born outside. We are making great progress! I’d love to meet another animal lover, as my eventual dream would be to open up an animal sanctuary that doubles as a therapy center for humans. I have an unbreakable love for animals, and faith in their ability to help us heal. I think seeing a battered, scarred or withdrawn animal come out of their shell, seeking love, attention and comfort is one of the most rewarding things on the planet.
I’m a sucker for a cute giggle or laugh, freckles, curly hair and genuine passion about what interests you. Intelligence and emotional maturity are big things for me, but I’d also love someone to watch trashy reality TV with! Tell me about your pets, your D&D campaign, your favorite movie, or your dirty little secret! Let’s get to know each other. Please give me more than ‘hey’ or ‘how are you’ to work with!
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2023.05.30 23:03 manch3sthair_united Well it did its job

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2023.05.30 23:03 SteinerScoutLance 30 [M4F] Ontario/Anywhere - Gentle Giant & Nerd Seeks Cat Ladies, Gamers & Geeks

Hello my childfree ladies! I hope you are having a nice day, and if not, that you find someone who can bring a smile to your face! I come to you looking for a consistent chat partner with whom I can hopefully develop an emotionally intimate relationship with. I’m open to anything that happens, but not looking to rush into anything. Let’s just chat, spend time together and see where it goes?
I’m very left leaning, child-free and emotionally available. I’m a tall, hairy and chunky boy, happy to provide pictures of myself and my cats on request! I love board games, television and film, history, animal care and food of all kinds. I am a big proponent for being active in local community support organizations and do my best to be a faithful friend. I’m far from perfect, but making other people laugh or smile is what makes my day!
I currently have three foster cats who take up a lot of my time, as I am working on socializing two of them who were born outside. We are making great progress! I’d love to meet another animal lover, as my eventual dream would be to open up an animal sanctuary that doubles as a therapy center for humans. I have an unbreakable love for animals, and faith in their ability to help us heal. I think seeing a battered, scarred or withdrawn animal come out of their shell, seeking love, attention and comfort is one of the most rewarding things on the planet.
I’m a sucker for a cute giggle or laugh, freckles, curly hair and genuine passion about what interests you. Intelligence and emotional maturity are big things for me, but I’d also love someone to watch trashy reality TV with! Tell me about your pets, your D&D campaign, your favorite movie, or your dirty little secret! Let’s get to know each other. Please give me more than ‘hey’ or ‘how are you’ to work with!
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2023.05.30 23:03 Distinct-Truth-9609 PhD laptop advice

I’m looking to get a MBP to get me through school these next 4 years. I do a lot of medical image processing, machine learning, and data processing in R and Python. Additionally, I work with 3D motion capture data which can be hefty. One project can be several terabytes of data.
Current set up is an intel based MacBook Air and an iPad Pro. Ideal new set up would have a dual monitors and my iPad.
What MBP specs would be the best for under $2,800??
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2023.05.30 23:03 HercHuntsdirty My (24F) Girlfriend Ended 6 Year Relationship With Me (26M) - I Don’t Understand (Advice/Guidance Needed)

I (26M) was recently broken up with by my (24F) girlfriend of 6 years right after opening up to her about how I had been struggling a lot mentally recently. That's not necessarily the cause, but it happens to be a terrible coincidence.
Backstory to the unfortunate mental struggles:
About 10 weeks ago I had a very long night out and woke up extremely hungover. My brother met up with me that night in our parents car and ended up staying with us for a few drinks, so evidently he left the car.
Of course, I woke up and had a boatload of caffeine so I was already on edge a little bit. My brother was still asleep, so my mom asked me if I could quickly drive my dad to the car so he could take it home. No problem, I hopped in my car and drove there with my dad.
On the way home, completely unprovoked and no anxiety prior, I had an insane panic attack. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I think I’ve only had one panic attack in my life, and for some reason it left me with a very small amount of social anxiety. During this attack, my hands and feet were completely numb and sweating. At first, I had literally no idea what was going on - I thought it was a legitimate health issue. I ended up taking a bit to drive home, but I made it.
Since then, I've just had heightened anxiety. I've had one other panic attack in the past and I eventually got over the lingering anxiety, so I knew it wasn't permanent.
Mental Health Backstory on her end:
To preface this, we both have anxiety/depression in our genetics unfortunately. In fact, her mom spent some time in the hospital when they were young because of how bad it got.
She also apparently had a ton of anxiety from work recently (she's a nurse, I'm in tech).
On my mothers side of the family, my mom, grandma and great grandma have struggled with anxiety their entire lives, some of them taking antidepressants.
Not fun genes for either of us to have, but we persevered!
Our Relationship:
This is what has been getting to me, our relationship was very healthy. We argued probably 2-3 times per year, we spent the majority of days together - as we lived only a 5 minute drive apart. We were both fully a part of each other's families. All of the normal relationship stuff, we were completely engulfed in it. We had also been looking at engagement rings for a bit and ALWAYS talked about our life together.
When I was about 19 before we were together, I used to drunkenly talk about her all of the time to my friends saying "if she ever gets out of the relationship with her boyfriend (at that time) she's the one I'm going for". When I was graduating high school, I went into her class on yearbook day, grabbed her yearbook and wrote my number in it. Long story short, she ended up single and within a month of that happening, we were together.
The "problems" we had over the years that were semi-recurring:
I didn't suggest enough of our plans. I explained to her a number of times that I'd happily go anywhere, I just don't tend to suggest ideas because sometimes she wanted to, other times she didn't. I've lived by the motto "happy wife, happy life" in that relationship, so I tended to go along with whatever she suggested.
We didn't take enough pictures together. I don't really like being in too many pictures and that bothered her.
We didn't travel together enough. This goes back to the anxiety, I hate flying and haven't done it in almost a decade. However, I have an appointment with my doctor in early July where I'm requesting some "emergencies only" anxiety medication to use for that exact scenario. Note - she went on a number of trips over the years with her closest friends. Furthermore, we had done weekend getaways via car together but those apparently don't count. To add, her friends are hopping on planes at least once per month to go somewhere, I think comparison became the thief of joy here.
I didn't tell her I loved her enough or hug her enough. This one is hard for me because I felt like I definitely told her I loved her a lot. She used to occasionally say "do you even love me", semi-joking but also serious, and I always told her of course I did and even though I may not say it a number of times a day, of course I do. I also did a TON of things for her to show how much I cared (ie. she very rarely had to make a lunch for work, I cooked for her almost every day and we don't even live together) The hugging thing is a bit different, as she's always been extremely affectionate and I never really have been. I truly think it comes down to how I was raised, affection just wasn't a huge part of my childhood. (note, that's not a problem for me or anything, I had incredible family/parents, it just wasn't as prominent as it was in her childhood)
I cared a lot about money and how we could set ourselves up to move out. She had taken 5 trips (two of them by train, three by plane) with her friends in the past year and after the 5th one I asked if she planned on slowing down so she could focus on tackling her student debt and so we could start saving to move out, have a wedding etc. Specifically, I wanted us to be in the position where we weren't renting a home, ESPECIALLY given how much money we were making combined. This part kind of confused me because she was the first one to suggest moving out, but when it came time to adjusting the lifestyle to prepare for it, she didn't like the idea. But, I did use it as a crutch for my anxiety to get out of things sometimes and I did open up to her about that. As an example though, I still went with her to the Gucci store and helped her pick out a very expensive purse to celebrate getting her first real nursing job after graduating. I don't feel that I cared about money (especially given the stage we were in in our lives) more than any of my buddies with girlfriends. I wanted us to be set up well for the coming stages of our lives; they were fast approaching. Furthermore, her friends are catching a plane every weekend and are living with their parents but pay cheque to pay cheque with no prospects of ever leaving unless it's renting
The Situation:
About 7-ish weeks ago, a few weeks after my panic attack, my girlfriend was very adamant that we needed to book a trip together. She said we hadn't been on a "real" trip during our relationship (by real, she means getting on a plane). We were sitting down in her bed on my laptop looking at destinations and flights, but I was incredibly anxious about the whole thing. As we were about to book, I broke down and was fully vulnerable to her for one of the first times in the 6 year relationship. I said that I just don't see myself getting onto a plane right now without some kind of medication to calm me down. On top of that, it would stress me out financially a bit, as I'm a full-time masters student and working full time. Plus, it was during my one-week semester break, so I honestly just wanted to relax.
From that day on, our relationship started going downhill. She said she felt extremely disappointed by the whole situation and she couldn't shake the feeling. We then started only hanging out maybe once per week and it was very bland when we did. A couple weeks after that incident, I slept over at her house and I could tell she was genuinely just not happy at that time.
Brief backstory - despite being 26, my mom still gives me a ton of flack if I sleep at her house. It was rare that I got away with it. But, I did it that night anyway because she always asked me to sleep over but I rarely wanted to have to deal with my mom. I thought it would help show her I'm really trying to get better. She also invited me over the following evening and I obviously went.
After that day, I don't think we saw each other for about 2 weeks. I texted her on a Friday evening and said I just don't feel like she wants to be with me anymore. She picked me up so we could talk, and explained that she felt very disappointed about how we were so close to booking the trip and ended up not doing it. She said she needed a break and I was fine with it, I understood where she was coming from.
During this time, I started seeing a therapist. I found one online who was one of the highest rated in my province and was also extremely experienced in marital/pre-marital counselling so I could tell her about the relationship issues I was having along with my anxiety.
Fast forward about 2 more weeks (last weekend) she texted me saying she was ready to talk and picked me up. She said it's probably best if we just end the relationship for the time being. She explained that she felt she had been disappointed a few times over the years and was bottling a lot of things up. She said she needed time to "find herself again" and didn't know if we would get back together at all in the future or not. Then, we sat there talking in her car for another 30 minutes like things were normal so it really threw me off.
I ended up texting her the next day and asked if I could pick her up because I was confused from the night prior since we talked so normally after the breakup conversation. We ended up talking again, sharing some tears and what not, but I kind of understood why she felt she needed to be alone for a bit, even though she didn't know if we would get back together or not. She said that people do this all of the time and sometimes they come back stronger, but if it was meant to be then we'll get back together. I also told her about how much help I'm getting and how I'm setting a goal to take a vacation when I finish my masters in November. She was noticeably happy and asked a lot about how I was talking to my therapist about improving as a person and a (what I thought was soon to be) fiancé. She asked for all of the details about what we talked about in regards to our relationship and was very happy that I was putting that much effort in.
A couple days ago is when she deleted are photos together, but it came right after she posted an Instagram story while out with a friend who has no stability whatsoever. This friend has been on and off with the same guy (who treats her terribly) for as long as we were together. Not to mention, she sleeps around a ton. I can't help but feel like some of this breakup is being influenced by her friends (specifically this one) wanting her to be single like they are out of jealousy or something. Or, they want her to be flying somewhere once a month with them with no plans for the future. My girlfriend has cried to me in the past because she had been brought to places she didn't want to be because her friend wanted to go for a guy. That friend has also been binge drinking several times weekly for years. The following night, her two friends posted a story of her incredibly drunk in the back of a car with her feet out of the window I'm sure in hopes that I would see it. We're grown ass adults, I can't help but feel like that's just not a cool thing to do to your friend in general? I don't care how drunk you are, in fact I expected her to have a night out with her friends and let loose but posting someone else like that is just insanely stupid to me! To put the icing on the cake, one of my long time buddies from high school decided to go for one of her friends and I gave him substantial warnings about her. Within a year, that relationship was completely over with and she was on to the next.
Neither of us were ever the type one to have one-night stands or get around, so I'm not concerned about anything like that during the breakup. If it happens it happens, but I won't be sleeping with anyone until I've put in all of my effort to saving everything we've built. She's only ever been with me and her ex, while I've had a handful more partners before her - but I've experienced enough in my 26 years to know that there was is only one woman for me.
After all of this, I still couldn't shake the feeling that I felt I was being abandoned during the one time in my entire life I've opened up to anyone and really wanted some support. I'm also just having a hard time processing why it happened and how I can salvage it.
I've texted her once per week since the breaks & breakup happened just telling her that I loved her and wished we were going to XYZ events coming up. I also always say in the message that "You don't have to respond or even read it, I just want you to know". I'm having a hard time deciding if I should continue giving her that weekly text or not, but I really do want her to know how much I care and thought we were a dream team.
I just can't help but feel like we had "problems" that were very fixable and were very minor compared to 99% of couples. Her two best friends have had 5+ boyfriends each in the time that we were together and countless one-night stands. Every time they would break up, I'd hear a story from my girlfriend about how terribly they were treated by these guys and we talked about how lucky we are to have each other. There was no forms of jealousy or self-consciousness between us either, neither of us were bothered when we went out alone with our respective friend groups. I also never for a second worried when she travelled with her friends that she'd cheat or something.
This wraps in with why I can't process the breakup. Aside from the few things we argued about here and there (few times a year) it was an incredibly healthy relationship. I had a great relationship with her friends (despite some of the things I've said about them above) and would often times opt to go out drinking with her group over my group of buddies. I acknowledged my shortcomings as a boyfriend (ie. the affection) with my therapist and she's giving me some help with it. Am I crazy for thinking 1. that I can fix what's happened and 2. Part of this breakup might just be her wanting to see how much I actually care?
Anyway, I might add to this if I remember more important points. I just needed to get some of this off my chest. If you've made it this far into my story, thanks for reading!
TL;DR - Our relationship was very healthy, we never argued, the breakup came essentially because I wasn’t ready to travel despite the fact that I’m actively getting help
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2023.05.30 23:03 Longjumping-Ad-574 Thoughts

Hey just wanted a place to get my thoughts out. Background, my wife and I have been together for 11 years ( 3 dating 8 married) (no kids started dating senior high school married Sophomore year college). After 3 years of marriage her older brothers (2 years older) best friend who is also her “friend” made out with her after drinks at a bar while I was on a work trip.
She told me when I came home that this didn’t mean anything and that mine and her relationship was in a bad place and she needed someone to talk to (I can attest that I was not very emotionally available during this time in our marriage). I also knew this “friend” as he would be at my brother in laws events when he came home.
I had a talk with the “friend” as I was pressured to so he could come to her families Christmas celebration because his family is not close. After I talked to him he messaged my wife saying that “he forgave me then talked about how getting married so young might not have been a good idea”.
Ever since then there has been multiple times where this “friend” will: example 1: send a picture to her of something she made him in freshman year of high school in art class for him. And after saying how he forgot she made this send her a heart emoji. Example 2 start a conversation about a recent vacation me and my wife have gone on and how expensive it was then text her “miss you, hope your doing well”
I have talked to my wife about how this type of messaging this makes me uncomfortable. She states that I should trust her and that there are no feelings above friends with them. It’s almost always the “friend” texting her first.
The most troubling aspect of this is that in her journal she wrote that she feels her life is a hallmark movie where she has to choose between two men, the one she wants and the one that she has.
I don’t know what to do at this point as I do not want this “friend” texting her. But I feel that would be too controlling to ask. Any thoughts or ideas on how I should be handling this?
TL;DR: Brother in laws longtime ”friend” made out with my wife and keeps texting her weird lovey messages.
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2023.05.30 23:02 ohnotide Need help. My dog is destructive and won't stop eating human food.

I am at my wit's end and I need help. I'll take any advice you can give but please know that we're trying. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer what I know.
My boyfriend and I adopted a dog about a year ago. She's a catahoula leopard and the shelter told us she was about 3 years old (now 4). When we got her, she initially had a lot of food anxiety. She couldn't eat near other dogs at all without growling and snapping. We were able to curb this behavior and now cats and dogs alike can come near her while she's eating.
However, she has severe separation anxiety (at least that's what we think it is). While we're at work (we have on video this stuff usually happens around 10am right after we leave and 4pm right before we get home), she gnaws at our wood furniture and grabs anything and everything she can off of tables, countertops, and bookshelves and just rips anything she can to shreds. She's gotten board games, DVDs, books, picture frames, cheeseboards, knives (from out of the sink), plates, security cameras, glasses, candles - everything. We are terrified she's going to hurt herself. We've removed food from every accessible surface and locked her out of rooms and pantries and she still somehow manages to break into those locations and she will eat anything from chocolate to rice to crisco to dry pasta - anything. We've tried to crate her and she has broken out of and severely damaged every crate we've owned - wire, plastic, and cloth. We've also tried dog gates which one has worked but to put them where we need them, we have to have one with a cat door which she has damaged two of those trying to fit through them to chase after the cat (she doesn't jump over them). She has eaten so much stuff that is toxic to her we're pretty sure her digestive system is permanently damaged and every time we try and prevent her from getting something, she manages another way around our door locking and gates. We take her on at least two 30 minute walks a day and feed her in the AM and PM. We live in a home with about 2,100 square feet and we have a cat.
I've lost so much money trying to find solutions and I just need help.
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2023.05.30 23:02 worldtraveler197 In search of a personal trainer

I’m (28F) in the process of losing a large amount of weight and while I still have a way to go, I want to start toning and incorporating weight training. However I don’t really have the first idea of how to start and what kind of routine is best for me.
Please hit me with your favorite personal trainers, a plus if they have experience working with those who lose large amounts of weight. Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:02 nitrot150 Best option for metro tickets

So, need a little help. We are a family of 4, but only one in the 4-11 range (other kid is older). We arrive in Paris late on a Thursday (going to get a taxi to the hotel) then will have Friday thru Sunday (leaving Monday). What’s the best option for metro passes for us? I am leaning towards the Navigo Easy, but not sure how that works (do I preload it? How do the tickets change in between stops?)
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2023.05.30 23:02 OpinionHavR Are people actually physically/sexually attracted to their partners?

I always wondered since I've only ever been single if people actually physically desire the person they decided to marry/date or are they just settling.
I ask this because I got to Walmart and you just see someone who is extremely obese or unfortunately looking, but still in a relationship and it just came up in my mind if their partners find them sexually/physically attractive in anyway or are they just like "well she's/he's not that good looking, but they have a decent personality (and it's the best I can do)" sort of thing.
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2023.05.30 23:02 Dirtbag619 Sony A7IV vs Canon R6 Mark 2

Hey everyone, I'm in a bit of a photography dilemma and could really use your input. I currently own a Sony A7IV camera, which has served me well for capturing sports and family moments. However, I'm contemplating selling it and making the switch to the Canon R6 Mark II. I'm torn and can't seem to make up my mind, so I thought I'd reach out to the photography community for advice.
The main reason I'm considering the Canon R6 Mark II is its reputation for sports photography. I've heard that its autofocus system is incredibly fast and accurate, which could be a game-changer for capturing those action-packed moments on the field. Plus, the Canon R6 Mark II boasts impressive low-light performance, which would be beneficial for indoor sports photography.
On the other hand, I've been satisfied with the Sony A7IV's overall performance and image quality. It has a fantastic sensor and excellent video capabilities, which are important for documenting family gatherings and creating memorable videos. I'm worried that by switching to Canon, I might sacrifice some of these features that I've grown to appreciate.
So, if any of you have gone through a similar decision-making process or have experience with both cameras, I would greatly appreciate your insights. How does the Canon R6 Mark II stack up against the Sony A7IV when it comes to sports and family photography? Is it worth making the switch? Are there any significant trade-offs I should be aware of?
Ultimately, my goal is to enhance my photography experience and ensure that I have the best tool for capturing those special moments with my loved ones and in sports events. Your thoughts and experiences would be incredibly valuable in helping me make an informed decision.
Thank you all in advance for your guidance and support!
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2023.05.30 23:02 FinalBoy1975 This guy is the Stephen King and Catriona Ward of book writing, but he's constantly living in the shadows.

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2023.05.30 23:02 StormTheTrooper My personal Trade Down board

Conditions: Hendricks and Walker are off the board and at least Wallace or Black are available. The only thing that can entice a team trading up, other than big wings, which are what we are thirsty for as well, is PG. Wallace and Black, at this juncture, are the only names that I could see teams getting nervous about losing and ready to trade up aggressively. Hendricks and Walker are the only top-10ish names that I want in Dallas (discounting the obvious top 3). In our situation, where we need to squeeze every possible route of long-term improvement and we cannot do anything just for the kicks, I don't think it is advisable at all to draft a guy like Wallace, Black, Dick or even Whitmore. We have an extremely tight window to maneuver around and we need to be clean, precise and assertive in our moves. We need to get what we need, not what is cute.
Condition #2: we are not packaging this pick for a veteran. I will have a stroke if we use this to get Ayton, Grant or whatever guy on a bloated contract to make us lose in the 2nd round and get stuck in a roster with Luka, Kyrie, said guy and a bunch of G-Leaguers because the CBA will rekt hard teams with a lot of big contracts. I do want us to get a veteran, but with the 2027 FRP and trying to balance the contracts going out and coming in, specially length-wise.
Partners (going in a crescent order):
a) Toronto: #10, Timmy for #13, Boucher
I still get a bit iffy about that one because we all know Masai loves trades where either he wins or the other partner loses. He doesn't play fair if he is selling, so this would rely hard on him not wanting to pay FVV and wanting to get younger with Wallace or Black. Wallace is smaller than his usual but I'm shocked people are not talking more about Black. A 6'7 PG that cannot shoot? This is Masai's personal dream /s
Jokes aside, I have a little hard time seeing this happening, but more than one Raptor fan told me this would be realistic and within the Raps' MO. A small trade down, although not getting us another FRP, would net us Boucher, an amazingly solid PF/C hybrid, that can either start or come off the bench and contribute now alongside Maxi. At #13 we can still make other moves trading down further or we can even have some flexibility in our choice, specially if we are eyeing a C with the 27 FRP package (we would need to involve Bullock, though, and this starts to snowball in a way that I'm too tired to think right now). Boucher can eat up 25-28mpg from the 4 and the 5 right off the bat. As I said, I think this is a price too steep for what Masai usually likes to spend, but I trust Toronto fans more than myself on their own FO.
b) Utah: #10, Timmy for #16, #28, Olynyk
I always thought that one for Bertans but then I thought "This is Ainge, why in the world would he accept Bertans?". The fact that I like Bertans doesn't mean the league does and the league does not. To get Olynyk, I believe we would need to offer Timmy, which is at least a neutral asset. Olynyk doesn't require explanations, I believe. He would be our starting C right off the bat, he can play the 4, he can get boards, he can set screens, he can pop. He isn't great, he should not be starting, but as an expiring making just 12M? Hell yes. I love Timmy, but he is probably the most expendable guy in the roster with some trade value.
Utah has #9, so we would need to believe here that they would take Hendricks or Walker at #9 and then want to get back at #10 to get their PG of the future. If they get Black at #9 or something like that, there's no incentive at all for the trade-up. Sitting down at #16 will get them in the Hood-Schifino territory, but Wallace and Black will be far gone, specially with Toronto at #13 and teams wanting to trade up. If they do not get their PG at #9, they will want to get one and, if they do not get a PG, they're getting a big wing, which makes Olynyk expendable.
At #16, with #28 available, we are in solid footing. All the 2nd tier bigs (Lively, Clowney, Murray, TJD, Nnaji) and good wings (Miller, Coulibaly, Howard, Cissoko) should be on the board even at #28. We could very well walk out of the draft with a starting-caliber veteran frontcourt guy on a good deal and two young guys ready to contribute now and to be part of our core later. Pretty much one of our best possible scenarios IMO.
c) Brooklyn: #10, Bertans for #21, #22, Doe, Sharpe (maybe)
Best case scenario for emotional reasons. I want Doe back. Yes, he was starting to show some physical decline, yes, he was not the same, yes, he had a hard stint with the Nets...don't care. Doe is the Mavs. I would be extremely thrilled about having a Finney-Smith wearing 10 again, he would make our wing rotation back to a good level with Green and Bullock splitting minutes with him. The Nets actually want to get rid of him (losers), so I would be more, more than up to get Doe back home. I read that, since it is a new season, we can trade for Doe right back at the draft night, but if we cannot, this idea goes down the sink. O'Neale is too rich of a price, Sharpe alone is too poor of a price. Doe is the perfect price for both parties. Going from the 20s into the lottery isn't cheap, after all, and the Nets needs an actual, real PG. A Wallace-Dinwiddie-Bridges-Cam-Claxton starting 5 will rob more wins than people will give them credit for.
At #21 and #22, most of the guys from above would still be available. Lively and Murray should be off the board (people are severely underrating the desire that contenders will have over Kris Murray, a plug and play 3/4, 3-and-D guy), but all the others should be on. If Nico can make some magic and get Sharpe back as well (a tall, tall order), we could walk out of this with Doe, Clowney, Sharpe and Miller (I'm trying hard not to let my love for TJD do the writing, but make of that what you will). The Kyrie trade would pretty much be: Dinwiddie, 2023 and 2029 FRP for Kyrie, Sharpe, 2023 and 2023 FRP. We would see it under way better lights.
I usually had Indy as other option, but I cannot convince myself. Sure, they want less rookies and getting another lotto piece would be neat, but...what are they trading for? They already have a starting PG and a bench PG. Sure, they could trade Nembhard in a splashy move for OG, but I would believe they would be using 26 and 29. If they want 10 to package with 7 for a star, they would be giving up pretty much their whole depth.
I don't believe this would happen, I think they will stay put and actually rebuild the proper way, but if they get too anxious and, for some reason, want to move up, I could see something like this:
#10, Timmy, Bertans for #26, #29, Isaiah Jackson and Duarte
A hefty price, but a sufficient one for trading pretty much two SRPs to get into the lottery. If they need #10 to make a move for OG or whatever, they could pull the trigger here. For us, it would be very, very good. First, considering it would clean up 30M from our cap space if I'm not mistaken, considering Jackson and Duarte are on their rookie deals. This would allow us to actually have something other than the TPMLE to offer in the FA market, which could allow us to bring in some wing or even overpay a C. Second, Jackson and Duarte are two young and good players. Duarte is not that good of a defender, yes, but a solid shooter with the tools to not be a revolving door, that has the potential to be a really special shooter. This is just a cherry, though, I think it is forcing the issue. My real prize here would be Isaiah Jackson. A rugged defender, big body, good rebounder, that can play down low on both ends of the court. He doesn't work as well as a PF without a stretching 5, but he is thick enough to be a C in the NBA. Intelligent, good BBIQ, solid instincts, he would find minutes right away and he is riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight there in order to breakout. This is the move that we need to make: get guys that are about to breakout, not after they broke out and are demanding big-time money. Could we ask for a future FRP here? I think it is forcing the issue too much, but who knows.
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2023.05.30 23:02 windchill94 A few questions about applying for permanent residency as a Fachkrafte (high-skilled)

Hi! I have a few questions for those who got their permanent residency card (Niederlassungserlaubnis) as Fachkrafte (high-skilled workers) after 4 years (48 months) of working, living and paxing taxes in Germany. I know this may not be the best thread (aka ask a German) for these questions but I don't really have anywhere else to ask these questions.
I know you have to show proof of your language level in German when you submit your application. Do you have to have a B2 level certificate or is B1 enough? I know it's B1 when you apply as a "regular" worker after 5 years but I don't know if the requirement is higher when you apply as a high-skilled worker.
Also do you need to pass a Leben in Deutschland test or not? Is a a language certificate proof from say Goethe Institute enough?
I need to know this as I will be submitting my application in a few months from now and I need to start preparing.
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