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A place to broil on notions of organizing our eco-anarchist comrades in a way that highlights fitness, self defense, and back woods know how.

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He's lean, green, and half machine. This is the main sub for everything Octane: fastest legend in the Outlands.

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This is a subreddit for all Six Sigma aspirants who are willing to take a Six Sigma course or are already Six Sigma Certified. You can find many resources related to Six Sigma Green & Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green & Black Belt like articles, toolkits, flashcards, question dumps etc.

2023.05.30 13:25 QueenChoco Rescued this pretty birdy and reset her wing

Rescued this pretty birdy and reset her wing
Although for the first few days she seems very healthy, she's now drinking less water and her poos are very runny and light green, which I read is a bad thing. Any advise?
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2023.05.30 13:25 SpiritedVoice1414 Underyes dilation with Minoxidil

Hello all,
Background: I am M27 and i've been taking minoxidil, finasteride and accutante for one month. Yes, i know, too much, but was prescripted by my dermatologist. I never had any dark circles or blood vessels dilation.
Current dosage (per day): Accutante - 20mg; Liquid Min (5%) - 6 pulverizations 1ml; Liquid Fin - 4 pulverizations.
Habits: I eat healthy (veggies, lean meat, fish and eggs with carbs 2x per week). Lost 22 lbs (10kg) in the last 3 months. I sleep well (8 hours a day).
What can i do to minimize the dark circles or tear troughs?
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 13:24 subbysalmon 30 [M4F] #bayarea/online - any bigger girls out there who love skinny guys with a golden retriever demeanor?? Tall, smiley, athletic and enthusiastic people pleaser seeks curvy cutie to spoil, smile and serve in a monogamous LTR!

Good morning and thanks for checking out my post! Title says it all here, I’m a tall, athletic, smiley goofball seeking my curvy, confident and cute queen for what I hope will be a mind blowing FLR dynamic together.
I am a tall, athletic, goofball of a guy who likes to think I have a nice smile, a good sense of humor and a good head on my shoulders. I have a steady career and am looking for an awesome, kinky and growth oriented relationship to grow in. I love staying active, the outdoors, traveling, exploring new bars and restaurants or just staying inside and enjoying a lazy day. I have a strong pull toward confident and assertive women and have lacked someone who taps into my submissive side in past relationships that I’m looking to change here. Kink wise, I am a people pleaser and my #1 turn on is pleasing my partner. I love feeling admired and showing off, so JOI, touching myself for you and taking requests are huge turn one for me. Praise, admiration and showing off are hugely important for me. Limits are blood/pain/scat. I’m interested in JOI, orgasm control (more so than denial), face sitting, breast and body worship and much more we can discuss in private!
I’m open to partners of all shapes and sizes. Feeling wanted, desired and vulnerable are most important to me versus looks. That being said, I do have a bit of a lean toward older and especially curvy partners (bonus points for body contrast!). Ideally, we share some similar interests and you have a lean towards partners of my body type and interests. I am even open to switching in the right context and do have some dom experience we can explore as well. If you’re interested in connecting, please chat me asap! Please include your age, location and why you’re interested in my post. Your pic gets mine and I can’t wait to hear from you soon
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2023.05.30 13:22 Revolutionary-Page-6 What was the average cost of different kinds of weed your area if you lived through the 80s and 90s it fluctuated very heavily.

What was the average cost of different kinds of weed your area if you lived through the 80s and 90s it fluctuated very heavily.
:Brown mexican went for 20$ - 30$ an oz :Green mexican went for 30$ - 60$ an oz :Columbian Gold went for 45$ - 60$ :Green Columbian went for 30$ - 60$ (Too heavily seeded and often premature) :Imported Sinsemilla was 75$ - 100$ an oz :Humbolt “Kind Bud” was 150$ + an oz :Outdoor Skunk bud was 160$ + an oz :Indoor of any kind was 200$ + an oz :Good quality Hawaiian 200$ - 350$ oz :Haze Lower buds were 150$ - 250$ oz :Haze Top Colas were 300$ + an oz (Purple Haze surprisingly went for less)
that’s not all but I’m done writing and thinking about all the times I was Ripped off hope this was interesting too someone.
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2023.05.30 13:22 jcgroup Turquoise Sentosa Floor Plan Turquoise Condo prices Singapore - JC Group Properties

Experience the ultimate in luxury living at Turquoise Sentosa Residence Singapore! This premium residence complex is located at 51 and 55 Cove Drive in Sentosa, offering stunning views of the sea and surrounding greens. With a land area of 119,512 SqFt and a GFA (Gross Floor Area) of 217,431 sqft, Turquoise Sentosa is a 99-year leasehold development built under the guidance of Ho Bee Group. The complex comprises of two six-story, low-rise apartment blocks with a total of 91 units, including 3-bedroom units covering 2,088 sqft to 2,575 sqft. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience luxurious waterfront living at its finest. Contact us today to learn more about
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2023.05.30 13:22 Confident_Egg_3383 How do you deal when it’s your family (husbands) causing trouble?

We (me wife and kids) live close to my family (one road along in a small town) and not so close to hers.
My wife has a lot of sabr and she got on well with my family but she won’t tolerate my family being rude to hers which they have been. Her red line is crossed. She won’t speak to them until they apologised and they aren’t apologising people. I’m not happy either as they’ve embarrassed me and caused disharmony in my home. I support my wife’s reasoning.
I come from a family of gaslighters who never accept responsibility but the family are close to my children. My family aren’t bad people (not that I can compare having only been part of one family) but they seem to have envy towards my inlaws who we hardly see (less than once a months) and they aren’t involved in our lives. Very chill people.
I can envisage a very changed future and my wife has cancelled my daughters birthday meal with both families because of this. We’re celebrating privately.
How do couples in a similar situation deal with things like this?
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2023.05.30 13:21 DroneMercDJI Thanks for the help - I posted the opening of this edit a little while back.

Thanks for the help - I posted the opening of this edit a little while back.
Im a bit of a camera rookie and i had left WB on Auto, so a lot of the footage from the this evening was all over the place. I'm getting the flying down but the Pro camera settings I'm still learning. This is my attempt to sort it out in post with colour correction, something else I'm completely new too. Leaning loads but a lot more to grasp and improve on!
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2023.05.30 13:21 Sraddha25 Kerala Holiday Packages

Kerala Holiday Packages
Here are your top-selling and fashionable Kerala trip packages. Kerala is well-known for its distinctive flora, lush green forests, and other natural wonders. The main draws there are some of the most stunning natural sites.
Travel package
According to Southgate Travels, everyone should be able to travel. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to providing you with customized attention and ensuring that your trip is trouble-free. So if you're looking for a trip of a lifetime, go no further than Southgate Travel packages.
Contact no : 9249699996
Website: http://www.southgatetravels.com
Address : Mukalel Building VL, 43, Vikas Ln, Kunnukuzhy, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala,695035. Mail Id : [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), https://sgcardclient.teksolns.com/index.html, https://packages123travel.blogspot.com/2023/04/travel-packages.html, https://packages123travel.blogspot.com/2023/05/kerala-tour-packages.html
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2023.05.30 13:21 EatTheAndrewPencil Can't click anything in news feed

Just signed up and the app sent me two things in the news feed. One is the welcome message which has a link to "get the tips" to get the most of the app and the other is one with a link to "learn how" to create recipes. I can click nothing on these two messages the message itself, the block within it, or the green letters which are meant to be the links. Id very much like to be able to be tutorialized a bit on the app so I'd like if anyone could tell me if this is just a known issue or if I'm doing something wrong. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 13:20 grounder890 Extender Disconnecting

Hey all, would love some help with this.
Basically my wifi extender tends to disconnect after a few hours. To be clear it does connect (I think properly) meaning I can go onto settings and it says connected, solid white light, etc. But this changes to solid yellow and it disconnects a bit later. Of note when this happens the LAN light on extender remains lit up green.
E3200 extender and cr1000a router. Router gets ethernet from the onto, then has coax through the gouse connecting it to extender.
Thanks in advance.
Oh also I am able to again temporarily reconnect everything simply by rebooting the router.
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2023.05.30 13:20 Robertjohnsonusa Beginner’s Guide for Cricut Install Setup on a PC and Mobile

Undoubtedly, Cricut is a world-changing machine. It made DIY easy, fun, and, remember, quick. This unique machine is capable of cutting various materials, turning any piece into a masterpiece. The setup of this machine is quite tricky, especially for newbies to the world of Cricut. To help you set up your first Cricut machine, here's a quick guide for Cricut install setup.
visit- Cricut.com/setup
cricut setup
cricut explore air 2
A craft enthusiast always wants to make something eye-catching. But creating something new takes a long time and requires a lot of cutting. The Cricut machine is a true life savior. This machine can cut through anything with precision. It is best for new beginners as they try to avoid cutting. It provides you with numerous designs that you make, or you can even customize your own design as per your choice.

Cricut Install Setup for iOS

Cricut Design Space is compatible with iOS devices as an app. Now you can use the app on your iOS instead of the internet browser. For Cricut setup on your iOS device, follow the given steps:

  1. First of all, open the App Store on your device.
  2. In the App Store, search for Cricut Design Space.
  3. A white square with a C green color in the center.
  4. Then, download the app by clicking on the get button.
  5. After installation, the app will launch, and sign up on the Cricut platform to get access to its designs.


You can follow the steps mentioned above in this blog and can install and set up the software. Installing and setting up the Cricut software on your Windows or Mac is a quick and easy process. Having Cricut on your device gives you more flexibility and creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead with the Cricut install setup today and complete all those pending DIYs quickly.
Source url- https://cricutmakersetup0.wordpress.com/2023/05/30/beginners-guide-for-cricut-install-setup-on-a-pc-and-mobile/
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2023.05.30 13:20 ugh-im-bored What do you guys make of this.

So I’d (f25) been chatting with this guy (M27) on tinder and last night I met him for a meal, which wasn’t my preferred choice and I’d already suggested just having a drink. That way if we don’t click, we aren’t stuck staring at each other during a 3 course meal. And no one is hugely out of pocket. But he was really insistent that he’d like to go for dinner. It turned out to be a really nice time and I’d decided i definitely would see him again. I offered to pay the full meal, he insisted that he would get it. I then said I’d like to pay for my half at least because the bill came to around £100! Again he would not let me pay at all. And seriously I offered at least 20 times! And said Thank you. We leave the restaurant and I’m waiting for my Uber, he insists on waiting with me, that’s nice of him I thought.. then he starts trying to kiss me and getting really touchy feely. And I told him I’m “not into it” in the middle of the street outside of a busy restaurant! And he tried this twice! by that time I was completely turned off him. My Uber came, and i was assuming I’d probably never hear from him again.
Cut to 20 minutes ago when I get a text with his bank details asking me to transfer for my half of the meal. Or if I liked.. I could still pay for both??? Wtf is this behaviour please? I have no problem sending the money for my half despite him insisting last night that he would pay. But does anyone think I should still pay the whole bill? I’m not going to obviously. But am I being a dick because I’d offered last night?
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2023.05.30 13:20 AD-2023 The LPGA should be way more popular than it currently is

Whoever is in charge of marketing and running the LPGA, I think they need to be replaced. It's actually pathetic how little viewership and exposure some of these LPGA tournaments have.
Take the LPGA majors as an example, how the hell is there literally zero hype surrounding any of the LPGA majors? Also, it's 2023, there should 100% be a women's Masters. Imagine how exciting that would be? The week aftebefore the mens play, the women go compete for a green jacket. If you are a true golf fan, how the hell could you not enjoy this?
These women can absolutely tear up a 6500 golf course like it's nobody's business. It's incredible how talented they are and as a golf fan, I find the LPGA coverage to be absolute trash.
Compared to other sports like basketball, golf is one where the gap between the men and women isn't as significant. The tempo of these ladies in their golf game is awe-inspiring. I would even argue, a large chunk of amateur golfers probably would benefit a lot more if they studied an LPGA players swing vs PGA player swing.
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2023.05.30 13:20 warlockfoolish7 Why does heros path go all weird on vah naboris fight

There are big gaps in the green line of my heros path when i was fighting thunderblight and doing the vah naboris quest. Its as if half way through the fight the divine beast teleported. It happened three times in total for me. Does anyone know why this happened and did it happen with anyone else?
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2023.05.30 13:19 SnowCyclone Experience report: 3-FA - Happy but gentle amphetamine

Experience report: 3-FA - Happy gentle amphetamine
70mg over time, in doses of 15, 35, and 20 milligram
Background information:  
Age: 23  
Weight: approx. 75kg or 170lbs  
Length: 185cm or 6’1”
Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of experiencing 3-FA for the first time. 3-FA was chosen because I did want to go out to party, however, I did not want to deplete my serotonin in massive amounts. 3-FA and 3-FMA were the best suited for this with what I could buy, and 3-FMA would last significantly longer, hence the decision to use 3-FA. I dissolved the substance in vodka in a flacon in order to dose easily and accurately, and also because some reports stated that insufflating it is extremely painful.
While intending to use it at a rave, I wanted to test the substance out beforehand to see how I reacted, since very little information could be found regarding this substance. This was in a hostel with a group of friends, where drug use was (probably) prohibited. Another reason not to use 3-FMA. One friend would join me, and I assured her that I would report her how it felt before she joined me with it. For the duration of the day, I felt very lethargic and tired, and was hoping that the drug would help with this. A heavy meal was eaten at approximately 4 to 5 hours prior, and did not feel full at the time of ingestion.
Experience report:  
At 23:00 I ingested light dose of 15mg of the substance by mouth. It tasted extraordinarily disgusting, like spoiled hard liquor, and I took a small sip of water to flush the taste away. After this, we walked with a group of 5 towards the club which was approximately 30 minutes away.
I feel a bit more energised. Walking quickly goes easy even though I was tired, I am constantly fidgeting with my rings and wristwatch, and I become more talkative. I can feel as if my eyelids are slightly more open than before. However, my friends don’t seem to have noticed that anything was off. A slight trembling of the hands was felt as well, and this was noticeable when I tried to put in my earplugs, or tried to unbutton my jacket, which was quite uncomfortable.
Over the course of the past fifteen minutes I can feel the substance becoming more active, but the come-up is extremely gentle. It felt like a parent pushing your back when you are riding a bike as a child when you’re struggling to keep up to pace. The effects, however, are very much felt. When starting to dance, I felt encourage to continue doing so, like stopping would cost considerably more energy. Headspace is virtually absent, but I felt like I did not care as much as I usually do when I dance. This could also have been because the club was completely empty by the time this was felt.
The effect of the drug is now in full swing. Slight tingling was felt at the tips of my extremities when I kept dancing. I felt my heartbeat harder than solely because of dancing. Chewing gum felt very good. The headspace was a little more brightened up than before, even though I was complaining to my friends that the music sucked. The music sounded better too, even though nothing extraordinary was changed. I was practically fidgeting with my rings the whole time. My mouth was a bit dry, and I felt quite warm, but was not sweating a lot. A slight headspace of stimulation is felt, and I can notice that thoughts are being sped up. I felt like I was very happy to be here with my friends, and had a desire to flatter and hug them. This all felt extremely subtle, though, and as such can be seen as an encouragement instead of a desire, or forced manner.
According to the Journal app, the effects by this time were at its peak, and I hinted to my friend who was intending to use it with me that she could come with me to (re)dose. I ingested another 30 milligrams, and gave my friend the same amount. Again, disgusting. My friend concurred, and flushed it away with some water.
(T+1:15 or redose T+0:15)  
No new effects were felt, but the encouraging manner of stimulation became heavier. A greater degree of bruxism was also experienced. I started to sweat a little bit more, but the location had become warmer, so this is difficult to tell. The headspace stayed more or less the same; subtle but noticeable. The way this drug manifested felt a bit like the post-nausea come-up of MDMA.
(T+1:35 or redose T+0:35)  
This is a complex drug. I can feel the entactogenic effects that are akin to MDMA, but much more subtle. When using MDMA, you know for a fact that if you take a step back and realise what you are doing, and that you are pretty much fucked up. Not that you care usually. 3-FA is nothing like it. While you notice that the effects are working, the headspace is mild. Its moreso of a gentle nudge to keep doing what you’re doing instead of your body screaming that you must keep going.
Tactile intensification is extremely noticeable. Touch with intention feels very sensual, and my libido is definitely increased. A great degree of vasoconstriction is felt, and my body feels very light in the physical sense, and my friend occured While going outside for a smoke and to chill, I can feel my heart is racing abnormally fast. I feel myself becoming more talkative, and my affect for people is greatly increased. A woman I spoke to was talking about her battling cancer, and I nearly wept when I hugged her. Besides that, ego was inflated as well, and I could do basically anything if I put my mind to it.  
I was not agitated. I could feel some serotonergic activity, but not much. I felt amazing.  
This was also the moment I reached a plateau, and I basically kept feeling this way for another hour or so. I decided that I should redose once more, since I was intending to go on for a longer while. I ingested another 20 milligrams and gave my friend approximately 15 milligrams. And yes, the concoction I had brewed tasted worse than the devil sperm. 3-MMC is disgusting but you get used to it. You don’t get used to this.
(T+2:30 or 1st redose T+1:15 and 2nd redose T+0:15)  
This substance is gentle but very euphoric. Serotonergic activity was definitely felt to a greater degree. Chills were running down my spine, and I practically howled whenever the base or lights were being funky. I retracted my eyes to the ceiling and into the sky the moment someone gave me a slight massage. My perception of time was not suppressed, instead, it felt like a longer time had passed than actually passed. The love for my friends reached a climax, and I felt that I was loved by everyone in the room. No new effects were felt except for an exacerbation of the previously mentioned effects. The headspace, again, was mild. I did not feel like I was fucked up, nor did I feel that I was looking fucked up.
(T+3:15 or 1st redose T+2:00 and 2nd redose T+1:00)  
After some while, tiredness struck. It comes up very gradually. I had been tired throughout the day, and decided that it would be best not to redose anymore but let the effects water out gently and go home whenever the fatigue became over encumbering. A slow decline was felt in all effects, likely exacerbated due to fatigue.
(T+4:15 – after this point, all the times afterwards will be of the point of first ingestion.)  
Fatigue was felt. The encouragement to keep dancing still felt noticeable, but my head, body, and mind were informing me that it would be best to stop and walk home, which was still a 30-minute walk. I signalled my friend to leave, smoked a final cigarette, and walked home. A pleasurable walk home, with nice conversations. Conversations were still easy to start, uphold, and continue. I felt very happy to have been able to do this with my friend. We talked about our shared experiences regarding the substance.
We take a photo with flash together for a pupil check. While they are somewhat enlarged, this could also have occurred because it was dark. No abnormal pupils.
Suddenly, I feel very tired, inform my friend that I feel tired, and stop talking as much. We took a detour, but were now back at the hostel, and were going to to go sleep to get some rest.
I get out of bed at 7:00 AM. I did not feel tired, but rather wakeful. My heart was absolutely racing, and I felt very warm. These palpitations were probably the worst thus far after ingesting it. When borrowing the smartwatch from a friend who was informed of our usage, it showed that my resting heart rate was still well above 120bpm. Chills were running down my spine while I showered, and did not feel comfortable. These were probably due to the serotonergic activity. Appetite is suppressed, but it felt much gentler than that of regular amphetamine, MDMA, or LSD. I was feeling nauseous due to hunger. I was famished. This made eating some food all the more important, and after the first bite of some food it became apparent that eating was much easier than expected.
My mouth was dry. No amount of water or fruit juice could quench my thirst. Quite paradoxically, even though I was awake for more than 24 hours at this point, absolutely no anxiety or comedown was felt. I just felt tired. It was probably made worse due to not being able to sleep.
(T+11:00 to 18:00)  
Heart palpitations, vasoconstriction, and blood pressure seem to disappear suddenly. Fifteen minutes ago, I mentioned to my friend that I still had a racing heart, but at the next given moment a short while later, everything was gone. I was tired. Cognitive fatigue set in. Hunger set in too, and felt like I could eat a mountain of fruit. Words were significantly more difficult to think of, and expressing myself felt like a challenge. Weirdly, comedown was felt. No anxiety, depression, or negative thoughts occurred during this phase. It felt more like an afterglow. It should be noted however, that I was being extremely content with the circumstances. I was with my friends on a trip I planned myself, in the sunny warmth of a May afternoon, smoking a cigarette while standing in knee-deep in the cool waters of a shallow creek, surrounded by friends.
(T+18:00 to 24:00)  
I felt a paradoxical amount of energisation. Even though I had been awake for more than 40 hours, I had not felt this happy in months. Again, this could be due to the circumstances previously mentioned. I went to sleep, and was probably gone in less than a minute. While eating approximately 24 hours after the first ingestion, I noticed how extremely tensed up my jaws were. The bruxism and teeth clenching were definitely on par to 3-MMC.
(T+32:00-48:00 and the next day)  
This day I felt a bit irritable, but nothing in particular. Things in the trip did not work out as planned and I was a bit frustrated regarding the matter. I was, again, tired. There was no motivation to do anything whatsoever. Thinking was a bit difficult, as was writing this trip report, haha.
Even though a great degree of serotonergic activity was felt during the ‘trip’, no comedown or ‘suicide Tuesday’ was noticed. Just lethargy, and tiredness. I have never had a drug this complex and potent with such an absent comedown. This is contrasted to my usage of MDMA, with which I took fewer than 75 milligrams, and felt suicidal for three days when the comedown started.
Looking back/conclusion:  
3-FA is wonderful, potent, complex, and interesting drug. One of the most fun I have ever tried. Its profile is akin to a very light MDMA which gradually develops into effects akin to amphetamine. Though I have never tried 4-FA, I feel like the effects are quite similar. No comedown was felt.
This substance is fantastic. Never felt a potent compound that left me so speck-free. You feel that it is working, but you also feel that you do not look fucked up while using it. My friends who were not using (probably) did not notice that we had used the drug.
I give this substance a 9-9.5/10. Simply fantastic. I wish I had found this substance earlier.
If there's any questions, i would love to hear them.
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2023.05.30 13:18 SpiritedVoice1414 Undereye blood vessel dilation with minoxidil

Hello all,
Background: I am M27 and i've been taking minoxidil, finasteride and accutante for one month. Yes, i know, too much, but was prescripted by my dermatologist. I never had any dark circles or blood vessels dilation.
Habits: I eat healthy (veggies, lean meat, fish and eggs with carbs 2x per week). Lost 22 lbs (10kg) in the last 3 months. I sleep well (8 hours a day).
Current routine:
Cleanser (Boreade) Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C Lip cream for dry skin Sunscreen (Hyseac spf+50)
Night Cleanser (Boreade) Retinoid (Adapaleno) 3 times a week & Eritromicina the other 3 days (rest on Sunday) Lip cream for dry skin Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C
Routine Help: I've been researching and i came up with the following products:
Ice hooding/masks, cold compresses or spoon Retinol vit c undereye Tretinoin or Adalapene (Retinol Vitamin A) Ordinary caffeine solution eye serum
Guide me on selecting which products to incorporate.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 13:18 Full-Mulberry5018 Green Emerald And Pearl And Diamond Bracelet

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2023.05.30 13:18 TheDevilWearsParatha The Dave Mustaine KRAMER and Epiphone V guitars are here!

I was doing some morning zZounds browsing and saw em! In stock and shipping.
My favorite is this one - the RIP Alien Green Kramer. There’s also your standard Mustaine silver and of course a black one. They’ve all got Thrash Factors.
On the Epiphone’s there’s a $1,499 Red Prophecy with Fishman Fluences? and a $1,399 Black Prophecy with Thrash Factors.
Both models have mahogany body/neck and ebony fingerboards. Both come with Mustaine cases. Weirdly the Epiphone’s are 24 fret but apparently they’re 24.75” scale length according to zZounds and Epiphone’s website, but the Kramers are 25.5”
The Kramers have a Mustaine C profile. The Epiphones have a custom Mustaine D profile.
Happy to see em out! The Epiphones seem kind of weird. Especially the red one with the Fluences? But generally speaking, I’m confused why they wouldn’t put the same Gibson inlays. I might try to get a green Kramer though.
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2023.05.30 13:17 SpiritedVoice1414 [Routine Help] Undereye blood vessel dilation with minoxidil

Hello all,
Background: I am M27 and i've been taking minoxidil, finasteride and accutante for one month. Yes, i know, too much, but was prescripted by my dermatologist. I never had any dark circles or blood vessels dilation.
Habits: I eat healthy (veggies, lean meat, fish and eggs with carbs 2x per week). Lost 22 lbs (10kg) in the last 3 months. I sleep well (8 hours a day).
Current routine:
Cleanser (Boreade) Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C Lip cream for dry skin Sunscreen (Hyseac spf+50)
Night Cleanser (Boreade) Retinoid (Adapaleno) 3 times a week & Eritromicina the other 3 days (rest on Sunday) Lip cream for dry skin Moisturizer (for specially dry skins) Serum Niacinamide LaRoche Possay Vitamin C
Routine Help: I've been researching and i came up with the following products:
Ice hooding/masks, cold compresses or spoon Retinol vit c undereye Tretinoin or Adalapene (Retinol Vitamin A) Ordinary caffeine solution eye serum
Guide me on selecting which products to incorporate.
Thank you.
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2023.05.30 13:15 bigtallcurlyhair Please send me good vibes I have no one at all

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I seriously don’t know what hurts worse, my heart or my legs. I am doing this is a last resort because I am hungry and pretty much on the brink of homelessness. Please pray for me. I lost a loved one in early fall that I took care of and have been in between work from home jobs and now have no job and will have no home in two weeks. I lived off my fathers income because I took care of him. I am now down to nothing and live in a rural area and I have my rent internet and everything due. No speakable family and no transportation. I have tried churches and organizations to no avail. I also have no speakable family because they have disowned me. I’d appreciate anything if anyone could help, and even if you can help financially please send me prayers. I have thought about giving up but I don’t want to but it makes it dang near impossible not to. I am also ostercized for living in a small southern town and being lgbtq. Anyways I’m sorry to ask for this but I need money in the worst way I literally don’t know where my next bill or meal is going to come from? And if you say I’m faking I don’t care and won’t respond. Please help me even if it’s prayer. My cash app is $captainmidnight515
It feels better just to vent but thanks so much for reading this and I know it looks suspicious but I swear to you i am not lying. Thank you and sorry it is embarrassing to do this but I am desperate.
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2023.05.30 13:14 PinacoladaBunny Flexispot E7 - Correcting 'The Wobble'

After a great deal of deliberation, hours of research and a thorough assessment of what I actually needed from a standing desk... I settled for the Flexispot E7.
Some of the things which appealed to me were that the E7 goes significantly lower than most standing desks. As a shorter person, this flexibility for desk height was important. It also has a good load capacity weight, which although I don't have heavy tech equipment, I do have a tendency to lean on desks during meetings.
Putting the desk together was overall pretty straightforward. An electric screwdriver was definitely an essential piece of kit. However, once up... the back/front wobble was horrendous. The feet and legs were sitting comfortably and steadily on the floor, but the desktop had significant movement which would be very annoying.
Now, some of the screws had loosened in other parts of the desk when moving it from the upside-down state to right-way-up. Not sure why, they were in tightly when they were put in. Maybe gravity? Or movement of the desk as it flips over?!
So rather than taking the whole desk apart at 1am, we unscrewed the desktop from the frame (fiddly to do, and especially to get back on, but it worked). Lo and behold, the first screws that go in to hold to top of the frame steady were loose. A quick tighten of them all again, and much faffing about reattaching the desktop, it's now absolutely solid. Not a wobble of any amount to be seen.
One of the screws into the desktop has snapped in situ, so that's going to be an interesting hurdle to cover if I need to take the desk apart to move it whilst we're renovating.
However, with this fix I'm now very happy with the E7. Having the flexibility to move whilst working is great, and the desk itself looks smart too. I've bought a few accessories like a desktop mat, and a laptop stand to improve my set up too.
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2023.05.30 13:14 chuckmillerconsult The Green Professional Certification Program

The Green Professional Certification Program
The residential construction industry is important to the financial health of the nation. The construction industry operates by following a specific set of plans and specifications to arrive at the desired finished product. Chuck Miller Consulting's contractors are certified green professionals who incorporate green building methods into homes & have been given the designation by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

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