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For all the fans of Jennifer Lopez - an American singer, actress, dancer and producer.

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A subreddit for all your before/after pictures of your KETO Progress. We think these type of photos can really inspire people as to what’s possible… Note: This community is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. Consult with your MD/DO prior to stopping or changing medications. When Keto is done properly, lives can change for the better. The owner and mods of this forum are not responsible for health outcomes.

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A sub for recipes, memes, and support related to low-calorie diets, targeted at people who have low TDEEs.

2023.06.01 04:18 LazyBooze @ the guy who likes Riju

@ the guy who likes Riju
You baboon. Riju's height may be equivalent to Links, but that only indicates that she is a CHILD in by Gerudo estimates. Did you never notice the Jewler, Isha??? The greatest ruby haired blacksmith and jewler of the desert? Yes my love, I would in fact like another Scimitar of the Seven, thank you. Please ignore the Lynel Horn I have attached.
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2023.06.01 04:17 throwRA_15432 A genuine apology is never a bad reason to reach out.

A genuine apology is never a bad reason to reach out.
No contact is always valuable, but I know some break-ups were harsh, mean, and unhealthy. I know we had to break-up, but I hated how I did it and was finally able to apologize after I read this in a book.
Keep no contact until you feel you can talk, but always be genuine with your apology and don’t push trying to get back together or seeing them. I was 3 months no contact and once I sent a message to apologize I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.
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2023.06.01 04:17 OilApprehensive7672 What happened to UC admissions?

I found admissions data from a Los Angeles high school's class of 2011. Many things surprised me, such as the high number of students in the top 10% of class accepted to the top UC's. Given that everyone says the UC's are very competitive days and unpredictable, the odds listed in this show otherwise. So I was wondering what happened?
My thinking was that the UC's became less stats focused over time and maybe focused more on diversity. This was a wealthy high school. Alternatively, students on this sub apply heavily to capped CS/Engineering majors which may not have been as competitive at the time.
Admit rate by Weighted GPA decile (except I split the top decile into two)
I downloaded the PDF from the Internet Archive link. Then I converted the PDF to Excel. I deduced the deciles for the Weighted GPA and then filtered applications to each university by Weighted GPA. The admit rate was calculated by diving the number of acceptances by the number of applications.
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2023.06.01 04:17 gvani42069 How would one go about solving for the equations of motion for a particle confined to the frictionless surface of a sphere but allowed to fall off under gravity using the lagrangian formalism?

I'm following along Dr. David Tong's notes from Cambridge and he mentions briefly non-holonomic constraints for systems but he doesn't quite show how to solve this given example.
I know that the constraint would have to be x^2 + y^2 + z^2 >= R^2 for a sphere of radius R which can be re-written as r^2 - R^2 >= 0 for the particle having position r in spherical coordinates (this of course would not be constant as it would be allowed to vary, only R^2 is constant). I'm not sure if there's a way to separate the problem into a holonomic and a non-holonomic portion.
I know that from Newtonian mechanics that the point at which the particle would fall off would be immediately after when the parallel component of the normal force is equivalent to the weight.
I believe the following point is correct (or so I hope) - In this type of problem, we're assuming that the particle is traveling along the surface of the sphere, so if it comes to a stop before it begins to slide off the sphere, then the particle will remain stationary. The constraint force is the normal force here.
Thanks all!
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2023.06.01 04:16 JournalistOk7755 aphthous ulcers

Height 5’5 Age 22 Weight 108 Sex female
Hi! I don’t know where else to turn so I am going to try this. I got diagnosed by a hand food and mouth specialist with “aphthous ulcers” which is literally just a fancy name for canker sores. I am beyond frustrated because the specialist said he’s never seen any like these. And I was left with no help. I have gone to multiple specialist. I got tested for herpes, vitamin deficiencies, lupus, and the only thing they came back positive was I have low iron. One of my specialists I went to prescribed me Valaciclovir and said it could maybe help. But I have been taking it for the past 5 months when I have flare ups and it doesn’t help. I need advice.. I have so many it’s unbearable. I started getting these in August of 2021. I’ll get a couple canker sores at least once a month. But I’ll have a bad outbreak like this every like 3-4 months. I have tried salt water rinses, over the counter special mouthwash, I have even been PROSCRIBED magic mouthwash, but all of these are temporary solutions, and they never even work. And I have no idea what triggers them. I even get them in the back of my throat. When I get my bad flare ups it always starts out with a couple and then more form around it and eventually my whole mouth and tongue and throat are covered in the last two weeks.
*** pictures posted in the comments
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2023.06.01 04:16 ciciwerbenmanjensen Aging gracefully and comfortably.

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at my post.
Species: Feline Age: 15 Sex/Neuter status: Spayed Breed: Domestic Tortoiseshell Body weight: fluctuates 4.78 (April 27th) 4.83 (May 17th) History: Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last year. Attempted pills but moved to transdermal (5mg once a day to 5mg twice a day to 10 mg and 5mg then to 10 mg twice a day). I had to take her to the emergency vet due to her losing function of her back leg. The emergency vet did a thyroid test which came back as 12. This was due to not updated instructions of her transdermal (she was supposed to receive 10mg in the morning and 5 in the evening, but the instructions said only to give 10mg). I had her check up with my Mobile vet on April 27th with a urine specific analysis score of 1.036, pulse of 210, and resp of 65. Mobile vet suggested a senior profile with bnp. On May 17th, the original vet who diagnosed her did her senior profile with the bnp. She has been on 10mg twice a day and her results are below.
Clinical signs: happy, skinny, playful, full of life, extremely picky eater Duration: 1 year Your general location: Eastern United States
The vet who diagnosed her suggested baby food (she turned her nose up at it), but ultimately stayed that if she stayed happy to let her live out her days without unnecessary surgery (Iodine treatment). He was going to look into a different dosage due to her thyroid level rising despite being on 10mg twice a day.
I’m not sure what I’m looking for here, but I figure any commentary would be nice! Thanks!
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2023.06.01 04:16 Cupidmove Apollo S6

Ready to soar to new heights in Apollo S6? Seize the opportunity to acquire $IME and join the competitive event where you could win a share of the amazing $3,000 prize pool. Embrace the challenge with @ImperiumEmpires and witness your gaming aspirations reach new horizons! Embark on your adventure now and launch into action at
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2023.06.01 04:16 saanadc Can Kendall forgive Shiv and Roman?

Kendall sees taking the reins of the company as his birthright/source of all his validation. He’s given it every bit of himself, mortgaging away all other aspects of life and then having a great night with his siblings…it was just within reach…then Shiv stopped it and brought up the waiter. And Roman said the line about kids.
I know siblings can say the absolutely worst things to each other and get over it but how does he come back from this? Can he?
I want to believe Kendall will come out of this lighter, unburdened, dare I say free but Jeremy Strong says no, this is the central moment/day of his life. I don’t see how he ever gets past that, past his siblings’ betrayal.
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2023.06.01 04:15 Historical_Score_573 Do they measure checked bags on an airplane with a measuring device?

My total measurements allowed on a budget airline are 62 inches. When the suitcase is empty I measure it at 61 inches but when I fill it up it bulges a bit and gets to 64ish. Would they really measure the suitcase to that much detail or do they just eyeball it?

edit: for clarification the measurement of the length, width and height have to total to 62 inches. Mine is roughly 29 inches tall (not counting the wheels - 31 inches), 18 wide, 13 inches from side to side.
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2023.06.01 04:15 AztlanKing I think I could use some help here. I had to use "Draft Meshing" since I don't have a GPU and I thinks that's why i'm having bad results but is there a way to fix this? I used a tripod to take the pictures and used a rotating base to put the owl statue, could this be the problem?

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2023.06.01 04:15 Solanum3 Should I ask for an MRI for the lesion on my liver ?

Reason for Exam
(CT Abdomen Pelvis w/ Contrast) Epigastric pain. Escalating abdo pain (epigastric) Known hx cholelithiass . O 2o features of cholecystitis. O pancreatitis. O perforected ulcer
Report COMPARISON: None. TECHNIQUE: IV Contrast enhanced CT Abdomen and Pelvis. FINDINGS LUNG BASES: Normal.
HEPATOBILIARY: Low-density segment 8 of the liver measured 1.2 cm with an attenuation value of 41 Hounsfield units, higher than expected for cysts. Small amount of peripheral enhancement superiorly This could be an hemangioma. Gallbladder and biliary ducts are normal.
PANCREAS/SPLEEN: Pancreas and spleen are normal.
KIDNEYS/ADRENALS/GENITOURINARY TRACT: Kidneys, ureters, adrenal glands and bladder are normal. Within the right adnexa region, there is a well-defined low-density 3 cm structure likely a cyst.
GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT: The large and small bowel are normal.
VASCULAR STRUCTURES: The aorta, superior mesenteric artery, celiac trunk, portal vein, superior mesenteric vein are normal.
MESENTERY/RETROPERITONEUM/PERITONEAL SPACE: No adenopathy, free air or free fluid. ABDOMINAL WALL: No hernia.
OSSEOUS/SPINAL: Mild loss of disc height L5-S1. IMPRESSION:
NO abnormality to explain symptoms. Low-density segment 8 of the liver near the dome possibly a hemangioma. If needed ultrasound could be arranged.
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2023.06.01 04:15 BusinessFeeling7121 My first 1911.. and SIG!

My first 1911.. and SIG!
Out of the box it’s incredible, the weight/balance, the grips, the 2-tone. So happy. I’ve got 400 rds going through it this upcoming weekend. Would love some care/cleaning tips if y’all got any! I’ve got grease that I use on my AKs and tons of gun oil to get it ready for a break in!
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2023.06.01 04:14 ChipDoubleDip86 [XB1] H: OEAPWWR FSA LL W: UnyApSent USA RL + ?

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2023.06.01 04:14 MegiMysti HWT Problems/Summer Plans

I go to a big football school so you would think there would be quite a bit of heavyweights yet none of them ever stick around. This leads to me being the only heavyweight except for 1 other person who shows up to practice like 3 times a month. How do I combat this as I feel only wrestling lighter weights will hinder my progress in wrestling as I'm not use to the heavier people. Also over summer I don't have a way within 2 hrs of me to wrestle until about mid-July. I am going to a week long camp and Weightlifting but don't know how to make up for the missing mat time. What would yall do in my situation?
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2023.06.01 04:14 Historical_Driver_87 Working out abs a day after an upset stomach?

Originally today I wanted to have an abs focused workout at the gym, as my abs have felt "soft", lately, however as I drove to the gym, I began feeling nauseous, so I decided to go back home, where I laid in bed, feeling bad for most of the day.
It's 7pm and I feel good at last (not completely but still), and I have eaten a lot/gained weight, so I still want to do abs (even though I know it doesn't help w belly fat), however I am a bit scared if it'll be a bad idea and make things worse for me.
I work out in the morning, so would it be okay for me to work out my abs tomorrow? Or would you recommend focusing on something else tomorrow?
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2023.06.01 04:14 ramrod911 Growth while on trt

I am a 43 y/o male. I have been on trt for 1 year. Current panel has me at a very good spot on all my marks. I was messing around with a height chart I have for the kids, checking it for accuracy and taking their latest measurements. The kids asked me to check my height which I had done only once since I bought that chart for them. Low and behold it measured 1.5” more than my previous height. Believe me, we triple checked, and checked again. I was in the Army for 8 years, so believe me when I say my previous height has been verified hundreds of times. All google results I have read state there’s no growth at 30, much less 40. I cannot pin this on anything else other than the trt. Has anyone else has a similar experience of unexplained growth while on trt?
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2023.06.01 04:13 Whole_Plenty4603 19, have symptoms of Low T, should I be concerned? Advice?

Hey guys,
I'm turning 19 in a couple of weeks, and have noticed for what's probably gone on for just under a year now, a lower libido/sex drive, not as frequent or spontaneous erections including morning wood especially compared to when I was younger! , but don't seem to have ED as when I want to/need to get it up I can - and it's maintained... I have also found that I feel pretty fatigued, even when not necessarily doing too much, also experienced decreased motivation and brain/memory fog and during that time also have seen a decent increase in weight (was 55kg mid age 17 now in the late 60s early 70s kg). I know things fluctuate etc, and typically too now, but after doing quick research some of these align to low T. I need bloodwork done anyways, I haven't actually had a blood test, obviously other than when I was born... Just wanted your guy's thoughts on this. Should I be concerned that it might be low T? It would be great to know particularly the process over here in AUS too if there are people from here?!! Thanks!
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2023.06.01 04:13 Becomenonmasculine Models are for gay men

Why do people like using models to prove that tall woman are attractive . Models are not what straight men are attracted to . Models are human clothing hangers
In the real world being tall as a woman is polarizing . Either men are emasculated or they have a fetish
Trust me as a tall woman I hate my height and I hate when people try to shut me up by using supermodels . I even searched for leg shortening surgery
Most men prefer woman under 5’6
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2023.06.01 04:13 velogirl Maintenance calories

I’ve been in recovery for extreme Anorexia for almost 4 months. I basically gave in to my hunger and ate whatever I liked after getting out of the hospital 5 weeks ago. I’m now more than likely at a healthy weight based on what I see, and have been in the gym making great muscle gains.
Now I’m wondering what I can do to get into maintenance. I am fearful of feeling hungry or restricting myself at all, but I do want to be more intentional with what I eat. I do incline walks for an hour plus 20 minutes of weight machines/dumbbells daily for my mental health. How can I calculate my TDEE? And how to maintain without getting obsessive? I go back to school in the fall and things will get busy but for now, I’ve found myself totally obsessed with my next meal and food due to boredom and a fear that I won’t get to eat.
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2023.06.01 04:13 kpmeister31 L3 - Synthetic Credit Strategies

L3 - Synthetic Credit Strategies
Can anyone explain why the Effective Spread Duration ratios are multiplied by the Notional Amount? (highlighted in green). Why do we have make sure both BPVs are equal?
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2023.06.01 04:12 SmugPebbles Best chair for a 24 inch desk?

I’m small and my table is 24 inches height wise. Looking for a good chair currently using a small leather one would like one even smaller though.
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2023.06.01 04:12 CardiologistItchy968 VO2 Max

I noticed that my vo2 max was getting lower as time went on beginning in October, the exact time I stopped taking vyvanse (adhd stimulant med) and started taking Ozempic (GLP-1 med) and losing weight. I cycle (intensely) 3-5 days per week, am down 40 lbs (BMI of 23, F, 33) but am seeing the vo2 max continue to drop. Any insight?
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