Fnf longest solo ever

Caught HFM from baby, when does it stop hurting?

2023.05.30 13:09 Foodie1989 Caught HFM from baby, when does it stop hurting?

I had the longest and worst weekend ever. Caught hand foot mout from my 8 month old. Friday, I had a 103 fever and moving was making my head pound and the worst chills. Broke my fever and Sunday bumps came with vengeance and were so itchy and burning I wanted to chop off my limbs and couldn't sleep. Swallowing water was hars.
Thankfully, the itching was almost mangeable last night after numbing it with ice while I got some sleep. Woke up and I no longer feel like chopping them off but still feel some itchiness and its soooo sore. I got new bumps.....I can hardly walk cuz it hurts!!!
When does it stop being so sore? Please tell me I am almost healed!!! When do bumps stop coming they look so ugly and its a new itch that comes with.
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2023.05.30 13:06 ScratchyPurple Guitar Hero

I don’t know if Dead & Co stuff belongs here. Always been a Mayer fan and a Dead fan separately. So I’ve loved D&C since the beginning.
I saw them in ATL over the weekend. John was an absolute guitar hero. Beautiful melodies, infectious groove, emotional dynamics, and viscous epic blues shredding. Jaw dropping stuff! It was the best live music I’ve ever seen.
That ending solo on Morning Dew was the best guitar performance I’ve ever seen live. I’m so thankful for being alive at the same time as John.
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2023.05.30 13:03 RealCanadianBcon Searching for suggestions: 1.5-4 months on the cycle

Searching for suggestions: 1.5-4 months on the cycle
Hello everyone! I’m looking for suggestions for a goal in which I could complete during a 1.5-4 month period.
Not a super experienced cycle tourer. I finished my very first cycle tour about a month ago, where I cycled sections of the EV1 and EV6 in Western France and southern England. The tour lasted 18 days, and I travelled 1100km (It felt like a great pace, roughly 60km per day). I wild camped most of the time.
Ever since, I’ve been dreaming of getting back on the cycle. I am 24 years old at the moment, and have graduated university but haven’t started my career yet. I planning on saving up money over the next few months, and then embarking on a tour which I’ll look back on profoundly when I’m older. I want a worldly experience. I’m from Canada, so I’m not really interested in anything on North America, and I’ve also lived in Europe for the last 8 months (where I did a ton of travel in the western side of Europe except Scandinavian countries, and some travel in Eastern Europe/Baltic countries).
I’ve been thinking about cycling in Africa (perhaps starting in South Africa would be a good start, and making my way north), but I’m unsure because of safety reasons. But I’m also open to ideas in SEA, Central Asia (The -istans sounds interesting), or South America.
I am a native English speaker and have B1 French.
In regards to global travel, I am not super well travelled. I don’t have any experience travelling outside of Europe and NA.
✅ 6 week solo backpack trip in Europe ✅ Moved to and travelled across a good chunk of France for 6 months (I couldn’t speak any French at the time) ✅ Travelled alone on-and-off for the last 4 years across Canada
For those of you who have done a longer tour, what did you do, and what did you like about it. Do you recommend?
Is there anything I should know about safely biking across those countries?
Thanks!! Looking forward to responses.
(Included a picture of my barebones cycle set up during my last trip)
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2023.05.30 12:59 Arrowga Keep dying to Exploiter Orb, need help

Hello there,
I am trying to get Hildryns part blueprints from Exploiter Orb and since I rarely if ever get random teammates when I start the Bounty I've been trying to do it solo with very little success.
I can't even get past Phase 1.
My current setup is as follows:
Nataruk: Max Serration, Max Stormbringer, Max Vital Sense, Max Point Strike, Max Split Chamber, Max Speed Trigger, Max Infested Clip and Lvl0 Rifle Aptitude (just because I had 4 Capacity left)
Zephyr Prime: Lvl1 Carnis Carapace, All 3 Umbra Mods at Lvl5, Lvl1 Armar's Hatred, Max Fast Deflection, Max Fortitude, Lvl8 Redirection, Max Physique, Max Aviator
This is as many survivability Mods I could squeeze into him and yet I keep dying over and over.
I am rolling and bullet jumping but to no avail.
What am I doing wrong?
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2023.05.30 12:50 PostPandemicHermit Average Per Person - Solo Q

I've never been on a cruise and I've been browsing cruises the past couple of weeks. I thought some of them looked pretty cheap....that is until I tried checking out on one and found that the price is per person, and it's eye-wateringly more when you calculate total cabin price.
RC seems more expensive than others, but I really need RC because I have to use Starlink to WFH during the weekdays.
Any other solo travellers? How do solo cruisers find the best deals?
I saw a cruise line had a solo traveller discount once but not sure if RC ever has that.
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2023.05.30 12:48 Purple-Banana_7 Custom lore for Solar Smash 2d

Solar Smash 2d is a game of creativity with lots of mechanics that give it a unique structure and play experience, but have you ever wondered what you would find deep down in the game's lore? Keep in mind throughout this piece is an estimated guess based on my knowledge of the game and actual mechanics of the game.
It all started with the invention of a revolutionary vehicle, the first way of interstellar travel. It was created by the nation of Honverta, which is a remnant of the North Atlantic Union, or NAU for short when it collapsed from revolutions within it. Honverta was a neutral country consisting of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. This put together made it the strongest nation from the collapsed union.
Many nations copied their ideas the following years after, and by now, new solar systems have already been reached with the hyperspace technology that was also created toward that time period. Fast forward a few years, and interstellar alliances have been created, along with new relations with the supernatural life throughout the galaxy. The strongest of these was the United Systems Federation, which had not lasted long before the Cataclysm, which was a large war between two ideologies within the government, ultimately splitting it into many factions, many of which do not exist, such as The Explorers, or The Hades Union.
Some factions barely exist in the modern Solar Smash 2d, such as The Banished and other factions left unknown. Many human factions left great relations with each other, if you don't include the pirates, formed to wreak havoc and destroy trade any ways they can, and it stayed that way until the Alliance-Union war, damaging the human relations beyond repair, but creating a new faction, as mentioned, The Banished, which were created when a revolution in the Alliance broke out, causing them to lose the war, and become one of the weakest factions just ahead of the The Hades Union, which was just on the verge of collapse for fighting the longest war in history against the Ancient Remnants.
Only a few years later, many planets are being contested by different factions, such as Hades, by the Banished, Interstellar Union, and Independents. Or Ragnarok by the same factions, even the Abyssal Edge, contested by the Ancients, Alliance, And the Union. Then came the generation of discovery, when humanity started to discover many other factions, such as the Hive, Tallana Guardians, and the Followers of Undun.
The Hive is a relentless consciousness that only has one sole goal to attack and destroy anything it comes across, and the only faction it being neutral or friendly with, the Tallana Guardians, likely due to the limited intelligence of the Hive creature, thinking them as a part of the alliance due to the similar ship colors. The Tallana Guardians are a very strong and maneuverable force, having powerful weapons, fast ships, and also incredibly hostile to all humans it faces. The Followers of Undun are one of the strongest factions still existing, with a medium class ship often able to take on fleets of smaller, but still manageable ships, and their sole belief is not known, other than their god named Undun.
While the discovery era was ending, the Interstellar Union was beginning a new era of research of weaponry, with the new sun pulse, a weapon that harnesses nuclear fusion, while also being in a contained area, causing this faction to be one of the strongest human factions existing. The faction relations were to remain stable until the destruction of Ragnarok, during a test for a new missile, which was destroyed with no evidence during the new war that had unraveled, which brings us to the time the game takes place, with many factions left to fight against others and choose to succeed or be destroyed.
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2023.05.30 12:42 Prudent_Spare_8484 Question about SS Playstyle.

Hello folks. I've been playing ret for a long time as I enjoy it as it has a mix of burst and support. I achieved almost 2.3k in 2s in bfa and almost 2k in 3s as PHP. In DF S1 I got 2.5k in SS. So far I've always played in such a way that my healer friend always stunned the opposing healer in the opener and I then stunned the kill target. In the 3s I waited until my hunter gave the healer ice trap and then I hojed the target. And off we went. Actually always like that in the SS.
Yesterday I had some hard lobbies in solo and went from 2080 to 1917. Since I played against streamer, multiglads and multi r1. In addition, mostly against full caster lobbies. As the only melee, it sometimes really bothers me. 😅
So now to my question, I'm doing something wrong with my cc thinking, because a Gladiator Disci with 3.5k xp scolded me that I should only ever hojen healers. I usually didn't even get there because it was slow or I was afraid myself.
But is it in the SS that one stunned me a healer?
Thanks for your attention and thanks in advance for the replies
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2023.05.30 12:28 _Disbelief_ This might not be something too impressive but I've just gotten my first (i think) solo hero kill ever in my 800h of playtime and I can confirm, it feels great to do so.

This might not be something too impressive but I've just gotten my first (i think) solo hero kill ever in my 800h of playtime and I can confirm, it feels great to do so. submitted by _Disbelief_ to StarWarsBattlefront [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:16 Fruityloops510 First week after quitting.

It's been a long time since I could say - " I've spent one week not using".
In my case it is cigarettes and alcohol, started when I was 13, sneaking around just to find my way to have them. Now almost 21 I realized all the harm I've done to myself, what I've lost, who I've pushed away, what I didn't get to live...
I'm trying to change, trying to be a better person. I'm afraid I might relapse, as the longest I've ever managed to quit was for a short period of two weeks, let's see where I'm heading to.
Anyway, I hope I continue on this path. Maintaining is probably the hardest part and that is what I got to work on.
Thanks to anyone who may read this.
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2023.05.30 12:16 Dizzy_Ad7582 Have you ever traveled to a foreign country solo? Share your story.

What's the most bizarre object you've ever found and what did you do with it?
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2023.05.30 12:08 kepcikdante What do the butterflies in the stomach mean in this context?

Hi! I always identified a straight cis-male buuuuuut..... Since I was little I would get very intense butterflies in my stomach whenever I thought about turning into a girl. I thought it was a fetish for the longest time but it never was sexual for me - it only gave me a very very intense rush of dopamine. whenever I would daydream about it I would feel almost a high. I always thought it was weird and never shared this with anyone ever. I. was wondering if some trans folk experienced something similar?
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2023.05.30 11:45 Ok-Revenue8752 17 week abortion/advice

I'II be 17 weeks when i have my abortion, i agree on my sake it wasn't fair to wait this long. But for the longest time i said i wasn't going to ever abort nor do i still want too. However my circumstances have changed, i have no home unless i have an abortion, i can't afford to raise a baby, i've tried to make it work i really have but it's not a fair life for the baby and it breaks my heart. anyways My manger knows i'm pregnant, i'm not having an abortion in a week. What the hell do i say to her? I work in a bakery so it's a very physical job and long standing ect so i think i'll need time off, i'm not sure though, but i'm presuming so.
also what should i expect after the abortion / apart from the emotional damage
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2023.05.30 11:41 KingKaihaku What JRPG soundtracks do you think are the most underrated, forgotten, and/or overlooked?

What JRPG soundtracks do you think are the most underrated, forgotten, and/or overlooked?
I love listening to JRPG music in the background while working, while running tabletop RPGs, during a commute, or just whenever. Of course my playlist includes well known series like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Mana, Chrono, Xeno-Blade/Saga/Gears, and so on.
For each of these well regarded series they are dozens of lesser known JRPGs and some of them actually have fantastic soundtracks. Sometimes mediocre games have great soundtracks, Chaos Legion (while not a JRPG) being my favorite example. Sometimes a series falters and dies, leaving an epic soundtrack largely overlooked by future generations of games. Sometimes a game releases on hardware that simply isn't popular and thus is forgotten except by the few who had access.
Please allow me to share three JRPGs that have soundtracks that I consider underrated, forgotten, or overlooked.

Phantasy Star IV

A long, long time - in the early days of the genre - Phantasy Star was the third great JRPG series alongside Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. It was known for it's unique setting, deep storytelling, incredible graphics (at the time), and - of course - it's soundtracks. Phantasy Star IV is the culmination of the series - one of the best JRPGs of an era known for great JRPGs - and it's soundtrack is appropriately legendary. From sad to goofy to sinister to epic, this soundtrack delivers it all. The composer, IPPO, went so hard for this game, there are dedicated solo tracks all over this game. For example, there's not just a generic sad theme, each of the most meaningful scenes have their own tracks. I'm not going to talk about all 48 tracks but here are some highlights.
  • Her Last Breath - This is right up there with Tales of Phantasia's Sad Theme, Dragon Quest 7's Days of Sadness, and Final Fantasy 7's Aerith's Theme as the greatest JRPG sorrowful tracks ever made.
  • Pain - Wait... There's another sad theme? Yes, there's another sad theme (and there's even another one aside from this). But this one is filled with tension and anxiety, a premonition of sorrow...a sense of actively losing rather than of having lost.
  • Requiem for Lutz - One of the greatest wizard themes ever composed. Slow, sad, yet energized. Like a never-ending waltz, which is quite true to the character.
  • Laughter - This one of my favorite boss fight themes. Not just in this game or in the genre, but period. It was great to hear Ooze in PSO2 but they should have gone for Laughter.
  • King of Terrors - When you look into the abyss, this is the soundtrack that's playing.
  • Jijy no Rag - I'd be remiss if I excluded the game's light hearted tracks. There's also Tonoe de Pon but that gives me a headache.
Phantasy Star IV inspired me to post this. Well, actually it was Gaming Broductions' 8 Great JRPGs That Have Aged Really Well Part 2 in which he made the weird flex of saying, "Though I wouldn’t say that the music is quite as good as the best soundtracks from that generation, it’s still pretty solid overall." Phantasy Star isn't a broadly known series anymore, long eclipsed by it's spin-off Phantasy Star Online, but I contend that IV has one of the best OSTs on the Genesis, one of the best JRPG OSTs of the 16-bit era, and - arguably - still one of the best JRPG OSTs decades later. Hopefully you agree.


Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

Long before Rune Factory, Neverland established itself as a JRPG studio with the Lufia series. The second game, Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, is generally better regarded than the first (though it's still underrated) but here I want to highlight the first game's soundtrack because it's even underrated within it's own series! So, to be frank, it's true that many of the game's tracks are generic...but those that stand out really stand out!
I love how how the composer, who went on to work on Tales Of, weaves rock and classical together. Even more impressive, the composers were working with one of the worst sound fonts on the SNES and they still managed to deliver a few greats.

Stella Glow

Now for something more recent than the 16 bit era... The final game before Imageepoch declared bankruptcy in 2015, Stella Glow on the 3DS. Talk about Stella Glow's soundtrack is usually focused on the JPOP sections which were fine but not really what I look for from a JRPG soundtrack. However, Stella Glow has dark plot elements lurking in the background that gave me a Xenosaga and Shin Megami Tensei vibe. Yes, your potential waifus are singing JPOP songs to cast spells...but, actually, there's a lot more going on here than it first appears. The soundtrack is no exception to this. Look pass the JPOP and you'll find some great JRPG music; especially the eerie choral music.
  • Eclipse - The first time I thought, "Did Yuki Kajiura compose this?" If you know who that is, you'll know that it's high praise.
  • Eve Boss Battle -The dissonance in this track is so subtly unnerving... Even more so in context.
  • Celestial Hymn - This is another track that's just so subtly unnerving... Even more so in context.
  • Xeno's Battle Theme - And this one's just a fun battle theme.
  • Spirit World - Appropriately whimsical, threatening, and chaotic for being from the portions of the game where you go full Pyschonauts.
Earlier I mentioned wondering if Yuki Kajiura was the composer... But actually it's another legendary composer, Yasunori Mitsuda from Chrono and Xenogears! Imagine meeting an old friend in a place like this.

So those are a few picks from me, what about you?

I could go on...but I'd love to hear from you. Tell me your favorite underrated JRPG music so I can add it to my playlist (if I don't have it already).
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2023.05.30 11:29 Accomplished_Pass158 Have you ever traveled solo? What was the experience like?

What's the most peculiar or absurd tradition or custom you've come across in your travels?
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2023.05.30 11:29 Arcuran Dear Jack - Hire Me

Hi Jack, I know you check here time to time. Just so you're aware, I've offered my services to the other LCS teams, however C9 is my first choice. Give me a shout before it's too late!
You don't know me, I've been training day after day, year after year for this moment. I've been playing since S3, I lived through League of Warmogs, Dominated the Smite Ezreal Mid Lane Meta, I am ready now for the LCS stage. I've never had ban, so you don't ever need to worry about my attitude, and I am the best team player in the world.
I maybe only Gold III but ignore my solo queue results, my trash team mates are holding me back. I know I am meant for glory, I am made for the LCS. Besides, EU Gold 3 is like Diamond 1 in NA.
Now is your chanse. Hire me and I will carry you. My Senna adc is something NO LCS TEAM is ready to face. I don't follow the meta, I make the META. I taught Gumayusi everything he know's about ADC, he once told me I am the only ADC he fears facing.
If you give me this chance, not only will a guarantee you your LCS summer split trophy. But come worlds, I will take down Korean and China and bring way for a new era of LCS dominance.
(P.S. I do live in Europe, so if you can arrange transport for me, it would be greatly appreciated.)
You can contact me on here or at my business email:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.30 11:06 MudFeeling5502 Have you ever seen a UFO or Bigfoot? What happened?

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country solo? Share your story.
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2023.05.30 10:53 Lowyat_Slyder Interesting figures that are possible about the two new possible winner of this year Stanley Cup final.

If VGK won:
- The VGK will be the first expansion franchise in 21st century/3rd millenia to became SC champion.
- Since the 80's, the least player drafted by the team pick (whether own pick or traded pick to them before used) at two - Cotter and Hague (May change if Dorofeyev, Pachal and Korczak became emergency replacement and won it Volkov style).
- There are possibilities of the first 4 goalies name on the cup ever engraved:
* Adin Hill will play in the final and Quick will be the backup - Directly qualified
* Logan Thompson played 37 games in RS and I think he dressed for more than 41 games (I don't know, hard to find goalie dressed record, Directly qualified)
* Laurent Brossoit played the first round series against Jets (yes, he needs special permission but if he manage to be healthy and replace Quick as the backup in the finals, he will be directly qualified)
If Panthers won:
- The fourth team without home ice advantage all playoffs to win it all the way (Devils 1995 is the first, Kings 2012 is the second, Lightning 2020 is the third).
- The first WC2 team to win (which mean you're usually crossed division often to meet the best team, for this year, blame Islanders for their run of form near the end of the season).
- The first team to beat the three of the best teams in their own conference (Bruins 1st, Canes 2nd and Leafs 4th) and the best team of their opposite conference (VGK 1st).
- The first team that will win with 3 out of the 4 top draft pick of the same draft class (2014 - 1st (Ekblad), 2nd (Reinhart), 4th (Bennett)). Guess who is the 3rd draft pick guy who is so pissy of missing out?
- Eric Staal will became the player who have the longest spans of years between his first cup (2006 Canes) and second cup (possibly 2023 Panthers) at 17 years beating Chelios at current record of 16 years (1986 to 2002).
- Marc Staal will win his first cup and Staal brothers will be the first siblings pair that will win the cup together since Niedermayer brothers in 2007 (Ducks) - Pretty nice that they have to go through another member of their sibling (Jordan - the captain of the Canes).
- Staal brothers will be the first sets of siblings that are more than two that will win the cup as a player since... Boucher brothers in the 20's and 30's (Georges, Billy, Bob and Frank).
Both team trivia when they won:
- 1st cup in their team history (leaving another 11 teams without a cup in their history including the SC loser).
- 1st team in history with 10 mil cap hit player to win a cup (If Panthers won, the first goalie with 10 mil cap hit to win SC).
Maybe some parts right and some parts wrong. add and discuss what seems interesting to you!
Hope for the best for both teams!
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2023.05.30 10:49 Official_Jayempee Finally after 156 hours, 106% completion is mine on crash 4, without a doubt the hardest and longest game I've ever played, but still one of the best, the dev relics will be a nightmare

Finally after 156 hours, 106% completion is mine on crash 4, without a doubt the hardest and longest game I've ever played, but still one of the best, the dev relics will be a nightmare submitted by Official_Jayempee to crashbandicoot [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 09:18 SuperRebooter Reboot Bandwagon: Day 1 - Goodbye World

"Today, I turn a new leaf." Something I have told myself many, many times before. I have been frequenting NoFap discussion and resources for over 8 years now, almost a decade of my life with the knowledge and seemingly optimistic will to be done with this for good. But no matter how hard I try, I can't stick the landing...
The longest streak I have had was 28 days 2 years ago. Before that it was 24, prior to that it was 2 weeks, 1 week, 6 days, 5 days, then 4, then 3, and 2, 1. I couldn't believe it the first time I made it through 1 whole day without yakking it. I'm not talking about those days where you are busy either, like staying a friends house or being on a family trip where you get little to no time to even consider it. I'm talking about a day where I sat down, made a conscious decision, and told myself "No. Not today."
I couldn't tell you how old I was when I did that, nor the month or what day it was. What I can tell you, is that one single decision I made what feels like eons ago, has been a decision I have attempted to make every single day since.
So here is a little bit about me, I'm a 25 year old undiagnosed nuerodivergent who seemingly slipped through the cracks in my childhood and adholesnce. I am on a waiting list to be diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. My addiction started when I was 9 years old when I stumbled across the "Adult" section on Newgrounds (remember that?) I still remember the details of the game I played. Not the name, but I won't go into detail as to not trigger anybody here. But 9 years old I stumbled upon porn, and it's been a huge routine in my life ever since.
I was masturbating upwards of 7 - 10 times a day since I was 9. NINE! I probably wasn't even aware that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell by that time, or if I was, I was probably thinking about something NSFW when I was supposed to be learning.
You might be wondering, "what's with the title? A little dramatic don't you think?" Perhaps. There has been an abundance of suicidal anecdotes posted on this sub reddit as of recent, and I am not here add to it, nor diminish their value. "Goodbye World" is in reference to the world of porn. A user names dance_in_diamonds made a very insightful comment which can be read here: https://www.reddit.com/NoFap/comments/13ta2yt/yesterday_i_had_my_first_escort/jlvw2ar?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share - this is ultimately what inspired me to start this today. Had I read this 10 minutes prior to starting this, I would not have relapsed today.
They wrote about writing down the things you will miss about porn. As once I have wrote them down, there is no turning back.
[trigger warning] I will miss the ease of getting a dopamine rush when I am in need of one, as this has been a long time coping mechanism. I will miss being able to view whatever I am craving at a whim, and the possibility of finding something new. I will miss the animalistic desire of seeing someone attractive, and picture myself in the video. I will miss all the alt-goth girls willing to show their bodies online for my pleasure. I will miss JOI and CFNM videos, as well as videos where there are more women than one man can handle. I will miss you, Johnny Sins, and all of your professions. I will miss the build up to a fap. I will miss edging. I will miss browsing for an hour trying to find something that will get me aroused enough, and I will miss having 20 tabs at once, all playing at the same time as I have a sensory overload as different story lines and moans overlap.
But I will not miss the quickly fleeting high of PMO. I will never miss the post nut clarity. I will never miss the pang in my heart everytime I circum to the will of the porn industry, as I know I lose a little bit of myself everytime it happens.
So today, I am turning a new leaf. I would like for you to embark on my journey along side me, as I have had enough. I want to build better habits, reinforce in my brain the things I striving to succeed in, and live a healthier, porn free life.
Thank you for reading, I plan to be uploading daily as of now in order help inspire hope, bring accountability to myself, and make some friends along the way! We are all in this together. If I spend 20 minutes to an hour writing these up, that's 20 minutes to an hour of not fapping. In fact, that's 20 minutes to an hour of reinforcement in my mind to as of why I shouldn't be fapping!
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2023.05.30 08:55 DrSchiiller My top 10 Favorite Call Of Duty zombie maps (part 1/2)

For this ranking I'm only going to be including zombie maps that I have played Solo or with another person. And there is some Maps out there that I have not played which may be some of the best zombie maps out there so don't get offended when that's not on here because this is a personal list of my own. Plus if the map is low I just haven't played it as much.
  1. Der Riese(The Giant for those who've played it only on bo3) For my number 10 spot I have The Giant. I haven't played the original War at War one but I've played the BO3 one. It is a very good map and the only reason I have it a number 10 is because it is the one I've probably played the least out of all of these. It is such a great map I think for this to be higher I would have to go back and play the world at war one as well. In my opinion it is an 7.5/10 for now
9.Town Okay, the reason town is even in my top 10 is because of the Nostalgia it brings me. I can remember playing this for hours of my siblings. I would put Transit here but we could never figure out pack a punch. And now you're really confused why I put this over the Giant. It's just because it is such a good memory in my head playing this with my brother and family. And for that reason I will have to give it to a 8/10
8.Final Reich This one is probably going to get me a lot of heat. But I have two reasons for putting it over my last two. My first reason is all the history behind it. It shows an alternate timeline of what could have become if zombies and Nazis mixed(besides Kino der toten). It's a very creative map even though World War II Zombies didn't really hit well with the community I feel like this map is the greatest thing to come out of it. And again this is just Nostalgia for me. I'm going to give this the same rating I gave the last one a 8/10. Plus it was just a beautiful thing to look at the whole map.
7.Five1(original) One of the hardest maps in Call of Duty zombies history. This map used to have me and my brother bugging for days. We will spend nights up to get to a high round and we couldn't. The Pentagon Thief was one of the meanest people in our childhood. I think that this map is made us closer. Plus it was another beautiful set even though the graphics aren't up to date. It is just one of the greatest Maps in my opinion ever. And for that I'm going to give it an 8.2 out of 10
6.Buried Please don't blame me for putting buried at 6. I'm not going to lie when I say Buried is one of the greatest zombies maps of all time. It is what created so many people's childhood memories. And for me it created mine too but I do not play it as much as I wish I could. And I can just remember sitting in the Juggernaut corner camping with me and all my siblings. Arthur was amazing and he created some funny moments in my life and I think everything I said this map is going to get an 8.5 out of 10.
This is only part 1 because it is almost 3 am. And I wanna go to sleep.
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2023.05.30 08:43 CloutWithdrawal Solo Trip Report - 4 Days in CDMX

Introduction: Mexico City has been a recent interest of mine ever since the YouTube algorithm started recommending me videos on this mega city. Like most Americans, I was ignorant and incorrectly under the assumption that Mexico City was sketchy and had nothing to offer for travelers other than poverty tourism. However, after watching YouTube videos and reading more about this city, I quickly learned that Mexico City, and Mexico in general, has a very rich culture and history. It also is the biggest city in the Western Hemisphere. I was locked in this point to explore this city so close to home.Booking this trip was very random, I originally booked a vacation to go to EDC Vegas with friends (insanely fun time btw) but I wanted to extend my PTO for the rest of the week after because I was already taking a day off to rest and had the Friday off for MDW.
After exploring other options in the US like possibly other areas in the south west like Utah or Arizona I quickly realized how expensive this would be. Vegas has great prices on flights so I wanted to take advantage of that and go somewhere international, due to my recent interest with Mexico City and how it isn’t too expensive, it just made sense. I booked the flight and hotel instantly so I wouldn’t think too much about it.
I invited some other friends at first and received some maybes, ultimately I knew that this would end up being a solo trip. I have some experience with solo trips, my first one was Hiroshima while I was studying abroad in Tokyo, that trip gave me my first powerful global experience that has ultimately became my goal when i travel now. I also did Denver last summer to see a red rocks show ( stayed in a hostel which ended up being the same price as a decent hotel in CDMX 🤣). I didn’t have much of a structured plan for this trip except to see the historic district and maybe teohiucan if it wasn’t too difficult to get there.
Logistics: I stayed in a Roma Norte hotel from Tuesday Night - Sunday Morning.
Interests: architecture, food, electronic music, nature, history
Day 1: Arrival
I arrived into CDMX around 1045pm via Volaris. The Volaris experience sucks, honestly worse than Spirit lol. For about an hour we were sitting on the runway not moving without AC in the Vegas heat. Apparently this is due to them not having runway rights? Not sure about this but that’s what some googling told me.
For some reason I exchanged usd for pesos at the cash exchange counters instead of using an atm to take out pesos. Not sure why I did because I have travelled internationally and know that ATMs are usually the best options. Whatever, I just took the L there. I called an Uber to my hotel after rejecting many taxi drivers.
I arrived to my hotel hungry and looked for open places to eat that were close to the hotel. I did not want to walk too far as I heard that night time gets sketchy. I ended up finding a taco place right across the street from my hotel so I went there. The place was called Taquería LOS HUARACHINES (ROMA). Ordering was a bit tough due to the language barrier but I got 2 Al pastor tacos, a plate of carne asada with about 5 tortilla, and a Coca Cola. This was an amazing meal and exactly what I wanted. The Al pastor was incredibly juicy and probably were the best tacos I had in my life at this point. I’m currently based in Texas so I’ve had real tacos before but these were just something else. I walked back to my hotel and quickly went to bed.
Day 2: Roma Norte & La Condesa
I had no official plans for this day. I was still tired from EDC Vegas so I woke up pretty late and didn’t get out of the hotel until around 1130-12. Once I did get out, I originally just planned to walk around neighborhood and see what piqued my interest. I started with a coffee. I got an iced coffee as it was hot out, I don’t think iced coffee is a thing anywhere else besides the US so this was also a little harder to order due to language barrier. Luckily someone spoke English at the counter and helped me order.
I began to walk north, I stopped at plaza rio de janiero to smoke a cigarette (I’m not a regular smoker except on vacation and when I go to raves lol). Very cool spot. My first impression of the Roma Norte neighborhood was that it was a nicer, greener, cleaner version of nyc with a European flair.
Next, I ended up at I believe Zona Rosa? It was a pedestrian only area with a lot of shops and restaurants. I stopped in a few shops maybe looking to buy sunglasses or a shirt but ultimately did not. I continued my walk.
I saw there was some sort of park near me called Bosque de Chapultec. I decided that would be my next destination to walk to. I passed the el Angel de la indepencia which was very impressive. I finally got to the park and was wowed by how nice it was. I didn’t know it was such a big destination until I got there and saw there a bunch of museos and vendors set up. I bought a pair of sunglasses as it was bright out and walked around a bit to take it in. Finally, I decided to check out a museum. I chose Museo de Arte Moderno as I wanted to see some art. I much prefer modern art over traditional art too. I really liked this museum and connected with a lot more paintings that I thought I would. About of 1/4 of the way through I realized can use Google translate to read the descriptions for some of the paintings. I wish I took down the artists who created some of these paintings but I think I can find the artists again if I really wanted to.
I went outside to the sculpture garden and this was a little underwhelming tbh. I was also getting hangry so I went through it quick. I decided to get lunch at Los Pancheros as it was nearby and the Google reviews seemed good. I ordered Plato rachero & caldo xochitl. HUGE portions and incredibly good. I really liked the soup though, it was some sort of chicken and rice soup. It took a little bit for the check to come but it finally did and I paid and left.
I ate way too much and I had to lay down somewhere so I went back to the park and found a nice place to lay where other people were. It was some sort of fountain that I can’t find on Google maps but even though it wasn’t exactly “grand” it was very chill and everyone there just seemed relaxed lol. I laid there for about 20-30 mins until I was ready to go again. I saw on Google maps that there was a castle in the park!? I really wanted to see that. I decided to walk in that direction and also passed Lago de Chapultec. Wow that was beautiful, I wish I took my rest time there lol.
I finally got to the castle entrance but they weren’t letting people in anymore as it was too late, damn. I should’ve paid more attention to the times, I didn’t realize all the museums closed at 5. I decided to finish up my park experience and Uber to the historic center just to check it out. However Ubers were very hard to get at this time as it was rush hour and traffic was insane outside the park. I had multiple people cancel on me, I also canceled on someone after seeing how long it would take to pick me up and drop me off to the historic center. I eventually decided just to walk back. It was about an hour walk back so I had to tough it out.
Not much happened on this walk, just continued to take in the city. Stopped at glorieta de Los insugentes to take a break and smoke a cigarette. I felt a little sketched out here due to all the people constantly moving. I was a bit worried about being pick pocketed but I think it was just the tiredness making me anxious. I got out of there relatively quick and made it back to my hotel to rest before dinner.
At this point I decided I wanted to go to teohiucan the next day. I explored my options for getting there and eventually just decided on Uber because I don’t really like being in a group when going to tourist sites as I’m a bit “quirky” and like to take weird routes and repeat some areas a few times I also keep an inconsistent pace so that made the group experience out of the question. I could’ve taken the bus but did not want to deal with the stress that public transit can be in a foreign country lol. For dinner, I made a reservation at the sushi place Makoto as I wanted something other than Mexican food. Fabulous place, I ordered a glass of wine, sushi sampler, and the fatty tuna nigiri.
Day 2: Teohiucan
I woke up somewhat early for this day. I ordered an Uber and was off. It was really interesting to see Mexico City outside the nicer neighborhoods. I think this is what most Americans imagine when they hear Mexico City. It looked like the COD MW2 map Favela. I wondered what life was like in this area of Mexico City. I even saw a ski lift in use to bring people up the mountain to their house maybe?
I got dropped off at Teohiucan and entered in. I skipped breakfast because I assumed they would have something there. I was half right, they had some convenient stores. I just bought a pack of crackers and a electrolit and hoped that would get me through the whole time I was there lol.I walked around all the pyramids, I was hoping to climb them but I saw they were closed for climbing, honestly a good thing, I imagine they were getting a lot of wear and tear from that. I feel like these pyramids are underrated in terms of world wonders. They’re pretty big and the city itself was apparently one of the biggest cities in the world at the time.
My favorite part about this visit was this path that you can take that allowed you to walk on the outside of the main path. It was super peaceful and you got to see the pyramids at different angles with no people around. In terms of my favorite structure, I liked the citadel a lot due to the intricate designs on it. Some random things I liked there were the jardin and the things the vendors were selling that made the animal noises 😂 I thought it was hilarious how everyone was basically spamming it in chat. I should’ve bought one looking back
I was a little anxious about getting an Uber back but I got one relatively quick and got back to my hotel. When I got back I was very hungry and I found this place near my hotel with a deal that gave 5 al pastor tacos and a cervesa for $100 pesos. Amazing deal but then I saw the al pastor looked like it was dry and has been out for awhile. Unfortunately i felt too awkward to leave after sitting, a mistake that I learned from later if you keep reading. However the tacos were still decent. I was still pretty hungry and found a street vendor selling hamburgers, I ordered con queso and it was insanely good. I ate it in a park and then got some churros from Churrería El Moro which were also good.Again I was way too full and had to lie down. I went back to my hotel and took a nap.
When I woke up I was still full but I started experiencing the first signs of montezumas revenge. However it didn’t seem that bad and I wanted to go out for a rooftop drink. I went to Supra Roma. Great vibe. I had to stand by the bar the whole time due to not having reservations but the views were fantastic and the dj was decent too. She was playing house music. I definitely want to bring my friends here if they ever want to come to cdmx. I had 1 cocktail and 2 beers there. Was thinking about talking to people there but mostly everyone was speaking Spanish so I decided not to.
I left and was gonna call it an early night but heard some more house music being played across the street at departmento. I decided why not and paid the cover to check it out. It was ok. Dj was decent but the vibe seemed kind of “basic” other than the music. Nothing too unique about this place, just a terrace playing music with young people hanging out. I had 2 drinks and left and got a torta. I made it back to my hotel around 12am and this when things started to go south unfortunately. Montezumas revenge came back and this time even stronger than earlier. The alcohol definitely did not help. It quickly kept getting worse in terms of cramping and the ability to not go to the bathroom for more than 20 mins. I think it was the Al pastor tacos from earlier today. I did not get much sleep this night and was basically in survival mode lol luckily I had some water bottles to stay hydrated but I knew I would have to venture out to get more eventually. I basically spent the whole night on the toilet or curled up in pain.
Day 3: Recovery
I was hoping I’d feel feel better in the morning and I was somewhat correct. After 12 hours I could walk again although it was definitely difficult. I managed to make it to a farmacia where the pharmacist recommended me treda. I got that and more water + electrolit. It was around 1pm so I sat outside and drank my electrolit to see if I strong enough to do some sort of activity. After about 20 mins of sitting outside I decided I definitely could not and decided to just take the L for today so I could be full strength for tomorrow. I took my treda and was able to get some rest. When I woke up I was still feeling montezumas revenge a little bit but I knew I had to eat something. I ended up using Uber eats to get consomé de pollo from this place called Toks. It seemed like a safe option as it looked like a chain and I assumed chains usually have somewhat good hygiene standards. It ended up being way better than expected and I managed to put down most of it.
After eating, I took a walk to get more electrolit. I was still a little weak so I just went back to the hotel and went to bed. I was a bit bummed I lost a day but anytime you’re in a 3rd world country you should budget a day for stomach issues.
Day 4: Castillo De Chapultepec & Historic Center
I woke up feeling a lot better. It was actually crazy as 24 hours ago I couldn’t even walk straight. I took my treda and headed out. I was debating on if I should go back Chapultepec park to see the castle or if it would take too much time as I was planning to go to the historic center today. I decided to see the castle as I was thinking about it too much to skip it.
I took an Uber there this time and paid the admission. It was definitely worth it. The castle was so beautiful and there was so much history inside. I learned a lot about Mexican history and was able to take in some nice views of the city. My favorite part were the murals inside and the jardin. After, I walked to 7/11 to get more electrolit. I also got pringles as I was hungry but my stomach was still a little rough. From there I ubered to the historic center.
When I got to the historic center I was instantly overstimulated lol. It was a Saturday afternoon so it must’ve been the most popular day. It was a lot bigger than expected too. I didn’t really know where to start so I just started walking. My first stop was actually the adidas store as I needed to get my bearings and am a fan of adidas lol unfortunately there wasn’t much in there though that seemed exclusive. I know in Tokyo they’ll have exclusive stuff but didn’t see anything like that in Mexico City, bit disappointed but otherwise it provided a place for me to take a breath. I got out and started walking towards zocalo plaza.
Zocalo Plaza was just epic. The big Mexican flag with the cathedral behind it had so much swag for lack of a better term lmao it showed off the immense pride that Mexico has for itself. I really liked this area a lot.
I continued walking and ended up at these streets with vendors. This was even more overstimulating than the other areas. So much noise and people. I stopped in a store and got a can coke and kept on trucking along.
I decided to go to palacio de bella artes. I really liked palacio de bella artes as well. The architecture and colors were stunning. The Torre Latinoamericana building was also interesting. I decided to check out the museum inside palacio de Bella artes. At first i thought it was a bit underwhelming. I was not too big of a fan of the murals and it seemed like some areas were closed. I then came across the Dioses y Maquinas exhibit by Santiago Sierra Soler. This exhibit was an “immersive cinema installation” that told the story of the aztecs getting colonized by Spaniards. It was very powerful and really made me understand some of the politics of Mexico. Also globalism in general and how colonization impacted the world. It gave me that powerful global experience that I mentioned before. I think everyone who visits cdmx should experience this exhibit to really wrap your head around the politics of the country and how it became what it is today. When I walked out I began to see the two sides of Mexico, the native side and european side and how they interact with each other.
That exhibit made me want to learn about the Aztecs more so I ended up going to museo del templo mayor. This place was also impressive with countless exhibits about the Aztecs. It’s insane to me how there was an ancient city right under us. By the time I was done there I was getting hungry so ironically I got McDonald’s as my stomach needed something familiar. I got it to go and ate it near the palacio de bella artes. I wanted to go the sears rooftop after but couldn’t find the entrance so I just walked around the surrounding neighborhood. This part reminded me a lot of Manhattan.
I walked through the Barrio Chino and thought it was hilarious tbh. I did not see any Asian people and there wasn’t much Asian culture other than the lanterns i guess lol the restaurants also did not look too good. Cool experience nonetheless.
I ended my walk at a plaza San juan to call an Uber as it was about to start raining. I found the torre de telefons de Telmex structure also super interesting. I made it home and rested before dinner.
For dinner I went to this Argentinan steak house called Gardela. A bit risky after my stomach issues but I wanted to get a nice dinner on my last night. I got a dry aged New York strip and it did not disappoint. I ordered it medium rare but it was a bit more rare than expected. I ate it anyway and was wowed. One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Amazing service too, can’t recommend this place enough if you want a good steak.
When I got back to my hotel I was having an internal debate if I should go out. I had an early flight and was already pretty tired and full. I decided to go out anyway as it was Saturday night and didn’t get to do anything the day before. I ended up at this techno club called yuyu. Pretty intimate spot. The techno was very good and creative. The crowd was also fun, I had a few shallow conversations with people but nothing deep. Mostly my fault though as I wasn’t making much conversation. I just drank beer, smoked cigarettes, and listened to good electronic music which is a solid night for me. I headed home around 2 and went to bed for my flight.
Closing remarks:I really enjoyed my time in Mexico City. Im not sure what my expectations were for the city but they were definitely exceeded. Definitely an underrated city as there is so much culture and history but I never here much people talk about it in the states. I will definitely be back as I feel like there’s still so much to discover and it was pretty cheap to get there and get lodging.
Not gonna lie though, I was bit nervous going solo here but once I got there most of the anxiety went away. In terms of safety, just be where you’re supposed to be (tourist areas & safe neighborhoods), keep your possessions zipped up, and don’t walk at night. I felt more sketched out in most US cities
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2023.05.30 08:31 joethekid10 Yerba mate & caffeine withdrawal symptoms

I am in a pretty high pressure job, and have been drinking caffeine for years with no problems. Recently I've found yerba mate around 3-4 months now, I've started drinking a bit to much but ignored the few moments of really crazy shaky moments where I have to move, run or workout. But recently I began noticing the same strange feeling so I've began tapering off, and what have experienced full blown panic attacks, with heart palpitations and the feeling of the world ending, feelings of anxiety throughout the whole first days and that lasted about a week with it getting better day by day and better after coming off caffeine.
For reference I would drink about 100-200mg of caffeine for years, but with the mate I've lost track of the amount as I am sipping it alot, and would sometimes go through 1.5L of water with the tea.. way to much looking back.
I guess my question is are the feelings of anxiety/ sometimes on verge of panic attacks. Something normal and will pass? My last mate I drank was about 150ml last week, and I had a English breakfast tea 7 days ago.
So I am technically on day 7 without caffeine.
TLDR; are feelings of panic attack/anxiety, weird heart feelings, pressure headaches normal on day 7 without caffeine? Did everyone feel like their first week off caffeine was the longest week ever?
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