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2023.05.30 13:32 Affectionate-Act1424 Job Opportunities in Zurich for Non-German Speakers: English and Spanish Proficiency

Hey Zurich!
I'm considering moving to Zurich and I was wondering if it's feasible to find a job in the city without speaking German. I'm fluent in English and Spanish, and I'm curious about the availability of job opportunities for someone with my language skills.
I understand that German is the primary language in Switzerland, but I've heard that English is widely spoken in Zurich due to its international environment. However, I'm unsure if this extends to the job market as well. I do work as a marketing assistant in London. Are there industries or specific job sectors where English and Spanish proficiency would be an advantage?
If you have any insights, experiences, or recommendations regarding job prospects in Zurich for non-German speakers, I would greatly appreciate your input. Any information about language requirements, companies that hire non-German speakers, or suggestions on how to increase my chances of finding employment would be extremely helpful.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
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2023.05.30 13:31 NoxiousMeerkat What is wrong with my CV? (UK)

What is wrong with my CV? (UK)
I've been applying for jobs since January and am becoming increasingly disheartened (albeit less than 30 total applications). Been going for some stuff in industry, some in academia (lab tech, research assistant). Did my final year project in a leading Russell Group laboratory and my pharmaceutical experience is with one of the industry leaders as well. I have been to the careers service over 10 times, customised each application and many times my CV has not even gone through to interview. Even had a PI review my CV and cover letter and was told they were great. Please help. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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2023.05.30 13:31 Skittle_kittle If I’m on reserve and I ship an item, do I get the full amount?

I was put on reserve today and I’m freaking out just a tad, the email I was sent does not say why, only vague “maybe you had a lot of sales, who knows!” I have not had an influx, my shop is over 5 years old, I have had cases (one in the last year, all closed) I always ship with tracking, mostly USPS, some UPS, and 1 out of 7 are international which is Ascendia, a shipping company that Etsy recognizes.
my question is, If I ship an item tomorrow that I sold today, do I get 100% of that sale as I normally would, every Tuesday, or 25%, or what?
Do I get any money for the next 90 days?
This is absolutely detrimental to my business and life and I’m like…pretty freaked out.
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2023.05.30 13:31 GiftBitter4286 Solar Panel and Microinverters

Currently in the process of selecting the company to go with for solar panels. Lumina is currently offering me 29 REC panels with 405WP and 29 IQ8 Enphase Microinverters for $43,446.00. Has anyone experienced any issues or concerns with either the panels or Microinverters? Also, if anyone has purchased in MD. What other companies are are suggested other than Solarrun and Tesla?
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2023.05.30 13:31 rankthefred My official winners and losers list post-finale

I’ve used a letter grading system for this, A-B means they came out positively affected, C means they either don’t care or where barely affected. D-F means they were negatively affected.
Connor Roy: A+ Conheads rejoice!! In some crazy way Connor ends the show not only as the happiest kid, but probably the happiest main character in the show. The last we see of Connor is him living in one of the best apartments in New York, in a seemingly happy marriage (somehow) and we also discover that he was actually closer to his dad than we originally believed, as we view the tape of the dinner weeks before his death. Only slight negative is Kendall still not Acknowledging who the real eldest boy is.
Marcia: A+ Here comes the money baby!!! Her family will never have to work a day in their lives because she had to put up with some old bloke for a few years. Fair play and Godspeed to the might Marcia, she no longer has to deal with those shit kids and can instead focus on those crucial shopping trips to Milan.
Mattson: A+ Flawless victory. He came, he saw, he conquered. Just as the Vikings pillaged England, Mattson has pillaged the Roy Family. He laid out a plan and it was executed perfectly. No more spoilt brat Roy children!!
Tom: A Viva la Tom baby!! He pulled it off the crazy son of a bitch!!! In all seriousness Tom got pretty lucky that Mattson happened to chose him to take over, but you won’t see him complaining!! He probably should be an A+ but I’m knocking him down to an A because his boss wants to fuck his wife
Carolina: A Pretty random but well done to Carolina. She wanted Hugo gone, and managed to get both sides to agree to it!! Win win either way for her, but it was a nice confirmation when Tom shrugged off Hugo at the end of the episode
Greg: A- RIP the quad. While he gambled on a team switch and it didn’t pay off, Greg and his child-like charm still managed to pull off a move up the corporate ladder at Waystar (or so I assume). Loses points as if he didn’t try his Judas style betrayal, I suspect his position in the company would be much more favourable.
Gerry: B Gerry’s position in the company is essentially unchanged from the first episode. She gets a B as Mattson winning means she keeps her position at the company. Also no more weird stuff with Roman (hopefully)
Sandi: B She got the deal she voted for through, all power to her. Not much else to say except her dad still has herpes (“I think we started that rumor”)
Stewie: C Perfect equilibrium for Stewie. His vote didn’t go through, but I doubt he was ever really team Kendall, and he ended up shaking Toms hand and saying he always wanted him to win anyway. It’s probably just a good thing his money is no longer in the hands of those three idiots.
Ewan: C- I wish I was Ewan, he truly could not give less of a shit. C- because his vote didn’t go through, but I’m sure this effects him little.
Frank and Karl: C- The two best characters on the show. They’re getting fired, which isn’t great, but I’m sure they’ll take their golden parachute and retiring to the many beaches of the pacific and Caribbean. In all honesty it’s probably a good thing that they’re getting fired, as their blood pressure had to be high from dealing with all of those idiots.
Shiv: D+ Shivvy, honey, what is going on in that little head of yours?? Shiv has probably ended up the best of the core 3, who are all gonna be ranked pretty low since they pretty much have no family now. Shiv came into the episode wanting the deal to go through and it went through, so I guess that counts for something?!? Atleast her husband has the role so she could probably get some good puppetry going. Also slight gain because Mattson wants to fuck her and he’s hot as.
Hugo: D Fucks sake Hugo. Stuck to Kendall and it all fell apart. Carolina played him like a fiddle and now he is unemployed. Not a lot of positive things going on for this guy; weird neck, daughter insider trading and now without work. A very strange character indeed.
Roman: D Fucking hell this guys been through the wars. His vote didn’t go through (Unclear what his real opinion on that is, but it probably wasn’t as negative as Kendall’s). Much like Kendall however, he ends the show unemployed and with no-one around him. His only positive points really are coming from that small smirk at the end of the show. He is finally free.
Logan: D- He’s dead, so that’s probably not very good. But the deal went through which he wanted , So D-, because he’s still very much dead
Kendall: F Jesus Christ. Peak Shakespearean tragedy for our old friend Kendall. 3/4 of the way through the episode this was looking like a deadset A+, now he’s left with no friends, no family, no power AND he had a full-on 7 year old scrap with his younger brother infront of everyone. You are not the eldest boy Kendall. Ironic that both Logan and Kendall were left with just Colin at the end (A+ for Colin).
Peter: F- His pitch for what I’m sure was a terrific business idea was ruined by those spoiled piece of shit kids, and his cheese now has a distinct Roman flavour to it. Poor bastard
Add characters I missed or retail in the comments please!!!
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2023.05.30 13:31 PoetBrilliant3703 Sure, let’s add God to it and see if that works.

Sure, let’s add God to it and see if that works.
This chick has sold everything you can imagine. Involved in all the MLM’s. But this time it’s different because ✨Gods Hands✨ are all over it.
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2023.05.30 13:31 gibsonhomeservices Kitchen Remodeling Services in Virginia kitchen remodel companies VA

Kitchen remodeling companies can maximize the value of your home. Gibson Home Services is a local leader for kitchen upgrades. Call today for a consultation. Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t need to be a daunting process. Although the project itself may cause a temporary inconvenience, hiring the right kitchen remodeling services company will help you genuinely enjoy your kitchen makeover journey. The key is hiring the right contractor for the job as you scour through kitchen remodel companies in VA.
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2023.05.30 13:30 JSHU16 Missold Solar Panels, installer not accredited and not building regulations compliant

(England) Firstly to get it out of the way, yes we should have done better research as consumers before committing to using this company, we're now fully aware, but we need to know legally if we have any recourse.
We had solar panels and battery storage installed by a company in March 2023, on their quote document (which we have a copy of) they have put the following:
-We assume the roof if capable of taking the additional load, however, it is the customers responsibility to check this if they prefer to
-No MCS or Feed in Tariffs are available

What this actually means is :
- Our roof hasn't been assessed by a structural engineer, this means we have no idea whether the installation is compliant with part A building regulations (structural). This can be an issue if we sell the house and potentially for a building insurance claim. Is the company's above point a valid enough disclaimer to get them out of this?
- We didn't know what MCS was, turns out it means we can't be paid to export our energy (even though we are exporting energy) because our installer is not MCS certified, a certificate which energy providers want before paying you for energy you export. Is there any recourse because of the fact they've simply said "not available" instead of actually stating that they're not certified and what the repercussions are?
We feel we have been mis-sold this because they've essentially charged us contractor prices for what amounts to a DIY installation in terms of certification. The only thing we have from them is a an NICEIC (electrical certification body) certificate to say that the house passed a safety check, so the electrical safety aspect is covered but that's it.
It also turns out that they're meant to notify our local power grid within 28 days of install and they haven't, but this means we now have to do it ourselves.
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2023.05.30 13:30 Aggravating-Cat9602 Banned on seeking

I am a Sb and I was on seeking for just one day with a premium account. I was banned for fraud. I did not fraud anyone, all the pictures are mine and it can be crossed checked on my social media, which I also mentioned in my email to support, also submitted a ticket and message to the representative on Reddit. I did talk only to few people and not that much because I was busy. There was one guy that was extremely upset with me, though because I did not respond to him because he was located on the other end of the coast. So he unshared his pictures and was upset with me, asking me if I am not interested anymore. However, I couldn't respond because I was busy at the moment. So he unshared his photos with me in retaliation. But I guess he decided to divert his aggression towards getting me banned. Based on stories before,I am suspecting that this guy reported me and without checking, or cross verifying, they banned me. It is extremely saddening that seeking does this to it's good members and let's the toxic members stay on the site. For example, I had two messages talking about ppm, they were telling me how much they want to pay me per visit. Initially, I did not know what that meant, but I had to look it up... but once I realized what they were, I did not even respond back however, those accounts were never banned and two days later they were still there. So another thing that could have happened is the bot detected the word PPM in my messages and flagged me. But that message was sent by the guy and not by myself. I should've blocked or reported him. So again, if this is the reason why I was banned, it was not for my own fault. It seems like seeking doesn't really hire people to cross check these things. They just rely on bots and false reports from other members. A company that makes so much money per year from all of the memberships, doesn't even have the ability to hire people to do the most important thing to gain customer trust, which is verify the reason for banning instead of letting the bots do it. This is very unfortunate and if any seeking admin here cares and wants to help me get back, then let me know otherwise sadly I will be going to a competitor site. I am a medical professional and fitness model. I am one of the few good women on the site that is educated, ambitious and actually wanted a genuine healthy fraud free relationship with somebody that has their life together . Maybe they don't like that and that is why I actually got banned. /endrant
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2023.05.30 13:30 PrinceHeinrich I want to get rid of the domain login for our 4 employees office

Hello folks!
Formerly in our company we had like 10 employees before I got here almost 2 years ago. Now we are 4 employees (including me).
The situation at the workplace
I am focusing on everything IT-related. They have set up a domain network with 4 windows machines and one windows 2012 R2 server. The employees login through the domain meaning its dependent on the server to work.
- Every employee has access to the other employees computer (except for mine)
As some of you know Windows Server 2012 R2 is about to reach its end of life and so does the software we run on it.

Suggestions needed
Why even bother logging in through a domain at all? Why cant I just setup each computer individually with local accounts? Going with a server is just overkill and its just consuming alot of power (and is also getting very warm in my office). The software that the server is providing with the other users basically just needs a visible-over-network folder. Meaning I can just "share" a folder in the network with a smaller, not so hot running but modern computer running windows 10 and just share the folder with the other windows 10 machines.
I think the server solution for us is just too much work and pointless in our current situation. Are there any concerns about turning the logins of my employees into local accounts?
I didnt know who to turn to and reading this reddit has helped and inspired me alot for my workplace and I really hope it fits with what the community is about
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2023.05.30 13:30 AutoModerator Podcast Ptuesdays - Welding related podcasts and youtube channel, weekly thread

As our rules prohibit content creators posting monetized youtube channels and podcasts, unless they are otherwise active in the community, we started this thread as a weekly event to allow them and other users to reach our community.
So this is a weekly post. A single dedicated thread where anyone who wants to promote their channel or podcast can comment with a link and a short bio of who they are and what they are about.

here is a list of previous suggestions:

Youtube Channels:
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2023.05.30 13:30 HYSC1984 How do you transfer fund from Russia to other country now ?

I have a client company based in Russia unable to transfer fund (based on service performed) back to a company in Asia region (not China) and all official banking platform are blocked due to the war (ie. Swift, Visa, Western Union etc)
Any idea how your surrounding people doing it ?
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2023.05.30 13:29 abdulsamri89 Trading card game developer / designer

I wonder why Yu-Gi-Oh or any card game doesn't let their developer /card designer be interview like those Game company developer that publish games for PC, console and etc
I meant don't anyone think it would be interesting to get to know how some game mechanics or card design or archetype be made / think about by card game developer
For example, why Yu-Gi-Oh developer / card designer thought process in making Kashtira and why they reckon having this archetype were essential for continuation of Yu-Gi-Oh, i really interested in knowing that..
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2023.05.30 13:29 ystinus ULPT request: how to make my garden opaque

The property management has only planted a fairly small hedge in the garden of my apartment and insists on cutting it. The problem: everyone can look into the garden and look into the apartment. How can I make the whole thing opaque without letting the property management know the whole thing or that at least it looks like I didn't do it? For context, there is like a small hedge and behind it a big fence made from metal, but it’s very transparent, like with holes.
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2023.05.30 13:28 InsideAbbreviations6 Is my car totalled?

Is my car totalled?
Is my car totalled?
2012 Toyota Prius (~150k miles). Hit a deer driving 55mph. Towed to the body shop, now waiting for insurance company. Trying to get ahead of this, wonder if they'll decide to total it?
Hit in the passenger side. Damage includes front bumper, hood, passenger front quarter panel and A-pillar, and front passenger door.
Any advice, experience?
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2023.05.30 13:28 archivesbiography Where do I put my coop&run? I'm scared to put it near the woods but seems like I don't have many options

Where do I put my coop&run? I'm scared to put it near the woods but seems like I don't have many options
This is an attempt at a color map of my house. I really wanted to put the coop in that red highlighted area until I learned it was a no-dig zone due to gas pipes and plumbing. Now I feel like I don't have a good place to put the chicken coop and run that is close enough to the house to reach the hose, isn't randomly in the middle of the yard or near the woods. I don't have a fence. Back of house is ~100' from edge of woods. Coop is 4x8 and covered run is 16x8. Where would you put it if you were me?
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2023.05.30 13:27 Desperate_Ad_5976 Started Career in Technical Writing by Mistake

After completing my computer science degree, I found myself in a challenging situation in a low-cost country. Desperate to sustain myself financially, I began writing articles and joined Upwork. Through this experience, I stumbled upon the field of technical writing and started working with multiple companies. Surprisingly, I now find myself in a fortunate position where I have three job opportunities outside of Upwork, and my monthly income is more than a senior developer would ask for in my country. This has left me at a crossroads, wondering whether I should continue pursuing a career in software development.
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2023.05.30 13:27 Charming_Flan3019 Top Industrial Automation Services In The USA Software Services

DWP Global Corp provides high-quality Industrial Automation Services in the USA to a wide range of companies. To know more information, visit the website.
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2023.05.30 13:27 Ebizfiling01 All about LLC Operating Agreement in USA

All about LLC Operating Agreement in USA
Operating Agreement for an LLC- Everything you need to know about an LLC Operating Agreement in USA
If you want to set up a limited liability company registration in USA from India, you’ll need to draught an LLC operating agreement. Do not worry if you don’t have an exact idea about LLC operating agreements; we will walk you through the information, such as what an operating agreement for an LLC is, LLC business operating agreements, and their advantages.


Forming an LLC, or Limited Liability Company, is a suitable option if you want more personal protection but less formality in your business structure. Regardless of the structure of your company, some paperwork, such as an operating agreement, is required. Before going through the advantages of an LLC Operating Agreement, let’s have a quick look at what is LLC.

What is an LLC?

Limited Liability Company is a acronym for LLC. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a type of private limited company that is unique to the United States. It is a business structure that combines a partnership’s or sole proprietorship’s pass-through taxation with a corporation’s restricted liability.
In simple words, an LLC is a business form that combines the personal liability protection of a corporation with the flexibility of a partnership’s organizational and tax frameworks. It is referred to as a “hybrid” entity since it has characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership.

What is an Operating Agreement for an LLC?

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) Operating Agreement is a document that tailors the provisions of a Limited Liability Company to the demands of its members. It also lays out the financial and functional decision-making process in a logical order. It’s similar to a corporation’s articles of incorporation, which govern how it operates.
Although most states do not necessitate the creation of an operating agreement, it is nonetheless regarded as a critical document that should be included when forming a Limited Liability Company. Once each member (owner) signs the document, it becomes a legally binding set of regulations for them to follow.
The agreement is written in such a way that owners can run their businesses according to their own set of rules and requirements. If you do not have an operating agreement, your firm will be operated according to the state’s default rules.

Where do you need an LLC Operating Agreement?

Operating Agreements are required by Law for an LLC in Delaware, California, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, and New York for LLC (Limited Liability Company).
Even though your state does not require an operating agreement, it is still advised to have one:
  • If you have company partners (Multi-Member LLC), an operating agreement will assist you avoid misunderstandings by defining partner duties and obligations.
  • If you are the lone owner of an LLC (Single Member LLC), you need create an operating agreement to give your company credibility. This ensures that the Limited Liability status of your LLC is upheld by the courts.

Advantages of LLC (Limited Liability Company) Operating Agreement

  • Your LLC is bound by the default rules of your state if you don’t have an operating agreement in place. The default regulations in most state LLC statutes can be rewritten in the LLC’s operating agreement.
  • An operating agreement might spell out what will happen if you pass away or are unable to run the company. Your family may struggle to keep the business going or wind it down if this clause is not included.
  • As the company grows, you may wish to engage a manager to handle the day-to-day operations so you can focus on business development. An operating agreement can specify the manager’s responsibilities, including authority and salary, as well as what happens if the management leaves or works for a competitor.
  • Businesses that are successful expand. And expansion necessitates financial resources. The treatment of future investors might be specified in an operating agreement. The LLC will be better positioned in investment negotiations if these terms are structured in the operating agreement.

Information that is included in LLC Business Operating Agreement


The Operational Agreement’s initial section deals with the company’s formation. It details when the firm was founded, who the members are, and the ownership structure. If there are numerous members, they may all have the same amount of “units” of ownership or varying quantities of “units.”

Voting and Management

This section discusses the company’s management and voting procedures.
  1. The members may run the company themselves or choose one or more managers, and the operating agreement outlines what authority the members or more have over the firm’s affairs.
  2. A voting procedure maybe used by the firm to make choices. Members’ votes can be distributed in a variety of ways, including one vote per member, one vote per unit of ownership interest (if the corporation is divided into units), and so on. The operating agreement may define the number of votes required for specific firm actions.

Capital Contribution

This section details which members contributed funds to the LLC’s formation. It also covers how members will raise additional funds. An LLC, for example, could decide to sell ownership “units” in exchange for money.


This section explains how the revenues and losses of the firm are distributed among the members. This could be cash, real estate, or other corporate assets.

Membership Changes

The procedure for adding and removing members is described in this section. It also specifies whether and when members can sell their shares in the company. For example, if a member dies, goes bankrupt, or two members divorce, the firm will want to clarify what occurs.


This clause of the operating agreement explains when the firm may or must be disbanded. This is referred to as “winding up” the company’s affairs.

Other Information

Operating agreements can cover a wide range of topics additionally these 6 core components. This is dependent on the circumstances of a specific business. Members may want to insert requirements for frequent meetings, verify signing limits, or clarify how internal conflicts will be handled, for example. Keep in mind that once you have started a firm, you can alter your operating agreement at any moment using the process of your choice.


An operating agreement also allows the firm owner to define succession rules as well as governance procedures like meetings and voting. Without an operating agreement, the state’s default LLC regulations govern the ownership of the company. Although some jurisdictions require LLC members to draught an Operating Agreement, this internal document does not need to be filed with the government. States, on the other hand, mandate that you file your company’s Articles of Organization as well as Annual Reports.
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2023.05.30 13:26 FightinEagle27 M4a1 in Band of Brothers Carentan

M4a1 in Band of Brothers Carentan
Howdy I got a question about a potential inaccuracy in band of brothers as the show in the the third episode depicts M4 mediums of the 67th armored regiment assisting easy company in the Bloody Gulch whilst all research I've done shows that it was the 66th armored. Any clarification on this would be great. Thanks in advance.(1st image is from the show displaying 67th marked m4s, 2nd is of a 66th armored m4 in Carentan).
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2023.05.30 13:26 LikeASomeBoooodie DAE have trouble with traditional management and software estimation

I (28M Senior Engineer) work for a company that’s part product/R&D oriented, part project oriented. The product oriented part is mostly fine, but the project oriented part has some serious issues to do with how management interacts with the SDLC.
Essentially they’re old school, fixed budget, schedule and scope, no room for misestimation or change, no iteration of any kind. This has never gone well, software estimation is a guessing game at best and it’s easy to get messed up by undiscoverable complications. Budgets for projects always get blown, or clients get left with things missing from promised specs and sometimes get pissed off enough to litigate.
I would advocate harder for more iterative approaches but management have reacted to others who’ve tried with blank faces, and AFAICT the budgeting system is not setup for any kind of iterative process, and PMs are not trained in iterative processes.
How should I proceed here? I know what I would do but have no clue how to convince such a stuck-in-it’s-ways system to change. The only way I can see this improving is by jumping ship
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2023.05.30 13:26 Bessolov My issue with season 4 isn't that Tom won, but Matsson...

Before I begin I will say that in season 4: the acting, cinematography, music and in large parts the script were fantastic. Episode 3 might be one of the greatest episodes of television ever aired. I did take issue with the ending of season 4, mainly because of the crumbles that were left during the season that outlined why Matsson CAN'T win and how all of these concerns were swept aside with like a single line the next episode.
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