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Post funny profile pictures here for people to use

2023.05.27 02:50 Charming_Cry_9795 Why does every single human being under the sun think I’m a guy when I’m online (no I’m not trans) but at the same time I hate being a girl?

I try so hard with the pfps and the names, I put it in my bios and information, what am I doing wrong? Every single damn time I’m online or I post, it’s always “he,” “him,” etc. It’s not annoying with discord servers since I can fix that easily. But when I’m posting, literally everyone in the comments refers to me as a “he” and assumes that I’m a dude. And with that assumption, guys will make gay jokes and when they realize I’m a girl they will insult or blame me, if they’re arguing about my post they will be harsher, people tell me to “man up,” “quit being such a wimp,” I’m not a dude, and it doesn’t help when my mental state has been going down for years. Yes I understand I seem like a guy and a kid as well, but in reality I’m a girl whose struggling real hard in life and is ready to crack and break. Sometimes I almost consider just going with it since people seem to respect guys online more, when it comes to girls, men tend to ignore women completely where I’m from. At the same time, when I state an opinion that I’m eager to share, I’m flooded with downvotes. I could say some of my favorite Pokémon starters are chikorita and also quaxly (which is true) and I’m flooded with so many downvotes it’s not even funny.
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2023.05.15 22:23 SuckerFish2 discord_irl

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2023.04.17 05:27 mixertron11 funni pfps

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2023.03.13 04:24 AdditionAggressive59 im puzzled, i made a joke on the k-on subreddit about people with k-on pfp's being neo-nazi's, and apparently and this guy replied which im not sure how to respond, because this is funny, but i think he had mistaken my (now deleted) post as me being sensitive in some way, maybe due to me being trans

im puzzled, i made a joke on the k-on subreddit about people with k-on pfp's being neo-nazi's, and apparently and this guy replied which im not sure how to respond, because this is funny, but i think he had mistaken my (now deleted) post as me being sensitive in some way, maybe due to me being trans submitted by AdditionAggressive59 to u/AdditionAggressive59 [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 07:08 Perfect_House_168 edating confession

Dear, I know we've only been talking online, but I feel like I've gotten to know you so well over the past few months. Every time we chat, I feel like we have this incredible connection and I really enjoy talking to you. I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and I've come to the realization that I have a huge crush on you. I know this might seem sudden, but I can't deny how I feel. You're smart, funny, and kind, and every time we talk, I feel like we just click. I've been thinking about asking you out on a date for a while now, but I've been too nervous to bring it up. So, here it goes: I would love to edate you. I know we can't meet in person just yet, but I think we can still have a great time getting to know each other better. What do you say? Are you interested in edating me? I also have a fun idea that I wanted to run by you. I was thinking that we could match our discord pfps and profile. I know it's a small thing, but I feel like it would be a cute way to show that we're a team and that we're excited to see where things go between us. What do you think? I know this is a lot to take in, and I completely understand if you don't feel the same way. But I wanted to be honest with you about how I feel, and to let you know that I'm really excited about the possibility of edating you.
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2023.03.09 10:52 No-Passion1127 Muslims with anime pfps telling people that what there doing is haram and that they will go to hell is just so funny and sad.

Like you literally have an anime profile picture, according to islam you will receive a worst punishment than rapists and murders . This fulfills the 7 pillar of islam :hypocrisy .
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2023.02.22 00:52 SeeTheSeaInUDP So... rapper pH-1 changed his twt profile picture to an old pic of legendary 1st gen idol Sung Yuri of Fin.K.L. (not his mother! LOL) and it's kinda funny
Like, isn't it hilarious? This brother ha shis little fanboy moment and like, out of 300 replies, only 5, i repeat 5, understood and got it? Only 5 knew who she was? Missus Sung Yuri, the second mother of kpop gg visuals, hallyu actress, your fave's fave's fave?
Shoutout to this twt reply for doing he absolte needful lololl. And someone PLEASE show this hilarious pic edit + caption to Miss Yuri herself. Hip hop girlie Sung Yuri!
I mean yes we have come to a generation that doesn't know Fin.K.L. - I accept - but y'all it ain't his mom. The fun thing being that all koreans in the replies got the cue because they know who she is, (cuz he had saved that picture of her with cap backwards and hands folded), and the intly crowd is NOT getting it LOL. It's just funny scrolling through the endless confusion, is that his mom, his new girlfriend, who is she she's pretty, it looks like an old 90s picture (no shit sherlock it isss).
Plus can we pls normalise idols/musicians/artists/celebs being normal fans of their seniors? Like, imagine all the Taeyeon pfps. Or among the actors, everyone would have a 1997 Kim Heesun pfp LOL. Imagine if there were like one day every celeb did this. Imagine the confusion and fun LOL.
Anyways, enjoy Sung Yuri in her idol days , rookie actress days and a rare solo performance of hers!
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2023.02.20 17:40 LivingLife_LifeLivin 1 year ago on this Amazing Subreddit

One year ago, on this amazing subreddit, a post was made for single lesbians to try and meet their “future S/O” by commenting below their state or funny pickup lines.
One year ago, after seeing countless of threads similar to that thread, I got the guts to actually participate in said thread. I remember searching for people close to my state, someone who was ready to text and see where things go. I remember at the time doubting the likelihood of said thread landing me a relationship because of all the other post who stated they got ghosted, no one truly texts back, or people never go outside of the comments under the post.
One year ago, a funny pickup line caught my eye and I felt appeal to comment on it since I’ve been wanting to start gardening and just become an epic plant mom to a sunflower. While said sunflower still fails to exists, I landed something much more beautiful and long lasting.
Today, I come back to the subreddit that started it all and lead me to where my red string has been attached all along. My girlfriend and I gave fate a chance and are now getting ready to celebrate our 1st anniversary soon. This subreddit has led me to a wonderful long-distance relationship with a partner who sits down and asks me questions I’ve never been asked before such as “How would you like to be comforted when you’re upset”. It led me to a partner who understands little things like hype focusing or having a low social battery majority of the time. It led me to a partner who is a fellow neurodivergent who's educating me on things all the time such as mental health, history, being ADHD, and more. It led me to get on a plane for the first time and fly across the country just to spend two amazing weeks with her and her other fellow neurodivergent family who not only accepts me but also checks up on me all the time through her or outside of her. A partner who goes out of their way to make sure I'm taking care of myself and allows me the privilege to take care of her as well. One who plays games with me all the time, listens to music, shares memes, create cute matching cat pfp's with, and allows me the privilege to run off from a game after finally beating her one out of the thirty tries that I am confident she cheats on. A partner who gave me my dream relationship and dream date of the most Sapphic picnic ever on her roof, falling asleep under the stars. The subreddit lead me to a best friend and lover.
Thank you everyone on this amazing subreddit and all the amazing people behind it who strive everyday to make being on any type of spectrum okay. I am forever grateful for the chance I was giving to love, spoil, and cherish the amazing woman I have and to have a subreddit to lean back on every day going through life. I can't imagine how my life would be right now if one year ago, I wasn't just scrolling through reddit.
TL;DR - AAAAAAAA I GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!! Happy mini 1 year meet anniversary, my yellow.
(sorry for any grammaspelling mistakes. my editor [girlfriend] is still sleep)
The original post we commented on
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2023.02.18 20:48 cxttxxnge should i have broken up with my boyfriend

me (17) and my bf (16) have been dating for about a year a 7 months and i broke up with him on valentine’s day. for context, he has been saying that we should break up or i deserve better at least 2 times every month for about a year. he’s always the one suggesting it and i end up crying and he says sorry at the end of the night and everything is okay. since he’s been doing this for so long, it started to get really draining and it hurt me a lot. our sophomore year, everyone at school knew we were dating. he was perfectly fine being affectionate in public and holding hands and everything. this year, nobody even knew we were dating, not even some of my friends. we are secretly dating but we kept it public at school, but this year his cousin moved here and started going to school with us which i thought it was understandable to be more secret about our relationship because that cousin likes to tell a lot. but my bf started to not even be affectionate in private places at school and where his cousin wasn’t even at. i asked why he wasn’t being as affectionate as sophomore year and he said “he doesn’t like showing affection in front of a lot of people” even though he did it all the time before. on snapchat, there are these sendits where people can send you anonymous messages and you can post them to your story. A LOT of people have crushes on my bf, in person and online. i think it’s because he has long hair, because in 8th grade no one had crushes on him. he would post the sendits of people saying “you are such a cutie” “will you be my valentine” and people saying they literally wanted to f him. i told him “hey, please don’t post those they make me really uncomfortable.” and he laughed it off saying he only posted them cause he thought they were funny. he is a very friendly person and almost everyone at school knows him, but not a lot of people know who i am. he is very flirty with other girls, he takes their phone, calls them short, play fights with them, etc. he knew these girls saw that as flirting because i told him and he continues to do it. we also play fight a lot, but he is 230lbs 5’11 and i’m 125lbs and 5’3, so his version of gentle is rough for me. he would play hit me until it started to actually hurt, i would tell him to stop but he wouldn’t until i was crying. i would hit him once and he would get all distant from me and say i was reminding him of his ex who used to hit him. he knows i don’t like when he compares me to her because me and her don’t like eachother. another time, we were being flirty with eachother and he wanted to you know, but i didn’t at that exact moment so i told him we could later. he got distant from me again and kept saying there was something wrong with him and i didn’t like him anymore because i didn’t wanna do it. another time, i asked him why him and his online friend had matching pfps cause he hasn’t done that with me in a while and i was fine with it, just curious. i went through his online friends posts and seen he commented “love you❤️” on one of their videos when he doesn’t even comment that kind of stuff on mine. me and my friends were talking and my friend said she think my bf doesn’t tell anyone that him and me are dating because he likes the validation of other people having crushes on me even though i should be enough for him. i’ve always been there for him for everything and i always supported him with whatever he wanted to do. on valentine’s day, i asked if i could make a little post about him on a private story with only our friends on it. he said no, so i was like okay i don’t mind, but he said he was still confused on whether he still wanted to date or not. i was also having a bad day in general and i kind of just snapped. i told him that i don’t think he’s good for me and i really don’t want to breakup with him and i love him so much but i don’t want to be treated like that anymore and have my boundaries disrespected. he was being so mean about it saying it was my choice and i fucked up and that i ruined this. is it so wrong for me to not want to be treated like that? i really love him but all i can think about is all our good memories together and all the things we can’t do anymore. he’s a great person as a friend but i he’s completely different when you date him. his ex broke up with him because he was doing the same thing to her, constantly saying that he should break up with her every month. i’m just so conflicted because i am so dependent on him and i love him so much and anytime we did take breaks he knew it was okay because i always went back to him. i just want to hug him so bad and be back together but i feel like this is all my fault and i can’t fix it.
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2023.02.13 07:33 reddit_user_09z (please please read) I feel so left out and not even my best friend is doing anything about it

This will be long---
Of all posts I make, I just want this one to be seen so I (as dramatic as this sounds) could actually feel a little heard. So I'm a part of this group chat where half of the people there are my close friends and the other half are their friends, so I'm not too active in it because I don't feel comfortable enough chatting with them and I get this weird feeling in my stomach when I actually do want something to say so I don't say it anymore and most of the times I don't know what to say either. I don't blend in with how they chat and I generally feel awkward talking with people I don't really know that much, even in person when I've tried talking to them I get this weird feeling they're wondering why I'm talking to them. So I'm sort of just there, but that's not where I feel left out. For some time being, this group chat's profile picture was nothing and it was just the pfps of the two people who recently talked, so it would switch back and forth. This time, we agreed to go to this amusement park together and everybody was free anyways so we went.
Note: a few of the people in this group are dating
I mentioned that people were dating because one of the reasons I felt left out was because once my bsf's boyfriend came, she completely disregarded that I was there and ended up hanging out with him the rest of the time. Maybe that's just me but eh. I didn't feel left out because people were dating, I just felt left out because whenever we tried taking a group selfie I wouldn't fit into the picture. I noticed people would go on their tip toes to at least get a strand of hair into the picture but I didn't want to push people aside just to get the top of my headband into the picture so I stood on the side after seeing that even if I did try squeezing in, I wasn't part of the other pictures. At this point, I was already beginning to feel a tiny bit left out. Allow me to sound a bit dramatic in some of these things that I'm going to say please :D but anyways, I pushed it aside and just continued along with everyone else. Everybody is more extroverted and if not they're more on the extroverted-introvert side or a charismatic introvert, me on the other hand I'm not much of those. I can talk to people but I don't get involved in much of what people are doing and I'm mostly on the side simply because when I do almost get myself involved I'm somehow pushed away by something and I have no idea what I'm doing half the time so it leads to me just being this stiff whatever thing on the side. This whole friend group came together out of nowhere and it was a bit overwhelming at first, would I be in the wrong if I say that and then proceed to say I felt left out?
But moving on, the next photo the group took was a photo of our shadows in the grass. I, at this point, was already playfully mad about being left out. I didn't want to show that I was actually down about it but I didn't want them to think it was too ok for them to leave me out like that. I didn't want to ruin everything because everybody seemed to be having so much fun. Anytime they needed someone to hold onto something for a photo, that was my time to shine. At least they said thank you. Back to the shadow picture. I, again, stood by the side because all the friends were in front and the other people were now at the back and the side, the only places I would've been able to squeeze into which I didn't feel comfortable doing because again I'm not that close with them. Here's the thing, they were already taking pictures without noticing I wasn't there, kinda sad but eh. So playfully, I looked at my shadow and pulled up the middle finger, I barely made it into the photo, at least I still did though.
(editing this in because I forgot to add it) Before the pictures, I tried talking to some people and even tried like staying with the friends I knew but they eventually went with the other people in the group. When I followed along with my friends, they ended up completely blocking me out from their conversations and stuff. So it wasn't only the pictures that made me feel left out it was the whole thing about being cut out from conversations too. Everything seemed to get a little more overwhelming so I stood by the side again after that. After the whole hangout, we all agreed to going to a Burger King nearby. I told them (my friends) that I would wait by the entrance because everyone was taking a little too long and I wanted to get a bit of alone time. So I'm waiting by the entrance and I see them coming, I turn to look at them but they're not looking at me yet so I just wait til they're near before telling my friend "what took you so long" only to get walked passed and overtaken with laughter. Yea that kinda hurt ngl but I followed along anyways.
Now, it's a few days after the amusement park hangout and more people are added into the group chat because we met in the amusement park and they happened to be some of their friends. I know them too but not as well as the others did. So now they're deciding on the group chat name, at this point I'm having fun and laughing at my phone screen because of all the choices of group names. After changing it time and time again, they finally decide on one. Next is the group profile picture, person A in the group chat couldn't make it to the hangout so when the shadow picture was made as the profile picture someone said "wait, person A isn't in the photo" and then proceeded to edit a blackmail photo of him in. When I saw this I laughed my ass off because it looked funny. Then I looked at the picture and realized that even if my shadow had made it into the photo on the side, I was cut out of the group photo. Yea ouch or whatever.
At first I was a bit sad about it like playfully and then I proceeded to text one of my friends about it after thinking about whether I should or not, I proceeded to say I was third wheeling to the boss level and she claimed I was in the photo. She's not wrong, but I clarified that I was talking about the group chat's profile picture. I said I was on the side and then she said "at least you were there" which I don't think she knew what I meant by "on the side" but then I explained and she apologized saying that she'll make sure all of us are a part of the photo next time referring to the next time the group hangs out and we take a photo, she'll make sure everyone is included. I felt a bit better after that. Someone tell me if that's dramatic of me please I really need some sense knocked into me :D But next, I told my best friend about it, she's also part of the group chat. She also claimed that I was there in the photo but then I again mentioned me being on the side and also clarified that I was referring to the group profile pic. It's been an hour since I sent that and she's seen zoned me. I don't want to get all exaggerated and say that I feel "b E t R A y E d" by this because she's probably busy with something cus she's a busy person but I just don't feel the best about it.
I restricted her account for now because I don't wanna go too far and block her when she could be busy with something but I don't really want to talk to her right now either and seem salty and a kill-joy for seemingly wanting to change the group profile picture. If I'm being petty just say so but I'm gonna keep it that way for now. We have school tomorrow and I don't know if I even want to talk to her if she keeps me seen zoned for the rest of the day.
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2023.02.08 09:51 Game_Erica I drew myself a new profile picture! Here are some progress pics and my old pfps for reference (plus one without line-art cuz it looked funny lol)

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2023.02.03 22:39 breadbybread I'm very torn. Sell me one way or another in the comments if you can.

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2023.01.08 05:34 xAVATAR-AANGx Telos Award winners, an official AMA tomorrow, and more! - A DCCJ 2023 update.

Hello fellow circlejerkers,
Today, we'll be knocking out three birds in one stone with once announcement. First off, I'd just like to say, 2022 was an excellent year of growth for the subreddit, and hopefully, 2023 will be the same. However, the sub isn't the same one hovering barely above 2,000 members that we started with in 2022- today, the sub has 13,400 members... which is simply absurd to imagine. Who knows where we'll be by the end of the year? Maybe we'll even have enough to rival TeenTitansPo-
Yeah, let's stay realistic.
Anyhow, our first order of business is AMA's. No, not the dumb low-effort posts people use as karmafarms on this subreddit, but an actual, genuine, official DCCJ AMA with...

u/TheBlakeBuz, an official moderator of the Earth-27 fan project!

On January 8th (tomorrow), TheBlakeBuz will join us and you all will be free to ask them questions! And yes, we've received confirmation they are who they say they are, for any doubters out there. We're incredibly thankful to have them and for them reaching out to us about it! We hope you all have a great time.
For those unaware, Earth-27 is a fan project created by Roy Westerman and Phil Cho. It is meant to be a reinvention of the DC Comics universe we all know and love, cherrypicking elements from different continuities and introducing new ideas and characters as well
Our second order of business today are the 2022 DCCJ Telos Awards! These awards are our first (and FASTEST) annual award ceremony. You all cast your votes for what you all believe were the best posts and moments on dccomicscirclejerk this year. Let's see who won, shall we?
The Fourth Joker (Funniest Subreddit Post):

Male DC characters, ranked on how much they respect women by u/Akeriary

The post that spawned the "Dick Grayson is the CEO of Misogyny" meme rightfully takes the spot as the best of the year!
Runners up:
2) ... by u/Mr_Fredbear13
3) All Star by Smash Mouth but it was written by various comic writers by u/barbecueofdoom
4) X-Men writers try not to write Avengers' characters OOC challenge by u/Eoinocon
FIRST and FASTEST (Funniest Running Gag):


As the person who made the joke originally on one of my shitpost alts, u/NumberOneCWFlashFan, seeing it win was wonderful.
Runners Up:
2) Gorilla cover posting
3) Where's Duke?
4) KonCass / u/T-o-C-a stanning
The Fitz (Most Overhated Work):

Nightwing by Tom Taylor

Kori pfps on Twitter are seething rn.
Runners Up:
2) Tim Drake: Robin by Meghan Fitzmarin
3) The Human Target by Tom King
4) Catwoman by Tini Howard
Read the Fucking Book! (The Stupidest Controversy):

Duke not appearing on a Nightwing cover

wHeRe'S dUkE????????????????????????????
Runners Up:
2) Alan Moore hates superhero movies
3) A fake homophobic Batman in Dark Crisis: Young Justice
4) Everything in Tini Howard's Catwoman
The CEO (The Best Character Slander):

Dick Grayson is the CEO of Misogyny

We've done it, Jesse. We've united the DickBabs and DickKori fans.
Runners Up:
2) Tim Drake. Just Tim Drake.
3) Jason Todd is ugly
Frank Miller Presents (Weirdest News):

Everything surrounding Ezra Miller

The FIRST and FASTEST... and FINAL nail in the coffin for the DCEU.
Runners Up:
2) Otto Schmidt's history of working with a Nazi pedophile is discovered. Ethan VanS civer tries to recruit him.
3) Tom Taylor blames death threats on DickKory shippers... and provides receipts
4) Frank Miller and Dan DiDio announce publisher funded by NFT company
Literally 1984 (Best Subreddit Moment):

Paul-Posting reaches maximum saturation! by u/TheCosmicSmile and u/FlyByTieDye

PeterMJ shippers don't deserve happiness.
Runner Up:
2) YouTuber Lady Emily is one of us (literally look at her latest tweet)
Needle in a Trash Stack (Best Tweet):

Tell me you didn’t get enough healthy physical affection from your dad without telling me you didn’t get enough healthy physical affection from your dad.

Making fun of insecure Comicsgaters never gets old.
Runners Up:
2) If Superman was interesting and relatable
3) Comic books fans, well known for their lack of reading comprehension, should be given a free YouTube video summarizing the content of each comic they have read for easier understanding, as the combination of words and pictures can be painful for their brains to process.
Based and Chadpilled (Best Creator Quote):

"Matt Murdock is Catholic so he probably wouldn't have sex before marriage which means they probably got married off camera" - Chip Zdarsky

I think we all knew a Zdarsky tweet would win, it was just a matter of which one.
Runners Up:
2) "I said, 'Look, this is embarrassing to me. I don’t want anything to do with you or your show. Please don’t bother me again.'" - Alan Moore
3) "Ahhh, good old Ethan Van Sciver, proving once more that you don't need talent to get attention, you just need to be a bloviating warthog slightly less tolerable than a shotglass full of week-old glans smegma mixed with the squeezings of a racist pustule." - Simon Spurrier
4) "if you read my daredevil stories i need you to have the theme song to 'alf' playing in your head. please respect my vision" - Chip Zdarsky
5) "Traumatized by my air filter" - Mitch Gerads
It was MEEEEEE, Barry! (Most Cursed Comment):

The Entire Batmanifesto

Instead of a joke here, let me give you a trigger warning.
Runner Up:
2) Clark's got a dump truck
The Jimmy Olsen (Best Original Edit):

Their relationship is now in shambles! by u/TyranusWrex

Respectfully, fuck off, OP.
Runners Up:
2) ... by u/Mr_Fredbear13
3) I'm sorry Highfather by u/Julio_B_Kreapin
4) My magnum opus, upvote this to scare EVERYONE!!!! by u/ab316_1punchd
The Vertigo (The best niche joke we all pretend to understand):

Sladeposting by u/GavinTheGrassMan

...I genuinely could not think of anything to put here.
2) Grant Morrison fan slander by u/sampeckinpah5
3) Biggest Superman Fan by u/beary_good
That's all for the 2022 DCCJ Telos Awards. Congratulations to all the winners!
Lastly, on a more serious note, with the continual growth of the sub, we do end up seeing plenty more... posts of uhh... lesser quality. Or, to be less blunt, posts that aren't funny. This, of course, is a sin. Thus, to keep up with the continual growth of the subreddit, we are introducing a new rule:
Rule 7: Actual Jerk posts: Unjerk and posts that simply aren't funny and/or miss the point of the subreddit will be subject to removal.
This includes, but is not limited to:
In other words, as difficult as it may be for some of you, be funny.
So yes, we are simply adding a new literally 1984 asking you all very kindly to actually jerk on dccomicscirclejerk.
In addition, Rule 5: Overdone Subjects also has a new clause: in addition to everything currently listed as a part of Rule 5, posts complaining about "softcore porn on the front page of DCcomics" are now also subject to removal, because in the incredibly objective opinion of us moderators, they are not funny.
We hope these changes to the rules incentivize people on the subreddit to actually be funny. If you have any concerns with any of these changes, feel free to reach out in modmail.
Well... this was quite a long post. Here's to a strong 2023 for DCCJ!
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2022.12.30 09:27 Kendrillion Dose anyone else think it’s kinda funny that with E ve’s Pfps…

……He’s just constantly tearing his face off. Like at first it was mysterious and now he’s done it like 3…maybe 4 times now
It kinda turns into a game to see just how many times it happens and when the next change will be 😅🤣
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2022.12.08 07:53 Regular_Start_427 i’m in love with my best friend

before i start this off, i do want to say that while i am very young compared to your average confessor on these kinds of things, i still have valid feelings and emotions, as does everyone else. along with that i’m very sorry if this is messy, i want to get my points across while also providing backstory. i’ve also never done smth outrageous like this so i’m a little nervous 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
with that said i want to start off with how i (16m) met my best friend (17m) who we’ll call S. we met in a server of a content creator we both very much adored and got to talking over having pfps from the same show (something we were both interested in at the time). after that we kept in touch and began making a server in which we would create channels to geek out over a certain anime we both liked or literally anything. we became very close incredibly quick. eventually i introduced him to a friend i had (16f) we can call her M and they also got pretty close. i’ve never been a jealous person and i never had a reason to be jealous over their relationship. but over time i would find myself growing distant from them and i stopped talking as much in our server.
time skip to after i realized i had depression and anxiety that often affected my day, i come back to the online world and the two are incredibly close now. it came to the point where S had developed feelings for M. i wasn’t fazed by this and honestly expected it. we form a squad with another friend (17f) who we’ll call L.
at the start everything seemed fine with our group and we were all just teenaged having fun. that was before i began feeling left out and like i couldn’t talk to them without feeling like i was interrupting something going on with them. i made new friends and began distracting myself from how i felt because i knew it was stupid. one day they all got into this massive argument and somehow it concerned me and they began yelling at each other and bringing me into the mix and how if i had talked to them it would have done something. i won’t get too into what they had originally began arguing about, but the point is that this broke apart our group. it was never the same. and eventually that would become evident after the server that S and i had put our preteen joy into making eventually began to die, leaving memories of laughter and fun in the past.
S and i always kept in touch however, he would always ask me how i was feeling, constantly making plans to play video games with me because he ALWAYS knew when i felt upset. and i appreciated that from him a lot. we would break our awkward ‘are we friends?’ phase and begin talking so much more than before. we would spend hours on calls and talking about crushes and new found identities in ourselves, ranting and venting to each other. and i would find myself falling into a deeper feeling than just platonic.
at one point he felt the same way towards me and we both told each other how we felt, but for a while before that he and M had this platonic dating situation and even if it was platonic, he didn’t want to make her upset. it made me realize that i would never matter to him more than she did; not that i needed to. it just hurt having to realize that after he told me he loved me. because apparently it would never be as much as he loves her. we never did anything after that and i shoved my feelings to the side and began focusing on literally anything else, i just didn’t want to feel like that anymore.
but i still find myself so in love with him. we’re into so many of the same things and we both relate to and associate ourselves with characters who are paired together, and i know it’s stupid but i can’t help but feel the way that i do. i don’t want to ruin what we have or tell him anything of my feelings. i hate that he likes some girl who takes him for granted over some guy who would appreciate anything and everything he had to give and more. i love his voice and laugh and he’s so handsome and funny and i don’t care if he doesn’t feel the same any more, i just want to get it off my chest.
i’m just some stupid kid with feelings for his best friend but how can i help it when he shows he feels the same way so many times?? he’s always telling me how i’m his ideal type and how he’d love to date someone like me. he’s always making freakishly flirty jokes with me and he calls me babe and i can’t help but get so flustered.. is he leading me on? i dont think so because he’s not even aware of these feelings. but still i just want him to take a hint and kiss me already! is that so much so ask for?? this is already way too long and because of that i realize i have a lot of pent up feelings but nonetheless i hope whoever is reading can appreciate my paragraphs ranting about my amazing best friend. i hate him so much that i love him even more, does that even make sense?
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2022.11.08 18:15 Rare_Week1850 Please give me an advice

So I (F13) have been friends with someone online (genderfluid 17-16 yr old person), for about 2 years now. At the start of our friendship they were really nice and funny, but most importantly respected me and my boundaries, so everything was nice. However, things changed after some time.
About 1 year later they started to become more possessive and jealous, but I didn't pay much attention to it because I still considered them a good friend. More time passed, and they became obsessed with me. I didn't really notice, I just thought they were just really jealous and that they were like this with everyone else, but boy I was wrong. They would ask my other friends if I had been online, they would spam ping me if I didn't answer for more than 10 seconds if we were both online, they got super mad if I stopped matching pfps with them, they sent me multiple death threats (not serious) when they were mad at me and even offered multiple times if they could let out their anger on me; they also got really REALLY mad whenever I mentioned other friends. It all got to the point were I set my status as offline just to not having to answer them or interact with them, I also took many breaks from them without them knowing and I was good.
Leaving all that aside, they are really caring. Always saying hi in a very exciting way and asking how am I, drawing our ocs together, offering to buy me stuff and more. But that doesn't change their behaviour to me one bit, I've been trying to tell myself that they're just made like this but I don't think I can't take this any longer. Recently I've been thinking about leaving them for my own good but the thoughts of them being nice, sending me videos and being a nice friend to me overall makes me not want to do that, even tho I know that if it keeps going on like this it won't be good.
The other day I was at my breaking point and I tried to tell them I didn't want to be friends anymore, but they also broke down and said I was "the only thing that's keeping them alive" and that just made me freeze. Me? A 13 year old stranger on the internet? It was unbelievable to me honestly that they would choose me rather than their friends and family and I just felt so bad for them. I feel like I am "tied" to them somehow and that I have to stay with them or else they would take their life but I don't feel uncomfortable with it at all and I feel so guilty about it. I've given them one last chance and right now it's doing good, but I don't feel like they've changed. They said to me yesterday night that they're basically forcing themselves to change in order to satisfy me and keeping me as a friend, however they also said that they can't really succeed in that and that they're sorry. Knowing them, I knew they wouldn't have changed for a very very long time and that made my heart sink.
I just don't know what to do and I'm so desperate for help on this situation. I've been thinking that if I leave them once for all they'll get actual help, and I honestly hope so, because they really need it. I want them to move on about me and get the help they need, because if they keep going on in their lives only relying on a kinda stupid source of living (an online friend, me), they won't get better at all. I just know it, and I want to heal from this too as much as I want them to heal from me. I am only 13, and I know this is going to become a part of my life I will never forget; it has made me feel awful and it's honestly one of the hardest things I'm facing.
So please help me.
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2022.10.22 16:19 PM_Me_An_Ekans Something I don't see talked about when it comes to the new monetization system - the game feels much less alive

I hadn't played OW in years and decided to jump back in after a friend expressed interest in 2. Used to be everybody danced in spawn spamming voice lines while DVA played games or some shit, showing off their skins and just generally having a good time. Spamming the most annoying voice line they had, putting sprays together to make funny combinations. It made the community feel so much more vibrant. Each game felt just that little bit more unique. Get a team kill? Time for everyone to take a seat on the payload. I was a pretty casual player so the experience may have been different in the higher ranks.
Now everybody just kind of...stands around. Loading into comp just to see everybody using the same 3 pfps is weird. Nobody emotes, why would you? POTGs are more often than not the default skin with the default highlight intro. Boring boring boring.
I hate what games have become, and I hate more to know that Blizzard is probably going to make a boatload of money from this predatory strategy. Everything is secondary to money.
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2022.10.16 19:23 Draemeth Some ideas/suggestions for the CS:GO devs

Some of these changes would be a single line of code, or an asset swap, others would be much more work. Some are very popular, others are a small majority. You are unlikely to agree with all of them, share your feedback/opinions in the google form.
Vote here on every suggestion in a google form
Fix shadow dagger screen shake. This would make at least twelve players happy.
Black flashbang screen. Option to have black or white. For our eyeballs.
Stattrack knives should have number on handle, not blade. This.
Give classic knife the classic viewmodel. This.
LOWER HEADSHOT SOUND!!!!!!! Too loud and a lot of players use equalisers to avoid it, which shouldn't be necessary.
Fix crosshair dissapearing bug on GOTV/Demos When a player is dropped a gun, the gun is invisible in spectator cam. When spectating a scoped awp, and switching to a rifle, the crosshair dissapears.
Keep community wingman maps. They're designed for wingman rather than just cropped 5v5 maps.
Make casual 5v5 (and remove 'unranked') . This way casual serves as an introduction to what counter-strike really is, doesn't feel so foreign as a true casual experience, and helps combine casual playerbases from unranked and casual.
Allow us to buy either M4A4 or M4A1-S in-game. . Could also use this as a platform to add more similar gun variants in future + this change would allow a higher skill ceiling for role players, changing spots, changing gamestyles mid-game, etc.
Add a rotating weekly gamemode/ limited time gamemodes. There's lots of fun gamemodes that could be rotated in / out on a rotation / schedule. E.g. King of the hill, Awp lego, One in the chamber, Half money, Double money, No saving, Ten lives, Mirrored maps, Imposter etc (we've all seen WarOwl's youtube videos). This would be a large initial workload, but could rotate by itself and create a 'fresh' gamemode every single week for the next ten years.
Revamp matchmaking Allow us to see our elo. If one team isn’t 5 players when the first round has freeze time end then it should just cancel the match just like when people don’t connect in time during the warmup. (u/ishapereality)A vote should be automatically made when someone is about to be kicked for team killing where people can choose not to kick said person. (u/ishapereality)Make the ranks more intuitive. I can't remember half the ranks between gold and global. Maybe give everyone a pin with their highest old MM rank 'Global Elite Pin'.128 tick so we can play the same gamemode pros player, use their lineups, placebo, objectively better for spraying etc. Call teams 'defenders' and 'attackers' for sponsorship sake if you must. Remove rank decay, most players come back from faceit better, or they quickly find form again, or they play deathmatch a lot outside of MM. I already have bad players in my games, but id rather have bad players who make good decisions with bad aim, then have 'smurfs' on the other team who have rank decayed. Add "language preferences" so the english speakers and russian speakers in a lobby are roughly divided because bad players perform better as a team in their own language and games are more fun.
Make hosting private lobbies easier. No more of that 'add friend code' stuff. Just let us launch straight into it.
Make community server UI look better. Keep the functionality but make it look a little less 1999.
Keep community 5v5 maps We will play them if we know they're not about to be axed. If we know they're here to stay, we see them on the big screen, etc. E.g. buy Tuscan / Anubis, stick them in, and let's see where we are in 2-3 years.
More skins per case. Sick of seeing the same blues over and over. I look through steam workshop every so often and there's always an entire top-tier case worth of skins from blue to yellows. The sheer number of extremely great, unique, creative skins that we miss out on because of the tiny size of cases is depressing. And the amount of 'series' sets that fill up slots, like Prinststream, and this would be less of a problem if there was more skins per case. E.g. go from 18 to 50. You could buy 20 keys and have like 18 unique skins rather than 5.
Community knife skins/finishes. There's a lot of great community finishes out there which would make us happy, you money, and content creators money. Win, win, win win (michael scott).
Allow us to toggle off enemy agent models (but not teammates) Friends agent skins are funnies. but ncompetitive disadvantage against agent skins on the other team upsets a lot of people, affects colour blind, poor vision players and even us 20/20ers react a moment late to weird agent skins in weird places and this is very aggravating.
Make hidden avatar images just single colours. I turned off avatars to be able to use avatars to only see colours and not be distracted by pfps. The update to this mechanic ruined it for me, and many others.
Make the 'Krieg' slightly better. Not OP but viable in limited circumstances.
Sell a gun back with a small return fee Oops I bought an M249 and lost the game. Yeah, ima stop playing for tonight.
Aimpunch only for rifles. Make only rifles be able to aimpunch unarmored opponents. (to make pistol rounds more tactics based where you can buy more nades etc.. this would Also punish people who just jump around corners with SMGs knowing they will win the gunfight anyway if only one of the bullets hit you and aimpunch you while you are on ECO. this will lead to a lot less eco frag hunting and making Famas/Galil more viable. (u/kswitch)
2 sauces ketchup and mayonaise
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2022.09.12 10:49 OneBirdyBoi rule

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2022.09.12 05:51 GeometryDash_Gamer How would you rank SG Doremi? (15/9)

How would you rank SG Doremi? (15/9)
For the past three joke entries I made, they were a lot more ironic, mainly due to the fact this is a set of IRL people being shipped with cartoon character they have a crush on we're talking about WHY CAN'T KIT-KAT BE REAL??😭😭😭. But this couple is far less ironic (despite actually starting out hidden in layers of irony, which I'll get to later) and consists of two legendary totaldrama users none other than u/chuck_is_dead_vay_aq and u/LittleMermaid, AKA Doruk x Haemi. Now granted, this isn’t really a Total Drama couple, BUT...this IS an totaldrama couple, so I figured why not poll it anyways😎. Though this time, it just so happens that it originates from this other chat called the Samkota Gang. On a random note, their interactions actually started when Doruk asked Haemi to be included in the Gwent gang. Though I think most of their buildup went down in the Samkota Gang, and is also heavily based around a certain project going on there. Also NGL, I don't think I've really shown all that much appreciation for them yet. So without further ado, here's my analysis and take on them based on everything I saw
For starters, they have some very clear chemistry. Even as they said themselves, they are marginally different in various ways, and they consider themselves to be opposites. For one example, they have a handful of contrasting opinions on various facets of TD (most notably Sierra, Coderra, TDA Gwen and Trent, Noah and formerly Nemma). Their personalities also seem pretty different at face value. In fact, according to the MBTI personality test, Doruk is INTP whereas Haemi is ENFJ which means they’re different in three out of four ways. Doruk in particular admits to generally being pretty shy and lazy at times (he ralts to Beardo and Spud quite a bit), whereas Haemi is generally quite more outgoing and energetic. On another note, Doruk tends to get swayed and change his opinions a bit more often (though he also has instances of being very firm with his opinions too), whereas Haemi generally has very strong opinions and really sticks with them. On that topic, I will say I'm kinda iffy on whether Doruk is more logical though. At least based off his opinions on various TD characters and sometimes the way he words his reasoning for things, he kind of strikes me off as a more emotion-driven person, in other words more like Haemi in that regard. In fact overtime, it becomes more clear they also have a good amount of things in common and…aren’t really as different as they initially thought. Despite being shy, Doruk also has an inner quirky side like Haemi, and Haemi can also be very insecure (though very ironically, in the self confidence department regarding MBTI’s, Doruk actually leans more towards assertive whereas Haemi leans towards turbulent💀). On top of this, a good portion of their results come quite close to the middle of the spectrum, so it makes sense why they are more similar to each other than they initially thought. They even have a theme song based off of them titled "We Could be the Same" which is a Turkish Eurovision song by maNga ('found' by Doruk) with the lyrics talking about a couple that seemed different initially but found far more common ground than they anticipated
There are also various other examples regarding how they develop. Doruk himself admits he initially found Haemi weird. And there were even times where whenever she told the chat about a dream she had (which she happened to have a lot of, and super whacky and legendary ones at that😎), he would just respond in a speechless and traumatized fashion (specifically ".........."💀). But despite this, he was actually drawn to these various facets of Haemi's personality even if he didn't seem to quite act like it initially (or you can argue the way he responded was just his own funny way of expressing how weird said dream really was💀). And then there's also Haemi's interest in this K-pop group called Twice. Doruk was actually initially put off by Haemi singing various Twice lyrics whenever someone said "Twice" (albeit again in a presumably sort of joking way). But fast forward a couple months later, here he is with Haemi 'singing' (by that, I actually mean typing out lyrics in the chat with music note emojis while imagining that they're actually singing with each other) various Twice songs with her in this channel of the Samkota Gang called #karaoke-hall, as this post by Haemi herself highlights. Putting all jokes aside, this really shows how much Doruk genuinely cares about her to the point he's willing to engage in various interests she has. In a way, you can say Haemi really brought out the Haemi in Doruk, as he went from responding to her Twice lyric references in a similar way to how Noah or Dave (during his earlier episodes at least) would respond, to pulling an Ella and 'singing' them along with her. Though this is just one example of this. Now if I’m being totally honest, I feel like their interactions changed Doruk more than Haemi in terms of how they act. But through their interactions, Haemi also learned to love again in a way. Upon initially joining the subreddit, she wasn’t big on the idea of being in a relationship given stuff that went down in the past which (very understandably) gave her trust issues. Though her feelings for Doruk eventually got her to look past that and give love another shot. Plus it’s also clear they spent enough time getting to know each other beforehand to the point they can trust each other enough
Edit: One point to add (credit to Haemi) is that Doruk is generally more calm under pressure, whereas Haemi...doesn't deal with it nearly as well. So in that respect, Doruk can really help balance that out with Haemi
Their buildup is also really cool and creative. It's now time I briefly talk about this project in the Samkota Gang called the Samkota Plane. It's basically this story of a handful of characters based around various people in the chat, that heavily resembles TDWT in various ways. And while Doruk and Haemi aren't a couple in the actual story, there are other couples they are involved in that more or less create a love square, making Doremi a fanon couple in the context of this project. This culminated in Doruk and Haemi flirting with each other repeatedly. Another thing to note is they Haemi also talked especially affectionately with the two other people involved in the love square during the story which led us all to think the 'signs' they gave to each other were ironic. But then at the same time, there were various instances they seemed to…especially be enjoying it💀. Their various matching PFP's and their references to themselves as the Ice Dancers are also really cool. And funny enough, one of their matching PFP's even happened to be of a scene of Jacques and Josee hugging each other. And when you take into consideration that they constantly referred to each other as Jacques and Josee at the time, well...🥺 you can probably connect the dots. Their time of comparing themselves to the Ice Dancers also culminated in the whole schtick of them disliking the colors silver and bronze and especially liking the color gold which was a pretty funny gag. They even accidentally said the same things at the same time multiple instances during the chat. And hell, there are even two different times they managed to have the exact same amount of Reddit karma as each other, like if that isn't legendary or doesn't show how much they're made for each other, I don't know what does💀💘. There are also various other fictional couples/duos they happen to resemble, that being Gumball x Penny (Doruk can fill you in on the lore for this one if any of you are curious and if he feels like it), a certain couple in this legendary movie called Enchanted, and also Devin x Heather since both are the respective TD characters they look like IRL (which is especially great news on Haemi's end💀)
All in all, Doremi is unironically an iconic couple consisting of two truly legendary people. It's clear they both genuinely love each other and that they had plenty of time to know each other and process their feelings before Doruk's absolutely beautiful confession of him pouring his heart out to Haemi. Also given how based they are, it's not hard to understand why they fell for each other😉. And their buildup is also genuinely interesting in a ton of ways (and funny for that matter). Also while it might seem weird at face value that this all happened online, I think this just further confirms they genuinely love each other for their personalities. Overall, I truly hope they can meet IRL sometime and that things turn out amazing for them long-term-wise. In case I haven't made it clear, I give Doremi an S+++++++ tier, though where would you rank it?
P.S. It's also hilarious how Doremi is the same name as what you get if you say the name of the first three notes of a traditional octave with the Solfège scale (Do-Re-Mi). Also fun fact, according to Haemi, it's also actually the Italian name for a certain charactepixl in an absolutely legendary Mario game👀
Anywyas, here's not just one but two different pictures to end things off (credit to Haemi herself for the first one, and credit to GalacticRedBeauty on DeviantArt for this absolutely beautiful artwork that coincidentally happens to absolutely fit Doremi in every facet)

Doremi forever and ever indeed🥺💘
Both of their favorite RR team that they refer themselves too, wearing outfits of their favorite color, and also about to kiss right in front of the Eiffel tower?👀 How can a random piece of art be so perfect and fitting for this very couple?🥇💛
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2022.09.08 13:30 GeometryDash_Gamer How would you rank BSR Gitty? (12/9)

How would you rank BSR Gitty? (12/9)
NOTE: This isn't about how much you want them to get together. This is about how much you like the plot or their interactions surrounding the one-sided attraction in question except this time I'd hope y'all want us to be a thing
For starters, I should probably fill y'all in on what BSR Gitty is. BSR stands for Brawn Squad Roleplay, which is one of the channels in the very discord server this following couple took place (that being Brawn Squad). And in case any of you don't know, Gitty stands for Geo x Kitty. Anyways, let's see what I think of it, shall we?
Also here is a big set of Gitty interactions that went down if y'all actually want to fill yourselves in on the lore so you aren't super confused💀
Edit: Ok I actually have to still finish this tbh, also for some reason the picture quality is terrible on mobile, though it's better if you look at it on computedesktop mode (if you're on mobile)
(warning: this write-up might be cheesy and cringy at times💀)
Simply put, I just find them super cute together. Geo has a handful of reasons to be attracted to Kitty, whether it’s her super positive outgoing and energetic personality, how surprisingly badass or capable she is at doing various things, to just how absolutely adorable she is inside out. Also funny enough, a lot of chinese gals seem to find Geo good looking, and Kitty proves to be no exception. It's also clear they resonate with each other in various ways and like each other's sense of humor. Their nicknames for each other are also super adorable, Kitty's being "Kit-Kat" and Geo's being “Geo-Geo” credit to u/SlayerDaJuggalo and u/chuck_is_dead_vay_aq respectively🥺. NGL I found the latter kinda cheesy at first, but I find it super cute now. They even have various "crowning moments of awesome" with each other. There was one time in a certain other server where Bridgette pushed Geo off the cliff just because she couldn't handle his mad roasting skillz. Truth is, a certain survivor contestant tried to flirt with Geo, but then he actively tried to resist her despite thirsting over her sometimes and said "HEY I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND" not before being super flustered. Then he joked “And not just kinda since I’m not Bridgette”, and then she got triggered and “accidentally” pushed Geo off the cliff (since that’s totally in character for Bridgette), then his Kit-Kat came to save him🥇🤩. Not only is this a legendary moment for obvious reasons, but it’s also a good subversion of the trope of just the guy rescuing the girl (just like a certain couple in a legendary movie with a name that starts with E). Though Geo also saved his Kit-Kat a couple times too. On top of that, he even got avenged Kitty for the whole Dune Buggy incident with Big Mac MacArthur by giving her (MacArthur) a Big Mac with laxatives…ok fine, he failed miserably but he managed to control get Alejandro to give another one with laxatives to MacArthur, not before seducing her though and complementing her for her big ass- wait whaaaa?. Weirdly, it didn't work though since IG Chris gave her...some kind of cure? I wonder what it was tho- oh right, the power of #roleplaying logic👍. Though as a result, he responded by pulling a Dorito (iykyk) and kicking Macunturd MacArthur to the moon because he cares about his Kit-Kat so much🥺 (on a side note, he also kicked Chris and Amy to the moon too, totally not for reasons that involve where they place in his character rankings…hehe😎). Then there's also the fact Kitty even managed to write different books designed to teach kids about various neurological disorders and become an author which is also super dope. Geo...well ok he doesn't have a job yet, but he will once he gets a computer science degree and can make video games for him and Kitty to play with each other not that it's the only thing he plans to do with her ofc. Oh yeah, and his daughter "Smol Kitty" is also super cute and based (something she inherited from his very Kit-Kat🥺)
NGL, it isn’t without some flaws though. I think Geo’s confession to Kitty could've been…a lot less awkward. It doesn't help there were various other people on there who were just super impatient and just kept being like "hEY jUst MakE oUt AlREaDy"- LIKE BRUH JUST LET HIM CONFESS FIRST. This led to Geo erupting and telling these people to shut up, which just made one of them cry. Then it unfortunately led to Geo prematurely kissing his Kit-Kat before confessing to her since apparently the only way to make that person stop crying was by kissing her thanks for nothing Komala💀. And even his confession itself probably could've been better. Rather than saying a full thorough speech about everything he loves about her, just absolutely pouring his heart out, the only words he can muster is…"I also find you super cute. Oh yeah, and badass too". It's also a little weird that he said "also". I mean, did he like see her say earlier on that she found him cute or something? Well IG well-played on his part for pretending to be nervous and not know what his Kit-Kat thought of him. Also is it just me, or is it a little weird that there's a text that says "Bot" right next to Kitty's profile? I mean it's not like Discord PFP's are usually like that, so it is kinda inconsistent. But eh, as long as it doesn't mean Kitty is just a Discord bot being controlled by another IRL person on the server, then it should be all gucci😭😭. Lastly, it also doesn’t help Geo sometimes thirsts over other chicks or gets flustered by a certain survivor contestant who’s portrayal is totally not questionable in any way flirting with him. I mean he even thirsted over her own sister before. NOT COOL DUDE! Though thankfully, him and Kitty are still able to stick together since Kit-Kat convinced to confess her feelings to Devin while he was still with Shelley, and also kissed Owen thanks to this fanart a certain Brawn Squad newcomer sent thanks for nothing Fense💀, which makes Geo’s wrongdoings totally ok😎👍. Well and he does show he cares about his Kit-Kat on a far more emotional level at the end of the day (and Kit-Kat with him for that matter)
Overall, I think they are an absolutely amazing and adorable couple. And it's sort of a shame they haven't met in real life yet, but I just know when they do they will be absolutely made for each other💖💘. Not to mention it’s a great way of proving that 1) The Discord Tupperbox bot is fucking dope and super fun to lose braincells mess with, and that 2) Brawn Squad is a legendary Discord server y’all could benefit from joining (shoutout to my man u/ThatWeather8861)😉. Ok, all jokes, super long and cheesy lore and third person talk aside, I think it should be sorta clear why I give this ship an S++++++-+ tier (if you get that reference you get a cookie). Though where would you rank it?
Also shoutout to u/chuck_is_dead_vay_aq, u/Optimal__Koala and u/goodraisthebest and totally not myself for roleplaying as Kit-Kat💙
And here's a Gitty edit I made just to end this off🥺💞
The ridiculous body proportions just really help this fit in with the other TD couples💀
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2022.08.30 20:33 legaladult you have rights_irl

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