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2023.05.30 13:06 Sinsai33 Motherboard RAM VRM burned - How do i test my RAM (DDR4)?

I already had some problems with my RAM a year ago, but got it working again. Now the RAM VRM burned (literally) and killed my motherboard.
The CPU (the cpu itself and the pins on the motherboard) look fine, so i hope it only killed the motherboard itself or maybe the RAM sticks. But i'm honestly not quite sure how to test the RAM without running the risk of killing a brand new motherboard.
Does anybody have some tips? Can i somehow check the voltage running through a RAM (with a voltage meter or something)? I cant seem to find a 100% safe DDR4 pinout on google.
My RAM itself is: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 64 GB (4 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory
I'm already trying to register my RAM on the G.Skill website, but that's supposedly taking 3-5 days.
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2023.05.30 13:01 Efficient_Dish_3183 How to Crochet faster? + Project is curling

How to Crochet faster? + Project is curling
I’ve just started crocheting a few days ago and I have been trying to make a single stitch square. I just want to go a little faster because it’s taken me about an hour and I just have a rectangle. My project is also curling and I don’t know what to do 🥲. Help!
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2023.05.30 13:00 Cumulonimbus1991 Starting on a gate instead of a runway: MSFS flight planner is really bugging me!

Even if you specifically choose a gate, if you then change aircraft, it defaults back to a runway. Super annoying. Is this a bug or intentional?
Some wear and tear aircraft can behave really badly this way, like black square products or the Cessna 310. They really need their correct start up procedure.
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2023.05.30 13:00 Print_it_Mick So found this strange HTC thing in a sealed bag while tidying up. Does anyone have an idea, plugged it into my phone and I got nothing.

So found this strange HTC thing in a sealed bag while tidying up. Does anyone have an idea, plugged it into my phone and I got nothing.
It doesnt seem to be a mic as theres no hole in the square.
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2023.05.30 13:00 xezene The 'Saga Journal' Archive A complete archive of the Star Wars fandom's landmark first fan-run online academic journal (2004-2010)

Hello, everyone. The following archive is my attempt to collect the incredible work of Saga Journal, the first online academic journal created by fans to illuminate and analyze the six films of the Star Wars saga in greater depth. It really was something incredible, and reading it again now, it still is. As such, I've decided to share it here, and hopefully preserve it on the internet for all to see once more.
Created in late 2004, Saga Journal consistently published academic essays over the course of the next 4 years, and then one final time, coming to a close in 2010. Drawing on works of literature, psychoanalysis, history, and comparative media, Saga Journal featured essays written by fans with a keen eye for the layers within the films, while keeping to a submission standard of quality and style, as each essay contained a bibliography of works cited. From historical analogues to Jungian analysis, the essays often offer worthwhile insights and observations, with pieces of brilliance appearing with some regularity. The incredible effort put into creating and maintaining this journal, as well as the essays themselves, deserve to be preserved on the internet and read.
I encourage everyone to peruse the essays at your interest, and even to share or repost essays that bring you insight, here and elsewhere. I myself discovered Saga Journal through reading one fantastic essay (The Perils of Padmé by lazypadawan) and was richly rewarded by checking out the rest Saga Journal had to offer. The impressive effort of the journal was the combined work of men and women, but it should be noted it was largely the initiative of the women within the Star Wars fandom to make Saga Journal a reality. In the course of Star Wars history, such a detail is worth highlighting, as the films have always resonated a variety of audiences who themselves had much to contribute back to the saga. Without further ado, enjoy reading!

Saga Journal


Volume 1

PDF digital publication of the entire first volume of Saga Journal.

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Other Features

The Star Wars Saga Discovering Star Wars: Fan Stories Other Academic Star Wars Essays
Reviews (documentaries, books, & more) Links of Note
Editorial Team Submission Guidelines/Call for Papers About Saga Journal
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Faris Mousa, managing director of Bluefig Investments, said: “dis strategically located prime office building not only benefits from the extensive investment that has been ploughed in to St Peter’s Square over the last few years but as it is situated close to one of the key gateway entrances to the city and with the new tram stop on its doorstep, it seems obvious that dis building is overdue a revamp.
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2023.05.30 12:57 1000andonenites The Citizenship Ceremony at Shirljohannes

I had never visited the small town of Shirljohannes before, somewhere on the border of Germany and Switzerland, despite my fairly extensive travels for work around Europe. These continental small towns, they are so charming and picturesque, the literal scenes of The Sound of Music and shite like that. However they do end up being a bit “samey”- and I wasn’t expecting my overnight stay at Shirljohannes to be much different. It was an unplanned stop, I had found myself somewhat tired and drowsy after an exceptionally good meal, and decided to check in a local inn and get some much-needed sleep.
The pretty inn with blooming spring flowers at the window sills and such like certainly didn’t belie the horror of the next day. It was only the obvious confusion of the otherwise polite young clerk upon laying eyes on me that gave me the inkling that I had made a terrible choice to break my journey in Shirljohannes.
I couldn’t help noticing the large bright posters hanging in the lobby. Depicting small crowds of people clearly of non-European descent, such as Arabs, Middle-Eastern, Far East, and South / South Eastern Asians, they all bore the words “Lotteri Dag 2023”. Some kind of artsy “United Colours of Benetton” ad, I naively assumed.
The clerk, himself clearly of Middle-Eastern origin, greeted me with a startled look which he could not hide. He asked for my name and then exclaimed “Mr. Abbas? You are Mr. Abbas? And you’re staying here?”
I was irritated. “Yes indeed, I am staying for one night. This seemed a good a place as any for a stop, I was too tired to drive on”.
“Can I see your ID please? Do you have European ID sir?” To my ears, he sounded very suspicious.
I am of course used to a certain amount of low-level, poorly-concealed racism traveling in Europe, but I couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed that this clerk, whose parents if not himself would probably have shared a similar heritage to mine, would act like this. I offered my passport. “No, but I have the correct visas” I responded sharply.
The clerk said nothing more, and checked me in. My mood soured, I went to my room, and soon fell asleep.
The next morning, two officers approached me at the breakfast table, where I was enjoying some amazing pastries, already checked out and my suitcase at my side.
“We entered you in the Lottery sir” they said in heavy accents. “We ran background checks on you- you are waiting for your Canadian citizenship and thus eligible to enter. Canada entered an official agreement with our government just last week. You can look up the articles.”
I stared at them, completely confused. “What are you talking about?
They returned my stare with bland official courtesy. “The Lottery sir. You will be entering the Passport Lottery held periodically at Shirljohannes, to celebrate the citizenship of our hardworking foreign worker population. You were found to meet the official requirements for entry. We entered your name. You will present yourself at the town square in precisely 43 minutes, when the name will be drawn.”
The other continued “And sir, please do not even think of leaving Shirljohannes or calling anyone outside the town. It will be much better for you to complete the Lottery. The odds are, you will be on your way within the hour.”
They left.
With a shaking hand, I pulled out my phone and began googling. Within seconds, I realised I do not have access to the world wide internet, but only some weird local Shirljohannes intranet. I hastily clicked on the bizarre English translation.
The Lottery was the (almost) last step on the long, convoluted journey for Foreigners in Shirljohannes applying to become Citizens. After years of filling and sending in forms, paying fees, waiting, waiting, interviews, more forms, changes to family composition, more waiting, Foreigners who were eligible for citizenship and the cherished passport of a European country would have to enter the Lottery.
The Foreign community would choose one person, who would be sent by ambulance to the local hospital, where they would be administered a painless, lethal dose by professionals. The final step, necessary to prove their loyalty and dedication to their new country.
I clicked through the convoluted intranet text, sun streaming on the beautiful breakfast setting. A cuckoo jumped out of an ornate old cuckoo clock and declared time. The young clerk from last night came up to me as I was reading.
“Mr. Abbas, it is time to go. The community- it’s better to go- they don’t like it if there are delays.”
I looked up at him, terror gripping me. “I don’t understand… how is this happening, how is this legal?”
The clerk shrugged. “It is legal. The municipal councils voted it in a few years ago- and the elders of the community support it. There were so many hate crimes, so much violence against foreigners. It is better now. I heard North America will be adopting similar laws soon. Of course it is very silent now- but if you looked, you would have found the information- and of course, the dependents of the sacrifice will be supported- very humane- but come, let’s go. We cannot keep them waiting.”
Propelled by fear, I got up, and followed him outside. The sun poured through the clear Alpine air into my eyes. In the glare, I could see knots of people, in twos and threes walking down the scenic mountain streets, all towards the city square. The clerk and I joined the flow.
Walking by us was a small group of women, dressed in ornate decorative ethnic clothing I would associate with India. The sunlight struck off the brilliant spangles in their clothes. I then noticed many people were dressed ethnically, while others wore plain western style clothing. Several women wore the hijab. There was little subdued chatter. I heard a woman in a sparkling robe say in a dialect I recalled from my childhood, “I prayed and prayed all night it would be me- I can’t bear my children- “ before the other women said “shhh Tasneem, do not talk of it. Do not go welcoming sorrow.”
As we drew closer to the town square, the crowds grew larger, and quieter. There was a moment of pure silence. Then everything began happening very fast.
A middle-aged man who looked to be some authority figure went up on a platform before a small splashy fountain which held the statue of naked white Venus and some other Greek deity. I just noticed the device set up on the platform.
The man operated the device. My heart was beating so fast as it spit out a paper that I thought it would burst out of my chest. The man held up the paper and he read out a name. “Tasneem-”
I didn’t catch the last part of the name in the rippling sigh which broke through the crowd. I saw the women fall away from the one whom I had earlier heard talking about praying. In the same movement, paramedics moved up to her, and started guiding her towards a waiting ambulance, at the edge of the town square.
The silence continued, although small murmurs could be heard. Tasneem did not struggle - her demeanour seemed one of submission .
The knots of people broke away from the crowd. A certain festive mood was undeniable. My young companion was no longer at my side, and I caught sight of him running over to young folk closer to his age, releasing a whoop of joy and relief.
I looked around. The two officers approached me and smiled grimly. “Very well Mr. Abbas, the Lottery is over. Congratulations on your upcoming citizenship. You may depart now without any further delays.”
I nodded. It was clear they expected me to leave right then. I could not disobey. I quickly walked to my car, and got in.
Within twenty minutes, I was well on my way to my destination, Shirljohannes behind me. May I never set foot in that terrible town again.
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2023.05.30 12:56 Katoz96 Increase ir LED range

I’m trying to control my air conditioner using an Arduino board, so far it’s working quite well but it has a very low range of a couple of meters and it doesn’t work across my room even if it’s pointing directly to the receiver. I’ve tried to increase the number of LEDs from 1 to 4 using this circuit but the result it’s pretty much the same as before. So far I’ve used some LEDs that I bought at a local shop but they couldn’t tell me the specs so I’m not sure what I’m using.
I want to order new LEDs but I can’t understand if I need to match the receiver specs (that I don’t know) and what specs are important for what I need to do, for example the radiant power (mW) and the radiant intensity (W/sr).
Can someone help me find the correct LEDs? Thanks
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2023.05.30 12:54 ThisIsHotix A quick trip in the Old Quebec (Quebec City/Canada).

A quick trip in the Old Quebec (Quebec City/Canada).
I'm starting to get a hang of it! I shot this in the Old Quebec City with the Ricoh GR IIIx. P Mode, exposed using the Highlights weighted metering center auto-focus. Positive Film as a base and minor corrections in Lightroom.
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2023.05.30 12:53 beyondhome5 💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit💥Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Petaling Street ⭐️ Walk to Pasar Seni LRT, MRT, Monorail, Night Market ⭐️

💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit💥Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Petaling Street ⭐️ Walk to Pasar Seni LRT, MRT, Monorail, Night Market ⭐️
Terence 60123938810
Whatsapp: https://appoin.me/terence_DGRd
Room Detail: https://appoin.me/rooms_tg2pb
Location: Petaling Street, KL Price range: RM900 – RM1000
Fully Furnished Hotel Room (Single, Twin Single, Queen) come with 🛋️ Bed, Bed Frame, Wardrobe, Table, Chair 🚿 Private Bathroom 🔆 Aircon 🚿 Water Heater 💡 High Speed Wifi
🚶🏼‍♂ Walking distance 10 min to Maharajalela Monorail Station 10 mins to Stadium Merdeka 8 mins to Kwai Chai Hong 1 mins to Petaling Street Night Market 3 mins to MRT Pasar Seni 4 mins to LRT Pasar Seni 6 mins to Central Market
🚌 Driving distance 3 mins to Merdeka Square 8 mins to Lalaport 10 mins to KL Sentral 10 mins to Midvalley 10 mins to Bukit Bintang 10 mins to Pudu
🗑️ Cleaning Service 🛠️ Maintenance Service Team ☎️ Careline Service Team 🔥 With cooking area, fridge, water dispenser, stove 💦 With laundry area (washer and dryer)
We have more than 300 ROOMS in Bukit Bintang, Pudu, Sg Besi, Maluri, Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Petaling Street... Feel free to contact us
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2023.05.30 12:53 NitroJ7 Fantasy Bingo Has Helped Me Read More, And I'm Loving It!

Fantasy Bingo Has Helped Me Read More, And I'm Loving It!
I can’t believe I read this many books in just 2 months! Seriously, I’m a slow reader who manages to read about 20-25 books a year. But since I saw the Fantasy Bingo post, I thought I’d challenge myself and am already done with 9 squares!

Fantasy Bingo 2023
Some thoughts about each book that I’ve read [in the order in which I read them]:

Coastal Setting: Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson [5/5]

This was the nicest book I read all year. Seriously, it left me feeling NICE. A sweet adventure tale with Sanderson’s trademark worldbuilding and magic made this a wonderful experience start to finish. I’ve read that many consider this book one of Sanderson’s best, and I can’t help but agree.
Side Note: I was about 35% done with this when I saw the Fantasy Bingo Announcement post. While this book fits the requirements for this square, I’m not 100% confident. If I finish the bingo card ahead of time, I might switch this out with another book.

Book Club or Readalong Book: Orconomics by J. Zachary Pike [5/5]

I added this to my TBR years ago, and then again when I saw the Book Club post. Finally, when I saw this was a square on the card, I just had to read it.
Honestly, I hate that I didn’t pick this up sooner. I loved everything about it. The humour was very reminiscent of Pratchett, and the characters felt very real. I loved how it wasn’t just a mindless parody, but a well-written, thought-out story sprinkled with ample humour, drama, thrill and adventure, almost like a complete package.

Self-Published or Indie Publisher: Spire Climbers [5/5]

Received an eARC around the time I was finishing Orconomics. I really enjoyed Titan Hoppers, so I dived into this one. Holy fricking hell, this book was such a major improvement. It takes everything good from Titan Hoppers and cranks it to 11. It has none of the problems from TH. Even the character work in this one was significantly better than TH. With breakneck speed and awesome worldbuilding, I think this was the fastest I read a book all year.

Set in the Middle East: Gunmetal Gods by Zamil Akhtar [5/5]

Zamil Akhtar has a unique voice that just elevates the whole experience. I don’t even want to compare Akhtar to any other author, because that’s how good he is! The blend of Middle Eastern culture with cosmic horror told from opposing POVs is such a brilliant concept, executed to near perfection by Akhtar’s unique voice and storytelling.

Features Robots: Robots and Empire by Isaac Asimov [4/5]

I started reading the Robots series a year or two ago. This was the last in the series. I always find it hard to review authors from the past. Although this book was first published in 1985, it reads like something from the 50s, which is when I, Robot was first published. From what I’ve learned, Asimov’s books are less about the story and characters, and more about concepts and speculation. In that regard, Robots and Empire is the perfect ending to the Robots series. It envisions a far future where humans, including Earthers, have begun colonising the galaxy and studies that phenomenon from several different perspectives. Every chapter made me think, and that’s what I really loved about the book. Yes, there were dull moments, but all in all a very good read.

Bottom of the TBR: The Martian by Andy Weir [5/5]

I really liked the movie, and this book had been on my TBR for 8 years. Now, I can finally say, the book is better than the movie by leagues! Of course, the film did its best with the medium, but reading this book was a spectacular experience. Weir’s sharp wit, the science behind Watney’s survival, everything plays out so smoothly. I did feel some parts to be a drag, but I kinda knew what to expect so I just powered through. What I loved most about the book was Mark Watney; he’s such a real character, I wish I had known him as just that and not Matt Damon’s realisation of the same.

Druid: Hounded by Kevin Hearne [1/5]

Hated it. Hated everything about it. What a terrible book. A passive protagonist who’s a 2100-year-old immature douche who just sits in his shop and does nothing... why? Gods attack him, threats are raised, and then everything resolves itself because of other characterss. Argh! This was such a frustrating read. Everything that I loved about the other eight bingo books was missing here.
I can’t believe this book is so highly rated. Apparently, the series gets better, then goes downhill. I don’t care enough to find out.

Five Short Stories: Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie [3.5/5]

As a First Law fan, I loved it. As a regular fantasy reader, I liked.
Of course, the collection had its share of hits and misses. Some stories were really good, a perfect snippet of TFL. But others read like rejected chapters/plots, which was really disappointing. I loved Shev’s entire story arc which spans over 5 short stories, but I found the end a little underwhelming. Why did Javre’s encounter with Khalul’s agents have to happen off-screen?
I’m somewhat of a completionist, and knowing this collection existed has stopped me from picking up A Little Hatred. Finally, I can get to that book now!

Novella: This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone [5/5]

Finished this one at breakfast. Holy cow, how do I describe this book? It reminded me of Hearts of Darkness, except this wasn’t a fever dream, it was a highly imaginative trance-like state. This book is so flowery and complex, yet tells a very simple story. It’s not for everyone, definitely. But I really loved how the book made me feel. The puzzling world-building only made the book more mystical, leaving a lot to my imagination. Even though I found myself confused a few times, I kept reading because I was really invested in the two characters.
I would highly recommend this book but with some caution.


I don't know if it's the challenge aspect of it or that I just got lucky with picking up really good books, I'm loving the progress I've made as a fantasy reader in these past 2 months. Some books I'm looking forward to reading for the bingo card:
  • Lords & Ladies by Terry Pratchett [Title with a Title]
  • The Captain by Will Wight [Published in 2023]
  • Starter Villain by John Scalzi [Superheroes]
  • Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi [Magic Realism or LitFantasy]
  • Path of Daggers by Robert Jordan [Sequel]
I’m going to end this long post by just thanking this community. Y’all have introduced me to some of the best books I’ve ever read, and Fantasy is one of my favourite places to lurk on the internet.
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2023.05.30 12:48 PanAmFlyer HODGES HOUSE

791 East Indian River Road was built by John Hodges and his wife Abigail. It dates from the early 1800 and is commonly referred to as "Hodges House".

Mr Hodges was a Justice of the Peace in Norfolk County until his death in 1832. His estate comprised 150 acres bordering on the Elizabeth River and was divided among his five children.

Subsequently the house was owned by Dr Dr. Alpheus B. Green and his wife Eleanor. Dr Green cared for the rural citizens of Berkley and Campostella.

Dr. A. B. Green attended Leonard Medical School at Shaw University in South Carolina and then began practicing Medicine. He was known for treating everyone, regardless of ability to pay. He also built the Medical Arts and Science Building in Berkeley and was a founding member of the Old Dominion Medical Society.
Written and posted by Lawrence Morton
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2023.05.30 12:47 MrCrunchies [PC] Top offers of the week [May 30th]

[PC] Top offers of the week [May 30th]

Want to know about the special offers we have prepared for you for the coming week? Then keep a sharp eye on the updates in this article! During the week, this publication will contain information about new launches and their conditions. For your convenience, use the navigation below. Simply click on the offer from the list to get to the details.
  • 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) 30.05 — 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) 01.06: Gifts for Topping Up.
  • 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) 29.05 — 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) 04.06: Weekly Set.
  • 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) 01.05 — 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) 31.05: Daily Sets.

Gifts for topping up

Don't miss your chance to acquire awesome-looking weapons from various series! Just top up for fixed amounts of 1000, 2000, or 5000 Kredits, and receive powerful permanent weapons. Expand your arsenal and earn unique achievements! The offer is already on and will be live till 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 1st of June.

Top Up Offer Conditions


Weekly Set

Don't forget about the weekly set! Every Monday until 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 4th of June a weekly offer will be updated on the top up page (in the "Sets" tab). You will be able to use it by purchasing a special set. The set can be bought only once a week, and other promotions and bonuses do not count towards its progress. You can learn about its contents in the image below.

Offer Page Offer Conditions


Daily Sets

During the offer, till 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 31st of May, you can purchase a special set on the top-up page (in the "Sets" tab) every day and in return receive additional rewards for the number of completed transactions. By purchasing the sets you will get: 150 Kredits, one "Legends" box, Resurrection coins and a Mega VIP Booster for a day.

Offer Page Offer Conditions

The more sets you buy while the offer lasts, the more additional gifts you will receive!
For 4, 8 and 12 purchases you will get class skins for 7 days (prohibited in Ranked Matches), and for 15 — one permanent weapon from the offer list.
You must collect the permanent gift you picked manually before the offer ends!
All rewards as well as their progress can be tracked directly on the top-up page. There you will find a timer of the offer period. Please note: purchase progress may not be updated immediately, and at night this can take up to 6 hours.
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2023.05.30 12:43 MasterOfDizaster Does anyone know how to fix this square situation it came up after one of the updates

Does anyone know how to fix this square situation it came up after one of the updates submitted by MasterOfDizaster to Warzone [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 12:38 Ok_Entertainment_327 Have this (round) want this (square)

Have this (round) want this (square)
10 inch round diffuser probably from the 1970s. Want to convert to square diffuser that forces air down into the room vs along the ceiling that the round one does, and creates mildew…
Is there a way to install a square diffuser into a round duct?
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2023.05.30 12:38 r3crac ANENG CM80 Digital Clamp Meter for 11.69 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 12.99 USD) [Country limited!]

Here is the link: ANENG CM80 Digital Clamp Meter
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BG31b353
Current price is 11.69 USD. The lowest price in my database is 12.99 USD. There're already 1 records in DB. Price monitoring since 10.1.2023!
Notes (coupon may work only in selected countries): Greece
Of course if you want current coupons and e-mail PRICE ALERTS for ANENG CM80 Digital Clamp Meter then you can just go to the CouponsFromChina product page. It's right there: https://couponsfromchina.com/aneng-cm80-digital-clamp-mete
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
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2023.05.30 12:34 coin2damoon Moving a gas line deeper

Happy Tuesday
My lot (QLD) has a moderately sloping front yard that I am keen to flatten and re-turf. There will obviously be some minor retaining walls required to retain the high side. Only issue is that the gas line appears to run from the front sidewalk directly up to the house directly through the sloped front yard that is quite small. I’ve done a DBYD.
I have read online that the gas line may only be sunk in a 200mm to 600mm deep trench. I don’t think that will be deep enough and I don’t want to encounter it.
Does anyone know where I even start to get the gas line shut off and relocated deeper? I am fine with the position of the meter I may just need the gas line to run a little bit deeper on the high side.
What trade does this and does anyone have any recent experiences? The trench would be about 5 metres long. I am hoping it is not going to break the bank.
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2023.05.30 12:32 nyx_stef Sanity Check Request on a Planned Mesh WiFi Setup

Sanity Check Request on a Planned Mesh WiFi Setup
I'm planning to install 4 units (1 router + 3 satellites) of NETGEAR Orbi WiFi6 RBK763S in a hostel in a super remote place, that there is not even a mobile coverage. I've attached the rough diagram of the placements; main router is in C.
The place is super remote so there's almost no other wireless signal, but the distance is what I worry about. All buildings are wooden houses, but the distance between the B & C nodes is about 15 meters. Plus, I'm not sure the exact location of the ONU in C, so there's a possibility that the distance would be a bit further. B - A is about 5 meters, and the two nodes in A are about 4 meters away. There are only few short shrubs between each buildings.
Since this area is prone to typhoon, it's preferable to have the nodes indoor.
Would this setup be possible?

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2023.05.30 12:27 Haepreet2023m Godrej OMR Bangalore - Purchase A Luxury Apartment For A Reasonable Price

Godrej OMR Bangalore - Purchase A Luxury Apartment For A Reasonable Price
A new residential development by the Godrej Group is called Godrej OMR. Welcome to the Godrej lifestyle of luxury. This development includes spacious parking lots, 1 to 3 BHK apartments, and sizable green spaces. Additionally, there is a garden, a bike path, and a jogging track outside the structure to improve the atmosphere. This land, which spans 22 acres, is conveniently located in Bengaluru. The airport is easily accessible from this location.
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2023.05.30 12:27 Arula777 Added Warpstone Weaponry to my DnD Campaign Need Advice

So I added Warpstone to my 5E game. For the uninitiated its the Warhammer equivalent of Uranium/Weapons Grade Fissile Material. Was it a mistake... perhaps. My players procured it, rolled to refine it, and then paid a substantial amount of gold to have it fashioned into weapons. Currently I have 1 fighter and 1 barbarian that possess these weapons. As it stands whenever the Barbarian Rages, or the Fighter Action Surges, they must roll on the "Warpstone Weapon Table" as detailed below.
The weapons are only +1, but as you can see they have a little more "umph" than your typical +1 weapon. The players are lvl 7, and the ultimate culmination of the weapons table results in a "Wish" (Scroll to the bottom to see effects)... currently, this is what I have (plus some more, but it exceeds the post length).
I need your help to tell me just how badly I screwed up... or if I can make this work. If this seems like something I can manufacture into a table, and if it gains traction within the community I will post a link to the google doc, otherwise... here it is in its bastard glory...
  1. Warp Explosion: The weapon overloads with chaotic energy causing a massive explosion. The Weapon is destroyed in the process. Roll a d100, This is the radius of the explosion. Every creature within the radius must roll a DEX Saving throw DC 18. Full damage on a failed save, half on a successful one. For each level of the Wielder roll 1d20, this is the damage caused by the explosion. Any creature caught in the radius of the explosion that fails the DEX save may choose to roll on the Warpstone Weapon table to take half damage instead.
  2. Corruption: The wielder's flesh begins to mutate and warp, causing physical deformities. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. Roll 1d6, 1= R leg, 2= L leg, 3= R arm, 4= L arm, 5= Torso, 6= Head. If a leg is affected Speed is reduced by half. If an arm is affected the wielder has disadvantage on attack rolls. If the torso is affected the wielder rolls an additional d10 and their max HP is reduced by that number. If the wielder's head is affected they roll 1d6: on a 1-2 the player is blinded, on a 3-4 the player is deafened, on a 5 the player is muted, and on a 6 their nose falls off. If the player's nose falls off only Greater Restoration may reattach the player's nose to their face. If the number of hours before a player's nose is reattached exceeds the number of hours this effect impacts the player, then then the player's nose disintegrates and the player takes a permanent -2 to persuasion rolls, and -2 to perception rolls involving smell, the player gains a permanent +4 to intimidation rolls. If a player's nose suffers disintegration the only way to restore it is through a wish spell.
  3. Mind Warp: The weapon's influence seeps into the wielder's mind, causing hallucinations and delusions. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. During combat, at the beginning of their turn the player rolls a WIS saving throw DC 19, on a failure they may only use an action, reaction, bonus action, or movement. On a success they may take their turn as normal. While out of combat the player has disadvantage on all perception rolls until the effect ends.
  4. Taint: The wielder's presence becomes repulsive, attracting malevolent entities and causing social ostracism. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. Player has disadvantage on all CHA rolls and NPC's will treat them with disdain.
  5. Soul Erosion: The weapon gradually drains the wielder's life force, weakening them over time. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. On effect, and at the beginning of each hour, the player rolls a CON saving throw starting at a DC 18. On a failure the player may choose one of the following: roll a hit die and lose max HP equivalent to the die roll, roll 1d4 and reduce their STR ability score by that much, or take 2 levels of Exhaustion. On success the player suffers no negative effects and the DC for future saving throws is reduced by 1.
  6. Warp Madness: Exposure to the weapon's energies drives the wielder to madness, resulting in erratic behavior. Roll 1d100, this is the time in hours the player is affected. Roll an additional 1d100 on the long term madness table. If the player rolls a 1 or 100 at any time they must roll an additional 1d100 on the indefinite madness table. If the player's rolls result in indefinite madness roll the only cure is through a Wish spell.
  7. Uncontrolled Mutation: The wielder's body undergoes uncontrolled and unpredictable mutations, leading to physical instability. Roll a STR saving throw DC 17. On failure the player Rolls 1d6, 1-2= Leg, 3-4= Arm, 5= Torso, 6= Head.
- If a leg is affected Speed is reduced by half.
- If an arm is affected the wielder has disadvantage on attack rolls.
- If the torso is affected the wielder rolls an additional d10 and their max HP is reduced by that number.
- If the wielder's head is affected they roll 1d6:
- 1-2= the player is blinded.
- 3-4= the player is deafened.
- 5= the player is muted
- 6= their nose falls off. If the player's nose falls off only Greater Restoration may reattach the player's nose to their face. If the number of hours before a player's nose is reattached exceeds the number of hours this effect impacts the player, then then the player's nose disintegrates and the player takes a permanent -2 to persuasion rolls, and -2 to perception rolls involving smell, the player gains a permanent +4 to intimidation rolls. If a player's nose suffers disintegration the only way to restore it is through a wish spell.
  1. Chaotic Feedback: Wielding the weapon causes chaotic feedback, resulting in random magical effects on the wielder. Roll 1d100 on the Wild Magic Surge table.
  2. Psychic Instability: The weapon disrupts psychic abilities, causing psychic powers to become unpredictable or uncontrollable. The player rolls 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. The player rolls 1d100, this is the radius of the effect in feet.
The player becomes a psychic lightning rod, any psychic damage that is dealt within the radius of effect is instead redirected towards the player.
  1. Warp Sickness: The wielder experiences chronic illness and weakened vitality due to prolonged exposure to the Weapon's Warp energies. The wielder must succeed on a Constitution saving throw DC 15 or take 4d10 radiant damage, suffer one level of exhaustion, and emit a dim, greenish light in a 5-foot radius. This light makes it impossible for the creature to benefit from being invisible. The light and any levels of exhaustion caused by this effect end when the affected player takes a long rest.
  2. Reality Fracture: The weapon creates temporary ruptures in reality around the wielder, causing unpredictable and dangerous phenomena. The player must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw, DC 14 or it can’t take reactions until the effect ends. The affected target must also roll a d10 at the start of each of its turns; the number rolled determines what happens to the target, as shown on the Reality Break Effects table.
1–2 = Vision of the Far Realm. The target takes 2d12 psychic damage, and it is stunned until the end of the turn.
3–5 = Rending Rift. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw, DC 15, taking 2d12 force damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
6–8 = Wormhole. The target is teleported, along with everything it is wearing and carrying, up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see. The target also takes 2d12 force damage and is knocked prone.
9–10 = Chill of the Dark Void. The target takes 2d12 cold damage, and it is blinded until the end of the turn.
At the end of each of its turns, the affected target can repeat the Wisdom saving throw, ending the effect on itself on a success.
  1. Dark Resonance: The weapon resonates with dark energies, attracting malevolent entities and increasing the risk of possession.
Roll a d20:
- 1 = the Mists of Ravenloft appear and the DM determines the dread realm the party is transported to. - 20 = a portal to Avernus opens and the DM determines if a hellish host erupts from it, or drags the party in.
- 2-9 = Summon Lesser Demons (the demons are hostile to everyone).
- 10 = Summon Greater Demon which is hostile to everyone.
- 11-19 = Summon Fiend which is not immediately hostile.
If a summon effect occurs roll an additional d10 to determine the level of the casting. Any number below the spell's level; causes the spell to fail. Otherwise it is up-cast to the appropriate level. If the spell is 10th level it is to the DM's discretion what comes through the warp.
  1. Curse of the Warp: The weapon carries a potent curse that brings misfortune and calamity to the wielder and those around them. If the Remove Curse spell is used, as an action, the player may become unattuned from the weapon and the curse's effects will diminish. Otherwise the weapon must be destroyed.
- Roll 1d12, this is the number in months the player is affected by the curse.
- Roll 1d10 to establish one of the following effects:
1: The victim has disadvantage on attack rolls, if an effect would grant the player advantage or add to their roll it instead has the opposite effect.
2: The victim can’t communicate using language, whether through speaking, sign language, writing, telepathy, or any other means.
3: The victim gains 3 levels of exhaustion that can’t be removed while the curse endures.
4: When the victim finishes a long rest, they must succeed on a DC 15 Constitution saving throw, or their hit point maximum is reduced by 1d10. If this reduces their hit point maximum to 0, the victim dies, and their body crumbles to dust.
5: When the victim takes damage, they take an extra 1d10 necrotic damage. This effect can’t happen again until the start of the victim’s next turn.
6: A monster hunts the victim relentlessly. Even if the monster dies, it rises again or a new one takes its place 24 hours later.
7: The victim gains vulnerability to one damage type.
8: The victim’s Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution score is reduced to 3, and the victim can’t be raised from the dead while the curse lasts.
9-10: The victim gains a Dark Gift.
  1. Warp Addiction: The wielder becomes addicted to the sensations and power granted by the weapon, leading to reckless behavior to satisfy their cravings. Roll 1d100 on the indefinite madness table 3 times. A greater restoration spell or more powerful magic is required to rid a character of indefinite madness.
  2. Haunting Whispers: The weapon whispers sinister thoughts and temptations to the wielder, gradually eroding their moral compass. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the effect lasts. Upon being afflicted, and every minute, or at the beginning of each turn if in combat, the player must Roll 1d100 on the short term madness table. The character must then roll a CHA saving throw DC 10 or suffer the effects of madness as well as count the saving throw as a failure. On any success all madness effects are ended and any failed saves are removed. The character is deafened for the remainder of the effect's time. On a Failure they begin to become corrupted by evil forces, after three failed saves their alignment shifts to chaotic evil.
  3. Soul Corruption: Wielding the weapon corrupts the wielder's soul, staining it with dark and malevolent energies. Roll 1d100 on the short term madness table. While affected the character must roll a CHA saving throw DC 18. On a success the madness effect is ended. On a Failure they are corrupted by evil forces and their alignment shifts to chaotic evil.
  4. Energy Feedback: The weapon unleashes bursts of chaotic energy upon striking, causing harm to the wielder as well. On a hit, roll 1d6 to deal additional force damage to the target. Half of any damage dealt by the weapon is redirected to the wielder in the form of force damage.
  5. Power Drain: The weapon drains the wielder's own strength and vitality with each strike, making them weaker over time. On a hit the player rolls 1d4 losing an equivalent amount of STR and Max HP. These are restored at the end of a long rest or by Greater Restoration.
  6. Reality Deterioration: Prolonged use of the weapon causes the wielder to lose touch with reality, leading to confusion and disorientation. The wielder is affected as if under the effects of the confusion spell.
  7. Ethereal Binding: The weapon binds itself to the wielder's soul, making it difficult or impossible to part ways with the cursed weapon. The character is gradually consumed with a paranoia surrounding the loss or destruction of the weapon. If the weapon is lost, unattuned to (via remove curse), or destroyed, the player rolls 2 hit dice and their max HP is reduced by the amount rolled. Only greater restoration may restore the lost HP.
  8. Warp Consumption: The weapon consumes the wielder's essence, eventually turning them into a twisted servant of Chaos. Roll 1d100 on the short term madness table. While affected the character must roll a CHA saving throw DC 19. On a success the madness effect is ended. On a Failure they begin to become corrupted by evil forces, after three failed saves their alignment shifts to chaotic evil.
  9. Corrosive Touch: The wielder's skin becomes corrosive, causing anything they touch to dissolve or decay. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes this effect lasts. Any items the player is currently wearing begin to take damage. A player may use their turn to drop their gear. At the beginning of each turn the player rolls a d20. On a 1-5 any armor, weapons, or gear the player is still touching, rapidly disintegrate into a pile of goo. The player has advantage on rolls to grapple, a grappled creature or an object the player interacts with takes 6d6 acid damage.
  10. Painful Paralysis: The wielder experiences temporary paralysis and intense pain, making movement difficult or impossible. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. At the start of each turn the player rolls a CON saving throw, DC 12, or they become paralyzed. A player may choose to fight the paralysis by rolling a hit die and taking an equivalent amount of damage, but their speed is halved and they have disadvantage on any attack rolls made while affected by the paralysis.
  11. Rotting Flesh: The wielder's flesh begins to rot and decay, emitting a foul odor and attracting disease-ridden vermin. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on stealth rolls or attempts to hide. At the start of each turn roll 1d20. If the roll is less then 10 roll 2d4, that many diseased giant rats are summoned. They are hostile to everyone and always attempt to bite the affected player.
  12. Fractured Bones: The wielder's bones become brittle and prone to fractures, causing constant pain and limited mobility. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on STR and CON saving throws and ability checks that use those modifiers. Additionally, the player has vulnerability to Bludgeoning and Force damage.
  13. Warped Nervous System: The wielder's nerves become erratic and hypersensitive, resulting in chronic pain and involuntary muscle spasms. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on DEX and INT saving throws and any ability checks that use those modifiers. Additionally the player has vulnerability to Lightning and Psychic damage.
  14. Cursed Blood: The wielder's blood becomes toxic, causing sickness and weakness when exposed to others or ingested. When a player is damaged they may use their reaction to cover an opponent within 5ft with their blood. The player may also cut themselves as an action and throw their blood at an opponent. Upon being hit with the player's blood the affected creature must roll a CON saving throw DC 15 or suffer disadvantage on any attack rolls.
  15. Deteriorating Vitality: The wielder's life force weakens, leading to fatigue, decreased physical endurance, and overall diminished health. Roll 1d4, this is the time in days the player is affected. While affected the player has disadvantage on attack rolls and STR and CON saving throws and ability checks that use those modifiers. At the start of each day the player must make a CON saving throw DC 12. On a failed save they roll half of their hit die and take an equivalent amount of damage. If the player doesn't have enough hit die to roll they instead take 2 points of exhaustion that cannot be removed until this effect ends. A greater restoration spell ends this effect.
  16. Uncontrollable Tremors: The wielder experiences uncontrollable shaking and tremors, impairing their coordination and precision. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on DEX and STR saves and any ability checks that use these modifiers. The player also stutters when they speak. Any spells that use verbal or somatic components are subject to a a DEX save equal to the player's spellcasting modifier. On a fail the spell does not occur.
  17. Warped Sensations: The wielder's senses become distorted, leading to constant migraines, sensory overload, or loss of sensation. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. The player has disadvantage on WIS and INT saving throws and any ability checks that use those modifiers. Additionally the player has vulnerability to Thunder and Psychic damage.
  18. Necrotic Aura: The wielder emits a malignant aura that withers nearby plant life, causing wounds to fester and heal slowly. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes this effect lasts. Roll 2d10, this is the size of the aura in meters centered on the warpstone weapon. Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the aura, must make a CON saving throw DC 12 or take 2d6 necrotic damage. While in this aura any attempts to heal or stabilize someone automatically fail.
  19. Tainted Aura: The wielder's presence causes discomfort and repulsion in others, resulting in social isolation and rejection. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours the player is affected. While affected the player has disadvantage on CHA and WIS saving throws and any ability checks that use this modifier.
  20. Darkened Vision: The wielder's eyesight becomes compromised, causing impaired vision, night blindness, or distorted perception. Roll 4d6, this is the time in hours this effect lasts. The player's vision is reduced to 10 ft and if they have darkvision or truesight it is disabled. The player also has disadvantage on perception rolls.
  21. Slowed Metabolism: The wielder's metabolism drastically slows down, leading to weight gain, sluggishness, and reduced physical performance. Roll 1d12, this is the time in months the player is affected. While affected the player only needs to eat the equivalent of one day's food per 10 day.
  22. Uncontrolled Growth: The wielder's body experiences abnormal growth spurts, resulting in disproportionate limbs or excessive height. Roll 1d12, this is the time in months the player is affected. Upon being affected and at the beginning of each month roll 1d6, 1= R leg, 2= L leg, 3= R arm, 4= L arm, 5= Torso, 6= Neck. Then roll 1d6, add an equivalent number of inches to the affected body part. These changes can only be reversed by a greater restoration spell after duration of the spell has occurred.
  23. Depleted Vitality: The wielder's life force drains rapidly, leading to chronic weakness, pale skin, and a fragile constitution. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. At the start of each turn roll a CON saving throw DC 12, on a success roll a hit die and take an equivalent amount of damage. On a failure, do the same thing, but reduce your maximum number of hit die by 1. If the player has no hit die remaining, whether by depletion from the effect or if their hit die pool is reduced to zero, they must instead roll 1d4 and subtract the result from their CON score. Any of these effects can be reversed by Greater Restoration.
  24. Inflammation: The wielder's body becomes chronically inflamed, causing joint pain, swelling, and reduced range of motion. Speed is reduced by half. If the player uses the Dash, Dodge, or Disengage action they must roll a CON saving throw DC 12. On Success they may move their full speed (it cannot be doubled as with the Dash action), or take the respective action, but they will take one point of exhaustion. On failure the player takes one point of exhaustion.
  25. Searing Burns: The wielder's skin is prone to painful, blistering burns from even the slightest exposure to heat or sunlight. Roll 1d10, this is the time in minutes the player is affected. The player takes 2d10 radiant damage when it starts its turn in sunlight. While in sunlight, it has disadvantage on attack rolls and ability checks.
... I have place holder descriptions for every value after this one, but I wanna fast forward to the ultimate...
  1. Wish of the Warp: The weapon transmutes into a dense bead of unstable bright green chaos energy. Although the weapon is lost in the process, the wielder may make one wish. This effect only lasts for a single round, if a wish is not made during the round of combat the energy is unleashed and a chaotic explosion occurs. The wielder is the only creature not affected by the explosion.
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2023.05.30 12:27 Jhonjournalist Successful Deployment of a 2G Navigation Satellite into the Desired Orbit by GSLV-F12: ISRO

Successful Deployment of a 2G Navigation Satellite into the Desired Orbit by GSLV-F12: ISRO

The second-generation navigation satellite was successfully launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday utilizing a GSLV rocket with a cryogenic upper stage. NVS-01 would improve the nation’s regional navigation system by offering precise and immediate navigation.
After a 27.5-hour countdown, the three-stage, 51.7-meter-tall Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle launched from the second launch pad at this spaceport, which is 130 km from Chennai. It was GSLV’s fifteenth flight.

2G Navigation Satellite

The continuation of NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) services, an Indian regional satellite navigation system comparable to the GPS that offers accurate and real-time navigation, would be ensured by the second-generation navigation satellite series, termed as a crucial launch.
NavIC signals are made to be more accurate in their timing and position to the user by more than 50 nanoseconds and better than 20 meters, respectively. S Somanath, the chairman of ISRO, praised the entire crew for the “excellent outcome” of the mission.
  • ISRO launches NVS-01 to improve the navigation system.
  • GSLV launches 15th flight from Chennai spaceport.
  • GSLV successfully launched NVS-01 into orbit.
The GSLV successfully launched NVS-01 into a precise orbit. In his post-launch remarks from the Mission Control Centre, he expressed his congratulations to the whole ISRO team for completing the mission.
He referred to the problem in the cryogenic stage of the launch vehicle in August 2021, which prevented the then mission from being realized, as the “GSLV F10 debacle,” and stated today’s success followed it.
NVS-01, a second-generation satellite with more features, was successfully launched by ISRO. It has two services, Standard Position Service (SPS) for civilian customers and Restricted Service (RSS) for strategic uses, as well as an in-house produced rubidium atomic clock.
The mission, which is the GSLV’s sixth operational flight using locally produced cryogenic stages, is anticipated to last more than 12 years. Similar navigation satellites, such as IRNSS-1A, IRNSS-1B, IRNSS-1C, IRNSS-1D, IRNSS-1E, IRNSS-1F, IRNSS-1G, IRNSS-1H, and IRNSS-1I, have already been launched by ISRO.
Learn More: https://www.worldmagzine.com/technology/successful-deployment-of-a-2g-navigation-satellite-into-the-desired-orbit-by-gslv-f12-isro/
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