Mansfield municipal court records

Got this in the mail, but what does it mean?

2023.05.30 23:29 hazelnut49 Got this in the mail, but what does it mean?

Got this in the mail, but what does it mean?
Been holding til the cows come home but stopped keeping up with the news so sorry for being out of the loop. Got this in the mail, what does it mean?
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2023.05.30 23:26 Imnotabotas Untoward Void - A tale of two empires (2/?)

First Prev Next(soontm)

The Araknonian Emperor had decreed it himself – subjugation, or else. This was the message that the Speaker was to send to the Hedronian diplomats. The pretences of a ‘negotiation’ were clearly false the instant the Araknonians made their demand. This was, of course, to be expected. On the journey over to the planet, the Hedron scouts in the neighbouring empires had reported back some preliminary information about their new rival. They were said to be vicious, brutal, and unrelenting.
Of course, they had clearly underestimated the Hedron capacity for insight, as by inviting them to the negotiation table before even attempting to invade showed that they had concerns about their ability to control their new adversary. This was a mistake. The Hedrons had learned that Araknon never negotiated without control of their opponents’ skies, and typically the capitulation of a world or two.
By allowing the Hedrons to get into their space without being at war first gave a huge opportunity for the Hedrons to gain all they needed to know about the Araknonians. The presence of what looked to be crack shock troops was concerning, however the Hedronian’s own recon marines were already finding out exactly how many they truly had, and how capable they were. The Hedron 1st Shadow fleet had already begun an incursion into their space near where their forces appeared to be assembling, and all shipyards were poised for emergency war production and ship building, something not enacted for centuries.
If the Araknonians wanted to start a war, then Hedron will not stand it their way. They would, however, finish it.

Stardate 2295.03.05 Araknonian court, Ancom 3
Negotiations, despite the Araknonian inference that they were to be short and sweet, carried on for weeks, mostly due to our unprecedented demands for a lengthy negotiation on each and every part of this subjugation ‘proposal’ of course, we never intended to sign such an agreement, but instead to allow us time to better position our fleets for a fast engagement.
‘Stop this madness! Your weak species would be crushed under our empire’s might!’ Kolhor, and by extension the Araknonians, grew impatient. Time was up.
‘And your point is what, esteemed speaker? We were invited to negotiate on this agreement so that each party may come away satisfied, were we not?’ Silvya was not about to back down here. If the Araknonians truly wanted war, then they may as well declare it. ‘Or are we here for another reason, esteemed one.’
‘I… How dare you accuse us of playing games! You are the ones who are against the wall. Even now our fleets are ready to wipe your sorry excuse for a grand fleet out, and your Empire will vanish from the history books!’ The speaker was now shouting, screeching really. It was time, then for a recess.
‘Is that so, Speaker. In that case I must take my delegation to discuss the current state of the proposal and gain our leader’s approval for its acceptance.’ Silvya feigned a defeatist state before the speaker – she couldn’t risk them knowing the next move.

Hedron recess hall, Ancom 3
‘We have no choice, Empress. We must reject their proposal and wage war.’ Silvya was solemn in her proposal.
‘Very well then Diplomat Kant. Our forces are in adequate positioning. Ensure your marines are off world and out of sight before rejection. We have reason to believe the Araknonians seek to invade immediately.’ The Empress was ever calm. This moment had been prepared for, expected.
With plans in motion, the link cut off.
‘Well folks, you all heard the Empress. Pack your bags. We are going to war.’ Silvya resolved herself.
‘This will be a time of great struggle for our people, but rest assured, when this crisis is resolved, our time and actions here will not be seen as wasted time, but as crucial to our success and decisive victory. It is high time someone knocked these Araknonians down from their high horse. Who better than us!’

Araknonian Palace, Araknor. Stardate 2295.03.06
‘Emperor, you had better see this.’ The messenger was sheepish in his delivery.
A recording holo of the Hedronian refusal was loaded into the viewer. The envoy, Slyvia Kant, appeared.
‘Speaker! Your proposal is disrespectful to our peoples, and we have no choice but to reject it. We also formally declare to you this: You will never control us. It does not matter if you take our skies, or our governments. Our fellow Humans in the New Terra Republic and the Sol Collective will not only come to our aid, but will continue any war you choose to begin against us with vicious ferocity. You have been warned. We may appear weak, but we are the bear that you do not poke. We have not known war for centuries, but we will gladly accept it.’
‘How dare they!’ The messenger thought the Emperor might just drop dead from rage just that instant. He was evidently more furious with the idea that he might die before this puny, disrespectful race was wiped from the databanks permanently. ‘They shall crumble before us! No race in this great Empire shall rest until they come begging to us for mercy. We will not grant them it.’
‘Of course, your grace. Shall we send a declaration?’
‘No. They knew what they were doing.’ The Emperor rested, awaiting the reports from his admirals at the front.

Encidion, Planetoid 2286A, Hedron Shadow Fleet HQ. Stardate 2295.03.07
Rear Admiral Finlay Tianor gripped the lectern in front of him. The transmission had awoken him in the middle of the night, the one he had dreaded coming.
‘We stand at the verge of the most defining action to happen in centuries. It is up to us, as our nation's most prized fleet, and unknown to the enemy, to make a name for ourselves. We will be ruthless, we will be cunning, and we will cut their lines to shreds. The order has been passed down from Her Highness to jump to their lines. We are to operate on prize rules. Pick a target, call for support if required. We will strike them where they think they have complete invulnerability. Our latest upgrades mean that as of now, your homebase, our Headquarters, no longer lie here. They lie wherever you choose!’ He paused to allow the now deafening roar coming from the officers to die down.
‘So find a system with high traffic, lie dormant and wait for that grand prize to fall into your laps! This base is to be remembered in your logs only as a supply cache, indistinguishable from any other we may set up, and do set them up wherever you can. I don’t want any reports of ships returning here from combat with weapons still aboard, even if you are critically damaged! Whatever’s done that damage, it won’t hurt to give it a little nudge towards the other side in reciprocation! Fight these spineless bastards to extinction, give no quarter in combat. Fight until your cannons overheat, your railguns blow their cells and the torpedo bays glow with the heat of a hundred motors!’ He ended triumphantly, before the noise of the room overcame even his microphoned cheers.
This war was going to be bloody, just not for them.

Writers note -
I am going to to my best to post these once a week, but I won't promise anything just yet.
As before, feedback is appreciated.
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2023.05.30 22:46 Old_Heart_7780 Order Issued 5/30/2023

05/30/2023 Order Issued The Court, having had the defendant's Motion to Quash Subpoena under advisement, now grants the Motion to Quash the Subpoena Duces Tecum directed to Westville Correctional Facility relating to defendant's mental health records, mental health evaluations and/or exams, medical documentation and/or medical evaluations. The Motion to Quash the Subpoena Duces Tecum directed to Westville Correctional Facility regarding audio/video recordings, written observations, recordings, phone calls, written requests, or other documentation is denied. The Motion to Quash the Subpoena Duces Tecum directed to CVS Headquarters is denied. The defense Motion to Reconsider and Request for Due Process Hearing ordered set for hearing June 15, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. The hearing currently set on defendant's request for bail is ordered converted to a hearing on defendant's Motion to Suppress. Judicial Officer: Gull, Frances -SJ Order Signed: 05/25/2023
So if I’m reading this right the judge has ruled in favor of the defense to quash the Westville subpoena for Allen’s mental health records.
Judge denied the Motion to Quash the prosecutors access regarding audio/video recordings, written observations, recordings, phone calls, written requests, or other documentation. The prosecution gets to access to his phone calls, written observations (were his jailhouse buddies assigned to watch him taking notes on what he was saying?).
The prosecution also gets a win on The Motion to Quash the Subpoena Duces Tecum directed to CVS Headquarters is denied. Im guessing the prosecutor will be getting his employment records— I would think there would be all kinds of good stuff on his employee record to see.
Am I reading it wrong. Anyone else have an opinion on todays motions?
Edit/spelling and add a question about Motion to change bail hearing to Motion to Suppress hearing. Are they trying to suppress something Allen said to his jail handlers at Westville? Or maybe to suppress his employment records at CVS? Or are they wanting to suppress evidence in the prosecutions hands regarding a confidential informants statement regarding what was found in Allen’s backyard behind his shed, which I think is what led investigators to revisit the judge for a broader search warrant PCA to her inside Allen’s home on October 13, 2022. We do know from news reports there was a lull in the search around noon that day. It was described by a witness saying the search activities ceased in the backyard, and after a wait with everyone sitting outside, including both the Allen’s and investigators— the investigators were then seen going inside the house. I suspect the investigators found enough evidence behind his shed, which allowed them to go back to the judge with a new search warrant that included the inside of the house. I make this speculation based on the fact that a confidential informants statement was concerning the fact they burned bloody clothing behind the houses in both Peru and Delphi. Once they found enough of what they were looking for in ashes found behind his shed— allowed them probable cause to get inside the house. Once they found the gun matching the bullet extraction markings on the unfired bullet— they had him. The backyard evidence found in the ashes was only a means for which the investigators were ultimately able to get inside the guys house and confiscate his gun.
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2023.05.30 22:43 josh31875 Historic MA/RI Court Records

Hello, everyone! I’m doing some genealogical work on family who lived in Massachusetts and Rhode Island c. 1820-1880, and, from my understanding, went to court at least a few times in those states. I was wondering if anyone knew where court/jail records are. At least on FamilySearch, they have some good (although unindexed) Massachusetts records of civil court and, at least for Suffolk County, jail bookings, but I haven’t gotten past that. Rhode Island doesn’t seem to have much of anything. If anyone else has experience in this, let me know thanks!
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2023.05.30 22:28 Fishwifeonsteroids Don't you 🅻🅾🆅🅴 the SGI necrotrolls who show up insisting they 𝘈𝘙𝘌𝘕'𝘛 SGI members when they obviously 𝐀𝐑𝐄???

Here's one that got their SGIsplainin' ass BANNED last week - from Why does SGI hate the Shoshu priesthood so much?, from THREE YEARS AGO - first, the OP they're replying to:
Over at the SGIUSA sub, they are discussing how members should just take what they want and leave what they don't about practicing Nichiren Buddhism under SGI.
Someone shared a Gosho quote basically saying that if someone has the same belief as you in NMRK, you should never fight with or even criticize that person.
The commenters take this to mean that SGI is accepting of its members being interfaith and practicing multiple religions.
But I've also read quotes by Nichiren that basically show he wanted to DESTROY all other sects of Buddhism!!! (These quotes have been linked many times, sorry not to link them again).
It seems that Nichiren was only protecting the followers of the Lotus Sutra and not other religions, though . So in our modern-day, we might say that Nichiren would have protected both the Shoshu priesthood and the SGI members.
But we all know how hard SGI has fought to keep the separation of the Shoshu and their own members. SGI is constantly belittling and criticizing the Shoshu. It seems pretty hypocritical, especially considering Nichiren wants protection of all Lotus Sutra practitioners, doesn't it? Source
So far so good? That post was from October 24, 2019 - over 3 1/2 years ago. Now here's from a mere FIVE DAYS AGO, from u/Mobile_Taro1969 (sounds like a BOOMER to me):
From what I have researched, SGI members grew the organization and were encouraged to make pilgrimages to Japan if possible.
No. Virtually ALL the money and members have always been IN JAPAN. All of the SGI properties are owned by the Soka Gakkai in Japan (via one or more of their many shell corporations distributed throughout the various countries of the world).
The SGI is NOT "growing"; it is collapsing. The SGI membership is aging and dying, just as the Soka Gakkai membership is in Japan. The Ikeda organization stopped growing everywhere in the mid-1970s.
Over time, their generous donations added up to billions - far exceeding most churches, including the Vatican.
Really? Show us the money, then! We all KNOW the Soka Gakkai hasn't given the lion's share of the money they have to Nichiren Shoshu (or anyone), and the Soka Gakkai has been very careful to NEVER disclose how much it is worth. So let's see your sources! I can't WAIT to see the details!! 😃
Seems the temple high priests felt it 'acceptable' to use the hard-earned donated funds for their frequent drinking parties with the opposite sex and other irresponsible actions.
Oh, really? I'm guessing you're going off those photoshopped pictures the Soka Gakkai mocked up and then got spanked for in court. You really need to do better research!
Whatever happened to Ikeda's 1990 supposedly "eternal" "clear mirror guidance", in which everyone is instructed to assume FULL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for everything that bothers them within their environment?? Hmmmm....? Since when has the SGI encouraged COMPLAINING about others?? You really should stop your complaining - Ikeda SENSEI says so!
Frequent requests to stop by the lay organization were ignored.
No, no - this was a power struggle in which Daisaku Ikeda thought he'd be able to take over Nichiren Shoshu and run it however HE wanted. THAT is the ENTIRE problem.
Also, prior to the burning of the Shohondo which was paid for by SGI members
You apparently don't realize that the Sho-Hondo was made of ferroconcrete - concrete reinforced with steel.
Do you really think that concrete and steel are flammable??? Have you ever tried to burn concrete or steel??? Here are images from the DEMOLITION. Enjoy.
[No "burning" was involved, moron. And it was the right thing to do.
the priests had instructed that the cremated ashes of members left in safeguard at the Shohondo, be dumped into rice bags like trash. I was in total disbelief to hear and read of such disrespectful actions - like watching a movie unfold.
Let's see the evidence. SGI members are notorious for making shit up and expecting everybody to just believe them.
Priests like that are not fit to be advisers and examples for others - they are no better than wild animals. The Japanese govt verbally reprimanded the temple priests for their lack of respect and compassion for the deceased and their loved ones. Unfit for their role as head priests, these money-hungry animals showed no remorse as their pockets were already filled they make me sick to my stomach!
Oh boo hoo hoo. EVIDENCE PLEASE
Not true. To set the record straight, their belief is that other faiths are outdated and there is only one true religion. Also, they do not teach to destroy other faiths - a ridiculous statement. (Not a member but I researched enough to know what are false statements.)
SURE you're not, SkinBitchy! You're dripping with "I Will Become Shin'ichi Yamamoto!" energy!
Considering that most, if not ALL, the content you posted has been shown to be WRONG, your "research" obviously needs some work. Idiot.
"All religions except Nichiren Shoshu are evil and poisonous to society and must be destroyed." - All Three Soka Gakkai Presidents
Here are Jōsei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda (ever heard of them?) stating plainly that other faiths must be DESTROYED:
It should be noted that in the immediate postwar era Sōka Gakkai’s extreme intolerance of other religious faiths did not change in the least. For example, on October 31, 1954, Toda Jōsei mounted a white horse (previously the exclusive prerogative of the emperor) on the Taisekiji parade grounds and addressed assembled members of the Young Men’s and Young Women’s divisions as follows:
In our attempt at kosen rufu [converting the entire world] we are without an ally. We must consider all religions our enemies, and we must destroy them. Ladies and gentlemen, it is obvious that the road ahead is full of obstacles. Therefore, you must worship the gohonzon (sacred scroll), take the Sōka Gakkai spirit to heart, and cultivate the strength of youth. I expect you to rise to the occasion to meet the many challenges that lie ahead. Source
The Soka Gakkai:
"All of orders and religions except Nichiren-sho-shu are heretical religion, and they poison society." - "Shakubuku-Kyoten," p286, edited by Soka-Gakkai teaching section and supervised by Ikeda Daisaku. Source
At the time of Toda's death Soka Gakkai numbered nearly a million followers. Under the leadership of the movement's third president, Daisaku Ikeda, Soka Gakkai's influence increased rapidly. He committed himself to continue Toda's policy 'to destroy other religions'. Source
Daisaku Ikeda:
My two hundred thousand comrades in the entire Kansai district, I hereby desire you to open a general attack under the command of Mr. Shiraki, the chief of the General Chapter[,] on the Tenrikyo, the stronghold of all heresy in the Kansai area. - Ikeda
I desire, therefore, that you, under the leadership of the Youth Division Chief open a general attack, starting this very day, on the Rissho Koseikai, which leads people to hell by delusory doctrines. - Ikeda
There it is. DOCUMENTED.
they do not teach to destroy other faiths - a ridiculous statement.
Here ya go:
Like his mentor, Toda was not speaking metaphorically when he urged the destruction of all other religions. Nevertheless, Sōka Gakkai representatives now claim things have changed. Source
They sure do. It is you and your beliefs that are ridiculous, and you should be ashamed of your LYING.
I am hereby inviting u/Mobile_Taro1969, who is banned from SGIWhistleblowers, to send me a private message with any response or comments, which I will post in its unedited entirety here in the comments, with a screenshot to show it is complete.
If anyone finds any more such necrotrolling, please bring it to the attention of one of the mods so that we can deal with it.
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2023.05.30 22:18 QuackadillyBlip92 AITA for refusing to babysit my sick nephew?

My sister in law (32F) and her 2 year old son have been living with my wife and I (31M, 30F) for about 3 months now. I was never a fan of this arrangement, but they have nowhere else to go, and her only other option was living in her car or a homeless shelter. If it was just her, we'd tell her to fuck off, but the kid is innocent and did nothing wrong. Today, my SIL had court, and the day care wouldn't take my nephew because he has a high fever and is coughing a lot. Since I work from home, my wife asked me to babysit him today. To be honest, I could have, since I only have like 2 meetings today, but he's very destructive, even when you placate him with cocomelon, and you have to keep a constant watch on him, so babysitting would pretty much guarantee I catch whatever he has. I'm planning on attending Dreamhack this weekend (a large gaming convention) and I fly to Dallas on Thursday night, so getting sick today would ruin those plans. It's the only fun thing I'll be doing all year since we had to cancel our trip to Hawaii to pay for SIL's lawyer. So I said no. My wife asked what I thought she should do instead. I have no idea, I just didn't want to babysit him myself. So my wife took the day off from work to watch him and now, she's been pretty pissed at me all day. I guess I really accomplished nothing since now my wife will probably get sick and pass it to me. I'm going to crash on my friend's couch for the next 2 nights so I don't catch anything.
Still, I've put up with a lot over these past 3 months. The house is a mess despite my wife and I constantly cleaning, it smells like cigarettes and weed, everything is sticky, my feet are constantly being impaled by the paw patrol and little people toys on the floor, all my stuff is squirreled away on high shelves where the baby can't reach, and I can't have friends over. I know that she needs to go to court a lot more than I need to play video games all weekend- having a criminal record will make it much harder for her to ever move out of my house, but this was where I drew the line. AITA?
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2023.05.30 22:15 DarkDetectiveGames Privacy laws in Canada could get worse, Bill C-27 Digital Records Act/ Consumer Privacy Protection Act

Bill C-27 is a Bill in Canada that would replace the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) with the new so called Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA). It has passed second reading. This new law is worse than PIPEDA.
1 The Protections (or lack thereof)
CPPA offers less protection than PIPEDA. Under PIPEDA organizations are required to give purposes must be stated in such a manner that the individual can reasonably understand how the information will be used or disclosed. Under CPPA organizations still must give purposes, however they do not have to give individuals an understanding of the information will be used or disclosed.
This law introduces vague new exceptions to consent. These are the new exceptions (note de-identified means pretty much nothing. You can still be identified): Business Activities
18 (1) An organization may collect or use an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent if the collection or use is made for the purpose of a business activity described in subsection (2) and
(a) a reasonable person would expect the collection or use for such an activity; >and
(b) the personal information is not collected or used for the purpose of influencing the individual’s behaviour or decisions.
List of activities
(2) Subject to the regulations, the following activities are business activities for the purpose of subsection (1):
(a) an activity that is necessary to provide a product or service that the individual has requested from the organization;
(b) an activity that is necessary for the organization’s information, system or network security;
(c) an activity that is necessary for the safety of a product or service that the organization provides; and
(d) any other prescribed activity.
Legitimate Interest
An organization may collect or use an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent if the collection or use is made for the purpose of an activity in which the organization has a legitimate interest that outweighs any potential adverse effect on the individual resulting from that collection or use and
(a) a reasonable person would expect the collection or use for such an activity; and
(b) the personal information is not collected or used for the purpose of influencing the individual’s behaviour or decisions. Research, analysis and development 21 An organization may use an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent for the organization’s internal research, analysis and development purposes, if the information is de-identified before it is used. Information produced in employment, business or profession An organization may collect, use or disclose an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent if it was produced by the individual in the course of their employment, business or profession and the collection, use or disclosure is consistent with the purposes for which the information was produced.
Employment relationship — federal work, undertaking or business
24 An organization that operates a federal work, undertaking or business may collect, use or disclose an individual’s personal information without their consent if
(a) the collection, use or disclosure is necessary to establish, manage or terminate an employment relationship between the organization and the individual in connection with the operation of a federal work, undertaking or business; and
(b) the organization has informed the individual that the personal information will be or may be collected, used or disclosed for those purposes. Financial abuse
34 An organization may on its own initiative disclose an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent to a government institution, a part of a government institution or the individual’s next of kin or authorized representative if
(a) the organization has reasonable grounds to believe that the individual has been, is or may be the victim of financial abuse;
(b) the disclosure is made solely for purposes related to preventing or investigating the abuse; and
(c) it is reasonable to expect that disclosure with the knowledge or consent of the individual would compromise the ability to prevent or investigate the abuse. Statistics, study or research 35 An organization may disclose an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent if
(a) the disclosure is made for statistical purposes or for study or research purposes and those purposes cannot be achieved without disclosing the information;
(b) it is impracticable to obtain consent; and
(c) the organization informs the Commissioner of the disclosure before the information is disclosed.
Socially beneficial purposes
39 (1) An organization may disclose an individual’s personal information without their knowledge or consent if
(a) the personal information is de-identified before the disclosure is made;
(b) the disclosure is made to
(i) a government institution or part of a government institution in Canada,
(ii) a health care institution, post-secondary educational institution or public library in Canada,
(iii) any organization that is mandated, under a federal or provincial law or by contract with a government institution or part of a government institution in Canada, to carry out a socially beneficial purpose, or
(iv) any other prescribed entity; and
(c) the disclosure is made for a socially beneficial purpose.
2 Enforcement
CPPA's enforcement is similar to PIPEDA's but worse. At least there are penalties. The process:

  1. An individual files a complaint with the OPC. There are several reasons which can the commissioner can use to not investigate but not talking to the organization first isn't one of them.
  2. The OPC investigates during which the Commissioner may attempt to resolve a complaint by means of a dispute resolution mechanism such as mediation and conciliation, unless an inquiry is being conducted in respect of the complaint or try to enter a compliance agreement. There is not time frame for this. (note under PIPEDA, a report of findings must be issued within a year see my last post)). It doesn't really say what an "investigation" is.
  3. If the matter is still not resolved or the commissioner believe a compliance agreement is being breach an inquiry will start. The Commissioner must make rules respecting the conduct of an inquiry, including the procedure and rules of evidence to be followed, and must make those rules publicly available.
  4. After the inquiry, the commissioner must make a decision.
(a) the Commissioner’s findings on whether the organization has contravened this Act or has not complied with the terms of a compliance agreement;
(b) any order made under subsection (2);
(c) any decision made under subsection 94(1); and
(d) the Commissioner’s reasons for the findings, order or decision.
"Compliance order"
(2) The Commissioner may, to the extent that is reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with this Act, order the organization to
(a) take measures to comply with this Act;
(b) stop doing something that is in contravention of this Act;
(c) comply with the terms of a compliance agreement that has been entered into by the organization; or
(d) make public any measures taken or proposed to be taken to correct the policies, practices or procedures that the organization has put in place to fulfill its obligations under this Act.
This must happen within 2 years of the complaint being followed, except it might not, see my last post.
  1. The commissioner may recommend a penalty be imposed. This seems irrelevant because of,
  2. Appeals may be made by the complainant or respondent to the tribunal with respect to a finding made by the inquiry, an order made by the commissioner or the commissioner's decision not to recommend a penalty. You only have 30 days to go to court. Under PIPEDA you have a year.
  3. The tribunal may impose a penalty for all the contraventions in a recommendation taken together is the higher of $10,000,000 and 3% of the organization’s gross global revenue in its financial year before the one in which the penalty is imposed. Those numbers are the maximum. The law sets out relevant factors.
  4. You may sue for damages if a finding previously made says the respondent has violated the act. This is done in federal court or the superior court of a province.
  5. An order by the tribunal may be reviewed by the Federal Court. The judgment of the federal court may be appealed to the Federal Court of Appeal. The Supreme court may also take an appeal afterwards. This is much longer than PIPEDA and although there are fines, the protections are so weak that the fines barely matter.
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2023.05.30 22:13 Zestyclose_Shake5423 Attorneys for Austin officer win emergency court order to record grand jury proceedings

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2023.05.30 21:58 big_white_fishie Please don’t send him back to us in the UK

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2023.05.30 21:58 josh-to-go It's so jarring when hearing about Alex in non-KF media

I've been listening to Skeptoid a little as a sort of break from some of the culture-war-heavy podcasts I usually listen to. The host strikes me as a bit centrist but I hadn't heard anything too off base until today
The quote is in the first 5 min but luckily they transcribe the show. It's a student Q&A and the first question is:
Do you know anything about Alex Jones, and if so, have you ever thought about making content on him?
Reflexively I thought he'd say "kf already does that" or at least reference the pod. I wasn't ready for his actual response:
So as a general policy, I don't do episodes attacking specific living individuals. There's a liability angle, but there's also — I don't know — people aren't the problem so much as bad ideas are. It's more useful to study bad ideas, find out why they exist, and solve that; rather than blaming the people who have bought into them. Arguably, Alex Jones is someone who doesn't fit this mold. It seems clear from the court records of all the lawsuits he's brought down upon himself and lost, that he's a deliberate creator of disinformation, not an innocent believer in it.
Earlier in his career, Alex Jones promoted any conspiracy theory, whether it was far left or far right. But later, likely in his response to the Sandy Hook event, he found his most passionate supporters were on the far right and he seems to have made a business decision to align himself with that fringe.
In short, the reason Sandy Hook appealed to the right wing more than the left wing has to do with the fact the left wants more gun control. Alex Jones' narrative is that Sandy Hook was staged by the government to fire up anti-gun sentiment, and make it easier for the government to seize all privately owned firearms. This would be an affront to the right, which favors less gun control. So Alex Jones immediately became a darling of the right, and that's where he's stayed. My sympathies to that group.
Unreal. There's a lot to unpack here but I guess the only reason the "far left" didn't buy into the AJ Sandy Hook narrative is because they want gun control! It's laughable on it's face but also, most "far left" people I know don't really want gun control because they think it'll be targeted at minority communities that will need guns to protect themselves in this political climate. But this whole take is so naive I stopped listening and unsubscribed. He's so far off I don't think I can really trust what's said in the show any longer
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2023.05.30 21:47 meticulous_meerkat Motion to Quash Subpoenas- Updates 5/30/2023

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2023.05.30 21:39 Nomeerkat781 Channel 781 News Week of 5-22-2023

Deadly Shooting / Moody St. Hyrbid Closing / New Candidates / Waltham Pride / Housing Notification Ordinance / Energy-Efficient Building Codes / Proposed Sober House / Lexington Power Plant
1:00 What to expect from Waltham Pride? (Nick Hammond) 3:10 Speakers at Pride 4:40 Where’s the money come from for Waltham Pride? 6:46 Volunteer at Waltham Pride! 9:25 Waltham Reproductive Justice Paint Event @ Pride! (Amanda Kennedy) 10:45 Sneak Peak at Portrait 13:45 Waltham City Council Passed Pride Resolution - Not Everyone Signed On 16:30 Shoulda Been A Roll Call 21:06 Tenants Rights Ordinance 26:20 Difference Between a Citizen Input Hearing and a Public Hearing 30:00 Sober House Application Goes Awry 33:20 Clips From the Meeting 38:20 Councilor Bradley-MacArthur's Climate Resolution Shot Down 43:00 If The Whole World Doesn’t Agree To Do Something, It’s Not Worth Doing (Councilor Lafauci) 46:25 This Puts Anthony Lafauci To The Right of Oil Industry 50:30 Waltham Should Be Leading, like We Used To
Headlines transcript:
Waltham resident Shelson Jules passed away on Monday 5/22, apparently from a gunshot that occurred about 1:30am near Lyman St. and Faneuil St. According to a gofundme set up to support his family, Shelson was also known as JJ and was a 22 year-old alum of Waltham High School. Waltham Police and the district attorney are investigating the shooting and so far no additional details have been made public.
This weekend is the first weekend a portion of Moody St. is closed to cars this year under the new "hybrid" plan that allows for outdoor dining but with more restrictions than in past years. Moody St. from High St. to Pine St. will be closed to cars Thursday evening through Sunday, as well as some holiday Mondays , from now through September 25. According to a WCAC article, business owners have mixed feelings about the new arrangement but 12 restaurants as well as the Game Underground have applied to use outdoor space.
A few more prospective candidates have pulled papers for this year's Waltham election. They include one more person who's been part of our Channel 781 News team-- Chris Hammer, who has helped us with video production, plans to challenge Councilor Harris in Ward 8. In addition Tammy Wong-Bigelow is the first challenger to pull papers for the School Committee race, Waltham Police Officer Paul Tracey has pulled papers for Ward 3, and elementary principal Stephen Duffy plans to run at-large.
Waltham Pride is happening next Saturday, June 3 on the Waltham Common. This is the third time in Waltham's history that we've had our own Pride event, and the second year on the Common. Some of last year's popular performers will be returning including Missy Steak, Evan Greer, Toast, Katie Gullotti, Rose Bello, and Zumba with Jen, along with a new drag performer Iris Laveau. Speakers will include community members from the middle school, high school, Brandeis, a local Church, and Waltham's recently formed Trans Alliance. That's 11-4 on Saturday and if you'd like to help out, there's still time to sign up as a volunteer. We'll have Nick Hammond and Amanda Kennedy on our debrief show to talk more about th event.
In this week's city council meeting, Councilors Bradley-MacArthur, Paz, and Darcy introduces a resolution recognizing Pride month and calling for a Pride flag to fly on the Common. The council voted to approve that without committee reference.
Also in this week's meeting Councilor Paz re-submitted the housing rights notification ordinance, and the council set a date for a citizen input hearing to take place Wednesday 6/21 at 6:30pm at Government Center. That ordinance was originally proposed by Watch CDC and would require landlords to give tenants in danger of eviction information about their rights. The new version Paz submitted includes language that also protects homeowners in danger of foreclosure.
Also in recent meetings, the city council shot down a proposal to make Waltham's building codes more energy efficient. The state sets standard that require new buildings or renovations to meet a certain level of energy efficiency, but municipalities can choose to adopt "stretch codes" that require a higher standard, which Waltham has done in the past. Councilor Bradley-MacArthur submitted a resolution to adopt the latest stretch codes, which was discussed at the Public Works & Public Safety Committee on 5/15. At that meeting Councilor LaFauci argued that the standards were too difficult to meet and would cost the city money by deterring people from renovating their homes. He said that "fossil fuels are not going away" and argued that it doesn't make sense for Waltham to take steps to address climate change if not all states and countries are doing it. The committee recommended the council file the resolution with prejudice, meaning they will not take action on it and no one can submit a similar resolution for at least a year. In the following meeting the council voted to do just that despite an effort by Councilor Bradley-MacArthur to send it back to committee.
Also at this meeting neighbors showed up to oppose a proposed lodging house on Robbins street that would provide shared bedrooms for about 20 people in recovery from addictions. That was sent to committee and we'll talk about that more on our debrief show.
A proposed solar plant in Lexington near the Cambridge Reservoir and the Waltham line was approved by the Lexington Planning Board on 5/17. The City of Waltham previously went to court to prevent developers from building an access road to the plant through a Waltham neighborhood, but lost. More recently Waltham neighbors organized to pressure the Lexington government not to approve the project. At the recent council meeting Councilor Darcy requested certain city department heads come to the next meeting to discuss.
There's no city council meeting this week but committee meetings will return June 5.
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2023.05.30 21:22 zevaloria Deed transfer and home insurance

I recently inherited my Mom's house and I plan to live in it for the next couple of years. The will was filed last month with the court. ( In my state of Virginia, the moment someone passes away, the beneficiary (me) becomes the home owner and the recorded will essentially serves as the new deed )
So I need to get a new home insurance policy in my name.
My question: How do I show proof to the insurance agent that I own the home?
I just checked, and the city's property assessment page hasn't been updated - it still lists my Mom as owner. Is there a way for the insurance agent to look up who the actual owner is? Thanks.
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2023.05.30 20:27 asmallman Fntastic attempting to cancel The Day Before Trademark owned by someone else.

So for those who dont know, The Day Before was removed from steam due to a trademark dispute over the name/phrase: The Day Before™
They (fntastic) did not file a trademark when they conceptualized and started marketing this game, for at least a year, and someone took the trademark. (In public records)
Fntastic also didnt really contest it, or take the steps appropriate to contest it, and it cemented the trademark, in SOMEONE ELSES HANDS. (This is also in the public record)
SO, current events, as of 5/19/2023, fntastic tried to cancel this guys trademark in the United States. on The Day Before™ and the guy refused. So now, there is a court date set... For late 2024 in KOREA.
In the US cancellation documentation, the request to cancel by fntastic was put on hold/pending until the Korean proceedings (another court action) finishes up. Which will take a while, then fntastic has to recancel in the united states. Which again, since the guy wont let them cancel, means it has to go to court.
This process will take LEGITIMATE YEARS to resolve.
Kira does a better explanation of this than I do here.
We will not see this game in November.
Edit: typo of date of cancellation submission.
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2023.05.30 20:10 jbergcreations I have 4 court records and need help figuring out how they fit together

In the photo attached is a will, that requests land to be sold, wife to get nothing, daughter to leave mother. Then 29 years later the daughter and wife are selling their parts of the land.
The other part of this that is so confusing is , the deed for the land ($1000 for 166 acres) he mentions in his will was filed august 29 1826, and Jordan and witnesses (none of whom are Painters) are in court to finalize October 25 1826 - the same day his will is proven. Is this just a coincidence? There is also a chancery record that goes on for years regarding 166 acres that Frederick lived on and gave $188 for 166 acres to a man named Frazier for, I have no idea if this is the same 166 acres or if he had purchased or was renting/leasing this land, but why would he buy the same land twice for so much more money?
I’m definitely overthinking this but have been searching for this family for so long that I think a second pair of eyes could really help. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 20:01 Electrical-Walk712 elderly abuse scams awareness

Well I am new to posting on Reddit I have been trying to figure out how to upload the images I have been saving for this, but I will just go ahead, try to talk about it. I Recently moved to another state. I had to move in with my 76 year old father. Due to severe cervical stenosis. That a whole other issue.
When I got here i quickly realized there wasn't something right with him. He had a 46 year old women living in the basement. I learned of an incident. Involving this women where she had stolen from my Dad enough for it to be considered grand larceny. Months prior to me moving while I was recovering from my first surgery. My dad fell in his house with this person in the home. He had laid on the floor for hours. These two incidences. Sent off a wave of emotions and questions.
I learned that the incident where she stole from him. He paid for her to get bailed out of jail. He also paid for her daughter to get out of Jail. He paid for an attorney to seal the records through the local courts. After hours and hours of research. I am beginning to believe he has vascular dementia . With knowing my dad most of his life and knowing most of his medical history. The evidence is all there.
I know this women has manipulated her way into his heart. He has lived a very #traumatic life due to being a #vietnam #veteran. The company he has kept most of his life is very shaddy. One of the women He has dated in the past stole a gun from him after he kicked her out of his house. She shot herself. He has never forgave himself for this. The women had alot of problems but in the current situation i am aware of this and feel this woman has been using this information to manipulate him. I filed a protective order against her on behalf of my Dad.
This woman, sat in the car with me bragging about how the best education she got was in jail. Learning how to fraud people. I also learned her ex besty. Just got done pulling off a heist of a lifetime working as a caretaker. when the women she was working for went to the hospital due to whatever happened. The caretaker took out life insurance policies in her name and stole most of the household items to be sold. Drained the bank accounts.
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2023.05.30 19:46 DadSeekingTruth My living nightmare leaving this high control group after 35 years.

I created a site called to tell my journey since walking away from being a slave of the Watchtower for 35 years. I left on the 21st February on my 56th birthday.
I was sentenced to 5 years for my neutral stand in South Africa. I full time pioneered for 7 years. I did Kingdom hall construction for 3 years. I went to South African Bethel for 2 years.
I have been disfellowshipped 3 times and always felt that I was worthless.
Covid 19 and the lockdown woke me up. I could not understand why a Faithful and Discreet slave would advocate and promote an experimental death shot to 9 million adherents.
This opened up Pandoras Box and I decided to go down the rabbit hole.
At the same time my wife left me after 6 months marriage and two communities of Jehovah's witnesses joined in with a consolidated campaign, supported by the elders to discredit me as a Rapist, Child abuser, Domestic abuser and Paedophile.
What ensued was the biggest case in the West midlands that included the CID, Interpol and 15 organizations with 50 nominated professionals. I was arrested twice, put in jail and interrogated. I was denied seeing my baby girl from birth for 666 days.
I fought for 3 years and eventually in the highest Children's court in the land as a self litigant I won!
This after all my digital equipment with millions of records were sent to Brussels for forensic investigation as well as eventually all charges dropped by the CID due to CPS recommendations that absolutely no evidence could be corroborated from all parties who the CID and every respective authority established lied! No party could be pursued for perjury or subverting the course of justice unless both cases progressed to criminal court.
Every Jehovah's witness involved in this case as I fought for my life and the right to love and be in my daughters life was found by the Children's court after a 7 day trial to be malicious liars with the sole intent of portraying me as a sexual deviant so as to alienate me from my community. Again no one was prosecuted or held liable for perjury.
My story is documented on Facebook that is a tribute to fighting to be in my son and daughters life. It tells my love story of my daughter, son and I.
I took my freedom in my own hands and dissociated myself 3 months ago but have yet to live down the vile label of being called a mentality diseased apostate. None of my family or only friends of 35 years will ever talk to me again as I am being shunned for standing up for my human rights, liberty, freedom and truth.
My story will continue to unfold on my website as I fight for my babies, my innocence and my dignity.
I am just a Dad Seeking and fighting for Truth.
I will never get justice for the harms those involved have tried to inflict on me.
Gavin de la Tour
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2023.05.30 19:19 NoirGalaxy I was totally winging it 😭

So yeah I didn’t think I’d be interested in this update since there was models and vampires. But this astronaut update is so fun.
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2023.05.30 19:17 Objective_Campaign82 Sins of the Father Ch33 (Hellworlder pirates 2)

The Meeting With the Contact
In one of Unity’s darker and less maintained districts, several miles down an unassuming maintenance tunnel, Aster knocked on a rusty steel hatch. The moment her knuckles finished rapping on the metal door hidden mechanisms squeaked as an internal bolt was undone and the door swung open. She heard the soft ween of servos as they struggled against the bulk of the door.
Without a moment of hesitation Astarte strode through the door knowing full well that the dark corners of the room could have held a waiting ambush. It did not do to show any fear when dealing with the mysterious shadow league. She had heard from Greyson how the contacts valued confidence above everything else. She wasn’t sure why, but had followed the advice anyway.
The contacts never worked through proxies. They had no known dead drops. And were notorious for handling everything in person.
It was a strange practice since logic dictated that information brokers as influential as the Shadow league should act with much more caution. But that same flaunting disregard for common convention was the trait that unnerved Astarte the most.
It unnerved her because it proved that the powerful brokers had nothing to fear.
Maybe it was arrogance, but her instincts said otherwise.
The door closed behind her, the harsh clunk telling her that she was now locked in. Soft lights in the room flicked of a slowly grew brighter to a level comfortable to human eyes. Aster’s cybernetic eye went red and flickered through several different spectrums of light as it scanned the room.
“An interesting piece of hardware.” A soft murmuring voice said from behind the desk in the center.
Astarte momentarily ignored the voice as she finished her scan. Her eye picked out only a single camera behind a fake patch of wall that looked completely normal from the outside. She focused on the camera, telling the rooms only other occupant that she was fully aware of the device.
Her scan complete she turned her head to focus of the short fuchsia froglike person within a bubble-like excursion suit. No word in the Union’s common tongue, or her own could pronounce the name of the person before her. Instead the Union had simply labeled them as Toxoid amphibians. A rather cold, but concise name.
There were many defense mechanisms used by prey species to ward off predators. Some opted to be big, strong, and move in large herds like the Trikes. Some just flew away. Others hid. But very few instead went for the survival strategy of being very visible and toxic as hell.
The creature before Astarte was one of only three Toxoid species in the Union. While safe to members of their own species, their skin could instantly paralyzed and kill any non-deathworld species on Femeri. And if Astarte had touched that bright purple skin she would be instantly floored with the worst pain imaginable. Not dead, but really wishing she was.
The Union definition of Toxoid was any highly toxic species, regardless of the atmospheric conditions. Though this particular species did in fact come from a world with high methane and ammonia content, less then Venus, but still deadly to Terrans. The only reason they weren’t classified as deathworlders was because the low gravity and gentle nature of their star made the claim seem a little absurd compared to your average Deathworlder.
The Toxoid met her gaze and held it without fear. Knowing that Astarte wouldn’t/couldn’t do anything to harm them. There face was pulled into a constant smile. Though this was a factor of their facial structure and not any sort of actual pleasure. This, matched with their small colorful appearance gave off the vibes of something small and harmless. An instinct she would have to actively suppress.
“Surprising, most of your kind are overwhelmed with nurturing instincts upon first seeing me. Especially females of your age.” The creature commented. The internal translator of her suit taking the creature’s hypersonic humming and giving it a squeaky, almost cartoonish, tone in galactic common.
“I’ve encountered your kind before, and the pain I felt that day from just one touch is enough to wipe away any cute impressions.”
The creature made a sounding like birds chirping “So its true, humans really can touch us without dying?”
Astarte grimaced at the memory “Yeah, but I sure wished I was dead. Only touched them with my hand, but in seconds my whole body was wracked with the worst pain my nerves could conjure. Couldn’t black out either.”
The Contact looked amused “And yet you survived.” They said pointedly. “We are in our own ways more dangerous than deathworlders. Even the Kruhur leave our few ships alone. As do most pirates. So why would you attack that particular merchant ship six of your Terran years ago?”
Aster wasn’t surprised by their knowledge, the sources of the shadow league stretched far and wide. “They had something I wanted, so I took it.”
The big eyelids of the Toxoid closed slowly. “Yes, weapons grade plutonium. I heard you made good use of it. Such inventive weapons too. Most think fusion weapons are pointless in space compared to pulse cannons and conventional missiles. Leave it to a human to find a way to make good use of an underutilized weapon.”
Astarte kept her face placid, but on the inside she was roiling at the knowledge that the Shadow League knew about the shield breaker cannon.
“You needn’t worry” the Contact continued “the Union doesn’t know, and even if we stole the plans we would be troubled to find crews with the nerve to detonate a super critical mass of plutonium within their own ship. My kind are quite cowardly compared to your people.”
“Fools rush in where angles fear to tread.” Astarte remarked absently. Downplaying their achievements.
The Toxoid leaned forward “and yet those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”
This time Astarte couldn’t hide her surprise. “Kennedy? Really?”
More bird chirps “Yes, I am quite amused by human history and the words of your past leaders. Your people strove for the stars long before they had the proper technology to reach them like every other species, on a high gravity world no less. And despite these hurdles you made it to your moon in record time, had stable colonies on a barren world like Mars, and launched one of the most interesting if a bit crude ships. A ship you recently purchased. Had you not met the Union so soon then I believe your people would have continued to shock the galaxy. In some ways your people were cut short, and yet in other ways they were given the opportunity to leap into the future. You are most intriguing, and it would be folly to not keep an eye on you. The Union believes your people to be on the decline, soon to be no longer a threat to their might. I am of a different opinion.”
It was surprising to meet a person who had her completely figured out. From just the subtext Astarte was sure this contact knew all her plans and secrets, or had at least a few very good guesses. And seemed to want to help her out.
Astarte gave the Contact a shrewd glare. “What are you playing at?”
Their heavy eyelids dropped into a lazy half blink before opening back up. She thought the gesture was either one of annoyance or amusement. “A favor, given to the right person, can pay dividends in the future.”
“And what kind of returns are you looking for?”
Another half blink. It probably meant amusement. “That isn’t for me to say. You’ve had a very positive relationship with our agents in Femeri, or Orion as you Terrans call it. it is the League desire to continue nourishing that relationship.”
Suspicious, but one didn’t deal with the galaxy’s most powerful info brokers without some ominous undertones. “Then I take it you know why I’m here.”
Another long blink, this time fully closing their lids. “Yes.”
“Can you tell us where it is?”
“No. Amaterasu was thorough in covering their trail. I can only say that its still on Unity.”
Fuck. Why can’t things ever be easy? “Can you narrow down our search?” Astarte asked changing directions.
“Yes. Property info, delivery schedules, informant reports. And much more. It’ll take time to narrow things down.”
“I’m not short on manpower. Or patience.”
“Good. Now there is just the matter of the price.”
“I get the sinking feeling that you’re not talking credits.” Astarte stated dryly.
“An accurate feeling.” The Contact retorted. “We are an organization of information brokers and middle men, but even we need our own middle men. We cast a wide net to pull in much, but sometimes our needs require a more direct approach.”
“Spies?” Astarte guessed.
“Yes, or simple muscle to get what we need. Lately that muscle has been disappearing, I’m sure you noticed the aggressive way the Station Security treats your kind.”
“Yeah, the charges they tried to stick my men with were downright asinine, never would have stuck.”
Another long blink. “Yes, but the Union doesn’t need to make them stick. You more than most should know that the Union will imprison individuals on suspect of a crime before an investigation can be done to assure innocence.”
Astarte almost heard a click in her head as she connected the dots. The charges had seemed absurd and unfounded, and she had wondered why they bothered. But the Union could, in cases of an extreme crime, arrest and imprison without a trial or evidence. It was one of the major ways the Unions legal system differed from the local laws of the Sol system.
Guilty until proven innocent. It was the precedent that had gotten her mother imprisoned when Aster was four. While they had arrested a terrorist responsible for thousands of deaths and billions in property damage, they didn’t actually have the evidence. And once the lack of evidence had been undeniably proven in a court room Lucile’s sentence was ended and her record expunged of the black mark after spending ten months in the prison on Parox.
Asters throat was tight “How many have been…”
“Thousands. Tens of thousands. I would like to give you a better number, but someone has done a remarkable job at obfuscating that information. People are arrested on petty misdemeanors, if any, and then prosecutors from the central office apply some grander crime. They’re taken to a holding facility, where they stay for a short time before a ship comes to take them to parts unknown.”
“And no one’s done anything about this?”
“Oh, no. There were plenty of riots. But shouting, screaming Deathworlders committing acts of arson and clashing Station Security did little to sway the public. And after the ADCU was born things got even worse for the Terrans.”
“Motherfuckers” Astarte growled through her teeth. She didn’t know where all those people went, but everything so far pointed to some sort of genocide. Unity was purging itself of its Deathworlder nuisance.
“Yes, as effective as the ADCU has been at rooting out actual criminal organizations they have also been a highly effective at smother discontent.”
“And what do you want me to do about it.”
Their head tilted to the side. “You already have an in road with one of their top Officers, one who is the personal protégé of Chief Gin.”
“Do you want me to see where they’re taking people, or figure out why?”
“Both if possible. This has all the odious whiffs of politics, and the League needs to know why the Union is making such bold moves. Any and all information you dig up will be appreciated.”
Astarte drummed her fingers on the desk as she worked through the problems. Something dangerous was happening in the heart of the Union. Something that threatened her own plans. She had idly wondered why Amaterasu had been so bold in making their terraforming equipment disappear, why openly slaughter an entire office of insurance investigators? But now she saw it was par for the course her, and she was only now noticing the rot.
The contacts request was also in her own best interest. She needed to know where this all led.
But you never took the first offer. That was just good business. “It seems to me that our own investigations might help you in yours. I don’t see why we can’t do both at once.”
Another long blink. “You won’t be overextending yourself?”
Aster scoffed “of course not.”
The amphibian’s permanent smile became a little wider, “good. Its always a pleasure working with a professional.”
The contact then reached under their desk to retrieve a small flash drive, preloaded with all the info Aster needed.
“Just a heads up” Aster said as she retrieved the flash drive. “Our plans usually end in chaos and bloodshed.”
“Oh, I know. I’m looking forward to it.” the contact said with a self-amused giggle like gurgling water.
Their business concluded Astarte stood to leave. But the door she entered through didn’t unlock itself. Instead a hidden panel Astarte hadn’t noticed during her scan slid open and revealed a hidden stairway.
Astarte blinked in surprise before shaking her head. never underestimate the Shadow League.
She walked through the door, and ascended several flight of stairs until she exited into the reception room of a small law firm. The Drohodron attendant nodded their furry rabbit like head and gestured towards the exit.
The ride home was mostly uneventful. A group of SS tried to tail her, but some speed walking and a sudden turn down an alley was all it took to shake them.
She left the tram station and entered the industrial district where her ship was moored. She had been so relaxed on her walk back that she even began to whistle a jaunty little tune. She almost mixed the gentle thump behind and slight rush of wind as a blade swept from behind her, nearly taking her head off.
She had only an instant to lean forward to avoid the strike. With the strike barely avoided she took one step forward before drawing Tenken in swinging overhead chop.
Two green tinted blades strapped to her attackers wrists rose into a crossed guard to catch her sword the two of them struggled against each other’s strength. Aster was surprised at the strength the assassin possessed.
They struggled for a few seconds before breaking apart just as swiftly as they had met.
They both took several steps back and began to size each other up.
The assassin was short, standing at maybe 160cm. Their tight-fitting clothes marked the assassin as both human and female. Two curved blades were attached to the assassins wrists, looking like the curved pincers of a praying mantis, which matched the mantis-like mask she wore.
The assassin despite her failed sneak attack, and their inconclusive clash, had the gall to look smug. “Glad to see you haven’t grown weak in our time apart, Daisey.” The assassin gurgled through a heavy voice filter.
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2023.05.30 19:04 CanklesIsBackMFers Latest update- court is at 1230 ET

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2023.05.30 19:03 Longjumping_Wrap8259 [TX] My NPD husband threatened my male best friend's life, kept me hostage in my marriage with that threat for 2 years, and now that I've fled for my safety he's holding tens of thousands of dollars of my possessions hostage.

For the past 3 years my husband has been indirectly keeping me held hostage in my own marriage by making thinly-veiled threats against people I care for.
Several years ago, he accused me of having an affair with his (at the time) best friend. For clarity, I did have strong feelings for his friend, but we were managing them with firm boundaries, and no form of infidelity ever occurred, unless you wish to reclassify trust, encouragement, transparency, and the occasional hug as a form of infidelity. He delivered this accusation by covertly luring said friend over to our home, placing himself between said friend and the door, and making some very threatening statements while "informing" this friend that he was to never have any contact with me ever again under any circumstances except through him. He did not talk to me or anyone else about this before doing it. I have an audio recording of this conversation, because this friend quietly began recording with his phone as soon as he felt threatened, and it is obvious that my husband is threatening him in a very serious way.
2 weeks later I, this friend, and his wife confronted my husband about his behavior. This friend spelled out to my husband in no uncertain terms exactly what he had done, how he had lied to and manipulated all 3 of us in order to arrange the event, how he showed absolute no hesitation at any point in all of his planning,, how he still has shown not an ounce of remorse for violating this my friend's human rights, regardless of whatever he thought might have been going on, and how my friend's interpretation of my husband's actions was that my husband was threatening to outright murder him if he didn't comply. My husband's response was to explode at him and confirm that that was exactly what he meant and that he wasn't joking and he would do it without a second thought if my friend didn't comply, and that he had no concerns whatsoever regarding what that might mean for him personally (in his own words, he would "just do the time").
After that, I spent the next 2 years as a hostage inside my own marriage. I had every reason to genuinely believe that if I left my husband for any reason, he would take revenge by going over to my friend's house in the middle of the night and shooting through the window until he was sure he was dead.
During this time, I was able to begin seeing a private therapist, and after speaking with her I was able to deduce that my husband was an abusive and controlling person, and that he displayed many of the traits of Covert Narcississtic Personality Disorder. He also continued to make regular threats of violence against this friend in my presence (which I have documented at the suggestion of my therapist). He also sexually assaulted me during this time.
3 months ago, I left him.
I waited until I knew he would be gone all day at his sister's place, called in to work, and had myself and several other friends of mine meet me at my house to pack as many of my possessions that I was sentimentality attached to as I possibly could - things like my aunt's wedding ring, the last letter I ever received from a childhood friend before he died of cancer, or the sweater that my birth mother knitted me by hand when I reconnected with her as an adult. We arranged the event this way because we all genuinely believed that when I left my husband could and would use them for any number of nefarious purposes, such as holding them hostage or destroying them purely to spite me. On that same day, while this was happening, my friend and his wife were performing a similar activity at their own apartment.
We managed to get approximately 90% of my most important possessions out of the house that day - and the three of us (the friend and his wife who I keep mentioning) have been in hiding at a long-term-stay hotel ever since. The possessions that I was able to escape with account for less than 10% of my and my husband's combined wealth at the time - however, one of the things I was forced to abandon during this escape was going through and grabbing my set of the board games that were my part of our collection which we had built over the years of marriage. For context, these are not $20 Milton Bradley board games, but rather collectible small-print games that I funded on Kickstart out of my own money - many of them are expensive and collectible, and they cannot be replaced.
During this time, I went to the local police and reported both his threats and the sexual assault, seeking a restraining order. It took most of a month, and my restraining order ended up being denied on the grounds that I was out of the situation and therefore no longer subject to the abuse. During this time, he was texting me semi-regularly demanding answers, as well as taking actions designed to put pressure on me, such as failing to pay the rent for our duplex (the bill that we had agreed for the last 2 years was his responsibility) and sending me messages suggesting that he was going to stop feeding our pets and allow them to starve.
He later informed me via text that he was abandoning the duplex and that everything that was left there was now mine, and that he had no interest in whatever was left there. I went there and, after making sure it was empty, I discovered that when he moved out he had taken our entire collection of tabletop board games, role-playing game rulebooks, and miniatures (a joint collection that is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars, if not more) out of the house completely, and had made no attempt to get the place ready to be handed back over to our landlord, thus stiffing me with the responsibility of taking more than a week off of work in order to take care of the tasks necessary to avoid fines from our landlord.
Since then, he has sent me demands via text for items which he claims I "stole" from him when I left (many of which I can prove he left at the duplex when he texted me that he was done with it), while making no statements of any kind indicating that he intends to give me anything back at all, much less any of the things that I could make a strong claim towards being mine (such as by showing that they money paid to Kickstarter in order to fund them came out of my personal bank account).
I'm entitled to 50% of the marital assets - but honestly, I would be willing to settle for a couple hundred dollars worth of board games, and a comprehensive inventory of the contents of our former game room (simply so that I could know which things I would want to set aside money for in order to re-acquire them for myself). Hell, if it REALLY came down to it, I'd settle for JUST the inventory - but I am 100% certain that he absolutely WILL do everything in his power to keep that from me simply out of petty spite and abusive vengefulness. I would not be surprised if he moved them out of state or gave the entire set to some remote friend or relative JUST to keep me from even finding out what all I left behind. I'm willing to bet that even if he were under some sort of court order that he absolutely would lie and falsify the inventory EVEN if he was going to get to keep them all, and that he would do so JUST for the personal satisfaction of keeping me from being able to get my own copies later. Seriously, he truly is THAT vindictive, passive-aggressive, and manipulative.
What are my legal options here? I fled for my physical safety and the safety od people I care about - do I really need to also turn my back on not just the results but even the MEMORY of years and years of personal effort and one of the few good things that I had during that time without even getting the option to remember what all the things that I put all of that effort into? Does he get to just make off with all of that like some sort of bandit, not even being required to tell me what all he's taking? I know him, and I know what he's doing - there's too many things in that collection for me to ever be able to successfully reconstruct a list of it from memory, even going back through purchase histories and receipts - he's going to fight tooth and nail every step of the way not because he wants the things themselves, but because he wants to steal from me the knowledge and memory of what I've lost. He wants to deprive me not just of the possessions themselves, but also of the ability to re-acquire them on my own, should I wish to do so - and he's going to do this by refusing to even tell me or anyone else what is in them, just so that he can leave me in q state of always wondering what all I even left behind.
Please tell me that there is something that can be done here.
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2023.05.30 18:50 1_for_you_2_for_me BBBY themselves said they have 739 million shares outstanding

BBBY themselves said they have 739 million shares outstanding
But in the BBBY communuity they are tyring to paint a picture where there are only ~400 million shares outstanding and the rest are naked short shares.
Spoiler alert...
BBBY does not issue shares that are naked short shares. The shares BBBY "sold" were actually "bought" by someone.
There are indeed 739 million REAL shares outstanding.
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