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2023.03.21 00:01 chameleon_7 Help with self-employed referral question

Was an international student graduated in 2019 with a physics degree, but didn’t get my green card until the beginning of 2020. While I was searching, the pandemic happened, so a lot of places stopped hiring.
I couldn’t get anything so I picked up trading. I wasn’t doing bad, but not to the point where I can support myself with trading alone, so I started a side business. The business was doing well because I didn’t have to pay rent, my in-law was nice enough to let me run the business out of her home. 2021 comes, I wanted to focus more on the trading side as I was getting more and more interested, so I applied a bunch of prop trading firms and was able to make to the last round of the interview, but unfortunately I didn’t make the final cut. At that point, the business was growing as well, to the point I can’t handle all the delivery volume and needed to scale up so I asked one of my close friends to get into business with me and he agreed.
Fast forward to 2023, it turns out scaling up a business is much harder than we had expected, to the point now we still can’t be profitable after paying rent and the workers (almost a year since we signed the commercial lease), hence why I’m trying to find a job again.
Since I just recently got naturalized, I started thinking maybe work for the federal government for a couple of years and save some money for graduate school. But as I apply, I have a couple of questions I hope y’all can help me out:
  1. When it comes to reference, who should I put down since I’ve been basically my own boss? And I have graduated too long to contact my professors?
  2. When the jobs says “opens to public” and “recent grads”, does it mean either of group can apply or do I have to satisfy both categories to apply?
  3. I have been trying for gs5-gs7 (based on SAA), should I include my self-employment experience or just use my academic background?
Much appreciated for any input!
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2023.03.20 23:44 jestarpetal Religious nonprofits requiring staff to personally fundraise their salary - how is this legal?

Hello! Question about religious nonprofits.
The nonprofit I work for (based in U.S., headquartered in Georgia) requires almost all staff (99%) to fundraise their yearly salary. And for clarity, this is not raising funds for the organization; this is raising funds for personal meals and rent and other personal needs like groceries. Employees ask their friends and family to donate to them for their salary. Most staff I know fundraise around $30,000-40,000 per year for themselves. Then, on top of that, most employees help with the annual fundraisers for the organization. The nonprofit advertises their positions as "full-time, support-raised positions. The individual will be required to raise their own funding to meet their salary goal."
I have seen this at TONS of religious charities and especially mission organizations/campus ministries that require employees to fundraise their salary plus 40 hours per week of work. Many of my religious friends at other religious nonprofits raise their own salary to do everything from full-time accounting to mission work to interning.
At my company, in particular, staff must pay to attend the annual staff conference, pay for business cards, tickets to 3rd party conferences they are working, branded letterhead, computers (sometimes), uniform dress shirts, and more.
Finally, my company takes an 11% administrative fee from every donation. So the staff members have to raise 11% over what they need to live in order to cover this fee.
For people with legal knowledge: How is it legal for religious nonprofits to do this? How can they be held accountable for paying a living wage when it is all fundraised/budgeted by the employee? Are there specific loopholes that exist in the U.S. or for religious organizations that they use to do this?
I know that this practice is widely regarded as harmful, but I am more looking for information on the taxes/legal/government side of things and how/why this is legal or how they are doing this. I couldn't find much information online.
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2023.03.20 23:41 DreamCabinetryInc Looking for a chase business credit card

We're a small company, 5 employees and we make cabinets. We're looking into getting a credit card and were wondering if there's a consensus on which ones are worth getting over others.
In terms of spending, its mostly wood, tools, gas/uhaul rentals, paints, veneer, and internet for the shop.
Took a glance at the options and 2 of the 5 listed seem to be airline focused which we won't be doing.
Ink Business Preferred also seems travel focused with an annual fee according to the quick description
" Reward your business with premium travel rewards. Earn 3X points on travel and other select business categories. "
It seems to be between Ink Business Cash or Unlimited and I'm unsure which is better at a glance. Cash says 5x cash back on eligible purchases and Unlimited says 1.5x cash back on all.
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2023.03.20 23:38 Big-Ad-1641 Binged on credit cards recently

I binged a little on credit cards recently. Got Marriott Boundless, United Quest, and Amtrak Preferred in the last two weeks. I got the “we will contact you as soon as we can” from both Chase applications, but was approved the next morning on both. Importantly, I had gotten 5 credit cards (counting Marriott) when I applied for United quest, but Marriott had not yet reported so I was not technically 5/24. I got an instant approval from FNBO/Amtrak. I am now at 7/24.
Travel a lot domestically for work, via plane for long trips and Amtrak for local trips. Home airport is ORD and also at a major Amtrak hub. Work allows me to put work expenses (meals, travel, professional dues, etc.) on personal cards and get reimbursed. Make $550k+ depending on how clients are doing. Credit scores range from 784 to 815 depending on scoring system and bureau.
I’m barred from outside business activities by my company, so business credit cards don’t make any sense for me. I might think about CO Venture X in October or November, but I read all the CO data points on here and it seems that there is often no rhyme or reason to them. Thoughts?
Otherwise, imma go work on these SUBs. Greatly appreciate all the posts, data points, etc. on this subreddit!
My lineup: * US Bank (10/10) 20k limit * CF (the OG one, 8/14) 12k * CFU (opened 10/15 as Slate, unsolicited product change in 2020 and they recently upped my limit from 16k to 26k, also unsolicited 🤷🏻‍♂️ not mad) 26k * CSR (3/17) 10k * Amex Plat (7/21) * Apple (7/21) 10k * Bilt (11/22) 24k * Amex Gold (11/22) * Marriott Bonvoy Boundless (3/23) 23k, 100k SUB on $3k in first 3 months; I’m product changing this to Ritz Carlton next March/April * United Quest (3/23) 15k, 70k SUB on $4k in first three months * Amtrak Preferred (3/23) 11k, 40k SUB on $1k in first three months
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2023.03.20 23:38 mt_xing Japan Parks Trip Report + Lessons Learned [Fuji-Q Highland, Nagashima Spa Land, Universal Japan, etc]

Japan Parks Trip Report + Lessons Learned [Fuji-Q Highland, Nagashima Spa Land, Universal Japan, etc]
Just got back from two weeks in Japan where I got to ride some roller coasters, and given there's relatively less information on here about the major Japanese parks, I thought I'd give my thoughts and also lessons learned in case anyone else wants to go.
Some useful resources I found, in addition to reading the other posts on this subreddit about people's time in Japan, were trip reports on YouTube by various coaster YouTubers, such as El Toro Ryan, and the written reports of Richard Bannister (who I believe is active on this subreddit - hi and thanks for your work!). They gave me a bit of an idea on what to expect.
The parks I visited were, in order:
  • Tokyo Dome City (didn't ride anything)
  • Tokyo Joypolis
  • Tokyo DisneySea
  • Tobu Zoo
  • Fuji-Q Highland
  • Yomiuriland
  • Nagashima Spa Land
  • Universal Japan

General Lessons

Preferred seating is not a thing in Japan. You do not get to pick your own seat and I'm told it's considered rude to ask.
You often hear that Japanese parks have terrible operations and, with the exception of the two American ones (Disney and Universal), this is true, but those two get such insane crowds that lines are very long anyways. Get used to waiting.
On the bright side, every single park had free bins or lockers in the stations to store things. None allow loose articles (even in zippered pockets or glasses with straps) and many enforce this with metal detection, but with free lockers, I don't mind this. You put your stuff in the locker and then your key comes with a strap that you wear around your wrist. Simple enough. I wish free lockers were a thing at more American parks (cough Great Adventure).
Parks close their rides by the posted wait time before park close. So if a ride has a posted 120 minute wait and the park closes at 5, they will close the line at 3 and stop allowing people to queue. This means if you get off a ride say 45 minutes before park close, there's basically nothing left for you to do.
Japanese parks love ferris wheels. They're everywhere.
Buying tickets for anything online is like pulling teeth. Some parks straight up require you to buy tickets through Seven Eleven which is wild (and Seven Eleven requires a Japanese name to buy tickets). Disney's website crashed every time I put in my card and Universal's website said they don't take foreign Visas and Mastercards. Those two I bought through an authorized reseller (Klook) and the rest I bought in person at the park.
Masks are still everywhere in Japan, not by law but by social custom (and sometimes park mandate), even on the roller coasters and outside.
Finally, the smaller the park, the less likely the staff speak English (which I understand; I wouldn't expect the average Six Flags ride op to speak fluent Japanese either). Just be patient and kind; in my experience Japanese customer service people are some of the nicest in the world. In general it's not hard to figure out what they're saying through a combination of prior experience (eg: the person assigning rows asking you a question probably wants to know the number of people in your party) and just watching what people around you are doing. As someone who doesn't speak Japanese, it was never impossible for me to figure it out, and if all else fails, Google Translate always exists. I recommend downloading the Japanese language pack when you have wifi.

Tokyo Dome City

Unfortunately Thunder Dolphin was closed for maintenance still so I didn't actually get to ride anything here.
Big pancake looking thing
No reopening date

Tokyo Joypolis

Joypolis entrance
I paid per ride as I only rode the one coaster. There is a foreigner discount if you have your passport on you (which apparently Japanese law requires you keep on you as a tourist at all times anyways).

Geki-on Live Coaster

I rode a spinning inverting interactive dark ride rhythm game roller coaster. I did not know these were words that went together.
In all seriousness, when they made the world's first inverting spinning coaster, they were so busy stuffing it with gimmicks that they forgot to make the ride good. I was genuinely curious how having playing a rhythm game while riding a coaster would work because it sounded kind of fun, but unfortunately the rhythm game portion is separate from the coaster portion. You play a bad latency-filled rhythm game for a bit and then there's a tire launch into a single heartline roll and that's the ride. There's a trim and a few slow turns after that but you're basically just meandering back to the station. You're better off just downloading a good rhythm game to your phone and playing it while in line for Time Traveler.
The single heartline roll
Not the best use of an hour in line, but hey, at least it was interesting.

Tokyo DisneySea

I went on a random non-holiday Tuesday and showed up 30 minutes before park open. The lines were as promised. Also if you buy your ticket through an authorized reseller, your ticket is on your phone, but the official park app requires you to scan your ticket and the app is, of course, also on your phone. So there's literally no way to do that without the help of someone else. Without the app, you can't book reservations or buy fast passes (which cost money now; there's a lot of outdated info still out there on the English web). On the bright side, most employees had no problem with English here and guest services even had English park maps on request.
\"Medium / Light crowds\" per most crowd calendars
Also this park is shockingly affordable, not just for a Disney park but in general. I got a full meal with a drink for lunch for only $12. Sodas can be had for around $1.50. Admission was only like $60. It's wild.

Raging Spirits

There is a single rider line (or at least there was when I was there). It's very hard to find; ask an employee. I waited in the standby line the first time while the single rider queue was literally a station wait.
This is a not very exciting Intamin family-ish coaster with a single vertical loop. Not much else to say.

Tobu Zoo

This park is actually a bit under a mile away from the nearest train station, an oddity by Japanese park standards. You can wait for the bus if you want but I took the rather pleasant stroll through the town to get to the park.
Note that El Toro Ryan went to the wrong train station in his video if you watch it. I did also find this video helpful for this park and Yomiuriland.
The staff spoke exactly zero English when I came. Google Translate was invaluable for getting tickets purchased. I just bought the one ride because the rest of the park was honestly quite beat down and depressing.
Regina 2 was still closed; I missed it by a few days. The signage makes it look like it's getting GCI trains which is cool I guess. The old trains were on display in the park if you wanted photos.
Regina 2 ad in the train station
Presumably the old trains


A good roller coaster
This really is just a smaller I305, starting with the same drop, 270 degree right turn, and airtime hill under the lift. The resemblence is uncanny, but unlike I305, it doesn't make me wanna black out from the forces. I really enjoyed this ride. It has some awesome airtime and I'm shocked Intamin hasn't sold more of these.

Fuji-Q Highland

Finally getting to the big coaster parks. I stayed at the park hotel because it was pretty affordable and got me 30 minutes early entry. I could also buy tickets at the front desk.
There is a train station at the park but taking a bus from Tokyo was cheaper and faster, even with traffic, because the train makes too many stops (even if you pay up for the Limited Express).
Calling this park the Six Flags of Japan is a disservice to the fact that there are genuinely pleasant Six Flags parks. This park was sad. Cracked pavement, chipped paint, you name it (except trash; as with all of Japan there is no litter anywhere). The fact that there was construction everywhere didn't help the vibe, and neither did the nearly empty park on the weekday I went (not empty enough to stop everything from being a two hour wait from poor ops though).
There are machines by major rides to purchase fast passes, and I think they take credit card (a rarity). I never used them though as with Do-Dodonpa still down, I was really only there for 3 credits and with early entry, I walked onto the first train of the day on Eejanaika.
On all major coasters, they would have staff brief each train of riders on safety instructions and then make everyone chant a mnemonic that I assume involves the safety info we were given? As a non Japanese speaker I kinda had no idea what was going on but having everyone stand in a circle chanting some rhyme while tapping their knees for every train of oncoming riders was not helping the operational speed.


You already know that this coaster is great. It feels very much like X2 but the rotations are smoother (I didn't hurt my calves even once on the raven turn). I also lucked out that on my 3 rides, I got the front twice and the back once. This coaster alone makes the park worth visiting. Such a shame that with only 5 rows per train (instead of X2's 7) and ops that make Magic Mountain look like Disney, it takes so long to get on this coaster. Also the park had three safety belts on the coaster (instead of X2's one) and one of the belts literally attached the chest harness to the seat chasis?? It literally doesn't hold anything to anything; it's just there to take up time.


This is just TMNT Shellraiser and it's unfortunate both copies of this good ride are in subpar parks. I didn't even notice too bad of a rattle on this one. Just an all around enjoyable ride. Great views of Mt. Fuji onboard too.


It's true. All the Togos that aren't unrideable garbage are in Japan. This one even had some okay airtime early on. Unfortunately there was a rather unpleasant vibration (not quite a rattle; too high frequency for that) in the valleys that made my lungs uncomfortable; I coughed basically all the way through the second half of the ride. I don't know if this was just a me thing and I decided against a second ride to find out.
I don't remember where I got this cool view of the under construction coaster but I think it was this ride's exit.
Construction site

Voyage Dans Le Ciel

This ride opened late and having just eaten lunch I decided why not? Don't think I'd ridden a coaster by Hoei Sangyo before. It's just a family inverted coaster with very aggressive midcourse brakes.


Another park not directly connected to the train network, although from Keiō-yomiuri-land station there is a cable car you can pay for with great views of Bandit (the other train station has a boring bus). This is another park I paid per ride because I was just getting the credits before leaving.
Cable car ride
Was shockingly full even during the week; I think I caught a school trip or something because it looked like teachers were leading classes full of students around.
Vending machines selling ride tickets and fast passes were cash only (admission could be paid with credit card).


Another not terrible Togo, and this one didn't hurt my lungs. Great use of terrain and some competent airtime too. Just an overall fun time.

Spin Runway

This indoor spinning family coaster made me laugh because as far as I could tell they had put on a Hatsune Miku theme but couldn't be bothered to rip the old theme out first, so the first dark ride portion still had dog statues and stuff and then every few meters someone had just glued a poster of a Hatsune Miku character to the wall. Even Six Flags rips out (most of) the old theming before putting in new ones, lol. Indoor spiral lift was cool though; idk if I'd ever seen one before. They had a life-sized statue at the exit and that was probably the highest effort part of the whole thing.

Lipovitan Rocket Luna

Mostly indoor suspended family coaster, though there was a bit where you swoop outside before ducking back in, which looks very nice from the outside. The theming was much higher effort here. Fun ride.
People would clap every time this happened

Nagashima Spa Land

This park also isn't by a train station. There's a local bus you can take from Kuwana station or you can take a highway bus from Nagoya, though the latter got stuck in traffic for so long I missed park open by over 30 minutes. I took the local bus and train back that night.
Fast pass vending machines only take cash. I made the mistake of only bringing 4000 yen (a bit under $40) so at 1000 yen (a bit under $10) per fast pass, I only got to skip 4 lines and had to wait for subsequent rerides on Hakugei.
The park hotel does not appear to allow single occupancy in their rooms (Japanese hotels charge for number of people in a room unlike many US hotels), which was a problem as I was travelling alone at this point of the trip. I ended up staying somewhere else.
The Manta clone and Schwarzkopf looper were closed the day I visited.


Ferris wheel has good views
It's a big RMC. You already know it's elite. The airtime is top notch, the drop is incredible even in rows 3 and 10 where I got stuck, the inversions are whippy - it's just a great ride. Does kind of just feel like a normal RMC but bigger though, which is similar to how I feel about SteVe. The trains make a rather concerning loud rattling noise in some valleys, louder than I've heard on any other RMC hybrid; idk if that means anything.

Ultra Twister

Marcel Vos in shambles
I finally got to ride the ride that's so legendary for being so bad in RCT. It was fine; with a bit of defensive riding it wasn't painful at all, since the whole coaster being in one plane meant there was limited room to make bad transitions. And it was a walk on.

Steel Dragon 2000

Didn't remember this was a giga until after I got off
Longest steel coaster in the world. A Morgan giga, running B&M trains with bizzare 2-across seating that isn't staggered (unlike B&M Hypers). It doesn't track as smoothly as a B&M through the earlier half, but that airtime finale was amazing. Not quite as violent as Magnum's but pretty close and much longer (there's what, like 6 or 7 hills? I lost count), and with the B&M clamshell it's a lot more pleasant. That said, imagine putting shinguards on a B&M clamshell. Why would anyone do that?


Standard Arrow corkscrew.

Shuttle Loop

Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. Nice that it's sticking around for now with Montezooma changing.

Jet Coaster

Kiddie ride I rode after lunch. Really thought the part at water level was going to be a splash down but nope.

Wild Mouse

Standard Mack rides compact wild mouse.


Imagine running only one side of a free-spin with a posted 1 hour wait. They really were only using one side of the station and leaving the other side empty. That said, this was by far the most flips I'd ever gotten on a free spin (4 with almost a 5th).

Universal Studios Japan

We arrived 40 minutes before park open and the rides were already running with people on them. People aren't kidding when they say this park opens long before the posted opening time.
Fast passes need to be purchased in advance as they will sell out. They come in bundles instead of being per ride. I got the one with Flying Dinosaur to avoid a posted 4 hour wait, though I will say of all the parks in Japan, Universal inflated their posted waits the most by far (often a factor of 2 or even 3).
I'm not really covering non-coaster rides but my friends loved MarioKart ride (which apparently also just opened in LA). That said I personally find the field of view on the visors to be too small to convincingly sell the effect; it feels like less than a third of your vision is actually covered, and since the ride relies on speed lines and moving scenery in the visors to sell the racing feel (since the cars are moving very slowly in real life), I find the effect doesn't really work that well.
You need timed entry passes to the Nintendo area (and sometimes the Harry Potter area too) if you don't buy a Fast Pass that includes it already. Get to the park early to get them before they're all gone.
Park employees spoke English no problem here, just like Disney. Ops were good too. The park just gets too many guests. Food was not as cheap as Disney though. Single rider lines are much longer than they were at Disney; I'm told Disney attracts more families who want to stick together, while Universal has more teens willing to split up for a shorter wait. Idk if that's true but whatever the reason, the single rider line was frequently only 10 to 20 minutes shorter than the standby line.

Hollywood Dream

An otherwise fun B&M Hyper ruined by the speakers right next to your ears blasting music at eardrum shattering volumes. Probably would've been a fun ride if I had brought earplugs with me. And it wasn't just me; the random person sitting next to me was plugging her ears too through the whole ride.
Never seen a B&M Hyper with a dual load station before though; that's how you know the ops here are decent (slowed by having people cross the train to put stuff in bins before metal detecting on the platform itself, but with a dual load station it's parallelized).

Flying Dinosaur

Beautiful lake views from the ride
Disclaimer: I don't love intensity that much. I find the pretzel loops on most B&M flyers to be my least favorite part. So Flying Dinosaur was whatever for me. It's a very intense B&M flyer for sure, but I enjoy these rides more for the view and the feeling of flight than the chest crushing Gs through the loops, so this one wasn't for me. I'm sure intensity buffs will love it though.

Doraemon XR Ride: Nobita's Sky Utopia

An indoor spinning Mack family coaster, except they had turned off the spinning and were only using the two forward facing seats per car to accomodate the VR experience. It seems like it's been a VR ride for a while; if so, I have to wonder why Universal doesn't just buy forward facing trains for this. Would improve operations immensely to actually have the full coaster's capacity. A posted 4 hour wait in both the standby and single rider line for a family coaster on a nonholiday Tuesday is insane. Luckily the single rider line only took 90 minutes, far less than what's posted.
Notice the empty rear-facing seats
This was actually my first time on a VR coaster (I had dropped out of the enthusiast community right before the VR craze went around) and the experience was pretty fun for what it is; feels like a screen ride except with some actual forces since you are still on a coaster. Your plane dives in VR and you actually feel a drop. It was fun. Wouldn't wait 4 hours for it.

Flight of the Hippogriff

Haven't ridden the one in Orlando but I suspect this one is a clone. Only got on it because every other line had closed near the end of the day.

And those were the coasters I rode. Let me know if you have any questions; I can try to answer, though I will confess I am no expert on the country or culture of Japan. For all the annoyances, there are some great coasters in Japan so if you're fortunate enough to be able to visit, I would. Oh and the rest of the country is cool too.
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2023.03.20 23:34 CrumbsThatWasAce Why is opening a bank account so hard

“Sorry but you need an ID with a picture on it” I have never needed an id for anything before, the dmv 50 minutes away is booked until April/May, and my local dmv opens at 9, closes at 5, and is closed on weekends (I’m at school at 9 and my mom doesn’t get home until 5) Okay, let’s go to the other bank, well will you look at that both their bankers are busy today because it’s closing time (again my mom comes home at 5 and they also close at 5) so you need to make an appointment. Mom has to log in to her account to make the appointment online, doesn’t remember her password, says she’ll make the appointment on Friday and refuses to talk about it further.
All of that and I still have to wait a month to get a debit card, this is absolutely frustrating to me. I feel like I’m never gonna get this done and my paychecks are just going to be collecting dust because I have no bank account to cash them into and there’s 832753 obstacles preventing me from creating one. My own money, that I made myself, that I can’t do anything with. I’m losing my mind
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2023.03.20 23:24 FozzTexx 2023 Mar 20 Stickied -FAQ- & -HELPDESK- thread - Boot problems? Power supply problems? Display problems? Networking problems? Need ideas? Get help with these and other questions!

Welcome to the raspberry_pi Helpdesk and Frequently Asked Questions!

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This helpdesk and idea thread is here so that the front page won't be filled with these same questions day in and day out:
  1. Q: What's a Raspberry Pi? What can I do with it? How powerful is it? A: Check out this great overview
  2. Q: Does anyone have any ideas for what I can do with my Pi? A: Sure, look right here!
  3. Q: My Pi is behaving strangely/crashing/freezing, giving low voltage warnings, ethernet/wifi stops working, USB devices don't behave correctly, what do I do? A:. 99.999% of the time it's either a bad SD card or power problems. Use a USB power meter or measure the 5V on the GPIO pins with a multimeter while the Pi is busy (such as playing h265/x265 video) and/or get a new SD card. If the voltage is less than 5V your power supply and/or cabling is not adequate. When your Pi is doing lots of work it will draw more power. Even if your power supply claims to provide sufficient amperage, it may be mislabeled or the cable you're using to connect the power supply to the Pi may have too much resistance. You can use a USB load tester to test your power supply and cable. Some power supplies require negotiation to use the higher amperage, which the Pi does not do. If you're plugging in USB devices try using a powered USB hub with its own power supply and plug your devices into the hub and plug the hub into the Pi.
  4. Q: Due to the chip shortage I'm having a hard time buying a Raspberry Pi, all the stores say sold out. Even after the most recent announcement from Raspberry Pi they are still hard to find. Where's the secret place to buy one without paying more than MSRP? A: https://rpilocator.com/
  5. Q: I just did a fresh install with the latest Raspberry Pi OS and the default usepassword of pi/raspberry doesn't work for ssh or logging in, why not? A: The default pi user no longer exists, you need to create your own account
  6. Q: The screen is just black or blank or saying no signal, what do I do? A: Follow these steps
  7. Q: The only way to troubleshoot my problem is using a multimeter but I don't have one. What can I do? A: Get a basic multimeter, they are not expensive.
  8. Q: My Pi won't boot, how do I fix it? A: Step by step guide for boot problems
  9. Q: I want to watch Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/Vudu/Disney+ on a Pi but the tutorial I followed didn't work, does someone have a working tutorial? A: Use a Fire Stick/AppleTV/Roku. Pi tutorials used tricks that no longer work or are fake click bait.
  10. Q: What model of Raspberry Pi do I need so I can watch YouTube in a browser? A: No model of Raspberry Pi is capable of watching YouTube smoothly through a web browser, you need to use VLC.
  11. Q: I want to know how to do a thing, not have a blog/tutorial/video/teachebook explain how to do a thing. Can someone explain to me how to do that thing? A: Uh... What?
  12. Q: Is it possible to use a single Raspberry Pi to do multiple things? Can a Raspberry Pi run Pi-hole and something else at the same time? A: YES. Pi-hole uses almost no resources. You can run Pi-hole at the same time on a Pi running Minecraft which is one of the biggest resource hogs. The Pi is capable of multitasking and can run more than one program and service at the same time. (Also known as "workload consolidation" by Intel people.) You're not going to damage your Pi by running too many things at once, so try running all your programs before worrying about needing more processing power or multiple Pis.
  13. Q: Why is transferring things over the LAN/internet so slow? A: If you have a Pi 4 with SSD, please check this post on the Pi forums. Otherwise it's a networking problem and/or disk & filesystem problem, please go to HomeNetworking or LinuxQuestions.
  14. Q: I only have one outlet and I need to plug in several devices, what do I do? A: They make things called power strips aka multi-tap extensions.
  15. Q: The red and green LEDs are on/off/blinking but it doesn't work, can someone help me? A: Start here
  16. Q: I'm trying to run x86 software on my Raspberry Pi but it doesn't work, how do I fix it? A: Get an x86 computer. A Raspberry Pi is ARM based, not x86.
  17. Q: Should I add a heatsink, fan, or some kind of cooling to my Raspberry Pi? A: If you think you need one then you should add it
  18. Q: Can I use this screen that came from ____ ? A: No
  19. Q: I run my Pi headless and there's a problem with my Pi and the best way to diagnose it or fix it is to plug in a monitor & keyboard, what do I do? A: Plug in a monitor & keyboard.
  20. Q: My Pi seems to be causing interference preventing the WiFi from working A. Using USB 3 cables that are not properly shielded can cause interference and the Pi 4 can also cause interference when HDMI is used at high resolutions.
  21. Q: I'm trying to use the built-in composite video output that is available on the Pi 2/3/4 headphone jack, do I need a special cable? A. Make sure your cable is wired correctly and you are using the correct RCA plug. Composite video cables for mp3 players will not work, the common ground goes to the wrong pin. Camcorder cables will often work, but red and yellow will be swapped on the Raspberry Pi.
  22. Q: I'm running my Pi with no monitor connected, how can I use VNC? A: First, do you really need a remote GUI? Try using ssh instead. If you're sure you want to access the GUI remotely then ssh in, type vncserver -depth 24 -geometry 1920x1080 and see what port it prints such as :1, :2, etc. Now connect your client to that.
  23. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it on Linux. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi? A: A Raspberry Pi is a full computer running Linux and doesn't use special stripped down embedded microcontroller versions of standard Linux software. Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Linux. Also see question #1.
  24. Q: I want to do something that has been well documented and there are numerous tutorials showing how to do it with an Arduino. How can I do it on a Raspberry Pi Pico? A: Follow one of the tutorials for doing it on Arduino, a Pico can be used with the Arduino IDE.
  25. Q: I'm trying to do something with Bluetooth and it's not working, how do I fix it? A: It's well established that Bluetooth and Linux don't get along, this problem is not unique to the Raspberry Pi.
Before posting your question think about if it's really about the Raspberry Pi or not. If you were using a Raspberry Pi to display recipes, do you really think raspberry_pi is the place to ask for cooking help? There may be better places to ask your question, such as:
Asking in a forum more specific to your question will likely get better answers!
See the /raspberry_pi rules. While /raspberry_pi should not be considered your personal search engine, some exceptions will be made in this help thread. ‡ If the link doesn't work it's because you're using a broken buggy mobile client. Please contact the developer of your mobile client and let them know they should fix their bug. In the meantime use a web browser in desktop mode instead.
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2023.03.20 23:19 Alpacalypsenoww How important is the contractor’s website?

I’ve been needing my front steps replaced for some time. I’ve had a few contractors not call me back. Today I came home and my neighbors’ front steps were demolished and the workers were sitting outside.
I went over and got their boss’s number (there was a bit of a language barrier so I couldn’t get much more info from them).
Their boss stopped by and gave us an estimate. He said he’d write something up and if we wanted to go with them, he’d do it this week along with the neighbors’. He handed me business card.
Their website is insanely generic. I can’t find any info about them online besides their own website.
I’m waiting for their quote because maybe they work under a different business name but are associated with a national name? But the lack of info seems a little sketchy to me.
If they’re legit I probably will go with them. The number he gave me was on par with what I’ve researched, but he also said he’d knock it down a bit because it’ll save costs doing ours at the same time as the neighbors.
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2023.03.20 22:58 Maggies_Magnetic_ 21F [Activities] I'm doing Tarot Card Readings again today.

Hello! My name is Maggie and I run a business reading Tarot Cards. I'm doing free readings for first time clients. Donations are appreciated, but not required. I do require you to be 18+ and agree to my terms and conditions though.
If you want a reading, message me with the following information:
Your name, age, gender, and where you're from. You also need to choose what kind of reading you want and what deck you want me to use. I have a white themed deck, black themed deck, and cat themed deck. We will also need to schedule a time for me to do a reading for you.
There is some people I never got to last time I did readings, so if that's the case for you, message me again and remind me. I deleted all my conversations because there was too many and I had a hard time keeping everyone straight. I'm also doing readings for people I've never talked to before. So, if you're interested, DM me!
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2023.03.20 22:52 Pale_Ad5899 HACKING SERVICES

Contact Us On [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
About the research
Many businesses actively and productively use corporate sites, online stores, and web services to accomplish tasks. Customers register on these websites by leaving their personal data, make purchases by entering credit card information, and use cloud services to store information or use the resources provided to send their sensitive information. It is obvious that not only competitors, but also cybercriminals, would like to have access to such precious data, so it is no surprise when clients' personal data is leaked from yet another big company into the hands of criminals. Often, these events are associated with a successful attack on a company's web applications, as a result of which attackers gain access to the user database or steal other information. For example, in September 2020, hackers broke into more than 2,800 Magento-based online stores where they injected a malicious script that to scrape customers' personal information and payment card data.
As a result of hacking, both users and companies themselves may be affected. The web application security analysis conducted by Positive Technologies shows that criminals can conduct attacks on clients in 92% of web applications; in 68% of cases, there is a danger of a data leak; and in 16% of cases, attackers can gain control over the application and the server OS.
In this article, we will talk about why criminals hack websites, and what consequences there may be for the owners and users of hacked resources.
We have selected the ten most active forums on the dark web, which offer services for hacking websites, buying and selling databases, and accessing web resources. In total, more than 8 million users are registered on these forums, more than 7 million topics have been created, and more than 80 million messages have been published.
Note that this article does not consider ads that are posted in messages on such forums and related to services for organizing DDoS attacks on web resources, since in this case, the motives, goals, and tools of the attackers and those who hire them differ radically and go beyond the scope of this research.
Why criminals hack websites
In 90% of cases, users of darknet hacking forums search for a hacker who can provide them with access to a particular resource or who can download a user database. Seven percent of the messages include offers to hack websites. The rest of the messages are aimed at promoting hacking tools and programs and finding like-minded people to share hacking experience.
By offers, we mean ads published by service owners and hacker groups. They cannot act as indicators of supply and demand, as they are often posted only once. The demand for the services mentioned above can be estimated approximately only by individual inquiries from users who, for various reasons, did not make use of the information about the offers.
Figure 1. Categories of inquiries related to hacking websites
Since March 2020, we have noticed a surge of interest in website hacking. This might have been caused by an increase in the number of companies available via the Internet, which was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations that previously worked offline were forced to go online in order to maintain their customers and profits, and cybercriminals, naturally, took advantage of this situation.
The following graph shows the number of new ads on dark web forums. Ads are posted not only by new members, but also by hackers with an established reputation. The latter do this as a form of self-promotion. It is difficult to determine which ads are duplicates and which have lost relevance, so we do not give the number of hackers or groups that actively provided hacking services at the beginning of 2019 or who are doing it today.
Figure 2. Number of new ads related to hacking web resources on forums in 2019–2020
In about seven out of ten inquiries related to website hacking, the main goal is to gain access to a web resource. Not only can attackers steal sensitive information, but also sell access to web applications to so-called fences.
Figure 3. Distribution of inquiries by topic
Inquiries aimed at obtaining user or client databases from a targeted resource account for 21% of all ads. Competitors and spammers who collect lists of addresses for targeted phishing attacks aimed at a specific audience are primarily interested in acquiring this type of information.
Contact Us On [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.20 22:50 JesseGT15 Chase Ink Unlimited targeted offer.

I got an offer from chase for the ink unlimited for 900$ cash back after 6k in 3 months.
I know the offer goes away 3/21/23 if I’m not mistaken so I had planned to apply today. But with this targeted offer it says it expires 5/1/23
So my question is will I still get the 900$ since I got this offer or would it most likely be a lower offer after it goes away for everyone?
I just got the other ink card on 3/1/23 so I would like to wait a bit longer to get this one but didn’t want to miss out on the 900$ but would like a month to organically hit the spend on the first ink.
I own a business and bank with chase so this offer is not the first but until now I only used amex business cards but ran into a few vendors recently that don’t accept amex so decided to get Visa cards and saw the offers so decided to get points for a vacation later.
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2023.03.20 22:47 KikoKeys [US-CA] [H] Unfinished/Raw Data Pad w/ 23ub, Black/Chroma Link65, GMK: Noire, Redacted, Camping, Sloth, Norse, Metropolis, Yuri, Dualshot, Awaken, Artisans + M107 Collection [W] PayPal, Local Cash, GMK Wants

Timestamps Artisans + GSK M107 Collection
Local to 92115
Willing to trade for or purchase the following (BNIB/Light use preferred). Please comment then PM me your prices shipped to Califonia, 92115:
GMK Hyperfuse Accent Kit
GMK Yuri Icons, Novelties
GMK Carbon R2 Novelties, Rolling Bones, 6u Spacebars
GMK Laser Laserwave Dusk & Dawn Translucent kits
Item Description Price (Inclusive of PayPal fee, exclusive of Shipping fee)
Unfinished/Raw Norbauer Data Pad Unfinished Aluminum Data Pad. Raw SS Backplate. No Norbauer box. Comes with Folio, extra parts. Can sell as is case only, or with a 23ub (stock, lubed the 2u stab, unsilenced) https://imgur.com/a/xV4Om8Q $350 or $450 with 23ub
Black/Chroma Link65 Built with Wisteria switches and TX Stabs on a solder PCB. PE foamed. Comes with original box/accessories/foams. Plastic still on the PVD weight. https://imgur.com/a/aTvUkS0 $325
GMK Noire Base Base has some shine $115
GMK Noire Salvuns Alu, Brass, Copper $40 for alu, $50 for brass/copper
GMK Noire Diffraction Deskmat Like new $20
GMK Redacted Base + Novs + Bars + Add-on Base has very light shine on some alphas $250
GMK Camping R2 Base + Novs + LuxCable Collab Base has light/moderate shine. Missing normal backspace, novs includes Novelty backspace. Ships in bags $220
GMK Sloth Novs Sealed $50
GMK Norse Base + Bars + Novs + 1u Alu RAMA + Spacecables Collab Typed on for a few hours on my old dolice then stowed away. No shine. Ships in bags $290
GMK Metropolis R2 Base Sealed $120
GMK Metropolis R2 Novelties Sealed $45
GMK Metropolis 2.25u Enter RAMA BNIB $55
GMK Metropolis 1u RAMA BNIB $40
GMK Yuri 40s Kit Sealed $45
GMK Dualshot R2 Command Sealed $25
GMK Awaken Mainframe Base Very light shine, ships in bags $105
Maker + Sculpt Colorway Price (Inclusive of PayPal fee, exclusive of Shipping fee)
Melonkeys Hayabusa Dustbusa $55
Lividity Observer Julius $55
SodieCaps Crescent Cap v2 Ashes of Ariandel $55
Lividity Shriek Companion $55
404artisans INKM Pennywise $35
Destroyer Caps Rawr Clarblart $35
Melonkeys Suika Laser $75
Melonkeys Sumo Laser $75
Melonkeys Kamikaze Laser $75
Hungry Hustlas Conchas Pink/White, Black/Grey, Tri-color $25/ea
Rama Wave Seq2 Br Matte Gold $60
Hibi x JWST - $45
Namong Lessy w/ Sunglasses Rudy $85
M107 Collection:
Selling my GSK M107 collection. Here's an image that lists which are currently available in this collection. Asking $110/cap if you purchase the whole collection (23 caps). If you buy the whole collection I will cover shipping and insurance cost within CONUS (signature will be required, package will be massive). Every single one has its own box/auth card/sticker, except for Hyperfuse which is missing the sticker. No cracked stems. Only a handful were ever mounted. If you're interested in only select caps, feel free to PM me and we can work something out. There's 2 Wonder Woman caps in there. If you buy the whole collection, I will just throw the extra one in for free.
If the collection gets broken up, I will update availability below:
All available as of 1/13/23.
Light & Dark Carbon, Patina, and Laser sold as of 1/18/23. Daruma sold as of 2/9/23. No Face, Totoro, Drac, and Frankenstein sold as of 2/14/23. Bob, Buzz, and Thanos sold as of 2/20/23. Cheshire sold as of 3/3/23.
Please comment before PM and do not use Reddit Chat. If on Mobile, click here to send a PM.
Shipping turnaround time is usually next business day upon receipt of payment barring delays from couriers/work. Will only ship to address on PayPal. Please be sure it's correct!
Willing to ship international. Buyer responsible for any conversion & import/VAT fees. Items will be declared at full value for international sales. Feel free to send a PM if you have any questions/want more info or pictures. Be sure to check my most recent post for up-to-date availability on items!
Thank you for your interest
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2023.03.20 22:46 h3llofaRide What KPIs do banks use to determine the success of their credit card business relative to their competitors?

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2023.03.20 22:43 MacaronMilktea Apple Pay finally available in Korea for Hyundai Card users

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2023.03.20 22:41 MaterialAd9958 Where to categorize interest earned and cash reward?

Chart of Accounts - (1) Is interest earned from a business checking account part of "Liabilities & Credit Cards"? (2) Is cash reward on a business credit card part of "Liabilities & Credit Cards"?
Currently both interest earned and cash reward are in the "Income" category.
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2023.03.20 22:36 Muff-dive-707 Would anyone like a spare lounge invitation?

I have a complimentary lounge invitation that I got from my credit card, however I won't be able to use before it expires on 1st April.
Is anyone flying in the next 10 days or so who would make use of this invitation? If so, I am happy to transfer it to you.
Conditions are as follows:
- Must be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member
- General type invitations can be used at any Qantas Club domestic lounge, Qantas International Lounge or Qantas operated International Business Lounge (excluding Los Angeles Tom Bradley Terminal) when departing on a Qantas or Jetstar flight number. Please make sure your flight fits the above criteria and you are departing from an airport which has one of these lounges.
- If you can show me proof that you are travelling before the expiry date, I can make the transfer. You'd need to provide your membership number and last name.
Leave a comment below or send me a message if interested!
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2023.03.20 22:35 OnlyCryptographer808 Chase FF or FU - or another option?

I’m a relatively new immigrant to the USA (Q3 2022). Looking to pick up a long term, no AF workhorse of a card, and I’m thinking I should get into the chase ecosystem earlier than later to minimize the 5/24 implications.
Current cards: Discover IT Secured (CL $2000, Oct 2022), Amex Gold (Sep 2022) FICO Score: 720 Oldest account age: 6 months Chase 5/24 status: 3/24 (AU on one of my wife’s cards) Income: $60,000 Average monthly spend and categories: dining $200-400 groceries: $500 gas: $80 travel: $2k (annually) Other: $200-500 (mainly vet bills recently) Open to Business Cards: No What's the purpose of your next card? Building credit, rewards - either cash back or points for travel as will need that at some point anyway. Do you have any cards you've been looking at? Chase FF & FU, but open to other ecosystems Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? Open to both, discover card gets a cash back match the first year so will be getting 2% back across the board for the first year anyway. Maybe leaning towards categorized spending.
Any additional insight would be appreciated!
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2023.03.20 22:25 CraigLearmont Back to 1996. Check out the prices in the ad!!!

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2023.03.20 22:21 Causalityloop319 My Villain Academia: Broken Legacies

My Villain Academia: Broken Legacies
"200 years, that is how long its been since the death ofIzuku Midoriya, the then present #1 hero. All was going well, all was calm. Perhaps too calm one could say, as over the following centuries The Heroes had grown complicit. Accepting the idea that a new One For All Bearer would come around to save them, and they had been, for 175 years the world was protected. But something was off, faulty even as With All For One now deceased the powers within the quirk had no reason to actively improve itself, nor its Weilders. Resulting in the quirk slowly degrading, weakening over time, so 25 years ago. The Quirk One For All, now barely being on par with its 6th user's Strength, Simply could not keep up as an attack was launched. This attack, was orchestrated by 5 Villains, Each using an Alias, Diamond, Spade, Club, Heart and Joker. Together these five as well as their followers Killed the then 20th user of the One For All Quirk, Without their number one the Heroes scattered like ants trying to regroup.
Due to this 'Suits Incident', Japan's hero society crumbled like a house of cards. leaving Japan Divided into 5 segments, Dour gang controlled, and One Hero controlled. It has been 25 years since these events transpired, Rumor has it that Quirks have started acting in... odd ways, as during the last 25 years, Older quirks have started popping up as if a round 2. Legendary Quirks known through the ages as the Strongest of their Era have come almost as if a call for help from Humanity itself. These users of these quirks are valued highly, with the heroes attempting to train as many of them as possible in the hopes that together. they can reclaim japan? or will the newfound stigma of these powers doom the heroes to extinction?

How does that sound? its definitely not your box standard my hero academia roleplay, we don't even have a school. but what we DO have, is opportunity for anyone who joins to take place as a major factor in our story. No one person is a protagonist, no matter what their quirk may be.
Highlights of our server include but are not limited to
  • Semi-Lit Requirement: You will not be finding any one liners here, we know that it can be a bit difficult to get into the scene when you get four or five words in response, so we are aiming to fix that
  • Darker Take: Our story is a tad bit darker than the typical story, Which has lead us to make the server 16+. with a basic age verification to ensure that remains.
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly Environment, Our story will be darker than the typical my hero scene, but as a whole we welcome everybody so long as you aren't being a bad person.
  • Reliable Events: We will have events every 2 weeks (give or take a few days), to ensure everybody has something to keep them busy should they wish to participate, as well as proper down time in the event they have no interest being involved in more Casual roleplay
  • Custom Quirks + Canon Quirks: We allow people to have Canon quirks on top of the custom quirks they can make themselves. Of course only one of each quirk can exist so its a first come first serve basis, but its nice to have the option isn't it?
  • Rolling system for combat: Now this one may be controversial, but we decided that solid stats just didn't really fit our vibe so to speak. Instead we have a basic d20 system, with ranks being obtainable. the higher your rank, the better the result of your dice is garneted to be, which not making it completely impossible to beat anyone, unless you are actively trying to day one somebody who is of the highest rank in the server
  • All of this and more is to be found in our server, so feel free to stop by
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2023.03.20 22:19 PuzzleheadedAd2461 Patriots a 'wild card' in Lamar Jackson sweepstakes

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