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[I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 6: On The Organizational Habits of Unrested Spirits and The Taste of Demon's Blood, Part 2.

2023.05.29 21:40 bimbo_wannabe_ [I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 6: On The Organizational Habits of Unrested Spirits and The Taste of Demon's Blood, Part 2.

[I Accidentally Joined The Mafia In South Brooklyn] Chapter 6: On The Organizational Habits of Unrested Spirits and The Taste of Demon's Blood, Part 2.
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My nerve wavered a little.
"I don't really like the taste of blood, B."
"It doesn't taste like blood. Everybody tastes something different. Rossi says it tastes like old wine, Jimmy tastes caramel and leather, and me? To me it… tastes like gunpowder, and the way diesel smells."
I stared at the glass, then quickly tipped it into my mouth, took it down in two quick gulps, slid the mouth guard in place, at the same time sitting back against the sectional again as Becca snatched the glass from me.
It burned when it touched my tongue, and for a moment I tasted rose water and cinnamon, and in the next second, I was gone.
I've had a seizure once in my life, detoxing from heroin. The doctor said it was very rare, I was an unlucky fuck at best, but this? This was worse.
You ever seen a video of a tetanus convulsion? How the back bends, only their head and feet are touching the ground? Well, that's exactly what happened the moment the burning settled in my stomach. My entire body locked down, it felt like my muscles themselves would break my bones.
The pain overtook me and everything went black, but I soon realized I hadn't lost consciousness. No, I could see into the black. I was floating in it, naked. It was rolling like clouds of smoke, or a velvet curtain rippling in the breeze, and inside of the black, things were moving.
They were just as black, slimy, slithering things. Arms and legs and spider fingers and… wings, wings like bats, but no… not just black, iridescent. I saw within them blue, purple, red. They came from the darkness and spread over me like oil. Their touch was cold, but me? The burning spread all over my body. I felt like I was on fire.
I came back to the apartment a moment later, tried my best to tell my body to go with it while my muscles contracted and shook. It ended just as suddenly as it began.
I felt weak, when it was over. My body hurt. I felt like I had been in a car crash. But oddly enough, some parts of me didn't hurt anymore.
My limbs felt like lead as I removed the guard, but I found the strength to reach down and lift the leg of my pants. The old surgery scars on my knee were gone. The pain I had been living with for the last nineteen years was completely and suddenly absent.
My arms shook as I let go of my pants leg. I couldn't find the strength to lower it back to my ankle. I touched my nose as gingerly as I could with my hand jerking. It still hurt just as badly as it had before, but the ring finger on my left hand? It was bending again.
"Did it work?" I asked. Becca removed a few bits of ephemera from a mirrored tray on the coffee table, and raised it before my face.
My skin was no longer swollen and bruised, my nose still bloody but no longer dripping. Beneath my fingers, the bone felt whole again. It wasn't the only thing that had changed. The creases in my forehead, the crow's feet at the corner of my eyes, the smile and frown lines around my mouth, they were all gone. My skin was as smooth as though I was a teenager again.
My eyes were brighter, somehow. I had always gotten quite a lot of compliments on my green eyes, didn't think it was arrogant to recognize what others had told me, but they were different now, somehow paler yet deeper in color all at the same time. There was a new ring of yellow around the pupil that hadn't been there before. I felt with my tongue on the left side of my jaw.
The molar was back, like it had never been gone. It was different, though. Still a flat chewing surface but the edges were sharp, sharp enough that I sliced the tip of my tongue running it across the surface. I tasted blood for a moment before the cut was suddenly whole again.
I flexed my fingers experimentally, found the tremors were easing with every passing second and a flush was spreading across my body, both hot and cold all at once. Strength flooded my muscles, my mind was as clear as a bell, but despite all of that, I still felt a consuming weakness and exhaustion inside.
I'd gotten stuck for two shifts at the grocery store once, then had a call out on the stock crew and had stayed for four hours to help them. I had worked a total of twenty hours that day, and this… felt exactly like that, exhausted and as wired as a methhead on a three day bender all at the same time. Simultaneously bone-tired and hurting but feeling like I was bulletproof.
Becca was watching me with a sad grin.
"Hell of a ride, huh?"
I jerked my head in a nod, found I had to adjust the amount of force I put behind it because I was moving quicker than I had before.
"You know, I can see why Jimmy likes it… and Rocco doesn't."
"Rossi, well, how do I put this? He likes to stay in control, but he isn't a control freak. He barely even drinks… but Jimmy… he's less concerned about controlling himself and more concerned about controlling everyone else."
Becca stood then, removed some alcohol wipes and a tourniquet from the tackle box, turning on the blood warmer. She hooked the first of the bags to the IV line and sat again, opening the wipe but not removing it yet. She tied the tourniquet around her arm, or, tried to. She was struggling with it.
"You need some help with that?"
She looked at me for a moment before she nodded.
"Yeah, actually."
I took the tourniquet from her, moving before her and sitting on the coffee table.
"You know, as many years as I've been doing this, I still suck at it. Can't find a fucking vein for a goddamned hour at a time, blow them out everytime I turn around."
I made a sound of acknowledgment as I tied the tourniquet tight around her arm. I felt with my fingers, but wasn't having much luck. A slap with the back of my hand in the dip of her elbow didn't do much more to distend the veins. The back of her hand was equally lacking in usable veins.
"There's one thing about it, kid, you would have made a terrible junkie, you got shit for veins."
She made a sound of frustration and tried to pull her arm away from me.
"See, I told you."
"Uh-uh, hold on. You can launder money in your sleep, but me? I can find a vein with my eyes closed."
I felt farther up onto her forearm, then tried the back of it. I finally had luck, pressed the vein a few times to get it to stand up farther.
"See, you got a good one right there."
I wiped over it with the alcohol, grabbed the hypodermic and glanced up to her face. She had her eyes squeezed shut.
"On three."
She nodded, and I counted down, slid the needle in, then pressed the snap to leave only the cannula inside the vein, taped it down, then removed the tourniquet.
"All done."
I opened the tubing to allow the blood to start traveling down, and adjusted the flow regulator just a bit.
She stared at me for a long moment.
"You're really good at that. You ever considered going to school? You'd make a hell of a phlebotomist."
I snorted lightly.
"I can see all kind of doctors in my future just itching to hire a felon into their office."
"You could go work with Farid down at the free clinic. He runs the place, you know Muslims love doing charity work. They don't pay amazing, nonprofit and all, but he honestly don't give a shit who works there as long as you know what you're doing."
I hummed quietly. As I watched, the color drained from her face, going from white, straight to gray. She winced, and sat back against the couch stiffly.
"It hurts when it goes in the vein?" I asked the obvious.
She nodded.
"Burns like I shot up acid. Never gets any easier, but at least I don't get an in-game tutorial on a Grand Mal seizure, so… small blessings."
"You want a drink or something, B? A snack?"
She laughed weakly.
"Yeah. Give me a water and some oreos. They're in the cabinet over the stove."
I followed her directions and brought the bottle of water and a saucer of the cookies to her. She pulled one knee up, her bare foot balanced on the edge of the couch cushion and set the saucer on her other thigh.
"Can I ask you something, Tony?"
"Shoot, B."
She stayed silent for a long moment.
"You know, I don't want you to think I'm hitting on you but… would you… hold me?"
I laughed quietly and sat down beside her, looping my arm around her shoulders and tucking her in close to my side. I laid her head against my shoulder, tucked under my jaw, and looped my other arm around the front of her shoulders, smoothing my hand over her hair. She wiggled against me just a bit, getting comfortable.
"No worries at all, B. I mean, I guess you and me are literally famiglia now. And no offense, you're a good looking kid but… other than the fact you're too young for me, and you're my best friend's girl, you're not exactly my type."
She snorted.
"Let me guess, the gentleman prefers blondes and older women."
That gave me a bit of a chuckle.
"I gotta say, you got me pegged again, B."
I smoothed my hand over her hair, and began humming softly and rocking gently.
"No, Non Si Speri," she said, quietly. "That's funny, that's Ma's favorite song."
I laughed. Goddamned patterns…
"Mine, too, Miss Rebecca, mine, too."
She tried her best to relax against me, but I could feel every time she stiffened and winced.
Time to distract her again.
"So, uh, that night, Antoni came in late, and asked you out… start from there."
She adjusted her body against mine again.
"Yeah, uh… he asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I asked him why he wanted to know, and he told me he didn't want to step on anyone's toes… so I told him he should be worried about stepping on my toes, cause he was talking to the Boss of me. And he laughed, and asked me if I could ask the Boss about the girl who worked the register, if she would be interested in having dinner and seeing a movie. It kind of caught me off guard. I had been fantasizing about that exact thing happening but I was scared. I told him if he was just fucking with me I'd have to ban him from the store, permanently. But he said no, he was serious… so I told him that we'd go out that Saturday to see this horror movie that had just come out and he could pick where we ate, cause I'd eat most anything, just not to take me anywhere fancy, cause I only dress up for Mass and his ass wasn't better than God."
"You probably should have kept that bit to yourself, B. Bet you sealed the deal for him right then and there. He'd found his girl and she was already a Catholic, didn't even have to get her to convert."
"So we… went out the next night. I worked the morning shift so I could have the night off, and I had Antoni meet me on the platform so there'd be less chance of somebody seeing. All that day at work, I started to get more and more worried. The motherfucker was literally two feet taller than me, down to the inch, but I figured that put me at a good height to suckerpunch him in his balls if he stepped out of line. I ain't exactly a slouch when it comes to self defense but when I met him that night I took my steel telescoping baton with me, just in case. I didn't have to worry. He never laid a hand on me, not once, till I touched him that way first, even if it was as simple as holding my hand, or putting his arm around me.
"I mean, the man should be up for canonization… he had patience like a fucking Saint. That… that picture, on my phone, that was the first time I ever kissed him. Six weeks I made him wait. Six weeks and him taking me out every Saturday like clock work, but he never said a word, never made a pass, just waited for me."
I could hear tears feathering into her voice again.
"That day, I made him call off work so we could spend the day at Coney Island. Made him spend two hundred damned dollars on the fairway to win me this giant blue bear, and he lugged it around the rest of the day with this stupid grin on his face, carried it home on the fucking train. Six weeks, and me spending almost every night in his bed…"
"So you two slept together before you ever 'slept together'?"
I could feel her nod, more than see it.
"At first, I just wanted to give him a hard time… you know, see just how much patience he really had… but, I felt safe with him, Tony, sleeping beside him was the safest I'd ever felt in my life. I didn't want to give up that feeling. If I had known how it would all end up, I wouldn't have made either of us wait that long… but… that day, right before we left, we went on the Wonder Wheel and… the fucking engine blew. There was this loud ass boom and this big ass cloud of smoke. I thought it was a fucking bomb, to be honest. We were stuck up there at the top for four solid hours while they tried to fix the engine, and when they finally gave up and called the fire department, we had to wait for a ladder truck to get there. So after the first thirty minutes had passed, I asked him if he wanted to make out, and he grinned at me and said… Absolutely."
She sniffed back her tears, cleared her throat and I tucked her tiny body closer against my side.
"You know, he took that picture to send to his brother. He hadn't brought his phone, so he used mine. Said Igor had been riding his ass the whole time about how I was stringing him along for the past six weeks and he was stupid enough to let me. And after that, I got a little handsy, to be honest. It was like the old saying goes, there was some Roman Hands and Russian Fingers that day. I had to put his hands where I wanted them myself, but uh… he didn't need a lot of instruction after that point. The assholes in the booth behind us kept whooping and hollering, they knew exactly what was going on but… I didn't really give a fuck. I just wanted to get a nut and give him one, too, and we had hours to kill.
"We fooled around for a few more days after that, you know, exchanged some, uh, oral instruction, if you will, but… I-I was scared to death. I didn't want to admit I'd never been with a man before, so the night I decided to go all the way, I goaded Ciech into a drinking game. Drank his ass under the table, but… Antoni, that stupid fucker… he told me no. Said I was perfectly welcome to spend another night in his bed, but if I wanted more than that, then I had to come to him sober. I was so embarrassed I cussed him like a dog, in every language I knew and he just… sat there through the whole thing, never even looked up from his book, just… asked me if I was done acting like a spoiled child. So then, I started crying cause I was so angry. And then the stupid fucker told me, 'You shouldn't cry like that, it's embarassing."
I snorted.
"Yeah, he was a bitch about that, wasn't he? Little bit of toxic masculinity to spice things up, eh?"
"So then I was doubly pissed, and I didn't talk to him for three days."
She sighed.
"Most miserable three days of my life. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, it was like… every cell in my body was calling for him. I finally broke down, and begged him not to say no again… and he didn't. And, Jesus Christ, I wanted it every day after that, sometimes twice a day and… he never told me no again. It took a little while to get comfortable for the two of us, but eventually we started to share some of our proclivities with each other.
"Turned out he was a sadomasochist, just like me, so we uh, added some new activities in. We both got a kick out of the fact he could throw me around like a rag doll and fold me up like a pretzel, but, personally, I think he got a bigger kick out of the fact my little ass could actually hurt him if I really wanted to… and sometimes I wanted to. I'd have a bad day at work or school, and come home and take it out on him… and he loved every second of it."
She sighed again.
"But uh, that shit, it got us both in trouble. One night in early November, I had gotten a little rough with him. He had, you know, bruises and scratch marks and bite marks all over him. And the next day when he went to work, the heating system fucked up. It was running on high, no matter how low they put it… Antoni told me he was getting so hot his head was hurting. His Dad was up front on the counter and Toni was back there where none of the customers could see, so he thought he was safe and took his shirt off, but… his Dad came back to ask him something.
"You know, I guess from the outside looking in, it kind of looked like Antoni'd gotten a hold of somebody that didn't wanna be gotten a hold of, and apparently his Dad has very strongly held convictions when it comes to rape. So he uh… jerked Antoni's ass up, pinned him against the wall and asked him what in the hell he had done. And Antoni told me he was so damned scared that all he could think to say was, 'Don't worry, it was consensual.'"
I winced.
"Ohhh… that is…"
"Yeah, not good. So then he got his ass jumped for getting, uh, 'friendly' with somebody but not having brought me there to introduce me to the family… but, apparently he had already been planning on taking me over to Greenpoint, cause a couple of weeks before he had asked me for my measurements. Hell, I figured he wanted to buy me a catsuit to go along with the damned Dominatrix boots he bought me. He used to want me to stand on his chest, step on his hands..."
"The boot worship comment makes a lot more sense now," I muttered.
"I said continue your story." I raised my voice back to speaking.
She sat in silence for another minute. I could practically hear her frowning, but in the end she didn't push it.
"Anyway… I'd told the stupid fucker not to buy me a dress, and what did he do? Bought me a dress to meet his family in. But when I saw it, I didn't even care. It was beautiful, all these colorful, gorgeous embroidered flowers all over the skirt. There was like this flower crown that went with it, with all these ribbons hanging down. The family dinner he was planning to take me to was an informal Polish Independence Day celebration, you know, not the whole neighborhood, just the people they knew. And the dress was traditional Polish clothing. I felt so goddamned out of place wearing that thing, everybody on the train kept staring, but he was wearing funny clothes too, and this stupid little hat, so it wasn't so bad. He made me wear the damned boots with the dress, though."
Laughter burst out of me.
"And you know, his Dad's eyes got kind of big when he first saw me."
"Probably trying to figure out how you'd torn his son's ass up so bad with as tiny as you are."
"But they were nice to me, his parents and his cousins. Everybody was nice to me. And it wasn't long after that, about a month, that he asked me to marry him. I guess he was nervous too, and he got drunk hisself, and then I told him no, cause I'm a spiteful bitch. Said he was perfectly welcome to have me in his bed another night but if he wanted more, he had to come to me sober… and then I asked him where the hell the ring was, and he said he wasn't going to buy a ring if I wasn't going to say yes, and I told him I wasn't going to say yes unless I had a ring. But apparently he had bought a ring, and given it to his mother to keep."
She held her left hand up to show me. It was a 3 carat Princess cut diamond with a ring of smaller diamonds around it.
"It's a brand of lab grown diamonds, Mivoleti." She said quietly.
"Mi vole ti, 'I want you,' in Italian. Odd that."
"Yeah," she answered. "And now I can't even wear it, nobody knew we were together but his family. Come to think of it, I got no idea how I'm gonna tell Pops I'm pregnant, but, I guess at least he can't threaten to kill Antoni for deflowering his daughter, seeing as he's already dead and all."
I shook my head, squeezed her tight and pressed a kiss to her forehead.
"It's gonna be alright, Becca." I had no idea how it was going to be alright, but I had to say something. "Looks like it's time to switch bags."
We finished the transfusion some time after that. I removed the IV but didn't bother with the gauze or tape. The hole in Becca's arm sealed shut almost immediately after I pulled the cannula from the vein.
We slept. I don't remember falling asleep, but when I opened my eyes it was dark outside and the apartment was getting cold again. I tried not to wake Becca, but it was a pointless effort. She watched me bleary-eyed while I filled the heater with Kerosene again and relit it.
"What time is it?" I asked in a sleep-gravelled voice.
She turned her phone on and glanced at the screen.
"It's 8:05. You got about two hours till you go get Ma. Go get something to wear while I wash that suit, and take a quick hot shower so you don't freeze to death."
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2023.05.29 18:54 GabbaWally Golfer's Elbow + Ulnar Nerve Subluxation + Snapping Tricep: What to do? Where to start?

Hi everyone,
I am dealing with elbow issues since about June 2022 which I believe to be some kind of weird edge case/mixture of different things. I will try to summarize, but please forbear with me if this post gets a bit lengthy as I am not a native speaker:
Right off the bat, these are the diagnoses I "collected" during the past months:
About me:

My symptoms appeared to only manifest in golfer's elbow like symptoms in the beginning: I got forearm pain right where the flexors attach around the medial epicondyle (no general pain down the entire forearm) and solely just in this area when I loaded the flexors like the famous "pushing into a flat surface with the fingertips"-test. ImageSometimes my elbow itself would simply feel uncomfortable but I couldn't grasp it initially and only realized a couple months later that "something was moving". Quick google research told me that it is my ulnar nerve. This is when I realized, that I also felt general "soreness" around the medial epicondyle or rather "behind" it, I guess this is what you would call pain in the cubital tunnel area, right? Image Actually, at some point the pain "behind" the epicondyle felt as if it could be my tricep, so I also looked into tricep tendinopathy as well in the past.The soreness would get worse, depending on how much I was using my arm throughout the day or if I kept my arm bend -especially while placing it on a hard surface like a desk.. like so Image ... - and it would get better over night/if I kept my arm straight.
In December last year I finally found an elbow specialst in my country (Germany) who was the only one who finally did Ultrasound and clearly saw the nerve moving along with some tricep involvement as well. However: I hardly experienced any numbness or tingling throught the whole time. I might get some funny feeling in both my little fingers if I provoke it by bending my arm for a longer period and maybe even place it on a desk as in the image above, but that's it (even this symptom is mostly gone today).

Fast forward to today:
I must admit my symptoms got better, I mostly attribute this to me not going to the gym anymore since about 8 months (elbow gets less provoked, muscle tone reduced etc.). The issues I still experience:
  1. Golfer's elbow symptoms/pain around the medial epicondyle:
  1. About 6 months ago I would also get pain/discomfort at the "back" of the medial epicondyle/up the medial tricep regularly. This also got better, but I'd say from time to time I still experience this general discomfort. Obviously, if I lean too much on the elbow or put it on the window frame in the car it can feel awkward because of the nerve.
  2. If I still lean on my elbow for some time (maybe on a couch) or do the "pushing into surface while extending/bending the elbow" thing the elbow regularly cracks. It doesn't hurt and definitely comes from within the elbow. I know joints can crack, but it is just another abnormality I observed.
All in all: 12 months in, I am very desperate and clueless how to proceed. I am feeling pain/discomfort in front of the medial epicondyle, around the medial epicondyle and "in the back of the medial epicondyle"/maybe even up the medial tricep. These are THREE distinct areas. How do you proceed from there?
Hence my question is: Does anyone have some experience with this combination of diagnoses? Is snapping tricep+ulnar nerve subluxation related to golfer's elbow symptoms? By now, my reasoning is that the snapping of my tricep+ulnar nerve is causing irritation and possibly inflamation around the epicondyle leading to general soreness/discomfort. I think this may then affect the forearm flexors, too, triggering the golfer's elbow like pain. Does that even make any sense at all?
At the moment I am close to pulling the trigger on surgery: ulnar nerve transposition + some correction of the medial tricep. Why? a) I don't know any better what to do and b) at least the surgery would fix the purely mechanical issue regarding the snapping nerve/tricep, I wouldn't feel any weirdness anymore when placing my elbow in a hard surface etc.... However, I am worried this might not be the remedy for my forearm flexor pain/golfers elbow. I could still continue to work on the flexors afterwards.

There are a couple of threads on reddit describing a similar situation, but none seem to have come to a definite solution. In case anyone reading this is knowledgeable PLEASE share everything you know.
Any help is very much appreciated.
Thank you!
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2023.05.29 18:10 Specialist-Flow2655 FFS ruined my life. FFS isn’t the saver for some.

I had FFS surgery with Justine Lee at UCLA in 2021. However, this surgery turned out to be the most disastrous and regretful decision I’ve ever made in my whole life. Almost everything is poorly done. She shaved very little bone around my jaw but my face is sagging severely, and as a result my lower face looks wider due to sagging than pe up when my lower face was totally fine. My nose tip ended up with less support and flatter due to her poorly done septoplasty. My chin is still numb and ptotic even after 2 years of healing. The most problematic thing is she gave me a 5 mm brow bone reduction even though I told her repeatedly I only want 2 mm at most. It is considered super unattractive to have a flat nose and flat forehead in Asia. I feel so much worse and severely depressed about my face than pre op. But she’s wondering free and not held responsible for ruining my face and life. She should be held responsible for this.
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2023.05.28 17:45 Adventurous-Bobcat20 I had facial feminization surgery (FFS) with Drs. Black & Oyer at the University of Virginia (UVA) 5-24-23

I had facial feminization surgery (FFS) with Drs. Black & Oyer at the University of Virginia (UVA) 5-24-23
Hi! I have not seen any posts on here of people receiving facial feminization surgery from either of these doctors so I thought this would be helpful to people in the virginia/east coast area who are considering facial feminization surgery. For starters, I am 18 and I have been undergoing HRT since I was 15. Unfortunately, my male puberty already started to set into effect in my face by the time I started HRT so I couldn’t prevent anything there.
My procedures I had done were Rhinoplasty with major septal repair (septoplasty) which was done by Dr. Oyer and Forehead and orbital rim contouring with hairline lowering which was done by Dr. Black.
I am only 4 days post op so far but I will attach before and after pics even though I am still very swollen and bruised and I will provide updated pictures later on in another post after my post op visit.
I had no complications during surgery and I am very satisfied with the work of both doctors! I’ll answer any questions in the comments also! :)
My surgeons -
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2023.05.28 16:45 sunflower297 B o n e s t r u c t u r e

B o n e s t r u c t u r e
Is it possible to have a profile almost as close as that with surgery? (I don't have a brow bossing but I have currently an androgynous bone structure with deep set eyes and high radix after my ffs, which I deeply hate).
I had a similar profile at 12 years of age, although not a forehead as curved/bombed as this one cause I'm not the same ethnicity, I had a more flat forehead but I still had a very set back forehead with low radix and a very smooth forehead sinus transition.
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2023.05.28 05:03 UniversalHairClinic Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is There a Permanent Solution?

Male Pattern Baldness Cure: Is There a Permanent Solution?
Have you grown increasingly worried about hair loss? Perhaps you’ve noticed your hairline slowly receding or your hair is thinning on the top of your head? Losing hair can be a distressing experience, especially for men who take pride in their appearance. Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is a reality for many Irish men, with up to 50% experiencing it by age 50.
But is it possible to cure baldness once and for all? In this blog, we’ll explore the latest research and insights on male pattern baldness cure and help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to hair loss treatments.

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenetic alopecia or hereditary baldness. It is the most prevalent hair loss condition, affecting both men and women. However, it’s more common in men because they have higher levels of testosterone (the hormone that causes male characteristics).
Male pattern baldness is a common condition that affects men and women. It can cause hair loss on the scalp, forehead, and temples. The hair loss pattern in this condition typically follows a specific pattern, starting with a receding hairline and thinning hair on the crown of the head.
Its exact cause is unknown, but it’s thought to be due to an interplay of genetics and hormones. Specifically, experts believe it is caused by a combination of genes from both parents that make hair follicles more sensitive to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
DHT is a by-product of testosterone and can cause hair follicles to shrink and produce thinner and shorter hair. Over time, the affected hair follicles may become dormant and stop producing hair, resulting in baldness.
While genetics and hormones are the primary factors determining whether someone will develop male pattern baldness and to what degree, other things may also contribute to the condition. These include age, stress, certain medications, and underlying medical conditions such as thyroid disease.

Current Male Pattern Baldness Treatments in Ireland

If you have androgenetic alopecia, know that several treatment options are available to help manage or slow down hair loss.
Hair loss products and prescription medications containing active ingredients like minoxidil and finasteride are the most widely used treatments for pattern hair loss. These ingredients have shown promising results in slowing down or preventing further hair loss for some individuals. Finasteride is a prescription medication that works by blocking the hormone that causes hair loss, while minoxidil is a topical solution that stimulates hair growth.📷
For those seeking more permanent solutions, hair transplant and scalp reduction surgeries are also available in Ireland. While these procedures can be costly and require anaesthesia, they offer long-lasting results that can be life-changing for individuals struggling with hair loss.
In addition to these treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are also gaining popularity in Ireland. PRP therapy involves using a patient’s blood to extract platelets and plasma, which are then injected into the scalp to help stimulate hair growth. On the other hand, laser hair growth or low-level laser therapy uses specialised lasers to increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
It’s important to note that, while these treatments are effective, they do not work for everyone. Results can vary depending on the individual. So, it’s best to consult with a hair and scalp specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment plan based on your needs.

Why Available Male Pattern Baldness Treatments Are Not Permanent Solutions

While current treatments can help slow down hair loss or promote hair growth, it’s important to understand that these are not considered cures for male pattern baldness.

In medical terms, a cure eliminates the underlying cause of a condition, resulting in a complete resolution or healing. In contrast, a treatment is an intervention that aims to alleviate or manage the symptoms of a condition, without necessarily eliminating the underlying cause.
While medications, low-level laser therapy, hair transplant surgery, and other treatments address male pattern baldness symptoms, they do not address the underlying cause. This means, if you stop the medications or procedures, the hair loss will continue or progress. As such, these treatments cannot be considered a cure for male pattern baldness.
It’s important to note that this does not mean that available treatments for male pattern baldness are ineffective. In fact, they are proven to help individuals manage their hair loss and improve their appearance. However, it’s essential to have realistic goals when seeking treatment for male pattern baldness. Understanding that these treatments do not cure androgenetic alopecia can help you make informed decisions and manage your expectations.

Why Is There Still No Male Pattern Baldness Cure?

Despite numerous studies and medical advancements, a cure for male pattern baldness remains elusive. Let’s explore why there are still no permanent solutions to this hair loss condition.

Complex Genetic Factors

Genetic factors primarily influence male pattern baldness, making it a complex condition to tackle. Multiple genes are involved in determining an individual’s susceptibility to hair loss, and their interactions are not fully understood. Finding a single solution that can reverse or modify the underlying genetic predisposition is a formidable task.

Hormonal Influences

Hormonal imbalances, specifically the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), play a crucial role in male pattern baldness. DHT causes hair follicles to shrink, leading to shorter hair growth cycles and thinner strands.
While some treatments for baldness aim to inhibit DHT production or its effects, completely blocking this hormone without causing adverse side effects is challenging. Achieving a delicate balance is essential to prevent unwanted hormonal disruptions.

Individual Variations

Each person’s experience with male pattern baldness is unique, with variations in the hair loss rate and pattern. Some individuals may respond positively to specific treatments, while others may not experience the same level of success. The complexity and diversity of responses make it difficult to develop a universally effective cure.

Regenerative Challenges

Hair follicle regeneration is a complex biological process. Stimulating dormant hair follicles to regrow hair and sustain long-term growth requires a deep understanding of the intricate mechanisms involved. While advancements have been made in hair transplant techniques and regenerative medicine, fully restoring hair to its original density and quality remains a challenge.

Slow and Expensive Research and Development Process

Developing new treatments for hair loss conditions like male pattern baldness is a slow and expensive process. It can take years of research and clinical trials before a new treatment is approved for use. Moreover, the cost of developing new treatments is also high, which can limit the number of studies that can be conducted.

Lack of Funding

There is also a lack of funding and investment in male pattern baldness research. Why? Androgenetic alopecia is not a life-threatening condition. So, it is not receiving the same level of funding as other medical conditions that are more urgent. While understandable, a limited budget significantly slows down the progress of research and limits the potential for finding a cure quickly.


New Research in Male Baldness Cure

While there is currently no cure for this balding, there are new studies that offer hope for a permanent solution. One of the most promising developments is stem cell therapy, which uses the body’s own cells to grow new hair follicles and treat balding areas. Researchers have found that stem cells can be used to regenerate hair follicles in mice. Clinical trials are underway to test this treatment’s effectiveness in humans.
Another potential treatment for male pattern baldness is gene therapy. This involves inserting genes into skin cells or other types of tissue, so they produce proteins that can reverse hair loss and stimulate growth. Recent studies have shown that a group of genes called the Wnt signalling pathway stimulated the growth of hair follicles in mice when activated. As a result, researchers are exploring the possibility of using this gene to treat baldness in humans.
In addition to stem cell and gene therapy, there is ongoing research into cloning hair follicles. This involves taking hair follicles from a patient’s scalp, cloning them in a lab, and then injecting them back into the scalp to create new hairs. While this treatment is still in the experimental stages, early results have been promising.
Clearly, the advancements in research provide a glimpse of hope for people suffering from male pattern baldness. While these treatments are still being tested and refined, the progress made so far is encouraging. Hence, it may not be long before a cure for this prevalent hair loss condition.
In conclusion, male pattern baldness can be a frustrating and distressing condition. While we may not have a cure for it yet, ongoing research is bringing us closer to a solution. To add, as the world awaits further breakthroughs, experts focus on improving existing treatments and enhancing the quality of life for those affected by male pattern baldness.
So, you don’t really need to wait until a permanent solution is found. There are many effective treatments for male pattern baldness that can help you prevent further hair loss and achieve hair growth.
It is also worth mentioning that the earlier you address the problem, the higher the chances of achieving favourable results. So, act now and consult a hair loss specialist in Ireland who can provide a personalised treatment plan based on your needs and using the latest scientific knowledge. By taking proactive steps to address hair loss, you can improve the health and appearance of your hair and enhance your quality of life.
Worried you might be suffering from male pattern baldness? Don’t wait for a miracle cure, but also don’t settle for temporary fixes! Explore our comprehensive range of male pattern baldness treatments. Take the first step towards a lasting solution and schedule a consultation today. Call us on +353 (0)1 679 3618 or email us at [email protected]!
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2023.05.28 01:35 qnkzh NT needing Aspie insights

You might help me understand my man more or suggest things that has been helpful to you before deciding to give up. Ill be pretty emotional in this vent but its just how I feel about us and not against Aspies in general. I also know you won't jump on him and bash him thoughtlessly unlike when I vent to NTs.
My husband is Aspie. And we weren't aware before. Only found out about it when I got diagnosed with Depression and PTSD. The diagnoses really helped us in a way but problems are still there. At first it was 100% hell. Later on, we found ways and it improved. Now, 50% hell.
Since I chose to stay, I've accepted I have to change my expectations and make an adjustment. Since he chose to stay, begged, asked for forgiveness.. I expected that he would commit his end of the bargain.
And I'm not expecting a normal relationship. Just give back 20% to 30% would be great - the most important ones - just enough for me to carry on. My requests: no cheating, try to not to lie if he can, do the small things he's reminded of and the most important: handle meltdowns in less traumatic ways.
He isnt expected to be a fully doting father. Every now and then (not daily), I'd remind him to say I love you or spend 30mins to play with them. For the kids sake, just so they can experience it. The rest, he can make it up through things he thinks he is best at (cooking or working) and I'll fill in on the other parts mentally or socially. Filling each other other's weaknesses as surely I have my weaknesses too.
He is not expected to socialize with family or friends. Or act accordingly when they are around. My family is understanding. His too plus they are scared of him. Socially we have been withdrawn. No PTA, friends' bdays, etc. If we do have one, he just stays in a corner and sleep or use his phone. Not expected to be something he is not. I used to lead a mental health group which he greatly approve of. When he is with them, he can be himself. A tribe of outcasts and with issues. No judgment. He loved it.
Sexually, not much. I pleasure myself. He said he is guilty of it most especially he has premature ejaculation. When we do it, he don't move at all. His fantasy is him sleeping and me taking advantage of him. So basically, I'm doing everything.
Romantically, he lacks in this. But I started to appreciate where he thinks he excels the most (cooking, working) Yes, I have needs. But I've lowered my expectations. Even if its not spontaneous and looks scripted, we just remind him of anniversaries, schedules cuddle time, etc. He thrives with prompts.
When he is great, he is great. As an individual, he has a lot of impressive side of him that makes me proud.
But here is where it gets recurringly problematic: there is a cycle. When he explodes, it's like traumatic, end of the world, chaotic type. He would despise, curse, threaten you, end it all until he communicated his anger and establish power. Then he would be okay and apologetic and renewed. We would pick things up then before we can breath again, he will explode again a week or month after. Backlogs of work, chores, emotions has piled up adding to the stimulants.
This has caused major trauma on me. Accumulated trauma because of lack of time and support to recover. Altered my brain entirely. I'm always hypervigilant, doubtful, cautious. At times it made me suicidal and lost myself. Ive lost so many dreams, opportunities and people. Logically, he gets it. But emotionally, he couldn't comprehend the full depth.
He can physically hurt me, threaten to kill us, leave in a traumatic manner even he has no money or slippers (says he will make a call but run away, run in public and make a commotion, nails the door to assure us he won't leave yet take them off when we are sleeping, etc), say insulting words, cancel important plans like graduation or check-up, break things like phone, desktops, etc.
He would be okay afterwards. But he rarely says sorry or make ammends. And be arrogant and think he didn't do anything at all or just too proud to admit anything.
If he would say sorry and say the same redundant plans, i have to accept it. Or else he will get angry or insult me or think that I'm being dramatic or living in the past.
He has cheated multiple times but no serious affair. He uses anger to shift the mood when he is being held accountable or if there is something overstimulating him. He lies but only lies if it will avoid or delay confrontations or consequences.
This has been happening even I'm pregnant, sick, post-surgery, in front of the kids and family, in public, during Christmas and other occasions.
There were many times that the situation permits me to do self-defense, call on the police or just shout back. But as long as I can, I'd try to be patient. I'd ask him first what he really meant before reacting (as misunderstanding is prone, aspies says something that can be different from NTs and vise versa) I'd give him few hours or days to chill down. I'd give in to his whims just to let things be finished. He says being a punching bag and shock absorber isn't okay. That I can call the police or fight back if needed. But when he is in that moment, the logical thing to do is just be a punching bag and shock absorber.
They say it's trauma bonding why Ive endured.. maybe. But its also because I know that its his sensory overload, fight-or-flight response, stimming, wants space, can't handle conflicts, express things differently, wanting to go back to his special interest, protecting himself by establishing power and authority, etc that makes him do that unintentionally affecting us. Unintentional but destructive. But it's not like he does it for sports or it pleases him. You get the gist. People insulted me when I mention this part because I'm defending the abusive.
Post-explosion, he would realize what he has done and will try to think of how to make it up (but never follows thru) He would even reach to the point where he will say extreme things like cuff him, tattoo his forehead with something, stab him, etc to pay for what he has done which isnt what I want. He gets frustrated too as he is also getting affected by the downtime of his explosions most esp with work as its his special interest. He feels guilty of the things we miss or lose. If its all lies just to appease me or the truth, it still gets my heart everytime. But right now, its all words, no action.
I just want to give him the type of routine that fits him. Time to himself where he can thrive in his bubble and special interest with less exposure on things that overstimulates him and with less NT expectations.. while me, I can do things for myself and be a parent and fill in on what he is lacking with the kids without feeling anxious of what can happen next or be weighed down with flashbacks and anger and trauma. I feel insecure that because of his meltdowns.. our relationship, current progress or plans can all go down to drain anytime due to ragequitting.
When he is in the moment.. even after all the things he asked of me and knowing what the consequences can be.. he can't just seem to commit. He will still be into his "traumatic" tendencies. Which affects my mental health BIG TIME and makes me rethink our relationship.
When I'm not okay, it would affect his bubble. When I'm okay, I can do a lot and he can do a lot as I'm the glue of the family. I've agreed to expect less but I dont like the traumatic meltdowns and conflict responses. Its affecting me and the kids long-term. If its just putting the noise down or no silk fabrics or forgetting a school event, those can be solved immediately, has little impact and easier to move on from.
Our kids are older now and is getting affected. Two of them are PWD (one is aspie) and they are witnessing this. I have duty to them too. They also see me as a victim. They have opinions about our situation that is hurtful yet truthful but it motivates me to stand for myself and be better.
Help? I dont mind straightforward thoughts.
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2023.05.27 16:31 alisendai Found out about Trigeminal Neuralgia last week, matches my symptoms perfectly

Hi all, I've (M/37/Japan) yet to get a confirmed diagnosis but I wanted to share my experience so far in case it helps anyone else. I've taken a lot of value over the past few days from this subreddit, hopefully this will be useful for someone.
Since my early twenties I've always had extreme pain on my right side forehead/face whenever descending in an aeroplane.
In late 2021 I had a bit of a toothache and went to consult a dentist about it. He took an x-ray and said there was nothing wrong so it's probably a sinus infection. I then went to three separate face doctors and they all said there was no sign of a sinus infection.
During this process the pain was getting steadily worse, spreading up to my head and down to my neck on the right side. While it started like a stabbing pain eventually it graduated to a throbbing agony, my head feeling like it was being split open from the inside.
I remember screaming into a pillow begging for it to stop. Since I believed it was a sinus infection I was hysterical trying to clear out my sinuses with a sinus wash kit. We found after a while that cold press and gargling cold water on my right side kept the pain at bay for a few seconds, but it would always come back harder.
A friend eventually took me to the emergency room where the doctor who saw me couldn't see anything wrong with me, so just gave me a bunch of painkillers. I'd already taken copious amounts of any painkillers I could get my hands on and none of them worked.
Back at home I tried to keep cold water in my mouth, and it went on for 18 hours. No sleep at all. I eventually passed out in my sink. The next morning I woke up and it had subsided considerably.
There was one more flare-up since then but it only lasted a few hours.
That same friend came across Trigeminal Neuralgia last week and mentioned it to me, and I could immediately see that it matched my symptoms. I spoke to a few friends who are doctors (not neurologists but they've worked with TN patients before) and so far they're mostly agreed this is a cut and dried case of TN. I've been given an introduction to an experienced neurologist and I will try to get an appointment + MRI to see them next week.
Since I found out about TN and the various treatments, from what I can see the only thing that works long-term with a high success rate is MVD. Because of this and other things, I've been crying uncontrollably for about two or three hours per day for the past few days:

  1. I'm crying when I remember the pain. I thought it might just fade away and not come back but from everything I've read about TN it's more likely to get worse over time. And I remember just how immense, how completely unbelievable the pain was. It felt like a hopeless pit of despair that there's no escaping from. It hurt so badly that I think I lost some part of myself to it, some element of my sanity that maybe I'm not going to get back. I never want to feel that way again, and I'm terrified of having another flare-up.
  2. I'm crying at how utterly unfair the situation is. I was beaten quite regularly by my father as a child and now as an adult I have to live a life where unlimited pain might find me at any time. Thinking about this just makes me feel utterly wretched and miserable. I'm angry at the universe for randomly putting together atoms so that I have to feel this way. I'm angry at evolution for putting the trigeminal nerve so close to whatever blood vessel might be compressing it.
  3. I'm crying because I'm terrified of the idea of a neurosurgeon drilling a hole into my skull. I'm scared I'll wake up during surgery or I'll be able to feel the pain of it and not move. I'm scared of the complications, and of this dragging on and becoming "who I am".
I think I got most of the crying and screaming and anger about this out of my system now and have accepted the reality of it. I also know that if I keep talking and thinking about this thing constantly then it will swallow me up and there won't be much of me left.
Hopefully getting an MRI will make things clearer (or not) but the symptoms seem to match (and don't appear to be similar to e.g. Intracranial Hypertension). All I know is that if I manage to survive this thing and eventually heal, I want to live a good, fun life worth living on the other side, a life worth going through all this pain and fear for.
I've only had two flare-ups total in my life + a dull throbbing ache that comes and goes every few weeks, maybe only a 2/10, so I understand that I'm very much a less severe case. Those of you that deal with this thing more regularly are absolute heros, I would be brought to my knees spiritually in your place. Nothing but respect and love. Apologies in advance if anything I've written here is against the rules
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2023.05.27 15:24 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (55)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Tresn, Arxur Defector
Date [Standard Human Reckoning]: 2136-10-22
The universe always had a way to surprise me. When I decided to crash-land on Earth I didn't expect to have a bullet zipping past my head, courtesy of a venlil. Yet, here I recited a prayer of gratitude after surviving another near-death experience. As my luck would have it, the venlil had an aim as shoddy as expected from federation species. They never had good precision when it came to ballistics.
Elangkasa visited after me and tried to explain the situation. The venlils were Vani's kin. Overwhelmed with concern for him, they had abandoned caution and visited Earth without a second thought. Murder attempt aside, I had to commend them for their unwavering loyalty to their family members.
After the incident, Johan ushered the venlils towards the outskirts of the Capital, to an apartment where the gojid refugees settled now.
The shooting made me wary of going out, so I chose to remain inside in the habitation unit until the time for breaking the fast approached, immersing myself instead in the human planetary network. Despite Vani's caution, I created an account on one of their "social media" sites. As social creatures, humans use their vast network for the simplest of interactions, to talk with one another and share images and videos from their everyday life.
Right now, pictures of devastation overflowed the social media. But amidst the bleakness of their situation, I saw resilience too. There are photos of humans extending helping hands, uniting in the face of adversity. They even donated their life essence, blood, to strangers. Far from showing weakness, I think this revealed humans' true strength.
Reflecting on it, I began to view my condition not as an aberration or flaw, but as a part of our species' long evolutionary journey. Even a two-hundred-year subjugation by Betterment failed to suppress this empathy.
Intrigued, I ventured into the world of human interaction online, typing "arxur" into the social media's search bar. Images of my kin were plentiful, with many showcasing their participation in the ongoing disaster relief efforts.
One photograph, in particular, commanded my attention. The candid image depicted an arxur amid a rescue operation. She lifted heavy debris while a group of humans in distinctive uniforms pulled another victim from the wreckage. A blanket of dust and debris obscured the victim and their fate was unknown.
The comments beneath it showed a complex sentiment, a mix of fear, gratitude, and prejudice.
One user wrote, "I guess some of them are pretty okay.".
Yet skepticism was quick to follow. "Yeah, I don't know about that. My dad said he saw them eating a cat," came a response. I remembered a cat as one of the small predators that humans kept around. Even though cats are non-sapient, eating them feels wrong.
An interesting counter came next. "Humans used to eat cats too," someone pointed out.
The rebuttal, however, was unsettling. "Well, okay… but not while it's alive and screaming!"
I scrolled up again to see the photo and above it I saw a small image beside their name, "Jagomerah". When I tapped on it, the image enlarged, showing a creature with a likeness to an arxur except in vivid red. They had horn-like protrusions and some differences in surface detail. Remembering a conversation with Snop, I recalled her mentioning a subculture among humans who created humanized versions of their animals, sometimes even dressing up as their chosen creature. Could this human belong to such a group?
A button under their picture led me to a profile page. I found a short description of themselves under their name.
"He / Him, a dragon that fights fire."
One of the buttons available there would allow me to send a private message to him. An idea began to form in my mind but my instincts hesitated, considering the risk. On the other paw, you miss all the shots you don't take. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, I began composing a message.
"Greetings, I see that you're working with arxurs. What do you think about them?"
I sat back, waiting for an answer that didn't come. I went back to the main page of the social media and browsed through other posts. After several minutes, a sudden notification snapped me back.
"Hello, who is this?"
I pondered my response. Should I lie or just be truthful? After a moment, I chose honesty. "My name is Tresn. I'm an arxur." I typed out, my claws clicking against the screen.
"What? You should know better than to roleplay at times like this."
The skepticism stung. 'role-playing?' I wondered, unfamiliar with the term. What role do I play here? I opted for a more direct approach, recording a brief video. The camera focused on my face, the ambiguous backdrop helped me to avoid disclosing my current location.
"Hi, Jagomerah. It's me, Tresn." I sent the video off, hoping it would assuage their doubts.
The response was quicker this time. "Okay, that is either a very convincing virtual skin or you're telling the truth. I'm tempted to believe the other. But... can you tell me something arxurs know that other species don't."
My scales prickled at the request. Sending my face already felt like crossing a line. But they weren't asking for state secrets, were they? A flood of images and narratives from the human internet flashed through my mind.
"Your depiction of my people in fiction is incorrect. We don't have any additional appendages in our center of mass," I typed out.
Their response was rapid. "You... what? Whoa… okay… there's no way I can confirm that to the arxurs I work with. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt then."
Feeling somewhat validated, I tried to steer the conversation back. "So, what do you think about them?"
The screen blinked back words that incited a rare chuckle from my throat. "You're chatty and polite for an arxur. I mean… It would be nice if the ones I worked with were like you. But on the other hand… I'm having doubt again on whether or not you're an arxur."
Deciding to be transparent about my condition, I typed out my response, "I am what they call 'defective'."
The response was swift with an undertone of surprise, "You're calling yourself defective for being decent? That sounds like an arxur speak."
The affirmation in his response made me hope a bit. "So you believe me now?" I asked.
"Not until I see you in person, but for the time being… sure… let's just go along," came the guarded response. "Where are you now, Tresn? Jakarta? Singapore? Kuala Lumpur?"
I was cautious, "Neither of the three, and I can't divulge more details. However, I can tell you I will be heading to Jakarta."
"Okay, I need to get ready for work. I'll humor you Tresn, if you're somewhere near Purwakarta, you can message me."
A wave of anticipation washed over me as I contemplated the possibilities. I put the name of this city into my memory.
The arrival of Vani interrupted my thoughts. I looked at the top right of the pad where it said the current time was the fifteenth hour. I was still acclimatizing to the peculiarities of human timekeeping, where the day begins in the middle of the night, in stark contrast to my species who starts the day at sunset.
Vani, accompanied by his gojid colleague, visited my quarters right after they arrived back from the capital.
"Tresn," Vani began. He looked down, avoiding my stare, a normal gesture for ordinary venlils, but out of character for him. "I need to apologize for my mother's actions."
I managed to produce a small, understanding smile. "I suppose the fault lies on me as well," I admitted, the memory of the mishap causing a slight tinge of discomfort. "In my disorientation, I lost track of our designated habitation unit."
"She might have killed you," he said. "We are fortunate that my mother has little experience handling the pistol, so her aim was off."
"Let's consider that an incident from the past," I reassured him. "How are your folks doing?"
"They promised to keep your existence concealed," Vani responded. The relief I felt from the revelation comforted me. "That's about the most we could hope for, given the circumstances. Most venlils are uneasy around arxurs."
"Fair enough," I conceded, appreciating their effort to tolerate my presence despite their instincts.
Shifting gears, Vani seemed eager to move onto a more pleasant topic. "On a brighter note, I believe your legs are healing quite well."
The venlil medic stepped closer, his attention drawn towards my bandaged stumps. With a steady hand and an almost delicate precision, he unwrapped the sterile white cloth, revealing my healing wounds, a collage of fading reds and emerging pinkish scars.
I winced, "Is it strange that I feel my feet itching? Even though they're no longer there?" I asked, bemused by the curious phantom sensations.
"That's a phenomenon known as Phantom Limb Syndrome," Bolad chimed in. "It's a typical neurological response after an amputation."
My human roommates arrived soon after. The two siblings came, with the brother holding two mechanical feet that would replace my lost appendages.
"I heard the good news. Your legs, have they healed?" Snop the sister asked.
"They have," Vani affirmed. "However, I believe it will be some time before he can bear weight on them."
A shadow of disappointment crossed Snop's features, dampening her earlier enthusiasm. "Aww."
Vani was quick to interject. "However, we can fit him with the prosthetic limbs you have been working on."
"Yasss," she exclaimed, revealing a full set of blunt teeth, a reminder of the age-old reason humans softened their food.
"Alright, first you'll need padding," she informed me. Her hands reached for a thick elastic fabric she'd brought along. She maneuvered the fabric around my leg stumps and her brother put on prosthetic limbs. As he attached them, they felt snug and comfortable against my padded stumps.
"I spent some time researching on your Internet about people who have lost body parts," I confessed.
At this, Snop leveled a cautious look my way, her lips pursed, perhaps in anxiety. "You haven't been delving into... stories again… have you?"
A surprised expression crossed my face. "Wait, there's fiction about that?"
"Nevermind," she corrected, looking somewhat relieved. "Just ignore what I said. What did you learn from your research?"
"Some humans opt for permanent modifications or replacements within their bodies," I ventured, fumbling with the foreign terminology. "I believe the term you use is 'saiborx'?"
"You mean cyborgs?" she clarified. "Indeed, that might be on the table for you much later. However, designing and implanting permanent mechanical limbs is a complex process. There are bound to be difficulties along the way."
"You need several rounds of surgeries." Vani chimed in, "In addition, we need to understand and integrate with your neural system first."
"Ah, I see. That makes sense," I nodded. "So, how would I control these prostheses?"
"First thing first, you have a neural implant don't you?" Cynthio asked. "Because the prostheses are programmed to interface with them.
A moment of understanding washed over me. "Oh, so I connect to the prostheses ?"
"Do you have a visual overlay system in your implants?" Cynthio queried.
"Yes, of course. It's a standard feature," I replied.
Cynthio guided me through the process of syncing with the prosthetic limbs' interface. After a few frustrating minutes of trial and error, I found the correct setting and established a connection with my new feet.
"Alright, this next part may require patience and practice," Cynthio warned, his eyes evaluating the advanced prostheses adorning my stumps. "Think of these as a natural extension of your body—as if you've just gained a new pair of feet." His gaze shifted back to me, a touch of encouragement in his voice.
With a concentrated effort, I focused all my mental energies on the prosthetic limbs, coaxing them to move, to respond to my command. Nothing happened. The prostheses remained stationary, defying my silent will.
"Don't be disheartened," Cynthio reassured. "You can't expect immediate success. It takes time and practice. Keep at it, and I'm confident you'll get the hang of it."
Elangkasa perceived my steady recovery as a cue to inform their higher-ups. It appeared we would leave our makeshift camp.
For my last meal at the camp, the humans served me an experiment. They seemed intent on testing the limits of my digestive tract. A dish called "fried chicken steak" smothered in a sauce concocted from mushrooms. This curious species, found on Earth, exhibited a resemblance to plants, but its cellular composition bore a close semblance to animals.
I also learned that cooking, aside from enhancing the flavor of food, also aids in making it easier to process. Johan likened the act of cooking to "external digestion".
With the breaking of the fast finished, our journey commenced. Johan, Vani, and Bolad embarked in Johan's vehicle, which also served as a compact mobile home for him and his venlil mate. I found myself tied to the cargo area of a large truck, with Elangkasa, Snop, and Cynthio taking the helm in the front.
Johan and Vani's original mode of arrival had been a colossal ship. After some polite requests, helped by Elangkasa, Johan secured similar transportation to our next destination, the island of Java, where one of the affected cities lay in ruin. Our journey's first waypoint was a military base. There we were scheduled to confer with Lieutenant Ayu once more.
The constant hum of the truck engine lulled me to sleep. The chicken dish agreed with my system, and I had a sound slumber, with no discomfort or adverse reactions in my stomach waking me up.
"Tresn, hey... Tresn." I felt someone tapping my shoulder.
"Huh?" I opened my eyes and saw Elangkasa's face.
"We're here."
The sun of the Earth had yet to rise when we arrived. When I consulted on the map the force base was located beside the river on the outskirts of the city of Banjarmasin.
The base served as a living testament to the organized resilience of humanity, a hub of concentrated effort and structured aid response in the wake of the devastating planetary bombardment. When our tires bit into the base's gravel entryway, a thrum of activity pulsed within its boundaries. The humans turned an ordinary establishment for their armed forces into a staging place for sending aid.
Groups of engineers and mechanics, their uniforms marked with oil and grime, were embroiled in diligent vehicle maintenance. The sound of metal clanging and the occasional hiss of welding formed a rhythmic backdrop to the life in the base.
Mobile platforms carrying large containers entered the premises. Logistics personnel oversaw these automated platforms, directing them toward a gigantic ship destined for Java. The towering sea-faring vessel was ready to go, its hull filled with supplies and aid bound for the bombarded island.
Our truck followed Johan's vehicle onto the large ship and stopped at a parking garage where a soldier already awaited us. After my human friends assisted me onto a wheelchair, the soldier guided us through the ship's labyrinthine passageways to a well-lit conference room where a familiar human woman waited for us inside.
"Lieutenant Ayu, the guests are here." Said the soldier.
"Thank you, Dewardana. You're dismissed,"
The soldier's hand snapped to his forehead in a practiced move, "Yes, ma'am." With that, he exited, leaving us in the company of Lieutenant Ayu.
"Good morning, folks," she greeted us, her tone exuding authority.
Rising to the occasion, I was the first to respond, "Good evening, Lieutenant." I said before the others echoed my sentiments.
"Before we go for Java. I need to discuss something with you, especially you, Tresn."
"Is it about my asylum application?" I asked.
Asylum in my language means "protection given to traitors by the enemy". But in human language, it has a kinder connotation.
"For the time being, the UNHCR was still deliberating. After reviewing your security clearance level your commands said that we can do whatever we want with you. You were fortunate to be at the bottom rung of your hierarchy."
"What would happen if Tresn's position is any higher," Johan asked.
"If I have any security clearance, they will force your armed forces to hand me. That, or coming to oversee that I am disposed of properly. Either way, that will be the end of me."
Not giving anyone the proper time to react, Lieutenant Ayu continued. "Onward to our next item of discussion."
Even here on earth, I found myself weaving a web of lies. I crashed into this planet near a refugee camp, and that was the extent of the truth that they'll put on the record. With Lieutenant Ayu's blessing, we doctored the official timeline of my journey on Earth. According to the revised narrative, the human transferred me to a military base post-crash right away. After a period of intensive scrutiny, they released me into the care of the civilian populace, ready to go to Java.
The concept of "civilians" was another revelation for me. Unlike my species, most humans are not obliged to spend a substantial portion of their lives serving in the armed forces. Even now, after the relentless attacks, humanity continues to gather its military force through volunteers.
Not long after our meeting concluded, the ship hummed to life. Its ground-effect engine lifted it several meters above the water, propelling us away from the dock. They had assigned me a cabin spacious enough to accommodate my wheelchair. The device, once alien and cumbersome, had become a natural extension of my body.
The monotony of the sea view left me yearning for some activity. Confined within the modest dimensions of my cabin, I turned my attention back to my prosthetic limb. Its detached form lay before me. After connecting to them I focused, striving to penetrate its complex mechanics. I tried again to demand it to make any semblance of a move.
I lost track of time as I persevered with the exercise, my singular focus on the lifeless prosthesis. Just when exhaustion threatened to claim me, I saw a subtle twitch in one of the prosthetic fingers. Hesitant, I commanded the finger to move again, desperate to confirm I hadn't hallucinated the twitch. To my joy, the finger obeyed, curling at my mental prompt.
Emboldened and ecstatic, I wheeled myself out of the cabin to the common room provided for us, my claw gripping the responsive prosthesis. "Snop! Cynthio!" I called out. "Look!"
Holding up the prosthesis, I focused and commanded a finger to move. Just as it had in my cabin, the digit bent.
"Awesome!" The siblings exclaimed in perfect synchrony, their faces lighting up with shared excitement.
"That's incredible," Snop gushed, leaning forward to get a closer look at the prosthetic limb. "You did it, you made it move!"
"Yes, I..." I began, my words tapering off as I once again flexed the artificial finger. Despite having witnessed it myself multiple times, the sight still fascinated me.
As the ship flew towards Java, it carried not just aid for the humans but hope for one lone arxur.
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2023.05.27 12:51 zieringmedny All You Need to Know About Hairline Lowering Surgery (Forehead Reduction)

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2023.05.27 06:07 Sammisss can’t wait for the subathon!!!

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2023.05.27 01:56 Complete-glowup Forehead reduction emotional rollercoaster

So I had a forehead reduction about two months ago. It looked great right after surgery but I guess there was lots of welling (had a brow lift too). As the swelling went down I started to feel my forehead looked the same. I honestly never measured it. Just knew it was big and hated it since I was a child. I asked my surgeon and he said they reduced 2.5 centimeters but I guess my forehead was just so big that even after 2.5 cm it still looks big, so no longer huge but still big. It was an expensive surgery, which a big wound and tough and long recovery so I’m a little sad that at the end of the day, I didn’t get the results I wanted. I feel like 3.5 cm would have been my ideal result. When I spoke to my surgeon prior to surgery and I asked how much they could reduce, he said he would be able to tell once I was already in surgery since it depends on how much your scalp can actually give in so it’s just difficult to tell prior. I hope my story helps provide some information and can be used as a cautionary tale for those looking into this procedure.
Edit: just wanted to clarify that in the forehead reduction world, plastic surgeons talk about centimeters and not inches. Inches are too big so centimeters are more precise for the small changes that can be made. On average, you can expect 2.2 cm of forehead to be reduced during surgery.
Before and after: https://imgur.com/a/maePx8d
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2023.05.26 19:44 pcv151789 I just had Stage 1 FFS on the upper third of my face with Dr. Bojovic at Mass General on 5/25/2023 - AMA!

I just had surgery on the upper third of my face (orbital rims, frontal sinus/browbone, forehead, and hairline advancement) with Dr. Bojovic at Mass General Hospital on 5/25/2023. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Dr. Bojovic was in-network for my insurance (BCBS MA) and I had positive consultations with him where it seemed like he uses top notch technology and also has a lot of experience lately doing multiple FFS procedures per week, and has training at Johns Hopkins. I will say he is very level-headed and to the point and not the most outwardly warm person, but that is just his personality and I still felt very seen, heard, respected, and like I could trust him.
Dr. Bojovic does FFS in stages so I started with the area that makes me most dysphoric and we'll see from there. I had very pronounced "double bumps" meaning a brow bone prominence and an upper forehead prominence that case a shadow in the middle of my forehead in overhead lighting and made me very self-conscious. So he basically burred all of that down A LOT, and also burred down the orbital rims to open up my eyes, and set back my frontal sinus to further reduce the browbone area. It is only day 1 so lots of swelling, but minimal pain and I can already see how flat and softened the entire shape will be!
The nurses and other staff during my stay were excellent, kind, caring, and attentive professionals and I had a great experience. I stayed overnight just for comfort and observation and to keep getting IV steroids to reduce inflammation and IV antibiotics. Stitches and staples done mostly an inch or so behind hairline on the sides with a few visible stitches on top front of hairline.
Will post some clear before and after photos after my follow up visit on 5/30. Please let me know if you have any questions!
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2023.05.26 05:59 cishet_isomer Survivor's Guilt

Long post (~2,500 words) incoming - this is an essay from my journal about narrative arcs, collective versus individual meaning, passing, money, and surgery.
CW: a lot of things, but in particular: beauty, passing and money
At risk of spoiling a 2,000 year old Greek tragedy, Euripides' Medea tells the story of a woman who, in order to spite her unfaithful husband, kills her two young children as well as her husband’s royal bride. When confronted by her husband, she is rescued by her grandfather the sun god Helios, who provides her with a divine, dragon-drawn chariot which she uses to escape to Athens. The final scene of the tragedy involves Medea escaping into the sunset after this divine intervention, with the audience left to ponder the nature of evil and the motivations of the gods.
While the play itself introduces some interesting and novel themes - it includes one of the first and most well known portrayals of filicide, the murder of one’s children, for example - the ending never quite sat right with me. As a storytelling device, the introduction of a literal god as a plot twist is, well, kind of a cop out. It couldn’t be predicted, it involves a being far more powerful than any of the human characters, and… well, it’s kind of like getting to the end of a movie and then the main character wakes up and it was all just a bad dream. It’s not a satisfying conclusion!
This mechanic has since become known as “Deus ex Machina” - “God from the machine” - and it’s a common refrain used to criticize an unsatisfying plot twist in modern media. To use a Deus ex Machina is to take an impossible situation and turn it around with such overwhelming force that the threat of the original challenge fades away entirely. A satisfying ending usually demonstrates success against overwhelming odds, tenacity, and character development. A Deus ex Machina shows none of these.
Of course, while Deus ex Machinas tend to make for unsatisfying stories, most people would be pretty happy to win a multimillion dollar lottery, even if it means that the satisfaction of finally saving up for a yearly holiday or of getting a surprisingly nice tax return would probably not be worth much anymore; even if any conceivable career success they could experience in their life would probably never even amount to a tenth of the money they just acquired on luck alone. To most people, there are parts of life where the story is less important than the practicality, and so this is still a good deal. Money is one such example, and it’s why there are more lawyers than poets. But this story doesn’t really sell either, which is why rich people of all stripes love to view themselves as hardworking, courageous, persistent, and the type of person who could do it all again if they had to.
People like to tell a similar story about beauty. The allure of the makeover is this: you take someone who just doesn’t know how to dress or present themselves, but has potential. You teach them the basics of fashion, makeup and skincare, you get them onto a workout routine, and then you cultivate a mindset of inner beauty that will shine through. Lo and behold, they are beautiful! And more importantly, you as the viewer can be beautiful too, you just need to bring out the beauty that was lurking inside all along.
The existence of plastic surgery marrs this narrative. More accurately, the fact that it works marrs this narrative. It’s almost horrifying the way in which someone can be treated awfully, get surgery to fix one or two features, and then be perceived like a completely different person, almost like they have become more worthy of love. A makeover in the usual sense wouldn’t fix this. There is only so much that contouring or well shaped clothes can do to improve a person’s attractiveness or make them look like a model - not to mention that the constant attention that is required to keep this up kind of gets exhausting.
Whether we want to or not, there is a certain extent to which we blame people for their own looks, as if they chose them. When it comes to choice in fashion or piercings, this might be valid - after all, if you’re getting judged for having an alternative aesthetic and you’d like to stop that perception, you can just change your aesthetic. But I can’t help but notice that when I see someone with a large nose, or crooked teeth, or fat in the wrong places, or a receding hairline, then I categorize them differently to how I would if they didn’t have these flaws. I think of them as a different person, even though rationally I know I shouldn’t.
Of course, this extends to gender perception as well, and it’s the reason that even the most well-meaning genuine allies can still slip up on pronouns from time to time, or struggle to see non-passing trans women as truly women, or treat non binary people closer to one binary gender than the other if they’re not presenting completely androgynous. There’s work to be done as a collective, sure - and that work is extremely important - but as individual trans people, changing the perception of every single person we meet is a laughably gargantuan task, and it’s often easier to just adhere to the beauty standards that are set for us. This is basically what “passing” amounts to: adhering to some existing standard of cisgender beauty. We can resist this all we like, and I have nothing but respect for those who do, but in the short run this seems to amount to something like the struggling poet archetype resisting capitalism: as unsatisfying and non-storylike and damn depressing as it sounds, they’d probably have a far more enjoyable subjective experience of life if they took their writing skills to somewhere that would pay them for it instead.
Unfortunately, simply choosing to adhere to beauty standards is so much easier said than done. My view of gender perception is that it comes in three layers: things presentation affects, things hormones affect, and things that neither of them affect.
Up until a few weeks ago I had a septum piercing. I got it because I thought it looked cool, I wanted to try having one, I liked embodying an alt aesthetic from time to time, and frankly, I felt like it drew attention away from the parts of my nose I didn’t like, by being the center of attention for anyone looking in the vicinity of that area. Removing it was not a conclusive decision, but I’d grown to miss how I looked without it, it was a bit uncomfortable sometimes, and it made me sneeze a lot. So I took it out, and that was that. If I wanted to put it back in at any point, it would involve a trip to the piercing parlour a couple of suburbs over, and maybe $40 or so. Not really a big deal.
Piercings, clothes, shoes, makeup, skincare and hair care all come under the category of “things you can affect pretty quickly”. And they can indeed make a big difference. But they are also surface level - a large, muscular man wearing feminine attire is more likely to be read as a gay man, a crossdresser, or a drag queen than as a woman. A petite girl wearing masculine clothing might be read as a tomboy, butch, or simply wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie. Getting genuinely good at makeup helps too, but that’s starting to push outside the category of “things you can do straight away”.
Luckily there is another level of perception that can be affected - things that take some time, but can be done. Hair length, if going in the direction of making it longer, comes into this category. Just about anything that hormones can change comes into this category. Voice training might be one of the most powerful things in this category. Permanent and semi-permanent hair removal fit here as well.
Once these top two layers are accounted for, over enough time, the lines between “cis woman” and “trans woman” or between “cis man” and “trans man” begin to blur substantially. The bell curves start to intersect, at first only in the extremes but then over time they move closer and closer together.
Yet, the averages don’t really touch, and the missing explanation comes under the umbrella category of “things that hormones don’t affect”.
What goes here? Height, to a large extent, is one of these things - losing an inch or two on HRT isn’t unheard of but nobody over six foot is suddenly going to become five and a half feet tall. In my personal experience, the height loss if any comes down to a rounding error - I’ve gone from a bit over six foot two to a bit under.
One of the most important things for passing that hormones don’t affect is facial bones. Luckily and perhaps surprisingly, in many cases you can take a slightly masculine facial structure and overlay it with feminine fat distribution and a bit of makeup, and you would probably be pleasantly surprised at how it changes over the course of a couple of years. For someone in this boat, the majority of the population would probably not be any the wiser if the rest of this person’s presentation checked out. But of course, there are many heavily gendered facial features and the chance that a trans woman has at least one of them outside the range of what is considered normal for cis women is fairly likely. Couple this with the likelihood that she is probably taller and larger in proportions than average, likely has a deeper voice, and might have smaller breasts than the average cis woman - and you can see how the intersection of these features can cause genuine psychological distress in the inability to be gendered correctly without significant personal effort.
There is one way to bypass this hierarchy of immutability, however. Surgery is a panacea that can augment breast growth, fix facial bone structure, and even in some (highly experimental, strongly not recommended) cases reduce height. Surgery can cut right through the top layer of how well you do your makeup, down past the middle layer of how hormones changed your face shape, and modify the very bone that frames everything it sits behind.
When it comes to Facial Feminization Surgery or FFS, beneath all the talk of orbital shaping and chin reductions, tracheal shaves and lip lifts, there is an unstated promise: if you pay us, nobody will know you weren’t born like this. Personal opinions vary, and it’s hard to get a genuinely objective view of where your facial bone structure sits along this bell curve, but I’ve got the CT scans as evidence for my case and the verdict is that my chin, jaw, forehead, nose, and Adam’s apple could all be more feminine than they are. Hormones will not do anything about these. The allure is real, to the point where putting my life savings on the line to undergo FFS was almost an easy decision. As the surgery date draws closer, my anxiety rises, but I have never once doubted that this is what I need.
Even worse is the fact that part of the allure of FFS is its rarity: facial features are a good way to clock trans women purely for the fact that so few of them can afford to have them changed. I cannot think about this without experiencing immense guilt. If FFS was commonplace, then the subset of clocking with more hostile origins would probably shift even more strongly to other aspects like voice, height and shoe size, the last two of which would out me straight away.
Why do I feel so guilty about this? If I were cis, these features would be given by birthright and I would not be sitting here psychoanalysing myself into a panic thinking about them. Would it be wrong to just say I need this, refuse to elaborate any more, and call it a day?
The surgeons I have spoken to have all been lovely, but there’s no denying that there is a tendency for surgeons to develop god complexes - some patients even joke that it’s a prerequisite for the role. In a way, it almost feels justified - the right surgery at the right time can completely change the course of someone’s life, whether it’s a heart transplant or a forehead reconstruction. How is that any different to the many other things that people tend to ascribe to gods - diagnosis and remission of diseases, life-changing job offers, graduations, weddings, the birth of children?
I’ve already thought about what I’m going to say to people when they ask how I feel after I’ve had FFS: that it feels like waking up from a bad dream. The fact that I have premeditated this response indicates that I feel like I am in a bad dream now, and that FFS will be the god from the machine that wakes me. This has all the hallmarks of all the worst story endings I have ever read, and yet I still want it, and that makes me think that my life is not quite the story I wish it was.
I don’t know what the satisfying alternative ending would be in this case - do I just accept my fate as being somewhat clockable, and make peace with that, forever? Do I become an icon for trans liberation, standing proud and tall in the face of discrimination and being unwaveringly me even if others don’t see it? Do I develop a slavish devotion to the witchcraft of makeup to the point where surgery is an obsolete afterthought? Even that narrative doesn’t feel satisfying: there is no rebellion, no character arc, no defiance - just ongoing effort into being perceived as me until the day I die.
Whenever I see someone being unashamedly themselves, brow bone and all, I feel nothing but pride for my people. Yet when I put in the effort, when I’m having a good day, I am seen as I am and I know in my heart that I would be overjoyed if this were my life. As I write this, I am sitting in a cafe, no makeup, jeans and a hoodie, and the waiter just tried to bring me an order for “Daniel” - yet I know this would never happen if I put on foundation and mascara before leaving the house, blow dried my hair properly, and wore something form fitting.
I don’t feel wholly cheated of the promise that, as a young twenty-something, after around a year and a quarter on hormones, with chin-length hair and a pretty decent voice, I should be able to pass the majority of the time - I do. But there will always be bad days, and those are the days where I need the assurance the most. Maybe FFS is just ensuring that on those bad days, I can still feel like myself? Maybe it’s just front loading the effort that goes into passing in a single, painful, multi-hour sculpting for the price of a house deposit, rather than dispersed over years and years of makeup application? How can I justify it in a way that feels morally absolvable to me, that doesn’t ignore the fact that there are others who need this just as much as I do but will never receive it?
It’s become painfully clear to me that there are no right answers, but I’m not sure I like the answer that after waxing all this poetic, I’m taking the path of the lawyer after all.
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2023.05.26 01:51 dxzdlt Highlighting Chantal's "GHOST BEEZIN" livestream (live updates)

Hi all. I'm a few min behind but I'll catch up quickly.
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2023.05.26 00:34 Representative_Rent3 HLC Ankara FUE 2566 grafts Dr. Cengiz

HLC Ankara FUE 2566 grafts Dr. Cengiz
Approx. 2100 grafts on top - 400 on sides.
-0.5mg oral fin daily since Jan. 2022. (Started with 1mg daily but changed dosage because of sides) - topical min foam once a day since June 2022
Medication stabilized my situation, hair got thicker. No noticeable regrowth.
I need to mention, I had one previous HT back in 2015 (1600 grafts on the front) at a bad clinic: Esteworld in Istanbul. To keep it as short as possible, I didn’t had a lot of knowledge about HT’s/medication at the time. So I ended up going to this bad clinic. They overharvested some areas of my donor, for just a minor HT of 1600 grafts. It’s noticeable that they took way too many grafts from small areas. (See photos of my donor area) On the recipient area it seemed like a lot of grafts didn’t came through, ending up with bad density and gaps in between the transplanted zone. So I wouldn’t recommend anyone going to this clinic, at all!
Back then I had a lot of doubts to start medication. Unfortunately, because if I just pulled the trigger back then, my hair probably would’ve stabilized already for some years now. Maybe I wouldn’t even needed a second HT.
But as you expect, In the mean time since my first HT I lost a lot of hair on the frontal side + temporal areas. In 2022 I finally decided to start medication, as a last chance to do something about my hair, which “ofcourse” turned out to be the thing I should’ve done years ago already.
After stabilization, I was able to consider a second HT.
This time I did a lot of research to find a proper clinic, and ended up going to HLC in Ankara. I’ll explain some personal things but I’m not going to make an extended review of the clinic because some others already did. I only can say that everything was very professional and detailed. As expected. They take time for personal wishes and don’t rush things at all.
Dr Cengiz did my procedure. I sort of already knew him from reviews of other clients, his work seemed very good to me which gave me a pretty positive feeling about it. (At HLC you won’t be designated to a particular doctor on beforehand. But as far as I know all their doctors provide quality work)
Btw I always had a larger forehead, but I didn’t lowered my hairline. I chose to keep it the way it was. Just wanted a lot more density in the frontal area of the scalp. As well as a bit more density on the temporal areas, to frame the outlines of my face a bit better.
Long story short, I’m very pleased with what I’ve experienced so far. Had no pain at all during the procedure. No swelling afterwards as far as i noticed. Healing proces was way faster compared to my first HT. In the end I’m happy that I went to HLC, and hope the quality will be shown in the end result in a while.
I only made this review to make people aware of the importance of doing proper research before undergoing a HT. Hopefully others won’t make the same mistakes that I did myself. I learned a lot about this subject from people that share and discuss their experiences on Reddit, because of that I wanted to share mine as well.
Most clinics are a huge gamble. And a lot of them don’t care about you as a client, at all. I’m not saying there is zero chance to have a good result at a “cheaper” clinic, but most of them just don’t put your best personal interest as their main focus. Besides that, as most people should know this already, I’m still gonna suggest it: Always prefer to go to a clinic where the whole procedure is done by a real and experienced doctor, not by technicians.
Edit: I have some scarring tissue on my neck. Result of using “accutane” to solve an acne problem on my neck/shoulders. (Few bigger spots and a few smaller spots) If someone has knowledge about this issue, I gladly would like to hear your opinion about the best way to remove/reduce these spots. Surgery or laser therapy? I asked my doctor, but she didn’t dare to do it because one of the spots is to large.
English is not my first language, so if there are some mistakes, my bad, but you know the reason why….
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2023.05.25 18:40 TrilliamGates My Wisdom Teeth & Dry Socket Story

Going to use this post as a journal about my experience healing from my extraction, and now dry socket, experience.



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2023.05.25 17:45 Quick-Arm4361 What areas of the face can be treated with dermaplaning?

What areas of the face can be treated with dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is a facial treatment that gently exfoliates the skin, creating a more youthful and luminous appearance around the eye area, cheeks, forehead, chin and upper neck.
Unlock the secret to achieving a flawless, glowing complexion on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and beyond.
Dermaplaning can be an excellent option for those looking to remove fine facial hair and smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the skin. The procedure is simple. A sterilized scalpel is used to gently and thoroughly peel away the dead skin, revealing the new, youthful skin underneath.
Dermaplaning is a safe procedure that does not require anesthesia and tends to be less invasive than other facial peel treatments. In addition, dermaplaning is a less painful and less expensive treatment than traditional cosmetic surgery. It is also great for those who want a quick solution to facial hair removal.
Now that you know a little more about dermaplaning, let's talk about what areas of the face can be treated with it. It is recommended for the eye area, cheeks, forehead, chin and upper neck. These are areas where aging skin and fine facial hair tend to be most prominent.
During your office visit, a qualified professional will evaluate your skin and discuss your options with you. If you opt for dermaplaning, the procedure may take 15 to 30 minutes depending on your need. After this treatment, your skin will feel smooth and free of fine facial hair.
Are you ready to experience the benefits of dermaplaning? If you are interested in learning more about this facial treatment, find a qualified professional to help you achieve your desired results.
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2023.05.25 15:10 Stock-Aioli-4322 Emergency Symptoms (Bookmark This)

Hey fellow dads, I was browsing the seattle childrens hospital website and I came across this section in one of the rows. I’ve bookmarked it for emergencies and I’ll try and copy the text wholesale here too. I hope it can help save a little life one day.

Emergency Symptoms Not to Miss

Most life-threatening emergencies are easy to recognize. You would not overlook major bleeding, breathing that stops, a seizure or a coma. You would call 911 for help.
If you suspected poisoning, you would call the Poison Helpline at 1-800-222-1222. Some emergency symptoms, however, can be missed or ignored. Here's that important list.
If your child has any of these symptoms, call your child's doctor now. If you can't reach them, go to the nearest ER. For a few of these symptoms, call 911.
Sick Newborn Your baby is less than 1 month old and has a fever or looks sick. This includes vomiting, cough, or even poor color. Your baby may start to act abnormal if they are getting sick. Examples are poor feeding or sleeping too much. At this age, these symptoms are serious until proven otherwise. During the first month of life, infections can progress very fast.
Lethargy Your young child is lethargic if she stares into space or won't smile. She won't play at all or hardly responds to you. Your child is too weak to cry or hard to wake up. These are serious symptoms. Note: Sleeping more when sick is normal. When awake, your child should be alert.
Confusion The sudden onset of confusion is serious. Your child is awake but says strange things. She sees things that aren't there. She doesn't recognize you. Note: Brief confusion for 5 minutes or so can be seen with high fevers. This can be normal. But, if not brief, confusion can have some serious causes.
Severe Pain Severe pain keeps your child from doing all normal activities. Your child won't play or even watch a favorite TV show. They just want to be left alone. Your child may cry when you try to hold or move them. Children with severe pain also can't sleep or can only fall asleep briefly.
Inconsolable Crying Constant nonstop crying is caused by severe pain until proven otherwise. Suspect this in children who can't sleep or can only fall asleep briefly. When awake, they will not join in any normal activities. They won't play or be distracted. They may be very hard to console. Caution: Instead of crying, severe pain may cause your child to moan or whimper.
Can't Walk If your child has learned to walk and then suddenly won't, call your doctor. He may have a serious injury to the legs or a problem with balance. If your child walks bent over holding his stomach, he may have appendicitis.
Vomits Bile Vomiting that is bright green is most often bile. Unless your child drank a green liquid, this is not normal. It can mean the intestines are blocked up. This is a surgical emergency. Note: Vomiting some yellow fluid is normal. The yellow color is from stomach acid.
Tender Belly Press on your child's belly while she is distracted by a toy or book. You should be able to press in an inch or so without a problem. If your child winces or screams, it suggests a serious cause. If the belly is also bloated and hard, it's more urgent. Note: If your child just pushes your hand away, you haven't distracted her enough.
Pain in Testicle or Scrotum Sudden pain in the scrotum can be from twisting (torsion) of the testicle. This needs surgery within 8 hours to save the testicle.
Trouble Breathing Breathing is essential for life. Most childhood deaths are caused by severe breathing problems. Breathing problems can be caused by throat or lung infections. Parents need to learn to recognize trouble breathing. If your child has tight croup or wheezing, they need to be seen now. Other bad signs are fast breathing, grunting with each breath, bluish lips, or retractions. This means the skin pulls in between the ribs with each breath. It is a sign of trouble breathing in younger children. Children with severe breathing problems can't drink, talk or cry. If your child is struggling to breathe, call 911.
Bluish or Gray Lips Bluish lips, tongue, or gums can mean not enough oxygen in the bloodstream. Call 911. Note: Bluish skin only around the mouth (not the lips) can be normal. It can be caused by being cold or being afraid.
Trouble Swallowing with Drooling The sudden onset of drooling or spitting means your child is having trouble swallowing. Most often, this is from severe swelling in the throat. The cause can be a serious throat infection. A serious allergic reaction can also cause trouble swallowing. Swelling in the throat could close off the airway.
Dehydration Dehydration means that your child's body fluids are low. Dehydration often is caused by severe vomiting and/or diarrhea. Suspect dehydration if your child has not urinated in 8 hours. Crying no tears and a dry inside of the mouth (tongue) are also signs. In young babies, the soft spot in the head is sunken. Dehydrated children are also tired and weak. Note: If your child is alert, playful and active, he is not yet dehydrated. Children with severe dehydration become dizzy when they stand. Dehydration needs extra fluids by mouth or vein.
Bulging Soft Spot The soft spot in your baby's head is tense and bulging. This means the brain is under pressure.
Stiff Neck A stiff neck means your child can't touch the chin to the chest. To test for a stiff neck, lay your child down. Then lift his head until the chin touches the chest. If he fights you, place a toy or coin on the belly. This makes him have to look down to see it. Older children can simply be asked to look at their belly button. A stiff neck can be an early sign of meningitis. Note: Without fever, a stiff neck is often from sore neck muscles.
Neck Injury Talk to your child's doctor about any neck injury, regardless of the symptoms. Neck injuries carry a risk of damage to the spinal cord.
Purple or Blood-Red Spots or Dots Purple or blood-red spots or dots on the skin need to be seen. When present with fever, they could be a sign of a serious bloodstream infection. The color of these serious rashes will not change when you press on them. The color of normal viral rashes will fade with skin pressure. Note: Bumps and bruises on the shins from active play are different.
Fever (over 100.4°F or 38 °C) in the First 3 Months Fevers in newborns and young babies are treated differently than fevers in older children. Bacterial infections are more common at this age and can get worse quickly. A fever is a rectal or forehead temp of 100.4 F° (38.0° C) or higher. All babies under 3 months of age with a fever need to be seen now. They need tests to decide if the cause is viral or bacterial.
Fever over 105° F (40.6° C) A fever tells you that your child has an infection. Serious infections can occur with low-grade fevers as well as higher fevers. All the above symptoms are stronger signs of serious illness than the level of fever. Research shows fevers alone are a risk factor only when very high. That means levels above 105°F (40.6°C). So, call your doctor if your child's fever goes above 104° F (40° C). This is a safe rule.
Chronic Diseases Most active chronic diseases can have some serious complications. If your child has a chronic disease, learn what those complications are. Find out how to recognize the early changes. Diseases at highest risk for serious infections are those that weaken the immune system. These include sickle cell disease, HIV, cancer, organ transplant, or taking oral steroids. If you are talking with health workers who don't know your child, speak up. Always tell them about your child's chronic disease (such as asthma). Never assume the doctors and nurses already know this.
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2023.05.25 13:20 rlgrimme Forehead reduction surgery Australia

Hi all,
I've been looking into hairline lowering/forehead reduction surgery (8cm forehead over here lol) but can't find any surgeons located in Australia who specialise in it. I'd prefer to find one in Australia than go overseas. My first preference was Dr Nettle in Sydney but he's not taking on any bookings atm and I've hit a brick wall.
Has anyone had a forehead reduction in Aus? Which surgeon did you go with and are you happy with results?
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2023.05.25 12:51 Any-Will-8705 FFS Help

FFS Help
This is not a typical ffs help request. I know what I would like to have done, but unfortunately personal travel restrictions and to some degree financial restrictions, (I don't have an unlimited budget) are forcing me into one particular surgeon. Overall I'm happy with the consult I had with this doctor, but there are a couple of things that I don't necessarily agree with. I hoping for some general input on whether what he is suggesting will be enough and whether I should push him on the couple of things I don't agree with.
Here's what he wants to do:
Forehead: he is doing a Hairline lowering, he said he may be able to get about a 1/2". Shave the oute upper areas of my orbitals, shave the center area of forehead, although he Sud its not necessarily required as he claims I'm in female range. I did say I want it done, he agreed. Lift the skin above eyes.
Full rhinoplasty
Chin shave to take away square chin
I also want him to do an entire v-line, he says that I don't require it. He is saying that I'll have too much loose skin in the jowell area if he does, that would require a lower lift. He will not do the lower lift in the same surgery and also says that the full v-line surgery gains are not enough to justify doing it and the neck lift that will be required.
I also want a lip lift, possibly with fat grafting into the upper lift. He is not keen on doing this and again says, if he were to agree it would have to be done later due to the incision he makes for rhinoplasty. He says thst I already have a "frown" smile and that doing a lip lift will not look right. I also believe it can be done at the same time.
I'm not certain what he thinks is enough, is going to be enough. I'm not concerned about beauty standards, but I want to appear as feminine as is possible with what I have to work with.
BTW, hair transplants are in the works for after ffs surgery.
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2023.05.25 10:21 yakermdhairrestore All You Need to Know About Hairline Lowering Surgery (Forehead Reduction)

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