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2008.11.02 00:26 PowerShell

PowerShell is a cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS) automation tool and configuration framework optimized for dealing with structured data (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML, etc.), REST APIs, and object models. PowerShell includes a command-line shell, object-oriented scripting language, and a set of tools for executing scripts/cmdlets and managing modules.

2023.05.30 12:03 Another_AdamCF Sig Sauer Romeo-MSR on sale for $69
Thought you guys might be interested, that price is insanely low for a genuine optic. Shipping outside of the US is insanely expensive but should definitely be worth it in the US. Not sure how long it’ll be until these sell out. Probably quite soon.
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2023.05.29 22:57 vidaderojoyverde Cheap kydex iwb holster for P320 compact with TLR-7?

Last year I decided to get out of sigs and into CZs, but then spotted a chewed up p320 compact for $250! I had been missing my p320 so I jumped on it. Got it and swapped out the grip for a cheap nib grip and it’s been running like a champ. Also snagged one of the $50 TLR-7’s that were up for sale recently sooooo….
Trying to stick to the “cheap” theme I’d love to find a cheap kydex iwb holster for this guy. It defeats the purpose of cheap gun to get something expensive. This is more of a weekend pistol not a main EDC.
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2023.05.29 19:56 PolishJanusz P320 XCompact & Burris Fastfire IV red dot - how to?

P320 XCompact & Burris Fastfire IV red dot - how to?
Hi Guys,
I have an XCompact and I have a problem with incompatible red dot. Already own a Burris Fastfire IV with DocteNoblex footprint. I thought I'd put it on the Sig, but I'm having trouble finding an adapter, especially since I live in Poland, where the Sig isn't the most popular weapon. Also many US stores don't ship gun parts to Europe.Looking for available parts, I come across some very universal solutions that often have to be modified to fit or don't fill at all. Meanwhile, I'm looking for something that will work seamlessly.
Do you know of anything that allow me to install this red dot and is available in UE?
I'm also considering buying another red dot, such as Holosun or Vortex, but that also requires the purchase of mounting plates, which are often unavailable here.
Is there anyone here from Europe who has a solution?
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2023.05.29 17:11 PersnicketyPenelope Did Bryan have a lover?

❤️A Sig Chi guy?
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2023.05.29 08:33 poorprae My/Your odds of climbing improve when you comm well and play well.

I've noticed that when I made the climb to GM/M (Open Q, tank) for the first time this year is to play my role well and be the chill, level-headed guy in voice chat.
I communicate objectively, create a pleasant atmosphere, and hold my breath when I notice screw-ups.
Examples of what I say or don't say:
  1. (Related to team comp.) "I'm eating nades. A Kiriko would help." "No more Winton, they have reapehog." "They're vulnerable to Pharah." "They have Bastion/Zen, switching to Sig would be a better choice."
  2. (Information.) "They should have X ult." "I'll save sleep for Doom. Go all in when he dives in." "No nade/cleanse." "We'll xyz on next fight. They don't have tank ult." "We're still 2 behind. Don't push." I main ana/moira most of the time, so I'm always scoping the field.
  3. (Player mistakes.) I don't point it out. Pointing out the obvious will make the other player feel attacked. Don't chance it. We all know THAT GUY that does it. Don't be that guy.
  4. (Creating a pleasant atmosphere.) I'm not the super chatty type. Odds are, neither are a majority of my teammates. But we have one thing in common: we're here to get that dub. I say enough for teammates to know that I'm the guy who is level-headed and here to make the game pleasant.
  5. (Diffiusing arguments.) I had a very aggressive Doomfist. He played well. However, the team wasn't as aggro as he was. He started to complain about the team not following him in. He's not wrong. I told him that he's playing well, but the team won't go super aggro like you want us to. Therefore, it would be easier for you change tanks to suit the 4 of us rather than the other way around.
That being said, I've had multiple 5-2 and 5-1 runs that pushed me very quickly to GM/M earlier this year. I'm almost M as support (D2).
Anyways. It's either chat a little and have a pleasant atmosphere or go radio silent. When going radio silent, I've notice multiple 5-5/6/7/8 results. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
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2023.05.29 01:07 Cade_Gardner [WTS] Send It Sunday, Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimble, Rode Mic, Moment 58mm Telephoto, Moment Anamorphic, Moment Gimble Counterweight, PSA 16" Carbine with Quad rail, Romeo5, Trs-25 & Riser, Unity Modbutton with Surefire plug, Aero Slick Upper, Magpul Glock D50, PA Gen III 3x Prism with MI QD mount

What's up guys! I have a Rig I built for my iPhone that I haven't been using. Hit me up you have any questions and are interested. I prefer to keep the whole rig and lenses together. The Rig contains:
Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimble-$60
Moment Anamorphic-$90
Moment 58mm Tele-$75
Rode Videomicro-$25
Moment Gimble Counterweight-$10
These are based off of rough estimates on Ebay. Looking to trade for L210 plates or $225 for the whole rig.
Here's the Rest
PSA 16" Carbine Quad rail 1/7 w/ BCG & CH (This was a plinking upper so its furnished with UTG <200rds)-$225 SOLD FOR $215
Romeo5 (like knew. I sent my previous one to Sig for warranty this is the one I got back. Will send with two sets of mounts)-$90
TRS-25 (Catch and release. I had this mounted on my 10/22 for a long while)-$35 SOLD
Unity Modbutton Lite w/ Surefire plug-$100 SOLD
Aero "Slick Side" Upper-$45 SOLD FOR $40
Magpul GL9 D50-$100
Primary Arms SLX 3X Prism Gen III w/ Midwest Industries QD mount-$225
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2023.05.28 22:41 Nice_Ad_7219 My new SP2022 for IDPA

Hi guys a sig sp2022 9mm for idpa competition. I love this gun but I can't find a good holster in italy. I found a fobus 21ND (for 226-229) and fobus sg21?
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2023.05.28 20:48 Apacheguru Sig 556 value

Sig 556 value
Good afternoon,
Was hoping to get an idea of what people think these older Sig 556 rifles are worth. Had a guy offer me one in a trade and I’ve seen values all over the place for them. This guy says it’s a Gen 1 with the “fish gill” handguard
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2023.05.28 19:29 cksythe First Time! New-WKB Kobe 6 QC please GL/RL?

First Time! New-WKB Kobe 6 QC please GL/RL?
Getting these from Eric, they look good to me but the right shoe heel looks off to me and the Kobe sigs there look low, would love a QC check from you guys. Ftr, Eric has been incredible to me :’) Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 16:15 Ricemobile Using stars late game

Do you guys prefer spending 100 stars for league ball reset or save them for vintage combos? I always try to save up enough stars to have 6000 for the special shops, and sig combos. Aside from that, I’m a little torn on how to spend stars. I still think league reset is good for training materials and black diamond pieces, but it also sucks having tons of vintages that could potentially be turned into legends (lol)
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2023.05.28 12:26 ReceptionPale8212 Fboy Island

Jeg har set hele programmet, og har tydeligvis stadig ikke forstået det! Mange artikler om Vrist, tydede på, at han kom ind som Nice guy, men ikke syntes om nogle af pigerne, så han valgte en, og gik efter pengene. Det har han selv udtalt sig om efter! Nu har jeg lige set finalen, og alle fboy får spørgsmålet “vil du dele pengene”, mens alle Nice guy ikke får muligheden for andet. Hvordan kunne Vrist så gå efter pengene?
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2023.05.28 03:03 D3AD-0F-N1GHT Best scythe…

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve done one of these. For the best scythe, in my opinion, it’s got to be Artemis. Good weapon comp, broken sigs for when you come across a spammer and you got to bring out ye old faithful Lance Ssig. Pretty good stats, too. Which one do you guys like?
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2023.05.27 20:59 BENboBEN [WTS] Surefire OBC, MP5 Binary Housing, CZ 457 Chassis, RMRcc w/ MOS Plate, Holosun SCS, P320 Legion Grip, PEAK Irons, FCD EPC, Surefire Switch and LCS, Crane Hot Button, Reptilia Stock.

Huge dump of random, cool, or hard to find parts and pieces. Doing some spring cleaning. Have to do G&S, fees are included in price. Shipping is as well unless you want extra special shipping.
Thanks for looking, guys.
MDT LSS-RF Gen 2 Chassis for a CZ 457 -$250
Surefire OBC -$650
I know that seems steep for a bcg, but they’re impossible to find. If it’s something you need to have, here we go.
RMRcc 3.25 MOA w/ CHPWS Adapter plate for full size Glock MOS -$360
This is an RMRcc, NOT a normal RMR, it has a proprietary footprint. It comes with an adapter plate with a new screw kit for full size Glock MOS Slides. It fits perfectly flush with a G17/G19 slide whereas a normal RMR will overhang off the sides.
Holosun SCS for Glock MOS -$260
Mounted once, took some pics and then took it off. I unfortunately don’t have the adjustment tool, it’s just a small flathead so easy to find something, but noting it for transparency.
Geissele Super Sabra Trigger Pack for a Tavor X95 -$280
Forward Controls Design EPC Twin Dimple, Black -$75
Dust cover was installed and cycled a couple times. Didn’t like how it looked on the build. Great condition, minimal salt.
Scalarworks PEAK Iron Sight Set -$180
Sights have been used, small amount of salt from use.
HK MP5 Trigger Housing with Franklin Armory Binary -$600
This was installed in an MKE MP5 Clone, not sure about compatibility with HK or clones. Housing is an HK purchased from HKParts. Trigger is Franklin. Safety selectors are aluminum ones from HK Parts and a massive improvement over the Franklin ones. Includes the ejector arm and spring. Does not include takedown pins.
Sig P320 X-Carry Legion Tungsten Grip Module -$220
Unity Hot Button 7” FDE Crane Laser Plug no salt -$70
Surefire Pressure Pad w/ Cloud Defense LCS minimal salt -$80
Reptilia Recce Stock FDE Carbine Length -$110
Stock was installed and used for a range session, but very minimal salt.
Detailed Pics:
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2023.05.27 09:06 mercury888 Updated to the latest firmware 16.0.3 + newest Atmosphere 1.5.3 - everything works EXCEPT TINFOIL!

Hey Guys,
New to this and I managed to upgrade my previously hacked switch from version 12 to the latest version 16.0.3.
All games were not working until I saw this post telling me that I needed to update sig patches. Luckily it was just a matter of downloading files from another post
Now all Games are working EXCEPT TINFOIL.
I did try to install tinfoil using the self installer (Version 16), however i just copied and pasted all files over my old Tinfoil folder.
Do I have to delete my entire tinfoil folder and then copy that new folder into /switch/tinfoil/?
I am scared that all my saved games will be deleted if i delete the whole tinfoil folder.
I can see that a FRESH folder of tinfoil looks like this:
Where as my old tinfoil looks like this:
What I did was simply copy and paste the new files into this... and replace all files and folder. Is this correct?
But when I try to go to the album, then go to the store and click on tinfoil installer (two are coming up and tried both), it loads then just goes black and then goes back to the store... like nothing happened.
When I try to run tinfoil from the main menu, it says file is corrupt.
Please help!
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2023.05.27 02:32 ------unknown------- [WTS] Houge Fixie, Citizen Watch, Belroy and More

Looking to pass a few items that aren't getting used anymore.
Quality levels are listed next to each item as per rules and represented by one of these letters (A) (B) (C) (D), if you need a reference to what they mean please see the comment made by the auto moderator on this post.
Take $5 Off Each Additional Item or bundle Purchased.
Houge/SIG Fixed Blade (C):
Purchased used, previous owner sharpened it like a mad man but it's sharp lol, I recently got some water on the sheath when the blade wasn't in it so there are some marks from that, I haven't tried to clean it off yet nothinggot on the blade on its dry now. Purchased this guy at a good discount on the secondary so I'm passing it along for quite a bit less the I grabbed it for. SV:$69
Citizen Eco Drive Watch (B):
Purchased on the secondary and used for a few days, the eco drive function allows it to stay on all the time with no effort, just needs light to power the solar function, not even sun light! Just any light. I've kept it in my room for the past 6 months at least and it's never stopped once and I keep that room dark most of the time. SV: $50
Belroy Hide n Seek Wallet (B):
Purchased new and used for about 2 months. Belroy makes great wallets, I've had a few of theirs. This model has a hidden back pocket for cash and also a small one for cards as well as all the regular spots that aren't hidden. Its a really cool feature that I continue to enjoy. SV: $40
Recycled Firefighter Bundle (C):
Two Recycled Firefighter Wallets as a bundle, both have been used for a while. great little guys if you mostly carry cards or want a lighter wallet for working out or any other setting where you don't want a hunk of leather attached to your leg. SV: $25 for both
Frost Cutlery Slipjoint/Lockback Bundle (C):
Two Slipjoints from frost cutlery bothe Purchased on the secondary, this was a cheaper brand back in the day so don't expect anything from the quality control on these, they both function just fine though and the lockback is MOP so that's cool and mainly why I bought them, letting them go for half of what I had bought them for. SV: $25 for both
CU O-Pen Pro (B):
Not much to say about this guy I purchased New and used it around the house, lazer pointer and light on the pen so it's kinda fun to play around with, it's definitely formed a bit of a Patina but that can be removed easily. Comes with three extra packs of refills! SV: $50
And last and least the Pakistani blades bundle (D):
Cool design and stuff but completely trash knives, the green one with the etching on the spine is OK. But the damascus poo that is this fixed blade is off center (something that I didn't know was possible with a fixed blade) and just in general a trash peice of metal. Neither were ever used but I rated them a D because theres no way I'd rate them higher: $25 for both
Take $5 Off Each Additional Item or bundle Purchased.
Any questions just shoot me a Pm or Chat and I'll respond as soon as possible, CONUS Only / PayPal F&F Only / NO NOTES when making payment.
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2023.05.26 23:48 TwitchySphincter [WTS] MBK Slayback, Benchmade Griptilian, Hogue K320, and much more

Good Afternoon/Evening Knife Swap! I have got a few slicey pieces up for grabs today. I have for you today an MBK Slayback, Benchmade Griptilian, Hogue K320, SNG Strider clone, Civivi elementum, Kershaw Leek, and a couple others. I am at least the 2nd owner of all these knives except the Leek. Moving on from these guys to try out CRK or the likes. YOLO is king! USPS CONUS Shipping. Paypal FF no notes. Know you local laws.


SOLD SOLD SOLD SV-160 MBK Slayback Raindrop CF Scales M390 Steel Vid: this guy through a trade here a month back. Amazing double detent slipjoint Ray Laconico desgigned knife. Really good fidget flipper. Very light cut and carry use. Centered blade with no play. Only blemish are uper small marks on the carry clip. No box

SOLD SOLD SOLD SV-120 Benchmade Griptilian S30V Vid: this off the swap a couple weeks ago and its just a bit too chunky for me. First owner didnt seem to use it much, seems to have factory edge on it still. It comes with OG black scales and hardware for it as well. Centering favors clip side a touch. Comes with box

SV-120 Hogue Sig Sauer K320 in CPM S30V Vid: this a couple weeks ago off the swap to try out Hogue's axis lock and I giotta say I like it more than the Benchmade version. I disassembled it to clean and lube it and now it has a smooth, silky action with no blade bounce when shutting like some BMs. It has one little snail trail on the blade shown in the video. Centering favors clip side ever so slightly. Not sure why I am selling this one. Comes with box and taco case

SOLD SOLD SOLD SV-50 SNG Strider CF Clone Vid: sure who made it, but used very very lightly. Blade is well-centered, solid lock up, and very sharp. Action isnt the best and it has marks around the pivot from an attempted disassembly. D2 steel, would make an amazing beater. Centering favors clip side by a tad. No box

SOLD SOLD SOLD SV-50 Civivi Elementum Buttonlock 2nd gen Nitro-V Vid: am 2nd owner on this one as well. Very light carry/cut use if any. 2nd gen button lock flipper with jade scales and a nitro-v blade. I disassembled this to clean and lube and now it is smooth as can be. Centering favors clip side a bit. No box

SV-45 Kershaw Leek 1660Teal Vid: Bought this one new a year ago and has seen very light carry/cut use. Great intro to assisted open knives. Doesnt see much daylight these days from me. Centering is perfect. No box

SOLD SOLD SOLD SV-15 Land 912 Vid: this through the swap back with the Strider clone. Used very very lightly. Well-centered, solid lock up, great action, and very sharp. 12C27 steel, would make an amazing beater. This is basically a double lug Sebenza clone, one of the best knives in the super budget range that I've handled hands down. No box
And finally, the knife youve all been waiting for...
SOLD SOLD SOLD SV-FREE* Z-Hunter Vid: add on to any knife with just one stipulation, you must pass this on like an STD you picked up from a dingy gas station bathroom. I got it free from a swap a few weeks back and now Ive got this bizarre rash and need to pass it on, jk. Its assisted open gas station goodness and it comes with its OG box

Thanks so much for looking! Have an amazing day!
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2023.05.26 20:13 Acoustic_blues60 Interesting cheating occurence

This was some years ago, but I was relating this to a friend and thought I'd post it.
I had this experience in my general education class. It was challenging to deal with oscillating enrollments over the years. The material was more or less the same, but with tweaks as time went on. The issue was that a positive report about the class in the evaluations was interpreted as "this is easy." Then the enrollment balloons up, and the students find that it's not as easy as they thought, and then they blame the professor, because it can't possibly be their fault for not attending lectures.
One year, I had an upward fluctuation from maybe 60 students to 190. It was brutal. First, there was the challenge of getting staffing, then there was the statistical problem of a class that size, where anything that can happen will.
I had a rule that no calculators were allowed. The main point is that I wanted them to carry a minimal number of significant figures that was consistent with the uncertainty of measurements - typically two sig. figs. However, I did ask them to use rulers and protractors.
On the midterm, I had a student who obviously used a calculator. There was the classic trick of estimating distance by using the hand/fingers as an angular measuring device and using the small angle approximation. Her work showed a tangent function (not needed) and then a large number of unnecessary decimal places. In another problem, I gave them a map with a scale of 1 inch to the mile. The first soft-ball question was "what is the distance from point A to point B?" She used a complicated Pythagorean theorem calculation, where I was just expecting a ruler to measure 4 inches.
I saw the exam and called up the Honor Council's office. They said "write it up and send it to us, and we'll take the next step." So, I did. They gave the student a chance to respond, which is only fair, I suppose. BUT, her response was crazy.
I had told the class at the start of lecture for the four lectures leading up to the midterm - no calculators. I wrote it in block caps on the blackboard the day of the exam, and put it on the boiler plate preamble to the exam. She said that she didn't attend lectures and fast-forwarded the recorded videos past the introduction and missed the part about no calculators. She said she was running late to the exam, and missed the announcement, and somehow missed the instructions. Finally, she said that the problems I gave were so hard that no one could possibly do them without a calculator.
The guy running the honor council asked for my response. I phoned up and said "Are you in your office? Got five minutes to confer?" So I walked over with a ruler and a copy of the exam. I gave him the problem with the map and the scale and asked him "What is the distance from point A to point B". So...he took the ruler, measured it (I had to spend a lot of time for it to come out to be precisely 4 inches - copying and all that). He said "4 miles?" I said...."yeah, and I didn't see you running for your calculator."
The Honor Council was not kind to her. Typically, if you fess up, they're more forgiving, particularly something like a midterm. BUT, if you come up blaming the instructor for something rather blatant, they aren't so kind.
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2023.05.26 14:14 n6kma TOD100 = TOD10 rainbow guitar?

I was at the meet & greet with polyphia in zurich ( idek if i can discuss this lol ). But 1 guy asked about Tim's rainbow guitar that everyone has been talking about. And Tim said it was a part of the TOD100 series. But he said the final version would be white? not sure lol but that is what is to my knowledge. Very cool tho! And clay is getting his bass sig :)
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2023.05.26 13:10 Smart_Competition841 How to do with 3 non team diamond sigs?Combo 3 diamonds together ?Or combo 2 diamond sigs with a Gold sig?

The ideal situation here is to combo 1D2G to try to get another diamond back,but it’s extremely risky.
So which one you guys think is the better way to combo non team diamond sigs ?
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2023.05.26 10:37 MaaUdMedDet Nogen der har oplevet samme symptomer ?

Hej Danmark. Jeg kan næsten fornemme nu, måske en smule, efter at have luret herinde i lang tid, at der kan komme nogen ret "grove" kommentarer på oplæg som det jeg skal lave nu (Altså mere om HVORFOR i alverden jeg laver oplægget her og ikke går til egen læge bla bla bla), men jeg er klar på de kommentarer som kan være lidt.. Ja, ikke så velkommende haha.
Inden jeg sådan heeeelttt starter, så skal i vide at jeg skal til egen læge, det er dog i næste uge, så jeg HAR skabt kontakten. Mene.. Here we go: Min mor døde for 3 år siden. Det har været meget hårdt for mig, da det var uventet, og man fandt hende. Hun var sådan, ikke alt for god til at passe på sig selv, men hun kunne sagtens have levet mange mange mangeeeeeee år endnu. Det knuste mig meget dengang, og jeg fik de normale "ting" / "oplevelser" man skal igennem når det er sådan en død som det var. Jeg kan fornemme på mig selv, at jeg ikke kan se film hvor f.eks. en "mor" i filmen siger et "citat" eller sådan noget, og generelle meget følelsesladet øjeblikke i film gør mig meget ked af det. Det er en del af det jeg har taget til mig efterhånden. Men..... Jeg føler virkelig der er noget riv ravende galt med mit hoved. Jeg har fået nogen "symptomer" på "noget" jeg ikke ved hvad er, men jeg ved ihvertfald at det ikke er normalt. Så mit spørgsmål til jer går på: Er det normalt eller er det ikke normalt: Det startede mere eller mindre efter min mors død, sådan gaaaaansssskkkeee langsomt. Men jeg føler jeg OVERbekymre mig helt overdrevet meget, og skal være "sikker" på alt. F.eks (det er en dråbe i havet det her)
Jeg kan bekymre mig ekstremt meget om et førstehjælps kursus, fordi jeg er bange for at jeg ikke består det, jeg googler for finde og lave test, og øver mange scenarier for at være sikker på at jeg ikke dumper.
Sker det mindste omkring mig, altså f.eks at få et brev på eboks, tænker jeg straks jeg har gjordt noget galt, at nogen der sure på mig, og vil gøre mig noget ondt.
Jeg tjekker vejrudsigten tit, især når det skal til at sne, og holder øje med trafikwebcams inden jeg skal afsted - vel og mærke DAGEN FØR, og kan kun bekymre mig om det og tænke på det og lægge og bade i sved over det mens jeg lægger i sengen.
Det her er blot nogen meget få eksempler, og ikke engang de værste af dem. Jeg hader mig selv for det, og min kæreste (som jeg har haft i 9 år, jah åbenbart vigtigt for jer at vide) kan godt mærke der er noget meget anderledes ved mig som er unormalt.
I den skole jeg går på (jah, en gammel haj på 34 høhø), er dem omkring mig uforstående over for hvorfor jeg vil være så sikker på alting. bliver kaldt "mr safety guy" fordi jeg tjekker op på alt. Desuden er jeg også sådan en slags "vagt i gevær" mode hele tiden. Jeg er klar til at løbe fra alle situationer og vil ikke have konflikter eller diskussioner med folk.
Lægen synes ihvertfald helt klart det er en god ide jeg kommer et smut forbi hende og hun lige ser på mig i øjenhøjde med de ting jeg fortæller. Før min mors død har jeg sådan været en "laid back" dude, som bare havde det skide sjovt og bare generelt været den glade "mig". Og nej, jeg ser hverken ånder, spøgelser eller kan høre nogen stemmer i ægget.
Er der nogen af jer som eventuelt har været udsat for det samme? Er der nogen der kender til de samme symptomer (aner ikke hvad jeg skal kalde det)? Er det normalt at tingene "kan" være sådan, også flere år efter en persons død? Jeg er ved at blive sindssyg af det her, hvis jeg ikke allerede er det. Hvis du har læst så langt her, så tak. Også selvom du ikke lægger en kommentar. Jeg har generelt ikke lyst til at skrive sådan alt det her, men at kunne komme lidt ud med det inden jeg skal ned til lægen, er på en måde rart.
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2023.05.26 10:04 anarchyisimminent General Impression of Frats at UCSB

I saw a recent post that was asking about Greek life at UCSB, so I thought I’d make a post giving my general impressions of the social frats.
I rushed Spring quarter but ultimately decided not to join any because of the time commitment and not feeling quite comfortable at any of them. I found it really hard to find information about frats at UCSB as they tend to be really secretive which is super annoying to some like me who loves analyzing data.
Here’s the list:
DTD: I’d like to start with this one as it just seemed quite pretentious. I thought that since they aren’t one of the “popular” frats the guys might be more chill, but it seemed quite the opposite. The house is especially gross and people seemed like they had something to prove. There’s some cool and some lame people at every frat, but my overall impression was not so good of this one.
SigEp: the house is pretty cool as it’s an old fire station I believe, but the most of the guys all seems super insecure and weird honestly. Talking to them seemed like some corporate interview where they had to systematically pass me through from guy to guy. What really pissed me off is how robotic frat guys are. Virtually every person I talked to was like “why did you rush?” It’s like bro, why do you think? The same fucking reasons everyone does: networking, friends, opportunities, community, etc… I swear I had to repeat the same thing 100 times which got soo boring, but this was across all frats, not just this one.
Zete: I had generally good impressions and conversations with these guys, but it was some of the subtle behaviors that irked me. For example, several guys throwing trash over the fence into their neighbors yard. I just don’t fuck with littering or a social environment that supports it. These guys seemed pretty academic and the house has a more cozy chill vibe than the others. Not a ton of space though.
SigPi: Oh man. I think this is the most stereotypical frat. Big sports/surfer vibes here. They had some SA allegations a few years back but I haven’t heard of any recently. The guys seemed alright, but a little too much young Homer Simpson vibes. Definitely one of the grossest houses, although they are ALL DISGUSTING. I mean, anyone slightly OCD like myself could not cope with the messiness of a frat house. Felt like how movies portray dudes from SoCal.
SigChi: Overall some of the coolest guys I talked to were here. I had some really interesting conversations and it was less pretentious and weird than the other houses. Shared a lot of interests, but the thing that annoyed me the most was the amount of cigs and nicotine being consumed. Like damn, half the guys are addicted to the shit, and I want to save my lungs so I can’t be around that regularly. In general, I don’t think social frats promote healthy lifestyles (too much smoking, drinking, drugs).
ATO: They seemed like the popular kids of the frats. Like the stereotypical guys in high school. I heard several homophobic slurs which I wasn’t personally offended by but is just tacky, especially during rush. These guys definitely have fun, and enjoy their status. All of the frats lack diversity but they had a few token black guys unlike most. Definitely got some douchey arrogant vibes from their crowd, but they were generally nice. The house is basically the same as SigChi and SigPi and it’s right next door.
KSig: they have the largest lot I believe, and it’s cool that the party clubhouse is separate from the living quarters. Guys were chill, surprisingly diverse group, funny good vibes overall. Out of all of them, I would probably choose this one if I had to, but they also smoked too much and were quite messy, but this is true across pretty much all the houses. They also blasted there intro video WAY too loud, like hearing loss loud. I thought this was kinda dumb and I didn’t find the volume of their speakers impressive. I don’t like being around people who don’t have a general regard for the health and safety of others.
ZBT: I really didn’t like them to be honest. There house is alright but the guys at the door were super rude and most of the guys I talked to were quite boring or annoyingly inquisitive. I was glad to get this one over with.
Overall, you just have to be a certain kind of person to enjoy a social frat, and ultimately paying $500-$1000 per month to be in a circle jerk drinking club isn’t my cup of pee. Oops, I mean tea. You get the idea.
Most of the guys seem alright and I know some people in frats who are cool, but it just doesn’t seem worth it to me. And yeah, I’m kind of jealous of their awesome parties and the flocks of girls that come to the houses every weekend, sure. But the overall culture and vibes just don’t feel right, and you certainly don’t need to be sun a frat to have fun in Isla Vista. I’m glad I rushed because now I’m sure that it isn’t right for me, instead of wondering in the back of my head.
I hope this helped if you are deciding whether to rush, and feel free to add your thoughts or criticisms below. Take it with grain of salt as this is formulated from my own anecdotal experience.
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2023.05.26 07:00 Paperboyy2020 Appendix carry questions.

I'm looking into appendix carry now, generally carry at 3 with my Vedder holster but usually have a hoody on when carrying so its easier to conceal it. Sig p320 x compact. I'm not a big guy at 5'7 and 185 so it's kinda hard for me to Carry this time of year. Mainly because I don't wear super baggy clothes.
Biggest question is what's the best way to carry appendix in the summer? I wear a 34/30 pant size and trying to avoid going 36 because they start getting baggy and a Large t-shirt fits me well now. Looking to purchase the vedder pro tuck since they have the sale going now and I really have liked my other stuff from them. Mainly looking for options other people in similar situations have tried and figured out. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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