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2023.05.30 14:10 goodguyfdny NYC EMS Workers, Who are Underpaid and Understaffed, Are Leaving the Profession in Droves – Boro Park 24

NYC EMS Workers, Who are Underpaid and Understaffed, Are Leaving the Profession in Droves – Boro Park 24 submitted by goodguyfdny to nyc [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 14:10 AutoModerator Pejman Ghadimi - All Programs (Complete)

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2023.05.30 14:09 narutofan099 Working on newbuild, overkill or not? (i9 13900k - 4080)

Hi there,
I'm currently working on building an entirely new system as I'm still riding on a 1060 system that is starting to show it's age. I'm not someone who is extremely experienced when it comes to building so I have a few questions:
System I'm currently building would run on an i9-13900K with a 4080 on the Z790 ( as my friend says DDR5 is a must if I'm running 4080).
Total pricecard would come towards roughly 4k euros, which is relatively hefty but not bankbreaking. Considering I pretty much only play Apex Legends, League of Legends and other non-4k competitive games, would this system be overkill? I do plan to play on 240hz.
Pls help.
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2023.05.30 14:09 sponge159 Company Car to Allowance Advice

I currently have a company car and been on this scheme for 10 years. The business have decided to end all company car leases and move people onto a car allowance.
I currently drive a Toyota CH-R and work out that I pay around £139.00 per month in tax based on 20% tax bracket. My role is performance related and would normally move into the 40% tax bracket around Q2.
I have been offered a 4k per annum allowance and have no real savings for a initial car deposit.
As far as options go, I have looked into the following:
Car doesn't need to be flash, just reliable and no smaller than a saloon
Anyone been in a similar situation and how did you make this work without being out of pocket?
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2023.05.30 14:09 LHHuman This isn't a meme, just some lines drawn on a map

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2023.05.30 14:09 goodguyfdny NYC EMS Workers, Who are Underpaid and Understaffed, Are Leaving the Profession in Droves – Boro Park 24

NYC EMS Workers, Who are Underpaid and Understaffed, Are Leaving the Profession in Droves – Boro Park 24 submitted by goodguyfdny to Brooklyn [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 14:09 ExampleStraight2354 What a game.. I'm Colchester (2nd fave team cuz of fm 17) and i beat my favourite team irl

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2023.05.30 14:09 hary_vz Apple Watch for focus and detaching from technology ?

I realised I'm spending lot of time with my iPhone browsing social media and whenever I go out for a walk and see something scenic, first thing I want to pull out my phone and take a picture (ngl have taken some good pictures). But sometimes I wish I just want to live the moment if you know what I mean, instead of the urge to share. If I'm expecting any reply, I also check my phone frequently for notifications / emails and I've been feeling like I'm a prisoner to my phone.
Lately, I'm having my eyes on an Apple Watch SE - cellular, so I can leave the phone behind for good and just have my time with nature without the anxiety of missing important calls / notifications. Has this worked out for any of you? I might also take some close train rides - to explore places. I can use Apple Pay and have AirPods for some music. How long will the battery last with SE 41mm if you have LTE turned on all time? If it can last one day, that'd be fine for me to have my own time without my phone.
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2023.05.30 14:09 shahzad_jamil Google Update Know the Secret - How Spam Links Affect the Content Marketing

Google's Searching algorithm is always being improved to prevent dishonest advertising approaches. In earlier times, keyword stuffing allowed webpages to rank quickly no matter the value of their content. The same behaviors now might result in the website being penalized or eventually de-indexed from searches.

This demonstrates that Google continues to improve its search feature in order to favor users and the quality of the content. Google published its update regarding spam links in December 2022 in an effort to "neutralize the effect of inappropriate connections on search results." Similar to Google's relatively new "content update," this release is planned to raise the caliber of user-generated material.
So how would this impact your existing approach to creating digital content? It may rely on how you've approached back linking & artificial links in previous years.

Purpose of the Google Link Spam Update?

Google's "spamming update" targets fake links, connects spam, & additional spam techniques that artificially increase the web credibility so that they rise in search results. SpamBrain, Google's artificial intelligence-based spam protection technology, is used in the Google spamming update. SpamBrain, which was introduced in 2018, is Google's strongest defense against spammers and fraud of any kind. It found six times as many fake websites by 2021 as it did in 2018. As a consequence, there was 70% less spam from hackers and 75% less spamming on hosting platforms.
For the December 2022 link spam update. - Google employed SpamBrain to enhance its Browse strategy in order to find link spam and website purchasing links to increase its authority. These websites were used to send links outbound and to remove any artificial links that could have been shown in browser results. Google claims that it takes almost two weeks for the latest update to remove bad links and fraud. Content update - it aimed to enhance Google's people-first approach to content and was issued a few months prior to the Google link spamming update. It acknowledged authors who created unique, beneficial material that addressed readers' questions.

Backlinks to My Website Are Beneficial, Right?

Yes, But Only if Executed Properly.

In earlier times, SEO & content marketing were just concerned with keywords & how appropriate sites use that keywords. Google's algorithm has changed over time to take additional things into account, such as natural links.
Links are treated as references by the Google algorithm. Sites will link to a websites/ page's content if they believe it to be relevant to the visitor. Additionally, it tells Google that the site's content is valuable if other web pages connect to it. For the growth of a site's authority, backlinking is a common component of content marketing.
Non-spammy techniques are used in white hat backlinking to obtain your connections to other sites. This implies that the website's material is of a high standard and provides consumers with greater context. These sites that connect to yours, nevertheless, ought to be concerned with your field or subject.
For instance, if you own a web-based cosmetics business, you'll be looking for natural connections from style and life blogs as well as fashion bloggers. They could mention your company and include natural connections, you can achieve this by using whitehat backlink techniques like link promotion, paid links, and link exchanges.

How do backlinks Get Spam in Black Hat Search Engine Optimization?

Backlinks that Google defines as spam include those that try to manipulate its systems and boost page positions. Google can assume that your strategies are ineffective since the site doesn't contain the highest-quality material or the most useful information for your interested keywords.
Spamming link monitoring has the drawback of flagging sites that appear suspect, regardless of whether those websites consciously use spam backlink techniques. In any case, this may have a detrimental impact on both your online advertising approach as a whole and your strategy for content promotion.
The following are some examples of the poor linking techniques that Google's latest update may detect:

What Impact Does This Have on Your SEO Content Strategy?

You could be penalized or derank by Google if it discovers numerous red flags that suggest the site may be utilizing backlink spam techniques, which might negatively impact your SERP.
If a site gets penalized, its search engine results will drop noticeably. Although certain pages that might be related to backlink spam may be blocked out, your online presence may still show up on SERPs. Visitors won't be able to access that page using search engines until they specifically seek it on your site. If your digital marketing approach incorporates advertising, too many fines could be imposed to destroy your online presence.

Best Practises For Content Advertising - Google's Updates 2022

Knowing the variations between genuine link development approaches and link spam techniques is essential if your content marketing strategy uses external links. You may be guided by white hat techniques that lower your chance of being penalized by a content strategist with knowledge of link development. Below is some content marketing practices you may use in light of Google's link spam upgrade to stay clear of spam, artificial links, and other links which can raise a red signal.
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2023.05.30 14:09 BlightResearch Journey to my first 1000 subs as a horror narrator is finally almost over

It's been a ride to say the least and the past 150 or so subs YouTube has made me WORK for (since April my impressions have been nuked) but I'm now only 4 away from 1000 and it's kinda crazy! I love talking about the niche so if anyone out there is wanting to get into creepypasta/nosleep let me know!
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2023.05.30 14:08 Marcel4698 If you have the chance to go see Red Velvet live in concert, DO IT IMMEDIATELY

I had the privilege of seeing Red Velvet in Berlin on Saturday. And Oh. My. God.
Excluding festivals, I've been to 17 Kpop concerts since April 2022. Ateez, Sunmi, Loona, Dreamcatcher, Blackpink, NCT Dream, you name it. So trust me when I say that Red Velvet delivered the single best Kpop concert experience I've ever had. This was one of my top 3 favourite concerts ever, regardless of genre.
First of all, the way these girls performed. Yes, Joy was sadly absent but the rest of them gave it their all to make up for it. Energy at the top for the full 2.5 hours, lots of fan interactions, amazing vocals.
And the setlist leaves almost nothing to be desired. Obviously promoting a lot of the newer music but not forgetting about the old stuff either. Every song was placed perfectly and the whole setlist had a really nice flow to it. My personal favourites were Bamboleo, Ice Cream Cake, On a Ride, Pose, Beg For Me, I Just and Zimzalabim.
But can we talk about Zimzalabim for a moment? Like, what the actual fuck? The entire venue EXPLODED. Absolute mayhem! This was the single best song I've heard in a live setting ever. No, I am not joking. Listen, Dreamcatcher's Silent Night was amazing but Zimzalabim was DIFFERENT. I have not headbanged this hard at any of the metal concerts I've been to. Exhausting, but in the best way possible.
This was perfect, the concert was perfect, Red Velvet were perfect, stan Red Velvet for better health.
Red Velvet have a concert in Amsterdam tonight and one in London on June 6th, as well as festival appearances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona on June 1st and Madrid on June 8th. If you are in any way able to attend any of these shows (or any other future ones), do not even think about it. Just buy a ticket and GO!
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2023.05.30 14:08 Robyndoe Aarhus - Drivers license help

Hey all, I’ve googled and reached out to a few schools but thought I’d try here too. Gotta cover all bases.
Can anyone recommend a driving school with an accelerated course in English? 4 weeks or less would be ideal. Anywhere in Aarhus. I’ve heard the final test requires a translator. That’s fine, just looking to get most of it done in English.
Conversely, and this is a long shot, will they exchange a US license (CA) that’s been expired 10 years? I’ve seen anecdotes of people exchanging ones expired 2-3 years but not more than that. Not too hopeful about this one but worth asking. We’re also not coming from the US so not sure if paperwork would be needed from CA to verify the license but we’d likely be unable to get it.
And finally, tips for buying a used car? Just need a beater with a heater right now. We’re getting a place outside the city where busses don’t really get us where we need to go. Mid July is the soft deadline and August 1st is the hard deadline.
Brand new to Denmark, no idea what we’re doing, but trying to research and gather checklists and everything else. Everything happened rather suddenly so we didn’t have much time to prepare.
Any and all help appreciated. Thanks guys.
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2023.05.30 14:08 silly1988 AITA for telling my nieces and nephew that their mom is a monster?

My (35F) family tree is a bit messy, so I'll try to keep it clear and as short as possible (the back story is important for context but I'll try to edit down). All names are fake and English is not my native tongue so please bear with me.
We are 4 sisters - Valery (53F), Joy (37F), myself (35F) and Dana (27F). Valery is much older than the rest of us since she's my dad's daughter from his previous marriage, and Dana is our half sister from his relationship after he and my mom divorced. There are no other siblings (that we know of anyway) so we're all our dad's daughters (Joy being my only "full" sister).
When I was born Valery was already 18 years old and she had a lot of resentment towards our dad for leaving her so he could go live abroad for most of her early childhood. My mom values family above all else, and she has been nothing but kind to Valery and treated her like she was her own, but regardless Valery was always pissed at my dad (some would say rightfully so). When I was born Valery was 18, she was living with us in our tiny apartment, and she didn't much care for Joy and me. She soon moved out but I always grew up knowing I had an older sister who I would see on some holidays, birthdays and special occasions - Joy and I were even the flower girls at her wedding. When I was around the age of 15, after actively developing a close relationship with Dana (7 at the time) it suddenly dawned on me that Valery was never a big sister to me. I always made sure Dana could count on me to be there for her even though she grew up with her mom in a different city, and Valery basically ignored my existence for the most part, or teased me and made me feel bad when we rarely had a conversation, and so I wanted nothing to do with her. I stopped going to her side of the family's birthdays and holidays (she was now married with small children and she lived in a small town surrounded by her husband's large family) and when she heard the reason she tried getting me to forgive her - she would make excuses, blame our dad, and say she wants to become close and to make it up to me.. But she never did, nor did she apologize for not being a part of my life as I was growing up. After a while I started to really hate the drama surrounding our relationship (this would come up every single time I refused to go to an event she was hosting) so I decided to accept her for the selfish person that she is and to accept their invitations to family events again, mainly so I could be part of my young nieces' and nephew's lives. I was always polite to her and tried making conversation, but it was obvious she honestly didn't care what I was like as a person. She never remembered anything I had told her in past conversations - she only wanted me forgive her for the appearance of our relationship being fixed. Years went by like this, she was so out of our (her sisters) lives to the point she didn't realize we have become grown women, so Valery still grouped us with our dad, and when he was invited to something she just assumed it meant we knew about it too. But he usually assumed she invited us individually (we were not living with him anymore), and also she didn't invite him to everything since they were usually in bad terms, so we were being excluded more and more from her family events. She was always invited to our events even when we wanted it to be close family only.
Then shit hit the fan. My niece (Valery's daughter - at this point she was 26F) got engaged and Valery started to plan the wedding. Since it was during Covid and big gatherings were not permitted, she had to split the guests into 3 groups. We (the sisters) were in the second group. We knew it was really tight as we were not allowed to bring our significant others (Joy's wife and my boyfriend of 5 years who I live with couldn't attend), and so we assumed that the first group was the couple's close family only (siblings, parents, grandparents etc.) and the second group was aunts, uncles etc., with the third one being friends. Yes, this was a 9 hour wedding y'all. Our dad was invited to the first group being the grandpa, but when he learned we weren't going to be there with him he opted to move to the second one so he could be with his daughters. It was a good thing too, as we later discovered that we were the only family in that group. She managed to fit everyone else in the first group - her husband's siblings (and significant others), their children, her mom's partner, the groom's aunts and uncles - basically everyone that mattered was there in the afternoon with food and a beautiful sunset. We were invited to 6:30 PM for a second ceremony. I left work super early to attend, driving with Dana during high traffic to a far away location, and we were 15 minutes late to the reception but still early for the ceremony. We met Joy in the parking lot and hurried to the reception, only they didn't let us in because they started the ceremony early and you can't enter during the ceremony. That's right - they hadn't notice that the only family in that small group of people aside from our dad was not actually there yet. Eventually they let us in and we caught most of the ceremony, which is long in the Jewish tradition, so by the end of it we were starving. You would think that the evening slot would have food, being during dinner hours (6:00pm until around 9:00pm) but you would be wrong. Apparently they served some appetizers during that 15 minutes period before they started the ceremony, and there was no food after, only some cookies and coffee and wine. By this point we were all outraged. My dad was appalled that she could treat us this way, I think if he hadn't changed to our group he might not have believed us it was that bad. We tried to keep ourselves composed for our niece's sake and we stayed all the way till the end, but when Valery approached us we couldn't hide our anger. We didn't know any of the other guests, they were all work colleagues and acquaintances of the bride and groom's parents, and they all came with significant others. Valery played the victim and was hurt by the way we were "complaining". She wouldn't talk to us until we apologized, even though Joy tried to calmly talk to her twice during the time we were there, so when it was over we left without saying goodbye to her. The three of us went to a nearby gas station, bought some snacks, and ate them in shock. I knew this was it for me. I blocked Valery from my phone and my socials, and decided she is no longer a part of my life. This is not something that I've ever done before or since to anyone in my life, and even when I was a teen and didn't go to her family events I still agreed to talk to her and never blocked her from my phone, so it's not something I took lightly. Valery hadn't noticed I blocked her until 2 months after this all went down, when she couldn't send the mandatory text for my birthday.
It's easy blocking a friend or an ex, but it's more complicated blocking someone you're related to. I decided I wasn't going to make it messy or dramatic for everyone else, never to ask "is Valery going to be there? Because if she is I'm not coming!" and just make excuses and never set foot in her home again. If there was an event someplace else I would still go and just ignore her, but I couldn't do that to her in her own home since I find this behavior to be too disrespectful. Most events were in her home so I basically stopped coming. I felt bad for missing birthdays and celebrations, but I tried making it up to my nieces and nephew who I made an effort to keep a good relationship with, especially now.
It has been a year and a half since the wedding, and Valery is still playing the victim card, which grows bigger every time she approaches me (in the rare occasion I attend that side of the family's event) and I walk away from her and try to avoid her. So she's made me the villain, even though she's not respecting or even accepting my need for space. With time I started to get anxious during the times surrounding my nieces and nephew's birthdays and other big life events. Now that they've grown up (youngest is 18 years old) they started inviting me personally which makes me even sadder having to decline. I decided I have to explain myself to them because this has become pretty obvious and I don't want them to think I don't care for them. So when we all met up (Joy, Dana, myself and the nieces and nephew) I told them the reason I wasn't coming to their events anymore. I tried to keep it vague, I really didn't want them to be upset with their mom on my behalf, and I had no idea what she was telling them, so I just said that I can no longer stay in a relationship with her for my own reasons and therefore I'm keeping my distance and I'm not going to come to her house ever again. They all respected this and said they love me and understand, except for my oldest niece's now husband, who is honestly a dick. He kept pushing me to accept responsibility for my part and to try to understand Valery's side and to reconnect with her. He kept pushing and pushing and kept saying that she's such an amazing woman and how the way she has accepted him to her family was so amazing, that I just snapped. I said that she was a monster - she has never been kind to me, never accepted me in any way close to what she's done for him, and told them all how hurt I was for the way she treated me for my entire life, and especially the wedding when she crossed a line I would have never crossed myself no matter how I felt about her - I would have never made her feel so excluded and small. I started crying (they have never seen me cry) and told them that my anger and hurt is not towards any of them, and that Valery was the one who should have pushed and fought and made all the arrangements necessary to have her own sisters with the rest of the family. They were all understanding and sweet, but I still wonder - was saying all of that about their mother really necessary? So am I the asshole for making them see this side of her?
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2023.05.30 14:08 BadamPshh Is there any way to break team driving up into smaller sections

I'm fairly new with a trainer doing teams, we're running hard from one coast to the other right now.
I mentioned what if we just did our 8's and then switched back and forth that way, he pointed out that we'd have to do at least 10 for the other to get their 10 sleeper berth.
Is there any way to break it up and shorten these shifts besides just taking little breaks? I can do 4 or 5 hrs at a time without too much problem but man 11 hours just kills me.
Body hurts and I feel like I'm starting to hallucinate towards the end. Idk who decided 11 hours is an appropriate or safe amount of time to drive but it feels somewhere between excessive and fucking crazy.
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2023.05.30 14:07 arnbre23 23m hoping to chat and make friends

Heyo, hoping to make friends and chat to people around the world, if you’re from Australia even better but I don’t mind where you’re from.
A bit about me, I enjoy playing games on pc and ps5, reading, driving anywhere, and working out despite a physical disability which I’m managing.
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2023.05.30 14:07 acto-wiz How to Maximize Competitive Advantage By Leveraging Web Data for Success in the eCommerce Industry?

How to Maximize Competitive Advantage By Leveraging Web Data for Success in the eCommerce Industry?

Navigating the retail industry has always been a challenge, especially in the online realm. Companies face hurdles such as data cloaking, limited access to GEO-specific data, deciphering consumer social sentiment, and obtaining up-to-the-minute competitor insights. Discover how forward-thinking industry leaders are achieving remarkable sales cycles that outshine the competition.

Challenges that eCommerce Businesses Face

eCommerce businesses encounter various challenges that can impact their success and growth. Some of the common challenges include:
Intense Competition: The eCommerce industry is highly competitive, with numerous businesses vying for customers' attention and loyalty. Standing out and gaining a competitive edge can be a significant challenge.

Customer Acquisition and Retention: Attracting and retaining customers in a crowded online marketplace can be challenging. Building brand awareness, implementing effective marketing strategies, and providing exceptional customer experiences are crucial for success.
Technology and Infrastructure: Managing the technology infrastructure required for eCommerce operations, including website development, hosting, payment processing, and order management systems, can be complex and demanding.

Logistics and Fulfillment: Efficiently managing inventory, order fulfillment, shipping, and returns can be a logistical challenge, especially as businesses expand their operations.

Data Security and Privacy: Protecting customer data and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations are critical concerns for eCommerce businesses. Maintaining a secure environment and building trust with customers is essential.

Mobile Optimization: With the rise of mobile devices, optimizing websites and shopping experiences for mobile users is essential. Providing a seamless mobile experience can be challenging but necessary to reach a broader customer base.

Customer Expectations: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations for fast shipping, easy returns, personalized experiences, and excellent customer service is essential for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlining internal processes, inventory management, and order processing to improve efficiency and reduce costs can be a continual challenge for eCommerce businesses.

Market Saturation: Finding a unique niche or differentiating products and services in a saturated market can be challenging. Identifying and capitalizing on market opportunities is crucial for sustained success.
Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to various legal and regulatory requirements, such as consumer protection laws, data privacy regulations, and tax obligations, can be complex and time-consuming.

Overcoming these challenges requires strategic planning, continuous adaptation to market changes, leveraging technology effectively, and focusing on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Discover How Digital Retail Companies Leverage Web Data to Drive Growth and Scale Operations

Case 1: Leveraging Web Data for Consumer Sentiment Analysis in the Men's Fashion Industry
Company Background: With a rich history dating back to the 1970s, this well-established men's fashion brand has been a prominent player in the United States market. However, they recognized the need to adapt to the digital age and tap into the vast potential of social media to connect with consumers.
The Challenge: The company aimed to understand consumer sentiment by sourcing user-generated content from social media platforms. They sought to analyze trends, make informed merchandising decisions, and effectively engage with new audiences by understanding their challenges and purchasing journeys.
The Solution: The company implemented Web Scraper IDE, an automated data collection tool to address these challenges. This powerful tool gave them a real-time feed of trending fashion items on social media. It allowed them to identify products with the highest Sell-Through Rates (STRs) in different regions. Additionally, they utilized the tool to access and analyze customer reviews of their competitors, gaining valuable insights into consumer preferences and areas for improvement across production, marketing, and distribution cycles.

The Outcome: By leveraging web data, the company's designers, merchandisers, and marketing departments made data-driven operational decisions. They were able to discontinue 10% of their merchandise with low margins and limited interest, and instead, introduced new product lines based on consumer demand and competitive offerings. As a result, sales among millennials and Gen Xers increased by approximately 50%, indicating the success of their data-driven approach.
Through their strategic use of web data, this men's fashion brand successfully transformed their operations, connecting with consumers on a deeper level, and driving significant sales growth.
Case 2: Enhancing Real-Time Insights for Vendor Analytics in the Digital Retail Space
Company Background: This vendor analytics tool caters to Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operating in the digital retail industry. The platform helps these businesses optimize their operations by providing valuable features like new/trending product discovery, competitor catalog scanning, and real-time inventory analysis.
The Challenge: The company often encountered obstacles when accessing target sites, including rate limitations and data cloaking. Target sites deliberately serve inaccurate product information to hinder competition, leading to a significant challenge for the company. This issue contributed to an above-average churn rate of 14%, whereas similar B2B tools typically experience churn rates of 6%-8%.
The Solution: To address these challenges, the company adopted Web Unlocker, a powerful tool that automates CAPTCHA-solving and enables customization of target site fingerprinting, browser User Agents (UA), and cookies. It also manages IP address rotation and utilizes Machine Learning (ML) logic to overcome evolving target site architectures and blocking mechanisms.
The Outcome: With the implementation of data unlocking technology, the company now collects significantly more accurate information presented to customers. The enhanced data and analytics provided by the tool have garnered positive feedback from customers who appreciate the improved accuracy. As a result, the churn rate has decreased to 9%, a substantial improvement achieved within 8 months of implementing the data unlocking solution.
By leveraging Web Unlocker, this vendor analytics tool has successfully addressed data access challenges and improved the quality of insights provided to their customers. This has resulted in higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn rates, and positioned the company as a reliable and trusted partner in the digital retail industry.
Case 3: Enhancing Competitive Advantage for a Small Marketplace Vendor
Company Profile: This small marketplace vendor operates with a team 10, specializing in cosmetics products across various online marketplaces in Southeast Asia.
The Challenge: The company faced a significant challenge in maintaining and growing its sales, particularly in price-sensitive markets like India. They needed to implement a real-time dynamic pricing strategy that considered competitors' special offers and promotions to stay competitive. Before finding a solution, they lost 1 in 5 customers to competitors with similar products, likely due to real-time price undercutting.
The Solution: To overcome this challenge, the company invested in Datasets, a cost-effective pre-collected file that provides a comprehensive overview of all cosmetics vendors in the marketplaces they operate in, along with the current pricing of each item. They opted for hourly refreshes of the Dataset, allowing them to stay updated on competitor price changes, drops, and special promotions. This empowered their product team to make profitable and necessary adjustments swiftly.
The Outcome: With the implementation of the Dataset, the company experienced a remarkable improvement in market share and customer retention. The number of customers lost to competing vendors decreased from 1 in 5 to 1 in 8, resulting in a 60% reduction in cart abandonment compared to pre-Dataset levels.
This case demonstrates how data-driven decision-making can have a transformative impact on small marketplace vendors, enabling them to compete more effectively and achieve substantial business growth. The company successfully optimized its pricing strategy by leveraging real-time competitor pricing data, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. The ability to adapt swiftly to market dynamics and align their prices with customer expectations resulted in increased market share and improved customer loyalty.


In conclusion, leveraging web data has become essential for companies aiming to gain a competitive edge and elevate their business performance. Whether it's understanding consumer sentiment, discovering new products, implementing dynamic pricing strategies, or providing accurate vendor analytics to b2b users, real-time data collection tools offer an accessible and cost-effective solution.
If you're looking to harness the power of web data for your business, Actowiz Solutions is here to assist you. Our team is ready to help you unlock valuable insights and drive your business forward. Contact us now for all your mobile app scraping and web scraping service needs.
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#Competitive Pricing in E-Commerce
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2023.05.30 14:07 criticalistics_car Life is better, but so mugh harder.

My life has been do much better this past weekend because I met her, but I lost most of my appetite despite being hungry, my nerves are going mentally insane and I'm super stressed about this relationship anxiety, does anyone have a way to want to eat food and live life like this? It is driving me nuts.
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2023.05.30 14:07 oec20181 23 [M4F] Date trial ❤️

Looking for someone to vibe with that can be constants and maybe more, if you're looking for the same thing then let's try.
About me: * 23 * Single * Manila * More info in my profile with pics * Knows how to treat someone right promise xd
About you: * 21-24 * Single * Around NCR * likes cute dates (mall, park, museum, arcade dates) * Same interest as me * Hindi ghoster please lang * Replies quickly (pet peeve ko talaga yung slow replies)
If you're interested hmu with your Telegram username and let's exchange pics agad to see if we vibe so as not the waste each other's time.
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2023.05.30 14:07 merfaewit13 My guy friend hates negativity of any kind and now I don't think he'll ever speak to me again.

I (34f) have a friend (31m) that doesn't like negativity. Earlier today we were talking on the phone cuz we live 5 hours apart and my mother who's negative because of past trauma in her life she never dealt with. Had came in the room so she could speak with me and my friend didn't like it because she had a negative tone in her voice. Telling me it's annoying and that he almost doesn't want to call me anymore because he doesn't want to hear her negativity in the background even though I can't stop her from speaking or being negative.
Now I could go outside but I can't leave the yard as I need the Wi-Fi to speak to him since he lives in the states I live in Canada. So I can't make phone calls out of my country without paying a lot. Which is why I use Snapchat or Discord for us to so I can't go somewhere where my mother is not or I would. He also says that I need to get out of here, move away from her, and better my life/take responsibility. But at the moment I can't because she's getting her eyes fixed and can't drive herself anywhere.
So I need to drive her places because my father is too old. Which I don't mind at all. She's 77 he's 84. But my guy friend thinks I'm playing the victim and that I'm waiting around for my parents to die before I'll do anything. Just because I can't do all the things he thinks I should with my life at the moment. Saying all kinds of stuff. He even got mad because I was causing him to talk to me in a negative way and he didn't like it. So we hung up our call and he sent me a picture that said times God breaks your heart to save your soul. I told him sometimes friends make you cry and hurt you more. He then says.
And sometimes that's because they care about you and know you're not reaching even 5% of your true potential and that's just who they are. I texted back So I could apologize to be the bigger person here cuz he never does and he said nah it's all good. I just gotta keep moving. So I asked him. Does this mean your walking away? He never said a word but opened it so I don't know if he'll ever talk to me again. That all being said what would you be thinking or feeling in a friendship like this? How would you have handled the situation?
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2023.05.30 14:07 nattwentylife A camera that will record all sides and inside with motion detection when parked?

I’m looking for a super camera that can record all sides of my vehicle and allow me to check it via app when I’m parked as well. I’m also looking to be able to see the inside of my car too. I would like one that has motion detection to let me know if someone is close the vehicle while I’m away. I will me camping in my car with my animal and would like to be as safe as possible. Any suggestions?
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2023.05.30 14:06 Apprehensive_Act_773 VGA & Boot light both light up on the motherboard

This is my first build and it seems like I may have broken something. Both the VGU & Boot light turn on (Not shown in the picture) when I power up the computer, but if I power it on and off multiple times it manages to Boot fully and load the BOIs, and I even manage to fully install windows and update all the drives. But I'm afraid that I broke the Pins on the gpu or motherboard since it's back to the same problem.
Build Specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x with old CPU cooler GPU: Radeon 6950 XT PSU: 650W Power Supply RAM: 32 GB DDR4 STORAGE: 1 TB SSD
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2023.05.30 14:06 noassyla Needing a good job

hey guys I’m looking for just a good job - I have service industry/ theatre knowledge/ although not finished with my bachelors yet I have finished all of the courses for my social work degree minus a portfolio class which is putting all the work together I already did and a full-time internship. i have struggled finding good environments in the workplace and this is the most important thing to me. I’m currently working at a water park and have reiterated multiple times the hours I need but am not getting them. I’m open to factory but pay above 18 or more
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