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2016.07.22 07:40 youvegotmalegt YouLotto

Video watching app. 10 device max

2015.03.08 05:53 davidd00 r/DankChristianMemes 🌈✟

DankChristianMemes is a place for all kinds of Christians and all kinds of non-Christians to enjoy memes and fellowship. Remember to love thy neighbor and be excellent to each other🌈✟

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2023.03.20 22:22 Powertothetrade Trying to troubleshoot my 2001 Chevy Impala LS Issue!

Year- 2001
Chevy impala LS 3.8L - 120k Km - Auto Transmission

So my car since i bought it has always started a little off, but recently i had to jump it because my battery fried and while jumping it my Intake manifold exploded about 20 feet out the front in a million pieces
SO we replaced that and ever since that i have been having serious issues with stalling randomly and having a terrible time trying to start it; though driving is fine once it gets going?
I thought it was the idle air control valve because my idle feels off (the random times it bogs almost to a stall while idling) so i replaced that and still having issues; also i attached a picture of a hose with a little hose thats also attached (hard to explain this part but hoping someone knows what it is by the picture) that keeps popping off when i try to start it and gasoline seems to leak from it when it does

if there are any questions you guys have that i can check or send pictures of to help describe this i would love any help its been pretty frustrating for me! thanks a ton!
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2023.03.20 22:22 subredditsummarybot /r/Hockey's top highlights for the week of March 13 - March 19

Monday, March 13 - Sunday, March 19

Top Videos

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25,033 1,206 comments [Video] Fleury’s mic audio from last night attempted fight with Binnington.
9,746 1,636 comments [Video] Binnington throws a blocker blow to Hartman's head after letting in the 5th goal of the game, Fleury tries to join in on the fun. Binnington was assessed a 5 minute match penalty
3,454 307 comments [Video] Goligoski scores, mocks Binningtons attempt to fire up the crowd
2,897 717 comments [Video] Icing waived off, whistle not blown when the puck is covered. Sogaard lets up and Ellers pops it in.
2,858 614 comments [Video] McDavid drops the puck on Evander Kane's family gender reveal.
2,668 178 comments [Video] Zibanejad scores a one-timer off a backhand pass from Tarasenko
1,901 400 comments [Video] Calle Jarnkrok (Leafs) goes to the box for goalie interference on Pyotr Kochetkov (Hurricanes)
1,768 180 comments [Video] Marchand after Bruins traded for Hathaway and Bertuzzi: “I love everyone in the league, all the guys I hate are now on our team”
1,713 208 comments [Video] Scary scene at the Swedish womens final as Luleå defender Jenni Hiirikoski has a skate cut her throat. She was rushed to a hospital and is in stable condition. Luleå would end up winning the game after a 30 minute delay.
1,616 184 comments [Video] Linus Ullmark hand-feeds Jeremy Swayman a buffalo chicken wing during his post-game interview in Buffalo
1,307 98 comments [Video] Shesterkin scorpion kick save on Granlund
1,261 175 comments [Video] Jonas Johansson with a HUGE save to win the game for the Avs!
1,135 71 comments [Video] [CAR(5) - PHI(4)] It's a hat trick, overtime winning goal for Sebastian Aho
981 58 comments [Video] Necas ties the game with 0.3 seconds on the clock
953 90 comments [Video] All 6 first period goals by the Rangers against Nashville
953 125 comments [Video] Schenn and Ehlers scrap with some decent blows
879 96 comments [Video] Barb Underhill breaks down the skating of Erik Karlsson and Brent Burns on HNIC (2021)
828 213 comments [Video] Before being involved in the bigger scrap later in the game, Binnington was having some words with the Wild bench.
657 53 comments [Video] [Video] Clayton Keller becomes Arizona's first 30 goal scorer in 11 years
635 74 comments [Video] Players try to do impressions of their team's goal horn
584 34 comments [Video] Jonna Albers scores her second shorthanded goal in two games
521 108 comments [Video] Kassian attempts to kidnap Garland into the Coyotes bench
455 33 comments [Video] Surprised Washington didn't review this for offside.
454 21 comments [Video] Matt Boldy's hat trick goal against the Capitals 🎩🎩🎩
453 26 comments [Video] Patrick Kane assists on an Artemi Panarin goal for the first time since 2017
436 22 comments [Video] Shesterkin yeets Protas' stick after the whistle
424 53 comments [Video] [COL 4-MTL 0] Arturri Lehkonen Scores his first in Montreal since being traded to the Avs!
400 29 comments [Video] My Nephew's Goalie Helmet
395 58 comments [Video] Bergeron nets one 15 seconds in vs the Sabres
349 35 comments [Video] David Pastrnak ties his single-season career-high in goals (48) to make the game 5-0 Bruins

Other Posts

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10,538 129 comments [Image] Brian Burke “extremely disappointed” in James Reimer’s decision to not participate in Pride Night
4,952 297 comments [Image] Juraj Slafkovsky traveled to Slovakia for his high school final exams taking place this week
4,299 1,586 comments [Corey Masisak] James Reimer will not participate in warmups for the Sharks tonight, because it is Pride Night and the team is wearing jerseys that support the LGBTQIA+ community. Reimer informed David Quinn and his teammates a couple days ago. More on this to follow.
4,296 503 comments Liquor Authority moves to strip Madison Square Garden of liquor license
3,466 574 comments [JJ Watt] Safer? No. Cheaper? Yes. Biggest barrier to entry for hockey is the expense associated with it. Soccer is the world’s most popular sport in large part because all you need is a ball. Hockey equipment is expensive, kids constantly grow out of sizes, ice time is scarce, etc.
3,343 747 comments [Video] [Julia on Twitter] Footage of Carson Briere, Mercyhurst University Mens Hockey player and son of Flyers interim-GM Daniel Briere pushing someone's wheelchair down the stairs at a club on Saturday night.
2,800 141 comments [Image] Slater Koekkoek shares why he stepped away from hockey
2,634 294 comments Potential future part-owner of Ottawa Senators, Ryan Reynolds, sells company to T-Mobile for $1.35 Billion
2,425 192 comments [Tarik El-Bashir] John Carlson suffered a fractured skull and a severed temporal artery when he was struck by a slap shot on Dec. 23. Three long months later, the Caps’ No. 1 defenseman is nearing a return, perhaps as soon as next week.
2,330 397 comments [San Jose Sharks] During tonight's game, in lieu of our normal game content, we will be using this platform to offer information and facts about LGBTQIA+ topics...Hockey is not for everyone until everyone is comfortable playing, working, or being a fan of this incredible game.

Top Comments

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2,558 bsaures said Danny: Son our family now are the face of the Flyers Carson: say no more
1,455 RaymondLuxury-Yacht said > It could be last call for alcohol at The Garden. > > The State Liquor Authority has initiated proceedings that could strip Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall and the Beacon Theater of the...
1,151 mylefthandkilledme said Right on time for the playoffs
1,044 LordCaedus13 said maybe God saves, but Reimer sure doesn't
926 dogeman87 said McDavid is fucking nuts

Awarded Posts

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1,695 - 165 comments 1 Gold, 1 Stanley Cup [Legless Wonder] Hi im Sydney and it was my chair that was pushed down the stairs. I’m so thankful for all of Sullivan’s help in this situation and the kind comments I see on Julia’s post. I swear I really don’t wanna keep a cent of the donated money, I’d much rather give it to those who need it.
82 - 93 comments 1 Bravo Grande! [PGT] Post Game Thread: Buffalo Sabres at Toronto Maple Leafs - 13 Mar 2023
39 - 48 comments 1 Bravo! [PGT] Post Game Thread: Columbus Blue Jackets at San Jose Sharks - 14 Mar 2023
394 - 193 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote [Mercyhurst University] Statement from Mercyhurst University on Carson Briere.
1,570 - 524 comments 1 All-Seeing Upvote [Connors] JUST IN to NBC Philadelphia - Statement from Flyers GM Danny Briere on video of son Carson accused of pushing girl’s wheelchair down steps at club, says he was “shocked” + calls it “inexcusable”… Carson says “I am deeply sorry” - Video originally posted by juliazukowski

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1 Gold 345 OlympicMuffins said H Y D R O C H L O R I C
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2023.03.20 22:22 thrwaway1622 Early in recovery, how did you deal with the PA’s emotional fluctuation?

I want to preface by kindly asking that anyone who replies refrains from “just leave” and “it’ll never get better” kind of comments. I understand if you feel that’s true and are trying to look out for others by saying so, but I’m not ready to leave my partner and these kinds of comments have caused me to go down really hopeless, dark rabbit holes in recent weeks. I’m working with my own betrayal trauma therapist so I have support that is very aware of the realities of this addiction. Thank you.
This turned into a semi vent, but I’m looking for support and advice from those who can relate. My partner has one month sober in SAA this Thursday. He’s been going to 1-2 meetings daily. This coming after 6 months of unsuccessfully white knuckling it, and about 2 years since initially disclosing his addiction to me. We were engaged the year prior and have been together 8 years total. I believe he has been sober this time; he no longer uses a smartphone, he has no access to any device that can get online without me unlocking it, we still have tracking apps, he isn’t home alone, doesn’t close the bathroom door, etc. These are things we mutually agreed on. He’s spent a lot of time at home journaling and reading books related to trauma recovery, sex and porn addiction, and other self help topics. He’s been working through the Help Her Heal workbook. He’s been working on his first step and 3 circles (I feel like these should both be done already). He got a sponsor. He’s scheduled to start working with a specialized therapist who also does EMDR next week. That I’m really hopeful about.
The thing I’m immensely struggling with though is his emotional fluctuation and inconsistency. I almost feel like I’m dealing with someone with split personalities. There’s a side of my partner who is wholly on board with recovery. He’s aware of the damage he’s caused and how his addiction and hiding it has impacted me. He feels genuine remorse. He’s kind, respectful and helpful. He’s committed and doing his best to wade through the discomfort of learning to be vulnerable and honest. He’s trying to be present with my emotions. But then there’s a side of him that is essentially the polar opposite. He’s still slipping into denial about the reality of his addiction. Still seeking external validation from me that everything’s fine when it isn’t. Still picking out anything about day to day life that looks “normal” and justifying to himself that the presence of it means there’s no problem anymore. He feels entitled to unconditional support and sees my emotions as taking away space for his. He’s flippant, self deprecating and detached. I feel like this side falls into objectification of women easily, whether that’s through porn or using me for emotional support.
When he’s been in a grounded headspace we’ve talked about this thoroughly and he calls this his addict brain. He says it feels like his angry inner child comes out, and that child feels entitled to anything that will make him feel better and resents anything and anyone that threatens that or meets him with anything other than unconditional positive regard. He was first exposed to porn at 8 years old, when his parents were divorcing and made no effort to explain anything that was going on to the kids. I understand the trauma, the misplaced anger and feelings of not receiving the care he needed. I experienced childhood emotional neglect too, so I empathize to a point…but I’ve grown to fucking hate his inner child. I can tell which headspace he’s in because his voice, facial expression, posture, everything is different between the two. I absolutely hate the way his shoulders slink down like an angsty teen and his eyebrows raise like he’s pouting. I hate the way his pitch goes up and he gets quieter, sometimes bordering on baby talk. This side of him is a professional pity party planner. It is so so unattractive to me. The self deprecation . The “I’m just a piece of shit”. I don’t care. I’m tired of hearing it. It feels like manipulation, and I call him on that. Like he’s trying to pull on my heartstrings to feel bad for him and cut him some slack. Sometimes he looks at me with total disdain when I tell him I’m not engaging with his victim mentality. I feel like he’s looking at me and seeing his Mom, projecting the shitty parent she was onto me because in that moment I’m not cleaning up the mess she made.
He’s been good about telling me about his meetings, sharing his reflections and what he’s learning. He hasn’t been as good about expressing active empathy and engaging with my experience, because I feel like that massively triggers the addict brain and he hasn’t found successful ways of regulating when he feels triggered.
I have it in me to support him through recovery, to do the hard work of rebuilding trust in our relationship. I want to save our relationship. But none of that is possible when he’s in the triggered headspace. When he’s grounded he sees me as his teammate, but addict brain sees me as his enemy. Every time the triggered mindset comes out I feel myself getting angrier and angrier. Being treated like the enemy feels like the most intense form of invalidation possible. Then we just circle the drain.
For the last month we’ve had 4-5 day stretches of him staying 90% in the grounded headspace. We’ve had fumbles and defensiveness that we’ve been able to work through without it escalating. But we haven’t been able to make it longer than 5 days without something happening that triggers the addict brain and he’s unable to regulate for at least 24 hours. Sometimes what triggers it will seem so minuscule to me that I don’t even catch it. In that instance what frequently happens is we’ll be having a conversation and then he starts saying things that are totally contradictory to things he said just a minute ago. I get confused and ask for clarity, and he either continues to contradict, gets defensive or starts trying to justify. Then I see that he’s no longer communicating from a grounded place. I do my best to disengage as soon as I catch it. Twice he’s caught it and gone into another room to try to regulate, which is progress, but I still feel like the frequency of him being unable to do that is unreasonable and not creating a safe environment for me.
This vacillation is making me feel like it’s impossible for me to support him in his recovery, because I feel like the lack of consistency triggers my feeling of being deceived. I grew up in a home where I had to walk on eggshells around an emotionally unstable parent, and I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t triggering in that regard too.
I’m just curious to know if anyone who experienced something like this felt like it got better as your partner progressed in therapy and/or active recovery? Did anything specific help? Is disengaging the best way for me to handle this in terms of protecting myself? What else did you do to support yourself?
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2023.03.20 22:22 Primary-Delivery-294 Best Wi-Fi Router 2022?

Figuring out what the best router for your needs can be complicated. We've tested the top Wi-Fi router brands so you can find the right one for your needs.

Take a look at this list: https://quizience.com/best-wi-fi-routers-for-2022/

TP-Link Archer AX21
Best budget router

Wi-Fi Standard

Wi-Fi 6

Speed Rating



Up to 2,500 sq. ft.

Wireless Networking Security



Dual-Band (2.4 and 5GHz)

Available for $100 (or less if you catch a sale), the TP-Link Archer AX21 is an entry-level, dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router that supports top speeds of up to 1,201Mbps (1.2Gbps) on its 5GHz band. It's nothing fancy, but it offered near flawless performance for small- to medium-size homes in our tests, and it's a cinch to setup and use thanks to TP-Link's Tether app.

Best of all, when tested against other, similar routers from names like Asus and Netgear, the AX21 held its own with faster download speeds, better range, and low latency, too. Add in a functional bandsteering mode that automatically steers you between the 2.4 and 5GHz bands within a single network, plus guest network controls and even a quality of service engine for prioritizing traffic to the most important devices on your network, and you're looking at a decent home networking upgrade that's as simple and affordable as it gets. It isn't powerful enough to max out speeds on a gigabit network, but it can still hit consistent close-range speeds near 700Mbps or so, which is more than enough for most households. Read our TP-Link Archer AX21 review.

Linksys Hydra Pro 6 (MR5500)
Best midrange router

Wi-Fi Standard

Wi-Fi 6

Speed Rating



Up to 2,700 sq. ft.

Wireless Networking Security



Dual-Band (2.4 and 5GHz)

If you've already got a budget router running your network and you're ready to upgrade to something more powerful, the Linksys Hydra Pro 6 belongs high on your list. With a dual-band, AX5400 build, full support for Wi-Fi 6, and 160MHz channel support for moving data more efficiently, it was an excellent performer in my speed tests, even managing to outperform flashier picks like the also great Asus RT-AX86U.

The Hydra Pro 6 is a touch pricey as dual-band routers go, but the steady, consistent performance makes it a standout. Try and catch it on sale if you can, but if you just want a reliable, no-frills router that can keep up with gigabit speeds, look no further. Read our Linksys Hydra Pro 6 review.

TP-Link Deco W7200
Best mesh router overall

Wi-Fi Standard

Wi-Fi 6

Speed Rating



Up to 5,500 sq. ft. (two devices)

Wireless Networking Security



Tri-Band (2.4 and two 5GHz)

For the best performance from your mesh router, you'll want to prioritize getting one with support for Wi-Fi 6, plus a tri-band design that includes three separate bands of traffic: the usual 2.4 and 5GHz bands, plus an additional 5GHz band that the system can use as a dedicated wireless backhaul for transmissions between the router and its satellites. Most mesh routers like that cost at least $300 or even $400, but the TP-Link Deco W7200 gets you there for less than $250.

That's the best deal I've seen for a tri-band mesh router with support for Wi-Fi 6 -- and sure enough, it's an excellent performer, as well. In fact, the only system that managed to outperform it outright in my at-home speed tests is the AX6000 version of Netgear Orbi, which costs more than three times as much (keep reading for more on that one). On top of that, TP-Link's setup process is about as easy as it gets, with satellite extenders that automatically join the mesh as soon as you plug them in. Read our TP-Link Deco W7200 review.

Asus RT-AX86U
Best gaming router

Wi-Fi standard

Wi-Fi 6

Speed Rating



Up to 2,500 sq. ft.

Wireless Networking Security



Dual-Band (2.4 and 5GHz)

Gaming routers promise high performance and low latency for die-hard gamers, and it isn't uncommon to find them selling for $300 or even $400. At about $270 or less, the Asus RT-AX86U dual-band router isn't inexpensive either, but it's a strong value relative to routers like those -- and the performance it delivers as a gaming router is flat-out great.

Most noteworthy is the router's latency management. In fact, it leads all of the routers I've ever tested, gaming or otherwise, with the lowest average latency across all of my tests, which online gamers will definitely appreciate. Something else you'll appreciate: An excellent mix of app-based controls and features, including a mobile boost mode, that lets you prioritize gaming traffic to your phone at the touch of a button.

Gaming features aside, the RT-AX86U offers full support for Wi-Fi 6, with strong, stable speeds and good range. If you need additional range, you can add other Asus "AIMesh" devices to your home network to make it the centerpiece of a mesh.

That checks off all of the boxes that most people want from a good gaming router, and it gets you there at a price that isn't too painful for us to recommend. Even if you aren't a gamer, this is still one of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers you can buy right now. Read our list of the best gaming routers.
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2023.03.20 22:22 Right_Said_Brett Please Help Me in my Quest to Find the Collection Chamber Dizzy 35th Anniversary Release

For quite some time now, I have desperately being trying to source a copy of the marvelous looking 35th Anniversary Collection edition of the Dizzy games. Said collection was hosted on The Collection Chamber, which is a wonderful website devoted to compiling retro games which are otherwise unavailable to purchase (due to being out of distribution) and are custom setup to use a handy menu launcher, which in turn runs the relevant game via emulation, with preconfigured software and optimal settings, all of which are packaged within a custom installer, so that enjoying a retro game is entirely hassle free.
Here is the Dizzy: 35th Anniversary Collection in question
Unfortunately, the site's owner removes a download once a legal means to purchase a particular title becomes available (which is perfectly understandable and admirable). However, in the case of the Dizzy games, the legal means to purchase the games (and hence the download being removed from The Collection Chamber) is via the Evercade Plug-and-Play retro system and the relevant Evercade Dizzy cartridge. There are some major issues with this legal channel of acquiring the Dizzy games however...
1/ The nature of an entire TV Plug-and-Play emulation system, when I have a perfectly capable PC sat right here in my flat/apartment already!
2/ The fact that out of the 12 included games on the cartridge, only 7 of the games are a part of the Dizzy series (and I have no interest in playing the other 5 games). Worse still, is that there are 32 Dizzy games included within the original Collection Chamber download! Additionally, the Collection Chamber release contains multiple system version of each game.
3/ The price to purchase the system and the cartridge would amount to £100 ($120), which I'm sure most would agree is an absurd amount of money to pay just to play 7 retro games from the 80s/90s, especially considering that I live in poverty.
I have done all that I can in order to try and source a copy of The Collection Chamber release, including personally e-mailing the owner of the site and proposing that I order and purchase a copy of the Evercade Dizzy cartridge from Amazon and send photographic proof of my purchase and the receipt, in exchange for him sending me a link to the The Collection Chamber release (after all, that way the developers/distributors still get their money; I get to play the games I want to play, the way I want to play them and everybody is happy). Sadly, he never responded to my e-mail.
Therefore, I now to turn to Reddit, in the hope that somebody either already has a copy of The Collection Chamber release, or is otherwise able to source a copy on my behalf. I would still be perfectly happy to purchase a copy of the Evercade Dizzy cartridge and provide proof of having done so, should anyone with a copy have a moralistic issue with my request.
Please can you help? It would truly mean the world to me.
Kind Regards, Ed (aka Right_Said_Brett)
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2023.03.20 22:22 SportsNerdist Best friend of almost 40 years

Just got unfriended and blocked by my best friend of almost 40 years. We were having discussions about all the issues back and forth. When I made a point he did not like or couldn't refute, i was super left liberal who is blind to the issue. He would always go back to 2 main issues...Trans "agenda" being pushed on kids/gender affirming care and it is not ok to be a straight white male. He is a good man and raised very Christian. i was not growing up and he always tried to get me to go to church. He is recently divorced and his POS ex took him for everything and I fear that is what sent him down the rabbit hole. He is now cant trust the government. Gun control is not needed. He is the typical protect the kids from trans and liberal agenda. I was never giving him my opinion and only giving him peer reviewed studies on numbers about these issues and he kept coming back to well everyone has their own opinion. He came off like he thinks being a part of LGBTQIA+ is a choice so shoving it down his throat will turn his kid. I am a journalist by nature and 2 degrees so I was going with just the facts.He has not spent any significant time with anyone from that community and I have and talked to them about their experience and their journey. He thinks people should only get gender affirming care when they turn 18 and can pay for it themselves. He is against teachers staying silent when a kid comes out to them. He supports Kevin McCarthy's Parents Rights BS. I told him coming out for anyone is a delicate subject and if you are the person that has a kid come out to you...you should feel honored that they trust you. He does not understand that some parents will toss their kids on the street if they come out or abuse them and there is a reason the kids come out to the teacher and it is because they trust the teacher will keep them safe. He only uses far right propaganda sites and videos and commonly retweets or re tiks MTG and those idiots. But, he says he is a democrat that the dems have not provided a seat for anymore since he is a straight white male. One thing...SO AM I a SWM. They found a seat for me because I learned to be empathetic and learn about other cultures and people instead of be like him and stay in or near our home town. We are from a very republican part of American and very conservative part of our state. I joke to my wife that I was born in the wrong state.
He also considers abortion the number one cause of death among kids. He wont even consider guns but I asked why can't we try to fix both. Let me clear the air...I mean provide birth control and I am 100% pro choice. I know it will never end.
The other thing he has said....he said he has talked to other people who have grown up with us say that I have changed and gotten more liberal and they were worried and confused on how I could be this way. Spoiler...I was always 100% pro choice on everything. I am a you live your life and I will live mine so as long as you dont try to hurt me or anyone, We are cool. This is the same man that said at my wedding that I was the bravest man he had ever met since I joind the Navy. Now since I disagree with him on topics...what happened and you have went liberal. News Flash Look at the numbers of veterans who vote for dems or who dont vote for republicans. Him saying that stung the most because caring for everyone is not a bad thing.
Him and I grew up in the same community and same values. We were each other's best man at our respective weddings. I should be hurt but I am more worried about his mental health. Right before his divorce his idol and mentor (Dad) died so he doesnt have that to guide him anymore. I am so worried about him. I am going to let him cool down and come back on his own terms. I am not going to try to go crawling back because I do not need that toxic attitude in my life. I still love him like a brother but he needs to figure things out before we can be social again. (Saddest part is he has not met my daughter yet and that hurts but she is not going to be exposed to that kind of hate.)
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2023.03.20 22:22 LIS1050010 Preparing for 5 Extreme Weather Events: 15 Need-to-Know Tips

Extreme weather is no joking matter. While you may be used to some natural disasters in your hometown, others could still pose a threat you haven’t yet encountered.
Consider these life-saving tips when you’re preparing to survive the next natural disaster that rolls through.


Tornadoes strike when conditions are windy enough, and they can be devastating. The only way for a tornado to stop is for it to burn itself out. Since there isn’t a way to fight a tornado, you should be on your guard and prepare for the upcoming terrible weather in your own way.

1. Get to Lower Ground

You should know that the safest place to be during a tornado is on the ground floor of the building you reside in. However, things can get complicated if you don’t have a basement or live in an apartment complex.
If you can hide out in a parking deck or a hallway, you’ll be better off than staying where you were. If you absolutely can’t get somewhere lower, remember to cover your head and protect your body with something sturdy to prevent damage to your person.

2. Make a Plan for Everyone

Create an emergency plan for your household. The bigger your home is, the more desperately you need a plan to gather everyone in one place. Even if you haven’t experienced a disaster within the last year, you should test your plan annually to ensure everyone knows what to do in the event of a tornado.
Folks with special needs, such as those who have mobility aids or even pets, may need plans tailored to them. They may not be able to evacuate or get to the same level as everyone else, and you should create individualized plans for them. Having a plan of their own will help them feel less anxious during an emergency.

3. Keep a Safe Box of Essentials

You’ll want a sturdy box full of essentials to keep safe with you in the event of a tornado. This box should include a first-aid kit, non-perishable foods, and more. Make sure you gather all of your important contacts, such as neighbors or faraway relatives you’ll want to check in with, in one place where you can easily access them after the storm passes.


Hurricanes are dangerous natural disasters that typically strike the coast but can also strike many miles inland. They require extensive preparation, as there’s much to worry about both during and after a storm. In addition, they can constantly evolve, so hurricanes typically don’t stay at the same danger level as the day before.

1. Take Shelter Immediately

Hurricanes bring strong winds and rain with them. Plenty of people board up their windows in case the glass shatters. You can expect the hurricane to hit your house hard, so take any precautions you need to. Prepare your home for the storm ahead of time, and you’ll be fit to shelter in place or evacuate without worrying about your most important assets.

2. Always Evacuate When Needed

Depending on the category of the storm, you may have to leave your home. Keeping your television tuned to the news can help you understand the best time to go or whether you should leave at all. If you plan to leave, remember to take your pets with you. They’re an irreplaceable part of your family. Just keep an eye on the weather, and you can decide what steps to take from there.

3. Stay Out of the Water

Several diseases or pollutants could contaminate the water left over by hurricanes. You might accidentally swallow something you didn’t mean to. The best way to ensure you stay away from the water is to have an emergency flotation device just in case and prepare for the absolute worst before the storm arrives.


Floods may seem tame compared to other extreme weather conditions, but it’s one of the most difficult to adjust to. When water surrounds you, you’re stuck in place and can do nothing but wait for it to recede. You might get cabin fever, but as long as you prepare to stay inside for a few days, you should feel ready to brave the storm.

1. Watch the Water Levels

Just as you would watch the news for any extreme weather in your area, you should watch out your windows and keep an eye on the rising water level. If you’ve been through floods before, you should know how much you can handle.
It’s unlikely you’ll need anything after preparing for the flood, but if the water levels are still low and you think you can safely drive in it, you may still be able to make a final trip to the store.

2. Get to High Ground

If you can find shelter on higher ground, move as soon as you can. Take your valuables and evacuate your home, particularly if it sits low before the water gets too high. Only time will tell how long it’ll take for floodwaters to recede, so plan to be away from your home for a while.
If you don’t feel the need to evacuate your home right now, keep your radio tuned to public news stations to see if evacuation orders end up being issued – and have a place in mind to go if that order comes.

3. Only Drink Boiled Water

Because a flood can cause water pipe breakage, you should rely on bottled water to hydrate your household during and shortly after a flood. If you must use water from the tap, boil it first to eliminate any contaminants that may have entered. Even if you don’t plan to drink the water, make sure it’s boiled before it touches you or any other living thing.


Blizzards are known for the intense snowstorms that sometimes roll through in the winter, taking electricity with them as they fizzle out. Even if the blizzard you’re faced with isn’t powerful, you should prepare for the power to go out.
Also, properly winterize your car before the blizzard comes by outfitting it with new tires and getting it checked, just in case you need to brave the aftermath of the storm.

1. Gather Candles

In addition to other emergency supplies, you’ll need candles. Proper candles and matches can keep you warm if you don’t have another option. Candles might not be as powerful as a fireplace, but they can give off enough warmth in a small area to supplement the blankets and clothing layers you’re using. Remember to watch the flames carefully, and don’t let children and pets near them.

2. Designate One Room to Live In

After a blizzard, you may find that your power is out for days. Before the storm arrives, designate one room in your living space to be the spot where everyone lives for the next few days. Your whole household spending time in one room will draw warmth to that area. This way, you only need to focus on stocking one room full of blankets and candles, and you can seal off the rest of your home.

3. Equip Yourself Properly

You likely won’t leave your house during a blizzard, but after the storm settles and it leaves snow behind, that’s another story.
Shoveling sidewalks and driveways so you can go somewhere might be an excellent idea, but make sure you do it carefully and wear the proper winter clothing. Also, whenever you choose to leave your house, carry salt or sand to throw on the ground, so you don’t slip on ice.

Dust Storms

The southwestern United States already knows of the dangers of dust storms, but they can happen anywhere in the country, so it’s worth it to be prepared. The remnants of thunderstorms or small tornadoes can create dust storms, especially in dry areas. When soil and dirt get scooped into the air and thrown around, your best bet is to stay indoors and preserve your health.

1. Stay Indoors

The most crucial piece of advice you’ll receive when facing a dust storm is to stay inside. Inhaling dust can be detrimental to your health, especially in large quantities. Before the dust storm arrives, prepare everything you need to be inside.
If you have a dog who needs frequent walks, try to limit your time outdoors. It could be worth it to train your dog to use a puppy pad – similar to how a cat uses a litter box – so you can clean up after them without having to expose yourself or your pup to the dangers of a dust storm.

2. Have Facial Coverings Ready

In dust storms, you’ll find dust everywhere. You may have to venture outside the protection of your home, so it pays off to have facial coverings ready. Goggles can protect your eyes from the grit flying around, while a face mask can prevent the dust from getting into your nostrils or mouth. This way, you can avoid dust entering your lungs and remain safe. Try to limit trips outside until the dust storm has passed.

3. Be Careful When Driving

Dust storms can create sudden issues with visibility. Before the storm approaches, go out to the store and gather everything you need, so you don’t get caught in all the dust.
Don’t get in your car if it’s exceptionally windy in your area. A storm can change in an instant, so if you’re caught in a dense part of the storm while driving, pull off to the side of the road and wait it out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stay Safe and Prep Your Home

Reaching out to others is one of the best things you can do in a dire situation. You never know when someone else needs help, and they could return the favor and help you when you need it most.
Though every natural disaster or extreme weather event has its preferred season and location, you still want to prepare and know what to do in any situation. Taking responsibility and having a plan for every type of weather is the best way to show your skills as a survivalist.

Article Source
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2023.03.20 22:22 ThrowRA_27900 Is he (22M) playing with my (27F) emotions?

I'm about 4 years older than him. I'm not sure if our age gap plays a role in the way he acts towards me but he acts like he's so into me when we see each other in person, but he rarely initiates a conversation over text. In person, he'll hug me and put his arm around me. He stares into my eyes when we talk and gets nervous as he fidgets and breathes rapidly.
He doesn't ever ask me about my day or anything like that when we aren't physically together. But when we're in class together, he cannot stop looking at me and he'll ask to walk me to my car after class so that we can talk about our day. But, it ends there. He doesn't bother following up with a text.
If I'm in a group chat with him, he'll respond after I send a text but he doesn't text me one on one. I reached out to him last week to ask if he wanted to go on a hike date with me and he agreed but after that, he mentioned how much I turn him on and we stopped texting since then as he sent a thumbs up emoji to my response of "me too."
I decided to text him to wish him good luck on finals today but he still hasn't responded and it's been a few hours.
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2023.03.20 22:21 ihavebigboobiezz [REQ] (83.27) (Repayment: 3/22)

I’m waiting for a check to clear in an account I don’t really use, completely forgot I had an auto payment coming out of that account so it overdrafted. I just want to pay the overdraft fees and then when the check clears that money will be sent back to you.
Thanks :)
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2023.03.20 22:21 Friendly_Ship_909 VENT: I'm not disclosing my bar results to anyone. They will simply have to look it up.

I don't have a job that is contingent on whether or not I pass so this question doesn't apply to that situation.
Throughout the process of studying and waiting, I heard so many things that are insensitive and tone deaf. For example, I had a friend that would ask me about my feelings regarding the bar exam even though I asked her not to ask me about it. She would leave me messages saying that maybe the profession isn't for me (despite the fact that she never had the courage to pursue her dream of being a lawyer), and if I'm ready to pivot and start a new career.
My brother, father, and his side of the family (whom I have been estranged from) has gone from making plans to build businesses off of my license, asking me for legal advice, to encouraging me to continue taking the exam, despite the fact that I am still waiting on results. Further, my brother's wife mocked me for moving back in with my mom and being a repeat taker, despite her multiple attempts at passing her real estate licensure exam..... I have been deathly silent, yet incredibly annoyed at all of this.
I never once asked anyone for their support ( emotionally or financially), if anything I asked them to give me space or I simply blocked them.
If I fail, the mocking will be louder, everyone has already counted me out. If I pass, tbh I genuinely, want to give them my ass to kiss as I walk out of the door (metaphorically speaking of course). Really, if I pass I want to do it quietly and celebrate the moment with my mom and that's it.
Sorry for the long post venting, I had to release this in love and anonymity. I kept that dormant inside for a while and I used it as fuel to study in silence. No one knew when I took the exam or when results are being released. I just sat and watched those who claimed they love me assume. This has really been a journey that I hope to never travel again.
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2023.03.20 22:21 c0d3rman Jesus Can't Die For Your Sins

If you ask Christians to sum up their faith in one sentence, most will give you some variation on "Jesus died for your sins." This idea is called 'substitutionary atonement' - Jesus atones in our place and acts as our substitute. Everyone has sinned and deserves harsh punishment, but Jesus offers to take that punishment in their place. In this post, I will argue that this is unjust.

The Tale of Jeffrey Lundgren
Warning: not for the faint of heart.
In 1987, self-proclaimed Christian prophet Jeffrey Lundgren started a cult. It soon grew to include about 20 people, including a family of five called the Averys. Lundgren did all sorts of terrible things with his influence: He had his cult members move into his farmhouse and give him all of their money. He forbade members from talking with each other without his presence and convinced them that he could read their minds. He began planning a violent takeover of the local Kirtland Temple, from which he had stolen tens of thousands of dollars, and pressed his followers into preparing to rob the temple and kill its inhabitants.
However, in 1988, Lundgren became unhappy with the Averys. The Avery family were loyal followers - they sold their house and moved states in order to join him, and they believed and trusted in him. But Lundgren felt their faith was weak because they decided not to live in his house and only gave him most of their money while setting aside a small sum for family use. So on April 17 of 1989, Lundgren had his followers dig a pit in his barn, and then lure the Averys there one by one, from oldest to youngest.
First the father, Dennis Avery, who was hit with a stun gun, gagged, and dragged before Lundgren, who shot him twice in the back.
Then the mother, Cheryl Avery, who was gagged and had her eyes duct taped before Lundgren shot her three times.
Next was 15-year-old Trina Avery who Lundgren shot twice in the head.
Then 13-year-old Becky Avery, who was shot twice but did not die instantly and was left to bleed out.
Finally 6-year-old Karen Avery, who Lundgren shot once in the chest and once in the head.
For his crimes, Jeffrey Lundgren was given the death penalty, and after exhausting his appeals he was executed on October 24, 2006.

The Lesson
Jeffrey Lundgren did terrible things, and he received punishment for these things. We call this 'justice'.
Now imagine for a moment Lundgren's trial in an alternate reality where substitutionary atonement is practiced. His lawyer says, "Your Honor, no doubt the death of the Averys is a terrible thing, and justice demands my client pay with his life. But one of my client's followers has stepped forward and said they are willing to die in his place." The judge agrees, and a cultist is executed while Lundgren walks free.
I ask you - is that justice?
No! Justice doesn't demand someone be punished - it demands punishment on the perpetrator! Lundgren's cultists would have no doubt been willing to die in his place, but we would never allow it, because it would be deeply unjust.
However, by the Christian account, we are all sinners. Just as Lundgren has sinned, so have the rest of us - and justice demands we all face punishment. By many accounts of Christianity, we deserve even worse punishment than Lundgren received. Just as it would be unjust for a cultist to be punished in Lundgren's place, it would be unjust for Jesus to be punished in a sinner's place.

Aims of Punishment
Why do we punish people when they do something wrong? There are five generally recognized aims of punishment:
  1. Deterrence: providing motivation for the perpetrator and others not to commit similar acts in the future (e.g. charging a fine for illegal parking).
  2. Incapacitation: preventing future transgressions by removing the perpetrator's ability to commit them (e.g. locking up a person planning a murder).
  3. Rehabilitation: giving aid to the perpetrator to resolve the cause of their transgression (e.g. mandating anger management classes for someone who started a bar fight).
  4. Retribution: taking pure vengeance on the perpetrator (e.g. secretly slashing the tires of someone who hurt your friend).
  5. Restitution: compensating the victim in order to partially or completely reverse the harm (e.g. making a thief give back what they stole).
All punishments are issued to achieve one or more of these aims. For substitutionary atonement to serve justice, it would have to achieve these aims just as the original punishment would have. Let's examine them one at a time.

A deterrent punishment aims to prevent similar transgressions in the future by making people fear the consequences of committing them. For example, we fine people who illegally park their cars to dissuade them from doing that. If someone knows that an act will result in punishment, they are less likely to commit that act. Most of our laws act for deterrence; when we ban an act - public urination, copyright infringement, wire fraud - we don't just say it's illegal, we add a punishment to encourage people not to do it.
Deterrence is not transferable. If you punish someone other than the culprit, you don't give the culprit any motivation not to transgress again. Imagine a rich brat who often gets drunk at restaurants and smashes up the place. Each time they do this, their parents deal with the fallout and pay the restaurants for the damage. As a result, the brat has no reason not to keep doing the same thing - the punishment affected the parents, but it failed to deter the actual perpetrator.

An incapacitative punishment aims not to punish a transgression that has already happened but to prevent one from occurring. For example, if we find someone planning a murder, we lock them up to prevent them from carrying out the murder. This helps prevent transgressions directly by removing the perpetrator's ability to transgress.
Incapacitation is not transferable. Imagine we find someone planning a murder, but we lock someone else up in their place: this does not prevent them from carrying out the murder. Punishing a substitute is entirely useless and does not accomplish the aim of preventing the transgression.

A rehabilitative punishment aims to help the perpetrator and remove their reason for transgressing. For example, if someone starts a bar fight, we might mandate they take anger management classes to help them control their anger. If an employee's negligence causes an accident, their company might require them to undergo additional training. Some people consider this not to be punishment at all since it aims to benefit the perpetrator, not to harm them. Regardless, rehabilitation aims to prevent transgression not by making people afraid to transgress but by addressing the reason they would transgress in the first place.
Rehabilitation is not transferable. If a perpetrator commits a transgression, we must help them in particular to help them not do so in the future. If the person who started the bar fight sent someone else to the anger management classes in their place, their anger problems would not be addressed, and they would be likely to transgress again. Rehabilitating a substitute does nothing to accomplish the aim of rehabilitation.

A retributive punishment aims to hurt the perpetrator for no other reason than that they deserve it. For example, if someone hurts your friend, you might feel that they deserve to be hurt back and secretly slash their tires. In this case the punishment does not act as a deterrent (since neither they nor anyone else knows what caused it). It also doesn't act to incapacitate them - they are fully capable of hurting your friend again - and does not act to rehabilitate them - as it does not address the reason they hurt your friend. The aim of the punishment is pure vengeance; when someone does something bad, we want bad things to happen to them.
Retribution is not transferable. If we punish someone other than the perpetrator, then we don't inflict harm on the perpetrator. For example, as we saw in Lundgren's case, punishing a cultist did not serve justice and Lundgren did not get what he deserved.

A restitutive punishment aims to undo harm to the victim or offset it by compensating them with something else. For example, if a thief steals some money from a victim, we make them give it back. Restitutive punishments aim to return the state of affairs to what it would have been had the transgression not happened.
Restitutive punishments are the only kind of punishment which is transferable. Restitution has everything to do with the victim and nothing to do with the perpetrator; so long as the victim is restored, it doesn't matter who's doing the restoring. For example, if a child breaks a school's window, their parents can pay the school for the broken window on their behalf. The school doesn't demand the money come from the child in particular because they simply want to be compensated for what was lost, not to punish the child (and will likely institute another form of punishment to accomplish the other aims, such as detention or suspension, which they wouldn't allow the parents to take in the child's place).

Substitutionary Atonement & Jesus
As we have seen, substitutionary atonement is impermissible in most cases. It's only permissible in punishments levied entirely for restitution. That's why our society widely practices substitutionary atonement for restitution - we call it 'insurance'. Insurance companies are punished on our behalf when we crash our cars, and they pay restitution to the victims of the crash in our place. The victims don't care whether the money comes from us or from our insurance company; they just want to be compensated. Notably, we don't have insurance for any other kinds of punishments - you can't pay someone to go to jail on your behalf or take remedial driving classes on your behalf, because non-restitution punishments are not transferable.
So what transgression did we commit, and what kind of punishment is Jesus taking in our place? Depending on which Christian you ask, you'll get wildly different answers to this question, but the vast majority of answers boil down to retribution - we did something wrong, or inherited some sin from someone else who did something wrong, and we deserve to be punished for it. However, no answers aim for restitution. Remember that restitution involves restoring the harmed victim and reversing their harm. The punishments of the afterlife - be they eternal conscious torment, oblivion, separation from God, or something else - certainly don't restore the actual victims of our acts. The old lady you cut in line or the man you bore false witness against don't gain anything from you going to hell, except perhaps the satisfaction that you were punished (which falls under retribution, not restitution). Your punishment does not restore anything that was taken away from them or undo any harm done to them. Therefore, in all Christian conceptions, the aims of the punishment we face are non-transferable. Jesus can't die for your sins because justice would not be served.

So what, you'd rather go to hell?
Yes! If I have truly done something so horrible and vile that justice demands I suffer hell for it, then I ought to go to hell. It would be wrong for me to avoid the punishment I deserve just because someone in charge agreed to look the other way.

The victim of your sins isn't the actual person you hurt - it's God, and Jesus pays restitution to God in your place.
This view maintains that you harm God when you sin, and that your punishment aims not to affect you in any way but only to restore him. But God cannot be harmed - in almost all versions of Christianity, God is perfect and unchanging. You can't steal fifty bucks from God and then be forced to give them back.
Even if your acts displease God, they do not take something away from God - and a punishment of hell or oblivion doesn't give anything back to God. Remember that restitution is entirely about the victim and has nothing to do with the perpetrator; in Christianity, punishment for sins definitely has something to do with the perpetrator.
Many people think that sins are not just crimes against your fellow man, but an offense against God. If you think that sins are deserving of punishment because they are an offense against God, then that falls under retribution, not restitution - this view aims to punish people for offenses they committed against a victim, not to restore that victim.

Your argument doesn't address this particular theology or theologian!
This is true - given the extreme diversity of theological views in Christianity, it would be impossible for me to address them all here. However, the vast majority of Christians believe in a commonsense view of substitutionary atonement and don't base their understanding on any complex theology. As a result, I offer a commonsense analysis to rebut their beliefs. People often get upset that I 'misrepresented the Christian view,' forgetting that their view is not the Christian view, but one of many Christian views.

Jesus's sacrifice wasn't about punishment, it about grace/love/mercy/conquering death/something else.
If you have a different idea about the purpose of Jesus's sacrifice, that's fine. There are many alternative models that explain why Jesus died on the cross, such as moral influence theory and the Christus Victor view, and they are outside the scope of this post. I am specifically rebutting here the idea that Jesus died in our place. If you agree that Jesus did not die to take on some punishment in our place, then my argument has succeeded in what it set out to do.
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2023.03.20 22:21 Lost-Scallion-2175 21F: How do I avoid feeling very disinterested in college social life due to a personal setback?

I'm a college senior graduating in the spring. I used to be very social, and loved the excitement and random craziness of college. I always imagined my last semester would be full of nostalgia and enjoying being a college student one last time.
However, recently a personal setback has me feeling extremely disinterested in everything about life. For the past 6ish months me and my boyfriend (M21: of two years) have been extremely extremely excited to finally live together post graduation. We were in the process of looking for apartments, we put in an application to adopt a dog, we planned out our new lives in our new city. And then, due to some changes in our upcoming jobs that we could not have foreseen, our situation changed overnight and we will now be starting out in two different cities, 5 hours away from each other by car. We both put in months of effort into finding our jobs, especially with the current economy being very harsh on our respective industries, and now we are having to do it all over again to even have a chance of living together anytime soon.
I feel like a deflated balloon. I'm extremely motivated to change the situation, and have been re-recruiting very, very hard, as has my boyfriend. But we have no idea when we will manage to get new jobs that we are willing to take over our current ones. However, in the meantime I've lost my enjoyment of anything social. Whenever I'm hanging out with my friends, I feel like I'm disassociating and watching over the scene from above, putting on a fake smile and pretending to be happy while I feel very numb inside. I don't want to party or go watch a movie, all I want to do is apply to jobs and prepare for interviews. It doesn't help that I'm also temporarily long distance from my boyfriend right now, for a couple weeks. Everyone around me is having the time of their lives and I just feel anti-social, depressed, and like I want to crawl into a cave. How do I try to not completely lose my happiness while navigating this setback?
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2023.03.20 22:21 D1D2beepbeep CANADA - Looking for decision where superior court calls out lower court or tribunal for ridiculous interpretation

My post was removed from legaladvicecanada with the suggestion I post here. I am looking for caselaw to support a real situation. Even if it is not published on CanLii, that's fine. I can get it from the Courthouse Libraries. My case is in BC, but the decision doesn't have to be BC specific.

I am looking for an appellate court decision calling out a lower court (or preferably court calls out a tribunal) on the absurd interpretation of facts, judgement of facts, etc.

I know that there is a level of decorum in caselaw so it isn’t like I will ever come across a decision that states “how the F did you decide that with looking at all of the evidence in front of you”. But I imagine that when this sort of thing happens (not in these words), it makes the rounds in legal community gossip.

Have you come across anything that respectfully states that they have no idea how the lower court or tribunal could have possibly ruled in the way that they did.

I will be applying for reconsideration. There are blatant errors in fact that meet the patently unreasonable test - but I don't think that is going to be enough to overturn the entire decision.

My biggest issues with the decision are more so how the tribunal decided to interpret evidence. It would probably make a reasonable person say "WTF" but I don't know if the reasonable person standard applies to specialized tribunals. I know I can argue adequacy of reasons (and I will be) but that doesn't fully capture the issue either.

To best demonstrate, imagine that the Crown presented still photos showing that the accused was violent towards someone throughout the day. Then the crown presents a video taken from the end of the night showing that the accused is choking that person. The judge rules that the accused was attempting CPR.

My issue isn't criminal law - but this is what I could think of to best demonstrate an analogous ridiculous interpretation.

I would appreciate any superior court decision you have come across that has the judge calling out the absurd earlier decision, interpretation or anything of the sort. I have been searching terms like "illogical" and "absurd" but what I am coming across is decisions where the judge is documenting or commenting on the arguments made by the plantiff/respondent.
If you have come across anything, please share it with me.
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2023.03.20 22:21 Meant_To_Be_Studying Samsung 980 Pro SSD Failure - data recovery + support?

Hey guys
I'm an unfortunate customer of a Samsung 980 Pro 2TB nvme SSD - the exact ones that have been failing in droves.

When I returned home to my PC that was left on, it was BSOD, unable to reboot, and unable to windows repair.

Samsung support has been awful, not recognising the widespread issue or responsibility, not acknowledging the issue of massive data loss, time loss and cost of downtime. They're refusing to offer a refund, or even alternate model, despite the failure.

Anywho, they've finally accepted my support ticket but now left me another bad position of demanding the SSD returned in 7 days. They said that any 3rd party data recovery will void the warranty despite the existing failure.

I'm left trying to sort out recovery myself however the issue is two fold.
-What is a good solution for an alternate temporary boot drive? I've lost my windows copy/key on the failed drive. I have some other drives plugged in potentially with some space, but nothing empty I can wipe.
-Never had to tackle data recovery before, what would a good free to use solution be for a home user?

Appreciate any knowledge,
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2023.03.20 22:21 IronStylus Are narcissists hardwired to be reactionary and negative?

I’ve been overcoming the grief from getting out of a relationship with my nex for almost a year now. I am undeniably more happy, though I still have a lot of grief to process. I remember being a happy, popular and light hearted person before the relationship. When my relationship imploded friends came to me and said that my behavior around my nex was completely the opposite of what they expected from me. I was cynical, full of complaints and other negativity.
As the veil has lifted I can remember back to when my nex came into my life, notably when she moved in with me, and the entire demeanor of her personality changed. This was probably because she was showing her true self, but I noticed how cynical she was, how much drama she would get involved in at work, the constant complaints about how her life was playing out, how broke she was, on and on. (We were not broke).
One day, I will never forget where I was, in the car going to Whole Foods in El Segundo CA and she was railing on something while in the car. She’d do this a lot, driving while ranting and it would make me feel trapped. I started to cry and said “yes, we can work on those things, but can you please stop being so angry?” She just stopped, not apologizing, we went to the store and never spoke about it again.
It only got worse form there. She started to engage in manipulation of the group of people we played games with, with someone from the group being a new target for her derision every month depending on how they pissed her off.
Did anyone else experience this constant anger, cynicism and poison from your nex?
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2023.03.20 22:21 Tight-Page-5192 How do you tell if your spouse is cheating on Facebook?// How do you know if your husband is cheating on Facebook? // Do people use Facebook to cheat? // What is considered Facebook cheating?

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) --------------- Are you worried that your significant other is spending a lot more time than usual on Facebook? Do you think that he is being secretive about the conversations he is having online? Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should be worried about this behavior? Concerned that your partner might be using Facebook to cheat on you? Worried they are having secret conversations with a lover on Messenger? Thanks to this guide that I put together, you can catch cheating on Facebook. Learn to spot the signals of infidelity and about the best app that you can use to find out all you need to know about those cheating on you.
How To Spy If Someone Is Cheating On Facebook Messenger
Facebook messenger is a mobile application that supports effective conversation with other people, including chats, conversations, video calls and much more. Getting connected with people around you makes your life more fun and interesting. Facebook messenger has certainly helped millions of people around the world, to stay connected and always feel happy. The application is also found to be compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. Apart from compatibility, they also provide you with interesting features like audio or video calls, share media files or document files, fast, easy chatting and much more. It is because of these interesting features, that more people choose to use Facebook messenger whenever they want to have an easy conversation with their friends.
When someone makes a text to you on Facebook, you will be notified via this app, if you are using it. You can even check out your Facebook messages, without actually logging in to Facebook. Many people are already addicted to this app since this app has helped them to stay instantly connected to their dear or near ones. Now what people are really interested to know about is, how well you can use Facebook messenger to spy on the Facebook activities of anybody. And that is exactly what we will be talking about more, here.
How Facebook Messenger Spy Expose A Cheater?
Facebook Messenger is so concerned about the safety of all account holders, and hence track all messages exchanged between the account holder and their friends. If you find anything suspicious about your friend, relative or spouse, then Facebook messenger is the best way to do it. So there is no doubt that Facebook messenger is a super cool instant social messaging application, that lets you text with one another by sending gifs, images, emojis, texts, videos and much more.
When it comes to spying, the Facebook messenger is surely going to be of great use to you. This app is pretty cool, whenever it comes to spying on people because it helps you retain all old conversations unless someone chooses to delete them manually. All messages are stored systematically in chronological order with their respective date and time saved.
How To Spy Facebook Messages & Conversations?
The best way to spy on chats effectively will be to try out using reputed apps that are designed specifically to spy on others Facebook conversations. Such apps will help you to keep an eye on others social media activities, without missing out on anything. For example, GHOST SQUAD is an app, that will let you spy or monitor all the social media activities of other people with ease. Such apps give you all accurate details including keystrokes, which you could use to hack their passwords. It gives you more control over the other person’s Facebook account, takes regular screenshots as evidence against your cheating friend, relative or spouse. Lets you spy on the call log, messages, photos, videos etc.
You can also try World’s #1 Phone Monitoring Software To Spy someone’s Facebook Messeges, and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to use this software.
How Does Spy Applications Work Towards Detecting Suspicious Activities?
GHOST SQUAD messenger spy apps are sure to have designed with a set of programs to work efficiently. All these programs work independently and collect all necessary data from various segments like memory, backup, programmed designation and so on. And it is via the internet that the data being collected from mobile phones will be transferred to the website.
How Spy Apps Hack Facebook Messenger?
Most of the reputed and well-known spy apps have features to hack Facebook messenger, site or application. The Facebook messenger actually stores all its data, which includes conversation and shared data on internal storage. The spy apps work by trapping this folder and sending it to the main dashboard of the app. The next thing that they will be working on will be to decrypt collected data and monitor on the targeted person’s Facebook activities. Such spy software has a set of tools to monitor the entire activities of the targeted person. Most common tools that they might include are browser monitor, app monitor, keylogger and so on.
Why to Use Spy App for Facebook Messages?To Track Conversations
This is the best way to know who your child, friend, family member or spouse is talking to, all the time. Parents can constantly monitor what their child is watching and doing online on Facebook, as the number of online sexual predators are fairly raising these days. This also gives parents an idea of whether the child is watching or interested in drugs or drug-related stuff.
To Make Sure You Are Not Cheated
This can also be useful to those people who are married or are in a relationship, to check out with whom all your partner talks and have conversations on a daily basis. So this will give you more confidence and happiness, that you are not being cheated. Facebook messenger will surely help you to detect any suspicious activity of your partner since, Messenger is a private app, and such people are likely to carry out their conversations through it.
How To Spy On The Facebook Messages Of Your Suspicious Spouse?
Facebook gives you access to many personal details of people, and if you are in a confusion as to whether your partner is having some affairs with someone, then Facebook messenger is the best thing, that you can start spying on, cause it is sure to give you some hint to unlock the mystery. If you want to find more, then probably you should start using an app for the same, to get complete details in a short time.
If you feel that they are spending too much time on Facebook, then you should probably start monitoring all their Facebook activities. So the Facebook messenger will help you to reveal the truth behind this, as they will give you a clear idea about all their activities on Facebook.
Spy applications are usually not visible on the targeted person’s device, and it usually runs on background. The person will never come to know that you are monitoring or spying on them. As they are hidden, you will be able to discreetly collect all necessary data from them, without letting them know that you are detecting or spying on them. If you ever suspect that your loved or dear one is no more truthful to you, or is hanged up in another relation, then you can try your hands on such spy apps, cause they help you to monitor all activities in an effective, easy and organized way. So never be worried thinking about how to spy Facebook messenger, as this is quite possible in many ways, out of which a perfect alternative is to try using [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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2023.03.20 22:20 Ehamilton21 Interviewed and told I should be hearing from CPAC?

Hi All, I interviewed a couple weeks ago for a 1035 Public Affairs Specialist with Army Recruiting Command out of Great Lakes, IL. I thought the interview went awful, but i did send a thank you email to the main person who I had been in contact with. He thanked me back and said "Hopefully, you hear from CPAC soon. Please let me know when you hear from them."
I understand that these things take time, and I was given a rough timeline for the decision process. Just trying not to get inside my own head and get excited for a job I know I'm qualified for and meet the education for, and having 10pt preference.
Am I at least headed in the right direction?
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2023.03.20 22:20 OneBrilliant5607 HELP! I caught a child predator online and I want to turn the photos and chats into police to arrest him but I am 17 what do i do?

Basically, my friends and I watched a lot of predator hunting YouTube videos and decided to see if we could catch a predator ourselves. All of us are 17, and this is in the US state of TN. The 49 year old man sent nude photos and hundreds of sexually inappropriate chats to who he thought was a 13 year old boy. He wants to meet soon in real life and we were prepared to show up and call the police on this disgusting human. But today, I realized we may not be able to conduct a sting operation as minors. I can’t find anything online about it being illegal, but I know it can’t possibly be legal for a minor to have an adults nudes on their phone.
Basically I’m asking if you guys think there is anyway WE could be the ones who get in trouble for this…
Or will he get charged twice? because at the end of the day he still sent his penis to a minor, he just thought we were younger than we are.
This is so disgusting and any normal person should agree this POS needs to be locked up, but I just want to know if this may backfire when law enforcement finds out the people who caught him are minors themselves.
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2023.03.20 22:20 Ambitious_Dance4828 I realized I am still frustrated with my partner for ignoring my birthday

My birthday was one month after LO was born. We were having some kind of disagreement on that day (I honestly don’t remember about what), I just remember feeling down, since we were mad at each other, and spending the day taking care of our baby pretty much alone. I didn’t get a cake, a card, nothing. I don’t remember getting a “Happy birthday” from him but he might have said it in passing.
For a bit more context. We are currently living in his hometown, my family lives in another country so I have nobody here besides him and his family (which is basically just his mom and a cousin). When LO was born, my mom came to stay with us for a full month. She helped a lot, but our house is a bit small so it became crowded very soon with a new baby, my mom and his mom constantly visiting. Things got worse when my dad showed up as a surprise leaving us even less space in the house. My parents speak a language that my SO doesn’t understand, so he gets very overwhelmed by the costant noise and conversations around him that he can’t be a part of. My parents were sleeping on our couch so we had zero privacy or a space we could go to unwind when we felt stressed. That first month was actually very hard, in retrospect I would have advised my parents to have come at a later time. Because the stress of having a new born, being first time parents and hosting your in-laws for a full month became too much for us and specially for my partner.
To make matters worse, we are in a very difficult financial situation. I am only working part time and he is finishing graduate school. So our budget is extremely tight, we have been living in a constant state of stress over every penny for the past year. Because of that we agreed on not giving each other presents for christmas and birthdays until we are both able to get better jobs.
My parents came here in the spirit of vacation. They wanted to constantly explore the city and the surroundings since it was the first time they were visiting. So I had to become a tour guide on top of being a new parent, healing from the birth and mediating the relationship between my partner and my parents, besides functioning as an interpreter for the house and all the languages everybody was speaking. The whole month was hell, to be honest. My husband thought it wasn’t fair I had to entertain my parents all the time, my parents thought my husband was a grumpy ass because he was always moody and short-tempered about not being able to do anything without being judged by 3 grandparents all the time.
The day my parents finally left we were mentaly exhasted from everything and from all the little arguments and little uncomfortable situations from the past month. 2 days later was my birthday. Husband was still short-tempered about something that I don’t remember anymore, we were fighting, so we did nothing for my birthday. We couldn't go out and celebrate or buy anything because of our budget. I couldn’t do anything for myself because I was breastfeeding on demand on very little sleep. His mom, who is normally very sweet to me, came by to wish me a happy birthday but she quickly left because she had had an argument with my husband the day before and she didn’t want to be there around him. His cousin called to wish me a happy birthday but she was sick so she decided not to come by because of the baby. I have no friends here yet. It was honestly the worst birthday I had ever had. I kept expecting that he would suddenly bring me a cake or something but nothing happened. He didn’t even offer to make dinner. Before the baby was born we talked about my birthday and how we could make sushi so I could celebrate finally being able to eat raw fish again, but we ended up not buying anything special on the actual day. I remember going to bed crying. The next day we solved whatever it was that we were arguing about and he said that he was sorry for the shit birthday I had, but it was too late to have any celebrations, it wasn’t my birthday anymore.
He had his own birthday about a month BEFORE the baby was born and we also didn’t do anything. I normally bake a cake for him but this time I was on my third trimester and really not feeling too well, so his mom brought a cheesecake and we had afternoon tea with her. He never cared much about his own birthday, every year I am the one that makes a big deal out of it and does something for him. I normally design new cool cards or something like that. This time, however, I also didin’t do anything. I was too pregnant and too tired.
The day after my birthday, I made peace with the fact that I had a shit birthday but we have a new baby so things like this happen, our priority is the baby now. Also, I felt like it was a bit unfair of me to expect him to do something for my birthday when I didn’t do anything for his.
Fastforward to today, 3 months after my birthday. I thought I was over what happened but apparently I am not. We ate a piece of cheesecake, which reminded us of the cheesecake his mom made him for his birthday. He made a comment about how his birthday was very uneventful to which I said “well, at least you had one, I had nobody, no celebration not even cake”, he replied “oh, that sucks!”. He asked me why he had a cake and I didn’t have one. I said it was because he had his mom here to make him one, he replied that my mom was here a few days before my birthday, she could have left one in the fridge. I decided to leave the conversation there and have a bit of alone time now writing this post.
Our baby is going through the 4 month sleep regression fase right now, we are absolutely exhausted. I didn’t want to escalate our already bad moods with a memory of the past to bring it up to him one more time that I felt like shit on my birthday. So I decided to come here and vent to you guys. I am crying while writing this post. I don’t know if it is the hormones or being sleep deprived, but I feel very hurt thinking of my birthday. I decided that next year I will make my own cake, and I will never allow something like this to happen again. I will never leave it to other people to surprise me, I will always make sure I have cake on my birthday from now on.
I am sorry about the long post, I had to vent to somebody.
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2023.03.20 22:20 DuskyBoy220 [Rant] How I found out I was gay, and why I didn't have a formal coming out.

[I will not being saying names of anyone except myself because of privacy on their behalf] So back in the good ol' days of fifth grade, where everyone was playful and happy and there wasn't as much judgement. I was in a friend group of a couple girls and one other guy. We talked all by ourselves every day out at recess for fun and everything was great. Two of the girls at the time came out as lesbian and were together for a bit (Not anymore which is sad). The other girl came out as Asexual to us and then found out she was a lesbian. The other guy came out as pan and I was the only straight person left. To be a hundred percent honest, I felt like I didn't fit in because I wasn't gay so eventually I came out as gay to them. This being "Gay" opened my eyes to actually being gay and it's stuck with me for years at a time. If It weren't for me being an anxious child that was scared to not fit in I might not have ever opened my eyes to the fact that being gay was an option and it wasn't bad. To be honest I should have realized way before because holy- I was so into boys it's hilarious. The first time I ever felt sexually attracted to someone was before I even knew what being sexual, or being sexually attracted to someone was. My brain just got really turned on to some guy on a video I was watching when I was younger (It was at my old house so it is anywhere from 1st to 2nd grade... I was an interesting child). Anyways back onto the main rant. I was super gay and I still am super gay, It makes up a lot of the ways I act and or react to things. I texted that friend group on my Ipod Touch 5 a picture of NAGITO KOMAEDA OF ALL THINGS and said, and I quote "I'm the light and this man is my light switch." I wanna cry after seeing that text after many years... Anyways my parents looked through my phone, saw that text and straight up interrogated me to see if I was gay. Yeah so I said no the first couple of times they asked but then finally admitted it to them... Wasn't the coming out I was looking for but eh it works. They say they accept me and that they love me no matter what but they were just confused. I got the "maybe it's just a phase" treatment, and now just socializing with them feels quite awkward. Its been some odd years and now my name is Finn (I know so original, I might change it eventually but its what I'm going by right now.), I'm very gay, and I'm a demi-boy. Life is kinda meh I go to therapy 5 times a week, and I currently have no IRL friends that support me. I'm trying my best though and thats what matters! Thanks for reading my mess of a rant. <3
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2023.03.20 22:19 Espiriki Filling taxes for equity in the form of US stocks

I work remotely for a US company. As part of the benefits, I am awarded a chunk of stocks of that company, those stocks are publicly available for trading. We use Charles Schwab as the broker.
Every 3 months some of those stocks "vest" and a part of those vesting stocks are sold to pay for taxes in the US, therefore I am already paying taxes in the US.
After that, I am able to sell those stocks for cash and send the cash over to my bank account in Canada
Charles Schwab sent me a end-of-the-year report, and it turns out there's some losses in there, since the stock price fell between when it was granted for me and when I sold it. But I didn't loose any money since I got the stocks for free as part of the compensation from the company I work for.
My question is: do I need to declare this cash that I'm transferring over to my Canadian bank account as part of my taxes this year? Since I already paid taxes in the US for those.
This is my first time doing my own taxes, and another question that I have is: will the simplest version of turbo tax work for what I'm trying to do here?
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2023.03.20 22:19 lorenavedon Getting a hold of CRA agents while being the Executor of an Estate account

I'm dealing with my late father's estate as the executor and am finding it extremely difficult to reach an actual CRA agent on the phone to ask important questions. No, i don't need info on how to log online and deal with my own personal taxes, change my address or find out how to pay my taxes or how much taxes i owe. I need help with my father's estate taxes. Yet, for weeks now, the CRA is telling me their phone service is having difficulties and there will be problems locating an agent to talk to. Been on hold for hours without the ability to talk to anybody as of yet.
I find it confusing why the CRA phone center doesn't even have a number option for Estate Taxes (Press 1, 2 3 4 5 6 All options that don't help me). Probably the most difficult taxes someone needs to deal with. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. Any suggestions?
I want to file the taxes, pay the taxes but i need someone form CRA to answer a few simple questions. I've had enough of a hard time dealing with my father's estate, now the government is being hard to deal with. I've honestly had enough and don't care to hear about excuses anymore. If the CRA is understaffed then they should give me an extra year to file my father's estate taxes. Sorry for the rant but dealing with these issues in 2023 when everyone i need to deal with is understaffed is making me reach the end of my rope.
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