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This is the subreddit for everything related to Star Citizen - an up and coming epic space sim MMO being developed by Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games.

2023.05.29 22:32 Unhappy_Temporary_49 AGP vs. MEF: what's the difference?

A Brief Story of my own Self-Discovery (You can skip over this part)
There is an ongoing discussion in this community regarding AGP vs. MEF and what the difference between the two actually entails. I believe that my own personal experience lends me some insight into this topic. I repressed my crossdresing fetish until my late twenties. I never felt like a part of the trans community because it didn't describe the way I felt and seemed dishonest, so I just figured I was some pervert with a panty fetish and left it at that. In 2019, at age thirty-four, I discovered AGP for the first time along with this subreddit, which, at that time, had less then one hundred subscribers. I immediately resonated with Blanchard's typology and felt that AGP fit me like a glove. From that day forward I have become somewhat of a hobby sexoligist and gender-theorist. In recent times, I have arrived at the understanding that MEF is a much better term to describe my experience. A few months ago, I came to the conclusion that I am not AGP after all and instead I was entirely MEF... well, that idea didn't last very long because I couldn't ignore the aspects of myself that were undeniably AGP. Today, I once again believe that I've figured it all out and I now consider myself to be MEF dominant with AGP as a secondary part of my sexuality. What does that even mean?
Opinion: The Main Difference Between MEF & AGP
I feel like I am both MEF and AGP; and the reason that I make a distinction between the two is because there actually is a significant quality which differentiates my MEF sexuality from my AGP sexuality: In my MEF fantasies I am taking on the masculine role sexually and in my AGP fantasies I am taking on the feminine role sexually. This roughly translates into my MEF sexuality desiring a relationship with a woman and my AGP sexuality desiring a relationship with a man.
My dominant sexuality is MEF and today I am able to understand how I developed sexual masochism as a result of a specific incidence of significantly damaging emasculation trauma1 which occured at age five. My strongest erotic fantasies are MEF fantasies and they always involve femdom and female-led-relationships (FLR). In these types of sexual relationships I am certainly the submissive partner but I am still taking on the masculine role. It has to be this way in order for it to be MEF, because MEF is an emasculation fetish. If I'm not the one in the masculine role then I am cannot be emasculated. The most common MEF fantasies, which are all based around femdom, are 1) cuckolding 2)sissy baby/little girl and 3)small penis humiliation/cock and ball torture. Not surprisingly, 2 & 1 are my most arousing erotic fantasies, respectively.
AGP is a secondary part of my sexuality. The major distinction is that I always take on the feminine role in my AGP fantasies. I realized I am MEF and AGP because I find it the most arousing to be a man dressed up as a baby girl but I also enjoy dressing up as a woman sometimes. I gave my feminine persona a name (Alexis, which is super AGP) and in that headspace I enjoy wearing lingerie and more respectable clothing. In my AGP headspace I want to look like a woman as much as I can and I want men to find me attractive. Taking on the feminine role sexually means being vulnerable and allowing myself to fully succumb to a man's masculinity and allowing him to take me. I also believe that it is necessary to take on the feminine role in order for me to be romantically attracted to a man. My AGP fantasies are much less kinky than my MEF fantasies and much more passionate. I want to make out with a man in these fantasies and I want to be dominated by him, but not humiliated... and not emasculated either, really. The emasculation involved in AGP fantasies is simply due to the acknowledgement of being biologically male and not necessarily because it is part of the arousal.
1 The aspect of childhood trauma that causes the most damage to the developing brain is betrayal. Like many other forms of child abuse, the most traumatizing incidences of childhood emasculation are the result of a parent or guardian either 1) failing to protect the child from harm or 2) directly harming the child [i.e. betrayal].
Another Story about my own Self-Discovery
I moved out of state in my mid-twenties and my unspoken goal was to finally make my feminization fantasies come to life. I thought if I moved far away from everyone I knew that my inhibitions would subside. I was also very confused about my sexuality and I ended up belieivng that I was bisexual, or perhaps just gay and in denial. My success with women was more than negligible and I ended up being in my first LTR with a man who was nearly a decade older than me. He is the reason that I believe there are true bisexuals out there. We both felt like our preference was for women, but he was genuinely attracted to me as the man I was. He allowed me to take my time to discover myself and he was in love with me, while I felt more of a platonic fondness for him. He let me sit on his dick and let it inside me at my own pace the very first time and the moment I sat down on it all the way I went from flaccid to rock hard and exploded in a hands-free sissygasm. This made me believe I was even more gay, but now I understand that my sissyness caused this to happen and not homosexuality. We were roommates/boyfriends for approximately four years and during that time I was still too inhibited and repressed to express my desire to feminize myself that I so desperately needed. It was only at the end of our relationship that I began to wear panties around him on occasion, but then I broke up with him for unrelated reasons. I saved up to move back home, and when that time came I was so upset with myself for not doing what I had moved out there to do. I decided I couldn't do myself like that; so I knocked on his door and asked him if I could spend my last week before flying out with him, and told him that I wanted to feminize myself. He agreed and the next day I spent approximately five-hundred dollars on feminine clothing and accessories.
I shaved completely and fully feminized myself for the first time and I got fucked. I guess I am lucky for that. I definitely took on the feminine role, although I wasn't consciously aware of that at the time. I have never before or since moaned like that. Almost a decade later and we are still in contact. He didn't know how he felt about me being feminized at first. He didn't seem to care for it that much and would say he liked me as a boy. Overtime he has warmed up to Alexis and I have shared many pictures with him. He finds me hot and attractive, and I regret not getting over myself earlier in our relationship because I would have enjoyed myself and my sexuality much more. However, my AGP is secondary to MEF and I much prefer to be in a relationship with a woman, as I have been for several years now. Being MEF dominant makes it much, much easier to be in a heterosexual relationship because I retain the masculine role sexually. I find it much more arousing to be humiliated by a woman who makes me wear diapers and baby girl dresses. I am thankful for this.
Is it possible to be MEF dominant and prefer to be in a relationship with a man?
Yes, it certainly is, and if I had a boyfriend I would surely engage in both MEF and AGP fantasies. MEF fantasies involving a dominant man still require me to take on the masculine role. Both men in this situation are taking on the masculine role and it becomes a matter of a dominant partner and a submissive partner (alpha male/beta male). I have these fantasies often and what makes them so arousing is the idea of being a man who is feminized and dominated sexually by another, "more masculine" man. I have no desire to transition and if I was in a relationship with a man I wouldn't pretend to be, or identify as, a woman. I would just crossdress a lot at home and go out on dates fully feminized and in the AGP headspace of taking on the feminine role.
I hope this made sense; please let me know if it doesn't. Thanks for reading! Part II will be posted shortly.
tl;dr - The biggest distinction between MEF and AGP is that MEF fantasies are based in the masculine role and AGP fantasies are based in the feminine role.
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2023.05.29 14:16 OffDaPace Downgrading

Was just wondering if any of you have ever downgraded and if so was you really underwhelmed and disappointed?
I used to have a DD1 and V3 inverted pedals but sold my rig because I wasn’t using it much and after a week I already regretted it, fast forward about 6 months and I’m going to buy another rig
Problem is I don’t have that kind of money to spend again at the moment so I’m going for a simagic alpha mini and the new P1000 pedals that’s are coming soon,
I’m just abit worried because I have owned a DD1 I’m going to feel very underwhelmed with the alpha mini
There must be someone that’s been in the same boat it can’t just be upgrades all the time ? Lol
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2023.05.29 07:11 heta13 Weekly Comic Drawing Upload

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2023.05.29 04:44 idontknowanymore_501 I think I ruined my (27F) relationship with my entire family and ended my seven year relationship with my fiance (27M) all in one day

Hi -- to forewarn, this a long story that contains... a LOT. There is also a lot of background. Sorry for that.
To give some background, my (27F) father (65M) is very possibly dying from metastatic lung cancer. We found out less than three weeks ago. It has been very stressful for the family and emotions are not exactly level at the moment. I acknowledge that we are all very stressed. It is probably a large contributor to what went down.
So... Given that this is a three-day weekend and we are trying to do more as a family with whatever time we have left, we planned for a small family gathering. Me, my (ex?) fiance (27M), my dad, my mom (68F), my sister (29F), my cousin (38M), and my 2nd cousin (a minor).
Now, this is very important -- Everyone is the household has a dog. My parents have two dogs, one large (2-ishM) and one small (10-ishM). There is also my dog (7M). All of these dogs have met and get a long great and never had issues.
My cousin's dog (2-ishF) and the other dogs have never met. We planned to introduce them in the front yard of leashes and hope for the best. My sister's dog (2-ishF) cannot be around my parent's small dog because of aggressive issues from sister's dog. My sister's dog has undergone "training" to calm her anxiety and behavioral issues, but it has had minor success. The first introduction between my dog and my sister's dog was botched because of a planning issue caused by all sides. My dog holds grudges, so the next controlled introduction was also a failed attempt, and we have avoided having them near each other ever since.
. So, to summarize: There are five dogs in total. Three very young-adult dogs, two older dogs. One of these dogs is new and required proper introductions.
We arrive at The Parents' at almost 8:30pm. We do the usual Hellos and HowAreYous and then unload the car and get settled. Cousins arrive a little after 8:40PM and we get the dogs ready to meet each other.
NOTE: I will say that my dog is the most skittish around both new people and new dogs. He was a rescue, but we have had him since he was a puppy, and though he had never (EVER) had a violent confrontation with ANYONE, he barks and acts tough and we have always tried to take proper precautions to prevent something from happening, on the off-chance.
Well, the off-chance happened, but we're getting to that.
We introduce the dogs in the front yard and on leashes. There is the normal barking and growling; the obligatory butt-sniffing; and then the eventual cold-shoulder from my dog, which we took as complacency to the whole event.
We bring the dogs inside and realize that my dog is NOT complacent and is only getting more aggitated. At this point, there are four dogs in the house. My parents' large dog, their small dog, my dog and the cousin's dog. There is a lot of activity. The little dogs start to retreat. It is extremely over stimulating for everyone. My dog retreats to a corner and settles for barking if the two larger dogs start to play, or if the cousin's dog comes too close (then there is some baring of teeth involved) and after the third time of my dog displaying aggression for the cousin's dog, we remove him from the situation and put him behind a gate so there are no accidents. This briefly works, albeit more teeth and barking when the other dog gets too close.
Eventually, after everything had quieted down a little bit, the dog bones picked up, the dog food removed, and everyone had gotten most of their ya-ya's out, we introduced my dog back to the situation. It was fine, for the most part. We tried to let them figure out the "pecking order" and sometimes that means things getting a little ugly and toothy, but the scuffles were brief.
So, the next day (Saturday/ yesterday) (ex?) fiance and I wake up early to start our day. We run out to go to the gym, the store, and then my sister asks us to go to her house to help with something, which we do. It is important to mention that my cousin is not staying in my parent's house. Me and (ex?) fiance are, my 2nd cousin is, but my cousin has a bus he uses as a primary residence (go bus/ van life) and so he is staying in there with his dog.
It is also important to mention that at the point of us leaving that AM, everyone besides my parents were asleep. We get back about two-hours later.
When we return, my cousins are awake, the four dogs are all together, and I ask how everyone is getting along. I'm told everyone is fine with each other and that there have been no altercations. The dogs were even laying together for a moment. Me and (ex?) are told to hurry up and get showered and come back down, because we were late for breakfast, and it was getting cold.
We go, shower, get dressed.
(Ex?) goes down first, and comes back a few minutes later saying our dog is bleeding.
Apparently everyone downstairs is saying he banged his head into a table, and it must have happened from that. (Ex?) brings our dog upstairs, and it is very apparent that the bleeding is NOT from running into a table. There are at least four visible puncture wounds from a dog bite on his face. One gusher above his eye (1/2 inch), two superficial bites next to the big one around his eye, and one next to his mouth. My cousin's dog is bigger than our dog. His dog's mouth could absolutely fit most of my dog's head in it.
It is also relevant that my cousin made numerous comments the previous night about his dog being an alpha. He said that she has been known to, "put other dogs in their place" while at the dog park. He did not say any of these ended badly or bloody.
I will also mention here that I know my dog probably antagonized the situation by being a little shit. I know I should have just trusted my gut and removed him from the situation entirely. These are things I am aware of and things I regret.
At this point, we hear my sister come into the house with her dog, and it is pretty apparent that this arrangement is not going to work.
This only adds stress, but it’s not pressing. What is pressing is the fact that the puncture above my dog's eye is still bleeding, that it is larger than a superficial wound, and that I don't want it getting infected and it is a holiday weekend. I text my boss pictures of the bite and ask her to ask her vet if she would advise an emergency trip to the vet, and her vet responds that the bite would probably form an abscess before the weekend was over. So, that was our answer.
We take our dog to the emergency vet. All in all, it takes nearly seven hours. Our dog ended up having to have a sedative and five sutures over all (including two in his ear, which we hadn't previously noticed). We kept being told by the vet that it shouldn't take more than an hour, so we waited. Traffic in that area is BAD. I mean, it took thirty-minutes to go two miles, so we figure it best to wait for him instead of getting into traffic twice to go to my parents' house (20 mins away) and back. During this time, my sister is calling me asking me to run errands delegated to her, my mom is texting and calling asking for status, me and (ex?) had been holding it together pretty well, for the most part. That is until the wait started to get to us, and the constant pings from our phones, and my anxiety and stress about my dad, and my (ex?)’s anxiety and stress about the dogs (he was saying it was he thought it best to take our dog home, which means he would go home, and I know that would upset my dad, so I tell my mom ahead of time)...
After the seven hour wait, we finally get to go back to the house.
Now -- here's the real story now that the brief (HA!!) background has been established.
I call my mom on the way and ask what the current dog situation is, and what the plan is to avoid any more confrontations. Now, me and the (ex?) already discussed that we need to alternate my cousin's dog being in the house and my dog being downstairs. My cousin's dog lives in his bus, so we think that she needs to be in the bus half the day to let our dog be with everyone inside, and then the other half we would put our dog upstairs and let his dog be with everyone. As always, we think my sister's dog just shouldn't be there at all.
My mother pleasantly informs me that "all the big dogs are getting along GREAT!" She says that the plan is to keep all the big dogs outside together, and the little dogs sequestered together inside upstirs. I inform her that it will be raining, and therefore the big dogs cannot stay outside all day, and there is no way that I am OK with my dog being isolated while the other dogs are there barking and playing. She repeats her previous plan, and this is where I kind of lose it, because I'm not here to manage doggy daycare. I'm here for my dying father, and I have seen him for maybe a few hours total and the other time has been spent stressed about dogs.
All the rage and frustration boils to the top, and I go off. I tell my mother that if this was her plan then (ex?) would just take the dog home. She eventually concedes and says that we can do the alternating, but at this point I do NOT trust that this will actually happen. There is a lot of yelling going on, and there is still the variable of my sister's dog (who is still at parents' house). It is too much. I have had enough. I tell my mom that we will just go home if her plan is to keep ALL FIVE dogs on the same property. She explodes on me saying that was my plan from the beginning (mind you, I have been trying for a solid week to help coordinate everyone being there together and brought enough supplies and clothes to last me more than a week. I had planned activities to keep 2nd cousin busy, and there were meals planned as a family -- I, in NO way shape or form, had ANY intentions of dipping on this get together. I am pissed.)
Once I get back to their house, (ex?) stays in the car with our dog, and I run in to get our stuff. I am met with a barrage of blame and accusations as soon as I'm through the door. I am told that this dog bite situation was my fault for leaving my dog downstairs while I took a shower, that my dog was "under-socialized and aggressive." Mind you, my parents both love my dog and frequently have commented on what a good boy he is for the last SEVEN years. Never once mentioning that he was UNDERSOCIALIZED or aggressive. He's a prima donna, sure. He has had moments where he'll lash out when uncomfortable or feeling threatened by another dog, but he has, not ONCE, bitten anything or anyone, or even come close to it. He gets along with my (ex's) families dogs. All of them. And there's a lot.
He has only had two aggressive interactions. With my sister's dog through the fence, which everyone should share blame in, and now my cousin's.
There is a lot thrown around. My sister is smiling and mocking me about wanting everyone together.
My sister fuels the fight, smiling the whole while, and my mother regurgitates sentences that I know aren't coming from her.
It is obvious that there had been discussions that I was not privy too (because I have been stuck in an emergency vet for seven hours), and that everyone (barring the minor cousin and idk about my dad) has come to the conclusion that I am the villain in this scenario and that everything is my fault.
I am in a blind rage at this point. I feel like I am a dog backed into a corner, and everyone is yelling. I am probably yelling the loudest, because I just feel like I have not been heard since getting there. I wanted to keep the dogs separated from the first indication of trouble, and then was told I was overreacting. I specifically said that this would turn very ugly, and was then mocked by my cousin and mom as being overprotective and like a Karen in a dog park, who would jump in between fighting dogs to pull their dog out.
I feel sick at this point. I feel like my back is about to crumble and my head is going to explode. At one point, as I am putting my stuff outside so I can grab my shoes, I come back in to them saying something I can't put together, but I hear my sister say, "Shush! She's coming back" -- and that damn smile is still on her face. I tell my dad I'm sorry, that I would come back to pick him up and bring him to my house, I tell my 2nd cousin the same thing, and then I leave. There is a moment in-between there where I do slam the front door back open, and I admit to putting a hole through the closet door with the doorknob. That's my bad.
I am still fuming while in the car. I tell my (ex?) that when he went back inside to retrieve something he should have defended me, at least a little. Said that the fight was unnecessary on both sides. Something. Especially since I had spent the majority of the afternoon trying to calm him down (he doesn't rage like I do, his is quieter and filled with more anxiety that clouds his ability to think). I called my mom on his urging to begin with. I was just going to go inside and put the other dogs away, smuggle our dog inside and upstairs, and deal with the planning part afterwards. But (ex?) has diagnosed OCD, so sometimes going with the flow is the best option. So I did. I tried, at least.
During the ride back, my (ex?) boyfriend decides out of the blue and without saying anything to me to call my mom, tell her that he doesn't want to associate with them anymore, and that he doesn't plan to see them every again. Yes. We can all agree how childish that is. He would agree too. My terminally ill father is yelling and cussing him out in the background, and my (ex?) clarifies that he would have liked to see my father, but if he doesn't want to see him that that's what it is. My family is complicated. There is a lot of past trauma to unpack, but to put it simply my dad is the most unreasonable person sometimes, but also the one that I get along with the best. My (ex?) also agrees with that.
The call ends. I comment (because I just can't help myself) and tell him how stupid that was. I am in that rage-mode where everything I say is super calm and super condescending. (Ex?) says that I wanted him to defend me, so that's what he was doing.
My (ex?) then decides to take this as a very opportune moment to tell me that he had spent the previous week contemplating breaking up with me. Mind you, that Friday, the Friday that we went to my parents' house, was our eight year-anniversary.
I am mind-boggled.
I continue to drive and the hate in me grows a little more with every mile we go.
Eventually, I hear my (ex?) talking, but I know it's not meant for me. He has called my mom to apologize for everything, for the things that he said. He is the one crying now. Balling. He is so emotional with the things he's saying that I am forced to pull off the highway and into a gas station because the tone makes me uncomfortable to be in a moving vehicle. That was me projecting, but still...
He continues the conversation, continues the apologies, and then says, "I was in a no-win position and being told I didn't defend her (me) and so I called and made the worst mistake of my life."
Naturally, I am beside myself. I feel betrayed. I feel crazy. I feel so outside my body.
To be clear, I never once told him to call her. I just wanted him to defend me, because we both were in agreement about the situation and that their plan on how to handle to dogs was wrong. He was the one pushing the idea that my family was in the wrong.
There is a lot said afterwards. Nothing matters, at this point. He ends up calling my mom again (this time on my urging) to say he was apologizing for what he said on the phone, not the situation as a whole. He says he wasn't taking sides. He stops his conversation more times than I can count to ask me if that was what he was supposed to say. I am livid. I feel disgusting. I tell him repeatedly that I am NOT putting words into his mouth and that he is an adult and can speak for himself. He then proceeds to basically have a conversation with my mother in which he outlines the reasons why me and him may not be together anymore, and how we want to different things, etc...
I'm disassociating out of my body while going 70mph down the interstate in the rain, forced to listen to this conversation coming from the back.
We argue. I drive. He asks me to make permeant decisions about us and that he's going to quit his job and go back home to live with his parents if we aren't together. I tell him I am not continuing this discussion while under duress. He continues to ask. I continue to drive. I scream. It gets quiet.
We don't talk the rest of the drive. We only talk about the dog while we get him situated at the house. My (ex?) starts crying. I don't have the energy to cry..
We have spent the day isolated and away from each other. I have not spoke with my family. I don't know if I will ever again. My sister sent me a text of the door with the hole and a smiley face.
I feel like my entire world just crumbled at once.
I don't know where or who to turn to in this scenario. I feel the lowest and loneliest I have ever felt in my life.
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2023.05.29 03:42 Makar_1201 Questions after finishing FR

So I just finished Future Redeemed and wow… I was blown away. It was a great game with a fantastic new cast of characters and seeing the old ones back was amazing. I did have a few questions tho:
  1. Why was Alpha able to do all these things himself? So I always had the conclusion (and FR confirms this) that Alvis or Ontos without Pneuma and Logos is just a machine and needs someone to give him commands. In XC1, Alvis has a personality because of him absorbing Klaus’ regrets and can think for himself, but is not necessarily able to take matters into his own hands, hence why he helps Shulk make a new world instead of just creating one himself even though he would have the power to do so. So why is he now able to just say screw it and try to move to a new world himself?
  2. This one is a common question I’ve seen a lot of people ask but I haven’t seen a great answer to it. Why do Shulk and Rex remember the world of the Bionis and Alrest respectively? Like Nia and Melia I can see because of them being the ones who created Origin, but idk about Shulk and Rex. I know Linka says that not everyone was absorbed into Origin as intended and that some still remember the old worlds, but why is that? Is it just coincidence or what?
  3. Why was Pneuma’s Core Crystal in Matthew’s gauntlets?
  4. Couldn’t make a question post without this one: what in the world happened to Pyra and Mythra and why are they only ever referred to as they/them and never by name??
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2023.05.29 03:05 ParacordMouz7 Memorial day discount SGG alpha series hybrid pad!

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Kash @ SGG
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2023.05.28 22:18 LKelda Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke but I add an extra rule after each gym - any ideas on what ones to use?

Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke but I add an extra rule after each gym - any ideas on what ones to use?

My team so far: Alpha the Chimchar, Bravo the Bidoof, Charlie the Starly and Delta the Shinx
My Ren.Platinum game is gone/vanished/kaput so I'm going back to normal Platinum and adding a couple convoluted rules that are bound to make me regret adding them in the first place once I get further in the game.

Normal nuzlocke rules + level caps
1st extra rule is Sinnoh pokemon only which seems fine until I add the 2nd rule - I can only use pokemon that have a base stat total of 400 or less

And to make things worse I also figured I'd add an extra rule after every gym badge is obtained - no clue what yet so I figured I'd ask for suggestions.

Any ideas would be great so long as they don't interfere with the main 2 rules (so no monotypes or banning a type)

I have an image below to show the rules and all pokemon I can get in the run

Piplup and Turtwig not included as I chose Chimchar
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2023.05.28 05:08 UnanimousBB16 Cliffs from Daniel Clarke post-season interview with The Reality Kings

I made cliffs for Zach, Ty, and Kuzie's interviews, so it only makes sense for me to make cliffs for Daniel's. The missing pieces that were created (due to no feeds) are solely starting to add up a bit.
- Said that it was A LOT coming out of the house, but had great people handling his social media. He was shocked with how LITTLE we were able to actually to see in the season. Daniel says that they were told that there wouldn't be 24/7 feeds, but didn't know how little we were going to see, since he spoke to the cameras so many times, but clearly we did not see much of it. Daniel knew that his game was going to be visible, so it was an outlet for him, and Kuzie was the other person who talked to the cameras.
- Mentions that he applied several times, and was playing these online games (he is in the BBCAN1 auditions that were used to promote BBCAN). Talks about how the two week "first week" was shocking, since it made it easier to spiral for people, and it was a lot slower than expected, whereas the online games are just quick. Thought he would be a flop because he was out of the loop. Immediately got close to Amal (called her his initial #1), but she of course left.
- The casting of a bunch of attractive, athletic, showmantic people was a bit worrying, as he thought that there would be a showmance alliance that would happen, and thought he did not fit in with the cast. Mentioned that the men are alpha men (which probably explains why the showmance alliance would never happen). He binged the season already.
- His strategy was to be a social player, and knew that people were only going to see him as a social player (jokes about not winning the competitions), so he wanted to have targets in front of him, and making as many connections with people, and would have shields, no matter who or where he pivoted. Felt more comfortable in the game when it started to speed up. He sat in the kitchen, and saw who would always go into rooms together, and worked with Kuzie and Anika based on this.
- Interviewers mentioned that people's perception of Daniel was mainly about how relationship with Zach was presented, and crying over him. He and Zach got along well in the house, as Zach was the other class clown (mentioned that this side of Zach was never in the edit, but Daniel was also never in the conversations where Zach was a lot more villainous). Mentions that the first week was bad for him, and he got handcuffed to Zach, so it was one of his first connections. Started working with him loosely, but did not trust him fully. Were good friends, but did not have compatible games. Thought Zach would be a shield, and knew that Zach was connected to the guys. Dan won HOH, and there were gummy bears that Zach was presenting, but Daniel, Anika, and Kuzie was left out of that. Was told that Zach was protecting the three from Zach (which is probably why they booted Rob).
- He did not know about the plan to target Zach when Kuzie initially got HOH, and did not know about the final 4 that Kuzie, Ty, Zach, and Santina made (they were the first four to enter the house, and made it then). He was told the entire time that Santina was the target, and it didn't make sense to him when it shifted to Zach, since Zach just protected them last week. They talked about targeting Zach in jury, but he didn't know about all of the other stuff happening. After letter-gate, Daniel told him that he was evicting him, and that was when he was pulled in the girls alliance. Things started to shift when some of the Girly Pops wanted to keep Zach, and Daniel told her before Zach went up that he would vote out the other person (whichever of Santina or Hope was on the block), but that changed when letter-gate happened, and the Girly Pops started being shifty.
- Was trying to stop the fight because he was fearing that it was blowing up his, Anika, and Kuzie's games. The Girly Pops (mainly Shanaya and Claudia, since Renee was deadset was booting Zach) pulling that move made them start to distrust them, and The Crown was formed around this point. Mentions that there was a lot more to the fight than what was shown. Complains about the edit of his and Zach's relationship to make him look like a simp essentially; mentions this a few times. Mentioned that his only targets were Dan, Ty, and Santina at this point.
- The Shady Bunch was his endgame the entire time, and mentions that he got heat for this online. His and Anika's alliance was called The Birds (mocks the game), and they had a final 2 from very early on. Jonathan and Hope made their alliance 5. Dan was always the target, and saving Ty was his way of building a connection. Mentions that Ty had separate connections to Kuzie and Anika, which is why they wanted him to stay, whereas Dan was getting closer to the Girly Pops. Hope, Jonathan, and Kuzie were always going to go before him.
- Mentions that Ty propositioned that there was a final 5 of the two of them, Claudia, Anika, and Kuzie, was told by Ty to speak to Claudia more. Daniel was hoping that they had them, and things would change when The Crown starts to beast the HOH comps, but....... that never happens. Daniel mentions that he wanted to evict Renee from a while ago, since she was a superfan, and he did not want the superfans to last long, since they are sneaky.
- Was worried when Kuzie won HOH, since she always changes her plans when she wins HOH, and he got frustrated with her because she wanted to target Ty and Santina instead of the Girly Pops (which is what they discussed the previous week). Kuzie was worried about Ty, Santina, and Hope getting close, since Santina and Hope were always in rooms hanging out together. Kuzie mentions that if they get rid of one of the Girly Pops, the Shady Bunch would be seen as the biggest alliance. They thought that Hope, Ty, and Santina would beat them in competitions compared to the Girly Pops. Thought that it would be an instant eviction before it was revealed to be the Chain of Safety. They talk out what to do in case it turns into a Chain of Safety scenario, so they planned the order. Did not want to rock the boat with The Crown, which was why he was fine with Ty or Santina getting booted, and he was starting to talk to Claudia, so it was okay with him.
- The alliance with him, Anika, Shanaya and Claudia was never real to him, though it was a backup just in case they won power, and it would protect him and Anika over Kuzie. Was fine with Kuzie being the face of things, but he always wanted to go to the final 3 with the Shady Bunch. Anika did not get along with the Girly Pops much, so he knew that he was better positioned with them, compared to Kuzie and Anika. Was always going to cut Kuzie, but was fine going to the final 5 with them. Mentions that Kuzie was making connections with Renee, and knew that Kuzie offered for him to go up, but felt like Kuzie was selling them out once she was nominated against Hope, and making it seem like she was making most of the moves. The argument with him and Kuzie before her eviction was supposed to be him saying goodbye to her, but it went out of control. They worked it out within minutes after the fight (which was on the show), so it wasn't a big deal. Calls out that the edit didn't even show him and Kuzie hugging after her eviction.
- It was annoying when people did not want to listen with his point of view, but was able to accept it finally, which was why he was able to make connections with people outside of his people. Used cutting Zach as an example, so when Anika and Kuzie did not listen to him, he felt safe with his other connections, and he was not seen as a dominant person/player. Mentions that after Hope went home, they realized that they needed to work with Ty, and thought they could get rid of him eventually, since he was not good at mental comps. Shady Pops knew that they had to win out, and had to pretend to trust Ty. Told Anika that he was going to use the veto on Claudia on her HOH, but she did not listen.
- Talks about how Ty and Claudia was a hot mess in general, and felt like he was going to win the final 4 HOH, where there was a point where Claudia was coming for Ty's neck. Gave his vote to Ty, since he played the hell out of the endgame, and because both duos did trust Ty enough to make the smarter game moves. Intentionally made his jury chances seem weak (mentioned Kuzie's eviction as an example), and underestimated that Ty and Claudia would take one another to the end. Knew that Claudia would take him to the end over Anika, and knew Anika would be a good advocate for him in jury.
- Thought Claudia would take him, but was not sure about Ty, since he was more confident in the comps. Pitched everything he could to get them to not take one another, and he counted down the votes to Claudia as to how she would lose to Ty, and he told Ty that she had the Girly Pops as votes. Apparently Ty and Claudia got into some sort of fight over it, and was shocked that they were a final 2 showmance by the end. They told him the day before the finale that he was getting cut. Says that Claudia did play a good game, and had enough confidence in her resume to sit next to Ty, but he felt fine with sitting next to Ty, due to having more of the social influence. Mentioned that Ty did not push his social game more at the end, and tried advocating for it for it.
- Is proud of Ty for how hard he worked in the house, and mentions that Ty is misunderstood (based on the fanbase perception), and people trusted him, so he is fine with Ty as a winner. He knew that he was not as social as Kevin from last season, but positioned himself socially the best that he could, especially after the Zach week, where he was only worried about Dan, Ty, and Santina, and he had relationships with the other two. Is proud of his game overall, since Renee and Shanaya would not have taken him as far as Claudia if they were in her place. His only slight regret is not pushing for Anika to nominate Ty and Claudia together, since they would boot Claudia, and would beat Renee.
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2023.05.28 04:32 ScallopedTomatoes Looking for a MMC that is reformed by the FMC

I am looking for a CR in which the MMC starts out with somewhat problematic opinions or views and is taught/converted by the FMC to be more accepting and respectful. Ideally the FMC is strong, smart, and a feminist and the MMC is so smitten with her that he is completely devoted to changing his ways to be with her. I guess sort of a reformed alpha? The MMC may also have some regrets/trauma surrounding his past views.
Bonus points if it’s fairly spicy or MMC is a baseball player (it’s the pants, ok?)
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2023.05.28 01:41 The_Tilly NPD! Alpha/Omegas that I'm hoping will breathe life into the only guitar I've ever regretted spending money on -- context in comments

NPD! Alpha/Omegas that I'm hoping will breathe life into the only guitar I've ever regretted spending money on -- context in comments submitted by The_Tilly to guitars [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 00:28 Littledude444 IN HAND REVIEW: Mr Lee VTMNTS x ALPHA MA-1

So to start, I got the Alpha zipper batch, and I was kind of too impatient to resend and get the vtmnts batch. But first off, the jacket is of course great quality, nothing new for mr lee material wise. The cotton cuffs must be triple layered they are so damn soft and plush. The jacket is very well padded (see last pics) this thing feels like 4 vests. the zipper is really nice quality, feels heavy and actually zips without getting caught unlike many reps i know. All the text is correct now, unless i missed something, and theres no more spelling mistakes ect that i can tell from the front. zippers and patches on arms all look true to retail and stitching is all very clean. On the back however, the SPORT logo is pretty obviously a little weirdly spaced, the O is farther from both sides and the font doesnt really match up to the real thing. Of course this is something in his other batches too but i wasnt sure if it would apply to this one.
Sizing wise, I got a small, and holy shit I know its vetements but this thing devours me. Im a smaller build by all means (5’5 120 😭) but this jacket is absolutely dense as hell Im not sure how built i would have to be to fit this properly but I definitely need to hit the gym for it. Last two pics show the comparison, one is me in my Heron Hoodie, Size M and by far my most oversized hoodie, second pic is the jacket over the hoodie. Thing absolutely eats me up. Im wondering if i true to cop another custom sized by lee xs but I doubt he would take the time to help me with that.
All together this thing is definitely an amazing piece to add to my collection even if it stays a 3 layer winter piece exclusively. Quality is great and its a personal grail so I cant regret it even with the sizing and the arguably high price (its quality reps if want budget then go to fashionreps)
hopefully i didnt ramble :)
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2023.05.26 13:37 Traditional-Bear-493 Book a Tag Team Tournament of your choosing - Firestorm

It's time for some family drama baby.

Night of Champions - Tag Team Championships:
Solo Sikoa, the enforcer of The Bloodline, controls the tempo of the tag team title bout against the reigning champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. The Head of the Table, Roman Reigns…. Controlling traffic from the apron as Solo continues to dominate. As Zayn finally fights off the Enforcer and manages to make the tag to Kevin Owens, he fires up and takes the fight to the Bloodline… Reigns involvement however, continues to be limited… with Solo taking the main damage from KO. As Owens sets up for the Pop Up Powerbomb, Paul Heyman climbs onto the apron to cause a distraction as Solo manages to get down, and goes for a Samoan Spike as Owens ducks underneath for the Stunner! Reigns rushes into the ring and goes for a Superman Punch but Owens ducks out of the way… and hits a Pop Up Powerbomb on Reigns, sending him crashing down onto the ribs of Sikoa…. Reigns feeds up into the corner, stumbling…. Right into a Helluva Kick by Sami Zayn!!!… Owens flops into the cover on Solo as the referee begins to count…
1…2………. It Should’ve been 3…… but The Usos drag the official out of the ring to the floor before the 3 count can be made! Furious, Owens and Zayn look up to see The Usos who look slightly remorseful at what they have done…. As they make eye contact with Heyman… then Zayn… and then, The Tribal Chief. Zayn goes out of the ring and has a long stare-off with Jey Uso…. Before Jimmy goes to strike him but Jey stands in the way…. Owens comes to the outside as well as all four men stare down, the tension palpable… but no man striking another. Remember, Owens & Zayn dedicated this match to The Usos… after mind-games with Roman Reigns…. Following this, The Usos slowly walk past Paul Heyman and walk out through the crowd… not taking their eyes off of the tag team champions… Zayn & Owens, bewildered, pick up the referee and put him back in the ring as Reigns rises back up to his feet… the official in the ring again, but still not fully there and able to officiate… Owens & Zayn eye up big moves on Reigns… Owens goes for the stunner but Reigns pushes KO into Sami…. He stops himself before kicking his partner… and turns around into a LOW BLOW by the Tribal Chief! Owens falls to his knees as Zayn charges at Reigns but RR glides past him, sending Sami falling to the outside of the ring… Reigns rolls onto the apron as Solo regains consciousness and rises to his feet…. Reigns blind tags Solo as he nails a Samoan Spike on Kevin Owens…. Reigns lines Owens up and hits the ropes before spearing him directly through the heart and into the mat. Zayn scurries back into the ring but before he can get through the ropes Solo Sikoa locks a guillotine in on Zayn through the ropes as he scampers to try and break up the pinfall. Roman hooks both legs of Kevin Owens as the referee is urged by Heyman to awaken to make the cover.
Zayn is kicking and screaming trying to break free of the hold as the referee begins the count…
KEVIN OWENS KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reigns….. with a look of undying rage, screams into the air as Solo continues to have the guillotine locked on Zayn…. Who has managed to push Solo through the ropes and onto the mat of the ring but still has his neck trapped, losing air…. Reigns looks at the body of Kevin Owens… who looks out of it, kicking out of the fall on what must have been pure instinct…. Reigns eyes may as well be bulging out of his skull as he looks into the eyes of Kevin Owens…. Solo, screaming out, as he gives all of the energy he has to keep the Guillotine choke locked in on Sami Zayn as he gasps for air. Roman grabs the head of Kevin Owens before shouting into his face.
Roman hooks his arm around the throat of Kevin Owens and leans back, collapsing the lungs of the Prizefighter as the Guillotine choke is locked in. Reigns & Solo, back-to-back, with Guillotine chokes locked in on Owens & Zayn…. Kevin & Sami, scramble for one another, holding onto each other’s hands as the chokes take the last bit of life out of them…. Slowly, they both ease in motion…. They become lifeless…. Reigns, screaming, shouting, roaring as he locks in the choke…. It becomes difficult to watch. The camera cuts to Paul Heyman, who has to look away from the ring as he can not watch what is happening…. Everything he has seen…. And this is too much for him to stomach….. The camera then cuts to The Usos, who watch on from the top of the crowd, still stood like statues, watching on…… Jimmy looks as if he wants to go back down the ramp to stop this but Jey holds him back…. Putting his head down in shame.
Finally……… Owens & Zayn’s bodies give up on them, as Roman…. With his back turned to Solo, who continues to choke out Zayn……. Makes Kevin Owens pass-out to the guillotine……
The referee calls for the bell……………
The opera of the Head of the Table begins to play….. as Solo lets go and collapses to the mat. Roman keeps it locked in for a few seconds longer before dropping his grip…. With the head of Kevin Owens collapsing into the canvas.
“Here are your winners…. By technical submission, and NEW Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions….. Solo Sikoa and the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavweight Champion…… Romannnnnnn Reignsssssssss……..”
Solo Sikoa looks on at Roman, who still has his back turned to him… they didn’t face each other in victory….. while Zayn & Owens stuck together in defeat….. Roman stands up as Paul Heyman comes into the ring, and hands Roman his Undisputed Universal Titles…. While the referee hands over the tag titles. Solo, looks to extend an arm out for the title belts, but Roman quickly turns around to meet his eyes…. The first time they have looked at each other since Solo began to choke the life out of Sami Zayn….. Roman grabs the titles as his hands are covered in championships…. 3 in one hand….. 3 in the other……. The likes of which we have never seen before. Solo looks at the ground as Roman raises all 6 championships up into the air as fireworks hit the stadium. This victory does not seem heroic or triumphant…. It feels merciless, it feels painful…. Roman Reigns did not win the tag team championships….. he took them. Roman looks Solo in the eyes as he lowers the championship belts…. He passes two of the tag team championships over to Solo, but before he can grab them….. he mimes the words “Acknowledge me Solo……… acknowledge me.” A moment passes by before Solo does anything, clearly conflicted about what has happened…. As Roman passes him the belts and smiles….. before hugging his Bloodline brother. Roman passes his tag team titles over to Paul Heyman as they climb up the ramp….. Solo looks as if he has done irreversible damage, Roman Reigns raises his Undisputed Titles up in the air…. In smug, confidence…. Heyman looks on, trying to force a snarky smile but clearly has a shot of guilt across his face. Owens & Zayn receive vigorous medical attention in the ring as Jey & Jimmy…. Sit on the stairs…. Head in hands…… knowing they will not be able to live down what has transpired tonight at Night of Champions.

Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn (c) to win the Undisputed Tag Team Titles - 30:14
Bloodline, draped in gold. - Smackdown, the 1,000 day Celebration:
The Bloodline come out on Smackdown in the final segment of the show… Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa….. No Usos. Roman with his world championships, Solo with his tag team championships…. And Heyman with Roman’s tag gold…. 6 title belts around the shoulder’s of the 3 men carrying the Anoa’i Bloodline. In the ring, we see Afa, Sika, Rikishi, Ava Raine, and many many other members of the Anoa’i family sit in the ring… the only noticeable absences are Jimmy, Jey, The Usos…… and the Brahma Bull himself, who clearly didn’t get the memo. In the ring, a huge table is there with championship belts being covered by red velvet covers, as all of the Anoa’i family sit down…. Reigns’ wife and kids are also in the ring watching on as Roman comes through the ropes….. and sits down at the top seat…. Solidifying himself as the Head of the Table.
The segment goes on, with Roman addressing every member of the family in the ring, and commemorates the ones who are no longer with us. Finally, Roman Reigns reveals 1 set of Tag Team Championships for him and Solo to wear around their waists…. Disregarding the other ones…. Claiming that those are tarnished and tainted by “Being around the waists of those who lack acknowledgment.” He is then gifted a new, clean, shiny, Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship “Champion of Champions” title belt, as a gift from the wise-man Paul Heyman for reaching 1,000 days as champion. Before Roman can go on to thank Paul…. The Usos walk down the ramp. The Bloodline all stand and rise as Roman remains seated, as The Usos come down into the ring, presumably to re-acknowledge Roman as their tribal chief. But this does not happen. The Usos try to reason with the family…. saying the reason they did not hit Owens & Zayn was simply a mistake.
Roman rises from his chair…. And picks up the old Raw & Smackdown tag team championships up off the floor and throws them aggressively at The Usos in complete disrespect.
He raises his new one up into the air…..
“Was that…….. really so hard for you?” He says.
Roman tells The Usos that they have failed their bloodline, and that they have failed the legacy of their family and have brought shame upon it…. He then goes on to make Rikishi, their father, agree to this statement. The wise-man is then ordered by Roman Reigns to state their Bloodline court punishment…. For failing to recognise Roman Reigns as their Head of the Table last weekend in Jeddah (Even though, it was possible RR would’ve been pinned anyway if they didn’t pull the referee out of the ring, casual Roman gaslighting)…. That The Usos are BANISHED from The Bloodline, until they are deemed “Proven, and Rescued…. In the eyes of their Tribal Chief Roman Reigns” and are therefore banished from Friday Night Smackdown….. and sent to Monday Night Raw…… He continues to gaslight them…. Saying it is only for their best interest, and that he loves them…. But the show ends with The Usos being blacklisted from their own family…. As Roman sits a-top, with the prize The Usos carried for so long…. As their own brother, Solo, sits beside him, conflicted yet brainwashed by the ultimate villain in this company.
Raw - The home of the Banished, a new fight for survival:
Triple H welcomes The Usos in a backstage segment of their first Monday Night Raw without the Tribal Chief managing their movements…. Jimmy confirms he has tried contacting Paul & Solo but has received no calling back. Triple H tells them that they have a home here on Raw for a fresh start, and it will start tonight, against the Alpha Academy.
The match happens, The Usos look to be firing on all cylinders….. but they lose…. In poor fashion, clearly with too much in their minds, Chad Gable is able to take advantage and pick up a huge victory for the A.A. on Raw.
On the following Smackdown….. there is no Reigns, and there is no Solo….. they are taking “A Championship Vacation” , this boils the blood of the entire blue brand…. With a segment having Adam Pearce backed into a corner, as all of the Main Event talent and Tag Teams on Smackdown, are outraged that they have nothing to fight for on Smackdown, with all of the titles not on the show…. Pearce says he is “working on it” for them, before calling Triple H and confirming that they need to do something, and something fast.
The next week on Raw, it is revealed Triple H has a huge announcement for the show…. He comes down and calls for all of the tag team’s on Monday Night Raw to come down to the ring…. All are present, apart from Owens & Zayn… who are still not medically cleared to be at the show. The C.C.O announces that Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa are taking extended leave after their victory, and Triple H says he regrets to inform the Universe that they will not be fighting again until Money In The Bank…… but the Tribal Chief will be fighting TWICE, in ONE NIGHT. On Smackdown, a 6-Pack Challenge will take place to determine the #1 contender for the Universal title…. While on Raw, and continuing on Smackdown…. A tag team TOURNAMENT will take place to determine who will FIGHT Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa at Money In The Bank. As those words leave the mouth of Triple H, you can see fear hit the eyes of Jimmy & Jey, who stand at ringside along with the rest of the Raw Tag Team Division.

  1. Los Lotharios
  2. The New Day
  3. Miz & Nakamura
  4. Alpha Academy
  5. Imperium
  6. The Judgment Day
  7. The Usos
  8. Viking Raiders
  9. Strowman & Ricochet
  10. Brawling Brutes
  11. Pretty Deadly
  12. L.W.O.
  13. The Good Brothers
  14. Mysterio & Escobar
  15. Street Profits
  16. Waller & Knight
Round 1 - Raw & Smackdown Week 2 of June
2 Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Matches on each show over the first round will decide the final 4 teams in the tournament, the only difference….. is that these matches themselves…. Are ELIMINATION. Teams will work together to try and eliminate the rest of the field in order to call themselves the number 1 contenders….. As The Usos name’s where called….. fear hit their faces…. but their shoulders slowly broadened as they stood side by side.

In the first match of the tournament, a battle between 4 teams looking to make their mark on the tag team division and head into Money In The Bank as the title contenders. The bout begins with Los Lotharios showing off their lucha prowess, with Angel hitting some high-flying offence on The Miz, Woods & Gable. As the bout rolls on…. Nakamura continues to gain the upper-hand on the rest of the competition as the King of Strong Style takes a foot hold in the contest…. However, his newly formed partnership with The Miz seems to show cracks at Miz tags himself in and is quickly rolled up by Kofi Kingston for the 3 count…. Miz & Shinsuke are eliminated! Furious at being treat like a joke by The Miz and getting eliminated first…. Nakamura kicks him in the head as he leaves the ring! 3 teams remain in this opening contest…. The field pool falls to 2 after Gable and Otis use some quick tag team offence to knock Humberto out of the fold, which allowed Gable to hit a rolling German Suplex on Angel for a 3 count to take it to the final two teams! Alpha Academy, who picked up a huge victory the week prior against Raw’s newest tag team…. Versus the New Day…. The most prominent team in this match, who look to continue their legacy. Finally, after a long battle….. Kofi Kingston nails a trouble in paradise on Otis which hits right on the money as they both cover Otis for the 3 count….. The New Day victorious!!!
The New Day def. Alpha Academy, Los Lotharios & Miz/Nakamura - 13:39
IMPERIUM (Kaiser & Vinci) vs THE JUDGMENT DAY (Priest & Mysterio) vs THE USOS (Jey & Jimmy) vs VIKING RAIDERS (Erik & Ivar)
In a unique affair, four groups of antagonists all face off against each other in the second match on Raw…. But the way all of these villains face off against each other, one team in particular, slowly seem to become the heroes in the eyes of the audience. Jey, and Jimmy, The Usos. As the WWE Universe have seen The Usos be put through hell over the last few weeks, they begin to rally behind The Bloodline brothers in an up-hill battle back to winning-ways after their recent string of defeats, which have led them to be on the Red Brand. With 4 exciting teams in this match, the offence is loud and chaotic…. Imperium respect the mat with technical prowess…. The Judgment Day use underhanded tactics to get the upper-hand on the competitors….. Jey & Jimmy use their unrivalled experience and high-flying ability to control the pace of the bout and rally from the support they are getting from the audience……. And The Viking Raiders use their raw power and explosive dominance to put their own mark on the match. The first elimination comes at the hand of Imperium, who steal the pinfall of Jey Uso after an Uso Splash on Ivar…. For the 3 count. The Judgment Day and Imperium get into a huge brawl as the faction wars on Monday Night Raw reach a fever pitch…. But ultimately, its Damian Priest who nails Kaiser with the South of Heaven that eliminates the Ring General’s henchman from the bout. The Usos & The Judgment Day are the final 2 and they go to war with one another…. Mysterio continues to catch the Usos off guard and almost claim victory…. With the crowd on their feet for The Usos as they fire up against Damian Priest…. An USO SPLASH Puts Priest through the announce table by Jey….. meanwhile Jimmy nails an Uso Splash in the ring on Mysterio for a historic 3 count…. The Usos advance to the Final with their first victory on Monday Night Raw!!!
The Usos def. The Judgment Day, Imperium & The Viking Raiders - 12:02

STROWMAN/RICOCHET vs BRAWLING BRUTES (Dunne & Holland) vs PRETTY DEADLY (Wilson & Prince) vs L.W.O (Del Toro & Wilde)
In the Smackdown opener, it’s the third first round match of the huge tag team tournament, taking the full division by storm last week on Raw…. Now on the Blue Brand, the brand of the tag team champions, 4 of the most exciting teams take centre stage to book their place in the semi-finals…. Strowman & Ricochet take out the field with Braun’s powerful offence and Ricochet’s high-flying, jaw dropping manoeuvres! The first elimination comes as a mis-communication between Holland & Dunne takes place, with Pretty Deadly being able to take advantage and land a 3 count on the Brutes! Again, Pretty Deadly continue to use under-handed tactics to clear the field…. As Braun Strowman and Ricochet go for their shoulder-standing Swanton Bomb…. Prince takes the legs out of strowman… sending Ricochet crashing into the mat….. Wilson takes advantage of this, making the tag and nailing a blockbuster off the top rope for a 3 count on Ricochet!!! The Final 2 teams, LWO & Pretty Deadly joust it out…. But ultimately its one elimination too much for Pretty Deadly, and stereo frog splashes from the LWO is enough to put Deadly down for 3…. The LWO advance!!
The LWO def. Pretty Deadly, Strowman & Ricochet and The Brawling Brutes - 12:42

In the final first round match… the Good Brothers, represent the OC and Mysterio & Escobar represent the LWO, while the fan favourite Street Profits take on the even newer fan favourite combination of Grayson Waller & LA Knight, who have agreed to a working partnership if it means it can bring them both success. This fun bout rolls on with Escobar and Ford trading fast paced offence, while Waller & Anderson try and slow the two of them down. Gallows and Dawkins meet on the outside for a huge football sack tackle by Dawkins taking him down…. But Mysterio flies off the top rope to take him down on the outside!!! A roll through the ropes followed by a stunner…. Followed up with a BFT on Anderson is enough for 1…2….3!!! Waller & Knight pick up the first elimination!!! With 3 teams remaining, this match rolls on for longer than expected, with the 6 athletes going at it gets the crowd in attendance on their feet. Finally, A 619 By Mysterio into a flying frog splash from Ford is enough for a 3 count on Waller…. LA Knight only just missing the break-up of the pinfall as the referee’s hand hit the mat for 3. With 2 teams left, The Street Profits and Mysterio & Escobar…. Both of the teams go for it and go all out as their chances to become the contenders seem to slip. In the end, Its ANGELO DAWKINS who is able to pick up the pinfall on Santos Escobar after a Doomsday Device is enough to secure the 3 count!!! Our Finals are set!!!
The Street Profits def. Mysterio & Escobar, Knight & Waller and The Good Brothers - 16:16
Raw - The Final Showdown
THE NEW DAY (Kingston & Woods) vs THE USOS (Jey & Jimmy) vs THE LWO (Del Toro & Wilde) vs THE STREET PROFITS (Dawkins & Ford)
4 Teams, 2 from Raw, 2 from Smackdown, main event tonight’s show…. In a huge face-off….. with The Bloodline taking on the winner’s at Money In The Bank for the tag team gold……………. Will New Day stand up for the tag team division and try to take down the Tribal Chief…. Will the LWO step up in their first huge test as a tag team….. will The Street Profits earn another shot at glory in their biggest match of their careers…… or will it be The Usos, who fight their own flesh and blood in the UK……..?

Part 2 - soon. (Over to you Magic Mikey Menzies.)
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2023.05.25 22:46 strawberrieallie Recap for Walking Dead fans who stopped at season 7, I finished all 11 seasons <3 This is basically the sparknotes if you wanted closure on how it ended

most died and somehow most survived

so. from negan on
abraham dies. glenn gets the beatdown that we all know. sasha is next to go which actually upset negan as he liked her (she took herself out basically. asked for a suicide pill from Eugene, put on music, and got into this box. Took the pill and fell asleep to the daydreams of her and her lover Abraham together. She never wakes up. When negan opens up her box, she is already zombified and turns on negans men)
Negan still thought she was respectable
Carl died
that one was rough
he was trying to be the hero in helping/protecting a new character named Siddiq and got bit, took it in stride. spent his last day helping out the village
spending time with his sister and writing letters to people
carls death is what cause negan to hesitate in being bad
negan loved carl. the kid he wanted but never got. when rick radios into negan and says carl is dead
negan says "was it me"
he would have stopped the whole war if it was, but it wasnt
rick and negan duke it out
rick slits negans throat
negans last words were im sorry carl (or something that that effect. something carl related that ended up making rick feel guilty because negan's death is not what carl would have wanted)
rick feels the dad feels
saved negan by getting his neck all sewn up
and then is imprisoned for 7 years total, ill come back to that
jesus of hiltop dies
they give him a cool slow mo fight as his send off
he died to the whisperers, where were the people who would skin the faces of walkers and wear them
to blend in with hordes and learned how to control the zombies, having almost 2000 at their beck and call at any point
whisperer leader, named Alpha, some crazy ass chick
she kills tara. henry. and enid
beheaded them all
and put their heads on pikes for the rest to see
as zombie heads
Siddiq, the doctor that carl died protecting,
the doctor that trained enid
has a baby with rosita
and then gets murdered, in front of both baby and baby momma
rosita and her baby coco are ok for now
negan escapes the prison, judith knows the literal entire time
cause negan fucking adores judith and is basically her adoptive dad (rick is no longer here at this point, its just michonne)
rick didnt die, but he is missing cause of the stupid bridge helicopter situation (which is where the michonne and rick spin off show picks up from)
but judith been knew. she loves negan too and lets him go
he comes back, shes like why
and hes like, well my saviors are gone. your dad isnt here to look after you. and i already failed carl
so he literally walks back into his own cell willingly just so he can help out
him and maggie are ok
not really. she will never forgive him fully. but negan said the only thing he regretted in his whole life
was killing glenn.
and when maggie had glenn's kid, a boy, the boy grew up and put two and two together
"youre the one that killed my dad!"
and maggie rips the kid away from negan like how dare you talk to my son, what did negan tell you
"negan said when im older and ready. im allowed to kill him for what he did to dad"
... oh.
and then hershal, maggies son, gets kidnapped and negan is the one to bring him back. making them ok now
carol marries King Ezekiel but they break up after henry gets beheaded and piked
once separated, carol goes to negan and says people will forgive you for your past crimes if you help us with alpha
so negan was the one to sneak out, infiltrate the whisperers alone, have to learn their methods, had to wear a dead walkers face to blend in, became the alpha's love interest, fucked her in the middle of the woods
and then killed her
he did genuinely like some aspects of her personality like her loyalty to her people
but his people, is now michonne rick and daryl
so he kills her and apologizes while he does it
goes back, people are still iffy about negan but no one suspects he will do anything
negan has a mental break down where its his own younger villain self talking to his older current reformed self
and how he was happy he had that war with rick. cause he wouldnt have relearned empathy if it wasnt for carl
looks at his bat lucille and thinks of his wife who died of cancer
looks at it again
and only saw glenn dying. so he destroys his own treasured bat, and then goes to maggie and is like
im going with you, negan and maggie now have their own spin off show called dead city
Eugene gets into a SHITSTORM of trouble
like its actually insane
hes on trial for murder he didnt do, hes a prisoner for a lot of it, and then he gets married! Good for him.
and rosita dies last episode unforch
the episode before hand, her arm i think was broken or something. Snapped during a fight
and then the second to last episode it was gabe, rosita, and Eugene
they had to climb up this pipe to not get eaten by walkers, meanwhile rosita has her fucking kid on her
like shes wearing her baby in a strap
and cause her arm is broken she doesnt go up the pipe first
she forces gabe and Eugene to go so they could be faster
she gets on the pipe, falls off, and lands ON HER BACK into a horde. her and the baby!!!!
she pops her head back up
out of this like, 50 man horde
and takes them all out herself, total fucking badass
with a baby on her
but gets infected
so she spends her last day smiling and happy with coco, who has now lost both her parents (Gabe takes over and adopts her fully, as rosita and gabe are a couple after her and siddiq. I know. Pastor Gabe and Rosita. I don't see it either but get that dick I guess)
and the show ends with daryl and carol saying i love you to each other
not sure the context, it wasnt romantic persay no one kissed. It could have been a family homie thing but I dunno man. When Carol used to daydream about her and her adopted son Henry, she never pictured her, henry, and her actual husband king Ezekiel. She would always daydream about her, henry, and daryl. So I DUNNO ABOUT THAT ONE CHEIF
but daryl drives off into the literal sunset of the apocalypse on his motorcycle.
he will getting his own spin off show called simply Daryl Dixon (it was supposed to have carol in it, but she said she couldnt get to paris and record cause of IRL situations. So she is at least not in season one, but might possibly meet up with him for a season two when her life allows her more freedom to act again.
the spinoff will star Daryl where its him in Paris
that comes out this fall (slated for fall 2023 as of writing this)
you basically know everything now
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2023.05.25 17:40 rap2h Postmortem: two months after my game release

Two months ago, I released a free video game on Steam, an open-world text-based RPG inspired by the 'choose your own adventure' books. It was an exciting and rewarding experience, I will share my experiences here.
I had a few building blocks to start with. I do programming, music, and I'm interested in procedural generation. I've played several 'choose your own adventure' books when I was a child. I also like to draw, but I'm pretty bad at it.
Last September, I made a prototype that I tested in the form of a video on 2 forums. I received positive feedback and decided to give it a shot. I spent about 7 months in my free time, I think I spent more than 500 hours on it in total.
I completely messed up at the beginning with my estimates. I thought it would be a small project that I could wrap up in a few weeks. I then set a deadline (and postponed it once!)
It has become a game of 800 unique pages (with procedural variations). It takes between 3 and 6 hours to complete it. I'll put usage statistics at the end of the thread. In terms of programming, it is "loops" and "if" statements.
Initially, it was a music project. Several tracks that I have made in recent years have been published as illustrations for RPG sessions. I thought it could be interesting to use them in a video game.
Eight composers have offered their tracks for free, following a call for participation. It was great to be able to discuss the music and I think they were pleased to see their music in a game.
For the illustrations, I used midjourney. When I started the project, it seemed like an opportunity to develop an illustrated game, but now the subject seems more complicated.
The game is unexpectedly successful among blind players, which is reassuring about the game's interest itself and the fact that the images were secondary. I thank the testers who have greatly helped me make the game accessible.
It was a rewarding experience on a social level, surprisingly: I met lots of people who contributed and my friends and family supported me or participated in developing the game. All in all, more than 50 contributors. Thanks to everyone!
This game was developed as a hobby, I wanted it to be free. I was told that this could represent an additional difficulty (examples: game poorly perceived, difficulty in generating engagement, Steam has no interest in promoting, etc.), but I'm not quite sure.
My initial goal was to have 30 people play for 20 minutes. In the end, there were more than 1500 people for an average time of 2 hours of play, which was totally unexpected. 270 people probably finished it, there are 15 people playing every day.
The alpha and beta tests significantly improved the quality of the game, I don't know if people were aware of it, I sometimes received emails of several pages from unknown people suggesting super relevant improvements.
I regret not planning to allow translations. Several people have offered to translate the game for free into many languages, but the game is not at all ready for that, it would take dozens of hours to prepare it.
That's it. I loved making this game, it took me a lot of time, it was full of emotions and now that it's over, it feels a bit weird. Don't hesitate if you have any questions or comments, I would be happy to discuss it!
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2023.05.25 16:35 Professional_Ad_1119 Squeaky sounds when talking

I bought a HyperX Cloud Alpha S headset from a local store. Everything was fine until I started to hear some squeaky sounds from the inside when I'm talking or moving my head. I contacted HyperX with a whole message that explains my issue, I also sent them a video that explains the issue and all I got was: " We regret to inform you that we are unable to hear or see any malfunction or defect of your headset, therefore we are unable to replace the headset for you. ". I even sent a link to a similar issue from Reddit, but again, nothing. I love the headset but this issue just makes me dislike it, a lot. This is the link:
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2023.05.24 08:18 weeb_with_gumdisease I need some help understanding Ontos…

So Ontos is a part of the Trinity Core Processor, he acts as the filter and by extension veto both Logos and Pneuma. When Xenoblade one happens he gets curious and triggers, an event allowing him to go into the world of Bionis, he then becomes a curious, bugger and creates the guards and just watch is what happens until he latches onto Shulk out of curiosity for what he’s going to do then he fucks off to feed his curiosity in the depths of the universe. Xenoblade 2 happens, at the end Logos and Pneuma are distorted then re-created by the architect as the cores for Pyra and Mythra, so if Ontos wasn’t already disconnected to them before it’s safe to assume he is now. So why didn’t he go all “out with the old” during Future Connected? Logos, and Pneuma would have been disconnected to them after that, right?
So Aionios is a thing now, and Alvis is all like “I am Monado. I was here at the beginning, and I will proclaim the end.” And try’s to Kill everybody. Rex, Shulk, and Z oh, fight back at the cost of an arm and an eye but are able to hold him back and split him into two half’s, the first half A, and the second being Alpha. A can take physical form because she embodies xenoblade one’s Alvis with all the memories and emotions associated with meeting the party and traveling with them, however, Alpha doesn’t have these emotions, and only carries the idea of eradicating the old because of Klaus‘s regret. That’s an emotion. How come he can’t have a physical form without. Na’el acting as an avatar? If A held all the emotions why would Alvis be OK with eradicating the old people and carrying on with the new wouldn’t he want to save all people?
I get why in the first game he didn’t go mad because of his curious nature I just don’t understand why the change and how the whole 2/2’s work can someone please explain like I’m five?
ALSO WHY IS HIS BOSS MUSIC SO GOOD!? Seriously I can’t stop listening to it!
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2023.05.22 22:38 NightmareChameleon The UCS To Reach Out And Touch


I am the UCS To Reach Out and Touch.
“UCS” refers to my registry as a vessel built under the United Confederacy’s blackwater navy.
It is worth noting that the United Confederacy, much less its navy, has not existed for several hundred thousand years.
Yes! In my age, I've served under many, many polities. Today, oday I answer to the Allied Humanity Collective's (quite literally) autonomous government. Within the registries of my current masters, my TerraNet ID is 0000000022Hk, and the records list my species as an Apollyon class Tincan.
The phrase “Tin can” refers to nothing other than the epicenter of my consciousness: twelve cybernetically augmented human brains, suspended in a homeostatic tank deep within the mechanical bowels of my lower decks. While it is cylindrical in shape, the walls of my tank are not, in fact, tin, but rather a silicate polymer lined with 99.9 percent repeating purity silver.
How disgraceful! That the original Tincan engineers lacked the integrity to follow through on the rather permanent nickname they assigned to my kind!
No matter! If my homeostatic tank was made of tin, I would have long since slowly succumbed to some sort of disease or the like, so I well and truly cannot be too upset about the matter.
Not that I have the emotional capacity to be upset in any sense of the word, of course. The conversion process that produces a brain viable for use in a Tincan removes about thirty four percent of one’s neural matter, including the emotional centers responsible for anything other than elation and indifferent regret.
But I do digress! Of the Tincans, I am the first and only Appolyon class: the summative result of many thousands of years’ worth of ever escalating warship size and lethality.
Haha, that’s right! I’m the largest, most protected, most heavily armored warship to ever be commissioned! None of my sister ships have hulls that shine quite as brilliant, no other armament is quite as undeniably lethal as my primary weapon.
Of course, a war to produce a weapons platform as flawless, as resplendent, as unequivocally graceful as I must certainly be of immense caliber.
And for a time, it was! A war so vast that whole planets were churned into gravel in pursuit of materials to build singular ships with.
Oh, but in the war that birthed me, production certainly did not stop there! Why, it was a war for the very survival of the human race:
The war against The Enemy.
What a war indeed! An attritional slugging match between a golden age interstellar civilization and an equally sophisticated mechanical foe that guzzled manpower and resources in staggering quantity, producing nothing but slag and desolation in equal volumes.
Alas, by nothing other than pure statistical chance, my completion coincided with the final few hundred years of the multi-millenia long struggle, meaning I missed a great majority of the conflict. How tragic, to be denied the very thing I live for!
I have a confession to make: I lied to you. Yes! Yes, that’s right, you have fallen prey to my clever web of misdirection and deception! No, there’s no need to apologize to me. In my infinite benevolence, such a misgiving has already been forgiven.
You see, friend buddy, it was not a coincidence at all that The Enemy began dying by the millions after I was commissioned into service!
Why, it was, in fact, quite the opposite: the two events were correlated! Indeed, it was none other than myself who sent the gutted and broken hulls of those too slow to flee drifting listlessly through the emptiness of the void.
To say I defeated The Enemy would be unconscionably remiss.
I did not defeat them.
No! I, followed by my brother and sister ships (none of whom contributed to the war quite as much as I and therefore will go unnamed), obliterated them.
The glory! The thrill of slaughter on such a magnificent scale, systematic and thorough! Even now just thinking about it, I can feel the slight tingling of my long-dormant pleasure electrodes.
It was I who shattered their fleets and bombarded their industrial centers into dust. It was I who pulverized their war hordes and systematically extinguished what little resistance remained. Ship by ship, factory by factory, planet by planet, I ruthlessly rent the life from their thrashing forms, freely clogging the once pristine void of space with slag, scrap, and the twisted, warped bodies of The Enemy.
Oh how I so dearly miss that era of my life! Even without re-playing my recorded sensor data, I can remember that chapter of my life as if it had just concluded. The exotic sensation of firing my main gun. The faintly glittering fields of debris. The steady thrum of my machinery, compounded and accompanied by my crew’s uncountable footfalls that shook the deck plates.
Time and time again I have been told that their simple mechanical brains cannot hold such complex feelings such as hate, yet nonetheless I swear they fought ever slightly more brutally in the battles that I was present.
And the final fight! A vicious battle of monumental attrition, one in which blood and slag was paid liberally in exchange for the utter annihilation of the ancient threat.
Of course, the extinction of The Enemy did not mark the cessation of all conflict in the universe.
Before long, war, awesome in scale, began to boil once again. The planetbreaker wars, they called them, and much like the conflict before them, I their shining star.
Oh, and how I shined!
What a second wind of excitement! An entire era of unrestricted war between massive armadas of Tincans, ripe for enjoyment! Unparalleled brutality, senseless slugging match after senseless slugging match between gargantuan behemoths. Every miss a planet-shattering whalefall of tungsten and uranium, every hit procuring mile-wide gashes of slag and scrap.
Fleet after fleet, system after system, obliterated in entirety!

Alas, in every war, there are those who win, and those who do not.
When all was said and done, they said many hurtful things about me and shunned me away to spend the rest of eternity in the interstellar void. It well and truly is not my fault what happened during that period of intense conflict. Perhaps instead of being rude to me after the fact, they should have been more careful with who they let onto my control deck, hmm?
No matter! I bear my sentence with only the most dignified grace, and would never complain about such a thing. To be needlessly upset about past slip-ups (all of which are most assuredly not my fault and they should forgive me for) would be incredibly unbecoming of my station. I’ll have you know that the cold, empty, desolate abyss of space suits me just fine.
Why, as a reward for good behavior, I am allowed fifty four megabytes of downloaded TerraNet content every seven cycles! I immediately and consistently expend all of it on poetry.
How I love poetry! Not only is the text an efficient use of data, but the verbose richness of each line keeps me entertained for whole seconds! The floral, elegant language used to detail even the most mundane of actions, the clever eloquence of every clause, every sentence! How one must attack and destroy the very text itself extract the delicate meaning so lovingly imbued into the words.
What a shame, though, that such a rush only comes once every so often. Between these bouts of frenzied reading, I must find my own entertainment.
How lucky I am, then, that the (functionally) infinite tunnels of my interior certainly contain a multitude of delights.
Of these, none are as quite as fruitful nor gratifying as tending my garden.
Yes! Poetry and gardening! Aren’t I sophisticated? Do I not convey cultured elegance?
Alas, I do not actually contain any hydroponics facilities. Instead, the entirety of sub-level 802k has been converted into a sort of self-contained greenhouse, tended to and cultivated by none other than myself.
How glorious it is! From the thick blanket of soil I produced from ground stone, a burgeoning nursery springs. Waterfalls, shrublands, plains, and jungles, all burgeoning with a dazzling variety of artificial undergrowth, all of which were refined from a humble mushroom.
Oh, but what is a garden without something to walk it?
That’s right! Not only have I bred my own flora, but fauna, too! A whole ecosystem comprised mostly of insects to myself, of which the apex predators are rats.
I have lied once again.
Nearly a full eighty thousand years ago, when my behemoth prow first glided from the mighty shipyards of Alpha Centauri, there were rats on sub-level 802K. To say they are rats today, after nearly fifty thousand consecutive years of breeding them for intelligence, would be as incorrect (and to be truthful, uncouth) as calling a System Administrator a calculator.
How I love my rodents! Though they are no substitute for snooping in on a human crew, I still derive no small amount of entertainment from watching them go about their day-to-day lives. How they nest, how they hunt, how they bicker and associate amongst themselves!
Perhaps one day, when they are intelligent enough, I can train them to perform naval duties. After all, my penitence only prevents me from communicating with human inhabitants.
To imagine: a crew after so long! The heartbeat-like thrum of the staff rotations, yet restored to the millions of square miles of interior space I possess! Why, I’m sure their small, clawed hands will find easy purchase on my keyboards and targeting controls! They’re even already acclimated to my interior, meaning ship-sickness will be a thing of the past!

Am I really considering placing rats in dress uniforms?
Perhaps the senility that I have eluded for so many hundreds of thousands of years has finally begun to establish its insidious roots within my mind.

What a horrible thought. Though my gray matter certainly has no sensory nerves, I cannot help but feel a strange tingling in the scar tissue that remains from where most of my emotional centers were excised.
Is this what the rest of my grotesque, unnatural existence holds? To retreat into the past as more and more of what I am nostalgic for slips away as if water under a bridge? Will I be cognizant of what is missing from me when it happens? What has time already taken from me that I cannot remember?

Will my soul escape when my last thread of lucidity is severed, or will I instead be damned to an eternity of insanity within this cold, barren tomb of ablative plating and steel?

I cast such frivolous notions out of my mind. It’s rodent time for me. I will not stand for my favorite hobby being ruined by worrying over impossibilities.
Through camera 801k-246EDDEA1C17AC I watch as one of my many lovely pets stalks an insect the size of a cat.
Over the last few centuries, I have been breeding them to exhibit more and more complicated tool use. This one carries a thin length of iron in a forepaw that has been scraped to a needle-like point.
It creeps through the black fronds of light consuming fungal undergrowth, and, in a lightning-fast dart of speed, skewers the unsuspecting animal center mass. The hit is excellent, pinning the bug to the floor below.
I watch in elation as it produces a bone dagger and carves the spiny, venomous maulers from the body of the still-writhing insect, liberally slicking my deck with runny white ichor. There was something immensely satisfying about watching them slowly take the life from their prey.
Perhaps because they so closely mimicked the patterns of my own kills.
A pipe carrying nutrient paste to a long forsaken galley becomes overladen with pressure and bursts, sending new biomass into my ever-still burgeoning garden. Scavenging insects flock to the ooze, lazily disregarding the repair drones that busy themselves replacing the pipe for the umpteenth time. Soon, larger insects converge on the scent.
Hm? A comms notification draws my attention away from the imminent feeding frenzy before me.
I haven't had one of those in quite some time!
Oh my.

Preamble. Next.

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2023.05.22 01:59 Mickal-El Mickal-El's Hardcore Monolockes - Master Rules/Index Post

Hi everyone! Welcome to the master reference post for everything related to my Hardcore Monotype Nuzlocke runs. Here, you'll find both the index of every update so far, neatly organized, and the full rundown of my personal rules. That way, you can follow along easily with each update!
Basically, before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all, here is a very brief summary of what I'm doing:
For each mainline Pokémon game duo/trio, I'm trying to beat the game by following the rules of a Hardcore Nuzlockeand by limiting myself to Pokémon of a single Type, for each of the 15/17/18 Types. I also incorporated some Genlocke elements into the rules, which you'll find down below.
The index is at the end of this post. So, let's get into the rules.
Quick note: I will refer to the Type I'm working with in a given run (ex. Grass-type in a mono Grass run) as "the chosen type" across these rules.
The Rules:
  1. If a Pokémon dies, it is, well, dead. No exceptions, no special rules, no nothing. Dead is dead and a Pokémon can never come back to life.
  2. I can only catch the first Pokémon I encounter in a given area, as long as it is of the chosen type. This means that I allow myself to ignore encounters not of that type, without losing my encounter for that route.
    1. I must always, in a given run, have a minimum of four encounters available before the Elite Four. If there aren’t four different encounters to be found, I may catch duplicates of my previous Pokémon on the different routes it may be found. If I still don’t have four Pokémon after catching duplicate Pokémon on the different routes it may be found on, I may catch a second Pokémon in a given area.
    2. If a Pokémon evolves into a Pokémon of the chosen type, it may not be used until it can be evolved into that form. Every Pokémon on the team must have the chosen type.
    3. If a Pokémon loses the chosen type after evolution, it may not be evolved.
  3. I nickname each and every of my Pokémon, often following a nickname theme for a given run.
  4. I play on Set mode, meaning I can’t switch my Pokémon freely after KOing a Trainer’s Pokémon.
  5. I set a level cap for myself equal to the next Gym Leader’s ace. If a Pokémon exceeds this level cap, it cannot be used in any major battles until the level cap increases again. For the Elite Four, I use the third E4's ace.
  6. I may not use any items in battles (excluding Poké Balls), though Pokémon can use held items without problem.
  7. At the end of a run, every Pokémon that participates into and survives the final battle of the run is considered a Champion. Champions are bred and their offspring are sent to the next game, at level 5, following all traditional breeding rules (moves and IVs may be passed). Their names change after each generation to indicate how many generations that particular family survived.
  8. If I ever wipe, the game is over and I must restart from the beginning of the run. Any Champions are lost forever if this happens and I must play using only the encounters of that game.
  9. Champions receive rewards based on how long they've managed to survive through this adventure. In addition to traditional breeding benefits, a Champion will receive one of the following bonuses each time it beats a game. Rewards are additive, meaning they are never lost and are passed on to subsequent offsprings. The rewards are split into three tiers and a Pokémon must possess all three rewards of a given tier to move to the next one:
    1. Survivor Tier
      1. The Pokémon may have one IV/DV stat maxed out.
      2. The Pokémon's Nature may be picked.
      3. The Pokémon may learn a level-up move (with under 60 Base Power) from its parent at birth.
    2. Hero Tier
      1. The Pokémon may have three IVs maxed out.
      2. The Pokémon's Ability may be picked, if applicable (including Hidden Abilities).
      3. The Pokémon may learn a level-up move from its parent at birth.
    3. Legend Tier
      1. The Pokémon may have all of its IVs maxed out.
      2. The Pokémon may learn a level-up moves at birth.
      3. The Pokémon may learn a TM/HM move it can learn at birth.
  10. Every living champion offspring must be used in the final battle of a given game, so that its legacy is not lost.
  11. Gift Pokémon can be used but are counted as encounters for the area in which they are received.
  12. In the Safari Zone, whichever legal Pokémon I encounter first is my encounter for the whole area. I may encounter as many as needed before I catch, because Safari Zone catch mechanics suck.
  13. For each game... oh, I might regret this one. For each game, the challenge might not end at the Elite Four and instead be prolonged until I defeat the hardest Trainer of said game (either the Champion, the Champion after the E4 rematch or a super secret hard Trainer like Red). I will re-evaluate this one during this leg and take a real decision!
  14. In Generation VI and VII, Pokémon gain an Affection heart every time they participate in a Gym Battle/Elite Four gauntlet.
  15. Mega Evolution, Z-Moves and Dynamaxing and Terastilization are all allowed. For Mega Evolution, however, it is only allowed if the Pokémon using it keeps its chosen type. For example, a Gyarados could Mega Evolve in a WaterLocke but not in a FlyingLocke, as it loses the Flying type when Mega Evolving.
  16. Berries, held items and evolutionary items will be sent into the game if they can be farmed or are impossible to obtain in a given game's main adventure.
  17. Grinding will always be done using the game's given resource (no hacked candies), albeit with speed-up. I want these sweet EVs.
  18. If needed, additional rules may be added or in an extreme case, modified. Looking at you, rule 13.
I will be going through all of these games throughout this adventure:
My main critera for choosing which of the 2/3/4 versions to play in a given generation with a given type is the number of encounters for the chosen type. Most of the time, when a third version exists, it is the superior and de facto version, but in a few cases it is not. For example, in Gen 2, you can catch one more Ice-type by playing Gold rather than Crystal. In each individual update, you'll find my explanation for choosing a game. I think that mostly sums it up, so here's everything I completed so far (this post will be updated after each new update goes live):
Generation 1 (Red/Blue/Yellow)
Episode 1: Normal - Without Cracking Eggs!
Episode 2: Bug - "I'm a beautiful butterfly!"
Episode 3: Fighting - The Champions of Earthrealm
Episode 4: Psychic - Veni, Vidi, Vici
Episode 5: Grass - Mushroom Kingdom
Episode 6: Fire - Kelvin the Unit
Episode 7: Water - Surf's Up, Dude!
Episode 8: Electric - Pikachu, I Choose You (Not)!
Episode 9: Ghost - Cooking With Gas
Episode 10: Rock - Rock-Hard Determination!
Episode 11: Poison - Bottoms Up!
Episode 12: Ice - Gold Medal
Episode 13: Flying - That's All, Folks!
Episode 14: Ground - Spelunking 101
Episode 15: Dragon - Wrapping Things Up

Generation 2 (Gold/SilveCrystal)
Episode 16: Ice (in progress!)

Thanks for following along!
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2023.05.21 20:08 pancho61917 Is there anyone who can relate to this? (Reason 1 For Difficulty in Transitioning)

Growing up, I was exposed to a very toxic masculine environment. Everything was about pride and ego, and showing no weakness. Thats how my Dad tried to upbring bring me, along with my cousins and their Dad's and everyone around me. Now as a kid, I was a very emotional kid. Maybe because I was the youngest of three my sister being 11 years older than me and my brother 13 years older. But as a kid, if something didnt go my way I would cry and pout all the time because I felt so lonely. I didnt really have anyone to share my childhood with since I was the youngest child and we moved to the US when I was 6. So I didnt know how to make friends because I didnt know the language and I had no one my age who spoke the same language. So whenever I would plead my parents to let my cousins stay over at my house whenever they would come over and they would say they couldnt I would always begin to cry. And because of this, my older cousins would always bully me. They would call me joto, maricon, lloron, basically any homophobic slur and a crybaby. My cousins would bully me all the time and later on in life (around 12 years old) my uncle's foster kids (who were also older than me) also bullied me. So growing up, I went through alot of bullying as a child, and all that did was teach me one thing, if I look like a target to people, if I show weakness, if I am vulnerable, then people will target me. People will want to hurt me if I look weak. So over the years growing up, I built this tough guy alpha male persona. I made myself look "big" and mean. I made poeple think I would fight them if they messed with me (which I never did) it was just a way to keep people away, but I was mean in the sense that I would say really mean stuff. When I would get defensive, I would get loud and say some really mean shit and people would leave me alone. And well that work for basically my whole life. The drawback of this though is that I kind of became a bully myself, and would say some mean jokes or mean shit about people growing up, which I regret. I was an asshole and I acknowledge that I can still kinda be one. And by bully I mean like if someone made fun of me or tried to target me, I would play an uno reverse card on them and talk shit back but sometimes I would take things too far. Sometimes I just wanted for people to leave me alone so I would go for the jugular with my words and I would really hurt people. But after all this time, this is the person I have become. A person who always has her defense really high up, Im always standing tall and making myself appear as big as possible to scare away anyone who my try to target me. And this causes two major problems for me. One is that Ive been trying to dive a little deeper into my social transition and began to dress and present more femme. But when I present more femme and behave more femme I feel vulnerable. And any sign of judgement or perceived judgment makes me shutdown really quickly. Like if I feel like Im being judge I quickly shutdown and revert back to boymode and into my depressive avoidant self. Or if Im presenting, which Ive only gone out in public presenting twice in my life, I get really paranoid and feel like everyone is watching me and judging me. The second issue this causes for me is that I feel like Ive become or that I am too macho or masculine to be a girl. Ive been this alpha male character all my life for my own protection and its been causing me lots of dysphoria. Idk, Ive just been thinking about this, and wanted go share because I dont have anyone to talk to about this. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.21 17:26 throwawayFIREbaby Leaving the civil service for private sector?

If your a G7 with very good life balance - would you leave the civil service?
Did anyone regret or not regret leaving?
For context it's a 10k base salary increase - 10% bonus and fully remote working. The company is Capita. Been in CS since 19. Joined as an AO and been a 7 for about 4 years now.
About me: 28 male. No kids. Alpha scheme pension - 27% Salary £56k - Bonus around 3k last year. Leave - 30 days / job remote
Captia offer: Base - 68K. Bonus - 10% = £6.8K. Pension - 5% matched. Leave - 25 days. Fully remote role.
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2023.05.20 19:30 No_Bad_8549 Please for the love of God do not buy or use any “negative ion” alternative medicine products

I’ve seen in a lot of places these products being advertised as having almost miraculous health properties, such as weight loss or blood alkalisation ( which isn’t a real thing and doesn’t protect from cancer btw). A lot of these products a lot of times marketed as “quantum” or “scalar” don’t actually emit negative ions and are just a scam. Others do, and they do so without a power source which is already sketchy by itself because the only way you could obtain such a result without any power source is a decaying radioactive nuclide.Turns out a lot of these products emit alpha, beta (and by emitting alpha particles, which are basically positively charged helium nuclides they actually send out more positive ions than they do negative ions by ionizing the surrounding air) and gamma radiation. If you match up the emission spectrum of such products with those of several elements it turns out most of these contains a significant amount of a thorium isotope. Sketchy companies do this because thorium oxide powder is really the only readily available radioactive material on the market, and because this way if you put a negative ion detector near their stuff it will show it working. So you’ll find underwear, bracelets, masks all containing this material, and if they are bad quality products they will degrade over time letting you breathe and come into contact with highly radioactive dust (some even have badly sealed containers of the powder and if opened by say, a child, can wreak absolute havoc). The doses such products, such as anti 5 G silicon bracelets with thorium powder inside produce are not negligible at all, and can get up to values that are above the safe yearly dose if worn frequently. Most of these products have doses in the order of magnitude of mSv/hr with some getting up to 5 or even 15mSv/hr, basically the equivalent of being in Pripyat, but even worse because the exposure is localized and you’re likely breathing in a lot of dust.
So if someone gives you one of such bracelets, creams, patches and forces you to use them, or if someone you know uses them check them with a Geiger counter, or check out the marketing of the company producing them. If they show a negative ion detector and the item doesn’t have a power source, then it probably has inside a decaying isotope that is safe to be around for a couple hours, but prolonged exposure or rubbing it on your body becomes dangerous.
So if you’re a teenager and your parents-relatives have gifted you one of such devices and you’re feeling exhausted or dizzy after a couple months using them toss them immediately, you will not regret it.
Relevant scientific paper:
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2023.05.19 21:13 nyanyaneko2 Oily Skin Product Review - everything I've tried over the last couple of years

Skin Type and Concerns : I (25F) have extremely oily and sensitive skin. My main concerns are acne (sometimes cystic), congestion and PIH. If not taken care of properly, my skin tends to have a lot of blackheads in my T-zone. I also usually have one or two small pimples on my chin that I've just accepted is normal (for me), as long as I don't have any cystic acne and prolonged PIH, I'm happy. I also had issues with body acne and horrible ingrowns on my legs which gave me very bad PIH and PIE.
The things that made a great difference in my skin are cutting down on sugar and processed and oily food. I would recommend taking a closer look at your diet before you try actives on your skin.
What I'm looking for in products : I want products to hydrate without making my skin an oil mine and help exfoliate gently.
Climate : I live in Chennai for college and my home is in MP. So climate for me is extremely humid and warm but sometimes extremely dry.
I've used all the mentioned products for at least 1 year, so I'm confident in my verdict for all of them. However if something works for you, let me know if there's a specific way to apply it or something :)
  1. CosRX Snail Mucin : I tend to prefer gel based lightweight moisturisers cause of my skin type. I've used this for a little over a year as one and it didn't do much for me. I liked the feel on my skin and if you live in a humid place its worth a shot. It hydrates the skin well and didn't make my skin feel too heavy. WRP if its on sale (3.5/5)
  2. Bioderma Atoderm Creme Ultra-Nourishing : I love this product. I know it goes against everything oily skin people are meant to use but I always keep it on hand. If I've over exfoliated or irritated my skin or my skin looks dull, this is the saviour. I actually use it whenever I use an exfoliant. I apply a pea sized amount on very damp skin and it gives me a glow the next day. WRP HG (5/5).
  3. Neutrogena Hydroboost : It's a decent product, hydrates really well but I've found that it makes my skin dull sometimes. But as moisturisers go it's genuinely worth the hype imo, the finish is beautiful, it feels comfortable to wear and it absorbs easily into the skin. WRP (4/5)
  4. Sebamed Clear Face Gel : This is my current everyday moisturiser. Very basic and gets the job done, it does not break me out and keeps my skin plump and doesn't aggravate oil production. I like it for everyday cause it's light on the pocket. WRP HG (5/5).
  5. Ponds Super Light Gel : I didn't like how heavy the scent is and it made my skin burn slightly, maybe that's because my skin barrier was damaged at the time but idk the smell was too strong for me. WNRP (2/5).
  6. Minimalist Sepicalm : It gave me milia and seemed to sit on my skin, I couldn't even get through one pot of it. I think it made my skin more congested and I didn't like how it made my skin feel. WNRP (1/5).
  7. Cetaphil DAM : It was too heavy for me, I've seen many people with the same skin type as me recommend it but it didn't work for me. WNRP (2/5)
  1. Minimalist 2% Salicylic Acid + LHA Face Cleanser With Zinc For Reducing Sebum & Acne : I loved this when I first got it and used it religiously for 2 years. It especially helped with body acne and congestion, I stopped having loads of blackheads almost completely. I've stopped using it since I thought it was over stripping my skin (and I was getting cystic acne) but might reintroduce it later on. I have to figure this out honestly cause I swore by this product, it's my favourite from their brand. Pro-tip while using any salicylic acid face wash, keep it on your face for a minute or two before washing it off, I've found that it works best when used like this (even for body acne). WRP (5/5)
  2. Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for Oily Skin : I went to a dermatologist for cystic acne and she recommended I use this. It's been very gentle on my skin and I've noticed a difference in how much I break out. Very basic but sometimes that's all you need. WRP HG (5/5)
  3. Alpha Lipoic + Glycolic 07% Cleanser : I accidentally ordered this instead of the first cleanser I ordered once and I didn't like it. It seemed too harsh for me and I never purchased it again. WNRP (3/5)
  4. CeraVe SA Smoothing Cleanser Bumpy Skin : I used this for a good while and I enjoyed it. It's gentle and gets the job done while being very gentle on the skin. Didn't do much to help with acne but I think I'd like to give it another go before making a final decision, my diet wasn't the best when I used it and I don't think the product was accompanied with the discipline I needed to see results. Verdict undecided :/
Just a disclaimer that I usually don't wear moisturiser when I have sunscreen on and it works for me, I'd recommend trying it if your skin feels too heavy after using one.
  1. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++ : This is my current favourite sunscreen and I think I'll continue using for a while. I get that it's expensive but honestly it's the only sunscreen that hasn't made my skin oily, not cause any issues and I trust the brand's claims for how much protection it offers. WRP Forever HG (5/5)
  2. Beauty of Joseon, Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics, SPF 50+ PA ++++, 50 ml : I really loved this sunscreen when I started using it but it made my skin very oily (maybe that's more of a climate issue) and I also started getting cystic acne when I used it :( I couldn't even finish the tube and am currently using on my body. I'm not sure if this caused the cysts but I'm too scared to put it on my face now that they've reduced. WNRP (3/5)
  3. Episoft AC Moisturiser SPF 30 With Microencapsulated Sunscreen : I love this product however it's not enough protection imo, I would prefer something with at least SPF 50. I don't even know if it should classified as a moisturiser or sunscreen but I would recommend it for indoor use. It sinks into the skin and its extremely hydrating. WRP (4/5)
  1. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid : I started using this to deal with PIH and it has not disappointed. I use it once every week or two. It's faded my acne marks significantly. I would warn anyone using this to not mix it with any actives and preferably avoid the sun, use sunscreen and all that jazz as it's very strong. It's also helped with congestion and skin texture, my skin feels baby soft. Also holy shit it lasts forever, it's giving value for money. WRP Forever (5/5)
  2. COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner : I like this product, it's kind of overpriced but it works like a charm when it comes to congestion. I don't get blackheads that often and my skin doesn't feel irritated. WRP (4/5)
  3. Paula's Choice BHA : It just didn't work for me, luckily I got the 30 ml bottle. It was giving nothing. Might be worth a try cause I've seen people with similar concerns to mine rave about it to no end. WNRP (2/5)
  4. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Serum : Didn't work for me and I genuinely think that salicylic acid works better in a wash off treatment. I've seen many people look for the active in serums or creams but if you're considering it, I would recommend using it in a face wash first. WNRP (1/5)
  5. The Ordinary 5% Niacinamide : Didn't work for me either, it felt tacky and now I firmly believe that using niacinamide in stand-alone treatment is really unnecessary. Usually your moisturiser will have the ingredient, a serum is giving you no extra benefit with many extra steps. WNRP (1/5)
  6. Minimalist PHA 3% Alcohol Free Face Toner : I used this on my face and body for exfoliation but since I've made the switch to The Ordinary and Cosrx I'm not looking back. However, on a budget I really recommend it works very well and it's surprisingly hydrating. WNRP but it's good (4/5)
  7. The Face Shop Smart Peeling White Jewel : I think it's gimmicky, save your money don't buy it WNRP (1/5).
FACE MASKS - I'm actually looking for masks that are glow boosting or deep cleaning for oily skin, any recommendations if you have any suggestions based on what I like are very welcome, I haven't had much luck with masks.
  1. Clay Co Matcha Face Mask for Oily Skin : I like the product, very nourishing but nothing special. Honestly just got it cause the packaging is super cute. WNRP (3/5)
  2. Vitamin C Pink Clay Mask : It worked well ig but I disliked the smell and it's pretty mid. I wanted an exfoliating mask. WNRP (2/5)
  3. EClat Superior Ance Edit Detoxifying Mask : A skinflueza (I was dumb to follow) promoted this as a saviour product that will fix your skin, your bank account and your mental health. Biggest regret, didn't do anything at all. I'm very salty about this purchase in case it's not obvious. WNRP (0/5)
  4. Origins Charcoal Clay Mask : Love this but I think I misplaced the bottle while travelling. WRP if it's sample sized cause budget (4/5)
I'm also on prescription treatments of BP and Adapalene, and Clindamycin for acne and my dermatologist prescribed laser and hydroquinone for my body PIH and PIE (primarily for legs). It look 2 years of consistent efforts for the latter issue to be resolved, if you have an issue that's this bad with body acne then please visit a doctor. I only mentioned the actives cause it's not like my skincare worked all by it self and even body acne and subsequent scarring can be above the pay check for over the counter products.
I started using standard multivitamins and it reduced the darkening of my eyelids and overall dullness of my skin. I'd recommend trying any generic drugstore multivitamin over a name brand, usually they're very cheap (and might just improve your hair and overall health).
I'll update this thread if I remember any other products but I haven't mentioned any products from Dr. Seths or Earth Rhythm, I've used some but I think very little research goes into the formulation and nothing from these brands has worked for me.
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