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2023.03.20 23:02 Spiral_Loop Help with fixing error in Pluto

Hello. I am facing great trouble trying to solve this.
I am trying to pass a matrix defined in a cell to a function defined in another cell. For that I am using with_terminal method, because I know println doesn't work in functions in Pluto. The function that I am writing takes a Matrix{Float64} as parameter.
I am getting this error:
Can anyone tell me what is causing this?
I have not found information about this online.
If more information is needed, please inform. Thank you very much for any help.
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2023.03.20 23:02 rubywoo3 Worried i have gonorrhoea or chlamydia after unprotected sex 3 days ago…

Female, 30’s here. He and I hooked up (BJ and P in V sex) last Friday night, and was my first time having sex in 6 whole months. It was with a close friend who I’ve hooked up with before. We used condoms in the past. I know it was ill-advised of me to do it unprotected, I got caught up in the moment, I guess.
My periods are around the clock regular. My last one ended March 10. Suddenly, on Sunday yesterday, when I went to pee in the afternoon, my toilet paper after wiping had blood all over it. I wondered if it was from the chafing/friction and it having been 6 months since my last encounter. Also, I’m pretty small. When I got home and peed again about an hour later, the blood was darker, brownish-red.
Now my vagina feels like it’s cut up and I’m worried! Still spotting when I pee, but zero discharge on my underwear since Day 1. I got tested this morning to be safe, but A) they’re urine tests which are less accurate for women, and B) it’s probably too early, less than 72 hrs after contact? Clinics are saying I have to wait 2 weeks, but what if I’m infected and it wreaks havoc in those 2 weeks on my body/reproductive system? I have an appt in the meantime later this week with my doc.
Any words of wisdom/warning/reassurance is appreciated, and/or if another woman has experienced similar symptoms…
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2023.03.20 23:02 annafrenchfry Matt and Enzo

Okay so I’m on season 8, ep 14, first time watcher. Enzo just died and I’m very confused as to why Matt is acting like he cares. Like weren’t you literally JUST trying to kill him yourself? When did they make up? Am I missing something?
Same thing with Alaric and Tyler. Like he barely knew Tyler and the only time I can remember them interacting is when Ric was trying to stop him from getting drunk and angry in season 6.
Idk, it just feels like the writing of this show has drastically fallen off since Elena left. They’ve forgotten the relationships between their characters.
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2023.03.20 23:02 Livetleker Multiplayer character creation issue

Hi! I am toying around with a multiplayer game with netcode for unity and have a problem with displaying players correctly across different clients.
The player that is spawned with a client has a nested structure. The player game object with rotation is correctly displayed on all clients. The player game object also has a nested empty object keeping track of a second rotation for the player's view direction. It may be overly complicated because my partner and I are mad and created a spherical world...
Anyway, this neated object's rotation is not sent over the network like the parent object, so all other players except the client's own are looking in the wrong direction. I would prefer not to have the clients calculate the view direction of all other players, but not sure if it can be avoided? It feels like I've missed something crucial. It is not an option to leave it like it is, not being able to see where the other players are looking is a big disturbance. Any advice?
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2023.03.20 23:02 Thrillho15 Marvel Snap Combos Comics

We need Marvel to create a series of one-off comics featuring team-ups of characters based on Snap combos. I thinking things like:
Also, M'Baku could show up randomly on the last page of some of them, not really contributing to the story.
What am I missing?
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2023.03.20 23:02 samlaugh21 I just want to break the trauma bond….

I dated my ex girlfriend for 3 years (off and on) she was never diagnosed with a personality disorder. Her dad is diagnosed with NPD and she claims all of her previous girlfriends have had a personality disorder and that’s why it never worked out and that she was traumatized by them and that’s why she reacts the way she does.
She’s very angry, controlling, and manipulative.
The past 3 years were a roller coaster to say the least. We broke up last summer after she cheated on me. She was with someone new for about 2 months and I blocked her on everything. Once she realized she was blocked she would drive by my house, text me from fake numbers, and show up unannounced at 3 am.
I was dumb and fell for one of the Hoovers because she told me how she thought she had a personality disorder and she was going to therapy, she was now more self aware and would treat me better. She said she did so much reflection and wouldn’t hurt me again. (She did psychedelics and they really helped kill her ego)
It was great the first few weeks but then she flipped and it was actually WORSE than when I previously left.
I didn’t block her this time, I unfriended her on everything bc when I block her that’s when she starts the stalking.
I received this text a month ago:
“Lately I’ve been thinking how every time we argue it’s usually something really small and irrelevant. I’m wondering if I can do a hypnosis thing on you and a self hypnosis on me to get to a point where we calmly and respectfully have conversations without letting it get out of hand. Because I truly feel so confused. I miss you. Idk if we’re not working out cuz we’re incompatible or if it’s because we don’t know how to communicate effectively. I do plan on doing a lot of self hypnosis on myself to align my subconscious and consciousness. I know that will help. I feel like we both don’t feel heard and that makes us feel disconnected from each other.”
Prior when I said we need to end this she called me manipulative and said the relationship did not work bc I haven’t shown my true self in the past 3 years…. And that now I’m showing my true colors. Not due to the gaslighting, cheating, stalking when we broke up the first 20 times.
We have a mutual friend and they let me know she’s seeing someone else. Maybe she will leave me alone now?? I feel sad that the new person will likely endure this and also worried she’s going to try and come back when it doesn’t work out.
I’m relieved, angry, upset and honestly feel like I lost myself in that relationship and don’t even know who I am anymore. I felt like I couldn’t ever express myself without causing a fight.
I feel free but I also feel lost.
I want out of the trauma bond…. I just want to stop caring. How can I start feeling indifferent?
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2023.03.20 23:02 Different_Agent_6902 If there’s anything fallout newvegas has taught me it’s that more conflict doesn’t solve anything. Try to Meet anger with peace, it’ll be hard abd you’ll fail sometimes (I did today) but I’m the end it’s worth it because people can change, not everyone can, but a lot of people can change.

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2023.03.20 23:02 the_peachy_pal beyond help but I'm ok with it

I'm beyond help. Not in a tragic or depressing way. I've been hating myself for way too many years I got used to it. And I'm feeling normal about it. I appreciate my friends' kind words I love my friends I hope they won't miss me that much if one day I'll just die. Therapy doesn't help me that much ive been going for almost 2 years now. My opinion about myself remains the same: I cant be fixed I'll always disappoint those around me, i failed as a child, as a friend, as a student and I have no motivation to fix this.
This thought doesn't upset me anymore I accept who I am. Now im just trying to make my existence less of a burden to others. Venting to them doesn't help it's no point doing it I just waste their time. I've been venting for years with no results.
I don't blame those who treated me wrong or abused me. I felt like this way before the abuse began. It's no one's fault this is how I turned out to be.
Well that's it. I'm too coward to end my life so I'll keep staying here for a while. I still feel useful to my friends, its a nice feeling and as I said earlier I love them so much!!
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2023.03.20 23:01 bruno_spoon My PR Renewal application was returned.

Hi friends, just wondering if someone can help me out. My application was returned to me today as incomplete. No letter was attached to it informing what is missing and all the documents that should go with the application are there: Picture of passport(all pages), picture of my current PR(front and back), my picture (on the immigration standards, front and back etc… everything is there otherwise it doesn’t let you submit the application, this was an online application. I called the call Center and they advised to review the information and submit it again, if they return yet one more, they advised to apply via paper. I’m at a loss of what’s missing. Can anyone shed a light? Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.20 23:01 A35821363 March 13. On this date in 1986, a letter written on behalf of the UHJ quoted Shoghi Effendi, "When Abdu'l-Bahá states we believe what is in the Bible, He means in substance. Not that we believe every word of it to be taken literally or that every word is the authentic saying of the Prophet."

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2023.03.20 23:01 Girldad627 [WTS] St Dupont James Bond Limited Edition Maxijet Butane Lighter & Cigar Cutter - PRICE DROP!

Good Afternoon All,
Up for you consideration I have my St Dupont James Bond 007 Limited Edition Maxijet Butane Lighter & Cigar Cutter. I am the original owner of these and I purchased them new about 3 years ago. The lighter still works great however the 007 lettering is showing wear on the lighter so I would get that a C. the cutter is in fantastic shape and I would give it a B+. I would like sell them together as a set. They will come with their original boxes and I will through in a leather pouch for each. Let me know if you have any questions and thank you for looking.
SV: $250 $200 OBRO CONUS Shipping Only
Updated Timestamp:

Timestamp & Video:
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2023.03.20 23:01 Juviltoidfu 1 month in for first time Tesla buyer......

My biggest problem/complaint are the voice commands. Using the commands as they are in the owners manual may or may not work. This is especially true for wiper speeds and fan speeds. Saying "increase" or "decrease" seldom works. I've also had trouble just turning on the front and back defrosters/defoggers. Turning anything off seems to work fine.
I've read comments about the Auto setting for wipers not working well, but I drove 200 miles this past weekend in rain/sleet conditions where it could be just misting one minute and coming down hard 20 seconds later. Add to that semi trucks spraying water from their tires and I needed to change speeds on the wipers frequently. I finally tried setting the wipers to Auto, which I had avoided because I had read that Auto wiper speeds didn't work well. They worked perfectly for me on this trip. My range was what I expected, temps were high 20's-mid 30's on my trip down, but only about 10 degrees the following day, where I had to drive in downtown KC- on St. Patricks day-when they were closing off streets to hold a parade. Nothing wrong with the Tesla itself, and that day was cold but sunny, so no rain meant no need for wipers.
The downtown Marriott has a handful of Level 2 J1772 style chargers. Their staff doesn't know much about them (neither did I, honestly) but, and I thought this was cool.. it doesn't cost anything for hotel guests to use them. I charged from 30 to 80 percent using a charge point account I set up quickly and I had a total bill of $0.00 the next day after charging overnight, with a note that the charger cost was complimentary because I was a Marriott guest. My other "complaint" isn't a Tesla complaint but a Tidal music one. I signed up for a one month trial but the album "Dark Side of the Moon" from Pink Floyd was missing the first song and a later song had verses missing. But thats not Tesla's problem or fault. The Tesla built in music channels are better than Tidal was, at least for me.
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2023.03.20 23:01 drstarson Hackathon: Build Mobile AI Apps of the Future

Hackathon: Build Mobile AI Apps of the Future
It's time to build #AI mobile apps of the future!
Join our #Hackathon and build your own mobile apps powered by computer vision. Solve real-world problems & #BuildTheFuture of Mobile AI together with Passio.
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2023.03.20 23:01 Patersuende Skaven food bug?

Can anyone confirm? When I go into looting stance with skaven that then no food is generated?
Or am I missing something here?
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2023.03.20 23:00 souravchandrapyza Shop owners, struggle with reviews

Hey folks,
Lately been struggling to improve Google ratings of my store. I always request users to review our store on Google when collecting the payment. Ofcourse, this is not possible during rush hours. The problem I am facing is with some reviews that recently started coming in bogus (one word and one star). We take other bad reviews very seriously and reflect upon them. We respect every reviewer but we can't improve our service with the help of these bogus reviews. I am concerned that increased amount of these reviews are gonna affect visibility and reputation of my store in longer run. The only two options I see right now is to: 1. Try to get as much good rating reviews as possible to neutralize these. 2. Report it to google. (Not aware if something like this can actually be done)
What do you guys do in this situation?
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2023.03.20 23:00 sharewithme Word of The Hour: religious

English: religious
  1. teaching, or setting forth, religion
  2. concerned with religion
  3. set apart to religion
Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @
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2023.03.20 23:00 RollerDerbyWhore Have you ever fallen for your therapist?

I (30s f)had a therapy for 3 years with a wonderful therapist. She made me feel safe, accepted, and began to learn my worth. We had a great relationship, which was, of course, mainly one-sided. When we finished therapy together, we both cried and hugged a couple of times; she even gave me a card.
I know these feelings are because she allowed me to be vulnerable, and we built trust that makes a successful therapeutic relationship. But by the end, I'm fairly certain I was a little in love with her and definitely found myself physically attracted to her.
It's been over a year since our therapy ended because she left the place I saw her at. She no longer does 1:1 therapy, so we were unable to continue together. I miss her and think of her often. I'd love to reach out to her and be friends, but I know that's inappropriate.
I just wondered if I'm alone in this?
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2023.03.20 23:00 SirPereira GDPR or...?

Hi there!
It has been a long time since I have advertised with Google and I am going into it again.
From an European viewpoint, I need to abide by the GDPR, and from what I understood, any kind of cookie/analytical 3rd party that could personally identify a visitor (IPs matter), I should put them under a banner that only when explicitly accepted, I allow them to run at all.
I totally understand that but, as you probably know around here: - you lose the information of the biggest majority of your visitors - because they end up not accepting anything or just closing it (so you don't even have Analytics)
- you don't have information on tag manager to understand how are your ads really doing
So, am I missing something or advertisers totally in the dark at the moment?
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2023.03.20 23:00 MardukSyria “Xi Jinping, upon his arrival in Moscow, uttered the most seditious words from the point of view of the West: ‘China is ready to stand together with Russia to guard the world order based on int’l law’ not on the ‘rules’ invented by someone, but on the law!” — Vladimir Kornilov

“Xi Jinping, upon his arrival in Moscow, uttered the most seditious words from the point of view of the West: ‘China is ready to stand together with Russia to guard the world order based on int’l law’ not on the ‘rules’ invented by someone, but on the law!” — Vladimir Kornilov submitted by MardukSyria to UkraineCrisis2022 [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:59 OneOk4341 When Women Have a Higher Sex Drive Than Their Husbands

Give credit where credit is due: the title of the post is taken word-for-word off an episode of The Dr Psych Mom Show that I just listened to and I immediately wanted to post it here for any other HLF who is frustrated in their sex lives and just want to feel heard. She hit so many nails on the head with this episode in the less than 20 minute conversation it was crazy. Not a ton of advice (the standard "open communication / talk to your partner" that you'd expect) but man does it feel good to feel understood.
I read Come As You Are and listened to a few of those podcasts as well but never got much from it because its geared more towards accepting yourself and loving yourself, which I now feel fortunate to not struggle with as much as others apparently do. But I've really come to enjoy the Dr Psych Mom Show because she does such a great job of reframing really obvious points into ways you never thought of before, that somehow help you better understand yourself. A lot of her episodes I enjoy but typically have to relate to the 'husband' perspective more than the wife, because so many of the couples she sees (and gears these podcasts towards) are HLM looking for information on how to 'hack' the brain of their wife. I was super pumped to see an episode explicitly geared towards the HLF in a marriage, and I HIGHLY suggest it to my fellow HLF out there who sometimes just feel like the only crazy sex deprived woman in the world.
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2023.03.20 22:59 Rabalderfjols Bottom mounted hard drives in Phanteks Eclipse P600s makes the case hum

Just got a Phanteks Eclipse P600s in which I have a new build with two SSDs but also a couple of old hard drives.
I first mounted the HDDs beneath the PSU shroud where the drive cages screwlessly slide into slots. As I feared, this makes the case hum with a low but very much audible noise that resonates through the desktop and drives me nuts. The other option - screwing the cages onto the wall of the main compartment, in front of the fans, largely mitigates the noise issue, but looks like crap and messes with airflow. Apart from the HDDs, this case was a joy to build in, so it seems to me like a low effort afterthought.
I'm planning to ditch the hard drives the next time I feel rich, so it's not like I'll have this problem forever, but I'd still like to keep them out of the way. Has anyone solved this, preferably without drilling custom screw holes?
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2023.03.20 22:59 theclumsyfish What does “a left aortic arch with aberrant right subclavian artery” mean ?

26F, dealing with debilitating chronic fatigue, exercise intolerance.
I had an endoscopic surgery in the past to diagnose some acid reflux and stomach problems and in the process of it the doctor noticed my heart has “a left aortic arch with aberrant right subclavian artery”. This was many years ago, the doctor didn’t seem concerned. They also said the cardiomediastinal silhouette appears normal. PA and lateral chest views were normal.
However I currently struggle with debilitating chronic fatigue and exercise intolerance. To the point where I struggle to have a normal life and full time job. I occasionally get a racing, pounding heart for a few seconds when I’m lying in bed at night and also sometimes my chest muscles by my heart hurt when applying pressure.
To try to help solve why I deal with this fatigue I’m trying to rule out potential causes and factors. I wonder if a heart issue could be contributing to my symptoms possibly? What does this mean about my heart? Could there be complications? I don’t want to be one of those people that drops dead of heart attack in a few years because I didn’t know I had a heart abnormality.
I have a history of EBV/Mono, Lyme disease, Babesia and concussions. High cholesterol on my dads side of the family but I don’t think anything else. I eat well, don’t drink or smoke, i try to stay active as much as my condition allows me to be.
Thank you so much for any information you can provide!!
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