Jordan baker and layla

The Original R&B

2021.07.28 14:26 BlackJackKetchum The Original R&B

For Rhythm & Blues music from the golden age of R&B - 1945 to circa 1965. Think Louis Jordan, Fats Domino, Lavern Baker, Etta James and Willie Mabon rather than Otis Redding, Muddy Waters or anyone who started recording in the CD era.

2012.10.26 07:16 tomastaz Evil Geniuses

Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses (Team EG) is North America’s premier professional gaming team and a world leader in e-sports. Players and teams within EG, such as Justin “JWong” Wong, Greg “IdrA” Fields, and Isaac “Azael” Cummings-Bentley, have brought home championship trophies from every major gaming tournament circuit in the world and continue to be influential leaders of gamers everywhere.

2023.06.01 04:51 LordofDarkness51 The Potential Dark Twist for Jonathan Kent in Superman & Lois: Anakin Skywalker-esque Transformation?

I've been pondering about the future of Jonathan Kent's character in the show, and I wanted to share an idea that has been running through my mind. With the arrival of Lex Luthor and his prominence in the upcoming season 4, I think it would be a fascinating twist if Jonathan were to turn to the dark side, similar to Anakin Skywalker's transformation in Star Wars.
Imagine this: Jonathan Kent, driven by a desire for power and influenced by Lex Luthor, betrays his own family, teaming up with the iconic villain. Together, they could cause significant harm to the Kent family and create an intense conflict within the show.
Here are some wicked actions that Jonathan and Lex could undertake to try and hurt the Kent family, making the stakes higher than ever:
  1. **Exposing Clark's Secret Identity**: Jonathan, lured by Lex's promises, could reveal Superman's true identity to the world. This would not only put the Kent family in grave danger but also jeopardize Superman's ability to protect Metropolis.
  2. **Manipulating the Media**: Jonathan and Lex could work together to manipulate public opinion against Superman. Through their influence and control, they could spread false information, turning the city against the Man of Steel and creating chaos.
  3. **Weaponizing Kryptonite**: Lex Luthor has always had a fascination with Kryptonite, and with Jonathan's help, they could exploit this weakness to create powerful weapons specifically designed to harm Superman. This would pose a significant threat to both Superman and his family.
  4. **Corrupting Jonathan's Powers**: Lex, being a master manipulator, could exploit Jonathan's superhuman abilities, pushing him to reach his full potential but in the service of evil. This could include utilizing his powers to wreak havoc and cause destruction in Metropolis.
  5. **Inheriting Lex's Fortune**: As Lex takes Jonathan under his wing, grooming him as his successor, he could leave his entire fortune to Jonathan upon his demise. This newfound wealth and influence would make Jonathan a formidable adversary, pitting him against his own brother, Jordan Kent.
Now, I understand that this idea deviates from the traditional Superman lore and the character development we've seen so far. However, a dark twist like this could inject fresh and unexpected tension into the show, giving us a unique and compelling storyline to explore. None of this would be Jonathan or even Lex's fault. It is all on Clark and Lois for being shitty parents.
submitted by LordofDarkness51 to SupermanAndLois [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:50 sl0thguy jumpscared me lmao

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2023.06.01 04:46 Tricksy_Tiefling Eberron Appreciation Post!

I just saw it was my cake day so I wanted to do a quick positive post.
To Keith Baker and your team, thanks for Eberron. I'm sad to see that KB Presents will be closing its doors in 30 days, but I hope you're all profoundly aware of the incredible world you've made.
When I first started into the ttrpg scene, I looked for a world that fit what I was looking for, and Eberron had all of it and more. From the Progenitor Dragons to the noir streets of Sharn to the cursed continent of Xen'drik, it's such a wonderful setting. I read through the Forge of War yesterday and as a soldier I loved the detailed descriptions, and they still left enough white space to fill in new events. Speaking of adding your own spin, I love that the community embraces the spirit of "In My Eberron".
I'm a proud owner of the Wayfinder's Guide, Rising from the Last War, Exploring Eberron, Chronicles of Eberron, and an expanding collection of 3.5e and 4e supplements. Whenever I reach writer's block on my own Eberron campaign, there's always enough written to give me new inspiration.
I'm excited to start reading the novels (just have to finish WoT ugh)!
What more could you ask for than a fantastically realized world, a wonderful community, and the tools to leverage both? This has become a burning passion for me, and I've sunk thousands of hours into study and prep for my Eberron games, and honestly just pointing at some random place on the map like Lost, and realizing the beautifully deep lore that exists for it.
Best wishes for your future ventures Keith and everyone at KB.
submitted by Tricksy_Tiefling to Eberron [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:43 doskoV_ Crusaders lineup v Hurricanes

Crusaders lineup v Hurricanes
Good to see Louie Chapman finally get his shot at Super Rugby, been solid at NPC for a couple years now
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2023.06.01 04:37 Junior_Button5882 HISTORY LESSON: Goblins of Hopkinsville

HISTORY LESSON: Goblins of Hopkinsville
On the evening of Aug. 21, 1955, five adults and seven children visited the Hopkinsville, Kentucky, police station with a strange story. Among those 12 people were brothers Elmer and John Sutton, as well as O. P. Baker, who are pictured.
The group reported they had witnessed a flying saucer land near the farmhouse where they were staying the night. “Little men” surrounded the house, peering at the frightened families as they attempted to gain entry. John Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor claimed to have fought off the men with a shotgun and a pistol for several hours before leaving to notify the police. The little men, they reported, were short, monkey-like, with long arms and webbed hands with talons, large bright offset eyes and pointed ears. This sketch by Evansville Press artist Larry Hill appeared in the newspaper along with the first reports of the supposed sighting.
1955 Describing event of previous evening' encounter
Hopkinsville Police investigated the incident. They found no tracks or marking outside of the home, only the evidence of gunshots fired from inside. Another officer reported seeing a meteor shower in the area but no flying saucer. Media quickly spread the strange news of the “Hopkinsville Goblins” or “little men.” Reporting about this incident helped to popularize the term “little green men” as a generic term used for aliens although the color green was not mentioned in the group's original interviews.
Not everyone believed the attacker were spacemen. Alternative explanations from the time suggested test flight monkeys used in rocket experiments crashed in the area and, in a notable tongue-in-cheek explanation found in the Senate Republican memo published by the Senate GOP Policy Committee, that the visitors were simply Democrats turned “green with envy” at the popularity of President Dwight Eisenhower.
The incident is now commonly explained as either an elaborate hoax or, perhaps more charitably, that the group shocked by the meteor shower, in a state of panic and likely intoxicated, confused a pair of aggressive Great Horned Owls, which are common in the area, as an extraterrestrial menace.
Local and national news coverage of the goblins caused a wave of copycat sightings in the area. A group of Evansville teenagers reported seeing 10 of the creatures in the athletic field of Lincoln High School. The creatures, they said, “lopped off into the darkness” after the teens began lobbing rocks at them
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2023.06.01 04:35 snonegnome What actually is an apothecary?

Ive seen it used as a title for a person and as a place you can go. If its just the title of a place, would the person working there be called an apothecar, like how in a bakery the person working there is a baker?
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2023.06.01 04:32 Milkace23 [Fs] Sneaker Collection 👟 🔥 🔥Sz 11

What's Up Rep Fam
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2023.06.01 04:31 FeelingPuddings Jordan 1 Low Fragment Travis Scott

Jordan 1 Low Fragment Travis Scott submitted by FeelingPuddings to sneakerreps [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:30 CsticPandora It’s almost been 3 years since the release of the only pyro sword user in the game

To be precise, it’s been 2 years, 8 months, and 4 days. And yes, Bennett is still the only Pyro sword user in the game.
Relatively, it’s been:
2 years, 5 months, and 9 days since the release of the 2nd Geo sword user (Albedo) 1 year, 11 months, and 3 days since the release of the 3rd Anemo sword user (Kazuha) 1 year, 10 months, and 12 days since the release of the 2nd Electro sword user (Electro MC); 7 months and 18 days since the release of the 3rd Hydro sword user (Nilou) 6 month and 14 days since the release of the 3rd Cryo sword user (Layla) 1 week and 1 day since the release of the 3rd Dendro sword user (Kirara)
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2023.06.01 04:29 Milkace23 [Wts] Jordan's, and Dunk Collection Sz 11 🔥

What's Up Rep Fam
Hope all is well
Looking to Unload More Heat as Usual
Jordan and Dunks All Sz 11
Please message me if interested, Do not waste my time asking me million questions. Please don't hit me up and disappear. I am selling because I need the money for Medical Reasons, I don't want to beg for a response.
Time Stamp and pics:
● Grateful Dead GReen Bear Sz 11 No og box DS $90
● A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 2 SP Sz 11 DS $ 90
● A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4 'Violet Ore' Sz 11 Ds $ 110
● A Ma Maniére x Wmns Air Jordan 3 SP Sz 11 Ds $110
All Batches are from known sellers 888kicks, sneakerwill, ryan kicks, LG rose.
Paypal Invoice Only
Looking to ship out by Thursday, Friday the latest.
All prices are as marked Shipped. Giving you Best price possible.. again do not waste my time.
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2023.06.01 04:26 Grammarhead-Shark Marquesas (Just did a rewatch)

A little history with me and Marquesas first. I was living in Utah at the time of this series airing and it was Neleh Fever all the way. It was a level I don’t think Todd, Tyson, or Dawn ever got. So in hindsight my memory gave her a much bigger presence then was actually the case! And it has been over a decade since I sat down to properly re-watch it.
Firstly… WOW, the island/s are beautiful. I understand never going back there due to the no-nos and the local government not being as co-operative as other places (trust the French to love their red tape!) plus the fact it was a last minute substitute for Jordan (and things where not as smooth as they could’ve been), but dang, part of me kinda wish they did just for the sheer visual beauty of it!
Pity they didn’t stay at Maraamu camp due it seemingly having a much better supply of food (and the lion’s share of camp stuff due to the Raid), but Rotu camp did seem to have much better access to that waterfall at least.
Hot dang… Vecepia was such a great player. She did some 4D level shit with her gaming. Such mad respect. A New School style of play in an Old School Era. And the fact The Powers that Be have basically forgotten/ignored her since is bloody ridiculous and very annoying. Especially with so few female winners and she wasn’t even sounded out just does not sit well with me. Future greats like Rob C & Sandra owe a bit to what Vee paved the way for them (in their style of play).
Kathy was the star of the season based on her edit (and well… watching it in real time circa 2002) but I could also tell Kathy just is one of those people that is annoying and frustrating to live with no matter how good an edit she got on the tele.
She really should be rated much higher on winner’s lists then she really is (saying that in a quick search, this SubReddit does seem to respect her pretty well!)
I also dispute people saying she was an Under the Radar winner. The entire tribe new she playing from the middle and making alliances with everybody and they let her get away with it as well. Her game was very much telegraphed to everybody (and brought up several times throughout the course of the series).
And yes was helped in getting Tammy’s bitter vote, but she steamrolled Neleh at FTC and gave those swing votes in General & John (especially John) exactly what they wanted to hear.
I know Vee & Neleh’s edit has been criticized in the past and yes, while it could’ve been better, it none the less was perfectly solid. Vee always at least a few scenes an episode (other than a couple around the merge) and was the voice of explaining how things where falling around camp life for the season. The only truly purple edit that season was Zoe – an enigma wrapped in a riddle if there ever was a person.
If there is one player I wish they brought back and never did was Gina – talk about the ultimate swap screw! Completely charming and genuine and for a pre-merge boot, so much screen time (though it did help Maraamu was always going to tribal)!
I gotta say before I forget, re-watching some of those reward and immunity challenges was a head-trip! Especially now deep into the era of them being Flanderized into the same bit-of-physical, a bit-of-coordination and finish on a puzzle.
TWO immunity challenges had a player's fate was not in their own hands but in other contestants (thus the General had no chance of ever winning). Heck even the vote where Gina left there was talk of Rotu throwing it to get out Boston rob, but it turned out to be pretty difficult to achieve with what it was.
I do wish we got some outside-the-box challenges again these days (though that is an entire different post! LOL)
One thing I couldn’t stand in the season though was Rosie hosting the Finale. Now I actually was watching The Rosie O’Donnell Show when the season was airing (and her interviewing each tribe member on eviction) and in 2002 it did feel like a natural progression for her to host the Finale. But watching it 21 years later, it feels so jarring (and Jeff just walking away after the votes being read was weird). She barely let anybody get a word in I swear (did we even here from Patricia? And the only thing Rob said I swear was a comment about being thankful for Sarah’s boobs!)
Did we every find out why Maraamu voted out Peter first? Gina mentioned something in the voting confessionals, but nothing was brought up later.
I’ll end this by saying Neleh’s sneaky move by telling Kathy her boobs where falling out of her blouse will always been one of my favourite dirty moves of all time! She may of not owned up to it, but she did have game when she wanted to!
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2023.06.01 04:25 Groundbreaking_Ask14 Just thought I should warn people. I've seen multiple people say hes taken their money but never sent anything.

Just thought I should warn people. I've seen multiple people say hes taken their money but never sent anything. submitted by Groundbreaking_Ask14 to sanpedrocactus [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:21 Medical_Knowledge_82 I'm so picky

I live in bronx New York city. I was born in Dominican Republic to a black dad and a white mom. I constantly ignore who I am. I don't like bachata or reggetton (If you dont know what that is its a music genre originating in latin american, youve probably heard it while walking down the street or scrolling on tiktok). I don't like any of the exotic food we tend to constantly serve for lunch AND dinner, and I HATE how loud we are. Seriously, why whenever we have a family meeting we just have to be loud and obnoxious and laugh like animals? It makes me angry. The hatred I had for this grew more when I facetimed my white friend who lives in idaho and everybody in her family was so classy and reserved. My nosy self noticed that on all the little bits i got to see her phone panning to her family everybody was sharing jokes and chats with eachother, and her family was almost as big as mine. I liked it, I told her I love how the environment she lives in is and she said she didnt agree and thought of it as boring. Whenever I looked at other (mostly white) families on TV or social media or literally anything else, they're always so happy without being loud and crazy. However in recent years tv has tried to put in inclusiveness by closely and detailed-ly interpreting non white families, I saw a Latin American family on Oxygen and it was so spot on how loud and obnoxious we are, and I hate it. I know I'm just talking about family but that's just part of my problem. Every body at school is 10 times louder and even more obnoxious and uneducated. They have respect for nobody. Theres a TON of gangsters here in the bronx. You hear them EVERYWHERE. Pressumably most of them wear ski masks to school and jump eachother. It's tiring. It's weird. One of my classmates got shot in his arm and had his hand burned due to gang relation at 14. 14. Like honestly? I cant. What made me glad I wasn't like him was the fact that he still "jacked" all the gangs he said he associated with. I also hate the trends. I forced myself to get airforces, jordans, and nike clothing after I was clowned in oth grade for wearing vans to school. I wore vans because I love the fashion we dont have here in the bronx, teens in california wear baggy pangs and t shirts with matching accessories... i love it. It fit me perfectly. But when it came to be myself.. i realised the hard way that absolutely nothing is going to be the way I wanted to be. If I wanted to make it and have friends I'd have to force myself to be exactly like everybody else. And I hated it. But like I said, NOTHING will ever be the way I wanted it to be. I am currently In a big friend group and I am the quiet one, I never talk, I always lay my head down while everybody else is loud and having fun in a, what I find gross manner. The setup. I could never. Why are they like this? Its stupid. I understand knowing your worth and not letting anybody talk about you or anything related to you, I also think that way, But that doesnt mean that they all have to behave like that. Were so young wasting our lives on anything but making happy memories. I'm so grateful for the 3 friends I have made who also happen to be classy like me but know how to have fun the correct way. We aren't that close tho, they don't value friendships as much as I do. Here's where the FOMO comes in, over the past 2 years I have realized how white people tend to be more sophisticated and logical. At one point I considered myself jealous because of how they get to have more fun and not worry about being shot by gang members. Their schools are SO MUCH BETTER, the higher marojity tend to be clean, be nice, look nice, everybody knows each other no matter what... here in the Bronx we have mold outside of our schools and dirt filled on our floors that are FEET up the ground. I hate it here. I want to live high school like it's a series, I want to watch myself grow up in a perfect environment. I tried convincing my parents to move but were taking the 3rd world in us with us by being higher 3rd class... I don't even have my own room. I haven't had my own room since I was 5. It hurts me, I want a room to decorate and have some privacy, Ive been sleeping a fucking living room since we moved here. And I am a 16 year old, I am only a few years from moving out and becoming an adult. It traumatizes me. I will never have my own room to have memories in. I will never have a tv to watch whatever teens are tuned up to nowadays. I will never have memory pictures of me and a group of friends just because we don't have money to spend on small things like that. It hurts me. I wanted my teen years to be amazing. I guess they won't be. I am looking to go to college in a less populated state in the north, maybe it will heal the trauma I got from the fact that I don't have people like me around my environment. I know this is going to be 100% ignorant and rude and weird of me, but I would be better around white people. They're just commonly raised classier and better than what we have here in the Bronx. I also wanna clarify that this doesn't mean that I only want specifically white friends. No. I don't care what race somebody is. But from obvious standouts white environments create the more sophisticated people. I'm ok with being friends with anybody that's any race, I would just look for someone who is as sophisticated and classy as me. It would make me feel better. I'm currently waiting for this to happen. I've been through so much and it has led to me being a horrible, ignorant person. I hate myself, I get annoyed easily just from people doing absolutely nothing. I am always quick to assume literally everything about one person without them even talking to me. I may find someone too ghetto, too kind, too childish, it's disgusting. I hate this. But this is who I am. Other people don't do this. It's just so weird. I really want to change. But I feel like the only way is by going through the fastest years of my life the way I want it to be, the way society and the media portrays it as perfect. I don't fit the standards, and I think that's why I hate being like this. I think that's the reason as to why I'm such a horrible person. I care what people think but at the same time I am what other people think. I am not a good person. But I can't blame myself. It's just so much that I wish could go the way I want it to be. But this is my way of learning, and I understand. I will never be perfect or have a perfect life. It's honestly not okay. But what can I do? There's a limit to get what I want and I can't even start because of.. well.. me. And everything else around me. And i think that's why I am the way I am. No one will ever understand me and that's fine, because there is nothing I can do about it
submitted by Medical_Knowledge_82 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:14 Victoryia Baking a blueberry pie without lattice?

I picked fresh blueberries recently and want to bake my first blueberry pie. This is the recipe I plan on using.
My question to you experienced pie bakers is, can I bake the same way but without a lattice? I just plan on following the recipe and just laying another pie crust on top.
On a side note, I froze the fresh blueberries as soon as I got home. Any personal experience with that and the minor differences it brings?
Thanks to all that read. Have a wonderful baking day fellow bakers. :)
submitted by Victoryia to Baking [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:08 toodarkmark The Mixed Tag Was So Much Better Than the Unsanctioned Match

I didn't think the unsanctioned match between Jericho and Cole was all that bad, but it was sort of quiet. Just didn't feel like it had any good energy. This mixed tag had so much good energy, the crowd was into it, and even the Shida and the Outcasts spot worked very well.
Both Jericho and Cole just felt like they were really working well together. That spot with Baker smiling to the camera when she was about to put her finisher on Jericho was priceless. And Jericho losing made so much sense. What a difference 3 days can make.
Makes me think Jericho should have cheated to win at the PPV, but I think they want Cole to go higher on the card, so they didnt want him taking the pin.
submitted by toodarkmark to AEWOfficial [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 04:06 Pockye Kagura?

Hi everyone, i've been a Yae haver since her original run, where i was lucky enough to pull 2 copies on the same ten pull (after losing 50/50 and going all the way to hard pity but still) and on her rerun i did some single pulls to try and get Layla, was 20 away from soft pity and got her C2. I have been using her on Atlas and do have really good turret damage, hitting for 14k with 3 turrets on the field. My question is, given that my Yae is already at a good state, is going for Kagura's worth it? I won't have enough to guarantee her weapon but i can get one before the banner ends, and i do have Yoimia in case i end up getting Thundering Pulse.
submitted by Pockye to YaeMiko [link] [comments]

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2023.06.01 03:59 Fit_Present1970 The sole independent local source of transphobic and bigoted news in Grimsby is The Grimsby Independent News.

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2023.06.01 03:59 OutrageousRatios Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Low Reverse Mocha

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2023.06.01 03:54 feelsbadmanrlysrsly The GOAT of my 100+ year league

This guy topped LeBron (previous GOAT of the league), Michael Jordan, and Wilt Chamberlain.
In his 20-year long career, he only didn't get nominated into All-Star 3 times.
I let him go after more than a decade on my team because of cap space (I had younger and better players when he declined to 60+ OVR). I was planning to pick him up again to at least let him retire on the team and add at least a few more rings but he suddenly retired.
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