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2014.09.22 18:20 A decision was made here...

Do you ever see products in grocery stores...but they are on the WRONG SHELF!?!?!? It's so crazy! Those plums aren't supposed to be there -- I MUST ALERT THE INTERNET!!!!

2023.03.20 22:57 ballsackbear Chest Rigs and Mag Pouches (308)

What have you guys had success running? Been looking for a solid 2 mag pouch for 25 rd PMAGS but havent had much luck finding anything other than HSGI tacos. Found a few different chest rigs I like but I would like to start with a blank slate and make it my own. Ideally I'll have 8 mags on person (2 double stack mags per side and 2 GP pouches or 3 double mag pouches on the chest rig and 2 single mag pouches on a belt), additional mags stored in assault pack/ruck. Leaning more towards a full size chest rig rather than micro. TIA
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2023.03.20 22:57 nyetsacha Have I found a way to regrow the frenulum? raw bone marrow (stem cells) used as a cream for skin growth and healing

THERE IS HOPE. Hello everyone, I have a personal experience to share that may sound unbelievable to some. Recently, I have been using raw bone marrow as a cream and have achieved impressive results.
I purchase raw beef bone marrow from the grocery store and apply a small amount onto the inner foreskin, frenulum, and head of my penis. I then fold the outer foreskin and cover it with a skin cone, allowing the stem cells from the bone marrow to be absorbed by the inner parts of the penis.
Although bone marrow has a slight butter-like scent, it contains an abundance of stem cells that are vital to the body. I have noticed a 20% increase in size of my frenulum remnant, which suggests that it has absorbed the stem cells and updated itself.
Additionally, I have experienced fast healing and no more stretch marks. What's even more fascinating is that I have been able to grow new skin without the need for tugging.
I encourage you to try it for yourself and see the benefits. Please let me know if you have any question. I have been experimenting this for only 2 weeks .
I'm going to sleep now, I will be answering questions tomorrow
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2023.03.20 22:57 Significant_Tie3973 Distilled water?

Hi all, I am in Paris for a week and my husband needs distilled water for his CPAP. Is there somewhere in Paris we can get this? We have been to two stores so far and they didn’t have it. Thanks!
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2023.03.20 22:57 LynxWynter Need some help

Reposted this due to scammers messaging me, I removed my Cash Tag. I can PM it to anyone who's able to help! I've had quite a lot going on in my life lately and could just use a little help. I'm in need of my medication and a few groceries. (I know getting the meds is unlikely, they're $165.) I feel weak as water, so I know I need to eat too, especially with it being so cold. My medication might help my mental state, but I have to keep my strength up, too.
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2023.03.20 22:57 Ok-Most-9343 What is the most unusual item you've ever won in a contest or raffle?

What is the weirdest or most unexpected thing you've ever found in a thrift store or garage sale?
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2023.03.20 22:57 pigglywiggly-buttco The mysterious cart swiper

I had just gotten off and parked my cart in front of the electric carts by the hallway that goes to the break room. The cart had my groceries I just bought and all my work stuff was in it as well.
I walked into the break room for 2 minutes max, came back and my cart was...gone.
I had no idea where it went so I walked around looking for it but didn't find it. Finally, I got an MIC to look at the security camera footage. It showed an older man with glasses enter the store and walk by my cart, out of view of the camera. Then the cart gets pulled out of view.
Me and the MIC were all over the store looking for the guy and my cart. We never found the guy but the MIC found my cart sitting somewhere. All my stuff was still there.
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2023.03.20 22:57 Summerlea43 Hardware stores that colour match from an item you bring in - can they do that in a sample size?

I really just want one of those $5 paint sample cans to touch up my apartment. I didn't paint it so I have no idea of the colour ID.
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2023.03.20 22:56 spencerronannnn Does anyone know if this website is safe or not because i have zero clue but don’t wanna risk it

Does anyone know if this website is safe or not because i have zero clue but don’t wanna risk it submitted by spencerronannnn to DestinyEmblems [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 22:55 Significant_Neat_688 If you pay for it after breaking it, do you get to keep it?

I don't mean in a store or anything. I mean like if you are at your friend's house and accidentally damages one of his sealed Pokemon card boxes. If the guy pays his friend the amount it costs to get a new one of the exact same product (including tax and shipping) does the guy who damaged it get to keep the damaged Pokemon card box?
In Canada if it matters
(and no, I was the one whose Pokemon cards got damaged)
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2023.03.20 22:55 RaspberryLazy8562 What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever done to impress someone you liked?

What's the most outrageous thing you've ever seen in a grocery store?
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2023.03.20 22:55 ballsackbear Chest Rigs and Mag Pouches

What have you guys had success running? Been looking for a solid 2 mag pouch for 25 rd PMAGS but havent had much luck finding anything other than HSGI tacos. Found a few different chest rigs I like but I would like to start with a blank slate and make it my own. Ideally I'll have 8 mags on person (2 double stack mags per side and 2 GP pouches or 3 double mag pouches on the chest rig and 2 single mag pouches on a belt), additional mags stored in assault pack/ruck. Leaning more towards a full size chest rig rather than micro. TIA
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2023.03.20 22:55 lucav48 I have created an app to keep track of networking

Hello everyone! I'd like to share something that I hope will interest you all. I developed this app because I am not that good at networking, so I thought that having a place where I can save info about my contacts and chats could be very useful.
I hope you like it, feel free to give me feedback (it would really help me with the next steps).
Networking is essential for personal and professional growth. But managing and nurturing real-life relationships can be challenging. That's why I created GYN (Grow Your Network), an app to manage your real-life network. With GYN, you can add contacts, associate keywords, store favors, and chats, set reminders, and see statistics about your network.
Here is the link:
Some features:
- Add the birthdays of your contacts and receive a notification on their special day
- Associate keywords to each person to represent key information/concepts. Examples: architect, computer science, hiking
- Store the favors you exchanged with a contact. Keep a good balance between favors in credit and debt.
- Store the chats that you had with a contact. Save who started the conversation, the rate and duration, and some keywords.
- Set up a notification to remind you to text someone or do something with a contact.
- See statistics about a contact and your network
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2023.03.20 22:54 SirZanee This letter that came in my eBay package.

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2023.03.20 22:54 sav_iguess Budget Cosplay Help (Tsukasa Yugi)

Budget Cosplay Help (Tsukasa Yugi)
I was considering cosplaying Tsukasa Yugi (attached image) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts for items I could look for that would match his top and bottoms (though, if anyone has ideas for the hat, those are welcome too!!)? I was hoping to be able to find some things in-store instead of having to buy his cosplay online, since it's most likely cheaper, haha! Apologies if the wording is confusing, feel free to ask for clarification!!
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2023.03.20 22:54 TheeParent A favor to USA for my daughter ALE-HOP

First, I understand that this is a ridiculous request, but I really enjoy doing these silly things for my kids.
Last year, i took my wife and two daughters (4yo & 3yo) to Barcelona and Seville for two weeks. My oldest was enamored with a store called ALE-HOP that sells trinkets. We purchased her a Unicorn notebook that she has used up, and she continues to talk about the poopy-pen that I refused to buy her.
Well, this week, my oldest lost her second tooth, and I put a €20 that I'd had in my wallet under her pillow. I told her the Tooth Fairy left her the Euro that was from Spain, and that it was enough to buy a Unicorn notebook and poopy-pen. Turns out does not ship to the USA.
I am hoping someone would be kind enough to purchase the following items for my daughters and ship them AT MY EXPENSE. I have Paypal and Venmo. I'm sure we can think of other ways to pay as well. I will absolutely pay up front and consume all the risk and financial obligation ahead of time.

Feel free to make fun of me, or message me.
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2023.03.20 22:54 Fantastic-Taro-756 Bacio gelato blk mkt 14 gram, 26% thc and 2.7% terpenes.

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2023.03.20 22:53 BloodyHandTowel Sadly, I'm over this game

When DDV released, I was so excited and happy and spent hours a day playing it. Now, months later, it seems the novelty has finally worn off.
There just isn't enough content to hold people over. While the updates they release are good, they feel too minimal, a few changes here and there and a character or two.
The grind just doesn't feel worth the reward. I've been trying to build a nice area and it has taken weeks because the grind is just too much.
We got new items for the store and I'm still getting the same old stuff and now even the premium store is repeating items.
What could this game do to bring life back because in my opinion, it doesn't make it to the end of the year without some changes
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2023.03.20 22:53 carlosvega Bags of 'nickel' owned by JPMorgan Chase and stored in a warehouse in the Netherlands turned out to be full of stones.

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2023.03.20 22:53 T3X93 Points/perks

For some stores such as superstore, shoppers drug mart, etc. are we as shoppers allowed to use our own card? optimum card in this case. I never have I’ve just been curious
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2023.03.20 22:52 sir_ale Subtitle Extract Plugin

What does the Subtitle Extract Plugin exactly do? I have not found anything really useful in the documentation, on Github or on here. It extracts subtitle files, but which formats (just srt or also video-based subs, if that's possible) and how? Does it store the files in the media folders?
Maybe some of you know more, or are actively using it.
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2023.03.20 22:52 Pale_Ad5899 HACKING SERVICES

Contact Us On [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
About the research
Many businesses actively and productively use corporate sites, online stores, and web services to accomplish tasks. Customers register on these websites by leaving their personal data, make purchases by entering credit card information, and use cloud services to store information or use the resources provided to send their sensitive information. It is obvious that not only competitors, but also cybercriminals, would like to have access to such precious data, so it is no surprise when clients' personal data is leaked from yet another big company into the hands of criminals. Often, these events are associated with a successful attack on a company's web applications, as a result of which attackers gain access to the user database or steal other information. For example, in September 2020, hackers broke into more than 2,800 Magento-based online stores where they injected a malicious script that to scrape customers' personal information and payment card data.
As a result of hacking, both users and companies themselves may be affected. The web application security analysis conducted by Positive Technologies shows that criminals can conduct attacks on clients in 92% of web applications; in 68% of cases, there is a danger of a data leak; and in 16% of cases, attackers can gain control over the application and the server OS.
In this article, we will talk about why criminals hack websites, and what consequences there may be for the owners and users of hacked resources.
We have selected the ten most active forums on the dark web, which offer services for hacking websites, buying and selling databases, and accessing web resources. In total, more than 8 million users are registered on these forums, more than 7 million topics have been created, and more than 80 million messages have been published.
Note that this article does not consider ads that are posted in messages on such forums and related to services for organizing DDoS attacks on web resources, since in this case, the motives, goals, and tools of the attackers and those who hire them differ radically and go beyond the scope of this research.
Why criminals hack websites
In 90% of cases, users of darknet hacking forums search for a hacker who can provide them with access to a particular resource or who can download a user database. Seven percent of the messages include offers to hack websites. The rest of the messages are aimed at promoting hacking tools and programs and finding like-minded people to share hacking experience.
By offers, we mean ads published by service owners and hacker groups. They cannot act as indicators of supply and demand, as they are often posted only once. The demand for the services mentioned above can be estimated approximately only by individual inquiries from users who, for various reasons, did not make use of the information about the offers.
Figure 1. Categories of inquiries related to hacking websites
Since March 2020, we have noticed a surge of interest in website hacking. This might have been caused by an increase in the number of companies available via the Internet, which was triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations that previously worked offline were forced to go online in order to maintain their customers and profits, and cybercriminals, naturally, took advantage of this situation.
The following graph shows the number of new ads on dark web forums. Ads are posted not only by new members, but also by hackers with an established reputation. The latter do this as a form of self-promotion. It is difficult to determine which ads are duplicates and which have lost relevance, so we do not give the number of hackers or groups that actively provided hacking services at the beginning of 2019 or who are doing it today.
Figure 2. Number of new ads related to hacking web resources on forums in 2019–2020
In about seven out of ten inquiries related to website hacking, the main goal is to gain access to a web resource. Not only can attackers steal sensitive information, but also sell access to web applications to so-called fences.
Figure 3. Distribution of inquiries by topic
Inquiries aimed at obtaining user or client databases from a targeted resource account for 21% of all ads. Competitors and spammers who collect lists of addresses for targeted phishing attacks aimed at a specific audience are primarily interested in acquiring this type of information.
Contact Us On [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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