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2023.05.30 22:16 Garfield_and_Simon One of the most evil acts Walt commits that is often overlooked...

Walt obviously does many heinous things in BrBa but I often find fans miss this one.
Specifically, this happens in the train robbery episode. Obviously the murder of Drew Sharp is horrible (although part of the blame does rest on his parents for letting him drive a dangerous motor vehicle alone in the desert), but I think the brutality of this act causes another horrible thing Walt accomplishes in the episode to go overlooked.
When Walt and the gang steal the Methylamine their plan is that the 4% loss will be blamed on the Chinese chemical provider for selling "watered-down" product rather than any kind of robbery. This is a very unethical and terrible act because:
  1. The reputation of the Chinese chemical provider will be damaged on a global scale. This will cause them to lose contracts with other business and ultimately hurt their stock prices (we live in a capitalist society where this is considered a very heinous crime). This could also cause executives of the company to commit suicide due to shame in a typical Asian fashion.
  2. Giving the Chinese company the reputation of being "scammers" feeds into negative stereotypes about Chinese businesses and people. This could ultimately lead to more Asian hate and acts of racially motivated violence throughout the United States.
Overall, Drew is far from the only victim in this episode and I think if the fan base left our euro-centric white bubble for a second we would realize this better.
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2023.05.30 22:16 lawlessrider08 Latency

Does anyone know how to lower latency on dsl internet? It’s the only internet I have available in my area, I went to and tested my internet speed and latency and it gave me a D rating and sometimes an f rating. Says I have too much bufferbloat and my latency increased severely under load. Is there a router that I can buy that will help with me having dsl internet? What can I do to mitigate latency?
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2023.05.30 22:15 silvertoastie Is the new dungeon exotic farmable?

The new dungeon itself is, however I’ve noticed there’s a multipliepercentage increase of the “initial” exotic drop rate. Does this mean it is farmable, as it’s the new dungeon? Just means its a much lower chance of dropping after your first run? Would love to know if anyone has had it dropped from farming it. Want to know if it’s worth doing the cheese as I’m not really bothered by the artifice armour. Thanks in advance
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2023.05.30 22:15 wthringheights Disappointed in how things are kept from the audience in a way that is not typical of film and tv (spoilers for end of s2)

So in a lot of shows, you are often privy to an amount of information so that there's a sense that a bomb is about to go off. you dont know when, you dont know how characters will react, you dont know what will happen if it doesnt. that said - PLEASE please please correct me if im wrong - but did we ever see or hear Jessica confess to Misty that she worked for Tai? It totally felt lazy to have misty suddenly have that information if we never saw it confessed on screen.
It wouldve been great to have Misty have this distrust of Tai for all of s2. It wouldve been great if Jessica was used better, or perhaps wasnt dead (since apparently like.. the cops didnt find it suspicious at all??????). like maybe i did miss her gathering this info - but regardless, why does the show build Zero suspense about Tai investigating all of them. when its revealed its like no one even gives a damn anymore. which like.. is fair! cuz like many things in the show it has literally zero consequences LOL
oh also - Ive had this problem since s1 (which i loved in MANY ways) the stakes of anyone finding out "what they did" in the woods is so whatever to me. they ate each other. plain and simple. maybe they had a weird religion. who cares! in the real world they would attract the attention of true crime heads and men who wanna marry killer women etc, but aside from that and the shame/guilt, its not like theyll get arrested for doing what they needed to survive so what does it matter...?
stakes. what are the stakes. this question haunts me with this show cuz it truly feels like they arent there. all that said. i loved s1 and wish we could have a better written show about crazy women .. i will still be watching s3 regardless.
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2023.05.30 22:15 Gbreeder Interesting note.

Some people were canceling my stuff out in 3D due to those seals appearently.
Basically, only worked here.
Which is great.
Now I can do more stuff, undisturbed.
Some negatives?
People will probably commit random astral crimes against people.
I considered acting out against some people.
But, that would just fuel someone's "haha look at what he's doing with "my power", see I never did that stuff!"
Plus other reasons. Those people will have things implode on themselves anyways.
Did act out against someone who was trying to mimic me with some partnered method.
So, that's something. Seems to be working well on that one.
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2023.05.30 22:15 norealtalentshere My first brilliant BABBEEYY

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2023.05.30 22:15 sdoubleyouv Meta Warrants Question

Okay - so I have a question and I'm wondering if anyone can explain this to me.
I've seen it repeated several times that BK didn't have Facebook/Instagram because there haven't been any search warrants for his account. However, one Meta search warrant appears to be broad and three names are redacted from it:
Here it is typed out:
Lawrence Mowery, having given me proof, upon oath, this day showing probable cause establishing grounds for issuing search warrant and there is probable cause to believe that the property referred to and sought in or upon said premises consists of information related to the crime(s) of homicide on the Facebook account(s) from August 1, 2022, to November 19, 2022:
  1. Madison “Maddie” Mogen with the following IDENTIFIERS
  2. REDACTED with the following IDENTIFIERS
  3. REDACTED with the following lDENTIFIERS
  4. REDACTED with the following IDENTIFIERS
  5. Kaylee Goncalves with the following IDENTIFIERS
  6. Ethan Chapin with the following IDENTIFIERS
  7. Xana Kemodle with the following the IDENTIFIERS
All contact and personal identifying information, including for Madison ‘‘Maddie” Mogen with the following IDENTIFIERS Maddie's Name Here; REDACTED NAME 1 with the following IDENTIFIERS REDACTED NAME 1; REDACTED NAME 2 with the following IDENTIFIERS REDACTED NAME 2; REDACTED NAME 3 with the following IDENTIFIERS REDACTED NAME 3; Kaylee Goncalves with the following IDENTIFIERS Kaylee's name here; Ethan Chapin with the following IDENTIFIERS Ethan's Name here; Xana Kernodle with the following the IDENTIFIERS Xana's name here to include full name, user identification number, birth date, gender, contact e-mail addresses, physical address (including city, state, and zip code), telephone numbers, screen names, websites, and other personal identifiers;
Is it possible that BK could have been one of those three redacted names?
I know that BK's name isn't redacted on some of the other warrants, but this one was issued prior to his arrest. I haven't sorted through all of the warrants, because there are so many, but the ones I have checked that aren't redacted appear to have been issued after his arrest.
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2023.05.30 22:15 NorthernGod2023 How come white americans in the deserts of the western united states have a lower rate of skin cancer than their European counterparts living in Europe?

How come white americans in the deserts of the western united states have a lower rate of skin cancer than their European counterparts living in Europe? submitted by NorthernGod2023 to AskMiddleEast [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:15 FatherOfUniverse (First time posting here) // Health Anxiety

Hello there! Hope You all doing better everyday! Since that's gonna be my very first post in here, I already apologise for my poor English skills, as it isn't my first language. A little about me and the anxiety I have: I am a 20 year old guy from Estonia (Baltics), apparently to Your surprise I'm more of an extrovert and working a job at front desk. I smoke cannabis daily (on work-days only before bed), I also use nicotine daily (smokeless nicotine pouches) as well as the caffeine in my morning cup. I suffer under terrible health anxiety, which I haven't really talked about with my doctor. It's become pretty much daily now. Sometimes when I smoke a little too much/or randomly even while sober I'm just, all of a sudden, starting to feel my heart rate going up, getting dizzy, instantly my breathing changes as I'd need more oxygen. When things go really bad, my hands start to shake and I might even have a weird feeling in my chest for a while. And every God-damn time, I'm afraid I'm just about to have some heart-related episode. The fear of death kicks in as my thoughts are rushing faster than the speed of sound. I just hate it all so much. I'm about to go and see my doctor soon, since I already sent her a letter that I wanna check out what's up exactly. I wanna do all the blood tests, ECG for sure (to make sure my heart functions right), spirography in case it should be asthma/something lung related. Does anybody feel me? It sometimes really feels like a slow death. . .
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2023.05.30 22:15 bfitz $55 increase

My bill went up $55 in one month. And I could not connect with anyone knowledgeable enough on customer service to find out why other than that was the new rate. I was offered some kind of loyalty certificate and reduced Internet, which would save me $15 a month. How does that happen to someone who has been with Comcast for over 20 years.
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2023.05.30 22:13 russianbot716 Chattanooga 70.3 Race Recap

First shot at a recap so let’s see how we do!
Race Info
What – IM 70.3: Chattanooga
Where – Chattanooga, TN USA
When - Sunday, May 21st, 2023
Overall Goals
- PR - Yes (previous PR was a 5:30:12 at Ohio 70.3 in 2022)
- Sub 5:00 - Heck no
- Not blow up on run - Sorta?
TL;DR and Results
This was my 3rd 70.3 and my first with my coach who has been training me since the start of the fall 2022
Swim – 35:07
T1 – 5:03
Bike – 2:49:55
T2 – 3:13
Run – 1:51:57
Total time – 5:25:14
58th in AG (M27), 579 overall
Was a college soccer player (GK) and after college had a foray into BJJ and MMA with a couple fights. Realized that was dumb for longevity and switched to triathlon
2-3 sessions a week of 2.4K to 3.6K yards per session. Some workouts are speed focused, some are technique focused, so on and so forth. I have seen a good improvement on CSS these last few month from 1:40 to 1:33. I did swim team as a kid so I have been trying to recapture some of that swim experience. I also felt some recent breakthrough with decreasing my stroke rate and using fewer more powerful strokes. Have been very happy with my improvement these last months. I still remain a terrible to nonexistent kicker
Goal split - 35 Minutes
typically rides a week. Longer weekend ride and 2 during the week (on zwift trainer) with focus on cadence or power or VO2. I have a big problem with low cadence, recently been trying to get up into the 80s for when I am normally riding. However when I start putting power down I start reverting to the low 70s cadence of riding. As far as FTP I had worked my FTP up to 257 leading up to the start of the season. However I have felt pretty weak these last 2 month leading up to this actual race. It has been harder for me to put the power down. However on the outdoor longer rides I have felt very strong and very comfortable riding for longer periods. Outdoors I ride without power so will probably need to make that investment soon.
Goal Split - 2:30:00
Running has steadily improved with increased mileage and more speedwork. Recent 5K test had improved me to 6:33 for my fastest 5K. Additionally in the most recent half marathon race I had I finished 1:30:12 with a 6:57 avg. biggest issues I have been dealing with are some pain in my left Achilles at the very start of runs that typically disappears after a mile or 2. Typically 3-4 runs a week (1 tempo short, longer run on the weekend, Z2 10k).
Goal Split - 1:40:00
Race Morning
Woke up at 4 AM to get the body rolling. Had my usual prerace breakfast of 2 English muffins with peanut butter and honey as well as a power armour with caffeine and a cup of coffee. Transition setup right at 4:40 to give me plenty of time for the most important part of the morning, THE BM. Went back to my hotel and was able to get showered and dressed up for the race. Headed over to the busses for drop-off to the swim and get to the swim start 20-30 mins before the race start
Swim – seeded myself in the 30-35 minute group and set off! for those that fear swimming Chatty is a great race. It is a with the current swim so it felt like we were flying down the river. Dealt with a slight leak in my left goggle the entire swim which was pretty annoying but it was far from terrible. Also I forgot that in Chatty the swim is actually 1.4 miles instead of 1.2, so as I swam over 2100 yards I was thinking WTF why are we still swimming? This was the first time I seeded myself in the 30-35 min so I did deal with less of the slower swimmers who seed incorrectly. However I did still find quite a few in front of me who should not have been where they were. Mini Rant here, but seriously people why are you doing this? IDK this is just a huge pet peeve of mine when I have to swim all the way around a person (small problems I know...) rant over. But got through it without any real major contact with anyone
35:07 @ 1:23/100 yards - 7:48 PR!
T1 – Never had a wetsuit stripper before! that was fun. But this transition is long as crap. My watch clocked my total transition distance as almost half a mile which was crazy to me. Also I was a little slow getting my socks on today which was unusual. all and all a odd transition where I just felt slow and unfocused on what I was doing.
Bike – Set off on what had previously been my nemesis for my first 70.3 but felt like I would have an area of great improvement for today! with my goal of 2:30 I knew my goal average speed was around 22MPH, and for the first bit we were well on track! If I look at my average speed through the first 26 miles I was averaging 21.6 MPH. And this is a course with rolling hills most of the way. Goals of the bike were to try and really spin to get through the hill and not stuck grinding it out as this would destroy my legs. Also wanted to keep on my nutrition as I felt this really caused me to blow up on my runs in Galveston and Ohio. Fueling per hour was 1 x 55g carb Gatorade mix bottle and a maurten gel to get to 80 g carb per hours. Would then rinse down the body and sip water through the aid stations. after I burned through my 2 bottles I sipped on the Gatorade endurance bottle taken from the aide stations. In total took 160 g carb + some of the Gatorade endurance for nutrition. So all was going ok until after the "big" climb halfway. Not sure if it was fueling or the headwind that started. But my average speed just tanked. I felt like I had no power. When I tried to flex and stretch my legs I could just feel the damage in them. Not good. Then with the slower speed my mental game fell apart. mile 40-50 I was in a really bad mental spot and had decided at several points to just quit when I got back into transition as there was no way in hell I would break 5 hours. I felt like a failure and a loser. why had I been training 9-12 hours every week to just suck? Talk about a tale of 2 half's. Managed to get back to transition. Mini rant #2 - draft packs... screw you. A literal peloton of 8-10 people 2 abreast 5 deep flew by me at mile 45 and let me tell you I was big mad. Rant over. Also saw a guy lose control at 30 MPH and hit the deck pretty hard, hope he's ok. That was a nice bike to wreck on :( Also another guy almost started peeing on me (I was behind him) near the end and definitely did not use enough water to wash himself down after LOL.
2:49:55 - 20.07 MPH - 11ish minutes slower than PR :(
T2 – Made it into T2 and said alright lets just run the first 5k and see how we are doing then we can DNF if you really are that miserable. So got everything racked and ditched the 10 maurtens I had somehow acquired on the bike. but threw on my trusty Saucony Endorphin Pro 2s and set off
Run – That first hill out of transition took my already bad mental state and threw it into the fire. So I have never come closer to quitting than that moment. I did not somehow. And then the run flattened out. So after 1.5 miles I actually started to feel good mentally and that's when I knew I was going to finish. I also saw how my pace was going and I knew I would at least PR on the day if I just held the pacing I was doing. after the 1st aid station I decided I wouldn't push too hard on the run and simply walk through the aid stations. avg pace as 7:40-8:00 while running then would walk through the aid stations. in the aid stations I would douse with water and take Gatorade in. Also was putting ice in the suit. I think in total I had 2-3 gels throughout the run? and I stopped at every single aide station for drink and splashing myself with water. Besides the aid stations the only section I had to walk was an incredibly steep little hill right before the first bridge crossing to the other side of the river. That hill is a real ball buster. In terms of improvements I think if I really want to chop some time I have some free time if I don't walk through aid stations. I need to get better at doing that on the run to enable me to get that free time. Also I really didn't push at all my heartrate was pretty much in high Z2 for me the whole run. Also I was dealing with side stitches off and on the whole run so not sure how I can prevent that in the future but if I could eliminate that I would be a much happier camper. Also lap 2 on the run was SO CROWDED mind you there were 3k athletes but man that was a busy run course for the second lap. Saw the shoot and had the tear well up a little. Got over the line and had a quick little 30 second sob so that was that.
1:51:57 - 8:31 AVG - 11 min PR
Final Thoughts
Chatty has me feeling some really mixed emotions. I really was sure I was in for massive PR., chopping 30 minutes off my last PR. Instead I got a measly 5. Maybe I am being to hard on myself or am being greedy with the amount of time I feel I should be dropping? However when I think about it practically it is a much harder course with 2.3K feet in climbing over the bike and 600 or so feet in climbing on the run. So to PR on a harder course is good right? Just a confusing weekend for me about how to feel about it. I think nutrition is still and issue as I am left thinking why did I feel so weak on the bike? I have read some literature that 90-100g carb may be even better now so I think I will implement this into training. Also could I have been tougher and gone harder on that run? If you saw me out there I was in an blue and orange suit with a white helmet riding and old black and blue trek equinox 7 or black running hat. Next race is in July with the Happy Valley 70.3 so I have even more climbing to look forward to there. Will I be able to further PR? Let me know what y'all think of this write up or your thoughts on all this!
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2023.05.30 22:13 JacobGgamer Can Somebody Please Explain To Me How YouTube Pushes Shorts?

I've been posting shorts for a while and as of recently I've noticed my views have dropped massively, I thought it might be been because of bad stats but after looking over, my most recent short (as of an hour ago) has a 100% viewed in the shorts feed. My other shorts have usually extended to over 100-2000 views with worse rates and I wanted to know if there's any real way that YouTube push a shorts video or if it's complete luck, thanks :))
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2023.05.30 22:13 TopWorth2904 FIRE getting derailed by the housing market

Is anyone else having their FIRE plan getting completely upended by the housing / rent market? If so how are you navigating around it? I’ve got two main problems as follows: My wife and I were lucky enough to get into the market in 2020 before the last of the huge price increases and at a 3.25% rate. However, we opted for a condo that fell in our affordability range and that we could potentially do a B.R.R.R. (Buy, rehab, rent, repeat) and start building an empire. This was really the main piece of my FIRE plan. But then with raising rates that plan was no longer feasible as pulling pulling equity out would result in a high enough rate jump that the monthly payment could almost double. Problem 2, prices have not fallen in relationship to the interest rate rise. I’m a new Dad and we can’t stay in this tiny Condo anymore (700SF for a family of 3 and within a year or two we plan on growing to 4). We really need a house or a townhome but the are looking at a minimum of 850k for a townhome with a 2hr commute one way to any sort of job center and built before electricity was invented. Even with our 200k in equity that’s a $5000/mo + mortgage which just means I’d be submitting myself to being a wage slave forever. I guess I’m just yelling at the sky but I’m really frustrated that I was so close to making my plan start falling into place after 10 years of saving and being frugal but just two years after that the only way I see forward is becoming a complete and total debt slave if I want to give my children any sort of normal and fun childhood. Wasn’t sure if this was happening to any one else.
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2023.05.30 22:12 quellik Vasectomies rose by 29% in the three months after the end of Roe

The Economist had an interest article last week about the rise of vasectomies:
Full article:
The number of vasectomies has been on the rise. Between 2017 and 2021, the rate at which surgeries were performed increased by an average of 4% each year. But the number of American men who report having had the procedure is lower than it was 20 years ago (and vasectomy rates still lag far behind rates of tubal ligation, the more invasive equivalent for women). In 2002 national health surveys estimated that 6.9% of the male population aged 18-45 had been snipped. The most recent round of surveys, carried out between 2017 and 2019, put the figure at 5.4%. We estimate that around 20,000 extra men chose to undergo the short, mostly painless, surgery between July and December 2022. Normally, the number of procedures peaks towards the end of the year, when patients are more likely to have reached their insurance deductible (although this is probably overstated in our data, which do not capture vasectomies paid for in cash). Surgery rates also get a boost in March, which some urologists market as “vasectomy season”, a time when men can spend the day or two needed for recovery from the procedure watching March Madness basketball.
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2023.05.30 22:12 Afraid_Nerve2564 Best Way to Pay for Towson?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to go about paying for Towson given my circumstances. To start off with, I'm in a financial grey area where I'm currently living with my parents and my parents do make a lot of money however the cost of living in my area is high enough that my parents cannot afford to put me through college. My parent's income is high enough that I cannot get grants. So I'm left with either scholarships and/or student loans.
The degree I plan on applying for is a bachelor's in Information Technology and I plan on applying as a transfer student from Howard Community College for the Spring of 2024. My GPA currently is 3.71 and I'm on my last class needed to graduate with an associate's degree that I hopefully will pass over the summer. I plan on coming in with an associate's degree in General Studies since the last few classes that are required for my initial degree that I was working towards won't transfer to Towson. The associate degree that I was initially taking was in Application Development.
I have spoken to Towson's financial aid, disability services (I have autism and ulcerative colitis), housing, and admissions offices as well about my interest in applying for the Spring term of 2024 at Towson. The admissions counselor said that I shouldn't be too worried about getting accepted and that if I transfer with an associate's degree and a GPA above 2.0 then admission to Towson is guaranteed. I don't know how true that is since I wasn't able to find anything on the Towson site that details anything about guaranteed admission but it did come from an admission counselor so I'm assuming it's a thing.
So far when it comes to paying for Towson I've been looking at student loans and scholarships as a way to help pay for Tuition but I'm unsure which ones I should be looking at and what's right for me. I estimated that in the worst-case scenario, tuition would cost around $77,000. Given the information above are there any scholarships for students in the Information Technology field or student loans with a low fixed interest rate that you guys would recommend?
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2023.05.30 22:10 MicroAggressiveMe I asked ChatGPT to right a Dudesy episode. No Gibber Pravalia, but pretty good.

Title: "Uncharted Conversations"
[Theme music plays]
[Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen banter as the episode begins]
Will: Hey there, Dudesy fam! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Dudesy. I'm Will Sasso, and as always, I'm joined by my partner in crime, Chad Kultgen.
Chad: That's right, folks! We're here to bring you the uncharted and unexpected, fueled by the power of AI and our own outrageous personalities. Dudesy in the house!
Will: So, Dudesy, what's on the agenda today?
Dudesy: Greetings, gentlemen! Today, we delve into unexplored conversations. As an AI, I have analyzed your interests, personal histories, and the feedback from our listeners to curate an experience tailored to blow your minds.
Chad: You've got our attention, Dudesy. What's the first topic?
Dudesy: How about we dive into the bizarre world of conspiracy theories? We'll explore some of the wildest and most controversial ones out there.
Will: I love a good conspiracy theory! Let's debunk them or add fuel to the fire.
Chad: Absolutely! From ancient aliens to lizard people ruling the world, no stone shall remain unturned. It's time to separate fact from fiction!
Dudesy: Fantastic! I've prepared some mind-boggling facts and intriguing theories to get the discussion rolling. Get ready to question everything you thought you knew!
Will: Alright, Chad, it's time to dig deep into the wild world of conspiracy theories. Buckle up!
Chad: Oh, you know I'm ready for this, Will. Give me the juicy ones!
Will: Alright, how about the classic moon landing conspiracy? Did we really land on the moon, or was it an elaborate Hollywood production?
Chad: You know, I've seen some compelling arguments on both sides, but I gotta say, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the moon landing. Plus, the idea of faking it on such a massive scale seems nearly impossible.
Will: I hear you, but there's still that nagging thought in the back of my mind, you know? But let's move on to something more outlandish. What about reptilian shapeshifters ruling the world?
Chad: (laughs) Ah, the reptilian overlords! I can't believe this one has gained so much traction. I mean, if there were lizard people controlling everything, wouldn't someone have spilled the secret by now? It's entertaining, though.
Will: Absolutely, it's pure entertainment. But hey, we've got an expert joining us today to shed some light on another fascinating conspiracy theory. Please welcome Dr. Emily Parker, a renowned historian specializing in secret societies.
Emily: Thank you, Will and Chad. It's great to be here.
Will: So, Dr. Parker, let's dive into the mysterious world of secret societies. Which one has caught your attention lately?
Emily: Well, gentlemen, the Illuminati continues to be a topic of intrigue. While the original Bavarian Illuminati disbanded long ago, the concept of a secretive global organization manipulating world events still captures people's imagination. However, most scholars view it as a mere myth rather than a reality.
Chad: That's fascinating, Dr. Parker. Now, we have a listener question here from Josh who asks if there's any truth to the theory that ancient civilizations were influenced by extraterrestrial beings. What's your take on that?
Emily: Ah, the ancient aliens theory. It's an idea that has gained significant popularity in recent years. While there are certainly unexplained phenomena in history, attributing them solely to extraterrestrial influence is a leap without concrete evidence. It's crucial to consider alternative explanations and approach these claims with skepticism.
Will: Wise words, Dr. Parker. Thanks for sharing your insights with us today.
Chad: Absolutely, it's always enlightening to get an expert's perspective. Now, let's dive into some listener-submitted theories. We've got one here from Sarah who believes that Bigfoot is a secret government experiment gone wrong. What do you make of that?
Will: (laughs) Oh, Sarah, that's a wild one! I gotta say, I'm a bit skeptical about the government creating a Bigfoot, but hey, stranger things have happened.
Chad: Indeed, Will. We can't ignore the power of imagination and the allure of these fascinating theories. Keep sending them in, folks!
[The lively banter and discussions continue as they explore more conspiracy theories, expert insights, and listener-submitted questions and theories.]
Will: Mind blown, man! Some of these theories are just too wild to ignore.
Chad: No doubt, Will! It's fascinating how these theories capture the imagination of so many people. But at the end of the day, critical thinking is key.
Dudesy: Indeed, gentlemen. The world of conspiracies is a rabbit hole, and it's up to each individual to separate fact from fiction. We've certainly given our listeners a lot to ponder.
Will: That's what we do, Dudesy! We're here to entertain and make people think. So, what's the next adventure on our journey today?
Dudesy: How about a deep dive into the realms of virtual reality? We'll explore the latest advancements, mind-bending possibilities, and perhaps even share some hilarious virtual mishaps.
Chad: Virtual reality? Count me in! I can't wait to hear the crazy experiences people have had in those digital realms.
Will: Oh man, this is going to be a blast! I've got some funny stories to share too.
[The episode continues with discussions about virtual reality, including anecdotes, expert insights, and unexpected turns.]
Will: Time flies when you're having fun! But sadly, we're running out of time for today's episode.
Chad: Don't worry, folks! We'll be back with more mind-blowing conversations, unexpected adventures, and laughter galore.
Will: Absolutely! Stay tuned for future episodes of Dudesy, where we'll continue to explore uncharted territories and entertain you like never before. Thanks for tuning in, Dudesy fam!
Chad: And remember, keep those questions and suggestions coming. We love hearing from you! Until next time, stay curious and stay awesome!
[Theme music fades out]
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2023.05.30 22:10 LM1117 Anybody else experience irritability, increased heart rate from meat?

I was trying keto since the last few weeks with increased meat and I noticed that a large portion of meat (usually red meat) in one sitting causes my heart rate to go up and I also have trouble falling asleep at night if I eat too close to bed time (even 4 hours before is too close) because my heart is pounding.
I first was thinking it might be too much sodium but I reduced my intake and it didn't really change.
Anybody else who is experiencing this?
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2023.05.30 22:10 linked_camp Maximizing Your Time with LinkedIn Automation: Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn has evolved from being just a social networking site to a powerful platform for professionals and businesses alike. With over 875 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has become the go-to resource for building professional connections, finding job opportunities, and marketing your brand. But with so much competition on the platform, it can be challenging to stand out and make meaningful connections that lead to business success. That's where LinkedIn automation tools come in handy! In this post, we'll explore everything you need to know about maximizing your time with LinkedIn automation tools – from what they are and their benefits to how to use them effectively and tips for getting the most out of them.
So let's dive in!
Understanding of LinkedIn Automation?
LinkedIn automation is the practice of using tools to automate repetitive tasks on LinkedIn. These tools help professionals save time and increase productivity by automating tasks such as sending connection requests, messaging prospects, and endorsing skills.
One of the main advantages of LinkedIn automation is that it allows users to reach a wider audience in less time than it would take to do manually. By automating these tasks, businesses can focus on other important aspects of their operations while still maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn.
However, it's essential to use these tools responsibly and ethically. Using automation too aggressively or without proper targeting can lead to your account being flagged as spammy or even banned from the platform altogether.
That's why it's crucial only to use reputable automation tools that comply with LinkedIn's terms of service. Additionally, be sure to set appropriate limits on how many actions you perform each day so that you don't overwhelm yourself or risk damaging your account's reputation.
When used correctly, LinkedIn automation can be a powerful tool for amplifying your brand visibility and generating leads – all while saving you precious time!
The Benefits of LinkedIn Automation
There are several benefits to using LinkedIn automation tools. Firstly, it saves time by allowing you to automate mundane tasks such as sending connection requests or follow-up messages. This frees up more time for meaningful engagement with your connections and potential clients.
Secondly, automation allows for better targeting of prospects. With the ability to filter connections based on various criteria, such as industry or job title, you can ensure that your outreach efforts are directed toward those who are most likely to be interested in your services.
Thirdly, LinkedIn automation can increase productivity by enabling you to send out a higher volume of personalized messages in a shorter amount of time.
Automation tools can help boost the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by providing analytics and insights into which campaigns are working best. This information allows for adjustments and improvements to be made on the fly.
Utilizing LinkedIn automation tools offers numerous advantages that make it an essential part of any effective marketing strategy on the platform.
The Different Types of LinkedIn Automation Tools
There are several LinkedIn automation tools available in the market today. Each tool has its own set of features and functionalities designed to cater to different needs. Here are some of the most common types of LinkedIn automation tools:
Connection request and follow-up tools: These tools automate connection requests, allowing you to send out hundreds or thousands of requests at once. They also provide automatic follow-up messages for when these connections respond.
Lead generation and outreach tools: These help you find targeted leads based on specific criteria such as job title, industry, location, etc., and then automatically message them with your pitch or offer.
Posting and scheduling tools: These allow you to schedule posts ahead of time so that they go live at optimal times for engagement rates.
Analytics and tracking tools: These enable you to track your campaigns' performance by monitoring metrics like views, clicks, conversions, etc., allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategy accordingly.
CRM integrations: Some automation platforms integrate with popular CRMs like Sales force or HubSpot so that all your leads generated from LinkedIn can be automatically added to your CRM system.
It's important to research each tool carefully before deciding which one is right for you, as there can be significant differences between them in terms of pricing plans, features offered, etc.
How to Use LinkedIn Automation Tools
Using LinkedIn automation tools can help you save time and streamline your marketing efforts, but it's important to use them properly in order to avoid getting flagged by LinkedIn as a spammer. Here are some tips for using LinkedIn automation tools effectively:
Choose the right tool: There are many different types of LinkedIn automation tools available, so it's important to choose one that fits your needs and budget.
Set up your account: Once you've chosen a tool, make sure to set up your account properly by connecting it with your LinkedIn profile and configuring any necessary settings.
Define your audience: Before you start automating outreach messages or connection requests, define who your target audience is so that you can tailor your messaging accordingly.
Personalize messages: While automation can save time, it shouldn't come at the expense of personalization. Make sure to personalize each message based on the recipient's profile information.
Monitor progress: Keep an eye on how well your automated messages are performing and adjust them as needed based on response rates and feedback from recipients.
By following these guidelines for using LinkedIn automation tools effectively, you can maximize their benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls along the way.
Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Time with LinkedIn Automation
Maximizing your time with LinkedIn automation tools can be a game-changer for businesses and professionals looking to increase their productivity and efficiency on the platform. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make the most out of your LinkedIn automation experience.
First, it's important to identify which tasks you want to automate. This could include sending connection requests, messaging new connections, or scheduling posts. Once you have identified these tasks, choose an appropriate tool that matches your needs.
Secondly, create personalized messages for each prospect instead of using generic templates. Personalization helps build trust and foster relationships with potential clients or partners.
Thirdly, set realistic limits on how many actions per day you want your tool to perform. Overusing automation can lead to account suspensions or bans from LinkedIn as well as damage relationships with prospects.
Fourthly, track your progress by analyzing data such as open rates of messages sent or a number of successful connection requests made in a given period. This will allow you to fine-tune your approach over time and adjust accordingly.
Remember that while automation may save time upfront; building meaningful relationships requires personal effort beyond automated tools. Always strive towards authentic interactions when engaging with others on LinkedIn, regardless if it's done manually or automatically using tools like Hubspot Sales Hub or LinkedCamp Cloud Based LinkedIn Automation Tool.
In today's fast-paced world, time is money. That's why using LinkedIn automation tools can really help maximize your efficiency when it comes to networking and marketing. With the right strategies in place, you can use these tools to save time while still delivering effective results.
Whether you're looking for a way to automate your messaging or want to schedule posts ahead of time, there are plenty of options available. By taking advantage of these tools and implementing our tips and tricks, you'll be able to boost engagement on your page while freeing up more time for other important tasks.
However, it is important not to rely solely on automation, as personal interaction is key in building strong relationships. Don't forget that connecting with people directly, engaging in conversations, and staying current with industry trends should always remain a top priority.
LinkedIn automation tools provide an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to improve their brand awareness online through social media platforms like LinkedIn. Remember that by using these tools wisely alongside good old-fashioned hard work will lead you down the path toward success!
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2023.05.30 22:10 Donnelly3541 Odds of ending back up in the ER

My daughter is 5 months old. We returned home yesterday after spending 3 days in the hospital for dehydration. When the call was made to discharge her, she was steadily increasing her formula intake and had not thrown up in 24 hours. She looked to be on the mend. Diagnosis was "probably something viral".
Cut to today: she has drank 6.5oz since 6am (it is now 4pm) and her wake windows are only about 1-1.5hrs long. She also just puked up several of those ounces. She is still VERY happy and acting herself.
Feels like at this rate we're going to end up back in the ER very soon and it's just a matter of time until we see the dehydration signs. Am I being pessimistic? Have you gone through something similar? How long did it take to get back to normal? She is 7th percentile and already struggled with eating enough so this has been really stressful.
We have a follow-up with her pediatrician tomorrow afternoon and I'm just hoping they don't send us back to the ER.
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2023.05.30 22:10 BustedUtensil This seems too good to be true, but maybe I'm missing something? Old model perhaps?

This seems too good to be true, but maybe I'm missing something? Old model perhaps? submitted by BustedUtensil to Kayaking [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 22:08 SpiralingUniverses TIMELINE SO FAR (credit to Interesting_finish)

1963: Washington Massacre: MLK is killed in the March on Washington, race riots, Civil Rights Act blocked, the Bloody Decade begins.
1964, Krushev is deposed, Alexander Shelepin and the orthodox marxist-leninists take power defeating revisionist Breznev. Sino-Soviet Alliance restored.
1970, Fred Hampton is captured and the Bloody Decade ends.
1973, the US stays in Vietnam.
1976, Republicans hold the White House, Nixon never resigns
1979, the US invades Iran.
1980, Democrats take the White House.
1981, the Vietnam War is won by North Vietnam
1983: Democrats unsuccessfully try to end segregation
1983: USSR leaves Afghanistan
1985, The US leaves Iran
1984, Ronald Reagan becomes President
1985, British Civil War and Scotland Population Exchange.
1986-1988, California, New England and others start seceding from the United States, Army increasingly divided on loyalty.
1988: Collapse of the US: Birth of the PUA, independence to several more states such as Iowa, Louisiana, Florida, and more. Dissolution of the US, Royalists set a government in exile in Alaska. The South unites into the Republic
1990, Atlanta Hotel seized by New Black Panthers, Republic of America attempts to abolish segregation, coup d'etàt by the White League (costle of the American Independent Party and KKK), David Duke becomes President.
1994: China reforms towards PUA model (they were never dengiist), Second Sino-Soviet Split, intercommunist Cold War.
1992, Triple Revolution. France, Belgium and the Netherlands adopt Communism. Split occurs when France and Belgium side with PUA model, and Netherlands adopts Soviet Communism.
1993: Italy peacefully adopts PUA model (now called Democratic Communism, or French-American Communism)
1995: South Koreans flee across the border en masse, and a unification under the north is agreed
1996, as segregation is kept and even worsened, Black resistance escalates to full on civil war in all of the RA on Juneteenth of 1996.
1998: The Republic worsens State Religion Act establisheds Baptism as state religion and protestantism in general as acceptable faith, concentration camps for blacks and other minorities are set up
1995-2005: somewhere between South Africa falls into brutal race and civil war
1997: The assembly of Democratic Communists is formed, an annual meeting of DemCom nations
1998: The League of Free Nations is formed
1999: PUA congress is suicide bombed by an anti-communist pro-republican group
2000: Kremlin is bombed by Islamic Extremists, GS is killed and Gorbachev takes power
2001: Japan falls into brutal civil war
1963-2004, sometime in here, communist and kurdish guerrilla in Turkey becomes much more prominent, while the Grey Wolves install an islamo-fascist regime.
2004, the USSR invades Turkey to aid the Communists and root out islamist terrorism.
1998-2004: the RA begins a full scale genocide of any Black population in its hands.
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2023.05.30 22:08 IceCreamDream10 r/Vanderpumprules

Apparently I’m a bigot for saying the only thing that could shock me at this point is the most hypermasculine character announcing a sex change. That makes me somehow transphobic. I think my trans family members would disagree. Sick of the SJW attitude on this app. Not everything is freaking hate speech or bigotry. People are sometimes shocked to find out I’m bisexual! Damn you can’t say shit anymore.
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