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Code Black: A new CBS medical drama.

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2023.03.20 23:51 Civil_Preparation934 16M what is uuuuuuup? Gotta go big chief!

If you get that reference we gotta be friends fr. Anyway id absolutely love to talk to someone who has READ SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT. WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE? IF YOU HAVE. DM ME! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR LIKE 300 DAYS!

Ahem sorry about that. Just really want to talk to a fellow skulduggery enthusiast.

My music tastes? My top ten are:
  1. The Nights - Avicii
  2. Future Days - Pearl Jam
  3. My Person - Spencer Crandall
  4. Hurt - Johnny Cash
  5. Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
  6. If The World Was Ending - J.P Saxxe feat. Julia Michaels
  7. Stand By Me - Ben.E.King
  8. Running Home To You - Grant Gustin
  9. All The Faces - Creed Bratton
  10. Drops Of Jupiter - Train
TV Shows:
Im not a movie guy...alright alright sue me. But ive seen the greats like Star Wars and HP so thats something right?
Top 5 fav shows:
  1. How I Met Your Mother - seen it 19 times
  2. The Office US - 5 or 6
  3. Brooklyn 99 - 5 or 6
  4. The Big Bang Theory - 4 or 5
  5. The OA - Once
As youve guessed by now from my lil....outburst. I loooooove books.
  1. Skulduggery Pleasant - Derek Landy - A personal hero of mine despite how shaky phase 2 was. - Read 39 times
  2. Percy Jackson (Also counting HOO and part of TOA, before tower of nero) - Uncle Rickkkk - 17 times
  3. Harry Potter - J.K Rowling - 9 times. - Love the series just not as much as #2 and #1.
Also a massive hopeless romantic. Read my most recent post on hopelessromantic to get my full thoughts on love and soulmates.
Have a great day or great night. Goodnight and Good morning.
P.S going sleep shortly after posting these. Will get back to you if you dm or comment
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2023.03.20 23:50 Capital-Ant2812 Would it be smarter to publish as a book or as a webtoon

This is an excerpt because my first chapter needs revision
Even if the world was almost destroyed 250 years ago we sure were able to come a long way in that time. It was great enough that me and Thomas’ parents would try so hard to be able to live here.
At first glance it was beautiful like a dream. Sector 3 was one of the best Districts except 1 and 2.
It buzzed with life with people on their way to work and wherever they needed to go. Cars hovered over the ground at speeds of 20 to 30 miles per hour. They made a sort of buzzing noise that was music to my ears. The smells of food cooking in fancy restaurants attacked my nostrils hoping to draw my attention and buy their food. Good thing I had a hearty breakfast because I don’t think I could afford any of them right now. Teenagers like me hung out with their hoverboards doing all types of tricks that could easily backfire in a nearby park. They had neon colored hair, mohawks along with other choices in fashion that my school and I just don’t agree with. Other businesses such as hospitals, hair salons, movie theaters also seemed to attract crowds like a magnet. I even passed by the hospital my mom worked at. It was a huge dark skyscraper with a spacious parking lot with its name Healing Haven Hospital in bright colored letters at the top.
Sector 3 was a great place to live if you could afford it. Although If you looked hard enough you noticed the people that failed to make ends meet. In the slums people slept in man made houses of trash and boxes. Others smoked and did drugs which was kind of illegal. Either they weren’t caught or the soldiers didn’t care enough to check. Children wearing dirty rags who were so skinny you could count their ribs rummaged through trash and fought over any spoils. It wasn’t fair that this greedy government would place laws and taxes that would force them to suffer this horrible fate. I need money whether or not it's legal as long as it can keep my family fed and happy.
15 minutes after I left the house I finally reached the train station. I got off my hoverboard and got in line and thankfully it wasn’t that long. When I reached the doors, I almost had a heart attack. Guarding the door where two sentinels armed to the teeth carrying large guns and dressed in their signature white bulletproof armor.
“Pay up please,” the one on the right said as he stretched out his hand. He held a device that would collect the money you need to take to ride the train.
“Okay,” I agreed with a nervous voice.
I took out my own phone and paid. I was able to get a seat on the train I was keeping all to myself with no troubles.
After we started moving I finally was able to let myself relax. I thought I was this close to being arrested before I could do anything illegal today.
Sentinels are usually stationed in places such as banks and homes of important people like governors. But this is the first time I’ve seen them deployed at a train station. I remember when I wanted to be one when I was a kid and go to District 2 to make lots of money but my parents made me give up that dream. District 2 specializes in military and security. That was where soldiers trained and lived. Higher Ups also had access to a luxurious life in a fancy mansion and more money than what they actually needed. This is where the hovercrafts that soared the sky providing surveillance were built and maintained. Where Epizon’s forces that would protect our country from its threats could prepare for any possibility. Prepare for what I always ask. Most of the world has been destroyed. Africa has never shown any hostility to us. No, they’re just here to enforce this tyrannical government and eliminate any that may possess abilities.
I grabbed my headphones from my backpack and played my favorite songs. At least I can enjoy the view.
It was like I was flying as the train soared through the sky on a railway that snaked throughout the city. Never actually touching since the train was connected through powerful electromagnets saving both energy and money. The city looked even more impressive when you had a bird’s eye view.
Couples and families enjoyed picnics on tables at the Liberty State Park. People walked in and out of the Interpretive Center where history from about 300 years was taught. It still had memorials dedicated to remembering events like what happened centuries ago at 9/11. Now there’s a huge memorial dedicated to those who fought to save us from the Enhanced. It's still so hard to believe that people with super powers exist. I’ve learned about them in history class but they seem so unreal. I’ve never seen somebody shoot fire or fly so either the military is really good at their job or this is all made up.
District 3 of the great utopia Epizon. Named after the Greek word for survivor. When the continents Australia, Europe, South America, and Asia were destroyed in World War Three. By the Enhanced who gained powers that almost destroyed the world. Thankfully, the remnants of North America were able to stand up and defeat all the Enhanced people and create the amazing paradise we live in.
It sounds so unreal it has to be propaganda to control the Sectors.
We flew over the Hudson River Walkway. It was my favorite view on the train ride because I loved the way sunlight would reflect off the pristine turquoise waters. It's a shame we don’t really get to swim or fish though. That’s probably for the best.
The rest of the train ride went fast and before I knew it I was at my stop. I grabbed my hoverboard and raced to school because the Victor can’t be late.
While this District has its downsides it could really get a lot worse from here. However, District 1 was the real paradise. It was where the most important people with the most standing lived. The President, his wife, and other high ranking government officials lived there. In enormous mansions separated by acres where all the other people who enforced laws and taxes that made it difficult for my parents to live and provide for us.
But District 3 was the best place where people who are more fortunate like me could live. As long as you were skilled enough and worked hard enough. My mom was a somewhat prominent doctor at one of the biggest hospitals in this District. District 3 specializes in a lot of fields but the one it specializes in is medical science. Medicine, prosthetics, you can get the best of them from here. And my dad was vice president at a company that released some of the best virtual reality games. Entertainment is just as important as health in Epizon. Which meant I sometimes received popular games before everyone else. I remember so many times my parents and I would play together exploring outer space, fighting monsters. My parents are so cool, right?
You’d think that our life would be a little more luxurious and it was. Unfortunately, the selfish government increased taxes and fees from school started to pile up. As the victor in sophomore year I was exempt from those rules as long as I remained Victor. But my parents have yet to completely finish paying all those debts.
It's dangerous to get lost in your thoughts when you’re traveling 3 feet off the ground at 15 miles per hour on a hoverboard because you might end up running into a moving car. Thankfully, I managed to stop just in time.
“So, the Victor almost crashes to a fatal stop. It would be sad, you know. I’d hate for my best friend to die like that.”
I knew that voice.
I turned around and noticed that mischievous grin with sharp teeth I was so familiar with. With his strong red eyes and messy black hair he could’ve been a criminal. Well he technically should be but we’re too smart to get caught.
“Thomas, how’re you?” I asked as I got off my hoverboard.
“Oh, nothing, just waiting for you,” he replied. “I knew you’d show up here to catch the levitrain.”
He gave me a hug and somehow managed to pick me up and spin me around like something a kid would ask their parents to do.
“How’re you doing my best friend? Did you actually get a huge extravagant meal because I just did. My mom just got paid and she didn’t save a single epi.”
“Yeah, I actually did and so I can actually keep my breakfast and not throw up let me down.”
“How’re you so strong anyway? I know you work out but are you seriously that strong. Don’t tell me you actually have super strength.”
“I hope I don’t. Life sucks as is but it would get even worse if I suddenly awakened superpowers.”
I feel the same. It’s rough but we can make it better.
We always managed to read each other’s minds.
“Are you ready for these physicals?” I asked.
“I’m so sick of those things,” he replied. “Oh, it’s time for us to cross.”
We both got on our hoverboards and raced towards school.
“Don’t worry about it, you're strong and you’re pretty muscular,” I assured him. “But, I hope you’re not strong enough to throw a car or something.”
“Don’t worry about it, I've already tried. Nah, I’m kidding.”
“So, are we doing that job today,” Thomas asked with a mischievous grin.
“You know it,” I said.
Now you have to admit our school was pretty impressive.
First of all, it was gigantic. It sort of resembled a castle but really high tech in blue, red, and white colors. In the middle FutureTech was printed in red and blue and was highlighted in white. The dorms were on the left side. And the rest of the other facilities and equipment was in the other half. This was FutureTech, a place which was probably the best school a student could ask for. Less than 20% of those who apply here make the cut. And the majority of them were rich kids who could afford to pay the tuition. Me and Thomas barely made it and it was really tough. But we both worked hard and eventually I became the Victor. One of the perks of being a Victor that must’ve been in place for people like us was that the Victor could choose anyone who didn’t have as much money as the others to be their second in command. They would be exempt from the tuition and other crazy rules. Did you know you have to pay a security fee after a year?
But those only applied if the other guy had good grades and a clean track record. But only as long as I’m the Victor and if either of us do anything that breaks the rules we’ll both be kicked out. Talk about pressure.
But this was the best place to learn anything really. Law, business, art, engineering and other sciences. And it could all be done here.
The school had defenses in place to protect the lives of students and staff. An electromagnetic barrier surrounded the entire establishment. Stretching out a few acres across outside the building. If you wanted to get in you had to get through the one gate in the front. At the gate there were security cameras, x-rays, and 10 armed Sentinels just for extra security. The security was just as intense inside making it nearly impossible to do anything that violated the rules. They didn’t waste a single epi.
“Man, the security of this place is unnerving as always,” Thomas complained.
“It never fails to show me just how out of place we are.”
“Of course the security is advanced. The children of really important people receive education here. This helps them make sure they aren’t kidnapped. I do agree it's unnerving but at least it’s secure. Besides you and I both deserve to be here”
We walked through the sliding doors and saw just how beautiful the school was inside.
The place was illuminated by golden lights. Robots made clunky noises while drones wizzed over my head. I could barely hear myself think over the voices of other students. Girls argued over petty things like their hairstyles and whose boyfriend was better. While boys competed to see who’s stronger or more handsome. Rainbow colors flashed from the lab to the right. Future doctors practiced their skills on mannequins in the lab at the left.
“Hey, look, it's the Victor!”
Soon, the whole school had their eyes on me.
Girls and boys waved and applauded. Even the ones on the second floor whooped and jumped around. Not everyone felt the same though. Some students snickered and sneered while others glared with hatred and jealousy. Even when you work hard to be at the top not everyone will appreciate it.
“You’re popular,” Thomas remarked.
“Too bad not everyone is a fan. You still got the ladies cheering for you. You think you could give them a good word about me?” Thomas joked.
“You know that’s not how it is. We’re on different levels in society. I lose my title as Victor and I fade into the background.”
“Besides, you're smart and strong. Try hard enough and you could get a girlfriend. Just don’t let anyone catch on to our extracurricular activities.”
“Look at that smug smile on his face,” a voice rang out.
“It must be nice to be the Victor's lap dog. I could use that so explain why it is getting wasted on that idiot.”
“ He thinks he’s so strong and mighty just because of that stupid pin. Wait till I get my hands on it, fool.”
“He should watch out. It’d be unfortunate if an accident were to happen. No one would miss some commoners who couldn’t support themselves without that Victor title.”
“Who is that?” Thomas demanded.
“If I find out who they are they won’t have to worry about creating any accident.”
“Chill out Thomas. None of them have the guts or smarts to try anything. Besides, together there’s nothing they can do to either of us.”
“You’re right. We have brains and muscles,” he said as he flexed his arms.
I don’t blame some of them though. Kids who weren’t super wealthy but still made it could use the privileges I got from this title. There were also the selfish rich kids who had more money than they really needed. But I couldn't bear to see someone work hard to achieve something they couldn’t. It makes me so sick sometimes. Our parents do our best just to put a roof over our heads and pay taxes. But I became Victor and that’s a problem. I apologize but I’m not giving it up anytime soon.
“ So what’s first on Victor's schedule?”
“First, we have History class. Then, I have to give a report on quantum physics. Then we have lunch right before the physicals.”
“Well, while you’re doing your fancy report on quantum psychics I’m doing one on the state of this Sector. There’s so many children and families without homes. If I simply beg them nothing will happen. I’ll convince them why they should lend money and support to those who really deserve it. They can train adults to help reinforce the Walls. Add them to the military. Children can also be useful for things. Think about all the new medications they could try by using sick children. They could also put extremely smart children to work in engineering. Even the government can’t ignore the potential of children if given the right environment.”
Good old Thomas is always thinking of ways to help those in need. He takes every advantage and tool he can if it means he can improve the lives of his mother’s and others. More reason for me to fight to stay the Victor.
“Thomas, I have a question.”
“What is it?” he asked.
“Let’s say if you can do what you plan. What if some of those who you’re helping have powers?”
Thomas' face darkened as he stopped his stride.
I hate to do this to him but what if some of those he’s trying to help are Enhanced. People who have done nothing wrong superpowers or not don’t deserve to be hurt out of fear and hatred. Especially if it was because my best friend was only trying to genuinely help.
“I’m not sure. I can already imagine what the government would do if they got their hands on Enhanced people. But if I can only help people with no powers who actually need it. Am I wrong to try even if it could hurt others?”
Thomas’ statement really made me think. The government will hunt those with powers without question. But if he can help the others is that really so wrong? If only we could get the power and authority to change Epizon for the better. A place where rich or poor, normal or superpowered don’t matter. The only thing that you’ll be judged on is your character.
But I guess we’ve got to help our families and graduate first.
“Let’s go Thomas. We can both think about that later. But first let’s catch an elevator to the third floor and learn more history. YAY!!”
“Ok! I’ll race you!”
In 5 minutes we made it to History class before we could’ve been marked late. Seriously, why does Mr. Rodrigo’s class has to be all the way at the end of the hallway.
We took our seats in the front with Thomas right behind me and got ready.
Mr. Rodrigo was an intimidating man. He was 6ft 6 inches tall. He had an even more muscular body than Thomas and his platinum blonde hair was as tidy as always. But the most frightening part was his silver right arm prosthetic which I swore could punch through steel. No student turned in work late in this class. We had a Veteran soldier, not some pushover.
“Today, in class we’ll be discussing World War Three and what led to it 250 years ago!” Mr Rodrigo announced.
The projector in front turned on into an educational video to teach us about the history of Epizon.
This is how the story went. Over 250 years the Earth was a beautiful place. All the major continents and countries were still thriving and Epizon was known as North America. It was a place where all races were equal. And people could enjoy nature and the same standards of living. No one went hungry and people could afford anything they could ever want. Yeah right.
However, this peace and prosperity was interrupted when the Chosen rebelled. When the greatest scientists of North America were able to give selected people superpowers to make sure peace could continue to prosper. However, the Chosen got drunk on their new powers. They betrayed our country and killed those who gave them their powers to make sure no one could fight against them. After taking full control of our country they waged war on the rest of the world, Starting World War Three. However, other major world powers also developed their own Chosen. In the next 10 years Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia were completely destroyed.
However, our country’s usurpers had almost destroyed themselves in the war. While they grew complacent with their powers we built up our resources in secret. When they attempted to heal their wounds we launched a counter strike against them. Using whatever tactics it took from air strikes, snipings, and more. A major part was thanks to a specially created poison that could weaken those with powers and even kill them. We finally won over them and took our country back. To celebrate we named our country Epizon and split it into 20 Sectors. The most crucial people in the war effort against the former Chosen were elected to be governors, secretaries with the President on top. With their descendants guiding Epizon to greatness and equality centuries later.
What a load of bull.
This country isn’t fair or equal at all! My parents struggle just to pay stupid bills! I go on these stupid jobs just to make sure me and my best friend's family don’t have to sleep on the streets. The horrible fate of those who couldn’t make it haunts me everytime I go around the city. One doesn’t even have a fair chance of becoming a politician if they aren't related to one.
I got so mad I snapped my pen in half. A waste of a perfectly good pen.
“Mark, are you good?” Thomas whispered.
“Yes, I’m fine. Sorry just lost my temper-”
A metal fist slammed into my table.
“Mr. Mark, is there a reason why you and your friend are interrupting class. Do you perhaps feel that as the Victor you have nothing to learn from this topic.”
The rest of the class snickered and snorted.
“Actually no Thomas and I were comparing the earliest of Epizon to now to highlight just how much our country has grown. I apologize if we interrupted your class.”
“Oh really. Well since you already know this class backwards and forwards you can teach the class. In fact, you can educate them on the Bloody River Incident. Consider this a test. And I do hope you know your facts. After all, I was the only survivor of that horrible massacre ”
The Bloody River Incident was a catastrophe where 1,000 died. I only learned about it last year because whenever the aftermath turned on the news my parents removed it.
“I’d love to educate our class on Epizon’s history, Mr. Rodrigo.”
Three years ago the Sentinels launched an attack on a refugee camp of Enhanced in Sector 4. Unfortunately, the battalion of 1,000 Sentinels was all wiped out. It got its title for the color the Hudson River turned when the blood of fallen soldiers mixed in. The security for schools, banks, and other “important” places increased. Of course they never bothered with things like public transportation until recently.
“Anytime this year,” Mr. Rodrigo complained.
Why did I have to get a pop quiz today?
Chapter 3
“Finally, we get to go to lunch,” Thomas cheered.
“Did you bring anything today?”
“I was super lucky today. My mom made this huge spread so I’ve got some leftover pancakes, bacon and some eggs. What about you?”
“Oh nothing so special. My mom was still at work so I gathered up some things and made lasagna.”
“Your mom’s super awesome lasagna,” I wondered.
“I’ll share some with you if you share with me,” he said.
Thanks to the insulated lunch box Thomas’ food was still warm. The aroma of all the wonderful spices gave me delight.
“Sure. One of the special privileges I get to enjoy is your mom’s lasagna. After all the school lunch is too expensive and while it may be high class food. It still pales in comparison to homemade food made with love.”
“Isn’t that right? So Mark, what do you want to do once you graduate? We can’t be criminals forever.”
“I was thinking about starting a company using our inventions. I’ve been talking to my dad about it and if I can remain the Victor until I graduate. It will be a great sales pitch especially if we can improve our projects. Even Epizon can’t deny geniuses who can make their country even greater.”
“You’re right. How did your Dad like our skeleton key?”
“He wasn’t fond of it at all. He said he didn’t want us to use our intellect to make weapons. Instead, we should work with my mom to find ways we can help people. For example, my mom’s a neurosurgeon. Sentinels who’ve suffered grievous injuries in training exercises will be looking for someone who can really fix them. Paralysis, loss of motor control, even the prosthetics they use sometimes malfunction.”
I took out my laptop and typed a few buttons. In three minutes I pulled a sort of research paper I made in my spare time.
“I’ve heard that some nervous systems are unable to handle the stress of handling new prostheses. And the more prosthesis they implant the more the increase in side effects. Some soldiers sign up for weaponized implants to improve their combat powers. I heard they can even copy some powers like pyrokinesis or super strength.”
“That’s crazy. Anyways I’m hungry. Let's discuss this after lunch.”
We’ll need all the energy we can get.
We split the food both ways and chowed down.
Thomas took out a mini speaker and started playing rock music. Before we knew it we started using the forks and spoons we had as music instruments. We tapped and beat to the music. But we calmed down a little when we received glares. We can’t be looking foolish.
The cafeteria was big enough to carry two hovercrafts. It had gold chandeliers and pristine white walls. Tables ranging for 1, for 2, and 4 were scattered out. Robots taking orders, collecting checks, and bringing food raced around on high tech wheels. The air was packed with aromas from dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in Epizon. However, what I despised the most wasn’t the high cost of food that made me avoid relying on school lunch. But the snot nosed rich kids who went out of their way to bring their own fancy dresses and suits just for the cafeteria. I mean are you serious? And the school allowed them to do it as long as it was just for lunch. I pitied the other kids who stood out because they weren’t in the position to waste the few good clothes they had. I certainly could agree with that. These kids would dance, sing loud and do whatever else that was annoying.
On our table just for two that was far away from the majority we ate our lunch in peace.
“Your mom’s lasagna is just as good as it’s always been Thomas. I could never quite recreate it even when you gave me the recipe.”
“Of course you couldn’t. It’s a secret skill that can only be learned by my bloodline.”
Would it be too much to ask if we could just laugh like this forever.
“I see you’re enjoying yourself Victor.”
Someone just had to ruin the fun.
I heard the tip tapping of shoes from right behind me. One girl, two boys.
“I hate this guy. Why’d he even come to this school? He should have just been homeschooled in his nice mansion in Sector 1.”
“Come on, commoner. You should be grateful to be blessed for me to come to you. Your lap dog should feel grateful too.”
“This guy,” Thomas growled.
He grabbed a chair and sat right in the middle of us. His lackeys stayed right behind him.
The aggressor was the son of the President, the most powerful man in Epizon. He was tall for 15 6ft 3 inches. His white skin had no freckle, zit, or pimple in sight. His red eyes went well with the red highlights in his hair. Usually dying your hair isn’t allowed but when you’re the President’s son you get to break a few rules.
His two lackeys are Merle, daughter of Sector 4’s Governor, and Sector 3’s Secretary Charles.
“Jason. It’s time for us to eat lunch. What would you like to order?” Merle asked.
“Knowing Jason he’s going to order whatever’s the most expensive thing on the menu,” Charles answered.
“That’s right I Jason Powers sit at the top of Epizon. I come from a line of great people like secretaries, governors, generals, and revolutionary scientists. Someone of my standing deserves nothing less than the best.”
“Very well, I shall place your order now.”
Jason pointed at me.
“But what are you eating Victor? What’s on your plate? Pancakes,eggs,lasagna. I won’t allow someone as esteemed as the Victor to eat from such a shabby diet. At this school you’re one of the only people at this school at my level. Maybe I should order the second most expensive thing on this menu.”
“What-” both Thomas and him exclaimed.
“If possible, can I take it to go?”
Look I’m not passing up free high class food even if I don’t like the guy that’s offering.
“Guess I’ll order it then. I’ll take something to get Waiter-bot!”
In response a nearby Waiter-bot rushed over.
“Hey, what are you doing?” Thomas whispered.
“Look, I'm not turning down free food. Maybe I’ll give it to my parents.”
“And what about your third string?”, he addressed Thomas.
Thomas jumped out of his seat and looked like he was about to start a fight. Thankfully, his smart to know that’s a bad idea.
“Considering you’re the lowest person here. Should I buy you the fifth most expensive dish? Or did that restaurant your mom owns mean you don’t need it. It used to be so high-class you know but ever since Father placed those taxes you haven’t been doing so well. You’re still successful, sure but your mom must be struggling to run it.”
Thomas was about to raise his fist but I quickly smacked it down.
“He’ll take it and thanks for your kind consideration.”
“If you need anything, here's my card. I may take pity on you.”
In 20 minutes the Waiterbots brought our food after Jason and his lackeys left.
We had Massaman curry, wagyu beef, Japanese sushi and other delicacies.
“WHY! Why would you accept that he’s mocking us!”
“But he’s giving us free food Thomas,” I leaned in to whisper.
“We literally do all these illegal side jobs that could get us and our families in danger if we’re found out. So we can provide for them. You think I’m passing up free food.”
Thomas' expression finally relaxed.
“You’re right it’s like you said free food is free food.”
The loudspeakers in the cafeteria shouted out loud:
“Will the Victor please come down to the basement prepared for the assessment.”
Voices from the crowd erupted.
“So, the Victor is going first?”
“I’m glad it’s not me.”
“What if he has powers? What if the Sentinels can’t bring him down?” We can’t leave until the assessments are over.”
“I hope he doesn’t come back. Then, I can be the Victor.”
“You think it’s going to be you. It’s going to be me.”
Why did it have to be me first? I wish these kids would shut up, they're making it worse.
“What are these brats talking about? Half of these brats couldn’t hope to be as good as you or me for that matter so they shouldn’t get their hopes up. The only thing stopping Jason from being Victor is you so there’s that.”
Thomas is always there to cheer me up.
“Well, I’ll put this food in our lockers so we can eat them after school. That’s if I actually see you again.”
“Yeah, yeah I hope you can’t shoot fire or fly too because then I’d be in trouble.”
“Don’t do your best Mark, I'll see you later.”
After changing into my gym clothes I was escorted by 4 sentinels to the basement. It was only accessible by a special elevator built for that purpose alone. After what was probably 4 whole minutes with people who were ready to fill me up with lead. We finally arrived at the basement.
The Basement was where the annual assessment to discover if a student possessed super powers.
You see Enhanced have this sort of bioelectric aura that they emit that couldn’t be recognized using the human senses. They can only only be recognized using incredibly advanced technology. if an Enhanced got enough experience with their abilities, they could hide their bioelectric aura from machines too. However, this aura is linked to their powers and are stronger when they are used or the individual is under extreme stress. So the government came up with an idea.
To set up a school system where students can be monitored and powered people can be identified. With Sentinels there to take them down. And that is why every kid in Epizon has to go to some kind of school or get an annual check up. It’s so they can kill powered people when they’re young.
Could this society be more wrong? It saddens me to know that it could.
We finally stopped and the doors opened wide open.
“Keep walking?” the Sentinel to my right demanded.
Guess it’s time to get this over with.
We arrived at the Vault. It looked just like some high tech bank but instead of keeping people out. It was made to make sure they couldn’t escape. With automatic machine guns on the walls, Sentinels, and 12 foot thick walls of high grade steel it wasn’t going to be easy to escape. And in the case of an incident the elevator upstairs would be locked. Leaving you trapped under bedrock unless you could teleport or had some other useful power for that situation.
One Sentinel walked over to the Vault's white doors and demanded entry.
“Open, Sentinel 1706!”
With a click and clank the doors started to open slowly.
It finally sank in just how nervous I was. I was just as nervous as last year. I’ve seen kids that took the physicals never returning. As if they never even existed. My heart started to race and I could feel the sweat crawling down my face.
Please don’t tell me I’m an Enhanced person. I don’t need superpowers. I just need to graduate and start an awesome company. Hanging out with Thomas and helping our families. That's all I want to do! I just want to be normal like everyone else.
“Relax, you’re hyperventilating. You’re the Victor , you should be calm and composed. I mean don’t give us a reason to suspect you before the assessment even starts.”
Crap, I let them see me weak.
“Of course not, I'm just planning this out that’s all.”
However, my focus was ruined by ominous threats.
“Let’s kill those kids.”
“They’ll all pay for what they’ve done.”
“The sins of the parents shall be held accountable by their children.”
“Let the Revolution begin!”
Hey, what are those voices? They just started flooding in my head.
I looked around but I couldn’t find any culprits. I’m sure none of those voices belonged to a Sentinel. No Sentinel would dare to harm a student here without approval. So where was that coming from?
“Hey, who was that? Are you playing some kind of game?” I asked.
“What are you talking about, kid. Don’t try anything, follow the rules, and you’ll be fine.”
The final part of the Vaults wall barely opened before I heard a deafening boom.
The ground started shaking and the ceiling began to collapse.
“Did something happen upstairs,” a Sentinel asked.
“What the hell is going on?”
My question was answered by a ginormous explosion.
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2023.03.20 23:50 Floralmeg_ Just got the first commitment ceremony here in the UK earlier this evening and here are a few of my thoughts

I haven’t actually been reading too much on the sub, so most of the time I can’t yet put two and two together until I see it for myself. Also trying to avoid the last columns of the Wikipedia (reading it to remember names) so I don’t get spoiled there either (only know what happens with Dan and Sandy).
Harrison and Shannon should’ve been binned and kicked off the show for not being committed enough and the intent to go back to their exes and/or cheat (I’m surprised people aren’t checked for that maybe a few days before the weddings).
Harrison seems like he never intended to be faithful and he just wanted a quick shag partner. Like, you saw your ex the day of the wedding and you still went. Wtf. The boob cake, smh…enough said. When asked that final question, my mum and I both thought he was using it to deflect from his mistakes, so liked and said “yes”. He’s an absolute twat.
I saw a news article under the hashtag as I was watching about Harrison and him using MAFS to start an OF career 🤢(I’m not necessarily judging the OF even though I don’t care, it’s more the intent or something).
Shannon- there’s no way he could be serious enough about wanting to be there. He’s got to be in it for the fame (like most of them). Caitlin deserves so much better than someone who is no longer putting in 100% to the experiment.
I believe that Adam was cheating with Claire and Jesse and Lyndall’s comments and thoughts were valid.
I don’t like that Melissa is only focused on sex and won’t really listen to what Josh has to say. I found her wedding message to be quite rude.
Josh spoke his mind and came from the heart last week and what happened? Melissa didn’t say anything about it and just became self-centred again and brought up SEX.
Currently Lyndall and Cam are my favourite.
My first season watching was 6, when we got it in the UK in 2021. S10 is the first season I’ve watched consistently since. I feel like I preferred how the show was run back then to now. Something just isn’t hitting the same. I dunno
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2023.03.20 23:50 Alternative-Roof2963 Thank you all so much- I will be back!

Hey everyone, as the title says. This has by far been the best benzo community that I have found & you guys have helped me to press on & stay alive. I will be forever grateful for this subreddit!
My story was a bit more complex than most. I was on 40mg of Celexa along with my klonopin for 6 yrs & when I got off of the klonopin in detox I was put on Remeron & Gabapentin too. In ignorance I cold turkeyed the Gabapentin 21 days into being benzo free.
I was doing decently at 2 months off & then started tapering my Remeron a week ago which was a huge mistake. I developed akathisia & it drove me to a point of being prepared & ready to take my own life.
I have decided to reinstate my klonopin & taper off my ADs first. I would never give this advice to anyone as it may not even work: but it was honestly a life or death call. Then when I am stable off the ADs I will microtaper my klonopin (this time getting off I went way too fast). So I will be back. Please pray for me that I stabilize. I know that the next few years will not be fun bcuz of all the drugs I need to get off of- but I simply did not know & I just kept digging this hole deeper & deeper ignorantly.
I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone- you guys are all awesome & keep your heads up & keep going! I may have failed but I have learned so much & I am sure I will be able to do this right the next time.
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2023.03.20 23:49 cyu2puo How come Indians don't want to stay in India? Isn't India suppose to become a world super power with its 1.408 billion people? Indians are the most successful minorities in the US. They have accomplished so much in the West. Why couldn't they achieve the same kind of success back home?

India's population has been over a billion for over 10 years now. All you hear from all the experts is how India will become the new world superpower because its population finally surpassed China. I guess all those years being below 1.4 billion really held India back. 1.3999999 billion people is just not enough for evolving into a super power. Not So Fun Fact: India has 18 percent of the world's population but only 4 percent of its water resource. For all those who calls for even distribution of resource, how do you even redistribute water? Drain the Great Lakes and ship the water across the world?
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2023.03.20 23:49 greenquail11 Higher pay jobs?

I love teaching and I'm so glad it is my career, but some pretty tough situations recently occurred and I'm about to go from 2 income household to a 1 income household. I literally cannot afford my home on my income by myself.
My son will already be going through a life change, so I don't want to sell. Any ideas of higher paying jobs that I can get with a teaching degree? I've been looking at curriculum design, but most require 5 years of experience, while I only have three. I don't want to quit, but this salary isn't going to be enough.
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.03.20 23:49 SuccoDiUnicorno I want to go back from this "perfect life" but I can't and this is killing me

I (25F) left my country to go in another one for work, career and money. I have two degrees in aerospace engineering and I work at a space agency, but I regret every single minute I spent studying, every minute I could have spent with my family, pets or Friends. I regret everyday I could have spent to go to the beach, and instead I used to stay inside and study. I regret all the times I yelled at my little sister which wanted to play with me, because she was disturbing my studies. The thing I want the most is to go back to my little small house in the countryside, with clean air and all animals around me and my family and friends. I hate living in the city, the cars, the apartment's complex, not having a garden, I can't even have a pet in the apartment I am renting now. I want to go back but I can't, my soon-to-be husband loves here, we are making a lot of money (he's also an aero. eng.), and he want stability and I don't want to leave him (mind that we are not rich, like we can afford rent, bills and groceries and still have 1500€-2000€ at the end of the month to spend as we like or to save. This is not to brag, just to give a better look at the situation I'm living). My parents aren't rich, and they always pushed me to study and have a good job so I won't end up like them (they didn't go to school, can barely read and write) and now I am taking care of them and of my 3 little sisters (I send them half of my salary every month) and even if I know that they won't be mad at me if I decide to go back, I don't have the heart to tell them this and to stop providing for them. For example my sister started university but she's not liking It, so she wants to leave it and she can do it now because we are not struggling with money anymore so there is no rush for her to go find a job or start a career, and I am happy like this, I want my sisters to find what really makes them happy and I don't want to be the one to say "no I won't give money to the family anymore, so finish your studies fast so you can start to work" or something like this, I want to say "take your time, I am here for you while you find your way". My friends say that I am lucky and that I shouldn't come back because where I am from is impossible to find a job in my field, and I won't never have a good job like the one I have now in my small hometown, which is true, and it will be a shame to throw up a successful career in space field to go back at the farm. The fun fact is that I don't even want to be and engineer, I want to open a book store, it always has been my dream, but I need money to open it, which maybe I will have in 10 years if I start saving the rest of the salary I am not giving to my family or to pay rent and bills. And still I know that if I open it back in my city, it won't last long (not a good business), and I will end up with no money, no book store, nothing. Also, I can't go back to my old house and stay there Forever, because of course my parents live there, and I don't think they want me to live with them for the rest of my life, but they want for me to be Independent and have my house and my own family etc. I know that I may sound ungrateful, I have a good job in which I am very good at, money and a lot of free time as well, and I know that you're thinking that I should just shut the fuck up and a lot of people would want what I have, but this life that may sound perfect is killing me. I also have depression and general anxiety disorder and OCD, which are not helping. I am attending therapy, which sometimes works, other not, like this. I just want a simple life, I want sunny days to spend in the garden, I want to stay with my family and my pets, but I know I can't have it because money run the world and if I come back I won't have them. I tried to apply to "small jobs" in my hometown (like cashier) so to have enough money to survive but everytime they refused to hire me because "it will be a shame to hire someone with such a degree" (I think they are afraid I would leave to have a better paid job, or that there is something shady if I look at jobs like this with a degree like mine), and if I lie on my resumee, removing my qualifications, they don't hire me because it looks like I am 25yo without any job experience or degree. I feel stuck in this life and I don't know what to do, I don't want to disappoint everyone, but everyday I am feeling sadder and sadder and I feel like dying. When my bf is not home I spend the time crying or taking my meds to calm down or sleeping because I keep thinking about my home and my friends and family and I don't see a way out from all of this.
Sorry for the stupid long post and if there are mistakes, but english is not my first language.
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2023.03.20 23:49 random8333 This relationship has destroyed me and I’m so afraid of never making anything of myself in this life.

This relationship has destroyed me and I’m so afraid of never making anything of myself in this life. submitted by random8333 to abusiverelationships [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 23:49 Fearless_Coconut3571 Looking for PC Server - Vanilla with a few mods (BBP and Codelocks)

DayZ Server PC/US - Vanilla with BBP and Codelocks?
I'm looking for a server with a decent population (20+ online at most times) that is basically bare bones Vanilla with only a handful of mods added along the lines of BBP, Codelocks, and Ear-Plugs. I wouldnt mind a couple more, but nothing with traders, in-game maps, compass at the top of the screen, or ones that make the gameplay easier. I like the survival aspect more than anything, as I spent my first 200hrs playing on an Official Hardcore server. I just want more building options so I can build anywhere and dont feel like I have to find a pre-existing structure to take over. Is there anything out there similar to what I want?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 23:49 Universe_Donut [REQUEST] [STEAM] TMNT: Shredder's Revenge ($19.99 USD)

Steam page
Hello GiftofGames, today I am requesting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge
Why do I want it?
I’ve been a fan of this franchise for as long as I can remember, first being introduced to the turtles from a friend in kindergarten, when he told me about the 2007 animated movie simply titled “TMNT”, ever since I was a pretty casual fan, I later would follow the franchise watching the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon whenever it would air on tv and even going as far as to mention the amazingly weird but beautifully animated short written by Jhonen Vasquez in 2016, and a side from animated content I really enjoyed some of the video games staring the characters, even though the ones I played mostly consisted of flash games. But one game I would always hear amazing things about from classmates and online was Turtles in Time, now, I never had the chance to play it since I never owned the system on which it came out, and not to mention I didn’t exist when it was available for purchase, but from what I saw online of the game, I loved it, especially the music in the game. So, when a successor to that game was announced in 2021 in the form of TMNT Shredder’s Revenge I was immediately sold, with not only gorgeous pixel art, an amazing soundtrack done by Tee Lopes (the same composer for Sonic Mania) and not to mention the same teams that worked on the Scott Pilgrim vs the world video game and Streets of Rage 4, yeah, you could say I was really hyped and waited patiently through the many delays.
What is the game about?
With Bebop and Rocksteady assaulting Channel 6 and stealing super gnarly devices to support Krang and Shredder’s latest twisted plan, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge sees the Turtles battling across a righteous range of timeless TMNT locations. From Manhattan and Coney Island, to city rooftops and dank sewers, help the fearsome foursome trounce Foot Soldiers, Triceraton Warriors, and Rock Troops all the way to Dimension X! (Retrieved from the steam store)
Why can't I get it?
Currently, my family is in a very tight economic situation, them and I having to pay for mine and my sibling’s education as well as medical costs for my grandparents and mother, which is why it is quite hard for any of my family members to get a job (including myself).
Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day
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2023.03.20 23:48 Rust_25 30 [F4M] USA/ online/ Anywhere – looking for something serious

Hello here, I'm Kayla I’m 30 from Pennsylvania
I believe, we all here looking for love. For the right person, a soul mate as I like to call it. Finding true love is rare nowadays, most people just wanna talk for a few days and then that's it. I've tried dating sites and all that still nobody's truly ready for love. Love is a beautiful(with the right person).
I'm here on reddit cause someone I know found her true love on here and that moved me to come on here today with the hopes the right man for me would message me.
About me: I like reading (comics) watching movies when I'm free, I'm passionate about animals I like a man that truly know what they want and go for it. Hit me up and let's talk and hopefully we hit it off. By the way, age is just a number to me so I really don't care about age difference, all I truly want is a long term relationship that'd lead to us being together in the end.
A happy family together filled with love, that's what I'm looking for on here. I know it's something serious but who knows you might want the same.
I look younger than my age lol
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2023.03.20 23:48 Little_Space_Lad If I could be granted insight from the kindly internet? (Need for advice)

[TW; not mentioned in detail, but this is about me attempting to recover from CSA]
There's an overwhelming abundance of issues in me that I'm struggling to sort out in my egg baked brain. I just want to get my life going and to finally be "grown up" and get what needs to be done, done. However I'm finding I'm absolutely useless to the point it's humiliatingly pitiful. With all these mental blocks I could build myself my own personal home, retire early and get into stocks and bonds or whatever responsible adults do these days.
I'm on my own out here for the most part, reaching out to the people immediately available around me feels impossible, I do not feel safe nor trust them. As much as Id like to, let me stress how much I wish I could trust them, I just can't. Even though things seem different now(arguably better now Im an adult and semi independant w/ minimal paying job), they happen to have a heavy hand in the reason to this distressing mental paralysis of sorts, and thats something I realize with grief rather than resentment.
I want to be able to just rip out and detangle the root cause as to why I'm not actually doing what I feel I need to do in order to be the better more functional adult I know I need to be. And that usually involves digging into the "whys", where did these behaviors come from? And what does healing look like for me? Feels like I've always been rushing to fix this shit on my own like this as a kid. And if it were so straight forward as to reflecting my own past, I wouldnt be here typing and going back to my usual of just barely making it.
It's difficult to really lay out my own story on paper, and even in my own head. It feels like I have several perspectives in my brain on what happened to me and how my childhood went(and this is with so little memory that reliably escapes me). And when I write it out one way there's always other parts of me that range from wanting to nitpick or straight up delete and restart. It's just never "right", for a multitude of reasons that stem from shame, anxieties about potentially lying, exaggerating, or worse lying to myself to make myself out to be some victim. For attention maybe(I call these paranoias). But to be blunt, I never enjoy the reactions I get when I open up about what I can remember, I usually end up shutting down the moment I see someone upset. I feel endless guilt for some of the reactions I brought out, even if I can no longer clearly remember their faces or what was said, I still hold onto that shame I was the cause and that interaction couldve gone better if I had just shut up or lied.
Itd just be nice to just have another reliable account to my past or to speak for me sometimes. Someone who has no reason to lie to me or themselves to feel better. It's not like I feel I can rely on my own memories at all. I still have that need to talk about what I think I can remember, very desperately I wish to be understood preferably by someone safe(Ive tried therapy, but I could never get across what my needs were, im looking into a new one as of late, we have yet to start but hoping it works out better and they can help sort out my brain). But for what I think I can remember, to put it plainly, is very damning on those close in my life. I feel guilty about these experiences even though I virtually have no control over it, and more so that I can't speak of them with confidence as I can barely remember until recently. I just always knew something awful happened, and my body remembers more than I do. It reacts before me sometimes, I say things I don't understand, and it's like my body isnt my own when I'm too anxious.
I find myself struggling to explain my actions, I may not even have clear memory of these actions at times. These actions arent always harmful, just straight up weird, "out of character", childish, and maybe sometimes it got me into situations Im not comfortable with. I dont date anymore due to the sole reason I find myself "snapping back" into place, as if suddenly realizing myself in the middle of getting intimate and the vibe for me is "killed" for a reason I cant comprehend. And for whatever reason, even though Im no longer comfortable with the situation, I feel the urge to "keep up the act", like everythings fine and normal. Ive gone and retraumatized myself because of this. Its just not ideal.
I find myself always struggling to put up an act, like I'm picking up after someone left the stage with little to no script, but the show must go on. As if it'd literally kill me if I didn't. There's nothing more terrifying than having someone suddenly realize just how stupidly vulnerable and fragile I truly am. Or that confusion I'm met with and I have no way to explain what just happened away. I cant say I necessarily completely forget what was just said or done, but when these things happen I cant reliably look back the few seconds before after these "snaps" because its like looking through a fog. The memory is already fading into murky waters and who knows if itll resurface, certainly not in that moment most vital.
It's just a lot of issues. So many it's hard to deal with. I find myself wishing for a little guidance in these moments of confusion or depression. Something to set my head back on straight because I got places to be, things to do, I'm running behind in the big rat race and I do have an idea of what I want for my future. I want to be datable, and I want to be a good partner and hopefully one day a good parent after experiencing more life and resolving my own issues so I dont pass it on. I'm getting older, my twenties are escaping me and I'm not happy how Im not financially stable yet or how little these "self-help" tutorials are actually doing anything for me. Im a college drop out because I couldnt handle it. Am I just lazy? Am I too comfortable where I am now? I somehow doubt that because even if I lost what blessings I have now that keep me from homelessness, I'll still struggle to thrive or to find it in me to function any better.
What in the world can I even do for myself here? Am I just destined to succumb to my suicidal ideation? Im not trying to alarm anyone by saying this because, please just dont, but some days suicide does make sense. I dont want to die. Preferably I get my shit together and I find myself in my own little home of my own making, and I can spend my days playing games, writing, and chatting with friends. It just feels like an impossible dream right now when Im exhausted all the time and tackling with this bullshit inside my own head. I dont even want much from life, just some sense of stability, safety, and good people to be around when Im lonely. I dont want to be anything bigger than I am, to be known, or to be the stereotypical successful adult climbing the coorperate ladder. It sounds so draining and bleak, this life I feel like Im supposed to be striving for, its something my parents will be proud of i think(or maybe not, I dont think theyll ever be proud of me actually, Ill always be that useless leech Ive always been since birth). I dont actually want to be all that grand even if it leaves few things to be said at my funeral. Id be happy with the lowly job i have now if only it provided a life of independance. It just doesnt, and i need to reach out for more, to be better than I feel I am truly able.
Im just not able. And as embarrassing as it is, thats just the reality. And im stuck with what Im supposed to do about it on my own. And I really wish I didnt feel like I actually NEEDED to be coddled sometimes.
If youve read through all my essay, thank you, I dont have a TLDR for you who didnt, sorry. Im tapping out. Wishing everyone well, peace.
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2023.03.20 23:48 Subject-Secretary-61 Will a company VPN work while connected to VPN router?

To make a long story short I'm working to make my international stays longer. My job uses a VPN to access company systems, a few months ago we moved to Microsoft Authenticator which pings your location. I figured you can put your phone on airplane mode and connect to the VPN WIFI (with server set to US) to spoof the location of that.
But I'm mostly curious is if using the company VPN software will cause the VPN router to not work or vice versa?
I was going to purchase the ExpressVPN router but wanted insights on this last question before I commit $200 and it ends up not working.
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2023.03.20 23:47 happyfacesadvibes I’m forced to declare for taxes more than I’m actually making. Can anyone help?

Every night, I tip out 5% of my total sales to bussers and runners. When I clock out, I am forced to declare, at minimum, my total credit card tips for the night. Most nights, that means I declare ~20% of sales for tips, but leave with 15% in cash.
According to coworkers, this issue has been brought to owners in the past. The response was, “you make it up on cash heavy nights” -insinuating that we take home more than we declare.
I did the math over 6 months, and I’ve declared $1200 more than I took home in cash. I want to bring it up with management, but am afraid of retaliation. What can I do? Has anyone been in a similar situation and seen it resolved?
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2023.03.20 23:47 Traditional-Corner-7 AITA? My friend did an innapropriate "your mom" joke and I defended the other friend

Okay, for context, I (F) have been friends with friend 1 (M) for about a year or two while I have been friends with friend 2 (F) for about 9. Friend two and I both come from a part of our country where we speak another language as friend 1 but we both speak english nearly perfectly with no accent.
Both friends didn't know each other but I talked to friend 2 about friend 1 and one day she (friend 2) wanted to join our audio call. I asked friend 1 and he agreed to, obviously this was really awkward a they both have 0 interests in common. It became worse when she started using a fake accent and refused to stop, just ignoring me. After a while, I forgot what the conversation was, but friend two made a you mom joke saying she f*cked her everyday.
That's where it flipped, he (friend1) then said "you're gonna dig her up?" and she and I both understood "dck". Obviously, she said yes, but he understandably went silent. Concerned, I sent him a dm asking if he was okay and that's when he revealed his mom is deceased. I then sent friend 2 a dm telling her that she needed to apologize for making the joke, but she refused too at first, telling me she didn't give a flying sht about his dead mom and to tell him her grandparents were dead too and it's the same. (obviously I didn't) After I insisted she finally did (remember we are still in call) then proceeds the give the most insencere apology about his mom being dead and quit the call.
I then profusely apologized and told her how innapropriate that was and that I hoped she would do it properly. Obviously she didn't, then proceeds to tell all our friends in like 5 minutes (I found out the next day) and somehow made me the asshole. We haven't interacted since but I feel like my other friends changed around me.
AITA? Was I right to tell her off and refuse to apologize for asking her to aplogize properly?
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2023.03.20 23:47 WillingnessSilent166 I Hate Renting an Apartment in Iceland

Honestly, most people hear all of these myths about how Iceland is some sort of international embodiment of Disneyland where it's all magical and everyone is super happy. It's not.
The housing market and rental market here are a cruel joke. There are almost no laws that protect non-landowners. Discrimination in home renting is the norm. Maybe 1 out of 50 rental posts even allows people to have any sort of animal, so if you have animals, you'll need to F right off out of here. People are desperate to find even the shittiest apartment to rent, and often get into bidding wars over the opening price. It's outrageously expensive. About 70% of leases are tied to an "inflation index" where the banks can set the price and raise your rent EVERY SINGLE MONTH. There is no law to stop this. Oh, and if you want to rent an apartment, you have to join Facebook groups where 50-100 people all beg the owner posting the vacancy for consideration, and you'll need to post a bunch of personal information and photos about yourself and your family just to get considered. Oh, and they will want a deposit that can be $5000 to $10,000 US dollars, and they will want a bunch of references from your previous landlords, and you'll need to F off if you don't have all of that. Oh, and if you get a place it will be falling apart and the landlord will absolutely not care.
I have seen families renting out cold garages or storage sheds to live in, and people act like it's perfectly normal here.
And God help you if you can afford to buy a nice place here, your loan will be tied to the inflation "index" which is the patchwork solution some bankers came up with to deal with the absolute shithole economy of a tiny, frozen island. So your rent/interest rate is just perpetually tied to inflation anyway.
Also, if you don't believe me, look up why Icelanders hate the company ALMA.
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2023.03.20 23:47 just_trying_still Need help in deciding between Venture X vs Amex platinum vs Chase Saphire reserve

* Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of:
  1. Chase Freedom unlimited ( 11K limit, 11/2019, AF $0)
  2. Chase Saphire Preferred (21K limit, 10/2017, AF $95)
  3. Chase United Quest (15K limit, 02/2021, AF $250, recently converted over from united explorer)
  4. Amex Delta Skymiles (21K, 08/2018, AF $95)
  5. Apple Card (10K, 12/2020, AF $0)
MEMBERSHIPS & SUBSCRIPTIONS (delete lines that don't apply)

  1. I already have a few Chase cards and 150K ultimate rewards. If I get this it'll give me ~$375 boost for my points right away.
  2. $300 travel credit is easy to take benefit of.
  3. I have had good experience with Chase customer service.
*Cons: 1. Lounges are limited to priority pass that are mostly full. 2. Can't justify the remaining $250 AF compared to Preferred's $95 3. To get the reserve, I'll have to forego my preferred. Also would not get a bonus if I upgrade so not sure the best way to go about it. I wanna degrade my United Quest to a free card as well.
Venture X *Pros: 1. Pays for itself with the $300 travel credit and bonus miles. 2. Same level lounge access as Saphire reserve. 3. Free authorized users. 4. Cheaper than Reserve. 5. Phone insurance which other cards don't have. *Cons 1. Same limitation with lounges. 2. Have heard bad reviews about Cap One travel portal. 3. Heard bad reviews about their customer service as well.
Amex Platinum *Pros: 1. Best lounge access amongst the three. 2. Better statuses in hotels etc. 3. Amex generally has better offers on the credit card (IMHO based on the experience with my skymiles card). 4. Best in class customer service and portal (as read online, never used it). *Cons: 1. High AF which am not able to justify. 2. Won't need a lot of the perks (like walmart+, digital subscription) etc. Although might use them anyway if I get this card. 3. Expensive to add authorized users.
I'd appreciate any advice/pointers/experience that can help me which one to get.
Another option is to not get either of them. I have been mostly ok with the cards I already have and maybe I don't really need a fancy card or lounge access. Maybe all I need is a reality check (appreciate that too).
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2023.03.20 23:47 estoc_bestoc Plate Armor on 2nd Floor

Hi guys! On Level 2 (Arcane Chambers) there is a Secret Armory room (Room 20d) that the book says contains dozens of suits of plate armor, among several other items. The book does say that MOST of these items are deteriorated and useless, but obviously most does not mean all. How did you all handle the loot in this room? My party has an Oath of Vengeance Paladin that would salivate at the thought of a suit of plate armor. That’s a big piece of loot to give out, though, as I’m pretty sure that they run 1500 gold. Gave each player 300 gold to start the campaign with and he’s already the strongest member of the party, so I don’t feel it’s the right time to boost his power even more. Was considering perhaps that he could only salvage half of the set of plate armor, and would have to purchase the other half upon their first return to Waterdeep but wanted opinions on how everyone handled this.
Thanks for taking the time to reply :)
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2023.03.20 23:46 The_Norfolkian Explaining why the Holmesian mystery in the first act of “Elementary, Dear Data” is very different from the real version of “A Scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and what that means for Doyle’s work in the Star Trek universe.

When Data and Geordi show up at the entrance of the holodeck in full Victorian garb during the first act of “Elementary, Dear Data” (TNG, 2x03), Data asks the Computer to “select at random a mystery by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”. After they enter the representation of the sitting room at 221b Baker Street, Data and Geordi observe the various details, doodads, and trinkets created to express the experiences of Sherlock Holmes before Data picks up a violin from an open case and starts playing. The Holmesian mystery selected at random is apparently “A Scandal in Bohemia”, but the details of the beginning of the story as they are played out for Data and Geordi are all wrong.
After ‘throwing himself into the part’, Data interrupts his violin playing with a certainty that Inspector Lestrade will be arriving. However, at the beginning of “A Scandal in Bohemia”, Holmes has Watson read a note that a visitor will be arriving at an appointed hour and will likely wear a mask. Not only was this omitted from the scene in the show, but no other rationale is given to explain how Data knew Lestrade was going to show up instead of Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein and hereditary King of Bohemia, in the masked-guise of Count Von Kramm. Lestrade makes no appearance in the original story, and moreover, he is joined by a made-up character...
LESTRAD: emissary of a foreign government ...accosted by gypsies intent on depriving him of his most valuable possessions. And in the process of picking his pockets clean, they also happened to bag a photograph this man was carrying.
Data as Holmes proceeds to walk over to this emissary, tears open the inside of their coat to reveal the photograph, and proclaims...
DATA: I believe you will find, Inspector, that this emissary here works not for but against the King of Bohemia, and that photograph of the king and his mistress is to be used as blackmail. Further, upon deeper reflection, you will deduce, as did I, that...
Here is where Geordi interrupts Data and frustratingly walks out, but Data goes after him and notes, “I was just about to reveal that the sir is in fact a madam...”

This is not at all how “A Scandal in Bohemia” begins, but... there are story elements that appear to have been used to create the scene we see in “Elementary, Dear Data”. When Von Ormstein discusses the matter of Irene Adler to Holmes in the original story, he notes regarding the attempts to steal the photograph from her that...
VON ORMSTEIN: ...Twice burglars in my pay ransacked her house. Once we diverted her luggage when she travelled. Twice she has been waylaid.
Additionally, near the end of the story we learn that Irene Adler is quite the able costume actor. In her note to Holmes left behind with a photograph of herself wearing an evening dress, Adler tells him...
ADLER: know, I have been trained as an actress myself. Male costume is nothing new to me. I often take advantage of the freedom which it gives. I sent John, the coachman, to watch you, ran up stairs, got into my walking clothes, as I call them, and came down just as you departed.
The fact that Von Ormstein had previously had men twice ‘waylaid’ Adler suggests she was robbed of her possessions in the hopes that any of them would be the photograph of her and the future king. Combining this with the fact that she was able to dress as a man then creates the scenario that she could pretend to be a ‘foreign emissary’ accosted by ‘gypsies’ attempting to steal the photograph, which was probably different from the one that could generate scandal. Perhaps the gypsies stole Adler’s photograph of herself in an evening dress? Regardless, as Data deduced, this emissary was ‘a madam’... likely Adler herself.

Clearly, the events of the Holmesian mystery selected at random are totally different from those set out in Doyle’s “A Scandal in Bohemia”. So, what is going on here? Well, there is a very plausible two-fold explanation here...
Adding to the case that this Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the Star Trek universe wrote some of his stories differently, Data even notes to Geordi that Moriarty is “the man Holmes could only defeat at the cost of his own life at Reichenbach Falls”, which suggests that “The Final Problem” really did conclude the life of Sherlock Holmes. If that is the case, then even the ordering of Trek-Doyle’s stories are possibly different from those we know. Doyle’s fourth novel, The Valley of Fear, and “The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans”, which were both referenced by Data in the sitting room when examining items of note, might have taken place before Trek-Doyle wrote “The Final Problem”, and that the character of Moriarty remained a problem for Holmes throughout his career until his death. Given that the Star Trek universe features fictional authors and works, like Tracy Tormé and her Dixon Hill novels, it’s entirely reasonable that some, if not many, of Trek-Doyle’s works were written differently.
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2023.03.20 23:46 Malnurtured_Snay Malfunctioning FOB covered under warranty?

Hey all -- hoping for some advice/steps to take.
I have a '22 Honda Civic Hatchback, purchased October 2021. I have two fobs for it.
Last week, I took my car in for an oil change, and to have what had been my primary fob looked at. I stopped using it a few months ago because the remote functions on it -- automatically unlocking/locking the doors, etc. -- stopped working, despite changing the battery.
The dealership's evaluation is that the battery functions, and the fob mostly functions (just not the remote options mentioned above).
I asked if the fob was covered under warranty and the service manager stated he would need to look into it, and promised to get back in touch with me.
I don't want to rush him, but I also don't want him to forget about me, so I'm going to reach out to him in a few days. I'm kind of surprised he wasn't able to tell me right off the bat whether the fob would be covered under warranty or not. I'm wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation with having a failing fob covered under warranty, or if it's possible to go directly to Honda with an inquiry.
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2023.03.20 23:46 hobbesboiler I (24F) have a BF (29M) for the first time and I feel crazy insecure

I started dating this guy 3 months ago. We’ve known each other for 9ish months in total. At the beginning of our relationship, he would text me every Monday asking what my plans were, and I would respond with usually one day that worked best for me for us to hang out. Now that we’re actually boyfriend and girlfriend, I have fallen for him so hard. I want to hang out with him every day, all the time. I am usually a person that likes her alone time, but now I always find myself wanting to be with him.
We just hit 3 months but I am feeling very insecure. Most times we hang out, he texts me at the same time usually asking if I’m free that night. Sometimes, when he doesn’t text me at the usual time, I text him but that usually results in him saying that he’s busy that night doing chores or wants to retire early for the night. So usually if he’s free on a particular day he will take the initiative to text me first.
I just have my own insecurities. I feel like more recently, he’s just been more busy and less free to hang out. But his excuses are usually that he has chores to do or that he’s not feeling well and wants to go to bed early. We only hang out 3 times a week now, whereas it used to be more. I know he’s into me. He told me he loves me first, whenever we hang out he tells me how much he loves me and how cute/gorgeous/sexy/cool I am. But the reason I’m probably sensitive right now is because recently I’ve been more comfortable with being weird and silly and sharing more of my personality with him. I just have this fear that he’s pulling away because he doesn’t like the real me. For example, I haven’t seen him in 2 days, but when I texted him asking to hangout, he said he is busy with housework. And I’m overthinking because I feel like earlier in our relationship he would have taken the initiative to do those chores in the past few days so that he could hang out with me as much as possible during the week. I don’t want to bring it up and sound needy or clingy, because rationally I know that he probably does still like me, and just has his own stuff to do. I have just always been like this, and I have an intense fear of rejection and abandonment after being a late bloomer (never being romantically pursued until after college).
Has anyone else experienced this? Do I bring it up to him at the risk of sounding crazy and clingy? And how can I get over these insecurities?
TLDR: I feel like my boyfriend is pulling away after I am beginning to show him the real me, but rationally I know that is probably not the case. Should I bring it up to him, and how can I get over these insecurities?
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2023.03.20 23:46 AaknoXX I've made a list of stats with which i can rank/compare fighters (on the left), and on the right who i consider to be the pinnacle of the respective stat. Feedback welcomed

I've made a list of stats with which i can rank/compare fighters (on the left), and on the right who i consider to be the pinnacle of the respective stat. Feedback welcomed
So i wanted to create a vast list of stats usable to compare/rank fighters, idk if i missed some mandatory stats, if so please tell. also what's your opinions on the fighters representing the pinnacle of said stat? This is not like a graph or anything, i will probably use it to compare 2 fighters at the same time.
As a trivia: By power i mean combat power so the means to damage said opponents thus Eddie's genes/build/muscles + his insane speed puts him as pinancle
Durability: the ability to withstand said poweforce inflicted upon you: Julius here, honorable mention: Waka, second only cuz of a smaller frame
Speed: Rei, undoubtedly
Reactiom time/reflexes: Prime Akoya, undoubtedly
Phys stmuscles: the pinnacle of strength: Julius, undoubtedly, special mention regarding muscle quality: Waka
Resilience/ability to recover: Hayami/Meguro, undoubtedly, special mentions: Agito, fought while blacked out, recovered like Wolverine after his fight with Kaolan; second special mention: Raian (endorphins, kure genes, mental fit for this)
Flexibility: Agito, vast pool of martial arts including one of the most flexible martial arts: Formless
Adaptability: Agito, undoubtedly, Formless+Evolution
Agility/Maneuvering/Mobility: Kiryu, Koei+NS+ingenuity, Hatsumi easy knee shifting+insane dodging abilities, special mentions: Kaolan, Carlos, Nicolas
Skill: Kuroki
IQ: Kaneda/Kuroki
Combat IQ: Kuroki
Combat sense/awareness : Ohma, praised by Rolon
Haxes: Agito, Fa Jin, DragonNut, KO from any range, Formless, Evolution, Indestrucrible, etc., Ohma, NS bullshittery, Kure haxes, copy shit, PS bursts, DB, etc.
Offense: Rolon, really aggressive and at the same time calm and calculate fighter, really fast hands, special mentions: Fei, Agito and Tian
Defense: Kuroki, the impregnable fortress, undoubtedly
Mentality: Kuroki, trial by fire, etc., Ohma, pushed to the extreme, you can see it in his fight against Kuroki
Again, let me know if i missed something, ty
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