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2023.05.30 23:48 narumitsuu Thinking of moving to Seattle - Pros & Cons?

My partner and I (in our early twenties) have been considering moving to Seattle for a while now. What’s important to us are the following: - Music scene - Food diversity/quality - Community/More Friendly (of sorts, lol) - General quality of life - Close to parks & areas with good amenities
We’re just looking to rent and our budget is ~$2,500 or under, I’m not sure if certain areas are known to be cheaper than others or not. We work from home and we’re not really party people either, so moving to quieter areas is also probably preferred.
What neighborhoods would you recommend for people like us and around our age range?
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2023.05.30 23:48 mikhamberamkhooneh (CA) want to give 30 days notice to terminate my month-to-month lease with my tenant renting a room for $1000/month.

Hi all. Like the above states, I want to give my roommate (she rents a room from me in my condo) a 30 days notice. Her lease states that she cannot have any overnight guests, but she announced a week ago that her boyfriend would be staying for a few days. I tentatively said this was okay. Now he’s in and out (with the door code she’s given him), he’s rude to me, she’s incredibly rude & disrespectful in her treatment of me, and I find myself being uncomfortable in my home. Additionally, I never know if she’s going to pay rent on time as she’s often late, and this leaves me paying overdraft fees to my bank. As this is no longer a pleasant situation for me, I’d like to give her a 30 day notice. She signed a basic month-to-month rental agreement with me, which states that either party can terminate with 30 days notice. I live in LA county in the San Gabriel Valley. Am I within my rights to give her a 30 days notice to terminate the lease? I am only confused because of all of the Covid renters protections that have been in place. And I am wanting to get her out within 30 days because if her boyfriend lives in my house for longer than that, he may be considered a legal talent. Thank you so much in advance!!
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2023.05.30 23:48 TheWaldenWatch My thank you letter t [Serious]

I recently moved away from my hometown and embraced a fully nomadic life. Amphibia helped me process a lot of my emotions, and it made this difficult change much easier. I wrote a thank you letter to Matt Braly out of gratitude. Even though I still haven't found a place to send it, I thought amphibia might enjoy it.
Note: This is a personal message. It is obviously not endorsed by any agency or organization. Not even ones which investigate alien frogs.
Thank you so much for producing Amphibia. Your beautiful show has connected and resonated with me in ways few other pieces of media have. Amphibia made me reflect on how I overcame difficulties posed by my autism, resonated with many of the experiences I've had as a national park ranger, and helped me cope with leaving my hometown behind to embrace an exciting, fully nomadic phase of my career.
Seeing Marcy thrive in Amphibia reminded me of how I overcame many of the difficulties posed by my autism. When I was her age, I had to learn basic social skills and struggled to understand that not everyone shared my niche interests. (Thankfully, none of these lessons came after trapping my friends in another dimension.) When I was in high school, I had to learn to respond to people when they greeted me in the hallway, and some of my teachers thought I would never attend college. I exceeded my peers' expectations by significantly improving my social skills, graduating college with honors, and securing a job as a national park ranger in Theodore Roosevelt National Park right out of college.
My job at Theodore Roosevelt National Park was a springboard to a life of adventure I never could have imagined. I have worked for four federal agencies in eight states. I've given tours of Theodore Roosevelt's cabin in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, rescued dangerous wildlife from being petted by visitors in Yellowstone National Park, and hiked through some of the most Mars-like landscapes on Earth in Death Valley National Park. Twice a year, I "find a way to start again" in a new "place that shouldn't be real", spending 4-6 months helping visitors appreciate and protect it. (Permanent positions are hard to come by.) By the time I really start to feel at home, I must move on to my next job, and have heartfelt goodbyes with the new friends I made. "It's weird, but it's grown on me", and now it's "no big deal" for me to go on a solo cross-country road trip powered by podcasts and “sweet, life-giving” power metal to work in a place I've never seen. The Calamity Trio's journey in Amphibia reminded me of many of the glories and stresses of being a seasonal park ranger - the unforgettable experiences along with the inherent stress and sorrow which comes with an adventurous life.
My favorite scene in Amphibia is the end of the epilogue, where Anne is teaching children about frogs in the aquarium. Her exhibits based on Amphibia remind me of how each park I worked in has made me a better ranger and environmental educator. A piece of everywhere I worked – the deserts of Oregon, the ancient earthworks of Ohio, the bayous of Louisiana – stays with me wherever I go in the country.
Amphibia has helped me process many of the conflicting emotions I felt as I entered a new chapter of my life. After spending an off-season in my hometown, I recently started a job at [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]. (Winter positions are hard to come by.) While I’m no stranger to moving, I always had a home base to return to in Connecticut. This year, my parents will be selling their house and RV-ing around the country full time. If I ever return to Connecticut, it will be as a visitor.
When I was preparing to leave Connecticut, I noticed I was using Anne leaving Amphibia as an analogy for moving away from my hometown and moving on from previous parks. This made me realize my home was not one place but scattered across the nation. Connecticut became another place I love which I learn to leave, one star of many in the constellation of my life.
Whenever I had trouble leaving something in Connecticut behind, I often found it much easier after reciting Anne’s monologue at the end of “The Hardest Thing.” I repeated these lines when I sold my game consoles, reunited with old friends I won’t see in person for a long time, and left my childhood home for the last time. Amphibia reminds me that while I can’t hold onto some things forever, the connections which truly matter will endure, whether they are states or worlds apart.
Thank you and the entire Amphibia crew, both in the U.S. and South Korea, so much for giving the world this amazing show. Amphibia has made my transition into a fully nomadic life much less painful and much easier to embrace. I hope I can one day use my own experiences to create a piece of art which can give others so much joy while helping them face challenges in their life. Whatever this ends up being, a little piece of Wartwood will be in it.
This still isn't endorsed by any agency, it's only my opinion. I hope you enjoyed the letter. I can give advice on how to become a park ranger if anybody is interested.
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2023.05.30 23:45 cideas95 Need to get out of bad renter situation and don't know how

Hey guys. Whatever help you guys can lend me, I'd appreciate. I'm at the point with this situation where I feel the need to hire a lawyer, but let's see what you all think I'm very thankful for whatever help you can provide! I'll give the short version, then the long, for anyone who maybe would like more detail
Long story short: I have the lease for a mobile home in my name. The property the mobile home is on, anyway. The title is in the current tenants name, and he was supposed to get the lease (for the property, through the mobile home park) in his name, but never has, keeps giving me the runaround, and I need out of this situation somehow. That means either getting the lease out of my name, or getting the title to the trailer back in mine, so I can sell it or something like that.
Originally, I owned the mobile home. The title was in my name. Sidenote: the mobile home is over 30 years old, too old to be moved by any company, so it's going to sit right where it's at until it's demolished. Basically, in a foolish move, I signed the title over to a tenant, because he told me he would need it to get the lease for the property in his name. While I had the title for the mobile home, the lease is for the mobile home park. He's told me over and over again that he'll get the lease in his name, and I've trusted him again and again, but it's at the point now where it's obvious he's just telling me what I want to hear to get me off his back. He doesn't care that if he's behind on rent, that I have to pay it, or go into debt with the mobile home park. He currently owes me over 1200 in back rent and im losing faith that he will pay anything, because he isn't the one that gets in debt if he misses the payment.
I'm not sure what else to do, except maybe meeting with a lawyer for a legal consultation to find out how I can beat deal with this situation.
Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm at such a loss and this situation has been dragged out for a long time, so I'm pretty much at the end of my rope.
Thank you guys for any help! I'm very grateful for any information!
Any questions to clarify things, I'll be more than happy to answer
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2023.05.30 23:35 General_Ad_6675 Super stressed and tired.

Hi internet moms, my name is Rose, and I just need a little bit of love from you all this week. This week has been one of my life's most grueling, challenging, and difficult weeks. I am currently dealing with three situations: 1. Moving out of my current apartment: I was renting out an apartment with two roommates that I absolutely did not like. I had to ask them when to shower, ask them when to bring friends over, and I was only able to bring my partner over. They did not do the same for me. I thought they were going to take me to small claims court to get their rent for next month as I did not get a 30 days notice. They did not offer me any changes to their behavior, but luckily I found someone to take over my portion of the rent, who is very nice. However, I did tell her that one downside of the apartment was that I did not like my roommates, and now I am worried that they are talking about me behind my back and influencing a negative opinion of me on my sublease. 2. Moving into a new apartment: On top of high rent, the person I am attempting to rent (sublease) a studio from charged me alot for furniture. He disclosed to me that parking is pretty cheap a month for the area we lived in and that utilities were included. After I paid off the first month completely, he then told me that the internet was not included and asked me what to do. When I told him that I wish he were transparent with me about bills before I paid, he simply told me the name of the company rather than apologizing or offering any solutions. On top of that, the studio has a bunch of hair on the furniture, mold on the bathroom, though its still a nice place, but it will take a bit to convert it into a habitable living situation. My boyfriend who I am moving in with has not been the most helpful with helping me with these communications. 2a. The apartment manager at the studio got mad at me for negotiating the rent with him this week. The rent for two people is a lot higher than it is for one and I wanted to haggle it down. He simply said, I have a guest over right now, I don't want to negotiate. Let's talk Tuesday or Wednesday, thanks. And he hung up. That made me feel incredibly worthless. Additionally, he told the person I am attempting to rent from now that he is getting a good deal "I'm making a lot of money off of two people... not bad," the exact text he gave to the current person living there, which made me feel pretty icky. People only see me as money bags and nothing else. 3. Yesterday as I was finishing up moving from current apartment to studio, I drove home and a cop gave me a speeding ticket. I didn't know I was getting pulled over so he was really rude to me. When he pulled me over he said, "man that was really tough for you huh?" I told him it was my first time getting pulled over. I was driving my sister's car and her insurance was expired when I gave it to him. He took off 10 miles (I was going 85 but he put 75+ on the ticket) and when he got back after 8 minutes, I was really nervous so I started crying. He told me, "I don't want you being emotional while you drive so you can stay pulled over." He said it in a way that was incredibly demeaning and I was really upset by it. Now, I am waiting in agony for the ticket to arrive in the mail. The silver lining: 1. I'm extremely poor and California is nice about ticket fees. 2. I managed to find a subleaser for my current apartment. 3. The studio is nice and I wouldn't need to avoid my roommates like last year because I hated seeing them. 4. I can get a reduction on my internet price because I'm poor. Thank you for reading through this, I am such a mess right now.
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2023.05.30 23:26 Income-Current My Upstairs Neighbour Threatened Me but My Landlord Won't Let Me Move Out Without a Huge Fine

I (25f) moved into a new apartment 3 months ago. It is a large duplex - I live in the basement suite and the main/2nd floors are a separate suite. My upstairs neighbour S (mid-30's f) has been making my life very difficult ever since I moved in. Some context:
I've lived with roommates before, but this is my first time living on my own and I adopted a 2-year-old cat named Lucy when I moved into this apartment. S is a single mom with two young kids. I hear her yelling at her kids, swearing at them, and the kids crying nearly every day. S has a front door to the house with a doorbell camera, but there is also a side door that we both use to access our suites. I have the breaker box for the house in my apartment, so anytime a breaker flips (which happens semi-regularly), either myself or the landlord has to manually flip it at the breaker. All the fuses are labelled so we know which is which. One day shortly after I moved in, she had a breaker flip and came down to my apartment door, banging on it and asking me to let her in to flip the breaker. She noticed my cat's food dish and toys and asked if I had a cat. When I said yes, she was annoyed, saying "That's why my kids have been so f-ing sick since you moved in! They're allergic!" (We live in a pet-friendly building, and she has two dogs).
When I was having my wifi installed, she came down to complain that the wifi tech parked in her spot, demanding that he move immediately. She angrily told me that he should never have parked in her spot when I "didn't have permission" to allow him. He parked there of his own accord and I had no idea since he just showed up at my door. There were a couple of other times she came to my apartment to flip the breaker, with no major issues.
Now to the issue at hand! A couple of days ago, I got home after work, and within 5 minutes she was banging on my apartment door and yelling at me to stop messing with her. Through the door I asked her what she meant, saying I had no idea what she was talking about. She said her power was out again and to just turn it back on, then she went back to her apartment. I was very confused but looked at the breaker box and saw that all the switches were in the right position.
A few minutes later, she came back and was even angrier. I opened my door so she could look at the breaker box herself thinking it would calm her down. It did the opposite. She started yelling saying she didn't know what she ever did to make me mess with her, why couldn't I just leave her alone...When I said I never touched the power and was not doing anything to her, she began yelling in my face. She called me a liar, saying that she had cameras and saw when I come or leave the house. She said if I didn't stop messing with her power, I would be sorry. She flipped all her breakers off and back on, then she left.
I immediately emailed my landlord describing what had happened. She called to apologize but said she was confused. She had instructed S to call her if she had power issues, so why was she coming to me? I mentioned it had happened before and the landlord told me that she would remind S not to come to me. After informing the landlord of the other interactions with her, she instructed me not to open the door and to call the police if S came down and would not leave me alone. Over the next few days, I felt more and more on edge and unsafe about the situation. So I emailed my landlord again saying that I felt unsafe and if S thought I was still messing with her, I was worried she would escalate and do something drastic. I said that because of how unsafe I felt, I was going to start looking for a new apartment, and hoped that they would allow me to break my lease without the penalties (2 months' rent) that were outlined in my lease agreement. Apparently, since S had not physically harmed me and I had no actual proof of what had happened, it was her word against mine. So if I decided to break my lease, I would have to pay the full penalty. I cannot afford to move AND have to pay the fine, so what should I do?
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2023.05.30 23:24 giantsninerswarriors I bought a new mattress on Monday.

I’m in my late 20’s. Still live at home but pay rent. I was given the mattress my parents had before they divorced when I was around 16/17 years old or so. They divorced when I was five. So I’ve had the mattress for over a decade and it was already over a decade old when I inherited it. I’ve struggled with sleeping about as long as I can remember… sometimes I get a good six to eight hours, other nights I only get a couple of hours. Recently, I had a thought that maybe I just needed a new mattress… I finally am earning enough at my job to afford one, so I went out on Memorial Day and got a really good one on sale. It’s being delivered on Saturday and I’m super excited… I even bought new sheets for it.
Hooray for adulting!
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2023.05.30 23:24 Realistic_Ad3795 Trouble with SIXT Car Rental in CPH

Sorry that this is a bit of a negative experience with Copenhagen, but I'm needing some local help. (I did have a lovely time on a previous visit, though!)
I recently rented a vehicle out of SIXT at Copenhagen Airport. Our trip was mainly into Sweden, but stayed the night at the Clarion at the beginning and end and rented at the airport before heading over the bridge. TL;DR... they claimed I damaged the vehicle, and we did not. Here is the background:
My vehicle wasn't available when I went to pick-up, so they offered a larger size for the same price. The catch was that it wasn't clean because it was parked in their overflow lot. No problem for us. We're happy to take a larger car without it being clean.
So I go to pick it up and it is pretty messy. Mostly rain spots mixed with pollen. I give a quick walk-around, but can't see anything that doesn't blend in with the dirt.
We make the long drive to Kalmar, mostly on backroads via Ale's Stones and Glemingehus. Nothing but us, cows, horses, and fields of rapeseed as far as the eye can see. We park at our hotel, and leave it there for 4 days and nights. It is important to note that the space it is parked in doesn't have access to hit the corner which is claimed to have been done by me.
We then returned similarly on backroads until we got to Helsingborg and the main highway. Myself and two passengers are witnesses that nothing occurred.
I dropped it off after hours and left the keys in the drop box, so the inspection took place the next morning as we were boarding the plane home. They found some superficial scratches on the front right and want around $375USD for repairs. I bought the LWD which doesn't kick in until $5000 DKK, and I apparently misunderstood my credit card's coverage, so I'd be on the hook for this. Regardless, since I didn't damage the vehicle, this should be moot.
I've discussed with the SIXT team, and they simply keep repeating that I had to report the damage when I picked up. I told them I couldn't because it was filthy dirty. They won't respond to that part, and simply repeat the policy. I've asked to escalate, and the next person says the same thing. When I ask "How am I supposed to inspect the car when it is given to me in a dirty condition that hides scracthes?" the conversation stops. They simply won't answer that question.
I would love legal advice and/or help logging in to the Consumer Complaint website. It seems to require an ID only available to citizens, and an email to them resulted in a bot response with a FAQ that doesn't help me log in.
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2023.05.30 23:20 Burner43255 Feel shitty for not working enough

My workplace is kind of in a weird position right now, so the schedule is basically "Come in when you want, leave when you want" until further notice. I genuinely just can't muster up the energy to go for more than four or five hours each day. After that the mental haze of constant obsession over memories and depressive self talk/suicidal ideation gets too overwhelming. Then I come home and hate myself for not working the extra two or three hours and start stressing about how I'll never have enough money to make it through college. Worst part is, I know I haven't even got it that bad. Other people have graduated debt free from college in worse circumstances than mine, other people have handled worse bouts of depression with more grace than I'm handling mine, other people can work three jobs and still hold their lives together. I'm probably only working like 20-25 hours a week at the moment and I still don't work out, I still have no friends, and I still can't do anything beyond "acceptable" in any other area of my life. I should be stronger than this. I was stronger than this, for most of my existence before now. My parents already resent me for not being more than I am, as they've made clear to me many times. Every day I become more and more convinced that I have no future. How could I have one, if this is the upper limit of my ability to work or push through hard things? Suicide constantly occupies my thoughts-- literally the only thing I have left to go on is the fact that a couple of my relatives rely on me for emotional support sometimes, and I feel like it would be my fault if my suicide drove them to kill themselves. I'm not sure I can handle the guilt of destroying people who are so much more worthwhile than I am because I allowed my welfare to take priority over theirs. But I can't do this for the rest of my life. I doubt I can even do this for two more years.
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2023.05.30 23:20 Realistic_Ad3795 Trouble with SIXT Rental Agency at CPH =(

Sorry that this is a bit of a negative experience with Copenhagen, but I'm needing some local help. (I did have a lovely time on a previous visit, though!)
I recently rented a vehicle out of SIXT at Copenhagen Airport. Our trip was mainly into Sweden, but stayed the night at the Clarion at the beginning and end and rented at the airport before heading over the bridge. TL;DR... they claimed I damaged the vehicle, and we did not. Here is the background:
My vehicle wasn't available when I went to pick-up, so they offered a larger size for the same price. The catch was that it wasn't clean because it was parked in their overflow lot. No problem for us. We're happy to take a larger car without it being clean.
So I go to pick it up and it is pretty messy. Mostly rain spots mixed with pollen. I give a quick walk-around, but can't see anything that doesn't blend in with the dirt.
We make the long drive to Kalmar, mostly on backroads via Ale's Stones and Glemingehus. Nothing but us, cows, horses, and fields of rapeseed as far as the eye can see. We park at our hotel, and leave it there for 4 days and nights. It is important to note that the space it is parked in doesn't have access to hit the corner which is claimed to have been done by me.
We then returned similarly on backroads until we got to Helsingborg and the main highway. Myself and two passengers are witnesses that nothing occurred.
I dropped it off after hours and left the keys in the drop box, so the inspection took place the next morning as we were boarding the plane home. They found some superficial scratches on the front right and want around $375USD for repairs. I bought the LWD which doesn't kick in until $5000 DKK, and I apparently misunderstood my credit card's coverage, so I'd be on the hook for this. Regardless, since I didn't damage the vehicle, this should be moot.
I've discussed with the SIXT team, and they simply keep repeating that I had to report the damage when I picked up. I told them I couldn't because it was filthy dirty. They won't respond to that part, and simply repeat the policy. I've asked to escalate, and the next person says the same thing. When I ask "How am I supposed to inspect the car when it is given to me in a dirty condition that hides scracthes?" the conversation stops. They simply won't answer that question.
I would love legal advice and/or help logging in to the Consumer Complaint website. It seems to require an ID only available to citizens, and an email to them resulted in a bot response with a FAQ that doesn't help me log in.
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2023.05.30 23:16 Alli-exe WIBTA for wanting to kick my uncle out of my grandmother’s house?

My (26F) uncle (don’t know his age but he is grown enough to be my father) stays in the house owned by my grandmother, my mother, and now my siblings and I (19M and 22F). It’s a 4-bed house with a garden and when my grandmother passed away, my mother allowed him to live there for 3k a month. I am South African, so let me tell you this is absolute pennies for rent, even if the neighbourhood is a teensy bit sketchy (for my fellow SAns, it’s in Bosmont). My mother’s family came from very little, and that house means a lot to us. I moved out of my family home after my mother passed away because I needed space to deal with my issues with my family away from them. I have since moved back home, but I am already desperate to move back out and have my own space. We are considering fixing up the house to rent out but someone would need to stay there while repairs are underway, and since Uncle has lost his job, and can’t even afford to pay those peanuts, I am considering giving him a month’s notice to find a new place. I’m part, his losing his job was the first irk I caught. It happened in the first month we were upping his rent since he moved in. He did not tell me, he came to speak to my father; and relied on him to convey this news even though I came home during this conversation. He is not close to us at all. Didn’t even come by after my mother’s funeral, and we have no relationship with him. I should also mention that he was fired from his job after a sexual harassment allegation (which he is adamant was a misunderstanding and has even gone we far as to take them to the CCMA) He has also very nearly cost us the house by lying about paying his rates and taxes, and my father has come home fuming about the state of the house when he has gone to visit my uncle. I don’t want to kick a man out when he’s clearly got few other options, and my motivation for moving back into the house I grew up in were that I could be closer and more available to my family. But I also feel no inclination to make this decision based around a grown man infamously known for his poor sense of responsibility and dishonesty. We would have substantially more space (which was a big contributor to family squabbles no matter how much we do love each other) and I could have my independence back. The house is paid up and only utilities and such would cost me. I am a musician and currently finishing my studies to qualify as a therapist so as you can imagine, I’m not exactly rolling in dough. Family is important to us, but I will not give up something left to me, least of all for a creepy deadbeat of a man I have zero relationship with outside of funerals and weddings. My parents worked so hard for the 3 of us to have first world privileges, and I think this is one of the few I really want to cling to. However, since it is a decision my siblings and I need to make, we wanted to know if we would be the assholes for kicking him out.
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2023.05.30 23:15 caroline-carolien Huge shared loft space in SoMa available late June- early October (furnished, 2k/month for 2 rooms)

I’m going to be gone for work from June 25 - October 1st (flexible) and have a bedroom and home office space for rent in SoMa. The apartment is giant (think New Girl loft) and vibrant. The area outside can be fairly loud and there is quite a bit of homelessness, but the inside is truly amazing. It includes a home theater room, bar, giant kitchen, washedryer, living room, dining room, and of course your private bedroom and a private home office that has a futon and could also be a second bedroom. The place is friendly with one other roommate who lives there full time (30s, musician, guy of all trades), and one roommate who is gone a lot of the time but sometimes comes into town with his family (partner & MIL) to spend some time in the apartment. Everyone is super friendly and it’s a perfect mix of socializing if you’re interested and private space for when you want it. I’m fine with renting the bedroom and home office as one for 2k, or if you are two folks looking to live together you can also easily use the office as a second bedroom— there is already a futon in there for sleeping. Both rooms are furnished and we will of course make space for your personal belongings. Couples are welcome, and pets can be considered if they are well behaved. Shoot me a message if interested!
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2023.05.30 23:14 Admirable_Leek_3012 How much can I afford?

Gross: $6000 Take home: $4400 Debt: $0 Bills: $1100-$1300 (groceries, gas, car insurance, restaurants, entertainment, etc.) Credit score: 800
Assets: Bank: 65k (Can be used for down payment and closing) Emergency Fund (HYS): 20k Stocks: 22k
That’s a simple breakdown of my liquid assets (I left out 401k). I still live with my family and pay a small rent right now. I’m single so I’ll be going in on this solo. I just started looking into buying a home (condo/townhome) since homes are to expensive in my area.
I’m wondering how much I can realistically afford for a monthly payment.
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2023.05.30 23:07 HighFructoseCornSoup Moving to West Tokyo - Advice on location

A very generic (and probably) common question I am sure, but my circumstances seem to differ a little from other posts I have seen so I am giving it a shot, thank you in advance!
I have accepted an offer for a software engineering role in JP and will be making the move from overseas in August all going to plan (solo). The job is full remote, but for a few reasons I will be in Tokyo initially and so I am of course looking for a good area to live. My situation is:
- Farily high rent budget, I can go as high as 200,000/month if needed, but ~150,000 would be nice/ideal.
- I will be working from home 100%, so commute is not a factor nor is train line congestion at peak times I guess.
- As i'm working from home, I am looking at having a separate office room and 40m^2+, so my focus is on an 2LDK
- I am keen on the western wards (Setagaya/Meguro/Shinagawa etc.) for a few reasons, but also because decent connections to Yokohama/Kamakura is a plus, as is Shibuya/Shinjujku.
I've been doing research on this and have got some good reccomendations for the area around Koenji, Kyodo, Nakano etc. but also i've looked further out at places like Noborito which have pretty nice rent prices/parks and still <30 min connections to Shinjuku. For me, I don't care about nightlife but I would like to live in an area that isn't "boring" or purely suburbia - I live in quite a "cool" area of my current city and I enjoy it a lot. Thus, I am trying to strike a balance between a more quiet area where I can get a bigger apartment, and more central area with more to do in the immediate vicinity.
Given my flexibility, is there somewhere that gives a best of both worlds? Would you guys suggest I go further out since I don't need to commute, or pay a bit more to be more central with more to do in walking distance? Thank you!
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2023.05.30 23:06 kkarch [WTS] - BNIB Gucci upper Starter Kit Specwar Double Dimp EPC Black Eotech G33 w/ HRF

Hey! What is up my dudes and dudettes?
Got some gucci upper parts you fiends might be interested in:
[BNIB] LMT Specwar Upper + FCD Black Double Dimple ($1125)
*EPC splits for $100 or something crazy like that IDK
[Catch and Release][Still Fresh to Death] Eotech G33 w/ HRF AMC ($400)
Paypal FF and remember: Notes are uncool! Don't be uncool.
PM only! And PM's without comments will be ignored or given bhole pics of unknown origin
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2023.05.30 23:06 Embarrassed-Mail1417 What the hell is wrong with my mom

I don't know why but she's been acting really selfish lately and she acts as if all her kids 5 of us. Owe her something. When in matter of fact you adopted us, throughout the years she was getting money from the state and would claim us as dependents. As we were unable to be claimed she became less caring Almost like she doesn't see any value in us. Over the last 5 years we've stopped talking probably 15 20 times. We live in the same God damn house. I try so hard to make her feel like I'm doing something with my life and everytime I start school or college. She always makes my life hell. (Barely talking to me), getting mad easily over Almost nothing, this last time I tried to go to school my car got stolen. We gor into an argument she stopped talking to me, then the last month I had of school she takes her car keys away so I can't get to school and she stopped talking to me. That was 5 months ago. And now I had to go back to my miserable ass job that I told her I was gonna go back to school to try to escape working a 9-5 that doesn't pay anything. But she obviously doesn't care and or give a fuck about what I think I need. I'm convinced she loves to see me miserable because she'll be so happy when I come home absolutely destroyed from my job and isolate and sit in my room. Almost like she loves seeing me be fucking sad and depressed. She's 80 so I'm convinced she thinks working forever at a shitty job with shitty pay is worth it when it's not.
She kicked my sister out which she kinda deserved it. But proceeds to never talk to her.
My other sister they have had a good relationship until recently when she started calling her a bad mom and bitch or whatever else.
My older brother she kicked out and stopped talking from what I could understand was from drinking and drugs just like my other sister.
She has a set of 5 other kids. Most of them stopped talking to her up until maybe this year
One of them passed away and before he did he tried to get in contact with her and she didn't reply or didn't get it or something.
What the hell is happening? Am I crazy to think my mom is a narcissist
She once stopped talking to me because the state sent her one last check addressed to me at 19. It was my money. And she got mad and stopped talking to me over it.
She will go to parties like my younger brothers little kids party or baby shower. And make it about herself kinda pout and cry and wine like she's not getting the attention.
This last time we stopped talking was because she was doing 35 in a 50. Yes I could have drove it was after work I was tired. I tried to take her out to dinner her and her friend that lives with us and she made it about herself. I tried so hard to keep cool but couldn't. Wtf do I do. I haven't talked to her I either isolate or go outside and exercise or ride bikes but man. 6 or 7 months or this until I can possibly save up and or pull out a loan to rent my own place.
A part of me is going crazy and I just hate being in this house with the memories I have and just the problems she causes and proceeds to not say sorry for or take responsibility. I have horrible communication skills because of this lady. I have anxiety through the roof because of her. Depression, bi polar disorder.. I mean fuck I just want to leave and I think I'm gonna do that this year I'm 24 and I have to look out for myself.
But any feedback helps please 🙏🏿 I feel lost and I wake up everyday depressed.
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2023.05.30 23:04 HercHuntsdirty My (24F) Girlfriend Ended 6 Year Relationship With Me (26M) - I Don’t Understand (Advice/Guidance Needed)

I (26M) was recently broken up with by my (24F) girlfriend of 6 years right after opening up to her about how I had been struggling a lot mentally recently. That's not necessarily the cause, but it happens to be a terrible coincidence.
Backstory to the unfortunate mental struggles:
About 10 weeks ago I had a very long night out and woke up extremely hungover. My brother met up with me that night in our parents car and ended up staying with us for a few drinks, so evidently he left the car.
Of course, I woke up and had a boatload of caffeine so I was already on edge a little bit. My brother was still asleep, so my mom asked me if I could quickly drive my dad to the car so he could take it home. No problem, I hopped in my car and drove there with my dad.
On the way home, completely unprovoked and no anxiety prior, I had an insane panic attack. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I think I’ve only had one panic attack in my life, and for some reason it left me with a very small amount of social anxiety. During this attack, my hands and feet were completely numb and sweating. At first, I had literally no idea what was going on - I thought it was a legitimate health issue. I ended up taking a bit to drive home, but I made it.
Since then, I've just had heightened anxiety. I've had one other panic attack in the past and I eventually got over the lingering anxiety, so I knew it wasn't permanent.
Mental Health Backstory on her end:
To preface this, we both have anxiety/depression in our genetics unfortunately. In fact, her mom spent some time in the hospital when they were young because of how bad it got.
She also apparently had a ton of anxiety from work recently (she's a nurse, I'm in tech).
On my mothers side of the family, my mom, grandma and great grandma have struggled with anxiety their entire lives, some of them taking antidepressants.
Not fun genes for either of us to have, but we persevered!
Our Relationship:
This is what has been getting to me, our relationship was very healthy. We argued probably 2-3 times per year, we spent the majority of days together - as we lived only a 5 minute drive apart. We were both fully a part of each other's families. All of the normal relationship stuff, we were completely engulfed in it. We had also been looking at engagement rings for a bit and ALWAYS talked about our life together.
When I was about 19 before we were together, I used to drunkenly talk about her all of the time to my friends saying "if she ever gets out of the relationship with her boyfriend (at that time) she's the one I'm going for". When I was graduating high school, I went into her class on yearbook day, grabbed her yearbook and wrote my number in it. Long story short, she ended up single and within a month of that happening, we were together.
The "problems" we had over the years that were semi-recurring:
I didn't suggest enough of our plans. I explained to her a number of times that I'd happily go anywhere, I just don't tend to suggest ideas because sometimes she wanted to, other times she didn't. I've lived by the motto "happy wife, happy life" in that relationship, so I tended to go along with whatever she suggested.
We didn't take enough pictures together. I don't really like being in too many pictures and that bothered her.
We didn't travel together enough. This goes back to the anxiety, I hate flying and haven't done it in almost a decade. However, I have an appointment with my doctor in early July where I'm requesting some "emergencies only" anxiety medication to use for that exact scenario. Note - she went on a number of trips over the years with her closest friends. Furthermore, we had done weekend getaways via car together but those apparently don't count. To add, her friends are hopping on planes at least once per month to go somewhere, I think comparison became the thief of joy here.
I didn't tell her I loved her enough or hug her enough. This one is hard for me because I felt like I definitely told her I loved her a lot. She used to occasionally say "do you even love me", semi-joking but also serious, and I always told her of course I did and even though I may not say it a number of times a day, of course I do. I also did a TON of things for her to show how much I cared (ie. she very rarely had to make a lunch for work, I cooked for her almost every day and we don't even live together) The hugging thing is a bit different, as she's always been extremely affectionate and I never really have been. I truly think it comes down to how I was raised, affection just wasn't a huge part of my childhood. (note, that's not a problem for me or anything, I had incredible family/parents, it just wasn't as prominent as it was in her childhood)
I cared a lot about money and how we could set ourselves up to move out. She had taken 5 trips (two of them by train, three by plane) with her friends in the past year and after the 5th one I asked if she planned on slowing down so she could focus on tackling her student debt and so we could start saving to move out, have a wedding etc. Specifically, I wanted us to be in the position where we weren't renting a home, ESPECIALLY given how much money we were making combined. This part kind of confused me because she was the first one to suggest moving out, but when it came time to adjusting the lifestyle to prepare for it, she didn't like the idea. But, I did use it as a crutch for my anxiety to get out of things sometimes and I did open up to her about that. As an example though, I still went with her to the Gucci store and helped her pick out a very expensive purse to celebrate getting her first real nursing job after graduating. I don't feel that I cared about money (especially given the stage we were in in our lives) more than any of my buddies with girlfriends. I wanted us to be set up well for the coming stages of our lives; they were fast approaching. Furthermore, her friends are catching a plane every weekend and are living with their parents but pay cheque to pay cheque with no prospects of ever leaving unless it's renting
The Situation:
About 7-ish weeks ago, a few weeks after my panic attack, my girlfriend was very adamant that we needed to book a trip together. She said we hadn't been on a "real" trip during our relationship (by real, she means getting on a plane). We were sitting down in her bed on my laptop looking at destinations and flights, but I was incredibly anxious about the whole thing. As we were about to book, I broke down and was fully vulnerable to her for one of the first times in the 6 year relationship. I said that I just don't see myself getting onto a plane right now without some kind of medication to calm me down. On top of that, it would stress me out financially a bit, as I'm a full-time masters student and working full time. Plus, it was during my one-week semester break, so I honestly just wanted to relax.
From that day on, our relationship started going downhill. She said she felt extremely disappointed by the whole situation and she couldn't shake the feeling. We then started only hanging out maybe once per week and it was very bland when we did. A couple weeks after that incident, I slept over at her house and I could tell she was genuinely just not happy at that time.
Brief backstory - despite being 26, my mom still gives me a ton of flack if I sleep at her house. It was rare that I got away with it. But, I did it that night anyway because she always asked me to sleep over but I rarely wanted to have to deal with my mom. I thought it would help show her I'm really trying to get better. She also invited me over the following evening and I obviously went.
After that day, I don't think we saw each other for about 2 weeks. I texted her on a Friday evening and said I just don't feel like she wants to be with me anymore. She picked me up so we could talk, and explained that she felt very disappointed about how we were so close to booking the trip and ended up not doing it. She said she needed a break and I was fine with it, I understood where she was coming from.
During this time, I started seeing a therapist. I found one online who was one of the highest rated in my province and was also extremely experienced in marital/pre-marital counselling so I could tell her about the relationship issues I was having along with my anxiety.
Fast forward about 2 more weeks (last weekend) she texted me saying she was ready to talk and picked me up. She said it's probably best if we just end the relationship for the time being. She explained that she felt she had been disappointed a few times over the years and was bottling a lot of things up. She said she needed time to "find herself again" and didn't know if we would get back together at all in the future or not. Then, we sat there talking in her car for another 30 minutes like things were normal so it really threw me off.
I ended up texting her the next day and asked if I could pick her up because I was confused from the night prior since we talked so normally after the breakup conversation. We ended up talking again, sharing some tears and what not, but I kind of understood why she felt she needed to be alone for a bit, even though she didn't know if we would get back together or not. She said that people do this all of the time and sometimes they come back stronger, but if it was meant to be then we'll get back together. I also told her about how much help I'm getting and how I'm setting a goal to take a vacation when I finish my masters in November. She was noticeably happy and asked a lot about how I was talking to my therapist about improving as a person and a (what I thought was soon to be) fiancé. She asked for all of the details about what we talked about in regards to our relationship and was very happy that I was putting that much effort in.
A couple days ago is when she deleted are photos together, but it came right after she posted an Instagram story while out with a friend who has no stability whatsoever. This friend has been on and off with the same guy (who treats her terribly) for as long as we were together. Not to mention, she sleeps around a ton. I can't help but feel like some of this breakup is being influenced by her friends (specifically this one) wanting her to be single like they are out of jealousy or something. Or, they want her to be flying somewhere once a month with them with no plans for the future. My girlfriend has cried to me in the past because she had been brought to places she didn't want to be because her friend wanted to go for a guy. That friend has also been binge drinking several times weekly for years. The following night, her two friends posted a story of her incredibly drunk in the back of a car with her feet out of the window I'm sure in hopes that I would see it. We're grown ass adults, I can't help but feel like that's just not a cool thing to do to your friend in general? I don't care how drunk you are, in fact I expected her to have a night out with her friends and let loose but posting someone else like that is just insanely stupid to me! To put the icing on the cake, one of my long time buddies from high school decided to go for one of her friends and I gave him substantial warnings about her. Within a year, that relationship was completely over with and she was on to the next.
Neither of us were ever the type one to have one-night stands or get around, so I'm not concerned about anything like that during the breakup. If it happens it happens, but I won't be sleeping with anyone until I've put in all of my effort to saving everything we've built. She's only ever been with me and her ex, while I've had a handful more partners before her - but I've experienced enough in my 26 years to know that there was is only one woman for me.
After all of this, I still couldn't shake the feeling that I felt I was being abandoned during the one time in my entire life I've opened up to anyone and really wanted some support. I'm also just having a hard time processing why it happened and how I can salvage it.
I've texted her once per week since the breaks & breakup happened just telling her that I loved her and wished we were going to XYZ events coming up. I also always say in the message that "You don't have to respond or even read it, I just want you to know". I'm having a hard time deciding if I should continue giving her that weekly text or not, but I really do want her to know how much I care and thought we were a dream team.
I just can't help but feel like we had "problems" that were very fixable and were very minor compared to 99% of couples. Her two best friends have had 5+ boyfriends each in the time that we were together and countless one-night stands. Every time they would break up, I'd hear a story from my girlfriend about how terribly they were treated by these guys and we talked about how lucky we are to have each other. There was no forms of jealousy or self-consciousness between us either, neither of us were bothered when we went out alone with our respective friend groups. I also never for a second worried when she travelled with her friends that she'd cheat or something.
This wraps in with why I can't process the breakup. Aside from the few things we argued about here and there (few times a year) it was an incredibly healthy relationship. I had a great relationship with her friends (despite some of the things I've said about them above) and would often times opt to go out drinking with her group over my group of buddies. I acknowledged my shortcomings as a boyfriend (ie. the affection) with my therapist and she's giving me some help with it. Am I crazy for thinking 1. that I can fix what's happened and 2. Part of this breakup might just be her wanting to see how much I actually care?
Anyway, I might add to this if I remember more important points. I just needed to get some of this off my chest. If you've made it this far into my story, thanks for reading!
TL;DR - Our relationship was very healthy, we never argued, the breakup came essentially because I wasn’t ready to travel despite the fact that I’m actively getting help
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2023.05.30 23:04 TwilightsAscent [A4M] [24] [Discord] Multi-Genre Partner Request, Canon and OC Search (Read Post!)

Greetings everyone, my name's Wolf and I'm searching for those who can write as canon (preferred) or as OCs. For OCs, there's specific ones that fit with my two main; Tovah (female) and Wulf (male). I require non-human OCs for Tovah like vampires, shapeshifters, spirits/ghosts, demons, and more... While for Wulf, humans are accepted. Please also write as males/masc with a dominant role for NSFW/Adult scenes. I do not accept subs (as I write as subs/brats) or switches as I will not dom at any point in time. Power bottom? Maybe, if we get along.
Aside from that, for basic writing info: My timezone is PST, I write in the POV of my partner and, depending on the story, I can write one paragraph to ten, sometimes even breaking Discord's character limit twice.
- For a brief summary of my two characters:
Tovah is my main and original OC who I’d always write with since 2014, after I decided to put away my old Naruto OC. She’s a demon, who originally started off as human (Wulf as well). Long story short, she became a demon then infamously known as ‘the Beast’ that the Bible mentions, then gained a human body a few thousand years later, and to present day she works as a privately-hired Hitman/Assassin and professional “recovery agent”. Rather, she steals from people who stole from someone else. She’s also the guardian of a forest that’s in upper Vermont, a relative distance away from Canada’s borders but still close, and her “hobby” consists of rescuing creatures or other beings from humans and black markets. Many of which live in the forests she protects.
As for Wulf, he starts off human as well, before that is taken from him very early in life. Unlike Tovah, while he was trained to become a true demon prince of Hell, some demon lords saw that he wasn’t exactly up to par. They saw other uses for him, especially when he was the first successful ritual fusion of a human and demon soul. He’s labeled as a demon prince, but he never was truly one. However, he lived a practically pampered and luxurious life in Hell until the 14th century, where he decided to explore Earth when a portal appeared to him one day. He killed and slaughtered, mostly to feed, but after a while found a human lover. They taught him so much. How to talk, how to read, but most importantly… How to feel. That didn’t last for Wulf, when a jealous woman took his lover away from him, and shortly after, an angel found him. For years, he knew nothing but pain and suffering. The opposite of what he experienced in Hell, his home. He was able to escape soon enough, but by that time it was around the late 18th century. Wulf took the next ship to France, where soon WW2 occurred. He moved to the Americas afterwards and took up a job in construction and architecture, which he had also been doing in France. In present times, he lives ‘retired’, but hops from state to state after a few short years pass.
For more of their information, I have a Carrd link in my profile that contains everything I've written on them over the years. Please read it before messaging me, or you won't know what you'll be getting into. Because, honey, you've got a storm comin'.
For Canon characters, I'm looking for the following:
- Genshin Impact: Diluc, Childe, Kaeya or Xiao. (Either two OCs will end up in Mondstahd. Aether might be accepted as well or either OC will replace his role, depending on my partner.)
- Kingdom Hearts (which will have a lot of changes if we write in 3): Vanitas, Riku or Terra.
- Attack on Titan / AoT / SnK: Eren Jaeger (adult by the time he joins the scouts, because why send kids to a war) or Levi Ackerman
- Final Fantasy VII / FF7: Cloud or Sephiroth (reallyyyy wanna write this with either Tov or Wulf...)
- Boku no Hero Academia / BNHA: Tenko/Tomura Shigaraki or Touya/Dabi
- Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken
- Bungou Stray Dogs: Dazai, Chuuya, Akutagawa, or Atsushi. (I think this is a perfect canon story to have Wulf in, and I have yet to write in this universe.)
If you require doubling, which I unfortunately can't provide, this post is not for you! This is a 1x1 focus only request (with occasional or semi-frequent scenes with other characters). Thank you.
My Discord is always available in the hub Carrd of my OC Tovah. If you've read this far and are interested, send me a friend request and hopefully we can write together! :D Thanks!
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2023.05.30 23:02 Neutron_mass_hole Renters / Tennants: how do you feel about Canada's Housing situation?

Often it seems that renters / tennants opinions are not voiced. If you rent your home, how do you feel about Canada's Housing situation?
Do renters actually want to own homes? It feels like renting is forced on Canadians as the barrier to entry was made unnecessarily more expensive if you could afford the inflated down payment in full (20%) after 2008.
This seems to have had an effect on accelerating landlord population growth as they have access to capilital that renters / tennants don't. Renters /tennants continually have their savings whittled down by increasing rents, which allowed existing and new landlords (existing property owners who have just tapped into their equity) to aquire more existing housing and new housing through outbidding first time buyers.
My own answer to the question I pose above is, in my guess, 99.9% of renters / tennants do want to own a home but are outbid when first attempting to buy, or rising rents keeps lessening savings and savings contributions that it seems that 5% down payment is a long pipedream, and 20% is almost what people's parents paid for their first houses in total not too long ago (2000's).
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2023.05.30 23:00 SullySmooshFace Gov rent to buy

Genuine question. Why doesn't the government start a rent-to-buy scheme for first home buyers to help them get into the housing market? Is there any reasons why this wouldn't work? With the state of the rental market at the moment and the fact that even some professional people/couples are homeless simply because they have been unable to pay crazy rents AND save a house deposit, surely this would help?
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2023.05.30 23:00 petersonmd Sold our house and downsized to an apartment. We’re so much happier.

tl;dr: A few months ago my wife, 18 month old daughter, cat and dog sold our 2400sqft house and moved into a 1050sqft apartment. Everyone is happier, we have zero regrets and realized homeownership was the cause of a lot of our stress.
A little backstory, my wife and I have owned single family detached homes for the last 11 years. We were in our most recent home for 3 years. It was a hundred year old American four square style house in a street car suburb of a medium sized city. We had shops, restaurants and a great elementary school within walking distance. A separated bike lane one street over leading downtown. Sounds like millennial heaven right? We always thought we would be in a house and neighborhood like that if not that exact one.
After our little one had a lead exposure scare (her levels are ok now) my wife and I really evaluated what we wanted out of our living situation. We both realized that even before we had our lead scare, all the stuff that comes with owning a home, especially an older one, stresses the fuck out of us. We dumped so much money and time into projects and chores and we didn’t really have anything to show for it. So we decided to sell. Once we said it out loud, a weight was lifted.
Now that a few months have passed i feel like I have a better sense of what I want for my family. I grew up in a single family detached house so for me that was always the default for raising kids. Now, I’m not so sure anymore. I’m not ruling out owning another house, I’m just not going to force it. We lucked out on the timing buying that house. Our interest rate was crazy low and it was right before the market went bonkers. So our rent is more expensive than our mortgage but when you factor in all the extra shit you have to pay for and higher utilities the price difference isn’t much different. If we put our equity into a high yield savings account it’s basically a wash. More importantly we’ve gained so much more time to spend together as a family and lost so much stress.
I know everyone’s situation is different and I’m lucky enough to be able to own a house these days. I also realize this is very middle class American centric. But think it really important to do what’s right for you and your family, not what you think you should be doing. If that makes any sense.
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2023.05.30 22:57 ALIENCLITORIS Help- a better way to get wax out of cylinders

So I’m an event/wedding florist. I have the misfortune of having to rent out candles in glass cylinders much more frequently than I would ever like to. Wax gets so much on the glass. Yes I know there are ways to prevent this from happening, like putting stuff around the candle base, but it’s too late for that now.
The only way I have to clean them right now is boiling water in my electric tea kettle at work. But it doesn’t hold very much and so I can only boil enough water for about 1 cylinder at a time. And then the water cools off soooo fast. I have 50+ of them to clean
I have heard people say take them home and put them in the dish washer, but I really don’t want to ruin my dishwasher like that.
Also I have taken them home before and boiled water on the stove, but that wasn’t much better than this.
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