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2023.05.30 12:39 a7cATR4z Reality of Animal Welfare NGO's in my town.

It breaks my heart everytime i remember this.
I had these two stray kittens 7-8 months old around my house premises. I used to feed them daily since they were weaned.
Last Sunday (21st May 2023) one of them died after getting sick and refusing to eat or drink on Saturday night. The other one was totally fine till Wednesday then he also started showing same symptoms. He refused to even drink water.
Then i contacted two of renowned NGO'S in my town from the contact numbers provided in their respective FB pages, for help taking the kitten to hospital. two of the senior membeco founder from each NGO replied, out of town and started sharing contacts of other members and doctors. I tried contacting one of the numbers it said switched off and told the same to the NGOs co founder, he again shared another guy's number from another NGO. And this kept going on and on. I told them both it's hard for me to explain again and again to each of you, can you please ask one of the members to come here help me with the kitten. He said will let you know by the evening. He never called back.
One of the guy from the same ngo whom i messaged earlier on WhatsApp called me and said he will come in the evening after 1-2 hours, he never showed neither contacted. when I called back said will come in an hour, one day has passed no contact from him again.
By then one friend who saw similar cases suggested me some oral medication and electrolytes, I bought those and gave it to the kitten and he had some energy and was able to walk and roam around I thought he'll survive with full recovery.
As help from NGO was never coming. Today (26th may 2023) i took the kitten myself with the help of a cousin to 3 different government veterinary hospitals one of them had no doctors at 11AM. Other two prescribed me medicine which i had to buy from outside with my own expenses. I didn't know you need to buy the medicine yourself in government veterinary hospital. anyway.
Doctors gave him antibiotic injection and one injection for stomach issues and prescribed few more medicine to give orally. I bought the medicines and returned home. Both doctors refused to give the kitten saline(IV) even though i requested them to.
After returning the kitten seemed more weak he wasn't able to walk straight now. I gave him some Electrolyte solution around 3ml he wasn't able to drink now. Then he slept a bit. After an hour or so saw him shivering I thought maybe the antibiotics is doing it's work. I held him and he tried to sit up but failed then his limbs stretched and he started grasping for air I tried to comfort him and petted him. Then i felt his heartbeat go very fast and his breathing going slow and muscle spasm started. Then i felt his heartbeat go slow and very faint and finally stopped. I felt so helpless kept telling him not to die but he left already.
Atleast they both had love and care all around them when they were alive. Rest in Peace. Be Happy together.
These NGO's are there only when it's convenient for them or there is cameras and publicity around. I have now 0 faith in these Hypocrites.
Another thing I remember, I had contacted one of the co founder of one of these NGO few years back regarding an injured bird, the bird died too but he didn't even bother replying till now :)
I guess these NGO's can't work when nobody is filming them doing god's work or when there is some financial gain. :)
Note : Repost with Links removed as per rules.
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2023.05.30 12:37 molonvr Basim is Bayek (or vice versa)

Like all of you guys, I've been playing for many years and I know the saga very well, both the most famous part intended as the main plot and the characters and the lesser known part as the whole subplot that binds the various characters over time and in the actions they have carried out, very often understanding why after a long time.
I would also add that the Assassin's Creed saga has had its ups and downs but the story has always been of a good level and what has always impressed me, even in the less famous episodes, is the interconnection of the characters.
And here is my reasoning:
Basim and Bayek are directly related and possibly the same person.
Basim seems to come from further back in time, with the video we saw completing AC Valhalla.
Basim also has a direct connection, given his translation of Basil from Arabic, with a series of Saints and Venerables in the Byzantine / Greek area while if we translate from Kurdish: I'm fine (as if it had reached a moment of completeness, I'm ready!).
Bayek we know who he is and where he comes from, also translating from Kurdish the literal translation is: a wind (as if it had arrived there from afar).

So what do the two characters have in common?
They come from afar, they have a divine lineage or almost, they sacrificed their family in the name of the order but above all they can't find peace for the death of their son, and as you will also remember in AC Valhalla when Basim loses control inside del macchiario repeats it over and over again without knowing who to blame.

So I'm thinking that Basim/Bayek are the same person (or even an evolved ANIMUS based on Artificial Intelligence) and in a particular moment in which perhaps a piece of Eden could have had the upper hand and trigger some reaction.

Finally, in support of the fact that the Middle East is a hot area as regards the presence of Isu (Virtual Juno type) and Actions from parts of the various orders, I remind you that in Villa Auditore the statues belonged to characters from those places:
https:/ /
Without forgetting the map of the fruits of Eden:\_vaults\_around\_the\_world/

Tell me what you think.
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2023.05.30 12:36 BasicSith2 Journey to the Treetop

Where memories fade, love's essence ignites.
A car crash into a pine tree shatters the facade of a once seemingly blissful marriage. Jack's desperate attempts to bring down the tree with a chainsaw leave his wife, Hazel, wondering what has become of their bond. Is he still the same man she fell in love with three decades ago? As Hazel battles her fears, "Journey to the Treetop" invites readers on an emotional ride through the tumultuous landscape of a mind affected by memory loss.
CABIN ROAD is the gateway to paradise.
But why does this feel like a path to hell?
I smash into a tall pine tree that stands in the middle of the otherwise straight gravel road. I've gone around it hundreds of times before. But now, my fingers are firmly gripped on the steering wheel, disregarding all my commands. Have I become paralyzed?
A potato is wobbling on the dashboard, having obviously leaped out of the potato crates in the back seat. Jack gets out and strides to the front bumper. His lips press into a thin line as he appraises the destruction and cost of fixing it. Nothing should hold him back from swearing. But he maintains his composure, anger simmering just beneath the surface.
The memory of thirty years of marriage fills my mind. I question whether this man has drugged me. A fleeting thought that he might have crashed the car surfaces, but it seems too much of a stretch. I take a deep breath and try to clear my head.
In the rear-view mirror, Jack gets an axe from the trunk. He comes and gazes at me from my window, his eyes looking heavy and weary—like two precious pearls inside their oyster-like shells. I straighten and open the window:
“Thank goodness it wasn't worse.”
“I'll chop it down.”
“That’s a pretty big tree, Jack.”
Jack blinks several times.
“I do have a chainsaw...”
“Yes.” I wonder what stories this tree has witnessed during its lifetime. Will we see the marks of our journey on its rings? There’s always something that gets squeezed in tighter, begging to be unraveled.
“I'll drive you to the cabin and grab the chainsaw,” Jack says. “Prepare some coffee while I'm gone.”
Our short passage to the cabin around the bend is like shifting through the fog of memory. I'm in the kitchen. My fingers clench around the coffee tin can and spoon. Bewilderment engulfs my brain. I spot Jack with his saw. He slips around the corner, the curve of his bottom visible through his tight work trousers. I feel anxious about the crash. Did I deliberately hit the tree?
The measuring spoon slips from my hand. It drops onto the floor along with the tin can. I clean up the mess. Could someone drive into a tree on purpose? Accidents do happen after all. It's fascinating to see him take on this role of being so chivalrous. Far away from his academic duties.
As the chainsaw outside whines, I scroll through social media on my phone. People arguing about something or other makes me tired. I pick up a copy of Science magazine from the coffee table and scan through an article titled “Quantum Communication Across Interstellar Space,” authored by Jack. As usual, the details go right over my head. I like to amuse myself with the idea that it speaks about communicating with individuals who have passed away.
Billy's message pops up. He asks for money for a fishing trip with his buddies somewhere in Lapland. I am more than happy to support him since he’s enlisting in the army soon in July. My big boy.
I tell him about the car crash, and he gives me advice about a car repair store. Jack comes back earlier than expected. He plops into his seat, sweat beading on his forehead and the smell of resin emanating from him. He seems disappointed.
I pour coffee to the brim.
“Did the saw get stuck?”
Jack shakes his head and adds sugar to his mug.
“It got shattered under the tree. I stumbled...”
Silence descends slowly, like dust.
“My helmet cracked.”
“Do you want me to buy new parts when I go to the store?”
“No need.”
“But there's pruning and cutting to do first.”
Jack takes a bite out of a cinnamon bun.
“I can sharpen the axe.”
“Ask the neighbors for help, that's what they're for. You can also mow the lawn while I'm away.”
“The grass is already short— it'll die off.”
“You don't want ticks taking over! Think about your mother's joint pain. She would roll in her grave if—”
“Yes!” My answer is like a flyswatter, leaving no room for further discussion or quantum physics.
Jack is busy chewing on the bun. His regular coffee breaks, which have become part of his daily routine in his sixties, have honed impressive jowls.
We enjoy our coffee and stare at the lake. Calm as a mirror. I have a feeling Jack will soon suggest fishing. As I gather my things to leave, I call to him:
“Don't hurt yourself. Should I bring more buns?”
“I was thinking of skipping the sugar and wheat...”
I simply smile in reply.
“Can you refuel the car?” Jack asks.
I'm already off. The door slams shut in the middle of his sentence, but Jack knows better than to expect a response.
I jump into the driver's seat and immediately notice forgotten potato baskets in the back seat, but my mind drifts away before I can do anything about it. As I pass by our old well, I remember that we need to discuss connecting the cabin to a new water source. No matter what it costs, it needs to be done. Why should I agree to be responsible for our running water anymore?
I collide with something hard. Airbags abruptly inflate around me, disorienting me as my vision blurs. Struggling to escape from the tangled mess of seatbelts and inflatable bags, it feels like I'm an old person trying to climb out of a bouncy castle.
My gaze rests on the scene before me, but my thoughts can't understand it. I have plowed into a tree stump. The tree stretches over the ditch. Nearby the chainsaw lies crushed. The cutting chain is nowhere to be found.
I get back in the car. Should I phone Jack for an urgent call? Inhaling slowly helps me stay calm. Why didn’t he mention the tree stump?
Someone taps on my window
I jump and my neck stiffens up. I reach for the window switch.
“I should have told you about...” Jack says.
“The stump?”
“Didn't you see the tree on the ground?”
“I'm sorry. I was daydreaming.”
“Great galaxy, Hazel! You're burning through our last savings as if money grew on trees!”
Jack is being truly authentic with me. I stare back at him like some big-eyed exotic species from Madagascar that I can't identify in all this chaos.
Jack opens the door and starts to put the cushion back in its place. We turn on the engine, giving the accelerator a test ride.
“Let's go to a repair shop. I'm sure our insurance will cover this,” Jack suggests. “We can say that we had an accident with a reindeer.”
“You're supposed to report it to the police or game warden if you hit an animal,” I reply.
Jack pauses for a moment. He then reverses and drives forward again, but when he looks into the rear-view mirror, he slams on the brakes.
“I have a better plan.”
He retrieves an orange towing strap from the trunk, a burst of determination on his face. He connects the stump and the tow hook.
“Get ready. We’re going to take a quantum leap here.”
We buckle our seat belts with a single click as we prepare for the inevitable disaster. We had already made so many mistakes together, starting with raising our children—though sometimes failing was just part of parenting.
Jack revs up the engine. A sudden lurch forward, then Jack howls in pain as the stump smashes through the rear window, clambering through the seats and lodging itself onto the gearbox, trapping Jack's hand. He veers off toward the ditch.
The Milky Way spins around us, potatoes fly in the air and suddenly, all is quiet. We find ourselves upside down—surrounded by earthy potatoes and broken glass.
I try to break the silence:
“I just remembered: Billy's friend can repair cars at the vocational school much cheaper.”
Jack looks so pale, his face almost white. I guess he’s contemplating the next step.
Through the cracked windshield, I see the chainsaw chain lying in the ditch. How did it come to be rusting away? Maybe everything will go back to normal if we sit here and wait.
It feels almost as if we are flying in outer space, my nerves slowly calming down. But then a sudden stillness strikes that is anything but soothing.
“Jack, I’m feeling a bit dizzy…”
No answer.
I snap open my eyes and the scene in front of me has changed drastically. It’s like I’ve been sucked into some kind of surreal void.
I hear a tapping noise on the window. An apology and then a loud thud; a huge rock has been hurled through the glass. A stench of strong aftershave ferments around me. A burly arm reaches across to release the seatbelt. An elderly man growls something crude, nothing like Jack's usual scout-like words.
My eyes close as I'm being cradled away, and visions of Jack's mathematics and symbols flicker around in my mind. Is the soul truly free when there is no force of gravity to pull us down?
I don't know who my savior is, but I can sense his worry as his face reddens. He is in military garb.
I come to as I feel my head thudding against the rubble. Instantly, I yearn to run away, contemplating that perhaps this experience is only a dream, and I'm back in the cabin chamber, tucked securely underneath a cosy blanket. A blanket that grants me the power to perform heroic acts like disappearing in a puff of smoke.
“Are you okay?” he speaks in a familiar voice.
Fingers brush over my clothes, picking out pieces of glass. My pocket contains an odd bulge—a potato? Suddenly, everything clicks: an aged Billy, wearing a major's rank insignia. How could he have achieved that rank so fast?
“Son, what are you doing on this tree ring?”
Billy peers at me from across the way, accompanied by a mysterious female figure.
“We came to check on how you're doing,” Billy says. “Do you remember what happened?”
I raise my head and look around. There's nobody in the driver's seat of the car.
“Where is Jack?” I manage.
Billy furrows his brows like a detective would when weighing evidence. An image of the classic TV show Columbo flashes through my mind—he could lull suspects into a false sense of security before dropping the hammer of his sharp intellect on their inconsistencies. But I'm not hiding anything here. Though why are modern shows so bad? That's another mystery entirely.
“Mom, what were you doing out here? The road is an absolute disaster zone, with the car smashed up in the ditch.”
My thoughts swim haphazardly as Billy reads something from my expression, then casts his eyes towards his new girlfriend for assistance.
I try to get up but it hurts too much. Instead, I reach into my pocket and feel a sandy-sharp potato there. Maybe I can still wash it off.
“I’m fine,” I reply. “I need to get back to plowing the field... baking buns for Jack... buying a chainsaw...”
The darkness returns and I feel my body shiver. I'm in the car, traveling down bumps I've known for quite some time. Soon, I’m settled inside the cabin's living room on the couch. The coffee maker is gurgling in the corner of the room. Billy is on a call with a doctor about how to deal with grief and coping alone; it seems someone had died while cutting down a tree last year. He gets furious and threatens to take away the keys from the person he's talking to. It might be a good idea; many people have too many keys that they don't use anyway.
My head is spinning with thoughts about Jack's absence. Where did he go?
Someone runs water over potatoes while a pot clatters on the stovetop. My temper rises as I wait for Jack's return. I won't stay here by myself without an explanation from him. I call out for Jack until there's no sound left but my coughing voice.
I crave sausage soup, and I know I must go to the store. As I try to move forward, I am wading through tar. They guide me to the coffee table. According to Jack, time runs faster the more hunched your back becomes. Let it be and let us sit here, motionless, gazing at the tips of our shoes. Surely, time has slowed down in this moment.
Billy reaches out and takes my hand. A handsome, greying gentleman. His girlfriend also places her hand on top of the pile. Her name is Ewa. A beautiful name, something familiar about her.
But did I hear her calling me mother?
In the yard, a squirrel hops with a cone in its mouth. It freezes and stares at me. I avert my gaze. My hands suddenly look wrinkled. I summon the inner strength that I've been striving to find for an eternity:
“Do we have to leave now?”
Billy exchanges glances with Ewa and then looks outside.
“You don't have to walk this path alone, Mother.”
We finish our coffee without saying another word. The wind sweeps across the lake. A pair of swans take flight, and a duet of gentle honks echo across the water.
A shivering cold envelops me. Billy and Ewa take me to the car. The potatoes can wait.
The sun blazes brightly above us as we travel the cabin road; shapeless clouds dot the horizon and suddenly I sense a presence—as if someone is waving to me.
I surrender.
I believe I will be warmly welcomed.
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2023.05.30 12:36 trueuniform GSA T-shirts

GSA T-shirts
GSA T-shirts are comfortable and stylish shirts that feature the logo or design of the GSA. They are made from high-quality materials and come in a range of sizes to fit everyone. GSA T-shirts are perfect for showing your support for the GSA, whether you are an employee or just a fan.
GSA T-shirts

GSA T-shirts
Contact Us:-
20860 N. Tatum Blvd. Suite 300 Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phone: (888) 291-7602
Mail-id: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.05.30 12:36 zophzz I'm so confused. Is this all part of the abuse? Am I the asshole here?

I have actively been trying to leave my partner for about 8 months now. We're long distance at the moment but we've been together for 7 years and have a few things we need to sort out as our lives became very much intertwined. Every time I try and talk to him about taking me seriously in regards to separating it becomes a huge emotional exhausting conversation.
I feel really bad for even feeling this way and I want to start by saying that I do believe him that these things are happening. For context, he has chronic health issues. So a few weeks ago now I sent him a message basically reiterating that we need to work out how we are going to navigate our separation for real. He immediately called me very upset and he told me he had a major health incident the day before. He does not currently have insurance. I told him I don't care about that, if he thinks the worst is about to happen he needs to get to a hospital because there are people around him who would figure out someway to deal with the bills. I'm sure they'd much rather that than something very bad happen to him. I told him after everything I will never forgive him if he throws his life away. Looking at it now, this conversation was very emotional and traumatic for me. He told me he wasn't even going to tell why, then tell me because I said we need to get serious about separating? He said he felt like I should know.
Then he just starts acting to me like everything is normal still. I told him to stop calling me pet names which he has respected but I truly think he believes I'm not going to leave him and that the seperation will be temporary. Lately I realised I could have sent him to prison for what he did to me, so I'm really not going to stay with this man. A week or so later, something happened and I got super triggered over his past actions, he refused to talk about it because of his health incident as he didnt want to stress himself. That's fair enough but he could have at least said he understood how I felt, instead it all gets brushed away under the rug never to be talked about again, as usual.
Then this morning I wake up to a message saying he has been in a car accident. I got upset because he didn't give any other context or information than that so I talked to him about it. Again he was upset and I felt really bad but I'm so, so tired and I don't have the energy to keep this up. I feel bad for what he's going through, but its really not fair to me, I feel so trapped, like I can't breathe, I broke my sobriety because of all this stress. And there's a part of me wondering if he is using this as leverage to keep me around as his emotional support. We bonded through hard times before. I feel like a monster for even sharing this feeling because nobody should go through what he is and I dont want him to be alone. But I want to be done with this relationship I just want to be free, I can't take this feeling anymore. I want everything to be over so I can move on. I feel like an animal in a trap. Like it's just cruel at this point.
Am I a complete asshole for thinking it might be another abuse tactic? Honestly I hate that I even suspect that of him. It says it all really about how dead our relationship is.
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2023.05.30 12:35 Apprehensive_Bowl289 [GA] SIL says she'll sue us for half the value of a ring that belonged to their father (still alive)

So my husband's Dad left when he was around 13 and left behind some men's jewelry including a ring and some necklaces. SIL would have been around 9 at the time.
A few months to a year after he left (my husband can't remember the exact date) he found the box and asked his mom if he could have some of the stuff and she said sure so he took a ring, a bracelet and two necklaces. He didn't realize they might be valuable until a few years later in college when he needed to sell one of the necklaces and got it all appraised. The ring is the most and worth about $800 so nothing crazy but still a tidy sum. He told his mom about it when he pawned it and she didn't want any of the money or them back.
My husband and his sister don't talk but I guess MIL mentioned this to SIL recently and now she's all mad at my husband for "stealing" the jewelery especially the ring. She says that she deserved to have gotten some too and said we owe her $400. My husband countered that he'll give each of his siblings $115 (7 of them) but she didn't like that and now she's saying she's going to sue us. She's also now claiming he sold the necklace for over five grand and she's going to report him to the police for theft. Luckily he has the paperwork to prove it was only a few hundred and even the email where his mom said she didn't want any of it.
The only other thing is his dad is still alive and I'm like technically it's his? But he owes MIL so much money in child support and has a few warrants in Georgia so I doubt he's coming back for them.
My question is do we have something to worry about? Should we get a lawyer?
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2023.05.30 12:35 flauschxger Workaround for Vanguard (TPM/secure boot)

Hi, I am dual booting Windows 11 and Arch Linux, I have TPM and secure boot disabled because Linux doesn't really like those settings. Now, when I get on my Windows machine and try to start up Valorant, an error pops up which tells me Vanguard needs secure boot and TPM to be enabled. Since I really can't enable those settings in my BIOS, what can I do? I didn't have this issue on Windows 10, which is weird since Windows 10 also had support for secure boot and TPM 2.0. I know Microsoft wants you to enable those settings in order to upgrade, but I figured my way around it. I also don't get why an anti cheat would ever need permission for root and settings like secure boot/TPM enabled, since there are bypasses for both of these so-called "security measures" for a long time now. TPM and secure boot do not make your PC more safe or hard to get into to, but that is a different topic.
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2023.05.30 12:35 jksz91 Scrolling and zooming on timeline no longer functioning

On the latest version of Premiere Pro on a Windows 11 laptop, I can't scroll along the timeline using the trackpad, also, holding the alt key, I can't zoom in and out of the timeline.
It works fine on the program monitor and the source monitor, but not on the timeline. I am also able to expand each channel size by using two fingers on the trackpad and pulling the opposing corners into the center. However, scrolling and zooming still does not work.
I have tried this on different projects, new projects and timelines with different footage and it is still the case. There are no issues with the laptop trackpad as it functions fine on other Adobe programs.
I posted the issue in the Adobe Support Community 2 weeks ago. It was reported to their Bugs Report Forum but there has been no changes.
Has anyone had the same issue? Any fixes? It's a real headache!
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2023.05.30 12:34 Fit-Comfortable-6031 Apps to Catch a Cheater Without Their Phone//Which are the best Spy apps to catch Cheating Wife? How to catch your cheating girlfriend?

Are you suspecting your partner of cheating on you? Do you want to catch them red-handed but do not have access to their phone? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top Apps to Catch a Cheater Without Their Phone.
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Spy apps are essential for parents who want to monitor their children’s online activity or employers who want to monitor their employee’s activity. They are also helpful for catching a cheating spouse.
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This information will then be uploaded to a secure online account where you can view it anytime. So Here are just a few examples: If your spouse is receiving suspicious calls or texts late at night or during times when they’re supposed to be working or spending time with you, you can easily log in to your private dashboard to view deleted conversations or text messages.
While the use of spy apps can be a gray area legally, it’s generally legal to use them to monitor a device that you own or has legal access to. However, it’s important to understand and follow the laws in your specific jurisdiction to avoid any legal issues.
Most spy apps are designed to operate stealthily and remain hidden from the user of the device being monitored. However, it’s still possible for some apps to be detected by antivirus software or other security measures.
In many cases, spy apps require the target device to be jailbroken or rooted to access certain features. However, some apps like Ultimate Phone Spy do not require any jailbreaking or rooting.
Yes, many spy apps offer GPS tracking features that allow you to track the location of the target device in real time.
It depends on the app you choose. Some apps allow you to monitor multiple devices with one subscription, while others require separate subscriptions for each device.
Most spy apps are designed to be easy to install and use, with intuitive interfaces and step-by-step instructions. However, the level of difficulty can vary depending on the app and the target device.
Yes, many spy apps offer features that allow you to monitor social media and messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.
In some cases, spy apps can retrieve deleted messages and data from the target device’s storage. However, this can vary depending on the app and the type of data being retrieved.
Yes, many spy apps offer features that allow you to monitor phone calls and text messages on the target device.
When choosing a spy app, consider factors like the features you need, compatibility with the target device, level of customer support, and pricing options. It’s also important to read reviews and compare multiple options before making a decision.
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2023.05.30 12:34 maryjaneDOTvip Auth_Restricted

Trying to create an NFT account and I keep getting Auth_Restricted notice and it won't let me log in? Tried to contact but they will not respond and there is no customer support options.
Can someone assist please? Thank you.
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2023.05.30 12:34 DifficultIncrease845 Am I(24M) overreacting and being possessive in my relationship?

This is long so please bear with me.
A bit of background. I (an extreme introvert) and my gf(23F, an extreme extrovert) have been dating for the past 5 months. We were kinda best friends and I confessed last December. She first rejected saying relationships are like "mental torture", "it won't work out", "it will be a problem in her home" etc after a week of ignoring each other we spoke again. She tried to convince me to stay friends and I asked her to think about it and that we can't go back to being normal. She was crying and hurting so I backed off. But on New yr Eve I asked her one last time and she said yes. The next day she found out I was from a different caste so after 3 days of crying she broke up with me(Let's call this " the caste breakup"). We didn't speak to each other for 2-3 weeks but unfortunately used to work at the same place so it was awkward, I said let's at least cut social media contact for now. Then she said she didn't mean that break up and she was trying to think of a plan to manage her family. She felt so guilty that she tried to hurt herself on the hand. She said she only broke up with me for the time being but we talked about not taking these kinds of decisions alone and finally got back together.
We both have different texting habits. Whenever she's out with her friends or goes to her hometown she texts me at the end of the day to tell me everything abt her day but I'm always texting her to the point where people complain abt me always being on the phone. But no complaints from my side. I know I need to give her space.
Now this is where the actual problem starts, Timeline is of 3 days -
Friday night(the day before she goes to her hometown) - she cried a lot and said "She's not correct for me", "she's not treating me right", "She doesn't behave properly" and talked about how she's losing interest in herself and life, talked about self-harm and asked me to leave her repeatedly. I reassured her about our relationship and made her reluctantly promise that she will tell me whenever she has these thoughts again. I said let's talk properly about this when u r back. She said ok.
Saturday - She went home and slept the whole day and I was also out with my friend so we didn't talk much. But She was ok till Saturday evening. There was no msg on Saturday night, slept early ig.
Sunday - single-word reply to Saturday's msg and that's it. I said "Good morning" but there was no reply. She kept sending snaps and uploading stories throughout the day but nothing on my chat. Only a "good evening" in the evening and "abt to sleep" msg at night. Thats it. No usual "update abt her day" at night. I thought she was completely ignoring me.
Monday - She came back to the city in the morning. Didnt tell me when she came back. The way I found out was through a snap she sent me in the afternoon. I thght she was going to break up with me for my own good. I got flashbacks from "the caste breakup"(because she does the "I'm doing this for ur own sake" thing). So I didn't text her. we didn't speak the whole day.
Later that night she asked me if I was upset that she didn't reply on Sunday. She kept telling me about how her relatives came and she was busy with them etc. I said I understand all of that but is your behavior over the past 3 days normal? she got irritated and said "UK I give late replies when I'm at home right?" and straight up just said "ok sorry for spending time with my family". I said, "after what happened on Friday, how can u not text me properly for 2-3 days. What should I make of this situation?" and she said "what do u mean "what should i make of this situation?" what did u think?". I asked her to stop and analyze what happened over the last 3 days and look at it from my perspective. She didn't answer that. She repeatedly kept saying she was busy so didn't text but I didn't text her even though I was free. she got irritated and brushed it off saying she'll text me next time. Then I said I thought u were going to break up with me. Ur behavior on Sunday was not usual and on top of that with what happened on Friday it was very worrisome. She apologized but asked why is sunday not "usual behavior", I said its not because we never went a whole day with only 3 msgs. She kept saying she was busy with her relatives and went to a movie. Plz try to understand. etc. I said I would have texted her "I'm watching a movie" before or in interval or after the movie. She said just after the movie she was supposed to meet her friend so she called and told her that she can't. This is the reason she didn't text me(didn't make any sense to me). Whenever I ask her about something like this she compares me with her frnds saying she's like this with everyone(Should I not expect some sort of special treatment from her?). She just wasn't having any of this. She said her behavior on Sunday was absolutely normal. So I just said ok I think I'm being too clingy, obsessive, and possessive about u. I'll back off a little. I'll also text u only when I'm free. I won't bother u when u r busy. she said ok fine.
Did I cave in or am I the actual problem? I'm very confused. Please let me know.
TL; DR - GF said she was not correct for me, talked about self-harm, and asked me to leave her. Then she didn't speak properly with me for 3 days. thought she was going to break up and when I asked about it she acted like I was overreacting. Am i the problem in this relationship?
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2023.05.30 12:34 taxfillingindia Now It's Made Easy to Register ESI & PF Tax Filling India

Now It's Made Easy to Register ESI & PF Tax Filling India
Employee State Insurance (ESI) and Provident Fund (PF) are crucial social security measures that ensure the well-being and financial security of employees in India. Registering for ESI and PF can often be a complex and time-consuming process. However, with the advent of digital platforms like TaxFillingIndia, the registration process has become significantly easier and more convenient. In this blog, we will explore how TaxFillingIndia simplifies the registration process for ESI and PF, making it hassle-free for employers and employees alike.
Understanding ESI and PF:
Before delving into the registration process, let's briefly understand the significance of ESI and PF. The Employee State Insurance Act, of 1948, provides medical, cash, maternity, and other benefits to employees and their dependents. The Provident Fund (PF) is a retirement savings scheme that enables employees to accumulate a corpus for their future. Both ESI and PF are mandatory for certain categories of establishments and offer valuable social security benefits to employees.
The Traditional Challenges of Registering for ESI & PF:
Historically, registering for ESI and PF involved extensive paperwork, multiple visits to government offices, and dealing with cumbersome processes. Employers had to gather various documents, fill out lengthy forms, and endure long waiting periods. This often caused frustration and delays, leading to a less-than-optimal experience for businesses.
Simplifying the Process with TaxFillingIndia:
TaxFillingIndia is a leading online platform that offers comprehensive solutions for tax compliance and regulatory requirements in India. The platform has streamlined the process of registering for ESI and PF, making it user-friendly, efficient, and hassle-free.
a. User-Friendly Interface: Tax Filling India provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring that employers can navigate through the registration process with ease. The platform's design and structure make it accessible even to individuals without a deep understanding of complex legal procedures.
b. Document Preparation: Tax Filling India simplifies the documentation process by providing a step-by-step guide and a checklist of required documents. Employers can easily upload the necessary documents, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and saving valuable time.
c. Automated Form Generation: The platform generates the required forms and documents automatically based on the information provided by the employer. This feature ensures accuracy and reduces the risk of errors commonly associated with manual form filling.
d. Speedy Processing: Tax Filling India expedites the registration process by digitizing and automating various stages. The platform ensures that the applications are submitted promptly and minimizes the time taken for approvals.
e. Expert Support: Tax Filling India offers expert support and assistance throughout the registration process. Their team of professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of ESI and PF registration, ensuring that employers receive guidance and resolve any queries promptly.
Additional Benefits and Services:
Apart from simplifying the registration process, Tax Filling India provides various additional benefits and services related to ESI and PF compliance:
a. Compliance Reminders: The platform sends timely reminders for ESI and PF filing and payment deadlines, helping employers stay compliant with regulatory requirements.
b. Document Storage and Retrieval: Tax Filling India securely stores all the ESI and PF registration documents, making it easy for employers to retrieve and access them whenever required.
c. Tax and Accounting Services: In addition to ESI and PF registration, Tax Filling India offers a wide range of tax and accounting services, ensuring that businesses can manage their financial obligations effectively.
Tax Filling India has revolutionized the process of registering for ESI and PF by leveraging technology and simplifying the procedures. Employers can now register for ESI and PF effortlessly, save time, and ensure compliance with the regulatory framework. With its user-friendly interface, automated processes, expert support, and additional services, TaxFillingIndia has become the go-to platform for employers seeking a seamless and efficient experience. Embrace the convenience of digitalization and let Tax Filling India handle your ESI and PF registration, enabling you to focus on what matters most – growing your business and taking care of your employees' well-being.
Contact Us:
Call: +91 9177706025
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2023.05.30 12:33 Funloafer I wet the bed at 9 months postpartum...

I woke up in the middle of the night lying in pee last night. I didn't wake up for it and hadn't had an accident since I was 10 or 11 (I am now almost 30).
Now I did wake up once before the incident to pee at night and still wet the bed. Granted, I do drink a ton of water during the day because I'm breastfeeding and drank probably around 4-5 cups of water right before bed because I felt a bit dehydrated.
But still, I'm honestly mortified. My husband has been super supportive, but I can't shake the embarrassment. Is there something wrong with me? Weak kegels? Small bladder? I had a c-section 9 months ago, so not sure if this is birth related or not.
Has this happened to anyone else? I'm honestly afraid to go to bed tonight out of fear it'll happen again
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2023.05.30 12:32 Carr0t Seeking opinions on on-call alerting (SMS, phone call) SaaS products

I've been tasked with investigating the options for on-call alerting software for my company.
We already use to manage any incidents themselves, and track metrics and trigger alerts with DataDog, both of which are integrated into our Slack workspace to send messages to a custom channel. But neither currently support sending out either SMS or phone call alerts to an on-call engineer (and we can't wait to see if they are building it). If everything else was A+ I would accept app/push notifications, but using the mobile phone network is first choice.
The reason I bring up those existing systems is because a lot of tools out there (PagerDuty, BetterUptime etc) cover a lot of the same bases as well as the on-call alerting, so we'd be paying a fair chunk of change for features we have no intention of using. I saw a recent blog post about PagerDuty alternatives, but from my reading many of the listed products are covering the incident management portion (like, but missing the actual alerting via SMS or phone call (out of hours, when we can't expect engineers to be paying attention to the work Slack).
This needs to be a SaaS solution, because we want to be able to alert in the case that our entire platform on which all our own stuff is hosted is having issues. Given that we're entirely in AWS currently it also shouldn't go down if AWS has issues.
What products are other people using? Would you particularly recommend or warn against using it, or is it just 'good enough'? Is there anything out there that really focuses on the callout schedule and actually calling people out, rather than all the rest of the management and tooling around that?
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2023.05.30 12:28 Sewer-Rat Island Sanctuary Workshop - Season 41

Week of May 30 - June 5, 2023



Overseas Casuals Team:

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2023.05.30 12:26 Unique_Ad4358 Relation ruining my life : Please Help Someone

So i added this guy (24, M) on instagram ( he's from my city ) while he had a casual girlfriend back in Sydney and he was open about not looking for being serious with anyone but wants to be in a casual relationship as he was heartbroken by his first school girlfriend. (I confirmed his love for his ex by his enemies as well so he wasn't lying or faking it.) We soon started having sexting and he was only interested in a hookup with me. One day, while us texting to plan a place for hookup, some things happened that made him think of me as childish and I was 18 years old. Apparently, he found me cute and innocent. Now he's a fuckboy and i very well knew it beforehand. One day he removed me from every social media account he had and i was shocked because he never does that - he'a a extremely extremely friendly person who even adds and talked to random strangers on the internet In 2021, he proposed me infront of his friend circle and told his family about me. The only THING THAT DID NOT GO WELL WITH ME WAS HIM INTRODUCING ME TO HIS FEMALE BESTFRIEND ( 24 , F) WHO HE DATED FOR A WHILE AND I ASKED HIM TO BLOCK HER IF HE WANTS TO MARRY ME. I could ' take the emotional stress of having a husband with so much body count and a female bestfriend he has sexual history with. Everyone abused me for breaking his heart and he was literally crying over the call. Some people even warned me not to believe him but i myself saw him crying and talking to me all day which he never does with anyone. I was scared of him being disloyal in future and rejected his proposal due to his reputation of being a FUCKBOY. I can't stand my husband being friends with an ex he fucked. This is not me being narrow minded and My family also WARNED ME NOT TO DATE HIM. Am I being Reasonable? It's been 2 years but he has not moved on. He is addicted to alcohol and not being placed after completing his MBA FROM USA.
Am I being Reasonable? It's been 2 years but he has not moved on. He is addicted to alcohol and not being placed after completing his MBA FROM USA. He is just travelling and hooking up to avoid the breakup pain. Please help me guys I tried contacting him but he keeps blocking me and i can't decide if he's a good guy or a fuckboy indeed. I stalked his instagram account and he has liked many sad emotional breakup post from the past two years which he never does.
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2023.05.30 12:25 thelittlebirdthatold My (29f) late father's (74m) affairs on my mother (70f) resulted other kids, while family who knew were shut out from telling the truth

Around a month after my father's death, a man privately messaged me saying he and I share the same father but different mothers. Not only this is true, but two other men also share my father—all through different women! I have three, older half-brothers, and this is further confirmed by my aunts/uncles, my father's siblings, who have known this for several years.
A huge part of my life I did not know my father's side of the family that well, and my father failed to properly initiate those connections with me (and even his wife, my mother) to any of them. My mother has been given an inaccurate portrait of her in-laws for a long time with different stories and they have been unfairly mischaracterized. In reality, my aunts/uncles were protecting and supporting these half-children that my father chose to be absent in their lives.
I have since brought this up to my oldest sister but understandably she does not want to engage with any of these people, especially since she was not raised with them. In her opinion, she encouraged that our mother needs to find this out eventually "when the dust settles". My middle sister on the other hand went no contact with us not that long after my father died. We suspect she found out at some point in her youth as she was often overseas with him and I can't imagine her own trauma she is going through all by herself if this is true. I cannot reach out to her as she already threatened the oldest sister about it; it is clear she wants to be left alone right now. So my mother is currently in the dark as to what is going on with that as well.
In his hometown, my father has a pretty reputable position as well and was known for his philanthropy, so whether or not other people knew, he has connections that would go out of their way to try to stop and silence anything negative about him. He almost ran for local politics. Looking back there is evidence that various family members have tried to reach out to me but were possibly censored or held back in some way from being able to tell the truth about my father. I can't exaggerate how small this town is, I would not be surprised if all of those residents knew too!
Ultimately, I want to iron out what I feel like are a series of problems my father left behind to cover up his shortcomings. It hurts to say that the schism in my family and some of the progress that has been stopped all these years is hugely owed to my father who did not want my mother to interact with his siblings, because that means she would find out they've been protecting his out of wedlock kids. It is sad that it took her husband dying for my mom to finally cross that barrier and have positive interactions with her in-laws.
It has been difficult to read my mother's emotions throughout this whole journey, who somehow never shed a tear this whole time bidding farewell to her husband, and at some point even joked about getting "a new boyfriend" immediately on our flight back from burying him overseas. She has been cold-faced this whole time and smiled and laughed all the time thinking about other things and his burial did not feel like a priority. I felt like I was the one actually miserable the whole time! In their older photos I see my parents were truly in love, but as I got older, I felt like they fell out of it. My memories of my parents were simply of many arguments and not of intimacy. My mother has often made excuses that it was simply because they have "gotten old", which I know better now seeing many elderly couples in public at the very least still hold hands. There is a possibility she knew what my father did this whole time and stopped caring but never admitted this to us. But I also do not know what is going on in her head and what she thinks about when she sleeps at night when I am not around. She ultimately was the one who chose to stay by his side and saw him in his final hours.
My half-siblings, and neither anyone surviving on my father's family are also not seeking anything financially from us whatsoever and I believe them entirely. Their mothers have also not been involved and completely detached. Around a few years ago, my father also started establishing contact with one of the children. I cannot answer if he was genuinely beginning reconciliation then, but that was all cut short before he eventually fell to his illness. I believe sincerely my half-brothers have no ulterior motives, and are now enduring their own trauma in being simply robbed proper closure from their biological father when he had many opportunities to fix all of this when he was still living.
I am obviously not doing anything immediately rash and am seeking and hearing many opinions between here and from outside professionals. I have received some opinions that believe my mother should never know for the rest of her life and feel that my actions are selfish and not in her favor to protect. I feel conflicted because it is at odds with how we interact with the rest of the family. I want to prioritize my mother's well-being, but I think her being in the dark is sadly a huge reason why so many other people are currently being negatively impacted and suffering in their own way right now. She will still inevitably interact with my father's family and community even further. I also want to reference again my own sister, one of her own daughters, is probably in an even worse mental state right now, because she possibly knew before any of us and has been alone keeping this secret. Also, just because my mother is "old" does not mean she is weak at heart and is not capable of independence. She has proven that to me many times.
For some cultural context as well: I want to emphasis the point that I am a child of Filipino immigrants and it's very common that a relative visits your home country to be that bridge with your extended family. Sadly people no doubt take advantage of it and cheat. Divorce is not even legal in the Philippines. We already actually do have some relatives of our own that have been loved and cared for born through such circumstances and they are not rejected because of that.
I also feel like our society also often prioritizes face and family first and not the individual. I have a huge, inter-generational family where some parts of it all live in the same house and where there are many opportunities for distant relatives to be regularly present in your business. It is difficult to talk about your vulnerabilities and your feelings because you typically are expected to self-sacrifice for the rest of the group.
TL;DR: After he died, found out my father had affairs that led to other kids. My half siblings never had him or his support in their lives, but are not even interested in any compensation now. Family members knew but were shut out of confronting my mother about it. My mother intends on still interacting with them. One of my siblings is also currently no contact possibly because of this knowledge. The person who should be fixing this is no longer alive, so how do I navigate this situation with the possibility of either my mother eventually needing to know the truth or remaining in the dark about it?
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2023.05.30 12:24 ProfessusExercitatus Programming Course In C!

Disclaimer: I know you can learn online for completely free and anyone that is capable of doing that, i would more than encourage you for that. This post is directed towards those that want a community, structured course and classes with someone to answer their questions and guide them. This is not an ad!
I want to start off by thanking everyone for their extremely kind words and advice, especially those that offered their full support.

About Me

I am a FASTian with w ~3.9 GPA. I got a distinction grade (A+) for both my class and lab of this course. I also have multiple years of experience in languages such as Python, as well as currently focusing on lower-level languages. I will also be learning a full stack, most likely based around Flutter or PWAs.


Maybe i reduce these as we do have a limited time and the main focus will be on the book and lab tasks. These however will get you through all the basics.
I most likely will be skipping out on summer job opportunities for myself to provide this course to everyone, so if you are interested, please get in touch with me. This is a one-time thing as i am not a teacher, and I won't be able to miss further job opportunities. And most importantly, treat me like a friend. I'll be more than happy to help you with your educational or career endeavours.
Feel free to DM me if you are interested.
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2023.05.30 12:23 Unlikely-Document-44 She needs your help
This is my girlfriend Celina, she doesn't have any money right now and is unable to pay her rent! Celina left her parents home on her own terms and doesn't get any financial help or support. She works multiple Jobs but her payday is to late for her monthly bill. Celina would never ask for any help, that's why im doing this campagne to suprise her. Im worried she'll be kicked out of her apartment and she can't go anywhere else so we really need your help! We appreciate anyone who wants to help! Thank you!
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2023.05.30 12:22 prunkgirl I live off nostalgia/memories of my old friends

Early 2017 through early 2019 was the highlight of my life. I met so many amazing people(online) and I loved them all, I loved hanging out with them.
Honestly I remember just about every single one of them, memories I made with each of them(some more than others), things we did together as groups, spots we would hangout in, routines we would do in each game we played, outfits we'd have our characters wear, just about everything. I really remember about 85% of those times like the back of my hand.
I slowly fell out of contact with a few when they dissapeared from the game, others, we just drifted. Every once in a while I'll try and friend them in hopes that they login back into the game and see that I sent it... I really wish that could happen.
After I fell out of touch with everyone(mid 2019 maybe?) my life went downhill with more mental health problems and what not. I would pull and search in every single part of my brain to find those memories with them, I run them through my eyes like a movie and wish, no, beg really that I could go back to that time and relive it again and again.
I can't let go, I won't let go, I'll continue to grasp at these memories, get 'high' off nostalgia, it's like a fucking drug. Nostalgia hurts so fucking much but god I love the feeling because I get to see what I had.
I miss everyone, nothings been the same and I've never been able to find such amazing friends, I haven't been happy since. I'm fucking crying while writing this. I miss them all so much..
Thankfully I'm still in contact with a few of them, and I just got in contact with 2 more which makes me really happy. Though theyre kinda having a hard time remembering me.. which, kinda hurts but it's ok.
What I've been doing is so unhealthy and bad for my mental health, I like to think it's good and bad. I won't stop staying in my memories.
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2023.05.30 12:21 camocurtains Hey has anyone had any experience with minoxidilworld and not getting their orders?

I ordered a 3 month supply about a month ago and still havent received my order. Ive contacted him through his website by raising a query and also emailed him a few times. Ive also requested help from the shopify app but no response from either of them. Really pissed off i just want my money back at this point i cant afford to throw £50 away !! Anyone with with any experience of this can point me in the right direction? Thanks
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2023.05.30 12:21 ErikQRoks Job App Assessment stuck. Can't submit job application

Title is your TLDR, and here's some more info
I'm applying for my local walmart and have completed the Hourly Retail Associate assessment. When i'm redirected, the submit button is grey'd out and it links me to take the assessment again. Clicking that link tells my i've already taken the test and will be redirected and to click their link for tech support if i'm having issues. Their tech support link is broken. I've tested this across the latest builds of Firefox and Edge.
I can't tell if their page is broken or if they're trolling me because i've worked for the company before
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