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Landlord is claiming I owe him money after taking all my

2023.03.20 23:29 MrPattyMan Landlord is claiming I owe him money after taking all my

My girlfriend and I rented an apartment for a year in Valencia. We rented through an agency so we thought everything would be handled fairly. The apartment was fully furnished when we moved on but nothing was brand new. When I viewed the apartment there was tennents living there so I know everything was secondhand. We left the place as we found it. You could tell it wasn't professionally to begin with because there was dirt under counters etc.
They have now sent us a bill for things such as new appliances (nothing was broken besides a water heater that a technician told us was simply past it's life cycle), painters bill, consum bills, furniture removal, multiple cleaning fees, carpentry fees, Ikea bills etc. All in all not only is claiming our 1600 deposit, he's also saying we owe him 600 euro.
We are shocked to say the least. Is this normal, or are we getting screwed over? Sorry for the rant but we left the place cleanwr than we found it and I wasn't aware anything was broken.
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2023.03.20 23:25 MrPattyMan Landlord says I owe him money after taking all my deposit

My girlfriend and I rented an apartment for a year in Valencia. We rented through an agency so we thought everything would be handled fairly. The apartment was fully furnished when we moved on but nothing was brand new. When I viewed the apartment there was tennents living there so I know everything was secondhand. We left the place as we found it. You could tell it wasn't professionally cleaned when we moved in because there was dirt under counters etc.
They have now sent us a bill for things such as new appliances (nothing was broken besides a water heater that a technician told us was simply past it's life cycle), painters bill, consum bills, furniture removal, multiple cleaning fees, carpentry fees, Ikea bills etc. All in all not only is claiming our 1600 deposit, he's also saying we owe him 600 euro.
We are shocked to say the least. Is this normal in Spain, iw there anything I can do in this case? Sorry for the rant but we left the place clean and nothing was broken.
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2023.03.20 23:22 Oeteldonkers Sri Lanka, beaches?

Hello everyone,
Me and my fiancée are busy with finding a place for our honeymoon. I always wanted to go to Sri Lanka someday. My fiancée really want to have at least 4 or 5 beach days, preferably something like a paradise - white sands, palm trees, blue water, etc. We've been looking at the Maldives for that, but what beach/paradise places does Sri Lanka have to offer to tourists?
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2023.03.20 23:21 Thatblokeingreen Complex situation, Should I keep trying?

I shall try and keep this as simple as possible.
A (34m), C(26m), and M(28m), all live in a house together, A and C are a couple in a rocky and turbulent open relationship, who have occasionally dabbled with M as a third in the bedroom.
I met A 8 years ago when I moved to the area, before he entered a relationship with C, and before he met M. I was introduced to C and M through A and have developed some sort of a bond with each of them. A and I just generally chat and get along having known each other the longest, C and I play Airsoft together fairly frequently throughout the year, and M and I enjoy the geeky side of life and are fairly crafty tactile people (who are also neurodivergent in different ways).
A few years ago, M and I got rather close and started spending more intimate time together before I stepped away out of fear of damaging what I thought was a good friendship. M then had a 2 year relationship with another guy which ended typically with a break in contact but no other negativity.
Skip forward to the start of this year. M has been made redundant/laid off and has had a lot of free time at home, while searching for jobs online and generally being the housekeeper for A and C in exchange for a financial reduction on his rent/bills contributions. M and I sat down together and spoke about residual feelings for each other, and the potential of us dating at some point in the future, though both of us agreed that we aren’t ready for anything serious just yet. I said that I’m happy to just casually see how things are in that case, and that if he ever needed a break from A and C and their relationship troubles he was always welcome at mine place, and that I would pick him up and drop him off as and when he wanted to. That conversation ended up in fully clothed cuddles on the sofa with a few kisses but not even crossing PG13 ratings.
Since that time (2 months ago) he’s barely been in contact with me, has left me on read, and then replied hours later, but has spent a lot of time out with A, visiting shows, playing DnD, having nights out, and most recently - spending A’s birthday weekend away with him in the absence of C (who chose not to go with them).
What little contact I do get from M of late is limited to a 🥵 emoji reply on my instagram stories, and likes on my instagram posts. I haven’t initiated any messages with M since wishing both A and M a great birthday weekend away.
But as a whole, with all 3 of them, unless I initiate a conversation I receive nothing from them.
I think all 3 of them are good people in their own rights individually, but their actions don’t seem to be corroborating my feelings about them as people. A was even surprised I remembered his birthday.
I have no clue what’s going on between the 3 of them for sure, but it would appear that their actions are speaking louder than their words, and they may just not see me in any kind of friend role, which only backs up my niggling suspicion that I was only kept around for alterior motives on their part.
So what do I do? Keep putting the effort in? Back away slowly? Or cut them off sharply?
TLDR - people I thought were friends (and more in the case of 1) have stopped communicating unless I put everything into carrying the conversation. What should my response be?
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2023.03.20 23:20 MrPattyMan Landlord is claiming I owe him money after taking all my deposit

My girlfriend and I rented an apartment for a year in Valencia. We rented through an agency so we thought everything would be handled fairly. The apartment was fully furnished when we moved on but nothing was brand new. When I viewed the apartment there was tennents living there so I know everything was secondhand. We left the place as we found it. You could tell it wasn't professionally cleaned when we moved in because there was dirt under counters etc.
They have now sent us a bill for things such as new appliances (nothing was broken besides a water heater that a technician told us was simply past it's life cycle), painters bill, consum bills, furniture removal, multiple cleaning fees, carpentry fees, Ikea bills etc. All in all not only is claiming our 1600 deposit, he's also saying we owe him 600 euro.
We are shocked to say the least. Is this normal and is there anything I should do? Sorry for the rant but we left the place clean and nothing was broken.
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2023.03.20 23:17 Safe-Palpitation-207 My mom wants me to move back in, after she kicked me out 2 to 3 years ago.

About 4 years around the year of 2019 a year after my sister's high school graduation, my family kept telling me I should move in with my mom, so I could have a more broadened life experience in the city things were going well until my mom moved into the house with her dad, and then moved back in the house she was renting a new person was renting the house but that person aloud my mom and I to live in the same house along with 6 other people including the person renting the house. I had done something I am not proud of I got mixed up in someone's relationship I tried to mend a relationship by telling the person renting the place that his girlfriend was planning to leave him, which promptly caused things to sour the relationship of the guy renting the house and the 4 remaining women in the house,my mom her new girlfriend, her daughter and I with three dogs and a cat had to flee the house after things deteriorated to point we had to live in a small hotel room for 5 months and then we all finally got a home to rent around the time of the hotel room and then the new rental home my mom made me takeout 230.00 out my paycheck each time I got paid then kept trying to push me into different living arrangements after she thought I was too old to live with her because of what her friends said and now she wants me back, I just don't get it and I don't know what to do I really hate conflict i have already moved back in with my dad at this time and I am afraid she'll hate me If I confront her on the reason she kicked me out in the first place and reluctance to move in back with her. Please someone help with this , what should I do I feel lost.
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2023.03.20 23:04 Wolfs_Bane2017 To the Muslims, there is no worldly punishment for apostasy in Islam

In this post I will argue from the Quran and Hadith that there is no worldly punishment for someone leaving their religion according to Islam. Many scholars argue that there is no punishment for apostasy unless they start preaching against Islam and start trying to convert people out of Islam, I reject this as well and will show evidence against this. Any punishment for apostasy, if any, will occur after we have died and it is only between Allah and the person.

I am not sure whether any of the Muslims in this subreddit believe that the punishment for apostasy is death, but unfortunately many Muslim countries and Muslims themselves around the world support death penalty for apostasy.

No Compulsion in Religion

Holy Quran 16:93:
And if Allah had enforced His will, He would surely have made you all one people; but He lets go astray him who wishes it, and guides him who wishes it; and you shall surely be questioned concerning that which you have been doing.
Holy Quran 2:257
There should be no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely grasped a strong handle which knows no breaking. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
Holy Quran 18:30
And say, ‘It is the truth from your Lord; wherefore let him who will, believe, and let him who will, disbelieve.’ Verily, We have prepared for the wrongdoers a fire whose flaming canopy shall enclose them. And if they cry for help, they will be helped with water like molten lead which will burn the faces. How dreadful the drink, and how evil is the Fire as a resting place!
In the above verses Allah affirms that there is freedom in religion in this world and the consequences for the choice of religion will only manifest in the after life. This freedom is applied to those who leave Islam as well otherwise it would contradict these verses. The people can choose who and what to believe and disbelieve in.

Death for Apostasy - A Characteristic of the Enemies of Prophets

Throughout time the prophets were raised against disbelievers to try and convert them. Many were tyrannical and would kill those who changed their religions and accepted the Prophets and would even try to kill the prophets.
The example of Pharaoh in 20:72:
Pharaoh said, ‘Do you believe in him before I give you leave? He must be your chief who has taught you magic. I will therefore surely cut off your hands and your feet alternately, and I will surely crucify you on the trunks of palm-trees; and you shall know which of us is severer and more abiding in punishment.’
Prophet Abraham (as) was threatened with death by stoning for leaving idolatry in Quran 19:47:
He replied, ‘Dost thou turn away from my gods, O Abraham? If thou cease not, I shall surely stone you (to death). Now leave me alone for a long while.’
We also saw this in the time of Muhammad ﷺ where the Quraysh would torture and kill slaves and other poor people who converted to Islam.
To the Muslims who believe in death penalty for apostates of any kind, I ask that if you desire people to convert from other religions and be able to become Muslims safely, how can you then kill those who choose to leave Islam to another religion or belief? Unless you believe that Christians should be able to kill those who convert to Islam, but you certainly wouldn't like that. In my view, you would become exactly like the enemies of the Prophets throughout history if you advocate for the killing of apostates.

Freedom of Speech and Encouragement for Dialogue

Many times the Quran asks people of other faiths and beliefs to produce their proofs.
Quran 2:112:
And they say, ‘None shall ever enter Heaven unless he be a Jew or a Christian.’ These are their vain desires. Say, ‘Produce your proof, if you are truthful.’
Quran 27:65
Or, Who originates creation, and then repeats it and Who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? Is there a God besides Allah? Say, ‘Bring forward your proof if you are truthful.’
Quran 21:25
Have they taken gods beside Him? Say, ‘Bring forth your proof. Here is the Book of those with me, and the Book of those before me.’ Nay, most of them know not the truth, and so they turn away.
This is clear evidence for the fact that those who belong to other faiths and beliefs should engage in dialogues and debates with Muslims. It is completely illogical to say that this right to produce proof of their belief would not be applicable to an apostate. Apostate's enjoy the same right to freedom of expression as people born into other religions, it does not make any sense as to why apostates should not be afforded the same right to publicly declare their apostasy and discuss amongst the community as to why they left and produce their proof.

No Verse in the Quran declares Death for Apostates

The Quran mentions apostates a few times but it never once prescribes the death penalty for them. If Allah required apostates to be killed there certainly would have been a verse to confirm this.
Quran 47:25:
Surely, those who turn their backs after guidance has become manifest to them, Satan has seduced them, and holds out to them false hopes.
(see also Quran 16:6-9)

Possibility of Repentance

Quran 3:90 on apostates:
Except those who repent thereafter and amend. And surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.
The verses before this verse speak of apostates and it says they will be condemned by Allah, the Angels and all of humanity. If there was a worldly punishment for apostasy Allah would surely have stated it here.
Quran 4:138:
Those who believe, then disbelieve, then again believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will never forgive them nor will He guide them to the way.
If we were to kill apostates how would they be able to repent or be able to believe and disbelieve multiple times? Still in the case of those who apostate multiple times Allah does not say to kill them and rather gives glad tidings of forgiveness if they repent or warnings of punishment from Allah if they do not repent.

Apostasy would Encourage Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is worse than disbelief from an Islamic point of view.
Quran 4:146:
The hypocrites shall surely be in the lowest depth of the Fire; and thou shalt find no helper for them,
No one is able to control what is within a persons heart. If a person no longer has faith in Islam and is no longer a Muslim at heart, but stays a Muslim in name just because his/her government would kill them otherwise, then they are now a hypocrite which is even worse than disbelieving. This would not save them from the hellfire so there is literally no point in promoting punishments for apostates. Instead, such force and oppression would lead people to hate Islam even more and who can blame them for that?

Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

After the Holy Quran, the most authoritative source for laws in Islam is the practice and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In his life, Muhammad ﷺ never killed anyone for mere apostasy.
For example, the prophet ﷺ never killed any of the apostates that left the religion after the Isra (night journey).
In the treaty of Hudabiya, anyone who left the Muslims to go to the Quraysh could not be returned and this term was agreed on by the Prophet ﷺ. If Allah had commanded to kill apostates, Muhammad ﷺ would never agree to a term that would not let him carry out Allahs commands.
Quran 3:73:
And a section of the People of the Book say, ‘Believe in that which has been revealed unto the believers, in the early part of day, and disbelieve in the latter part thereof; perchance they may return;
In his Tafseer Behrul Muheet, Abu Hayyan Al-Gharnati mentions that this was decided upon by twelve Jewish rabbis of Khaibar and Urainah:
‘Twelve rabbis from amongst the Jews of Khaibar and the town of Urainah (decided to act upon this) and said to one another: enter into the faith of Muhammad (sa) in the beginning of the day by confessing faith by the tongue but not in actual beliefs, and disbelieve in the later part of the day.’
There is no record of these Jews ever being killed and they certainly would not have tried this plan if they knew that they would be liable to be killed for apostasy.

An example of a Bedouin who blamed his fever on the acceptance of Islam in Sahih Bukhari 7216:
A bedouin came to the Prophet (ﷺ) and said, "Please take my Pledge of allegiance for Islam." So the Prophet took from him the Pledge of allegiance for Islam. He came the next day with a fever and said to the Prophet (ﷺ) "Cancel my pledge." But the Prophet (ﷺ) refused and when the bedouin went away, the Prophet said, "Medina is like a pair of bellows (furnace): It expels its impurities and brightens and clears its good."
The Prophet ﷺ never once warned him that apostasy would be punished by death nor did the Prophet ﷺ order people to track him down to execute him. Rather it was seen as good that only the pure would stay and there would be no hypocrites staying in Islam.
There is also the example of the apostate Abdullah bin Abi Sarh who committed treason.
Sunan Abu Dawud 3458:
Abdullah ibn AbuSarh used to write (the revelation) for the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). Satan made him slip, and he joined the infidels. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) commanded to kill him on the day of Conquest (of Mecca). Uthman ibn Affan sought protection for him. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) gave him protection.
The war was now over, and his treason had not included murder of innocent Muslims, unlike others. His crime had been inciting other tribes against Islam and abandonment of the Muslim forces during a time of war. Abdullah had surrendered of his own accord and asked to accept Islam, which was a declaration of repentance. Thus, he had put himself under the mercy of the ruler of the time. The Qur’an states that the default punishment for treason and rebellion is death, but those who surrender themselves before they are caught should be shown leniency (Quran 5:34-35).

Hadith - Narrations on Apostasy

Sunan an-Nasa'i 4059
"The Messenger of Allah [SAW] said: 'Whoever changes his religion, kill him.'"
The Quran is the supreme source for Muslims and the Hadith should be interpreted in a consistent manner with the Quran. As I have set out that the Quran allows for religious freedom and freedom of speech in religious matters.
We also need to look at the context of the time. In that time the Arabs were tribal and family connections meant everything. When Islam came, the brotherhood of Islam superseded any familial and tribal connections which upset the pagan Arabs and for that, and other reasons, they became hostile to the Muslims. Eventually the Pagans and Muslims were at war with each other and fought many battles. in this time, when people generally deserted religion they did not merely abandon their doctrine but they would be changing their allegiance either between the Muslims or the pagans and joining their military. Hence, apostasy was equivalent to "harb" meaning rebellion or treason. This interpretation is more consistent with the verses of the Quran and the practice of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who allowed people to leave the religion so long as they didn't intend to commit treason and start rebellions. Hence, this is why the bedouin and the Jews who deserted from Islam weren't killed, because they weren't starting war against the Muslims.

Other Hadiths provide the qualification of rebellion and war:
Sahih Bukhari 6899:
"By Allah, Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) never killed anyone except in one of the following three situations: (1) A person who killed somebody unjustly, was killed (in Qisas,) (2) a married person who committed illegal sexual intercourse and (3) a man who fought against Allah and His Apostle and deserted Islam and became an apostate."
Sunan an-Nasai 4048:
The Messenger of Allah [SAW] said: "It is not permissible to shed the blood of a Muslim except in three cases: An adulterer who had been married, who should be stoned to death; a man who killed another man intentionally, who should be killed; and a man who left Islam and waged war against Allah, the Might and Sublime, and His Messenger, who should be killed, or crucified, or banished from the land."
Hence, the overwhelming evidence is that death is not for apostasy but for rebellion and in that specific time apostasy and rebellion were generally the same. As stated, there are examples of those who deserted Islam such as the bedouin and the Jews and those who left after the night journey who were not killed.

No Rationale for Death for Apostasy

For a missionary religion that wants to spread its message to the whole world and win the hearts of every people, death for apostasy makes no sense. Death for mere apostasy is morally reprehensible and many people rightfully critique it. How can a religion claim to be perfected in morals and from God when it kills its people if they leave the religion and preach against it. I believe Islam is the true religion and it is able to refute any arguments put against it. There is no threat from apostates or anyone else who try and preach against it, hence why Allah invites people from other religions to produce their proofs multiple times.

The very name Islam requires there to be a wilful submission to the will of Allah by a person. If people were under threat of the death penalty for apostasy by the government and that is the only reason they call themselves Muslim, then they are no longer wilfully submitting to Allah's will, rather they are submitting to the government which defeats the purpose of the very core of Islam. Allah bestows love of Himself and Islam when believers strive towards Him as is stated in many verses of the Quran and Hadith, hence there is no good reason to have the threat of death towards its followers in order to keep them in the religion.
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2023.03.20 23:01 TheCarroll11 Question about credit score with (hopefully) buying a house on the horizon

I’ve only been paying attention to my credit score for a little over a year now. Just me being naive about it while generally being pretty responsible with my money as a whole after college and getting into the work force. I’ve paid my parents rent, so didn’t have to worry about a credit score for an apartment. After a couple small loans, my score was at 670.
I’ve been meaning to apply for a credit card as another means of improving my score, and today I did! Except… the one place I didn’t pay attention in applying for the card was the recommended credit score of 690+, so I was denied. It dropped me to 653. Inquiries only make up 5% of my score, but with just so little history, it was a big chunk to apply for it.
My question: if I plan on buying a house through a bank loan relatively soon, say 6-12 months, (I can afford down payment and mortgage, but my dad will co-sign with me) would it be better to walk into a bank with a score of 655-660, or find a card for my score (probably with a second pair of eyes behind me) and try to use that for 6 months or so to boost it a little more? Thanks for any answers/advice!
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2023.03.20 23:00 Medium_Werewolf8970 Italian Food

I’m graduating from college here in a few weeks and I want to go out to dinner with my family for my Graduation. I want to hear what is your go to for good Italian food! I have yet to find a good place in Tampa Bay that serves up decent Italian food like I can get back up home in NJ. I appreciate any help!
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2023.03.20 22:55 FearlessRoyal Looking for property management suggestions, renting as a new grad

Hi all,
My partner and I will be graduating from NCSU in the spring and will be moving to the Durham area in June to start work. I'm not sure when the best time to start actually looking is, but I did want to begin my search of finding a place to live. We're hoping to rent a townhouse, budget of $1600 a month (give or take).
Just looking for suggestions of property managers/townhome complexes/stuff like that. We're pretty new to all of this and really don't want to get screwed over, so anything helps.
I am aware of Trinity Properties (they have stuff in Raleigh and have heard great things), but any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 22:53 7654Sky Should I (28F) charge my partner (28M) rent?

I (28F) have my own place with a mortgage. Eventually I will sell and me and partner (28M) will be looking to relocate and buy together, however, in the meantime we discussed him moving into mine. Is it fair to charge rent if I’m not putting him on the mortgage? I currently rent out my spare room and will be asking them to leave when my partner moves in so we can have more space. I can make bills without the rent, but I can’t afford to save anything, which I will need to do in prep for buying and selling, emergency fund, and a hefty yearly service charge as my place is leasehold which is why I was letting the room in the first place.
Extra info: we’ve been together 4 months. He currently lives with parents but has lived independently previously. He has savings and appears to be sensible with money. We seem to be on the same page about finances and most things.
Any ideas on how we should go about this in a fair way?
TL;DR Is it fair to charge a partner rent if they aren’t going on the mortgage?
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2023.03.20 22:53 dfam-farm RV living as a travel nurse?

Hey all, working on a research project and was hoping to get some insight into what it's like living in an RV as a travel nurse. Would love feedback from anyone who has done it! Some qualitative info I'm looking for:
Big thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 22:52 Willwillboi Looking for roommate to co-sign on my current off-campus apartment lease.

My roommate is moving out in a few months and I'm unable to meet the requirements to stay, so I need to find a roommate to take their place.
Apartment is a 2 Bed 1 Bath at Park Avenue Apartments on 51st street off of Fowler.
Apartment includes laundry, water, and wifi/cable. Rent being split 50/50 comes up to around $750-850 depending on if/how much they raise rent for the upcoming leasing period.
Students preferred as the complex allows you to apply with a guarantor.
DM for more info or interest.
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2023.03.20 22:50 tipyourwaitresstoo ½ way between Philadelphia and Toronto

I'm not sure this is the place for this post but I wanted to know what is the nicest (quaint, scenic, tolerant because we're a family of color) little town, to drive from Philadelphia to meet up with family from Toronto? I was thinking somewhere in the Fingerlakes region (NY) but I don't know the area. We don't mind driving farther since they'll be crossing the border and we're looking for a nice Air BnB house to rent that is kid and dog friendly.
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2023.03.20 22:49 jthavorn Friends move day madness

Sorry for the long post but wanted to put lots of context into this.
This past weekend, my friend (single mother of 2 kids) asks if I can help her move apartments. She tells me she has a new apartment and need to clear everything out of her old place in two weeks. She says she will pay for any gas I use plus provide food as needed. I agree and head over around 9 am. When I get to her place, nothing is packed. We proceed to put things into boxes until about 12 pm.
“Hey can you do me a favor? My mom needs some help so can you continue to pack while I head to her place really quick. It’s only gonna be 30 minutes.” She says. I agree and she heads out. I continue to stay behind and pack. It’s about 1:30 pm now and I’m starving.
“When are you coming back? I’m hungry.” I text.
“Sorry my mom asked me to go run some errands with her. Can you please help me and continue to pack? I promise I’ll take you out to a nice dinner later.” She replies.
“Ok but are you gonna come back and help me? Is anyone else coming to help me?”
“Not really…I’m sorry I don’t feel comfortable asking other guys to come to my house and handle my personal things. I can trust you. Plus I don’t want people other than you or my mom knowing where my new place is.”
Although I think this is messed up, I agree and continue to pack. She finally shows back up at 4 pm with a uhual which surprises me.
“You got a uhual?” I ask.
“Yeah I figured it would be easier to just rent a uhual to move the bed and sofa.” She says.
“We’re moving that today? I thought you had two weeks to move out. Are you trying to move everything TODAY? Your new place is only 5 miles down the road.”
“Well yeah…I’m paying for the uhual so duh we’re using it today.”
“And there’s no one to help me lift and carry your big bed?”
“I’ll help you don’t worry. Like I said you’re my best friend and the only one I trust being here and knowing where my new place is so I don’t feel comfortable asking any other guy friend to help cause all they want is to flirt and hold me.” Not wanting to fight, I just continue on.
We start moving her bed frame from the bedroom to the outside until her neighbor comes up to us. They start speaking in Spanish which I can’t understand.
“Hold up I’ll be right back. Just a moment.” My friend says as she walks off with her neighbor. I wait for about 10 minutes until I go looking for her. I find her at her neighbors apartment sitting and drinking tea.
“Are you gonna help me move your bed frame into the uhual?” I ask.
“Yeah sorry I’ll be right there.” She says. I walk back to the apartment. I figure I’d make myself useful and start loading boxes into the uhual. Finally after almost an hour of waiting I get fed up and start moving the bed frame to the uhual by myself. I inch my way to the truck little by little. At one point, a different neighbor sees me and offers to help me which I am so grateful for. He also offers to help me move her sofa into the uhual. 7 pm now and everything is magically loaded into her truck now. She FINALLY shows back up but she’s in tears. Although I’m very angry, I first ask what’s wrong.
“My neighbor is so sweet. We just talked and she kept saying how sweet and kind I am and how much she will miss having me around and that god will bless me in my new life.” I count to 10 in my head and resist the urge to tell her off but don’t. I tell her that everything is packed but if we can call it a night and unload this stuff at her new place tomorrow. She agrees and I ask if we could go to the dinner she had offered. She says yes but just then she looks at her phone.
“Hey. I need you to get the fridge back out. Someone on Facebook offered to buy it from me.” She says.
“What? You’re selling your fridge?” I say.
“Yeah I already have a fridge at my new place and asked anyone on Facebook if they wanted my old fridge. Someone just said they want to buy it. I need you to get the fridge back out and help me clean it right now. They’re literally on their way!” The fridge is located in the uhual behind a bunch of boxes. I frantically move the boxes out of the way and we clean the fridge quickly as the buyer shows up. I help the buyer load the fridge into his truck as my friend chats with the buyers wife. We both get into the uhual but she says we need to divert to a house about 30 minutes away first cause she wants to buy a lamp from a lady she saw on Facebook marketplace. I ask her if this is essential business right now to which she says yes.
“The lady will only be home until 8 pm so we need to go now. Don’t worry I’ll buy us dinner.” We go and she buys the lamp which is huge by the way. I load it in the uhual and we head to her new apartment. I park the uhual and ask if we could go to dinner now.
“Can we unload the truck?” She ask.
“I thought we’d agree that we’d do this tomorrow? It’s almost 9 pm and we’re still moving.” I say.
“Well they said if I return the uhual to them tonight I won’t get charged for tomorrow. They have a overnight drop off location.” Unbelievable I think to myself. We start unloading and magically everything is off the truck and into her new place by midnight.
“Hey you messed up by bed frame.” She says pointing to a small scratch by the footboard.
“Well I’m sorry you wouldn’t help me load it into the truck.” I say.
“You could’ve waited like I asked and I would’ve helped you. This bed frame was expensive and it’s not cool that you messed it up.”
“You gotta be kidding me right? After I’ve helped you move all day, you want to give me an attitude like that?”
“I’m not giving you an attitude. You’re the one getting all dramatic for no reason now.”
“You know fine. I’m outta here. Forget about dinner. Thanks for wasting my day.” I leave and call an Uber to get me back to my truck at her old apartment.
“You’re fucked up. You’re suppose to be my best friend. I told you I only trust you and yeah maybe I asked a lot from you but that’s no reason to blow up on me. I actually made late dinner reservations for us but now I guess I’ll go alone or cancel. Thanks for nothing.” She texts. I ignore it. After I get my truck I drive home and go to bed.
The next morning I check my instagram and see she went out to dinner after I left last night but she definitely wasn’t alone as she was posting stories of toasting drinks. This slightly angers me. Later that day, she calls to apologize. She says the move was stressing her out and her impending divorce made her lose focus. She offered to take me out to lunch but I declined. She begged me to come over so she could take me to lunch but I still said no thanks.
Advice on how things could’ve been handled differently or how to proceed with this friendship? I am very angry over her treatment of me but also somewhat sympathetic for her divorce and stress.
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2023.03.20 22:49 tipyourwaitresstoo ½ way between Philadelphia & Toronto

I'm not sure this is the place for this post but I wanted to know what is the nicest (quaint, scenic, liberal, or at least tolerant because we're a family of color) little town, to drive from Philadelphia to meet up with family from Toronto? I was thinking somewhere in the Fingerlakes region (NY) but I don't know the area. We don't mind driving farther since they'll be crossing the border and we're looking for a nice Air BnB house to rent that is kid and dog friendly.
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2023.03.20 22:45 MrFallacious Advice on finding housing as a couple? (I've looked at the megathread/wiki)

I've started sort of looking into housing. I'll be startingn my bachelors in Enschede or Maastricht, and my partner her Masters at the same university. Since we're mainly looking to rent a Studio or apartment, does the housing crisis still affect us as much in these areas? From my short looks at Kramernet and other housing websites, it seems like with a budget of 800-1300 EUR, there are TONS of offerings. Is it as bad / hard to find a place to stay as it's made out to be?
My previous experience with shitty housinng markets includes trying to find a room or apartment in Konstanz, a German university city I was living and working in for a few years. Usually searching for a room 1-3 months ahead of time was possible, but the main problem here was that getting a shared apartment to pick you over the 50 other applicants was nigh impossible. I would assume that this is not a problem when renting an apartment or studio straight from a landlord from e.g. Kramermet?
I'm far from rich and don't have parents, so I want to avoid renting a place 5 months before I even start the semester if at all possible. Please do advise me what I should do and what our best options would be to find housing!
Thannks in advance :)

Bonus question: Will my partner (US Citizen) be eligible for the cheaper 2300 EUR tuitionn fee? Based on my chat with the IND this would be possible if we apply for verification against EU law, but I was wondering how surefire this way to go is and if there are any other things we should be aware of.
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2023.03.20 22:44 Betob0t Help finding a place in Central Jersey

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on where and how to find a place to rent for one person. I was renting a 2 Br with a family member, however due to their health they are no longer able to keep going. I make roughly 3k a month, I’m looking for a place no more than $1200. I’m trying to have money left over for bills and school lol. I’ve only looked through Zillow and apartments.com but I can’t find anything. Is there any advise or place I can try looking into ?
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2023.03.20 22:39 910sure best surfboard rental in Newquay

Hi there,

I am an intermediate surfer and have been surfing since I was young. Where would be the best place to rent a surfboard in Newquay, Cornwall. I would like to be surfing a step-up or fish. I typically surf a 5'11 fish.

Thanks for the help!
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2023.03.20 22:35 VegetablePhilosophy8 Origin hot water bills

Hey Redditors,
Before asking my landlord/REA which might trigger a rental rise 🤣, I am requesting help to clarify one thing here.
I rent a unit which has body corp and the unit has a central water system (not sure what the exact name is).
Based on the metre reading, I get a bill for HOT water from Origin once every 2 months.
I have come across a post recently where a tenant is being charged a water bill for past 12 months as they thought their water was free and didnt bother to transfer the bill on their name.
So now I am worried if my cold water will be billed to me too at once for the past 3 years of my tenancy because I only ever saw hot water bill. I am up to date with hot water bills but not sure who pays for cold water if there is a bill for it in the first place 😬..can you please help with the info if you have any similar experience.
Thank you in advance
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2023.03.20 22:33 slimjimeatingoranges Looking for Apartment Recommendations

Hi everyone, I'm looking at moving in somewhere in the general Tigard area or just outside of it to shorten my commute a bit. I've been Googling and reading reviews for some apartments in the area but figured it would be smart to ask some residents.
I'm not looking for somewhere cheap but I also want to make sure where I'm going provides good value for the cost. I'd like to keep cost of rent under $2000 but flexible for the right complex. No pet requirements. I was hoping for a pool/hot tub, and preferably somewhere with grass and trees so it's not just a bunch of buildings in a parking lot.
I know you can't trust every bad review but have seen a number now saying something along the lines of, "don't waste your money here, you can get a way nicer place for cheaper." So where is that place?
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2023.03.20 22:27 Zealousideal1717 f1 visa advice

Hi there,
So I had a question about the permanent home address when applying for F1 visa and the SEVIS fee. In my uni application I used my parent's address, it's basically not far from where I live in the same country, but I also rent my own place. I used my parents' because they own the place and will stay there so it's more permanent.
I am planning on registering with my parents again in my home country before moving to grad school. Is it ok for me to indicate my parents' address as my permanent address in my visa application although it is currently a secondary address in my home country? will indicating these two different addresses raise eyebrows? I just wanna be as accurate as I can
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