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I (37M) worry about trying too hard romancing my friend (27F) who's given many signs of potential interest (extremely long post)

2023.05.30 22:29 Vossenoren I (37M) worry about trying too hard romancing my friend (27F) who's given many signs of potential interest (extremely long post)

Obligatory "names have been changed" notice.
I've known Stacy for about a year and a half, now. I had always thought she was very cute, but I had never really thought a relationship was possible because I basically felt like she was "out of my league" until a friend told me he thought that she was into me, because when he met Stacy, she more or less only talked about me. Now, since then I've learned that she feels like she isn't good at making conversation, and usually only talks about things that she has in common with other people, and in the case of this friend, I suppose it was the fact that they both knew me.
Stacy has, for most of the time I've known her, been in a third-wheel situation with a coworker, Dave, who's been stringing her along for that whole time while he's got a girlfriend. He buys her gifts, and he's one of her best friends, and when they had worked together previously, she had a crush on him, and he on her, but neither of them were aware. When she went back to work there, he initiated a romance, despite having a girlfriend, and even though she made it clear that she didn't want to be the other woman, and that he needed to decide to either be with his girlfriend or break off what they were doing, he never did either and continued to flirt with her, kiss her from time to time, and so on. During this time, though I was in love with her then, I never told her how I felt, because I didn't want to complicate her life further. At one point, Eric (35M) who goes to the same bars as us started flirting with her, and Stacy wasn't sure about whether to date him or not.
One day, while Stacy was at my house with a few other friends, we ended up talking on my front stoop, and she said that she wasn't sure if she was right for Eric, or even for me, because of her current relationship status. She also told me that she worried that Eric was too much older than her, and I can't remember if it was in that conversation, or at a later time, but she also mentioned that her mother had cautioned her against dating him for the same reason.
I told her that I understood that the age thing could be a worry, because of the fact that you may not have as much in common and could be in different places in your life, but I also said that, if she wasn't sure, she should at least give Eric a chance and see how it felt. She also expressed a concern that dating him could be a "rebound" and that she didn't want to do that to him or to herself. I told her that I understood that, as well, but that I felt that, if he (knowing her situation) was willing to take that risk, that she shouldn't try to make her decision based on what would be best for him, but only on what would be best for herself, and that eventually she would have to move on if Dave was just going to continue to leave her in the dark.
It took Stacy a while, and several more conversations with myself and others, to finally try allowing Eric to take him on a few dates. I was supportive of this, because, despite my own deep feelings for her, the main thing I want is for Stacy to be happy, and if that's with someone else, then so be it. Ultimately, it didn't work out, and she eventually made it clear that they would be better off as just friends.
About a month or two ago, Dave's girlfriend came to an event at their shared work, and spent the entire time staring her down and making sure that they couldn't talk to one another. I happened to have decided to also go to that event, just to say hi, and when I came in she basically flung herself into my arms and told me that she was done with Dave. I asked her if she wanted me to come get her after work so that we could talk about it, and she did. She gave him a note telling him she was done with the situation (again, gf wouldn't let them talk), and then after work I took her to my house and talked to her for hours about the situation and how she felt. All I did was listen and sympathize, made sure she knew that I was there for her as a friend, and eventually took her home, and she took the next day off because she was too upset to go into work. I talked to her and saw her in person a few times before she went back in to work the next week, and during all this time, Dave never reached out.
During the period where she was either contemplating dating Eric or afterwards, we ended up alone at my house after a night at the bar where we were supposed to hang out with her best friend (Jenny), as well. When we were sitting on the couch, getting ready for bed (she always slept in the guest bed), she blurted out "worst case scenario, I can sleep in the guest bed, but if you don't mind I'd like to cuddle." I immediately accepted the offer of cuddles, and had the happiest night I can remember in who knows how long just snuggling with her while she slept. I'm not even sure I got any sleep at all, I was so happy.
The next time she stayed over, she did not want to cuddle, and I was heartbroken, but we were not alone that night, as Jenny was also staying the night. Another night, when we were alone, she agreed to cuddle again. Then one night, all three of us slept in the same bed, though I was more hands-off than usual, because I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable (also given that I had about a week of FWB with Jenny before I thought that there might be interest from Stacy, which Stacy had shown great interest in at the time it happened). I've since assumed that she will never cuddle if other people are there, but she has on another occasion when we were alone together.
She is very affectionate with me, much more than with any of our other friends, and we regularly tell each other "I love you". She's also said a number of things that make me feel as though she is at least considering me as maybe more than friends. Finally, about two weeks after the Dave break-up (or whatever you want to call it), I was talking to her and, after she mentioned maybe looking for other people to date, I asked her how she felt about me as maybe more than friends. She said she didn't know for sure. I assured her that, if she said "no" that I would understand and focus just on being her friend. She did not say no. She also asked how long I'd felt that way, and I told her it had been a long time, to which she replied "awww, thank you"
Everywhere we go, people always assume we're together, though we always tell them we are not. This weekend was her golden birthday (the birthday where your age and the day of your birthdate match), and she invited friends to come spend time with her on the day itself, while one of her friends who is also a friend of her brother's and myself were invited to come for the whole weekend. I spent the whole weekend there with her, a good deal of it one-on-one time, and one of her mother's friends asked her mother if we were a couple. When telling me this story, Stacy said that her mom said she didn't think so, but she would be the last one to know, and maybe Stacy had "finally made a decision" which sounds to me like she's talked to her mom about dating me. I got along great with her family over the weekend, so that, too, feels like a good thing.
Every time I get a hint that she might be interested, I get flooded with feeling, and I try to spend more time with her and make sure to appear interested, and whenever I do, I can't help but feel like she pulls back a little. Every time I tell myself it seems like we're just going to be friends, she immediately does or says something that indicates interest (including offering to cuddle, inviting me to spend alone time with her in her parent's hot tub, etc.).
Above all, I want her to be happy, and to be comfortable around me, because I love her as much as anyone I can think of as an individual and a friend. However, I'm also deeply in love with her, and I want to pursue that unless she tells me she just wants to be friends, in which case I'll be quietly heartbroken, but I will honor that and focus on just being her friend. From past experiences, I feel as though I tend to overwhelm potential partners with my feelings and my desire to be around them, so I've been trying very hard not to try and talk to her and be around her 24/7. I also am very aware that she is not out of the woods yet regarding her feelings for coworker Dave, and they do work together a few days a week, and so I want to give her time to finalize her feelings for him and get a bit of closure. Despite saying that she's over it, it's clear she still wishes that he'd just break up with his girlfriend and she'd be right there. She's told me she wasn't sure whether or not she wanted to date me, but didn't give me an outright no when I offered her the chance, and so I guess all I can do is give her time to sort through her feelings.
All that is background to my current question: Until she decides, how do I balance giving her space and keeping it clear that I'm still interested?
TL:DR: I'm interested in my friend, she's made a number of blatant and not-so-blatant indications that she is at least somewhat interested in me. When I asked if she was interested, she said she wasn't sure, when I told her that, if the answer is "no" that I would 100% accept that and focus on being her friend she did not say no. Until she decides, how do I balance giving her space and keeping it clear that I'm still interested?
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2023.05.30 22:07 EveningSpecific4055 [CA][Los Angeles] Landlord is illegally raising rent and retaliating against us for bringing up a rent control ordinance

I’ve been renting a house for the past 2 years, and we recently found out our house is rent controlled and due to a covid ordinance, no rent increases are not allowed until 2024. So he illegally raised it last year and was trying to illegally raise it again as we sign for our 3rd year.
The overall amount of illegally charged rent comes out to be about $10k over the course of 3 years. We tried to resolve it amicably with him instead of filing a complaint - in response he gave us a notice threatening to evict us in 3 days because of a hot tub we had installed. I know for a fact he didn’t mind the hot tub at all and has known about it for months, so he is definitely retaliating against us for bringing up the rent control ordinance. The guy is a scumbag and we also found out he's also being sued for domestic violence after googling his name.
We’ve already removed the hot tub, but we have not heard back about our new lease yet and our lease expires tomorrow. Wanted to know what legal options we have currently- if he refuses to follow the ordinance, should we just sign and file a complaint? Can we do anything about the retaliation?
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2023.05.30 22:04 ILoveToVoidAWarranty Installing a bathtub

So, here's the situation:
My in-laws are going to be staying with us for a couple months later this summer, so we need an additional shower.
Our basement bathroom had a jetted Jacuzzi-style tub. It was built into a wood cradle that lifted it several inches off the ground. I never knew why, until I removed it. The previous owners apparently built it up to accommodate the plumbing that they rigged (see photos)
image 1
image 2
What's the best way to crack this nut in order to install a standard tub? I'm assuming that I'm going to need to break into the floor to correct the plumbing, and for drain pipe clearance purposes, correct?
FYI, I've successfully done plenty of DIY plumbing, but I've never had to dig into the floor, and I've never done a bathtub.
Any tips are appreciated.
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2023.05.30 21:58 Glopuss Supermarket (Coles & Woolworths) specials May 31 - June 6

A selection of items “on special” this week in Coles and Woolworths that may be of interest to some keto followers. Most are processed so not really suitable for “clean keto”. Victorian data, some may not be available interstate. Alcohol (except no carb beer) excluded. Drink prices exclude recycling deposits. If you are doing an online order, also look at the stores' ONLINE ONLY specials as I don't always include all of these, many are multibuys.
‘Locked prices’ might now be considered specials as unlocked prices have increased, but same every week til July so not included as ‘specials’.


Well Naturally chocolate has moved to the Confectionery aisle. Website still stuffed so may have missed items of interest. Please add in comments if you find anything. Does anyone here work for Coles?


30% off PranaOn, Keep It Cleaner & Bodiez# #Excludes Bounce Multi Packs, Keep It Cleaner Bars
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2023.05.30 21:50 DaLoneBoat 25/31 [MF4F] #Vegas: Poly couple seeking fellow sub

About Me:
I have plenty of posts in My profile that go into more detail, so I’ll keep this one short. I am a 25y/o Dom with years of experience and training, specializing in training, denial, and discipline. I’m 5’9, 220lbs, 8in, and black/Hispanic mix. Outside of kink, I like to cook/bake, smoke weed, watch movies, and play with My puppy in the pool/hot tub.
About her: emily is a 31y/o slave, both domestically and sexually. She loves musical theater, Disney, reading, and serving her betters. She is 5’4 and curvy. She spends her time usually cleaning the house, rolling our blunts, or kneeling on the floor.
She was trained by her husband until a few months ago. her and I became partners and I’ve been her Trainer ever since. The three of us do live together but He has no interest in any new partners for himself (unless you are interested in being locked in a cell for a few days ;) ) which is why He isn’t included in this post.
Hopefully you: First and foremost, we are mainly looking for company. Someone we get along with. emily needs another sub to connect with and talk to about things that another sub can relate to. We would love another partner, but know it’s a bit of a long shot. Who knows, though? Maybe one of our hand rolled blunts and fresh baked pizza can convince you xD
Disregard the flair, we are open to platonic, romantic and sexual
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2023.05.30 21:38 Sure-Airline-9253 [Technique] I’m super new and have grown three successful times with different techniques after weeks of stalling

[Technique] I’m super new and have grown three successful times with different techniques after weeks of stalling
I’ve tried all in one bags and mono tubs. Originally both took forever to fruit. This site made me absolutely paranoid about contamination but I read a hot tip that if your tub/bag is colonized then you shouldn’t have to worry a lot about contamination. I basically tripled my FAE on the mono tub instead of cracking it and cut huge slits on the grow bag. I was able to get at least 2 flushes with each. No fancy equipment, humidifiers, temp gauges. Just good old fashion air and they finally sprung up. I didn’t realize FAE is that important. This is the sole winner for me as someone who started 4 months ago.
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2023.05.30 20:33 aquamanu Renting out bedroom in el segundo

Listing a private bedroom of a 2 bed/2bath unit in El Segundo near downtown! Close to stores, restaurants, airport and downtown El Segundo. Close proximity to aerospace companies. Less than 1.5 miles from the beach!
Complex has pool and hot tub. Available July. To sign 12 month lease or we can discuss other options. In unit laundry. Deposit would be 1 month's rent. No pets. No couples. Easy parking. Room unfurnished (Can possibly provide bed if needed).
Listing at $1,600
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2023.05.30 20:25 aquamanu Bedroom available in el segundo

Listing a private bedroom of a 2 bed/2bath unit in El Segundo near downtown! Close to stores, restaurants, airport and downtown El Segundo. Close proximity to aerospace companies. Less than 1.5 miles from the beach! Complex has pool and hot tub.
Available July - if a little earlier or later we can discuss.
Potential candidate to sign 12 month lease or we can discuss other options.
In unit laundry! Deposit would be 1 month's rent. No pets. No couples. Easy parking. Room unfurnished (Can possibly provide bed if needed). Access to hallway bathroom. Fireplace in living room.
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2023.05.30 20:25 4theloveofgelabis Inflatable hot tub owners, how often do a full empty of your hot tub?

I am contemplating purchasing an inflatable hot tub from Costco this year.
From scouring this sub, I've seen some great recommendations on how to keep up with chemicals, maintain pumps, insulating for winter etc.
The one thing I haven't found in how often people are emptying all the water from the spa to clean. Are you required to fully empty it for winter (I live in NJ, USA for 3, the winters do seem mild the majority of the time).
My thoughts were to keep it out from October through May and swap for patio furniture for summer. My concern is emptying and cleaning in the middle of winter.
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2023.05.30 20:20 sbayz92 Best bed/couch desk setup?

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a desk setup to use while lying on my couch. As many of you do, I find it hard to sit for multiple hours at my desk and mostly working lying on my back, on my couch with my laptop in my lap.
I need a better setup as the laptop burns my skin when it gets hot and isn't good for me.
Ideally I would like something that can act as a side table and also slide next to couch to set laptop on. Something like this
What do you use?
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2023.05.30 19:50 tdithers Atomic Shop Weekly Update: May 30 – June 6

Full dislcaimer below. TL;DR: We're not Bethesda staff, this is an automated post.

Filthy Casual Links

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Channel your inner metal with the Chain License Plate Photomode Frame. Get it free until June 6.
Item Available Until
Gutted Car Gate (Fallout 1st) June 6
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Tire Toilet Outhouse 300
Unstoppables! Bed 300
The Unstoppables Stash 500
The Drive-in Dolly Bundle includes: * Drive-In Dolly Outfit * Neon Sign - Nuka Quantum * Hot Rod Power Armor Station * Wave Pose * So Hungry Emote * Sugar Bombs Pip-Boy Paint * Tire Toilet Outhouse * Corvega Diner Seat * Hot rod on blocks
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Previous Posts

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2023.05.30 19:46 jmys98 Central Air in home - not sure how to set thermostat

Hello - i recently moved into a new house with my girlfriend and it's both of ours first time using a central AC system. Its a basic thermostat so can't do any cool functions. It's either cool/hot and auto/on/off. For the summer, we are curious if anyone has any cost effective - but comfortable temp suggestions for us to set it at. We currently have it at 74 and on auto - we live in PA so summer weather is up and down.
if anyone has any other cost effective things we can do in our house day - to - day, that would be greatly appreciated too!
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2023.05.30 19:31 TheRoadDog87 Advice on how to properly restore neglected hot tub to safe conditions?

Hello and thank you in advance for any advice.
In early 2022 I bought a great hot tub and we got a lot of use out of it last year. It was a huge hit at our NYE party ~6 months ago now. Problem is... that's the last time we used it or maintained the chemicals or anything for it. The water had just been sitting there collecting build up and growth.
Please refrain from guilt tripping us. We know we should have been better and we pledge to do better going forward. Work and life got crazy and we simply just didn't go in our back yard for 6 months and honestly sort of forgot the hot tub was there.
I'm sure you could imagine there was significant build up around the filters and the covers. I emptied it and started wiping down the fixtures to remove all gunk and growths. I'm concerned that since we can see plenty of build up on the external seats and whatnot, there is probably build up in the areas we can't see as well.
What should we do to make sure the hot tub is safe to use again? My current plan from unfruitful Google searches is to scrub what I can and clean what I can physically. Then refill hot tub and use harsh/strong cleaners to try to flush the pipes and kill whatever has been growing underneath. Then empty and clean again, as many times as necessary. Specific products or steps or advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.30 18:42 nothingbuthetruth22 Itinerary/Schedule Questions

Hello! Well, I’ve broken a new record and managed to wait an entire 3 weeks after completing our last cruise before booking the next. Haha. That said, I have a few questions some of you more seasoned cruisers can help me with.
For background, Our last cruise was on Allure and before that in Indy. I was on Voyager years ago. We have been to Coco Cay before. Our last cruise was Roatan, Cozumel, and Coata Maya. Partner did the Discovery scuba in Coz, so didn’t get to see the good stuff scuba wise but will be cert’d by the time of our future sailing so we’d be able to have some better dives. We aren’t into the party life so that part (esp in port) doesn’t matter to us. Also, we’ve been careful to always book after spring break and Easter and before graduation season or the end of school. We have nothing against the kiddos, don’t want to be overrun with little ones (or midsize ones) zooming around. Below are the two we’re considering and they each have their pros and cons. I’d love some feedback please! I’d especially like to know about included dining options since neither ship appears to have a Sorrento’s and I’m not sure if the info I found on the Solarium bistro offering late night pizza is accurate or old. I also read that Windjammer on Enchantment takes orders and delivers tableside in the evening but again I don’t know if that’s old information.
Adventure: Curaçao, Aruba, Coco Cay. May 10-17. Pros: school still in session and Solarium has a hot tub. In-port hours are longer. Haven’t been to 2 ports before. Cons: more expensive (though would be paying for fewer excursions so may be a wash.) Didn’t find snorkeling in Coco Cay to be that great (we didn’t spring for the water park admission.) Unsure: What the diving is like in either port (that may turn into a Pro; we are more into swim-throughs, walls, and coral than wrecks).
Enchantment: Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya, Cozumel. May 23-30. Pros: Cozumel and Belize diving which I know I like and partner hasn’t tried yet. Less expensive. Cons: School out. No hot tub in Solarium. Probability of Memorial Day traffic on the drive home is high (driving 8 hours). Edging closer to hurricane season.
So, throw me your feedback! I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Aaaaand GO!
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2023.05.30 18:01 GalaxiGazer Back to the gym today!! *Excited*

My day at work is just beginning, but the highlight of the day will be when I get to change out just after 5pm today and head to my home away from home ~ the gym. The focus won't be on cardio, as my 2nd job fulfills that and I'll be heading back to the old place this upcoming Sunday to aggressively clean the place for a good 4-5 hours. But I'm looking forward to getting into that hot tub and having this whole month massaged out of me and that steam room to wash away those toxins. I'm looking forward to my very hot shower, my place to check out and meditate, as I strategize the rest of this short workweek and the next couple of months.
T minus eight hours. Let's get it!!!
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2023.05.30 17:08 Andreas1120 Hot tub is dead, long live the hot tub.

Hello All
My current hot tub is dead.
I am in the market for a replacement. Can anyone recommend a GOOD QUALITY hot tub. One that will last a long time, be easy to repair? I am happy to spend extra as long as it lasts 10 years or more with minimal repairs. What brand is considered the Mercedes of hot tubs?
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2023.05.30 15:56 Tesal Need Help Finding Service for Hot Tub

Hi all - I recently purchased a home that came with a hot tub. I tried to clean it and found that the heater on it does not appear to be working. I've been trying to find someone who would be willing to service it, but all the local companies won't because its not one of the brand of hot tubs they sell. I believe the original owner got it from Costco. Anyone know a guy that works on off brands in the area?
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2023.05.30 15:35 neuro_curious Derealization after interview

Yesterday I did an interview with a reporter on some parts of my childhood trauma. I wanted to do it and I'm happy I did it.
Afterwards I started feeling the familiar disassociation symptoms of depersonalization and derealization that I used to live with non-stop. Knowing that it would just need time to pass through my body, and that my brain was just trying to protect me I bought an audible book, turned it on and spent the afternoon cleaning and doing mindless tasks that needed to be done. Then I heated up a healthy frozen soup I made a couple weeks ago and sat outside next to my tomato plants and flowers and lit a candle in my starry lantern. I grounded myself in the sounds of nature, the smells of my flowers and the soft candle glow.
I didn't allow my thoughts to spiral out of control after the interview - I engaged in healthy coping mechanisms of cleaning and listening to a book instead of stuffing my emotions with food.
I'm so proud of myself for being brave enough to speak out and loving myself enough to accept my trauma responses and give them the space they need to slowly release.
Today I feel mostly recovered, but I plan to go for a swim after work and spend some time floating on my back in the pool and allowing the sensory deprivation work some magic, and then luxuriating in the hot tub after.
I've worked so so so hard to recognize my trauma responses and develop healthy coping mechanisms. It doesn't fix everything, but it still feels so great to see how far I've come and feel pride in myself.
Being kind to myself is the best risk I've ever taken. 🥰
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2023.05.30 14:50 coolcrops All the nasty water going into my tub!! HELP

I live in the country . I have a septic tank. I have a bathroom in the basement When the septic tank is full every thing such as the bathroom upstairs and the sinks go right down to the bathtub in the basement instead of the septic tank. Note this only happens when the septic tank is full. We called a plumber to come out here he cleared the septic tank. Everything is still going to my tub. He said it might be grease. We boiled hot water and poured it down every drain. It worked, for a little while. After 3 days or so all the nasty water goes in my tub again. When clothes get washed the dirty water goes to my tub. When i take a shower in the problematic basement bathroom i know its going to happen before it happens. Because the basement toilet bubbles up and gurgles. This only happens when the septic tank is full. But this time the septic tank was cleaned out by a professional. And the problem is still going on. What is happening!
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2023.05.30 12:24 N7Spartan319 Bath play advice

My wife(f/sub) and I(m/Dom) are houses sitting for a friend this weekend. Our friend has a bath jacuzzi that can fit two and I’m thinking of spoiling my wife with the tub. We’ve on occasion have shower play, our apartment only has a shower, but we’ve never played around in a bathtub. Normally our shower play is just me washing/edging her while she stands again the shower wall or he playing with me. I’m looking for any advice or ideas to try while we have the opportunity
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2023.05.30 12:24 Diligent_Archer_315 First grow tentative plan

I wanted to go over the first couple of steps of my plan for my first grow.
Overall Plan: I had initially planned on doing Uncle Ben's Tek but after doing a lot of research I decided to switch to PF Tek but still use the Shoebox method that is described in the UB Tek for the fruiting steps. (Mostly since I already have all the supplies for that!)
Conditions: I have Golden Teacher spores (heard they are good for a beginner). I live in southeastern US, so it's pretty hot and humid esp at this time of year. Temps in my house are usually around 70-78 degrees (I live with family and don't have total control over the AC at all times, but they are supportive).
I'm using a fold-up table in my room with an SAB I'll make (see step 2 below) for my work area. Then I will store materials in my closet (which I have emptied and cleaned. I will post a pic later.) with a thermometehumidity reader to ensure good conditions.
Inoculation/Spawning Plan: 1. I currently have the Golden Teacher spores in the door of my fridge (I have a mini fridge that I will specifically store mycology supplies in on the way, but for now the main fridge will do) until I have enough time/all supplies to start process. 2. I'm going to make my own SAB from a 66qt tub using this method
  1. Spore -> Agar plate inoculation using prepoured potato dextrose petri dishes I bought from Amazon (had good ratings from high number of users, so hopefully good quality). I'm using an alcohol lamp - OUTSIDE THE SAB - to sterilize my needles between each plate inoculation and I plan to inoculate 5 plates, putting 1-2 drops on each plate. Then, I plan to use an inoculation loop (also using the alcohol lamp to sterilize) to spread the spore drops out across the plate in a sort of pentagon shape. I will tape the Petri dishes shut using micropore tape. I've heard I can use this in place of parafilm - is this true? 3b. Let Agar plates sit at "room temp" for a week.
  2. Check Agar plates for healthy mycelium. This is where I will need the most help as I am a total noob. I will rely on you guys and ContamFam ! My plan is then to transfer a couple of pieces of healthy agar to grains and to more agar plates to store in my "library".
That's all I got for now.
Any comments/criticisms/ideas/thoughts are welcome!
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2023.05.30 11:51 BrutalSprouts AITA for not inviting someone on a weekend break

For context before I begin with the explanation, there are two groups involved in this that are not me and my wife:
Group A:
Our two friends who are a couple who we have known for the last 5 years since we relocated to a different part of the UK
Group B:
Our two friends, who we have known around a year since they relocated both from separate parts of the UK together to close to where we live. They have 2 children one six year old one 6 months old.
My birthday is next month, my wife will be away on the actual day so we decided to have a weekend lodge getaway with a hot tub etc. We decided to ask Group A if they wanted to come with us, they have recently bought a house and have had to put everything they have into it, so will not be having a holiday for a while, so asked them to come and just pay 10% of the total price as a small contribution. They accepted happily.
As it got closer to the time (within the last week) Group B asked if there was anything specific I wanted to do for my birthday, I mentioned not really advised them of my wife being away on the actual day of my birthday so some days before we have a weekend break booked at a lodge and explained Group A will be coming with, mentioned we did not ask them for a number of reasons, one being we have asked them before if they wanted to come and stay somewhere with us and they said no they would feel uncomfortable because they have a young baby and with it being a little break for my birthday I didn't really want any kids there anyway.
What then ensued was the wife of Group B going on a total rant about how left out and embarrassed she feels, she then goes to FB and Instagram making a post about the same, private messaging me and my wife separately stating we are in the wrong, we must not think of them as real friends, we must have problems with our marriage etc.
I was really taken aback by all of this, as I thought we were genuinely not in the wrong for wanting a peaceful weekend away with just our friend group of which we have known for longer with no kids :/
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