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Youth Nationals Among Us costume ordered

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2023.06.01 02:42 AslandusTheLaster Little Dipper Daycare

Original prompt: [WP] Humans are unique among all space faring creatures, they can interbreed successfully with any sentient lifeform. You run the station daycare. (link)
I was somewhat surprised at how easy it had been to get the job of diplomat for the Terra-Prime Space-Faring Relations Board. I'd just sent in the application, and I had almost no experience, but they'd already called me in for an interview.
The interview itself was short, the first question was about my criminal record (which was nonexistent), and the second was whether I was a people person, which seemed almost redundant given that I was applying for a job as a diplomat.
But now it was time for my first day of work, and I was a bit nervous. I had barely been trained, and had been brought to the Grand United Space-Farer Station, or the Gus-Fast as the pilot of the transport had kept calling it on the way here. While the Gus-Fast was large, I was making steady progress toward the office where I would get my first assignment. Finally, I arrived at the door.
"Hello?" I called as I entered. I rapped my knuckles on the door, but it was already open by that point. "I'm Planter Blackwell, the new diplomat..."
"Uh? Oh!" a grizzled voice said. A middle-aged man jolted in his chair as I entered. The name on his desk read "Jerry". "So you're the new Dipper Junior? Come on, you're late."
The man gestured for me to follow him and began walking briskly down the hall.
"Hoo boy, the other dipper jr. ain't gonna be in a good mood, but it's a good thing you're here now," he said.
I followed Jerry, accidentally knocking over an empty trash can as I left the room. I barely had time to put it back in place before he was nearly out of sight, and had to scramble to catch up.
"Sir? I haven't really been briefed, what is my mission?" I asked.
"Hm? Oh yeah, you're doing a very important... eh, what do they say to call it... training mission? Yeah, I think that was it," he said. "Gotta take care of some VIPs for... some span of time... Ugh, I really need to lay off the vodka on work days."
"VIPs? That sounds awfully important for a training mission," I said.
"It'll make sense when we get there," Jerry said. He turned the corner and stopped in front of a door, which had the words "Dipper's Playhouse" written in Star-phonics. He knocked the door twice, then three times.
"Wait, is this some kind of scam? I was told I would be working as a diplomat," I said.
"You are, but the training for diplomats is a bit... strange," Jerry said.
Before he could elaborate, the door slammed open and a woman roughly my age wearing the same uniform I'd been given stormed out.
"Your problem now, newbie!" she shouted as she headed down the hall. "I'm getting lunch!"
"Well that's unfortunate," Jerry said. "Guess I've got to give the introduction then..."
Jerry walked over to the door and opened it, walking inside. As I entered, I noticed a large number of humanoid children with strange bodily features running around, screaming and throwing things.
"These are the children of nobility and other diplomats, so you've got to babysit them until you've been deemed ready to advance. It's a pain in the ass, so nobody wants to do it," he said. "And I've got paperwork to get back to, so try to survive until Jenny gets back."
"Wait, why do they seem so-" I asked, only to be cut off by the door slamming in my face. "Humanlike..."
"Teacher! Quigli took my markers!" A small mushroom person wearing a dress shouted as they ran over to me.
"Xiazha's lying! They're mine, not hers! I found them in the arts'n'crafts box! Finder's keepers!" a small boy said. He looked nearly human, save for the insectoid compound eyes and the mandibles around his mouth.
"Uh... Shasha, what makes the markers yours?" I asked.
"Xiazha!" the mushroom child said.
"Okay... Xiazha," I said, putting a bit of a sharper inflection on the words. "But don't dodge the question."
"We were picking our thing for the day and I picked the markers, so they're mine!" she said.
"I see... Well, there's more than one marker, can't you share?" I asked.
"The markers are my thing! I should get all of them!" Xiazha screamed.
"But you only use the red!" Quigli said.
"Red's the prettiest color!" she said. Naturally, the cap of her head was candy-apple red with white spots.
"Okay... Quigli, I don't know how this 'thing' thing works, but is there a reason you can't play with whatever you got?" I asked.
"Mom dropped me off late, so I didn't get anything," he said, his expression dropping.
"Right..." I said. I looked around, and spied a toy box at the far end of the room. "Why don't you just go grab something else from the toy box?"
"Really? It's not even toy time yet," he said.
"Uh... sure?" I said, now somewhat unsure of what exactly I was authorizing. "Just this once though."
The boy scampered off toward the toy box, and I turned my attention to the gooey green girl tugging at the end of my coat. She showed me a crayon drawing of the space station, which was surprisingly detailed.
"Ah, very nice... uh," I said, glancing down at the signature. "Melaani."
She emitted a small squeak and ran off to an extremely pale girl with mechanical limbs. Things seemed to be going well, then Jenny opened the door to the room, carrying half a sandwich, a soda, and a bag of squeezy froot.
"Okay, I'm back, and the place isn't on fire yet! Good stuff, newbie," the other junior diplomat said.
"Thank goodness, what on Gus-Fast is going on here?" I asked.
"You mean like with the station as a whole or just this room?" Jenny asked.
"I mean why do we have so many children on a space station?" I asked.
"Because they were born here," she said, taking a sip of her drink.
"Okay, but aren't aliens... you know, alien? Most of these guys look like human kids in convincing Halloween costumes," I said.
"Oh, human crossbreeds mostly. Diplomacy gets a bit freaky sometimes, and we tend to be a bit more... viable than one would expect with other farer species, so the higher ups thought it would be a good idea to remind us why the TePS-FaRB handbook has an entire volume detailing the rules and guidelines around canoodling with locals," she said, taking a bite of her sandwich.
I prepared to ask another question before being interrupted by the sounds of pained screaming. Quigli was carrying what looked like a laser pistol and was firing it at the other kids, who were screaming and crying as the beams hit their skin.
"What? Hey! Quigli, no! It's not toy time yet, put that back!" Jenny shouted, putting down her food.
"No! Other teacher said I could get a toy early!" he said, shooting the laser pistol at her.
"Ow! That's it, get over here you little brat," she said, stomping toward the boy as he yelped in fear, throwing the laser pistol on the ground and backing away from it. She grabbed the weapon and stuffed in back in the box, gesturing at him with her fingers to communicate that she was keeping her eyes on him.
"Uh, Jenny? Why are there training weapons in the toybox?" I asked. "Aren't they supposed to be in weapon lockers like all the other weapons?"
"Toy time is code for combat training, most of these kids are going to be generals or warlords when they grow up, so we don't have enough actual toys to warrant a box for them. Besides, the weapon locker is full of medical supplies in case of emergency, so we had to keep the training weapons somewhere else," she said.
"Why are we keeping medical supplies in the weapons locker instead of the first aid kit?" I asked, gesturing at the medical supply box hanging on the wall.
"Because the first aid kit is full of snacks in case of hunger emergencies, obviously," she said, sucking a bit of the froot goo out of its soft plastic-adjacent package.
"You realize this is a terrible idea for organization, what if there had been an emergency and I needed to grab some gauze, but instead I got..." I said, popping open the first aid kit and sending several bags of candy tumbling to the floor, as well as a few loose pieces of fruit and packaged cookies. "Oops."
"Oh, you've done it now, newbie," she said.
"Snack time!" Xiazha shouted, running forward and grabbing a bag of gummee bitz, causing all the other kids to begin swarming to grab their own treats.
"No! Stop that, all of you!" I said ineffectually. It very quickly became clear that there weren't enough snacks to go around, and some of the ones that were available got ruined by kids playing tug of war over them.
Jenny just chuckled, then reached into the desk she'd been eating off of and pulled out a whistle. It let loose a sharp, shrill cry as she blew into it, and all the kids froze where they were.
"That seems... useful," I said.
"Once per day at most, newbie, don't want it to lose it's charm," she said. "Everyone go get your lunches, and put those snacks back where you found them."
The kids dropped the uneaten snacks back on the ground and began walking toward the cubbies toward the side of the room.
"What about the ones we already-" Xiazha began to ask.
"Did I stutter? Put them back," Jenny said, her voice becoming more stern.
The mushroom girl spat the half-chewed gummies back into the bag and placed it on the floor, walking to her cubby and grabbing what appeared to be a bag of spoiled vegetables and sawdust. While I wasn't sure about the nutritional needs of her species, she certainly didn't look like she was enjoying her lunch.
"So... why can't they keep the opened stuff?" I asked, keeping my voice low as I picked up the unopened snacks off the ground, and tossed the opened ones into the trash can.
"If they know we'll let them keep them, they'll just move faster next time. Trust me, it's better this way," she whispered. She raised her voice a little to say, "It's going to be a few hours before the parents come to pick them up, you might want to grab a bite to eat yourself."
"Sure," I said, heading for the door. "See you in a few."
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2023.06.01 02:24 buckcas AITA for organizing/cleaning a common space and moving some of my roommates things.

I moved into a new house a few months ago, and things have been kind of rocky since I moved in. The roommate I’ve been having problems with is very ‘everything must be my way’ and she seems to only ever have problems with me. But it’s fine, I’m trying my best and really try to see her point of view. Everything reached a head today though. A few weeks ago I cleaned the laundry room area because since I’ve moved in the same bra, Halloween costume and various clothes have been hanging from the shelf, clothes were left scattered on the ground next to the dryer or on top of the dryer, and blankets/sheets were piled on top of the shelf over the washedryer.
I finally got annoyed that no one seemed to want to put away their clothes, and it just was getting to the point where it was getting messy and cobwebs were building (our washer and dryer are in the garage). So I folded all the blankets and put them in my own laundry basket over the shelf so they could have a home. I folded all the dishrags/towels/curtains and put those on the shelf as well. Any clothes on the ground/dryeor hanging (they weren’t wet, like I said they’re the same clothes that had been hanging for months) I put in a basket under the shelf where we store our detergent. My thinking was I didn’t know who they belonged to, but that people could take their own clothes and put them away. I was pretty proud of myself after, because it was clean and organized and looked kind of nice actually.
Fast forward to today, my roommate who had been out of town comes home fuming because I cleaned the laundry room. She was pissed that she couldn’t find a piece of clothing that she claimed was “in the hundreds” that she had left in the garage. I explained to her any clothes that had been in the laundry area were moved to the bin under the laundry detergent, and that I would help her sort through it if she needed. She just kept saying I shouldn’t have moved anything at all because she’s “been here for years and knows where everything is”. I understand that, but from my pov common areas should be kept clean and free of clutter for all people to use. She kept claiming I never should have touched any of her stuff, and when I tried to explain that stuff had been sitting in a common area for months collecting dust she said it didn’t matter.
While I can understand being upset your belongings were moved without permission, i fail to see how she can leave her belongings in a common space for months on end, show no sign or willingness to clean it, and then be upset when I take the time to clean a space that she herself had been complaining was messy. So my question is am I the asshole for moving her things and cleaning the space or not?
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2023.06.01 02:04 Daniellemarie298 Rate my looks

Rate my looks
What do you think about me In my Halloween costume and my other pictures
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2023.06.01 01:15 freehorse Dogman Armchair Theories: Topic 1, What is Dogman?

Dogman Armchair Theories Topic 1: What is Dogman?

Dogman Armchair Theories are this hobbyist's approach to a complex and misunderstood topic about the cryptid animal, Dogman. Discussion topics will include brief articles about behavior, habitat, thoughts about what dogman actually is, and other topics of interest. Suggestions from the community are welcome. Expect this topic to develop further with additional input from the community, and from additional research as it comes to light.
Topic Index
Click here to see past and upcoming topics.

Topic 1: A Brief Introduction to Dogman

Greetings! This first topic of Dogman Armchair Theories will discuss some basic questions related to the topic of Dogman. As stated in the Topic Index, the goal is to eventually create a series of articles that visitors may use to learn more about our favorite cryptid. Without further ado, let’s get’s started.
What is Dogman?
To lurkers of this subreddit, it may seem obvious what a dogman is. However, to a person not familiar with dogman, the term may call to mind a children’s comic by the same name, or perhaps a silly Halloween costume idea.
The reality is far more unexplainable, if not sinister. A dogman is a cryptid creature that appears as a bipedal canine.
Those unfortunate to encounter it describe feelings of fear, dread and that they are seeing something they should not. Aggressive encounters have been reported, with some alleged killings attributed to this creature.
Witnesses may describe dogman with other names of similar-appearing creatures. Examples include: “werewolf”, “dog/human hybrid”, or “wolfman”.
Given the many advances in technology, one may experience disbelief at the idea that a bipedal wolf-like monster is roaming woods around the world. While all opinions are worth exploring, the fact remains that people from all walks of life continue to report seeing something unexplainable in the woods (and occasionally in urban environments, too).
What does a dogman look like?
Typical encounters describe a monster that stands approximately 6-9ft in height, weighs up to half a ton, and has a distinct head with pointed ears, a long canine muzzle, amber or red-colored eyes, and black or brown fur.
Some witnesses describe seeing a tail, while others do not. Others describe hands similar to human hands, but with long nails that appear to be claws.
Typically Dogman is also described as being very muscular and lean.
Dogman is known to both run and walk on two legs, but can also maneuver on four legs. Some sightings describe loud ‘popping’ noises when a dogman goes from walking on all fours to walking on two legs.
The leg descriptions vary, with some saying the creature had human-style legs, or plantigrade, while other encounters described a creature with dog legs, “bent backwards”, possibly suggesting a digitigrade gait.
There is some debate about types and variations of dogman. Some witnesses describe creatures that are more hyena-like in appearance, others with “Anubis”-style heads, baboon faces, and so on. These variations will be discussed in later topic entries.
Where is Dogman found?
A vast majority of sightings of this cryptid occur across North and South America. More work is needed to quantify if certain areas have larger concentrations of sightings compared to others. But from Canada to Brazil, and possibly further, wherever there are ample food and water sources, or burial grounds, Dogman survives and thrives.
Witnesses have spotted Dogman in other places besides national parks or the general woods. Sightings exist on the outskirts of major cities, farms, ranches, and occasionally in urban areas during the late evening hours.
Is Dogman a Physical Animal?
At the present, there is no concrete evidence, such as DNA or a body released to public opinion, to suggest that dogman is a physical animal. This does not, however, cheapen the encounters of those who have been struck by the beast's claws or loved ones who have met grisly ends.
Simply put: there is not enough evidence for the scientific community as a whole to put funding towards research to explore this hypothesis. Until science catches up to the beast, we may never know for certain.
Several theories postulate that Dogman is both a physical and spiritual creature, walking between our physical realm and the 'other' realm we cannot see with our own eyes. Others claim it is a spiritual entity, hellbent on avenging the dead and chasing away those who disturb burial grounds.
What is the difference between Dogman and Werewolves?
Werewolves described in popular fiction, and also in historic folklore records, are people, humans, who have shapeshifted into a bipedal wolf creature via magic, genetics, or through spellwork with magical items (such as wolf belts). Some folklore stories describe wolf-headed people who can talk and communicate with others.
Dogman, or Dogmen, do not possess any transformation abilities. They simply exist in their oft-described form: a bipedal wolf-appearing creature that cannot communicate with verbal or written words. Some witnesses claim that Dogman speaks telepathically to them, but additional study will be needed to establish a pattern to these claims.
Topic 1 to be continued with feedback from the community. Thank you for your support!
Edit 5/31/23: removal of redundant statement(s).
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2023.06.01 00:19 Twayneeded Oct 2021

I worked with ychild to get her to clean her room. i did not help her but tried to tell her step by step on cleaning. ochild found out and started cleaning his room. He did well but missed something small. I asked him to finish this one section and he flipped out. I did not yell at him but did start to become heated because he was throwing a fit like a toddler. spouse came bursting into the room yelling at me for yelling at ochild.I think ochild knows he just can just yell and stomp to get spouse's attention and I will get in trouble and he will get to do whatever he wants. This is when I finally made up my mind that the only option is divorce. I cannot think that this marriage is fixable now. I did the dishes, cooked supper, cleaned the living room, swept, and vacuumed. spouse asked me when was the last time I cleaned the toilets. spouse slept with the kids.
spouse spent all day in her room working on her school work. I got the dash cams working in both of our vehicles. Worked with the dogl while walking with her harness. I put up all the laundry except for her shirts because there is no room in our closet and we are out of hangers. I picked up all the torn up trash and dog poop in the backyard. Did a water change in the aquarium. ychild has torn up her room that she cleaned the other day. I spent about an hour outside playing with ychild and ochild. I managed to get the kids in bed around 10-10:30pm. spouse announced that she was taking a bath. At the end of the bath I went in. She started talking about how after everyone went to bed she was going to stay up in the livingroom to work on school. She then told me i came in there for a reason and to tell her what was going on. So I asked if I could go down on her that night. She got angry and told me "does not need to be taken care of." I closed the door and left but I could hear her still going off on me. I feel deflated and unloved again. I don't know why I keep trying to bring the spark back in the marriage. spouse slept in our bed last night and ychild joined us. Today I cooked a breakfast supper and made pizza for lunch. I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.
I started this journal and decided to try and write about the previous 2 weeks events. My goal is now to record the things I do in the house, my interactions with spouse and the kids, where spouse sleeps, and anything noteworthy on a daily basis. This morning I tried to talk to spouse (she sighed and looked annoyed when I started talking) about an interaction I had with ychild on our way to get breakfast this morning. ychild decided to talk in a way that makes it sound like she is cussing even when she isnt. I told her what I told ychild and spouse snapped at me when I tried to get into the details. If I know I am going to talk to spouse about something non-spontaneous I'm going to try and start recording the interactions. I cooked supper. spouse slept in our bed last night, ychild joined us after waking up.
Today we went to the state fair. It started out as usual when we go on the trip. late start, blaming, getting mad, yelling, her being upset. After getting to the fair the day went well. We didn't argue very much and the day was actually nice but long. Wife had a school meeting at 5. Went out to eat for supper then ice cream with the kids. As usual fight started when the kids only wanted to sit with Wife. Get home kids bathed and put in bed. Wife bought a special deodorant to help with smells in the breast/pubic area (something she is self conscious about) I helped apply it and try and kiss her breasts. She turns away and says she is cold. Helped wife put together kids lunch and backpacks for the next morning. Take the trash out. I shower and notice my wife isn't in bed when I get out so I assumed she was sleeping with the kids. She was sitting in the living room in the dark with her phone on facebook. Wife said she was going to bed but didn't want to "do anything." I go to bed also so I can spend some time with her. Once again I try and cuddle with her. I roll next to her and place my hand on her leg. I don't move it because it tickles or annoys her. After 5 min without her trying to cuddle and with her face buried in facebook I roll over. She can tell I was upset and said that she didn't try and cuddle cause my arm was pinning her down. This isn't true it was only on her leg and i wasn't applying any pressure. YChild ended up in our bed during the night.
Went to work today. no goodmorning or goodbye kiss. Worked all day, picked up the kids, brought them home and emptied their backpacks. Wife got home about 10min later. No hey how was your day. no hello kiss. Nothing. She disappeared into the bedroom again. Worked with Ychild on her letters because she isn't doing well in school. had a breakfast supper. Took the dogs for a walk. made OChild lunch. She complained because I had not yet done the dishes. Waited till the last minute to get their backpacks/clothes together for the morning. Complained because things were missing. feels like I never hear anything positive only ever complaints. Went to bed and wife finally makes it in. I don't really attempt to cuddle just put my arm on her leg and accidentally scratched. Thought I had made her mad so I pulled my hand back. A few minutes later and she rolled over and spooned with me (little spoon.) Its been years since this happened. Is she doing that because of my persistence and she is trying to make me happy? or is it because of a positive change. Only time will tell (success.)
Woke up and wife wasn't in the bed. I don't know if she woke up early or went to lay down with the kids in the night. She was in a mood when i got up. Complained because I hadn't put up the kids school laundry when it came out of the dryer so the clothes are now wrinkly. I let myself relax last night and did not do as many chores. I need to work on that and try and stay busy. ran into trouble picking the kids up from school. Their school fund raisers were supposed to come out with the kids. Ochild did not bring them out because he didn't listen to instructions from his teacher. Wife had to swing by and pick them up because I was already on the way home and the line was seriously backed up. Got home did the dishes, cooked supper, folded the laundry and put a load of laundry in, and gathered and took the trash out. Wife spent the evening once again in our bedroom but this time it was working on activities to help our daughter learn better for school. She did have a school meeting at 7 pm. I thought the kids would shower on the next day so I did not tell them to bath, but was overruled agrily by wife and gave my daughter a shower because her hair was dirty. Kids got to bed 1 hour late because wife kept overruling me on telling them to go lay down. After kids went to bed I got on my computer to play games. I put too large a load in the dryer and it took a long time to dry so I was not able to put it up before bed time. Wife went into the kitchen to make the kids lunches. I asked if I could do anything to help and she said no. I layed down in bed a little later than I was planning. Wife was very angry when she opened the dryer because I hadn't taken the clothes out and folded them, I had washed our large pile of clothes instead of the kids 1 day of clothes, when I folded the laundry I didn't put the towels in the bathroom because i did not want to interrupt her meeting so she yelled at me because the towels were not in the bathroom when she went to take a shower. I was berated very badly and once again felt unappreciated, emasculated, and unloved (hated maybe.) She said that I was doing more around the house only because I felt our marriage was failing (in a sarcastic tone of voice) and I wanted to be praised. I am doing it because it helps with my depression and honestly I am trying to get into the habit for when I inevitably divorce her. I turned off my emotions and went to sleep. No kiss goodnight and even saying goodnight.
Woke up at 3:30 am alone in bed. I assume the wife slept with the kids. I couldn't go back to sleep so I laid in bed. Closer to the alarm time of 4:30ish I got ready for work. When my wife came in I had to say good morning,she wasn't even going to talk to me. I had to initiate the conversation. I left 5 min early because I didn't want to be around her. I had to kiss/tell her goodbye which is usual. I'm not sure the last time the morning routine was initiated by her. several times in our marriage I have experimented with how long we would go without a kiss or an I love you that wasn’t initiated by me. Usually its several weeks and I almost feel like seeing how long it would take this time. Got home with the kids and stopped for our weekly
treat. Wife did not spend as much time in the bedroom as usual. I was tired so I did not feel like doing any cleaning. I cooked supper and we watched a show during supper. Afterwards she joined me and the kids in walking the dogs. We got back and watched a few more shows and then I helped her with lunches and getting the kids things together. Anytime something didn't go perfect she always had little comments and blamed me (like when she couldn't find Ychilds clothes or if a tape was missing.) all in all, the day wasn't bad and wasn't good either. I went to bed a little early and she decided to stay up and watch one of her own movies. I did not kiss her or say I love you. She did not say anything about it.
Woke up at a normal time. Wife and Ychild were in bed with me. The morning went ok and Ychild was very chipper and loving. Got home from work with the kids and went out picked up groceries and ate out. we stopped at some yard sales and had a decent fun time with minimal arguing. Got home and put up the groceries. wife's parents were coming over the next day and "we" cleaned the house. I did the dishes, cleaned the counters, vacuumed and shampooed the carpets, picked up the living room, cleaned off the fireplace, put up the clothes in the living room. It was 10:30 I kept telling the kids to go to bed and Wife kept overriding me. Telling me its the weekend and the kids should be able to stay up. I think 10:30 is too late for an 8 and 5 year old to stay up. I told wife I was tired and was going to bed. She complained that she was going to have to stay up and clean the house by herself. She said i didn't do enough. The only thing she could come up with when i asked her what i didn't do was keep the entertainment center clean and organized. Apparently i'm fine living in an empty house. Funny when she was a stay at home mom after she got laid off and then during the pandemic, the house was never cleaned. She stayed home all day everyday and never cleaned nor cooked supper or did the dishes. I feel like I am bending over backwards not only am I not receiving credit for what I have done. I am actually getting complaints for not doing enough. She eventually went to bed with the kids while I slept in my bed alone again. Not that I wanted her company after making me feel like that.
Got up around 7:00. I finished cleaning the carpets in the living room, cleaned the trash from the carpets, and swept the bathroom. We went looking at garage sales. Parents got there a little late in the day and spent more time with her sister than they did with us which is usually. I tried to get the kids to go to bed at a decent hour but was once again overruled by my Wife. She said the kids are on a school break and should be able to stay up later. I agreed but didnt think staying up till 11:30 at night should be the answer. They should be in bed at 9:30 and asleep at 10:00. Needless to say Wife slept with the kids.
Today we spent a great deal of the day traveling and going to yard and estate sales. It was a decent day with minimal arguing except for right before supper trying to get the kids to not cry when we wont buy them everything they want. Wife said I am fuel to the fire for the kids. It upset me that she constantly bad mouths my parenting style. Apparently not putting up with children throwing fits and actually punishing them instead of just letting everything play out without saying anything is a bad day. A thunderstorm came late in the evening and none of us went to bed before it passed. Wife slept with the kids again.
We all woke up early and took wife to work. When we got back I let the kids play and be kids. We did work on Ychilds worksheets for school. Ochild had a dr apt then we went to pick up wife. Got home and cooked supper and did the dishes. I also vacuumed the livingroom. spouse spent the entire evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Wife slept with the kids again.
Woke up with Ychild in my bed and wife at work. Had a good day with the kids. Ychild lost one of her (only pairs) of shoes. They played all day in the living room having a good time. Had leftovers for supper. Wife spent all evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Wife slept with the kids again. I was feeling very alone again. Just reminded me how we don't have much of a marriage.
Woke up early alone in bed. Had a good day with the kids. Helped them build a big fort in the living room. I did some woodworking today and got the pole saw from our neighbor. Walked the dogs before supper. Supper didn't turn out well, the pork chops were freezer burnt so we got taco casa. Wife spent the evening in the bedroom working on schoolwork. Another thunderstorm rolled in around bedtime. Wife slept with the kids again. That's 6 days straight sleeping in my bed alone.
Woke up at 3:30am got up but went back to bed and eventually sleep around 4:30-5:00. Woke up with Ychild in bed. I took the kids to several stores today and changed the water in the aquarium . Wife got back home and let the kids play. Once my wife got home I cooked supper and washed the dishes while she disappeared into the bedroom. Went back there and she was just laying in bed saying she was tired while watching tv. I convinced her to come and eat supper with the family at the table. Afterwards she went back to the bedroom for more bed and tv. She would rather spend time laying in bed and watching tv than spend a little time with me. I have been all alone with 2 kids all day (actually for the last 4 days.) Ochild convinced her to come out of the bedroom to show her something on his tv. I don't know what to do and no longer feel connected to my wife, I feel like I am all alone. Wife came out and before laying down with the kids mentioned I havent kissed her goodnight in a few days and to come kiss her. It was just a smooch but at least she took notice. I told her it feels like she wanted me to do that lately.She told me she was just stressed and tired from school work. She slept with the kids again tonight.
Woke up with Ychild in bed with me. Got the kids up and fed them breakfast. Wife got home early and we went to an estate sale. I made hotdogs for supper. Kids went to bed late. Wife complained about them not being asleep. I told her what she said about them being on a school break and me getting in trouble with her earlier for putting them to bed before 10:00 pm. It didn't matter, it was still my fault and still upset. Wife slept with the kids again.
Wife got up earlier than me. We left the house around 9 to go look at some neighborhood garage sales. had a decent day in the car with minimal fussing. Got home a little later than planned. Had Ychild start cleaning her messy room. Wife started complaining about the messy house again saying she is the only one who cleans. Apparently I am not doing a good enough job. What a surprise. did some laundry today. got the kids to bed around 9:30. They were constantly out of bed until 11:00pm with different things. I was getting upset with them and my wife strolled in and took over as usual as soon as the kids started crying. She actually came to bed with me tonight. I tried to cuddle with her but as usual she huffed as soon as I put my arm around her. She said she doesn't mind me cuddling, she just doesnt like it when I move my hand. She made no effort to return the love. I am glad for these interactions because it reminds me that I am not loved and why I want a divorce.
Woke up around 6:00 am with a stomach ache and bloated. Down to 238 lbs. Wife spent the day in the bedroom working on school. I did some laundry, trimmed the trees in the yard, and put out bulk pickup items. Cooked chicken fajitas for supper. Wife came down sick with something and went to bed early. Kids were asleep by 9:00. Wife was asleep by the time I came to bed.
Went to work. Not a bad day there. Got home and cooked supper, took the dogs for a walk. Tried to put the kids to bed at 8:00 Ychild started crying and got wife to agree to let her sleep in our bed tonight. All they have to do is turn on the water works. The wife doesn't want to hear them cry so she caves. Ychild slept with me and wife.
Went to work. Picked up the kids and went home. Cooked hotdogs for supper. Put up some laundry. Wife cut the Ochild and my hair. Didn't go for walk today. Got kids to bed on time. Wife slept with the kids.
Worked from home today. Picked the kids up for a half day. Stopped at chick-fil-a for lunch. Went to the fish store with the kids. Met Wife for the Ychild's parent teacher conference. Cooked chicken fajita nachos for lunch. Gathered trash, did laundry, and did the dishes. Cut out the pumpkin with the kids. Wife and I watched Netflix until bed. We lay down and I decided to try cuddling again. I rolled over to her and she actually reciprocated. She put her leg around mine and held my hand. It felt really nice.
Went to work. It was an uneventful morning and work. Picked up the kids and called my wife to meet us at DQ for a treat. We got home and my wife wasn't feeling well. She didn't eat supper. Me and my kids took the dogs for a walk while my wife stayed behind and took a bath. We watched netflix until bed again. Got the kids in bed on time. When the kids threw a fit when they wanted Wife to cover them up she said something in a low voice and refused to tell me what she said. I kept asking her and she finally told me "it's probably why you resent me." I didn't say anything because it was partially true. I do resent her because the kids prefer her, but they only prefer her because she constantly gives in their fits and I do not. So I keep being the bad guy and she get to be the fun yes mom. Later we started working on the kids' lunches. I got a bottled drink off the table and started to open it.She asked if it was old and I said i don't think so. She started to complain at me because she didn't want to give the kids an old drink. I started to explain why I didn't think it was old (the cap still had seals on most of the cap.) She told me I was talking too loud (I wasn't, I was talking in a normal voice.) She told me she didn't need me anymore so I left and went to bed. We went to bed angry with
each other.
Woke up still angry at her because it was such a little issue to get mad about. Things like this happen all the time. Little things that don't matter in the long run end up being blown up beyond what it should have. had a decent day at work then went and got the kids. ate at the olive garden. Ochild asked if he could have her phone. I explained to him that he could only have his tablet, not her phone or tablet. He got upset and wife immediately caved and gave him her phone. I explained to my wife that we agreed 2 weeks ago and they haven't had either this entire time. their behavior is much better but she said she isn't feeling well and just didn't want to hear it. i got home and unloaded the groceries. My wife started complaining about me unloading the groceries wrong. Apparently I'm supposed to put them on the table starting at the far end then work down the table from there. Like it makes a difference if you take an extra step either way the entire table is filled up and it doesn't matter which end you start on. Then my wife complained that I hadn't cleaned up the blood drops from the dog yet. I literally was only home for 2 minutes before she got home then we left but it's supposed to be my job to get it done with no time to spare. I cleaned it up and she started complaining that I cleaned it wrong. I used a baby wipe when I should have used clorox wipes. There is litteral pee on the floor and she is worried that the blood wasn't sanitized. Makes no sense. This all happened within 20 minutes. Needless to say she slept with the kids again.
Woke up for overtime on a saturday. i worked 7 hours on a boat on the lake. Come home and the wife is sitting on the couch watching tv and the kids are right next to her zoned out with electronics. she didn't do anything all day and has been binge watching netflix. she said
She wanted to go to a local festival today. I fixed myself a pbj for lunch then did the dishes. We went next door to help the neighbors put on their pool cover. After that we went to watch a country band perform at a local festival. We were there for 2 hours and she seemed
upset with me because she knows i do not like crowds and i told her i was there because it's what she wanted to do. that's supposed to be my job to do things i don't like to support her but I guess i am actually supposed to like it to avoid offending her. The kids were
horrible and kept fighting over her phone. It seems like im never gonna get her to put her foot down. Came back home and watched the last episode of season one of our favorite shows. Kids stayed up late and the wife slept with the kids.
Had a decent night's sleep. The kids were screaming when I woke up. Kids had a full day of playing. I took Ochild with me when I went to the store and I bought him lunch. We get home and I throw the kids' laundry into the washer. Wife and the kids made a pumpkin into a puppy for
Ochild's book report. I take Ychild to the store to get her own pumpkin. Kids are playing a game with a hula-hoop like mirror-mirror. My son asks the mirror who is the laziest and he puts it up to me. It really hurt my feelings. Wife talked to him and told him all the things I do (dishes, cooking supper, laundry, sweep/mop, vacuuming, gardening, mowing.) She listed all these things. I talked to her about it later and she said "well" like she really thinks I am lazy. She just listed off all the things I do and she talks to me like I am lazy. Ychild threw a fit at bedtime because her required stuffed animal is dirty from the dog. I begin telling her that she needs to take care of it and this wouldn't happen. Wife gets onto me about trying to teach her life lessons. Wife allows ychild to sleep in our bed with us. I don't think any of my lessons will ever stick when wife is there to overrule me and go softer on the kids. At least I didn't sleep alone tonight.
Woke up and went to work. Uneventful day at work. Get the gets and bring them home. I put up the laundry and started a new load. Picked up the living room and then cooked supper (smothered pork chops.) Afterward we walked the dogs (wife got home and was tired so she changed into pajamas) ychild was upset and wants her mommy to walk with us so she got peeved but changed into street clothes and we walked together as a family. We get back and sit on the couch for the next 3 hours watching netflix. Put the kids to bed then finish our netflix binge. After I volunteered to help fix the kids' lunch for the next day. She praised me for the speed that I made their lunch. Unfortunately ychild had spilled something in her lunchbox and I cleaned it. It got wet when I cleaned and my wife flipped out and got in a bad mood. the next 20 min was kicking me out of the kitchen, complained because i forgot to bring ychild's sweater in from the car, upset because i did not put the laundry into the dryer. I went to bed alone.
Woke up with my wife and ychild in bed with me. I started getting ready and my wife started complaining to ychild that she will have to go dig through the laundry basket to get socks because they never get put up. I spent all my time between getting home and cooking supper and putting up laundry. The both of us sat on our butts and watched netflix for hours the previous evening. we could have done those together but we didn't. Instead it's my fault because I didn't do it. Its tiring bending over backwards, feeling like you are doing the brunt of the housework, the only one working, the only one cooking and feeling unappreciated and getting bitched at for minor things. especially the 1st thing in the morning to our ychild within earshot of me. She is very passive aggressive and saying these things to my kids undermines my authority and prevents me from being an effective parent. Its things like this that leads me to believe that's why my son thinks I am lazy. I wonder what she has said to him so that I didn't overhear. I got the kids from school and brought them home. I immediately put up the clothes that had been folded but not put up. I cleaned the fish tank of dead fish and snails. I cooked supper (hamburgers), i wasn't feeling well so we didn't go for a walk, I got an old laptop together for Ochild to use. Wife and I watched TV for about an hour and got on my computer. Went to bed alone.
Wife and I had an argument at the end of the night. Went to bed upset.
Woke up with my wife and ychild in bed. Didn't say goodbye to my wife when I left. I had a decent day at work. Picked up the kids and brought them home. We didn't walk the dogs today. Wife had to stay late at school. Wife went to bed early with the kids.
Woke up in bed alone. Left again without saying goodbye to my wife. She was upset but I guess doesnt realize that our marriage is in trouble or just doesn't care and wants to maintain an illusion. Didn't have to pick up the kids from school today. We went out to eat for supper. Wife slept with the kids again. came home and mowed the lawn. We ended up eating out at Tuscan Slice. came home and the wife slept with the kids.
Woke up alone. Worked 10 hours of overtime. got home and immediately left to go do some halloween stuff at the big church. had a decent time with little arguing. Afterwards I ate at CFLA. Daughter got upset because she wanted to switch seats and I said no. I am tired of giving in
to the kids' every demand. When she started throwing a fit and told her she was about to get a spanking. Wife got upset because I will actually spank them and she thinks it doesn't do any good. The kids only really seem to do this when they know mommy is around cause when it's just me they behave. They know they can always get mommy on their side and turn her against daddy just by crying. The wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork after we got back. The kids stayed up really late (11:30). went to bed alone.
Woke up alone a little later. Wife and ychild had slept with me. We ended up staying home most of the day. Wife stayed in the bedroom working on schoolwork. I played with the kids, swept, vacuumed, did the laundry, cleaned the living room, and cleaned the aquarium. We went to a local church event for trunk or treat and then we took the kids trick or treating down downtown. It was a decent night. We got home and the kids went to bed a little late.
Nov 2021
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2023.05.31 22:47 restrainm3 be so fr rn

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2023.05.31 22:32 OutlandishnessTall40 FT:All✨: Regigigas, Reshiram, Regice, Ho-oh, Gyarados, Thundurus,Finneon, Corsola, Shuckle, Remoraid. LF:⬇️

LF:All ✨: All Costume Pikas, Sunglasses Squirtle, Scarf Spheal, Top hat Drifblim, Halloween Gengar, Top Hat Shinx, Costume Eevees, Costume Squirtle, Christmas Stantler, Bow Delibird.
More FT: All✨: Bellsprout, Krabby, Girafarig, Houndour, Swablu, Snivy, Pidove(M&F), Stunfisk, Dedenne, Mawile.
Open to offers. Just DM me!
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2023.05.31 22:01 KimMG27 Mickey & Minnie planning a date, Simba & Nala date night.

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2023.05.31 20:13 SavingsSpare8104 Everything You Should Know About Nail Art

Everything You Should Know About Nail Art
By painting, embellishing, and enhancing the shape of nails, nail art is a creative way to make nails look better. By using the appropriate supplies and equipment, you will discover how to produce beautiful artwork for your customers. Discover how to assemble a Kit to make stunning nail art.
After the fingernails and toenails dnd fall colors have been properly cared for, nail art is performed. The nails are trimmed, shaped, and polished during manicures and pedicures, which are beautification procedures. The sole subject of this article is nail art.

1. A qualification in nail art

Although nail technicians don't have need to have a formal education to perform nail designs, they need at the very least have some fundamental training in and expertise with nail care. In order to legally provide clients with nail services, they must also obtain professional insurance.

2. Requisites for nail decoration products

The key to flawless, crack-free nail art is having the greatest brushes. To apply expert nail patterns, you'll need a fine detail pen, a short detail pen, one angle detail pen, a flat brush, an edge-flat brush, and a dotting tool.

professional nail product suppliers

3. Nail patterns

Here are some suggestions for special occasion nail art.
A religious and cultural holiday, Saint Patrick's Day is observed on March 17. There are public parades and celebrations during this holiday. The major symbol in this event is a green shamrock, which is painted on the nails in the traditional and advised colors of green and white for apparel and accessories.
Easter is a religious celebration and a national holiday honoring Jesus' resurrection from the dead. It is a 40-day period of penance, fasting, and prayer. The traditional best colors to wear on Easter are pastel hues like yellow, pink, blue, and green. White is also frequently worn on Easter as it represents purity and innocence.
The Day of Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the United States observed on the fourth Thursday in November as a time to give thanks to God for the harvest and all the blessings of the year. Red, brown, yellow, and orange are the colors that people are advised to wear for this festival.

4. Some Thanksgiving Day designs in brown and orange nail polish

White nail art features a chick and lines in brown, yellow, orange, and white.
People dress up in costumes and build professional wholesale nail supply bonfires at night to commemorate Halloween, a frightening holiday. Along with spooky clothing, the artwork for this occasion often features pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and other frightful creatures.
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2023.05.31 19:48 ZippymcOswald Ron Stampler appreciation post. Possible [spoilers]

Hey there nerds and weirdos, here's my Beth May is a superhero, dungeons and daddies is the best, and hooooo boy did i realize i have a lot of baggage i need to deal with, appreciation post. Two weeks prior to thanksgiving 2022, an old high school friend of mine jumped into a rented ford MachE mustang, pointed it south and began the long trip to a cabin on Mount Hood, Oregon for a DnD weekend. We were both excited to continue our campaign we started earlier in the year. I’d get to reprise the roll of Snu Snu, half orc Barbarian, who is a dumb but smashy chap. I like my Dnd Characters to have a delusion, like the orc barbarian that was convinced he was a “blood wizard”, or the halfling rogue who was trying to convince everyone he was a brave warrior when in fact he was a coward. It’s fun playing flawed characters in Dnd, i think it sorta breaks the mold of playing heroes on an important quest. I like flawed characters in film, tv, literature, probably because I am a flawed character. Person. I’m a flawed person. I’m real, despite sometimes not wanting to be so some of the time. We started our journey in Seattle Washington, our GPS said it would be a four hour trip at two hundred and fifteen miles, the mache e was advertised to have a range of 110 miles…. I immediately realized I had made a critically failed my intelligence roll. 215 miles was greater than 110 miles. After two hours of bumper to bumper traffic, I needed to charge the car to get to our destination and despite my undeserved confidence, charging an electric car is more difficult and slower than I had expected. You have to find a fast charger, the right fast charger, and download the app associated with it, fill out a bunch of personal info, then start the charging process, which I remind you was referred to as “fast” but in fact takes over an hour. I’d fucked up. Our friends were already at the cabin we had rented, they had their character sheets in one hand, beers in the other and they were just waiting for us. I thought i’d already ruined the trip and we hadn’t made it out of the state. I asked my friend what he’d want to listen to while we sat and waited for the car to gain enough range to make it to our cabin on the edge of the forgotten realms. Ok, i didn’t say that, that was me trying to sound impressive and like i’m a good writer. You get it, or at least i hope you get it. My friend knew that i love podcasts, so he suggested we listen to a DND themed podcast to get in the mood, i asked which one, and he suggested Dungeons and Daddies. He said it was really funny, and he thought i’d like it. So, i found it in my podcatcher, went to season one episode one and started listening. We listened for the entire ride to the cabin, and then back again. I immediately loved the show. There’s something about podcasts, I'm not sure exactly what it is, but to me it feels like I really get to know the hosts/characters on the show. I think podcasts create a false sense of intimacy between the listener and the hosts. I think it’s because I mainly listen to podcasts alone and and it feels like the hosts/characters are talking to me. Or that I'm a fly on the wall of a really fun place, and I get to quietly observe these hilarious people. Is it because I listen in headphones or in my car? Maybe. Anyway, I know I get a false sense of intimacy, but sometimes I like to pretend it isn’t, or maybe I forget that it isn’t. I’m not sure, but these people don’t know me, and I don't know them, not really. So, after our weekend of DND, we drove back to Seattle, and by the time I was back at my house, I was ten episodes into Dungeons and Daddies. Over the last three weeks It had become my new audio obsession. I was hooked and I listened to it in the gym, on dog walks, while I cooked for my family, while I drove, every moment of silence I had was filled with the dads in the forgotten realm. I LOVE this show like I imagine many of you do because it’s funny, smart and dumb at the same time, it has great improvisation, an interesting story, fun characters who are out of place, and is honestly very touching and more emotionally impactful than I'd ever have imagined. As I got further down the season one rabbit hole, I began finding myself gravitating to Ron Stampler as my favorite daddy storyline. Beth’s performance is just fantastic, and even before episode 61,, where Ron has to give his dog away, Ron’s story and Beth’s performance was bringing me to tears.
I’m a dad, I have a son who is eight. In my life, there are only two Dads in my immediate family, see my wife’s father passed away when she was eight, there’s me and my dad. Well.. oh boy. My dad is kinda a nightmare. Not like Willy is a nightmare, my Dad is more like a crumpled and faded poster of a black and white monster movie, it’s sometimes more sad than scary. My dad was gone a lot when I was a kid. He was on business trips for pretty much eighty percent of my childhood. At one point he was American airlines third most flown person in the world, no joke. He’d fly to Germany on Monday, Japan on Wednesday, and then back to Oregon on friday. The good thing was we were able to fly back to my parents home country in the summer and at christmas, and the whole family usually flew for free because of his frequent flier miles. Those trips were GREAT times, I’d see my cool cousins, we’d eat awesome candy, visit castles, see the sleeping giants and all other manner of family fun. But, in normal life, I'd see him Friday night where he’d crash out, then when he woke up on Saturday he’d be grumpy, groggy and easy to anger. Those were the really good times I remember with my Dad when I was growing up, but I also remember him being angry, depressed, mean and sometimes he’d hurt me. I’m not saying that he hit me or my brother or mom on a regular occasion, that he was a drunk or anything, but there were times where he’d take things too far and I'd get hurt. For example, i must have been ten or eleven when my Dad, Brother and I went to a christian rock festival.We had to kill some time in the parking lot before the doors opened to rock n roll jesus. So my dad had the idea to teach us the spoons game. It’s like the game where you put your hands out palm up, and the other player places their hands on your hands palm down. You try to slap the other player’s hands while they try to evade your slaps. Got it? There’s gotta be a name for that game, slappies or something…
Well, for some reason we had some cutlery in the back of the car, maybe we had a picnic before the show, i don’t remember why, but we had shiny metal spoons for some reason. He taught us “the spoon game” by instructing me to make fists, and put them out in front of myself. He held spoons, one in each hand, and placed the bottom of the spoon on the top of my knuckles. My goal was to move my hands out of the way of the spoons as he tried to hit my knuckles with them. We played for what seemed like 15 minutes and he hit me every-time and with each successful hit he grew happier, and laughed harder. At first it stung, then it ached, then it was like this bubbling cauldron of pain and frustration was exploding inside me. When I could hardly hold my hands still because I was so angry, hurt and embarrassed, I burst into tears when my hands were red and beginning to bruise. I ran away from him, I just took off up the improvised road in the parking lot. He came after me, apologized to me and gave me a hug. We never played that game again. That’s just the kind of guy he was, and as I got older I realized some of the myriad of reasons he was that way. Firstly, he was an orphan, he and his brother were dropped off at an orphanage when he was three and his brother was five. I can only assume catholic orphanages in the 1950’s were not a great place to have some of your first memories. Although he’s never talked about it to me, I’m sure they’ve affected him. About a year later he and his brother were adopted by my grandparents, who in their 40’s decided to adopt two brothers aged four and six. I adored my grandparents, they were amazing people. They were blue-collar folks, my grandfather was a coal miner, with amazing stories and two sheds full of treasures which my grandmother called junk my brother and I got to paw through. Sure, he picked it up off the side of the road, but they were treasures, not junk in my or my brothers eyes. My grandfather walked from Wales to Scotland with his brother when he was nine years old to get work in the coal mines of Scotland. His sister, she was a boat captain and smuggler during the Spanish civil war who ran guns, food and medical supplies to the anti fascists. My Grandmother learned sign language so she could communicate and help THE deaf family in the village when the mother of that family fell gravely ill. But, it was the 1950’s and 1960’s so no matter how great their lives stories were, hitting kids was super normal, or at least that’s what my father and mother experienced. I’m sure he had a lot of trauma he never dealt with when he became a father in his late twenties. When we were kids, he was the sole breadwinner, his job was probably really taxing and took a lot out of him, he was away from his family a lot, and you know, traveling for work and living in hotels sucks. That’s not to excuse his behavior, I just try to, you know, put him in context of the stress he was under that I was too young to know about. It’s easier for me to believe that he’s not inherently bad, but shaped by his environment, it’s just easier for me that way. Judge away. It’s complicated. When I was twelve he lost his job, his brother committed suicide, and his funeral he found out he had 4 half sisters in Scotland who his brother had known about, and not told him about for almost a decade. It was a bad year with a silver lining. I watched him retreat into depression, longing, and joy of finding his new sisters. When i got out of college, he had his fourth back surgery. He had ruptured another disc in his lower back, and required another Discectomy . However, during the healing process he got an infection, one that raised his fever to a dangerous level that resulted in brain damage. From that point on, he wasn’t mean. He wasn’t cruel. He was confused, stubborn, repetitive, annoying and a shadow of his former intellectual self. So, I pity my father. Over this thanksgiving he decided to drive us back to my house from our extended families thanksgiving celebration. He drove into oncoming traffic because we had told him to take the next left, which he interpreted as take a left right now. No one was hurt. My son was in the car and was very scared.
And all I could think about was Ron Stampler. Listening to the end of season one gave me a lot of feelings. Listening to how Willy treated Ron wasn’t like my life with my father, not beat for beat, but a lot of the emotional beats seemed similar. Suddenly my father being absent for most of my early childhood was similar to the emotional abandonment Willy treated Ron. I saw how Willy was dismissive and cruel to Ron, and it brought back a bunch of memories I hadn’t contextualized. The spoons game for example, I had just blocked that off, not thought about it for decades, and when Willy was being so cruel to Ron, it just reminded me of that afternoon in a parking lot outside of a Jesus festival. So, my dad never made me give my dog away, but he did lose my dog once. Like, his story is that he took him to the groomer and the dog just bolted and we never saw Mocha again. Holy shit. I… I just remembered that. I want to break the cycle. I don’t want to pass on the bullshit my Dad did to me, I don’t want my the way I feel less than, incomplete, wrong and not god damn good enough onto my sweet boy. He doesn’t deserve any of that, I mean no kid does, but I’m NOT going to do that to him. I struggle with being a father a lot. I’m always second guessing myself, always worried that i’ll slip into a casual cruelty that will forever leave deep emotional scars in my sweet son the way my dad did to me. My son is an emotional kid, like I was. My son has the biggest heart you’ll ever see in a child his age. He loves everyone he meets, treats them as dear friends, and is always the first to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, a hug, or the shirt off his back. For christ's sake, this halloween he gave a bunch of his candy to his friends brother on the night of halloween. The younger brother was too tired to do the second round of trick or treating, it was past his bedtime. We were having a little party for halloween because we go crazy for halloween. Decorations, lights, family costume themes, full sized cady bars for trick or treaters, the whole nine yards. My son’s friends parents were attending the party, So I took my son and his friend on 2nd round of trick or treating. It was awesome, we were the last group of trick or treaters to be seen and our neighborhood was just dumping candy into the kids bags. DUMPING. When we got home, with our heavy haul the brother was upset that he didn’t go back out and get candy, so my kid just gave him all he wanted. If you’re not a parent of a young kid, let me be clear- candy is the hard drugs of childhood. Kids can be junkies for that sweet sweet candy.
That’s the kind of selfless eight year old I have, just handing over his own kiddy crack to someone he cares about without a second thought. Just today I realized he put a board game on his list to Santa, because it’s my wife’s favorite board game. He wants HER to have it, so he’s asking the all mighty and powerful Santa to bring something for him, so he can make his mom happy. What a kid. Listening to the Dungeons and Daddies made me think a lot about my dad, my baggage, what Dad I wanted to be. I have committed myself to not passing on generational trauma to my sweet, sweet boy. Listening to Beth May craft such a beautiful arch for Ron opened up a pandora's box of emotion including hope, anger, sadness and love. Ron was able to take the first steps of breaking the cycle of abuse that Willy passed on to him, and I’m ready to do the same. I hope to be as smart, brave, insightful and cool as Ron frickin’ Stampler. Thank you Daddies, thank you Anthony, Thank you Beth. I did not expect that this horny and violent podcast would be so therapeutic and eye opening to me.
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2023.05.31 18:54 SupaDupaFlyer OBB Dates and prices have been released!

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2023.05.31 16:53 atxrobotlover B-Movies for B-Lovers

Background: My mom and I watch movies over Plex to help us stay in touch, we are 70s, 80s and 90s lovers. We mainly like practical effects, monsters, and seriously bad sets. To find these gems I usually have to scour ebay for VHS, rip them to digital, and put them up on Plex.
If you like B-Movies with huge plot holes, bad acting, sets and props that make you laugh at how awful they are, or just like extremely cheesy movies ... here are 5 that stood out over the last month.
Digital Man (1995)This movie is an odd duck. On all accounts this movie should suck: Bad acting? Check. Bad special effects? You know it has 'em. Story that was put together as shooting was taking place? Of course. It's got ridiculous sci-fi guns and armor that the actors were clearly embarrassed to wear and use while filming. It's got actors you will recognize who must have just started out, like a fresh-faced Adam Baldwin and Clint Howard (he even has some hair), and even Amanda Wyss from "Better Off Dead". This movie should be a slam dunk into the B-Movie toilet but somehow it all works, and even though I felt like I should be mocking this film as I watched it, I was pretty into it.
Primal Rage (1988)If you like movies where a team of Chads who like to be jerks with a side hustle of attacking women, who then contract some mad scientist cooties and turn into MegaChads and ruin a Halloween Party full of college kids ... this movie is what you are looking for. Honestly 3/4 of the budget must have been spent on the Halloween costumes for the party. It's actually the the best part of the movie. This film also embraces all that is 80s, including a pop-infused theme song that's played repeatedly for random reasons, big hair and mullets, girls wearing aerobics outfits, and lots of Rabid-Chads killing people.
Curse of the Blue Lights (1988)What do you get when you get a bunch of horney teens, throw them in a creepy graveyard, and let them make out until they inadvertently summon murderous ghouls? This movie. And maybe 100 movies just like it? For real, this is a movie you put on and go make a meatloaf or something because you can literally miss up to an hour of the film, come back, and figure out exactly what's going on.
Roller Blade (1986)I petitioned IMDB to rename this movie "SkateBoobs". I am not going to insult your intelligence and explain why. I watched this movie TWICE, doing irreparable harm to my brain, and I still have no idea exactly what it was about. Skate-Nuns who call themselves the "Bod Sisters", because they like to skate-fight in skimpy outfits and then relax in a hot tub of skate-goo, fight some other guys who are also on roller skates, look like they wandered in from the "Mad Max" set. Why? Boobs, of course. At some point in the filming the director decided that boobs were just not enough, so threw in some female full frontal nudity to really cement the movies together into a nudity-fueled roller-skate extravaganza. Do I recommend this movie? I mean, hell yeah I do. The only other movie that comes CLOSE to the boob-to-skate ratio I demand in my post apocalyptic roller-boob movies is Roller Blade Warriors: Taken By Force.
Dog Tags (1987)I've sat here for a good ten minutes, trying to find a way to describe this movie. I can't. Everything about this film was stupid: The soldiers were super dumb, wandering around a jungle dripping with bad guys, but they screamed at each other and argued at the top of their lungs about stupid things. The angst and emotion were also cranked to 12th gear, each guy had to take time out (usually during firefights) to talk about feelings and how hard their life was. The really, REALLY odd part which I also confirmed with my mom when we finally finished the movie: I kept expecting the soldiers to break into Broadway numbers, like "Hamilton" style but much, much worse. I have no idea why this was a thing but it's real, the actors looks like they just got done on a run of "West Side Story" and decided to make a long, boring war movie.
Hope this helps someone find some good B-Movies, we managed to watcha group of stinkers this month and no real gems that stand out. If you are a B-Movie lover you might find something good here, though!
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2023.05.31 14:42 Rare-Bodybuilder7989 What's the most creative Halloween costume you've worn?

If you could switch lives with any fictional character, who would it be?
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2023.05.31 14:18 eaumechant Spoopy

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2023.05.31 13:57 Maximum_Toe_6876 Have you ever taken part in a flash mob or been part of one?

What's the most memorable Halloween costume you've ever worn?
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2023.05.31 13:49 vigognejdd Streak 63: La langue et la culture isolée

Je pense que si on parte de son pays, sa langue ne change pas. Il n'y a pas de nouveaux mots ou expressions qui sont plus moderns ou emprunté des Etats-Unis. Mais quand on retourne à son pays propre, on découvert que beaucoup des expressions aient devenu démodées. C'est la même chose avec les traditions. Quand ma famille était parti de l'Australie pendant presque une décennie, il était bizarre quand on y est revenu, puisque toutes ces expressions américaines avaient entré en langue courante australienne. Je suppose qu'il y a un mot parfait pour le décrire, au moins ce qui se passe en Australie. L'américanisation. Les mots, leurs prononciations, et aussi les traditions avaient tous changé.
Parce que j'étais enfant quand on y était parti, c'est l'Halloween dont je me souviens le plus. En Australie, personne ne l'a célébré du tout. En revanche, aux E-U les rues sont devenues vives avec les costumes des enfants. Il était presque sacrilège de ne pas donner les bonbons aux enfants. Et alors, ma famille ne l'a pas célébré du tout, à l'exception des soirées d'Halloween où ma soeur en buvait trop. Et une décennie plus tard, en Australie, l'Halloween est plus populaire. Bien sûr, il n'est pas au même niveau, mais je vois quelques enfants avec leurs parents pendant le soir. Les changements m'intriguent, car on ne les voit pas sauf si on est détaché ou si on pense avec du recul.
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2023.05.31 11:39 Single_Example_3115 What An Awesome Costume, I Should Try This For Halloween

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2023.05.31 11:23 FutureCelery83 Piecing together this year's Halloween costume 🎃⚽🧤

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Visit this page for Promo Code for June 2023. The website offers a wide selection of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly, just visit the website to find the perfect one for you.
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2023.05.31 09:15 Maximum_Toe_6876 What's the most creative Halloween costume you've worn?

If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be and why?
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